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This East Coast Ski Resort Is the Ultimate Getaway for Cozy New England Vibes

Waterville Valley, in New Hampshire's White Mountains National Forest, has 52 trails, fluffy powder, and a charming village.

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After 17 years in New York, I am, once again, a New Englander, which means begging off the reality of middle-age by getting back into a sport I found in childhood: skiing. Where I grew up, skiing was a mid-week affair. You could drive up to New Hampshire’s White Mountain region in just under two hours, ski for the day, and make it home in time for dinner. 

Courtesy of Waterville Valley

My four- and six-year-old boys had been on skis just once when we headed up to the mountains from our Massachusetts house to Waterville Valley , a ski resort within New Hampshire’s White Mountains National Forest with 52 trails, 265 skiable acres of terrain, an elevation of just over 4,000 feet, and a vertical drop of 2,020 feet. 

Hannah Selinger

Waterville, built onto Mount Tecumseh and Green Peaks, began drawing skiers over 80 years ago, says Sarah Van Kralingen, Waterville Valley’s marketing communications manager. “People first began skiing down Mount Tecumseh in 1937, when the Civilians Conservation Corps cut the first ski trails of Waterville Valley,” she says. But Waterville first became a proper ski resort in the 1960s, when two-time Olympic skier Tom Corcoran founded and developed the mountain. 

A week of heavy snow had seasoned the slopes before our arrival on a February morning in the middle of a cold snap. Before we even hit the slopes, we prepped for the day in one of the resort’s six slopeside spaces . The Green Peak Suite, ours for the day, included a leather Chesterfield sofa, a television, some complimentary drinks and pastries, a large picture window with a pristine view of the mountain, and ample space for all our gear. Outside, a dedicated premier parking spot made loading and unloading just a little bit easier. 

Our kids then headed straight to Kids Kamp , a ski school available for young ones aged four to 12. Two-hour morning and afternoon sessions are punctuated by lunch, and at the end of our runs, before heading back to the Tecumseh Express , a speedy six-person bubble chairlift that opened in 2022, my husband and I snuck peeks at their increasingly controlled “pizzas.” Kids under five ski for free at Waterville, although parents with Adult Plus Season Passes are each offered one free junior ski pass for kids under age 12.

We had come on a Wednesday, in the old tradition of New Englanders who prefer to ski the mountains in the absence of tourists. Conditions, it turns out, were good, thanks not only to back-to-back storms, but also to the property’s rigorous snowmaking and nightly grooming across two peaks. 

At Waterville, my husband and I were often some of the only skiers on the morning’s fresh pack. We caught chair after chair, without a line or a fellow passenger, each time getting to the top in five-and-a-half minutes. “I’ve never skied like this before,” my husband confessed. It’s the luxury of being able to hop right to the mountains.

“There's something incredibly special about East Coast skiing,” Sarah van Kralingen says. “East Coast mountains are home to a community of dedicated, passionate, and gritty skiers and riders, whose love for the sport is so strong, it doesn’t matter what the weather is, or how many trails a mountain has.” Indeed this was true for us, two skiers who found ourselves at the summit, looking toward the White Mountain Valley. The temperature? Minus four degrees. 

The temperature did not keep the more adventurous among us from taking off toward the terrain park. Everyone seemed to know it was a good day on the slopes. Waterville Valley is also known as the birthplace of freestyle skiing; The resort is responsible for the United States’ first freestyle skiing instruction program, which launched in 1969. In 1994, the year before I first skied Waterville, the resort introduced The Boneyard, the Granite State’s first terrain park. Ever since, Waterville has drawn professional snowboarders and freeskiers, many of whom we watched from the top of the Tecumseh Express, as they took the High Country T-Bar up to the highest trails of the mountain, only to flip, jump, and pirouette down through the built-in obstacles of a blue-square run called Hassle. 

We spent a lot of the day at the top, in fact, choosing which runs to take, catching a glimpse of the white-capped Mount Washington in the distance, and, of course, visiting the Schwendi Hutte, a rustic lodge at the top of the mountain that was built when the resort opened. There, from a soft leather armchair, I dove into a warm helping of mac and cheese while I watched the soft greens and blues of the mountains through the window. 

The Schwendi Hutte, in all its cozy, wood-framed glory, is a reminder, too, of the property’s long legacy. I stopped for a moment, in reverence, to look at two photographs of Robert F. Kennedy, an old friend of Tom Corcoran’s and a passionate Waterville skier. Upon Kennedy’s death, Corcoran named one trail “Bobby’s Run,” and that winding, wending path still exists today, just as it did in 1968. We skied it, wondering how many times a young Kennedy had in his days on the mountain, before it bore his name. 

That lineage translated to our own experience, when, at the end of the day, we picked up our boys from Kids Kamp. My oldest was ready for one more run, and so my husband got him on his first-ever chairlift, a quad to a network of larger trails. From there, they sped down in the last, flat light of the day, a new skier and a well-practiced one. 

Then, it was time to pack up and go, but not all visitors to Waterville have to leave right away. When I stayed at the resort in 1995, I spent a week at the Town Square Condominiums , and these are still ideal for families spending a night, a few nights, or even a week at the resort. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, each condo can accommodate up to eight people and are perched right within the town square village, a bespoke community of stores and snow-covered walkways that connect to the ski area via the 1.5-mile Nordic Trail. (There's also resort-operated shuttle buses for guests, which make numerous stops throughout Waterville Valley, including at every lodge, condo, and hotel, as well as at the lower parking lots.)

We were not destined to stay over this time — although perhaps a snug stay in the condos, with a wintry walk through the picture-perfect Waterville village, lies in our skiing future. Now that we’ve rediscovered East Coast skiing as a family, I could easily picture a weekend up in the mountains, pausing between runs on Tippecanoe for a toe-warming visit to The Bookmonger . After all, skiing, as Sarah van Kralingen says, “is more than simply the sensation of sliding on snow. It’s about the people we ski with. It’s a shared experience with the people we love.”

34 Best and Fun Things To Do In Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

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For those in search of both excitement and breathtaking scenery, Waterville Valley provides an invigorating escape as a stunning masterpiece of nature. With an abundance of hiking and biking trails during the summer months, this destination is ideal for reconnecting with nature and embracing a simpler lifestyle.

The Valley is home to exciting Alpine and Nordic skiing programs for both adults and children in winter. Snow tubing and ice skating are both popular here, as well as events such as a series of animal encounters, a chili festival, fireworks, and other unmissable seasonal extravaganzas. With A-class lodging, eateries, and activities for the whole family, Waterville Valley is sure to provide a vacation you’ll never forget.

Explore the list below to find some of the unmissable attractions and activities Waterville Valley has to offer.

The 34 Most Popular Things To Do In Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

34. mount wonalancet.

