How to Become a Disney Travel Agent: Step-by-Step

How do you become a Disney travel agent? Over 3,000 people search this question every month on Google.

That’s why, in this definitive guide, I’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to pursue this career path. I’ll also explore some important considerations before you embark on a career specializing in Disney travel. And I’ll answer some frequently-asked questions.

Let’s dive in.

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How to Become a Disney Travel Agent: 10-Step Process

Considerations before applying to be a disney travel agent, faqs about becoming a disney travel agent.

For this article, I interviewed the owner of one of the best-performing Disney-focused travel agencies in the country. He told me what he looks for when hiring new agents. He also shared the traits and habits of his most successful agents.

I also relied on my personal experience. I spent nearly seven years as a Cast Member planning vacations at one of Disney’s reservation call centers. During that time I trained hundreds of other agents on how to do the job, too.

By the time you’ve finished this article, you’ll have all the information you need to be successful at booking and planning Disney vacations for others.

A laptop with an open web browser displaying the employment page of a Disney Travel Planner website

1. Understand How Commission Works for Travel Agents

Commissions are the primary source of income for travel agents. It’s important to understand how they work.

Commission-Based Pay

Most host travel agencies categorize their travel planners as independent contractors.

For most agents, the sole source of income will be commissions from booking clients’ travel.

In other words, you will not earn a regular monthly salary or hourly wage. Instead, you’ll receive a percentage of the cost of each vacation you book.

Not all parts of the vacation package will earn a commission.

For example, at Disney World, you’ll generally earn commission on :

  • Hotel accommodations
  • Most multi-day theme park tickets (3-days or longer)
  • Disney Dining Plans (commission rate may be different from the rest of the package)
  • VIP tours and other select enhanced experiences

But you won’t earn commission on :

  • Dining reservations
  • Annual passes
  • Genie+ / Lightning Lane and other add-ons
  • 1-Day and 2-Day tickets

Commission is paid by the destination (such as Disney World), not the client. The client pays the same price they would have paid if they’d booked it on their own.

Commission Split

Disney pays travel agencies a 10% base commission for each Disney World vacation booked . The agency then gives part of that commission to the agent who booked the trip – and keeps the rest for itself.

The ratio at which the agency and the agent share the base commission is called the commission split :

  • Novice vacation planners usually start out receiving 50%-60% of the commission the agency receives for each booking (though some agencies pay less)
  • Over time, this can increase to around 70%-80%
  • Some agencies offer a better commission split for clients you find on your own (as opposed to leads given to you by the agency)

Here’s a realistic commission example for a $5,000 Disney World vacation:

  • The agency receives a base commission of $500 ($5,000 x 10%)
  • An agent on a 50/50 split would earn $250 ($500 x 50%)
  • An agent on an 80/20 split would earn $400 ($500 x 80%)

Graphs showing the difference between an 50/50 Commission Split and an 80/20 Commission Split. (Graphs show same example data as preceding paragraph in article text)

Commission split ratios determine how much money you earn

A 10% base commission is standard for all Disney World vacations. The most successful agencies may earn a higher percentage on other types of trips (such as 16% on Disney Cruises).

As an example:

  • 50/50 split: $250 for the agent
  • 80/20 split: $400 for the agent
  • 50/50 split: $400 for the agent
  • 80/20 split: $640 for the agent

Use our Disney Travel Agent Commission Calculator to see how different commission rates will affect your income.

Client Incentive Deductions

Some agencies offer booking incentives to potential clients. Maybe you’ve seen agencies offering a Disney gift card upon booking, or perhaps an onboard credit to use on a Disney Cruise.

When those are offered by an agency, it’s common for the value of that promotion to be deducted from the base commission before the remaining amount is split between the agent and agency.

Delayed Commissions

This is one of the most important things to know about working as a Disney travel planner.

Disney pays commissions after the trip is over . You don’t get paid when the client books the trip, only when they travel .

This means there can be a long delay between the time you book a trip and the time you get paid for it.

Timeline graph portraying the delay between a trip being booked and commission being paid.

Most people plan their trips far in advance. It could be several months – even a year or more – before you get paid.

For that matter, the client could cancel the trip and you would not receive any commission at all .

This can be discouraging to newer agents who don’t have many client trips lined up. You can easily feel like you’re working hard and not seeing any income from it.

This becomes less of a concern as you become more established. You’ll eventually have clients traveling year round and your income will be more steady. Stick with it!

Planning Fees

Recently, many planners have begun charging their clients a planning fee or research fee. These are non-refundable upfront fees to cover the work the agent will do for the client. It is especially common in smaller agencies which may not have a steady flow of bookings.

Agents who charge the fee say it protects them from “working for free.” (Creating trip quotes takes work, but agents don’t get paid if the client doesn’t book or cancels.)

Those who don’t charge fees say doing so would drive away potential clients. (The client could book the trip on their own without paying a fee.)

Whether or not to charge the fee is a business decision that is usually made at the agency level.

Our research shows most major Disney-focused travel agencies do not charge these fees .

2. Watch Out for Shady Travel Agencies

Sadly, not all travel agencies are on the up and up. Some are outright scams.

Here are a few things to consider.

What’s the hiring process?

Beware of any agency that automatically hires you without an interview. This is a strong sign that they have no minimum standards. They might be bringing you onboard just to charge you fees (see below).

It’s reasonable to expect a phone interview before being hired. Ideally, you’ll interview with the agency’s owner or senior manager. That’s a good sign they take their business seriously.

Do they charge you a fee to join?

Some travel agencies operate like multi-level marketing schemes. Others simply try to get as much money as they can out of the people they “hire.”

Potentially scammy fees include:

  • Charging you hundreds of dollars in startup fees (a major red flag)
  • Requiring you to pay monthly affiliation fees
  • Making you pay for your initial training

There are , however, a few legitimate fees you might be charged:

  • Errors & Omissions insurance. (This offers financial protection for booking problems.)
  • A small technology fee to cover licenses for client management software
  • FAM trips and on-site education may require a fee. (These are usually heavily discounted.)

Is their commission split fair?

We suggest avoiding any agency which gives you less than 50% of the commission earned on a trip. You are doing most of the work; we think you should get at least half of the money the agency receives for it.

Check their licenses and professional memberships

Some states require travel agencies to hold Seller of Travel licenses.

For Disney-focused agencies, Florida and/or California licenses are common. Agencies often post these license numbers at the bottom of their websites. You can check online to ensure they’re valid.

  • Florida Seller of Travel License search
  • California Seller of Travel License search

Disney travel agencies also typically join at least one of the major travel industry groups, such as:

  • International Air Transport Association ( IATA )
  • International Airlines Travel Agent Network ( IATAN )
  • Cruise Lines International Association ( CLIA ).

3. Become a Disney Expert

Anyone who expects to be hired for this job must be well-versed in all Disney Destinations. Before you submit a job application, you should first brush up on your Disney knowledge.

How can you educate yourself?

There are tons of online resources to keep up with the latest Disney news. Read Disney websites, planning guides , and TripAdvisor reviews . Watch Disney YouTube channels . Browse the hundreds of resources published here on MagicGuides, such as our crowd calendars and transportation maps . Ask friends about their experiences and recommendations. Join Facebook groups and chat with your fellow Disney fanatics.

What should you learn about?

Becoming a Disney travel planner doesn’t just mean learning about Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Disney Cruise Line vacations are especially popular (and pay good commission). Adventures by Disney travels around the world . Someone might ask you to book Aulani (a Disney resort in Hawaii).

Go beyond the mouse

You’ll need to know about more than Disney. Most Disney travel agencies also book trips to Universal Orlando Resort . Maybe it’s time to brush up on their newest theme park .

Some agencies book all-inclusive Caribbean Resorts such as Atlantis , Sandals , and Beaches . You might also book Royal Caribbean cruises or other cruise lines.

Learning about these now will make you a stronger candidate when you apply.

4. Know the Characteristics of the Perfect Disney Travel Agent

Each Disney travel agency has its own set of criteria they require when hiring travel planners.

Among other things, you’ll need to be:

  • Passionate and knowledgeable about Disney theme parks
  • Well-organized and detail-oriented
  • Proactive and prompt when handling client bookings
  • Solution-oriented with a keen sense of customer service
  • Flexible and able to commit enough time to do the job right
  • Trustworthy

Want to make sure you have what it takes? Review our article on the Character Traits of Successful Disney Travel Agents . It has the inside scoop, direct from the owner of an Earmarked Diamond-Level Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency!

5. Pick the Agency You Want to Work With

We previously discussed the red flags of a bad travel agency. So what makes a good agency to work for? Here are a few things to look for when picking which agency you will apply to.

Learn about Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agencies

Some of the best Disney travel agencies are Authorized Disney Vacation Planners . This is an official designation from Disney. It simply means the agency meets the highest standards of service and sales volume in the industry.


Authorized Disney Vacation Planner logo | Image © Disney

This elite ranking assures clients that they are dealing with a legitimate, Disney-approved agency. And it gives potential travel agents confidence that they will be working for a reputable agency.

Learn about Earmarked designations

Some Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agencies also show a tiered Earmarked status. These include:

  • Earmarked Silver Producer
  • Earmarked Gold Producer
  • Earmarked Platinum Producer
  • Earmarked Diamond Producer

A series of logos showing travel agency Earmarked designations of silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. A set of Mickey Mouse ears in the corresponding color tops each logo.

Logos showing Earmarked Designations | Elements © Disney

These designations mean the agency is one of the highest-producing (selling) Disney travel agencies. Of these, Diamond is the highest level.

Joining a higher-tier agency has its benefits:

  • Disney issues more comp tickets and FAM trips to Platinum and Diamond agencies.
  • Higher-tiered Earmarked agencies also simply do more business than other agencies. That’s good for you as someone who works for commission!

If an agency is not Earmarked, does that mean it’s a bad place to work? Absolutely not (or at least, not necessarily).

You can find fantastic agencies who aren’t Earmarked yet because they’re brand new. Getting in on the ground floor can be quite lucrative as the business grows and new agents are added.

Just do your research; who runs the agency, for instance? We know of one newer agency, EnchantAway Travel , which was started by the owner of another major top-performing Disney travel agency. We have a feeling EnchantAway ’s agents are going to be well-set-up for success despite it being early days.

Size Matters, But It Isn’t Everything

You might be tempted to seek out a huge agency with hundreds of agents. An agency that big must be successful, right?

We’ve found that the best Disney travel agencies are neither too small nor too large.

  • Agencies that are too small may not have the brand recognition or a marketing budget needed to bring clients to you. They may also lack the infrastructure, technology, or business savvy of larger agencies.
  • Agencies that are too large can also be problematic. If they have over, say, 200 travel agents, chances are you will get lost in the shuffle. You don’t want to be just another number, a faceless member of the team.

Rather than focusing solely on size, a better question to ask may be: how are their agents doing?

Good Support Structure

A good agency will make sure its agents succeed. You should have solid training. The owner should be available to answer your questions. An agency doesn’t have to be large at all to make this happen – they just have to be dedicated to their agents’ success.

The best Disney travel agencies have a good support network in place. They promote an open and friendly (i.e., non-competitive) dialog between each of the agents.

There will inevitably be agents who know more than you at the start. The best agencies to work for will embrace these learning opportunities and support you along the way. Before long, you might be mentoring new agents!

Do they Market Themselves?

Marketing is key to success in the travel industry. You will be primarily responsible for marketing your own services . However, some agencies also spend their own resources to market their brand and bring in new clients.

Larger, more established agencies may have a prominent social media presence or high Google search ranking. Some agencies even pay to advertise their brand at no cost to their agents.

The best Disney travel agencies even provide client leads to their full-time agents. It helps to work for an agency such as The Vacationeer which sends extra business your way.

Ask Their Agents

See if you can reach out to current agents at the company to get some feedback on their working environment.

Questions to ask include:

  • Do they like working there?
  • Is the owner supportive and responsive?
  • Is there open dialog among the agents?
  • How is the training?
  • Are they getting paid on schedule?

Getting the inside scoop from people who work at the agency can be very helpful.

6. Apply to Become a Disney Travel Agent

You’ve done all your prep work. Now it’s time to actually apply for the job.

Application questions will vary depending on the agency. Expect to provide basic contact information and work history. They also often ask how familiar you are with Disney destinations.

Screenshot of a Disney focused travel agency's application, with blanks asking for full name, email address, phone number, city/state, and why you want to be a Disney Travel Planner

A typical application to become a Disney travel planner

When filling out an application, remember to be professional. This is a job application, not a group chat. Would you hire someone who writes “I want 2 work 4 u”? And don’t forget to proofread everything before submitting. Double check your email address and phone number so the agency can contact you. Make sure you answer all questions completely.

Ready to Apply?

You can get started right here on MagicGuides. Get additional hiring tips  and submit your application to our two recommended travel agencies by clicking the button below:

7. Be Patient

Now comes the hardest part – waiting to hear back.

In especially busy agencies, it could take upwards of a month to hear back on your application.

Don’t waste this time. Make sure you keep up with everything that’s happening at Disney and the travel industry while you wait.

If you get the interview (see next step), there may be more waiting afterwards. Don’t get discouraged!

8. Ace the Interview

If you’re fortunate enough to interview with an agency, you’ll want to prepare. Here are our top tips:

  • If it’s a phone interview , make sure you’re in a quiet area free of family and pet noises. For a video interview , be sure to dress nicely and be well-groomed.
  • Be “in place” and ready to go a few minutes early so you’re not rushing at the last minute.
  • It’s understandable to be a bit nervous, but try to be as natural and friendly as possible ! Remember, you might never meet most of your clients in-person. Your interview needs to show how well your personality shines on a phone call or on a video chat. Be polite, engaged, and well-spoken. Speak clearly and don’t mumble. Don’t sound disinterested or distracted.
  • Be prepared with a pen, paper and a copy of your resume to reference as needed
  • Why do you want this job?
  • What do you think is your greatest strength?
  • What is your biggest weakness? (Tip: tell them how you’re working to fix it!)
  • What unique traits would you bring to this job?
  • When was the last time you visited Disney?
  • What’s your favorite Disney theme park?
  • What does a typical workday look like?
  • What are your schedule expectations for me?
  • What type of training will I receive?
  • What resources will I have to succeed?
  • What do you consider to be the sign of a successful agent?
  • What is your commission split and how often are payments processed?
  • Does anything about my work history concern you? (Tip: be prepared to respond!)
  • If an agent underperforms, how do you help them?
  • What is your timeline for filling this position?
  • If you don’t like what you’ve heard, politely inform them that you’d like to remove yourself from consideration. No agency wants to hire someone who already wants to leave!
  • Be sure to thank the interviewer for the time they spent with you!

9. The Offer: Get Hired

We hope your interview goes well and you’re offered a chance to join your preferred agency.

But don’t get discouraged if you’re not hired. Competition can be steep and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad candidate. Find another agency and keep at it!

If you are fortunate enough to receive a job offer, it can be tempting to instantly accept.

  • Make sure to thoroughly review the offer to ensure it matches what you discussed.
  • You’re well within your rights to request 24-48 hours to consider the offer.
  • If you’ve interviewed with multiple agencies, inform everyone else that you’ve accepted a position elsewhere. Agency owners do talk to one another – it’s not wise to burn any bridges.
  • Promptly return any requested documents during the onboarding process. Expect to provide photo ID, an I-9 form , and to sign an offer letter or other agreement.

And that’s it! With your skills and effort, you can build a career planning Disney vacations.

But! You still have work to do…

10. Market Yourself

Getting hired is a huge accomplishment, but it’s only the beginning! Now you need to build up a client base by marketing yourself. Your agency may provide some help, but you’re mainly responsible.

Friends and Family

A large group of friends and family is the best way to start. More connections mean more potential clients. Let everyone know that you’re ready to help them book their trips.

Don’t forget casual acquaintances, either. Your church, social clubs, and neighborhood are full of potential clients.

Many clients would rather deal with someone they know – even just a little – than a total stranger.

