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Is Snaptravel Legit? Here’s What You Need To Know

We all love being able to get a deal on flights or hotels when we are traveling. You have probably got your list of favorite comparison websites that you search for travel deals on, but have you heard of Snaptravel?

Snaptravel is not that new on the scene but rumor has it that you can find some excellent deals, and save money on both flights and hotels.

But, is that reality the case? Is Snaptravel legit and safe to use? We cover it all from how Snaptravel works to who owns it, how to use it, and more.

What Is Snaptravel?

snaptravel logo

Snaptravel is renowned for providing some of the cheapest hotel and flight deals around. It started out in Canada and works like a travel agent which is how they get such good pricing compared to other booking sites.

Snaptravel used artificial intelligence (AI) to scour the internet and offer the best deals to its customers and sending it to them via Whatsapp, Messenger, and SMS messages too.

Currently, around 30 million people across the world use Snaptravel. You don’t have to be on the messaging service either, you can get great deals on their website too .

Who Owns Snaptravel?

Snaptravel was founded in 2016 by Henry Shi, an ex-Google engineer, and Hussein Fazal, the co-founder of AdParlor.

Today, Snaptravel is owned by SnapCommerce which was also founded by Hussein Fazel and Henry Shi.

Snaptravel has a range of investors that pulled together millions of dollars. The investors include the likes of ACrew, iNovia, Lion Capital, Bee Partners, and SC30 Inc.

With credentials like this, it looks like Snaptravel is legit.

Is Snaptravel Legit?

Is Snaptravel legit? In a word, yes, it is a 100% legitimate company that has been giving users great prices on hotels and flights for 7 years.

When you add in that the CEO of Expedia also invested in Snaptravel, it confirms just how legit Snaptravel is.

You can book your flights and hotels from your phone and Snaptravel doesn’t even add any extra costs to your ticket. It is super user-friendly and has some of the best rates too!

There are a few negative comments about Snaptravel on review sites like Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau, but overall it has solid ratings. We will look at reviews on Snaptravel in more detail in a later section.

Overall, Snaptravel is legit and safe to use. Let’s look at how to use it and the things to look out for.

How to Use Snaptravel

snaptravel website

The Snaptravel website allows you to search for either flights or hotels and it uses AI to search the internet to find you great deals.

It works directly with hotels and airlines as well as comparison sites like and Expedia.

Snaptravel Hotel Booking

To book a hotel, simply fill out the form on the hotel landing page. Put in your destination, which can be anywhere in the world, along with your travel dates and the number of people in the booking.

You then hit search and choose how you want the deals to be sent to you – SMS, Whatsapp, or Messenger.

It will then send you all the Snaptravel hotels available and great prices for them too. Choose your favorite hotel within your budget and confirm your booking.

Before you make the final payment and confirmation, check to see if a cancellation is refundable just in case your travel plans change.

Snaptravel Flight Booking

To book flights with Snaptravel, head to their dedicated site which you can find here . You can do your search online for flights without using SMS, Messenger, or Whatsapp.

It uses a search algorithm that shows you unpublished flights that only travel agents have access to.

Put in your destination, dates, and number of people traveling, and hit search. Then choose from the deals the trip that suits your travel needs best.

Once you have chosen your flight, add in your personal info such as your email, name, and date of birth. Then it is time to pay, after which your flights should be confirmed within 20 minutes and you will receive an email confirming this.

Advantages of Using Snaptravel

It is free to use.

Snaptravel is 100% free for the user as they do not charge anything extra on top. Snaptravel takes its commission from the airline or hotel instead of you.

It Is Easy To Use

Booking flights and hotels with Snaptravel is super easy via the App or the website. You get all the best deals in one place to choose from plus buying and confirming your booking is super simple.

You Get Some Of The Best Deals on Hotels and Flights

The deals you get with Snaptravel can be up to 50% cheaper compared to booking directly with hotels and airlines. You also get a lot of different options to compare rates with other sites and find the best deal for you.

When you make bookings through Snaptravel, you get the best rates on hotels and flights. You will get a lot of choices for hotels and airlines. Therefore, you can compare rates and make the best decision accordingly.

A Huge Range Of Snaptravel Hotel Deals and Flight Deals

When you use Snaptravel, you get a large range of options and are therefore highly likely to find exactly what you are looking for and in your budget too.

You can also search for certain room types and ticket classes to match so you don’t waste time with deals that don’t suit you.

24/7 Customer Support

With Snaptravel, you get customer support 24/7 so if something goes wrong, you always have someone to speak to.

Disadvantages of Using Snaptravel

You can’t book everything together.

Unlike other sites like Kayak , you can not book your flight and hotel in one booking with Snaptravel, you have to book them separately.

Loyalty Points With Hotels Are 50/50

Not all Snaptravel bookings entitle you to loyalty points with hotels but it does work with airlines.

Things Do Go Wrong

Customer support isn’t always available in everyone’s experience and it can happen that you can only communicate with a bot.

Other issues include extra fees at hotels, no notifications about cancellations, and in some cases, hotel confirmations not going through.

These are all one-off issues, but it is worth having in the back of your mind. Reconfirm your booking directly with the hotel/airline, and make sure refunds are possible to avoid these issues.

What Others Are Saying About Snaptravel

Generally speaking, all the reviews you find online about Snaptravel are positive. There are some negative ones too, but nothing ever always goes to plan and issues do happen to all the similar travel sites.

One of the main complaints is that hotel prices change quickly and often, but this is the nature of the beast as millions of people are booking which changes the prices.

Here are some reviews from Trustpilot  and Sitejabber for you to take a look at.

Alternatives to Snaptravel

snaptravel review

There are plenty of alternatives to Snaptravel and you have probably used a lot of them. Here are the top ones

Kayak allows you to book flights and hotels in one booking, or separately. You can also book other services like car hire and lots more. is a great place to book hotels either by phone or online. It has over 300,000 hotels across the world to choose from and some great deals too.

Skyscanner is similar to Kayak and allows you to book flights, hotels, and car hire, and as a package. Around 100 million people use it every month and it works as a metasearch engine.

Trivago is another metasearch engine that pulls deals from online booking websites. It does hotels only and is reliable. It searches across 5 million hotels and 300 websites so you get a lot of options.

Agoda also provides a lot of great flight and hotel deals as well as travel activities and airport transfers. It searches across 2.5 million hotels and multiple airlines to get you the best deal possible.

Booking.Com is an excellent site to book hotels and apartments around the world. It is very trustworthy and the system works. They have also started offering flights but don’t quite have the range available compared to other sites yet.


Is Snaptravel Worth It?

Overall, Snaptravel is pretty solid and it does a good job of finding you good deals but it does not come without its risks.

Most hotel bookings are not refundable, this makes life hard if the hotel doesn’t deliver and if you change your plans. Plus, reconfirming directly with the airline or hotel is a must, if just for peace of mind.

I have traveled a lot, and personally always book directly with the airline or hotel as the hassle of things going wrong is just not worth it. Changing things becomes a lot harder when you have a 3rd party in the middle to deal with.

About the Author Roger Timbrook

Roger is a little obsessed with travel. He has been to over 40 countries, broken 3 suitcases and owned over 10 backpacks in 12 months. What he doesn't know about travel, ain't worth knowing!

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Flightdeck Powered by Pilot logo

SnapTravel (SuperTravel) Review [2024]: Scam or Bargain?

SnapTravel (SuperTravel) Review [2024]: Scam or Bargain?

Found great deals or just curious about what SnapTravel is all about? Worried about those SnapTravel reviews? Here's what I found in my deep dive into the flights and hotel deals site, including the features, pricing, and other important details you should know before you book with them!

who owns snap travel

Whether you’ve traveled the world over, or are planning your first adventure, I know that something all travelers love is a deal. Finding those deals and promotions when you’re booking flights or hotels can be tiresome, and hard to locate sometimes.

The reason is primarily due to the overwhelming amount of options in travel deal sites like Priceline or Scott's Cheap Flights that are directly competing with each other to provide travelers with the best deals. After all, it's only normal you'll want the best of the best travel deals, right?

That’s where SnapTravel comes in handy. Not heard of them before? Perhaps you've seen their online reviews and you're wondering... should I really trust them?

I've looked into the reviews and research so you don't have to. Here's the facts about SuperTravel, previously known as SnapTravel.

who owns snap travel

What Is SnapTravel?

Founded in 2016, Snaptravel is a Canadian startup that aims to get customers the best prices on hotels and flights using AI. In August 2020, according to GlobeTrender, they had helped book more than 350,000 nights in over 150 countries.

SnapTravel describes itself as a “travel agent over messaging.” Their services offer a platform of accommodation booking services, namely Snaptravel hotels or Snaptravel Flights, that aims to bring the latest cheap travel deals to its customers. They offer you promotions and great rates via 1:1 private chat through SMS, WhatsApp, or Messenger.

You send them a message with your city and date preferences, and you’ll get a reply with SnapTravel's tailored travel deals, which you can then easily take advantage of with a few clicks.