4.0 ★★★★☆  (1 review)

Af1qipmwcdaawu nwczrdfmnqltybyr7wgjqd5b5swiw=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: Zac Peterson, Google Maps

33. The Sleepers HP

32. fletcher cascades.


Credit: Tyler Wiebe, Google Maps

31. Noon Peak

5.0 ★★★★★  (1 review)

7925093492 f1dfd539da b

Credit:   rickpilot_2000 , License , Flickr

30. Green Peak

Af1qippbgcokp3hagrjn6mdv91ea zaqinuulzwr78tk=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: Jeff Copeland, Google Maps

Location: Thornton NH

Tel:   800 468 2553

Web Address:

29. Sandwich Dome

5.0 ★★★★★  (2 reviews)


Credit: Steve Detrio, Google Maps

28. Jennings Peak


Credit: Stephen Dow, Google Maps

27. Mount Katherine

26. dicey’s mill trail.


Credit: Ben Newfang, Google Maps

Location: North Sandwich NH

25. Chapman Sanctuary & Visny Woods


Credit: Bob Schofield, Google Maps

Location: 740 Mt  Road Sandwich NH

Web Address:

24. Potash Mountain

4.0 ★★★★☆  (3 reviews)


23. The Scaur

4.7 ★★★★★  (3 reviews)

22. Sandwich Mountain

5.0 ★★★★★  (5 reviews)

6463734695 795668887f h

Credit:   Tim Sackton , License , Flickr

21. Welch Mountain

5.0 ★★★★★  (7 reviews)

7570014212 274a078ed9 b

20. Pine Bend Brook Trailhead

4.3 ★★★★☆  (8 reviews)

Af1qippbcrrdoz5syqtfmw6ludw 38vntboulhdn27nv=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: Bob Rea, Google Maps

Location: Kancamagus Hwy Albany NH

Tel:   603 536 6100

Web Address:

19. Dickey Mountain

5.0 ★★★★★  (9 reviews)

7570014212 274a078ed9 b

18. Hedgehog Mountain

4.5 ★★★★★  (15 reviews)

Af1qippmtli6-qbbinqtfh9ua 22zzqdfm8upl5r98xo=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: Dan Doucette, Google Maps

17. Adventure Center

4.9 ★★★★★  (17 reviews)


Credit: Adventure Center, Google Maps

Location: 33 Village Road Suite #3 Waterville Valley NH

Tel:   603 236 4666

Web Address:

16. Snow’s Mountain Chairlift

4.1 ★★★★☆  (17 reviews)


Credit: Snow’s Mountain Chairlift, Google Maps

Location: 88 Boulder Path Road Waterville Valley NH

Web Address:

15. Waterville Valley Golf Course

4.3 ★★★★☆  (30 reviews)


Credit: Taub Jayson, Google Maps

Location: 3 Lost Pass Road Waterville Valley NH

Tel:   603 236 4805

Web Address:

14. Smarts Brook Trailhead

4.7 ★★★★★  (49 reviews)

Af1qiporhc m2tnmgq5akajmd6ppm7kqjop-jc1zqw1e=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: Wesley Mackinnon, Google Maps

Web Address:

13. White Mountain Athletic Club

4.1 ★★★★☆  (60 reviews)


Credit: Brahm Rockwood, Google Maps

Location: 98 Valley Road Waterville Valley NH

Tel:   603 236 8303

Web Address:

12. Cascade Path

4.8 ★★★★★  (63 reviews)


Credit: Jane Smith, Google Maps

Location: Boulder Path Road North Sandwich NH

11. Waterville Valley Ice Arena

4.2 ★★★★☆  (74 reviews)


Credit: Big Lemon, Google Maps

Location: 25 Village Road Waterville Valley NH

Tel:   603 236 4813

Web Address:

10. Mt. Osceola Trailhead

4.8 ★★★★★  (106 reviews)


Credit: Yegor Bryukhov, Google Maps

Location: Tripoli Road Lincoln NH

Web Address:

9. Welch-Dickey Trailhead

4.8 ★★★★★  (296 reviews)


Credit: Nicholaus Yager, Google Maps

Location: Orris Road Thornton NH

Our Top picks

8. mount tripyramid.

4.7 ★★★★★  (9 reviews)

6463734695 795668887f h

7. Mount Passaconaway

4.6 ★★★★★  (24 reviews)

Af1qipom3zxk mfmu7yxzpwor24dsj2 kzho0grdf4lb=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: Dancing Dolphin, Google Maps

6. Mount Whiteface

4.8 ★★★★★  (32 reviews)


5. Mount Tecumseh

4.7 ★★★★★  (48 reviews)

6463734695 795668887f h

4. Sabbaday Falls

4.9 ★★★★★  (253 reviews)

399px-sabbaday falls trail%2c kancamagus hwy%2c waterville valley %28494208%29 %2811924987776%29

Credit:   Robert Linsdell , License , Wikimedia commons

3. Sabbaday Falls Observation Site

4.8 ★★★★★  (370 reviews)

Location: Kancamagus Hwy Campton NH

2. Waterville Valley Resort

4.4 ★★★★☆  (964 reviews)

599px-teleboard profile

Credit:   Skiggety , License , Wikimedia commons

Location: 1 Ski Area Road Waterville Valley NH

Tel:   603 236 8311

Web Address:

1. White Mountain National Forest

4.9 ★★★★★  (7,864 reviews)

450px-fall water %28243607615%29

Credit:   License , Wikimedia commons

Location: 71 White Mountain Dr Campton NH

Web Address:

Final Words:

Thank you for reading our list of the best things to do in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire! We hope it helped you plan the perfect itinerary for your next trip to this fantastic destination. Happy travels!

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Waterville Valley Resort

Nestled between 770,000 acres of White Mountain National Forest, Waterville Valley Resort provides the perfect setting for your wedding. Whether it be a one day event or unique all weekend long wedding, Waterville Valley Resort, with 360-degree mountain views, is the perfect destination for your celebration. Escape from the outside world as you stroll our pedestrian village, unwind at one of our charming inns, and experience world-class recreation in all four seasons. For your wedding needs, we have multiple venues for you to choose from, including mountain lodges, brookside bistro, and a garden terrace tent. Get married under one of the many beautiful gazebos nestled in Waterville Valley with stunning mountain views. Our friendly and professional staff is committed to making your special day unforgettable and will guide you through the exciting process of planning your special day!

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From Hiking To Skiing, 9 Best Outdoor Adventures In Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

visit waterville valley

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  • Outdoor Activities
  • United States

Waterville Valley, nestled in the undulating hills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, is home to a wide variety of multi-seasonal outdoor adventures. The young, and young-at-heart, fresh-air enthusiasts will find a wide variety of fun, nature-focused activities. It is time to unplug and reconnect with the great outdoors.

