10 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Side

Written by Jess Lee Updated Dec 24, 2023 We may earn a commission from affiliate links ( )

If you're looking for a mix of beach time and history, the resort town of Side is one of the best places to visit on Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

Side may be all about soaking up the sun on the sand but for those who fancy a slice of culture with their sunbathing, the wealth of Greco-Roman ruins right in town are major tourist attractions.

The Temple of Athena is dramatically placed on the harbor, with the standing columns looking out to sea, and if you climb to the top tier of seating in the vast Roman theater at the other end of town, you'll get a magnificent view of the stately Taurus Mountains.

More than anything else, though, Side is a place to relax and enjoy the sunshine, and hanging out on the beach is the most popular thing to do.

Although the beaches in town do get packed during the summer months, if you have your own transport, you'll find plenty of less crowded strips of sand within easy reach.

For ideas on what not to miss while here, use our list of the top attractions and things to do in Side.

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1. Admire the Temples of Apollo and Athena

2. explore side's vast roman theater, 3. relax on east beach, 4. picnic at the manavgat waterfalls, 5. raft the river of köprülü canyon, 6. explore the ruins of selge, 7. visit side museum, 8. view side's state agora, 9. day trip to the ruins of seleucia, 10. head off the beaten track at düdencik caves, where to stay in side for sightseeing, map of attractions & things to do in side.

Temples of Apollo and Athena

By 1000 BC Side, had its first settlement but it was in the 7th or 6th centuries BC, when Greek settlers established a colony and built a harbor here, that the town began to prosper.

During the Roman era, this town became an important commercial center, and it was only when the harbor began to silt up in the 7th century that the town was eventually abandoned.

At the tip of Side's peninsula are the remains of the ancient town's two principal temples, dedicated to Athena and Apollo. Although they are in no way complete, they have a dramatic location looking out over the Mediterranean and are especially atmospheric in the evening, when the ruins are lit up.

Side harbor is a great place for a sunset promenade, with plenty of cafés dotting the shoreline near the ruins.

If you're staying in Antalya, the Perge, Aspendos, Side tour offers an excellent way to tick off the highlights of this area's sights all in one day, including Side's Temples of Apollo and Athena. This full-day tour includes a guided visit to some of the surrounding region's major tourist attractions. As well as a stop in Side, it includes visits to Aspendos, to see Turkey's famous mammoth Roman theater, and the ruins of Perge. It includes lunch, and transport, with pickup and drop-off from your hotel.

Official site:

Side's Theater

Side's huge theater was the largest in ancient Pamphylia and could accommodate an audience of 15,000 in its 49 rows of seating. Although several of the supporting arches have collapsed, bringing down part of the auditorium, this is still a remarkable surviving example of Roman architectural skill.

Don't miss having a closer examination of the stage walls, where there are well-preserved reliefs.

Just behind the theater are the rambling ruins of the agora (Roman-era marketplace), which originally would have been surrounded by colonnades filled with shops.

Beside the agora are the remnants of the circular Temple of Tyche (dedicated to the Roman goddess of fortune).

Address: Liman Caddesi

East Beach

These days, Side is more famous for its sun and sand than its ancient history. During the summer months of endless blue skies, European travelers flock to the town to flop out on the sand of the many beaches lining the surrounding coast.

The closest, and most popular, strip of sand, though, is right in town. East Beach is a buzzing place packed with sun loungers, restaurants, and cafés, and offers everything you need for a full day of sunning, relaxing, and topping up the tan.

If you're looking for a little more action, you'll also find water sports galore on offer here.

Manavgat Waterfalls (Manavgat Selalesi)

For a picnic spot away from the beach, you can't beat the Manavgat Waterfalls, about 13 kilometers northeast of Side.

The waterfalls sit upon the Manavgat River, which rises in the Seytan Mountain Range of the Taurus Mountains.

Set amid a landscaped garden, the area is hugely popular with both local families and tourists on sunny weekends. Try to pick a weekday for a visit if you'd prefer the site to be less crowded.

You can walk right up to the falls using a network of gangways to get close-up views. The thunderous roar of the water is a dramatic soundtrack to a visit here.

Combine a visit to the waterfalls with some history with the 5 in 1 Best of Antalya Region Tour , which packs in the major highlights of the area in a full-day tour. This tour from Antalya visits the waterfalls first before guided tours of both the Perge and Aspendos ruins. The tour then travels on to Side for guided tours of the theater ruins area and the Temples of Apollo and Athena. Lunch, all entry fees, and transport are included.

Köprülü Canyon

Seven kilometers east of Aspendos, and about 70 kilometers northwest of Side, a long Seljuk-era hump-back bridge, with Roman foundations, crosses the Köprü River.

Farther north, behind the village of Alabalik, the river narrows, marking the point where the mountainous and impressive Köprülü Canyon National Park (Köprülü Kanyon Milli Parkı) begins.

This is the top spot in the region for white-water rafting trips, and half-day rafting trips are easy to arrange in both Side and Antalya.

If you're not fond of getting wet, the national park area has plenty of hiking options or, if you just want to admire the dramatic gorge scenery, there are cafés scattered along the riverside where you can relax and enjoy the views.


While you're in the Köprülü Canyon National Park area, don't miss the ruins of Selge, which sit high up in the Taurus Mountains, 74 kilometers northwest from Side, scattered amid the village of Altinkaya Köyü.

It's said that the town was founded by the blind prophet Kalchas of the Trojan War with the rest of his army from Troy. Until the Roman period, the settlement's remote location protected the town from foreign rule, yet trade flourished thanks to good relations with the towns of coastal Pamphylia.

The extensive ruins contain many interesting remains, and history buffs could easily spend all day poking about here. For those with a little less time, the principal attraction not to miss is the Roman theater , with its 10,000 seats, and the adjacent stadium.

Some distance to the southwest are the remnants of the Temple of Zeus and Temple of Artemis while scattered farther east are the ruins of the agora.

Side Museum

Side Museum may be small but it offers a well curated collection, and it is worth popping in simply to have a look at the building itself.

The museum is based in the town's 2nd-century Roman bathhouse building, which was heavily restored during the 5th century. It sits just across the road from the main entrance into Side's Roman theater site.

Come here to view the exhibits of finely detailed statuary, sculpture, sarcophagi, and engraved stele, all of which was found locally at excavation sites within and around Side.

The museum makes for a good rest stop after scrambling through the agora ruins and puffing your way up to the top tier of seating at the theater next door.

State Agora

Not to be confused with Side's agora area that neighbors the Roman theater, this imposing complex on the road to Side's East Beach functioned as the State Agora.

On its east side, an originally two-story building is thought to have been used as a library, while in a columned niche, you can still see a figure of Nemesis, the goddess of fate.

If you carry on from the agora, heading towards the eastern old town walls , you'll come to the extensive ruins of the Byzantine bishop's palace, principal, and baptistery.

These early Christian buildings date from between the 5th and 10th centuries AD.

Address: Barbaros Caddesi

Seleucia (Seleúkeia)

The fine remains of the town of Seleucia (also known as Seleukia) were part of ancient Pamphylia.

The ruins lie one kilometer above the village of Bucak Seyler, about 15 kilometers north of Side (reached from Side via the Manavgat Waterfalls). The rambling ruins are enclosed within a pine forest, which gives the site a charming lost-in-time ambience.

Little is known of this town's history, and archaeologists still debate its exact identity-some suggest that it is not Seleucia at all but rather the town of Lyrba.

Excavations here during the 1970s unearthed a large baths complex; a well-preserved agora with surviving storerooms, colonnades, and shop rows; a Byzantine era church; and an odeon with a mosaic of Orpheus.

About 18 kilometers southeast of Side, near the small town of cevizli, budding spelunkers can explore one of the deepest cave networks in Turkey.

The Düdencik Caves (Düdencik Magarası) here head 330 meters down into the earth. One of the underground rivers inside the vast cavern network emerges as a karst spring near Pamukluk Köprüsü.

For real cave enthusiasts, another cave complex is farther southeast. The Düdensuyu cave complex (Düdensuyu Magarası) lies next to the village of Akseki. A number of underground lakes here can be visited with a local guide.

An alternative scenic route is with a cross-country vehicle via Manavgat.

Luxury Hotels:

  • The five-star Barut Acanthus & Cennet provides plenty of resort-style pampering with its swath of private beach, sprawling pools with swim-up rooms, and a high-class spa for massages and luxurious treatments. There's a gym, and on-site restaurant and breakfast is included.
  • Tui Blue Barat Andiz is another five-star beach resort that's all about relaxation and lazy sunbathing time. The massive pools will keep all the family happy and there is a spa and gym. Breakfast is included, and the hotel's restaurants mean you don't have to go far for lunch and dinner.
  • For all-inclusive resort packages, Barut Arum is a popular beachfront option with a buzzy family feel. There is nightly live entertainment and a kids' club; the palm-lined pools are perfect for relaxation; and the spa has a hammam (Turkish bath) if you want to scrub-up the traditional way.

Mid-Range & Budget Hotels:

  • For a more intimate stay, Aura Boutique Hotel, right in the heart of Side town, gets top marks for its friendly, genuine welcome and the rooftop terrace with views across to the Temple of Apollo. All of Side's major historic monuments are easily walked to from here and breakfast is included.
  • The SunConnect Side Resort is known for its helpful, friendly staff and immaculately kept rooms and facilities. It's a good family choice, with plenty of children's activities on offer and family suites available. Facilities include an excellent spa, a restaurant, and huge pool.

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In the region: There's plenty to do in this area. Antalya is a big, bustling Mediterranean city with a delightful Old Town district full of creaky Ottoman architecture. Aspendos is one of Turkey's most famous Roman ruins and is easily visited as a day trip from Side. Farther north up the coast, you'll find the harbor village of Kas , one of Turkey's main yachtie destinations.


More Resort Towns: Fethiye, with its central harbor crammed with yachts, and plenty of ruins and beaches within easy day-tripping distance, is one of Turkey's most popular holiday towns. Bodrum is known for its surrounding beaches and pretty Old Town district, which sees European families descend to lap up the sun every summer, and Kusadasi is a resort town with a little castle on the harbor and the ruins of Ephesus close by.

Side Map - Tourist Attractions

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Side, Turkey Guide

Last Updated on September 12, 2022

Side (SEE-deh) is a Turkish Mediterranean village amid marble Roman ruins on 2 km (1.2 miles) of unspoiled beach just an hour (65 km, 40 miles) east of Antalya or west of Alanya .

Visit Side to discover a historical town comprised of ancient structures, beautiful beaches, and an old city town. When visiting Side, you can travel back in time while walking in this pedestrian-only town with a total of 29 different structures to visit. The most popular Hellenistic and Roman ruins include the: Theatre,  Temple of Apollo, State Agora, City Gate, and Episcopal Palace and Basilica. While performing restoration works, the ground stones have been protected by a layer of glass. You can walk over the ancient remains, without harming them.

Being an ancient harbor city, Side takes a very important place in the history of Manavgat. It is located on the west side of the river of Manavgat, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea .

The beauty and fertility of Side is also hidden in its name, meaning “pomegranate fruit” in Luwian, which is an ancient language used by the population living in Southwest Anatolia during the Bronze Age. The ancient city of Side is formed as a half-island, surrounded by water from 3 sides. This is why it also gained much popularity and richness during the era of piracy.

When to Visit

If you really want to dive into its history, and fully engage yourself to discover every little detail, it might take you a whole day to explore all of the sights. As there are many things to see, the ideal time to visit is before or after the hot and busy tourist season. If you visit in the months of April/May or September/October , you’ll miss the crowds and the hot sun. If visiting during the middle of summer, you may consider visiting later in the day (4 pm or after) as many of the structures are outside without any shade. It’s especially nice to visit at sunset when the sun casts beautiful golden rays on the ancient structures, especially the Temple of Apollo .

The Theater

Once you enter Side and walk along the main road leading to the city center, one of the first structures you encounter is the large amphitheater. Located in the central part of the town, it’s one of the most prominent structures of Side. It is very well preserved, and being built on a hill enables it to have an incredible view of the Episcopal Palace and Basilica , along with a partial view of the sea. 

The Temple of Apollo

Whether you visit during the day or night, this temple is an incredible structure.  Its name stems from the Greco-Roman god of light, art, and beauty: Apollo. The reason why it is built at the entry of the harbor was to warn any potential attackers that the city was under Apollo’s protection. The large white columns are perfectly highlighted by the view of the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Discover More

The old city of Side is filled with many quaint houses, some of which have been converted into souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, and so on. You can have lunch or dinner at one of these eateries, and enjoy the authentic feeling of Side. Prices are on par with other popular tourist destinations. 

At the entrance of the ancient city, for those who don’t walk the way up to the city, you can buy a ticket and get to the center of the old town, by little trains or private golf buggies. There are also different beaches where you can rent a lounge chair and have a swim to cool off and relax. 

Transportation  & Distances

Car , bus and minibus are the ways to get here. Buses and minibuses come from Antalya and Alanya . The nearest airport is Antalya’s , 55 km (34 miles) west of Side.

Alanya: 63 km (39 miles) E, 1 hour

Anamur: 198 km (123 miles) SE, 3.75 hours

Ankara: 615 km (382 miles) NE, 9 hours

Antalya: 65 km (40 miles) W, 1 hour

Aspendos: 37 km (23 miles) NW, 40 minutes

Istanbul: 790 km (491 miles) NW, 13 hours

Konya: 300 km (186 miles) NE, 5 hours

Olimpos: 145 km (90 miles) SW, 3 hours

Perge: 58 km (36 miles) W, 1 hour

Selge (Altınkaya): 83 km (52 miles) N, 2 hours

-by Tom Brosnahan, updated by Julide Koca

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Side’s Old Town: 10 Best Things To Do  

Side Old Town in Antalya in Turkey

Side's old town is one of the most important and culturally rich towns in southern Turkey.

With charming streets, plenty of restaurants and shops, and old ruins to visit, you are sure to enjoy a fulfilling stay in Side's old town.