SuperTravel - SnapTravel Rebranded

SuperTravel, a rebrand

SnapTravel is currently undergoing the process of rebranding to SuperTravel . While the logo and name has changed, the company promises that all the travel deals, credits, and points will stay the same.

I'll continue to refer to SuperTravel as SnapTravel until the rebranding is complete as to not confuse you!

A suspected reason for the rebranding is to reduce the amount of negative reviews SnapTravel currently has online, which I'll also cover extensively below!

How Do You Use Snaptravel?

So how does Snaptravel work, exactly? It's pretty straightforward.

If you scroll down to the bottom of Snaptravel's webpage, you can browse hotel deals by city or destination.

This allows you to see what’s available before you begin messaging with SnapTravel to scope out prices and locations. You cannot book online, though, as you have to go through SMS or Facebook Messenger to access SnapTravel’s deals.

Looking for VIP upgrades? SnapTravel can also help tune up the quality of your stay to make your trip extra special.

SnapTravel operates in a similar fashion to the one-to-one relationship you might have with a travel agent, but they use AI to act as the agent. Their booking engine uses industry connections and relationships to search for private contract rates, bulk fares, and consolidator inventory that aren’t typically available to the public.

If you're on Fb Messenger, you can also use SnapTravel to look for deals the same way you can chat with your friends online!

This means that customers are getting not only the best rates but ones they might not find anywhere else.

SnapTravel describes itself as being “half-bot, half-human.” This means that while many of your inquiries will be handled by a bot, you can still speak with a human agent if need be.

The ease of using an AI service means that you will get quick and efficient service to help you find the best rates for your travel adventures.

my screenshot of the top SnapTravel features

Discount Flight Tickets

While SnapTravel started as a booking service for hotels, they have expanded to include flights in their service. For great deals on flights, check out their specialized flight webpage .

Their unique flight search algorithm helps you find the best-unpublished fares so you can travel on a ticket that fits your budget.

Unlike the hotel booking service, SnapTravel’s flight service allows you to conduct your research entirely online as opposed to via messaging apps. Simply put in your travel information, and you can view all the discounted flight options.

You'll also enjoy an additional discount if you refer a friend to sign up for SnapTravel!

Note that if you opt to book through SnapTravel, you will have 20 minutes to confirm your purchase after selecting a flight.

A screenshot I took of Snaptravel's flight search bar

Who Owns SnapTravel?

SnapTravel is owned by SnapCommerce , a platform that uses AI and messaging to connect customers with “the right products at the right prices.” Information about SnapTravel’s founders and advisors can be found on their website.

SnapTravel and SnapCommerce were both founded by Henry Shi and Hussein Fazal.

Fun fact: Initial investors of SnapTravel included NBA star Steph Curry, and the CEO of Expedia, Peter Kern!

Snap commerce logo.

Is SnapTravel Legit?

Conde Nast Traveler calls the app the " best new way to get a hotel deal ". But are they really the new best way to find deals?

While they sound really good on paper, the SnapTravel reviews online paint a different picture.

Is SnapTravel legit? If so, why is SnapTravel so cheap? Let's take a look at what other people are saying about SnapTravel.

SnapTravel has an average rating of 4.5/5 stars (TrustPilot), with an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. Based on SnapTravel reviews, the flight deals service does deliver on the promises and can find exclusive deals at cheap rates.

However, many of the SnapTravel reviews regarding its legitimacy on TrustPilot are written by invited reviewers, which means that SnapTravel requested they write a review after using their services. These reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

Keep reading to find out what our overall review of SnapTravel is!

Are SnapTravel Flights Legit?

SnapTravel only connects users with cheaper flight deals using AI technology, so SnapTravel is effectively a third-party site and does not directly handle flights or flight experiences. If you have further inquiries about the flights that SnapTravel offers, check out individual airline reviews on the quality instead!

Flight times on a board in the airport

What Are People's Experiences Using SnapTravel?

We understand that it's hard to judge people's experience using star ratings, so what's the deal? How many people have actually used and enjoyed SnapTravel? And what is the consensus among SnapTravel's users of their travel planning app?

If you asked some people about their experiences using SnapTravel on Reddit, you'd get a variety of answers. Plus, there are many other review sites of SnapTravel with lots of opinions on it.

The consensus is that SnapTravel is good for what we say it's good for. People love it for this. Some might have had different varying experiences, which may explain why there are some negative reviews or even complaints on SnapTravel online.

What's the Deal With the SnapTravel Complaints?

If you've been scrolling through SnapTravel review forums through different websites and sources, you've probably come across many negative reviews or feedback about other travelers' experiences with SnapTravel. What exactly are these users' complaints, and are they legit?

Most of the complaints revolve around inconsistencies and communications between SnapTravel and the hotels. This means that SnapTravel might have outdated or incorrect information about the hotel's amenities and regulations. You might also run into problems with SnapTravel not relaying the fees you have paid to the hotel on time.

Regardless of the issue, it's always a good practice to double-check with the hotel's website on its amenities and check with SnapTravel before leaving for your travels. While some have called SnapTravel scams, these are complaints some users have experienced while using SnapTravel and should not reflect the overall app's experiences.

SnapTravel has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

I use SnapTravel and other apps on my phone to search up travel

Is SnapTravel Refundable?

Unfortunately, if you booked a non-refundable trip through SnapTravel, you will not be issued a refund for any cancellations or changes. Another important small print item is that SnapTravel is not liable for any issues arising with the hotel supplier. If a hotel is unable to honor your reservations, you will be responsible for any fees incurred.

So... What does SnapTravel's official cancellation and refund policy say?

SnapTravel is not responsible for any problems in the event of “delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or other causes beyond our [SnapTravel] direct control.” In those situations, no refund will be issued.

SnapTravel's Response to COVID-19 Related Cancellations

Currently, SnapTravel is offering a flexible policy for refunds on Covid-19 related cancellations, so don't fret!

If you find out that your trip must be canceled due to covid-19 issues but your trip is non-refundable, just shoot a message on their website to the support team and they'll get back to you as soon as possible, hopefully with a full refund.

group camping trip overlooking the water at sunset

How Does SnapTravel Make Money?

As customers can use SnapTravel’s services for free, they don’t make their money directly through them. SnapTravel makes a percentage of every hotel booking they sell.

What Is SuperCash?

SuperCash , long for SuperCash MasterCard® Hybrid Card, is an online debit-credit hybrid card offered by SuperTravel (SnapTravel) with big perks associated with purchases on SuperTravel's site.

The SuperCash™ Mastercard® is issued by MRV Banks, headquartered in Missouri, United States. So what does the hybrid card offer?

SuperCash Card offers 10% cashback on SuperTravel purchases, 5% in the SuperShop, and 2% everywhere else. They've pitched it as an easy way to earn credit points with no minimums, monthly fee, overdraft, and interests.

Waiting in a airport seating area seeing a plane taking off

Is SnapTravel Worth It?

So, what do SnapTravel reviews tell us? Is SnapTravel/SuperTravel actually worth using to find the best hotel deals?

If you’re looking to make the booking process for your next travel adventure seamless and easy, you should consider using SnapTravel. With a few taps on your phone, you can be on your way to scoring great deals on Snaptravel hotels and flights!

While there are many mixed SnapTravel reviews out there saying different things, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

The majority of the negative SnapTravel reviews are based on fluctuating and dynamic accommodation prices, which operate similarly to larger travel providers like While they could do a better job at communicating that, the dynamic fluctuation of prices is outside SnapTravel's control.

All that being said, we recommend you to look up deals SnapTravel have to see if you can find the cheap flights or hotels you might want, but definitely keep other alternatives in consideration, such as Hopper !

From the reviews, I would book deals with Snaptravel only if they've got significantly great deals, at the risk of miscommunication and subpar customer support response rate.

My Rating: 3.5/5

  • Low negotiated hotel deals
  • Great/New platform and interface
  • No hidden/surprise fees
  • Great for Last-minute bookings
  • Mixed customer experiences
  • Frequent miscommunication
  • Pricing Discrepancies
  • Confusing rebrand

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Wanderlog blog

Snaptravel Review: does it work and actually save you money? [2021]

August 16, 2021 6 min read

who owns snap travel

No matter how often you travel, everyone wants to get the best rates on hotels and flights. Snaptravel claims to be able to help you find hotels at lower prices than other online travel sites. Does it really work?

We’ve tried it out, and can say that we were pleasantly surprised: it’ll actually get you deals that you can’t find on Expedia or . While you previously had to go from website to website comparing deals, Snaptravel now does the work for you. Simply provide trip information and get your travel deal directly on their website or via message – it’s that easy.

We here at Wanderlog love finding other travel tools and trying them out. Our app is an all-in-one trip planner for planning vacation travel meant to replace Google Maps and Sheets, but we’re always looking for other cool travel sites to try out too.

If interested in trying Snaptravel, this Wanderlog Snaptravel Review is here to offer you an overview of the company, how it works, and, ultimately, let you know if using Snaptravel is worth it.  


What is Snaptravel? 

Founded in 2016, Snaptravel is a virtual travel agency that connects travelers with the best hotel and flight deals. Snaptravel’s primary goal is to “make travel a simple and magical experience” by providing incredible travel deals at the lowest market rates through an easy-to-use platform. 

