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Cruise America with an Infant- Car Seat Question

  • Thread starter kayak usa
  • Start date Aug 23, 2012

Free Member

  • Aug 23, 2012

Help. We are two new parents new to motorhoming. We were planning to spend 3 weeks touring California USA with our 4 month old infant. As we are from the UK our car seat is set up for attachment with a 3 point seat belt with chest and lap belts. We have just been informed that Cruise America seats ( that are not in cabin- where we are not allowed to put her) have only lap belts. Can anyone out there tell us: 1) whether they know of any British car seat make that you can use with a lap belt only that we can buy before going over 2) Any american car seats that we can buy over there that can be used with a lap belt only.( 3) Any car seat hiring agencies that will allow hire in one town (San Francisco) and drop off in another ( Las Vegas) Having been online the advice seems to be confusing and we really need to be clear on this before confirming our booking Any help/ advice would be greatfully received!!! Thanks Andy  

motor roamin

motor roamin

Cruise America should be able to rent you a car seat whilst there......all the car companies do so I see no reason why they should miss a trick to take more money off you :thumb: All the best Rick  

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Check out Walmarts website I am sure they will have one that is cheap enough to buy when you get there....they have some good deals :thumb: All the best Rick  


If Cruise America won't help and you have not booked, try El Monte or some other RV hirer , there are a few over there .  


  • Sep 1, 2012

We don't think it's possible.... We're currently in a Cruise America RV with our 7 month old. The sales guy assured us the seat behind the passenger had a three point seatbelt belt but that is definitely not the case, and its a sideways facing seat anyway. We have a maxicosi car seat and it fits, rear facing, between the diner seat and table (cushions removed). The lapbelt goes across the seat and the table wedges it in firmly at the back. We went to Walmart and none of the lapbelt only seats fit properly. We changed our intended route so we've done almost no driving rather than abort our holiday altogether but I wouldn't recommend this at all. I don't think there's anyway of getting a rear facing baby seat in one of the Cruise America RVs properly (there is no way of disabling the passenger air bag so it definitely can't go there either). It's a massive shame and we wouldn't have booked the trip if we had known. Try a local RV rental near where you want to go, they will probably be more factual and more helpful (try asking Cruise America for the local dealers contact details. We did this after reading all the terrible Cruise America reviews all over the Internet so we spoke to the people actually providing the vehicle and they answered a couple of queries we had... Although we didn't think to check the seatbelt issue...). Good luck!  

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Car Seats For The Littles

RV Travel With Children

' src=

Families going on long trips with small children will often consider a class of vehicle called a Recreational Vehicle or RV for transport, rather than dealing with a cramped smaller car and hotels along the way.

The face value appeal is obvious. RVs allow a certain amount of freedom in destinations, are potentially more comfortable than a car, and make packing easy. Unfortunately, RVs present a unique set of safety challenges for adults traveling with children that may not be readily apparent.

Types of Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles, or RVs, come in three classes (A, B, and C) and are basically driving cabs with the living quarters attached. There may not be a barrier between these spaces or any sort of compartment for the driver and passenger. The Class A vehicle, or traditional motorhome, is what we usually think of when we discuss RVs.

Classes B and C are basically living quarters built on truck frames, and tend to have a more sturdy frame, compartmentalization for the driver and are subject to slightly different design and testing standards. Lastly, there are RVs which can be towed by other vehicles, and these are known as 5th wheel trailers, camping trailers, toy haulers, and travel trailers.

Seat Belts in the Cabins of RVs

Seat belts in passenger cars are subjected to a large number of federal regulations and testing.   The seat belts in the cabins of recreational vehicles are not subject to that testing.  Most significantly, the seat belts are often not secured to the frame of the vehicle as is required for passenger vehicles. Instead, they are anchored to the floorboard or plywood directly beneath the upholstery. While they may appear secure and tight, in the event of a crash, those seat belts could easily completely detach from their anchorage.

On the off chance that a newer model does in fact have properly tested and anchored seat belts, a host of other issues will prevent a safe installation in the cabin of a recreational vehicle.

Lap only seat belt in an RV

Lap only seat belt in an RV

Many of the seat belts are on sideways or rear facing bench seats.  Child restraints must be installed on forward facing seats only. Frequently, the only forward facing seatbelt in the cabin is at a table.

This seating area leaves no room for the installation of a rear facing seat, provides no top tether anchor for a forward facing seat, and has far too little room for a child in a forward facing seat to be properly protected in a crash.

In addition, these seat belts are generally lap belts only. This type of belt is unsuitable for children riding in boosters or older children and teens who pass the five-step test .

Recreational Vehicle

Recreational Vehicle

Other Seating Types

RVs can also include recliner or easy chair type seats which may have lap/shoulder belts. These seats appear to lock into place, but the vehicle belts are not usually attached to anything other than the seat itself. This type of seat belt may not be allowed by some child restraint manufacturers and the soft, cushiony, and padded seat may also prevent a solid car seat installation.

This couch faces sideways in the RV and folds out to become a sofa bed. The seat belts are simply attached to the wooden frame of the couch and tuck away when not in use. In these seats and the seats at the dining room table, there is inadequate vehicle seat support for adults.  It’s easy to imagine a larger child, teenager, or adult hitting their head on the glass window in the event of a crash or even a sharp turn.

Recreational Vehicle seat belt on a couch -- these belts are NOT bolted to the vehicle's floor

Recreational Vehicle seat belt on a couch — these belts are NOT bolted to the vehicle’s floor

There is a front passenger seat next to the driver which can be an appropriate place for a child restraint; it has a lap/shoulder belt and a suitable forward facing vehicle seat. However, the belt may not lock for installation of car seats and it’s unlikely to have a tether anchor for a forward facing child.

The passenger seat is the best option for a forward facing child passenger in an RV. If there is no passenger airbag, it might also be suitable for a rear facing car seat.  If you have more than one child in the vehicle, you’d be left with making tough decisions, so the best option is to travel in another vehicle.

Legality of Transporting Children in an RV

The majority of states in in the United States require proper use for child restraints.  For RV travel, this means the following: when a seat is not installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions on a forward facing vehicle seat that has properly anchored seat belts it is de facto illegal to transport your child in the vehicle.

And even if it were legal, it remains unsafe.  Because of this significant safety risk with installing car seats in RVs, CSFTL advocates against RVs for family travel.

Other Safety Concerns

The inside of an RV has everything from cabinets, food, and appliances to the kitchen sink. While there are some versions of these vehicles with most larger parts bolted to the frame, that isn’t always the case.

Cabinets can open when the vehicle makes a turn, and everything inside can get jostled and tossed about. In the event of a crash, there’s a good chance that all of these heavy objects can shatter or fly around. If these objects strike the occupants, severe injuries or even worse could result. Travelling inside an RV presents a significant risk of being injured by a projectile.

Recreational Vehicle

One exception would be for a Class B or C vehicle, and generally only for the driver and front passenger. Those particular seats are in front of the vehicle, usually in a well of sorts or with a partial wall on either side. That setup can work as a somewhat effective barrier or compartment.

Safe Options for Recreational Vehicle Travel

Travel trailers are a safer option -- children can ride safely in the tow vehicle

Travel trailers are a safer option — children can ride safely in the tow vehicle

Preferred alternatives to Class A, B or C vehicles are the travel trailer and 5th wheel RVs. These types of RVs are towed by a vehicle, so passengers ride in the vehicle instead of in the RV itself.

