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Undergraduate students

Undergraduate returner priority for fall 2024.

Residence Services is offering a Returner Priority for a limited number of in-house undergraduate residents.

  • There will be approximately 400 spaces available for non-first year (upper-year undergraduate) students through the Returner Priority. Actual number of bed spaces will be announced by the end of January 2024.
  • To qualify for the Returner Priority, applicants must be an in-room undergraduate resident during the Spring 2024 term.
  • Eligible applicants must apply for the full academic year (September to April) to be considered for the Returner Priority. 
  • The application deadline for the Returner Priority is February 29 .
  • Room offers will be processed in submission date order, after the deadline, until all returner priority spaces are confirmed. 
  • Once returner priority spaces are confirmed, remaining applicants, if applicable, will be included in the upper-year undergraduate lottery.

Undergraduate lottery for Fall 2024

Although the University of Victoria has a  first-year residence guarantee , we do have residence spaces available for other students (upper-year undergraduates). This number changes each year and is dependent on how many applicants are covered by the first year guarantee, and how many total spaces we have available in our buildings. In 2023-24, we were able to accommodate nearly 1000 undergraduate and graduate students, in addition to our first year guarantee students.

  • The application deadline for the undergraduate lottery is May 15 . 
  • Full-year applicants are given preference in our room assignment process. Applicants must apply for the full academic year (September to April) to be included in the undergraduate lottery. 
  • After May 15, we run the undergraduate lottery and determine each applicant’s place on the undergraduate list.
  • We begin offering rooms to undergraduates shortly after the application deadline. The process of offering rooms (and having students either accept or reject their offer) will go on all summer until late August.
  • Eligible applicants in the undergraduate lottery may receive a room offer between  May -August , depending on availability.

Please note: Those who apply for the Fall Term (September to December only) will not be included in the lottery. Fall term applicants will be placed on the waitlist below full academic year applicants.

How and when to apply

Before you begin your residence application, make sure you have your  NetLink ID  and an email address that you will use for at least the next 12 months. 

You will need to pay the non-refundable $50 application fee by credit card or debit. This fee is paid online as part of the application process.

If you are applying for the Returner Priority, the application deadline is February 29.  After all returner priority room offers are accepted, remaining applications are added to the Undergraduate Lottery along with any applications received as of March 1.

If you are applying as an undergraduate, the deadline to be included in the undergraduate lottery is  May 15 . If we receive your application after this date, you will be added to our waitlist.

Applications for the academic year open on the first Monday in February . 

Accommodation preferences

When you apply, you will be able to rank up to five preferences for housing type (including selecting a room type and a community ). 

Undergraduate students are eligible to select cluster housing, pod-style housing, dormitory rooms, and select living learning communities (LLC). Please be advised that we try our best to accommodate room preferences whenever possible, however requests for a particular room type are not guaranteed.

Apply for a living learning community

Select living learning communities are open to undergraduate applicants in single dormitory, pod-style housing and Cluster. 

If you are interested in a  living learning community  you must submit a supplemental application. Applicants will be selected based on the quality of their answers, including examples of:

  • experience and genuine interest in the theme
  • ability to actively contribute to the theme and their community

Living learning community applications are evaluated by the LLC committee and will be ranked according to the quality of answers to the supplemental question. Room offers to the living leaning communities are based on these rankings. Applicants who are not accepted into a living learning community are still eligible for a room through the standard residence admissions process, as long as they have submitted an application and qualify to live in residence.

We look forward to reading your application and welcoming you to one of our fantastic communities!

Can I request a roommate?

After i apply.

