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4 Best Aftermarket Tour Packs for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Feb 7, 2024

4 Best Aftermarket Tour Packs for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Harley Davidson is renowned for manufacturing stylish power cruisers and for pioneering the Grand American Bagger segment. The high-powered Milwaukee-Eight engines installed in all of Harley Davidson’s iconic motorcycles are popular for their higher power outputs and ample torque production, making long-distance rides highly enjoyable. Consequently, it is not uncommon to see Harley owners use their Dyna, Softail, and Sportster motorcycles for touring. However, to make these urban utility motorcycles ready for highway travel, some modifications or the addition of aftermarket parts are indispensable.

The most common accessories that Harley Davidson motorcycle riders use to transform their street motorcycles and cruisers into comfortable touring machines include heated grips, heated seats, luggage racks, and Harley Davidson luggage bags. On the other hand, the owners of Harley touring motorcycles tend to install aftermarket Harley seats , luggage bags, and luggage racks for customization and personalization.

Therefore, whether a Harley enthusiast owns a Harley street bike, touring motorcycle, or any cruiser of the three most sought-after lineups — Harley Dyna , Softail, and Sportster — they are no strangers to aftermarket or OEM Harley parts, especially luggage. With a wide variety of Harley motorcycle luggage options available on the market, choosing a luggage bag that best fits all of the rider’s needs is quite a struggle. But as the world of motorcycles and the motorcycle luggage system has evolved, a significant increase in the demand for tour packs has been observed, especially by Harley Davidson owners.

The primary reason behind the consistent increase in the demand for the Harley Davidson motorcycle tour packs is their dynamic versatility and ability to offer a one-in-all solution. Similar to Harley saddlebags , the Harley Davidson tour packs juggle diverse and challenging roles, adapting quickly to the most-trying conditions and enduring without any signs of wear or damage. Initially, only OEM Harley tour packs were considered adept at grappling the tough road conditions riders encounter daily. Aftermarket luggage owners complained about mounting bolts coming loose due to vibration, incorrect fitment, subpar finish, and overall a disappointing performance. However, this eventually changed when more dedicated brands, like Viking Bags, entered the industry and helped establish customers’ faith in the aftermarket Harley products.

The efforts to win customer support helped aftermarket luggage bags grab a substantial market share giving tough competition to the OEM products on one hand and posing a difficult choice before the customers on the other. Eventually, aftermarket Harley motorcycle luggage manufacturers created their own space by introducing a wide scope of customization and creativity. The freedom of creative expression offered by the aftermarket luggage bags resonated with the freedom-loving nature of the Harley owners. Therefore, by offering the same quality at a less price, aftermarket tour packs for Harley manifested as a whole new movement, quickly gaining customers’ trust and favor. If you too are looking for superior-quality Harley tour packs that won’t dent your bank, this article brings you some premium options and useful tips to help you select a Harley tour pack that best suits your budget and storage needs.

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Table of Content

1. what is a harley davidson tour pack and its function.

voyage 2011 pack 2

Harley Davidson tour packs, also called Harley motorcycle trunks , were first introduced by Harley in its Electra Glide family under the 2014 Project Rushmore. The tour packs were introduced to augment the already large storage capacity of the motorcycle hence encouraging riders to use their bikes for comfortable cross-country trips. These new tour packs were designed to store a week’s worth of clothing, a full helmet, camping gear, motorcycle rain covers, and other similar large-sized essentials. Moreover, these tour packs included different amenities, such as an audio system for entertainment, a USB charging port, a communication system, and LED lighting to help riders easily locate their belongings inside the tour pack.

On the other hand, motorcycle trunks were introduced for riders who only needed a large and sturdy luggage compartment without additional internal amenities. However, much like the tour pack, Harley motorcycle trunks often include attached passenger backrests to enhance pillion comfort over extended journeys. The convenience of packing and anti-theft mechanisms made tour packs a must-have for almost all Harley owners.


2. Appeal of Aftermarket Tour Packs for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

voyage 2011 pack 2

As mentioned, Harley Davidson itself introduced stock and optional OEM tour packs for its touring motorcycles, but eventually, aftermarket tour packs emerged in the market as the demand grew exponentially and it became difficult for the American motorcycle manufacturer to meet the individual preferences of a wide range of riders. Aftermarket tour packs for Harley Davidson motorcycles are just as popular as OEM tour packs, if not more, for the following reasons:

2.1 Customization

Aftermarket tour packs for Harley motorcycles provide the easiest, and, at times, the most pocket-friendly entrance into the realm of Harley motorcycle customization. Different sizes, finishes, shapes, and colors, each piece is designed to tell a unique story of a Harley rider, plus it offers the freedom the American motorcycle brand symbolizes and stands for. As opposed to the uniform effect that the OEM Harley parts, the aftermarket Harley tour packs augment the bike’s alluring charm, helping it create a commanding road presence. However, the trick to reaping all the benefits of aftermarket tour packs is to find a well-reputed brand that has the expertise in the design and functionality of the Harley tour packs.

2.2 Affordability and Generous Discounts

Compared to OEM options, the aftermarket Harley tour packs are available at much more affordable prices, allowing riders not to compromise on quality even on a tight budget. The generous discounts offered by the aftermarket Harley luggage brands help keep the tour packs within reach of a wide range of riders, helping them enjoy seamless storage convenience for adventurous motorcycle escapades.

2.3 Warranty

A trustworthy aftermarket Harley luggage bag brand will offer at least a one-year warranty on all its products. Though it may seem like a privilege, manufacturer warranty is the purchaser’s right and must be prioritized as they are a testament to brand’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Plus, they cover all the defects and lapses in the material construction at the expense of the manufacturer, offering you peace of mind and optimal cost performance/ value for the money.