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to build a following. Successful Disney travel planners create dedicated accounts just to market their services. Facebook pages and Instagram accounts are common choices. Some agents have a large TikTok or YouTube following. And there are many other platforms.

Screenshot of Facebook's Business Page creation process

Consider creating a Facebook business page to market your travel services

Find the platforms you’re most comfortable with and begin posting. Invite your friends to follow you, and ask them to invite their friends.

Everything you post is another reminder to your followers that you are ready to plan their next Disney trip. Consider posting:

  • Special offers and promotions
  • News and updates from the destinations you book
  • Content produced by your travel agency
  • Sample trip itineraries and prices
  • Pictures and videos from your latest trip
  • Photos and testimonials from clients (get their permission first!)

The possibilities are endless! But remember: anything you post must follow Disney’s and your agency’s guidelines.

And remember, social media is social ! Be sure to regularly interact with comments/replies. Respond promptly to direct messages.

Direct Marketing

Your agency may send email or postcards to your clients. In some cases, these are generic messages from the agency as a whole. Or they may appear to come directly from you. Either way, they keep your clients engaged and eager to book with you.

Screenshot showing marketing emails from a travel agency

Regular emails keep clients informed and engaged

Repeat Business and Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Do a good job planning people’s vacations and you’ll soon start to get repeat business.

Happy clients come back again and again – and they tell their friends!

Successful agents agree: repeat clients and referrals are essential to their success.

Remember, everything you do counts toward your reputation! Treat every client like a VIP every time and it will pay off for decades to come!

Why You Should Become a Travel Agent for Disney: Cinderella Castle with the Walt and Mickey Partners status

If you’re on the fence about whether you should apply or not, here are some considerations to think about. I’ll weigh the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Income Considerations

Travel agents who focus on Disney vacations can make good money if they’re willing to put in the effort. Being a Disney Travel agent is a job , not a hobby. And it’s a career in which what you put into it directly influences what you get out of it.

Disney vacation planners receive commission rather than a salary or hourly wage, which can be both a pro and a con. You can make virtually unlimited money (in theory). But you can also make… well, nothing . And having an irregular income can make it harder to budget for yourself.

The agents who are most successful financially are those who:

  • Are self-starters
  • Treat it as a full-time career
  • Build up a reliable client base
  • Regularly market themselves and build a social media following
  • Work with an agency that offers a favorable commission structure

Doing What You Love

If you are a Disney fanatic, being a Disney travel agent may sound like the ultimate dream. You spend each work day thinking about, talking about, researching, and booking Disney Destinations. What could be more rewarding than getting paid to do what you love?

That said, burnout is a real risk. If Disney is your work, then sometimes going to Disney can feel like going to work.

And you can’t simply walk away — if you get frustrated with planning your own vacation, you can take some time off and come back to it later. Clients, no matter how difficult, won’t be willing to wait for you to get your pixie dust back.

Work from Home… or Wherever

One of the best benefits of a job booking Disney Vacations is that you can work from wherever you like (within reason).

For most people, this means setting up a quiet corner or extra room in their home to serve as their “office.” Some agents are full-time RVers. Others might have a favorite café or local park where they do their best work. I know of at least one travel advisor near Orlando who sometimes works from Magic Kingdom or EPCOT!

Travel agents sitting at computers in the Men in Black: Alien Attack theme park attraction

You probably won’t be allowed to work from HQ at Men in Black: Alien Attack. But you might be able to visit!

Just make sure that working from home is right for you. On the surface it seems fantastic, but you have to be of the right mindset. You’ll need the discipline required to get everything done without a boss hovering over your shoulder. And some people are surprised to find out that they miss the camaraderie of office co-workers.

Flexible Hours

As independent contractors, travel agents generally have the freedom to set their own schedule. Prefer a day shift? More of a night owl? Need to pick up the kids from school? The flexibility of being a travel agent makes it all possible.

Just keep in mind that flexibility goes both ways. Clients may contact you early or late. There will be days you must be up at 6:00 AM Eastern Time to get the best possible dining reservations for a client. And your agency might have mandatory meetings or other scheduling expectations.

Those who have difficulty fully unplugging from work can find this bizarre schedule all the more challenging, leading to a sort of workaholism. For others, knowing that no one’s watching you “punch the clock” can lead to the temptation to sleep late and duck out early. Either way, your paycheck and mental health can suffer if you’re not disciplined.

Potential Tax Benefits

When booking Disney is your business, then visiting Disney can be a business expense!

Any Disney vacation you go on may be tax-deductible as a research expense if certain conditions are met. This ends up being a great perk for anyone that already spends a lot of time at Disney destinations. Other business expenses, such as office supplies and phone bills, may also be deductible.

Just remember that deducting business expenses requires that you keep very detailed records and receipts, and it can make your tax return much more complicated. You might even need to hire a CPA or other financial professional, which could eat into the savings.

Disclaimer: We are not accountants. Please consult an expert before attempting to write off these expenses.

Free Tickets and Discounts

Agents who sell travel are eligible to receive freebies and discounted travel opportunities.

Free Disney and Universal Tickets

Each graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge (Disney’s online training program) receives a free one-day Walt Disney World Park Hopper ticket each year.

A person entering Magic Kingdom park

Tickets are “on the mouse” for travel agents (once per year)

Travel agents who complete the Universal and U training program receive a free 3-Day Universal Orlando ticket.

Your agency may also receive Comp Tickets (complimentary theme park tickets). These are additional free tickets which may be given to travel agents as an incentive.

Travel agents who have a valid IATA/IATAN or CLIA membership card can get discounts on Disney and Universal theme park tickets or hotel stays. Friends and Family discounts may also be offered.

But even free and discounted tickets can lead to more expenses. If you don’t live near the parks, you’ll need a hotel, maybe airline tickets, food money, and more. Consider tickets a nice perk, but not necessarily a major money-saving strategy.

A FAM trip (familiarization trip) is a chance for travel professionals to experience a destination for themselves. For example, Disney World or Universal Orlando might invite agents to visit for free or at a discount so they can experience a new hotel or ride. FAM trips also help build comradery within a travel agency. They can be a great learning experience and are a lot of fun!

Travel agents on a FAM trip at Universal Studios

Travel agents on a FAM trip at Universal Studios

Top-tier agencies tend to receive more FAM trip opportunities than smaller agencies receive.

Some of the largest agencies even have on-site conventions for their agents!

A group of Disney travel planners at a panel discussion during an onsite convention

A panel discussion during an on-site convention of Disney Travel Planners

This is yet another reason to seek out a job with a high-level Disney travel agency. You’ll have access to more perks. But again, keep the potential associated expenses in mind.

How much do Disney travel agents make?

A well-established Disney travel agent can reasonably earn $50,000 per year , assuming that they:

  • Work full-time
  • Join a high-performing agency
  • Have favorable commission splits
  • Market themselves often
  • Receive additional leads from their agency
  • Have a steady stream of bookings
  • Have earned repeat business and referrals

The pay can be much lower or much higher depending on the number of trips booked and how much those trips cost.

Agents who just book a few vacations for family and close friends might make only a few hundred dollars per year.

It is possible (though not common) for exceptionally successful agents to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When do you get paid?

Disney travel professionals get paid after their client has traveled . This may be anywhere from a couple of months to more than a year after the trip is booked. Some Disney Cruises are booked upwards of 18 months in advance.

What equipment and software do you need?

Almost everything you do for a client will either happen online or over the phone. That means all you really need to become a Disney travel planner is a computer with internet access and a telephone.

But there are some additional pieces of equipment that can make the job easier. See our Essential Equipment List for Disney Travel Agents for further details.

Do I have to join an agency? Can I become a Disney travel agent on my own?

It is possible to go solo as a Disney travel planner , but you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons.

Being an individual agent means you don’t have to split commissions with anyone. You get the entire amount for yourself. And you truly are your own boss.

But you won’t have any help marketing yourself or getting leads. You’ll start out with zero reputation and can’t “stand” on your agency’s established good name. And you’ll be solely responsible for following all laws and licensing requirements.

For most people, it makes more sense to join an agency – especially as a brand new agent. Solo Disney travel agents are rare.

Do I need an LLC?

Most travel agents are considered independent contractors, even when affiliated with a travel agency. As a result, it is often wise to avail yourself of the legal protections that an LLC provides .

Consider a worst-case scenario in which a client sues you for financial damages. Having an LLC may help shield your personal assets if a court rules against you.

Many agents also purchase Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance . This further shields them from potential financial liability.

Disclaimer: we are not lawyers and nothing here should be considered legal advice.

Do you need a license to sell Disney vacations?

Several states require a Seller of Travel license . Severe financial penalties may be levied against unlicensed agents.

The travel agency you work for should have a Seller of Travel license which covers all its individual agents. You might still need to complete an exemption form or meet some other requirements.

Depending on your local regulations you might need a business license . Check with your city, county/parish, or state licensing bureaus to verify requirements.

How do taxes work for travel agents?

Earlier in this article we mentioned that some of your expenses may be tax deductible. But what about income tax itself?

Most travel agents work as independent contractors for their agency. This means you probably won’t have taxes withheld from your paychecks. Rather than a W-2, you’re more likely to receive a 1099 form at year’s end.

You may need to pay quarterly estimated tax payments to avoid penalties at tax time.

Disclaimer: We are not tax professionals. Consult an expert for specific advice on your situation.

Do I need a College Degree?

A college degree isn’t necessary to become a travel agent. You don’t even necessarily need a high school diploma.

Do I need to go to Travel School?

Most Disney-focused travel agencies do not require their agents to have formal training such as travel school.

Do you need experience to become a Disney Travel Agent?

People who have already worked at travel companies are certainly at an advantage. But most Disney-focused agencies accept new hires who’ve never done any type of travel work before.

You will , however, need to have experience visiting Disney World. Very few Disney-focused agencies are willing to hire someone who knows nothing about Disney.

What’s the training like?

Disney, Universal, and other travel providers offer free online training on their products. You’ll be asked to complete those once you’re hired.

The training typically is just a series of online videos or slides, perhaps followed by a quiz. You can typically complete this at your own pace. It usually won’t take more than one or two days of your time.

Your agency may also have its own training. (That’s a great question to ask during your interview!)

And your training never really stops. It’s reasonable to expect regular refresher training on the destinations you book.

Can I work part-time?

It is possible to work part-time as an agent, but you’ll need to find an agency that supports it.

Most agencies prefer full-time agents rather than part-timers. The agency must commit a significant amount of resources to train and onboard a new agent. They want that investment to pay off with many bookings and large commissions.

There are, however, some agencies which are open to accepting part-time workers. As an example, Enchantaway Travel embraces part-time agents and happily hires them.

Just remember, your income potential will be significantly limited if you only work part-time.

Do Disney Travel Planners have to live in Orlando or Anaheim?

Not at all! You’ll want to visit Disney at least once every year or two (so you can keep up with what’s happening). But it’s not necessary to live in the shadow of Cinderella Castle!

Do Disney Travel Agents sell other destinations, too?

Absolutely! It’s common for most Disney-focused travel agencies to sell:

  • Disney World
  • Some international Disney theme parks
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Adventures by Disney
  • Hilton Head Island

  • Universal Orlando Resort
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Princess Cruises
  • Norwegian Cruises
  • Virgin Voyages
  • Atlantis Bahamas
  • Sandals Resorts
  • Beaches Resorts

This list might seem daunting. But remember: more options means more chances to book something for your client. And that means more chances to earn a commission!

When I taught Disney Traditions to new Disney Cast Members on their first day at work, there was one thing we wanted them to remember above all: “We Create Happiness.”

Being a Disney-focused travel agent is no different.

Every day, you’ll be sending people on vacation. They’ll be excited to talk to you – and you’ll be excited to talk to them. There’s really nothing like the feeling of knowing someone is having the time of their life because of something you made possible.

I wouldn’t dare promise that every single moment will be Mickey Ears and Pixie Dust. You’ll work hard. There will be early mornings, late nights, and hectic booking days. It requires discipline, initiative, and the right attitude.

But for most agents, those photos of happy clients smiling in front of Cinderella Castle make it all worth it .

I know we’ve covered a lot in this article. It may seem overwhelming or scary. It might even seem impossible. But, as Walt himself once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible!”

I wish you the best possible success as you begin this journey. Go make some magic!

Get Started Today

Check out our additional travel agency employment tips  and submit an application directly to two excellent Disney-focused travel agencies by clicking the button below:

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Exterior of Disney's BoardWalk Inn, with boats on the water nearby

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About the author: jackie steele.

disney world travel agent salary

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Do Disney Travel Agents Get Commission on Annual Passes?

One Comment

disney world travel agent salary

Good tips here. Wish I’d known some of this when I started out.

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disney world travel agent salary

Become a Disney Vacation Planner.

Join The Happiest Team Around

disney world travel agent salary

As a top-tier, high-end agency, we attract the kind of clients you love to work with, so you can really make magic happen.

You’ve found the place where dreams come true. 

We are seeking independent travel consultants to add to our Disney travel planning agency.

disney world travel agent salary

Are you a type-A planner with an incurable passion for travel and a love for delighting others? Or have you ever dreamed of using your in-depth knowledge of Disney destinations as a career? Then as a Disney focused travel agent, you can begin crafting truly magical vacations for your clients.

disney world travel agent salary

We also welcome experienced agents to apply.

Positive Team Culture Education Collaboration

At The Enchanted Traveler, we are committed to…

What To Expect From The Enchanted Traveler 

disney world travel agent salary

• A high-quality brand known for its personalized, in-depth vacation planning. • One-on-one help from the moment you join the team and start your business, as well as through any step along the way • Any marketing advice and strategies you need • Commission splits with increases based on experience and productivity • Opportunities for both Disney knowledge training and business training • A team atmosphere, including a Facebook support group and more. • The flexibility to work when you want, where you want, and with the clients that you want.

"Being a part of this team is like being a part of an exclusive club!"

What OUR CONSULTANTS are saying

- Holly Woodlee

We are people from all over the world with different backgrounds who all have different strengths, even within a team of similarly skilled people. One colleague might be more strategic, while another one is more analytical. Yet when the right mix of people and skills are brought together, the results can be amazing. Our team of experts value and care for each other and want to see each other succeed. Above all, we LOVE what we do, and helping our clients create the perfect vacation is an absolute dream

A Passion for disney

You don’t have to be Disney obsessed, but you do need to believe that a Disney vacation is absolutely magical, and love the experience it offers.

Our ideal Disney Travel Consultant has:

Above average Disney knowledge

Do you have great tips and tricks? Know the best restaurants? Know how to avoid crowds? Can you create detailed plans to keep people out of lines?

A social media presence

So much of this business comes from word of mouth.

Most of our work is web-based, both within this agency, in our marketing, and with Disney.

experience in customer service or naturally personable skills

It is important that our clients feel special, valued, and happy when working with us.

Sales Experience

An important portion of this job is sales-based, so sales experience is preferred.

organizational skills and self-motivation

As an Independent Consultant, this is still your business and no one is going to manage it for you – you must be a go-getter!

A Desire to learn

Keeping up with all things Disney is extremely important and requires you to seek the information willingly and frequently. Being willing to learn other aspects of the business on your own time is also important to your success.

time to dedicate toward building a business

Whether part-time or full-time, we are not seeking hobbyists. We are looking for someone able to devote 20+ hours a week.

well-traveled within the Disney destinations

We’re looking for someone who has traveled to a Disney destination at least 4 times in the last 8 years, with at least 2 of those to Walt Disney World in the last 4 years. It’s an extra bonus if you’ve traveled recently to more than one Disney destination.

an expert level of knowledge on at least one Disney destination

Ability to continue traveling to a Disney destination regularly, at least once per year

"I absolutely love being an Independent Consultant with The Enchanted Traveler!"

- Kerri Danley

I started this industry knowing little about the travel agency business, but with a ton of knowledge and passion for Disney! Sabrina guided me as a mentor to set goals for business, market myself as my own brand, and provided opportunities to learn and collaborate with our team of agents. We are a supportive team who helps each other and celebrates our successes. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to work under a strong and encouraging agency, and the autonomy to work my own hours and build my business at my pace.