  • Returner Priority room offers will begin in March. After returner priority room offers are confirmed, any remaining applications will be included in the undergraduate lottery.
  • Once we run the undergraduate lottery, we'll send you an email indicating your lottery number and we will give you an estimate of whether or not you may receive an offer. Please note our assignment process is dynamic and room offers go out from May until the end of August, as availability allows.
  • If you receive your room offer in March,   April,   May or June , you have  4 days  to accept the offer by paying the $500.00 non-refundable acceptance fee, the $250 security deposit, and agreeing to the  Residence Contract  terms.
  • If you receive your room offer in July or August , you have  48 hours  to accept your offer by paying the $500.00 non-refundable acceptance fee, the $250 security deposit, and agreeing to the  Residence Contract  terms.
  • If you receive a room offer and do not accept within the given timeline, the offer will be cancelled.
  • Students who receive a room offer, will receive one offer only.


  • If you wish to cancel your residence application, and you haven't received a room offer, you may do so through the Housing Portal. On the Application Status page, look for the "Cancel Application" option. Please note that the $50 application fee is  non-refundable .
  • If you have accepted a room offer and wish to cancel your room, you must send a written cancellation notice to Residence Admissions: [email protected]
  • Applications are non-transferable. Your application fee is non-refundable and may not be used towards a future application.
  • If you cancel your room offer  on or before August 23 , you will lose your $500 acceptance deposit.
  • If you cancel your room offer between August 24 and your move-in date,  you will lose your $500 acceptance fee and your $250 security deposit.
  • If you cancel  on or after your move-in date , you will lose 60-days of accommodation (charge) and your $250 security deposit. For meal plan cancellation penalties, please check with  Food Services .
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residence tour uvic

  • Featured / Student life

A Peek Inside Three Residence Rooms

by Madison · June 22, 2022

Over the last three years I have been fortunate enough to live, learn, and even volunteer and work in UVic’s student residences.

Prospective students and students getting ready to move in always ask what the dorms look like and what’s included (check out the housing site ).

While rooms contain some standard elements like a bed, desk, chair and wardrobe, every room ends up being as different as their inhabitants.

While I haven’t lived in every neighbourhood on campus, I’ve visited enough to say there isn’t one building or neighbourhood that’s better than others and that it’s really what you make of it.

Each year I challenged myself to reuse or repurpose as many things from the previous year to save costs and not waste perfectly usable items, which is why the bedding is the same across all three years, and you can spot many items in all three sets of room photos.

1st year – George and Rae Poole House – Gordon Head Neighbourhood

As a first year student eligible for a housing guarantee, I was placed in Poole House in the Gordon Head neighbourhood.

While packing to get set for move in, I had strategized an entire move-in process so I could be finished unpacking and have more time to meet my new neighbours and attend orientation activities.

I remember when I bought some of the items I needed for my room I stuck (mostly) with a neutral palette so I could reuse what I had after each time I would inevitably move and not have to tolerate colours clashing with the new space.

I find the photo of my bed the funniest to look at since there was almost always a box of tissues beside it, just like the photo since I kept getting colds and allergic reactions that year. Overall I have some really great memories associated with this room and the building, despite having to move out due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

residence tour uvic

Photo by author

dorm room bed

Poole residence bed – photo by author

residence tour uvic

UVic Poole Residence desk, window, and shelves – photo by author

2nd year – David Thompson Hall – Craigdarroch/McDark Neighbourhood

When I started at UVic few spots were available for students without a first year guarantee. However, housing guarantees were available to students who participated as Residence Orientation Leaders, so I was extra thrilled when I received both an offer for the volunteer role in orientation, but to also have a place to stay.

Due to changes in housing capacities, double rooms typically shared by two students were converted into “super singles” by removing a bed and only having one occupant.

By some miracle I managed to get one of these rooms with a south facing window which gave rise to me expanding my houseplant collection.

Despite not having a typical residence experience this year I have a lot of good memories associated with this space because it reminds me of my time helping with residence orientation and the New Student Connect program which helped me feel less alone during the public health restrictions at the time.

residence tour uvic

UVic David Thompson Residence desk and window view – Photo by author

residence tour uvic

UVic David Thompson Residence Bookshelf and desk corner – Photo by author

residence tour uvic

UVic David Thompson Residence bed and and bookshelves – Photo by author

3rd Year – Roderick Haig-Brown Hall – Gordon Head Neighbourhood

In third year I started working a Community Leader in the Gordon Head neighbourhood.

