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EXPLORE Lofoten Islands

Your extraordinary journey begins now.

Unveiling Luxury in the Enchanted Lofoten Islands

Embark on a journey of unparalleled elegance and enchantment in the breathtaking Lofoten Islands with Forest Travel. Nestled amidst Norway ’s rugged coastline, these pristine islands offer an array of exclusive experiences tailored to the discerning traveler. Imagine indulging in opulent accommodations perched on dramatic cliffsides, surrounded by panoramic vistas of the Arctic Ocean. Delight your senses with bespoke culinary adventures, from private seafood feasts featuring the freshest catch to intimate dining under the dancing Northern Lights. Explore the untouched wilderness in style with personalized excursions, from helicopter rides over majestic fjords to private yacht charters to secluded coves. With Forest Travel, every moment in the Lofoten Islands is a luxurious escape into nature’s embrace.

Discover the Lofoten Islands’ most exclusive destinations with Forest Travel. Immerse yourself in the splendor of Reine, a picturesque fishing village renowned for its vibrant red cabins against a backdrop of towering mountains. Unwind in the lap of luxury at Henningsvær, an idyllic island village dotted with upscale galleries and boutique accommodations. Traverse the iconic bridges of Fredvang for panoramic vistas that redefine luxury in nature. Whether you seek secluded beaches, rugged landscapes, or quaint coastal towns, the Lofoten Islands offer a wealth of indulgent retreats awaiting your exploration.


Luxury Oases Amidst Nature's Majesty

Luxury destinations, elevating luxury experiences in the lofoten islands.


Elevate your journey with Forest Travel’s curated selection of luxury experiences in the Lofoten Islands. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa day amidst the Arctic wilderness, where invigorating treatments harmonize with the serenity of nature. Immerse yourself in the local culture with VIP access to traditional fishing villages and artisanal workshops, where time-honored crafts come to life in exclusive settings. For the ultimate adventure, embark on a private sailing excursion to discover hidden gems along the rugged coastline, accompanied by expert guides catering to your every whim. Let Forest Travel elevate your Lofoten experience with bespoke luxury that transcends expectations.


Your next Adventure Begins Now

We believe that the essence of exceptional travel experiences lies not just in what we offer, but in the exquisite and authentic way we curate our journeys, drawing from our own wanderlust and firsthand exploration of the world.

Let's turn your dream journey into a reality.

Four Seasons

The peninsula, the ritz carlton, the best luxury hotels and villas of lofoten islands.

Our collection of more than 2,000 luxury hotels, private properties, cruise lines, and tour operators has been carefully curated. Our Travel Advisors are constantly reviewing every new offering to make sure you get the best recommendation for your next journey.

lofoten travel agents

Plan the trip of your dreams today

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Lofoten Islands Vacations in Norway

Cross into the Arctic Circle and experience Norway’s best kept secret, the Lofoten Islands. Experience the midnight sun or northern lights and soak up the local charms, including Arctic wildlife and mountainous landscapes.


Your own personal itinerary, arranged by a dedicated travel consultant.


Oasis for Arctic nature lovers, active travellers and photographers.

We handle the planning and details, you just show up and relax.

4 tours available

Prices per adult based on bookings for two

Sorry, we found no tours matching your criteria.

Try adjusting or clearing your filters

Lofoten & the Fjords

Coastal cruise & flåm railway, lofoten road trip, lofoten & 71°north cape, northern norway & coastal cruise, northern lights in lofoten & tromsø, travel guide.

Be prepared for just about anything on your Norway adventure.

The first sight that greets most visitors to Norway is Oslo, Norway’s capital city and home to...

Lofoten Islands & Svolvær

Lofoten is an archipelago above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway that encompasses the...

 At 350 kilometres (217 miles) above the Arctic Circle, it’s no wonder Tromsø is often called...

What to bring

Layers, layers, layers! Come prepared for all type..

What’s the weather like in Norway? You just might ..

Northern Lights Guide

Learn about this fascinating natural light show an..

Time & Daylight

When to expect sunrises, sunsets, northern lights ..

Blog Articles

7 best cruise journeys in norway, best norway vacation spots & ideas, when is the best time to go and visit norway, my lofoten: charming villages & dramatic landscapes.

Whether you have a single question or a special request, we're here for you.

here to help

lofoten travel agents


Are you planning a trip to norway/lofoten and have no idea where to start.

  You’re searching the internet and social media for travel tips, reading through blog articles, and Trip Advisor recommendations. And then boom: planning overwhelm hits hard. There is so much you want to do that you don’t know how to fit it all in. Or you’re worried you may miss something you’d love to see.

With our  travel consultation service , you can pick our brain and ask us anything about your Lofoten/Norway trip!

Planning the perfect trip

Planning a trip to the Lofoten Islands can be logistically complex. So why spend hours researching everything from scratch when you can get personalized travel advice to match your travel preferences, special interests, and style?

Together, we will review the most important aspects of trip planning, including, but not limited to:


One of the most logistically challenging parts of trip planning is figuring out how to get there and around. We will advise you on flights, ferries, car rental agencies, or public transport.


Researched and trusted lodging suggestions that match your location, amenity, and budget preferences.


Enrich your in-destination experience with suggested tours and activities that we think you’ll love.


One of the questions we get the most about traveling to Lofoten is "what should I pack?" We will show you how easy it can be to pack for your trip to Lofoten.


The lack of marked trails and constantly changing weather makes many hesitant to fully take advantage of self guided hiking trips. We will recommend you the best hikes for your fitness and comfort level.


"But isn't traveling in Lofoten extremely expensive?" It depends! We can give you all our best tips for keeping the costs down while still enjoying yourself to the max!

How does it work

Travel consulting step by step

1. send us your questions.

You send us your queries/itinerary prior to our call so we can prepare information and answers.

2. Lets have a Call

After we receive the payment, we will send you a link for the ZOOM meeting/google meets where you can ask us anything you want.

3. Receive a Summary

After our consultation, we will send you a follow-up email with the links to places and websites that we discussed

4. Follow up Email

We will answer one follow-up email. If you drastically change your travel plans or have too many questions, another consultation might be necessary.

Choose your plan

Reality check.

  • 30 minutes of our preparation
  • 60 minutes consultation call
  • 1 follow up email after the consultation

We are not your average travel agents

Personalized service.

Suppose you want a list of recommendations that don’t consider your personal preferences. In that case, you can ask the internet and receive dozens of suggestions from strangers with different tastes, budgets, and standards than you. Unfortunately, you still have to spend hours combing through these internet responses and deciding which are valuable to your situation.  

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or just setting off on your first adventure, we work with you to ensure you feel confident and secure in your travel plans before you even pack your bags. 

Recommendations you can trust

While many travel agencies promise to deliver “custom itineraries,” this typically means putting together a package of tours scheduled for each day of your trip. Some agencies provide practical advice, but in most cases, what you do between activities and how you get around is left for you to figure out.

We do things differently. We know that an optimized itinerary and practical travel advice go hand in hand and are essential factors determining how much you will enjoy your vacation. 

We work for you

We are fee-based advisors, which means that we are not bound by the commission model that 95% of agencies operate under.  This means that when we recommend activities or accommodation, you can be confident that we have made these suggestions for YOUR benefit, not ours.  We mainly recommend activities and accommodations that we have personally tried. 

We spent years traveling around Norway. We lived in Oslo, Trondheim, Narvik, Tromsø, Lofoten, and western Norway. We are at home in Lofoten, but we are happy to help you plan a trip anywhere in Norway!

Most frequent questions and answers.

No.  We will together discover what will be the best choices and experiences for you but we do not do any bookings. We will send you bookings link for everything.

We will answer one follow up email following the consultation. You can send those questions via email and we’ll get back to you. If you drastically change your travel plans or have a lot of questions, another consultation may be needed.

We will wait 15 minutes for you and will then sign off. You can reschedule your meeting but it will be 15 minutes shorter.  If you are having difficulty signing on or let us know in advance (at least 24 hours) you are unable to make your scheduled time, we will work with you and reschedule the consultation. 


  • Lofoten Islands
  • About Guide to Lofoten
  • Privacy Policy
  • NORWANA AS, Org. nb: 927178702
  • [email protected]


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Lofoten, Norway



The best team, the best team​.

Trekking Rørvika


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Snow, mountain and local tourism, nuestros programas favoritos.

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Esquí de montaña – programa clásico.

 Lofoten, Noruega


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Georgia – el pequeño cáucaso, quality and service.

We want you to enjoy your holidays and your passion for the mountains. That's why we leave nothing to chance, and we offer you the greatest comforts.

Custom programs

If you are a group of 6-8 people, we can adapt the program length or activities. Just ask us!


We are snow and travel professionals, so we adapt our programs to the conditions on the ground, always looking out for your safety

lofoten travel agents

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Lofoten Islands Luxury Tours, Norway

A winter fairytale under the Northern Lights


Your luxury Lofoten Islands tour will offer a warm welcome to Norway’s western coast. From the stunning countryside and cultural attractions of Bergen in the south to the breathtaking, untouched scenery of the Lofoten Islands in the north, the coastal region of Norway offers unforgettable sights and experiences. Get a taste of Bergen’s past while strolling through the historic Bryggen Wharf and see the stunning surrounding countryside on the iconic Flamsbana train. From Bergen, fly to Leknes in the Lofoten Islands, where you can stay at a beautiful lodge and participate in a private northern lights tour with an expert guide. During your luxury tour of the Lofoten Islands, a true playground for outdoor enthusiasts, spend your time exploring the region’s beautiful beaches and fishing villages. Visit all the quaint and charming fishing villages that dot the coast in a private rib boat. Highlights include “the most beautiful place in the world”, Reine, famous for its red and white fisherman huts. End your day with a scenic walk from Haukland to Uttakleiv, known for its scenic beauty and impressive natural landscapes. Continue the fun the next day with an Arctic Cod fishing experience, which ends with a goat cheese tasting at a local farm and a visit to the Viking Museum. During your time in the Lofoten Islands, end your days like a local with a relaxing sauna experience. End your luxury Norway tour with a visit to the charming village of Eggum, where you can kayak, snowshoe, hike, or ski with an expert guide. Finally, head to Leknes airport for your flight back home via Oslo.

A Taste of Blue Parallel's Insider Access

  • Private Northern Lights tour with an expert
  • Private rib boat tour to quaint Norwegian fishing villages
  • Organic goat and cheese farm visit 
  • Arctic Cod fishing on a private boat

The Discovery

  • Lofoten Islands 
  • Northern Lights

The Adventure

  • Arctic Cod Fishing 
  • Snowshoeing


Weather logo


or speak to your Travel Professional

Bergen (2 nights)

Bergen is Norway’s second largest city and is known for its charming, colorful wooden houses along the waterfront, as well as the stunning natural landscape which surrounds the city, including mountains and fjords. Your luxury tour of Norway begins here.

