PGA Value Guide offering extra incentive to trade in your clubs

pga tour club value

The PGA Value Guide is offering golfers an extra incentive to trade in their golf clubs. During the month of October, the company is running a “Fall Trade-In Blitz” that will give golfers an extra 20 percent on the value of their existing clubs toward to purchase of new clubs.

“Today’s high performance drivers, fairway woods, irons and putters are generating a great return on investment in-trade,” said  Doug Smith, PGA Value Guide vice president of business development. “Fall is the perfect time for golfers to trade in their existing clubs to help offset the cost of new golf club innovations hitting the market.”

The first step is to visit the PGA Value Guide’s website , which shows golfers the value of their club or clubs (including the extra 20 percent) and allows them to print a free shipping label. When the clubs are received by the company, golfers will receive credit for their trade-in, which they can use to purchase new clubs from their choice of more than 5,000 PGA Professional-staffed facilities in the PGA Trade-In Network.

Golfers can also choose to receive cash for their trade-in.

pga tour club value

Review: Gabe Golf Swing Trainer

SPOTTED: Brooks Koepka testing a TaylorMade M2 driver at the Ryder Cup

pga tour club value


pga tour club value


Oct 31, 2016 at 1:28 pm

The people at the value guide never respond to emails… i was thinking about sending some clubs to them but they cant communicate before hand … then i am not sure i want to do business with them… anyone actually communicate with them??

pga tour club value

Oct 4, 2016 at 11:52 pm

Cheap infomercial ,,,,,,,,,,

pga tour club value

Oct 3, 2016 at 7:56 pm

They’ll give me $146 for a “used” M2 driver without even knowing how used it is. Not only that, they list the “resale” value of the club at $304. So you’re going to take my $146 trade in and make $158 on it while forcing me to spend the $146 I receive on merchandise that you sell instead of giving me cash? The $146 trade in money represents the “high” value for the trade in while the cheapest used M2 I could find on Ebay is $229, with most going for closer to $300.

Hurry guys, trade in your perfectly good gear for store credit you are forced to spend on overpriced gear.

pga tour club value

Oct 3, 2016 at 7:50 am

So now used clubs are worth 20% more than before?

Don’t trade them unless all else fails and you just have to have that small trade in value. I would suggest you donate your clubs to youth or another golfer. I played the other day and this guy didn’t have a fairway wood. I gave him one of my old clubs that had a trade in value of $35. Used clubs have little value, what does that tell you? The values in the guide are going to be very low so they can mark them up a little and try to sell them. When golfers are not buying new fixed priced clubs (can’t mark them down) values of used clubs might go up to entice you to buy. The real problem is there isn’t competitive pricing between retailers of new clubs. Retailers are not allowed to reduce or have competitive pricing on new clubs.

pga tour club value

Oct 3, 2016 at 8:43 am

I know for sure that Ping is very strict to sell their new stuff no more and no less than what they want for but TM doesn’t give a crap as their clubs were heavily discounted months after release in the past (but not now).

Oct 2, 2016 at 6:01 pm

The PGA Value Guide totally disregards prices on auction sites and classified Craigslist sites and employs desperate crackheads who want to sell stuff quick to get cash for their next fix to value to their clubs.

pga tour club value

Oct 2, 2016 at 1:19 pm

In the post it mentions more than 5000 places the credit can be used. Does anyone have a site where I can find a list of these stores?

pga tour club value

Oct 4, 2016 at 10:33 pm

Open the ‘Research’ Tab. At the bottom of the page you can find a link to the list of places to use your Trade in certificate.

pga tour club value

Oct 1, 2016 at 7:39 pm

I like the picture. He’s holding one of the finest drivers ever made.

pga tour club value

Oct 1, 2016 at 6:31 pm

I don’t pay any attention to this sham of a guide . They low ball you so you will just buy a new set. Go to Ebay find some thing you like or sell something that you can decide if you want to give it away or stick to your guns on the price.

pga tour club value


Oct 1, 2016 at 10:36 am

Wow, what next on WRX, informercials for Go Dadddy and the Warrior hybrid? Shameless advertisement as a pseudo article. Surprised that it wasn’t given 5 stars.

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pga tour club value

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Best irons in golf of 2024: slower swing speed (easiest to launch).

pga tour club value

In our effort to assemble the 2024 best irons , we have again compiled an expert panel of fitters to help you find out which of the 2024 irons is best for your game.

Ultimately the best way to find your personal best iron set is to work with a professional fitter using a launch monitor. The difficult part is a lot of people don’t have easy access to fitters, launch monitors, and club builders — so at GolfWRX, we have done a lot of the work for you.

pga tour club value

We want to give you the tools and information to go out and find what works best for you by offering recommendations for your individual iron set wants and needs with insight and feedback from the people who work every single day to help golfers get peak performance out of their equipment.

  • Join the discussion about best irons 2024 in the forums!

Best irons of 2024: The process

The best fitters in the world see all the options available in the marketplace, analyze their performance traits, and pull from that internal database of knowledge and experience like a supercomputer when they are working with a golfer.

It’s essentially a huge decision tree derived from experience and boiled down to a starting point of options—and it has nothing to do with a handicap!

Modern iron sets are designed into player categories that overlap the outdated “what’s your handicap?” model, and at GolfWRX we believe it was important to go beyond handicap and ask specific questions about the most crucial performance elements fitters are looking at.

These are the best iron categories we have developed to help you determine which category is most important for your swing and game.

Best irons of 2024: The categories

  • Overall performance
  • Easiest to launch/Slower swing speed
  • Pure enjoyment
  • Most technology-packed

2024 Best irons: Easy to launch/Slower swing speed

pga tour club value

These are the irons for golfers who need height. With today’s modern golf ball, creating proper flight widows and spin can be difficult for some players — especially those at lower speeds — and this is where technology can really help. All of these irons do everything they can to create shot-stopping trajectories and a steeper angle of descent.

Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal HL

pga tour club value

Their story: With the JPX923 Hot Metal, Mizuno introduced “4355 nickel chromoly,” which is 35 percent stronger than the original Hot Metal material and allows for an eight-percent thinner clubface. Cup face construction works in tandem with a deep center of gravity for high launch with stopping power. Mizuno developed Hot Metal Pro, Hot Metal and Hot Metal HL (High Launch) from 175,000 real golf swings recorded via Mizuno’s Swing DNA system. JPX923 Hot Metal HL is a high launch speed cavity delivering a higher launching option for players with moderate swing speeds or aggressive shaft lean, it’s suitable for mid to high-handicap golfers.