This room had one of my favourite views from a residence room since it looked out onto a grassy area behind the building and the sunlight that came through the window each morning was so pretty.

Out of all three years this room also had the comfiest mattress, which was great since I needed all of the sleep I could get after finishing in-night shifts in the neighbourhood.

Over the course of my third year I found out I actually have several food intolerances so now I live in an on-campus apartment so I can cook my own food and avoid foods that make me sick.

I plan on making a part two when I complete my degree with the last of my on-campus living arrangements. Overall, I have been super fortunate to have lived on campus for three years and I’m so grateful for the experience. I’ve truly enjoyed meeting new people and living in such an intentional student community.

residence tour uvic

UVic Haig-Brown Residence desk, shelves, and window – photo by author

residence tour uvic

UVic Haig-Brown Residence Bed – photo by author

Have you lived in a UVic residence? If so what were your memories of your space and time spent there?

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Here’s a video done by a student: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKFg8gSiXbM

' src=

Are the window curtains part of the room or did you install them?

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Graham Kilmer

Crowley Tours Unique Emergency Housing Facility

Facility is yet another project advancing housing under the Crowley administration.

residence tour uvic

Housing Division Director James Mathy and County Executive David Crowley tour Hillview Building. Photo taken Jun 13, 2024 by Graham Kilmer .

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley embarked on a rare tour Thursday: touring a building that was recently purchased by the county.

For the past decade, the county has been reducing its footprint. Much of this was driven by an effort to save on long-term maintenance costs, and a general shrinking of county government in the face of state-imposed austerity and a self-inflicted pension fiasco .

But Crowley’s administration has made housing a chief priority, and the county’s Housing Division is unlike most other housing agencies. Its primary focus is on addressing street homelessness, and it has found success in a housing-first approach that, increasingly, is focused on getting individuals off the street and placing them directly into housing. Also, the division is located within the county’s larger human services agency, the Department of Health and Human Services , which means the same agency assisting with housing also has easy access to a wider array of supportive human services.

Earlier this year, the county purchased the Hillview Building at 1615 S. 22nd St. , with plans to renovate and build out new emergency housing on the third floor. The county used approximately $1.1 million from a $3 million Neighborhood Investment Fund grant from the state; the same grant program funding new single-family homes in the King Park neighborhood.

The building is already used for housing for homeless individuals. Guest House of Milwaukee operates 27 rooms of emergency housing on the second floor of the building. It is likely Guest House will operate the additional housing units on the third floor once the county finishes renovations, James Mathy , Housing Division director, told Urban Milwaukee.

Crowley toured the building with members of the media, officials from Guest House, the Housing Division and DHHS. He remarked that this sort of investment — purchasing an old building to rehab and own — is not typical for county government.

“ But all of this directly ties back into our vision of being the healthiest county in the state of Wisconsin,” he said, “housing is a critical social determinant of health.”

The county is the primary provider of the safety net programs for people living on the street, the county executive said. Enhancing the county’s ability to get people into stable housing should eventually lead to stress on the safety net programs and more investment in the “front end programs or services that lifts the entire community up,” he said.

“ I want to give the county executive a lot of credit,” Mathy said. “It is not normal also for county governments to be buying buildings for this kind of work.”

The people living in the emergency housing on the second floor are already clients of the Housing Division, and the building represented the “perfect opportunity” to take control of the property and make improvements for them, Mathy previously told Urban Milwaukee.

Also, the county’s Housing Division has the largest street outreach team in Milwaukee, Mathy said. The new units on the third floor will give them more capacity to move people from the street into housing.

People experiencing homelessness want permanent housing, a place of their own, Mathy said. That is the goal of emergency housing, to take someone from the street and put them in housing, with the longer-term goal of getting them placed in permanent housing as soon as possible.

The units at the Hillview Building will provide individuals with their own private room, and operate similar to an efficiency apartment, but with 24-7 supportive services.