Trucks or larger SUVs can make the perfect vehicle for towing such large items and can provide plenty of safe seating positions for families with children in child restraints. While precautions must be taken to ensure that the RV is being towed properly, these are generally considered the safer option for traveling with children. Camping trailers are smaller, compact “pop up” versions of travel trailers, and are folded down during travel. Toy haulers are similar to 5th wheel and travel trailers, with extended space and ramps for all terrain vehicles and similar smaller recreational vehicles.

Many families, my own family included, have used or are curious about using RVs for family travel. Who doesn’t dream of a long road trip, camping, and adventure on the road? By choosing the appropriate vehicle for your family, or perhaps making arrangements to follow behind or travel separately, everyone can enjoy a trip to the great outdoors.

Manufacturers’ Statement

In September, 2016, the Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety (MACPS) published a new statement that definitively discourages the use of motorized RVs for the transport of children . Because of many of the concerns outlined here (seat belts, seat structure and lack of federal testing in RVs) MACPS also recommends parents “choose a non-motorized tow-able RV, so that children can be restrained properly in the passenger vehicle that is towing the RV.” (You can read the entire statement here ). MACPS is an organization made up of representatives from child restraint manufacturers; in a usually competitive industry they work together to clarify issues in child passenger safety, and everyone in child passenger safety benefits from the time and resources they have collectively dedicated to disseminating essential information. At CSFTL we are very thankful they have taken the time to clarify their position on Recreational Vehicles!

Originally written by Laurel, edits maintained by CSFTL.

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cruise america rv child seat

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RV with 6 month old and 2 year old - car seat arrangements?? - Road Trips Forum

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RV with 6 month old and 2 year old - car seat arrangements??

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' class=

I'm from the UK and we have booked 19 nights in an RV in October with our 6 month old and our 2 year old. Some of this will be spent in hotels the majority will be in the RV which is a 25" standard.

Having now done a bit of research I am quietly freaking out that there may be NO safe or legal way to travel with the kids! Has anyone done a trip like this with small kids and how did they arrange the car seats...what sort of car seats were bought etc etc. Where were the kids put in the RV...on the sofas at the back?

On sleeping, both girls are in their own beds so my idea is to take some bed bumpers, but any thoughts/experiences on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

' class=

I have no kids so haven't had any personal reason to check out your problem and know a way round it. I do agree that you do have a problem, though. The RV will have two front seats. All other passengers are expected to sit at the dining table, using lap belt type seat belts, facing across each other. If there's a sideways sofa, those sometimes have seat belts too, but I don't remember seeing belts from the shoulder there, either. These clearly won't work as a mean of attaching child booster seats nor the baby carrier types of support. This also means that whoever isn't driving the RV will want/need to sit in the back with the kids, rather than help with the navigation, etc. Not ideal.

All I can offer by way of help is to see if I can a message to our resident RV guru on this forum if she doesn't pop into this conversation within the next day or so, and have a search around on other forums. I do vaguely remember this same issue being raised on a Florida forum, but that was possibly well over a year ago.

Will have a further mull on the subject and revert if I have a brainwave!

Good luck, I'm sure there's an answer out there somewhere!

Thanks SWT - much appreciated.

As you say, I think this could be a real problem. I got carried away with the "'s no problem" line of the tour operator and didn't check myself, and am now concerned that from both a safety and logistical perspective - considering that we will be driving at least 2 hours a day - this could be a bit of a nightmare!

It would be great if you were able to message the RV expert and see what she says - any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thinking about the problem again, if you have the standard baby carrier, the only place you may be able to safely attach it to a seat might be the front passenger seat, beside the driver, not ideal but not unsafe either. This would leave the non driving adult plus the 2 y o in the back for each drive. Is the 2 y o tall enough that they'd be OK with just a booster cushion and the lap strap?

My hunting around the forums has pulled up the following not exactly helpful old posts:

The other thought I had was that perhaps you should ask your question on the family forum where far more parents with experience of this kind of thing might see your question. Here's a link to that forum:

I'm assuming that you've paid up for the RV and are financially committed now. Was all the advice from your travel agent verbal or in writing? Are you able to contact the RV company and ask them directly what they recommend?

Will ping the 'guru' a message, too!

cruise america rv child seat

One of several gurus, half-Brit, can advise. She posts primarily on the pacific NW and California forums but this one, as well. Find her name, send a PM or just ask on the OR forum.

Here is some general info but I have no idea if it's correct:

"Do you have baby car seats and cribs available?

CRUISE AMERICA AND EL MONTE RV - Please plan to bring your own car seats and cribs/cots - your babes will be more comfortable in a familiar seat/bed. MOTURIS & CAMPING WORLD RV do provide child seats at $39 per rental plus tax. THESE MUST BE RESERVED IN ADVANCE."

Hmmm, this from El Monte RV:


All Drivers seats and Front passengers seats have seats belts and these should be worn whenever the vehicle is in motion. Manufacturers are not required by federal law to install seats belts in the living cabin of motorhomes; only in the Drivers seat and Front passengers seat. Therefore, we can neither confirm nor deny the present or number of seats belts in the living cabin. The Driver and Front Passenger seats always have 3-point (lap/shoulder) belts. Any other seat belts in the motorhome will be a 2-point (lap) belt."

To my personal knowledge, all newer motorhomes made in the US have seatbelts in the dining area seats.

Eztigrrrr, do you know which RV rental company you are using?

You mention "tour operator" - is this an organized motorhome tour or is that your booking agent?

My wife's car didn't have the latch system and her 3 point harness system could not be locked while buckled so we had to use the cars rear center seats lap belt for his seat restraint. In her car , we would run the lap belt through the seatbelt opening in the rear of the car seat, latch it in the receiver and pull back on the lap belt until the car seat was snug. I would even kneel in the car seat to make sure that I got the lap belt as tight as I could get it. The car seat shouldn't move side to side at all once the lap belt is tight.

Before I even brought them home from the hospital, I had a local police safety officer inspect the seat and restraint and he said that it was perfect. Most of the car seats that I've seen, ones that friends and family use, all work very well with just a lap belt. As long as the RV you're renting has lap belts, you should be fine.

Good luck, I hope this info helps you. Safe travel.

Both the rear facing baby seat and forward facing child seat that we owned are made by Graco.

Try this may be helpful type in search child safety seat in motorhome sorry for typing we are on the road.

You could check this forum for RV owners:

They might have a suggestion. Otherwise, you could call the RV rental place direct.

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Dave Solberg

Child Restraint Options for RV Seats

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  • Discussions

For most trailers and motorhomes, there are limited options when it comes to seating that can accommodate child restraints. Chairs and couches are either side/rear facing or freestanding, leaving you few legal solutions for safe and comfortable child seating. In this free lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you his favorite trick for customizing your RV seats to accommodate baby and toddler seat restraints.

All you’ll need is a trip to the hardware store for an inexpensive piece of equipment. With Dave’s help and a bit of ingenuity, you’ll have the little ones buckled up and ready for adventure in no time!

Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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3 Responses to “Child Restraint Options for RV Seats”

Hi there! Thank you so much for this video! We are having the hardest time trying to figure out how to get our children’s car seats in our Class C RV safely. I’m wondering if you have a video of how to install these loops you’re talking about? Or if we could go into any auto shop and have them do it for us? Or if this is something we will have to figure out ourselves. Thank you!

And, the seat has to be forward facing. No side-facing car seats for kids or adults.

With all due respect this is a video that scares me to death. Creating an attachment point that is not bolted to the frame could easy break loose in an accident. I would caution anyone to use this video as a recommendation.

Explore videos by Dave Solberg

cruise america rv child seat

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cruise america rv child seat

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Local Passport Family

RVing with Kids: How Our Family Started

We didn’t start the year planning to get into RVing with kids. But this year has been full of surprises, including this one.