On your first afternoon, explore the historical areas of Bergen on a private walking tour with your personal guide. Visit the iconic houses Bryggen Wharf, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an important historical site for Norway’s trading exploits of the Middle Ages. Stop by the medieval Bergenhus Fortress and the historic fish market which dates back to the 1200s. Another highlight is St. Mary’s Church, the oldest building in the city and one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in Norway. 

The following day, head to Norway’s countryside to take in the breathtaking fjords and landscapes. Travel to Gudvangen by private transfer before enjoying a ferry boat ride through Aurlandsfjord and Naeroyfjord on your way to the tiny village of Flam. In Flam, board the famed Flamsbana train that offers views of the grand mountain peaks and glacier-sculpted valleys that surround Bergen. In the evenings, savor delicious Norwegian dinners at Bergen’s best restaurants.

Lofoten Islands (4 nights)

After checking out from your luxury hotel, take a private transfer to the Bergen airport (approx. 25 minute transfer) for your morning flight to Leknes, located in the Lofoten Islands. Upon your arrival, spend the afternoon relaxing at the lodge and, in the evening, enjoy a private northern lights tour. You will head into the wilderness that surrounds the lodge to witness the natural phenomenon yourself.

Continue your luxury tour of the Lofoten Islands the next day with a boating adventure along the Lofoten coast; embark on a private rib boat from right outside your accommodation. As you head west, stop first in the authentic fishing village of Nusfjord, famous for its buildings that were once a part of Norway’s fish buying stations. Continue to the charming village of Reine, where you will disembark and enjoy a short walking tour of what is often referred to as “the most beautiful place in the world.” Admire the red and white fisherman huts that dot the shoreline and the surrounding peaks of granite that rise into the sky. Finally, end in the village of Å, built nearly entirely on rocks. Afterward, time permitting, you will be taken by private transfer to Haukland Beach for a scenic walk to Uttakleiv Beach. This easy loop from Haukland to Uttakleiv offers beautiful views of Haukland’s beaches and the fields of Uttakleiv.

The next day, you will head to the port for your Arctic Cod fishing excursion. Every winter, millions of Norwegian Arctic cod swim down from the Barents Sea to the Lofoten Islands to spawn. You will experience this incredible phenomenon firsthand onboard an authentic fishing vessel with local fishermen. Afterward, continue to an organic goat and cheese farm for a private tour of the property, followed by a delicious farm-to-table lunch. Next, continue to the Viking museum with your expert guide and witness the largest Viking-era house ever found in the history of humanity. Finally, enjoy the rest of the afternoon at leisure at your lodge before a dinner of fresh seafood.

On the fourth day of your private Lofoten Islands tour, head to the seaside fishing village of Eggum, where you will spend the morning kayaking and hiking. Alternatively, you can choose to go snowshoeing as well. Afterward, enjoy a picnic lunch in a beautiful outdoor setting before returning to your lodge to enjoy a relaxing hot sauna. Adventurous travelers may choose to go on a full-day snowshoeing experience on Mount Ryten in Flakstad or embark on a hiking excursion to the Mannen mountain trailhead.

On your final day, you will be transferred in private to the Leknes airport in time for your domestic flight to Bergen, followed by your international return flight. Check-in and luggage assistance will be provided.

lofoten travel agents



Winter hiking excursion at Ryten Mountain in Lofoten


Note: Prices will vary based on the specifics of your itinerary and the number of passengers in your party.

What is included in your private Norway tour:

  • Bergen Børs Hotel (Bergen)
  • Hattvika Lodge (Lofoten Islands)
  • Internal flights
  • Services of Blue Parallel hosts and private specialized guides throughout the journey
  • All special events, private guided tours, private excursions, private outdoor activities, entrance fees
  • A Blue Parallel team composed of a personal travel expert, private hosts in each destination, and a “behind the scenes” logistical expert who monitors every step of your luxury Norway tour. The team is on call 24-hours a day during a trip
  • All internal transportation
  • A Blue Parallel customized travel kit that you will receive prior to departure


Kayaking excursion in Hjørundfjord Fjord during summer in Norway

Norway Luxury Travel

Explore the breathtaking fjords that surround the charming town of Alesund , where tranquil waterways rise into impressive mountain landscapes.

Helicopter hovering above snowy mountains and inlets of Iceland

Iceland Luxury Travel

Experience thrilling adventures in awe-inspiring landscapes characterized by glaciers, volcanoes, and waterfalls when you visit Iceland’s southern coast.

Unwind on Iceland’s northern coast, where you may indulge in relaxing spa treatments before and after active hiking and biking excursions on the Troll Peninsula .

Discover the iconic Blue Lagoon , a series of geothermal pools surrounded by a stark, volcanic landscape.

Wander through the colorful streets of Iceland’s hip-yet-charming capital, Reykjavik , a town first settled by the Norse in the 9th century AD.

Landscape showing snowy clearing in a forest of pine trees at sunset

Sweden Luxury Tours

Discover the magic of Lapland , where you will explore the wilderness by ski, dog-sled, snowmobile, and more before spending a cozy evening at a remote lodge, ideally suited to viewing the Northern Lights.


lofoten travel agents


As Seen in

Bergen Average Temperatures

Lofoten islands average temperatures.

lofoten travel agents

spectacular adventures above the arctic circle

Hiking norway’s lofoten islands and beyond.

From $6,995

Moderate to Strenuous

Call 1-800-368-2794 or contact us for any questions

In Norway's north, we explore from the towering peaks and tiny villages of the Lofoten Islands to dreamy Senja Island and onward to the cultural hub of Tromsø, the mountain-ringed Arctic capital. The breathtaking Lofoten archipelago, which includes the jagged spine of the 100-mile-long Lofotenveggen (“Lofoten Wall”), lie above the Arctic Circle but enjoy a mild climate thanks to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. We explore on wonderful hikes, paddle sea kayaks in the crystalline waters of Bergsfjorden, and even visit a reindeer farm of the Sámi! Our overnights include rorbuer—historic fishermen's cabins—and an enchanting waterfront inn on Senja Island.

lofoten travel agents

Arrive: Bodø, Norway

Depart: Tromsø, Norway

  • Hike scenic trails above the Arctic Circle, savor the long summer light of the Arctic
  • Paddle sea kayaks in magnificent Bergsfjorden
  • Sample local cuisine—from fresh bacalao (cod) to reindeer soup, chased with schnapps!
  • Stay in converted fishermen's stilt-cottages
  • Explore Tromsø, northern Norway's Arctic capital

lofoten travel agents

Dates & Pricing

Pricing below is per person and based on double occupancy. The earlier you book, the more choice you’ll have. WT also has the most generous cancellation and transfer policies in the industry, we make it easy if you change your mind. Have a small group of your own? Take over an existing date or choose your own. You’ll have your own private guide–and the adventure–all to yourselves!

Payment & Cancel Schedule

$600 due at time of reservation 90 days prior to departure: Balance

Cancellation & Transfer Schedule

Up to 91 days prior to departure: No Charge! 61-90 days prior to departure: 25% of trip cost 46-60 days prior to departure: 50% of trip cost 45 days or less: 100% of trip cost

  • Expert leadership of a Wilderness Travel Trip Leader and local guides
  • Accommodations in hotels and rustic rorbuer
  • All meals included except 1 dinner as indicated in Detailed Itinerary
  • A glass of wine or beer with dinner
  • All ground transportation and baggage handling from meeting until departure
  • All activities as indicated in Detailed Itinerary

Not Included

  • Travel to and from the arrival and departure location as indicated in Detailed Itinerary
  • Additional hotel nights outside the trip's scheduled dates
  • Optional gratuities to Trip Leaders or staff
  • Optional travel insurance
  • Other expenses of a personal nature (some alcoholic beverages, laundry, etc.)


Scroll through our signature accommodations for this trip below. Although it is highly unlikely, we may make substitutions when necessary.

lofoten travel agents

Reine Rorbuer

Reine, Norway

Days 1-2 (2 nights)

lofoten travel agents

Nyvagar Rorbuhotel

KabelvÅg, Norway

Day 3 (1 night)

Alternate Accomodation: Henningsvær Bryggehotell

lofoten travel agents

Hamn i Senja

Senja, Norway

Days 4-6 (3 nights)

lofoten travel agents

Radisson Blu Hotel Tromsø

Tromsø, Norway

Days 7-8 (2 nights)

Trip Leaders

Wilderness Travel Trip Leaders have a passion and a joy for creating an unforgettable journey. We are extremely proud of them and the incredible travel experiences they make possible. For more information, including client comments about them and which specific trips they will be leading, please click on their profiles below.

lofoten travel agents

Guro Krempig

lofoten travel agents

Naoise O Muircheartaigh

lofoten travel agents

Stefano Pozzi

lofoten travel agents

Mark Tennent

What the Trip is Like

  • 1,300 feet gain/loss
  • Day 5: 5 miles, 4 hours, and 2,000 feet gain/loss

Client Testimonials

"Loved the hiking, the solitude, the quiet."

Alexander S.

Chatham, NJ

"The history, culture, and beauty of Norway's northern islands were amazing. This trip hit it out of the park with great hikes, followed by wonderful food and wine. It was a fabulous time!"

Chesterfield, MO

"I really enjoyed the variety of daily exercise and lots of other interesting activities."

San Rafael, CA

"This trip had a great balance of active outdoor fun and cultural activities. The sea kayaking among the islands near Senja was really special. And the rorbuer (former fisherman’s cabins) were just lovely!"

Concord, MA

"A well organized and thoughtful trip, with an excellent balance of hiking, boating, and cultural/historical aspects."

"This was a truly wonderful trip in a wonderful country, with great landscapes, and our activities helped us learn and experience many dimensions. The hiking was spectacularly good."

Portola Valley, CA

"A very well designed, activity-filled trip with a good balance of hiking and other activities."

Highland Park, IL

"Our guides were super, hotels and food couldn't be better, hikes were very well chosen both in degree of difficulty and views from the top, cultural events were interesting. And WT ordered up perfect weather—not quite sure how you did that."

Mark & Cappy N.

Lebanon, NH

"I loved the trip and leader. A beautiful place in northern Norway that one could not see without guidance. Wilderness really adds value here."

Other Trips You Might Like

lofoten travel agents

Small Group Adventure

Hiking in Norway’s Fjord Country

From $7,195

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Norway: Hiking Alesund and the Sunnmore Alps

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lofoten travel agents

Hiking the Faroe Islands

From $5,295

lofoten travel agents

Hiking the Fjords of Greenland and Iceland

Denmark, Iceland, Greenland

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Book your trip today

Our Area Specialists know every detail about our tours. They will be happy to answer any questions and help you choose the journey that’s right for you. Contact us to learn more or book your trip today!