Snaptravel’s agents have access to the lowest rates that previously only travel agents with physical stores would have access to. Snaptravel uses AI agents and algorithms to find hotel and flight deals. Real agents are available to help with customer service questions and concerns. 

Conveniently, you don’t need to leave your home to benefit from Snaptravel’s amazing deals! The entire process is completed via and through Facebook, Whatsapp, or text message. You don’t even need to download an app. 

Snaptravel was founded by entrepreneurs Hussein Fazel and Henry Shi and is owned by SnapCommerce . Today, Snaptravel has a user base of over ten million. 

The company has even gained investment from major names like NBA player Steph Curry and Expedia CEO Peter Kern. Snaptravel has also been featured by Bloomberg , LA Times , Forbes , and many more. 

How Much Does Snaptravel Cost?

Snaptravel is free to use no matter what type of trip you’re planning. There’s no added fee for using Snaptravel as opposed to other online travel agents or booking directly.

Only when you decide on a travel deal will you be required to pay for that flight and/or hotel offer. In fact, you’ll save money booking through Snaptravel instead of directly through an airline or hotel.

The one add-on option offered is purchasing access to the Snaptravel VIP program for $30 upfront for six months. After six months, the VIP program is $5 a month. The benefits of this plan include free upgrades and booking modifications, discounts on bookings, and a 24/7 concierge service.

You can pay for flights, hotels, and the VIP program on Snaptravel via Apple Pay, PayPal, or credit card. 

How Does Snaptravel Work? 

who owns snap travel

This Snaptravel Review will now look at how Snaptravel gets its low rates and how to book through Snaptravel. 

The company works with hotels and airlines in a “private 1:1 environment”, which allows them to get the best rates for each customer. Snaptravel’s efficient algorithm finds discounted hotel rates and flight fares that are not accessible on most travel websites.  

If you want to book through Snaptravel, first go to and select “Hotels” or “Flights.” 

Snaptravel Hotel Booking 

who owns snap travel

If you want to book Snaptravel hotels, then follow these steps: 

  • Input the city you want to visit, dates of the trip, and the number of guests. 
  • Select how you want to be contacted: via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or SMS and provide contact details.  
  • Receive a customized offer with three Snaptravel hotels deals for your requested trip with the best possible rates offered.
  • If one of these Snaptravel hotel deals works for you, you can conveniently book and pay directly via your device and get an instant confirmation.  

Snaptravel Flight Booking 

Really, Snaptravel’s unique parts mostly have to do with hotels. Its flight booking service works more like any other flight booking website, since airlines don’t really have special “private 1:1 rates”.

If you want to use the Snaptravel booking website for flights, follow these steps: 

  • Choose round-trip, one-way, or multi-city. 
  • Input departure and return airports, flight dates, passenger information, and flight class (economy, business, first-class, etc.) 
  • Flights matching your criteria will be shown on, and you can then select the flights with the best time and price for you and your preferred airline. 
  • You’ll then add additional passenger information, including date of birth, gender, and contact information.
  • Lastly add payment information. Once payment processes, you’ll get a confirmation email. 

What Are the Benefits of Snaptravel? 

The following are some of the major pluses of using Snaptravel over booking directly via an airline or hotel or booking through another online travel agency, like Expedia. 

Easy to Use 

Snaptravel is incredibly easy to use, and the company has an extremely user-friendly website. You simply input basic information about your trip and instantly get access to your deals. 

You can then book directly through Snaptravel and add upgrades. All of your trip info and confirmations are also stored by Snaptravel so everything relating to your trip is in one location. 

The Lowest Rates on Hotels and Flights 

Users of Snaptravel have access to some of the lowest flight and hotel rates around. Many Snaptravel reviewers say that when comparing rates with other travel websites and hotels or airlines directly, Snaptravel had the best rates consistently. On average, customers receive 30-50% lower rates when booking through Snaptravel. 

Customizable Deals 

Snaptravel finds rates specifically for you and your needs. Instead of offering one-size-fits-all deals, you can search for exactly the type of flight or hotel you need. Along with information like the dates of your trip, you can request room types, upgrades, and more to get a completely personalized deal. 

24/7 Customer Support 

Snaptravel customers have access to customer support 24 hours a day. Snaptravel uses a combination of bots and real agents to help answer questions and aid with concerns and complaints. You can easily contact customer support via Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, or SMS. You can also call the Snaptravel customer service number at 1-833-600-5830.  

Using Snaptravel won’t cost you anything. You only pay for the flights or hotel stays you want to book. If interested, you can upgrade to the VIP program for $5 a month, but this is not necessary to get deals and book your trip. 

Does Snaptravel Have Any Drawbacks? 

Snaptravel does have a few drawbacks, which this Snaptravel review will now address. 

Issues with Rewards Programs 

Some hotels will not provide you with membership rewards points if you book through Snaptravel. This doesn’t appear to be an issue with airline rewards points. 

Unable to Package Hotels and Flights 

You cannot book flights and accommodation together through a package deal as you can with other travel agent-style websites, like Expedia. If looking to book both hotels and flights via Snaptravel, you’ll have to do so separately. 

Booking Issues Can Occur 

It’s more likely that booking issues and errors can occur when not booking directly via a hotel or airline. Some negative Snaptravel reviewers highlight this, saying that they arrived at a hotel and did not have a booking despite having paid and received a booking confirmation from Snaptravel. Other reviewers say airlines canceled flights, and Snaptravel did not inform them. 

Customer Support Issues 

Some negative reviewers also say that getting in touch with a real person when needing customer support is a challenge. 

Is Snaptravel Legit?  

Many want answers to the questions, “Is Snaptravel legit?” and “Is Snaptravel trustworthy?” The answer to both is yes! Snaptravel has legitimately helped millions of users find incredible hotel and flight deals. 

The high level of customer satisfaction among Snaptravel users is seen in their online reviews. Snaptravel has 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot, based on over 22,000 reviews. The company also has an A+ rating and 4.5/5 stars, based on over 2,000 reviews with the Better Business Bureau. 

Are Snaptravel Deals Refundable? 

Snaptravel hotel bookings and flight bookings may be refundable. While you can cancel some hotel stays and flights for a full refund, the majority of Snaptravel’s deals are non-refundable. You may be able to get Snaptravel credits to use on a future booking when canceling certain trips.

To check your Snaptravel refund policy, check your booking confirmation or type “my bookings” into the messaging thread. Also, note that you may incur fees if the hotel or airline changes or cancels your booking. 

Snaptravel currently has a Covid-19 cancellation policy and is more flexible about refunds. If your trip is non-refundable and you must cancel due to a Covid-19 related issue, contact the support team, and they will attempt to get you a full refund.

Is Snaptravel Worth It? 

This Snaptravel Review will now answer the most crucial question: “Is Snaptravel worth it?”

Due to its ease of use, incredibly low rates, and many satisfied customers, Snaptravel appears to be a company worth booking hotels and flights with. 

At a minimum, it’s worth getting some quotes from Snaptravel when planning a trip. If you find the best rate with Snaptravel and decide to book, it seems as though you’ll receive high-quality service and have access to support if needed.  

The many positive customer reviews left on review websites like Trustpilot help to prove that booking hotels and flights through Snaptravel is worth it. An average of 9% of reviews are negative, while the rest are positive. 

Happy Snaptravel customers mention:

  • How safe and secure booking through Snaptravel is 
  • That Snaptravel saved them a lot of money
  • Booking through Snaptravel is easy 

One especially satisfied customer says: “I only book with Snaptravel for the best rates on hotels. I guarantee you the prices are unbeatable. I love saving and I love Snaptravel.”

Another five-star reviewer adds: “The overall experience was great and Snaptravel had great communication along the way. I would highly recommend them” 

If considering booking through Snaptravel, it’s important to be aware of the drawbacks previously discussed. However, customers rarely have issues, with the vast majority having a great experience. 

If you think your plans may change, Snaptravel may not be the best choice as the majority of bookings are non-refundable. In addition, it’s recommended that you call the hotel or airline to double-check your reservation. 

Ultimately, using Snaptravel to book hotels and flights should save you a considerable amount of money and make your trip planning hassle-free!

If you need some help planning the perfect trip, be sure to check out our article on the best travel planning apps . And once you’ve booked a flight or hotel on Snaptravel, forward the confirmation email to Wanderlog’s travel planner to keep track of your travel plans and create a list of places to visit!

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The 8 Best Alternatives to Google Travel Trip Summaries

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Is SnapTravel Safe, Legit, and Reliable?

is SnapTravel legit

Last Updated on March 4, 2024

Table of Contents

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning your maiden adventure trip or have been vacationing your entire life. It’s only natural for travelers to scout around for deals and promotions while booking their next flights and accommodation facilities. These deals can especially come in handy if you’re planning your vacation during the peak travel seasons but are a bit strapped for cash.

However, finding the best travel deals can often be a daunting process. In most cases, these offers are deliberately hidden from the prying eyes of bargain-seeking travelers.