Fitter comments:

  • “We’re talking about… people who need forgiveness, but they don’t spin it enough. They don’t get it in the air. The HL is a little little weaker-lofted, but they have the size and the forgiveness they need. It’s one of the go-tos for us.”
  • “We’ve been getting a lot of guys where it’s like, you know, the way you deliver it, you really need the loft of a, of a blade, but you’re not good enough to hit a blade. So, you know, we need to get some height. Like the slower swing speed player, aging golfer, like they don’t have 130 MPH ball speed with a seven that they can launch it at 15 degrees and still get it in the air. They gotta get that thing off the ground and up to get some distance out of it. And this thing is just, it’s so easy to get up in the air…even if we do bend other things weaker, we can’t get it as high lofted as that thing, and it just goes straight up in the air.”
  • “It’s super forgiving and it feels pretty good that. We sell more HL’s than we do standard Hot Metals. It’s such a popular golf club.”
  • “It’s a spectacular club and really is probably the best club in that high-launch category. If you take the high launch QI, you take the [Callaway Paradym] Ai Smoke HL, [Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal] HL, that’s the best one.”

For more photos/info, read our launch piece.

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke HL

pga tour club value

Their story: At the core of Callaway’s new Ai Paradym Smoke irons is the Ai Smart Face. With the Ai Smart Face, these irons are designed to promote exceptional distance, tight dispersion into the green, and optimal launch in a modern construction. The new shape consists of longer blade lengths, thinner toplines, and optimized sole widths in a bid to create a forgiving, yet streamlined look at address. In addition, an all-new Dynamic Sole Design features a pre-worn leading edge with variable bounce that cuts through the turf with efficiency.

  • “Compared to the standard Ai Smoke, it’s definitely launching a little bit higher. I would say blade length is a little bit longer. So, you know, it’s a little bit more forgiving a little bit easier to hit than that traditional AI Smoke. It’s gonna launch higher than Ai Smoke and spin a little bit more for that player that needs that help.”
  • “Amazing when it comes to getting the ball airborne and retaining spin. Very easy to hit and very stable through impact. Second place to Mizuno, for me.”
  • “The HL version allows for a player to play a strong lofted iron in a lightweight package that helps achieve great distance. This iron is long! The ball speeds are crazy high. This iron is great for a player who flips at it.”
  • “Even though not as light as the others, the HL gets the ball in air faster and slower speed needs that for distance”
  • “Powerful but still helps get the ball to launch at a playable angle. Generates height well with lots of speed across the face.”

TaylorMade Qi HL

pga tour club value

Their story: With a blend of minimalistic aesthetics and advanced multi-material technology, TaylorMade’s new Qi irons aim to deliver the optimal combination of distance, accuracy and solid feel in an inviting game-improvement package. At the heart of the Qi iron is individual head optimization, organic face designs, and FLTD CG, all working in unison to help golfers minimize the right miss. With their latest irons, TaylorMade has designed the all-new Qi irons to have significantly less right bias for straighter and more accurate shots.

Fitter comments: 

  • “That’s a big ass iron. But you also have a much better look than the [Stealth] HD last year. That [iron] was really shallow in the face that got the ball up great. But it just didn’t look the way some people wanted, right? They didn’t want a small face. So it’s a really good option for people.”
  • “You’re seeing some of these companies…I think they’re seeing that sometimes…a little bit of loft can be, be good, you know, but they’re combing it with heads now that are super tight off the face. You get some of those guys catching it all on the face, the thing still getting up in the air, still producing ball speed.”
  • “I would say the Qi HL, it’s like kind of top charts when it comes to…if someone’s hitting it, that thing wants to go. And I think they definitely did a good job…with the redesign of it compared to Stealth HD.”
  • “The previous generation was a little bit off-putting, you know, some, most people don’t wanna play kind of, you know, a hybrid-iron. It’s a little bit easier to hit a little bit better package…compared to the HD, the packaging is 1,000,000 bucks.”
  • “I mean…[Stealth] HD worked really good but it was very hard to…get someone to accept that they had to use it. Now at the [Qi10] HL you put that in someone’s hands, it looks good. It feels good. And they feel like, ‘I’m using a, a golfer golf club,’ you know. It’s a real battle sometimes with people…our job is performance, but they also want something that’s gonna look good in their bag.”
  • “The fact that it looks like a regular golf club is helpful. I think in that modern-day iron, it’s just lofts are getting so strong, and the ball is spinning so little off of these things that if you don’t naturally hit it super high, irons like that are just perfect for guys, they’re able to hold greens, stop it quicker. For a lot of guys, that height means more distance. So they’re actually hitting it farther with more loft and, and be able to hold a green better. And guys that maybe had a five hybrid are now getting a five iron back in their bag and it’s great.”

Ping G430 HL

pga tour club value

Their story: Billed as Ping’s “longest iron ever”, the G430 irons combine a lower CG with stronger, custom- engineered lofts and a thinner face that delivers up to 2 more mph of ball speed, per the company. At the heart of the new addition is the PurFlex cavity badge, an innovation which features seven flex zones that allow more free bending in design to increase ball speed across the face. In combination with a lower CG, the badge aims to contribute to the solid feel and pleasing impact sound. The stronger lofts across the set resulted in the addition of a 41 degree PW to ensure proper gapping options and allowed for standard lofts in the traditional scoring wedges (45.5, 50, 54 and 58 degrees).

From the fitters:

  • “With that Alta Quick shaft, I mean, it’s just, it’s super easy to kick that thing up in the air. And what I really like about it is they don’t put flex on the shaft. We’ve had, you know, I mean, you explain to the customer like, hey, you know, you might, you know, you’re gonna need that 35-gram Alta Quick. It’s not gonna say, you know, ladies flex or whatever and no one knows.”
  • “It’s super easy to hit, super easy to launch, especially for someone who needs…that help and forgiveness.”
  • “What I like about what Ping does, they don’t just like, shove a lighter-weight shaft in the same club head. They put a lighter grip on it, they put a lighter shaft in it. So like they kind of do it the right way. It’s just an overall lighter package version of the best game improvement iron out there. So it’s you get all the forgiveness and everything else that you get with G430, but now in a total balanced package for a slower swing speed player, it’s, it’s great.”
  • “What I like about it too is with the Alta Quick 35 [shaft]. It’s essentially like a ladies golf club that doesn’t say ladies on it. So like you get that guy that swings super slow or you get like that junior boy or something like that that just, you know, I’m not, you know, especially like the kids like, I mean, he’s not playing a club that says ladies on it or it’s purple or something you can get than this and it looks just like his dad’s G430s, but it just gets up in the air and goes and it’s awesome.”
  • “The best iron in the game improvement category. High launch and packed with forgiveness on those off-center hits. It’s one of the easiest irons to hit. The HL version allows players who need a lighter package and need help with higher launch are able to achieve that with this iron.”