Submit the form below to download itinerary

Trip Download Itin

Trip Levels

With more than 200 different adventures to choose from, we want to help you find the trip that’s right for you. Our Trip Level system ranks each trip in two ways: a number rating from 1 to 6 according to the activity, and general travel rigors. 1 is the easiest and 6+ the most difficult—see descriptions below for explanations of each number. A plus (+) sign means the trip is a bit more strenuous than other trips of that level. The detailed explanation of each trip—below the bar with the number rating—is perhaps more important, specifying activities, altitudes, hiking, and travel conditions. The Detailed Itinerary, available by download or mail, gives further information. Our Area Managers can also answer questions and guide you to the trip that best suits your interests.

Level 1 – Easiest

Non-camping journeys, optional walks, little elevation gain or loss.

  • Royal Rajasthan and Villages of India
  • Small ship cruises

Level 2 – Easy to Moderate

Hotel nights and/or safari-style camping, hikes of two to four hours on some days. Other physical activities are sometimes included, such as optional sea kayaking.

  • Our African safaris
  • Costa Rica Wildlife

Level 3 – Moderate

Half- to full-day hikes (3-6 hours) over rolling countryside on most days, occasional steep trails. Many of our hotel-based walking tours are in this category, as are our snorkeling adventures.

  • Tuscany & the Cinque Terre
  • Argentina: Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
  • Palau Snorkeling & Sea Kayaking
  • Some trips with minimal hiking but rugged travel conditions or long drives, such as  Tribal Ghana, Togo & Benin,  are Trip Level 3.

Level 4 – Moderate to Strenuous

Full-day hikes (4-6 hours), mountainous terrain, significant elevation gains and losses (hiking up or down as much as 3,000 feet) on many days. Altitudes no greater than about 10,000 feet.

  • Ultimate Patagonia
  • Hiking the Spanish Pyrenees

Level 5 – Strenuous

Full-day hikes (4-8 hours), mountainous, steep terrain (hiking up or down as much as 3,500 feet) on many days. Trips with hiking at average altitudes of 10,000 to 12,000 feet are in this category.

  • Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • Everest Lodge to Lodge

Level 6 – Very Strenuous

Full-day hikes (5-8 hours), mountainous, steep terrain (hiking up or down as much as 3,500 feet) on many days. Most hikes take place at altitudes above 10,000 feet, with some days ascending as high as 18,000 feet.

  • Everest Base Camp
  • Climb Kilimanjaro!

lofoten travel agents

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Heart My Backpack uses affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission.

11 Things You Should Know Before Visiting The Lofoten Islands

May 20, 2023 by Silvia 62 Comments

Updated May 2023

If you want to see some of Norway’s most beautiful landscape, you couldn’t go wrong with a trip to the Lofoten Islands. 

Actually, maybe you could. Here are a few things you should know about the Lofoten Islands when planning a trip there. After living in northern Norway for four years I’ve visited Lofoten at least a dozen times and am always discovering new things about these gorgeous islands. 

The Lofoten Islands in Norway are magical, but there are a few things you should know about planning a trip to Lofoten

Quick Lofoten Travel Guide

Lofoten Accommodation: Svinøya Rorbuer  or Anker Brygge for unique Svolvær accommodation, Nusfjord Arctic Resort for luxury accommodation in Nusfjord, Elisassen Rorbuer or Rostad Retro Rorbuer for accommodation near Reine, and Lofoten Links Lodge for best Northern Lights accommodation. I don’t recommend booking an Airbnb in Lofoten as Airbnb has recently had lots of problems in Norway and now bookings often fall through. Airbnb is destroying the local economy and rental market in Lofoten, so locals are pushing hard to get it fully banned (you can read about it here ). 

Top Lofoten Activities: 

  • Northern Lights tour from Svolvær
  • Lofoten summer photography tour
  • Kayaking in Lofoten
  • Sailing to Trollfjord
  • Guided Lofoten photography tour

Lofoten car rental:  check rental rates and availability from Bodø and Svolvær (Lofoten) here

Packing for Lofoten:  You can find my  winter packing guide for Norway here  and my summer packing guide for Norway here .

If you want more in depth Norway advice, I’ve also gathered all my best tips for planning an incredible trip through both Southern and Northern Norway in two 95-page ebooks that cover everything you’ll need to know to plan a Norway trip that you will love. You can purchase my Norway travel guides here .  

The weather is going to be crazy

The good news is, if the weather looks bad you can probably just wait 10 minutes and it will change.

And so the bad news is, that lovely sunny weather you’re enjoying probably won’t last long. Then again, Lofoten’s weather is notoriously unpredictable, so maybe it will surprise you with some consistent sunshine!

So regardless of what the weather forecast is saying, bring some rain gear  and warm layers that you can remove if the sun comes out. And if you’re planning on doing lots of walking or hiking, definitely bring some really good waterproof pants with you. 

You can also find my full guide for what to pack for Norway in the winter here and what to pack for summer in Norway here .

sakrisøy lofoten in december

Tourism has just recently exploded on the Lofoten Islands

While just a few years ago most of the people I would tell about Lofoten had never heard of the islands, now – largely thanks to Instagram! – they’re very much on people’s radar. But Lofoten’s big reputation doesn’t mean that it’s set up as a big tourist destination (at least not yet).

That means that you’ll need to book your accommodation well in advance, especially if you’re visiting in the summer, as it’s not uncommon for all the islands to be booked solid. Read here for more information on what time of year to visit Lofoten.

For accommodation, the three best places I’ve stayed on Lofoten are Svinøya Rorbuer (my top choice, plus their restaurant Børsen is amazing!), Eliassen Rorbuer in Reine (probably the most famous place in Lofoten), and Lofoten Links Lodges (off the beaten path and the BEST for seeing the Northern Lights!). I also am dreaming about staying at Nusfjord Arctic Resort , which is a splurge but looks incredible.

The huge influx of tourists has also been a bit of a surprise to the locals, who might not have signed up to live on the set of a photo shoot. It’s something to keep in mind when looking for a place to set up your tripod, pitch your tent, or park your car.

Speaking of tents, Lofoten really isn’t the ideal place to camp. Yes, you can wild camp for free in Norway, but this is best in remote areas of nature, not on small islands with a lot of tourists. The islands can’t handle lots of campers, so it’s much better to stay at accommodation, or at least pitch your tent at a campground here instead of wild camping.

What I’m really trying to say is, show a little consideration, you know? Because according to a lot of people I spoke with, many tourists don’t.

And if you prefer to get off the beaten path, I’d recommend skipping Lofoten and heading either north to Vesterålen, or south to the Helgeland coast. I’ve written more about visiting Vesterålen here and you can find my Helgeland travel guides here .

Personally I love the Helgeland coast and the islands here are a lot like what Lofoten used to be. You’ll find the same picturesque fisherman cabins and dramatic mountain peaks rising out of the ocean, with far fewer tourists. The people on the Helgeland coast are also incredibly friendly, and luckily not annoyed by visitors as many Lofoten locals are. And you can definitely camp here – I had the best time camping on Træna , and I was the only tent in sight!

You could also consider visiting Senja , which has beautiful hikes and dramatic landscape, but it’s quickly becoming very touristy as well. Or for a quieter escape, Dyrøy is a lovely island near Senja which still feels like a quiet escape.

reine lofoten norway

It will be a lot easier to explore Lofoten if you have a car

That’s right, road trip! If you’re wondering where to look for rental cars in Norway, I always find the best prices at AutoEurope.

You can read my complete guide for planning a Lofoten road trip, including renting a car and arranging accommodation here .

Public transport on Lofoten is very limited, with some buses only running a couple of times a day. In fact I’ve picked up a few hitchhikers on Lofoten who said they had planned to use public transport but found themselves stuck in small villages for hours so instead had to try to hitch rides.

If you do want to hitchhike here, just be aware that there are a lot of hitchhikers here, especially in the summer, so you might have a lot of competition for rides.

lofoten road trip

Lofoten is perfect for outdoor adventures

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me if Norway is just a destination for old retired people to take fjord cruises.

Um, not Lofoten.

While yes, some of the big cruises do pass through Lofoten, it’s mostly young adventurers heading there.

Lofoten is a mecca for hiking , climbing , fishing, kayaking , skiing, Arctic surfing (in the summer AND winter), and cycling. The tourism scene there has a very young vibe, with lots of budget accommodation, and even the luxury accommodation markets itself towards adventure seekers.

And while yes, Lofoten is getting more touristy, that’s actually a good thing when it comes to activities, as it’s one of the areas of Norway where you’ll find the most options for outdoor tours and activities. A lot of accommodations help organize tours, or you can check out some Lofoten tours and activities here and there are also some Lofoten adventure tours offered here .

Again, I can’t stress this enough: Lofoten is the  perfect place to do lots of fun activities and tours and I highly recommend taking advantage of this while you’re here!

Probably my favorite activity I’ve done on Lofoten is a sea eagle RIB safari to Trollfjorden. The views are amazing and I saw SO MANY eagles. You can read more about my experience on the safari here .

Oh and you can also go horseback riding under the northern lights in Lofoten! Or the midnight sun, if you’re visiting in the summer. I went horseback riding at Hov, which also happens to be considered the best place in Lofoten to see the Northern Lights (yes, I saw them!). You can read more about my time horseback riding in Lofoten here .

Hiking in Lofoten in the winter can be dangerous

Okay yes, I did just say that Lofoten is great for adventurers but also try not to be  too adventurous. While you can totally do some hikes in the winter with snowshoes, skis, or even normal hiking boots, you’ll need to be extra mindful of the weather.

Talk to locals about the best places in Lofoten for winter hikes, as there are some routes that are safer than others if a sudden snowstorm sets in.

There are a lot of tourists who find some famous Lofoten hikes on Instagram and arrive determined to do them. Please, do not be one of these people. You should never plan out your hiking routes from photos you’ve found online. First of all, these famous hikes are usually really crowded and not actually that great. But more importantly, you should always, always choose your hikes based on the weather. And to do so you need to ask locals what is safe for the current conditions.

Yes, the famous Reinebringen hike is incredible, but it’s also very steep and I would not feel safe doing it in windy or rainy weather. 

If your main aim in Lofoten is to go hiking, try to visit in the summer (June onwards). And if you’re a beginner, I highly recommend going with a guide for your safety – plus that way you’ll get to learn more about the local culture here as well!

lofoten in june

Lofoten is a photographer’s dream

If it feels like lately your Instagram feed has been full of photos of Lofoten, it’s because it has. And if it feels like all the photographers are there right now, it’s because they are. It was kind of crazy how many people I follow on Instagram were there at the same time I was.