Fortunately, there are multiple companies that promise to get travelers discounted prices on flights and accommodation. SnapTravel is one such company.

But if you’ve just heard about SnapTravel for the first time, you could be wondering whether it’s safe to book your next flight or hotel through the company. Hopefully, this article helps to settle those fears by delving deeper into the legitimacy of this company.

What Is SnapTravel?

SnapTravel is a Canadian travel startup established in 2016 by Hussein Fazel and Henry Shi, with a view to offering its customers the best deals on flights and hotels. The company deploys artificial intelligence (AI) which gathers and analyzes its clients’ data, before finding them the most suitable deals.

SnapTravel is currently owned by SnapCommerce and headquartered in San Francisco, California. However, the company offers its services to millions of bargain-hunting travelers worldwide. According to statistics by GlobeTrender, SnapTravel had helped secure over 350,000 accommodations in more than 150 countries.

who owns snap travel

Although SnapTravel has a physical address (at least its parent company has), the travel agent generally offers its services virtually. These services are available through SMS, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

SnapTravel’s business model fits within the company’s primary vision, which is to “make travel a simple and magical experience.” The company proudly describes itself as “travel agent over messaging.”

But does SnapTravel live up to its mission and tagline? Continue reading to find out.

Company Summary

  • Name: SnapTravel
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Founders: Hussein Fazel and Henry Shi
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Current Status: Active
  • Official Website Link:

Who Owns SnapTravel?

SnapTravel is owned by SnapCommerce. Both entities were founded by Hussein Fazel and Henry Shi.

SnapTravel uses the same business model as its parent company – deploying artificial intelligence to connect its customers with the right products at the best prices. In the case of SnapTravel, the focus is on finding travelers the best bargains.

You can find more information about SnapTravel’s founders and parent company by visiting the travel agent’s official website.

How Does SnapTravel Work?

As already mentioned, SnapTravel uses AI to avail the latest discounts on flights and accommodation facilities. Basically, you start by heading to the website and selecting “Hotels” or “Flights.”

If you’d like to book a hotel, proceed as follows;

i. Scroll down to the bottom of SnapTravel’s webpage to see the currently available offers.

There’s also the option of browsing hotel deals by city.

ii. After finding the currently available deals, input the name of the city you’d wish to visit, as well as your travel dates and the number of guests you’ll be traveling with.

iii. Select how you’d like SnapTravel to contact you; options include SMS, Messenger, or WhatsApp.

iv. Input your contact details.

SnapTravel’s powerful algorithms will get to work, searching all currently available deals in the selected location. The company’s booking engine relies on industry connections and relationships to search offers based on various parameters, including individual travel contract rates and bulk fares.

v. Next, you’ll receive a personalized offer containing three SnapTravel hotel deals.

You can choose an offer that mostly fits your travel budget and needs.

vi. After selecting one out of the three possible deals, SnapTravel lets you pay for it directly using your smartphone or laptop, then sends you an instant confirmation.

The process of booking a flight via SnapTravel is equally quick and easy;

i. Browse the website for available deals. ii. Choose one of the following flight options – round-trip flight, one-way, or multi-city flight. iii. Enter your departure and return airports. iv. Input the flight dates. v. Enter passenger(s) information. vi. Select one of the following flight class options – economy, business, or first-class. vii. Choose how you’d prefer to be contacted.

SnapTravel’s AI will trawl the internet and collect all currently available flights based on your specifications. You can then choose a flight whose details match your requirements the most.

viii. Before booking the selected flight, you’ll need to input additional details, including your date of birth, gender, and contact details. ix. Add payment information and proceed to pay. x. If the payment is successful, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

YouTube video

How Much Does SnapTravel Cost?

SnapTravel is completely free to use. You can browse unlimited hotel and flight offers on the platform free of charge. All you need is an internet-enabled device and enough internet bandwidth.

You only pay for SnapTravel services when you actually decide on a deal.

However, there’s an option of subscribing to a paid plan called SnapTravel VIP. This program costs $30 for the first six months and then $5/month after the sixth month. SnapTravel VIP subscribers can unlock additional services, including further discounted offers, booking modifications, and round-the-clock concierge services.

How Does SnapTravel Make Money?

Now that SnapTravel won’t charge you a dime for using its services, you could now be wondering how the company generates revenue.

Well, SnapTravel earns a percentage from every bookings done through its website. These commissions mainly come from the airline companies and hotel facilities the travel agent works with.

SnapTravel revenues fluctuate regularly based on the volume of successful bookings, payment methods used, server fees, and operational costs. But as a customer, this should be the least of your worries considering that the commissions aren’t levied directly from your pockets.

who owns snap travel

What Payment Options Does SnapTravel Support?

SnapTravel supports both credit and debit card payments. Generally accepted cards include Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Users can also pay for their hotel and airline bookings using digital channels like PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Are SnapTravel Deals Cancelable and Refundable?

SnapTravel’s flight and hotel bookings may be cancelable and refundable under certain circumstances.

Remember to check the company’s refund policy as well as your booking confirmation type to determine whether or not you’re entitled to a refund upon cancelation. You can easily do that by typing “my bookings” into the messaging thread.

Also, note that there may be additional cancelation costs.

How Do I Contact SnapTravel?

SnapTravel portrays itself as a half-bot, half-human travel agent. While AI does most of the job, customers can still speak with human agents if need be.

You can call SnapTravel directly through its number at 1-833-600-5830.

Is SnapTravel Legit?

SnapTravel is a legitimate company that uses artificial intelligence to help its customers find the best travel deals. These algorithms are incredibly fast and highly efficient. Travelers can find amazing discounts on flights and hotels right from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. And all that happens free of charge.

Money Quotes

Another factor that lends credence to SnapTravel’s legitimacy is that the company has been associated with notable names. That includes Expedia CEO Peter Kern and NBA superstar Stephen Curry , both of which invested in the company at some point.

Besides, SnapTravel has featured in several reputable publications, including Forbes, Bloomberg, and LA Times.

What’s more, SnapTravel has earned pretty decent reviews on major review websites. The travel agent currently enjoys 4.5/5 stars on TrustPilot, 3.8/5 stars on Google Play, and an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau.

If you’re a bargain-hunting traveler always scouting around for the best hotel and flight deals, your search ends at the SnapTravel website.

Not only is the website easy to use. But all the services are free of charge. And yes, SnapTravel is completely safe and legitimate.

who owns snap travel

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BetaKit - Canadian Startup News & Tech Innovation

Snaptravel founders expand beyond travel with launch of e-commerce brand and acquisition

who owns snap travel

Snaptravel’s founders are venturing outside of the world of hotel and flight bookings to bring the startup’s model to other e-commerce verticals.

Snaptravel has created Snapcommerce, which will act as a new overarching brand with the goal of launching a number of other brands under the ‘Snap’ banner.

“From the very start, we had this vision that consumers want to have more meaningful relationships with…brands.”

“From the very start, we had this vision that consumers want to have more meaningful relationships with the brands that they buy from,” Hussein Fazal, who has assumed the mantle of Snapcommerce CEO, said in a recent interview.

“We’ve always believed in this vision and we just happened to start and launch with what everybody knows, which is Snaptravel,” he said.

Snapcommerce and future brands will operate under Wise Travel Technologies, the same legally registered business name behind Snaptravel. Fazal told BetaKit that he now considers Snaptravel the first of many future brands that will be under the broader Snapcommerce umbrella.

Fazal and his co-founder Henry Shi (CTO) launched Snaptravel in 2016. The startup’s platform, powered by AI, allows users to find and book hotels and flights through conversational tools like SMS and Facebook Messenger. In late 2018, Snaptravel closed a $28 million CAD Series A round, with backing from the likes of Telstra Ventures, the venture arm of Australia’s largest telecom company, and NBA player Stephen Curry.

Since launching, Snaptravel has garnered more than 2 million users. The startup also claims to have driven more than $350 million USD in sales, which it attributes to building a “trusted relationship with consumers” through its predictive AI and chat features.

RELATED: How SnapTravel leverages its Valley roots to keep tech talent in Canada

Snapcommerce will use the AI-powered platform behind Snaptravel to expand into new verticals. Fazal noted that with this vision for Snapcommerce in mind, Snaptravel had developed a “flexible, AI-driven platform, that is agnostic of vertical,” making it possible to transition the technology.

Snaptravel began revving up for its expansion near the end of 2019. Having found traction and success with hotel bookings, the company decided to begin building its idea for a larger direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce company, Fazal told BetaKit. According to Fazal, the company has yet to raise capital specifically for the Snapcommerce brand, but has garnered interest from potential investors for future rounds.

To fuel the launch of Snapcommerce, the company acquired the intellectual property assets of Canadian chatbot marketing startup ChatKit AI, earlier this year. Fazal declined to disclose the purchase price of the deal.

who owns snap travel

ChatKit AI was founded in 2016 and led by Mazdak Rezvani, who has since joined restaurant marketplace ResQ. Much like Snaptravel, ChatKit AI connected consumers with businesses through conversational channels, also utilizing AI. Its customers included D2C brands like MeUndies and Reese Witherspoon’s clothing line, Draper James.

