1. Lucille Ball saved Star Trek

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  2. The Admiral that saved Star Fleet. Lucille Ball ultimately gave the

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  3. How Lucille Ball Helped Save “Star Trek”

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  4. Heroes and Icons

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  5. Lucille Ball, In 1964, Ball was the sole owner of Desilu Studios and

    lucille ball star trek uniform

  6. Admiral Lucille Ball

    lucille ball star trek uniform


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  1. How Lucille Ball Helped Star Trek Become a Cultural Icon

    When Arnaz and Ball divorced in 1960, she took over the studio herself, making her one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz outside the gates of Desilu. Four years later, Roddenberry came to Desilu with an idea for a pilot that would grow into Star Trek. Ball bought the series, even if she didn't quite ...

  2. Fan tribute puts Lucille Ball in Star Trek uniform

    The instagram account @jackson_theofore_keys shared a creation by a fan in the hobby community that put Ball in a Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform. Every Trekkie knows how instrumental ...

  3. Lucille Ball Is the Reason We Have 'Star Trek'

    Ball and then-husband and eventual "I Love Lucy" costar Desi Arnaz formed Desilu in 1950. Ball made most of all of the creative choices while Arnaz handled the business. The two worked as partners ...

  4. Lucille Ball

    Lucille Ball (6 August 1911 - 26 April 1989; age 77) [1] was an actress and comedienne best known for her titular role on I Love Lucy. During the mid-1960s, she was the owner and chief executive of Desilu Studios and as such responsible for approving the initial production of Star Trek: The Original Series. Ball founded Desilu with her husband, Desi Arnaz in 1950. After the couple divorced ...

  5. How Lucille Ball saved 'Star Trek'

    How Lucille Ball saved 'Star Trek'. Gene Roddenberry's quirky little sci-fi drama found an unlikely champion in comedy queen Lucille Ball. Even after production costs ballooned and the first pilot ...


    Happy Star Trek Day! "Star Trek: The Original Series" premiered 55 years ago on September 8, 1966. In honor of this, please enjoy this video highlighting Luc...

  7. Star Trek Happened Thanks To Lucille Ball

    Star Trek: The Original Series has an unlikely connection to another beloved retro TV show: I Love Lucy. Although Star Trek first premiered in 1966, years after I Love Lucy had aired its finale episode, the two iconic TV shows share common origins.Lucille Ball's iconic sitcom I Love Lucy aired on CBS for 6 seasons in the mid 1950s.The series was produced by Desilu, the production company Ball ...

  8. Remember That Time Lucille Ball Saved Star Trek

    After the couple divorced in 1960, Ball took over control of the company, which was almost unheard of for a woman at the time. Upon hearing the pitch for Star Trek, Lucille Ball took a shine to ...

  9. The true story of how Lucille Ball saved 'Star Trek'

    The true story of how Lucille Ball saved 'Star Trek'. On March 11, 1964, Gene Roddenberry completed the first treatment of what would become one of the most beloved fandoms of all time: Star Trek. The sci-fi drama was pitched as a Space Western, and while the original concept would evolve befo…. By Shannon Corbeil.

  10. The Nod That Launched A Thousand (Star)Ships: How Lucille Ball Saved

    John C. Alsedek continues his series on the history of Radio Drama with an inside look at Lucille Ball's instrumental role in the STAR TREK legacy. ... Star Trek has spawned seven television series (with at least three more on the way) and won 31 Emmy Awards, not to mention 13 major motion pictures. But if not for a simple nod from "America's ...

  11. New Star Trek documentary reveals Lucille Ball's surprising sci-fi

    3. Ball needed new series — and Star Trek fit the bill. After her divorce from Arnaz in 1960, Lucille Ball had another hit sitcom that followed I Love Lucy; a somewhat lesser-known series titled ...