Side's old town is 60 km from Alanya, on the coast and also provides very good beach activities for both young and old. 

In this article, we will help you spot the 10 best things to do in Side's old town  during your stay in the Antalya region, including attractions, sights, restaurants, shopping, and landmarks on the peninsula. 

Let's get started...

Table of Contents

1. Ancient Theater in Side

Ruins of old theater in Side, Turkey

The ancient theater, which stands majestically in the heart of Side's old town, is one of the most impressive sights in the city. It dates back to the 2nd century AD and was able to accommodate 15,000 spectators.

By paying a small entrance fee, you can explore the well-preserved ruins of the Roman-style amphitheater and immerse yourself in the time when gladiator fights were held in this place.

Keep in mind that Aspendos in Antalya is also a popular ancient theater in the region.

2. Side Archaeological Museum

Side Archeological Museum in Antalya in Turkey

Side Archaeological Museum houses a fascinating collection of ancient artifacts from Side and nearby excavation sites. These include sarcophagi, statues, friezes, jewels, and coins. Weapons, objects used in daily life, and religious accessories are also on display.

Additionally, the building itself is a highlight in its own right. As a matter of fact, the Side Museum, next to the ancient theater, is located in the ruins of a Roman bath.

There is an entrance fee for the museum. Keep in mind the Antalya Archaeological Museum is the most popular museum in the region. For more information, check out this page on museums in Antalya .

3. Beaches in Side's Old Town

Beach in Side in Turkey in Antalya

There are two beaches in the old town of Side.

You can find a very nice beach with sunbeds, fine white sand, and blue waters on both the east and west of the peninsula. Both beaches are very clean and shallow.

The beach on the eastern side is larger. There are many restaurants, beach bars, and cafes. But you can just as well find a spot to spread out your beach towel and listen to the sound of the waves.

For more information, check out our page about beaches in Antalya .

4. Restaurants and Local Food

Restaurant in Side in Antalya in Turkey

Side's old town is home to a number of restaurants serving Turkish delicacies as well as international cuisine. However, compared to other parts of Antalya, the prices here are more expensive.

We highly recommend that before ordering, be sure to get the menu and check the prices. This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises, where in the worst case you find out that you have to pay for the ordered dish in Euros instead of Turkish Lira.

In the event that there is no indication on the menu, it's always best to ask if the prices are in TL.

Read More: Local Food in Antalya: 22 Dishes You Have to Try!

5. Shopping in Side's Old Town (Market)

Shopping in Side Old Town in Antalya Turkey

Side's old town is a great place for shopping. Shops are lined up close to each other and offer the most diverse goods, such as clothing, Turkish souvenirs, jewelry, and leather products. However, Side is also a bit more expensive than its neighbors when it comes to shopping. Therefore, when bargaining in the markets , you can expect prices to be even higher than they usually are.

One thing to watch out for, as a tourist, is people trying to sell you "fake coins". You might encounter these people anywhere in the old town. As a rule, this is a scam. But, even if it was a real ancient coin, you would face serious consequences at Turkish customs, which is why you should avoid buying one at all costs. Find more information about shopping in Antalya here.

Read More: 20 Unique Souvenir Ideas to Bring Home from Antalya!

6. Landmark, Apollo Temple

The Temple of Apollo, Side in Antalya Turkey

The majestic Apollo Temple is an  iconic landmark in Side. The six Corinthian columns that rise from the harbor date back to Roman times. The Apollo Temple is one of the most popular photo motifs in the region and will enchant you, especially at sunset.

The glow of the sunset after the sun disappears behind the horizon, with the Apollo Temple in the foreground and the dazzling sea behind, creates a truly magical scene.

This article about ancient ruins in Antalya will help with your visit to other amazing cultural places in Antalya.

7. Boat Tours from the Harbor

Boat Tours from the Harbour in Antalya in Turkey

Numerous boat tours depart daily from the harbor. A boat trip along the coast to the breathtaking bays in the area is a one of the most popular things to do in Antalya , especially in the summer.

Boat tours on a pirate ship, in particular, are a highlight for many vacationers, and especially for children. Find more amazing attractions to visit in the Antalya Ticket Shop .

If you are traveling with your kids, this article about things to do with children in Antalya will give you inspiration, for sure!

8. The Floor is Glass!

Glas Floor in Side in Antalya in Turkey

This is a very special attraction hidden under the streets of Side. Wandering through the alleys of Side's old town, you might unexpectedly come across glass floors that show the ancient ruins below them that were found during construction work.

Throughout the old town you might stumble upon these glass plates and admire excavations in the ancient city. At night they are illuminated, which gives these ancient findings a particularly mystical appearance.

9. Nightlife in Side's Old Town

Nightlife in Side old town in Antalya Turkey

The old town of Side will excite you with its vibrant nightlife. There is always something going on! Locals and tourists alike enjoy spending time here in the evening.

What's especially popular is the promenade, where many open-air clubs, bars, and restaurants are lined up, serving everything from delicious cocktails to wine and ice-cold beer.

Read More: Complete Guide to Antalya's Nightlife!

10. More Ancient Ruins

More ancient Ruins in Antalya in Turkey

With its 3,500 years of history, Side's old town will amaze you with ancient ruins from Roman and Byzantine times. These include:

  • Commercial Agora:  The cultural and economic center of the city and a popular meeting place during the Roman period. It's located next to the ancient theater and houses a lot of ruins, such as the temple of Tyche, and a well preserved market street.
  • State Agora: Southeast of the Commercial Agora are the remains of the second-century State Agora, that was reserved for the elite circles in the city.
  • Monumental Fountain (Nymphaeum):  Near the outer city walls, you can find part of the Roman aqueducts dating from the 2nd century AD.
  • Roman Baths: The Roman Baths opposite the Commercial Agora probably date back to the 5th century. Since 1962, it has served as the Side Museum.
  • City Walls: Construction of the once six-kilometer-long city wall began in the late first century. It served to protect the city and some of it can still be visited today.
  • City Gate:  Located near the Nymphaeum, the large main gate was first built as a free-standing structure and only later integrated into the city wall.
  • Colonnaded Road: A marble-paved street framed by columns that once led from the city gate to the old city center. Today, remains of the columns with original mosaics can still be seen and are a very popular photo motif.
  • South Basilica: This basilica was built right next to the two main Roman temples in the city, which were later incorporated into the atrium of the Byzantine church.
  • Monumental Gate: It was built on the Commercial Agora. Today, only the foundation walls are preserved.
  • Vespasian Monument & Gate: A fountain was erected next to the inner city gate in honor of the Roman Emperor, Vespasian. 
  • Temple of Dionysus: Remains of the early Roman temple dedicated to the god of wine near the ancient theater.
  • Temple of Men: Along Barbaros Caddesi, you will find remains of a temple that was dedicated to Men, an Anatolian deity of the Moon.

Looking for more things to do? Get some inspiration from our list of 100 things to do in the Antalya region for an amazing trip! If you want to book your stay, make sure to visit our selection of the best resorts in the Antalya region .

(Link to the map)

If you liked this article, mention it in the comments below and make sure to check other towns and things to do in the Antalya Province:

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Must-see attractions in Side

Frieze with Medusa heads, Temple of Apollo (Apollon).

Temples of Apollo & Athena

This compact site is one of the most romantic on the Mediterranean coast. Apollo and Athena were Side's deities, although Apollo eventually became more…

tourist information side turkey

Built in the 2nd century AD, Side's spectacular theatre could seat up to 20,000 spectators and rivals the nearby theatre of Aspendos for sheer drama. Look…

Side Museum

Contained within a 5th-century bathhouse, Side's museum has an impressive (if small) collection of statues, sarcophagi, reliefs and coins in air…

Sandy Beach

Side's main beach is north of the centre, and backed by rows of resort hotels. Follow the main road out of town (Side Caddesi) and turn left at Şarmaşık…

Eastern Beach

If you walk down Barbaros Caddesi, passing by the large State Agora ruin, you'll come to the lovely Eastern Beach, which is a prime spot of sand on which…

This ruined basilica was built in the 5th century AD on what may have been a saint's burial ground. It was destroyed in the 7th century and later…

Temple of Tyche

The ruined, circular-shaped Temple of Tyche is dedicated to the goddess of fortune.

State Agora

These remnants of the state agora sit dramatically beside Side's eastern beach. An interpretive panel shows the two storeys of statues that once decorated…

Just east of Side's theatre and across the road from the museum are these agora remains, which once functioned as the ancient town's slave market.

Ancient Latrine

This arresting ancient latrine has two-dozen marble seats.

This rather narrow strip of sand and pebbles is a lovely spot for sunbathing and swimming right in town.

Side's mosque sits amid the old town's hullabaloo of souvenir shops, restaurants and ruins.

Entrance to Old Town

This gate marks the entrance into Side's old-town area.

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A Guide to Side, Turkey

Your ultimate guide to the popular Turkish tourist destination. 

Turkey is a captivating destination that attracts tourists from around the world. Nestled on the southern coast of Turkey, this picturesque town offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. With its stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and vibrant atmosphere, Side has become a favorite among travelers seeking an unforgettable holiday experience.

Side’s historical significance and natural beauty

With a history dating back over 2,000 years, Side holds immense historical significance. Once a major port city of the Roman Empire, it boasts an impressive array of well-preserved ruins, including the iconic Temple of Apollo and the ancient theater. Exploring these ancient sites allows visitors to step back in time and immerse themselves in the rich heritage of this remarkable town.

Aside from its historical landmarks, Side is also blessed with breathtaking natural beauty. The town is nestled between the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the rugged Taurus Mountains, creating a stunning backdrop for any traveler. From golden sandy beaches to lush green landscapes, Side offers a diverse range of natural wonders waiting to be discovered.

By delving into the historical background, top attractions, cultural experiences, and practical travel tips, this guide will equip readers with all the necessary information to make the most of their visit to Side. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a relaxing beach getaway, Side has something to offer everyone. From exploring ancient ruins to indulging in delicious Turkish cuisine, this guide will ensure that your time in Side is truly unforgettable.

In the following sections, we will delve into the fascinating history of Side, highlighting its key historical landmarks and shedding light on the significant events that have shaped the town. We will also explore the top attractions that should not be missed, from the awe-inspiring Temple of Apollo to the picturesque Manavgat Waterfalls. Additionally, we will delve into the vibrant culture of Side, including its traditional festivals, local customs, and artistic heritage. And finally, we will provide practical travel tips, including information on transportation, accommodation options, and local cuisine, ensuring that your visit to Side is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Historical Background of Side

Side boasts a remarkable ancient history that dates back to the 7th century BC. Founded by Aeolis, a Greek colony, Side has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous civilizations, leaving behind a legacy that spans over thousands of years.

In its early years, Side flourished as a bustling port city, strategically positioned on the eastern Mediterranean coast. Its favorable location facilitated trade and cultural exchanges with neighboring regions, allowing the city to thrive and attract settlers from various backgrounds. The influence of these early civilizations can still be seen in the remnants of their architectural marvels and cultural artifacts.

Side’s role during the Roman Empire and its architectural marvels

During the Roman Empire, Side experienced a period of unprecedented prosperity and became a prominent center of trade and culture. The Romans recognized the strategic importance of Side’s location and invested heavily in its development. As a result, the city witnessed a remarkable transformation, with grand architectural projects and infrastructure that showcased the might and opulence of the Roman Empire.

One of the most awe-inspiring architectural marvels that emerged during this period is the Temple of Apollo . This magnificent structure, dedicated to the Greek god of light and the sun, stands as a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the ancient builders. Its grandeur and intricate details continue to captivate visitors to this day.

Another remarkable architectural gem is the Roman theater of Side . Built to accommodate thousands of spectators, this theater served as a venue for various performances, including theatrical plays and musical concerts. Its well-preserved ruins provide a glimpse into the vibrant cultural life that thrived in Side during the Roman era.

The Byzantine and Ottoman periods and their influence on the city’s development

The Byzantine and Ottoman periods marked significant chapters in Side’s history, each leaving an indelible mark on the city’s cultural and architectural heritage. During the Byzantine era, Side served as an important ecclesiastical center, witnessing the construction of several churches and religious structures. These Byzantine remnants, though not as grand as the Roman structures, offer valuable insights into the city’s evolving religious practices and artistic styles.

With the arrival of the Ottoman Empire, Side experienced yet another phase of transformation. The Ottomans brought their unique architectural style, blending elements of Byzantine and Islamic design, which can be observed in various structures throughout the city. This fusion of architectural influences further enriched Side’s cultural diversity and added to its allure as a historical destination.

Side: Top Attractions

Temple of apollo.

Explore the majestic Temple of Apollo, an iconic symbol of Side’s ancient past. The Temple of Apollo stands as a testament to the remarkable architectural prowess of the ancient civilization that once thrived in Side. As you wander through its grand columns and intricate carvings, you can’t help but be transported back in time to an era of myth and legend. The temple’s sheer size and grandeur are awe-inspiring, leaving visitors in awe of the craftsmanship and devotion that went into its construction.

Roman Theater

Immerse yourself in history at the well-preserved Roman theater, which once hosted grand performances and still offers breathtaking views. The Roman theater in Side is a true marvel, with its tiered seating and commanding presence. As you take a seat in this ancient amphitheater, you can almost hear the echoes of the past, as gladiators once battled and actors performed for enthusiastic crowds. From the theater, you can also enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, including the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

Mangavat Waterfalls

Mangavat Waterfalls, also known as Mangavat Selalesi in Turkish, is a true oasis of tranquility and natural splendor. Situated approximately 7 kilometers northeast of Side, these Turkish waterfalls provide a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The waterfalls are tucked away in a lush green canyon, surrounded by dense forests and rocky cliffs. The journey to Mangavat is an adventure in itself, as you meander through winding pathways shaded by tall trees. The anticipation builds as you hear the distant sound of cascading water, a melodic symphony that hints at the grandeur that lies ahead.