And you know what that means: if you’re into photography, get yourself to Lofoten! You can even book a photography tour here if you’re not sure where to go or how.

svinøya svolvaer lofoten norway in winter

Your chances of seeing the northern lights in Lofoten aren’t great

Lofoten lies beneath the Auroral Oval , so theoretically your chances of seeing the northern lights here should be really high. That along with Lofoten’s warm weather thanks to the Gulf Stream should make Lofoten an ideal place to see the Northern Lights.

The only problem is the weather. Since it’s on the coast, Lofoten gets a lot of rainfall, which means your chances for clear night skies in Lofoten aren’t high. Of course when you do have clear skies the lights dancing over Lofoten will be amazing, but if your heart is set on seeing the aurora, consider heading somewhere with clearer skies, like Abisko in Sweden .

Personally, I’ve visited Lofoten four times in the winter and only saw the northern lights once. But it was amazing when I did!

So while yes, it’s definitely possible to see amazing aurora on Lofoten, just be aware that the weather makes it more tricky here, so try not to have your heart set on seeing the aurora while here. Plus then when you do see the northern lights it will be an exciting bonus to your trip!

northern lights lofoten links lodges norway

Northern Lights Guide!

I’ve also written an in depth ebook covering all aspects of planning your Northern Lights trip, including the best places in the Nordics to see the Northern Lights, the best time to see the Northern Lights, my top accommodation choices, tour options, how to chase the Northern Lights, how to photograph and film the Northern Lights, what to pack for your trip, and other exciting Arctic activities to try on your trip up North.

If you want to ensure you have the best Northern Lights trip possible, you can purchase the ebook here .   

The ferry from Bodø to Lofoten can be rough

The ferry takes about four hours and while my return journey was smooth, the journey there was less so. Though apparently, it wasn’t even that bad by Lofoten standards. Just something to be aware of if you’re wondering if you should pack those seasickness tablets – or my personal favorite – Sea Bands .  They truly do work. 

You can also fly or drive to Lofoten

Don’t worry, you don’t  have to take the ferry. There are actually a bunch of daily flights into Svolvær in Lofoten, or Evenes at the north of Lofoten – you can check the current prices and flight schedules here .

Or you can actually just drive to Lofoten! The islands connect to the mainland in the north, so you don’t even need to take a ferry. You can read about driving from Narvik to Lofoten here .

You’re going to smell a lot of fish

I pretty much spent my entire stay on Lofoten hungry, thanks to the lovely smell of fresh fish in the air. Of course, it might have the opposite effect on some people.

You’re never going to want to leave

And I don’t just mean that you’ll be dreading the ferry crossing back to the mainland.

Lofoten is one of those places that is so beautiful it almost doesn’t seem fair. Like, people actually get to  live there? Could I??

lofoten islands norway in june summer

If you’ve traveled to Lofoten and have anything to add, please share your tips in the comments!

Want to see more of my travel photos? Follow me on Instagram here ♥

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Renates Reiser says

April 7, 2017 at 3:15 pm

Well, I almost live there 😉 that is, I live in the town where you take the ferry from. But except in my childhood years, I haven’t really been there more than a couple of times… Crazy, right? It’s mostly because I know how unreliable the weather can be, hehe. But this year I’m definitely gonna change that. I absolutely love your photos!!!

Silvia says

April 9, 2017 at 7:25 am

Yeah if I lived in Bodø I’d want to visit alll the time! Though the area around Bodø itself looks really beautiful too – I need to explore it someday!

April 7, 2017 at 4:33 pm

That combination of white snow and sky and turquoise sea is just insanely amazing. Wow.

A colleague of mine wnet to Lofoten in October and did manage to see the northern lights a couple of nights, in between bad weather! So it can be done – but no guarantees, of course.

As for tourists behaving badly: I’ve read stories about tourists pitching their tents in the churchyard – i.e., on hallowed ground, near graves! Not cool.

April 9, 2017 at 7:24 am

People were camping in the graveyard when we were there too! I talked to a local guy who was really upset about it – it must be a recommended spot or something. So upsetting.

April 8, 2017 at 11:30 am

How did you get the interactive map section on you homepage? I really like it and am wanting something similar-ish for my own blog.

It’s a plugin by Code Canyon called “Interactive World Maps.”

April 10, 2017 at 8:06 pm

Thanks so much for replying, i appreciate it I love your blog and the map is super cool

Ioanna says

April 8, 2017 at 6:11 pm

I agree – Lofoten are the photographer dream location! Your photos are just mind-blowing beautiful! I was to Norway only once, and much farther to the south. I hope I can come one day to do some hiking around Lofoten or other parts of Norway, it is such a stunning land 🙂

Thank you for this post and feeding my eyes with so much beauty! 🙂 Ioanna (A Woman Afoot)

April 9, 2017 at 7:21 am

It really is sooo worth the trip

Jeff Eastmead says

February 18, 2018 at 11:58 pm

Your Video of Lofoten is beautiful. I have been there in the summer many years ago and will like to go back to see it in the snow. I agree it is one of prettiest places on the planet. I went to Reine and just loved it. I took the ferry from Bodo and it was a little rough and a lot rain. Suddenly the sun came the next day in Reine and I could not believe how beautiful it is – left me speechless. It is difficult to see without a car but perfect for cycling. I liked booking a kayak trip with the local guide. I did not get a chance to hike up the Mountain above Reine – maybe this year.

May 12, 2017 at 11:02 pm

THESE PICTURES ARE AMAZING!! Wow. I really need to get out here soon! I’m just so scared of Norway because it’s so expensive, lol.

May 30, 2017 at 5:02 pm

Norway doesn’t have to be very expensive! I have lots of posts on visiting on a budget that you can check out.

Burcu Basar says

August 16, 2017 at 11:47 am

Great post and beautiful photos. I had a chance to visit Lofoten three times since 2009, twice at the end of the summer and once in the winter. While in 2009 I felt like the only tourist on the islands, the experience was different during my latest trip in 2016. It is still not at the discouraging levels but the interest in the islands has definitely increased. I still find Lofoten to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

September 28, 2017 at 3:39 am

Visited this June as part of our (me and my wife) Norway trip. Visited Oslo, the fjords, Bergen and so forth, but Lofoten was by far the most memorable and bueatiful part of it. While traveling the south, we rented a car for that part of the trip, returned it in Oslo and flown to Tromso, this leg of the trip was to be traveled by public transportation. That means taking a high speed ferry to Harstad in Lofotens, than a couple legs of bus ride and whatever else be neede to make to our hotel at the very end of the archipelago in the town of A (A spelled with a little circle on top). Pretty ambitious journey for one day in best of circumstances, let me just say that we misread the ferry schedule and that put 5 hrs delay into the trip, than we missed the bus in Svolvaer, ended up renting a rental car for a day there. It was expensive, cost us $350, but it was the best money we ever spent, ended up driving all night around the island of Moskensoya, it was so pretty we could not just go to bed. 24 hrs of sunshine help a lot. Once you see this area, you cant miss it for anything else in the future, very unique. We slept it off on the plain back to US, hehe. Just my 2 cents…let me just say the Norvegians are pretty cool and even temper, pretty laid back too.

September 29, 2017 at 11:27 pm

Oh wow, I’m happy to hear that the misfortune turned into a good thing in the end! I would have driven all night as well.

jorge ramirez says

November 1, 2017 at 9:36 am

Wowwwww. after looked at your pics, I wanted to book a trip to Lofoten right away (But then I read your post, that November is not the great month to visit) but I will take the luck with me and I’ll go anyway (live in CPH) together with my friend and enjoy the loneliness of that place )). I’m not the person who takes a lot of pics but for Norway’s landscapes is a must to take a camera.

Thanks for posting !!!

ps (I found your blog because I was looking for information about Baikal lake in winter, one of my dream spots ) but Norway is turning my eyes to the fjords

December 3, 2017 at 3:44 pm

Hi, the video & comment looks great! i plan to visit this place if possible! i’m visiting Copenhagen late Jan 2018. can i know how do i travel to Lofoten from there? Do i have enough daylight & is it safe to rent a car there as it is the easiest way to visit? you mentioned it’s not too expensive to visit lofoten? are there any winter activities during that time of year? cant wait to visit there soon!

December 6, 2017 at 4:45 pm

I would probably fly from Copenhagen to either Bodø or Lofoten, and then rent a car in either place. If you go from Bodø you can take your car on the ferry to Lofoten. You’ll have to check with a tour operator about winter activities, but I imagine there are many!

Mohit J says

January 23, 2018 at 5:19 pm

Enjoyed your amazing photographs and lovely blog. I am planning a trip to Lofoten in the end of March 2018 with my wife and also 7 yrs daughter but I am worried that she will get really bored while my & my wife would enjoy the views. I am not sure if March end is a good time to visit as well. What you suggest?

January 28, 2018 at 7:03 am

Hi. Good Day. I plan to visit Lofoten this December. Could you suggest how many days is enough? 7 days?

Bill Kerwin says

February 2, 2018 at 3:53 pm

Beautiful Pictures looks like a great place to visit seeing I am from Rhode Island smallest state in the Union. Bill Kerwin Smithfield R.I.

Whitney Terry says

March 3, 2018 at 2:28 pm

How long do you recommend staying on Lofoten islands for? How many hours does it take to drive from the southernmost island to the north? Pictures are beautiful! Thank you!

March 4, 2018 at 8:35 am

Silvia, it’s looking unlikely my group will be able to make the trek that far north (darn US vacation time limits)! Lofoten looks so charming and has been the top of my list to visit. I would still love to visit a small fishing town / island / community or at least get a similar feel to Lofoten farther south. We’re planning to roadtrip from Stavanger, to Bergen, to Alesund. Any ideas that may be somewhat close-ish?

July 10, 2018 at 4:39 am

do you have any suggestions/advice for an American interested in moving to Norway (no right to work there at the moment) , would need to find a job. don’t speak norwegian. = (

July 11, 2018 at 8:09 pm

Hm, learn Norwegian would be my best advice! It’s not a hard language and knowing at least a bit will make it so much easier. Or you could enroll in a university course and go that route.

Bruce Wynn says

August 10, 2018 at 1:05 am

Silvia, So happy I found your blog. We are renting a car in two weeks and driving to many of your recommendations. I have a question about traveling from Bodo to Bergen. Is it possible to jump on a car ferry heading south from Bodo or is it just available to people paying for the whole route? Or would you recommend to drive back to Bergen? It would be fun to see some of the fjords from the water though.

Michael says

August 20, 2018 at 7:59 pm

Hey! Quick question for you (great blog by the way).