  12. As pioneering TV mogul, Lucille Ball spotted potential of "Star Trek

    Lucille Ball with John Wayne in I Love Lucy, 1955. Just like I Love Lucy, Star Trek success was proved time and again, particularly after Star Trek: The Next Generation was launched in 1987. A couple of years later, the show producers were already working simultaneously on Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

  13. Lucille Ball Suffered Life-Changing Sacrifices For Star Trek

    Cushman, being learned in the world of "Star Trek" knew all about Lucille Ball's struggles with Desilu in the mid-1960s. It seems that people around Ball advised her not to invest in "Star Trek ...

  14. Lucille Ball Once Helped Save 'Star Trek,' Securing Its Success Through

    Lucille Ball left her mark on television history in more ways than can be counted. Star Trek solidified its own place as an enduring franchise from the '60s to today. Part of that success from Star Trek can be attributed to the talented, revolutionary Lucille Ball. While Ball can first be associated with the stunning success of I Love Lucy, she brought her creative vision to a lot of other ...

  15. Every 'Star Trek' Uniform, Ranked

    The Starfleet uniforms are an enduring icon of pop culture.This is the definitive ranking of uniforms from Star Trek movies and TV shows.

  16. We Wouldn't Have Star Trek Without Lucille Ball

    In fact, Star Trek 's original pilot was received fairly poorly. But the series would find new life due to a surprising source: Lucille Ball. In fact, the I Love Lucy star is responsible for ...

  17. Lucille Ball is the reason we have 'Star Trek'

    Fri, Jul 8, 2016, 3:58 PM. Lucille Ball Star Trek. (Lucille Ball saved "Star Trek."Wikimedia Commons) Lucille Ball kept the Starship Enterprise in flight. The comedy icon's company, Desilu ...

  18. Why Star Trek Never Would Have Happened Without Lucille Ball

    Lucille Ball lost Desilu Productions. NBC ordered 16 episodes for the first season of "Star Trek," but again, Desilu board members tried to stop Lucille Ball from proceeding with the project as they were fearful that the cost to produce the show would bankrupt the company. Ball wasn't to be deterred, though, and production started, per Heavy.

  19. Star Trek: Lucille Ball's Unsung Role in its Origin Story

    Star Trek is one of those franchises whose origins have become so mythologised its practically a superhero origin story. Every fan knows the story of Gene Rodenberry, ex-US Air Force pilot-turned ...

  20. Has Star Trek ever played tribute to Lucille Ball? : r/startrek

    Associates. A The company is, as Sef heard it, Luck and Bill (as in Lawrence Luckenbill, the son-in-law of Lucy Ball of Desilou) Associates. Essentially her character in "Mame". Lucy was an incredible businesswoman and visionary. That being said her connection to Star Trek was incredibly small.

  21. How Lucille Ball Saved Star Trek® and the Impact on NASA

    Ms. Nichols' contributions extended beyond the fantasy of Star Trek® and into the reality of NASA when she was recruited to help promote the program and recruit astronauts. Oscar Wilde said, "Life imitates art far more than art imitates life," and the role she played on TV and film paved the way for her contributions in growing NASA.

  22. Star Trek Demythifies How The Iconic Lucille Ball Saved The Franchise

    How Lucille Ball Helped Star Trek Become a Cultural Icon The actress and her studio helped bring The Original Series to life. The journey to get Star Trek: The Original Series on television was a ...

  23. Captain Lucille ball : r/startrekmemes

    EDIT: I personally would have much preferred a TOS era dress admiral uniform, as that was the era she launched, but anything of such a creative measure that acknowledges her contribution to Star Trek is pure gold. ... look up the history of Lucille Ball and Star Trek. Long story short, Star Trek might not exist except for her. Reply reply ...

  24. Why Did Deanna Troi Wear A Starfleet Uniform In Star Trek: The Next

    On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Counselor Deanna Troi wore uniforms different from those of the rest of the USS Enterprise crew.; In the pilot episode, Deanna Troi was seen in the Starfleet skant, which actor Marina Sirits called "the cosmic cheerleader" outfit. However, near the end of Star Trek: TNG, Deanna Troi starts to wear a Starfleet uniform with good reason to do so.