1. 6 Reasons Why You Should Travel to the Faroe Islands

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  1. Visit faroe islands

    Looking for a summer destination with an average of 13-15°C (55-16F°) degrees? The Faroe Islands is a great spot for a coolcation during the soaring mainland heat. It's like nature's air conditioning with mild temperatures year-round, a dash of rain, voluminous waves and invigorating breezes. Explore.

  2. 15 things to know before visiting the Faroe Islands

    10. If in doubt, talk about soccer (football) If you want to get an easy conversation going in the Faroe Islands, just talk about soccer. Football is a beloved sport on the islands, and one of the few where players can represent their own country rather than Denmark in international competitions. 11.

  3. 10 of the best things to do in the Faroe Islands

    2. Lace up your boots and take to the trails. Hiking the old cairn-marked trails of the Faroe Islands is one of the most popular activities on the islands. At time of writing, many of the country's hiking trails were fee-paying, including the popular route to the lagoon at Saksun, but this may change.

  4. First-Timer's Guide to the Faroe Islands (Travel Tips & FAQ)

    Return fare on a ferry to Suduroy island was 225 DKK (30 EUR) for a car and a driver. A 7-day unlimited ferry & bus pass costs 700 DKK (95 EUR). Buses within Torshavn are free of charge. Guided tours in the Faroe Islands aren't cheap, however, they usually include everything and allow you to see a lot in a short time.

  5. The Perfect Faroe Islands Itinerary For 3, 7 or 10 Days

    The cost is 450 DKK (€60) for adults, 150 DKK (€20) for children aged 7 to 14, and free for kids 6 and under. Guided hiking groups depart at 9 a.m., 12 and 3 p.m. daily. Book your tour here or visit this website for more information. Sørvágsvatn is one of the most visited areas in the Faroe Islands and these measures have been put in ...

  6. 12 Incredible Things to do in the Faroe Islands (2023 Guide)

    A Guide to Hiking Lake Sørvágsvatn, The Lake Above The Ocean. 12 Incredible Things to do in the Faroe Islands (2023 Guide) Our Guide to the Wild Island of Kalsoy and Kallur Lighthouse (2023 Guide) 14 Incredible Airbnbs in the Faroe Islands. A Day Trip Guide to Mykines, the Faroe Islands' Land of Maybe.

  7. 8 of the best places to visit in the Faroe Islands

    Adventurers visiting this epic spot in the Faroe Islands will surely nod their heads in agreement. 8. Sandoy. Best for off the beaten track. Sandoy has always been connected to the rest of the archipelago by ferry, but from the start of 2024, its new undersea tunnel has put this southerly island on the map.

  8. 25 Best Things To Do in the Faroe Islands

    3. Visit Kirkjubøur. Walk along the historic route across the mountain from Torshavn or take the 10 minute drive to the most important historic site in the archipelago, Kirkjubøur. Here you will find the ruins of the Magnus Cathedral, the Saint Olav's Church (Olavskirkjan).

  9. Visit faroe islands

    The summer months, from June to August, is the most popular time to visit the Faroe Islands. This is when the weather is usually at its best, with highs ranging from 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit (15-21 degrees Celsius). These are also the driest months in the Faroe Islands.

  10. 18 Things to Know for your First Trip to Faroe Islands

    The Faroe Islands are filled with striking cabins. Photo by Lucas de França known as @lucasdefranca_ on Instagram. All hotels, guesthouses, and other type of accommodation have free WIFI access. The WIFI speed is good and reliable. ... A visa to the Faroe Islands is a permit to travel to and stay in the country for up to 90 days.

  11. 31 Things to Know Before You Travel to the Faroe Islands

    The View (Vagar island near the airport) Hotel Hafnia (Torshavn) Hotel Føroyar (Torshavn) Panorama Boathouse (Klaksvik - perfect for visiting Kalsoy) This is a guide of things to know before you go to the Faroe Islands. I have included photos from both trips in this guide. If the grass is brown, it was taken in March.

  12. Welcome to the official site of the Faroe Islands

    Føroyar - The Faroe Islands. Located in the Northeast Atlantic, the Faroe Islands comprise 18 small islands, characterised by steep cliffs, tall mountains, narrow fjords - and a population of 55,000. The Faroese language derives from Old Norse, which was spoken by the Norsemen who settled the islands 1200 years ago.

  13. Faroe Islands Itinerary Suggestions for 3-9 Days (+Map & Practical Tips)

    Many people travel to the Faroe Islands for just a few days, but we wanted to explore the main islands to the fullest, and so we spent 9 full days in the Faroe Islands 11 including travel days. TIP: If you are visiting the Faroe Islands for the first time and are not sure where to start, you can also opt for organized tour packages .

  14. Faroe Islands Travel Guide: the ultimate 10 recommendations

    Summer in the Faroe Islands, from June to August, is the most popular time to visit. With temperatures ranging from 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F), this is the warmest season, and the days are long, often with nearly 24 hours of daylight. It's an ideal time for hiking, wildlife exploration, and outdoor activities.