I’m travelling to Tromso on the 4th Septeber (landing early afternoon) and will leave on the 10th (again early afternoon) to fly from Tromso to Oslo. In my head I wanted to rent a car and cover both Tromso and Lofoten, driving down to Lofoten and then obviously driving all the way back up to drop the car in Tromso again and fly onwards (I really should have given myself longer than 5 days)!

I’ve not been to Norway before and want to make the most of my time in the far north before I have to leave, any recommendations for a potential itinerary I could look at for my 5 days there? If I have to sacrifice time in Tromso to make visiting Lofoten worthwhile then I’m ok with that, looking for a bit of a guide on what would be best to cover in my short time there? I noticed one of your other blogs about Senja as well, that’s considerably closer to Tromso than the far south of Lofoten. Any recommendations on the best route for me to cover etc would be appreciated 🙂

August 30, 2018 at 10:51 am

I have a similar question but will be traveling just before Christmas and will have 7-8 days; thinking to split between Tromso and Lofoten. I don’t mind flying between the two places. Would be great to hear your recommendations! Thanks!

November 11, 2018 at 5:14 am

I love your photos!. What time of the year would you recomend for visiting Lofoten Isl? In terms of weather, Aurora sighting, price..? Thanks a lot

January 24, 2019 at 10:56 am

Hi Silvia, your blog is lovely and this information on Lofoten islands is wonderful. But may I kindly ask for more information on visiting in Summer. I am also very much interested in Whale watching, Orcas in particular. I read that in Summer they move to this part of Norway. Whats your opinion on this? How long do you suggest on should stay on these islands? Thank you very much. Regards,

January 24, 2019 at 11:54 am

There are fewer whales in the summer, but you should still be able to see orcas in Lofoten! I would stay for at least three days to a week if you have time, there’s so much to see there.

Elisabetta says

February 2, 2019 at 2:44 pm

Silvia I am a food writer and would like to write an article or a story about the stockfish and of course interview a few people who deal with this I was told that Bergen has a storage facility where they sell this fish……..and there fore would like to spend 10 days between Bergen and Lofoten whic historically is the place where it all began for Italian stoccafisso imports……. June or July would be my planned months can you advise where to stay? i figured flying from Muenich to ………….? and move on either by boat or car? I too have two blogs – The Northern Italian Weekender nd From USA with Love at http://www.culinaryroots.com ,

February 2, 2019 at 3:17 pm

I would come in June if you can, as July is the busiest month of the year. If you only have 10 days I would fly into Bergen and then fly to Svolvær in Lofoten and rent a car from there. Have fun!

M Black says

March 17, 2019 at 11:20 pm

Your blog is so helpful! Thank you for writing it. I’ve checked out your posts re: Norway in a nutshell and this one. If we were to recreate NIN ourselves as you suggest and want to visit lofoten, how many days minimum do we need? Would you take lofoten over a visit to Copenhagen and Stockholm?

April 18, 2019 at 2:46 pm

Kind regards from Svovaer Lofoten

Marjorie says

June 14, 2019 at 11:38 pm

Hi Silvia, my dream is to visit Norway and see the Northen Lights. After doing a very long research about it I came across your website and I have to say it’s the best I’ve read so far. I’m so glad I found your tips. I really want to go to Lofoten, but my only available date this year is on the third week of October. I’ve heard that this is not a good time for the Northen lights or Norway itself. I wanted to hear your thoughts about it, should I dare come in October? Is it really so bad?

July 25, 2019 at 12:17 am

I live at roughly the same latitude as lofoten and can tell you that the area in late fall can be very beautiful but that kind of weather becomes rarer and rarer the later in the year it gets. Late october is a big gamble. If your mind is set on lofoten id go for summer or early/mid fall. You wont see the auroras then but theres plenty of beauty anyway.

If you have to see the northern lights late august to mid october or january to march is a good bet. Avoid november and december, the weather is just to dark and rainy or otherwise inconsistent.

Weston Black says

September 1, 2019 at 5:03 am

Hello Silvia! I was Wondering what’s the name of the beautiful village in your 9th photo of this article? The photo with the fishing village/bay and fjords in background (clear skies). I’ve been searching for that spot, and I’d like to travel there and stay for a week or two, if possible. Many thanks for all your wonderful trip advice!!

September 2, 2019 at 3:53 pm

The photo is of Reine!

Landscape Photographer says

November 19, 2019 at 5:21 pm

Great article, Lofoten is indeed an amazing place! 🙂

I do however disagree about your comments on the Northern Lights. I’ve been to Lofoten 2 years in a row now both in January and using localised weather apps and a little driving in the right direction have been able to find clear skies with some amazing aurora shows on multiple nights of both trips.

I’m heading back again this coming January and will be visiting Senja for the first time. I can’t wait 🙂

amanda says

December 7, 2019 at 3:41 pm

Silvia- we are visiting in April– would this be an okay time to go to the Lofoten Islands? We are flying into Oslo but are hearing so many great things…would the best route be to fly there? thank you!

Stellar says

December 29, 2019 at 8:09 pm

Hi! I’m trying to plan a trip after looking at your beautiful photos! How did you get to Lofoten? I’m travelling from Alesund so its a big jump but it seems like I have to take a bus to Andalsnes, then trains to Bodo and then a ferry to Moskenes and then a bus from there.. is that normal you think?

December 29, 2019 at 10:54 pm

Sounds right! Of course you can also fly if you don’t have time to do that all overland.

January 18, 2020 at 7:02 pm

Hi there! If you had two weeks in northern Norway in late Feb/early March with the goal of snow shoeing a lot/winter hiking (we are outdoor guides so have some experience), seeing the northern lights, and being in towns or cities with young people–where would you go? How would you spend it? I’d be ever grateful.

Jay.Ritch says

January 31, 2020 at 2:31 pm

I’m currently visiting Lofoten at the moment. These tips have been helpful.

March 1, 2020 at 4:40 pm

What a beautiful place! Thanks for the local tips. Yet another place to add to the growing bucket list! x

طراحی ویلا مدرن says

March 9, 2020 at 1:55 pm

really impressive landscape, beautiful horses, I love it, I wish to visit this place soon as possible.

Mary Nichole says

May 7, 2020 at 2:46 pm

We are planning on a trip to Lofoten. The pictures you have captured are amazing and can give a thought for everyone mostly to visit this place. Thanks for sharing these tips!!

I am sure that your blog will be very helpful for our visit to Lofoten.

Postcard Stories says

September 11, 2020 at 3:59 pm

Lofoten Islands are paradise to me 🙂 I visited them during Covid lochdown, when only the Norwegians were travelling through the country. And my experience was priceless. Although I lived in Airbnb, but I definitely encourage everyone to try out a wild camping. Which is also for free. Norway is really not so expensive, if you are camping, fishing (and having the same fish for supper), enjoying the free activities as hiking, climbing to mountains and just enjoying magnificent scenery. I would love to go back there from time to time.

sujith nair says

March 10, 2021 at 8:21 am

We are planning our maiden trip to Lofoten in august this year. We have booked our tickets but still struggling with place to stay. I am confused on if i should just book one place for the entire trip of 10 days or if i should split it up in between different places (from west to east). Can you give us your suggestions based on your experience please?

March 14, 2021 at 11:10 am

Lofoten is quite large so I would book two or three places – maybe near Reine and Svolvær, and you could add a couple of nights in Nusfjord or a different village. You can find all of my Lofoten recommendations here: https://www.heartmybackpack.com/norway/lofoten-road-trip/

Andrea Oliveira says

February 8, 2022 at 1:01 pm

Hello Silvia, thanks for the words and wonderful pictures, Lofoten looks amazing. I´d like to know if you could explain why Airbnb is not a good option in Norway recently. We are planning to visit Norway this year and were considering where to stay.

Airbnb maybe says

May 18, 2022 at 3:55 pm

Another post of yours recommends Airbnb. Not sure which is the more recent. Could you update us 😀

May 22, 2022 at 2:19 pm

Ah sorry, I haven’t managed to update everything yet, but I’d try to avoid Airbnb if you can!

alka nand says

August 2, 2022 at 10:44 pm

Silva, We live in Dallas Tx, and I followed your posts for our recent trip to Norway and Lofoten Islands, They were very useful. I also bought both the pack of North and South guides. But I found your posts much more useful! Thank you so much! We are mountain lovers like you and we followed your recommendations of scenic routes to take. In particular – Gamle Strynefjellsvegen Road trip – https://www.heartmybackpack.com/norway/gamle-strynefjellsvegen-road-trip/ was really beautiful! Also followed your suggestions for places to visit in Lofoten and stayed in Eliassen Rorbuaer . It was Beautiful!! Norway is a gorgeous country – its like one big National Park!! The only disappointing part was the weather. We lost a lot of time to bad rainy, foggy weather 🙁 Trollstigen drive and Andalsnes were literally a wash 🙁 And that is when we came in July! Just one suggestion – It woud be great if you had a compilation of links to all your pages for a particular country.

Again Thank you so much for your very informative posts with pictures! alka

Ksenija Olmer says

September 10, 2022 at 11:42 am

Just returned from a Norway trip with a week spent in Lofoten. Photographer’s paradise even with your little phone. We had a great experience booking a special one week offer hotel in August just at the end of the season. We needed a week because of the crazy weather, cold and rain the whole summer in Norway bee had only three sunny days on Lofoten but they were fantastic and worth the wait. The crowds down in Å were still shocking, the eagle safari was still sold out but the rest of the island wasn’t too crowded. The long ferry from Bodo to Rost was actually free this summer in a government scheme to get more visitors to less popular places. Fantastic on a sunny day, must be very rough otherwise. As you recommend Senja was a good alternative or addition and much less people end of August than Lofoten. Andoya totally empty. Agree with you car is a must, camping is difficult because of rain and even more so strong winds. We did it and it was really bad! Camper van would be ideal for Norway as the free infrastructure for that is much better. Lots of free rest areas for camper vans and even big camper trailers forbid pitching a tent. Hope this helps anyone planing a trip. Happy trails from two old farts @crazyparentstravel

January 24, 2023 at 11:38 pm

Hi Silvia, I saw that you do not recommend AirBnB but you are suggesting to use Booking.com through the links that you provide. Can you explain what is wrong with AirBnB in Norway and how Booking.com is better? Thank you.

January 28, 2023 at 11:53 am

Airbnbs are registered differently in Norway, and there’s a limit on the number of days in a year someone can rent out their place on Airbnb (this is to protect rental prices for locals). A lot of Airbnb owners keep all the dates available and then cancel last minute based on when they can make the most money.