Want to be part of The Enchanted Traveler difference?

Join our team

disney world travel agent salary


Customized Travel Planning

Since 2012, the Enchanted Traveler has become the go-to travel agency for moms and dads who want to save time and relieve the stress of planning a family vacation to Disney destinations and beyond. 

Disney Travel | Tropical Travel | Disney Destinations | Our Team | Join the Team


disney world travel agent salary

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How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

Elina Geller

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Table of Contents

Why become a Disney trip planner?

How to become a disney travel agent, save money as a disney vacation planner, how much do disney travel agents make, final thoughts on becoming a disney travel agent.

If you’re a fan of Disney and you like to travel, it’s possible for you to combine these passions into a career or side hustle. By becoming a Disney travel agent, you can earn money by making bookings for clients and also save on your own Disney adventures.

Here's a look at how to become a Disney travel agent and the ways it can save you money and help you earn some cash while helping others make their Disney dreams come true.

As a Disney travel agent:

You can receive benefits on personal travel, such as discounted hotel rooms, free theme park tickets and complimentary Disney cruises.

You control your own schedule and how much you work.

You will be able to work from home in most cases.

You’ll earn a commission on successful bookings.

» Learn more: 10 ways to save on your first — or next — Disney vacation

Becoming a Disney travel advisor is similar to the process of becoming a regular travel agent.

First, you’ll need to meet specific travel agent requirements — but there are additional criteria needed to specialize in selling Disney vacations.

You’ll have to become familiar with Disney’s entire portfolio of products including Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines, Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii and Adventures by Disney. In addition, clients may also ask Disney travel agents to book Universal Studios, Sandals and Beaches Resorts, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line packages.

If you’re already a travel agent , you can register for Disney travel agent training on the Disney Travel Agents website. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll need to complete the College of Disney Knowledge training, which includes online classes and information about Disney Destinations.

If you’re not already a certified travel agent , you’ll need to become one before signing up for Disney travel agent training. Certification programs vary in terms of cost, time commitment and requirements. Once you've completed a program, you can choose to join a travel agency or operate on your own as a small business. At this point, you can register for the Disney training.

Once finished, you’re eligible to become an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and entitled to all the benefits that the designation includes.

» Learn more: Do travel agents really save you money?

Disney travel agent benefits are one of the reasons to become a Disney vacation planner. Perks include special access to discounted hotel rates and other advantages, like:

Disney travel agent discounts

Disney travel agents can take advantage of discounted rates on accommodation and park entrance fees for their personal trips as well. This also applies to Disney branded hotels, in addition to other properties, cruises and excursions that include:

Disneyland Resort Hotels.

Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa.

Walt Disney World Resort Hotels.

Adventures by Disney.

Disney Cruise Line.

Select all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.

The discounts will vary based on where you’re going, but you can expect to save up to 50%.

Adventures by Disney are guided vacation packages, which include Antarctic cruises, European getaways and more.

» Learn more: What a travel agent can do for you that a search engine can't

Complimentary Disney Park Hopper tickets annually

Businesses want you to be familiar with what you’re selling. After all, the better you know a place, the more capable you’ll be of helping clients choose the right vacation.

To that end, Disney provides Authorized Disney Vacation Planners with complimentary theme park tickets . As a standard Disney travel agent, you’ll receive a one-day Park Hopper ticket to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland each year.

Or, if you want to visit for a longer period of time, you can opt for discounted two- to 10-day Park Hopper tickets at Walt Disney World.

The highest-performing travel agents are recognized by Disney’s EarMarked. This invite-only program grants extra support and perks, such as additional complimentary theme park tickets.

» Learn more: Is the Disney Park Hopper worth it?

Discounted Universal Studios tickets

Cheaper tickets aren’t limited to Disney. As a Disney travel agent, you’ll also receive up to four half-price tickets to Universal Studios per year.

» Learn more: How to go to Disney World for cheap

Discounted Disney cruises and increased commissions

Disney cruise travel agents can also score reduced or free tickets to Disney cruises. Depending on the travel agency you work with, agencies with a high number of sales can earn increased commissions on sales associated with cruises.

» Learn more: How much does a Disney Cruise cost?

Disney travel agents work on commission, which means that they make money only when their clients book and complete vacations.

Disney pays up to a 10% commission to travel agents, depending on the package booked for the customer. Disney cruises yield a higher commission. If you’re working independently, you’ll receive the full commission amount — so if your client booked a $5,000 vacation pretax, you’d receive $500 in commission.

You can also opt to join an existing travel agency. These companies offer more support and can help you if you’re just getting started. Depending on the agency, it can also provide marketing support and send leads your way.

If you choose to join a travel agency , you’ll split your commission. The rate for this will vary based on where you’re working, but you can expect to receive up to 75% of the total commission Disney pays out.

This means that if you had a client taking a vacation that cost $5,000 pretax, Disney would pay the travel agency $500. At a 75% split, you would be paid $375. It’s less than you’d make if you were operating on your own, but it may be worth it for the added support and access to interested clients.

» Learn more: The best Disney resort for adults

There’s no denying that there are benefits to becoming a Disney travel agent. This includes free theme park tickets, discounted rates at official Disney hotels and even savings on cruises. Aside from these perks, you can also turn your passion into a job by selling Disney vacation packages to customers.

Whatever your reason for wanting to become a Disney travel agent, you’ll need to first become a certified travel agent, then complete Disney’s specialized training program.

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are our picks for the best travel credit cards of 2024 , including those best for:

Flexibility, point transfers and a large bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

No annual fee: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card

Flat-rate travel rewards: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Bonus travel rewards and high-end perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Luxury perks: The Platinum Card® from American Express

Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card

on Chase's website

1x-10x Earn 5x total points on flights and 10x total points on hotels and car rentals when you purchase travel through Chase Travel℠ immediately after the first $300 is spent on travel purchases annually. Earn 3x points on other travel and dining & 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases.

75,000 Earn 75,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That's $1,125 toward travel when you redeem through Chase Travel℠.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

1x-5x 5x on travel purchased through Chase Travel℠, 3x on dining, select streaming services and online groceries, 2x on all other travel purchases, 1x on all other purchases.

75,000 Earn 75,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That's over $900 when you redeem through Chase Travel℠.

Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card

1x-3x Earn 3X points on Southwest® purchases. Earn 2X points on local transit and commuting, including rideshare. Earn 2X points on internet, cable, and phone services, and select streaming. Earn 1X points on all other purchases.

50,000 Earn 50,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.

disney world travel agent salary

#1 Disney Travel Agents. Your Source for Vacation Planning!

Here’s why you should join our BIG FUN team! Earn great commissions selling Disney vacations (and more) through the Walt Disney World Travel Company as an independent contractor with Small World Big Fun, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. We’ve booked more than 10,000 trips since 2008! We are a member of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and we are proud to have been chosen to participate in Disney’s EarMarked™ Program.

Being a travel agent at Small World Big Fun offers many benefits, including:

  • Being a part of a Disney Gold Level EarMarked Agency and one of the most successful teams in the Disney Travel business
  • Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance coverage provided
  • We are IATA and Travel Leaders Network members
  • Agents get CLIA or IATA Travel Credentials and Travel ID Card for discounted industry Travel Rates ( Based on annual sales)
  • Top-tier commission of 16% for Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruise Line
  • Top-tier commission of 10% for Walt Disney World and Disneyland
  • Disney’s College of Knowledge Program (Free to all agents)
  • Unlimited sales and marketing support
  • 24/7 access to our agent-exclusive portal
  • A private agent-only Facebook page
  • Ongoing training programs
  • All booking tools and marketing materials
  • Monthly webinars with your Academy Travel Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Travel agent tutorials
  • Exclusive private FAM Trips and special events for agents and families
  • Exclusive Private Agent Education Programs (AEPs) and Familiarization Programs (FAM) for agents to Walt Disney World, Disneyland California, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and more
  • Rewards and incentive programs for agents to win Disney Vacations
  • The opportunity to work with a great bunch of Small World Big Fun agents!

We’re always looking for independent, outside sales reps who want to work from home selling Disney vacations. If you meet the following qualifications, we’d love to talk with you! Ask yourself the following questions. 

Basic Requirements ... are you:

  • Currently not Full-Time employed? (Part-Time employment is ok)
  • A U.S. Resident?
  • A High School or GED graduate? (College degree is preferred)
  • A Disney Visitor — have you visited a Disney destination more than 3 times as an adult in the past 5 years?

Requirements to Succeed at Small World Big Fun ... are you: 

  • An outgoing person who loves to meet new people and is involved in your community? Sales and marketing experience is definitely a plus!
  • A motivated, self-starter with a professional work ethic who is ready to build a business as an independent contractor?
  • An excellent writer with great verbal communication skills?
  • Detail-oriented with strong problem-solving skills?
  • Regularly willing to commit time to marketing and establishing yourself as a Disney expert?
  • Comfortable using the internet and Microsoft Office products?
  • Active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogging, message boards, etc.)?
  • A person who has traveled to a Disney destination at least once within the last 12 months?
  • An excellent employee with equally excellent references?
  • Willing to do what it takes to take care of the client (i.e. up before dawn to make dining/FastPass reservations, apply discounts, etc.)?

Keep in mind — while we are all about BIG FUN,  working with Small World BIG FUN is NOT a hobby!  We are looking for new agents who are professional and capable of investing at least 15-20 hours per week to build their business.  As your business grows the hours will increase.

We provide personal training in marketing, procedures and tips on generating leads and growing your business. We also provide opportunities to train on various products & travel vendors including the College of Disney Knowledge, Universal Travel Agents, Vax and others.

If you are meet the Basic requirements above, please fill out the form below and we'll contact you to see if there is a connection!

We review every application, and we try to respond to all. But if you do not meet the Basic Requirements listed above we will not respond. If we are interested in talking with you further, we will contact you. 

disney world travel agent salary

Hi! We're Academy Travel.

Academy Travel

Your Travel Experts

How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

disney world travel agent salary

Learn how to become a Disney Travel Agency Qualifications / Requirements for Joining Our Team

  • You must have visited a Disney Destination or stayed on Disney property a minimum of 3 times in the past 5 years (preferred).
  • You are over the age of 21.
  • You live within the continental United States.
  • You are proficient in social media (specifically Facebook and Instagram – additional platform knowledge preferred).

Academy Travel is a Diamond EarMarked Travel Agency – the Highest Designation from Walt Disney Travel Company. We are the original, Disney-only agency, making Disney vacation dreams come true for over 25 years. Our Agency and Work From Home program has been featured in many industry publications, including: Agent@Home, Travel Weekly, Travel Trade, Modern Agent, Seatrade Insider, and the Washington Post. You can learn how to work from home as a “Disney Travel Agent” with Academy Travel

If you’d like to work from home as a “Disney Travel Agent”, and would like to work with an EarMarked Diamond Travel Agency, then you should consider joining our team of Disney Travel Agents and Vacation Planners

We are looking for professional, self-motivated Travel Planners who will be able to assist their clients with every aspect of their Disney vacation and offer concierge level service, who are available to work a minimum of 15 hours per week or more making memories for their clients.

Apply Today!  View Here

Benefits Include:

  • NO FEES! – Academy Travel does not charge start-up, set-up, or monthly fees (An agency should not charge you to work for them!)
  • Top tier supplier commission at 16% for Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruise Line
  • Highest travel agent commission levels up to 90%  with no fees
  • Travel Industry Product & Sales Training
  • Disney’s College of Knowledge Program and ongoing training (All Academy Travel Agents are Offered Training from Disney at No Cost)
  • Unlimited Sales and Marketing Support including NEW Social Media support
  • Unlimited 24/7 Access to Agent Only online portal
  • Conference Calls
  • Booking Tools
  • Monthly Webinars with your Academy Travel team
  • Conference Calls and Webinars with Disney Sales Managers and other Industry Experts
  • Academy Travel Sales and Marketing Guide
  • Travel Agent Tutorials
  • On-Site Training
  • Exclusive private FAM Trips and special events for agents and families*
  • Exclusive Private AEPs for agents to Walt Disney World, Disneyland California, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Universal Parks and Resorts and more*
  • Ongoing Training Programs
  • Co-branded logos for business cards and collateral
  • Custom Co-Branded Individual Agent Website**
  • Private agent only chat groups
  • Custom Booking Tools
  • CLIA and IATA Travel Credentials*

And so much more!

Why Become a Disney Destination Vacation Planner?

Why work with academy travel, what makes academy travel different.

Want to find out more information? View Here

Being an Academy Travel Agent

Trending now.

disney world travel agent salary

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Academy Travel is a Diamond EarMarked Travel Agency and has been planning Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, runDisney and Universal Studios vacations since 1996.

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Here's What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Disney Travel Agent

Do you dream of helping people plan Disney vacations? Check out this expert advice.

Elizabeth Rhodes is a special projects editor at Travel + Leisure , covering everything from luxury hotels to theme parks to must-pack travel products. Originally from South Carolina, Elizabeth moved to New York City from London, where she started her career as a travel blogger and writer.

disney world travel agent salary

If you love Disney, have impressive knowledge of theme parks, and consider yourself an expert vacation planner, you might have what it takes to become a Disney travel agent. A dream job for many fans of the Mouse, these travel agents spend their days talking about all things Disney and helping guests book unforgettable trips.

Sue Pisaturo owns Small World Vacations , a top Disney vacation travel agency, and has watched the industry grow for more than 25 years — so we asked for her best tips on how to become a Disney travel agent. Here's what you should know before embarking on a magical new career.

How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

There isn't just one way to become a Disney travel agent, and the requirements and expectations vary depending on your goals, the agency's standards, and your location. Some aspiring agents want to work part-time to plan trips for their friends and family, while others pursue it as a full-time career. Either way, most agents work remotely instead of reporting to a physical office. States have different laws impacting travel agents, and many of these professionals are independent contractors, so it's important to educate yourself on the applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations to ensure that you and your agency are compliant.

There are learning programs, like the College of Disney Knowledge and modules on the Disney Travel Agents site, that can help agents deepen their knowledge of Disney destinations. But Pisaturo says the best preparation is first-hand experience. Go to the Disney theme parks, stay at the resorts, eat at the restaurants, go on a cruise with Disney Cruise Line or Adventures by Disney, and visit Aulani, Disney's resort outpost in Hawaii. It's important to familiarize yourself with the brand's offerings so you can effectively advise future travelers.

Disney travel agents spend their days helping guests plan magical experiences, so they need to stay up-to-date on Disney news and trends. Needless to say, most agents choose this career path because they love the company — but you'll need to have both passion and knowledge to be successful.

Finding the Right Agency

To be a successful Disney travel agent, you'll want to find the right agency fit, and there are a few basic things to know before you get started. Disney travel agencies provide a service to travelers by booking their trips, and Disney in turn pays those agencies — not the agents themselves — a commission. Each agency negotiates its own commission split with agents, so you'll receive a portion of the firm's earnings, as determined by your employer. Some agencies expect agents to find their own clients (many agents use social media to market their services), while others provide leads directly to agents. Travel agencies vary in size and policies, so Pisaturo suggests that you pose plenty of questions to your potential agency before signing on. Here are her top asks:

Fees: Do they charge upfront fees and, if so, what are they? Find out about any other fees the agency charges agents, including any for training and education.

Contracts: Are there any mandatory sales quotas or hours? Is there a contract for independent workers and, if so, how long does it last?

Agency support: How long have their agents been with them? (This can be a good indicator of satisfaction with the agency.) What support does the main office provide to agents? Does the agency provide leads, or are agents responsible for generating their own sales? Does the agency provide assistance with social media marketing, including information about Disney's rules and restrictions? How often are agents paid commission, and what method does the agency use to pay them?

Agency information: Is the agency an Earmarked Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and, if so, at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond level? Does the agency belong to Universal's U-Preferred program? (Since many travelers like to visit Universal and Disney parks in the span of one trip, it's helpful to know if your agency works with both brands.) Is the agency accredited by the Better Business Bureau? Does the agency belong to other professional associations? Has the agency been involved in any lawsuits with agents, guests, or vendors?