Titleist T350

pga tour club value

Their story: The new T350 irons are still built for maximum distance and forgiveness, but they were redesigned with a hollow-body construction that’s inspired by the T200. Like the T200, the T350 also uses Max Impact Technology behind the face to maximize speed and forgiveness, and dual-tungsten weights in the back cavity. The T350 irons are noticeably larger, and with thicker toplines, than the T200 irons for golfers who need the additional surface area and stability.

  • “The T350 is super good. They definitely cleaned it up, cleaned up that topline a little bit and made it…a little bit more compact, a little bit smaller for sure.”
  • “You know, I think is one of those irons that maybe sometimes can get overlooked. I don’t know…some guys, they think ‘Titleist,’ they can’t hit it. If someone’s in this category, it’s always a club you’re gonna have.”
  • “So like this is the first one in that model that’s had like a forged face and, and, and, and I think that just improved the feel of it. Topline to me looks a little bit cleaner and, they do a nice job of hiding the offset doesn’t look quite obnoxious when you look down at it. I don’t know if it’s like the chrome that they put or whatever, but it looks a lot cleaner at address. The iron’s always been super easy to get up in here.”
  • “That type of customer, I know they all want to do is just hit it nice and far. But we’re seeing so many guys come in that just need help getting it airborne in that moderate kind of clubhead speed category. And this thing is probably, if not the easiest, one of the easiest irons in this category to launch. And I think that’s what makes it so great.”
  • “High launch is a key component to this iron. Clean look, with reduced offset and a better look for a players game improvement iron. Players are surprised that this is a game improvement iron based on the looks and package size.”

Best irons of 2024: Meet the fitters

  • Adam Rathe: Club Champion
  • Adam Scotto: Club Champion
  • Adam Seitz: Club Champion
  • Aidan Mena: Club Champion
  • Alex Dice: Carl’s Golfland
  • Alex Praeger: Club Champion
  • Ben Giunta: The Tour Van
  • Blake Smith, PGA: True Spec
  • Bo Gorman: True Spec
  • Brad Coffield: Carl’s Golfland
  • Brett Ott: Club Champion
  • Brian Riley: Club Champion
  • Cameron Scudder: Club Champion
  • Carmen Corvino: True Spec
  • Christian Sandler: Club Champion
  • Clare Cornelius: Cool Clubs
  • Dan Palmisano: Club Champion
  • Dane Byers: Club Champion
  • Darren Joubert: Club Champion
  • Dennis Huggins: Club Champion
  • Drew Koch: Club Champion
  • Eric Touchet: Touchet Performance Golf
  • Erik Gonzales: Club Champion
  • Evan Morrison: Club Champion
  • Gus Alzate: True Spec
  • Jake Medlen: Stripe Show Club Fitters
  • Jake Woolston: Club Champion
  • Jake Wynd: Club Champion
  • Jay Marino: Club Champion
  • Jeremy Olsen: Club Champion
  • Jim Yenser: Club Champion
  • Joe Stefan: Club Champion
  • Joey Simon, PGA: Club Champion
  • Jonathan Kaye: Club Champion
  • Jordan Patrick: True Spec
  • Jordan Rollins: Club Champion
  • Kevin Arabejo: Club Champion
  • Kevin Downey: Club Champion
  • Kirk Oguri: Pete’s Golf
  • Kyle Lane: Club Champion
  • Kyle Murao: Club Champion
  • Marc Roybal: True Spec
  • Mark Hymerling: Club Champion
  • Mark Knapp: Carl’s Golfland
  • Matt Miller: Club Champion
  • Matt Rish: Club Champion
  • Matthew Gandolfi: Club Champion
  • Mike Martysiewicz: Club Champion
  • Mike Weis: Club Champion
  • Mitch Schneider: Club Champion
  • Nicholas Barone: Club Champion
  • Nick Sherburne: Club Champion
  • Nick Waterworth: Haggin Oaks
  • Preston Vanderfinch: Club Champion
  • Rick Lane: Club Champion
  • Rob Anderson, PGA: Club Champion
  • Russell Hubby: Club Champion
  • Ryan Fisher: Grips Golf
  • Ryan Grimes: Club Champion
  • Ryan Johnson: Carl’s Golfland Bloomfield Hills
  • Sam Kim: True Spec
  • Scott Sikorski: Club Champion
  • Scott Felix: Felix Club Works
  • Scott Trent: Club Champion
  • Sean Pfeil: Club Champion
  • Shaun Fagan: True Spec
  • Steve Harrow: Club Champion
  • Tad Artrip: Club Champion
  • Thomas Mattaini: Pull the Pin
  • Tony Rhode: True Clubs
  • William Buse: Club Champion
  • William Cho: NovoGolf
  • William Fields: Club Champion

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Coolest thing for sale in the GolfWRX Classifieds (4/8/24): TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver

pga tour club value

At GolfWRX, we are a community of like-minded individuals that all experience and express our enjoyment of the game in many ways.

It’s that sense of community that drives day-to-day interactions in the forums on topics that range from best driver to what marker you use to mark your ball. It even allows us to share another thing we all love – buying and selling equipment.

Currently, in our GolfWRX buy/sell/trade (BST) forum, there is a listing for a TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver.

pga tour club value

From the seller: (@cg2g): “BRNR Mini Driver 13.5* with HZRDUS Gen 4 Black 70g X-Flex, Club has hit 5 balls on simulator, save some money on ordering new. $385 Shipped CONUS.”

To check out the full listing in our BST forum, head through the link:  TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver

This is the most impressive current listing from the GolfWRX BST, and if you are curious about the rules to participate in the BST Forum you can check them out here:  GolfWRX BST Rules

Whats in the Bag

Denny mccarthy witb 2024 (april).

pga tour club value

  • Denny McCarthy what’s in the bag accurate as of the Valero Texas Open.

Driver: Titleist TSR3 (10 degrees, C1 SureFit setting) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 TX

Check out more in-hand photos of Denny McCarthy’s WITB here.

