1. 27 most beautiful places in Bali you must visit in 2023

    best places to travel like bali

  2. 19 Best Things to Do in Bali Right Now

    best places to travel like bali

  3. Best Places to visit in Bali

    best places to travel like bali

  4. What to Know Before You Go to Bali: Essential Travel Tips

    best places to travel like bali

  5. Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Bali, Indonesia

    best places to travel like bali

  6. 17 Best Things to Do in Bali

    best places to travel like bali


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  1. The Best Bali Alternatives: 20 Top Places Like Bali

    The Best Bali Alternatives: 20 Top Places Like Bali - Breathing Travel. Looking for the best Bali alternative? Check out these 20 amazing lesser-known destinations that offer a similar paradise-like experience.

  2. 14 Best Places Like Bali (Fewer Crowds + Similar Vibes)

    1 Sri Lanka. First on the list of places like Bali is Sri Lanka. This island country off the coast of India is a tropical paradise with many similarities to Bali. Sweeping golden beaches, breathtaking rural scenery and incredible cultural sites are all part and parcel of Sri Lanka.

  3. Bali is Overtouristed, Here are 10 Destinations to Visit Instead

    Tanjung Lesung, Java, Indonesia. Awesome surfing on Java. Tanjung Lesung is located in the province of Banten on the western coast of Java, about a three-hour drive from Jakarta. It offers one of the best beaches near the Indonesian capital thanks to its swimmable waters, good surfing, and 9-mile stretch of white sand.

  4. Bali Alternatives: 21 Stunning Destinations That Rival Bali, Indonesia

    Bali Destination Dupes for Southeast Asia 1. Nusa Penida, Indonesia. By Jackie & Justin, Life Of Doing. Nusa Penida, located south of Bali, is a fantastic place to visit instead of Bali mainland.. It's the largest of the Nusa Islands (the other two are Ceningan and Lembongan), yet it has casual and quieter island vibes.. There aren't any mega resorts here, so you stay overnight at a ...

  5. 35 Best Places Like Bali: True Bali Alternatives (2024)

    10/ Koh Rong, Cambodia. More Bali Alternatives in the World. 1/ Culebra, Puerto Rico. 2/ Tropical Queensland, Australia. 3/ Zanzibar, Tanzania. FAQs for Similar Places to Bali in Europe, the US, and More.

  6. 11 Best Places like Bali: Top Alternatives to Visit

    9. Flores, Indonesia. Travel to the Indonesian island of Flores, part of an archipelago south of Bali, to get away from the crowds on the more popular islands of Bali. Flores is a beautiful island that hasn't changed much over the years, with its clean white seashores and beautiful hiking.

  7. 19 Places Like Bali To Help You Find Your Peace In 2024

    2. Bora Bora. Situated in French Polynesia, Bora Bora is a diminutive island often hailed as the "Pearl of the Pacific". Like Bali, Bora Bora features an awe-inspiring natural allure, overwater bungalows, and a romantic ambiance which is why so many people compare the two. The island features one of the planet's most stunning lagoons, characterized by crystal-clear turquoise waters ...

  8. 25 Places Like Bali

    Below is a ranking of 10 Bali alternatives that are cheaper. They will be ranked in order from MOST similar to LEAST. ⭐️ 1. Lombok, Indonesia: While Bali itself can be budget-friendly, neighboring islands like Lombok and the Gili Islands offer a similar experience with potentially lower costs.

  9. 12 Best Places like Bali: Top Alternatives With Fewer Tourists

    8. Nha Trang, Vietnam. Nha Trang is a coastal city in Vietnam that is often compared to Bali for its beautiful beaches and warm climate. Bali and Nha Trang are both popular beach resort destinations in Southeast Asia with Nha Trang known for its white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and vibrant nightlife.

  10. Places Like Bali: 8 Alternatives to Visit

    Therefore, Palawan is one of the best places like Bali in Southeast Asia . Why it is a great alternative to Bali: Palawan offers sun-soaked beaches, crystal clear waters, and buzzing nightlife scenes like Bali. Moreover, it is a traveler's hub where you can meet other travelers and make new friends.

  11. Off the tourist trail in Bali: the best less-visited spots

    If you like Tirta Gangga, check out Gunung Batukau. Similarly popular with day-trippers, the Gunung Batukau region is far from being a secret, but given its relative isolation from Bali's main towns, its surrounding countryside is a great spot to tune out from the tourist trail. It is best known for the World Heritage-listed rice fields at ...