Some information in this piece was obtained during a sponsored press trip, but all recommendations are my own.

When you are on vacation, it is a perfect time to explore a personal interaction with your yoga mat. Those who practice yoga regularly will always find a local spot that will help balance their need for a go-go lifestyle and a restorative session with a trained instructor. Vacation time is also a perfect time for yoga newbies to explore a gentle yoga session; you may just get hooked on how good you can feel.

In Waterville Valley, you can begin a new yoga adventure or take your practice to a new level. Helen Rita Yoga & Pilates offers drop-in, rejuvenating outdoor yoga sessions at the Croquet Lawn near the Waterville Valley tennis courts. If you are looking for a more personalized yoga session, Helen books private classes that are tailored just for you.

Disc golf in Waterville Valley

2. Disc Golf

Disc golf courses are popping up everywhere — from breweries to ski resorts. They are a fun way to get out and enjoy wildflower fields and tree-lined slopes. Waterville Valley has two disc golf courses for your disc-flinging enjoyment.

Town Square is a nine-hole disc golf course laid out along wide open fields meandering through the resort. Featuring scenic mountain views, the mostly flat course is perfect for a newbie or seasoned throwers to improve their skills.

The 18-hole, Snow’s Mountain disc golf course traverses down the mountain, offering challenging shots and spectacular panoramic views. To access the course, players ascend to the first basket via the Snow’s Mountain Chairlift. As you snake your way down, challenging baskets test your skills at elevation changes, tree-lined borders, and the occasional chair-lift station.

Signs along Waterville Valley hiking trails

3. Hiking Trails

Hiking along trails through New Hampshire’s White Mountains is a wonderful way to get out, breathe fresh mountain air, and explore nature’s gifts.

The beautiful Fletcher’s Cascade Trail nestled in the Sandwich Range Wilderness is a 3.2-mile out-and-back moderately ranked trail by AllTrails . The waterfall reward is well worth the hiking effort.

Another popular moderate-rated trail is Upper Greeley Ponds via Kancamagus Highway . The 2.9-mile out-and-back trail offers a reward of pretty pond views.

A little bit longer, 4.1 miles out and back, is Village Inner Mad River And Swans Way Trail . Still ranked as moderate, this trail is typically quiet and you may not encounter more than a few other hikers.

Waterville Valley Clubhouse

Adjacent to the Town Square is a nine-hole, executive-style golf course. The semi-private, Waterville Valley Clubhouse offers a picturesque round for players of all levels. Non-members can call 48 hours in advance for tee time availability.

The Waterville Valley Clubhouse does offer golf club rentals. Rentals are perfect for novice hackers who have no clubs and old-time duffers who don’t want to drag their full bag of clubs on vacation.

5. Scenic Fall Foliage Drive

The ultimate New Hampshire fall foliage drive is along the 34.5-mile Kancamagus Highway . The Kancamangus is designated as an American Scenic Byway and traverses through the White Mountain National Forest.

With breathtaking views any time of year, the panoramic drive takes you up to almost 3,000 feet at Kancamagus Pass. Mountains and foothills splashed with fall color and speckled with deep green fir trees are the epitome of New England in autumn.

Freshwater anglers will love the varied options for fishing around Waterville Valley. Corcoran’s Pond, adjacent to the Waterville Valley Town Square, is stocked with fish at the beginning of the summer season just waiting for your baited hook.

Fly fishing at Mad River may land you a tasty rainbow trout. At the headwaters of Mad River are Greeley Ponds, which are stocked with eastern brook trout. Accessible only through wooded trails, there is no direct access to Greeley Ponds.

Pro Tip: Fishing licenses are required and can be purchased through the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Waterville Valley ski trail map

7. Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiers and snowboarders will love the Waterville Valley winter powder that graces the 62 trails carved into Mount Tecumseh. Beginner to black diamond trails along with glades and mogul fields afford downhillers the option of super easy to daredevil fast.

8. Cross Country Ski And Snowshoe Trails

Most trails around Waterville Valley Resort are available for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Some trails will be cut in and packed down, while others can be pristine, just waiting for your mark. You can find solid trail information on AllTrails . It is a good source for up-to-date information posted by trekkers who have recently visited a trail you are considering.

9. Snowmobile

In nearby Lincoln, New Hampshire, you can satisfy your need for snow speed at Sled Ventures . Heading out into the snowy wilderness without a guide can be a risky venture. At Sled Ventures, they offer expert guided snowmobile tours. Whether you are a beginner or expert rider, you will love the experience of gliding along snow-covered paths hemmed in by winter-white-flocked trees and beautiful vistas around every corner.

Waterville Valley Town Square

Where To Stay And Where To Eat In Waterville Valley

Right in the center of all the action are the Waterville Valley Town Square Condominiums . The condos come in one- and three-bedroom options. Whether you are planning a getaway for two or a group of besties, you will love having a separate bedroom along with kitchen and living spaces to spread out.

A selection of restaurants is a short walk from your door. Enjoy a variety of casual comfort food to nourish your active soul. Restaurants including La Hacienda Mexicana, Olde Waterville Pizza, and the Valley Pub & Restaurant are just a flight of stairs down from your vacation digs. And if you forgot anything, Jugtown Country Store is filled with all the grocery items, pre-made eats, and beer and wine you require.

The Freedom Pass

Along with your reservation at the Town Square Condos, you receive a Freedom Pass entitling you to a host of low or no-fee activities. While the offerings vary from season to season, the Freedom Pass will enhance your visit allowing you to enjoy lots of fun outdoor activities.

The Freedom Pass can include adventures like 2 hours of free mountain bike rentals — perfect for cruising along and enjoying the fall foliage or spring blooms. Another fun perk is a ride on the Snow’s Mountain Chair Lift. The short lift offers riders a beautiful view of the valley and ski area. Riders can hike back down or just take the chair lift back for a relaxing ride.

Also included is the White Mountain Athletic Club, just a short walk from the Town Square. You can explore their indoor and outdoor pool complex, indoor track, strength and cardio fitness room, steam and sauna rooms, indoor tennis, and basketball court.

Mogul ski slopes in Waterville Valley

Moguls World Cup

Winter and snow are synonymous with the White Mountains. For the next 2 years, Waterville Valley Resort will host the Moguls World Cup 2024 and 2025 . Beginning January 27–28, 2024, on Lower Bobby’s Run, the competition bell rings. Grab your warmest winter gear and watch the experts navigate tricky mogul fields absorbing every bump all the way to the finish line.

Image of Sandi Barrett

Sandi loves writing about culture, cuisine, adult beverages, cruising, golf, skiing, road trips, hiking, New England, and photography. Traveling solo, with hubby Chris, or the entire Barrett clan there is always a story waiting to be told.