These are critical questions you'll want to ask before starting with an agency. Of course, it's always helpful to search the agencies you're interested in online and to check out their social media pages.

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  • Universal Family Vacations
  • Griswold Family Vacations
  • Pixie Honeymoons

Pixie Vacations

How to Become a Disney Travel Agent – Complete Guide

best Disney world roller coasters

  • How do I become a Disney Travel Agent?

Ever since we started Pixie Vacations we get asked how to become a Disney Travel Agent?  So we created this Disney Travel agent complete guide to help you out and hopefully give you a good understanding what it takes to sell Disney vacations.

First I want to start by saying you are not technically a “Disney Travel Agent”  you would be a Travel Planner that specializes in Disney vacations and you would be working for a travel agency.  If you are looking to work for the Disney Company at their Central Reservations (CRO) this is a different job altogether.

  • What we are going to cover
  • What is a Disney Travel Agent AKA Travel Planner that specializes in Disney destinations?
  • How do I become a travel agent that sells Disney vacations?
  • What to look out for and what questions to ask to be a travel agent.
  • We will cover the skills you should have to sell travel.
  • We will get in-depth into some marketing tips, and also cover frequently asked questions about becoming a Disney travel agent.
  • What legal pitfalls to avoid and helpful links to do your homework before becoming a travel agent.
  • What is a Disney Travel Agent?

In most cases you will need to find and apply at a travel agency.  We will go over what to look for in a travel agency later in this article, so don’t worry.  Also in most cases you will be selling Disney Destinations as an independent contractor and your “Title” will be a travel agent that specializes in Disney vacations, not “A Disney Travel Agent” because you are NOT working for the Walt Disney Company.

To find travel agency’s just do a google search on: “How to become a Disney Travel Agent”,  “Be a Disney Travel Planner”, “How to sell Disney vacations”, and search terms like this.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into what to look for in a Travel Agency.

  • FirstHeading

How to pick a Travel Agency

What are the advantages to being a travel agent that sells disney vacations, what other advantages are there for disney travel agents, disney travel agent (dta) training, which disney focused travel agency should i work with, commissions and commission splits, when do you get paid, red flags and scams, support systems at the travel agency, what skills do you need, seller of travel licenses and legal questions.

  • It's awesome to be a Disney Vacation Planner

Join Pixie Vacations

Your personal information.

  • What Social Media accounts do you have?Facebook URL Instagram URL YouTube or TikTok URL Previous Experience

More About You

Doing your research is key.  There are loads of travel agencies that have travel planners that work as contractors offering Disney Vacations and it can be overwhelming.  Start with the owners of the travel agency.  Do some basic research on each travel agency.

  • Does the travel agency have a professional looking website?
  • Can you find the owners name, address, phone number and email on their website?
  • Does the owner answer the phone or call you back?

I know this sounds really basic but you can tell a great deal from the travel agencies website.  If you can’t call the travel agency this is a red flag.  If you can’t speak with them then how are clients supposed to speak with them if there is a problem?  You should be able to talk with someone, that’s what your clients will expect and you should expect.

Who are the owners?  What is there experience in travel and with the Disney Company?

Does the travel agency have travel agents already?  If so email a few and ask them how they like the travel agency, how long have they been there?

We will get into more ways to determine which travel agency is a right fit for you indirectly in some of the following topics below.  Let’s move on.

You might hear that you get to travel for free.  You get to stay at Walt Disney World and Disneyland hotels for Free.  Not exactly.  There are Disney travel agent benefits but if you want to be a travel agent just for the benefits this is not the job for you.  The Disney travel benefits should be looked at as extras you earn for becoming a successful agent that sells Disney travel destinations.

There are travel agencies out there that will ask you to pay them a fee $300 – $500 to join them and in return they will let you get a CLIA ID card or access to the Disney booking site.  This is not how you should become a travel agent in our opinion.  This should be a job, not something you do for a CLIA card.

Let me step back a little.  To get travel agency benefits like discounts on a hotel room you need either a CLIA or IATA Agent ID.  To get a CLIA Agent ID card this is what you need according to CLIA’s website:

CLIA card requirements

To qualify for CLIA Individual Agent Membership (IAM), your affiliated agency must be a current CLIA Travel Agency Member. CLIA recommends that agents generate a minimum of $5,000 in total agency commissions from cruise bookings within the 12 months prior to enrollment.

So to obtain this card they recommend that you have sold $5,000 in COMMISSIONS in your PRIOR 12 months in CRUISE bookings.  IATA has similar requirements but they don’t just focus on cruise bookings.

You will need your CLIA or IATA Agent ID card to be able to register for travel discounts.

Also you need to meet your travel agencies requirements and also the vendors requirements to be able to get the travel deal.  So there are many layers to being able to save a little on a room.

Again, don’t focus on the travel discounts, they are not worth it.  You need to focus on selling vacations and offering exceptional service to clients and help them plan their most amazing vacation ever.  If you do that your sales will come and you will be on your way to being able to apply for a CLIA or IATA agent ID card.

Work at home .  Most positions are as independent contractors (IC) and you can work your own hours and work from home.  Like any job the amount of time and effort you put in will help determine how well you do.

Money / Commission.   You will get paid a commission in most travel agency positions as an IC.  So when someone books a vacation with you, you will get a percentage of the commission.  We will go over travel agent commissions in more detail in this article.

Travel.   Depending on the travel agency you sign up with, you might be offered training trips or FAMS.  These are Familiarization trips that travel vendors and travel agencies do to show you resorts, on-site training, excursions, etc.  These FAM trips can be free or offered at a discounted cost and usually for the FAM cost you will get a room, training, and some meals covered.  Getting to the FAM is normally not covered so you would pay for your flights.  For Example a Universal Studios Orlando FAM can cost around $300-$400 for the FAM fee.  This of course varies so don’t quote us on these costs.

FAM Trips – Also depending on the agency you work for could determine if you get invited to a FAM trip.  If you want to learn more about Sandals and Beaches Resorts and your agency does not sell that much of those properties you might have a harder time getting onto a FAM trip with that vendor for example.  Travel vendors are not looking for people that want a discounted vacation, they are looking for travel agents that truly want to learn and sell their destination.

When you join a travel agency they will get you a Disney Travel Agent (DTA) account.  This is where you take the Disney College of Knowledge Classes, book Disney vacations, read Disney News, and this is your central hub for Disney Marketing pieces too.

The Disney College of Knowledge is free.  You should not be paying a travel agency for access to DTA.  The College of Knowledge has online classes that will get you up to speed on all the Disney destinations and offerings.  Here is the link to Disney Travel Agents .

You need to complete all of these Disney College of Knowledge online classes to be able to take advantage of travel agent Disney offers, like a free admission ticket to the parks.  Don’t worry the online Disney training is not difficult.  You will watch the training section videos of Disneyland, Disney World, Adventures by Disney, Disney Cruise Line, etc and take an online quiz at the end of each section.

You could complete all the Disney College of Knowledge classes in a day if you set yourself down and just go from beginning to end.  It would be better if you dedicated at least a few days to complete the Disney College of Knowledge training classes.  Other Family vacation destinations like Universal Orlando Resort also have online training .

There are many things to look at before selecting a Travel Agency that specializes in Disney Vacations.

  • Does your travel agency sell other things besides Disney? If not will you be losing business when your client wants to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise, to an all inclusive resort, book a honeymoon, etc. and will your client come back to you and remember you 5 years later if they want to go to Disney again?

Here is the Earmarked logo for reference

  • Is your Travel agency an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner or also known as EarMarked? An EarMarked Travel Agency has passed standards Disney requires to offer them this special designation.  If the travel agency does not have this logo on their website, then they are most likely not Earmarked.To determine if the travel agency is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner you can go to this website:   This will not tell you what level they are in the EarMarked program but it will at least tell you if they are Earmarked by Disney.  The agencies are listed in random order and you will have to reload the page several times to see them all.

Every travel agency starts someplace to become an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner so figure out if you want to start with a newer agency that is not Earmarked or an agency that  has already moved up the different status levels.  Every agency at one point was not Earmarked, so understand that you should not solely make your decision on picking a travel agency based on this EarMarked status.

You need to also know that just because a travel agent is EarMarked does not mean it is a good agency.  So do some research and contact other agents at that travel agency that have been there for several years and ask them how they like the travel agency, do they get paid on time, what support do they get, etc.

The reason you wanted to become a Disney travel agent should be to get paid.  Yes it can be fun and rewarding, but it takes long hours and at the end of the day you should get paid for your work.

Every Disney Specialized Travel Agency pays differently but most pay you commission.  You would not be an employee in this example, but an independent contractor that gets paid when you book a vacation for a client.

Travel vendors, like Disney, give Travel agents a commission.  This is NOT an extra cost added to a vacation.  It’s sort of like a finders fee.  When you book a Walt Disney World Vacation Package you get a commission for that booking.  If you search the web you can figure out what commission levels are for different vendors.  But for this example lets say you contact someone you know and they book a Walt Disney World Vacation Package with a room, park tickets, and the Disney dining plan staying on property at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort.  The cost of the Disney Vacation let’s say is $4,000.

Disney will pay a percentage of the $4,000 to the agency as a commission. So let’s say for this example that the commission earned is $400 to make for easy math that would be 10%.  Once the party travels Disney will send the $400 commission to the Travel Agency.  After the travel agency gets the commission check they will send you a percentage of that commission.  What you get depends on the travel agency you work for and what they pay their travel planners.  Some travel agency’s pay 40%, some pay only on certain types of bookings, some pay a flat fee of $25 – $50 per booking no matter what is booked.  The majority of travel agencies pay 50% to 90% commission.   So  in our example the Disney vacation of $4,000 has a 10% commission that is a $400.  If the agency gives you a 50% commission split then you would get $200 and the agency would get $200.  This is just an example with made up numbers and percentages, but it should give you an idea how commissions with vendors and agencies work.

The more you sell with some travel agencies the higher commission levels you reach. So you might start at 40% commission and then go to 50% and then to 60% and so on based on your sales numbers with the travel agency.

This is also how travel vendors operate like Cruise Line Vendors for Example.

If you work for a small or new travel agency a Cruise Line vendor might be paying 10% commission to that agency.  As the agency sells more Cruise Line vacations the agencies commission level can go up to 15%, 16%, for example.

So your commission split that you get from your travel agency is important as well as the commission levels that travel agency gets from it’s vendors.

Simple Commission Split example:

Agency A – Gets 16% Cruise Line Commission $5,000 Cruise x 16% = $800.00 commission

Agency B – Gets 10% Cruise Line Commission $5,000 Cruise x 10% = $500.00 commission

You are making $300 more for just this one booking in this example so do your homework when you select a travel agency to work with.

Also equally important is what commission level you are getting from the travel agency.  Are they starting you at 40% or higher?  What commission goal levels do they have?

You will get paid AFTER the guest travels.  If you book a 2024 vacation and that’s years away, you are not seeing any of that money until that guest gets back from there 2024 vacation.  If the guest cancels you don’t get paid.

You will need a ramp up period to build a client base and then to book those clients every year and word of mouth referrals to grow.  This takes time and then you have to wait for those clients to travel.  So don’t plan on being a Disney travel agent and quickly quitting your day job, unless you really work non-stop and have an outgoing personality and sales background.

This is called the Complete Guide to becoming a Disney travel agent because we want to make sure you have the best and complete information to make an educated decision.  This section is not to scare you, but to make you aware of what could happen and how to be on the look out for scams.

First, when you got your first job did they ask you to pay them $1,000 to work for them.  No!  If someone is asking you to PAY THEM to Work for THEM that is something that should make you think twice.  Now I understand that travel agencies have costs to cover and even we charge a small fee to join because we have to pay for training systems, and other onboarding expenses.  So $100- $200 to get set up can be expected to invest in starting out.

Why can scams happen – Because you don’t get paid until after the client travels this has led some people to setup and run travel agencies as a way to rip you off.  Maybe they first created a small travel agency for fun and it just got out of hand, or maybe they have a background in doing this scam over and over again.  This is again why you need to do your homework when looking for a travel agency to join.  You can avoid a travel agency that is not going to pay you simply by contacting several of the agents that work there.  Contact agents that have been at the agency for several years (4-5 years min.) so you know they have a track record of payments and know whats going on at the agency.  If the agents are all new it’s hard to tell if agents have left because of issues with getting paid or if the agency is just getting started.

Disney pays Travel Agencies.  If you are working at a Travel Agency and not getting paid and are constantly told they are waiting for Disney to pay them, this is most likely not true.  You can contact Disney yourself and give them your booking number to see if it has been paid.

How the Scam works.  You join the travel agency and sell $200,000 in vacations but most of the people don’t really travel until 8 months or a year from now.  The travel agency also that you work for says they have 90 days to pay you.  So there is this long time line that the travel agency can have you booking vacations for them and not pay you.  When these vacations do travel and you still don’t get paid, you might be told that the vendor has not paid the travel agency yet, etc.  So now you might be owned $20k in commissions and another $20k in future not traveled commissions before you realize that the travel agency has no intention of paying you.

You can avoid all this by doing some research and not just signing up with any travel agency you come across.  Again this type of scam is also rare and just something you should be aware of.

Money and commission levels are important but a good support system is also just as important.

Look for a travel agency that has a focus on Disney and Family Vacations.

Do they have training?

Look for a travel agency that offers FAM (Travel agent training trips).  How many do they offer, when was the last one, and how much was it?

What is the owners background and what support do they offer?

Does the travel agency offer Leads?  Does the travel agency do marketing to get exposure for their agents and to get leads?

Does the travel agency have an account rep. at the different vendors you  are going to use that you can call if you have an issue?

What support is there when you need it?

What is the agency owners background?

More established travel agency’s will have a dedicated rep. at each vendor to help if there is an issue.  You might also have a special phone line you can call to book with certain vendors if your agency is one of their preferred agencies.  This could cut down wait times when you are trying to book a vacation for a client.  Having account reps. also helps tremendously when you have a client at a property and they have an issue.

Does your travel agency have conference calls, webinars with vendors, and other ways to learn and share knowledge?

These are all things you should look for and consider when deciding on a travel agency.

To be successful as a Disney travel agent you need good communication skills.  You will need to put in the hours to learn the Disney Destinations, like Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, and Adventures by Disney.  You also need to be more than just a big Disney fan.  This is a job and requires time to build up clients, keep clients, learn vacation destinations, and time to book and help your clients.  It will take time to get things going and being persistent is key.

You will be communicating with Disney and clients via email and on the internet, so an internet connection and a computer is needed.  A phone number / cell phone is needed and we would recommend a dedicated phone number so you can answer your phone professionally.  You can get a Google Number or other services offer free phone numbers so you can keep your existing cellphone and just change the ring tone.

You should be a people person.  Someone that can take little direction and just run with it.  You need to be comfortable talking with people.

You really should be a salesperson at heart and just decide to sell Disney vacations instead of another product.  If you can’t SELL this job will be difficult for you.  If you know and love Disney, that’s great, but you need to run this like a business and be able to sell the Disney destinations, organize client bookings, plan marketing and social media posts, attend local events and get out in your community or virtual community.

If you are the go to person at your church, school, business, or other clubs / events, you will have a base of customers to plan vacations for.

Technology skills are also helpful.  Posting on social media, marketing, emailing, etc all play into you being successful as a Disney travel planner.

Another Heads up section that is not so much fun to talk about but needs to be covered so you are aware.

I am not a lawyer so I would recommend you contact a travel lawyer, but here is how I understand the Seller of Travel Licenses requirements for Florida and California.

To sell travel your travel agency is required to have a sellers of travel license in certain states.  For example you should see Florida Sellers of Travel Ref No STXXXXX at the bottom of the travel agencies website and also CST XXXXXXXX for California’s Seller of Travel Licenses.  If you don’t see these on their website that travel agency can not market anyplace that a FL or CA resident might see a vacation offer.

With the Internet a consumer in FL and CA can see a travel offer anyplace.  So then it seems to reason the every travel agency needs to have this license.

