shamanic journey meditation script pdf

Exploring the Shamanic Journey Meditation: A Detailed Script


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Shamanic journey meditation is a powerful spiritual practice that allows individuals to enter altered states of consciousness, connect with their inner wisdom, and access realms beyond the physical world. This ancient technique has been used by shamans for centuries to seek guidance, healing, and profound insights.

In this blog post, we will provide you with a detailed shamanic journey meditation script that you can use to embark on your own transformative journey. But before we delve into the script, let’s understand the core principles and preparations for this practice.

The Core Principles of Shamanic Journey Meditation

Shamanic journey meditation is based on the belief that all things, both animate and inanimate, possess a spiritual essence. The practice involves connecting with spirit allies and guides to seek wisdom, guidance, and healing in non-ordinary reality.

Here are a few key principles to keep in mind as you prepare for your shamanic journey:

  • Intention: Set a clear intention for your journey. What do you seek to gain or understand? Focus on a specific question or issue you wish to explore.
  • Safety: Create a safe, sacred space for your journey. Ensure you won’t be disturbed during the meditation and have a comfortable, quiet place to sit or lie down.
  • Rhythm: Drumming or rattling is often used to induce a trance state. If you don’t have access to these instruments, you can use a recorded shamanic drumming track.
  • Trust: Trust the process. Let go of expectations and surrender to the guidance that unfolds during your journey.
  • Gratitude: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Express your appreciation to your spirit allies and guides for their assistance and wisdom.

Preparing for Your Shamanic Journey Meditation

Before you begin the meditation script, take some time to prepare yourself and the space around you. Here are a few steps you can follow:

  • Cleanse the space: Use a smudging tool like sage or palo santo to clear the energy in the room. Inhale deeply, releasing any tensions or distractions.
  • Altar creation: Create a sacred space by assembling items that hold personal meaning to you. This could include crystals, feathers, sacred symbols, or photographs.
  • Grounding: Sit or stand comfortably with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Take a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to become present and fully aware of your surroundings.
  • Setting your intention: Close your eyes and visualize your intention for the journey. Formulate a clear and concise question or statement that aligns with your desired outcome.
  • Invoke protection: Call upon your spirit allies, guides, and guardians to protect and guide you during your journey. Establish a sense of safety and security.

Now that you are prepared, let’s dive into the shamanic journey meditation script:

Shamanic Journey Meditation Script

1. Entrance

2. Visualization

Imagine yourself in a beautiful natural setting, such as a forest, desert, or beach. Take in the sights, sounds, and smells around you. Allow this visualization to become vivid and real in your mind.

3. Meeting Your Spirit Guide

4. Receiving Guidance

As you converse with your spirit guide, pay close attention to any messages, symbols, or sensations you receive. Trust your intuition and allow the guidance to flow naturally.

5. Returning to the Ordinary Reality

Remember to journal your experiences and insights immediately after your journey to capture the details and emotions before they fade away.

Shamanic journey meditation is a profound tool for self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. By venturing into non-ordinary reality, you can connect with your spirit allies and tap into a wellspring of guidance and wisdom. Use the detailed script provided in this blog post as a starting point for your personal shamanic journey practice. Remember, every journey is unique, and with regular practice, you’ll deepen your connection with the unseen realms.

Explore the vast realms of consciousness, and embark on an inward journey of transformation and self-discovery. Happy meditating!

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How does one Journey? | What is it For? | Destination and Purpose | What is Experienced? | Trust and the Critical Mind | Can I Journey?

What is the shamanic journey or soul flight?

In shamanic practice it is believed that part of the soul is free to leave the body. There are various times the soul might leave the body, during dreaming or to protect the soul from trauma, see soul retrieval . When a shaman is initiated onto the shamanic path, they usually learn how to send their soul forth intentionally, on the soul flight which is commonly called a journey or the shamanic journey. In early shamanic societies, many shamans were initiated because of having a near death experience. Death being an experience when all of your soul leaves the body, the near death experience is thought to teach an individual to travel with the soul.

Wood Snake Path

How Does one Journey?

The shamanic journey occurs by shifting awareness or consciousness in order to allow part of your soul to leave the body. The drum or rattle is frequently used. The slow repetitive rhythm shifts the individuals “rhythm” so that he or she can journey. Just the way a soothing song can help an somone achieve a calmer state. The rhythm of the drum puts you in the right state to journey. The drum beat used is very close to the frequency that is measured from the earth, and has proved effective for the majority of people.

The journey is then achieved by a person’s intent. The person intends to leave and so she does. How you get the soul to leave is tough to describe. Try to describe walking. It is difficult to put into words how you get your legs to move. The same is true with journeying.

What is the Journey For?

Journeying like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth. It is also a tool that can be used for healing, to obtaining information, and in working through psychological issues.

man light tunnel

For instance, a journeyer might have an experience of being a fish in a stream, or running like a deer over the land. The journey differs from a dream because the individual is able to direct the journey and because he or she learns unexpected things. For instance in a dream, running like a deer you may experience speed. But in a journey you will feel how the muscles of the deer’s legs feel as it runs. Running as a zebra you may realize with surprise how much of the animals power is coming from the it’s back legs. In the real world an experience brings unexpected things, you learn something you didn’t know before. Journeying is much like experiences in the real world because of these types of unexpected discoveries.

Psychologically some people use the journey to work through emotional issues. They may confront a deceased or living relative about past abuse. The journey provides a safe environment to express anger, or to work through grief.

The shamanic journey provides a tool for spiritual growth because the individual can seek out evolved spiritual teachers. The messages given often have an unexpected depth of meaning. Journeyers often report that their journeys “add up” to a deeper spiritual teaching because one journey has built on another. Sometimes, going back to read a journal of your journeys you see that your were walking a path of deep learning.  Journey messages will often come in the form of symbols , which have a depth that only becomes clear over time.

Destination and Purpose


Some people may journey into smaller dimensions such as between the molecules of water or into the cells of the body. Some explore very little of the cosmology only going to one or two specific places. Another journeyer may visit many different places, or travel very large distances. When the journeyer becomes skilled and starts taking very long journeys there can be a risk of not returning. This risk is mitigated by doing such lengthy or long distance journeys with a partner, who knows a key word which will call the journeyer back. This is not usually an issue for the beginning journeyer, and generally comes with certain advanced work.

What does the Journeyer experience?

The way each journeyer experiences the places they visit is different. One journeyer may see really well on a journey or another may not see but hear.

The journeyer will often experience both the room that they are in, and the place they visiting in the journey. Their soul is in two places at once. The degree to which the journeyer will experience what is happening in the room depends on the person. Journeyers will often minimize this by placing a scarf over their eyes. Although some people have no problem phasing out their awareness of the room, or have very little awareness of it.

hiker morning clouds journey

In cases where the journeyer experiences nothing visual they may have more of a knowing of where they are and the people and the animals they encounter on the way. This type of sense can be compared to how it feels when you know someone has entered the room behind you, before you turn to look at them. If touch predominates the individual may feel the grass on her feet, the wind on his cheek.

The senses that are predominant in an individual’s daily life may not be those which are strongest when journeying. In some cases it can be difficult for the journeyer to accept what they are experiencing is real or valid because it does not have a visual component, or because it is different to the sensory way they experience their daily life. In all cases with shamanism, the effectiveness of any journeyer or shaman is measured by results.