Waterville Valley: Not Just Another New Hampshire Ski Town

Waterville Valley might seem like it's just a typical New Hampshire ski town, but it's so much more than that.

Tucked into the White Mountains, and just off of I93 in New Hampshire, Waterville Valley is more than just a ski town.

Known as a ski resort town, the peak season for Waterville valley is definitely the winter, but the valley also serves as a relaxing summer retreat. With the number of visitors reduced during the summer, the usually packed restaurants and recreational areas are much more accessible.

Also, with the absence of snow, the golf course, mountain bike trails, and hikes become available. The geography of the valley also offers cooler temperatures during the summer making it an excellent location for escaping the heat.

Hiking and Cycling in the Valley

Bike rentals.

In the center of the Town Square, you will be able to find the bike shop, also known as the Adventure Center, that offers bike rentals to visitors of the valley. They offer two-hour, half-day, and full-day options. Even if you don’t need to rent a bike, the bike shop has the resources for any maintenance issues that you may have.

  • Adult/Teen (13+) - 2 HRS. $27 / HALF DAY $32 / FULL DAY $39
  • JUNIOR (6-12)/SENIOR (65+) - 2 HRS. $24 / HALF DAY $29 / FULL DAY $34

Mountain Bike Trails

The valley is full of trails that link together making nearly all of them accessible from any starting point. This means you can hop on your bike, head to whatever trail entry is closest to you, and spend the day exploring. Another popular option, for those who just want to go downhill, is to purchase a Snow’s Mountain lift ticket and ride up the small ski mountain to ride down the Livermore Trails behind it. Take a look at the mountain bike trail map for Waterville Valley.

  • Snow’s Mountain Day Pass - $36
  • Snow’s Mountain Summer Season Pass - $120

Hiking Trails

Waterville Valley is full of beautiful hikes that are accessible to a variety of ability levels. With the snow gone, many of the access points of these trails are opened up, and adventures that would be impossible during the winter are now possible. Here are the top ten hikes in Waterville Valley and their difficulty.

  • Mad River Path - distance: 1 mile (one way), time: 30 minutes
  • Smarts Brook Swimming Hole - distance: 2.2 miles (round trip), elevation gain: 230 feet. time: 40-60 minutes
  • Big Pines - distance: 1.8 miles (round trip), elevation gain: 30 feet, time: 40-60 minutes
  • Waterville Flume - distance: 5.4 miles (round trip), elevation gain: 1190 feet, time: 2-4 hours
  • The Scaur - distance: 4.2 miles, elevation gain: 583 feet, time: 1.5-2.5 hours
  • Welch-Dickey Loop - distance: 4 miles (Loop), elevation gain: 1,751 Feet, time: 2-4 Hours
  • Mount Tecumseh - distance: 4.9 miles (round trip), elevation gain: 2,283 feet, time: 3-4 hours
  • Mount Tripyramid Loop - distance: 10.2 miles, elevation gain: 2,903 feet, time: 5-7 hours

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Scenic Town Square and Rec Centers In Waterville Valley

Local shops.

Waterville Valley’s town square is full of cute little shops, and ways to spend your time that are less physically demanding. These places included a local book store, toy shop, an arcade, a couple of clothing stores, a convenience/grocery store, a cafe, amongst others. Here are some important stores of note.

  • Jugtown Country Store - convenience/grocery store
  • The Book Monger - book store
  • Toad Hall Toys - toy shop
  • 1829 Outfitters - apparel
  • Dreams & Visions Gifts - gift shop
  • Le Tasse Cafe - cafe

The Pond and Rentals

Waterville Valley’s town square is located right next to its scenic point that has a sandy beach and raft out in its center. Along with swimming and other beachside activities, various water vells can be rented to explore the pond.

  • 1 Person Vessel - $20 per hour
  • 2 Person Vessel - $25 per hour
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boards - $25 per hour
  • Pedal Boats - $25 per hour

The Ice Skating Rink

Located just to the side of the town square is the ice skating rink. They often offer public-skate times as well as other recreational activities. Public skating is always a fun activity and a good change of pace from the usual summer activities.

  • 13 & Older - public skating $8, skate rentals $7
  • 5-12 Years Old - public skating $5, skate rentals $7
  • 4 & Under - public skating free, skate rentals $7

The Athletic Center

The athletic center is located close to the entrance road to the valley. It offers both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a gym, a cardio room, and even a mini water park for younger kids. They offer both day and season passes, but the information often changes. For the most up-to-date information, you can check out their website .

Golf Course

A 9-hole course that is plenty friendly to beginners as well as more experienced golfers, is set into the beautiful landscape of the valley. It is one of the perks of visiting the valley during the summer and is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon.


  • Adult - $600
  • Couple - $895
  • Household - $995
  • Junior Age - 14-20 $250


  • 9 holes - $40
  • Junior Ages 12-16 - $30
  • Junior under 12 - $25
  • Rental Clubs - $20

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Top Local Restaurants and Bars

Coyote grille.

The Coyote Grille has been part of the valley forever and is a local staple. No trip to the valley would be complete without at least one dinner there. The menu is always changing but they usually offer a selection of typical American and local favorites while also dabbling in fine dining options. Whether you are a devoted carnivore, seafood lover, or vegetarian, you will find something excellent here prepared by their skilled chefs.

Clubhouse Restaraunt

There is almost nothing more pleasant than a brunch in their semi-outdoor dining area. You don’t need to have any interest in golf to enjoy the breathtaking morning light over the course and their variety of delicious brunch dishes.

Valley Pub & Restaurant

This is the local pub located in the lower level of the town square. It has a great selection of beer and pub food making it a great go-to for an evening you don’t want to get too fancy for and just enjoy some good food and drink.

Olde Waterville Pizza

Also located in the lower level of the town square, this is a great stop for families with kids, or perhaps just the kids. They have a selection of pizza, burgers, and sandwiches as well as an arcade for kids to kill some time in.

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The Town In New Hampshire That Comes Alive During The Winter Season

visit waterville valley

Ken MacGray

Hey! I'm a freelance writer and guidebook author. I've authored "New Hampshire's 52 With A View - A Hiker's Guide", serve as editor of Appalachian Mountain Club's "Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide", and and am co-editor of the "White Mountain Guide", also for AMC. I'm currently beginning work on the 6th Edition of AMC's Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide, which will be published in 2025. I live in southern New Hampshire and can usually be found wandering throughout the state's mountains and forests.