2.4 Superior Craftsmanship

Most aftermarket Harley luggage bag brands start at grassroots levels and mainly consist of a team of Harley motorcycle touring enthusiasts who live for customization. Therefore, these brands are well-aware of the needs and requirements of customers and what they face out on the road. Consequently, most popular aftermarket Harley luggage bag experts are highly adept at engineering luggage systems that can withstand all the challenges a rider might face on the open road. Hence, superior craftsmanship is something aftermarket Harley luggage bags take pride in even more so than the OEM luggage manufacturer.

2.5 Functionalities and Amenities

Aftermarket tour packs for Harley Davidson motorcycles come with different amenities, such as a passenger backrest, free mounting hardware, a key-lockable system for theft protection, an internal organizer, a hi-viz mat, speakers, and a built-in USB port. While OEM tour packs also feature these enhanced functionalities, the price point at which they are offered compels Harley owners to opt for cost-effective, yet standardized aftermarket Harley tour packs.

3. Tips to Choose the Best Aftermarket Tour Packs for Harley Davidson

voyage 2011 pack 2

A Harley Davidson tour pack is a significant investment and requires certain considerations. Whether you are buying a new tour pack for your Harley street bike or cruiser, or looking for a worthy replacement for the stock tour pack on your Harley touring bike, you must deliberate over the following aspects before placing your purchase order.

3.1 Your Riding Needs

Each rider has a different riding style and needs as not all riders enjoy traveling 300+ miles on a two-wheeler. However, they may still require a large storage bag for their motorcycle camping trips, shopping excursions, and commutes. Simply carrying a motorcycle helmet may also require you to equip your bike with a large tour pack that can easily accommodate a full-sized helmet. Therefore, when choosing a tour pack for your Harley motorcycle, determine how much storage you need. Carefully check the dimensions of the tour pack as the height or depth of the tour pack is crucial to its storage capacity, and in case you are purchasing online, contact the brand’s customer service providers to ensure that the piece you are choosing is designed for that purpose.

3.2 Motorcycle Compatibility

Aftermarket Harley motorcycle tour packs are also popular for their universal fitment. But, should you click the ‘buy now’ button immediately if the fitment note says, ‘fits all Harley motorcycles’ Motorcycle compatibility goes beyond installation mechanisms, as the tour pack you are purchasing may exceed your bike’s weight limit, increase the width of the bike’s rear, and disagrees with the bike’s color scheme or finish. Therefore, when choosing a tour pack for your Harley Davidson motorcycle, make sure it aligns with the overall personality and DNA of the bike. While some contrast can be introduced in the bike’s styling, it shouldn’t result in a striking disparity. Also, never ignore the fitment note of the Harley tour pack because if your motorcycle model is not included, don’t try to force-fit the product. It will not only cause unnecessary wastage of money but also damage the tour pack and your motorcycle.

3.3 Ease of Installation

There will be moments when you would want to ride your Harley motorcycle without any additional weight and accessories. In such scenarios, ease of installation and removal play a key role. Also, it is advisable to opt for tour packs that come with mounting hardware so you don’t have to spend hours in the hardware store, trying to find the right-sized mounting bolts to install the tour pack.

3.4 Care and Maintenance Requirements

If your bike is equipped with a tour pack, it will tempt you to travel long distances every once in a while. Long-distance travels tend to expose the tour packs to harmful elements that fade the finish and impact its overall appearance. But in our busy schedules, sparing time to thoroughly clean the tour pack can be quite a struggle. Consequently, we end up neglecting Harley tour pack maintenance, exacerbating its deterioration. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a tour pack that is easy to clean and maintain using a clean damp cloth and protective sprays.

4. 4 Best Aftermarket Tour Packs for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

To help you find the best Harley Davidson tour pack, Viking Bags has shortlisted some of its best products that offer quality craftsmanship, increased functionality, improved aesthetics, and adaptive versatility.

4.1 Premium Motorcycle Tour Pack for Harley Touring Bikes

voyage 2011 pack 2

The Viking Premium motorcycle tour pack for Harley Davidson touring motorcycles offers an innovative luggage solution to hardcore on-road touring enthusiasts. This extra-large tour pack for Harley touring bikes is crafted from commercial-grade fiberglass that is rigorously tested for sturdiness, durability, and longevity. Plus, it boasts a luxurious gloss-black finish that demands attention. This weather-resistant premium-quality Harley tour pack by Viking Bags offers a highly impressive 70 L/ 4,290 cu in storage capacity, allowing riders to carry all of their essentials in an organized and convenient manner. Mounted securely on the rear of the Harley Davidson touring motorcycles, it comes pre-assembled and includes all the required mounting hardware for hassle-free installation.

In addition to the free mounting hardware, the Viking Premium extra-large tour pack comes with an internal organizer and hi-viz mat for increased visibility and ease of access. With your luggage safely packed in this tour pack for Harley baggers, you won’t have to rummage through things to locate different items. The built-in key-lockable mechanism offers reliable theft protection, while the rubber seals and a tightly secured fiberglass lid prevent moisture from seeping in, keeping your luggage dry and safe inside.

For quality assurance and customer satisfaction, the Viking premium hard tour pack for Harley touring motorcycles comes with a one-year warranty and is compatible with 2014 onward models of the Harley Road King , the Electra Glide, the Street Glide , and the Road Glide . Priced at $599.99, this color-matched Harley tour pack does not include a luggage rack or passenger backrest. If you have any specific storage or product-related queries, such as the product’s capacity to fit a helmet, make sure you contact customer service for a seamless purchase experience.