After observing the effect and effectiveness of the information they receive, a journeyer will often see unexpectedly powerful results over time, and in some cases immediately. A shaman healer is not considered a healer unless her or his healing brings results. Also, the way she or he experiences his or her journeys is not normally related to ability as a healer. Some very powerful healers may only experience sound for instance, that does not mean they are less powerful than someone who has “technicolor” journeys. Nor is the information the non-shaman receives on a journey less powerful because it was received through sound or touch.

Trust and the Critical Mind

It is usually the person who cannot shut off their critical mind that has the most trouble journeying . This is because it grounds you in your body and makes it difficult to allow the soul to leave.

daisy flower light seeing

From modern shamanic writing, a surprising percentage shamanic authors seem to have started out critical and skeptical, Carlos Castenada first book and books of John Perkins show examples of this. A skeptical mind is not a problem, as long as it doesn’t interfere with you ability to free the soul for journeying.

In all shamanic work the mind must be open to the possibility. There is no reason to toss skepticism to the wind, but no shamanic activity can occur without your permission. Closing your mind to the possibility, is like closing a door. You deny yourself permission to have the experience. You also effectively deny permission for the shaman to perform healing work, and no ethical shaman can violate that barrier. It is one of most primary things that a shaman is taught, that he or she cannot impose his will over that of another.

Can I Journey?

Amazingly enough, journeying seems to be a skill that people posses innately. As if it is something we already know how to do, but just need reminding of. When teaching there is not much to say in terms of directions or how to’s. Sometimes the less said the better, so that the directions don’t interfere with your inner knowing of how to do it.

journeyer walking

You don’t have to be a shaman to journey. Many people within the United States, and other countries learn to journey because it is a spiritual and exploration tool which can help them with personal and spiritual growth. They don’t use it to heal, or do any of the tasks of the shaman. It may not be a tool for everyone, but its important to note that it can be used by anyone who feels it would be helpful.

For those who may be interested in learning to journey, a workshop is a good way to learn. There are specific things that should be taught to a journeyer and it is best to be taught by a reputable teaching organization who knows to cover the basics. It also seems to be easier to learn the technique with a group of people. The effectiveness of shamanic work, and apparently journeying seems to be magnified when performed in community.

  • Shaman Links has a list of teachers by location , many teachers offer introductory journey classes.
  • Sandra Ingerman wrote a good introductory book about  Shamanic Journeying through use of the drum .
  • There is also the Shaman Links Book Directory List of Books on Journeying .
  • You can also click to find a Journey class in your area.
  • Shaman Links article on Online Providers where you can Learn Journeying

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Symbols In the Shamanic Journey

Talking to the Spirits   and also  Can I see Spirits?

Journey Books in the Shaman Books Directory

shamanic journey meditation script pdf

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shamanic journey meditation script pdf

Soul Practice Foundation

Free shamanic journey practice.

30 Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

        The ancient practice of direct revelation  for                                   insight, healing and connectivity

Practice from the comfort of your own home for FREE!

The Shamanic Journey Practice – 30 Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey is an online program that includes what a journey is, how long to journey for and immediate access to 30 guided video prompts. The course also includes 4 drumming and 4 music MP3's.  Journey once a day for 30 days or create your own schedule based upon your own comfort level.

Journey for 30 days -  FREE!

shamanic journey meditation script pdf

This online program was inspired by four questions repeatedly asked by clients, colleagues, friends and family. Those questions were:

I nspired by four questions:

  • What is a shamanic journey?
  • How do I journey?
  • What do I journey on or for?
  • How long do I journey for?

Begin your practice today.  

 With 34 videos, eBook, MP3's, and PDF's

A Shamanic Journey is an ancient practice of direct revelation for insight, healing and connectivity. In the most basic terms, it is a form of deep meditation or inner consultation, initiated by ceremony and energy clearing, where one uses their imagination or creative visualization to connect with your inner self, your soul self, and/or helping spirits, in what is often referred to as non-ordinary reality, the invisible or unseen world, or other realms. 

It is a common practice among many cultures regardless of geographic location and is a simple approach for direct access and spiritual information for personal empowerment, information, healing and guidance. It is YOUR GUIDANCE – not the guidance of someone else. I have been practicing the shamanic journey for as long as I can remember, before I had words to describe what I was actually doing!  


Is available immediately.


Begin the Shamanic Journey Practice Today! 

Start NOW with immediate access to all journeys, videos and supporting PDF's, as well as my Shamanic Journey Practice 30-Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey eBook. After the journey, participants are encouraged to write about their experience.

Initially, each journeyer practices for only 5 minutes at a time for one week. At the beginning of each new week the journeyer extends their practice by an additional 5 minutes, if desired, listening to one of the extended drumming MP3's.

At the end of the program each person will have potentially journeyed for at least 30 days, with enough practice to take the journey experience on your own or delve deeper with any one of the suggested resources.

We end with a community journey on “The Heartbeat of Humanity” sending love to all beings on the planet including Mother Earth, then out to the cosmos.

Our lives are so fast paced and stress filled that we seem completely out of balance. This FREE Shamanic Journey Practice - 30  Guided Day Introduction to the Shamanic Journey offers a safe, unique tool, based on ancient teachings, to create a greater sense of overall well-being and a deeper connection to self and others. 

Over 7 hours of content including:

  • Shamanic Journey Practice - 30 Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey eBook
  • 4 Shamanic Drumming MP3's
  • 4 Shamanic Music MP3's

Join the FREE Shamanic Journey Practice TODAY!

For 34 videos, eBook, MP3's, and PDF's

Click "Start your Journey Now" button below

What others say about this course:

"Through the Shamanic Journey Practice program Teri made it simple to follow and easy to begin a journey - with no fear - only love!" Randy, Nashville, TN


After listening to Teri's show and reading one of her blogs I reached out to her for guidance on the Shamanic Journey Practice. She took the best of what she has learned and shared with me how to connect in with my higher self and guides. It's such an enriching experience that I am now teaching it to my daughter! Brenda, Toledo, OH

Shamanic Journey Practice was life changing for me!  After working with Teri, I journey for almost anything in life! Walter, Cleveland, OH

About Teri Williams

shamanic journey meditation script pdf

Shamanic Mentor, Energy Practitioner and Host of Soulful Living

Teri Williams

Are you ready to transform your life?

Visiting Subconscious

Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide

Stephen K. Carper

April 14, 2023

shamanic journey meditation script pdf

Have you ever felt disconnected from your spirituality or searching for a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you? Shamanic journeying may be just the tool you need to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection with the spiritual realms. But what exactly is shamanic journeying? How does it work? And how can you get started? In this article, we will explore the basics of shamanic journeying, including its origins, benefits, and step-by-step techniques for practice. So, grab a journal and an open mind, and let’s dive into the world of shamanic journeying.

Card 1

What is Shamanic Journeying?

What Is Shamanic Journeying?

Definition and Origins

Shamanic journeying is an ancient practice that has been used by indigenous cultures around the world for centuries as a way to connect with the spiritual realm. Here are some definitions and origins of shamanic journeying:

  • Definition: Shamanism is an ancient practice that involves connecting with the spiritual realm through altered states of consciousness. Shamanic journeying is a specific shamanic technique that involves entering into a trance state to explore the spiritual realm.
  • Origins: Shamanic journeying originated in indigenous cultures around the world, including Native American, African, and Siberian cultures. Shamans were regarded as spiritual leaders and healers who could communicate with the spirit world to gain insight and wisdom.