More by this Author

Many small towns in New Hampshire become more charming once winter starts to settle in. One in particular though becomes especially attractive due to its location in the midst of spectacular scenery, and its array or outdoor activities for snow lovers.

visit waterville valley

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The New Hampshire Resort Where You Can Go Ice Skating, Tubing, Skiing, And More This Winter

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The Little-Known Park In New Hampshire That Transforms Into An Ice Palace In The Winter

You Might Be Surprised To Hear The Predictions About New Hampshire's Snowy And Wet Upcoming Winter

You Might Be Surprised To Hear The Predictions About New Hampshire's Snowy And Wet Upcoming Winter

visit waterville valley

Once you experience winter in Waterville Valley, you’ll want to return! To learn more about all there is to do and see here, check out the Town Of Waterville Valley’s website or the Visit Waterville Valley, NH page on Facebook .

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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Waterville valley, nh.

Photo by Mina George

Visit Waterville Valley

  • Waterville Valley Hotel Deals
  • Vacation Rentals in Waterville Valley

Silver Fox Inn

Reviewed on Apr 10, 2024

The Valley Inn, Ascend Hotel Collection

Reviewed on Apr 6, 2024

Omni Mount Washington Resort

Reviewed on Apr 9, 2024

Nordic Village Resort

Reviewed on Mar 25, 2024

Check Waterville Valley hotel availability

Popular places to visit.

  • Waterville Valley Ice Arena

Take the family on an outing to Waterville Valley Ice Arena during your trip to Waterville Valley. Discover the mountain views in this quaint area, or enjoy its ski slopes.

  • Waterville Valley Resort

Hit the slopes in Waterville Valley with a visit to Waterville Valley Resort. Wander the riverfront or discover the mountain views in this family-friendly area.

  • Lincoln Woods Trailhead

You can take time to visit Lincoln Woods Trailhead during your travels to Lincoln. Discover the mountain views in this walkable area, or enjoy its hiking trails.

  • Sabbaday Falls

Explore the great outdoors at Sabbaday Falls and enjoy the mountain views during your trip to Waterville Valley. You can seek out the ski slopes and hiking trails in this family-friendly area.

  • Waterville Valley Golf Course

Play a round of golf in Waterville Valley at Waterville Valley Golf Course, and enjoy other activities such as hiking. Discover the mountain views in this family-friendly area, or enjoy its ski slopes.

  • Mount Tripyramid

Explore the great outdoors at Mount Tripyramid and enjoy the mountain views during your trip to Waterville Valley. You can seek out the ski slopes in this family-friendly area.

Reviews of Waterville Valley

Cute town but not too many restaurants or shopping. Felt like we ran out of things to do, esp if you're not a skiier

Beautiful scenery. Hope the owners of the Waterville valley bring this all back to cleanliness. Everything’s very expensive! It shouldn’t be for the lack of establishments that are open and lack of comfort

Quaint New England spot

5/5 - Excellent

Beautiful in the summer! Plenty to do and cheap rooms.

Waterville Valley itself was wonderful as usual, the Valley Inn has continued to go downward year after year. Next year, my wife and I will try the property next door.

Shuttle bus from mountain back to Hotels ends at 6pm so be alert if you Apres Ski at the mountain.

  • Cities near Waterville Valley


  • Places of interest
  • White Mountain National Forest
  • Lake Winnipesaukee
  • Mount Washington Cog Railway
  • Mount Washington State Park
  • Santa's Village
  • Loon Mountain Ski Resort
  • Attitash Mountain Resort
  • Franconia Notch State Park
  • Cranmore Mountain Resort
  • Flume Gorge
  • Settlers' Green Outlet Village
  • Loon Mountain
  • Mt. Washington Auto Road
  • Conway Scenic Railway
  • Cannon Mountain Ski Area
  • Mount Washington
  • Wildcat Mountain Ski Area
  • Newfound Lake
  • Bretton Woods Ski Area
  • Echo Lake State Park
  • Kahuna Laguna
  • Ice Castles
  • Owl's Nest Resort & Golf Club

waterville valley resort

  • Activities , Destinations , Travel

Waterville Valley Resort: Ski Haven Revealed

  • Navigate Magazine

Nestled in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Waterville Valley Resort is a treasure amongst alpine aficionados and those thirsty for a winter escapade. The place has long been a hushed secret, whispered amongst the powder-chasing elite. But let’s dust off the snowflakes and dive into the quaint charm, luxury indulgence, and sheer exhilaration that Waterville Valley Resort offers.

Embracing the Winter Spirit at Waterville Valley Resort

Imagine sliding through fresh powder, the cool mountain air nipping at your cheeks, and the exhilarating feeling of conquering a run, it’s all just another day in the life at Waterville Valley Resort. Chatting with a few of the regulars, you’d quickly find a thread of endearing personal stories of first ski moments on these slopes; families have literally grown-up taking on these snowy trails.

This pristine valley has not only imprinted memories on countless skiers but also carved itself into the local lore. Once upon a 1966 December, with legendary figures like Sel Hannah, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and Ralph Bean assisting its development, Waterville made its grand entrance. Since then, it’s seen a profusion of development, burgeoning from a modest 145 acres to a substantial ski haven, all without losing its homely feel.

Recent growth hasn’t tarnished its reputation. Oh no! Expansion has brought with it diverse lodging options, revamped conference spaces, and even made it a picturesque spot for saying “I do.” The Sununu family of New Hampshire alongside area investors, ensured the resort’s independence in 2010 after a stint under Booth Creek Ski Holdings—quite the story, eh?

Image 12674

Unveiling Waterville Valley Resort’s Unique Charm

Speaking of charm, let’s talk geography. Where the Mad River twirls amid the White Mountains’ peaks, Waterville Valley Resort sits pretty. There’s a particular type of magic in the air here, and it’s not just the crisp, refreshing climate. A panoramic tableau of picturesque landscapes ensures that every descent is embroidered with nature’s bounty.

Encompassing various terrains well-suited for beginners to pros, Waterville Valley Resort is the epitome of a skiier’s paradise. One moment you’re taking a novice down gentle gradients and the next you’re watching experts carve down steep challenges. Now, what really sets Waterville apart isn’t just the tailored trails, but the ingenious “ski-through” parking. With trails like the Lower Meadows offering ski-in/ski-out convenience for a mere $38 a day, it’s a smooth transition from car to slopes!

All-Season Offerings: Beyond the Skis at Waterville Valley Resort

Don’t stick Waterville Valley Resort in a winter-only box, though; it’s a year-round sweetheart. Summer bursts forth with hiking and biking trails that’ll knock your packable down jacket right off. When fall drapes the valley in a tapestry of reds and oranges, the resort becomes a prime spot for leaf-peepers.

As winter tiptoes in, Waterville Valley Resort doesn’t just chill out and wait for the snow. Far from it! Preparations buzz with ice-skating rinks and snow tubing lanes getting set—enticing early birds with a flurry of activities even before the thick of ski season.