3-wood: TaylorMade Stealth Plus (15 degrees) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Blue 7 X

pga tour club value

5-wood: Titleist TS2 (18 degrees) Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8 X

Irons: Titleist T200 (4), Titleist 620 CB (5-9) Shafts: True Temper AMT Tour White X100

Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design SM10 (48-10F, 52-12F, 56-08M), WedgeWorks Proto (60-L) Shafts: True Temper AMT Tour White X100 (48), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

pga tour club value

Putter: Scotty Cameron GoLo N5 Grip: Scotty Cameron

pga tour club value

Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Ball: Titleist Pro V1

pga tour club value

Tour pro calls Anthony Kim a ‘f*****g idiot’ following Instagram comeback post

pga tour club value

John Daly stuns fans into silence with brutal opening tee shot on PGA Tour Champions

pga tour club value

Things got heated at the Houston Open between Tony Finau and Alejandro Tosti. Here’s why

pga tour club value

Anthony Kim WITB 2024 (February)

pga tour club value

This Rory McIlroy post-round ‘The Match’ moment is going viral…but all is likely not what it seems

pga tour club value

Scottie Scheffler WITB 2024 (March)

pga tour club value

Photos from the 2024 Arnold Palmer Invitational

pga tour club value

Anthony Kim’s speculated LIV Golf sign-on fee may surprise you

pga tour club value

The total sum that Sergio Garcia needs to pay in fines if he wants to return to DP World Tour revealed

pga tour club value

Report: Tiger Woods has ‘eliminated sex’ in preparation for the 2024 Masters

pga tour club value

Denny McCarthy what’s in the bag accurate as of the Valero Texas Open. Driver: Titleist TSR3 (10 degrees, C1 SureFit...

pga tour club value

Akshay Bhatia’s winning WITB: 2024 Valero Texas Open

Driver: Callaway Rogue ST Max LS (9 degrees @7.2, 2 grams lead tape heel, 4 grams toe) Buy here. Shaft:...

pga tour club value

Michael S. Kim WITB 2024 (April)

Michael S. Kim what’s in the bag accurate as of the Valero Texas Open. Driver: Titleist TSR3 (10 degrees, B1...

pga tour club value

Kevin Chappell WITB 2024 (April)

Kevin Chappell what’s in the bag accurate as of the Valero Texas Open. More photos from the event here. Driver:...

pga tour club value

2-time major champ announces shock retirement from the sport at age of 33

pga tour club value

Edoardo Molinari reveals the latest PGA Tour golfer to turn down ‘good offer’ from LIV Golf

pga tour club value

Charlie Woods finds it tough going on American Junior Golf Association debut

pga tour club value

Addiction, spinal fusion, and scam artists – Everything Anthony Kim revealed in candid interview with David Feherty

pga tour club value

Jon Rahm dealt fresh blow to hopes of qualifying for 2025 Ryder Cup

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PGA Value Guide

July 28, 2018

PGA Value Guide Launches National Trade-In Event to Honor 100th PGA Championship

logo of PGA Value Guide

Those who select a PGA credit certificate as payment for their trade, in lieu of cash, will receive additional value that can be used towards equipment purchases at participating PGA-staffed retail locations, including .

“The PGA Value Guide has long been the trusted resource for golfers looking to ensure they receive fair value for their used equipment,” says Doug Smith, PGA Value Guide VP – Business Development. “With this promotion, we are able to help consumers receive additional value for their current clubs traded in toward the purchase of golf equipment best suited for their game.”

Millions of golfers turn to the PGA Value Guide during their search for new and pre-owned golf clubs to ensure they receive the highest overall trade-in value. Users are also able to research current trade-in promotions, pricing on pre-owned equipment, product specifications and reviews, as well as participating retailers staffed by PGA members. PGA Interactive and are managed by Turner Sports in partnership with the PGA of America.

Higher introductory price points and longer product lifecycles have resulted in unprecedented trade-in values on golf clubs.

PGA Professionals who use the PGA Value Guide can receive national trade-in promotions, periodic trade-in bonuses and free exposure for their facilities to millions of purchase-minded golfers.

About Global Value Commerce

GVC is the trusted destination for buying and selling previously played golf equipment at , and . Its PGA Value Guide catalogs vast product information, provides industry standards on pricing and is used by millions of golfers to calculate credit or cash for their trade-ins. The value guide’s complementary trade-in network boasts more than 5,000 PGA Professionals who monetize golf club inventory, notably exchanges, demos and un-hit overstock. The company’s websites, including the company’s latest acquisition, upscale apparel retailer , also sell new golf gear. With its global headquarters in Raleigh, NC, GVC employs 130 people, including PGA members and other golf-equipment experts who develop extensive content about product attributes and advise customers about how different types of equipment make them better players. Distribution centers in North Carolina, Utah and the new facility in Mississauga, Ontario total 100,000 square feet and house more than 400,000 units at any given time.

More information: , 866.843.0262

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pga tour club value


pga tour club value


pga tour club value


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PGA Tour

Sleeper Picks: Masters Tournament

Sleeper Picks

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Chris Kirk (+17500) … Although it’d align with the theme of 2024, because the Masters Tournament rarely yields a longshot as its champion, it’s kind of absurd not to identify a shorter option who isn’t in my Power Rankings, but at some point, another longshot will be posing for photographs beside the 18th green as the sun sets on Sunday afternoon, because, well, golf. What Kirk is attempting to do this year is what defending champion Jon Rahm did last year – win both The Sentry and his first Masters in the same calendar year. Kirk prevailed at Kapalua just three months ago, and now he’s making his fifth appearance at Augusta National. Although his personal-best result is but a share of 20th place a distant 10 years ago, that he’s not a first-timer is key. But most importantly, he possesses his own perspective that keeps secondary how he performs inside the ropes behind the priorities on the outside. If you’re not familiar with his story of overcoming alcohol abuse and depression, do yourself a favor and read what his wife, Tahnee, wrote when Chris received the 2023 PGA TOUR Courage Award in November.

Collin Morikawa (+750) … No matter the competition, the betting boards tend to loosen the leash even for multiple major champions who aren’t in form. While that’s understandable, it’s also appreciated because there isn’t a more insular environment for a scuffling stud to reconnect with what he does best than Augusta National. The course rewards experience and course success more than any other. Despite the intensity on so many levels, it’s still a warm embrace for everyone who has felt it before. He currently checks a couple of boxes that would support the reach, but the unquantifiable is the most important. He’s 4-for-4 in the tournament with a solo fifth in 2022 and a T10 last year.

Corey Conners (+450) … The Canadian isn’t struggling like Morikawa but he’s coming up on eight months without a last top 10, yet he hasn’t missed a cut in almost 10 months. So, the ingredients are in place for Conners, but he hasn’t been cooking at the right temperature. Currently inside the top 20 on the PGA TOUR in greens in regulation, proximity to the hole and par-5 scoring. Meanwhile, and very much like Morikawa, Augusta National has been a reliable source of renewal and repeat. In four editions since the November edition in 2020, Conners has three top 10s.