Both my husband’s parents and my parents live on the east coast of the United States – across the country from where we are in California. While we usually see them a few times a year, COVID-19 has obviously complicated that. It’s been disappointing for everyone that we haven’t been able to spend time together. One set of grandparents hadn’t even met our newest baby at over 5 months old!

As all of our parents are in high-risk categories, we definitely didn’t feel comfortable flying or even driving a car and stopping at hotels/restaurants. So we started considering RVing with kids.

We had a few concerns before getting started (including putting car seats in RVs – more on how we resolved that coming soon), but one of the biggest factors was cost. While in my mind, RVing with kids was an economical option, it turns out it can add up quite quickly.

how to start rving with kids

RVing with Kids: Cost to Rent

Since we’re a family of 7, we needed an RV that was not only big enough to sleep all of us, but that also had enough seats and seat belts for everyone. We needed to make sure it would be possible to RV with a baby. This limited the companies from which we could rent, as well as the number of vehicles that were available.

After doing some back-of-the-envelope calculations, we found that it would be somewhere in the range of $16,000-17,000 to rent an RV that was big enough for our family for about 5 weeks. Holy cow! We were shocked. Since RVing with kids and (or without kids) has become increasingly popular this summer, the rates also reflected that. We were not thrilled.

Why We Chose to Buy When RVing with Kids

As we were looking around at different rental options, we noticed a “ Buy An RV ” tap on the Cruise America website, so we clicked through out of curiosity. We’d peeked at some other used RVs before but there were a few issues:

  • Inventory. It was almost impossible to find an RV in the size we needed in our area.
  • Cost. Private sale RVs were quite pricey – about 150% of what we found with the Cruise America used RV.
  • Age. The RVs being sold privately were almost all really old. While some people might not mind some work, we didn’t want to deal with a bunch of maintenance (our family only owns one car for a reason!).

We were surprised when we saw the Cruise America stats. The price was significantly more reasonable than private RVs that were much older. The one we found was a Class C 2016 Thor Majestic 28A with about 127k miles on it. It was listed for $34k. However, they did not have time to repaint and add in the manufacturer’s stickers, so they reduced the price by $3k. Eventually, we got a discount to $29k, which felt pretty reasonable compared to the rental cost. (Adding in the extended warranty cost a bit more.) This also compared well to the Kelley Blue Book value of $44k. Between that and the wait list/demand for the vehicles, we felt confident in purchasing it, as well as in our ability to resell it in the not-so-distant future.

Also, at the time, there was one available in Arizona. We considered having one of us fly there, check it out, drive it back home to the Bay Area in California, quarantine, then start driving out to grandparents. But that seemed like a giant hassle.

Considering a Used Cruise America RV

After seeing that, we decided to call our local Cruise America lot to see if they happened to have anything available. They didn’t, and also had a 2-month long waitlist. But we continued chatting, and connected with the salesman.

After a couple days of talking to him, he agreed to pull one of the current RVs off the lot to sell to us. It was one that they would’ve pulled in a few months, after a summer of rental time. But he agreed to pull it off a bit early. (This meant it also had slightly lower mileage than other used RV sales – they tended to be in a tight range of 130k-135k, but ours was about 127k.) So we went to check it out.

rving with kids considerations

Concerns And Benefits When Buying a Rental RV with Kids

Honestly, I was VERY hesitant about purchasing a used RV that had been a rental. What if it was gross? What if there were other things wrong that we wouldn’t find out about until after driving it off the lot? I’d heard about terrible things customers had done to rental vehicles, so I was incredibly wary.

No one was more surprised than me that my fears were totally assuaged after researching, talking to the sales manager, and seeing it for ourselves.

  • Care. Since Cruise America owns a whole fleet of vehicles that are all the same, they get regular and efficient maintenance.
  • While people may take some rental vehicles out for a joy ride, that seemed pretty unlikely with a large RV.
  • Cleanliness and upgrades. Cruise America takes great care of their rigs after each rental. They also put in a few upgrades (flooring, seat covers, etc.) that we didn’t see in private purchase RVs. This was in much better condition than many of the older used ones we saw. They also do a FULL clean and sanitize everything prior to sale.
  • Reviews. We read dozens and dozens of reviews from people who had purchased used Cruise America RVs. They were overwhelmingly positive when discussing both the value and the condition/quality of the rigs.
  • Extended warranty. This last one was the clincher. While there is a basic warranty that comes with the vehicle, you can purchase an extended warranty that’s good for an additional 100k miles or 5 years. This warranty covers most anything of concern, and really put my fears to rest. From what we’ve read, Cruise America is also super easy about honoring the warranty and taking care of any issues.

rv with baby tips how to start

Safety Considerations When RVing with Kids

The final and most important consideration when RVing with kids was the safety aspect. We read a LOT of mixed reviews regarding safety when putting kids in a motorized RV. Some people did it and felt fine, some people used car seats, some people had older children, and some people would never ever consider putting kids in a motorized RV. It was difficult to sort out all the information to find laws and recommendations from experts, especially when putting an infant in an RV.

So I did a lot of digging into what features our RV needed to have in order to safely house kids and to put a car seat in an RV. Since I knew the specific model, I also researched what modifications were a possibility/necessity, and what restraints may or may not work. To do that, I did a LOT of Googling on RV car seat laws and also spoke to several Child Passenger Safety Technicians.

CPSTs are highly trained not only in vehicle and child restraint safety. They’re also very knowledgeable when it comes to seat configurations and requirements. Because I’m anal, I didn’t want to just talk to one, but instead talked to 3 different ones, in 3 different states. Stay tuned for the next post where I’ll go into detail about those safety considerations when RVing with kids!


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rving with kids how we started

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24 responses.

This is great! Looking forward to hearing the rest of your journey. We’ve also looked into RVing due to my husband’s allergies (which make picking a random roadside place to eat challenging), but the $150-200/night rental, plus mileage and gas, plus an actual campsite to park it make it seem cost prohibitive (and a nuisance when I could just stay in a reasonable hotel at that point).

For sure! I was really surprised by how much an RV rental was. This is an upfront cost, but feels more reasonable long-term, and allows a lot more trips.

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[…] summer is so strange, and also has had a few unexpected gifts. We’ve loved our experience RVing across the country to safely see family, and are looking forward to some outdoor, distanced adventures on the way back […]

[…] driving all the way out to the east coast from California in an RV to see our high-risk parents during the pandemic, we figured we’d spend some extra time with […]

[…] I wrote previously, both my husband’s parents and my parents live across the country from us. We really wanted […]

[…] road trips. And now, we’ve driven back and forth across the entire US, meandering in between in our RV. Needless to say, we’ve spent a lot of time in the car and go through a LOT of road trip […]

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[…] My oldest daughter is turning EIGHT today! Eight somehow seems so much older than seven, doesn’t it? It’s like they’re suddenly an older kid and in upper elementary. She’s always been a bit of an old soul, though, so I’m delighted to see how she blossoms at this age. I wanted to make the day special and fun with a birthday gift for an 8 year old girl, especially since we’re not at home to celebrate. […]

[…] comes to road trip entertainment for toddlers. They’ve been a lifesaver as we’ve spent an extended time in our RV! Here are all of my favorites that are tried and true, and worth the space in our […]

[…] been hiking with kids for nearly a decade now, but have been very consistent with it while RVing around the US. We were a bit out of practice at first and aimed for 1.5-2 mile hikes with kids. After a few […]

[…] never say never, because unusual times call for unusual measures. (Read all about how our family started RVing with kids!) Much to my astonishment, I became a first time RV buyer! Who would’ve guessed? (Certainly […]