Image 12675

Slicing Through the Slopes: The Varied Trails of Waterville Valley Resort

Now let’s slice down to the nitty-gritty—the trails. With a strategic segmentation ranging from bunny slopes to black diamonds, Waterville Valley Resort has everyone covered. Here’s a tip: ask the locals about the hidden gems. There are trails here that have stories and views that remain undiscovered by most brochures.

Beyond mere variety, how do the slopes stay so pristine, you ask? The secret lies in top-notch slope maintenance, with a dedicated crew that treats the trails like they’re prepping a zamboni ice rink for the Stanley Cup. And the snowmaking capabilities? Let’s just say, even if Mother Nature’s feeling a bit tightfisted, this resort has the snow guns and the gumption to create a winter wonderland.

A Deeper Dive into Waterville Valley Resort’s Facilities and Amenities

Sure, hardcore skiers care about the snow, but what about after the boots come off? Well, whether you’re searching for luxury pampering or budget-friendly bunking, Waterville’s got your back. With the elegance to host glam weddings, they know a thing or two about fine accommodations.

And when the stomach grumbles? From gastronomic delights to cozy cafés, the resort ensures nobody skis on an empty stomach. The nightlife isn’t to be scoffed at either. It might not be the rave scene, but there’s a wholesome après-ski ambiance that provides warmth, hearty laughter, and maybe a cheeky nightcap.

Innovative Learning and Training Programs at Waterville Valley Resort

Of course, one doesn’t simply wake up shredding powdery slopes like Eli Tomac tackles cross-country tracks. That’s where Waterville Valley Resort’s ski schools and training programs come into play. With cutting-edge tech aligning with instructional expertise, newcomers to snow sports are in good hands.

You want testimonials? Just peep at the beaming faces of newbies carving their first green run. There’s no better success story than the transition from magic carpet rides to full-blown mountain descents.

Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship at Waterville Valley Resort

Talking about snow, it’s no use having a resort if you’ve skied through all the trees, right? Waterville Valley Resort stands tall as a sustainable haven. Their eco-friendly initiatives are as evident as their snow-covered peaks.

In their quest for environmental stewardship, the resort has intertwined sustainability with business operations smoother than a well-waxed ski. It isn’t just an initiative; it’s a way of mountain life.

The Social Scene: Community and Culture at Waterville Valley Resort

Take a ski-lift out of the snow, and you’ll find yourself entwined with Waterville’s warm community fabric. It’s a resort, sure, but there’s a deep-rooted sense of culture, and you’d be remiss to miss out on the rollicking social events dotting the calendar.

Beyond festivities, their contribution to local economic and social well-being is as solid as the mountains they perch upon. Jobs, revenue, and a sense of pride are just the cherries on top.

Navigating the Peaks and Valleys: Visitor Experiences at Waterville Valley Resort

Now, to get under the skin of the place, one must turn to the illustrious tales of visitors. From gasps of awe at the sheer drop of a trail to the glee of that first successful run, Waterville Valley Resort is a patchwork quilt of narratives.

Yet what ties these anecdotes into a bow is the resort’s unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction. From the first-time toddler skier to the octogenarian snowboarder, the resort rolls out a white carpet of hospitality.

The Economic Impact and Future Vision of Waterville Valley Resort

Encapsulating Waterville’s essence, one can’t overlook its economic heartbeat. The resort isn’t just a getaway, it’s a linchpin for the local economy. Those seeking jobs, economic spinoffs, or simply the prosperity of their ventures look towards the resort as a beacon of potential.

But let’s gaze into the crystal ball. What does the future hold? A balanced fusing of tourism with meticulous growth planning is the vision. There’s an eco-consciousness woven into their expansion fabric.

The Peak of Alpine Adventure Awaits

As our journey through Waterville’s tales comes to a close, it’s clear this isn’t just a resort; it’s an experience, it’s a slice of alpine utopia. With attentive whispers of future ski-trends bouncing in the background, all signs point to Waterville Valley Resort continuing to ascend as a summit of snow-soaked getaways.

There’s a reason the resort remains etched in the hearts of its visitors. It’s a concoction of community, awe-inspiring nature, unmatched skiing, and deep-seated heritage—a considerable cut above the quaint-picture postcard resort, it’s a paradise carved out of the snow, waiting for you to leave your trail.

Image 12676

What is Waterville Valley known for?

Oh, Waterville Valley? It’s basically New Hampshire’s playground, known for offering a charming mountain escape with a ton of activities year-round – we’re talking skiing, snowboarding in the winter, and hiking, biking, and golf when the snow melts. It’s kind of the ‘bee’s knees’ for outdoor enthusiasts.

Who owns Waterville Valley?

Who’s at the helm of Waterville Valley? That’d be the Sununu family. Yup, the same folks linked to New Hampshire politics – they’ve owned and operated this resort since the late ’90s. Talk about keeping it in the family, right?

Do you need parking pass for Waterville Valley?

A parking pass for Waterville Valley? Nah, you’re all set without one. Parking’s actually free, and there’s plenty of it, so you can keep that wallet in your pocket and think about the extra coffee you can now afford. Sweet deal, huh?

When did Waterville Valley open?

Waterville Valley swung open its doors way back in 1966. That’s like over half a century of shredding and good times! It’s been a hub for ski buffs since the days of black-and-white TV.

How big is the Waterville Valley Resort?

Get this—Waterville Valley Resort isn’t some tiny hill. It’s a big deal with over 500 acres of skiable terrain. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s plenty of space to carve up the slopes.

Is Waterville Valley part of the White Mountains?

Sure is! Waterville Valley is actually nestled smack dab in the heart of the White Mountains. It’s literally surrounded by some of New England’s most stunning peaks. So strap on those hiking boots or skis because you’re in for a major treat!

How many ski trails does Waterville Valley have?

Alright, fellow snow hounds, Waterville Valley has a solid lineup of 50 trails. With all that variety, you’re practically guaranteed to find a favorite slope or two.

Who founded Waterville Valley?

The mastermind behind Waterville Valley? A visionary named Tom Corcoran, an Olympic skier no less. It was his big idea back in the 1960s that turned the place into the hot spot it is today.

How many trails does Waterville Valley have?

Total trail count for Waterville Valley? They boast about 50 trails, ranging from bunny hills for the tots to black diamonds for the thrill-seekers. Plenty to keep you entertained until the cows come home.

What pass does Park City have?

Park City’s got the Epic Pass as its golden ticket. This pass is like your all-access pass to some serious powder across multiple resorts, not just in Utah, but all over the place.

What is the vertical drop at Waterville Valley ski area?

Heads up, adrenaline junkies! Waterville Valley’s vertical drop is a thigh-burning 2,020 feet. Now imagine flying down that – it’s like your own personal roller coaster!

What is the vertical feet of Waterville Valley?