Taylor Moore (+400) … After fulfilling his projection as a Sleeper for a Top 5 at the Texas Children’s Houston Open , this expectation in his second start of the Masters (T39, 2023) isn’t asking him to run it all the way back, but it’s leaning on his momentum upon arrival to take advantage of a nice kickback despite the smaller field. Prior to the close call at Memorial Park, he finished T12 in his title defense at the Valspar Championship. The fearless 30-year-old is 12th on the PGA TOUR in greens in regulation. He’s also cashed in 14 consecutive starts, so his nose to put himself in contention to pay off the prop is reliable.

Christo Lamprecht (+250) … With a field of only 89, plus value worth chasing isn’t as attractive as usual, so consider riding shotgun with the world’s top-ranked amateur and current No. 2 in PGA TOUR University. The tall drink of water from South Africa is one of five amateurs who qualified, as the winner of The Amateur Championship last year. If you can find a prop for who will lead the field in driving distance, plop a full unit down on him, but the more serious business is his ability to compete. En route to a T44 at the Alfred Dunhill Championship at home in December, he sat T3 and two strokes off the lead at the midpoint, and he already has made a cut in a major (T74, 2023 Open Championship). If you're curious about how often amateurs crack the top 40 at the Masters, it’s happened four times in the last five editions, the most recent of which was Sam Bennet (T16) a year ago.

Odds were sourced at BetMGM.

For resources to overcome a gambling problem, call or text 1-800-GAMBLER today.

Rob Bolton is a Golfbet columnist for the PGA TOUR. The Chicagoland native has been playing fantasy golf since 1994, so he was just waiting for the Internet to catch up with him. Follow Rob Bolton on Twitter .

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Masters 2024 props, golf odds: Expert shares top PGA Tour prop bets, parlay picks for Augusta National

Mike mcclure locked in his expert pga golf prop picks and parlay for the masters 2024 at augusta national.


Getting off to a hot start at Augusta National Golf Club is almost a requirement for the top 2024 Masters contenders, as every champion since 2006 has been inside the top 11 after the first round. Furthermore, 34 of the last 37 green jacket winners have been inside the top eight after the second round, so it will be difficult for anyone in the 2024 Masters field to recover from a slow start. Scottie Scheffler is the 13-4 favorite in the 2024 Masters odds, making him the shortest favorite at a major tournament since Tiger Woods in the early 2000s. There are also a multitude of 2024 Masters props that involve Scheffler, including his Masters odds to be the first-round leader and make/miss the cut.

Woods is a 100-1 longshot to win the tournament, and he is -140 to miss the cut on the PGA odds board in the latest Tiger Woods props. The five-time Masters winner has made the cut in 23 consecutive appearances at this course, so that could be one of the popular 2024 Masters prop bets before the tournament begins Thursday. Before locking in your 2024 Masters prop picks or entering Masters pool picks, you need to see what SportsLine DFS pro and PGA expert Mike McClure has to say . 

McClure is a DFS legend with over $2 million in career winnings, and he's been red-hot on his PGA picks dating back to the PGA Tour restart in June of 2020. McClure uses his proprietary simulation model to analyze the field and crush his  golf picks . He is up almost $9,500 on his best bets since the restart.  

McClure's model predicted Jon Rahm would finish on top of the leaderboard at the 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions and The American Express. At the 2023 Masters, the model was all over Rahm's second career major victory heading into the weekend. It was the second straight Masters win for the model, which also nailed Scheffler winning in 2022. 

This same model has also nailed a whopping 10 majors entering the weekend. Anyone who has followed McClure's picks has seen massive returns.  

Now, McClure has dialed in on the Masters golf tournament and just locked in his top prop picks and PGA predictions. You can only see McClure's Masters 2024 prop picks at SportsLine .

Top 2024 Masters prop picks

We can tell you that one of McClure's favorite Masters prop picks is Ludvig Aberg to be the top debutant at +275. Aberg finds himself in rare air at Augusta National, as first-timers are rarely considered threats to win the tournament. In fact, he has the shortest odds (25-1) ever by a Masters debutant after becoming the first golfer to play in a Ryder Cup before playing in a major.

While Aberg is hoping to become the seventh golfer to ever win his major debut, he only needs to finish ahead of the other 19 debutants to win this prop. He is ninth in the world rankings after finishing second in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and eighth in The Players Championship. Aberg ranks inside the top 15 on the PGA Tour in total strokes gained and total driving, putting him on a different tier than the other debutants this week.  You can see who else to back at SportsLine .

How to make Masters 2024 prop picks

McClure has also locked in a slew of other prop bets for the 2024 Masters, including a prop that pays almost 20-1 and comes from an unlikely player. You can find out who it is, and check out all of McClure's Masters prop picks at SportsLine .

Who wins the Masters 2024, and which golfer should you target for almost a 20-1 payout? Visit SportsLine now to get Mike McClure's Masters 2024 prop picks, all from the golf expert who is up almost $9,500 on his best bets since 2020 , and find out.

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pga tour club value

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pga tour club value

Why repeating for Rahm will be tough

pga tour club value

Ranking the field at Augusta 1-89

pga tour club value

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pga tour club value

Tiger Woods: 'I hurt every day' ahead of 2024 Masters

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Masters odds: Scottie Scheffler still clear favorite

pga tour club value

2024 Masters TV schedule, complete viewer's guide

pga tour club value

Masters forecast: Thursday rain, clear weekend

pga tour club value

Top Masters storylines to follow at Augusta National

pga tour club value

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As golf’s civil war rages, all the top PGA Tour and LIV players are at the Masters this week

Jon Rahm, of Spain, walks to the 10th green during a practice round in preparation for the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Jon Rahm, of Spain, walks to the 10th green during a practice round in preparation for the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Brooks Koepka hands over his club on the second hole during a practice round in preparation for the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis)

Bryson DeChambeau hands his driver to his caddie on the eighth hole during a practice round in preparation for the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis)

Jon Rahm, of Spain, reacts on the 12th hole during a practice round in preparation for the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Jon Rahm, of Spain, hits on the 12th hole during a practice round in preparation for the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Jon Rahm, of Spain, and Nicolai Hojgaard, of Denmark, walk onto the 12th green during a practice round in preparation for the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Brooks Koepka, from left, Xander Schauffele and Patrick Cantlay hits on the second hole during a practice round in preparation for the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis)

Bryson DeChambeau tees off on the eighth hole during a practice round in preparation for the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis)

  • Copy Link copied

AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — In some ways, golf finds itself at a point in time not unlike pro football in the 1960s, when two rival leagues duked it out but found a path to reconciliation that produced a game far bigger than anyone could’ve envisioned.

Bryson DeChambeau, for one, is hopeful that the still-smoldering split between the established PGA Tour and upstart LIV Golf could lead to a Super Bowl-like extravaganza that brings everyone together.

“You can look at it like the NFL and you could have NFC-AFC sort of working in their own fields and at the end they come together, put on a huge event at the end of the year,” said DeChambeau, who plays on the LIV circuit. “That could be really cool.”