Snapcommerce plans to leverage ChatKit AI’s technology to build out its vision for an all-encompassing e-commerce company.

The timing of the move beyond the travel realm comes in a year of turmoil for the travel industry, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the United States, one of Snaptravel’s major markets, the hospitality industry continues to struggle. Recent data shows that, on average, hotels are below 50 percent capacity, with two-thirds less than half full. While these numbers may be troubling, they still are up from lows in March and April.

In March and April, Snaptravel saw a 70 to 80 percent drop in sales, leading the company to lay off many of its staff. Fazal refused to provide the exact number of people Snaptravel laid off but claimed that it was between one-quarter to one-third of the startup’s team, which currently sits at 150 (including customer service staff). Snaptravel also cut its co-founders’ pay and utilized the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy.

Even as the second wave of COVID-19 infections leaves the state of the hospitality industry up in the air, Fazal said Snaptravel has seen a resurgence in the usage of its platform. The CEO pushed away the idea that Snapcommerce represents a pivot for Snaptravel during a time when the travel industry is struggling.

“I would see this as an expansion,” Fazal argued. “Our travel business … has actually been growing and we’re actually above pre-COVID levels. So, we’re going to continue to invest heavily in Snaptravel, we’re going to continue to grow the hotels and flights businesses. This is just a natural expansion based on what our customers are asking for.”

RELATED: SnapTravel’s Hussein Fazal on what founders do differently with their second business

Fazal attributed the return to pre-COVID level sales, in part, to the rise in domestic travel in the US. With COVID-19 limiting travel to shorter distances and shorter stays, Snaptravel’s AI is able to more easily target and predict where customers may want to visit – offering, Fazal argued, an even more personalized approach.

According to Fazal, Snaptravel is now back in growth mode and hiring. The company is currently in a “testing and planning” phase as it looks to spin up new brands. One vertical the company is exploring is event ticketing, while others could include restaurant bookings, or even the sale of goods.

“A lot of that is actually coming from our … existing consumers,” said Fazal, who noted that Snaptravel users may use the platform to book hotels, but will enquire about things like local restaurants as well.

“[Our consumers are] often looking for a lot more than what we offer right now,” the CEO said. “They’re looking for restaurants, they are looking for tickets, for tours, for activities, they’re looking for goods, [and] they really want more. And as we can provide more to them, obviously, that helps the business.”

Meagan Simpson

Meagan Simpson

Meagan is the Senior Editor for BetaKit. A tech writer that is super proud to showcase the Canadian tech scene. Background in almost every type of journalism from sports to politics. Podcast and Harry Potter nerd, photographer and crazy cat lady.

who owns snap travel

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SnapTravel is an online hotel booking startup which helps users find and book hotels through messaging apps.

  • 4 References

Founders [ edit ]

Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi founded SnapTravel in San Francisco in October 2016. Prior to founding SnapTravel, Hussein Fazal was the CEO of AdParlor, which reached $100 million in revenue and was later sold to AdKnowledge in 2011. Henry Shi previously started uMentioned, was a machine learning engineer at LendUp and worked as an engineer at Google.

Overview [ edit ]

SnapTravel allows users to book hotels through a chatbot on SMS, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger apps. [1] The chatbot uses NLP( Natural Language Processing ), and ML (Machine Learning) technologies to deliver a messaging-based  booking experience to customers. A human agent will assist a user if the request is not understood by the chatbot. [2] [3] [4]

Funding [ edit ]

SnapTravel closed a Series A funding round with $22.4M on Dec 4, 2018. Participating investors include Stephen Curry, Hedgewood, Telstra Ventures, Peter Kern, Lighbank, Bee Partners, iNovia Capital, Steve Corcoran and Sameer Husain. Prior to that, SnapTravel raised $1.1 million in seed funding from Lightbank and Bee Partners in 2016.

References [ edit ]

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The Atlas Heart

My Honest SnapTravel (Super) Review: Is SnapTravel Legit?

* This article contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you.

Sick and tired of paying hundreds for hotels and flights, I tried for my SnapTravel review–here’s what I found out.

Have you looked at hotel and flight prices recently? They’re INSANE!

And with so much travel to catch up on after the past few years, weddings to go to, and long-delayed plans finally coming up, my wallet is feeling the squeeze.

But with hotel rates and flight booking pricier than ever, I listened closely when I heard that you could get discount flight tickets and cheap hotels with online travel agents. 

SnapTravel (now rebranded as Super) is popular because you don’t have to pay for their services. 

Unlike some other online travel agents, with SnapTravel, you don’t immediately work with a person. 

Instead, SnapTravel uses AI chatbots that communicate with you over messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or regular text SMS. 

A real person is available if needed, but their chatbot is surprisingly good!

I tested SnapTravel for this review and compared their deals to actual prices. 

In this honest SnapTravel review, I’ll investigate whether the company is legit, share my experience using SnapTravel’s services, and answer all your questions about the website and app.

SnapTravel Review: A white desk with a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage and a pair of hands typing on the keyboard visible at the bottom of the frame.

Table of Contents

What is SnapTravel?

Close up of a hand holding a phone that displays a chat with a SnapTravel (Super) AI bot, with a soft focus interior room in the background.

SnapTravel is an online booking website (and app!) that combines the benefits of a travel agent with the ease and free cost of online booking platforms.

SnapTravel is essentially an online travel agent that lets you plug in dates and a location to find hotel and flight deals (just like any other online booking website).

You can occasionally find great deals because, like a travel agent, SnapTravel has access to discounts on hotels and flights and can pass those discounts on to you.

SnapTravel doesn’t charge you for its services. And unlike many apps, you don’t have to download the SnapTravel app to use their product.

Instead, you enter information directly into their website like any other booking platform. You can also opt to chat with a bot over several messaging apps.

A Quick Look at SnapTravel as a Company

A white desk with a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage with a globe, passport, mug of pens, and phone sitting beside it.

First off, SnapTravel went through a rebranding recently and now goes by Super , and hotel booking is now part of their Superbrand. 

Super Travel hasn’t quite taken off yet, so I’ll still call it SnapTravel for this article.

SnapTravel is a Canadian startup founded in 2016 by tech entrepreneurs Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi.

SnapTravel is a legit company with investors like Steph Curry (though I doubt he spends hours scouring the internet to save fifty bucks on a flight!).

It combines advanced chatbot technology with the business model of an online travel agent to find the best hotel and flight deals for customers.

Rather than charging people for these services, SnapTravel is free and relies on commissions from customers’ bookings.

Additionally, although I haven’t seen this in any chats with SnapTravel, they will sometimes send sponsored messages that partners might pay SnapTravel to advertise to its customers. 

Of course, SnapTravel mentions this as a positive– giving customers suggestions for where to stay or what to see.

SnapTravel Review: My Experience With Using SnapTravel

A man sits at a white desk, typing on a keyboard and looking at a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage with a globe, passport, mug of pens, and phone sitting beside it.

I researched SnapTravel hotel booking, SnapTravel flight booking, and SnapTravel customer service. Here’s my experience.

SnapTravel Hotel Booking

“Snaptravel Hotels” now goes by the name “SuperTravel.” They are booking hotels solely over Messenger. 

Now SnapTravel has added a more familiar way to show their deals. You can find SnapTravel hotel deals through a search system or by scrolling to the bottom.

I wasn’t able to start searching immediately, however. When I first hopped on to find a hotel, they wanted to ensure I wasn’t a robot. Okay, fine, I understand that. 

But SnapTravel did this in a strange way. I had to get a code sent to my phone. In doing so, they can now send marketing messages, which was a negative experience for me.

When you use SnapTravel , you’re not finding the best deals for a hotel through a search. Instead, you search to see what options are available, and then you can talk with their AI chat.

When searching for the best hotel deals in Mill Valley, I stumbled upon Travel Lodge. The first screen of this search showed a savings of $6 off in pink on top of the picture. 

As I proceeded to find the savings for three nights, it came back as $11. In the end, Snaptravel showed me a total savings of $17.85. 

But when comparing this deal with the hotel’s website, I saved closer to $9.88. This amount is still 3% in savings– which is good! 

When factoring in other reward programs (if you stick with one hotel company), the savings could be a wash. Still, these travel deals make SnapTravel legit!

SnapTravel Flight Booking

Close up of a pair of hands holding a phone that displays a chat with a SnapTravel (Super) AI bot, with a soft focus interior room in the background.

As I’m writing this, the entire SnapTravel website is currently under maintenance as they transition to their re-branded name. 

You might wonder where the flight deals are when you visit Super’s website. Until recently, to view the flights, you had to visit SnapTravel .  

In the short time since I tested SnapTravel, things have changed again. Now when you click that link, you’ll get a message that the third-party carrier they used to work with has ceased operations, and they don’t currently have a third-party carrier associated.

Regardless, my experience with their previous set-up was not positive. I was disappointed with my flight search for several reasons. 

First of all, their site is super slow! The last time I tried using it, it took over 30 seconds for the page to load. Maybe that’s why their site is under maintenance now. 