Temple of Tyche

Marvel at the Temple of Tyche, dedicated to the goddess of fortune, and admire its intricate architectural details. The Temple of Tyche is a true gem among Side’s ancient ruins. Dedicated to the goddess of fortune, this temple exudes an aura of mystery and enchantment. Its beautifully preserved columns and delicate carvings showcase the skill and artistry of the ancient craftsmen. As you explore its grounds, you can’t help but feel a sense of reverence for the beliefs and traditions that once thrived in Side.

Side Museum

Delve deeper into Side’s history at the Side Museum, home to a remarkable collection of artifacts that provide insights into the city’s ancient past. The Side Museum is a treasure trove of archaeological wonders, offering visitors a chance to unravel the mysteries of this ancient city. From intricately crafted pottery to ancient coins and statues, the museum’s collection paints a vivid picture of Side’s rich cultural heritage. As you wander through its halls, knowledgeable guides are on hand to share fascinating stories and historical anecdotes, bringing the past to life before your eyes.

Side Harbor and Promenade

Experience the charm of Side’s harbor, with its colorful fishing boats and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The harbor in Side is a picturesque haven, where the vibrant colors of fishing boats contrast against the azure waters of the Mediterranean. As you stroll along the harbor, you can soak in the tranquil atmosphere and admire the stunning views that stretch out before you. From the bobbing boats to the gentle sound of waves lapping against the shore, the harbor offers a serene escape from the bustling city.

Stroll along the vibrant promenade, filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants, offering a delightful atmosphere for leisurely walks and shopping. The promenade in Side is a bustling hub of activity, where locals and tourists alike gather to enjoy a leisurely stroll or indulge in some retail therapy. Lined with an array of shops, cafes, and restaurants, the promenade offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking unique souvenirs, delectable local cuisine, or simply a place to people-watch, the promenade is a must-visit destination in Side.

Side Beaches

Relax and unwind on Side’s pristine sandy beaches, known for their crystal-clear waters and breathtaking coastal scenery. Side’s beaches are a true paradise for beach lovers, with their soft golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful spot to sunbathe or an exhilarating swim in the refreshing Mediterranean Sea, Side’s beaches offer the perfect escape. The natural beauty that surrounds these beaches, including dramatic cliffs and lush greenery, adds to the allure and creates a truly idyllic setting.

Discover popular beaches like Cleopatra Beach and Kumkoy Beach, where visitors can soak up the sun, swim, and engage in various water sports activities. Cleopatra Beach and Kumkoy Beach are two of Side’s most renowned beaches, attracting visitors from all over the world. Cleopatra Beach, named after the legendary Egyptian queen, offers pristine sands and turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Kumkoy Beach, on the other hand, is known for its vibrant atmosphere and a wide range of water sports activities, including jet skiing, parasailing, and scuba diving. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, these beaches have something for everyone.

Festivals and Events in Side: the annual International Side Culture and Art Festival

The annual International Side Culture and Art Festival is a must-attend event for those seeking to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural scene of Side. Held every year, this festival showcases the rich heritage and artistic talents of the region through a mesmerizing array of music, dance, and theatrical performances.

Visitors to the festival can expect to be captivated by the sheer diversity of artistic expressions on display. From traditional Turkish folk dances to contemporary music concerts, the festival offers something for everyone. The performances are held in various venues throughout Side, including historic amphitheaters and open-air stages, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the festival is the participation of renowned local and international artists, who bring their unique talents and creative interpretations to the stage. This fusion of different cultural influences creates a truly unforgettable experience for attendees, leaving them with a deeper appreciation for the arts and a lasting connection to Side’s cultural heritage.

Other local events and celebrations

Beyond the International Side Culture and Art Festival, Side is a place where cultural traditions are celebrated year-round. Visitors have the opportunity to witness and participate in a variety of local events and celebrations that further showcase the rich tapestry of Side’s cultural heritage.

Religious festivals hold a special place in the hearts of the locals, and visitors can witness the fervor and devotion during events such as Eid al-Fitr and Ramadan. These celebrations offer a glimpse into the religious customs and traditions of the Turkish people, providing a deeper understanding of their way of life.

In addition to religious festivals, Side also hosts traditional music performances that allow visitors to indulge their senses in the melodic tunes and rhythms of Turkish music. Whether it’s a lively street performance or an intimate concert in a local venue, these musical events provide a unique opportunity to experience the soul-stirring melodies that have been passed down through generations.

Side’s Local Cuisine

No visit to Side is complete without indulging in the flavors of traditional Anatolian cuisine . The region is renowned for its delectable dishes and local specialties that tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression.

One cannot miss the opportunity to savor the succulent kebabs, a cornerstone of Turkish cuisine. Whether it’s the tender lamb or juicy chicken, these grilled delights are a true gastronomic delight. Accompanied by a variety of mezes, which are small appetizer dishes bursting with flavors, the combination creates a symphony of tastes that will leave you craving for more.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t forget to try the heavenly baklava. This delicate pastry, made with layers of filo dough and sweetened with honey or syrup, is a true indulgence. The rich flavors and textures will transport you to a world of culinary bliss.

Side’s Shopping Scene

Side’s shopping scene is a treasure trove for those seeking unique and authentic goods. The local markets and bazaars offer a vibrant and bustling atmosphere where visitors can immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, and aromas of Turkish culture.

Explore the Grand Bazaar, a labyrinth of narrow streets lined with shops and stalls selling a wide range of goods. From vibrant textiles and intricately designed carpets to aromatic spices and exotic teas, the bazaar is a sensory overload that will transport you to a world of enchantment. Engage in friendly haggling with the local vendors and take home a piece of Side’s vibrant culture.

Unique handicrafts and souvenirs to look out for

While exploring the markets and bazaars, keep an eye out for unique handicrafts and souvenirs that embody the essence of Side’s cultural heritage.

Traditional carpets are a true work of art and make for a remarkable keepsake. Handwoven with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, these carpets are not only visually stunning but also a testament to the craftsmanship of Turkish artisans.

Ceramics are another specialty of Side, with their exquisite designs and vibrant hues. From delicate plates and bowls to intricately painted tiles, these ceramics are a reflection of the region’s rich artistic traditions. Take home a piece of Side’s heritage and adorn your home with these beautiful creations.

Lastly, don’t forget to indulge in the sweet delight of Turkish delight. This chewy confectionery, made with a variety of flavors such as rose, pistachio, and lemon, is a beloved treat that will transport you back to the flavors of Side long after your visit.

Side Practical Travel Tips

Side is located on the southern coast of Turkey and enjoys a Mediterranean climate characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Throughout the year, Side experiences a range of temperatures and varying rainfall patterns.

In the summer months of June, July, and August, temperatures in Side soar to an average high of around 33°C (91°F), making it the peak tourist season. The sea is warm and inviting, perfect for swimming and water activities. However, it is important to note that these months also witness a significant influx of tourists, resulting in crowded beaches and higher accommodation prices.

Spring (April and May) and autumn (September and October) offer a more pleasant climate with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F). These shoulder seasons provide a comfortable atmosphere for exploring Side’s historical sites and enjoying outdoor activities. Additionally, the crowds are thinner during these months, allowing visitors to have a more immersive experience.

Winter in Side, from November to March, brings cooler temperatures ranging from 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F). While it may not be the ideal time for beach activities, winter offers a unique opportunity to explore Side’s ancient ruins and indulge in the local culture without the crowds. It is worth noting that some tourist facilities may have reduced operating hours during this season.

Best Time To Visit Side

Considering both the weather conditions and crowd levels, the ideal time to visit Side would be during the spring and autumn months. April, May, September, and October offer pleasant temperatures, fewer tourists, and a more relaxed atmosphere to fully appreciate the beauty of Side.

Visiting during these shoulder seasons allows travelers to enjoy comfortable weather for outdoor activities, explore historical sites without feeling overwhelmed, and experience the local culture in a more authentic manner. Additionally, prices for accommodation and flights are generally more affordable during these times, providing excellent value for money.

Transportation options to reach Side

To reach Side, travelers have several transportation options available. The most convenient way is to fly into Antalya Airport, which is approximately 65 kilometers (40 miles) away from Side. Antalya Airport is well-connected to major international and domestic destinations, making it easily accessible for travelers from around the world. From the airport, there are regular shuttle services and taxis available to transport visitors to Side.

Alternatively, for those who prefer a more budget-friendly option or enjoy scenic journeys, buses are a popular choice. There are regular bus services operating between Antalya and Side, providing a comfortable and affordable mode of transportation. The journey takes approximately one hour, and buses are equipped with air conditioning and comfortable seating.

Local transportation within Side: Taxis and Dolmus

Once in Side, travelers have various options for local transportation to explore the city and its surroundings. Taxis are readily available and offer a convenient way to get around. It is advisable to agree on a fare before starting the journey or ensure that the meter is used to avoid any misunderstandings.

Another popular mode of transportation in Side is the dolmus, which are shared minibusses. Dolmuses follow specific routes and pick up passengers along the way. They provide an affordable and flexible way to travel within the city and to nearby attractions. Dolmus stops are easily recognizable, and the fare is paid directly to the driver upon boarding.

Accommodation in Side

Side offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. Whether you are seeking luxury resorts, boutique hotels, or budget-friendly guesthouses, there is something for everyone in this charming coastal town.

For travelers looking for a luxurious and indulgent experience, there are several high-end resorts located along the beachfront. These resorts offer top-notch amenities, including private beaches, spa facilities, and multiple dining options. They provide a perfect retreat for those seeking relaxation and pampering during their stay in Side.

Alternatively, boutique hotels in Side’s Old Town offer a unique and intimate experience. These smaller properties are often housed in restored Ottoman-era buildings, exuding charm and character. They provide personalized service, cozy rooms, and a glimpse into the town’s rich history.

Budget-conscious travelers will find a range of guesthouses and budget hotels scattered throughout Side. These accommodations provide comfortable rooms at affordable prices, allowing visitors to save on accommodation expenses and allocate more to exploring the town and its attractions.

Popular areas to stay in Side

When choosing where to stay in Side, there are a few popular areas that offer a variety of accommodation options and convenient access to attractions.

The Old Town, also known as Kaleiçi, is a charming neighborhood filled with narrow streets, ancient ruins, and traditional Turkish houses. Staying in the Old Town allows visitors to immerse themselves in the town’s history and enjoy easy access to historical sites such as the Temple of Apollo and the Roman Theater.

For those seeking a beachfront location, the area around Side’s main beach is an excellent choice. Here, travelers can find a mix of hotels, resorts, and restaurants, all within walking distance of the sandy shores. This area is perfect for sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts.

Final thoughts on the unique charm and beauty of Side, Turkey

As we conclude our guide to Side, Turkey, it is impossible not to be captivated by its unique charm and beauty. This enchanting town seamlessly combines its rich history with a vibrant present, creating an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and invigorating.

The allure of Side lies not only in its ancient ruins and archaeological wonders but also in its picturesque landscapes and idyllic beaches. The azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea provide a stunning backdrop to the town, nviting visitors to relax and soak in the natural beauty that surrounds them.

What sets Side apart from other destinations is its ability to offer a truly immersive experience. Whether you are strolling through the ancient streets, exploring the ruins, or indulging in the local cuisine, you will find yourself transported to a bygone era while still enjoying the comforts of modern-day amenities.

Moreover, the warmth and hospitality of the locals add an extra layer of authenticity to the Side experience. Their genuine pride in their town and willingness to share their stories and traditions make every interaction memorable and meaningful.

Final Thoughts

The Blue Mosque is not only a historical and cultural landmark but also a place of worship for Muslims. As such, it is crucial to respect and preserve this sacred space. Visitors should take the time to learn about its history and significance and show respect by following the mosque’s rules and guidelines. This includes dressing modestly, removing shoes before entering, and refraining from taking photos during prayer times.

In conclusion, the Blue Mosque is a testament to Istanbul’s rich cultural heritage and religious significance. Its historical and cultural significance should be appreciated and respected by all, and we must take steps to preserve and promote this important landmark for future generations.

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Side: One of the most amazing corners of Antalya the shining star of the Mediterranean and among the most crucial port cities of antiquity, Side is an irresistible holiday resort


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44 Fun Things to Do in Side, Turkey

things to do in Side, Turkey

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With an annual average temperature of 65°F/ 18°C, and an abundance of nature, sea, history, and local charm, it’s easy to see how the beautiful Turkish resort town of Side will more than likely continue drawing more tourism in the years to come – will you be included?

Located on the southern Mediterranean Turkish coast, explore centuries’ worth of history at the beautiful Apollo Temple and Athena Temple, and the Side Antik Theater! Appreciate the column styles and artistic details, and historic events that took place there!

Cruise down the Manavgat River, enjoying the sights of crashing waterfalls, or head to Green Canyon for beyond-stellar rafting! Make it to Koprulu Canyon National Park, and take a cruise that goes underneath the stunning Aspendos Bridge – a rock bridge connecting two canyons!

Visit the unreal sight of Pamukkale, and enjoy a swim in the healing thermal pools that historically were referred to as a Roman spa resort!

With all of these ideas to add to your list of things to do in Side , let’s get going and add some more!

1 – Visit the symbols of Side at the Apollo and Athena Temple

Apollo and Athena Temple, Side

Admire the presence of the towering Apollo and Athena Temples dating back to 150 BC! The Apollo temple is built to honor the god of music, harmony, and light while the Athena temple is built to honor the goddess of wisdom, intelligence, and art.

Both temples are built with Corinthian-style columns and white marble. The Temple of Apollo specifically has Medusa heads, while the Temple of Athena has imagery of Pomegranates, as this fruit is considered sacred in mythology.

Located next to the sea, the scenery of both temples is the picture postcard photo waiting to happen!

2 – Discover Side’s waterways on a boat tour

tourist information side turkey

Take in the sweeping views of the dramatic and rocky hills dotted with green vegetation and the deep turquoise waters near Side on a magnificent boat tour!

Explore nearby Green Lake, and get close to Green Canyon and Oymapinar Dam, as you make your way to Manavgat, a nearby city with beautiful waterfalls.