“ A lot of our clients are struggling with mental health issues, addiction issues,” Mathy said, “that is not a barrier to permanent housing.”

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County Expanding Aging and Disability Center

Milwaukee County Courthouse. Photo by Graham Kilmer.

Officials Celebrate Kletzsch Dam Fish Passage

residence tour uvic

Pony Rides Won’t Return to the Zoo

residence tour uvic

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Understanding Zelensky’s decree on Russian lands ‘historically inhabited by Ukrainians'

Unity Day, observed on Jan. 22 in Ukraine as a state holiday, typically commemorates the 1919 unification of eastern and western Ukraine. But this year, the date garnered attention for a decree signed by President Volodymyr Zelensky relating to modern-day Russian territories that were historically populated by Ukrainians.

The decree titled "On the Territories of the Russian Federation Historically Inhabited by Ukrainians" outlines a directive for the Ukrainian government to collaborate with experts and develop a plan aimed at researching, publicizing, and safeguarding the cultural identities of Ukrainians who have lived in the borders of modern-day Russia’s Krasnodar Krai, Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Rostov regions that border Ukraine.

“It’s important to know that ethnic Ukrainians are represented in almost every corner of the world, even in the territories of the aggressor state,” Vladyslav Havrylov, historian and researcher with the Where Are Our People Project , told the Kyiv Independent.

“There is a need for systematic awareness efforts striving to establish communication and urge these individuals to actively resist Russian aggression and advocate for Ukraine on international platforms, if only out of respect for their historical roots.”

The decree doesn't make any territorial claims to these regions, unlike Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s frequent ahistorical assertions about Ukraine, such as that it was an “invention” of the Bolsheviks and therefore not truly sovereign.

While Zelensky’s decree is seen by supporters as a politically savvy move to foster a better global understanding of Russia's long-standing crimes against Ukrainians and other groups who have lived under Russian rule, some historians caution that it needs to be less ambiguous in order to have any relevance.

It has also left some individuals originally from those Russian regions who moved to Ukraine wondering if they’ll see their dreams realized and someday obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

‘What do you mean, Russian? We’re Cossacks.’

Ukraine's territory, according to the 1991 borders, covers 603,700 square kilometers (375,000 square miles), but in 1918, during Ukraine's national liberation struggle, the Ukrainian State under Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky covered an area larger than 800,000 square kilometers (497,000 square miles).

This included cities like Belgorod , part of modern-day Russia, which now serve as launch points for Russian missiles and drones targeting Ukrainian cities and killing civilians.

Deportations — including to Russia’s Far East — mass repressions orchestrated by the Soviet authorities, famine, and a number of other repressive measures in the 1920s and 30s would go on to deal significant blows to the Ukrainian communities who lived in those regions.

Ukrainians didn’t make up the entire local population of these regions. In certain instances, they were resettled after Russian authorities displaced indigenous groups who lived there. What happened to them reflects a larger state policy of forced assimilation backed by Russia.

Zelensky’s presidential decree mentions the historical regions of Kuban, Starodubshchyna, and northern and eastern Slobozhanshchyna, a passing acknowledgment of the historical complexity tied to this decree.

Slobozhanshchyna, also known as Sloboda Ukraine, encompasses parts of modern-day Sumy, Kharkiv, and Luhansk oblasts but also parts of Russia’s Belgorod, Kursk, and Voronezh oblasts. Russia’s Krasnodar Krai includes most of the historical Kuban region, while Starodubshchyna is primarily situated in Bryansk Oblast.

The work of historians over the years has already revealed that some of the Ukrainians who lived in those regions harbored concerns about being considered part of Russia.

In his 2008 book “Ethnic Boundaries and the State Border of Ukraine,” for example, historian Volodymyr Serhiychuk cites an open letter dating back to 1925 from residents of the settlement of Zaoleshenka in Kursk Oblast, located less than 10 kilometers from the modern-day Ukrainian border.