It doesn’t stop there, either. SnapTravel wasn’t really showing cheap rates– quite the opposite, in fact! I had to double-check to make sure they were correct.

I put my desired flight dates from LA to Omaha into SnapTravel, and they showed me a round-trip flight for $440. The same route on Google Flights was $237! How does that make any sense?

These flights were also during the week and six months in advance. I wanted to talk to the support team about these flight prices. It seems they currently only offer that for their hotel deals. But more on this later. 

Eventually, everything will be under the “Super” brand. Hopefully, all of this work is worth it, and they will have lower prices. 

When researching SnapTravel, I found negative reviews more frequently than I would have liked. 

Still, the SnapTravel reviews on the Better Business Bureau give them an A+ rating! 

It wasn’t all bad. SnapTravel did have some good flight features, like the ability to search for multi-city flights. 

However, given that many SnapTravel alternatives exist, they need to step up in this department or stick to hotels.

SnapTravel Customer Service

A view looking over a man's shoulder at his hand holding a phone that displays a chat with a SnapTravel (Super) AI bot, with a soft focus interior room in the background.

When you’re trying to find out if SnapTravel’s amazing deals are legit or not, you will run across some negative reviews. 

The complaints mostly had to do with reservations not going through, cancellations not working, etc. 

I suggest confirming the booking details with the airline and/or hotel to avoid dealing with this. 

This issue becomes an even bigger deal when customer service isn’t reliable. SnapTravel uses AI, which has become increasingly popular in recent months.  

SnapTravel’s chat can answer a lot of questions easily, it seems. I also asked their AI chat to look at flights for me. 

Surprisingly enough, it did this and even found cheaper flights than I saw when I tried to search on their website myself. 

When you click support, there will be multiple options you can choose.

Which option you’ll choose will depend on what type of question you have. They’ll then send you an article about it. 

I wanted to talk to an agent directly, so I simply clicked “talk to agent” in the chat box to do this. They’ll then prompt you to give more information about what you need. 

From here, things got tricky. I needed to talk to the support team about a plane ticket they deemed as “non-refundable.” Instead, they sent me to their old SnapTravel flights website to complete a form. 

Since they are a third-party site, it might be challenging to receive a full refund. Be sure to check out the SnapTravel refund policy before booking anything!

I also read about some of these issues before checking their online reviews. The SnapTravel reviews were correct; their customer service was sub-par, to say the least.

A white desk with a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage.

Supercash Bonus

SnapTravel offers its own unique credit card affiliated with MasterCard. This card is one of their best perks, and here’s why. 

The SuperCash card offers a 10% cashback on all purchases you make on SuperTravel. On top of this, you’ll also get 5% cashback on brands like Nike and Apple through SuperShop . 

Lastly, you’ll receive 2% cash back on all other purchases outside of SuperTravel. 

These deals are excellent and, at the bare minimum, would be a wash with other credit cards or reward programs.

Good Deals for Hotels

Since you can’t currently book flights (or, rather, they make it extremely difficult), you’ll find the best deals with SnapTravel hotels. 

Their deals on hotels do save you a good bit of money. It’s always worth a look using their user-friendly search system. 

I always want to ensure I have the best price for any accommodation I book. Given that, I’d consider adding SnapTravel as a top website for booking hotels.

Free to Use

At the end of the day, it’s hard to complain too much about a company that is completely free to use. 

Finding a SnapTravel Coupon or SnapTravel discount code to receive even better travel deals is possible. Just make sure to double-check your reservation after finding those deals!

Close up of a hand holding a phone that displays a chat with a SnapTravel (Super) AI bot, with a soft focus interior room in the background.

You Can’t Stack Credit Card Points with SuperCash

This is where SuperCash isn’t an absolute must to use. I have fantastic travel credit cards that give me just as good (if not better) deals as what I can find on SuperCash. 

Knowing how to use these points from all the different credit cards can be confusing. That’s why SuperCash is a great tool because it’s easy to use! At the end of the day, it doesn’t hurt to have it.

Page to Book Flights is Slow

When I looked into flights a few months ago, the website was too slow. Because it was taking far too long to load the pages, I almost immediately went to look at the same route on Google Flights. 

This issue simply can’t happen in this day and age. I’m hoping they fix this aspect because they have the potential to offer an awesome service if they were to model it after their hotel booking interface.

How to Have the Best Experience Shopping on SnapTravel

A man sits at a white desk, typing on a keyboard and looking at a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage with a globe, passport, mug of pens, and phone sitting beside it.

I want you to learn from my experience shopping on SnapTravel. When booking a hotel, you’ll have the best results if you find a good deal on SnapTravel, and then check other sites. 

Make sure the price and availability match up with what you’re seeing on SnapTravel. There are deals out there on SnapTravel, but these normally come through the messenger.

As I stated previously, SnapTravel uses AI to help you find these deals. Send them a quick message in the messenger with your dates and destination, and they’ll send you these deals.

Once you find the booking you like, you can proceed to checkout. At this time, you can even add a purchase to SnapTravel’s VIP program. 

The VIP program includes the following:

  • Free Upgrades 
  • Expedited Customer Support
  • Free Booking Modifications
  • 24/7 Concierge Service

You can get all of this for only $30 for the first six months and then $5 monthly afterward!

Other SnapTravel Products

Close-up of a man in profile looking at his hand holding a phone that displays a chat with a SnapTravel (Super) AI bot, with a soft focus interior room in the background.

SnapTravel (now Super) offers more than great travel deals. They also offer different products that can help you save on your next vacation. 

These savings come from gas, insurance, pharmacy, and phone plans. And there are also shopping deals if you want to buy certain items for your next trip! 

When scrolling through SnapTravel, you’ll see the trending deals of the day in a user-friendly form. These deals help make SnapTravel legit and worth checking out!

SnapTravel Return & Exchange Policy

A white desk with a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage.

What doesn’t make SnapTravel legit (and makes customers angry) is their return policy.

Like many third-party companies, SnapTravel states that they are not responsible if an event arises, like cancellations, delays, etc. There will be no refunds. 

For example: if you booked a great travel deal on a hotel of your dreams only to discover they don’t have a reservation with your name when you arrive, you’re still liable.

You might be able to get SnapTravel credits, but they’re far and few between. 

These issues are among the many SnapTravel complaints you will see online. 

Their return policy is a little better for SuperShop. When you purchase items through Supershop, you can receive a full refund within 30 days of delivery. This is normally more than enough time to return items that you don’t like.

Any item you purchase through SuperShop will normally ship between 24 – 48 hours and will then arrive within 7 – 10 business days. 

The best news is that shipping is free within the United States! That free shipping saved me a lot of money and stress over the years.

FAQs About SnapTravel

FAQs About SnapTravel

Can SnapTravel be trusted?

Is SnapTravel legit and can be trusted? It certainly can! The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives it an A+ rating with almost 2700 reviews and 4.44 out of 5 stars.   

Other SnapTravel reviews and online reviews on sites like Trustpilot rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars. SnapTravel works and it’s possible to find great deals. 

Snaptravel’s average rating is still high compared to other sites I’ve used. If they fix up a few things (like the flights), their score can increase significantly. 

How does SnapTravel work?

You must first use the chat feature to find the best deals for your trip. Message them the dates and locations for your upcoming trip. 

SnapTravel will also send exclusive deals through other messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. 

From there, they will send the special deals they have for you. If you want to glance at what might be available before this, simply scroll down or use the search bar. 

You must talk with the messenger to purchase SnapTravel flights or a SnapTravel hotel. 

I understand this idea, but it often doesn’t deliver great service. However, with the recent rapid advancements in AI, I can see it being better soon.

You can also request room types and specify whether you want the SnapTravel VIP package, which can be a great travel deal if you plan on using it a lot.  

Are there hidden fees with SnapTravel?

There are no hidden fees with SnapTravel! This is fantastic, as hidden fees can waste time and money. 

Does SnapTravel refund your money?

SnapTravel hotels are non-refundable, but Snapshop is! You can get a refund on anything you order from Snapshop within 30 days of delivery. 

Who owns SnapTravel?

SnapTravel is owned by SnapCommerce, a company that uses AI to help find these deals. 

Is SnapTravel associated with Expedia?

SnapTravel works directly with sites like Expedia and Not only this, but one of their initial investors was the CEO of Expedia! Steph Curry is another known investor.

What is SnapMoney?

SnapMoney is the company that offers cash advances for the SnapCash card.

Conclusion: So, is SnapTravel Any Good?

A man sits at a white desk, typing on a keyboard and looking at a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage with a globe, passport, mug of pens, and phone sitting beside it.

SnapTravel has its uses and can find you fantastic deals on hotels. With that said, it does have its drawbacks.

Once they fix their SnapTravel deal page for flights, I think Super will be a huge piece in my arsenal of the best travel deal sites for planning a trip. 

Using their messenger to find the best hotel deals is a simple feature, saving you good money! What really makes SnapTravel legit are its deals on hotels. 

Using SnapTravel to book hotels with their SuperCash card creates amazing savings. It’s something everyone should think about using when planning their vacation.