[…] stay outside while exploring. Plus, the outdoors feel like an extension of our home while we’re RVing, so we love taking advantage of our natural playgrounds. From Virginia hikes to Virginia RV parks […]

[…] it’s certainly possible to boondock in a car, our family has only done dry camping in our RV. Below I’ll share some dispersed camping tips to make sure you have a successful […]

[…] wrote extensively about why we decided to join full time RV life right here. In short, we have parents with significant health risks who live across the country […]

[…] we left on our RV journey, we thought we would be gone for about 4-5 weeks. In fact, when we initially booked a rental RV, we […]

[…] we knew we would be leaving shortly for an extended time of full time RV living. It was a small space, but the Snoo fit just perfectly in the spot next to our queen bed in the […]

[…] a slightly weightier shoe, they are very comfortable to walk in. My husband broke his toe on our extended RV trip, and he wore these hiking sandals for men almost exclusively for a few weeks. They provided enough […]

[…] exploring outdoors so much in our RV this year, we’ve found a lot of incredible hiking. But Sedona was unique and really special […]

[…] met our youngest baby, and mine had only seen her for a few days after she was born. The biggest reason we bought our RV is so we could safely quarantine to see […]

[…] a first time RV buyer. Heck, I never thought I’d be an any kind of RV buyer! But because of family health circumstances, we unexpectedly decided to go for […]

[…] overnight backpacking permits and others will need to stay outside the park. We stayed here in our RV just outside the south […]

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Cruise America

RVing 101 - RV Renter's Resources

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Find the perfect CAMPGROUND

​ ​the dyrt.

The #1 camping app and a Cruise America partner.  The Dyrt Pro gives you special access to trip planning, maps showing free camping, campground discounts, and offline access. Get Free 30-Day PRO Membership using the code CRUISE30 . Try it today at

At departure, you receive a KOA Value Kard entitling you to a 10% discount at KOA Kampgrounds, a nationwide chain with dependable standards of quality and service. Get 10% off your KOA stay by booking with Cruise.

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Harvest Hosts

The road trip of your dreams is just a click away. Harvest Hosts offers RVers unlimited access to farms, breweries, wineries, and attractions across North America. Your membership allows you to stay overnight at any of these businesses and in return, all you have to do is support them by making a purchase (go on a farm tour, enjoy a wine tasting, grab a flight of beers, etc... we know it’s no fun at all). Get 20% off your annual membership using promo code CRUISE20

Everything You Need to Help While You’re Getting Started

Are you ready to tour the roads and highways of North America in your Cruise America RV rental? Before you do, view our rental orientation video. This instructional video will show you the "ins and outs" of an RV rental. Allow your family and travel companions to ride in comfort. Discover the nuances of our RV rentals and learn about the unique benefits of Cruise America's cabover motorhomes. View the video above.


Get a jump on your packing with our renter’s kits, vehicle provisioning kit.


  • Carving Knife
  • Coffee Cups
  • Cooking Fork
  • Cooking Spoon
  • Dinner Forks
  • Dinner Knives
  • Dinner Plates
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Paring Knife
  • Soup Spoons
  • Steak Knives

Personal Kit

  • Bath Towels
  • Sleeping Bag/Comforter
  • Wash Cloths

More Resources to Help You Along The Way

Renter's assistance guides.

cruise america rv child seat

The guide is also available in several languages, select from your preference below:


Download from the App Store

Having Some Trouble on the Road? Check Out Our TROUBLESHOOTING VIDEOS

Our troubleshooting video library can help you solve many of your problems on the road.

You'll find the following helpful videos:

  • 120V AC Power
  • Emergency Start
  • Power Outlets
  • Rooftop A/C
  • Water Heater

Review our Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I have to cancel my reservation? You may cancel your reservation up to 7 days prior to the pick-up date and you will be refunded your reservation down payment. With less notice and with all one-way reservation cancellations you will forfeit your reservation down payment. For areas where special events (Burning Man, music festivals) occur if you cancel within 45 days prior to the pick-up date you will forfeit your reservation down payment.
  • Where can I rent a motorhome? We have a listing of all of our motorhome rental centers on the web site. Use  this link  to access the “ Rental Centers ” page. On the map, choose the state which you would be renting from and you will be given a list of all rental centers in that state. The listing includes the direct address and telephone number of the rental center.
  • Are pets allowed in the motorhomes? Pets are welcomed at Cruise America. Customer agrees to clean up after their pet and return unit in same condition as received, or be subject to a cleaning fee up to $250.
  • Are there bike racks? No, Cruise America does not offer bike racks for sale or rental. Bike racks are readily available at several retail outlets, e.g., Walmart, REI, Sports Authority, etc.

For your peace of mind while traveling, Cruise America rentals include coverage’s in three areas in excess of minimum automobile coverage’s against third-party required by law. The details are contained on the Rental Agreement. Below is an outline of the coverage’s

  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) provides you supplemental liability insurance up to $500,000 for USA rentals (Not valid in Mexico).
  • Responsibility of up to only $2,500 for Vehicle Loss or Damage per occurrence provided you abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement, report promptly in case of accident of vehicle damage, and avoid prohibited vehicle use.
  • Can I tow my car or boat behind the motorhome? We do allow towing with all sizes of our motorhomes. Towing is not allowed with Truck Campers. The motorhomes are only equipped with a receiver hitch, so you would need to provide your own tow bar. No towing apparatus or hook-up services are provided under any circumstances. Customer must declare intention to tow prior to departure and warrant that towing weight is within 2,500 lb. tow weight restrictions. A $25 per night towing charge will be imposed. Cruise America provides no collision or liability coverage for damage to the towed object or for third- party injury inflicted by the towed object, under any circumstances.
  • Are there facilities close to the rental center where we can purchase supplies, propane and dispose of holding tank contents? The staff at the rental center will be glad to direct you to the closest shopping center, fueling facilities and waste treatment center.
  • Are there levelers provided? No.
  • Are there rollout awnings on the motorhome? No. We suggest you bring a canopy if you need shade or check with the RV park if you are staying in one.
  • Cruise America and Cruise Canada rents, leases, and sells RVs. How can I get a vehicle donated to my organization or for a raffle? Because regulations and laws covering the automotive rental and vehicle leasing industries vary, Cruise America has a company-wide policy that neither it’s employees nor its dealer agencies will donate vehicles or rentals.
  • Are we allowed to travel into Canada (or vice versa)? US registered RVs may enter Canada and return to the US and Canadian registered RVs may enter the US and return to Canada without problem. One way rentals between the two countries are not allowed. Canadian residents are not allowed to rent a US registered vehicle in the US and enter Canada. Residency is based on the primary renter.

Yes. Coverages are invalid if problems occur in the following areas and all recovery expenses are at the renter’s own cost. Violations of these restrictions void damage waivers and the renter will be held liable for all vehicle damages including to tires, towing charges and other related expenses as a result of a breakdown associated with operating in these areas.

Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories, & Newfoundland

Travel on all public and/or numbered roads is permitted. Travel on non-public roads, unpaved back roads, trails and the like – commonly called logging roads or on any surface subjecting the vehicle to unreasonable damage or road hazard is prohibited. We reserve the right to restrict travel, dependent on current road conditions.

Death Valley

Vehicles may be operated with EXTREME CARE in Death Valley and other desert areas during the months of July and August. In Summer, renters visit these areas at their own risk and Cruise America will not be held responsible for extraordinary vehicle recovery and other charges. During certain periods these areas are not habitable and could pose a danger to the driver and passengers.

