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Air Canada Group Travel: Your Ultimate Guide


Air Canada Group Travel: Can You Get a Group Rate on Airline Tickets?

Exploring cost-efficient travel options.

One of the primary advantages of choosing Air Canada for group travel is the possibility of securing group rates on airline tickets. These rates can result in substantial savings, making your trip more affordable for everyone involved.

To avail of group rates, follow these steps:

Plan in Advance: Start planning your group travel well ahead of time. The more time you have, the better chance you have of securing the best rates.

Determine Group Size: Air Canada Group Travel typically defines a group as ten or more passengers travelling together. Ensure you meet this requirement to qualify for group rates.

Contact Air Canada Group Sales: Reach out to Air Canada's Group Sales department to discuss your travel plans and request a quote. You can reach them at 833-930-2006 .

Flexible Booking: Be flexible with your travel dates and times. Sometimes, adjusting your itinerary slightly can result in significant cost savings.

Consider Additional Services: Explore options like pre-ordered meals, special accommodations, or additional baggage allowances for a more comfortable journey.

By following these steps, you increase your chances of securing attractive group rates for your airline tickets. Now, let's explore how to book your group's flight.

How Do I Book a Flight for a Group of People?

The booking process made easy.

Booking a flight for a group of people with Air Canada is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Gather Passenger Information: Collect all necessary information for each traveller, including full names, dates of birth, passport details, and contact information.

Contact Air Canada Group Sales: Reach out to Air Canada's Group Sales department at 833-930-2006 to initiate the booking process. Provide them with your group's details and travel preferences.

Receive a Quote: Air Canada's Group Sales team will provide you with a quote based on your group's requirements and preferences. Review the quote and confirm your booking.

Make a Deposit: In most cases, you will need to make a deposit to secure your group booking. The amount and payment details will be provided by the Group Sales team.

Finalise Details: Work closely with Air Canada's Group Sales experts to finalise your travel itinerary, seating arrangements, and any additional services you may require.

Payment and Confirmation: Pay the remaining balance as per the agreed-upon schedule. Once the payment is complete, you will receive confirmation of your group booking.

Booking a flight for a group of people with Air Canada is a hassle-free process, thanks to their dedicated Group Sales team. They will guide you through every step to ensure a seamless experience for you and your fellow travellers.

What Is the Phone Number for Air Canada Vacations Group?

Contacting air canada vacations group.

If you have specific inquiries or need assistance related to Air Canada Vacations Group, you can reach out to them directly. Here's their contact information:

Phone Number: 833-930-2006

Air Canada Vacations Group is ready to assist you with vacation packages, group travel deals, and any questions you may have about your upcoming journey. Feel free to call them for personalised support.

Q: Can I get a group rate on airline tickets with Air Canada?

A: Yes, Air Canada offers group rates for ten or more passengers travelling together. Contact Air Canada's Group Sales department for more information.

Q: How do I book a flight for a group of people with Air Canada?

A: To book a group flight with Air Canada, gather passenger information, contact Air Canada's Group Sales at 833-930-2006, receive a quote, make a deposit, and finalise details with the Group Sales team.

Q: What is the phone number for Air Canada Vacations Group?

A: You can reach Air Canada Vacations Group at 833-930-2006 for vacation packages, group travel inquiries, and personalised assistance.

Planning group travel with Air Canada is an excellent choice for those seeking cost-efficient rates and a hassle-free booking process. By following the outlined steps, you can secure group rates on airline tickets, book your group's flight, and obtain assistance from Air Canada Vacations Group when needed.

Read More: Delta Group Travel .



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Group travel booking: all your questions answered

The 10 best group travel companies.

  • The common challenges involved in booking group travel
  • What services group tour companies offer
  • A review of 10 of the best small group travel companies

What are the common challenges involved in booking trips for large groups of people?

Gathering all of the necessary group travel information, multiple moving parts are difficult to manage, what are group travel companies and what services do they typically offer, design travel itineraries according to client needs, offer locally based guides, 10 of the best group travel companies, 1. g adventures.