The practice of shamanic journeying typically involves the use of a drum or other rhythmic instrument to induce a trance state. The shaman then travels to the spiritual realm to seek guidance, wisdom, or healing. In many cultures, shamanic journeying is seen as a way to connect with one’s ancestors and to receive guidance from them.

Shamanic journeying is a powerful spiritual practice that allows individuals to gain access to the wisdom and guidance of the spiritual realm. It can be a transformative experience that helps individuals to connect with their true selves and to gain insight into their lives.

How It Works

Shamanic journeying is a powerful technique that can open the door to the spirit realm and allow for deep personal transformation. It works by altering the brainwaves of the journeyer to facilitate a state of expanded awareness that allows them to interact with spirit guides, receive insights and learn important lessons.

Here is how shamanic journeying works:

  • Shift in Brainwaves: Shamanic journeying involves slowing down the normal waking beta brainwaves and entering into a deeper alpha or theta brainwave state. This shift allows the journeyer to access their subconscious and connect with other realms of consciousness.
  • Spirit Helpers: Once in this altered state of consciousness, the journeyer can communicate with their spirit helpers like power animals, ancestors, and angels. These helpers are believed to have access to vast knowledge and wisdom that can assist the journeyer in gaining greater understanding and insight.
  • Symbolic Language: The spirit realm often communicates with symbolic language, which may appear to the journeyer in the form of metaphors, images, or other sensory experiences. These symbols can be interpreted to reveal deep insights into the journeyer’s personal path, purpose, and potential.
  • Integration: Upon returning from the journey, the journeyer is encouraged to integrate their experience into their daily life. This can involve reflecting on the insights received, journaling about the journey, or simply allowing the experience to inform their thoughts and actions as they move forward.

By using shamanic journeying as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth, individuals can gain greater clarity, insight, and meaning in their lives. As with any spiritual practice, regular journeying can enhance one’s connection to their spirit guides, deepen their understanding of the self and the universe, and ultimately lead to greater spiritual fulfillment.

Why Practice Shamanic Journeying?

Why Practice Shamanic Journeying?

Benefits of Journeying

There are numerous benefits to practicing shamanic journeying that can positively impact one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Relaxation and Stress-Reduction: Shamanic journeying facilitates a state of relaxation and inner calm, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  • Healing and Self-Discovery: Through meeting power animals and exploring the spiritual realm, shamanic journeying can help individuals gain insights into themselves and their life path, leading to personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Connection to Nature: Shamanic journeying involves connecting with the natural world and honoring the web of life, which can help individuals to deepen their connection to the earth and all its inhabitants.
  • Increased Creativity and Intuition: Journeying can enhance creativity and intuition by allowing individuals to tap into their subconscious and receive guidance from the spirit realm.
  • Enhanced Emotional Regulation: Shamanic journeying can help individuals learn to regulate their emotions by cultivating a sense of inner peace and balance.
  • Improved Mental Clarity: By quieting the mind and accessing a deeper level of consciousness, journeying can improve mental clarity and facilitate problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Heightened Spiritual Awareness: Through connecting with spirit guides and the forces of the universe, shamanic journeying can help individuals develop a deeper sense of spiritual awareness and connection.

The benefits of shamanic journeying are numerous and can lead to profound personal growth and transformation.

How It Can Help You

Shamanic journeying can be a powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth. Here are some of the ways it can help you:

Shamanic journeying can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. It can offer a unique and profound way of connecting with the world around you and discovering your own inner truth.

Preparing for the Journey

Preparing For The Journey

Setting Intentions

Before embarking on your shamanic journey, it’s important to set your intentions for the experience. Setting intentions will help you focus your mind and create a clear purpose for your journey.

Remember that setting intentions is a personal process, and there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do it. The most important thing is to be clear about what you want to get out of your shamanic journey, so that you can fully engage with the experience and receive the insights and guidance you’re seeking.

Cleansing and Grounding

Preparing for a shamanic journey is essential for creating a safe and sacred space for the journey itself. One of the crucial components of preparation is cleansing and grounding . This involves clearing the mind and body of any negative energies or distractions so you can connect with the spirit world with clarity and focus.

To perform a cleansing and grounding ritual, there are several techniques you can use. These include:

These techniques can be used individually or in combination with one another, depending on what feels most effective for you. The goal is to release any negative energy and to create a clear and open space for the journey.

By cleansing and grounding yourself before journeying, you can approach the experience with a clear mind and an open heart. This can enhance your ability to connect with the spiritual realm and receive valuable insights and guidance.

Creating a Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space is an important part of preparing for a shamanic journey. This is because the sacred space acts as a container for the journey and helps to create a sense of safety and protection. Here are some steps to help you create a sacred space for your shamanic journey:

  • Cleanse the Space: Begin by physically cleaning the space in which you will be journeying. This will help to remove any negative or stagnant energy from the space. You can do this by dusting, sweeping, or vacuuming the area.
  • Set the Mood: Creating a calming atmosphere can help to relax your mind and body. You can do this by lighting candles, burning incense, or using essential oils.
  • Define the Space: Use items to define the space, such as a small table, altar, or special cloth. This will help to mark the space as sacred and separate from everyday life.
  • Call in the Spirits: You can also call in the spirits, such as the four directions, the elements, or your spirit guides, to help protect the space and support your journey.
  • Personal Items: Bring in personal items, such as crystals, feathers, or other sacred objects, to help connect you to the space and provide comfort during the journey.
  • Music: Playing soothing music or drumming can help to set the tone and induce a meditative state, which is ideal for shamanic journeying.
  • Avoid Distractions: Try to eliminate any possible distractions such as electronic devices or loud noises from outside by closing the door or putting on some noise-canceling headphones.

By taking these steps to create a sacred space, you are setting the intention for a safe and powerful journey. This will help you to connect with the spirit realm and receive insights and guidance from your spirit guides. Remember to trust the process and allow for whatever experience arises during the journey.

The Journey

The Journey

Entering the Lower World

To begin your shamanic journey, you must first enter the Lower World. This is a non-ordinary reality, where you can interact with spirit guides, discover insights about yourself, and even access deeper levels of consciousness. Here are the steps to entering the Lower World:

  • Set your intention: Before entering the Lower World, clarify your intention for the journey. What are you seeking guidance on? What questions do you want to have answered? Focus on this intention as you begin your journey.
  • Create a safe space: Find a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of your journey. You may want to light candles or burn some incense to create a calming atmosphere.
  • Use rhythmic sounds: Rhythmic sounds like drumming or rattling can help you enter into a trance state. Find a drumming or shamanic journeying track, or use a physical instrument to create your own rhythm.
  • Breathe deeply: Take a few deep breaths to relax and clear your mind. Visualize yourself descending down a staircase or tunnel, getting deeper and deeper into a trance state with each step or breath.
  • Visualize the entrance: Imagine a hole, cave, or other entrance into the Lower World. Focus on this image in your mind’s eye, and visualize yourself passing through that entrance.
  • Meet your guide: Once you’ve entered the Lower World, you’ll likely encounter a spirit guide or power animal who will accompany you on your journey. Observe your surroundings and wait for your guide to appear.