Due to restrictions on vehicle heights, propane gas and parking, vehicles with propane are not permitted in Manhattan and are not permitted to travel through any underground or underwater tunnels.

  • Are we allowed to travel into Mexico? Cruise America does not allow travel into Mexico.

There is tax on the rental charges and any kits you order. The generator fee is $3.50 per hour and will be collected upon return of the rental. Customer agrees that he will return unit in the same condition as he received it (excluding normal wear). A fee of up to $250 will be charged if the interior of the vehicle has not been cleaned. Damages or loss of equipment will be paid for by the renter. Holding tank must be emptied prior to return of the vehicle or be subject to an additional dump charge of up to $100.

There is a nominal Environmental Fee. The Environmental Fee is designed to offset a wide range of environmental expenses (direct and indirect). These expenses include but are not limited to all costs associated with the proper disposal of oil, filters, tires, batteries, and shop waste.

  • Are the systems on a Cruise America Motorhome capable of supporting medical equipment? We are sorry but our motorhomes are not to be used for carrying person(s) whose medical well-being depends on the motorhome's systems.

Rental prices, policies and conditions are subject to change without notice. Rentals are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Contract, a copy of which is available by writing to

We are happy to make some changes to your current reservation, however the change may require a rate adjustment based on current rates in effect at time of change. Changes are subject to current availability. No changes will be permitted to a reservation once the cancellation deadline has passed.

Name changes to reservations are not permitted. Reservations are non-transferable. The person that made the reservation must be present at pickup and possess a valid credit card and driver's license.

  • Can I park my car at your rental center while we travel? Parking at some centers is very limited. Call your rental center in advance to see if they can accommodate you. If you are allowed to park, it is at your risk entirely.
  • Can I store items on the outside of the motorhome? Sorry, storing items on vehicle roof or exteriors is not permitted.
  • Can I use a Cruise America Motorhome to move someone too ill to fly or drive in a car? We are sorry but our motorhomes are not to be used for ambulatory purposes.
  • Can we leave our luggage at the rental location? Often this is not a problem, but again, check with your rental center. Anything left at the rental center is at your own risk.

One Way reservations are available between most rental centers by advance reservation only and are subject to availability and some restrictions.

Drop fees may be increased or decreased based on pick-up or drop-off location, dates and vehicle availability. Upon confirmation, the $300 reservation down payment is not refundable.

Each year Cruise America provides thousands of one-way rental opportunities for our customers. With more than 120 rental locations in the US and Canada, we are able to approve a greater number of one-way rentals than our competitors and will do our best to fulfill as many of your requests as possible.

However, in as much as we would like to approve all requests, we must also maintain a minimum number of vehicles at each location to provide for local customers. That said, when a one-way approval potentially causes a location to drop below their minimum fleet, we will likely be unable to accept the request.

Please understand, our policies are in place to allow us to accommodate as many of both local and one-way customers as possible. Thank you for your understanding and for considering Cruise America.

  • Can you pick me up/drop me off at the airport? You must arrange your own transportation to and from the airport. You may call the rental center where you are picking up for recommendations of transit options.
  • Do I need a special driver’s license to drive a Cruise America/Cruise Canada motorhome? All you need is to be 21 years of age or older and possess a valid driver’s license and a major credit card. No special endorsement is needed. Temporary or digital licenses are not accepted. All drivers must be present, listed on and sign the Rental Agreement and will be bound by Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement at vehicle pick up.
  • Do you have baby car seats and cribs available? No. Please plan to bring your own car seats and/or cribs.

No, but we rent 2 types of packages for bedding and cookware. (Advanced Reservations Required)

  • The Personal Kit costs $75 per person, for the duration of the trip. It includes a sleeping bag or comforter, pillow, pillowcase, flat sheet, bath towel, washcloth and dishtowel. All items must be returned at end of trip.
  • The Vehicle Provisioning Kit costs $125 per vehicle, also for the duration of the trip. It includes a flashlight, can opener, broom, spatula, cooking spoon, cooking fork, coffee cups, tumblers, plates, soup bowls, silverware, tea kettle, colander, mixing bowl, and a cookware set. All items must be returned clean at end of trip.
  • Does the motorhome come with a TV? Cruise America’s RVs are not equipped with TVs.
  • How can I learn to operate the components on the motorhome? Cruise America will provide a familiarization tour (approximately 30 minutes to one hour) which is required to acquaint the customer and drivers with the operation of the vehicle before departure. You may prepare for your vacation by viewing the  Renter’s Orientation Video .
  • How do I pay for the rental? We only accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards. The credit card must bear an imprint of the customer's name that matches the driver's license. The cardholder(s) must be present and listed on the rental agreement as the primary or additional authorized driver.   We do not accept stored value, prepaid, or gift cards for the estimated rental charges or security deposit. You may not use cash or virtual/one-time use credit cards. Paying by debit, Interac, or Discover cards in Canada is unavailable.
  • How do I send my sponsorship proposal to Cruise America? Cruise America does not traditionally support sponsorships. For information on community relations opportunities within the Phoenix area, please email your request to the Cruise America Marketing department at  [email protected]  .
  • How much does a rental cost? Cruise America's prices fluctuate based on season, location, and availability much the way airline prices fluctuate. In general, the earlier you book, the lower the price. All of the prices and terms for motorhome rentals can be found on our web site. Use the On Line Reservation System to determine the cost of your desired rental. You can also check out this helpful article " How Much to Rent an RV ?"
  • How much does it cost to stay in campgrounds? Campground rates vary based on time of year and what facilities they offer. Generally you can expect to pay between $10 and $50 per night. Check out our RV Park Finder page to search for campground costs. 
  • I heard that Cruise America offers specials during the year. What specials do you have? For information on all of the specials Cruise America is currently offering, please check out our Hot Rental Deals section of this web site.
  • Is it difficult to drive a motorhome? Motorhomes handle much like a car, especially the “C“ class which has a van chassis.
  • Is it possible to travel in the winter in the colder areas? Yes, however, in locations with harsh winter weather, our motorhomes are “winterized” from approximately mid-October to late March. This means we have completely drained the water and holding tanks. This will prevent the tanks and pipes from freezing and bursting. If you chose to have your rental motorhome “de-winterized” (so that you can use your sink, shower, and toilet) it may cost up to $60. You will need to exercise extreme care while traveling in a “de-winterized” motorhome during frigid weather. You will need to run the heater at all times to protect the tanks and pipes from freeze damage, or in extreme cases you would need to put RV Anti-Freeze in the water and holding tanks (by doing so, you may not use any water systems). If the pipes or tanks were damaged from freezing, it is considered negligent damage and you will be responsible for the full cost of all repairs. If you have any more questions on the rental policies during winter, please contact the rental center where your trip would originate. They can provide you with specific information.
  • Is it safe to drink the water from the motorhome tank? No, we do not recommend this. It is difficult to know if the water is potable when you fill the tank at a variety of locations. We recommend you use bottled water for drinking and cooking. The water from the tank is fine for washing and bathing.
  • Is the customer responsible for any maintenance of the motorhome? The customer is responsible for checking engine oil, fluids, and coolant levels at each refueling, as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately. Instructions and procedures for maintenance expense reimbursement are provided at rental. Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.
  • Is there a charge for the generator? Yes. The generator charge is $3.50 per hour as determined by an installed running time meter. You can save on this expense by staying in locations that have electrical hookups and not leaving the generator running when you are not in the vehicle. Most motorhomes based in the United States and large size motorhomes in Canada are equipped with generators. A generator is only needed for the coach air conditioner, microwave and electrical outlets. A generator is not necessary for normal vehicle operation and is subject to frequent service interruption.
  • Is there a ladder so we can get on the roof to watch the race? We do not have ladders on the RV for safety reasons and to prevent damage to the motorhome.