4.2 Voyage Chopped Tour Pack for Harley Touring

voyage 2011 pack 2

The Viking Voyage Chopped motorcycle tour pack for Harley Davidson touring motorcycles is another great option for riders looking for a chopped tour pack with decreased vertical elevation. Compared to the 13.5” height of the 70 L Viking Premium tour pack, the Voyage chopped tour pack features a height of 10.75”. However, other dimensions are similar, including the lid opening.

This extra-large fiberglass tour pack for Harley Davidson baggers features a high-end gloss black finish that is color-matched and complements the bike’s original styling. Offering an impressive storage capacity of 54 L/ 3,285 cu in, the Voyage chopped tour pack can be used for cross-country trips when combined with other Viking Harley luggage bags . When using solo, the tour pack offers a comprehensive luggage solution for short trips, highway travels, motorcycle camping trips, errand expeditions, and work commutes.

Featuring an internal organizer and a hi-viz mat, the Voyage Chopped Harley tour pack is all about ease of packing, organizing, and accessing luggage. Furthermore, to make the installation process simple and quick, mounting hardware is provided with this pre-assembled product. Its hard-shelled body, key-lockable system, and built-in weather resistance make it an ideal tour pack, offering reliable security to your belongings from unauthorized breaches and damaging natural elements. Available at a highly affordable price of $499.99, the Voyage Chopped motorcycle tour pack for Harley touring motorcycles comes with a one-year warranty. Though our products are well-known for their excellent craftsmanship and impeccable finish; however, if you find a lapse in the material construction, the warranty-covered product will offer you the peace of mind and value for the money you avidly seek.

Much like the Viking Premium extra-large tour pack, the Voyage Chopped extra-large tour pack is compatible with 2014 onwards Harley touring models, including Electra Glide, Street Glide, Road Glide, and Road King.

4.3 Premium Leather Wrapped Motorcycle Trunk for Harley Davidson

voyage 2011 pack 2

The Viking Premium motorcycle trunk for Harley Davidson motorcycles is a must-have luggage accessory, with its unique leather-wrapped design, robust fiberglass construction, and color-matched black finish. Offering an impressive storage capacity of 36L/ 2,196.9 cu in, the premium leather-wrapped Harley motorcycle trunk is compatible with all Harley motorcycles, including street bikes, baggers, Dyan, Sportster, and Harley Softail models. The extensive Harley model compatibility, makes the Viking premium extra-large motorcycle tour pack a best-seller.

Highly versatile and practical, the black leather-wrapped motorcycle trunk for Harley is large enough to carry all your essentials while being lightweight and compact, ensuring a streamlined look of the bike for agile handling. Large tour packs sometimes make slow-speed maneuvers difficult due to the significant weight added on the rear, but this Viking Harley motorcycle trunk helps preserve most of the bike’s original stability and handling.

Priced at $399.99, the premium leather-wrapped motorcycle tour pack for Harley features an attached backrest for passenger comfort, ensures reliable waterproofing, and boasts an innovative key-lockable system. When compared to other tour packs for Harley on the market, these features make the Viking tour packs stand out. The included free mounting hardware further enhances the attractiveness of this product.

4.4 Challenger Leather Wrapped Motorcycle Trunk for Harley Davidson

voyage 2011 pack 2

The Challenger motorcycle trunk for Harley Davidson motorcycles is another highly attractive and practical piece of motorcycle luggage in the Viking Bags collection. Compatible with all Harley Davidson models, the Challenger can certainly bring out the touring-friendly attributes of your motorcycle.

Offering a storage capacity of 32 L/ 1,952.8 cu in, this large Harley tour pack allows you to carry all your belongings for daily commutes, gym visits, short trips, adventurous motorcycle camping trips, and when combined with other Viking Harley luggage, the same can also be used for cross-country trips and highway travels.

This pre-assembled leather-wrapped motorcycle trunk is crafted from industrial-standard fiberglass, ensuring longevity, weather resistance, and prolonged rough use without deformation. For enhanced comfort and utility, the Challenger tour pack for Harley motorcycles comes with free mounting hardware and a passenger backrest, allowing you to save money on pillion comfort and the installation process.

The key-lockable system is another unique and valuable feature of the Challenger motorcycle tour pack for Harley motorcycles, as it enhances security, creates a strong seal against moisture seepage, and offers peace of mind when the rider has to leave the motorcycle and luggage unattended to take necessary breaks en route.

5. Last Words

Harley Davidson motorcycle tour packs are excellent luggage solutions, offering outstanding utility and remarkable functionality. With aftermarket Harley tour packs mounted on your Softail, Dyna, Sportster, Harley street bike, or Harley bagger, you can enjoy long-distance rides or some adventure on two wheels. Even if you have to participate in a motorcycle event like a rally or a festival, these tour packs will help you carry all the things you would need en route to reach your destination in comfort.

When choosing a Harley tour pack, make sure you consider its material construction, key-lockable mechanism, weather resistance, finish, and compatibility with your Harley motorcycle. Being the leading Harley motorcycle luggage bag, Viking Bags offers the best Harley tour packs currently available on the market. If you follow the tips mentioned in this article and pay attention to all the features of the best-selling high-quality products listed in this article, you will end up buying an ideal tour pack for Harley Davidson motorcycles that will easily last you for many years to come.

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Oakley Men's VOYAGER BACKPACK, Blackout, One Size

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Destroy the Tassiter Proxy.

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Outrun the Wheel in the Temple of Boom.

Talk to all of Claptrap's Holographic Projections.

Experience all 9 Game Modes and all 9 Modifiers of the Mutator.

Complete a round using the Mutator.

Kill 10 SpyBugs before they take your photo.


The Voyager 2+ chassis is the smallest dual-enclave system available. Optimized for backpack use, Voyager 2+ has support for two Voyager Network Modules and up to two HAPIE devices (or mounting points for external devices such as a Cradlepoint IBR900). The Voyager 2+ has a higher power output than the standard Voyager 2 to allow for the increased power demands of newer more powerful Voyager modules such as VoyagerVM 3.0 and VoyagerESR 2.0.