Remember to trust the process and go with the flow. The Lower World is a unique and personal experience for each journeyer, so be open to whatever comes up for you. Stay focused on your intention and allow yourself to embrace the experience.

Meeting Your Power Animal

After entering the Lower World, it’s time to meet your Power Animal. Your Power Animal is an essential guide and ally for your shamanic journeying practice. They can provide you with protection, support, and valuable insight into your life.

Here are the steps to meeting your Power Animal:

  • Set your intention: Before meeting your Power Animal, focus your mind and set your intention to connect with them. It’s important to approach this encounter with respect and openness.
  • Call out to your Power Animal: To call out to your Power Animal, you can use a mantra, a drum or rattle, or simply your voice. Address them by name and ask them to appear.
  • Be open to different forms: Your Power Animal may not appear in the form you expect, and that’s okay. They may present themselves in the form of an animal you’ve never seen before, or even a mythical creature. Trust your intuition and embrace the experience.
  • Ask for their guidance: Once you meet your Power Animal, respectfully ask for their guidance and help. They may have wisdom to share or specific actions for you to take in your life.
  • Express gratitude: Before leaving, express your gratitude to your Power Animal for their guidance and support. This is a way to honor them and deepen your connection.

Meeting your Power Animal can be a profound and transformative experience. Trust the journey and the guidance of your ally.

Exploring the Spirit Realm

Now that you have met your power animal and established a rapport with them, it’s time to explore the spirit realm. This is where you may encounter other spirits or entities that have messages or guidance for you.

Step 1: Follow Your Power Animal

Allow your power animal to guide you through the spirit realm. Trust them to lead you to where you need to go. Don’t try to control the journey or where it takes you.

Step 2: Observe Your Surroundings

As you explore, take note of your surroundings. What do you see, hear, smell, or feel? Pay attention to any details that stand out to you. These could be symbols or messages from the spirit realm.

Step 3: Communicate with Spirits

If you encounter any other spirits or entities, approach them with respect and an open mind. Ask if they have any messages or guidance for you. It’s important to remember that not all spirits have your best interests at heart, so use your intuition and discernment.

Step 4: Trust Your Intuition

Don’t discount any messages or guidance that you receive during the journey, even if they don’t make sense at first. Trust your intuition and allow the insights to unfold over time. You may need to integrate the guidance into your waking life slowly.

Step 5: Prepare to Return

After you have explored to your heart’s content, it’s time to prepare for your return to reality. Check in with your power animal and thank them for their guidance. They will know when it’s time to return.

In the next section, we’ll discuss how to process and integrate any insights or messages from the journey.

Returning to Reality

Returning To Reality

Processing and Integrating Insights

After completing a shamanic journey, it’s important to take the time for processing and integrating insights to understand and internalize any messages received during the journey. This can be done through a variety of methods such as meditation, reflection, and discussion with others.

One effective way to process and integrate insights is through the use of a journaling practice. Writing down your experiences during the journey, your interactions with your power animal and other spirit guides, and any messages or symbols received can help to solidify the experience in your mind and create a record for future reference.

Another helpful technique is to engage in reflective exercises . This can involve asking yourself questions such as “What did I learn from this journey?” and “How can I apply these insights to my everyday life?”. Taking the time to think critically about the experience and its meaning can help to create a deeper understanding and promote personal growth.

It’s important to be patient with the process of integration , as it may not happen immediately. Insights may occur gradually over time, and it’s important to stay open and receptive to the messages received during the journey. Utilizing practices such as meditation and mindfulness can also help to deepen the integration process.

Ultimately, the goal of processing and integrating insights from a shamanic journey is to apply the lessons learned to your everyday life, creating a deeper sense of purpose and understanding.

Journaling and Reflecting

After completing a shamanic journey, it can be helpful to take some time to reflect on and integrate any insights or experiences you had during the journey. One way to do this is through journaling.

Journaling: Set aside some time to write down your thoughts and experiences from the journey. This can help you make sense of what you saw, felt, and heard, and may also help you remember details that you might forget otherwise.

Reflection: Take some time to reflect on what came up for you during the journey. What did you learn? Did you receive any messages or insights? How do you feel now? Reflecting on your journey can help you better understand the experience and how it relates to your life.

Gratitude: Consider expressing gratitude for any guidance or insights you received during the journey. This can help you to deepen your connection with the spiritual realm and cultivate a sense of trust in the process.

To organize your journaling and reflecting, you may find it helpful to use a table with different prompts or questions to guide your writing. Here is an example of what that might look like:


As with any spiritual practice, shamanic journeying can come with its own set of challenges. These obstacles can arise during any part of the journey – from preparing your intentions to processing the insights gained after the journey is complete. It can be discouraging and frustrating when obstacles arise, but with patience and persistence, they can be overcome. Let’s take a closer look at some common challenges that may arise during shamanic journeying and explore potential solutions to keep you on track for a transformative experience.

Common Challenges and Solutions

It’s common to face challenges when practicing shamanic journeying, but there are several solutions to overcome them. Here are a few examples:

  • Difficulty entering a trance state: If you find it hard to enter a trance state, try different techniques such as deep breathing, drumming, or visualization. Alternatively, practice meditation or another relaxation technique to help achieve a trance state.
  • Distracting thoughts: If your mind is distracted by thoughts during your journey, try focusing on your breath, repeating a mantra, or visualizing a peaceful scene to calm your mind.
  • No clear guidance: If you feel lost or unsupported during your journey, try setting a clear intention before you begin or ask for help from your spirit guides or power animal.
  • Fear or anxiety: If you experience fear or anxiety during the journey, try grounding yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet, connecting you to the earth. You can also ask your spirit guide for protection or envision yourself in a protective bubble of light.
  • No apparent results: If you don’t seem to receive any results or insights from your journey, don’t worry. Trust that the journey was helpful in some way, and try again later. Remember that each journey is unique and might not always produce immediate results.

Remember, these are just a few common challenges and solutions. Every journeyer’s experience is unique, and a variety of unique issues may arise. Embrace them as opportunities for growth and continue to trust in the process.

In conclusion, shamanic journeying is a powerful tool for self-discovery, healing, and connection to the spirit world. It allows individuals to explore their psyche, receive guidance from their higher self, and connect with their power animals and spirit guides. However, it is important to approach this practice with respect, intention, and grounding.

Preparing for the journey involves setting clear intentions, cleansing and grounding oneself, and creating a sacred space for the journey to take place. It is crucial to approach the journey from a place of openness and trust, allowing oneself to surrender to the experience and receive the gifts that the spirit world has to offer.

During the journey, individuals will enter the lower world and meet their power animal, who will guide and protect them on their journey. The spirit realm can be a place of incredible beauty, but also powerful emotions and insights. It is important to keep an open mind and heart, and trust in the journey as it unfolds.

After the journey, it is important to take time to process and integrate insights gained from the experience. Journaling and reflecting are powerful tools for integrating these experiences into daily life.

Troubleshooting is also important to consider, as journeying can sometimes bring up challenging emotions or experiences. It is important to approach these challenges with compassion and seek support if needed.