If a resident from Florida or California sees a post, website, Facebook post or anything offering travel services, vacations, deals, that agency can be fined or worse.  If you as an independent contractor sell travel to anyone in these states you might come across issues.

How can you determine if the travel agency is registered in California?  Here is the CA Sellers of Travel Website Information:

“California requires all sellers of travel to register with the Attorney General’s Office and to display the registration number on all advertising. While not assuring that a company is reputable, a valid registration signals that the seller of travel has at least followed the law to be registered.”

Read more at the California Seller of Travel Website.

Check to make sure the travel agency has a CA Seller of Travel Licenses here.

From the CA Sellers of Travel Website:

“When you’re at a travel agency, ask to see the seller of travel’s registration acknowledgement — a one-page document issued by the Attorney General’s Seller of Travel Program. Be sure to check the expiration date to determine whether the registration is still valid.

You also may use the “ Seller Search ” feature on this website to assist you in determining whether a seller of travel is registered with our office. Since there are many similar seller of travel names, please spell out the full name and address of the company.”

From the Florida Sellers of Travel Website:

“The sellers of travel law requires any person or business that is a seller or promoter of travel-related services to register annually with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), unless exempt. Sellers of travel are required to provide proof of assurance in the form of a performance bond, in an amount not to exceed $25,000, or $50,000 if they sell vacation certificates.

FDACS is authorized to collect registration fees and impose penalties for noncompliance of the law.”

Check to make sure the travel agency has their FL Seller of Travel License here.

Also you should make sure your travel agency has E&O Insurance.  This is Errors and Omissions Insurance.  They should be able to show you the current years binder page.

It’s awesome to be a Disney Vacation Planner

There is so much information here and some of it can be daunting, but being a travel agent that specialists in Disney vacations is also so much fun.  Yes it is work, but it can be rewarding planning vacations to the most magical place on earth.

If you would like to apply at Pixie Vacations please fill out our application form.

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Previous experience.

Are there Disney classes for non-agents? I’ve been an agent in the past, however not a strictly Disney agent. I’m having a hard time trying g to get an agent position but would love to take classes.

Hi, The DTA classes are just for travel agents.

i would like to apply to be a travel agent

Hi, Christine,

Please write to [email protected] and be sure to include information about your qualifications, sales experience, networking or how you would generate vacation sales, etc. Thanks.

I have already completed the Disney training but would love to work with Disney vacations I am certified in cruises but really want Disney exclusively

Hi, Tammy, Please fill out the form enclosed if you have not already. Have an awesome day! 🙂


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How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

Smiling business woman at desk with laptop

Discover how to become a Disney travel agent and work from home. This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to become a travel agent specializing in Disney destinations. But this does NOT mean being a Disney employee or contractor. This article explains how to take your love of Disney travel to the next level by being an expert in Disney travel planning.

Are you the ultimate Disney super-fan? Do your friends and family come to you for travel advice? Do you follow the blogs, keep up with the latest news and events at Disney? Do you love sharing your love of Disney with others?

We asked Disney travel agent experts to give us the low down on how to become a Disney travel agent and what it takes to be successful – and compiled it all here for you.

Working as a Disney Travel Agent

Getting paid to talk about Disney all day seems like a dream job—and it can be. But just like any job, it’s not all fun and games all the time. In this article, we’ll give you the pros, the cons, and the skills needed. Then, if you still feel it’s the right job for you, we’ll tell you how to start looking for a company to work with and how to become a Disney travel agent.

Notice we said “with” and not “for.” That is one of the topics that we’ll discuss so, that if you do decide to pursue this career, you will find companies that will help you succeed. And how do you land a job without prior experience? We’ll answer both those questions, and more, later in this article.

We also want to mention that there are several titles that Travel Agents go by. They can be called Travel Advisors, Travel Planners, or Vacation Planners—but they all refer to the same job and are often used interchangeably. 

What do Disney Travel Agents Do?

A Disney Travel Agent is also known as a Disney Travel Planner. Although you are called a Disney Travel Agent (or Planner), you are not an employee of the Walt Disney Travel Company. In almost all cases, you are an independent contractor selling Disney Destinations under the umbrella of a travel agency or host agency.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Disney Travel Agent?

Being a Travel Agent specializing in Disney can be a fun and rewarding career. Who would not like to talk about Disney all day? But you need to be more than just a big Disney fan. Read on to learn more about what it takes to be a Disney travel specialist.

This is a job and requires time to build up clients, keep clients, learn vacation destinations. It takes time to book and help your clients with their vacation plans.  It will take time to get things going and being persistent is key. But it can also be rewarding if you put the effort in.

Work from home

As an independent contractor, you can work from home, or any place you like. You can even sit poolside or in your favorite coffee shop. You can even wear your pajamas all day if you wanted.

Set your own hours

As an independent contractor, you are free to set your own hours. You will want to consider that more because you will want to be available when your clients need you.

Training Opportunities

You will have access to The College of Disney Knowledge so you can learn more selling about Disney properties. You may also have access to other online and in-person training opportunities to expand your selling and destination knowledge.

Some of these training opportunities may be offered through your agency. Those are usually FAMS. FAMS are Familiarization trips that travel vendors and travel agencies organize to educate their agents on what various destinations offer.  These FAM trips can be free or offered at a discounted cost.  


Travel agencies are not looking for people that want discounted vacations. They are looking for travel agents that truly want to learn and to sell travel.

Personal Travel

As you progress, you may have the opportunity for travel discounts. Agencies vary on the sales they require before you become eligible for discount opportunities.

Not to mention, any Disney vacation you go on is tax-deductible as a research expense*. This alone makes it worth your time to learn about how to become a Disney travel agent. It doesn’t get any better than that!

*Be sure to consult your financial advisor.

How much money can you make as a Disney Travel Agent? That is all up to you. When you become a Disney Travel Agent, you will get paid a part of the commission for every sale you make.

As someone once told me “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” I have followed that advice throughout my career and it’s the advice I give my own children. Besides, work is something we all spend a lot of time doing. It should be something enjoyable.

As an independent contractor, there may be a number of business expenses are tax deductible. That could include costs of your computer, phone service, some unities, and even the cost of your home office. Be sure to consult a tax advisor for the laws and regulations in your state.

Make friends and have fun

Your days are filled with thinking about, talking about, and researching Disney Destinations. What can be more fun than that!?

Plus, you get to share your Disney passion with others and help them fulfill their Disney vacation dreams. Over time, you may find that many of your clients become more like friends. That’s the real reward.

Do Disney Travel Agents Get Discounts?

Once you have successfully completed Disney’s College of Knowledge, you may be eligible for travel agent discounts offered by Disney such as room and park ticket discounts as well as discounts on Disney cruises.

Smiling male travel agent talking on phone and working on computer

What Are the Challenges of Being a Disney Travel Agent?

Without a doubt, becoming a Disney Travel Agent can be a fun and rewarding career. However, many new agents are unaware of the hurdles they may encounter while starting a new business venture.

While being an independent contractor provides you with a lot of freedoms, the truth is, there are several challenges that come along with that.

Working from home can be a challenge. It is important to have a dedicated workspace in a quiet area so that you can have uninterrupted phone conversations with clients, especially if you have children or pets.

Just because you work from home, when you become a Disney travel agent you will still need to present a professional and polished persona. Even if you are wearing pajamas.

Set your own hours, but be available for clients

Yes, you can make your own hours, but you will want to be available when your clients need you. You will need to be responsive to phone calls and emails, especially to those who are traveling at that time. They may need you.

The truth is, becoming a successful Disney travel agent includes early mornings, late nights, and “crazy” clients. So be prepared to accommodate your client’s schedule and not always your own.

If you have children at home, or other responsibilities, you will need to balance those with your job once you become a Disney Travel Agent. It certainly can be done, but it’s something to think about in advance. How will you balance your time?

Training and travel

It is extremely important that you keep up with all the latest news and happenings in Disney. Your clients will look to you as the experts. You will need to provide the most current information available and be on the cusp of Disney doings.

The College of Disney Knowledge is a free training program. You should not be paying a travel agency for access to that. However, it is up to you to continually educate yourself. You may want to expand your knowledge of other destinations beyond Disney, such as Universal Studios.

Online is great, but there is no substitute for in-person experiences. Although travel can be a tax-deductible expense* it is typically paid by you, the agent.

Just like many other professions, continuing education is going to help you be more successful.

Finding clients

Having your own clients is key, in fact, it’s expected that you will find your own clients. Most agencies do not provide sales leads, but even if they do, you will typically earn more when you bring in the client. The best way to start finding them is through friends and family but if you want to be successful, you will have to go beyond your core circle.

When you first start out, one of your biggest tasks will be getting the word out that you are now a travel agent specializing in Disney destinations. If people don’t know what you do, how are you ever going to find new clients? That is where marketing comes in.

The reason we list it as a challenge is that many people are uncomfortable with marketing, but it is an extremely important part of being a Disney Travel Agent and your overall business plan. Today, social media is a big part of marketing yourself, but not the only part. We’ll talk more about social media and marketing later in this article.

Customer service with a smile

Disney is the “Happiest Place on Earth.” But everyone has a bad day from time to time. As a professional Disney Travel Agent, it doesn’t matter if you are stressed or if a client is behaving unreasonably. It is always important to put your best foot forward, even if there is somewhere else you’d like to put it.

Also, consider that some clients take more work than others. Becoming a Disney travel agent takes more than just making a sale. You need to service that client all the way through their trip. Some clients are very easy to work with and take a little of your time. However, others can be draining. Some may just be looking for extra advice, some may make tons of changes, and others may cancel at the last minute. And you only get paid once a trip is completed.

But whatever the situation, you will want to handle yourself with the utmost professionalism. It can take a long time to cultivate a client but only moments to lose one.

As an independent contractor, your commission checks will not have taxes deducted from it. It is extremely important that you know you will be responsible for paying the taxes on that earned income.

Consider putting 20-30% aside from each check so that you have the funds to pay the taxes. You may want to consult the services of a financial planner, bookkeeper, or accountant who provide more guidance for your specific circumstances regarding taxes.

They can also advise you regarding allowable business expense deductions. It is extremely important to keep good business records. There are many business expenses that may be tax-deductible, but you must keep receipts.

Create good habits from the beginning. It will pay off at tax-filing time.

Some agencies charge their agents an annual E&O (Error & Omissions insurance) fee – as well as other fees – so be sure to research what you are expected to contribute before signing up to work with a host agency.

Even if your agency does not require it, you should consider having an E&O policy to protect you. Consult your insurance advisor for more information.

Common Questions About How to Become a  Travel Agent Specializing in Disney Travel

How do disney travel agents get paid.

Travel agents make money by selling travel. The commission from booking a client’s travel is typically the agent’s sole source of income. In other words, you will not be getting a salary or paid an hourly wage.

How Much Do Disney Travel Agents Make?

The number of trips you sell, the overall cost of those trips, and your commission split will determine how much money you can earn.

Commission for Disney Travel Agents

The commission amount is based on the amount of the sale. Disney pays the agency a percentage of the sale, typically 10% of the package price (taxes and fees excluded). Part of that 10% goes to the agency, the part of it goes to you, the agent. The specific amount is called “the split”.  There are many factors that determine the split.

Commission Splits

Disney pays the agency a percentage of each sale. For commission is typically 10% of the package price (taxes and fees excluded). Part of that 10% goes to the agency, the part of it goes to you, the agent. The specific amount is called “the split”.

Travel Agents usually receive a larger split of the commission on clients they find themselves compared to leads given to them from their agency.

For example, if the agency provides the client lead, it may be a 50/50 split. However, if you, the agent, brings in the client, it may be a 60/40 split: 60% to you, 40% to the agency. 

Novice travel agents can expect to have a 50/50 split with their host agency to start off with, even for those clients they bring in themselves. As you book more trips, the commission splits may go up to around 70, or in some cases, as much as 80 or even 90%. (The typical percentage splits you can expect to find will be around 70/30)*.

We recommend that you avoid any agency that pays out less than a 50/50 split on your clients. After all, you’ll be doing the bulk of the work and we think you should be fairly compensated for your efforts with at least 50% of the commission.

* For the Disney agency with the best commission splits, see our recommendation at end of the article.

Commission Bumps

Some large agencies, who have a very high number of sales, may get an increased commission on some products—specifically cruises. If you work for a small or new travel agency a Cruise Line vendor might be paying 10% commission to that agency.  As the agency sells more Cruise Line vacations the agency’s commission level can go up to 15%, 16%, for example. (Note: 16% is the highest and only the biggest agencies reach that level).

Simple Commission Split example:

  • Gets 10% Cruise Line Commission
  • $5,000 Cruise x 10% = $500.00 commission
  • 16% Cruise Line Commission
  • $5,000 Cruise x 16% = $800.00 commission

Agency B is making $300 more for just this one booking. If you have a 50/50 split, you will get $150 more commission. But be aware —Walt Disney World and Disneyland resort packages cap a 10% for all agencies, no matter how big or small. So, unless you are selling mainly cruises, this may not be a factor.

When researching who you’d like to work for, this is only one factor to consider. Often, very large agencies do not offer the same level of support and personal attention to their agents, especially new agents just getting started. Read more about this topic below.

What Does the Agency Do for Their Share?

It may feel it unfair for your agency to take a cut of your commission. After all, you are doing all the work, right? However, the truth is agency owners do a lot of work you may not be aware of.

Overall, the agency owner is responsible for the agency’s day-to-day operations. Large agencies have several departments and various staff members to handle the different aspects of what comes with agency ownership. In smaller companies, the owner often has to do it all.

The cost of doing business

Some things will vary from agency to agency. Still, all agencies have certain costs that are universal like state licensing, registration and other government fees, business liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance policies that may cover the agents, accounting and bookkeeping expenses related to the reconciliation of the accounts and commissions payout calculations, and legal fees, just to name a few. Not only do these tasks take time, but there are also significant expenses for those items.

There are other significant costs of doing business as a travel agency. Typically, agency owners invest in branding, advertising, social media marketing, and maintaining the company’s website and online presence. And the best agencies will be investing in their agents as well by providing initial and ongoing training and support. That could include continuing education, group meetings, and one-on-one mentoring. They will also work on sourcing the best suppliers and building relationships with them to provide their agents with the tools and resources they need to make successful sales.

Plus, they will be the ones you go to whenever you have a question or need answers on how to handle client issues. In some cases, they will even intervene on your behalf and try to mend thing when they go awry. They should always have your back and be your biggest cheerleader.

Be aware that Disney does not pay out the commission until AFTER the travel has been completed. In most cases, this lag time usually takes anywhere from a couple of months to a year or more, depending on how far in advance your client books their vacation.

Once the agency receives the commission, they have to process your payment. That could take several additional weeks. Therefore, expect a lengthy delay from the time you book a vacation until the time you get paid.

Many people who research “how to become a Disney travel agent” may not have taken this into consideration. However, once the payments start coming in, then there should be a steadier flow of income—assuming you have a steady stream of client bookings.

So, if you start as a Disney Travel Agent, be patient and plan to work for a while without getting any financial reward. But keep at it, keep working hard to get clients, and it will pay off.

Am I an employee of the Disney Travel Company?

NO. You are an independent contractor. However, you will be working directly with many employees of the Disney Travel Company.

What Skills Do You Need To Become a Disney Travel Planner?

Product knowledge.

This seems obvious but there really is a lot to know about Disney Destinations. As a Disney Travel Planner, you should know Disney inside and out. And not just one location, and not from visiting once or twice. You really need to be an expert if you are going to be of value to your clients.

You need to know their portfolio of products: Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Aulani Resort & Spa in Hawaii, and Adventures by Disney. But don’t even stop there. Don’t forget about international Disney destinations. You never know where your clients will want to explore.

Most Disney travel agencies also book Universal Studios, Sandals & Beaches Resorts, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line packages as well, so your breadth of knowledge may need to expand beyond Disney, depending on which destinations your host agency books.