The  Compact  motorhome can hold up to three people, the  Compact Plus  motorhome can hold up to four, the  Standard  motorhome can hold up to five, and the  Large  can hold a maximum of  seven people.

Cruise America wants you to have an enjoyable and safe vacation experience. Part of that experience is getting the right vehicle to meet your needs.

We realize that our customers use our vehicles for many purposes. Some examples:

  • As a comfortable means of travel not sleeping in them
  • For “spare bedrooms” and not drive them.
  • For on-site hospitality at special events like automobile races.
  • As mobile offices.

The possible uses are as numerous as your needs.

In addition to many uses, there are a myriad of Federal, State and Local ordinances they may restrict the use or may be in conflict.

Lastly, there are no universal standards that apply to Recreational vehicles.

We understand the confusion these situations create. Therefore, Cruise America recommends the following:

  • Never exceed the maximum capacity as posted in the actual vehicle you will be using. Maximum capacity includes the vehicle, all fluids, all occupants and their gear.
  • All passengers should use the provided seatbelts. The total number of seatbelts will vary according to the vehicle and according to the floor plan of the actual vehicle you are using.
  • Child safety seats should be used where applicable. the installation and use of these seats should follow the recommendation of the child seat manufacturer.
  • Overhead areas designed only for sleeping should not be occupied while the vehicle is in motion.
  • The vehicle should be properly secured prior to travel. This includes locking the doors and dead-bolting them where applicable. Stow the entry step and secure the outside compartments.

We ask that you use good judgment and prudence in your decisions.

You Are Required To Comply With Applicable Law

At Cruise America, we strive to make sure everyone’s rental experience as easy, safe and stress-free as possible.

The following products and services are available at all locations for our drivers and passengers with disabilities.

  • Visually impaired passengers can travel worry-free just make an advance reservation; arrive with a licensed driver at least 21 years old and you’re on your way.
  • Hand Controls - Enables drivers to accelerate or brake using a hand-controlled device. Please specify left or right hand operation when making your reservation.  A steering wheel spinner or hand knob is not available.

To ensure availability, products and services should be reserved thirty (30) days in advance by calling our reservation department at 800-671-8042.

  • What are your Rental Center office hours? Please check the specific location for hours of operation.  Rental Centers are closed on Sundays and Holidays and no departures or returns can be scheduled on these days.
  • What are your Reservation Department office hours? Cruise America's Reservation Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • What constitutes a “Rental Day”? Similar to a hotel, the Rental Day is based on number of nights the vehicle is used. Each night constitutes a rental day.

A $300 reservation down payment is required and will be applied towards your rental fees. The remaining balance of your rental and a minimum of $500 security deposit is due prior to departure. The security deposit is fully refundable, based on RV condition at time of return.  For certain rental applications, (examples: Burning Man, Bonnaroo) deposits may be increased at Cruise America’s sole discretion. Credit card deposits are processed at departure. Upon return, all extra charges, if any, are balanced against the security deposit and a refund is issued to the credit card used on the rental agreement. We only accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards. The credit card must bear an imprint of the customer's name that matches the driver's license. The cardholder(s) must be present and listed on the rental agreement as the primary or additional authorized driver.   We do not accept stored value, prepaid, or gift cards for the estimated rental charges or security deposit. You may not use cash or virtual/one-time use credit cards. Paying by debit, Interac, or Discover cards in Canada is unavailable.  

  • What happens if the vehicle I reserved is unavailable? We will make every effort to provide the customer with the model requested. We reserve the right to substitute models of similar or higher grade. Should a model of lower grade be offered and accepted, liability will be limited to refund of price differential between model paid for and model taken.
  • What if I am late in returning the vehicle? The vehicle is overdue after 11:00 AM on the date of return. A fee of $25 per hour will be charged for each hour you are late. Please notify the rental center if you will be late in returning.
  • What if I return the vehicle before the date it is due? No refunds will be made for early returns or late pick ups.
  • What if the motorhome breaks down? Cruise America provides a 24-hour toll free travelers assistance line to help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

An estimated mileage charge will apply to your rental. The charge will be a per night charge based on 100 miles for a local rental and 250 miles for a one-way rental. The rate is 39¢ per mile. At the end of the rental you will be refunded for any excess mileage charges, or be charged at the rate of 39¢ for additional miles in excess of the estimated mileage. Cruise America does reserve the right to modify the estimated mileage charge based on the type of rental.

In Canada, the nightly charge will be 160 kilometres for a local rental and 400 kilometres for a one-way rental. The rate is 39¢ per kilometre.

  • What is your Group Booking Policy? All booking requests of 4 or more vehicles are considered a Group Booking and must be approved by Cruise America prior to rate confirmation and cancellation terms. Please note that the Group Booking Policy mentioned here shall apply even if all bookings are NOT made on the same booking date. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns with regards to this policy. No exceptions please.
  • What kind of facilities might a campground offer? A partial list of commonly found facilities would include: electric, water, sewer hook-ups, washer, dryer, swimming pool, playground, BBQ pits, on-site convenience store.
  • What kind of motorhomes do you rent? Our web site lists all of the types and sizes of vehicles we rent. All of our vehicles are listed under the category:  “Our Vehicles” .

Vehicle departure time is normally between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Vehicle drop off time is normally between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM only. Returns after 11:00 am may be subject to a late return fee of $25 per hour.

Please contact your departure rental center the day before departure date to arrange a pick up time.

  • Who do I contact if I've lost a personal item(s) during a Cruise America rental? Cruise America will make a reasonable effort to contact guests after departure if they have left any belongings on the premises or in the vehicle. We will ship items back at owner's expense. If we are unable to reach the guest(s), the items will be placed in our Lost & Found. Any items that remain in the Lost & Found will be donated to charity or discarded after 60 days. To inquire about a lost item, please submit a lost and found claim  HERE

cruise america rv child seat

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Privacy policy, browse our 115 locations.

Origin not known. Check the value and select between results suggested.

Destination not known. Check the value and select between results suggested.

You should at least select 1 adult passenger.

Additional Luggage?

Children + -

Please indicate child age.

Each passenger may carry one standard piece of luggage and one small item of hand luggage (for example a handbag or laptop). If you have additional or extra large baggage or sporting equipment, select from the options below:

Extra bag (max 20kg per unit)

Please insert the date and time of your flight arrival (not take off), as informed by the airline. The driver will take into account luggage collection and immigration formalities.

Please select hours.

Please select mins.

Please insert the date and time the flight takes off, as informed by the airline. The pick-up time will be calculated automatically taking into account journey time and check-in time at airport.

Moscow Vnukovo Airport Transfers

Need help? Contact us

The driver was most professional and took us straight to where we wanted to go.

Mr P O from South Africa

cruise america rv child seat

You’re in Moscow to take in the sights and sounds of Russia’s capital city, but instead, you’re in the arrivals terminal struggling to organise a safe and affordable transfer to your accommodation. This would not happen with Shuttle Direct. Our reputation is built on reliability, affordability, and world-class service. Our team are here to help you start your visit on the right foot. That means a safe, comfortable, and direct transfer from the airport to your destination of choice. We have shared rides, private rides, shuttle buses, and even limited care hire options. Find the right fit for you and experience airport transfers that make travel easy. Get a quote.

Low-Cost Transfers from Moscow Airport

Are you tired of expensive and unreliable taxis? Select one of our transfer packages, and you’ll never pay more than you have to again. Our services are ultra-competitive so that you have more spending power on your trip.