All devices are battery backed using a 2590-based UPS with built-in charger.

Voyager 2+

Key Features

  • Supports any two network modules including VoyagerESR 2.0, VoyagerVM 3.0, etc.
  • Support for up to two HAIPE devices such as ViaSat KG-250X, ViaSat KG-250XS, Taclane Nano KG-175N, etc.
  • One side mounted HAIPE bracket is supplied as standard with the option to order and install a second top mounted HAIPE bracket.
  • HAIPE brackets can also be used to mount external devices such as a Cradlepoint IBR900
  • 200 W UPS with wide-ranging DC input and space for 1 x 2590 battery
  • Battery level indicator
  • Universal AC Power Supply included
  • Transit case option available

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I recently took a trip and packed using the Voyage Pack, and it made a huge difference in my travel experience and my budget! This bag's design allowed me to fit so much more than my previous carry-on, which meant I didn't have to check any luggage. I managed to pack all my essentials, including extra shoes, and even my toiletries, all in one bag.

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I recently got the Voyage Pack, and I’m seriously impressed! The materials are amazing. the fabric feels super durable, and the zippers and handles are really sturdy and smooth. You can tell they put a lot of thought into making this bag because it’s built to last. If you want a high-quality carry-on, this is definitely the one to get!

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I’m so happy with my Voyage Pack Carry-On! Not only is it super functional, but it also looks fantastic. The sleek design and modern style really stand out, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it while traveling. It’s the perfect blend of practical and stylish, making me feel organized and trendy on the go. If you want a carry-on that looks great and works perfectly, this is the one!

Yes, the bag is designed with a spacious main compartment that opens up all the way, allowing you to pack efficiently and access all your items easily. It includes compression straps and packing cubes to maximize space.

The bag is designed with adjustable compartments and expandable sections to fit different kinds of items, from clothes to electronic devices. Its flexible interior allows you to customize the space according to your needs.

Currently, the Voyage Pack is available in the standard carry-on size, but we are working on introducing additional sizes in the near future.

Yes, the Voyage Pack includes a dedicated hanging compartment with a garment sleeve, designed to keep your clothes neatly hung and wrinkle-free, ensuring you look sharp upon arrival.

Yes, the Voyage Pack includes a dedicated shoe compartment to keep your footwear separate from your clothes and other items. We also include a dedicated small zip-up bag for your shoes.

Yes, the expandable design and smart packing features allow you to fit enough clothes for a two-week trip.

Yes, the bag has multiple pockets and compartments to store your passport and documents.

Yes, the bag includes multiple small pockets and compartments perfect for storing accessories like sunglasses, belts, hats, and more.

Absolutely! The expandable design of the Voyage Pack ensures you have extra space for souvenirs and any additional items you may acquire on your journey.

Yes, the bag’s flexible compartments and dedicated shoe section make it easy to pack workout clothes and gym shoes.

You can track your order using the tracking number sent to your email. Insert the code onto our "order tracking" page to view your order status. For further assistance please contact us.

Yes, there is enough space in the main compartment to fit a small blanket or travel pillow for added comfort during your travels.

Yes, the shoulder straps are padded and adjustable, designed for maximum comfort even during long periods of use.

Absolutely! The Voyage Pack is perfect for overnight trips, providing enough space to pack your essentials and more.

Yes, the bag is designed to be water-resistant to protect your belongings from rain and spills.

Yes, the bag comes with a 1 month free warranty covering manufacturing defects and issues with workmanship. We also have a payed 1 year warranty!

Yes, despite its many features, the bag is designed to be lightweight, typically weighing around 7 pounds when empty.

yes, the Voyage Pack meets international carry-on size requirements, making it perfect for both domestic and international travel.

You can reach our customer support team via email, or through the contact form on our website. We’re here to help with any questions.

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and issues with workmanship. It does not cover damage caused by misuse, normal wear and tear, or accidental damage.

Absolutely! The Voyage Pack features a sleek design and includes compartments for laptops and other business essentials, making it perfect for both leisure and business travel.

Yes, we prioritize sustainability and use eco-friendly materials where possible. Our bags are designed to be durable and long-lasting to reduce waste.

If your bag is damaged during travel, please contact our customer service team with details and photos of the damage. We will assist you in resolving the issue, whether it involves a repair or replacement.

We value your feedback! You can leave a review on our website or contact our customer service team to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Yes, the bag includes a padded laptop compartment that fits most laptops up to 15 inches, ensuring your device is protected during travel.

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voyage 2011 pack 2

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Cunard Announces 2011 World Voyage Programme

  • June 23, 2009

Cunard Line is proud to announce the latest chapter in its storied history: the 2011 World Voyages. In January 2011, the youngest luxury fleet at sea will see two of its regal ocean liners embark on global odysseys that together will visit 57 ports of call across 34 countries including a maiden World Voyage for the new Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Mary 2 travelling the globe via the intriguing east-west route of passage.

Each itinerary will offer a unique adventure – featuring overnights in Sydney, Hong Kong and Dubai on Queen Elizabeth, and Cape Town, Sydney and Hong Kong on Queen Mary 2 – combined with the line’s hallmarks of gourmet fine dining, impeccable White Star Service™ and a wide variety of elegant stateroom accommodation including the renowned and award-winning Queens Grill and Princess Grill suites.

Queen Elizabeth Maiden World Voyage

For her maiden World Voyage, Queen Elizabeth will offer a complete circumnavigation of the globe from her home port of Southampton, crossing the Atlantic en route to New York. Especially compelling for US and Canadian guests is the option of embarking on their World Voyage experience from New York, Fort Lauderdale or – after the ship transits the Panama Canal – Los Angeles.