If nothing else, major championships such as the Masters , which begins Thursday at Augusta National, provide a brief detente in this civil war of the links.

All the top players — from reigning Master champion Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka representing Team LIV to world No. 1 Scottie Scheffler and Rory McIlroy teeing it up for the old guard — will be looking to not only claim a green jacket, but score bragging rights for their de facto team.

Tiger Woods catches a golf ball on the driving range during a practice round in preparation for the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club Monday, April 8, 2024, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

“Obviously, the more togetherness that you get, the better it is for everyone. There’s no doubt about that,” said Sergio Garcia, the 2017 Masters winner who bolted for LIV. “But there’s room for everyone. I don’t think that’s a problem at all.”

Even though LIV appears to have strengthened its hand with its stunning signing of Rahm , who was on the PGA Tour when he won at Augusta a year ago, there are actually five fewer players from the new tour than the 18 who played in 2023.

That’s largely because LIV events — with their smaller fields and 54-hole format — do not receive world ranking points, one of the main conduits for entry into the Masters.

Still, the Saudi-funded circuit has demonstrated that its top players can compete with the best of the PGA Tour.

Koepka and Phil Mickelson were runner-ups to Rahm a year ago at the Masters, and Koepka went on to capture his fifth career major title at the PGA Championship . Of the 27 major championships that have been staged since the beginning of 2017, 13 were won by golfers who now call LIV home.

Koepka took issue with those who say the split is ruining the game.

“Look, the best players in the world never got together week in, week out. I think that’s kind of forgotten,” Koepka said Tuesday. “It was the majors, (World Golf Championship tournaments) ... those were pretty much the 10 events where everyone was, for sure, going to be there. And then it was just kind of sprinkled in everywhere else. I think that’s kind of how it is” now.

But hard feelings remain, especially since a supposed merger agreement announced 10 months ago had yet to be finalized.

Just listen to Fred Couples, the 1992 Masters champion and outspoken critic of LIV.

“I don’t think I’ll ever understand it,” he said. “Now, everything can get better. But let me tell you, if the LIV tour is better for golf, I’m missing something there.”

Rahm acknowledged that when he accepted a reported $350 million offer to join LIV in December, he was hopeful that it would spur the two sides to reach some sort of reconciliation by the time the Masters rolled around.

Now, with a divide that seems as gaping as ever, he’s one of the most prominent faces on a tour that has been called everything from the future of the game — with its shotgun starts and team element — to a refuge of sellouts who are helping the Saudis sportswash the image of a repressive regime.

“It’s a bit of a detour on my path,” Rahm said. “But change can be better.”

Just how much things have changed was apparent from the attire he donned a year ago as he departed Augusta National to what he picked out for his practice rounds leading into this Masters.

Gone was the green jacket. Now he’s wearing a shirt emblazoned with a Legion XIII logo.

The team he now leads in LIV.

AP golf:

pga tour club value

pga tour club value

2024 Masters prop bet picks and PGA Tour predictions

T he game's best are in Augusta, Ga., this week for the 2024 Masters , the 1st major of the year. World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler is aiming for his 2nd green jacket as the overwhelming favorite, while defending champion Jon Rahm is back at Augusta National for the 1st time since joining LIV Golf.

Below, we search for the best value prop bets among the 2024 Masters odds and make our PGA Tour picks and predictions .

Scheffler comes into the Masters as the top-ranked player in the latest Golfweek/Sagarin poll, followed by Xander Schauffele at No. 2, Rory McIlroy at No. 3, Ludvig Aberg at No. 4 and Viktor Hovland rounding out the top 5. Rahm ranks 6th, one spot ahead of Patrick Cantlay .

Augusta National will play at 7,555 yards this week, 10 yards longer than it played last year. It's still a par 72, of course, but it's certainly a venue that favors longer hitters off the tee. Strokes gained: approach is a key metric when it comes to picking a Masters winner because Augusta is a 2nd-shot course, though players must also be good putters on the daunting greens with steep slopes and drop-offs.


Masters – Top-5 picks

Odds provided by BetMGM Sportsbook ; access USA TODAY Sports Scores and Sports Betting Odds hub for a full list. Lines last updated Tuesday at 2:44 p.m. ET.

Jon Rahm (+240)

Rahm is the defending champion and comes into the week in great form. In 5 starts with LIV, he's finished between 3rd and 8th each time, showing impressive consistency. In addition to winning the Masters last year, he also finished in the top 10 each year from 2019-21.

Brooks Koepka (+333)

Koepka lives for the majors. He won the PGA last year and tied for 2nd at Augusta, giving him 14 top-5 finishes in his major championship career. Even if he doesn't break through and win the green jacket, I like his chances to finish in the top 5.

Tony Finau (+650)

Finau has never won a major and his putting could prevent him from bucking that trend this week. However, his ball-striking is good enough right now to land him a spot in the top 5 at Augusta, a place where he's finished in the top 10 three times and top 5 once.

Masters – Top-10 picks

Will zalatoris (+240).

Zalatoris has only played the Masters twice but he's finished 2nd and 6th in those 2 appearances. That's a rock-solid record at a difficult course, but Zalatoris seems to thrive when the conditions are tougher. There are admittedly some concerns about his recent form after going MC-74th in his last 2 starts, but he was playing well before that.

Cameron Young (+350)

Similar to Koepka, Young tends to play his best golf in the majors. He has 4 top-10 finishes in the majors in the last 2 years alone, including a T-7 at the Masters in 2023. His high-draw ball flight fits well at Augusta, but he needs the putter to improve in order to contend.

Xander Schauffele (+140)

Schauffele is a top-10 machine in the majors. He has 11 top-10s in the majors during his career and the only time he's finished outside the top 20 of a major in the last 2 years was at the Masters in 2022. He's an excellent bet for a top-10 at Augusta again, which would be his 4th.

Hideki Matsuyama (+160)

Matsuyama comes into the week with his game firing on all cylinders. His history at Augusta is obviously very good, too, finishing 13th, 1st, 14th and 16th since 2020. This season, he's finished in the top 22 in each of his last 5 starts, a stretch that includes 3 top-10s.

Corey Conners (+450)

Looking a bit further down the board, Conners is worth a bet for a top-10. He burned bettors last year when he missed the cut, but his ball-striking is always great and he finished in the top 10 at Augusta in 3 consecutive years from 2020-22.

Masters – Top-20 picks

Sahith theegala (+115).

Theegala has the type of creative game that has made Jordan Spieth so successful at Augusta, as well as Bubba Watson . He can shape the ball, flight it high or low and he's putting it extremely well this season (13th in SG: putting).