An effective Travel Agent is very well-versed in each destination. You should certainly know the best restaurants and rides at Disney, but it would also help to be ready with some The Wizarding World of Harry Potter tips in case your client chooses to experience Universal Orlando Resort as well.

But this extends beyond Disney, to places you may not have visited before. That requires spending quality time researching the “ins and outs” of the destinations you are not familiar with. These are all things to consider when learning how to become a Disney travel agent.

Be ready with answers

A client may ask:

  • Which resort has the best pool?
  • What can I do on a rest-day from the parks?
  • Where can I get groceries?
  • Can I rent a stroller?
  • What is the best nearby beach?
  • What is the best way to get to Universal Studios?

You, their travel agent, should be prepared with an answer.

Training is not a “one and done” occurrence. As mentioned previously, it is important to keep abreast of the latest news, changes, and happenings of the destinations you represent.

Good Communication

Like any sales job, Disney travel agents are required to have excellent communication skills.

Effective agents always remain calm, cool, and collected under all circumstances. But just as important, they are upbeat, articulate, and helpful. This doesn’t just apply to phone conversations, but also in written documents including emails, and texts.

Since a lot of client communications are via email, make sure you carefully proofread everything you write before pressing the “send” button. It’s not always easy to convey a pleasant tone via texts and emails, so avoid writing anything that sounds abrupt, angry, or unsympathetic. Clients can be sensitive!

Be clear with your responses and helpful with your advice.


You need to be a people person. This is a sales job. But if you love what you are selling, it might come more naturally.

You should be someone who can take little direction and run with it. Yes, it is important to work with and agency that provides agents with support, but you need to be a self-starter.

As an independent contractor, you are running your own business. You need to promote yourself, organize yourself, and proactively seek opportunities to build your client base. If you are the go-to person at your church, school, business, or other clubs/events, you already have a base of customers to plan vacations for.

Prompt and Proactive

You may be juggling several clients at once. But to each client, they want to be your number one priority. One way to make them feel you are looking out for their interests is to be prompt is communicating with them.

Return calls and emails as soon as possible. Remember, there are a lot of Disney Travel Agents out there. If you do not respond promptly, someone else will.

You must also be proactive, especially when Disney comes out with new promotions. Another reason clients choose to book with a Disney Travel Agent is, so they don’t have to keep an eye on Disney promotional offers. They know the agent will.

When those offers get released, you need to be ready to pounce! You need to promptly and proactively try to get them that new deal which will save them money. When you can rebook a client into a better deal, you have won them over!


The reason clients hire Disney Travel Agents is to take the stress of out of vacation planning.  As their travel agent, any challenges have become your responsibility.

You must focus on every detail and pay extra close attention to everything when you book someone’s trip. One slight error can complicate or even ruin a Disney trip. And worse, cost you and the agency money to rectify.


Having a good organizational system in place is key to keeping all your information in order as you juggle multiple client trips at once. You will need an efficient system to track all the key dates, dining reservations, payments, etc. That means both paper and digital files.

Disorganized travel agents are bound to encounter confusion and mix-ups at some point. Keep your information easily retrievable in case a client calls with questions.

When researching agencies, find one who will help set you up for success. The last thing you want is to be thrown in to sink or swim on your own.

Technical Skills

It is extremely important to have good technical skills. Although you can book vacations over the phone, most business is conducted online.

You need to have a reliable computer and printer along with a reliable internet connection. You may also want to consider having a separate business phone line or use your smartphone for business calls. You will want to answer your calls professionally and not accidentally by one of your kids.

You should also have the minimum technical and software knowledge, including but not limited to the following. This is another big factor in knowing how to become a Disney travel agent.

  • Computer (desktop or laptop)
  • Online web browser
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Instagram, and other social media
  • My Disney Experience

Marketing Savvy

This is a skill that should not be overlooked. Other than having extensive Dinsey destination knowledge and experience, this is probably the next most important skill—or at least the willingness to learn.

To a great extent, Disney vacation planners are on their own to find client leads. Some agencies pay to advertise their brand – at no cost to their agents. This certainly is a bonus from an agent’s standpoint because, often these leads can be passed to agents. However, for the most part, Disney Travel Agents are responsible to acquire new clients.

It helps to have a large circle of friends and acquaintances to begin to promote your services to. It is also helpful to have as some marketing savvy to build your own brand. Since your compensation is entirely commission-based, an effective marketing strategy will be key to your success.

Social media presence

An important part of a marketing strategy is social media. You want to keep your brand top of mind so when someone is looking for an agent, you will be the first one they think of.

There are many different social media channels. You need to find the one or ones that work best for you, and that you will keep up with.

Some of the larger, more established agencies may have a prominent social media presence or high Google search ranking, in which case you may get some client leads handed to you. But even if that is the case, your own social media stream cannot be overlooked.

As an independent contractor, you are building your business and your brand. Your brand is you. You want to become THE Disney expert in your circle. But we patient, all this takes time.

Passion, drive, and motivation

I know we said Disney knowledge and marketing are the most important skill, but this one actually trumps them all. But passion and drive are not skills—they come from the heart. You either have it or you don’t. And you need to be honest with yourself to determine if this is the right path for you.

As with any successful business venture, it takes passion, drive, and motivation to work hard towards your goals. Being an independent contractor takes commitment and dedication. Being a Disney Travel Agent is a lot of fun, but like with any job, there will be times that it is tough. You will need to push through the tough times if you want to succeed.

As mentioned above, it will take time to develop a clientele. It will also take time from when you book vacations to the point where you will actually see a payment from that effort. Are you willing to put in that time and wait for the payout?

Most of all, you need to openly share your passion, be motivated to grow your business, and driven to succeed.

Cluttered desktop with computer monitor with customer service graphic on screen

What Do Employers Expect of You as a Disney Travel Agent?

When you become a Disney travel agent, you will be representing the company you work for. You will be expected to be friendly and kind, while also being professional and take your work seriously. For some guests, this might be a once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation and they have worked hard and saved their funds for a very long time to make it happen.

Good Communication Skills

You should have great verbal and written skills. The agency does not provide resources to its agents such as PC, internet access, mobile devices, but these are very essential to this career. Computer skills and being very organized play a very important role as well. You will be required to supply all your own equipment, tools, and supplies.

When planning for a guest you will have to determine from the request and communications what options are best suited for your guest. Just because the perfectly planned Disney vacation for your family is great it does not mean that it is the best for another guest. Listening to your guest’s needs and wants along with budget helps you to determine and make the recommendations based upon what you will learn.

Good Personality

Let your personality shine. Even though most clients are ready to book their vacation, sometimes you still have to be that “salesman.”  That is where have a good sales personality places a virtual role.

You have to work at building your business. Let your community know that you are a travel agent and can assist with their travel needs.  Placing an ad in the local paper and then sitting back to watch the leads roll in is not how it works.  You will need to sit down and make a marketing plan and how you are going to reach those goals to be the successful travel agent that you want to be.  Your agency will provide opportunities to learn all about the Disney destinations, but it will be up to you to form your social circles within your community so that individuals will know that you are ready and willing to help plan their upcoming vacation.

Being a Disney travel agent does take time and lots of work. It is not just a position for the hobbyist. Agencies want to hire dedicated agents that provide quality work and excellent customer service. You will be expected to put in the appropriate time and effort required to be successful.

If you are a person that wants to just sell Disney Destinations that is perfectly fine, but some clients will request other destinations. Consider expanding your expertise to include Universal Orlando Resort, all-inclusive Caribbean resorts, cruise lines, and more.  Once you get a client, they will want to keep coming back to you for their vacation needs and it may not always be Disney.

Smiling female travel agent working form home, talking on the phone, and typing on computer

How to find Disney Travel Agent Jobs

So, you’ve learned how to work from home as a Disney travel agent, and decided you want to pursue it as a career. Next comes the big question… how do you find a travel agency that will hire you, especially if you have no experience?

Disney travel agencies are always on the lookout for new talent. However, they are not going to hire just anyone. If you’ve been a travel agent before, then your chances of being hired are much greater of being hired by any number of agencies. This is especially true if you have Disney travel experience.

However, since you are reading this article, it’s likely that you have no experience at all. Fear not! It’s still possible to get hired as a Disney travel planner with little to no experience.

Research Travel Agencies

Once you decide that you have the skills and drive it takes to succeed, you will want to start researching agencies to work with. You can find agencies looking to hire by searching phrases like “Disney travel agent join our team,” “Disney travel advisor jobs,” or “Disney jobs from home.” You may be surprised by how many Disney travel agencies that are. Many of them are seeking agents to join their team.

After locating agencies, read their employment criteria and see if you are a good fit. Be honest with yourself so you don’t waste your time, or theirs.

As stated in the beginning, you want to find an agency where you can have a valued partnership, meaning one that will support you to be successful. Not one that will leave you hanging out in the breeze.

Here are some things to look, and look out for, while researching how to become a Disney travel agent.

Look for a Support System

The best agencies will provide support, training, and guidance. They will be working to promote the agency as a whole as well as provide assistance for their agents to promote themselves. They should encourage and open dialogs and friendly interactions between agents and discourage a competitive atmosphere.

Some agencies may offer inexperienced agents a mentor that can help you with your first few sales. If you are in a training period, your mentor may get a cut of your commission since they are providing you direct education and training.

Training should always be provided by your host agency. But we mean more than simply access to the College of Disney Knowledge training. While that does a great job of teaching you about Disney’s products, it does not teach you how to be a travel agent, how to work with clients, or how to sell Disney. That is the type of training to look for as a new agent.

Agencies typically charge a fee for that type of travel agent training, and that should be expected. Unless you are a seasoned travel agent, you will need training. If you were entering any other field, wouldn’t you have to take classes or get a degree first? This is no different. 

While you could take classes at your community college, the training offered by some travel agencies is going to be more applicable to the type of travel you intend to sell. Especially for Disney travel. 

Agency Fees

Destinations like Walt Disney World and Disneyland are not like any other travel destinations, which is why travel advisors in this niche are so important. But being an expert traveler does not mean you are automatically an expert agent. Nevertheless, there is a lot to know. Working as an independent contractor under a reputable travel agency can provide the tools and training you need to succeed. And most agencies charge fees for that. 

That said, remember that you are embarking on your own business. Unless otherwise specified, you are an independent contractor. You are not an employee of your agency. There are IRS rules they need to abide by in terms of their relationship with you to keep clear that you are in fact, an independent contractor. Charging fees, especially for training, is one of the things that keep the lines clear.

Fees can vary widely and there are many types. Here are a few common ones:

  • Registration Fee:  This is a one-time cost to join an agency. This often covers the time and expense of onboarding you as an agent. These can range from a few hundred to over a $1000.
  • Initiation Fee:  Similar to the Registration Fee
  • Hosting Fee:  Typically, a monthly or annual fee for you to belong to an agency. These can often be between $50-$100 per month or more. 
  • Increased Commission Fee:  Also called a Buy-Up fee, some agencies will allow you to “buy up” to an increased commission. They will offer a higher commission split (in your favor) for a higher fee. If you are serious about selling, getting the higher split can be well worth the higher fee—but only if you are making sales. The cost is typically double the Hosting Fee. 
  • Training Fee:  For access to training. (This should be beyond the College of Disney Knowledge, which Disney offers to all their registered agencies for no charge). Training fees are typically a one-time cost. You can expect training fees to start around $500 and go up. Unless you are a seasoned travel agent, you should expect to pay a training fee.
  • Technology Fee:  Covers things like access to CRM programs, email, and other types of software for use in your business. Getting this through your agency is often less expensive than getting it on your own, plus it will integrate with the other agents on your team. Technology fees often run about $50-100 per month and up, depending on what is included.
  • Affiliate Fee:  Also called Membership fee and may be used in MLM network agencies. (See Lookout for Scams below).

But even with the fees an agency may charge, starting your own business as a Disney Travel Agent has a very low start-up cost. With being able to work from home, or anywhere, the only real tools you need are a phone and a computer. If you are putting in the effort and growing your travel business, these fees will be easily covered by just booking a few trips a year. The rest is gravy.

The Cost of No-Fee Agencies

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may find agencies that charge no fees. While this is very attractive, especially to new or inexperienced agents, they often come with very few benefits. As a new agent, training and support are critical. Technology, like a Customer Relationship Management portal, is as well. These would be things you have to find, pay for, and learn on your own. And if you are in a situation where you need help or guidance, it may be harder to get.

Plus, their commission splits may be lower than customary to make up the difference. Remember, the agency is in business too, and many expenses come along with that. They need to make their money somehow, which typically comes from taking a larger cut of your commissions. While that may not be a big deal when you are new and not making many sales, it will make a bigger dent in your pocket when you do.

If you are entering this field as a hobbyist, or only want to test the waters, so to speak, this may be an option to consider. But realize what you may not be getting in this scenario. Without support and training new agents need, it is very likely you will not be successful. So often, as a new agent, you may not know what you need, but hopefully, you will after reading this article.

Now, if you are serious about becoming a professional Disney Travel Agent, you would be better served to find an agency that will offer training, the technology and tools needed, and true support to help you start and grow your business, even if that comes with fees.

Think about it… If an average Walt Disney World trip is about $5000, that means a $500 commission to split. The difference between a 60/40 split a 70/30 split is $50. If you are paying a monthly hosting fee of $50, one trip a month and you’ve covered it. The rest is in your pocket.

Look Out for Scams

Legitimate Disney travel agencies will have IATA (International Air Transport Association) and/or CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) accreditation. They would be licensed and registered with the states that require Seller of Travel licenses. Those include Florida, California, Hawaii, Iowa, and Washington state.

Avoid any Disney travel agencies that run a multilevel marketing (MLM) scheme. These types of agencies are more interested in making money off you than making you a valuable member of their team.

MLM agencies get most of their revenue from selling memberships to new recruits, not commissions from selling travel. An MLM agency will rarely tell you upfront that is what they are. Instead, they may use terms like “network marketing” or “direct sales”. If you see that type of terminology on a website, then are likely an MLM business model. They are not interested in your success as a travel agent, only making money from memberships.

Find the right fit

Regardless of the fees charged, it’s essential to do your research and find the right fit for you. Ideally, someone you will want to be with for the long term. You want an agency that will give you the training and support you need in is vested in your success. If they are doing that, and are there to help you grow your business, the fees will be worth it. Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. 

woman wearing pink shirt talking on phone, taking notes, and working on laptop from home

What Do Disney Travel Agencies Look for in Applicants?

Each agency has its own set of criteria they seek when looking to hire travel planners. Here are some of the most common characteristics Disney travel agencies are looking for from potential job candidates.

Employers like enthusiasm, so be expressive and passionate when you apply for Disney travel agent jobs.

Good travel agencies invest a lot into their agents and set them up for success. But they can’t do it alone. YOU are the one in the driver’s seat. Are you driven to be successful? Are you motivated to market yourself? Are you ready to do all it takes to find clients and close sales? 

✓ Knowledge

Agencies want to know that you are well-versed and insightful when it comes to Disney Destinations and know that you have actually been to some of these places you’ll be promoting. Expect to be asked which destinations you have been to, and when

✓ Previous Planning Experience

Are you the go-to Disney expert for friends and family?  Do they seek your advice when planning their Disney vacations? If you’ve never been a travel agent before, this is where you can show you at least have some related experience, even though it was unofficial and unpaid.

✓ Commitment

Most Disney agencies are looking for people who serious about pursuing this career and understand that it takes time before you will see much reward for your labors.

✓ Availability

An ideal job candidate would be able to devote as many hours as possible to grow their business and be highly attentive to their client’s needs. Morning, afternoon, and nighttime calls or correspondence are common. Being flexible and available is important.

✓ Character Traits

Like any employer, Disney travel agencies want to hire those who possess a strong work ethic, professionalism, ambition, a positive attitude, independence, business-mindedness, etc. Showcase your personality.

✓ Salesmanship

You do not want to alienate potential clients with a bad attitude or a sales pitch or being too forceful. But you shouldn’t be wishy-washy either. Your goal makes the client feel confident in you and to close the sale.