From the west coast, Queen Elizabeth will continue her westward journey to the ever-popular city of Sydney (where she will stay overnight) via the South Pacific and New Zealand before heading to the exotic ports of Asia including Singapore, Bali, Vietnam and Thailand as well as another overnight stay in Hong Kong. Then the ship sails on to Malaysia and India before calling on Dubai (also an overnight stay), followed by a visit to Oman before transiting the Suez Canal and taking in some of the sites of Egypt, Greece, Italy and Portugal en-route back to Southampton. Here North American guests can rendezvous with the Queen Mary 2 and take in a legendary Transatlantic crossing to complete their 103-day circumnavigation of the globe. Full World Voyage fares start from $19,995 per person.

Segment voyages capture the essence of the World Voyage and aboard Queen Elizabeth range from 12 to 25-days, including New York to Los Angeles (16 days), Los Angeles to Sydney (23 days), Sydney to Singapore (25 days), Singapore to Dubai (12 days) and Dubai to Southampton (19 days). Guests can enjoy great value by combining two or more consecutive segments to create adventurous Liner Voyages. Segment fares start from $2,545 per person.

Queen Mary 2 World Voyage

Queen Mary 2 will begin her fourth World Voyage in New York and her second passage sailing on an east-west route around the globe. After a call in Fort Lauderdale, the ship will head to the Caribbean and South America, calling on Barbados, Brazil and Uruguay before arriving for an overnight stay in the magnificent city of Cape Town in South Africa, the ship’s second visit to this exceptionally beautiful metropolis. From there she will sail to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean before an exploration of Australia that culminates with an overnight stay in Sydney. The ship continues on to New Zealand and Guam before sampling some highlights of China and Japan en-route to an overnight stay in Hong Kong, followed by visits to Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and India en-route to Dubai. From here, Queen Mary 2 will call in Egypt before making a transit of the Suez Canal that will take her to European calls in Italy, Monaco, Spain and the United Kingdom, her last call before ending her 103-day odyssey in New York. Full World Voyage fares start from $19,995 per person.

Segment voyages aboard Queen Mary 2 range from 15 to 25-days and include New York to Cape Town (23 days), Cape Town to Sydney (17 days), Sydney to Hong Kong (25 days), Hong Kong to Dubai (15 days) and Dubai to New York (23 days). Consecutive segments can be combined to experience adventurous Liner Voyages. Segment fares start from $3,245 per person.

Cunard is also pleased to offer guests the chance to enjoy the World Voyage experience using a combination of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2. Embarking in New York, guests will be able to complete the first half of their World Voyage on Queen Elizabeth before transferring ships in Sydney and sailing back to New York on Queen Mary 2.

“Cunard’s World Voyages have been a highlight of our programmes since we introduced this travel adventure in 1922 and our two global journeys offer surprising value that is truly beyond expectation,” said Carol Marlow, president and managing director of Cunard Line.

Cunard Royal Rendenzvous

Exactly three years to the day after Cunard welcomed its trio of Queens in New York, this rare event is poised to take place again on January 13, 2011 when Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth call on New York for another spectacular Cunard Royal Rendezvous. Be among the few to experience this history-making day as you depart New York Harbour on one of the most famous ocean liners in the world.

Enhanced Benefits Programme

In addition to receiving a bonus 10% discount off Early Booking Fares (EBF), Full World Voyage and Liner Voyage guests will receive an onboard credit of up to $2,000 per stateroom when they book by February 28, 2010. In addition, Full World Voyage guests will receive complimentary Hotel and Dining Charges. New for 2011, guests in Inside and Outside category staterooms will receive an onboard credit of up to $1,000 per stateroom if they book by the same date. Cunard World Club members will receive an extra 5% savings off Bonus Early Booking Fares.

Additionally, all Full World Voyage Queens Grill and Princess Grill guests will be given a $400 shipboard credit per person to use towards shore excursions of their choice. All Liner Voyage Grill guests will be given a $200 shipboard credit to be applied the same.

Further, an invitation will be extended to all Full World Voyage guests to join Carol Marlow ashore at one of the ports of call during their time onboard for the traditional World Voyage Dinner, an evening of world-class dining and entertainment.

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voyage 2011 pack 2

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EA The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Expansion Pack Multilingual (Windows)(2007)

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The Sims Wiki

  • Pacific- or Caribbean-themed games and expansions

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

  • Edit source

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage (also known as TS2 BV or simply Bon Voyage ) is the sixth expansion pack , released for The Sims 2 in 2007. It was released on September 4, 2007 in North America and September 6, 2007 in Europe for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. For the Mac OS X Operating System, it was released on December 17, 2007 by Aspyr Media. This was the last expansion pack for TS2 to be ported by Aspyr to the Mac, as FreeTime and Apartment Life were released exclusively on Windows. Like the Vacation expansion pack for The Sims , it focuses on leisure traveling. This game served as the inspiration for its successor, The Sims 3: World Adventures .

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Vacation Destination
  • 3.1 Going on Vacation
  • 3.2 Vacation Accommodations
  • 3.3 Vacation Memento
  • 3.4 Collectibles
  • 3.5 Secret Vacation Lots
  • 3.7 Jewelry [1]
  • 3.8 Bigfoot
  • 4.1 Minor Features
  • 5 New Build Mode Additions
  • 6 New Objects
  • 7 New Interactions
  • 11 The Sims 2 Launcher
  • 12 Neighborhood Cheats
  • 13 See also
  • 14 References

Description [ ]

The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Logo (Original)

Whisk Sims away from their everyday routines and take them on exciting trips to three exotic locations! Whether relaxing on a lush tropical island in a luxury suite, camping with the family on a pristine mountaintop, or exploring the culture of the Far East, Sims will engage in new activities and experiences as they relax and rejuvenate. Transform them from bumbling tourists to savvy international travelers as they learn new customs including local greetings, dances and more to take home and teach to their friends. Send Sims packing for the trip of a lifetime!