Overall, shamanic journeying is a valuable practice for connecting with the spirit world and accessing innate wisdom within oneself. With respect, intention, and grounding, it can be a transformative experience for personal growth and healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is shamanism.

Shamanism refers to a spiritual practice in which a person, known as a shaman, enters an altered state of consciousness to interact with the spirit world.

What is an altered state of consciousness?

An altered state of consciousness is a state in which a person’s normal waking state of consciousness is altered, often through the use of techniques such as meditation, hypnosis, or the use of psychoactive substances.

What is the Lower World?

The Lower World is a term used in shamanism to refer to a spiritual realm that is believed to exist beneath our physical reality, and which can be accessed through shamanic journeying.

What is a power animal?

A power animal is a spiritual guide believed to be present in the Lower World, which can assist the shaman in navigating the spirit realm and provide protection.

How can shamanic journeying benefit me?

Shamanic journeying can be beneficial for personal transformation, healing, and gaining insight into one’s life purpose and direction.

Do I need any special skills or abilities to practice shamanic journeying?

No special skills are required to practice shamanic journeying, although it can take practice to learn how to enter an altered state of consciousness and engage with the spirit realm.

Can shamanic journeying be dangerous?

While shamanic journeying is generally considered safe, it is important to approach the practice with respect and caution, and to work with a qualified practitioner if possible.

How long does a typical shamanic journey last?

The length of a shamanic journey can vary, but a typical journey can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

What should I do if I have a challenging experience during a journey?

If you have a challenging experience during a journey, it is important to remain calm and focused, and to seek guidance from your power animal or other spiritual guides that you may encounter.

Can anyone learn to practice shamanic journeying?

While shamanic journeying is a spiritual practice that can be learned and practiced by anyone, it is important to approach the practice with an open mind and a willingness to learn and grow.

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Seeker Project 4 Spiritual Exploration (SP4SE)

Techniques for exploring consciousness

The Shamanic Journey With The Guided Shamanic Journey Script

The Shamanic Journey With The Guided Shamanic Journey Script —

Shamanism is one of humankind’s first tools for exploring consciousness. Many people in the modern world discount it as escapism or hallucination. But this isn’t true. It is a powerful tool that enables us to enter an altered state. We can use this spiritual journey to find answers and healing. You can learn how to create your own guided shamanic journey script.

A script is a process, roadmap, or path. Following a pathway or process ensures the success of a repeatable method. It is like a recipe. If you follow the steps, you create something delicious.

A journey is an action that takes us from one place to another. The inward journey uses a script to facilitate a spiritual journey. Ancient cultures developed this method to enter an altered dreamlike state. This partition of awareness enables us to access the depths of the subconscious. It used two simple tools: rhythm and imagination. In this partition of awareness, we visualize vivid landscapes of the mind .

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient body of wisdom about human nature and our world. (1) Many indigenous cultures focus on these practices, and the knowledge within these systems is very diverse. Shamanism focuses on exploring the spiritual realm, communing with nature, and harnessing the power of unseen forces.

The traditional Teachers of this knowledge are called shamans. They are the pioneers of consciousness exploration. Some of these methods, like creative visualization , became methods of therapy. The use of plants became pharmacology. And the metaphors used to describe the spirit world became the basis for religions. The knowledge of these systems includes healing practices for mind, body, and spirit.

What is The Shamanic Journey?

The journey of the Shaman is an inward quest. It uses creative visualization and the sound of a repetitive rhythm. It opens the door to a unique partition of consciousness. Here, we find the spirit world of Shamanism. This is an ancient spiritual practice that has been a part of cultures around the world . It is a philosophy and way of life which values all living things. It involves exploring the spiritual realm and communing with nature. With this spiritual practice, you learn how to harness the power of the mind.

Almost anyone can use a simple script to enter this magical realm. To be guided means to be led. It’s helpful to have a guide when learning any new skill. Once we learn this process, we become “our own guide,” developing our own script. This simple but effective method is the foundation of the ancient Shamanic tradition , which has many modern-day variations.

Once you learn this process, you don’t need an external guide. You create your own script and path to explore the subconscious mind and the spirit world. The fact is that creating or forging your own script will be more meaningful and powerful. The Shamanic Journey is a universal process for exploring awareness. You can find these methods in indigenous cultures worldwide.

The Shamanic State of Consciousness

Michael Harner (2) calls it “The Shamanic State of Consciousness” (SSC). Mr. Harner’s research shows that SSC has a unique brainwave signature in the theta-wave bandwidth of around 4 to 7Hz. This signature differs from the default states of consciousness, waking, sleeping, and dreaming, and from the brainwave patterns of transcendental consciousness.

The basic formula has two ingredients: creative visualization and rhythm. Rhythmic repetition creates a focal point. Focusing on the rhythm lowers the heart rate and calms the active mind, facilitating a shift in awareness. Then, creative visualization is used to travel vivid landscapes.

People reach an altered state of consciousness as they travel on an inward journey. When you learn, it’s helpful to listen to a script guiding you through landscapes of imagery like dreaming. So, this is where the name “guided meditation” originates. You can create your own guided shamanic journey script . The goal of embarking on this journey varies. For instance, it could be to find healing or receive guidance to achieve a task.

Indigenous cultures also used psychotropic additives to facilitate deeper altered states. But there are disadvantages to using drugs (Peyote, Ayahuasca, etc.) to induce the state.   The potency of the compound controls the depth and length of your session. When you use psychotropic compounds, you lose control of the depth and length of the session. Some ancient traditions use a mixture of drugs and sound. This approach is only for the experienced spiritual traveler. We don’t recommend it.

A safer way to journey is using an audio drum track. Some also include a talk track with guided imagery. A drum track allows you to build a routine of your own. Many books also contain these resources.

The goal of your first journey should be to meet your spirit guide or spirit guides. They will assist you with all the other goals of your inward quests.

What is the Shamanic Path?

The path of the Shaman is a spiritual practice that takes a holistic approach to the great experiment of consciousness we call life. It is a return to nature where we find answers to our deepest questions and healing of body, mind, and spirit. Many ancient travelers took this path.

Many people embark on this quest. Creative visualization is a personal and profound tool for exploring consciousness . It answers the primordial call to explore the landscape of the mind. The Shamanic path is an integral part of spiritual exploration. This path provides spiritual insight, inner healing, and practical guidance.

Shamans view the inner quest as a process of discovery . It is not the creation of worlds but exploring what already exists. Many traditions teach that our reality has four levels. There are three levels of non-ordinary reality : the upper, lower, and middle worlds. The last is the default plane of everyday existence.

One of the most exciting forms of this process we find in Australia. Here, the indigenous people have what we call Aboriginal Dreamtime , which comes wrapped in a cosmology of the universe. Some researchers claim this process is evidence of time travel or astral projection . Travelers can experience events in other parts of the world or at points from the past or future.

This adventure teaches us about spirit beings. We learn that there are spirit guides that can help us understand our spiritual journey. The goal of your first journey is to meet these spiritual guides. Whether these entities are real or manifestations of the subconscious mind is debatable.

Exploring the Guided Shamanic Journey Script

You learn how to do it by being guided through the process with a script. However, once you learn, you no longer need an external guide or script. After you learn the technique, you become your own guide, and that is when the real exploration begins. Your experiences on the Shamanic path will be unique.