Heather says

February 2, 2023 at 8:11 pm

Hello Silvia! I am currently trying to plan our October honeymoon (mid Oct-end Oct) 2 week itinerary. My fiance’s family hails from Arandal, so that is a must. Probably need to fly into Oslo & do day trip to Arandal. My dream would be to see the Lofoten Islands, some of the sites around Bergen perhaps (since NiN is year round) and also a quick trip to Iceland. We know this probably sounds too ambitious, or crazy even? With our timeframe, what are your thoughts? It’s a struggle to know how best to plan. Any guidance is much appreciated! <:-}

February 5, 2023 at 10:00 am

I guess see if you can fly Icelandair to Oslo with a stopover in Iceland. Then take a couple of nights in Arendal, and then fly to Bergen. Spend about three nights in Bergen with a day trip to the fjords, or rent a car and overnight in the fjords (I recommend this! https://www.heartmybackpack.com/norway/aurlandsfjellet-sognefjellet-bergen-road-trip/ ) and then fly up to Lofoten and spend the rest of your time there, again renting a car.

Lillevik Lofoten says

October 22, 2023 at 4:09 pm

Great overview of Lofoten and super tips!

Just one comment: The NRK story about the hotel owner wanting to make AirBnb illegal is quite biased, and not everyone agrees as the story also says.

Lofoten simply doesn’t have the capacity to house all tourists, and without private homeowners renting out on AirBnb, Booking.com and other platforms, there would simply not be enough places to stay during high season.

Hotels and other businesses with seasonal workers and temporary employees do of course need housing at the same time that tourists need places to stay. Many seasonal workers rent apartments and houses short-term, on the same platforms as tourists.

It’s common for house owners to rent out long-term for 10 months, and then ask/force the tenants to move out for two months in summer so they can rent out short-term to tourists to a much higher price.

On the plus side: When people rent out their homes and holiday homes, the income helps them keep the houses in order, do maintenance, and renovate them. This is also important for local businesses, of course. Without the income from renting out, there would be no money for fixing the houses.

A bit anecdotal, but still: The house we rent out at Gimsøy (near the Lofoten Links lodges you mention) had been empty for 10 years before we bought it and completely renovated it. The renovation took two years and cost almost 2 million NOK (180,000 USD). During the two years we used only local carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc – and we only bought building materials and equipment (all appliances, furniture, etc) locally. We now rent it out with around 40 % of a normal year occupied – hoping for more. We think it’s far better than when the house was basically waiting to fall apart.

One thing to be aware of is all the new cabins, or “hytter”. In many areas of Norway the untouched nature is bulldozed away for cabins. There is a growing concern about the loss of nature, and in some areas the natural landscape is completely gone – it’s just cabins everywhere. There are now over 80 counties that want to stop all new cabins. NRK has a story on that too: https://www.nrk.no/vestland/val-2023_-80-kommunar-vil-stanse-alt-naturtap-1.16542929

fotografwdrodze.pl says

January 21, 2024 at 9:12 pm

In recent years, the Lofoten Islands have become increasingly commercialized. There are more and more buildings that devastate the amazing views.

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Overnight stays in the Norwegian capital Oslo, the historic town of Trondheim, the beautifully located Arctic town of Bodo, the Lofoten Islands & Bergen.

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The perfect base for exploring the Lofoten islands

  • Northern lights at Lillevik Lofoten

Travel to Lofoten, and getting around: Airports, ferries, rental cars, buses, etc

Here are our best tips for how to get to Lofoten and Lillevik by plane, ferries, cars, etc. And some information about local rental car companies .

Traveling to Lofoten from abroad takes time. See the official information: How to get to the Lofoten islands . If you need help and/or recommendations, in addition to the information below: Contact our booking agency: Lofoten Vacation .

Travel to Lofoten by plane

Flying is definitely the fastest way to get to Lofoten. There are four “local” airports, and you will most likely need at least one stopover to get there:

lofoten travel agents

  • Svolvær airport (small propeller airplanes only, requires a short stopover)
  • Leknes airport (small propeller airplanes only, requires a short stopover)
  • Evenes airport ( domestic and a little international, requires a bus or car ride)
  • Bodø airport (international, requires a short flight to Svolvær or Leknes airports, or a ferry)

Fastest : Fly to Svolvær airport (or Leknes airport) via Bodø airport

lofoten travel agents

Fly to Svolvær with SAS or Widerøe , with a short stopover in Bodø . Rent a car (see below) at Svolvær airport, drive 45 minutes to Lillevik . If you check your bags all the way to Svolvær, a 30 minute stopover in Bodø is fine.

You can also fly to the equally small Leknes airport instead of Svolvær, the total time (and other things) will be about the same.

Also fast : Fly to Evenes airport, then drive

Fly to Evenes (Harstad/Narvik) airport with SAS or Norwegian , rent a car (see below), drive 3 hours to Lillevik . Or take the airport bus, Flybussen , to Svolvær – which also takes about 3 hours.

International flights:

  • From May 2024 Eurowings (connected to Lufthansa ) has direct flights from Frankfurt to Evenes.
  • Edelweiss Air fly from Zurich to Evenes from spring 2024, and there may be others too.

This can be almost as fast as flying to Svolvær. The drive is scenic, but can be “difficult” in winter.

lofoten travel agents

Both the Gimsøystreaumen bridge and the Raftsundet bridge close in strong wind, and can be closed for several hours. There is no alternative route. Check the status on 175.no .

lofoten travel agents

Getting around in Lofoten: Get a car

lofoten travel agents

We strongly recommend having a car in Lofoten, unless you are travelling by bicycle or motorcycle. Public transport is extremely limited, and you risk wasting a lot of time waiting.

There is some useful “getting around” information at 68North . Guide to Lofoten has a lot of good information: Getting to the Lofoten Islands by plane, car, bus, or ferry . And: How to get around Lofoten without a car .

All drives in Lofoten are scenic and the main road E10 is an official Norwegian Scenic Route , so it can be smart to have some extra time to stop along the way when you see something interesting.

The speed limit is usually 50-80 km/h. Winter driving in Lofoten can be challenging, with closed roads, cancelled ferries, etc.

Driving directions from Svolvær airport

It is fastest, and simplest, to fly to Svolvær with a short stopover in Bodø. See Travel for more info, including the local rental car companies.

Hurtigruten: Svolvær and Stamsund

Hurtigruten (the Norwegian Coastal Express) stops at both Svolvær and Stamsund. See Travel .

Evenes airport (Narvik/Harstad)

Cheaper than Svolvær, and larger airplanes, but also a longer drive. See Travel .

Leknes airport

As small as Svolvær airport, with different timetables. See Travel .

Lofoten rental car companies

There are several local rental car companies, in addition to the common larger ones. The local companies may be easiest to reach by phone.

  • Lofoten Rental Car: lofotenrentalcar.no (Svolvær and Kabelvåg, they will drive to meet you)
  • Rentacar Lofoten (Svolvær): rentacar-lofoten.com
  • Rentacar Leknes: rentacar-leknes.com
  • Rent a car Moskenes: rentacar-moskenes.no
  • Avis (Svolvær)
  • Hertz (Svolvær)
  • Sixt (Svolvær)
  • Budget (Svolvær)
  • Rentalcars.com (global aggregator, often cheap)
  • You can also rent privately with Getaround

There is one taxi company, Lokaltaxi , but taxi is not really an option for getting around, except for short or one-off trips near the towns.

See Location for maps and driving distances to popular sights in Lofoten. You can also use Google Maps and the “Direction” functionality:

Alternative travel methods

EnTur is often the easiest way to find travels that combine different transportation methods (plane, ferry, bus, etc).

Reis Nordland is the official travel planner.

Torghatten Nord runs all(?) the ferries and express boats in the area.

Travel by plane to Bodø, then a ferry to Lofoten

  • Fly to Bodø (with SAS or Norwegian ), take the express boat to Svolvær (ca. 3 hours). Then drive 35 minutes to Lillevik . The express ferry goes along the coast north of Bodø first, and in good weather it’s a nice little cruise.
  • Fly to Bodø, take the ferry to Moskenes (ca. 3 hours), rent a car, drive 2 hours to Lillevik . This ferry also takes cars.

Travel with the coastal ferry (Hurtigruten or Havila)

There are two companies operating the coastal ferry along the Norwegian coast: Hurtigruten and Havila . Their routes are identical, they run on alternating days. The ships are large and comfortable, but they are not cruise ships: Port stops are short, just long enough to people, cars and goods go get on and off.

This gives a good overview: Norway Coastal Cruise: Hurtigruten & Havila Voyages Explained .

Check the “port to port” trips to Svolvær (or Stamsund), not the “packages”: Hurtigruten port to port and Havila port to port .

Travel by car, from anywhere

Drive to Bodø (ca. 17 hours from Oslo ), then take one of the ferries. (Pssst: Although some people think Tromsø is near Lofoten, it’s still a 6.5 hour drive )

  • Drive to Bognes (north of Bodø), take the ferry to Lødingen , drive 2 hours to Lillevik . This ferry is the most frequent and reliable, and is rarely cancelled due to bad weather.
  • Drive to Skutvik (north of Bodø), take the ferry to Svolvær via Skrova (ca. 3 hours) , then drive 35 minutes to Lillevik . More risky in bad weather – and this ferry only operates in the summer.
  • Take the ferry from Bodø to Moskenes (ca. 3 hours), drive 2 hours to Lillevik . You will drive through most of Lofoten.
  • Take Hurtigruten (the Norwegian Coastal Express) to Stamsund or Svolvær, drive 30-40 min to Gimsøy.

If you’re driving to Lofoten from the south: The Coastal Road (RV17) is really nice, and highly recommended. You drive on small roads near the ocean, and get to see a lot of beautiful nature and small towns. There are a lot of ferries, so it will take much longer than the more boring E6 highway – but it’s worth it. From the website:

Kystriksveien (The Coastal Road) stretching from Steinkjer to Bodø – a total of 650 km. This is a scenic road and most of the stretch is a National Scenic Route. You can expect breathtaking views and you will cross the Arctic Circle along the way. There are thousands of islands along this coastline and you should take the time to visit a few of them.

Don’t confuse the coastal route with the Atlantic Ocean Highway , which is only 8 km long, starts around 1000 km south of Lofoten, and is – to be honest – over rated.

lofoten travel agents

  • Gimsøy’s beaches in winter Just a few photos of some of the beaches at Gimsøy in winter. The water temperature is usually 2-7°C. Want to go skiing on the… Read more : Gimsøy’s beaches in winter
  • Northern lights at Lillevik Lofoten This page has moved: Northern lights at Lillevik Lofoten.
  • Winter magic at Lillevik Lofoten Lofoten is fantastic in the winter, both if you are an avid outdoor enthusiast or a nature lover that wants to enjoy the spectacular nature.… Read more : Winter magic at Lillevik Lofoten
  • Gimsøy church Gimsøy church is just 10 minutes from Lillevik. The church is located on Sand on Gimsøya in Vågan municipality in Nordland. The church is a… Read more : Gimsøy church
  • Lillevik in summer Just a few photos of Lillevik during summer. View from Hoven (368 meters tall), which takes about an hour to hike if you start from… Read more : Lillevik in summer


Lofoten’s best location? The perfect base for exploring Lofoten, all year. Super quiet, but central. Midnight sun and northern lights. Private beach.