Vacation Destination [ ]

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage features Vacation Destinations, a new type of sub-neighborhood which Sims will visit to spend their vacation. There are three types of Vacation Destinations, i.e. Far East , Tropical , and Mountain . Each destination has special attributes and its own attractions. These include the environment, locals, tours , and so on. Some special features can only be found in certain Vacation Destinations, such as ninjas that can be found in Far East, and beaches as the main attraction of a tropical vacation.

Game Features [ ]

Going on vacation [ ].

As a way to stay away from everyday routine, Sims can now have a vacation by booking one via phone or computer . Traveling to vacation landmarks, relaxing, and experiencing things that normally cannot be found in the everyday life is what vacationing is all about. Sims can go to a vacation trip alone or bringing families and friends along. Going on vacation doesn't require any days off from work, because while being on vacation, ages and time continuity stop, so Sims that leave for a vacation at Tuesday noon will return at the same time they left. This mechanism is similar to when Sims travel to community lots . Vacation trips, however, have a maximum of 7 days, and if the vacation time is over for several days, Sims will be forced to go home. This means they can't stay forever at the Vacation Destination. Only Sims older than toddler and non-pets can go on vacation, so babies , toddlers, and pets must stay at home with a remaining household member or a nanny .

While on a vacation, the main attraction is to travel to community lots and spend as much time as possible there, because Sims shouldn't waste their precious time at their lodging. The time continuity works differently from going to community lots in the Base Neighborhood. Time and hours will keep going when Sims leave house and when they're back home. This is similar to the time mechanics in Colleges . The difference is, they can't learn skills , gain enthusiasm [ TS2:FT ] , or build talent badges . Also, Lifetime Aspiration will not be accumulated so Sims cannot exploit of the extra days they get from going on vacations. Sims also gain temporary Vacation Benefits after they return from a good vacation, or penalties if the vacation was bad.

Vacation Accommodations [ ]

Sims need to stay somewhere while on vacation. There are three types of accommodation where Sims can stay: Vacation Homes, Hotels , or Campgrounds. Each of the accommodations has its own advantages and disadvantages. Vacation Homes can be purchased from real estate, but they are very expensive; costing the same as regular houses. It is, however, fully customizable just like normal residential lots .

Hotels are the second expensive accommodation, but the price depends on the type of lodge Sims are staying. The more luxurious the hotel is, the more expensive. Sims cannot access their Inventory in the Hotels or Campgrounds. A hotel may or may not contain amenities, such as Restaurants and swimming pools, though expensive hotels may offer some. Sims can book multiple suites before they check in, and suites that are not booked will be booked by Tourists. They can lock their suites to allow vacation parties or just the households. Sims can order room service from their suites, and Housekeepers will clean up the hotel.

Campgrounds are free, and the only premade Campground is Axe Wood Campgrounds . Sims sleep in tents that replenish Energy need slowly. Campgrounds don't have cleaning service, so Sims must clean up the mess themselves or influence others to do so. Campgrounds and tents are also vulnerable to outdoor temperature . Thus, staying in the Campground in extreme temperature or on Winter is difficult for Sims. Campgrounds can provide some campfires to keep Sims warm by sitting around one.

Vacation Memento [ ]

Sims who achieve vacation experiences can keep track of what they have done on vacation by looking at their Vacation Memento . Each Sim has a Vacation Memento in their memories panel. It has a suitcase icon. There are 45 mementos in total. Sims can earn mementos by doing certain things or achieve things that particularly can be found in Vacation Destination, such as learning local dances and eating local food. Sims will earn vacation titles in the Vacation Memento panel the more they gain mementos. Collecting all mementos doesn't reward Sims anything, though.

Collectibles [ ]

Sims can earn and collect many souvenirs and other abilities they've learned while on vacation. Sims can collect souvenirs bought from certain Vacation Destinations or dig out beach collectibles and place them on a special rack to show off their friends about. Collecting five of each souvenirs will also benefit Sims depending on the type of the souvenirs. Sims may also dig the ground to find some treasuries, cheap stuff, or even leak the water main underground. Plundering the pirate ship might also grant Sims some pirate treasures.

Other than items, Sims can learn many things from the vacation. Sims might learn how to bow on Far East or other gestures from other vacations. They might also happen to learn some local dances and Tai Chi . Getting and learning local massages and eating local delicacies as well, as activities to spend on vacation. Sims might also encounter someone special who can teach them how to sing Sea Chantey or tell the Dragon Legend to friends. There are so many things they can discover and share with friends back home after going back from vacations.

Secret Vacation Lots [ ]

Each pre-made Vacation Destination is provided with a secret vacation lot . Each lot offers distinct benefits that Sims might learn or earn. Before discovering the secret vacation lots, Sims must first find the hidden maps throughout the vacation areas. They might find them while on tours , digging the ground, or wishing from shrine .

Bon Voyage now adds functional beach as a new lot system to The Sims 2 game. In addition to normal lots, beach lots can only be placed on an area which is adjacent to road and waters. Beach lots can be used as a residential lots , community lots , or hotels . Apartments [ TS2:AL ] , however, are not recommended to be built on uneven lots, most especially beach lots. Sims can do many beach-related activities on the beach lot. They can sunbathe , swim in the ocean , build a sandcastle, dig in the sand, and watch the waves. Some objects cannot be placed on the "beach line", a line which separates areas whether sandcastles can be built or not. Pirate ships can only be placed on beach lots, as well.