In for something slightly more adventurous? Check out a boat tour and Jeep safari adventure combo, and enjoy a bonus off-roading adventure into the beautiful nearby mountains! Plus on your boat tour, you’ll pass by the dramatic waterfalls near Manavgat!

  • boat tours in Side

3 – Have a little fun at the Land of Legends theme park

tourist information side turkey

Only 1 hour away from Side is the fun-packed Land of Legends theme park – a water park, theme park, hotel, and even a shopping center all in one place!

With the 62-meter high Hyper Coaster, the Zippy Zappy Coaster, the Round The World game, and more, you can rest assured there will never be a dull moment at Land of Legends!

Make a splash at Aqua Land, with rides like the Float Rider, and even get to swim with dolphins! Some admission tickets include other perks like night shows and bonus access to other parts of the park!

  • Land of Legends Theme Park tickets

4 – See the quiet side of Side on a quad tour

quad tours in Side

Go off the grid for a little while, and enjoy a quad tour through the rough terrains near Side!

From the coast to the muddy gravel roads, the towering mountains, and more, enjoy the local nature of Side, as you pass through parts of the city’s outskirts that not many get to see on their travels! Enjoy seeing and listening to local wildlife, and even learning about local vegetation!

Due to the nature of this activity, you may get mud and dirt on your clothes, so bring extra clothes, and use the locker facilities at the tour headquarters!

  • quad tours in Side

5 – See the ancient theater in Side Ancient City

Ancient City, Side

Walk through the gates of Side Ancient City, and feel like you’ve stepped back to the 7th century! Starting with the Side Antik Theater, which had a capacity for 17,000 people that saw many confrontations between gladiators and large animals.

The Side Antik Hospital can still be admired by its ruins, with large holes on the side of the structure, possibly looking like large windows or doors.

Though most of the structures of the ancient city are ruins, some structures can still be admired, and considering the history of Side Ancient City, it’s a must on anyone’s itinerary!

6 – Go whitewater rafting at Koprulu

tourist information side turkey

Set 1 hour north of Side, Koprulu Canyon is another stunning natural site with incredible rafting tours, a historic stone bridge, and tons of trout fishing opportunities!

On this day-long trip, enjoy rafting through the emerald-colored waters in the canyon, maneuvering your way around the medium-level rapids, and glancing around for local wildlife making their quick appearance every now and then.

After your rapids tour, you’ll have a chance to swim or even relax on the shore, followed by a delicious local lunch!

Some rafting tours include photos taken during the experience, so don’t forget to smile!

  • rafting tours in Side

7 – Hop on an exciting Jeep tour

jeep tours from Side

Ready for a Turkey-style safari? Hop on a thrilling Jeep safari tour, taking you through some of Side’s most scenic landscapes, from the Taurus Mountains to witnessing the stunning Manavgat Waterfall.

Enjoy a stop by the local villages on the mountains as you venture through remote areas with your guide and driver sharing local tips and cultural insight into life on the mountains near Side.

Many Jeep safari tours also include Green Lake boat tours, with possible swimming opportunities, as well as a delicious lunch included in your day-long experience!

  • jeep tours in Side

8 – Do some shopping and waterfall-watching at Manavgat

tourist information side turkey

Located 11 minutes away from Side, Manavgat is a beautiful city on the Manavgat River that offers different activities to all sorts of travelers.

From a cultural tour through the grand Manavgat Bazaar for a little souvenir shopping to a cruise to witness the crashing Manavgar Waterfalls or a historical walk through the Central Mosque Complex, all there is to do is to browse at which attraction catches your eye!

If you’d like to see it all, enjoy an all-encompassing Manavgat tour from Side, which includes ground transport, an English-speaking tour guide, lunch, snacks, and a boat ride.

  • Manavgat tours from Side

9 – Gawk at the incredible Rock Tombs in Demre

tourist information side turkey

Also known as Kale or Myra, Demre is a beautiful day trip idea from Side to take advantage of and see several other historical and beautiful sites, shedding light on the city’s local culture.

Visit the church of St. Nicholas, also known as Santa Clause, who historically was a 4th century Bishop of Demre! To learn more about this side of Santa that may be new to you, check out the Santa Clause (St. Nicholas) Museum inside the church!

Next, take a close look at the ruins of Roman Myra, including a stunning theater and rock tombs!

  • Demre day trips from Side

10 – Cool off at Amazon Water World

Amazon Water World, Side

Ready to make some splashes? Check out Amazon Water World , offering refreshing pools, wave pools, water canals, lazy rivers, and fun slides for the kids in your travel group!

Located on Çolaklı beach in Side, the famous water resort has an abundance of fun and safe water activities geared towards children, but parents, don’t fret! Enjoy the 2 Turkish Baths, 2 Saunas, steam rooms, aroma therapy, and massage therapies, amongst many other relaxing activities for you to indulge in!

When hunger strikes, head over to the on-site restaurants featuring local cuisine, and international favorites!

11 – Learn about the history of the State Agora

tourist information side turkey

View the ruins of the previous State Agora of the ancient city of Ephesus, known as the political and social center of the city during the Roman Era.

Inside the important and historical site, philosophical teachings, political debates, and other civil activities took place, including voting for the city’s local laws.

In its heyday, the State Agora was made of pink granite transported from Egypt, and later on, had a large cistern to transport water to the city.

Though today the State Agora is in ruins, it’s still a fascinating place to see!

12 – Go scuba diving to visit the Underwater Museum

scuba diving in Side

Go scuba diving and find yourself with remnants of ancient temples, statues of gods, and other fascinating pieces that belonged to a city now underwater.

On this special scuba diving expedition, you’ll jump in feet first with your instructor, and be guided through the crystal blue waters, enjoying the local sealife, and approximately 110 statues living underwater that belong to Anatolian history.

After your exciting scuba diving adventure, you’ll have free time to swim, and afterward, receive a delicious local lunch!

  • scuba diving in Side

13 – Enjoy the scenery on a Dolphin Island boat tour

dolphin island cruises from Side

Spot some dolphins on a memorable Dolphin Island Boat Tour from Side! Hop on board a pirate-style boat, and jet off into the waters, keeping a close eye on dolphins popping their heads out!

Included in your dolphin tour, you’ll also receive a delicious BBQ lunch, followed by some live music, dancing, and depending on your tour, an exhilarating foam party!

Some other tours also offer swimming and snorkeling opportunities near Karaburun Cove or even sunbathing on the boat’s top deck, if that’s more your style.

Dolphin Island tours start at $16 USD.

  • Dolphin Island tours

14 – Try the best coffee shops in Side

tourist information side turkey

Accompany your coffee time with a sweet pastry, from baklava to a strawberry shortcake, and more at the delightful Doruk Pastanesi!

Located near the Temple of Apollo is the quaint Cafe Easy Rider, where you can enjoy anything from a cup of traditional Turkish coffee to a latte on the beautiful open patio, with views of the blue sea!

Offering great coffee options and a cool ambiance is Cafe Dreams, another coffee hot spot located near the Temple of Apollo. Reasonably-priced coffee plus hospitable staff make this a top pick for locals!

Yunus Bar offers everything from cozy coffee to a refreshing beer, and delicious Turkish cuisine, ready any time of the day.

15 – Wander throughout Side Museum

tourist information side turkey

See remnants of the excavations near Side at the expansive Side Museum! Get a deeper appreciation for the city, and its history, including the different eras and influences it survived.

The archaeological museum allows you to step inside to see ancient artifacts within its 5 rooms, including ruins of ancient bathhouses, especially the 2,000-year-old Agora Bath of Side, dozens of restored statues, items that belonged to the townspeople from coins, pottery, and even a large sarcophagus and more!

Lastly, check out the gardens full of medieval relics! The museum is 3 – minutes away.

16 – Exfoliate and soak inside a Turkish bath

turkish bath in Side

Experience a traditional Turkish bath, also known as a Hammam, a steam bath that has been a traditional component of everyday life in the Islamic world for centuries.

Relax as you enjoy a special cleansing treatment, followed by a body exfoliation, and steam session, allowing the body muscles to relax and release tensions and stress.

With dozens of spas and traditional bath sites in Side, explore wonderful treatments, from mud baths to salt rooms, and more!

Detox your body, treat yourself to a foot massage after so much walking around, and give yourself a little TLC – the Turkish way!

  • Turkish Baths in Side

17 – Escape the city for a day trip to Pamukkale

Pamukkale, Turkey

Wander through a landscape taken straight out of Willy Wonka at Pamukkale, a scene of fluffy-looking white rocks and fluorescent blue hot springs!

4-hours away from Side is Pamukkale, which means “Cotton Castle” – a name that was given due to the carbonated mineral buildup in the water, resembling a fluffy, cotton-candy-like texture. Swim in the thermal pools, and relish in the beautiful scene you’re in!

Depending on the day trip you choose, you’ll also make a few stops in nearby sites like Salda Lake, known as the “Turkish Maldives”, and a stop at Hierapolis , an ancient religious hub and temple.

  • Pamukkale day trips from Side

18 – Take in some vitamin D at the best beaches in Side

tourist information side turkey

Stay central to Side and check out Kumkoy Beach, a 100 meters long stretch of golden sand and shallow water, making it ideal for those traveling with younger children.

Evrenseki Beach is another wonderful option, 7.5 kilometers away from Side, with tons of amenities to enjoy, including changing rooms, showers, beach volleyball courts, seaside cafes, and more!

Want to lounge around? Check out Seaside Beach Lounge, and its sandy and pebble shores. During the summer, beach cabanas pop up as well as the fun ambiance of music and dancing.

Want a quiet beach? Sorgun Beach was awarded the Blue Flag award for its pristine blue waters and lush natural landscape!

19 – Take a boat tour at Green Canyon

tourist information side turkey

Witness the grandeur of Green Canyon, a beautiful dam reservoir, only 39 minutes away from Side.

Enjoy a stunning tour through the wilderness and nature of one of Turkey’s most beautiful sites, combining exquisite views of the rocky canyon, soaring birds, and fluorescent emerald-colored waters!

To enjoy both the beauty and the history of this site, join a Green Canyon tour near Side, learning some fascinating tips and facts from your guide.

Many tours offer combo experiences, including a visit to Oymapinar Dam, visiting the Seleukia Ancient Roman City, a swimming break at Green Dam, lunch afterward, plus more!

  • Green canyon tours near Side

20 – Make a trip to the historic Seleukeia (Lyrbe) Ancient City

Seleukeia (Lyrbe) Ancient City, Side

Only 30 minutes away from Side, Seleukeia Ancient City was historically an important Greek city with an incredible mix of history, culture, and nature in one place.

Visit the ruins of the ancient city, as you walk through the fortification walls still standing, and into the ancient agora filled with ruins of baths, temples, libraries, and even a few tombs.

Get spanning views over the plains of Manavgat and the beauty of the pine forest nearby!

Best of all, the site is free to enter, making it one of the most affordable things to do in Side!

21 – Visit the beautiful city of Antalya on a day trip

tourist information side turkey

Explore the dense history of Antalya, an important gateway into Turkey’s southern Mediterranean region, known for its sparkling coast with tons of boats and world-class resorts.

Only 1 hour from Side, book a fun day trip to Antalya, and enjoy the different activities from a city tour featuring the historic Old Town to visiting the Antalya Aquarium with over 40 thematic rooms and the biggest tunnel aquarium in the world!

Enjoy a ride on the scenic cable car , reaching 700 meters into the sky to view sights nearby like the Kaleiçi plus the natural scenery including the sea!

  • Antalya day trips from Side

22 – Witness a ballet show in a 2,000-year-old theater at Aspendos Opera and Ballet

Aspendos Opera and Ballet, Turkey

Classical music and culture lovers, don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime of attending the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival, taking place in June and July.

Featuring a celebration of traditional dance, ballet, and classical opera, the Opera and Ballet Festival takes place in the historic Aspendos theater, which dates back 2,000 years!

Enjoy the immersive experience of witnessing traditional dance and song within a historic space with the same incredible acoustic structure as before!

Book your ticket in advance at the event’s website and check out the other services offered with your ticket.

23 – Stroll through the Ancient Houses & colonnaded streets

tourist information side turkey

Walk down the historic promenade of the colonnaded streets of Side, which used to be the main streets of the popular city in the 2nd century AD.

Though 2 colonnade streets existed, the one going west to the city’s agora is the one that is currently open and easily accessible, with towering columns and ruins of the shops that used to dot the street!

Pass the 2 best-preserved ancient houses from the 1st century BC, and analyze the plan of the houses, each with an interior courtyard and even a few remnants of the mosaic floors!

24 – Enjoy a day out in nature canyoning

canyoning in Side

Turn up the fun with an exciting canyoning adventure in Side! With bonus activities added on your canyoning excursion like zip lining and rafting – you’re in for a wild day of non-stop fun!

Travel to Koprulu Canyon, only a 1-hour drive north of Side to explore nature from both the air and water! Enjoy a full day of canyoning up the Koprulu Canyon, followed up by an exciting zip lining to see the scenic landscape of caves, water, and vegetation, and then hit the waters on a rafting adventure!

Though all accessories are included bring your SPF and swimsuit!

  • canyoning in Side

25 – Have a wild time at Land of Lions

Land of Lions, Side

A conservation center with incredible experiences to get close to some of nature’s amazing animals, check out Land of Lions to see huge families of lions, roam freely through the park!

Home to over 30 lions from all over the world, and of all ages, these lions live and roam freely, and you can observe them safely from different points in the park!

As a bonus, you’ll also see tigers, crocodiles, and monkeys, all in their respective habitats within the large park! Check out the rest of the themed spaces, from terrariums to the bird sanctuary, and crocodile park!

26 – Take a photo of the Aspendos Bridge

tourist information side turkey

26 minutes away from Side is the historic and strong Aspendos Bridge that crosses the Koprucay River, near the Koprulu Canyon National Park.