Polar plunge at Lillevik’s beach: A great way to start the day! #LofotenLife #ArcticAdventures #NorwayColdPlunge #MountainOceanVibes #WinterDip #ExploreLofoten #FrozenMoments #ChasingFjords #WildAndFree #PolarPlunge #NorthernWaters #SnowyScenes #BraveTheCold #IcyWaters #LofotenDreams #ColdPlunge

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Visit Lofoten

lofoten travel agents

Activities and experiences in Lofoten

Water activities in Lofoten

Water activities

Turquoise sea, silence, and zen are keywords you bring with you when researching water activities in Lofoten.

  • Kayak trips ➜
  • Kayak rental ➜
  • Snorkeling ➜
  • Stand Up Paddle (SUP) ➜

Hiking - Discover nature on foot

Hiking – Discover nature on foot

Lofoten is one of Norway’s best hiking destinations. And in this island kingdom, you’ll find hiking opportunities in a wide range with different degrees of difficulty.

Pointy peaks and many islands to explore mean that day trips are often preferred. It takes some time to wander up here in the north…

Boat trips in Lofoten

Boat trips in Lofoten

Seeing nature in Lofoten from the sea is a great experience. It’s also a perfect way to admire the “Lofoten wall”, which is the phrase often used to describe the row of mountains in Lofoten.

  • Sailboats ➜
  • Tour Boats ➜
  • Catamaran ➜

Safari and photo in Lofoten

Safari and photo in Lofoten

Join local experts on a trip in Lofoten.

  • RIB Safari ➜
  • Ocean Safari ➜
  • Whale Safari ➜
  • Norther Lights ➜
  • Photo Trips ➜
  • Bird Watching ➜

Unique & Exciting  Activities

Unique & Exciting Activities

There are a number of activities to explore in Lofoten. Maybe there are activities you haven’t even heard of?

  • Ski, Ski Touring and ski-/snowshoe rental ➜
  • Farm Experiences ➜
  • Dog sledding ➜
  • Recreation and Spa ➜
  • Midnight Sun Tours ➜

Our recommendations (Top 10 articles)

lofoten travel agents

10 things to do in Lofoten on rainy days

lofoten travel agents

10 popular hikes in Lofoten

lofoten travel agents

Top 10 places to see the midnight sun in Lofoten

lofoten travel agents

10 Reasons Why Lofoten is an Unique Northern Light Destination

lofoten travel agents

10 reasons to plan a trip to Lofoten

The four seasons in lofoten.

lofoten travel agents

Spring in Lofoten

lofoten travel agents

Summer in Lofoten

lofoten travel agents

Autumn in Lofoten

lofoten travel agents

Winter in Lofoten

Hello traveller!

The Pukka brand is currently not offering any activities. We highly recommend our trusted partners at https://www.visittromso.no , https://visitlofoten.com and the many great operators in both Tromsø and Lofoten for your upcoming travels to the north. If you need to reach us, please send an email to [email protected]


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A man sits in a hammock looking out at Concepción volcano in Nicaragua.

Should I Use a Travel Agent? Our Travel Expert Says It Makes All the Difference.

The new age of travel agents know how to find deals, book off-the-beaten path adventures, and get you out of any jam. Especially if you know who to use.

A man sits in a hammock looking out at Concepción volcano in Nicaragua.

Heading out the door? Read this article on the Outside app available now on iOS devices for members! >","name":"in-content-cta","type":"link"}}'>Download the app .

I’ve always thought that planning my own trips was the most cost-effective way, but I’ve been hearing more about travel agents making a comeback and saving their clients a lot of money. What kinds of outdoor trips should I turn to a travel agent for, and are there any who specialize in working with adventurers like me?

Technically, I’m a professional traveler. As a journalist, it’s my job to research and connect with locals to get beneath the surface of a destination. So I have never really used travel agents. What could they plan better than I could?

A lot, it turns out. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know many travel specialists, and I consider them magicians. My big aha moment happened two winters ago on a trip to Iceland . A massive storm shut down internal flights for a day, causing me to miss my return flight to the U.S. Normally, I would have spent frustrating hours on hold with the airline. But because I’d paid $65 to have Ana Gloria Garcia, an air-support specialist at the travel agency EmbarkBeyond, find and book the most affordable and convenient flight option for me, she handled the rebookings while I soaked in the Blue Lagoon.

A woman soaks in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.

During the pandemic, agents became advocates helping travelers get refunds on canceled flights and trips. As travel has come roaring back, an agent’s superpower is now their access to the best hotel rooms, most in-the-know guides, free amenities, and more, says Cory Hagopian, senior vice president of sales and partnerships for Virtuoso , a global network of travel agencies.

And they’re attracting a young clientele. According to a recent industry survey , 38 percent of millennials and Gen Zers are opting to use travel agents as opposed to booking on their own trips. That number is far greater than Gen Xers and baby boomers, of whom only 12 and 2 percent respectively use agents.

What Do I Gain from Using a Travel Agent?

I recently had a friend tell me she spent close to 40 hours researching a family trip online. She probably could have gleaned the same intel from an hourlong conversation with a travel adviser. Knowledge is priceless, and advisers act as your insiders. They know what you don’t and fill in the blanks for things you might not have considered, says Erika Richter, a spokesperson for the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA). Their firsthand knowledge, vast network, and on-the-ground connections all combine to provide a unique perspective for crafting the perfect itinerary for you.

Kayak, paddle, raft—a river trip down Costa Rica’s Pacuare is good fun. And Danielle Meyer of Coastline Travel likes to book clients in the riverfront, all-inclusive, 20-suite Pacuare Lodge. “The way to get to the property is by whitewater rafting, so you truly begin with adventure!”

Most travel advisers specialize in certain regions and countries and travel to them frequently, so they have up-to-date intel on not only the best safari camps but the perfect tent to book for the most incredible views and the best local restaurants you won’t find on Tripadvisor. They want their client’s trips to go well to keep them coming back, so it’s in their interest to have sussed out hotels and itineraries before they send you out into the world.

Nicole Forster, 29, considers herself a savvy traveler. She’s been to 20-plus countries and enjoys destination research. But when it came to planning her honeymoon in Africa, she felt overwhelmed, so she reached out to Danielle Meyer at Coastline Travel Advisors , which specializes in bespoke itineraries. “Originally, I wanted to go to South Africa, Victoria Falls, and Madagascar,” Forster recalls. “Danielle convinced me that if we wanted to relax, we should stay in South Africa and save the other countries for separate trips.”

Over five phone conversations and multiple emails, they crafted a 15-night itinerary that included Cape Town, the winelands, the Cape Peninsula, and a safari at the Thornybush Game Reserve. Forster established her budget early in the process, and Meyer sent her a variety of lodge options to choose from.

“I initially wanted to start with the safari, but she pointed out that we’d be jet-lagged and would need to wake at sunrise for game drives,” says Forster. “The safari was our highlight, so it was a perfect way to end the trip.”

A man sitting in an open-air vehicle while on safari in South Africa smiles at the camera while an elephant is just over his shoulder, approaching.

Not only did Meyer book all of the flights, hotels, and transfers, but she created a detailed, day-by-day trip app for the couple that included useful information like check-in times at hotels and how much to tip guides .

Agents also act as advocates. If something goes wrong during your travels, they’re on call 24/7 to handle it. When Forster left the battery and charger for her camera at a hotel, Meyer arranged for an on-the-ground contact to go to a camera store and buy new ones that would be delivered to her hotel the next day.

The cost for the honeymoon planning: $150 per person. “I wouldn’t use a planner for a trip to Hawaii ,” Forster says, “but if I ever took a big trip like this again, I’d 100 percent work with an expert.”  

When to Consider Using a Travel Agent

For savvy trip planners, the best time to use a travel agent is for complicated international travel. It can save you hours of planning and peace of mind that if anything goes wrong in your chosen far-flung destination, there’s someone a What’sApp message away to handle it.

Domestically, I’d consider using a travel agent when planning a multi-week national park trip or multi-island trip in Hawaii. They will save you time, guarantee you get the best guides, and help you land reservations at always-booked lodges and hotels.

Dream Trips Delivered

Jessica Cook and her husband both work in the travel industry. Decision fatigued, they handed their honeymoon logistics over to the team at Askari Travel , an agency that specializes in South Africa. Their original plan was also an African safari, but just as they were about to put a deposit down, the Omicron variant of the coronavirus made headlines. Worried about getting stuck abroad, they reached out to Askari’s founder, Muriel Truter, who is from Zimbabwe, and upon her advice, changed their focus to South America.

Knowledge is priceless, and advisers act as your insiders. They know what you don’t and fill in the blanks of things you might not even have considered.

Truter suggested they stick to Colombia rather than country-hop. Cook supplied a budget and a wish list: 12 days, no more than three destinations, a barefoot-luxe feel, and adventures like horseback riding and mountain biking. The rest was a surprise that Askari pretty much nailed, with the exception of one hotel.

“Everything felt so authentic, but this one hotel on Barú island felt really fabricated and was full of American tourists,” recalls Cook. She immediately messaged the Askari team, saying, “Hey, this place really isn’t our vibe,” and within an hour they were on a water taxi headed to Blue Apple, a B Corp hotel—and an Outside pick for tropical adventures —on Tierra Bomba island. “It was honestly the best trip we’ve ever taken,” she says.

Tierra Bomba, a 15-minute boat ride from the Colombian capital of Cartagena, is an affordable Caribbean destination with a relaxed pace and soft white sands.

Are Travel Agents Expensive?

It depends. Cost varies. Some travel agencies won’t charge any fee, as they receive a commission from the bookings, while some high-end agencies will charge pricey annual membership fees for their services. Still others charge nominal “professional” fees starting at $150. Fees often fluctuate based on the length and intricacy of a trip and how far out you do the planning (6 to 12 months is recommended). You may occasionally come across agents who charge a percentage of the total trip price or hourly rates.

Basic travel enquiries are generally free. In 2016, Leah Smith, founder of Tafari Travel , opened an old-school brick-and-mortar location in Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood so her services would feel less intimidating to first-time users. “With our retail-office location, we’ve become part of the community, and both clients and non-clients are welcome to pop in and ask whatever questions they may have, no charge,” she says.