✓ Customer Service Skills

Disney travel agents must possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and be comfortable “meeting” new people.

✓ Tech-Skills

A quiet workspace and reliable technology (computer, phone, and high-speed internet) is a must. You will be using an online booking system and talking to clients throughout the day. You need to be sure your computer skills are up to the task.

✓ Social Media Presence

Social media plays a major role in marketing these days. Successful Disney travel agents create a Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram account devoted entirely to market their Disney travel services. Every update will remind your followers that you are the go-to person for planning their next Disney vacation.

Looking for a Recommended Disney Travel Agency to Join?

After all this information about how to become a Disney travel agent, you decided you want to pursue a career as a Disney Travel Planner. You might ask, who is our favorite Disney Travel Agency?

While there are many great travel agencies out there, we believe the best is Destination Magic.

The company was started by agents from several other businesses who felt they did not get the support system needed to be effective and successful. In creating Destination Magic , they are committed to doing it better.

Destination Magic provides their Disney travel agents (called Magic Makers) with the tools necessary to be successful. They engage in various marketing initiatives to promote the agency and provides support to their agents in their marketing efforts. Plus, they pay some of the highest commission payouts in the industry—up to 90%! All this while still putting the prime focus on exceptional customer service.

Destination Magic is currently seeking agents to join their team. They are not a large agency which allows them to have a more personal connection with every agent. Each hire is not only a member of their team but a valued partner striving for mutual success.

Testimonials from actual agents:

“I know I can go to anyone in here and ask for help at any moment in time.” —Bekah Workman

“Everyone here feels like family. All here to support each other and invest in each other’s success as well as the company’s success.” —Will Hanlon

“We all have close connections with you guys (the owners) for any problems that come up. And having that relationship is special.” —Darcy Reeve

To inquire about applying to Destination Magic , visit

Woman on phone in front of laptop and white board in background

As with any career, you should follow your passion. If you are passionate about Disney travel and love to help bring that joy to others, you can be successful. And when you love what you do, it’s never a job. 

Best of luck with your career as a Disney Travel Agent!

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Our vision is the future we want to achieve. Our mission is what we do every day to bring that vision to life.

Our Mission

Fueled by our passion and expertise, we turn travel wishes into extraordinary dream vacation experiences that are magical and effortless. Our mission is to exceed expectations and create treasured lifetime memories.

Be the preeminent specialty travel agency where our independent advisors can flourish and clients’ expectations are exceeded, fostering trust and loyalty.

Our Core Values

We are individuals, but we are not alone. Collaboration connects us. Together, there is no obstacle in our way, a challenge we cannot overcome, or a dream we can’t realize. Working as partners, we harness the power of teamwork which is key to developing long-standing relationships.

Act with Purpose

Passion powers us. We are entrepreneurial and results-driven. As independent thinkers, we hold ourselves accountable and are the architects of our own success. We embrace change, foster innovation, and believe nothing is impossible. Our creativity, drive, and resourcefulness make us unstoppable.

Do What Is Right

Integrity is our cornerstone. We operate openly, honestly, and with transparency. Holding ourselves to the highest standards of exceptional customer service every time, at every level, is the benchmark for our success.

Bring Value

A lifetime of experience is the catalyst to create the experience of a lifetime. We embrace experiences and education as an investment in ourselves. It builds authority, enhances value, and promotes growth. We know our worth, and clients value our expertise.

Enrich Lives

We help make dreams come true. We cultivate lasting relationships by staying true to the words we speak, the actions we take, and the bonds we make. The excitement we exude as we design experiences that enrich our clients’ lives is infectious and will endure in the treasured memories we help create.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

As a travel company, we exist to bring people together. When people come together, they create opportunities for shared experience, dialogue, and growth. Experience shows that our differences fuel innovation for our company and clients. We bring different voices, backgrounds, and perspectives into our workforce—and nurture and celebrate them once they’re here. We treat everyone with respect, dignity, and fairness. We empower each person to develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence to the fullest and are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Ready to Be a Magic Maker?

We at DESTINATION MAGIC are looking for the best! Besides being a Disney travel expert, you also need to be well organized, tech-savvy, and (most importantly) driven to succeed . Planning vacations is a lot of fun, but there is also real work involved, and we are seeking those agents ready to conquer the challenge.

If you are ready to take your love of Disney and travel to the next level and are committed to becoming a professional travel advisor, we invite you to apply to join our team.

If you are already an established Disney travel planner looking for a new home, we want to hear from you! 

We offer competitive commissions plus bonus commissions for your own leads and bookings. You will have access to the latest destination news and supplier marketing materials to help build your business. We also provide training and ongoing support to help you become a successful professional travel advisor. By helping you succeed, we all succeed.

Do you have what it takes?

To be sure you have both the skills and readiness to be a travel agent on our team, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you entrepreneurial?
  • Are you motivated and driven to build your career as a travel professional?
  • Do you have the time it takes to devote to this work? (A minimum of 15+ hours per week)
  • Do you actively use social media?
  • Are you hard-working, professional, self-motivated, and customer service-oriented?
  • Can you market yourself and promote your services in order to generate new clients?
  • Have you marketed a business before, or do you have a strong plan to find clients and get your business off the ground quickly?

Yes, it’s a tall order, but we are looking for the best! This work is not for everyone, but if you answered yes to the questions above, then please consider applying to join our team. 

Become a Magic Maker

  • Your Name * First Name Last Name
  • Address * Street Address City Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Armed Forces Americas Armed Forces Europe Armed Forces Pacific State ZIP Code
  • Your Email Address *
  • Mobile Phone *
  • Internet search
  • Social Media
  • Disney-related blog
  • Referred by friend
  • If yes, please explain. *A conviction will not necessarily bar you from this opportunity.
  • What is your goal as a travel advisor? (Choose the answer that most closely fits) * CHOOSE ONE To earn some extra income while doing something I enjoy To enjoy the perks of being a travel advisor, such as discounts on travel and accommodations. To help friends and family plan their trips and earn some commission on the side To build a loyal clientele and become a successful travel advisor making a steady income To have fun and enjoy the process of planning travel itineraries
  • Yes, full-time
  • Yes, part-time
  • Who is your employer and what is your position?
  • Who was your last employer, what was last date of employment, and why did you leave?
  • If yes, what is the name of your former agency?
  • As a travel planner, what were your past sales?
  • How many hours per week are you available to work in this business?
  • Please specify. *
  • Weekday mornings
  • Weekday afternoons
  • Weekday evenings
  • Weekend mornings
  • Weekend afternoons
  • Weekend evenings
  • Video conference
  • Walt Disney World
  • Disney cruise
  • Adventures by Disney
  • International Disney theme parks
  • Universal Studios
  • In the last 5 years, when and how often had you visited these destinations? *
  • Share a brief description of your first-hand knowledge of the Disney resorts, theme parks, restaurants, recreation, tours, etc. *
  • Cruise other than Disney
  • All Inclusive Caribbean Resorts
  • Hawaiian locations other than Aulani
  • Other International destinations
  • Tell us about your non-Disney travel experience from the past 7 years *
  • How active are you on social media? Which platforms do you engage in most and in what ways (posts, reels, commenting, other)? *
  • Provide links to all your social media accounts *
  • This is a sales position with earnings based 100% on commissions. Do you have any sales experience? If yes, explain. If no, discuss how you are going to approach this type of position. *
  • Like any new business venture, marketing and self-promotion to success. Other than social media, how do you plan to promote your services to find new clients? *
  • We are seeking agents with an entrepreneurial spirit. Successful candidates must be driven to build their career as an independent travel agent and highly motivated to generate their own bookings. Tell us how you fit that requirement. *
  • It takes time to build your career as a travel agent. Where do you see your career as a travel agent in 5 or 10 years? Do you believe you can stay motivated and driven while you build your clientele? Please explain. *
  • If you found that you were not meeting your sales goals, what would you do? (Choose the response that most closely matches) * Select one Keep doing the same things and hope for better results Recognize that due to economic conditions, there has been a decrease in travel Implement targeted marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience Seek guidance from a mentor or sales coach to enhance my skills
  • Being a travel advisor requires certain skills. How do your rate your skills in the following areas? You can use this space to elaborate on any answer
  • Computer, Internet, and related technical sills * Select Very proficient Proficient Somewhat proficient Needs improvement
  • Superior math skills * Select Very proficient Proficient Somewhat proficient Needs improvement
  • Organization, attention to detail * Select Very proficient Proficient Somewhat proficient Needs improvement
  • Written and verbal communication * Select Very proficient Proficient Somewhat proficient Needs improvement
  • Speaking on the phone or in a video call * Select Very proficient Proficient Somewhat proficient Needs improvement
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines * Select Very proficient Proficient Somewhat proficient Needs improvement
  • Working with a sense of urgency * Select Very proficient Proficient Somewhat proficient Needs improvement
  • Maintaining composure in a fast paced or stressful environment * Select Very proficient Proficient Somewhat proficient Needs improvement
  • Balancing the demands of home life and a home-based business * Select Very proficient Proficient Somewhat proficient Needs improvement
  • A passion for Disney is only a small part of what makes a successful travel agent. The rest is motivation and drive to build your career as a travel agent. What is the one thing that would set you apart from other applicants that makes you the ideal candidate? (This is the place to sell yourself to us and demonstrate why you would be a good fit for our team). *
  • Lastly, and just for fun, who is your favorite Disney character (or villain) and why?
  • If you like to submit a resume or cover letter, please email it to [email protected]
  • Consent * I certify that the statements set forth in the above employment application are true and complete. I understand that falsified statements on this application in any detail shall be considered sufficient cause for disqualification from further consideration. I authorize Destination Magic to make an investigation of any of the facts set forth in this application and release Destination Magic from any liability.
  • Signature *

An Equal Opportunity Employer.  Destination Magic encourages applications from all people regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual preference, age, national origin, handicap, and marital or parental status. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring qualified candidates. 

It is unlawful to request or administer a lie detector test as a condition of employment or continued employment. An employer who violates this law shall be subject to criminal penalties and civil liabilities. The age discrimination in the Employment Act of 1967 prohibits discrimination on the basis of age with respect to individuals who are at least 40 but less than 70 years of age.

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Take the next step a simply magical vacation..

disney world travel agent salary

Enter your name and email address and we’ll send you our FREE, printable vacation planning organizer. The easiest way to plan any vacation.

BONUS Disney planning pages included, FREE!

Join Our Team

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  • Our Services

Mouse Counselors

Are you interested in becoming a travel agent who specializes in Disney destinations? You can start by joining the Mouse Counselors team!

  • Do you have a strong love for Disney travel destinations?
  • Are you a self-driven, professional, business-minded individual, with a high attention to detail?
  • Do your family and friends consider you the go-to person for Disney trip planning questions? Have they told you that you should get a job as a Disney Travel Agent?
  • Do you have extensive travel experience to Disney destinations?
  • Do you have exceptional communication skills?
  • Do you like to meet new people?
  • Do you already have a list of potential clients in mind that you will market your services to?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to these questions you may be a perfect fit for Mouse Counselors!  If, after a more in-depth description of our program (see below), you think you have what it takes and you are serious about providing the best in customer service to your clients, just complete our Join Our Team Questionnaire !


How we’ll work together:

Industry-leading commission splits..

Mouse Counselors offers a generous 75/25 commission split to our new agents. Mouse Counselors also offers higher splits (up to 90%!) to agents as they reach pre-determined sales goals!

We charge no agent fees.

Mouse Counselors does not charge registration or annual fees. Other than a nominal monthly software fee for use of our customer relationship management system, there are no mandatory monthly service or other fees.

A designation with distinction.

Mouse Counselors has been honored with the distinction of being an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. This designation is a tribute to our knowledge of Disney destinations and the value we add for our clients with our expertise in planning magical Disney vacations. It is this expertise that we are excited to share with our new agents!

Communication is the key to success.

We value open and honest communication. We give our agents dedicated personal attention. When you partner with us, you’re part of our family.

This allows us to connect with our agents, getting to know them and their businesses in a unique way.

Meet our Dream Team →

You work with us, not for us.

As your partner, we become an extension of your business. We work with our agents to focus on their growth. We will collaborate with you to make sure every part of your business is solid from the ground up.

We believe in the dream.

We personally invest in every agent we work with. Our intention is to help you achieve your dream (and more)!

We are looking for professional-minded self-starters who are serious about maintaining a profitable business focusing on impeccable client service and having a lot of fun along the way!

More than just Disney.

While Mouse Counselors has a reputation for designing vacations to Disney destinations for our clients, our agents also are able to book vacation packages, hotels, car rentals and all major cruise lines through our sister company, Vacation Counselors.

A community we are proud of.

Through Workplace by Meta, we provide access to a private, agent-only community where our Mouse Counselors share success stories, ask questions and provide their best tips! What better way to be the best agent you can be than to learn from other successful agents in our own safe and private corner of the internet?

This is our mission.

Mouse Counselors has a reputation for impeccable customer service. Our mission is to ensure that the client is always the first priority! We work hard to create and foster relationships with our clients and do our best to provide a sprinkle of pixie dust to make their vacations truly magical! The bottom line is we plan each vacation as if it were our own.

Are you ready to begin a rewarding career as a Mouse Counselor?

If so, please complete our   Join Our Team Questionnaire . We’ll review your submission carefully and if it looks as if the relationship might be a good fit, we’ll set up a call to discuss the opportunity further. However, if this program doesn’t quite fit what you are looking for, we certainly understand. Our program isn’t a match for everyone’s needs and goals, and we thank you for the time to check us out!

Walt Disney World Salary for Travel Agent BETA

What is the average salary for a Travel Agent at Walt Disney World in the United States? Based on our data, it appears that the optimal compensation range for a Travel Agent at Walt Disney World is between $38,055 and $48,492, with an average salary of $43,521. Salaries can vary widely depending on the region, the department and many other important factors such as the employee’s level of education, certifications and additional skills.

DISCLAIMER: The salary range presented here is an estimation that has been derived from our proprietary algorithm. It should be noted that this range does not originate from the company's factual payroll records or survey data.

For Employers

The trusted data and intuitive software your organization needs to get pay right.

If your compensation planning software is too rigid to deploy winning incentive strategies, it’s time to find an adaptable solution.

Does your employee feel unfair treatment? See Our Pay Equity Suite can help you achieve and sustain pay equity with the true end-to-end solution.

Enhance your organization's compensation strategy with salary data sets that HR and team managers can use to pay your staff right.

Walt Disney World Overview

Main Street and More Travel was founded by Christina Wood, who after nearly a decade as a travel agent herself, wanted to put together a team that shared the same idea: that your vacation is more than just a trip, that it has the potential to enhance your life, nourish your soul, and provide experiences you'll cherish for a lifetime. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of the planning process of your next vacation. Our services are always free and you will pay the same price as you would bookingdirectly with the destination. In addition, you will always speak to the same agent who will get to know your wants, needs, and budget. We feel this one on one interaction is the biggest benefit of working with a travel agent. Just as importantly, through your travel agent, you will have access to the entire Main Street and More Travel team and their years of experience and points of view.

Travel Reservationist

National Travel Charleston, WV

Luxury Travel Expert

Billingsley Travel , WV

Government/Corporate Travel Reservationist

National Travel Inc. Charleston, WV

Group travel coordinator

The Elite Travel Group Weston, WV

See similar companies related to Walt Disney World

What skills does a person need at walt disney world.

At Walt Disney World, specify the abilities and skills that a person needs in order to carry out the specified job duties. Each competency has five to ten behavioral assertions that can be observed, each with a corresponding performance level (from one to five) that is required for a particular job.