Not all terrains in The Sims 2 provide sufficient area to place the beach lot, though. Some terrains might not be even close enough to the waters. Only some pre-made terrains that are included since Bon Voyage might suit with beach lot area. These include Twikkii Island , Bluewater Village , Desiderata Valley , Belladonna Cove , Crescent Island, and Moon Islands.

Jewelry [1] [ ]

A new enhancement is the addition of jewelry . In Create a Sim or the Change Appearance interface of a mirror , bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, or piercings can be chosen. These can be set per outfit, just like hair. Jewelry can be set when creating a Sim, bought from the jewelry rack on a community lot, or be dug up on a beach. Each Vacation Destination has its own unique jewelry and accessories, which cannot be bought or found anywhere else.

Bigfoot [ ]

The new life state introduced in the Expansion Pack is Bigfoot . Bigfoot lives in the Hidden Burrow , a secret lot located in Three Lakes . Sims must have a secret map to find the Hidden Burrow and Bigfoot. A Bigfoot can be made playable by befriending them and asking them to move in. Then, another Bigfoot will take over the Hidden Burrow. Bigfoots have already mastered all skills and talent badges . They can't do any romantic interactions, so Bigfoots cannot have Romance , Family , or Pleasure Aspirations . They get along with children and dogs very well, but cats are not too fond of them.

New Additions [ ]

  • New Life State : Bigfoot
  • New NPCs : Bellhop, Tour Guide, Housekeeper, Ninja , Witch Doctor , Wise Old Man , Pirate Captain Edward Dregg , Unsavory Charlatan , and more
  • New Radio Stations : Reggae, Surf, World, and Big Band
  • New Dances : Hula Dance, Slap Dance, and Fire Dance
  • New Meals : Chirashi, Pineapple Surprise, Flapjacks, and more
  • New Places for WooHoo : Tent, Sauna, and Hammock
  • New Turn Ons/Turn Offs : Employment, Skills, Life States, and Jewelry Turn Ons
  • New Door Locks : Allow/disallow Party Members, Do Not Disturb, and Allow Housekeeping

Minor Features [ ]

  • Real honeymoon. Traditionally, without Bon Voyage , Sims would go for a brief honeymoon trip with a limousine to replenish their needs. Engaged Sims can now plan a honeymoon, in addition to normal vacation. Sims cannot plan who will join the travel party and when departure takes time. After newlyweds get married, or after a wedding party ends with successful marriage proposal, a vacation van will arrive to pick the newlyweds to the vacation. If engaged Sims don't plan a honeymoon before marriage, no kind of honeymoon will occur, not even the traditional one.
  • Changing booths can now be used as a wardrobe to change and plan household outfit . [1]
  • Community marriage. [1] Sims can now marry on community lots as an alternative from marriage-at-home. Honeymoon limo will also come to pick the newlyweds. A wedding party cannot be thrown on community lots, however.
  • Transportation picker. [1] Players can now choose which Sims will go along with the Sim who is going to a community lot, instead of only having the choice of bringing along all household members or going there alone.

New Build Mode Additions [ ]

  • Pagoda Roofs

Pagoda roofs are new roof types which are used to make a distinctive architecture for Far East buildings. Pagoda roofs come with hipped, gabled, and mansard styles. Pagoda roofs must be built in square, rectangular, or diagonal. Pagoda roofs shouldn't intersect other pagoda roofs, because they will clip into each other and the roof effect will look unappealing.

New Objects [ ]

  • Action Traveler's Action Tent
  • Ancient Soakalicious Spring
  • Swing Away Hammock
  • ShowMeOff Rack of Glory Souvenir Rack
  • "Big Ol' Glory" Tree Ring
  • Logs of Burning Campfire
  • Tea Time Table
  • Four Blessing Mahjong Table
  • Sweat It Out Sauna
  • The Swashbuckling Shipwrecker by Impressive Installations Pirate Ship
  • Backyard Pyramid Set of Ruins
  • Sand Waves Zen Garden
  • Soft 'n Tender Massage Table

New Interactions [ ]

  • Sims can dig the ground to find many things, including treasure chest and water pipe.
  • Sims can take snapshot and pose.
  • Local or tourist friends can be invited as a houseguest for three days.
  • Sims can walk to community lots instead of calling a taxi or driving a car [ TS2:NL ] . [1]
  • Sims can assign employees to become masseuses for the massage table. [ TS2:OFB ]
  • Sims can ask others to play pirates if a pirate ship is present on the lot.
  • Sims can share discovery with others from the collectibles they found from beach (e.g. seashells, clams, etc.).
  • Toddlers can eat sand.
  • The Sims 2: Bon Voyage is the last pack in the franchise to come with two discs for installation.
  • Several items from this pack, all from Three Lakes , are available to purchase on The Sims 3 Store.
  • All vacation destinations start with the letter T.
  • The Sims 2: Bon Voyage is the last expansion pack for The Sims 2 to be made for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The last two expansion packs for The Sims 2 were not made available for Mac OS X for unknown reasons.

Gallery [ ]

Film icon

  • Screenshots

TS2BV Gallery 1

The Sims 2 Launcher [ ]

Starting with The Sims 2: Bon Voyage , EA included a launcher to start the game. This feature is also included in expansion packs , stuff packs, and compilations released after Bon Voyage . It will display which Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs the player has installed, and will show a large Play button.

When connected to the internet, the launcher would also display news updates for The Sims 2 , as well as promotional material. The news display has been discontinued due to the removal of The Sims 2 website, but the Launcher still displays promotional material for other games in the series. There is a delay between the time the Play button appears and the time this promotional pane loads, and it is possible to click the Play button before the promotional pane finishes loading. As of August 24, 2013, it is necessary to do this, or to otherwise bypass the Launcher, as some of the new promotional content has been observed to cause the Launcher to stop responding.