Matt Lindsay, founder of the surf-guiding and travel company LuxSurf Travel , builds relationships with resorts and property owners to get discounted rates that he can then pass on to guests.

Matt Lindsey of LuxeSurfTravel can arrange a surf safari on a 165-foot boat, complete with dive masters. surf guides, and a spa. Guests spend a week cruising around atolls in the Maldives seeking out perfect swell and swimming with whale sharks and manta rays.

Dominic Allan, the founder of Real Latin America , specializes in travel to Belize and Nicaragua and caters to independent travelers who are happy to book their own flights and hotels but are seeking his local intel. Allan’s three-tier pricing structure starts at $300 for up to three hours of phone calls, during which he might weigh in on where to eat (or not to), the best room to request in a certain lodge, or whether you really need a guide to hike.

”Totoro Eco-Lodge, in Nicaragua, has always been one of our favorites,” says Dominic Allen of Real Latin America. In addition to its laid-back vibe, it’s spectacuarly placed on Ometepe Island, with views out to the active Conception volcano. Allen recommends volcano hikes, rainforest excursions, tours of a chocolate farm, and sunset paddles in search of caiman.

Value Versus Savings

If you’re just looking for deals and steals, you might not be ready to work with a travel adviser, says Richter of the ASTA. “Anything you invest in with a travel adviser comes back to you in the form of amenities, customer service, peace of mind, better access to unique experiences, and handcrafted itineraries,” she says. “You could save money by cutting your own hair, too, but most people go to someone who knows what they’re doing.”

Agents work with preferred partners who can guarantee perks for clients, such as free upgrades, early check-in or late check-out, and resort credits. Those add-ons often translate into savings, says Justin Huxter, cofounder of the UK-based Cartology Travel . “We had a client go to Maui for a week, and because of our partnership with the resort, breakfast was included,” he says. When breakfast costs $120 for two, that’s a savings of $840.”

A meerkat sits atop a man wearing a ball cap and scans the horizon of Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Pans.

Some of the Best Travel Agents in the Adventure World

Some of my go-to resources for finding a person to work with include travel expert Wendy Perrin’s annual Wow List of tried and trusted agents, the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s adviser network , and the ASTA’s advisor directory .

In addition to the agents mentioned throughout this story, others I highly recommend for adventurous travelers include:

  • Dan Achber of Trufflepig , for Africa and the Middle East
  • Miguel Cunant of Sri Lanka in Style
  • Javier Echecopar of Journey Costa Rica
  • Daniel Fraser of Smiling Albino , for Southeast Asia
  • Elizabeth Gordon of Extraordinary Journeys , for Africa
  • Kleon Howe of the Art of Travel , for French Polynesia
  • Jay Johnson of Coastline Travel , for Hawaii and California
  • Antonello Losito of Southern Visions Travel , for Puglia, Italy
  • Rabia Malik of Fora Travel , for general worldwide travel
  • Robyn Mark of Mayamaya Travel , for Africa, the Alps, Patagonia, and Japan
  • Marisol Mosquera of Aracari , for Peru and Bolivia
  • Zach Rabinor of Journey Mexico
  • Raluca Spiac of Beyond Dracula , for Romania

The author immersed in the hot waters of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, with mud on her face. It beats being on the phone trying to reschedule a flight cancellation.

Travel-advice columnist Jen Murphy is now a believer in using a travel agent. Thanks to their expertise and connections, she’s avoided dozens of trip catastrophes. 

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  1. The Lofoten Islands

    Where is Lofoten, and how to travel here? Lofoten Islands, in Northern Norway, have been voted by National Geographic as one of the most appealing destinations in the world. Located just above the Arctic Circle, at the 68th northern parallel, Lofoten basks in the ethereal Midnight Sun during summer and witnesses the magical Northern Lights from ...

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    Discover the Lofoten Islands' most exclusive destinations with Forest Travel. Immerse yourself in the splendor of Reine, a picturesque fishing village renowned for its vibrant red cabins against a backdrop of towering mountains. Unwind in the lap of luxury at Henningsvær, an idyllic island village dotted with upscale galleries and boutique ...

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    Whether you have a single question or a special request, we're here for you. Bring your camera and hiking shoes to Lofoten Islands and enjoy the incredible landscape with our tailor-made packages. See the Arctic wildlife, mountains and midnight sun with our custom made travel and holiday packages. Short trips and breaks to Lofoten, Norway.

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    Lofoten Travel Agents There are 7 agents matching this search These trusted travel agents belong to North America's #1 Travel Agent Network and can provide custom tailored trips, personalized recommendations, detailed knowledge of destinations and exclusive deals and amenities.

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    Tromso, Lofoten Islands & Fjord Norway winter tour. Amazing winter round trip incl a 3-night Hurtigruten cruise, stunning Arctic scenery & beautiful Fjord Norway. Experience the majestic islands of Lofoten, Tromso, Bergen, cruise along the Norwegian coast and on the UNESCO Naeroyfjord & enjoy a ride on Flam & Bergen Railway.

  6. Lofoten Islands Itinerary: Complete Guide for First Time Visitors

    Day 1: Road trip from Svolvaer to A i Lofoten, visiting the beaches, fishing villages, and small towns along the way. In the morning, visit Svolvaer. Go to the Lofoten Krigsminne Museum (the War Memorial Museum), explore the town, and if you like hiking, hike up to Svolvaer Fløya for a spectacular view.

  7. Lofoten & Norway Travel Consulting

    Travel consulting step by step. 1. Send us your questions. You send us your queries/itinerary prior to our call so we can prepare information and answers. 2. Lets have a Call. After we receive the payment, we will send you a link for the ZOOM meeting/google meets where you can ask us anything you want. 3.

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    Professionalism. We are snow and travel professionals, so we adapt our programs to the conditions on the ground, always looking out for your safety. Unfortunately, the 7-day trial period has expired. Check our subscription plans! >>. Outnordtravel is a travel agency created by mountain lovers to offer unique experiences to fans of snow and nature.

  9. Lofoten Islands Luxury Tours

    PRIVATE TOUR LOFOTEN ISLANDS IN WINTER. DOWNLOAD JOURNEY PDF. CALL +1-301-263-6670. or speak to your Travel Professional. Note: This private Lofoten Islands tour is an example, as all of our luxury journeys are custom-made.

  10. Lofoten Islands Hiking Tour in Norway

    In Norway's north, we explore from the towering peaks and tiny villages of the Lofoten Islands to dreamy Senja Island and onward to the cultural hub of Tromsø, the mountain-ringed Arctic capital. The breathtaking Lofoten archipelago, which includes the jagged spine of the 100-mile-long Lofotenveggen ("Lofoten Wall"), lie above the Arctic Circle but enjoy a mild climate thanks to the warm ...

  11. Lofoten Travel Agents

    Browse reviews for 3 Lofoten Travel Agents. Certified specialists from America's #1 agent network. Find the right agent for your trip. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics ...

  12. 11 Things You Should Know Before Visiting The Lofoten Islands

    Quick Lofoten Travel Guide. Lofoten Accommodation: Svinøya Rorbuer or Anker Brygge for unique Svolvær accommodation, Nusfjord Arctic Resort for luxury accommodation in Nusfjord, Elisassen Rorbuer or Rostad Retro Rorbuer for accommodation near Reine, and Lofoten Links Lodge for best Northern Lights accommodation. I don't recommend booking an Airbnb in Lofoten as Airbnb has recently had lots ...

  13. Lofoten Islands, Helgeland & Sognefjord

    Board the authentic Hurtigruten ship in the evening for an unforgettable cruise to Bergen. Enjoy the beautiful view sailing along the Lofoten Islands, with calls at tiny villages. Spend 3 nights onboard. All meals are included during the cruise; Buffet breakfast, buffet lunch & 3 course dinner (food only)

  14. Travel to Lofoten, and getting around: Airports, ferries, rental cars

    Traveling to Lofoten from abroad takes time. See the official information: How to get to the Lofoten islands. If you need help and/or recommendations, in addition to the information below: Contact our booking agency: Lofoten Vacation. Travel to Lofoten by plane. Flying is definitely the fastest way to get to Lofoten.

  15. Activities and experiences in Lofoten (Listed)

    Lofoten is one of Norway's best hiking destinations. And in this island kingdom, you'll find hiking opportunities in a wide range with different degrees of difficulty. Pointy peaks and many islands to explore mean that day trips are often preferred. It takes some time to wander up here in the north…

  16. About us

    We know what to do in Tromsø and Lofoten! We deliver tours, accommodation and transportation to make your experience on your travels the best it can be. Contact us if you want help to plan your trip. ... {varLocalization.value.travel_guides}} {{cpc_product_name}} {{varLocalization.value.show_more}} {{varLocalization.value.experiences}}

  17. Lofoten Luxury Travel Agents

    Browse reviews for 3 Lofoten Luxury Travel Agents. Certified specialists from America's #1 agent network. Find the right agent for your trip. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and ...

  18. TravelStore: Business and Vacation Travel Consultants

    We've been where you want to go. Get in touch. For business travel, call: 1-800-850-3226. Or e-mail us at: [email protected].

  19. HX Unveils New Norway Expedition for Winter 2026

    Sailing round-trip from Tromsø, the expedition aboard MS Spitsbergen will explore four regions in Northern Norway: the Lyngen Alps, Senja, Lofoten and Vesterålen, uncovering hidden gems in each ...

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    AAA Travel agents will make your air, cruise, tour, lodging and car rental arrangements; answer your questions; and make sure your next vacation is a memorable one. From traditional paper maps to TripTik routings, AAA has everything you need to shift your road trip ideas into gear. AAA maps make it easy for you to find gas, food and AAA ...

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    As travel has come roaring back, an agent's superpower is now their access to the best hotel rooms, most in-the-know guides, free amenities, and more, says Cory Hagopian, senior vice president ...

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    Browse reviews for 2 Lofoten Escorted Tours Travel Agents. Certified specialists from America's #1 agent network. Find the right agent for your trip. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media ...

  23. Fremont Travel Home Page

    Welcome to Fremont Travel! Fremont Travel Agency was founded on the ideal that quality, price, and service are a #1 priority. The experience and dedication of our staff has enabled us to be one of the longest standing agencies in our area. We offer travel services including but not limited to: Corporate Travel. Cruises.

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    Best Travel Agents in Santa Clara, CA - Planet Hoppers, Travel Smiths, Punjab Travel, Kohinoor World Travel, Alpine Travel of Saratoga, 6 Kiss Travel, Willow Glen Travel Agency, Hira World Travel, AWB Travels, Your Asian Connection.

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    Browse reviews for 2 Lofoten Luxury Travel Agents. Certified specialists from America's #1 agent network. Find the right agent for your trip. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and ...