  • Unique and off-the-beaten-path travel experiences
  • Hiking, cycling, rail, and marine tours
  • Tours focused on wellness
  • 18-to-thirty-somethings tours
  • Solo traveler-friendly group trips

2. Intrepid Travel

  • 18-29s tours
  • Active adventures (hiking, biking, kayaking, etc)
  • Adventure cruising (travel by boat)
  • Family tours
  • Wildlife and polar tours
  • Women’s expeditions (all-female tours)
  • Urban Adventures day tours

3. TravelPerk

  • World-class inventory
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date travel alerts for peace of mind
  • Self-booking made easy for travelers
  • Automated travel policies and in-app approval system
  • 24/7 business travel assistance
  • Access to real-time travel spend data
  • Pay, report , and invoice all company travel expenses with just one account

4. Exodus Travels

  • Trips for those in their 30s-40s, families, and self-guided tours
  • Mixed activity trips
  • Small ship cruises
  • Desert treks, coastal walks, and wildlife walks
  • Private group adventures

5. MT Sobek

  • Search based on activity/fitness level
  • Hiking, trekking, rafting, and kayaking activities
  • Family adventures
  • Adventure cruising and camping
  • Search by accommodation, including luxury hotels, safari camps and lodges, and rustic lodging
  • Private and customized travel tours
  • Skiing and snowboarding tours
  • Short trips and festivals
  • Island hopping tours, road trips, and bus tours
  • Pride trips
  • 24/7 customer support

7. For the Love of Travel (FTLO)

  • Weekend trips
  • International trips
  • A commitment to being a climate-neutral brand, supporting local economies, and only working with vendors that align with their values
  • Low season travel tour deals
  • “Choice touring”, a selection of curated experiences in off-the-beaten-path destinations
  • Faith-based travel itineraries

9. EF Go Ahead Tours

  • Multi-country tours
  • Food and wine, history, and family tours
  • Seasonal and special event tours (including Oktoberfest, Christmas market tours, and summer tours)
  • Safari and wildlife, battlefield, and national park tours
  • Private and customized group tours

10. Classic Journeys

  • A loyalty program offering discounts and priority room assignments
  • Groups and corporate luxury tours
  • Couples and friends tours
  • Limited edition vacations such as visiting Japan’s cherry blossoms or viewing a solar eclipse
  • A variety of walking, food and wine, multisport, and heritage and ancestry tours

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  • Find hundreds of resources on all things business travel, from tips on traveling more sustainably, to advice on setting up a business travel policy, and managing your expenses. Our latest e-books and blog posts have you covered.
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Group Trips Canada

Your group travel experts, we make group travel easy, group trips home.

Amateur to semi-pro and pro, tournaments, competitions and fan affinity groups

Custom travel options through our global network of trusted vendor partners.

A full suite of travel options, from regular scheduled travel, to conferences and events

What we offer

Gradient Location Icon.H09.2k

Custom Plans

Personalized travel components designed to meet your specific group or event budget.

Blue & Pink User Group Icon.I09.2k

Dedicated Expertise

We assign knowledgeable, dedicated team specialists to assist your group with all aspects of travel. 

Gradient Copy Icon.H03.2k (1)

Itinerary Management

Every group receives detailed itinerary management options and documentation.

Full Flight Ticketing and Management

Air travel can be stressful. Leave the hard work of planning, booking, and ticketing to us.

Hotels and Accomodations

Access preferred rates through our strategic partnerships with all major hotel chains around the globe.

24/7 Support

Feel assured that you have support before, during , and after your trip around the clock.

Rentals and Ground Transport

Seamless rental experiences and a full suite of ground transportation option

Tours and Excursions

We work with only the most reliable tour and excursion partners to provide quality experiences.

Cruise Block Space

We have dedicated cruise group room blocks on most cruises, along with exclusive extra amenities.


Are you a tournament, convention, or large event organizer? You can benefit from a no cost partnership, with no long term contract.


Revenue Sharing

Realize additional revenue for your organization without increasing attendee costs.