  • Customer Service: Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. The perception of success of such interactions is dependent on employees "who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest". Customer service concerns the priority an organization assigns to customer service relative to components such as product innovation and pricing. In this sense, an organization that values good customer service may spend more money in training employees than the average organization or may proactively interview customers for feedback. From the point of view of an overall sales process engineering effort, customer service plays an important role in an organization's ability to generate income and revenue. From that perspective, customer service should be included as part of an overall approach to systematic improvement. One good customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer holds towards the organization.
  • Transportation: Refers to the mode of travel used to get from home to work most frequently. The transportation are bus, train, aeroplane, ship, car, etc while the mode of transportation refers to road, air, sea/ocean, etc.
  • Guest Service: Guest services is a division of the hospitality industry. The goal of guest services is to provide customers with an enjoyable experience, primarily in the hotel and spa industry, sports facilities, and event venues.
  • Planning: An act or process of making or carrying out plans. Establishment of goals, policies, and procedures for a social or economic unit city planning business planning.
  • Health insurance: Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for health and medical expenses. Health insurance covers some or all of the costs of routine care, emergency care, and treatment for chronic illnesses.

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[Administrative Assistant / Fully Remote] - Anywhere in U.S. / Up to $42K per year / PTO - As an Office Assistant you'll: Answer and direct phone calls in a professional and timely manner; Manage office supplies and ensure that agents have the materials needed in the field; Organize and maintain files and records; Manage records related to office activities, business transactions, and other matters; Prepare and send office correspondence, including emails and letters; Assist with scheduling and organizing meetings and appointments; Coordinate and schedule travel arrangements and accommodations; Assist with bookkeeping tasks, such as monitoring and processing ACH payments, data entry, and invoicing...Hiring Fast >>

Job Description RD Nutrition Consultants LLC is seeking a Registered Dietitian for 4 to 8 hrs/week in the area! Schedule: Flexible days/hours. Must be completed Monday-Friday between normal business hours. (50% hours completed remotely) Compensation: $30.00-$38.00/hour DOE Travel Compensation: $30.00-$38.00/hr (For travel time to and from the facility). At least 1 year of clinical experience is preferred. RD Nutrition Consultants provides our consultants with competitive wages and flexible work schedules! Responsibilities: Coordinate nutritional care of residents and patients by completing nutritional assessments Experience working with tube feedings Provide nutritional counseling and education for residents and family Meet DOH/state/federal regulations and company standards Perform duties independently without training or direction Requirements: Candidates must be registered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration Experience providing general nutrition education (IE weight loss, we

REM Community Services, a part of the Sevita family, provides community-based services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Here we believe every person has the right to live well, and everyone deserves to have a fulfilling career. You'll join a mission-driven team and create relationships that motivate us all every day. Join us today, and experience a career well lived. Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse, Traveling Pay: $20 /hr. Schedule: 8am - 8pm, rotations Welcome Bonus: $3,000 This is a fantastic role to continue your nursing career path and work within a setting that offers variety and rewarding challenges. You will have large impact by providing nursing services, training, and supports to address the medical or psychiatric needs of individuals with a brain injury, intellectual and developmental disability, a substance use disorder, and/or has an emotional or behavioral disability. Monitor the health conditions of individuals served and ensure qualit

PURPOSE AND SCOPE: Acts as a serving leader to direct, administer and oversee the day to day operations and activities of dialysis facilities and programs within a specified and potentially changing geographic proximity. The scope includes, but is not limited to, chronic in-center clinics and home therapy programs, in an assigned area ensuring compliance with established company and regulatory guidelines and procedures, to provide high quality dialysis service and superior patient care to the community. Participates in the implementation of divisional and company initiatives and strategies. Practices cost containment strategies, maintaining profitability and growth of area, while ensuring compliance with all pertinent company policies and regulatory requirements. PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Provides strategic leadership of short- and long-term goals through the use of thoughtful and collaborative techniques in the communication of the company's mission and core values as a m

Middough Inc. - 'TOP WORKPLACES' winner! Discipline Manager - Electrical Position and Responsibilities The Discipline Manager (DM) manages and directs the work of staff design personnel under minimal supervision in order to complete assigned work on time, within budget, and in accordance with applicable codes/standards and Middough Work Process guidelines. The DM performs difficult and complex duties requiring independent decisions and extensive related experience. The DM administers corporate policy as required and develops and implements long range employee development plans and objectives. The DM develops staffing guidelines with responsibility for all personnel transactions in their assigned department(s). The DM provides technical leadership and assists engineers in solving complex design engineering problems through state-of-the-art technology and drives all related efforts in the development of, and advancement in technology excellence. Responsibilities include, but are not limi

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Trustaff is seeking a travel nurse RN ICU - Intensive Care Unit for a travel nursing job in Ashland, Kentucky. Job Description & Requirements Specialty: ICU - Intensive Care Unit Discipline: RN Start Date: 05/13/2024 Duration: 13 weeks 36 hours per week Shift: 12 hours, nights Employment Type: Travel As an ICU RN, you'll provide hands-on care for critically ill patients. Intensive Care nurses must be able to assess, plan, and implement care strategies for patients who may suffer from a variety of complex health conditions, but all of whom need round-the-clock attention. Trustaff Job ID #706400. Pay package is based on 12 hour shifts and 36 hours per week (subject to confirmation) with tax-free stipend amount to be determined. Posted job title: ICU About Trustaff Let trustaff find your next adventure. For over a decade, trustaff has been matching skilled healthcare professionals with some of the best facilities across the country. Whether you're interested in taking your skills on the r

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Hourly pay at walt disney world, faq about salary and jobs at walt disney world.

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Magical Travel

Magical Travel

We plan your vacation as if it were our own! ®

Magical Travel

Join our Team

disney world travel agent salary

Our company has openings for Disney travel planners. Magical Travel was founded by Denise Hafto in 2001 with the purpose of delivering world class customer service to every customer and we have achieved and maintained the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner designation since 2004.  We have agents located all over the country who enjoy the freedom to work from home. Magical Travel has a supportive office staff to aid our agents in selling travel and we have a low turn-over rate.  

Below are the benefits you will receive when you join Magical Travel. But please first check out what we will expect from you as an agent. You must have Disney destination vacation stays to be eligible. If you are interested in joining the Magical Travel Team please complete an application.

What we expect from you:

  • Recent personal travel experience to the Walt Disney World Resort and/or the Disneyland Resort and/or the Disney Cruise Line.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Walt Disney World Resort and/or the Disneyland Resort and/or the Disney Cruise Line
  • Customer service skills, friendly and positive disposition, professional attitude
  • Excellent communication skills that include writing emails, speaking to clients and suppliers
  • A marketing plan
  • Drive and ambition
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Marketing know-how/Marketing Plan
  • Ability to work independently at home
  • Business acumen
  • Daily social media engagement
  • Accounting skills
  • Computer skills
  • Be motivated

You will need the following supplies and business machines:

  • Internet Access
  • Basic Office Supplies
  • Competitive Commission Split The more you sell the higher the split.
  • Insurance Coverage Errors and Omissions Insurance is included.
  • Unlimited Support Through emails, phone, Facebook, we are always available to you.
  • Training Online and on-site training available.
  • Disney Destination Marketing Material to help build your business Digital media, mini-sites, etc.
  • Marketing Ideas and Information Learn what is tried and true.
  • Earn more commission with your own leads and bookings Competitive commission rates for booking your own leads.
  • Timely Destination Updates As soon as it happens you will know about it.
  • Enjoy Great Discounts for your Personal Travel After you qualify for your CLIA card or your IATA Card. Additional Fees will apply according to each Associations fee schedule.
  • Magical Travel Agents Only Website Information is always at your fingertips.
  • Toll free number with your own extension. Professional phone system for your clients to reach you.
  • An @  email address Professional email address 
  • Private Facebook Groups For Magical Travel Agents only to share and support each other.
  • Preferred Disney Agency Phone Line Special number to the Disney Reservation Center for help or to make reservations.
  • Complete an Application

Agent Testimonials

Magical Travel has been such a wonderful company to be a part of over the past 6 years- from getting my feet off the ground in the beginning to providing ongoing training and assistance.  I am able to work on my own with my client base while feeling supported, informed, and driven to continue to improve.  There is a great comradery between agents that makes working with Magical Travel successful and fun.

Kelly Heyman

Working with Magical Travel is Magical. It is like a big Disney family with great support and training. Your work is appreciated and rewarded.

Dave Weichert

I have worked at Magical Travel since 2008.  I didn’t know what to expect, but it is a decision I’m so glad I made.  I work with great people who are as passionate as I am about Disney travel.  It is the best job I have ever had.  I feel like we are a little family. 

Shannon Matteo

Magical travel is comprised of a group of agents that are friendly, willing to help and have a Team spirit. Not only is Denise available to answer questions, but other agents are always willing to help! Training conference calls and tutorials give us a chance to stay on top of the latest Disney information so we can be the best agents for our clients. 

Siobhan Atwood

I actually started with another company. While it was fine, I never really felt like I fit in. When I met Denise and the agents here, I knew I was home. 

Angela Kroon

Working with Magical Travel is fun! I think we have some of the best times together, either it be by phone, computer or in person.

Julie Shepherd

While this job is a lot of work, it is even more fun! I can’t imagine a better place to work or better people to work with.

Working with our group of MT agents is fantastic! Our support team is always there to help with any events or marketing ventures. All of our agents are knowledgeable and are a great resource. There is a team spirit with just a touch of competitiveness that makes for an exciting, friendly working atmosphere.

Kelly Longo

disney world travel agent salary

Let's Plan Your Vacation!

Vacation planning doesn't have to be stressful. Magical Travel is here to help you plan your vacation every step of the way. We work for you to give you the best vacation experience that fits your family's needs. If you don't know where to begin you've come to the right place.

disney world travel agent salary

Magical Travel is a full-service travel agency. We’ll will make your next family vacation easy for you. We are a Platinum Level Authorized Disney Vacation Planner,  but our experts can find the right vacation experience for you no matter the destination.  Where do you want to go?

Our travel agents are located throughout the United States.

We are headquartered in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

1-866-207-8387 [email protected]

Join Our Email List!

  • Name First Last
  • Email (Required)
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  • Comments This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

We never share your info. Privacy Policy

disney world travel agent salary

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You may receive e-mails from us regarding any User Generated Content you submit to this Site, including contributions to the Disney Travel News Blog. If any User Generated Content is approved for posting, it will be posted on this Site along with your first name.

All marketing collateral and advertising materials you create containing Disney materials which you intend to use in any media including, but not limited to, print, TV, radio, web, emails, blogs, tweets, and content posted on any social networking sites must be reviewed and approved in writing by us prior to printing, distribution or posting (approval may be granted or withheld in our sole discretion) and are subject to the marketing guidelines and terms of use of

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  1. The Ultimate Guide To Disney World Travel Agents

    disney world travel agent salary

  2. How Much Do Travel Agents Make?

    disney world travel agent salary

  3. Disney Travel Agent Salary

    disney world travel agent salary

  4. How Much Do Travel Agents Make?

    disney world travel agent salary

  5. Stats: 40 Percent of Those Who Start in Travel Hit Six-Figure Salary

    disney world travel agent salary

  6. Travel Agent Salary

    disney world travel agent salary


  1. How to Become a Disney Travel Agent (2024 Update)

    Disney World pays the travel agency a 10% commission. The agency receives a base commission of $500 ($5,000 x 10%) The agency then gives the travel planner part of the $500 and keeps the rest. An agent on a 50/50 split would earn $250 ($500 x 50%) An agent on an 80/20 split would earn $400 ($500 x 80%) Commission split ratios determine how much ...

  2. Become a Disney Travel Agent

    What To Expect From The Enchanted Traveler. • A high-quality brand known for its personalized, in-depth vacation planning. • A team atmosphere, including a Facebook support group and more. • The flexibility to work when you want, where you want, and with the clients that you want.

  3. Walt Disney Company Travel Agent Salaries

    The estimated total pay range for a Travel Agent at Walt Disney Company is $34K-$54K per year, which includes base salary and additional pay. The average Travel Agent base salary at Walt Disney Company is $43K per year. The average additional pay is $0 per year, which could include cash bonus, stock, commission, profit sharing or tips.

  4. How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

    Becoming a Disney travel advisor is similar to the process of becoming a regular travel agent. First, you'll need to meet specific travel agent requirements — but there are additional criteria ...

  5. Join Our Team

    Our Team. Here's why you should join our BIG FUN team! Earn great commissions selling Disney vacations (and more) through the Walt Disney World Travel Company as an independent contractor with Small World Big Fun, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. We've booked more than 10,000 trips since 2008!

  6. How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

    Learn how to become a Disney Travel Agency Qualifications / Requirements for Joining Our Team You must have visited a Disney Destination or stayed on Disney property a minimum of 3 times in the past 5 years (preferred). You are over the age of 21. You live within the continental United States. You are proficient.

  7. Travel Agent Salaries in the United States for The Walt Disney Company

    Estimated average pay. $20.23. per hour. 7%. Above national average. Average $20.23. Low $18.82. High $22.66. The estimated middle value of the base pay for Travel Agent at this company in the United States is $20.23 per hour.

  8. How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

    Sue Pisaturo owns Small World Vacations, a top Disney vacation travel agency, and has watched the industry grow for more than 25 years — so we asked for her best tips on how to become a Disney ...

  9. How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

    There are travel agencies out there that will ask you to pay them a fee $300 - $500 to join them and in return they will let you get a CLIA ID card or access to the Disney booking site. This is not how you should become a travel agent in our opinion. This should be a job, not something you do for a CLIA card.

  10. Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

    Toll Free:Local:Email: [email protected]. As an authorized Disney vacation planner, Mickey Travels can get help with your DIsney vacation. Our Disney travel agents specialize in planning Disney vacations. Call us at 888-812-8750.

  11. How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

    Disney pays the agency a percentage of the sale, typically 10% of the package price (taxes and fees excluded). Part of that 10% goes to the agency, the part of it goes to you, the agent. The specific amount is called "the split". There are many factors that determine the split. Commission Splits.

  12. Become a Disney Travel Agent

    Become a Disney Travel Agent | Work from Home Disney Travel Agents. We are Disney travel planning experts specializing in creating stress-free vacations to magical destinations including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Adventures By Disney. Plus, Universal Studios, Cruises, Caribbean, Hawaii, and more!

  13. Join Our Team

    Mouse Counselors has been honored with the distinction of being an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. This designation is a tribute to our knowledge of Disney destinations and the value we add for our clients with our expertise in planning magical Disney vacations. It is this expertise that we are excited to share with our new agents!

  14. Walt Disney World Salary for Travel Agent

    The average annual Walt Disney World Salary for Travel Agent is estimated to be approximately $43,521 per year. The majority pay is between $38,055 to $48,492 per year. Visit to find out more.

  15. Walt Disney Company Travel Agent Hourly Pay

    The estimated total pay range for a Travel Agent at Walt Disney Company is $16-$26 per hour, which includes base salary and additional pay. The average Travel Agent base salary at Walt Disney Company is $20 per hour. The average additional pay is $0 per hour, which could include cash bonus, stock, commission, profit sharing or tips.

  16. vacation planner jobs at DISNEY

    プランナー・マーチャンダイジング/Planner, Merchandising. Mar. 01, 2024. Consumer Products Games & Publishing. Minato-ku, Japan. Be part of the story. Search for available vacation planner jobs at DISNEY here.

  17. Disney Travel Agent Salary: Hourly Rate April 2024 USA

    How much do Disney Travel Agent jobs pay per hour? Average hourly pay for a Disney Travel Agent job in the US is $20.64. Salary range is $11.78 to $33.89.

  18. Join our Team

    Magical Travel. Our travel agents are located throughout the United States. We are headquartered in Southeastern Pennsylvania. 1-866-207-8387 [email protected] Magical Travel has achieved and maintained the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner designation since 2004 and has been in business since 2001.

  19. Disney Travel Agents

    Welcome to Disney Travel Agents Explore Disney Destinations information, access valuable marketing tools, and complete specialized training. Already registered?

  20. $16-$30/hr Disney World Travel Agent Jobs (NOW HIRING)

    Guest Service Agent (Full-Time) - Conrad Orlando. Hilton Orlando, FL. $14 to $17.75 Hourly. Estimated pay. Full-Time. ... Walt Disney World with a 20-acre tropical beach and 8-acre lagoon setting the stage for luxury ... For nearly a century, Hilton has offered business and leisure travelers the finest in ...