  12. Bali travel

    Explore Bali holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Explore Bali holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Lonely Planet. Destinations. Planning. Inspiration. Shop. Search. Saves. Open main menu ... Newly developed as a tourist attraction in early 2018, the falls here are among the best on Bali. It's about a ...

  13. 12 things to know before going to Bali

    Lighten the load on your wallet by purchasing your repellent in Bali and opting for bug sprays made in Asia. Popular (and much cheaper) Asian brands you'll find throughout Indonesia include Soffell (snap up the surprisingly pleasant floral-scented version if you can). 5. Avoid traveling during peak times.

  14. 17 Best Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia

    U.S. News Insider Tip: The Uluwatu area is famous for its surf and peppered with white-sand beaches. Head to Dreamland Beach or Balangan Beach for some of the best (both are especially magical at ...

  15. THE 30 BEST Places to Visit in Bali (UPDATED 2024)

    See ways to experience (52) 2023. 2. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. 35,410. Nature & Wildlife Areas. Admission tickets from ₹1,092. Interact with long-tailed macaques in their natural habitat in the peaceful ambience of Bali's lush forests. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is home to over 1,200 monkeys.

  16. The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide for First Timers

    Best places to visit in East Bali: Mount Agung, Mount Batur, Pura Luhur Lempuyang (Gate of Heaven), Tirta Gangga Royal Water Garden ... (Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Penida) are the perfect place to see what Bali was like 20 years ago before it became a tourist hotspot. And it's really true: the Nusa Islands have such a raw beauty ...

  17. A Local's Epic Bali Bucket List

    50 Best Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia. See the beautiful sights at Tanah Lot Temple, Beraban. Party at the hottest beach club in Potato Head, Seminyak. Hunt for arts and crafts at Toko Pasar-Pasaran in Uma Seminyak. Have brunch while furniture shopping at Kim Soo, Seminyak.

  18. Bali Bucket List: 30 Incredible Things to See & Do

    One of the best but lesser known bucket list things to do in Bali is to go diving from its eastern shores. The port of Padang Bai is the gateway to some of the best diving in Bali and the surrounding area offers a much more authentic experience when compared to major tourist hubs like Ubud, Kuta and Canggu.

  19. The best of Bali: top ways to find your own piece of paradise

    Mason Adventures is one of the most reputable rafting companies and runs the longest rafting trips along the Ayung Valley, clocking in at 12km (7.5mi). You can combine an Ayung Valley rafting trip with a 30km (18.5mi) mountain bike tour that runs almost entirely downhill. Rafting Bali's jungle rivers offers a taste of wilderness close to Ubud ...

  20. 51 Best Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia

    43. Kelingking Cliff Point. Kelingking Cliff in Nusa Penida is one of the most famous Instagram spots in Bali. You can admire this epic view from the top of the cliffs, or climb a stairway down to the white sand beach to get an even closer look. More info: Kelingking Cliff Point In Nusa Penida.

  21. 22 Best Places to Visit in Bali (+Map)

    15. Jatiluwih. Bali is famous for its stunning rice terraces, with Jatiluwih being one of the best places to see them. Offering a fascinating glimpse into the island's agricultural heritage, it boasts expansive terraced fields that cascade down the rolling hills, creating a breathtaking tapestry of vibrant green hues.

  22. Southeast Asia Budget Travel Guide (Updated 2024)

    Southeast Asia Travel Guide: The Best Booking Resources. These are my favorite companies to use when I travel. They consistently have the best deals, offer world-class customer service and great value, and overall, are better than their competitors. They are the companies I use the most and are always the starting point in my search for travel ...

  23. 16 Of The Most Romantic Places To Stay In Bali In 2024

    Easily one of the most instagrammable villas in beautiful Bali, The Cali Villas channels 1970s Pasadena vibes meets a cover straight out of Architectural Digest Magazine. We are obsessed with the white wash walls, cacti, pastel hues and funky works of art all set to the floor to ceiling windows out to your own private plunge pool (with plenty of kitschy pool toys included of course) for a ...


    Tip: If you have limited time in Bali, pick 2-3 beaches from this list or take a convenient day tour like this one. It hits top white sand beaches where you can relax and swim, then ends with ...

  25. Natural Wonders in Bali. Relaxation VR video in 16K

    There is no other place like Bali. A magical blend of a colourful culture, friendly people, stunning nature, countless activities, tropical weather, vibrant nightlife, and nice accommodation. Bali is definitely one of the best travel destinations in the world! Bali is a province of Indonesia and the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands.

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