Unified Travel Packaging

Give your attendees an option for streamlined travel services in one package.


Top Tier Supplier Partners

We partner with only the most reputable and trusted names in travel.

speak to an expert

No struggling with questions about how to proceed. We guide you quickly and efficiently through every step of the process so your group can concentrate on what really matters.


No Obligation Consultations

There is no obligation or cost for any consultation. We are confident in our ability to provide unparalled service.

No Long Term Contracts

Single group trips or ongoing events, you won't be forced into long term agreements.

Full Accounting and Reporting

Each of our partners receives full cost accounting and post trip reconciliation reports.

We are Group Air Experts

Group Air Pricing

Get in Touch

Group inquiry.

Fill out the form below and one of team experts will respond quickly.

group travel with air canada

What Classes Of Travel Does Air Canada Offer?

Air Canada has a very diverse fleet of aircraft, including narrowbodies and widebodies from both Airbus and Boeing. With its fleet, the airline operates extensive domestic, North American, and intercontinental services to a network of over 200 destinations. With flights of varying lengths crossing various borders, Air Canada has a diverse range of travel classes. Let's take a look at what Canada's flag carrier has to offer...

Two broad types of flights

When it comes to where you'll find Air Canada's various travel classes, it really depends on the type of flight a passenger is on. The two types, broadly speaking, are:

  • North American: This includes flights within Canada as well as from Canada to the US and to the Caribbean.
  • Intercontinental: These are flights overseas to Europe, Asia, and South America. For the airline, this is more often referred to as "international," although its "North American" services do include services that are technically also international.

However, it gets a little more complicated from here, with travel class offerings depending on the route and the type of aircraft deployed.

Just three types of classes

Excluding its leisure and budget subsidiary Rouge, Air Canada's mainline operations have just three different classes of travel and are as follows:

  • For long-haul, intercontinental services, this class offers pods with lie-flat seats.
  • For most North American flights, business class is simply a wider, more comfortable recliner-style seat.
  • The exceptions occur when Air Canada deploys its widebodies on certain domestic routes. For example. premium passengers can access the airline's lie-flat seats when an A330, 777, or 787 is deployed on a transcontinental service.

Flight Review: Check out Simple Flying's report on Air Canada's Boeing 777 business class

  • Somewhat equivalent to North American business class, premium economy is distinguished by its recliner seats and larger IFE screens.
  • Mainly found on Air Canada's intercontinental services, the exceptions again occur when Air Canada deploys its widebodies on certain domestic routes.
  • For routes deploying Air Canada's smallest (regional) aircraft, such as the Dash 8 and CRJ series, economy class may be the only service available.
  • The airline's North American economy services offer one of the best economy classes among its competitors, offering modern inflight entertainment systems and charging ports at all seats.
  • Economy class on intercontinental flights is largely identical to North American flights. The main difference is the provision of complimentary meal services on these longer international services.

Get the latest aviation news straight to your inbox: Sign up for our newsletters today.

One notable exception

While almost all of Air Canada's flights to Europe will be on widebodies offering three classes of service, one type stands out as an exception. This is Air Canada's Boeing 737 MAX 8, which is fitted with two travel classes: North American business class, and economy. However, data from Cirium shows that less than 3% of the carrier's European flights will be flown by the MAX this month, with its Toronto-Heathrow route seeing the most MAX utilization.

Of course, spending six hours on a narrowbody is less than ideal, but maybe it beats having to transfer in Montreal or Toronto, right?

Nearly 200 Aircraft: The Air Canada Fleet In 2023

Have you flown with Air Canada recently? Which class were you in, and what was your experience like? Share your opinions by leaving a comment.

What Classes Of Travel Does Air Canada Offer?

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group travel with air canada

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group travel with air canada

Air Canada Vacations unveils new guided tours to Dubai

Post date: Jun 17 2024

Date: Jun 17 2024

By: Travelweek

MONTREAL – Air Canada Vacations has announced the launch of its new Dubai guided tours program, bringing the allure and luxury of the Emirates within closer reach of Canadians. 