Visibly stunning with 7 arches of different sizes, and a length of 225 meters long, the bridge dates back to the 4th century, and has been consistently repaired throughout the years to keep its use going until recently.

Today, you can walk across the historic bridge, and take a pause midway to admire the view of the gushing water underneath, as well as the nature surrounding the epic bridge!

27 – Taste some savory Gozleme pancakes

Gozleme pancakes in Side

Get your hands on some delicious Gozleme pancakes, a traditional Turkish pancake that, unlike the sweet American breakfast variety, this pancake is typically savory and filled with minced meat, potatoes, veggies, or cheese.

To try one for yourself, visit Rock Family Tea Garden Cafe, located only 11 minutes away from Side city center. Enjoy your Gozelene pancakes with a cup of Turkish coffee, right along the river.

The reasonable prices and the hospitality of the staff are two main reasons why people return time and time again to this restaurant!

28 – Explore the rugged landscapes near Side on a buggy tour

buggy tours in Side

Hold on tight when you hop on a thrilling Buggy safari, touring along the natural lands near the Koprucay River, taking note of the wildlife and unique vegetation.

Be in the driver’s seat on this experience, as you take reigns of the buggy, with the guidance of your instructor and guide, following the group into the wilderness! Some tours also include stops at the Koprulu Canyon National Park, and driving along archaeological sites and various rock forms!

The extent that you’ll be driving is 20-kilometers approximately! Accessories and ground transportation are included.

  • buggy tours in Side

29 -Take in the relief work on the Anıtsal Çeşme (Nymphaeum)

tourist information side turkey

See with your own eyes the remnants of the Anıtsal Çeşme (Nymphaeum), an ancient Roman fountain, considered to be one of the most spectacular fountains all around, dating back to the 2nd century AD.

Situated just outside the city, a 9-minute walk from the city center are the beautiful marble columns. Also known as the “Monumental Fountain” it has beautiful, detailed reliefs on it still visible today, from fishes, Medusa heads, bear claws, and a few more to spot.

So stop by, and read the historical signage sharing more interesting facts about this incredible fountain.

30 – Go on a fishing trip

fishing in Side

Looking for a relaxing activity in Side? Why not look into fishing? Catch some of the local fish as you learn about fishing practices and species on a fishing excursion in Side!

From bonito to scorpion fish, bluefish, or a red mullet, you’ll be surprised by the variety of different fishes that reside on the coast of Side! On your fishing activity, you’ll also receive hotel pick-up and drop-off, as well as receive the proper equipment and accessories!

Pick up a few fishing techniques used by the locals and learn about the role of fishing in local culture and cuisine!

  • fishing in Side

31 – Get your shopping on at the Side Old Town Market

tourist information side turkey

Pay a visit to Side Old Town, and hit up the Side Old Town Market, brimming with tons of life with customers bartering clothing, accessories, home goods, and more!

From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays, enjoy the abundance of shopping opportunities and browse around the different colors and scents of the market. From colorful lamps to intricate tapestries and all, the Side Old Town Market is open-air and located in the heart of Old Town.

Bring cash to the market, and avoid buying historical coins, as it’s illegal to sell them and most are fake.

32 – Giddy up on a horse riding adventure

horse riding in Side

Choose between horse riding on the beach or the dense pine forest when picking out your ideal horse riding activity in Side!

Enjoy a scenic and peaceful moment horseback riding through Titreyengol and the Sorgun Pine Forest, smelling the fresh scent of woodsy pine in the air while learning local facts from your guide. Afterward, enjoy a delicious local snack at a cafe.

Those wanting to breathe fresh beach air, check out horseback riding opportunities on the beach, trekking on quiet shores, all the way to resorts, and nearby cute seaside cafes.

Horse riding activities start at $58 USD.

  • horse riding in Side

33 – Refresh yourself at Aquajoy water park

Aquajoy Water Park, Side

Enjoy Aquajoy water park’s exhilarating water slides, tubing opportunities, lazy rivers, and more!

Whether you’re traveling with young kids, or it’s just you, a refreshing way to cool off from the day’s heat is to visit a waterpark, and why not check out Aquajoy water park, only 10 minutes away from Side city center?

For the adults, enjoy going down the exciting adult-size slides with high drops and cool landings, or relaxing poolside with a refreshing drink and book in hand, under an umbrella!

Admission to this all-around fun park starts at 270 Turkish Lira.

34 – Ride through the beautiful Taurus Mountains

tourist information side turkey

Visit the magnificent Taurus Mountains, a significant historic and natural mountain range located on the southern coast of Turkey.

Enjoy an excursion to the mountains, absorbing the fresh air on a Jeep Safari, and coming close to a few sites like Green Canyon, the Oymapinar Dam, and a beautiful waterfall! Rush through the water and mud, and glance around the impressive mountains!

Take reigns on a Buggy Tour, learning about special endemic species and cultural facts about the mountain along the way. Ride around for 10 kilometers, circling an action-packed trail!

  • Taurus mountains day trips from Side

35 – View the historical Vespasian Monument & Gate

tourist information side turkey

Feel enchanted by the site of the Vespasian Monument & Gate towering around 13.5 meters in the air, and sustained by two ancient walls. It is the gate through which traffic still passes to get into the city, and you can still make out the Greco-Roman details.

3-minutes away from Side, the Vespasian Monument & Gate are said to have been named after the Vespasian Emperor. In its time, its said that the arch was probably higher, but with natural disasters and attacks, the arch was rebuilt slightly lower.

The Vespasian Monument & Gate is a 15-minute walk from Side.

36 – Check out all there is to see in Alanya

tourist information side turkey

Book a fun day trip to the resort town of Alanya, a 1-hour drive from Side, and explore the beautiful sites that the Turkish Riviera town has to offer.

Admire the Red Tower, a symbol of the city dating back to 1226, lay on Cleopatra Beach, said to have been named after Cleopatra herself visited, and explore the beauty of Alanya Castle, amongst many other sites!

Some of the day trips from Side to Alanya include a 5-hour boat tour in Green Canyon, with a stop in Alanya, or a day trip with a tour guide!

  • Alanya day trips from Side

37 – Explore the stunning Eagle Canyon

tourist information side turkey

Situated within the outstanding Taurus Mountains is the beautiful Eagle Canyon, one of Turkey’s most impressive canyons to explore!

When you book a day trip from Side to Eagle Canyon, you’ll experience not only bird’s eye views of the deep valleys, incredible wildlife, and the history of this site but also a few historical stops along the way.

Stop by an ancient Roman bridge, stop by the city of Selge, known for its amphitheater ruins, and so much more! Stop by to refresh yourself at Koprucay River, after you hike the Eagle Canyon.

Lunch is also provided on this tour.

  • Eagle Canyon day trips from Side

38 – Satisfy your cravings at the best restaurants

tourist information side turkey

Enjoy the seaside vibes and delicious Turkish cuisine at Q Beach Restaurant & Lounge. After your filling meal, feel free to stay and relax seaside with a house cocktail in hand.

Check out Side House Cafe, known to have repeat customers due to the incredible hospitality, delicious quality meals, and lively ambiance with live music! The pub-style restaurant has beautiful views of the sea too!

Meat eaters, satisfy your hunger at Old Town Steakhouse , with a hearty piece of locally raised steak seared on the grill with the perfect glass of local wine. Looking for seafood? Enjoy the variety of the Mix Fish Plate or try the delicious grilled salmon.

Relish a mix of Turkish and international cuisine at Side Orfoz Restaurant, with an outdoor terrace looking out over the ocean, and immaculate vibes that turn on as soon as the sun sets. From chicken to seafood, steaks, and salad – this place has it all!

Serenade Restaurant & Bar is just what you imagine a romantic restaurant to look like. Twinkling lights, views of the sea, and delicious Turkish classics with a few Mexican options!

39 – Visit the “sunken city” on Kekova Island

tourist information side turkey

Make it out to Kekova Island on a day trip, known for its historic sites as much as for its natural splendor.

Explore the magnificent fortress on top of a hill, as well as pieces of the old pier, while walking amongst the lush beauty of the island, proving to be a true escape from the hustle of Side.

A boat tour around Kekova is another great way to enjoy the coves nearby, and learn more about the time when the island was submerged underwater due to earthquakes, as you see remnants of the 300-seat theater, ancient houses, and more!

  • Kekova day trips from Side

40 – Cut loose at a foam boat party

foam boat party in Side

Get your party on a fun foam boat party, cruising through the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea, meeting new people, and playing with foam!

Start your adventure cruising down the Manavgat River, moving along the city of Side before hitting the Mediterranean, as the abundance of food and drinks start to make their rounds through the boat! Best of all, your foam boat party ticket already includes food and drinks, so no worries about having to buy onboard.

Throughout the 3 levels of the boat, you’ll get a little bit of everything, including swimming and spotting a few turtles!

  • foam boat party

41 – Book a day trip to the Roman city of Myra

tourist information side turkey

Venture to the ancient city of Myra, a city dating back to the 5th century BC with tons of ruins from rock tombs, to the ancient amphitheater, to stunning flower fields, fruit orchards, and more.

On a day trip from Side, enjoy a stop in Myra, exploring its Roman town roots through its ruins, as well as stopping by a few other ancient cities along the way. You’ll also make stops at the sunken city of Kekova and Demrel!

As part of your full-day trip activities, you’ll also get to enjoy a lovely lunch at a local restaurant.

  • Myra day trips from Side

42 – Wine and dine at the Fire of Anatolia Show

Fire of Anatolia shows in Side

Get your tickets to the show of the city, the Fire of Anatolia Show! Enjoy a spectacular show of 100+ dancers performing Turkish dance and culture, taking place at the Gloria Aspendos Arena, only 30 minutes away from Side!

When you book your ticket ahead of time, you’ll not only receive entry to the award-winning Turkish performance, but you’ll also enjoy a traditional Turkish dinner and drinks, as well as ground transportation to and from your hotel!

Get an artistic taste of local Turkish culture, and enjoy a beautiful evening of color, dance, and even a few fireworks!

  • Fire of Anatolia shows

43 – Duck into a few caves on a day trip

tourist information side turkey

Situated in the stunning Taurus Mountains, you’ll find the Altınbesik Cave National Park , an active cave system, where you can peek inside and get a view of the large stalactites and stalagmites!

Some tours to the Altınbesik Cave also include a trip to the Ormana Village , a mountain village known for its beautiful house architecture known as the “Button Houses.”

Fall in love with the unruly nature of Sapadere Canyon on a triumphant hike around the canyon, and a refreshing swim in the many natural pools.

Goblin’s Cave is a popular cave system and home of healing mineral waters that drip from the Taurus Mountain.

Visit one of the deepest cave networks in the country at Dudencik Caves, which go as deep as 330 meters into the earth! A guided tour of this site will show you the best lakes around!

  • Cave tours near Side

44 – Party all night long at the best nightclubs and pubs

tourist information side turkey

Party the night away at Seven Side Club, with live DJ guests, themed nights, and drinks to last the whole night, and then some. The club has an open rooftop, dancers, and a vibe too good to pass up to get to know Side’s nightlife!

Located along the coast, Kiss Bar Slide is the perfect place to grab dinner and stay for a while after watching the sun sets. Enjoy a lively and youthful ambiance of partygoers, and be sure to order the house cocktail!

Otherwise known as a popular drink in many countries, Raki in Turkey is also known as a popular nightlife hot spot. Make sure to try some Raki of course, but pace yourself as this drink has 40%-50% alcohol!

How to get to Side?

Side doesn’t have an airport, however, the closest airport to fly into is Antalya Airport (AYT) only 34 miles (54 kilometers) from Side.

Due to the distance from the airport to Side, the best and most convenient way to get to your hotel is via an airport transfer ! Ride comfortably and hassle-free, no matter when you get in!

Where to stay in Side?

Traveling with your partner? Stay at Carpe Diem Boutique Hotel-Adults Only! Enjoy the airy, clean, and bright rooms with unobstructed views of the Mediterranean, and only a few minutes away from the beautiful Green Canyon!

Armas Bella Sun is a resort with outdoor pools, a healing spa, and access to a private beach, amongst other amenities. Enjoy either views of the garden or the Mediterranean Sea from your room, or the dining spaces!

Relish all the dining options at Oyster Boutique Hotel , from international to Turkish! The hotel is close to all the sights in the central Side, while also maintaining its quiet areas for its guests.

Traveling with family? Stay at Otium Family Eco Club , a kid-friendly resort with endless activities for the whole family. From petting animals to board games to child-friendly restaurants and play areas, this is a great option for those traveling with young children!

  • best hotels in Side

Where to go next?

Explore the other great places to visit in Turkey , from its UNESCO World Heritage Sites to its coastal cities and more!

Take a Cappadocia tour from Side , and hop on a breathtaking adventure through the skies of Turkey, on an early morning hot air balloon, floating above the fairy chimneys!

Further down the coast is the resort town of Alanya , with historic sites, such as the Alanya Castle, and natural wonders like the Damlatas Caves.

Immerse yourself in the magnificent city of Antalya , a coastal city that blends history, beaches and vibrant culture. Stroll through the charming old town and admire the picturesque Düden waterfall.

Visit the coastal town of Bodrum , and admire the medieval fortress, the historic Mausoleum at the Halicarnassus, and the beautiful Bodrum Castle with a museum showcasing ship artifacts!

For history enthusiasts, Fethiye is a treasure trove; visit its Ancient Rock Tombs and the Ghost Village of Kayaköy telling tales from a time long past.

Experience Marmaris , a town on the Turkish Riviera known for its beautiful pebble beaches, lively nightlife, and ample diving opportunities!

Hop over to Cyprus , indulging in its archaeological sites like the Tombs of the Kings and the fascinating MUSAN – Museum of Underwater Sculptures!

Make it to Istanbul , and explore its historic streets pulsing with life. Explore the opulent Dolmabahçe Palace, and peruse the goodies at the Grand Bazaar!

Final thoughts

From historic ruins revealing 2nd-century amphitheaters and temples to the impressive natural landscapes like the Green Canyon and Koprulu Canyon National Park, plus the incredible nightlife and coastal vibes – Side should surely make it to the top of your Turkey bucket list destinations!