My Favorite Alternative to SnapTravel 

My favorite alternative to SnapTravel is . This is largely due to their fantastic rewards program for hotels. A lot of times, you’ll get a great deal plus a one-night stamp. 

When you get ten stamps, you’ll receive a free night’s stay worth up to the average of those ten hotels! 


Phillip Anderson Profile Pic

Phillip Anderson

Phillip Anderson is a freelance travel writer, personal trainer, and adventure enthusiast. With years of travel experience under his belt, Phillip is an expert in finding the best deals through travel apps and websites. He knows how to find cheap domestic and international flights, like a flight to Peru for as low as $350.

When looking for cheap accommodations, Phillip combines his knowledge of websites like Airbnb, & Hostelworld with more unique sites like TrustedHousesitters, for even more savings. Whether it’s flights, accommodations, or local experiences, he teaches travelers to make informed decisions, ensuring their adventures are both memorable and economical. For more from Phillip, check out his website,

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SnapTravel (Super) Review Pin

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who owns snap travel

Hi, I'm Mimi! I'm an outdoorsy Californian who has spent over 28 years immersed in the incredible natural beauty that California has to offer. My goal is to inspire others to get out and find their next adventure in California. Whether it’s escaping to an alpine lake in the Sierras, finding peace among the giant redwoods, or road tripping down the PCH, there’s always more to explore in this beautiful state.

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who owns snap travel

The Atlas Heart is a California travel website dedicated to showing you the best of the Golden State from a local perspective.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

©2024 The Atlas Heart

Snaptravel - Ownership and Business Overview

Internet software and services company, snaptravel ownership, who owns snaptravel, snaptravel business overview, where is snaptravel headquartered.

Snaptravel is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

What sector is Snaptravel in?

Snaptravel is an internet software and services company.

When was Snaptravel founded?

Snaptravel was founded in 2016 .

Internet Software And Services M&A Summary in

Join Mergr to view all 0 acquisitions of internet software and services companies in , including .

Snapcommerce, Inc.

260 Queen St W 4th floor, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1Z4 Canada ,

  •   Pro - Join to Access"> Investors (2)
  •   Pro - Join to Access"> Analytics

Snaptravel is a message-driven commerce platform that uses AI to connect price-conscious consumers to the best promotions on mobile. Snaptravel was founded in 2016 and is based Toronto, Ontario.

Company Summary

Internet Software and Services


  • Investor History

Growth Capital

 subscribe to unlock this and 201,598 investor and company profiles, sign-up today to get full access.

  • PE Backed Companies
  • Direct Investors & Acquirers

who owns snap travel

What's Mergr?

We built Mergr to save people the arduous and time-consuming process of tracking when companies are bought, sold, and who currently owns them.

Every day, new opportunities emerge around M&A and we help professionals of all types comb through transactions, investors, and corporate acquirers via an easy-to-use web database that is accessible to anyone.

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Mergr, the Easiest-to-Use PE and M&A DB

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who owns snap travel

DO NOT PURCHASE EVER WITH THEM. Its a Scam Travel service rather than snap travel. Their website is NOT TRUSTWORTHY. It uses bait and trap method to fraud its customers. I booked a hotel for my family through snap travel and had worst experience.

1. Snaptravel website showed me a search result with a hotel that doesn’t take kids despite me searching in the filter for specifically 2 adults and 1 kid

2. While booking that hotel no where during the booking process it mentioned no kids allowed. After booking the hotel when I verified with hotel it mentioned kids not allowed and I immediately contacted Snaptravel to cancel the booking because the hotel didn’t accepted kids.

3. Snaptravel agent confirmed to me that they were taking care of the cancellation and they were going to talk to hotel immediately on the same day.

4. Snaptravel customer care did not contact the hotel on time for cancellation instead contacted the day after original checkin date which is too late and hence the hotel denied cancellation request.

All this mess i had to deal with snaptravel customer service team who kept passing me around agents made me wait for a more than a day and then denied me my refund even it was their fault from the start. Never ever will use their website again. SNAPTRAVEL IS DEFINITELY BOUND TO FAIL WITH THE LAME CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY HAVE NOW.

Snaptravel - I do not agree that you are putting me as responsible for this and denying my money back. Your website is at fault for showing wrong hotels that didn't match the search request and also the lame customer care who delayed the booking cancelation request to hotel. I have the entire chat history with your agents as proof if you go about denying this.

Please do the right thing and refund my money back immediately

' class=

What did your credit card company say when you filed a charge back?

This post has been removed at the author's request.

who owns snap travel

I’d never rely on one site for specific things I want and need at a hotel. I’d check the hotels own official website first as they would have the most accurate details about their own rooms, facilities and Policies. Then I’d either book direct with the hotel, or use a well-known and reliable booking site like Expedia or

SnapTravel has a bad reputation and uses suppliers to source the rooms at hotels. I wouldn’t ever trust anything on their site and certainly wouldn’t use them. Your experience sounds awful and a reason for nobody to use them. But unfortunately people do as they must be going with the cheapest price rather than quality and reliability. That’s why this forum and some of the other TripAdvisor travel forums have lengthy warning and complaint topics about SnapTravel as unfortunately people use them and then come here to complain. It would be good if people checked on their reputation by doing a quick Google search on them before they booked. Then they could read all the complaints and just avoid SnapTravel.

They aren’t a Scam, but they are definitely awful.

Now you are a TripAdvisor member I hope you decide to use some of the hundreds of travel forums to research travel companies and ask questions when planning your travels to various destinations. Here is the forums homepage link to access all the forums, plus it has a search box to research companies etc:-

How many threads and how many hundreds of posts do we need about this terrible company?

If you don't do research, you are going to fall for this kind of thing, Snaptravel (and the other companies) don't check the restrictions at the properties. They couldn't possibly check tens of thousands of properties. Heck, TripAdvisor doesn't, either.

Frankly, people absolving TripAdvisor of any responsibility from this have got it wrong. People come to this site because TripAdvisor promotes themselves as trustworthy. They are getting paid by SnapTravel in one form or another and promoting their usage.

Yes, individuals have a responsibility to ultimately know who they are doing business with, but so should the middlemen who claim to be worthy of trust.

Not sure why you think TA should protect you from a bad travel agent.

They are nothing more then a want adds for travel related services. Nothing more nothing less. You pay to be listed.

It was up to you to research before you give out your credit card details. If you read TA's terms you would see that they are not recommending any company.

This really is totally on you for not doing your research. I hope you use this as a lesson and learn from it.

Do you research a hotels reviews before you book a particular hotel.

TA is not here to protect you from anything it is just a search engine that includes adds. I would warn you again do not click anything on Google as they have the same model , pay google money and you get on top of the search result list.

Tripadvisor staff removed this post because it did not meet Tripadvisor's forum guideline with regards to harassment of another user.

This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

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Snap inc. (snap), key executives, description.

Snap Inc. operates as a technology company in North America, Europe, and internationally. The company offers Snapchat, a visual messaging application with various tabs, such as camera, visual messaging, snap map, stories, and spotlight that enable people to communicate visually through short videos and images. It also provides Spectacles, an eyewear product that connects with Snapchat and captures photos and video from a human perspective; and advertising products, including AR ads and Snap ads comprises a single image or video ads, collection ads, dynamic ads, story ads, and commercials. The company was formerly known as Snapchat, Inc. and changed its name to Snap Inc. in September 2016. Snap Inc. was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

Corporate Governance

Recent events.

  • Apr 26, 2024 10-Q: Periodic Financial Reports See Full Filing
  • Apr 25, 2024 8-K: Corporate Changes & Voting Matters See Full Filing
  • Feb 12, 2024 8-K: Corporate Changes & Voting Matters See Full Filing
  • Feb 07, 2024 S-3ASR: Offering Registrations See Full Filing
  • Feb 06, 2024 8-K: Corporate Changes & Voting Matters See Full Filing

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Screen Rant

Who owns snapchat here's who's really behind the app.

Snapchat is one of the biggest names in social media today. But do you know who owns Snapchat? Here's a quick look at who's behind the company.

Snapchat's popularity in the social media space is impossible to ignore, but if you go and ask someone, 'who owns Snapchat?' you may find that they don't have an answer. And that's perfectly understandable. Knowing about a popular app/website is one thing. What's much less common knowledge, however, is knowing which companies are behind these things. In the social media space, a few big names seem to be responsible for everything. Google owns YouTube, Chinese company ByteDance owns TikTok , and Meta owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. So, where does that leave Snapchat?

Believe it or not, Snapchat isn't owned by a major tech giant like Google or Meta. Instead, Snapchat belongs to a company called ' Snap Inc. ' Snapchat originally operated under the ownership of 'Snapchat Inc.' between 2011 and 2016. In September 2016, Snapchat Inc rebranded itself to the Snap Inc. name that it goes by today. At the head of Snap Inc. are Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy — the two people who originally launched and co-founded Snapchat in September 2011 .

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Other Products Owned By Snap Inc.