Travellers can now enjoy year-round tours that highlight the best of Dubai, with Air Canada’s daily direct flights from Toronto and four weekly flights from Vancouver, running from Oct. 28 to March 27, 2025. Connections from over 60 Canadian airports further enhance accessibility.

Nino Montagnese, Vice President at Air Canada Vacations, expressed enthusiasm about the new program, stating, “Our goal at Air Canada Vacations is to continue to provide travellers with unique opportunities to discover the world. With the introduction of our Dubai guided tours program, we are excited to offer a glimpse of the Emirates and create lasting memories for those seeking to experience this extraordinary destination.”

The Dubai guided tours program features a diverse selection of 10 year-round packages, which include private transportation across key destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Kaimah, accommodation ranging from 3- to 5-star hotels, breakfasts and entrance fees when visiting monuments.

For those looking to extend their adventure, Air Canada Vacations also offers cruise options departing from Dubai. Partnering with renowned cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Azamara, and MSC, among others, these packages provide an ideal complement to exploring the Middle East via sea.

group travel with air canada

The Dubai program features five guided tours, also available for longer stays with two additional days including:

  • Arabian Cultural Highlights : This 6-day, 4-night journey through Dubai and Abu Dhabi includes experiences such as desert safaris and visits to iconic landmarks.
  • Taste the Emirates : This 6-day, 4-night experience visits Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Kahimah, and highlights local cuisine and bustling souks where guests can discover exotic herbs, freshly baked breads and aromatic spices.
  • The UAE, Explored : This 6-day, 4-night tour is a must for thrill-seekers and includes adventure options in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah.}
  • The UAE, Present and Future : While on this 6-day, 4-night tour, guests will learn about the beautiful cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah and where each is headed in terms of innovation.
  • The Dubai Stopover : Coming soon, this 4-day, 2-night journey through Dubai blends luxury, culture and adventure.

All Dubai guided tours by Air Canada Vacations include personalized airport greetings and fast-track access through immigration and security, ensuring a seamless start to every journey. The company aims to enhance the travel experience by focusing on small group sizes, with no more than five participants per group.

For more information about the Dubai guided tours program, click here .

Travel Week Logo

Tags: Air Canada, Dubai, Lead Story

group travel with air canada


Traveling in a group

Enjoy group fares and flexible booking conditions when flying with a group of 10 or more people. Request a quote today, it's easy and without any obligation!

How to book your group travel

Are you travelling with 10 or more people?* Please request a quote via our partner Delta Air Lines, so they can create an obligation-free offer tailored to your travel needs. * Children under 2 years are not included in the total passenger count if they travel on the lap of an adult passenger.

When you book group travel with Air France, you'll benefit from a better fare, greater flexibility and extra assistance during the booking process. You can also:

  • Enjoy more time to think before finalizing your booking
  • Benefit from greater flexibility in payment and canceling
  • Add more people to your group later on (fare may differ)
  • Select your standard seats in advance at no extra charge
  • Change passenger names before tickets are issued at no extra charge
  • Manage 1 simplified contract for your group trip if your flights are operated by KLM, Air France, or Delta Air Lines
  • Receive assistance from a dedicated team of advisors
  • Earn Flying Blue Miles or blue credits for your company

Rates and conditions

The total amount of your custom quote depends on the number of passengers, available seats, destination, travel dates and the average price of a ticket in your selected cabin. The fare conditions of your group's tickets depend on the number of passengers, the country of departure, the booking date, the number of days before departure, the available seats, the promotional periods and the payment method.

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Russian Flotilla Off Florida Coast Sparks Deployment of US Navy Destroyers, Planes

Russian Navy Admiral Gorshkov frigate arrives at the port of Havana

The Pentagon deployed three Navy destroyers and maritime patrol aircraft this week to keep tabs on a group of Russian ships that conducted missile exercises and reportedly got within 30 miles of the Florida coast.