All you need to take this quest is a drumbeat or drum track to help you focus and your imagination. This mental process is repeatable. You can do it independently or with others. It allows us to reach an altered state of awareness safely and with complete control of the depth and length of the session.

“When you go on a shamanic journey, you have access to your unconscious or your sense of connection within the universe , whatever you want to call that.  You’ve accessed places in your brain that you don’t normally. You’re still there — it’s your brain.  But you have access in a way that you normally don’t.  For me, doing that felt like being in a new environment.” —  Amy Hardie

Learning this process by listening to a script that takes you on an imaginary journey is easy. However, don’t use the script as a crutch. Once you know how to use the process, use what you learn about making your own.

Using the basic formula and creating your own script is even better. Here’s why. When you use a standard script, it keeps the mind on a specific path. This prevents you from using the power of your imagination. Your imagination helps you unlock the gifts of your spirit; that’s the power of the shamanic path. It is one of the most powerful tools for delving into your subconscious mind. We cannot overstate the importance of creating “your own” spiritual path .

what is shamanism, what is the shamanic journey, what is the shamanic path

The Guided Shamanic Journey Script and Formula

The formula is simple. Here’s what you need.

1. First, get a shamanic drum recording. These vary in duration from 10 minutes to an hour. Find several that resonate so you can practice for different lengths of time. Our recommendation is Sandra Ingerman’s book Shamanic Journeying, a Beginner’s Guide. It has a CD with several tracks of differing tempos and durations.

Use a rhythm track recorded specifically for the Shamanic Journey .    Many use drums , rattles, or singing bowls. Vibration opens the doorway to SSC, enabling complete control over the process in the trance’s depth and duration.   Using sound to facilitate the journey has advantages over drug-induced altered states.

2. Listen to the rhythm of the drumbeat. You can do this lying down or if you drum yourself sitting comfortably. Many indigenous use dance as a part of the shamanic path.

3. Now, engage your imagination and visualize. Visualizing is not just seeing the imaginary world. Use all of your senses. Feel the wind, sun, or rain. Hear the sounds of your special wilderness. Smell the fragrance of the landscape.

Some people like to visualize themselves going into the earth using the tree’s roots, while others like riding in a canoe or going down a river or stream. Many envision entering a cavern or cave if you travel down roots into the earth. If you travel by water, imagine you are in a deep canyon or jungle.

4. Ask for guidance. Once you embark on any journey, ask for help from your main spirit animal or animals. If this is your first journey, ask to meet them. Keep calling for your “trusted spirit advisor. “Wait until they appear. Once you’ve established a relationship, you’ll know them immediately.

What is possible with the guided shamanic journey script? Almost everything from healing to finding a life partner.

On your first journey, test all of your guides. It’s essential to make sure these spirits have your best interests.   Many people have more than one spirit guide, even flocks of birds, etc. Trust your gut instinct . If they come in a previous pet, ask them questions about what only they know.

You can ask your spirit animal to help you with common problems in your next journey. Ask them to invite any other necessary spirit animals. Conclude your journey by thanking your spirit helpers. That’s the simple but effective shamanic guided meditation script and formula.

Why Did They Rebrand the Shamanic Journey?

You rebrand or change the name of something to make it more acceptable , which makes it more marketable. So, rebranding is a marketing tactic that allows you to sell a product to a larger market. You can change the name of your product to fit the market.

Shamanism has always been a threat to Western religion (3), so it needs to be assimilated into the system. They could not use the term shamanic journey script because it points directly to Shamanism. So, changing the name to “guided meditation or creative visualization” removes this link. No one realizes the true pagan origins of the process. It is used in modern cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or guided imagery therapy. However, they often fail to recognize their roots in Shamanic tradition.

When you use generic terms for the process, you can market it to different buyers. It becomes acceptable to those who also believe in Western religion, which is a way to disguise the origin. They don’t call this “theft” or plagiarism.    Instead, Western theology calls it “the appropriation of common useful knowledge.” After all, that is how they built their religions.

Rebranding the shamanic journey is deliberate. It enables people to use the process while demonizing the source. That’s right. Western religion is guilty of this practice. They demonize the cultures that pioneered and safeguarded these methods while rebranding them for their own use.

The Abrahamic religions of Judaism and Christianity are copies of earlier mythology. They combine Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, and Assyrian mystery religions . The Shamanic process is one method it added to its product list, calling it creative visualization.

In Conclusion

We hope we were able to answer the common questions about this subject. Guided meditation is just a term for this ancient spiritual practice. If it makes you feel more comfortable to call it something else, that’s your choice. We should credit the pagan ancestors who developed these processes. Their traditions safeguarded them for future generations.

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(1) Shamanism , Wikipedia  (2) Michael Harner , Wikipedia  (3) Abrahamic Religions , Wikipedia 

Holistic Connections

The Eight Steps of a Shamanic Journey

Katie Oberlin

This morning I was in the backyard where I always begin the day with my spiritual practice. I was feeling stuck about what to write for this week’s blog. I know that when I meditate, it allows me to drop into my heart and find inspiration.

One of my favorite meditation tools is to go on a shamanic journey.

shamanic journey meditation script pdf

Every shamanic journey begins by finding an opening into the Earth. This can be done physically in nature, or through visualization. Today I felt called to a large Pine. I noticed that it has an exposed root that splits into a fork and in that fork is an opening into the ground.

I crouched down, closed my eyes, and spent a few moments focusing on my breath to clear my mind and bring my attention into my heart. I imagined myself stepping into the small opening in the Earth and was immediately greeted by the image of a Wolf. Wolf has often been my guide during shamanic journeys. Whenever he shows up, I feel safe and happy that he is there to join me on the journey.

I greeted Wolf. “Hello! Thank you for showing up! You are a wonderful ally, so strong and loyal. I am struggling, trying to figure out what to write about and I would like to take a journey to find some inspiration.”

I felt my hand connect with the soft fur of his nape and off we went. We traveled into the root, and then I was surprised that we ascended up Pine to the very top, where I felt a cool breeze and heard the rustling branches. I sensed a connection with Spirit and received the message, “Don’t worry. It will come.” I spent a few more minutes thanking Spirit and reveling in joy and gratitude for this experience.

Then Wolf and I descended Pine and traveled back through the root to the place where the journey had started. I thanked Wolf again. He reminded me that he is there whenever I need him.

As I opened my eyes, I reflected on the message, “Don’t worry. It will come.” And it has. I realize my desire is to simply share with you the basic steps of a  journey and why it’s a powerful shamanic tool.

Why would you want to go on a journey?

Perhaps you’re seeking guidance around a particular question, or wanting to gain insight into a situation with a relationship or health concern. Or maybe you want to open yourself to creative inspiration. Shamanic journeying is also helpful in a type of healing called soul retrieval. Plus, it’s just a pleasant way to unplug, space out, and connect with other dimensions! It gets us out of left-brain thinking and into a state of openness and receptivity to intuition.

You can journey on your own or ask a shamanic healing practitioner to facilitate the journey using drumming and guided visualization. Either way, a shamanic journey traditionally follows these steps. You will:

  • Clarify your question: what do you want to gain, learn, or heal?
  • Spend some time clearing your mind. Sometimes I use drumming or rattling as a way to keep me relaxed and focused; other times, like today, I use breathwork for that purpose.
  • Find or imagine an opening in the Earth.
  • Be greeted by a guide. Compliment your guide, tell the guide why you are there,  and thank him for his protection.
  • See where the journey takes you. Be open to receiving visuals, sensations, and insights with no preconceived expectations.
  • Thank Spirit and all the allies that appear during the journey.
  • Return the same way you came.
  • Thank your guide.