  15. Faroe Islands Itinerary: Epic 8-Day Road Trip

    Faroe Islands Road Trip: Day by Day Itinerary. How to Get to the Faroe Islands. More Faroe Islands Travel Guides. Day 1: Arrive in Vágar Airport, Múlafossur Waterfall in Gásadalur, Lake Sørvágsvatn. Day 2: Mykines Island, Hvíthamar Viewpoint, and Gjógv Village. Day 3: Klaksvík, Árnafjørður - Toftaskarð Hike, and Villingardalsfjall ...

  16. 18 Reasons to Visit the Faroe Islands

    The coziest capital city. The capital of Tórshavn (pop. 13,083) is also the largest city on the Faroe Islands, settled behind a busy harbor on the east coast of Streymoy Island. Within the 66.8 ...

  17. Read This Before Visiting the Faroe Islands: 22 Essential Travel Tips

    From how much things cost and how to get around, to safety advice and the photography gear you need - here are our 22 essential Faroe Islands travel tips! Rugged. Beautiful. Wild. Oh, and somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean. Until recently, that's pretty much all we knew of the Faroe Islands, a craggy cluster of Volcanic islands somewhere ...

  18. Guide to Faroe Islands I Tours & Reviews I Travel Tips & Car Rental

    Exciting 2 Hour Combined Boat Tour & Hike to Drangarnir Sea Arch. From 144 USD. Day Tours in Faroe Islands. Stay flexible by mixing and matching your adventures. Both Summer and Winter. Package Tours in Faroe Islands. Relax and leave the planning to someone else. Summer and Winter.

  19. Faroe Islands travel

    Faroe Islands. The forgotten Faroes are just a short flight from the UK, yet they're way off the standard traveller's radar. Adrift in the frothing swells of the north Atlantic, this mysterious 18-piece jigsaw puzzle of islands is at once ancient and very modern. Multicoloured cottages and grass-roofed wooden churches add focus to the ...

  20. Faroe Islands Itinerary & Travel Guide: 5 Days (More or Less)

    To give you an idea for your Faroe Islands itinerary, you should expect to travel in the islands with an average daily cost of about USD $60~ per person on a budget, or at least $150~ if you want to experience more comfort in activities, tours, hotels, and more. (Values below show low budget to medium budget ranges). Hotels: $25 to $65 USD / day.

  21. The Best Way to Experience the Faroe Islands Is Through Local ...

    From left: Múlafossur waterfall, on Vágar, one of the Faroe Islands, crashes into the Atlantic from a height of more than 100 feet; Koks, a Michelin-starred restaurant that serves a tasting menu ...

  22. The Faroe Islands Await: Unleash Your Inner Explorer with this ...

    Hiking the Faroe Islands is a great way to explore the landscape. Comprised of 18 islands, this far-flung archipelago situated in the North Atlantic Ocean halfway between Iceland and Norway is a ...

  23. How to spend a long weekend in Torshavn

    Art lovers will enjoy spending an afternoon at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands, said Barone in The New York Times. "Snuggled on a grassy expanse within the trail-laced forest", the ...

  24. How To Travel in the Faroe Islands

    Lots of houses in the Faroe Islands are covered with sod. Photo by @colinandmeg on Instagram. The Faroe Islands population is very small with just more than 50.00 people living in the Nordic archipelago. Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, is a tidy metropole but at the same time also a small and intimate city.

  25. RT New Jersey to Faroe Islands $504-$535 Airfares on SAS ...

    SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) via have round trip airfares travelling from New Jersey (EWR) to Faroe Islands (FAE) for $504, making 1 stop in Copenhagen Denmark both ways for 4-24 hours so d ...

  26. The 'new Iceland' is a hiker's paradise

    The Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 volcanic islands between Norway and Denmark. And now, there's a new direct flight path from London. ... Iceland is a popular travel bucket list destination.

  27. Travel Information

    11 Things to know before Hire a Car | Faroe Islands Car Rental Guide 18 Things to Know for your First Trip to Faroe Islands 24 Hours Guide to the Faroe Islands ... How To Travel in the Faroe Islands | The Top 5 Do's and Don'ts Is Faroe Islands Worth Visiting? Luxury Travel in the Faroe Islands Map of Faroe Islands ...

  28. Top 9 Destinations Off the Beaten Tracks

    In a world where travel has become increasingly accessible, finding those hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations is more rewarding than ever. This summer is the perfect time to explore unique, lesser-known locations that offer new experiences away from the usual tourist trails. ... The Faroe Islands, a group of 18 volcanic islands ...

  29. Touring the Faroe Islands

    The stunning Faroe Islands (Courtesy of REMÓT Travel) On a misty Monday in June, our helicopter descends on the electric-green pasture of Koltur, one of the smallest islands in the Faroes. The wild grass parts as we bear down, and a family of short-tailed sheep glance in our direction—they get weather more dramatic than the breeze we're ...