"In accordance with standard procedure, we've been actively monitoring the Russian ships as they transit the Atlantic Ocean within international waters," a defense official, who spoke on the condition his name not be used, told Military.com in an emailed statement Wednesday.

The official added that "air and maritime assets under U.S. Northern Command have conducted operations to ensure the defense of the United States and Canada," but wouldn't elaborate on what those assets were. Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh also wasn't able to offer specifics at a briefing to reporters Wednesday.

Read Next: Lasting Grief but Few Answers: Families of Troops Killed in Osprey Crashes React to Hearing on Troubled Aircraft

In contrast, Russia has been very clear about what ships were deployed and what they were up to.

Russian state-run media announced last week that a group of four ships, including a frigate and a nuclear-powered submarine, would be making a port call in Havana between June 12 and June 17.

On Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense said in an online post that the ships conducted exercises in the use of "high-precision missile weapons in the Atlantic Ocean" and included video shot aboard the vessels.

"As part of the exercise, the crews of a frigate and a nuclear-powered submarine practiced the use of high-precision missile weapons using computer-simulated naval targets that represent naval groups of a mock enemy and are located at a distance of over 600 kilometers," the statement said, while noting no missiles were launched.

The Pentagon would not say what U.S. assets were deployed in response to the Russian presence, but online amateur analysts used public flight and ship-tracking data to identify the three destroyers as the USS Truxtun, USS Donald Cook and USS Delbert D. Black on Tuesday.

They also identified U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol and anti-submarine aircraft as part of the response.

The defense official who spoke with Military.com on Wednesday would go only so far as to say that the Navy's U.S. 2nd Fleet, U.S. 4th Fleet, U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area and Canadian Joint Task Force Atlantic were all "conducting routine operations throughout the Atlantic, and we will continue to operate and engage from a position of strength."

A Defense Department photo of the Truxtun taken last week noted that the destroyer was sailing with the Canadian frigate HMCS Ville de Québec and U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Stone -- two ships that online analysts also suspected to be responding to the Russians.

Online analysts also estimated that the Russian flotilla got within 25 miles of shore. The Miami Herald, citing unnamed U.S. officials, reported that the ships sailed "less than 30 miles off South Florida's coast" on Tuesday.

According to images uploaded to sites such as Telegram by Russian state-run outlets, the Russian ships , including the frigate and the submarine, pulled into Havana on Wednesday.

Singh, the Pentagon spokeswoman, downplayed the presence of the flotilla by telling reporters that "we've seen them do this -- these type of port calls before -- and these are routine naval visits that we've seen under different administrations."

"We're always constantly going to monitor any foreign vessels operating near U.S. territorial waters ... but these exercises don't pose a threat to the United States," she added.

However, unlike prior port visits that involved less-advanced Russian vessels, the submarine and the frigate are some of the newest and most advanced Russian warships currently in that country's arsenal.

The frigate, the "Admiral Gorshkov," was commissioned in 2018.

Meanwhile, the submarine, the "Kazan," was commissioned in 2021 and is similar to U.S. guided-missile nuclear submarines, capable of carrying a range of anti-ship and land attack missiles, including the hypersonic "Zircon" anti-ship missile, according to an analysis by the U.K.-based think tank Royal United Services Institute , or RUSI.

RUSI's report noted that the Kazan has " a reported level of quietness comparable to the very best Western [nuclear submarines] and a long-range strike capability which exceeds that seen on most Western assets."

USNI News reported in 2014 that a U.S. Navy official in charge of its submarine program was so impressed with that class of Russian submarine that he had a model of the lead boat -- the Severodvinsk -- placed outside his office so that he could look at it daily.

The defense official who spoke with Military.com said that, while Russian naval visits to Cuba are routine, they have "ratcheted up because of U.S. support to Ukraine and exercise activity in support of our NATO allies."

"We should expect more of this activity going forward," the official added.

Related: Navy Relieved 12 Commanders in 6 Months -- Including 3 Firings that Were Never Publicly Announced

Konstantin Toropin

Konstantin Toropin Military.com

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group travel with air canada

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group travel with air canada

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Russian Navy Admiral Gorshkov frigate arrives at the port of Havana

The Russian Ministry of Defense said in an online post that the ships conducted exercises in the use of "high-precision...