Getting a quote from us is easy. Simply use our website to pick your dates, and you will be offered a wide selection of transportation services. Choose the best fit for your particular needs (and budget) and secure your booking. You could travel in comfort with our chauffeur-driven private transfer or take a shared taxi. We also provide limited vehicle hire for those who want to go it alone, as well as shuttle buses that travel along predefined routes for those who wish to save as much money to spend in Moscow as possible. Whatever transportation you choose, know that our reliability, service and affordability are never compromised. We are here to do everything we can to make your Moscow visit as smooth and hassle-free as possible. This is the Shuttle Direct difference. Book today.

Arriving at Moscow Vnukovo (VKO) Airport

Avoid the typical headaches and hassle when you land by choosing Shuttle Direct. We’ll arrange everything so that your arrival is smooth and hassle-free. You’ll be enjoying Moscow in no time at all.

Private economy transfer

Private transfer with driver

  • Private hire with driver
  • Door to Door Service
  • Driver meets you personally
  • Vehicle exclusively for you

Shared ride Shuttle Service

  • Shuttle Bus Service
  • Shared ride
  • Predefined meeting point
  • Shuttle Service or similar

Travel suggestions from Moscow - Vnukovo Airport (VKO)

Explore russia’s capital city.

Moscow is a vibrant mix of old and new: Mother Russia meets Modern Russia. Visitors can enjoy cultural artefacts like the treasures found in the Armoury or the varied delights of the Kremlin Museums. High-brow, low-brow, any-brow will be raised in amazement at one of the performances at the world-renowned Bolshoi Theatre. The six-tier auditorium is the perfect place to take in an evening of dance and music. To really get in touch with the modern Russia, there is a thriving nightlife that has something for everyone. On a warm summer day a trip to the city’s green lung, Gorky Park, is truly essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my driver wait for me to clear customs? Your driver will wait for you for 60 minutes after you land. If you are held up for whatever reason, your driver won’t just leave you behind. They will contact immigration, customs and the airline to find out where you could possibly be. Your driver will only leave if, after these attempts, there is no sign of your whereabouts. If your arrival is delayed, please contact your supplier on the numbers provided on your voucher. This way we can inform your driver to ensure they are there to pick you up when you finally arrive.

Independent verified customer feedback

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ShuttleDirect Moscow - Vnukovo Airport (VKO) Reviews

Shuttle Direct booking service

étant dans une zone sans connexiion => je n'étais pas atteignable, et ne recevais pas de messagerie. Shuttle s'est aperçu du retard de l'avion, le chauffeur était présent, comme convenu. j'ai reçu un sms,, mais n'ai étè connectée que juste a la sortie de l'aèroport,.. précisions donnes sur le sms, contrôle phonique fait par la centrale avec le chauffeur (qui parlait anglais) voiture impeccable, et conduite délicate et confortable dans le traffic , donc,

Transport company service

the booking form is not clear, resulting in having to give flight details that do not exist

prompt and professional service

The driver was waiting right at the door and took us straight tot he car

Puntuación del servicio : muy facil acceso Producto : muy puntuales muy buen coche

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Fun Things for Kids in Moscow

Fun for kids in Moscow

Photo by  victoria_borodinova  from  Pixabay  

What are the best things to do with children in Moscow?

  • Summer: Futuristic parks, river boats and ice caves are perfect attractions for when the temperatures rise above 30.
  • Museums: Russians are very proud of their history, which means that their museums are kept to a world-class standard. Both parents and children alike will be sure to learn something new at one of the many, often unique museums in Moscow.
  • Culture: From the world’s oldest puppet theatre to UNESCO-listed whimsical, wooden palaces there’ll be plenty to treat your little prince or princess to.
  • Winter: New Year is arguably the most magical time to visit Moscow, especially for children. The ice rinks throughout the city, Christmas markets and the magnificent ice-sculpture festival truly make Moscow a winter wonderland. 

Moscow truly is a mega-metropolis like no other. Its non-stop energy and sheer unorthodoxy is sure to enthuse any child with its rebellious, east-meets-west spirit. Just walking down Old Arabat Street— where ancient wooden storehouses are squashed against grey, soviet blocks which are then towered over by blingy high-rises— is sure to appeal to the childish disdain of all things orderly and conventional. Apart from the main sites, there’s a whole host of family-friendly activities in Moscow from the very traditional to the uber, high-tech that will keep your kids entertained.

For Summer Scorchers:

Fun for kids - Summer VDNKh

Photo by  Jamie Taylor  on  Unsplash

VDNKh  is Russia’s version of Disneyland and, to be honest, we think it trumps that tacky theme park by a mile. First things first is its size. At almost 600 acres, this Soviet park has everything; from space museums to soviet shopping outlets to equestrian centers to beaches. In fact, there’s so much to do that there really is no way to cover it all in one day. Our favorite attractions include the ROBO station, the super-cool playgrounds near the aquarium and the world’s biggest ice rink in winter. Better rent out scooters or bikes as well if you plan on seeing at least a fraction of this green gem.

Address: Prospekt Mira, 119 Nearest metro station: VDNKh

Unlike VDNKh, you won’t have to travel far from the centre to seek the lovely lush lawns of  Gorky Park . Come early so that you can grab a beanbag or hammock for yourself while your children have some fun on the colorful playground rides or play ping-pong under the trees. At teatime, head over to the traditional Russian tea house for a brew from a giant samovar. It’s worth staying on for the whole day until dusk when the roof of the park’s planetarium slides open to reveal the wonders of the sky. 

Address: Krymsky Val, 9 Nearest metro station:   Park Kultury

Zaradye Park

Moscow’s brand-new  Zaradye Park  couldn’t be more different from the stern, red brick of the Kremlin that towers over it. Whichever way you look, you’ll be rubbing your eyes to make sure that this other-worldly landscape of floating glass bridges, underground ancient walkways, Siberian tundra and ice caves really does exist. For children, this wild-urban project is the perfect place for them to let some steam off during a day of sightseeing. Thanks to the unbelievable glass-paneled roof that keeps warm air in and the rain out, the lawns are perfect for lounging on all year round. 

Address: Varvarka street, 6 Nearest metro station:  Kitay-gorod

There’s a never-ending stream of tour boats bobbing up and down the Moskva River to hop on to when those little legs have had enough of walking. But for those who’d like something a little special, nothing beats the Radisson yacht. Champagne, on-board dining and floor to ceiling windows make it the most stylish way to cruise round Moscow. 

Address: Naberezhnaya Tarasa Shevchenko, Moscow (next to teh Radisson Blue hotel) Nearest metro station:  Studencheskaya

For Little Einsteins:

Fun for kids - little einsteins

Photo by  Robo Wunderkind  on  Unsplash

Museum of Cosmonauts

This is THE museum to go to if you happen to have a Star Wars fan with you. Unlike in countless planetariums around the world where gimmicky models of the solar system and dramatic movies make for a hollow experience, here you get the real thing. There’s a life-size model of the Russian space station, chunks of the moon, a space toilet, the actual Sputnik, heck, even Belka & Strelka, the space dogs, are there standing next to the very space shuttle they flew into space with  (never fear, they were stuffed only after they died of old age).  *For extreme fanatics, it’s worth noting you can arrange a tour to Star City, the astronaut training centre that is still in use outside of Moscow.

Address: Prospekt Mira, 111 Nearest metro station:   VDNKh, Vystavochny tsentr

Darwin Museum

The first museum in the world devoted to explaining the most important concept of biology definitely deserves a visit. Its menagerie of nearly half a million stuffed animals illustrate the steady process of evolution and the many now extinct animals it boasts like the Dodo serve as a warning bell for what the age of mass-industrialization might bring. Despite its name, the  Darwin museum isn’t at all quaint or old-fashioned with plenty of interactive displays and microscopes for children to engage with.