Vertical feet, you ask? Waterville Valley hits the sweet spot with an elevation change of about 2,020 feet. It’s enough to make your ears pop and get your heart racing!

When did Waterville become a city?

Plot twist—Waterville never became a city! It remains a cozy town to this day, keeping things quaint and friendly in the heart of the White Mountains.

What is Waterville Maine nickname?

Nickname for Waterville, Maine? They call it “Elm City” because of the tall, stately elm trees that used to line the streets. You gotta admit, it’s got a nice ring to it.

What is the history of Waterville Maine?

Waterville, Maine, has roots – and we’re not just talking Elm trees. Its history dates back to the 1700s and has been shaped by manufacturing and the Kennebec River. It’s quite the storied spot that evolved from a mill town to the vibrant city it is today.

Is Waterville Maine a good place to live?

Is Waterville, Maine, a smashing place to call home? Absolutely! With Colby College perks, a sweet spot along the Kennebec River, and a tight-knit community vibe, it’s like hitting the neighborly jackpot.

What is Gore mountain known for?

As for Gore Mountain, this New York State gem is a wonderland for winter sports buffs. It’s famous for offering some of the most consistent skiing conditions and the most skiable acres in the state. Translation: it’s a snow-lover’s paradise that keeps ‘em coming back for more.

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Adrian Mills

  • Places To Go

Waterville, Maine grew up on the banks of the Kennebec River, its rise powered by water and mills. Today, this brick-lined city on the river is a vibrant center of education, cinema and the arts.

Things to Do in Waterville

Waterville is home to two private colleges — Colby and Thomas . The campuses provide activities and experiences for the community and for visitors. One good example, the Colby College Museum of Art , was founded in 1959 and contains nearly 8,000 pieces of art, many in its specialty, American and contemporary work. Fans of the museum know it for its many paintings by artist Alex Katz. The museum is tucked away inside Colby’s leafy campus on a hillside outside the downtown. Admission is free.

Another arts staple is The Maine Film Center . This theater has been heralded as one of the best art-house cinemas in New England and the country. It’s also one of the sites of the annual Maine International Film Festival , going strong after more than 25 years. The mid-summer festival spreads out over ten days to screen nearly 100 films from around the world.

The festival’s other venue, the Waterville Opera House , is smack in the middle of downtown. It’s been entertaining the region since 1902. Newly renovated, the theater has more than 800 seats and offers movies, plays, musicals and other events throughout the year.

Speaking of downtown, Waterville’s is being revived with new construction and renovations. A favorite spot to stop is at the Downtown Waterville Farmers’ Market . It’s held throughout the year and features goods from local producers. In summer, come enjoy The Taste of Greater Waterville , a festival that includes lots of local food, music and fun.

Want to get out? Try the Quarry Road Trails . In winter, this park provides groomed cross-country ski trails with 13 km of trails, including 2.5 km covered with manmade snow as well as areas for walking and snowshoeing. Come the warmer months, the trails are available for walking, running and biking. And there’s a boat launch so paddlers can put in their canoes or kayaks and access almost 5 miles of flatwater on Messalonskee Stream.

Where to Stay in Waterville

If you’re looking for a place to spend the night night in Waterville, you have plenty of great options. Try The Lockwood Hotel in downtown Waterville, or check out the Best Western Plus Waterville , the Fireside Inn & Suites - Waterville , the Hampton Inn Waterville , The Pleasant Street Inn or these additional suggestions . You can also scroll down the list of regional businesses below.

Restaurants in Waterville

Looking for Waterville, Maine restaurants? There’s a lot! Front & Main offers farm-table excellence in The Lockwood Hotel, grab a warm beverage at Selah Tea Cafe , try Jin Yuans for delicious Chinese food, 18 Below for their raw bar and prime aged beef. Other local favorites include The Silver Street Tavern , OPA , Sunrise Bagel , The Last Unicorn  or these additional suggestions . You can also scroll down the list of regional businesses below.

Businesses & Organizations

Waterville public library.

A center for community and learning

Phone: (207) 872-5433


Address: 73 Elm Street , Waterville

Mainely Brews Restaurant & Brewhouse

Mainely Brews Restaurant and Brewhouse is the place to be for first-rate food and the finest ales in...

Phone: (207) 873-2457


Address: One Post Office Square , Waterville

Maine International Film Festival

A 10-day film festival showing 100 American independent and international films

Phone: 207-861-8138


Address: 76 Main Street , Waterville

Selah Tea Cafe

Mission: Inspiring the community to sip, pause, and calmly think. Offering tea infusion, local...

Phone: 207.660.8181


Address: 177 Main Street , Waterville

Full Bar & Lounge with great tasting Chinese food and prices. Come check us out. Your first visit,...

Phone: (207) 861-4433


Address: 41 Temple Street , Waterville

Day's Jewelers

Since 1914 Day's Jewelers has been offering fine high quality jewelry at unbeatable prices. Maine...

Phone: 800-439-3297, 800-439-3297


Address: 88 Main St. , Waterville

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visit waterville valley

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Travelers from all U.S. states are able to travel to Maine without providing a negative COVID-19 test result or quarantining, unless otherwise determined by the Maine CDC. International travelers from approved countries will be subject to any federal requirements for travel.

Learn how our safe travel protocols are helping ensure everyone's visit is a safe one.

Winter Lights at Waterville Valley

Season 3 Coming Soon Visit Waterville Valley this winter to experience our 3rd annual Winter Lights at Waterville Valley Celebration


visit waterville valley

Waterville Valley at Night

Waterville Valley Town Square is a beautiful place at night. This winter we will making it even better with a magical display of winter lights. We will be decorating around Corcoran’s Pond and Town Square with thousands of lights and projections. Come see Winter Lights at Waterville Valley for a magical experience.

Watch the latest video here, but you have to experience it in person!

Photo Gallery


Type your email…

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Come to waterville valley to see the lights.

Lights will be on from dusk to 9pm every night!

33 Village Road, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire 03215, United States

  • Village Road

Special Thanks

Special thanks to michael porter for the great cover photo. check out michael’s work on instagram @mporter1289, special thanks to ne holiday lights co for all their work setting up these lights, copyright © 2023 winter lights at waterville valley – all rights reserved..


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  1. Visit Waterville Valley

    Waterville Valley is home to several restaurants, charming cafes, and cozy sports bars. Our local dining establishments have something for everyone - al fresco dining, food to fuel a team, a meal with mountain views, or simply a delicious family dinner. For inspirational tastes, authentic cuisine, and quality ingredients, Waterville Valley's ...