Each journey is unique. Some can last 30 minutes or longer. My journey today occurred spontaneously and quickly and surprised me by taking me to the top of Pine rather than deep into the Earth. As soon as I heard the message “it will come,” and felt that my inspiration was already moving through me, I became calm, joyful, and grateful.

If you try shamanic journeying, you will also find the sense of insight, peace, and gratitude that I felt this morning.

For a great description and tips on successful journeying, read Secrets of Shamanism , by Jose Stevens and Lena Stevens.

Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) Portrait - captive animal

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Katie Oberlin

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Sandra Ingerman


  • Shamanic Meditations: Guided Journeys for Insight, Vision, and Healing

Shamanic Meditations: Guided Journeys for Insight, Vision, and Healing

The first meditators in history were the shamans whose practices for contemplation and connecting with the divine are echoed in virtually every spiritual tradition today. On Shamanic Meditations , Sandra Ingerman invites you to return to the source of human spirituality―and experience for yourself the enduring power of these ancient practices for healing, guidance, and awakening.  With seven guided meditations―called “journeys” in the shamanic tradition―from a renowned author and teacher, this two-hour program features an overview of shamanic principles, guided practices for finding your “spirit teachers” and “power animals,” the shamanic initiation into oneness, and more.

• An overview of shamanic principles—understanding journeys, the three spiritual realms, and your helping guides • Encountering your Power Animals—companion spirits from the Lower World that offer healing, protection, and support • Meeting your Upper World Teacher—a spirit in human form who provides insights and higher wisdom • The shamanic initiation into oneness, connecting to nature through the Middle World, learning to see through “spirit eyes,” and more

As Sandra Ingerman explains, the surging interest in shamanism in the West arises from the personal, intimate relationship with spirit that these practices offer. “An increasing number of people feel a deep need to connect directly to the web of life,” she explains. With “Shamanic Meditations”, listeners now have a complete guided program for beginning their own exploration of the shamanic path—and tapping into the spiritual field of awareness that unites all living beings.


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shamanic journey meditation script pdf

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shamanic journey meditation script pdf

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The shamanic journey : a practical guide to therapeutic shamanism

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For Lovers of Meditation

Free guided meditation scripts.

On this page you will find an ever expanding range of free guided meditation scripts to read, and to use as a source of inspiration to help you write your own script. You can also find some lovely free relaxation scripts here .

Please note that you cannot use any of these free scripts to create your own recordings or videos. If you are looking for scripts with a royalty free license please click here .

Want to create your own guided meditation? You'll love this article on how to write a guided meditation script , and this series of tips and techniques on how to create a guided meditation audio production.

Free Meditation Scripts to Read

The Forest Speaks This guided meditation script takes the listener on a soothing mind journey. Perfect for general relaxation, and sometimes used as a wind-down visualization after a yoga class.  Wishful Thanking Living Rainbow Meditation  and Pot of gold Visualization This is an excellent script for achieving total body mind relaxation, for opening the chakras and guiding the listener to experience gratitude and abundance.  Peace, Tranquility and Healing This brief guided meditation script will guide you through a very healing visualization process. You can use this meditation script to experience a deep feeling of peace, tranquility and transcendence. 

Scripts from Other Visitors

Buddhist guided meditation script.

Sit comfortably erect, without leaning forward or backward, left or right. Close your eyes and think thoughts of good will. Thoughts of good will go first to yourself, because if you can't think good...

Body Awareness Meditation

Begin this body awareness meditation by assuming your usual position for meditation. This could be either seated or led down, whichever you prefer. Once you are settled and comfortable...

The Kingfisher

Take 3 deep long slow breaths, Relax the whole of your face, your eyes, the space under your eyes, your cheeks and jaw, Allow your tongue to rest gently in your mouth...

Ribbons of Healing Light

Make yourself comfortable either sitting or lying down. Move around as much as you want to until you feel settled. During meditation don’t be afraid of moving...

Letting go of work/home stresses

I would like to welcome you to today’s meditation session The purpose of this session is to re-energize, re-focus, re-center yourself... 

Radiant Being

As you settle down, find the most comfortable position. Take a deep, relaxing breath in....gently, and slowly exhale. Another deep breath in, hold it for four counts...

Angel Healing Meditation

Please begin by taking everything off your laps. Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth slowly...

Gently Down The Stream

Get in a relaxed position. If you are seated have your feet flat on the floor and hands up to the universe on you lap. Let the "white light" start at your toes going up your calves...

Bluebell Wood Meditation

Your journey takes you into the world of mystique and entrancement - make sure you are sitting comfortable for this meditation journey into Bluebell Wood...

Forest Waterfall

Get as comfortable as you can in your chair. Let your hands rest loosely in your lap. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Hold it for a moment. Then let it go completely...

Trust Walk a Path to Freedom and Self Love

Now imagine yourself going on a trust walk, a trust walk to freedom and self- love, This is a walk, a walk of getting to know yourself, loving yourself...

It's Like This - Mindfulness Meditation

So lets begin by taking a few moments to simply settle in. Settle in to this moment...into this space...allow yourself the opportunity to be here. For the next few moments you are engaging...

Healing Guided Meditation

Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Allow your body to relax & be still. Allow the muscles to soften & lengthen. Notice any sensations that arise anywhere in the body...

The Hammock

Rested and comfortable - you take a long, deep inhale of fresh clean air and your head turns up to greet the sun. The sky is a beautiful, rich shade of blue and the white clouds...

Heart Breath

Lie down on your back in a comfortable position (Savasana). Close your eyes and relax. Soften your belly and take a slow breath in and a long breath out. Notice the gentle rise and fall...

Guided Loving-Kindness - Buddhist Meditation

Let us be composed, sit comfortably in an upright posture with a sense of dignity and grace. Gently close your eyes. Allow your body and mind to relax and be at ease...

Acknowledge All Awareness

Please sit comfortably and place your intentions to withstand a period time sitting in the present while acknowledging thoughts that come and go during meditation...

Coastal Path Meditation

I am going to take you on a journey to a place that you have never been to before. It is a beautiful location that is new to you. I want you to imagine yourself on a coastal...

Stillness and Centered Meditation

As you gently close your eyes and sit in silence, be aware that this moment is a sacred moment for you. Time will slow down and the past and future are not so important...

Close your eyes and settle into your breath. Place one hand on your belly, the other on your heart and become aware of your body rising with each inhale and lowering with every exhale...

Flowing Stream Meditation

Please close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly and deeply 3 times. Now imagine a golden light, a warm, thick golden light streaming down onto your head. Feel this golden light...

Under Waterfall

Imagine that you are under a waterfall but this waterfall doesn’t bring water but it brings a stream of light. It's nearer to your head it, then it reaches your head. It enters your skull to fill...

Bliss For Your Brain

During the practice of yoga nidra consciousness fluctuates between the states of introversion and extroversion. It swings sometimes to the outside world through the senses...