What from our list of best things to do in Side caught your attention the most?

Happy travels!

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Things To Do In Side

tourist information side turkey

Sukru Dulger

Travel Writer | Tour Guide

  • See Manavgat Waterfall
  • Do Green Canyon Boat Trip
  • Eat Salted Bonito & Shrimp
  • Buy Evil Eye Souvenirs

Choosing Side Turkey for your vacations is indeed an amazing choice. A city that combines relaxation, adventure, activities and history is all you need to transform your time into an exquisite memorable experience. As one of Turkey’s most famous classical sites, the city has a lot of ancient points of interest, sandy beaches, amazing hotels, restaurants and bars. In case you wish to escape from the ordinary tourist activities, Side offers plenty of options for things to do. One thing is to taken for granted; you will never feel a doubt moment for your vacations in Side Turkey.

Walking Among Ancient Ruins

Side is often characterized as an open-air museum. Well, this is absolutely true since the city has an incredible variety of Ancient Ruins to showcase. Their charm and history constitute these Ancient ruins as a must thing to see when in Side. Visit the Pamphylian city and walk around the amphitheatre, feel the spirit of the ancient agora and observe the ruins of a Temple that was dedicated to a Roman Goddess. The list includes also the Ancient temples of Athena and Apollo that are great examples of ancient architectural design. Finally, Side’s archaeological museum has an amazing variety of exhibits. In fact, the museum is hosted in restored Roman baths, making it unique with value-added historical importance.

Visiting Seleucia Ancient City

In case you are interested in history but in an alternative way, visiting the ancient city of Seleucia will be the ideal option. Seleucia is not the average ancient city. In fact, it is one of a kind attraction due to its location and importance. Situated in the middle of a forest, the ruins indicate how important the city used to be during the Byzantine era. In such remote location, the ruins are spread in a large area enabling you to enjoy a walk around the ancient city and the nature.

Visiting Manavgat Waterfall

Considered being as one of the most important spots, in terms of natural beauty, the Manavgat Waterfall is an ideal location to spend your time away from the beach. The water flows through Taurus Mountains and creates a Waterfall known for its beauty. Crystal clear water surrounded by forest and the sounds of nature is what you should expect. In addition, you can take a boat tour in Manavgat River and spend few hours admiring the nature.

Visiting Canyons of Side

Among the many things you can do when in Side, is of course to visit the three Canyons of the area. Koprulu Canyon National Park, Green Canyon as well as Sapadere Canyon are great examples of natural wonders. Escape from your ordinary tourist routine and take a chance to admire nature at its best. If you are feeling energetic and adventurous, several activities are available for you, like rafting and river boat trips.

Antalya Day Trip

Despite the variety of things you can do in Side, a day trip to Antalya it can also be an option, given the short distance between them. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of Turkey’s famous destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Constituting the 5 th biggest city of the country, Antalya offers plenty of options for activities including historical sites and unique landscapes. In Antalya you will be also able to visit one of the world’s biggest aquariums and enjoy a cable car ride with amazing panoramic views over the Mediterranean. Finally, Antalya offers to visitors great opportunities to familiarize themselves with the culture. The Fire of Anatolia Dance Show is a one of kind experience, when you can see traditional dancing, listen to local music and observe folklore uniforms that illustrate the history and culture of the area.

Don’t miss out Daily Tours organized from Side.

Joys of Traveling

Guide to the ancient city of Side in Turkey and its main sites

Side (Turkey) – a city built in the era of Ancient Greece, today is one of the most popular resorts in the province of Antalya. Rare sights, picturesque beaches, highly developed tourist infrastructure brought the object unprecedented popularity among travelers. Side is located in the south-west of the country and is part of the city of Manavgat, from which the resort is 7 km away. The population of the facility is just over 14 thousand people.

Side, Turkey

The construction of the city dates back to the 7th century BC, when the Hellenes who arrived from Western Anatolia began to develop the area. It was the Greeks who gave the name to the city “Side”, which in translation from the Greek dialect that appeared at that time meant “pomegranate.” The fruit was considered a symbol of prosperity and fertility, and its image adorned ancient coins. Over the centuries, the Greeks expanded and strengthened the city, successfully trading with neighboring facilities through two ports.

Side reached its peak in 2-3 centuries. AD, being part of the Roman Empire: it was during this period that most of the ancient structures were erected, the ruins of which have survived to this day. By the 7th century, after numerous raids by the Arabs, the city fell into decay and only in the 10th century, ravaged and destroyed, returned to the indigenous inhabitants, and a couple of centuries later became part of the Ottoman Empire.

Side old town

Such a rich history of Side could not but be reflected in the monuments of architecture. Only ruins remained of some of them, others were preserved in good condition. Large-scale restoration work initiated by the American publicist Alfred Friendly, who lived and worked for several years in the ancient city of Side in Turkey, helped in many ways to survive the sights. Thanks to his efforts, today we can admire the most valuable ancient structures and study the exhibits of the archaeological museum.

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Most of Side’s attractions are concentrated at the main entrance to the city, and some objects are located off the coast. In the center there is a large bazaar where you can find popular Turkish goods. Cozy cafes and restaurants lined the coast, where national live music is played in the evenings. An incredible combination of seascapes, monuments of antiquity, lush vegetation and well-established infrastructure attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. What are the attractions of Side in Turkey can be seen today?

Although the amphitheater in Side is not the largest in Turkey, the ancient building is truly amazing in its scale. The construction of the landmark dates back to the 2nd century AD, when the Roman Empire ruled in this part of the country. At that time, the building served as an arena for gladiatorial battles, which about 20 thousand people could look at at the same time. Until now, the building has good acoustics, and today, from the upper spectator stands, interesting views of the area open up.

Amphitheater in Side

  • Address: Side Mahallesi, Liman Cd., 07330 Manavgat / Antalya.
  • Opening hours: in the summer season, the attraction operates from 08:00 to 19:00, in the winter from 08:00 to 17:30.
  • Cost of visit: 30 TL.

On the approach to the ancient city, guests are greeted by an ancient arched gate, which is considered the main entrance to Side. The structure, dated to the 1st century AD, was erected in honor of the Roman ruler Vespasian. The height of the structure reaches 6 m. Once upon a time towers rose on both sides of the gate, and the niches of the structure were decorated with statues of the emperor. Today, only ruins remained from the ancient building, but even these ruins are able to declare the grandeur and monumentality of architecture of the Roman Empire.

Vespasian Gate

The main attraction and symbol of the city of Side was the Temple of Apollo, located on a rocky shore near the sea harbor. The cloister was built in the 2nd century A.D. in honor of the ancient Greek god of the sun and patron of the arts of Apollo. The building was erected for several years and was originally a rectangular building decorated with a marble colonnade. In the 10th century, during the powerful earthquake, the temple was almost destroyed. Today, only a facade consisting of five columns and fragments of the foundation have remained from the construction. You can visit the attraction at any time for free.

Temple of Apollo

In the ancient city of Side, part of a rather unusual building that once served as the fountain of a vibrant fountain survived. The construction was erected in the 2nd century A.D. in homage to the Roman rulers Titus and Vespasian. The building used to be a three-story fountain 5 meters high and about 35 meters wide, which by the standards of that time was considered a truly grandiose construction. Water flowed to Nymphaeum through a stone aqueduct drawn from the Manavgat River.

Monumental fountain Nymphaeum

Previously, the fountain was richly decorated with marble colonnades and statues, but today only two dilapidated floors with several monoliths remain from the building. It is strictly forbidden to approach the sights, but you can see the fountain from afar.

Often in the photo of the city of Side and other resorts in Turkey, you can see ancient stone arched structures that extend several kilometers. This is nothing but aqueducts – a system of ancient Roman aqueducts, through which water flowed into the homes of ancient cities. Today, the remains of ancient water supply structures can be observed along the entire coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Side also has an ancient water supply, stretching over a distance of 30 km and including 16 tunnels and 22 aqueduct bridges. Once upon a time, water came into the city from the Manavgat River through an underground pipe, located 150 meters from the main gate.

Ancient Roman Aqueduct

In the middle of the 20th century, large-scale archaeological excavations were carried out in the territory of Side, during which a lot of valuable artifacts were discovered. After completing the research, it was decided to open a museum dedicated to civilizations that once flourished in the city. The premises for the collection were restored Roman baths. Today the museum is divided into 2 sections: one is located inside the building, the second – outside under the open sky. Among the exhibits are fragments of statues, sarcophagi, ancient coins and amphorae. The oldest museum item dates back to the 8th century BC. For the most part, museum exhibits talk about the Greco-Roman period, but here you can also look at artifacts related to the Byzantine and Ottoman eras.

At the Side Museum

  • Address: Side Mahallesi, 07330 Manavgat / Antalya.
  • Opening hours: from April to October, the attraction is open from 08:30 to 19:30, from October to April – from 08:30 to 17:30.
  • Cost of visit: 15 TL.

Holidays in Side in Turkey has become popular not only because of unique attractions, but also due to its many beaches. Conventionally, the resort coast can be divided into western and eastern. Distinctive features of local beaches are sand cover and shallow water, which allows families with children to relax comfortably. Water in the sea warms up by mid-May, and its temperature remains at high levels until the end of October. What is the difference between the west coast and the east, and where better to relax?

West beach

The west coast stretches for several kilometers, and its territory is divided between hotels and restaurants. The latter equip their own relaxation area with sun loungers and umbrellas, which everyone can use for an additional fee (from 5 to 10 TL) or after paying for the order at the institution. Renting sun loungers for rent is quite convenient, because then you can use the other amenities of the beach, such as toilets, a shower and changing rooms.

Holidaymakers on the beach

The west coast of Side is characterized by yellowish and sometimes light gray sand. The approach to the sea is gentle, the depth grows slowly. In high season, there are always a lot of people here: most of the tourists are Europeans. All kinds of water activities are offered in the equipped areas, and along the coast there is a well-groomed promenade where you can rent a bicycle or take a leisurely stroll among the lush vegetation.

East beach

Photos of the city and the beaches of Side clearly demonstrate how picturesque this area of ​​Turkey is. The east coast in its views and landscapes is in no way inferior to other popular corners of the resort. It is less extensive than the western one, there are much fewer hotels, and there are practically no restaurants. The beach is covered with yellow sand, the entrance to the water is shallow, but the depth grows faster than on the west bank. Small stones may come across at the bottom.

East Coast Side

You will not find equipped municipal beaches here: each recreation area is assigned to a separate hotel. Of course, you can always come to the east coast with your belongings and food and calmly swim and sunbathe anywhere in the coast. Solitude and tranquility will be a bonus of such a rest, because, as a rule, there is always little people here.

Holidays in Side

Side city in Turkey can definitely be set as an example for other resorts. Its highly developed infrastructure offers a huge selection of hotels and restaurants, so each traveler manages to choose an option that matches his financial capabilities.

Hotel room Helios Hotel

There are a lot of hotels in Side. There are both inexpensive three-star hotels and chic luxury fives. Among them you can find institutions with a variety of concepts: family, youth, for children and for adults. Most Side hotels are all inclusive, but there are hotels that offer only free breakfast.

Booking a double room at a 3 * hotel in the summer season will cost approximately 350-450 TL per night. Food and drinks are included. If you want to relax in the most comfortable conditions, then you have at your disposal numerous five-star hotels. In the summer months, the average price for renting a double room in such an institution varies between 800-1000 TL. Of course, there are more expensive elite hotels where a night of accommodation costs more than 2000 TL, but the service in such establishments is at the highest level.

Hotel Barut Acanthus & Cennet

When choosing an accommodation option in Side in Turkey, pay attention to the location of the object and its remoteness from the sea. Some hotels are located in deserted villages, where there is no bazaar, no restaurants, no walking area. Sometimes a hotel can be located very far from the sea, so its guests have to overcome several hundred meters in the heat of the coast.

At Side Ocakbasi Restaurant

Side’s old town is literally littered with institutions for every taste – cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. They offer a varied menu that can include national, Mediterranean and European dishes. It should be noted right away that prices on the territory of the most ancient city are an order of magnitude higher than in the surrounding areas. Even in stores, the cost of ordinary goods, such as a bottle of water and ice cream, is at least doubled. Although if you move a little further from the center of Side and walk along the harbor, it is quite easy to find places with reasonable prices. Usually, a large stand with a menu and prices is installed near the cafe.

Street food

And now a few exact numbers. Dinner for two in a good restaurant with soft drinks will cost an average of 150-250 TL. You will pay about the same amount for lunch in a simpler restaurant, but with a bottle of wine. Outside the old city, there are many budgetary establishments that sell street food (doner, pide, lahmajun, etc.), for which you will pay no more than 20-30 TL. There you can also find fast foods, where a burger and potato snack will cost 15-20 TL.

Weather and climate. When is it better to come

Side sea water temperature

If your attention was attracted by a photo of Side in Turkey, and you are considering it as a future holiday destination, it is important to study its weather conditions. The tourist season opens here in April and ends in October. Side has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and rainy winters. Water in the sea warms up by mid-May, and you can swim until the end of October.

Side temperature

The warmest and sunniest period in the resort town is the period from the end of June to mid-September, when the daytime air temperature does not drop below 30 ° C, and the water temperature in the sea is between 28-29 ° C. The winter months are cool and rainy, but even on the coldest day the thermometer shows a positive mark of 10-15 ° C. You can learn more about the weather in Side for months from the table below.

How to get there

Taxi at the airport

The nearest airport to Side is 72.5 km in Antalya. You can independently get from the air harbor to the resort by taxi or public transport. In the first case, it is enough to leave the airport terminal and head to the taxi rank. The cost of the trip starts from 200 TL.

The road by public transport will take longer, because there are no direct bus services from the airport to Side. First you need to take a minibus from the air harbor to the main bus station in Antalya (Antalya Otogarı). From there, from 06:00 to 21:30, buses leave for Manavgat two to three times an hour (ticket price is 20 TL). When the transport enters the city, you can land at any stop in the center (for example, at any point on Antalya street). And from here you can get to Side on dolmushes (3.5 TL), which run every 15-20 minutes.