  2. Waterville Valley

    White Mountains Visitors Center. 200 Kancamagus Highway, PO Box 10 North Woodstock, NH 03262 (603) 745-8720 TF: 800-346-3687

  3. Things to Do in Waterville Valley

    The historic Waterville Valley Golf Course is one of the oldest in New Hampshire and celebrates its 116th anniversary in 2014. The 9-hole course features a par 32 layout (five par 4s, four par 3s) with 2,231 yards from the back tees, making it an enjoyable challenge for the whole family and all ability levels.

  4. Waterville Valley Resort

    Call 1.800.GO.VALLEYfor Reservations and Information. ACCESSIBILITY. Waterville Valley Resort is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience. If you have any trouble, please call 1-800-993-3149or email us at [email protected].

  5. About

    Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, is a four-season resort set in the the heart of the White Mountain National Forest. In addition to winter snowsports like skiing and snowboarding, Waterville Valley offers award-winning tennis courts, golf, biking, cultural activities and summer theater, an indoor ice rink, boating, and a skate and bike park. ...

  6. Waterville Valley Town Square

    Town Square is the heart of Waterville Valley. Dining, shopping, lodging, and activities clustered around Town Square. A hub of summer events, visitors, locals, and community members gather for live music on the Gazebo Stage, food festivals, and outdoor activities for all ages. Pedal boats, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards can be rented right from the dock or head over to the beach to stick ...

  7. Fall Family Weekend Getaway Itinerary

    The Clubhouse is also home to the Waterville Valley Golf Course, making it the perfect post-breakfast activity. Head back into Town Square for Lunch. La Tasse Cafe is a great spot for homemade sandwiches, pastries, salads, and soups. Head to the White Mountain Athletic Club * and unwind before heading home! Relax in their indoor pool, hot tub ...

  8. Activitites

    WINTER activities. Waterville Valley offers 4 seasons of activity and adventure including hiking, mountain biking, skiing, disc golf, golf, tennis, boating, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, fat biking, and so much more.

  9. Visit Waterville Valley, NH

    Visit Waterville Valley, NH, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. 8,102 likes · 69 talking about this · 8,763 were here. Official Page of the Waterville Valley Resort Association - Escape the Outside World!

  10. This Ski Resort in New Hampshire's White Mountains National ...

    My four- and six-year-old boys had been on skis just once when we headed up to the mountains from our Massachusetts house to Waterville Valley, a ski resort within New Hampshire's White ...

  11. 34 Best and Fun Things To Do In Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

    With A-class lodging, eateries, and activities for the whole family, Waterville Valley is sure to provide a vacation you'll never forget. Explore the list below to find some of the unmissable attractions and activities Waterville Valley has to offer. The 34 Most Popular Things To Do In Waterville Valley, New Hampshire 34. Mount Wonalancet

  12. The 9 Best Hikes in Waterville Valley

    The Scaur. Difficulty:Easy/Moderate. Length:4.8 miles. Elevation Gain:600 feet. Although The Scaur is not the tallest mountain in Waterville Valley, it offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains! The 3.8-mile roundtrip trailtravels through a beautiful wide trail before ascending steeply to the summit.

  13. Visit NH : Waterville Valley Resort

    Attraction Details. 1 Ski Area Rd, Waterville Valley, NH 03215. Directions. Call. Email. Website. Waterville Valley Resort is a unique New Hampshire destination, nestled in a natural snow pocket in the White Mountains and surrounded by other 4000' footers. Offering a variety of terrain for every skier or rider, whether a first-timer or an expert.

  14. 9 Best Outdoor Adventures In Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

    The Waterville Valley Clubhouse does offer golf club rentals. Rentals are perfect for novice hackers who have no clubs and old-time duffers who don't want to drag their full bag of clubs on vacation. 5. Scenic Fall Foliage Drive. The ultimate New Hampshire fall foliage drive is along the 34.5-mile Kancamagus Highway.

  15. Biking

    Stop by Waterville Valley Adventure Center and rent a mountain or road bike. Cruise around the Valley, or cut through the woods and explore a variety of trails for all abilities through the National Forest. Lift-serviced downhill mountain biking trails are accessible via Snow's Mountain Chairlift! Everything from meandering dirt fire roads to ...

  16. Waterville Valley Historical Society

    Preserving the Unique History of Waterville Valley. Nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, our town has experienced a rich history as a sanctuary for recreation for almost 200 years. From beginning as a logging encampment to its development into a prominent New England ski resort, we encourage you to check out our town's unique and ...

  17. Waterville Valley: Not Just Another New Hampshire Ski Town

    Tucked into the White Mountains, and just off of I93 in New Hampshire, Waterville Valley is more than just a ski town. Known as a ski resort town, the peak season for Waterville valley is definitely the winter, but the valley also serves as a relaxing summer retreat. With the number of visitors reduced during the summer, the usually packed ...

  18. Things to Do in Waterville Valley, NH During a Winter Getaway

    Winter brings untold beauty to the town's natural surroundings. Scenes like this one of the Mad River take on an otherworldly appearance in the fresh snow. Waterville Valley's town square offers a central location for shopping, dining, lodging, and starting whatever outdoor adventures you have planned.

  19. Visit Waterville Valley: 2024 Travel Guide for Waterville Valley, New

    8.2/10 Very Good! (1,008 reviews) "One of a kind experience in the white mountains. Looking forward to my next visit". Reviewed on Mar 26, 2024. See all 4,034 properties in Waterville Valley. Lowest nightly price found within the past 24 hours based on a 1 night stay for 2 adults. Prices and availability subject to change.

  20. Waterville Valley Resort: Ski Haven Revealed

    Nestled in the heart of New Hampshire's White Mountains, Waterville Valley Resort is a treasure amongst alpine aficionados and those thirsty for a winter escapade. The place has long been a hushed secret, whispered amongst the powder-chasing elite. But let's dust off the snowflakes and dive into the quaint charm, luxury indulgence, and ...

  21. Waterville, Maine

    Visit Waterville, Maine on the banks of the Kennebec River. Enjoy the Colby College Museum of Art and the Downtown Farmers' Market and the Quarry Road Trails for outdoor recreation. Waterville's Railroad Square Cinema is a site of the Maine International Film Festival and the Waterville Opera House will not disappoint.

  22. Experience

    Visit Waterville Valley this winter to experience our 3rd annual Winter Lights at Waterville Valley Celebration. 978-766-8953. About Us. ... Waterville Valley Town Square is a beautiful place at night. This winter we will making it even better with a magical display of winter lights. We will be decorating around Corcoran's Pond and Town ...

  23. Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, Shares Images Of Solar Eclipse

    It's tough to think of a better way to wrap up the season. Waterville Valley's final day of operations this year is this weekend, Saturday, April 13th (the resort will host an employees-only ski day on April 14th). Luckily, you won't need to wait until 2044—when the next solar eclipse touches down in North America—to ski again at Waterville Valley after this weekend.