In addition to Snapchat, Snap Inc. also owns Spectacles (the smart glasses created exclusively to capture photos and videos for Snapchat). The original Spectacles were launched at the same time that the Snap Inc. name was introduced. The Spectacles 3 were launched in 2019, but like most smart glasses, the product failed, and Snapchat hasn't launched anything new in this category since. Snapchat's other big hardware experiment was the Pixy drone, but this was also discontinued just four months after launch. In addition, Snap Inc. has also acquired Bitmoji and Zenly, an emoji creator and social map app, respectively.

While Snapchat is obviously a core focus for Snap Inc., the current name better represents the company's work beyond Snapchat. As Snap Inc.'s website explains, "Snap Inc. is a camera company. We believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate." Snapchat is how Snap Inc. is primarily achieving that goal today, with a major focus on AR (augmented reality) for its lenses, and in AI with its new My AI chatbot .

Will Snapchat always be owned by Snap Inc.? That's hard to say. There's currently no indication of Snap Inc. selling itself to a larger, more successful company. But that's not to say it'll always be that way. Meta bought Instagram and WhatsApp, Google bought Fitbit and YouTube , Apple bought Beats by Dre — the list goes on. Snapchat is owned by Snap Inc. today and will likely remain that way for a while to come. That could change down the road, but that's a conversation for a different article.

Is Snapchat More Popular Than Instagram?

While Snapchat doesn't have the massive user base of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, it's maintained its popularity over the years, particularly among younger users. As of 2023, Snapchat has over 750 monthly active users and 383 million daily active users. In comparison, Instagram has over 1.2 billion monthly active users.

Snapchat's recently launched Snapchat+ subscription service also seems to be picking up, with Snap Inc. claiming that over 3 million users have subscribed to the premium membership. Perhaps the most interesting statistic about Snapchat is its user demographic. Over 75 percent of 13-34 year olds use Snapchat in over 20 countries, clearly placing it as a youth-focussed app, unlike Facebook and Instagram which are also popular with older users.

Source: Snap


  1. Are SnapTravel Reviews Really Positive? Is It Legit Or A Scam?

    who owns snap travel

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    who owns snap travel

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    who owns snap travel

  4. UK Travel Platform Snap Now Seeking £1.1 Million Through Seedrs Funding

    who owns snap travel

  5. Snaptravel

    who owns snap travel

  6. Who owns Snapchat?

    who owns snap travel


  1. Is Snaptravel Legit? Here's What You Need To Know

    In a word, yes, it is a 100% legitimate company that has been giving users great prices on hotels and flights for 7 years. When you add in that the CEO of Expedia also invested in Snaptravel, it confirms just how legit Snaptravel is. You can book your flights and hotels from your phone and Snaptravel doesn't even add any extra costs to your ...

  2. SnapTravel (SuperTravel) Review [2024]: Scam or Bargain?

    Founded in 2016, Snaptravel is a Canadian startup that aims to get customers the best prices on hotels and flights using AI. In August 2020, according to GlobeTrender, they had helped book more than 350,000 nights in over 150 countries. SnapTravel describes itself as a "travel agent over messaging.".

  3. Snaptravel Review: does it work and actually save you money? [2021]

    Users of Snaptravel have access to some of the lowest flight and hotel rates around. Many Snaptravel reviewers say that when comparing rates with other travel websites and hotels or airlines directly, Snaptravel had the best rates consistently. On average, customers receive 30-50% lower rates when booking through Snaptravel.

  4. Father & Founder: SnapTravel's CEO finds common ground

    SnapTravel CEO Hussein Fazal runs a hotel booking startup that lets users find and book rooms via SMS texts and Facebook Messenger. Through this endeavour, he's found the double duty of raising a family and raising a startup have more in common than at first glance. Fazal calls himself a serial entrepreneur. After his first startup, he had ...

  5. Is SnapTravel Safe, Legit, and Reliable?

    SnapTravel is a legitimate company that uses artificial intelligence to help its customers find the best travel deals. These algorithms are incredibly fast and highly efficient. Travelers can find amazing discounts on flights and hotels right from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. And all that happens free of charge.

  6. Focusing On Profitability Turned Around The AI-Powered Travel ...

    The novel coronavirus pandemic dealt a devastating blow to the travel industry. For a time, the AI-commerce startup Snaptravel was no exception. The Toronto-based company uses conversational AI to ...

  7. Snaptravel founders expand beyond travel with launch of e ...

    Snapcommerce and future brands will operate under Wise Travel Technologies, the same legally registered business name behind Snaptravel. Fazal told BetaKit that he now considers Snaptravel the first of many future brands that will be under the broader Snapcommerce umbrella. Fazal and his co-founder Henry Shi (CTO) launched Snaptravel in 2016.

  8. SuperTravel Company Profile

    Snaptravel founders expand beyond travel with launch of e-commerce brand and acquisition. Oct 1, 2020. How SnapTravel leverages its Valley roots to keep tech talent in Canada. Oct 11, 2019. When Steph Curry Has Your Back: The SnapTravel Story. Oct 4, 2019. Report incorrect company information. Footer menu. Contact us; Facebook;

  9. Snap Inc.

    Snap Inc. is a technology company, founded on September 16, 2011, by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown based in Santa Monica, California.The company developed and maintains technological products and services, namely Snapchat, Spectacles, and Bitmoji.The company was named Snapchat Inc. at its inception, but it was rebranded Snap Inc. on September 24, 2016, in order to include the ...

  10. SnapTravel

    SnapTravel is a company that offers hotel deals and flight bookings through instant messaging. The company is registered under Wise Travel Inc. and was founded by Henry Shi and Hussein Fazal.It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.SnapTravel offers customers a way to book hotels and flights by contacting its chatbot, which is equipped with artificial intelligence, able to study the customer's ...

  11. When Steph Curry Has Your Back: The SnapTravel Story

    Soon after the meeting due diligence ensued. Helped by the fact that SnapTravel had a major lead investor, Telstra, the venture arm of Australia's largest telecom, which SC30 could lean on to ...

  12. SnapTravel

    SnapTravel, a Toronto, Canada-based provider of a premier travel assistant, raised an additional $13.2m in new funding, and closed a $21.2m Series A funding round. New investors include Telstra Ventures and NBA player Stephen Curry. The company will use the funding to further enhance the user experience, namely by continuing to develop its ...

  13. SnapTravel

    SnapTravel allows users to book hotels through a chatbot on SMS, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger apps. [1] The chatbot uses NLP ( Natural Language Processing ), and ML (Machine Learning) technologies to deliver a messaging-based booking experience to customers. A human agent will assist a user if the request is not understood by the chatbot.


    fintech, travel, commerce. Founded. 2016. Founder. Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi. Headquarters. San Francisco, California. (previously Snapcommerce) is a technology company headquartered in San Francisco, that focuses on fintech, travel, and commerce. [1] [2] It was rebranded in October 2022 from Snapcommerce to [3] [4]

  15. My Honest SnapTravel (Super) Review: Is SnapTravel Legit?

    Super Travel hasn't quite taken off yet, so I'll still call it SnapTravel for this article. SnapTravel is a Canadian startup founded in 2016 by tech entrepreneurs Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi. SnapTravel is a legit company with investors like Steph Curry (though I doubt he spends hours scouring the internet to save fifty bucks on a flight!).

  16. Snaptravel

    We built Mergr to save people the arduous and time-consuming process of tracking when companies are bought, sold, and who currently owns them. Every day, new opportunities emerge around M&A and we help professionals of all types comb through transactions, investors, and corporate acquirers via an easy-to-use web database that is accessible to ...

  17. Snaptravel: The Ultimate Travel Booking Service

    SnapTravel's success is due in large part to the vision of its CEO, Peter Kern. Kern is a seasoned travel industry veteran who previously served as the CEO of Expedia, and he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Snap Travel team. Under his leadership, the company has grown rapidly and become a leading player in the travel industry.

  18. is a SCAM travel site.

    It uses bait and trap method to fraud its customers. I booked a hotel for my family through snap travel and had worst experience. 1. Snaptravel website showed me a search result with a hotel that doesn't take kids despite me searching in the filter for specifically 2 adults and 1 kid. 2.

  19. Snap Inc. (SNAP) Company Profile & Facts

    Description. Snap Inc. operates as a technology company in North America, Europe, and internationally. The company offers Snapchat, a visual messaging application with various tabs, such as camera ...

  20. SNA

    Company profile for Snap-On Inc. including key executives, insider trading, ownership, revenue and average growth rates. View detailed SNA description & address.

  21. Who Owns Snap Stock (NASDAQ:SNAP)?

    Digging Deeper into Snap's Ownership Structure. Looking closely at institutions (Mutual Funds and Other Institutional Investors), Fidelity Securities Fund owns a 7.81% stake in Snap stock.

  22. Who Owns Snapchat? Here's Who's Really Behind The App

    Believe it or not, Snapchat isn't owned by a major tech giant like Google or Meta. Instead, Snapchat belongs to a company called ' Snap Inc. ' Snapchat originally operated under the ownership of 'Snapchat Inc.' between 2011 and 2016. In September 2016, Snapchat Inc rebranded itself to the Snap Inc. name that it goes by today.