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  • Coast Guard Relieves Commander of Biggest Station for Failing to Act on Harassment Claims
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  • Watch 'Band of Brothers' Cast Members Jump into Normandy for D-Day's 80th Anniversary
  • ‘World of Tanks’ Wants You to Invade Normandy During D-Day


  1. Group Travel with Air Canada

    group travel with air canada

  2. How Do I Book Group Travel with Air Canada?

    group travel with air canada

  3. Deals On Air Canada Reservations

    group travel with air canada

  4. Air Canada Vacations

    group travel with air canada

  5. Air Canada gears up for summer and restores network -Travelweek

    group travel with air canada

  6. Air Canada Takes Off With Its 'More to Travel' Initiative

    group travel with air canada


  1. Group Travel with Air Canada

    Group Travel. Air Canada Group Travel is for groups of ten or more passengers travelling together to the same destination on the same date and on the same flight. As a group, you're entitled to the following benefits, including special group fares and dedicated services.

  2. Group Travel with Air Canada

    The Air Canada Group Desk offers reduced fares and guaranteed blocked space for groups of ten or more people travelling together on the same Air Canada flight to the same domestic, transborder or international destination. Group bookings can be made up to eleven months in advance.


    Travel to/from Cuba is restricted for U.S citizens, U.S permanent residents and other persons subject to U.S jurisdiction. The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) requires that all such travelers fill out a declaration to acknowledge that they are holders of a specific travel license for Cuba, or that their travel to Cuba is related to one of the following general license categories:

  4. Air Canada Groups/Trip Request

    Submit your online request and one our group travel specialists will respond via e-mail within 24 hours. Additional forms. When required you will be asked to complete and submit a passenger list and the list of equipment you'll be travelling with (if applicable): Passenger Name List. Equipment List (if applicable) Group features. Special pricing.

  5. Air Canada

    Find the latest entry requirements and COVID-19 measures for your destination. Buy airline tickets, find cheap airfare, last minute deals and seat sales with Air Canada. Book hotels, cars and vacations with Air Canada Vacations.

  6. Air Canada Groups/ Group travel specialists for flights & tours

    Travel By Design Air Canada group specialists are ready to assist with your whether it's your school group, corporate travel group, sports team or a destination wedding party. top of page. GROUPS DEPARTMENT. 1 800 519 1819 Ext 3. HOME. ABOUT. CONTACT. More. GROUP SIZE. The minimum number of passengers to be considered as a group is 10. ...

  7. Air Canada Group Travel: Your Ultimate Guide

    Fortunately, Air Canada offers excellent opt... Planning group travel can be an exciting endeavour, but it often comes with its unique set of challenges. Fortunately, Air Canada offers excellent opt...

  8. Contact Us

    Contact Air Canada Vacations now! Fill out a contact form online for travel support Call us to book your next trip Get info about packages, hotels & more. ... Group travel. Planning a group trip? Request a group quote online today. For general questions regarding your group booking, call us toll-free at 1-866-529-2079. ...

  9. Air Canada

    Créer ou réinitialiser un NIP. First Time User. Première utilisation. Active Air Canada employees with Portal Access must login to acaeronet.aircanada.ca and click the Employee Travel icon from the My News tab. If you do not have access to the Portal, please proceed with signing-in on this page. Les employés actifs d'Air Canada ayant accés ...

  10. Air Canada Codeshare and Other Airline Partners

    Air Canada participates in joint venture partnerships with: The Lufthansa Group and United Airlines (A++) for all itineraries between North or Central America and Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and countries on the Indian subcontinent; United Airlines for most flights between Canada and the United States; Air China for travel between Canada ...