Neighborhood Cheats [ ]

  • changeLotZoning [residential | community | hotel | secretvacationlot]

This changes the zoning type of the lot. Before rezoning a lot using this cheat, make sure there are no Sims currently living in the lot. To use this cheat, enter the lot that you would like to rezone, and then enter the cheat, choosing one of these zoning options. Note that although the cheat to change lot zoning into secret vacation lot exists, you must do the proper way to turn it. Otherwise, it won't work or corrupt the game. The method to make a Secret Vacation Lot can be found here .

See also [ ]

  • Comparison between The Sims 2: Bon Voyage and The Sims 3: World Adventures

References [ ]

  • ↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 This feature is carried forward to later Expansion Packs.
  • 1 Trait (The Sims 4)
  • 2 Career tracks
  • 3 The Sims 4

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Voyager tour-pak on a 2000 classic

voyage 2011 pack 2

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Local dealer has a new 2009 2K classic that they would really like to sell. Has anyone fitted a Voyager style top case/backrest to one? My wife would enjoy the couch back there much more than the standard backrest. I assume getting a windscreen would be fairly easy to do also.  

voyage 2011 pack 2

rm, how much moola they askin for that 09?  

Not sure but they said they were very motivated to sell, I have not started dealing or put any $$$ down yet. I would hope a couple grand off list.  

rm, list for the v2k was absurd 14-15k. Probly why they didn't move in the first place. I paid 10 for mine new in 08. Last winter a dealer in Dallas was pedlin new 08s for 8k. I missed that deal, nuther fella here got one. New 09s are worth 9 at best. 10large for a 10. Is all I'd pay.  

voyage 2011 pack 2

last year some time there was a guy on here who modified his new Voyager into a trike. He sold the hard side bags. It made me picture my VN2000 classic with the voyager bags, which would be excellent. It is a shame Kawasaki choose not to make a second generation VN2000 with possibly a full tour version and/or a mid-tour-nomad VN2000 with cruise and such. Unfortunately for us, who prefer very big vtwins, their sales dropped enough to send research-and-development dollars to the 1300cc - 1700cc chassis models where they see the majority of big v-twin sales.  

Well, not THAT motivated to sell I guess, they still want 11k for it and it's a base model with the projector headlight, which I don't really care for, not a classic. Guess I'll keep looking. I would love to feel that 2K torque!  

rm,, 11k for an 09.? see wat I mean. theys just dont want to move that stuff.. Kaw has to be offerin some incentives to be rid of all the new v2k's sittin in the warehouses. an 09, the moment you own it is 4yrs old regardless of its mileage or warranty. Subtract at least 1k for each year from retail. 13-4=$9k. wats so hard about the math?  

That was with $2000 rebate from mama Kaw, they were kind enough to take another $700 off themselves. I was insulted.  

My 09 was $9,999 last April, so....  

voyage 2011 pack 2

Although it's been a long time now, I bought my 04 model in march of 05. The dealer wanted to get rid of it, make room for other bikes. Got it for 9.5k.  

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    I recently got the Voyage Pack, and I'm seriously impressed! The materials are amazing. the fabric feels super durable, and the zippers and handles are really sturdy and smooth.

  15. Pack Voyage

    Vacation Destinations The world is filled with many wonderful and exciting places great for spending a long overdue vacation. Our goal is to make vacationing in these wonderful and exciting places more affordable and accessible to every Canadian through our book now, pay later payment plan.

  16. Voyage-Air VAD-2 *Foldable* Travel Guitar 2008 Natural

    John Mann's Guitar Vault Bedford, NH 03110 Authorized PRS Signature Dealer Voyager VAD-2 Travel Guitar Natural w/ Solid Rosewood Back and Sides Pre-Owned 2008 - Excellent Condition Cool guitar that you can fly around the globe with!

  17. Cunard Announces 2011 World Voyage Programme

    Cunard Announces 2011 World Voyage Programme. June 23, 2009. Cunard Line is proud to announce the latest chapter in its storied history: the 2011 World Voyages. In January 2011, the youngest luxury fleet at sea will see two of its regal ocean liners embark on global odysseys that together will visit 57 ports of call across 34 countries ...

  18. Sims 2, The

    Sims 2, The - Bon Voyage (Expansion Pack) (USA) (En,Es) (Alt) Topics Redump, IBM PC Compatible, Missing Scans 2 Discs Dumped with DiscImageCreator Addeddate 2023-01-18 19:54:43 Collection_added softwarecapsules Identifier Nova_Sims2BonVoyageALT_USA Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.7.0

  19. Pack your bags, the Voyage to the Blue Planet Tour is coming ...

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

  20. EA The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Expansion Pack Multilingual (Windows) (2007)

    EA The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Expansion Pack Multilingual (Windows)(2007)

  21. The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

    The Sims 2: Bon Voyage (also known as TS2 BV or simply Bon Voyage) is the sixth expansion pack, released for The Sims 2 in 2007. It was released on September 4, 2007 in North America and September 6, 2007 in Europe for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. For the Mac OS X Operating System, it...

  22. Voyager Quick Detach Tour Pak Mod

    Voyager Quick Detach Tour Pak Mod. I've seen on this site and others some information regarding converting the Tourpak to quick detach but not much. Apparently its not that difficult except there is a problem filling the gap in the chrome trim piece between the bags and the fender.

  23. Voyager tour-pak on a 2000 classic

    Voyager tour-pak on a 2000 classic Jump to Latest Follow 3K views 9 replies 5 participants last post by smedlin Mar 13, 2012 Ronmold Discussion starter 244 posts · Joined 2011 #1 · Mar 10, 2012