Useful Tips


  • Side is enough to spend half a day on sightseeing.
  • Do not forget that Side is in the open, so in the summer it is best to go for a walk in the city in the early morning or closer to the evening, when the sun does not bake so much. And be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat with you.
  • We do not recommend purchasing souvenirs and other products at the bazaar of the ancient city, since the price tags there are inflated at times.

The marina town offers inexpensive boat trips (25 TL). Such a mini-tour can be a great end to your busy tour of Side (Turkey).

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Guide to Side

Virtual tour of side.

If you have even the slightest interest in history, Side is the place to be. This ancient city is a landmark in and of itself. The historical center of Side has been preserved since the time of the Roman Empire. The old city is separated from the modern part of Side by a fortress wall and a moat, which has long since dried up. And beyond the walls lies a true paradise for any lover of antiquity. You can find an aqueduct, a street with remnants of a colonnade that has been almost entirely preserved, and ruins of ancient Roman temples. However, the most notable place in Side is the theater, the ruins of which date back to the 2nd century AD. Gladiatorial battles were once held here, but nowadays curious tourists stroll around the area. Side is not only famous for its landmarks but also for everything else you need during a beach vacation. For example, the local nightclubs are considered the best among the resorts in Turkey. The beaches with golden sand and a gentle slope into the water invariably attract many tourists, including families with children. Sea cruises, fishing, and other water activities make the vacation here quite exciting.

Photos of Side

Tips for tourists, interesting places in side.

The abundance of attractions makes Side popular among travellers keen on history. Excursions and walks in the old town of Side will leave you with the most vivid impressions. Especially if you combine them with a visit to the restaurants of Side. Then these experiences are added to the gastronomic. Holidays in Side with children are chosen by many families, because of the convenience of bathing the local beaches for babies.

Travel budget

Flight ticket prices.

There is no airport of its own in Side. The nearest airport is Antalya Airport, located away 75 км from the resort.If you plan to vacation in Side, you should take airline tickets to Antalya. Flights from Paris to Madrid and back will cost from 80 EUR. The flight is operated by Ryanair and EasyJet. During the flight, you may need to change planes or have a layover, depending on the airline and route. You can also fly to Madrid and back from Berlin for 70 EUR. This opportunity will be offered to you by Ryanair, and there will be only one connection.

The best hotels in Side

Hotels in Side, as in most resort towns in Turkey, there are many, and accommodations can be chosen for all tastes. In five-star hotels, such as the Maritim Hotel Saray Regency, you can rent a room for two for between 45 and 1000 EUR per night. At four-star hotels, such as the Grand Şeker Hotel, room rates range from 45 to 120 EUR per night. In three-star hotels, such as the Helios Hotel, the room rate for two persons is 20-60 EUR per night. However, you can easily find a cheap hotel in Side, where rooms cost from10 EUR per night.

The cost of vacation

When budgeting for a trip to Side, you should start with the cost of airfare to Antalya. It is also better to consider all other transportation costs that await you on the way. Accommodations in Side hotels and meals in its restaurants also require some expense. Excursions and other activities in Side are an integral part of the cost of the trip. However, such activities make any trip more fulfilling.

Side: tips for tourists

Visa to side.

Europeans do not need a visa to travel to Side. EU citizens can enter Turkey with a valid passport and stay up to 90 days within a 180-day period without a visa. Non-EU citizens should check with the Turkish embassy or consulate in their country of residence for visa requirements. It is important to note that entry requirements may change, and travelers should always check the latest information before their trip.

The nearest airport to Side is Antalya Airport. It is located 75 km from the resort. It is one of the largest international airports in Antalya. The passenger traffic of the airport during the holiday season reaches a truly incredible size.

Transfer in Side

You can get to Side from Antalya Airport only with transfers. After taking a bus from the airport to the Antalya bus station, you should take a bus to Manavgat. There you can buy a bus ticket to Side.

Public transportation in Side

As public transport in Side are used shuttle buses. Fares in them start at 1 EUR. Also in Side there are many cabs, most of which you can catch right on the street. The average trip around the city costs 10 EUR.

Car Rental in Side

The cost of car rental in Side starts from 25 EUR per day. Renting a car at the airport will cost you a little bit more. The potential driver must be at least 21 years old. In this case, the driving experience to rent a car must be more than 1 year, with an international license.

Safety in Side

Security in Side, as in most resort towns in Turkey, leaves much to be desired. So do not let your belongings out of sight, especially if you are in a noisy oriental bazaar. Walking alone girls in the dark can be risky.

tourist information side turkey


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  • Top 10 reasons to visit Side

Top 10 reasons to visit Side

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Side

Side is one of the best resort towns for tourists in Turkey since it blends many beautiful historic and natural places to explore with warm sunshine and beaches to relax. People from across the globe turn up in Side throughout the year for recreational and energizing vacations. Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Side. 1) Natural Attractions: Side has been blessed by nature in many ways including its aesthetical beauty and the perfect weather. The long stretches of coastline and beaches in Side make for natural hangout spots. The lovely waters of the Mediterranean Sea create an amazing view as well as the mountains create epic landscapes for exploration. Besides having perfect beaches and sea, the region is home to many magnificient canyons and waterfalls. 2) Amazing Vacation Pricing: Tours in other countries sometimes get way too expensive and you have to calculate your balance all the time. Holiday in Side is the best for you if you want a cheap and fun loaded vacation since the natural attractions and ancient buildings all come with no pricing. The hotels and lodgings are relatively inexpensive and the restaurants offer local produce on their menu which cuts any additional costs. 3) Amazing Cuisine: If there is one thing that Side wins at, it is the delicious Turkish cuisine. No matter if you are at a fancy restaurant or getting food from street food vendors, there is always some nice kebab or doner to help you have divine food. 4) Soothing Sunshine: Side has amazing weather throughout the year, but the sunshine during summers is particularly lovely. You can enjoy long hours of sunbathing there. Even in the autumn months you feel the warming sunshine that you walk around with tshirts and shorts.

top 10 reasons to visit side

5) Endless Shopping: The shopaholics get to shop to their hearts’ content in Side where there are many shops and stores around. You can get as many gifts and accessories for you and others as you want from there from really reasonable prices. 6) Fun Nightlife: The nightlife at Side is absolutely fun and it worths every moment you spend drinking, dancing or exploring there. Many bars and clubs especially in Old Town of Side offer hottest night time fun attractions till to the first lights of the morning. 7) Beaches: Side has many famous beaches with white sands and lovely blue waters which instantly relax the visitors. You can go there and have an occasional swim, sunbathing and enjoy the thrilling watersports. All the beaches in Side region have blue flags so you don’t need any goggles to see the bottom of the sea clearly. 8) Ancient Architecture: Side has amazing places from the past which still stand in full glory for the visitors to see. From the great Greek Amphitheatre to the ruins of Side Old Town there is so much to explore. Don’t miss to view the sunset at Apollo Temple in Old Town where Cleopatra met her lover Mark Antony long long time ago. 9) Welcoming Locals: The locals are so welcoming and ever so polite that you will feel at home. Turkish people are famous with their hospitality and you will feel their friendly manners during your vacation. They offer you all kinds of help and they even offer to show you around to the places that tour guides sometimes do not. 10) Stunning Views: Side never runs of out of places to explore and views to relish. So, grab your cameras and capture the nicest views in them to boost your Instagram timelines. Visiting Green Canyon and Manavgat Waterfall is highly recommended before you go back home. As a result, Side has the best places to visit and things to do making it the perfect vacation destination for you!

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Exclusive Side Travel Guide, Turkey

If you are looking for travel information of Side in Turkey, you've come to the right place. A gripping city on its own right, Side also deserves a visit. Add Side to your vacation plan, it has an interesting bunch of activities to do on your visit like Greek Amphitheatre , Side Museum , Temple Of Apollo . 1-2 days is an ideal duration of visit to Side.

Side Trip Planner

Plan your customized day by day trip plan for Side. Choose from various experinces categories as adventure, romantic and family and kids friendly for your trip using using Side trip planner.



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Top Things To Do In Manavgat

Top Things To Do In Side Turkey

Side, Turkey is a beautiful destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, an action-packed adventure, or a relaxing beach vacation, Side has it all. From ancient ruins to stunning beaches, there’s always something new to explore in this vibrant city. To help you make the most of your stay in Side, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the top things to do in Side Turkey! We’ll take you through the best attractions and activities that will make your trip unforgettable. So if you’re ready for an unforgettable journey through one of Turkey’s most popular destinations, let’s get started!

What Makes Side, Turkey a Must-Visit Tourist Destination?

There are many beautiful coastal towns located in Turkey, but nothing beats the beauty of Side. This is a small town where you will find incredible views of the ocean all around you. However, the town has more to offer than just the beautiful beaches all around.

Instead, you will also find ancient ruins that will take you back into the past of Turkey and help you understand it better. That is because Side used to be one of the major ports during the Roman Times. This is why it is important to visit the Roman ruins to understand its history, which includes the Amphitheater, Apollo Temple, and much more.

These pieces of history are well-preserved for you to witness and learn more about. On the other hand, if you want some adventure, then you will also find this in Side. That is because you can indulge in watersports, swimming, boat trips, and much more.

So, whether you want adventure, relaxation, or historical knowledge, it doesn’t get better than Side. You will receive a culture and heritage experience here like never before. Besides that, there is so much to do in this small town that you will never get bored.

Whenever you create your itinerary, make sure that you include Side, as it is a small town, and many people end up missing it. However, that should not be the case with you because you will find modern amenities, natural beauty, history, culture, and a lot more here.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning on visiting Side in Turkey, then you have come to the right place. Here are the most popular things to do in Side that you can participate in that will make your trip worthwhile and help you explore Side in the best way possible.

10 Amazing Things to do in Side, Turkey

Side Turkish Bath

Manavgat Aspendos Side Tour

Side Diving

  • Side Daily Boat Trip
  • Side Fishing Tour

Side Tazi Canyon Selge Tour

  • Side Jeep Safari And Rafting (Combo Tour)
  • Side Green Canyon Boat Trip
  • Side Quad Safari

Side Jeep Safari Tour

So, here are some of the most popular things to do in Side, Turkey that will ensure you leave with memories you will cherish for a long time to come.

1. Side Turkish Bath

Side Turkish Bath

Taking a bath might not be on your list of things to do, but you must add it because a Turkish bath will beat all the regular baths you have taken. It takes place inside a hammam where you can enter the water and let it take all your troubles away. That is because the experience is much more than just about taking a bath.

Instead, a Turkish bath also includes various things, which include an oil massage, steam, aromatherapy, and much more. The experience will last a few hours, and it will make you feel alive like never before. The Turkish bath is one of the best things to do with couples because it is also a romantic thing to do with your partner.

Both of you can opt for this bath, sit in the water, enjoy the massage, and deepen your bond. By the time you leave the hammam, you will feel much closer to your partner. Besides that, if there is anything stressing out your relationship, the bath will help relieve all that stress.

So, make sure that you book a Side Turkish bath for yourself and your significant other. Once you do, you will wonder why you did not sign up for this experience before.

2. Manavgat Aspendos Side Tour

Manavgat Aspendos Side Tour

Side is a great place in Turkey where you will find a blend of natural beauty and history; this is why the Manavgat Aspendos Side Tour is one of the best things to do with kids. You and your family can sign up for this tour to explore the history and beauty of this coastal town. The first step will be Aspendos, which is a site full of rich history and culture.

There is an amphitheater in this place that people still use. However, that is not all because you will also get to experience the majestic Apollo Temple, which will be a feast for your eyes. During this time, the tour guide will accompany you so that you can also learn about this place.

After taking in all the history, you will need a break at a beautiful place, which is where Manavgat comes in. The waterfall and its sounds will relax you completely, and you can also take pictures at this beautiful place for memories. It is a relaxing stop that will take away the day’s tiredness.

So, if you are looking for things to do with family, then it doesn’t get better than this tour. Make sure that you sign up for this tour as soon as possible because it is highly popular among groups.

3. Side Diving

Side Diving

The stunning ocean is all around Side, which is why it would be a shame for you to visit this town and not explore what the depths of the water have to offer to you. The Side diving experience is one of the most popular things to do in Side if you love adventure and water activities. That is because the marine life is rich and you will get to see a lot here.

For example, you will get to witness underwater caves, reefs, tunnels, octopuses, sea turtles, colorful fish, and much more. The best part is that diving in Side has excellent visibility, which means that you can see everything in great detail. This will take your experience to the next level, as visibility is important for a great diving experience.

Even if you don’t know about diving, you can still sign up for this tour because a professional instructor will accompany you throughout this experience. You will also receive equipment to help keep you safe and sound. So, if this sounds like something you have always wanted to do, then you need to sign up for this tour as soon as possible. You will leave with incredible memories that you will remember for a long time to come. A diving experience in Side is something everyone needs when they visit.

4. Side Daily Boat Trip

Side Daily Boat Trip

Are you looking for a new and unique way to explore the beauty of Side? If you are, then it doesn’t get better than exploring Side on a boat because it is one of the most popular things to do in Side for families. Your kids will love this experience because they will get to be on a boat, which is always exciting for the little ones.

However, this trip is not just for them because you can also relax on the deck and enjoy the sun and views this trip has to offer. You will get to witness some of the most important locations as you cruise through the sea. You will also stop at a few places to take in everything Side has to offer.

The best part about this boat trip is that it takes place daily, which means you can sign up for it whenever you like depending on your schedule. Once you do, all the views will leave you breathless and keep you wanting more. The kids will also want to hop on the boat once more.

So, if you are looking for something the entire family will enjoy, then it doesn’t get better than the Side daily boat trip. It will refresh your mind and body as you look all around and witness the beauty of this place.