Address: Ulitsa Vavilova, 57 Nearest metro station:   Akademicheskaya

Orlov Museum of Paleontology

This museum could easily compete with the famed Natural History Museum in London. In fact, its extensive exhibit of ginormous skeletons from all sorts of beasts from sloths to diplodocuses might even be more impressive than London’s. After all, Russia is an awful lot bigger than England and probably has lot more giants slumbering away in the depths of its forests just waiting to be dug up!

Address: Ulitsa Profsoyuznaya, 123 Nearest metro station: Kon'kovo

The Experimentanium

There’s lots of fun to be had at this fully hands-on science museum. It’s absolutely perfect for little toddlers and mischievous boys alike because nothing’s off bounds—the whole place is a playground (with a lot of science snuck in!). And don’t worry, most of the descriptions are in English so they’ll definitely learn something along the way.

Address: Leningradsky prospekt, 80/11 Nearest metro station:   Sokol

For Boisterous Boys & Girls:

Fun for kids - Moscow city

Photo by  Alexandr Popadin  on  Unsplash

Moscow City

The second tallest, the third tallest, the fourth tallest and the sixth and seventh tallest buildings in Europe can all be found within a few meters of each other in the financial district, Moscow city. Apart from breaking their necks trying to gape at all the quirky high-rises, your kids can get a thrill by going up to the 54th floor of Ostankino TV Tower to its awe-inspiring panoramic viewing platform with a drop-down, glass floor! 

Address:   Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya Nearest metro station:   Delovoy tsentr, Mezhdunarodnaya, Vystavochnaya

A trip down to this veritable villain’s lair is certainly worth it with children, not least because it’s 18 stories underground…. AND the only way back up is by the stairs making it the perfect recipe for a peaceful afternoon. Apart from tiring out children, Bunker 42 has the distinction of being a genuine nuclear bunker. It was intended to be the hide-away of the USSR’s top dogs in the case of nuclear war and the staff here do such an excellent job of recreating the tense atmosphere that we hazard against taking softer children here. Everything, from the actual computer with the big red button which would have been used to start WW3 to the KGB’s rooms, have been preserved exactly as they were at the height of the cold war.

*Entrance only with group tours which can be arranged in English.

Address: 5th Kotel'nicheskiy Pereulok, 11 Nearest metro station:  Taganskaya

Central Armed Forces Museum

Though there isn’t much English in this museum dedicated to all things sickle and hammer (i.e. the Red Army), the genuine American U2 spy plane it has on show and the opportunity to hold real (but thankfully, not loaded!) guns make it a real treasure trove for army-mad kids. 

Address: Ulitsa Sovetskoy Armii, 2 Nearest metro station:  Dostoevskaya

Victory Museum

You don’t actually need to step a foot in this museum dedicated entirely to WW2 to please your wannabe soldiers. Just sit down on a bench as your kids jump on and off the airplanes, tanks, armored vehicles and every other killing machine imaginable that are free to explore outside this museum. 

Address: Ploshchad' Pobedy, 3 Nearest metro station:   Park Pobedy

Armory Chamber

Part of the Kremlin complex, the Armory Chamber’s incredibly diverse displays—spanning folk art to silverware to coronation dresses— cover almost every era of Russia’s royal history. The wedding carriages and ceremonial arms are particularly well-loved by children. 

Address: The Moscow Kremlin Nearest metro station:  Biblioteka imeni Lenina

For Little Princes & Princesses: 

Fun for kids - Puppet theater

Photo by  Ralph Lindner  from  Pixabay  

Moscow State Puppet Theatre

The oldest puppet theatre in Moscow is also the largest in the world. Its wide-ranging repertoire has shows for tiny tots up to adult-only shows. Its fairytale clock, from which mythical creatures spring out, will be the cherry on top of a magical visit to this dear theatre. 

Address: Pestovskiy Pereulok, 2/1 Nearest metro station:   Marksistskaya

Central Kids Store on Lubyanka

This seven-story department store devoted entirely to little people boasts the biggest Hamleys in the world, the biggest time keeping mechanism and one of the best viewing platforms in Moscow. In other words, it’s kiddy heaven. The building itself is also rather noteworthy, dating back to 1953. Its stained murals and colorful tiles give it an old-world (soviet) charm. 

Address: Teatral'nyy Proyezd, 5 Nearest metro station:   Lubyanka, Kuznetsky Most

Izmailovsky Park

This is possibly the world’s only Slavic theme park. Just joking, but just be warned this recreated Russian village with mini-museums, bakeries and a market is a teensy bit kitsch. If your children are artsy, then why not let them make their own matryoshka at a masterclass instead of buying one at the market. And while the kiddies busy themselves with the business of covering every square inch of their clothes in paint, there’s plenty for parents to peruse; like the vodka museum or the pleasantly, rolling park land. 

Address: Alleya Bol'shogo Kruga, 7 Nearest metro station:  Sokolinaya gora

Kolomenskoye Park

Ivan the Terrible’s summer retreat isn’t at all as gloomy as you’d expect, indeed some might say it’s actually a bit too colorful. In our opinion, its postcard-perfect; with petite trains chugging through the acres of apple orchards, a pearl-white 16th century, UNESCO-listed church and a magnificently vibrant, 300 year old wooden palace. Take your children on a trip back in time, they’ll be delighted - we promise.  

Address: Andropova Ave, 39 Nearest metro station:  Kolomenskaya

For Petrol Heads: 

Fun for kids - rail museum

Photo by  Dimitris Vetsikas  from  Pixabay  

Moscow Rizhsky Railway Station

If you don’t have time to take your children on the Trans-Siberian, then a ride on a Soviet steam train is a superb alternative. The beauty of chugging through the outskirts of Moscow on a train with a red star on its gleaming, coal-black engine will definitely make Harry Potter fans squeal with excitement. Adults will appreciate the cups of tea served in old-style soviet mugs specifically made for train journeys. If you’d like to explore the rail museum after the trip (we highly recommend it), be prepared for the weather as the whole exhibition is uncovered.

Address:  Rizhskaya Ploshad, 1 Nearest metro station:  Rizhskaya

Moscow Metro Museum

After taking your children on the Moscow metro (which you simply must!), chances are they’ll bombard you with all sorts of questions a parent isn’t equipped to answer; like “How fast do the trains go?” and “Who drives them?”. Never fear, Moscow’s metro actually has a free museum which will answer all these questions, as well as even allowing kids to take a seat in the driver’s seat for a virtual ride down the tunnels. 

Address: Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 2 Nearest metro station:   Vystavochnaya

For White Winter Days:

Fun for kids - White Winter days

Photo by  Mihály Köles  on  Unsplash

Moscow Ice Festival

Each winter in Park Pobedy, blocks of ice are towed in from Russia’s great lakes to be chiseled away into masterpieces. Children will be delighted to find that they can even clamber upon some of these unbelievably big artworks. But the favorite by far, are super slippery ice slides. 

*Just beware of wet bums— waterproofs are a must.

Learn more about winter activities is Moscow .

Address: Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Hill Nearest metro station:   Park Pobedy


There are almost 1500 ice-skating rinks in Moscow alone. It’s almost as if every open plot of land has water poured over it; even Red Square is transformed into a mega rink! The park VDNKh boasts the biggest in the world, but there’s also an awesome rooftop ice rink at ArtPlay. Wherever you take your children, you can’t go wrong with a bit of skating.

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