Si Woo Kim (+175)

Kim has only finished inside the top 20 once in his Masters career (12th in 2021), but since 2018, he's come in the top 40 each year. What makes him a particularly enticing bet is he has 6 top-25 finishes in 9 starts this season. Aside from his putting, Kim ranks in the top 27 in every other strokes-gained statistic.

Shane Lowry (+115)

Lowry is a former major champion so he checks that box and he's finished top 20 in each of his last 3 starts on the PGA Tour this season. At the Masters, he's finished 16th, 3rd, 21st and 25th in the last 4 years. So his form is solid and his course history is even better.

Other T20 contenders ( in order from longest odds to shortest ):

  • Nick Taylor (+350)
  • Akshay Bhatia (+225)

Masters – Matchups

Suggested play is golfer in bold .

Sungjae Im (-130) vs. Tom Kim (+100)

Betting on Im with his current form is risky, but Kim isn't playing much better and he hasn't played much due to an illness that forced him to withdraw from the Players Championship. Im has finished 16th, 8th and 2nd in 3 of his last 4 starts here.

Justin Rose (-110) vs. Rickie Fowler (-110)

This is more about fading Fowler than it is about buying Rose stock. Fowler hasn't played the Masters since 2020 and his best finish this year was a T-35 at Riviera. He ranks 162nd in SG: total this season, too. At near-even money, take Rose over Rickie.

Shane Lowry (-110) vs. Collin Morikawa (-110)

In Morikawa's last 3 starts this season, he's missed the cut and finished 45th and 75th. Not great. Lowry is in stronger form and has better course history.

Masters – Top Korean

Si woo kim (+180).

Kim is the favorite to be the top Korean player over Byeong Hun An (+300), Im (+300) and Kim (+350). Neither Im nor Kim are playing well right now and An has missed the cut in 2 of 3 starts here.

Masters – Top debutant

Akshay bhatia (+700).

As long as his shoulder is OK, Bhatia is a good bet to be the top debutant. No one in this group has an advantage of course history, and with the way he shapes the ball right to left, he's a great fit for Augusta. The drives he hit in San Antonio were spectacular and he looked to be in complete control of his golf ball. The biggest concerns here are Ludvig Aberg (+300) and Wyndham Clark (+333).

Masters – First-round leader

Cameron young (+4500).

Young shot 67 here last year and was tied for 4th. He's teeing off late on Thursday, which could be favorable with storms expected earlier in the day, potentially softening up the greens for him later on.

Jordan Spieth (+2500)

Spieth has the 6th-most birdies in the Masters in the last 5 years, a span that doesn't include his win or runner-up in 2015 and 2016. If he gets hot, he can really light it up and go low. He also tees off late on Thursday so that could be beneficial, as well.

Masters – To make the cut

Suggested play in bold .

  • Tiger Woods: YES ( +110 ) vs. No (-150)
  • Bryson DeChambeau: NO  ( +275 ) vs. Yes (-400)

Woods hasn't missed the cut at the Masters since 1996. He's seeking to make his 24th consecutive cut at Augusta, which would break Fred Couples' record. At +110, it's worth playing.

DeChambeau, on the other hand, has no business being -400 to make the cut. He's missed the cut here in each of the last 2 years and hasn't finished better than 29th since his debut in 2016 (21st).

More expert prop bet predictions

Group h winner: keegan bradley (+450).

Bradley has the longest odds in this group, which includes An (+300), Harris English (+300), Stephan Jaeger (+350) and Kurt Kitayama (+400). English is worrisome for Bradley's chances, but Keegan's game is a good fit for Augusta and it's surprising that he hasn't had better finishes – though he did come in 23rd last year.

Bogey-free Round 1: Xander Schauffele (+1400)

Schauffele is 2nd in bogey avoidance this season and he's the type of steady player who's capable of putting together a clean card in the 1st round. He stays out of trouble and is good around the greens so he'll consistently make up-and-down when he misses the green.

Play our free daily Pick’em Challenge and win! Play now !

For more sports betting picks and tips , check out and BetFTW .

  • 10 pairs of awesome Masters-themed golf shoes you can buy
  • Photos: Masters Tuesday practice round at Augusta National

Follow @camdasilva on Twitter/X . Follow SportsbookWire on Twitter/X and like us on Facebook .

This article originally appeared on USA Today Sportsbookwire: 2024 Masters prop bet picks and PGA Tour predictions

Apr 9, 2024; Augusta, Georgia, USA; Jon Rahm putts on no. 10 during a practice round for the Masters Tournament golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

As golf comes together for the Masters, a chasm still divides the sport

pga tour club value

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Golf’s biggest buzzword on the eve of its biggest tournament has nothing to do with technique or equipment or any of the superstars converging this week on Augusta National . The topic du jour is sustainability — or, rather, the perceived unsustainability of the current landscape, which has the world’s best pros competing on separate tours, their much-anticipated alliance still up in the air , and a sport enjoying surging participation but fearing a decline in fan interest.

“Things need a correction,” Rory McIlroy, one of the faces of the PGA Tour, said last week in Texas, “and things are unsustainable.”

“And it needs to happen fast,” Bryson DeChambeau, the LIV Golf star, said in Florida. “It’s not a two-year thing. It needs to happen quicker rather than later just for the good of the sport. Too many people are losing interest.”

While there’s more money than ever flowing through the sport, the dueling pro circuits are fighting for relevance. They’re tweaking and overhauling their business models in hopes of unlocking a return on investment, trying to funnel unprecedented sums of money to their players while still building profitable businesses. Meanwhile, a growing chorus is calling for some form of reconciliation.

This week, 13 LIV players will compete at the Masters with their PGA Tour counterparts, distinguishable only by the LIV team gear they’ll be sporting on golf’s most hallowed grounds — Sergio García, the Fireball; Bubba Watson, the RangeGoat. And for four days, fans will be reminded both of what today’s game isn’t — a unified tour where the best players consistently play against one another — and what they hope it might again become.

The sustainability discussion is two-pronged: Can the sport remain relevant and engaging to fans in its fractured state? And is the sport economically viable enough to support the current pace of spending?

“I just think with the fighting and everything that’s went on over the past couple years, people are just getting really fatigued of it, and it’s turning people off men’s professional golf,” McIlroy told reporters last week. “And that’s not a good thing for anyone.”

More than 10 months have passed since the PGA Tour announced plans to partner with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund , which owns LIV Golf. The sides blew past a Dec. 31 deadline and continue to work through details, but no deal is imminent.

LIV Golf continues to pour money into personnel on and off the course, even as its product has yet to reach a critical mass, particularly in the United States. And the PGA Tour responded to LIV’s flurry of activity by going on its own spending spree — with new expenses seemingly outpacing new revenue streams.