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shamanic journey meditation script pdf

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shamanic journey meditation script pdf


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    shamanic journey meditation script pdf

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    shamanic journey meditation script pdf


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    frame of a doorway or window, and then enter.2) Intention is one o. the most important tools used by the shaman. State a single intention for that experience.For your first effort your in. ention might be: "to meet my Totem Animal". When you meet it during the journey, ask it for it's name, introduce yourself, a.

  2. PDF The Beginner's Guide To Shamanic Journeying

    In Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide, you will learn one of the most fundamental techniques used by shamans worldwide to connect with spiritual helpers, to access per¬ sonal spiritual guidance and healing, to help others and the planet, and to reconnect with nature and its cycles and rhythms: the shamanic Journey.

  3. Shamanic journeying : a beginner's guide : Ingerman, Sandra : Free

    A beginner's guide to shamanic journeying, a practice in which a shaman goes into an altered state of consciousness where spirits provide healing help and answers to pressing questions. ... Ocr_detected_script Latin Ocr_detected_script_conf 0.8937 Ocr_module_version 0.0.13 Ocr_parameters-l eng Old_pallet IA-WL-0000193 Openlibrary_edition ...

  4. Exploring the Shamanic Journey Meditation: A Detailed Script

    Step 2. Bid farewell to your guide, knowing that they are always available to assist you. Step 3. Visualize yourself returning to the natural setting and gradually bring your awareness back to your physical body. Step 4. Gently open your eyes and spend a few moments reflecting on your journey.

  5. PDF Four Shamanic Drum Journeys

    To journey to the Middle Realm, you may go inside your body or via a place in nature wherever the journey takes you. Regardless of which realm you initially head off to and the original reason for which you have chosen to journey, you will always have the journey you need to have. In the shamanic world, the possibilities are endless and varied.

  6. PDF Shamanic Journey: Basic Method

    if shamanic journey is right for you. The "Non-Egoic" Helping Spirit: Your Connection to Source The shamanic journey is a way for your soul/"True Soul-Self" to have a direct experience with "Source"—aka God or Buddha Mind or Mystery or Oneness, etc. "Non-spiritual" people often feel a deep connection to the center of their being.

  7. The Shamanic Journey

    When a shaman is initiated onto the shamanic path, they usually learn how to send their soul forth intentionally, on the soul flight which is commonly called a journey or the shamanic journey. In early shamanic societies, many shamans were initiated because of having a near death experience. Death being an experience when all of your soul ...

  8. PDF Copyright © 2017 Paul Francis ISBN 978-0-9957586-1-2

    Getting down to it: how to do your first shamanic journey. Getting clear: some common mistakes and misconceptions. Exercise one: simple imagining. It is not always visual. Exercise two: detailed imagining. Unpacking exercise two. Preparing to do an actual journey. Exercise three: a guided visit to the lower-world. Doing your first proper ...

  9. The Beginner's Guide To Shamanic Journeying

    The Beginner's Guide to Shamanic Journeying - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

  10. Free Shamanic Meditations

    Shamanic Guided Meditation, or journeys, is an ancient healing tradition. It involves connection with and guidance from spirits including ancestors, elders, gods, goddesses, spirit guides, power animals and angels. It focuses on using a spiritual connection to heal the mind, deal with external stress and understand the self and the world.

  11. FREE Shamanic Journey Practice

    The Shamanic Journey Practice - 30 Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey is an online program that includes what a journey is, how long to journey for and immediate access to 30 guided video prompts. The course also includes 4 drumming and 4 music MP3's. Journey once a day for 30 days or create your own schedule based upon your own ...

  12. The Basics of Shamanic Journeying: What It Is and How to Do It

    The Journey. As you begin your shamanic journey, you may feel a sense of anticipation and wonder. With each step, you move deeper into the unknown realm of spirit, where anything is possible. The journey itself is a unique and deeply personal experience, as you connect with your inner self and the wisdom of the universe.

  13. Free Meditations

    Get the weekly exclusive Shamanic Forecasts from Shaman Durek. You'll also receive updates when new sessions become available, and news of upcoming events and releases from The Shaman School. Check out these free meditations from Shaman Durek! Connect with your higher self, open your heart and more! Click to view at

  14. Learn to Journey

    The shamanic journey is an old and simple technique for having a direct experience of Mystery, by whatever name (s) you call that, to get healing or knowledge. Journeying is universal: it existed on every continent for more than 40,000 years. An altered state of consciousness makes the journey possible.

  15. The Beginner's Guide To Shamanic Journeying

    The Beginner's Guide to Shamanic Journeying.pdf download. download 1 file . SINGLE PAGE PROCESSED JP2 ZIP download. download 1 file . TORRENT download. download 12 Files download 6 Original. SHOW ALL. IN COLLECTIONS Community Texts Community Collections ...

  16. PDF Life Force Arts Shamanic Training Manual

    Learn the ancient shamanic journey meditation: traveling to the spirit realm to gain wisdom and healing from angels, ancestors, totem animals and other helpful spiritual beings. To the classic shamanic drumbeat, you will journey to the three territories of non-ordinary reality to begin building relationships with your own group of spirit helpers.

  17. The Shamanic Journey With The Guided Shamanic Journey Script

    It is a powerful tool that enables us to enter an altered state. We can use this spiritual journey to find answers and healing. You can learn how to create your own guided shamanic journey script. A script is a process, roadmap, or path. Following a pathway or process ensures the success of a repeatable method.

  18. The Eight Steps of a Shamanic Journey

    One of my favorite meditation tools is to go on a shamanic journey. Every shamanic journey begins by finding an opening into the Earth. This can be done physically in nature, or through visualization. Today I felt called to a large Pine. I noticed that it has an exposed root that splits into a fork and in that fork is an opening into the ground.

  19. Easy Guided Meditation With The Shamanic Journey Script

    First, obtain a shamanic drum recording. These vary in duration from 10 minutes to an hour. Find several the resonate so you can practice for different lengths of time. Sandra Ingerman's book ...

  20. Shamanic Meditations: Guided Journeys for Insight, Vision, and Healing

    About the Book. • An overview of shamanic principles—understanding journeys, the three spiritual realms, and your helping guides. • Encountering your Power Animals—companion spirits from the Lower World that offer healing, protection, and support. • Meeting your Upper World Teacher—a spirit in human form who provides insights and ...

  21. The shamanic journey : a practical guide to therapeutic shamanism

    The shamanic journey : a practical guide to therapeutic shamanism ... Ocr_detected_script Latin Ocr_detected_script_conf 0.9823 Ocr_module_version ... IA-NS-1300313 Pages 264 Pdf_module_version 0.0.18 Ppi 360 Rcs_key 24143 Republisher_date 20220516203635 Republisher_operator

  22. Guided Meditation Scripts

    The Forest Speaks. This guided meditation script takes the listener on a soothing mind journey. Perfect for general relaxation, and sometimes used as a wind-down visualization after a yoga class. Wishful Thanking Living Rainbow Meditation and Pot of gold Visualization. This is an excellent script for achieving total body mind relaxation, for ...

  23. PDF Shamanic Drumming Meditation

    years old. Shamanic Drumming Meditation seeks to integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of the human self, creating a state of well-being. • The Shamanic Drumming Meditation begins with a reflection on how humans are an intimate, interconnected part of our majestic, beautiful, 13.7-billion-year-old universe.