  11. Air Canada Vacations

    Plan your dream vacation with Air Canada Vacations! Book all-inclusive resorts Find flight & hotel packages Travel to the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, the United States & more! ... Educational activities / group people-to-people educational travel; Religious activities; Support for the Cuban people; Humanitarian projects;

  12. Air Canada Group Travel Specialists

    Your experienced group specialist will take care of all the arrangements beyond airline tickets from ground transportation, accommodations, excursions, group meals, traveler's insurance, conferences, business seminars and any other travel services you may require. Feel free to give us a call or submit your request below, we look forward to ...

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    Enjoy exclusive perks with any package to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East & North Africa and the United States, including: FREE 1st checked bag 1: Per person and to any destination. Connecting flights from over 60 Canadian airports 2: Starting at $49.

  14. Group Travel Rules Confusion : r/aircanada

    A place for discussion of Air Canada flights, events, destinations, Aeroplan, service directors, concierges, flight attendants, gate agents, airport experiences, challenges, compliments- just about anything! ... I've worked with my travel agent to make a group booking of 10 Flex tickets via Air Canada's group booking department. I'm having a ...

  15. It's Here: Group Quoting Tool Now Available With Air Canada Vacations

    Long awaited by Canadian travel professionals, Air Canada Vacations has announced the availability of a new Group Quoting Tool, delivering the capability to easily create and manage group quotes. The news comes after a successful soft launch last week. Nino Montagnese, Managing Director, Air Canada Vacations (Photo Credit: Photo: Nino Montagnese)

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    Contact our travel experts toll-free at. 1-866-529-2079. See other ways to contact us. The prices listed on our website are valid if a purchase is completed during the same visit. If you leave our website, prices could be different on your next visit or session.

  17. The 10 best group travel companies

    7. For the Love of Travel (FTLO) For the Love of Travel (FTLO) is a group travel company aimed at ages 25-39. The company asks travelers to fill out a travel profile so that they can curate the best tour itineraries possible and match similar travelers on the same trips.

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    Canada's premiere group travel experts. Offering exceptional group tours for sports, leisure, and corporate travel. Explore customized travel experiences with Group Trips. ... Air travel can be stressful. Leave the hard work of planning, booking, and ticketing to us.

  19. What Classes Of Travel Does Air Canada Offer?

    The exceptions occur when Air Canada deploys its widebodies on certain domestic routes. For example. premium passengers can access the airline's lie-flat seats when an A330, 777, or 787 is ...

  20. Air Canada Group Travel Booking

    Solo travel may ensure freedom, but group travel is always fun. Solo travels may mean more control in your hands, but group travels are always less expensive, more secure and higher on shared human…

  21. Air Canada Vacations unveils new guided tours to Dubai

    MONTREAL - Air Canada Vacations has announced the launch of its new Dubai guided tours program, bringing the allure and luxury of the Emirates within closer reach of Canadians. Travellers can ...

  22. United Airlines

    United Airlines - Airline Tickets, Travel Deals and Flights If you're seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser, please enable JS ...

  23. List of Air Canada destinations

    Air Canada is the largest airline and flag carrier of Canada. Founded in 1937 as Trans-Canada Air Lines, it provides scheduled services to 195 destinations on six continents.Its largest hub is Toronto Pearson International Airport, followed by Montréal-Trudeau International Airport and Vancouver International Airport.Air Canada is the world's 10th largest passenger airline by fleet size ...

  24. Traveling in a group

    When you book group travel with Air France, you'll benefit from a better fare, greater flexibility and extra assistance during the booking process. You can also: Enjoy more time to think before finalizing your booking. Benefit from greater flexibility in payment and canceling. Add more people to your group later on (fare may differ)

  25. COVID-19: Canada's response

    In September 2020, the Prime Minister announced Canada's participation in the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access Facility. This initiative develops and deploys safe, effective and accessible COVID-19 vaccines to Canadians and low- and middle-income countries. Canada's pandemic response also supports critical areas of international development ...

  26. Russian Flotilla Off Florida Coast Sparks Deployment of US Navy

    The official added that "air and maritime assets under U.S. Northern Command have conducted operations to ensure the defense of the United States and Canada," but wouldn't elaborate on what those ...