5. Side Fishing Tour

Side Fishing Tour

Fishing is an incredibly relaxing activity, which is why you can sign up for this tour if you want to unwind. Besides that, if you want to bond with your significant other over a new activity, then this is one of the best things to do with couples. Even if you don’t know about fishing, you can sign up with your loved one and learn the art of fishing on this trip.

You will receive all the equipment and knowledge you will need to start this experience on the right foot. Besides that, the boat also includes snorkeling equipment that you can use if you want to explore what is under the water. However, you don’t have to do that because you can just relax on the boat after you are done fishing.

It is a great way to escape city life with your loved one and slow down. Once you are done fishing, you will enjoy a lunch that will be prepared using these fish. So, not only will you have an activity to do, but you will also enjoy a delectable lunch.

If you are looking for something to do with your partner, then make sure you book this tour. Both of you will learn a new skill and enjoy a beautiful day on the sea.

6. Side Tazi Canyon Selge Tour

Side Tazi Canyon Selge Tour

The best thing about Turkey is that every city you visit will have incredible natural beauty for you to explore. Because of this, whenever people come to Side, they always opt for this tour, and so can you. It is one of the most popular things to do in Side with kids because it is a family-friendly activity.

The first thing you will get to witness during this trip will be the canyon that will surround you with cliffs. However, this rugged beauty will complement the natural and lush beauty all around you. Because of this, you will experience both sides of nature when you are on this tour.

On the other hand, you will also get to visit Selge, which is an ancient city. Here, you will find ruins that will take you back in time, along with an interesting history you will love to know about. The tour guide will be present at all times to provide you with interesting tidbits about these places.

So, if you want you and your family to have a beautiful learning experience, then you need to book this tour. Your entire family will love this tour because you will leave with great memories and knowledge that you did not have before

7. Side Jeep Safari And Rafting (Combo Tour)

Side Jeep Safari And Rafting (Combo Tour)

Not everyone wants to roam around different places and witness beauty when they can have an adventure of a lifetime. Well, the jeep safari and rafting tour will give you two adventures in one tour so that you can have the time of your life. The first thing you will experience is the jeep safari.

The safari will take you through rugged terrain as you engulf the Taurus Mountains. During this safari, you will experience the rural life of Turkey, villages, natural beauty, off-beaten paths, and much more. After this adventure, there will be a rafting experience, which will be the highlight of this tour.

Professional instructors will teach you how to raft the boat and take it through the river. Here, you will have to work with your group and successfully maneuver the raft in the rough waters. You can also swim in the water to take a break and recharge yourself.

Keep in mind that this tour will prove to be ideal if you have come in a group. This is why it is one of the best things to do with family and friends. So, sign up for these adventures today and thank us later for the suggestion.

8. Side Green Canyon Boat Trip

Side Green Canyon Boat Trip

Sometimes, a relaxing experience is all you need to take away all the tiredness. If you have been on vacation for a while and you need a relaxing thing to do, then the Green Canyon boat trip is a perfect choice. You will make your way through a beautiful lake as you witness the beautiful scenery all around.

The scenery includes tall cliffs, lush vegetation, and much more that will refresh your mind and your soul. Besides that, there is also a swimming break on this trip where you can immerse yourself in the water and be one with the waves. It is one of the most popular things to do with couples for ultimate peace and relaxation.

There will be serenity all around you as you listen to the sound of the birds and water when you make your way through. There is also a local lunch in the itinerary that you will enjoy as you enjoy the views in front of you. All of this will add to the experience.

So, if you want to relax with your loved one, then it doesn’t get better than the Green Canyon boat trip. Make sure that you sign up for this tour to forget about all your troubles and worries.

9. Side Quad Safari

Side Quad Safari

Another adventure that you can have in Side is the quad safari, which will take place in the Taurus Mountains. You will make your way through these mountains on a quad bike and experience Side like never before. The path you will go through includes various terrains to make your experience diverse and even better.

For example, the path will be muddy, rough, sandy, and much more. However, you don’t need to worry about how you will do all of this because a professional will be accompanying you throughout this safari. This is done so that you can have a safe experience without any worries.

Even if you have never been on a quad bike, you can opt for this tour to learn and experience something new while you are in Side. The tour will last for two hours, during which you can go through the rugged terrain, take lots of pictures, witness the natural beauty, and more.

So, if you are looking for one of the most popular things to do in Side for families and friends, then you can sign up for this tour. It is an adventure that no one from the trip will ever forget.

10. Side Jeep Safari Tour

Side Jeep Safari Tour

Finally, we will end this list with another adventurous tour that will be a great way to say goodbye to Side on your last day. The jeep safari tour is popular among big groups because you get to see everything Side has to offer through a jeep. The jeep will take you through the rugged beauty of the Taurus Mountains, which will leave you speechless.

During this tour, you will also experience how local people in rural areas live in Turkey, which is an important experience. Everyone comes to Turkey to explore modern life, but they miss out on this side of Turkey. However, the tour will make sure that you get to witness this to have a complete picture of Turkey by the time you leave.

So, if you are visiting Side with a group, then you need to sign up for this safari tour. It is informative and adventurous, making it the ideal trip to end your vacation with.

What are the top things to do in Side Turkey?

  Let’s have a look at the best things to do in Side, Turkey:

  • Explore the Ancient Ruins: Side is home to some of the most impressive ancient ruins in Turkey. The most famous of these is the Temple of Apollo, which dates back to the 2nd century AD. Other must-see sites include the Roman Amphitheater, the Agora, and the Nymphaeum.
  • Relax on the Beaches: Side has some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. The most popular is Side Beach, which is located in the heart of the town. It is a long, sandy beach with crystal-clear water. Other popular beaches include Kumkoy Beach and Titreyengol Beach.
  • Take a Boat Trip: One of the best ways to see the coastline around Side is by taking a boat trip. You can hire a private boat or join a group tour. During the trip, you can swim in the turquoise waters, explore hidden coves and bays, and soak up the sun.
  • Visit the Manavgat Waterfalls: Just a short distance from Side, the Manavgat Waterfalls are a must-visit attraction. The waterfalls are surrounded by lush green forests and are a perfect spot for a picnic or a swim.
  • Shop at the Side Market: The Side Market is a bustling bazaar that sells everything from souvenirs to Turkish carpets. You can haggle with the vendors and pick up some unique and handmade items.
  • Try Turkish Cuisine: Turkey is famous for its delicious cuisine, and Side is no exception. Be sure to try some of the local dishes, such as kebabs, mezze, and Turkish delight. You can find traditional restaurants and street food stalls throughout the town.
  • Visit the Side Museum: The Side Museum is located in the ancient Roman Baths and houses a collection of artifacts from the region’s history. It is a fascinating insight into the town’s past.
  • Take a Day Trip to Antalya: If you have time, a day trip to Antalya is well worth it. The city is a short drive from Side and is known for its historic sites, including the old town and the Antalya Museum. It is also a great place to shop and dine.

Unique Things to Do in Side

Antalya Waterhill Waterpark

Waterhill Waterpark With Dolphin Show from Side

Side Turkish Bath

Side Swim with Dolphins

Side Rafting Tour (+Packages)

Side Rafting Tour (+Packages)

Side Quad Safari

Side Quad Safari Tour

Side Pirate Ship

Side Pirate Ship

Side Party Boat Trip

Side Party Boat Trip

Side Tandem Paragliding

Side Paragliding

Alanya Monster Jeep Safari Rafting & Zipline

Side Monster Jeep Safari & Rafting & Zipline

Frequently asked questions, what is the top things to do in side, turkey.

Here are the top things to do in Side, Turkey

Side Big Kral Pirate Boat Trip

Green Canyon Boat Trip from Side

Manavgat River Cruise from Side

Side Dolphins Show

What are the 5 amazing things to do in Side?

Here are the 5 amazing things to do in Side, Turkey:

Side Land Of Legends

Side Horse Riding

What are the top things to do in Side for couples?

Here are the top things to do in Side, Turkey for couples:

Cabrio Bus Safari from Side

Side Buggy Safari

What are the best things to do for Families in Side?

Here are the best things to do for Families in Side:

Manavgat River Cruise


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    Side (SEE-deh) is a Turkish Mediterranean village amid marble Roman ruins on 2 km (1.2 miles) of unspoiled beach just an hour (65 km, 40 miles) east of Antalya or west of Alanya. Visit Side to discover a historical town comprised of ancient structures, beautiful beaches, and an old city town. When visiting Side, you can travel back in time ...

  7. Best Things To Do in Side Old Town

    Glass Floor. 9. Nightlife. 10. Ancient Ruins. 1. Ancient Theater in Side. The ancient theater, which stands majestically in the heart of Side's old town, is one of the most impressive sights in the city. It dates back to the 2nd century AD and was able to accommodate 15,000 spectators.

  8. The 10 Best Things to Do in Side

    42. Ancient Ruins. By FlippertyG. A lot of the pictures of Devlet Agorasi on trip advisor reviews are of other sites in Side, so it may be advisable to... 10. Bizans Hastanesi. 30. Points of Interest & Landmarks. By 86michelk.

  9. Must-see attractions Side, Turquoise Coast

    This gate marks the entrance into Side's old-town area. Göcek. Fethiye. Dalyan. Ölüdeniz. Kalkan. Discover the best attractions in Side including Temples of Apollo & Athena, Theatre, and Side Museum.

  10. Side, Turkey

    1. Perge - The Ancient City: Only a short drive from Side, Perge is an ancient city that dates back to Hellenistic times. Its remarkably preserved ruins include a well-preserved theater, a stadium, and Roman baths. Wander through the grand colonnaded street, marvel at intricate mosaics, and explore the ancient agora.

  11. Side

    Things to Know About Side - All About Side For Travel - Visit Side, Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey Find out all you need about Side before... Best Beaches in Turkey. Activities. 24 Sights in Istanbul. LISTS. Find out what the best Ancient Cities in Turkey are. History and Heritage. See Fantastic Events in Turkey.

  12. 44 Fun Things to Do in Side, Turkey

    1 - Visit the symbols of Side at the Apollo and Athena Temple. Admire the presence of the towering Apollo and Athena Temples dating back to 150 BC! The Apollo temple is built to honor the god of music, harmony, and light while the Athena temple is built to honor the goddess of wisdom, intelligence, and art. Read more.

  13. Side Travel Guide

    So, visit and explore the museum to have a deeper insight about the past civilizations of Side. The site is located near the entrance of Side Old Town. 4)Visit Manavgat Waterfall. Manavgat Waterfall is a place to visit and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty. This is one of the most crowded attractions in Side, Turkey.

  14. Things to Do in Side Turkey

    Visiting Canyons of Side. Among the many things you can do when in Side, is of course to visit the three Canyons of the area. Koprulu Canyon National Park, Green Canyon as well as Sapadere Canyon are great examples of natural wonders. Escape from your ordinary tourist routine and take a chance to admire nature at its best.

  15. Guide to the ancient city of Side in Turkey and its main sites

    January 5, 2020 by Editorial Staff. Side (Turkey) - a city built in the era of Ancient Greece, today is one of the most popular resorts in the province of Antalya. Rare sights, picturesque beaches, highly developed tourist infrastructure brought the object unprecedented popularity among travelers. Side is located in the south-west of the ...

  16. Side, Türkiye: All You Need to Know Before You Go (2024)

    By Freedom655302. 147,258. Explore Side. Your biggest daily decision in Side may be whether to head east or west. The town's West Beach is closer to hotels, has calm water and fine sand, offers watersports, and is (not surprisingly) popular. If you're craving a more relaxed day, though, head in the opposite direction.

  17. Side Tourist Information

    Side Tourist Information - A travel guide in Side. Side is a resort town located along the edge of the Mediterranean coast and it is the perfect place to go if you are looking for beach time in Turkey. The town is also rich in history with many stunning activities that you can do like sunbathing, sightseeing at the Roman era ruins right in ...

  18. Side: a guide with vacation prices. What the tourist needs to know

    Europeans do not need a visa to travel to Side. EU citizens can enter Turkey with a valid passport and stay up to 90 days within a 180-day period without a visa. Non-EU citizens should check with the Turkish embassy or consulate in their country of residence for visa requirements. It is important to note that entry requirements may change, and ...

  19. THE 10 BEST Side Tours & Excursions for 2024 (with Prices)

    Side jeep safari tour is one of the most beautiful activities for you to spend a day full of adrenaline and excitement. …. Free cancellation. from. $38. per adult. 10. Side Buggy Car Safari (Adventure Tour) w/ Free Hotel Transfer. 16.

  20. Top 10 reasons to visit Side

    Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Side. 1) Natural Attractions: Side has been blessed by nature in many ways including its aesthetical beauty and the perfect weather. The long stretches of coastline and beaches in Side make for natural hangout spots. The lovely waters of the Mediterranean Sea create an amazing view as well as the mountains ...

  21. Side Tourism, Turkey

    The best tours and activities in the city, guided by experts to give you a local insight to the best of Side. Side Tourism, Turkey: Get yourself acquainted with Side and demographics of Side, culture, people in Side, currency, best attractions and more with this free travel guide. Use this information to plan your trip to Side.

  22. Side Tourism, Turkey

    If you are looking for travel information of Side in Turkey, you've come to the right place. A gripping city on its own right, Side also deserves a visit. Add Side to your vacation plan, it has an interesting bunch of activities to do on your visit like Greek Amphitheatre, Side Museum, Temple Of Apollo.1-2 days is an ideal duration of visit to Side.

  23. Top Things To Do In Side Turkey

    Side Fishing Tour. Side Tazi Canyon Selge Tour. Side Jeep Safari And Rafting (Combo Tour) Side Green Canyon Boat Trip. Side Quad Safari. Side Jeep Safari Tour. So, here are some of the most popular things to do in Side, Turkey that will ensure you leave with memories you will cherish for a long time to come. 1.

  24. Turkish tourists can now easily visit nearby Greek islands

    Turkey's stubbornly high annual inflation rate, which hit 75% in May, also means that Greek holidays, once a lot pricier than Turkish getaways, are now economically more attractive.