Because the game’s top players haven’t competed against one another in an individual event since last year’s British Open, fans have endured lackluster tournament fields and forgettable Sunday finishes. While LIV’s linear TV ratings aren’t publicized, LIV officials say their numbers on the CW Network are up 40 percent from last year and they’re pleased with early streaming viewership. The PGA Tour’s TV figures, which includes a much larger audience domestically, are down more than 15 percent.

“Ratings fluctuate from year to year,” said Sean McManus, head of CBS Sports. “As we all know, to a large extent, it depends on who is on the leader board and how close the tournament is. … But the advertisers seem happy, the sponsors seem happy, so it’s a little early to predict where there is a trend out there on the ratings.”

Neither circuit has seen its biggest stars shine on a weekly basis — last weekend’s winners were 22-year-old Akshay Bhatia on the PGA Tour and South African Dean Burmester for LIV — and the headlines focus on the off-course intrigue and the sport’s uncertain future.

“We talk so much about how important it is for players to be in the right place mentally, and I just think there’s an epidemic of distraction on the PGA Tour, whether it’s greed or trying to solve problems that are almost unsolvable, however you want to put it,” said Brandel Chamblee, a Golf Channel analyst. “I just think they’re hugely distracted.”

After shifting its business away from the nonprofit model, the tour now has to pay taxes, reward players who want more money and answer to investors who seek a return — in addition to TV executives and advertisers who expect a product that will reliably attract a huge audience.

PGA Tour officials have put together a plan that is not wholly dependent on the PIF following through on its early investment plans. The tour took on a $1.5 billion investment from a collection of U.S. sports owners known as Strategic Sports Group ; the amount could double. That money helped the tour launch PGA Tour Enterprises, which will oversee all of its commercial ventures.

“Prior to creating the structure of PGA Tour Enterprises and taking on outside investment, we’ve always had in our previous structure this natural conflict between an organizational objective to maximize player earnings with growth investment,” said Jay Madara, the tour’s chief financial officer. “I liken it to meeting payroll this month [or] this quarter and not having anything left over for investment, if you will. … If there were things that made sense strategically that created long-term returns, there wasn’t patient capital for that.”

According to its most recent tax filings, the tour saw $1.9 billion in revenue in 2022, compared with $1.87 billion in expenses — and both figures have steadily risen over the years. The tour has high-dollar commitments — $4 billion due from sponsors through 2035 and $5 billion in media rights through 2030 — but also has taken on new expenses.

With an ambitious plan to offer golfers an equity stake in the tour and with tournament purses that have more than doubled over the past decade, tour officials have been trying to create new revenue streams and expand existing ones. While its broadcast rights deals run through 2030, the organization plans to open its own 70,000-square-foot production studio next year, which will enable the tour to create and distribute more of its own content.

The tour is also looking to generate more revenue from its weekly tournaments and has overhauled its event funding formula. The tour relies on local organizations to run most of its tournaments but makes money by staging six events on its own — and could take on more. The tour recently acquired a golf cart company and a logistics outfit, which will make it easier and more cost-effective to host tournaments.

One of its most audacious efforts to balance the books: The tour informed event organizers this week that they’ll soon be on the hook for a hosting fee — $250,000 for full-field events and $500,000 for the signature events next year, and twice those amounts beginning in 2026. The tour also expects organizers to kick back a percentage of hospitality sales — 1 percent next year and increasing to 2.5 percent in 2027.

Tour events traditionally have involved a philanthropic component, and while the new initiative has created fears that these fees will eat into charitable donations, tour officials said they’re confident that contributions will not suffer.

“It is something that is important to our tradition, honor and legacy. It’s something we have to balance as we move forward, as well, in terms of our new structure,” Madara said.

LIV, thanks to its deep-pocketed Saudi benefactors, does not appear to face the same economic pressures, with officials saying they’re financially ahead of schedule.

“The critical piece for us is the creation of new value through all of this,” said Jed Moore, a senior LIV consultant. “People have misunderstood the investment into players. They’ve misunderstood the investment in the Asian Tour. They’ve misunderstood why golf needed to find a way to create that new value. Sustainable economics in sports — it’s become front and center because it’s now an asset class.”

LIV officials view their product similar to Formula One — fewer events, with top-tier athletes globe-trotting between major cities. And one key cornerstone: a team-based format that LIV hopes will inspire fan loyalty and drive value.

While LIV owns a 75 percent stake in each of its 13 teams, they function as independent entities and create revenue as each sees fit. Moore said some are already profitable. None is close to reaching maturity as an asset, he said, but someday they could take on investors or be sold outright.

“Can you imagine what the Golden Bears would have been worth if Jack [Nicklaus] played in a form of LIV in his heyday? Arnie’s Army, the Big Easys, the Great White Sharks?” he said. “Imagine those teams.”

While the LIV product has been slow to catch on with golf fans in the United States, officials have been pleased with the interest they’ve seen in places such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

LIV’s season debut in Mexico marked its highest TV numbers to date — 432,000 watched on the CW for the final round, and more than 3.5 million streamed some portion of the three-day event on YouTube or LIV’s app. While not as lucrative to advertisers, the direct-to-consumer streaming options are a valuable metric to LIV officials, who say they’re targeting a younger audience. (The final round of last year’s Masters, won by Jon Rahm, averaged more than 12 million viewers.)

And while many thought LIV’s days were numbered when the PIF agreed to partner with the PGA Tour last June, LIV has only kept building. Signing Rahm before this season was a major coup, and this week LIV is hiring four senior-level executives and working on its 2025 schedule.

Even LIV’s biggest detractors (see: McIlroy, Rory) have come to reluctantly accept its place in the golf ecosystem. LIV launched in 2022 with no corporate signage at its events, but this year it has already announced more than 20 global partnerships, including with Panini and Google Cloud. Its teams have separately inked deals with more than a dozen corporate sponsors.

LIV officials say the plan was never to replace the PGA Tour, just as Formula One isn’t trying to replace U.S.-based auto racing circuits. They think the tours can coexist — different leagues coming together for a major championship, akin to the Super Bowl or World Series.

Left unsaid: While LIV tries to expand and the PGA Tour adopts a new business plan, what becomes of a weary fan base? The sport’s participation numbers have never been higher — some 45 million Americans swung a club last year, according to the National Golf Foundation — and while professional players have never been richer, the fans have been left wanting more.

“Right now, we are in the disruption phase,” Phil Mickelson, among the first to bolt for LIV, said last week, “so we are in the middle of the process. And when it’s all said and done, it’s going to be a lot brighter. But while we go through it, it’s challenging. But we’ll get there.”

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