The residents of Zaoleshenka convey their wish to Soviet authorities to formally be part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, arguing that more than 5,000 residents of the settlement identified as "100% ethnic Ukrainians," and their economic ties were closely linked to the Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv and Sumy.

“We dare to state that a categorical rejection of our petition and general silence on the issue in question, or simply imposing one’s own considerations from above in the sense of establishing borders without the consent of the interested population of the given area, will have a harmful and distrustful impact on the prestige and trust of the population of the central Soviet authorities, violating the right to self-determination,” the letter ends.

Another letter from 1924 cited by Serhiychuk in his work reveals Ukrainians' discontent about Shakhty and Taganrog, cities in modern-day Rostov Oblast, becoming part of Russia. The letter highlighted that most people in these areas were Ukrainians and argued that it would make more sense for these lands to belong to the Ukrainian SSR.

One of the most famous examples of Ukrainians who lived in the territory of modern-day Russia is connected to the historical Kuban region, modern-day Krasnodar Krai, where different groups of Ukrainian Cossacks were forcibly resettled in the 18th century.

“The Kuban Cossacks communicated in the Ukrainian language and identified themselves as Ukrainians. According to the census conducted in Tsarist Russia in 1897, the Kuban region was home to over 900,000 Ukrainians, constituting 47.4% of the population. They were the largest ethnic group in the region,” Havrylov explained.

Ukrainian documentary filmmaker Valentyn Sperkach recorded interviews with elderly locals from a village in Krasnodar Krai descended from those Cossacks for his 1992 film “Kuban Cossacks: And Already Two Hundred Years…”

The documentary subjects recount family memories of forced deportations in the 1920s and 30s to destinations as far off as Kazakhstan and the most able-bodied looking people being targeted by authorities and shot dead. When a village was left half empty, people from other parts of Russia — such as Leningrad Oblast, which is over 2,000 kilometers away — were resettled there.

The children of those who were not deported or killed were told in schools that there was no such nationality as “Cossack” and that they were Russian.

The hints of the Ukrainian language in the documentary subject’s voices – such as the use of a soft “g” instead of the hard Russian pronunciation – coupled with poignant family testimonies, serve as examples of how Russian aggression blurred the lines of cultural identity in Krasnodar Krai.

When two women are asked if they identify as Russians or Ukrainians, one responds: “I don’t know. Papa was Russian, we’re Russian.”

“What do you mean, Russian?” the other woman counters. “We’re Cossacks.”

“Cossacks, yes. They tormented us for that.”

Asked why it states in his passport that he’s Russian and not Ukrainian, one man replies: “I had a friend, his surname was Zhovtobriukh, but it was spelled Zhovtobriukhov. (This was) to hide the fact that our surnames were Ukrainian. Because they strangled us, God have mercy! Because they made all of Krasnodar Krai Russian.”

Another man tells the camera that they “used to be” Ukrainians. However, he doesn’t go as far as to call himself Russian. He is questioned about locals’ cultural identity, to which he responds, "We don't even know who we are now."

When pressed for a more definitive answer, he chuckles and proclaims, "Werewolves!"

Note from the author:

Hi, this is Kate Tsurkan, sharing an important culture-related story from Ukraine. Due to Russia’s ongoing genocide, most stories about Ukrainian culture will, unfortunately, be related to war for years to come. But Ukrainian culture is finding ways to persevere and it's important to share these stories.

If you liked reading this article, please consider continuing to support our reporting to see more like this.

We’ve been working hard to bring you independent, locally-sourced news from Ukraine. Consider supporting the Kyiv Independent .

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Margot Robbie just rocked these New Balance sneakers shoppers say 'are like walking on air'

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Conor McGregor withdraws from UFC 303 main event vs. Michael Chandler due to injury, Dana White announces

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Chinese EVs are 'driving into Mexico' — and it's starting to worry the US

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USMNT stands up to Brazil, and makes a stabilizing statement ahead of Copa América

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University of Victoria provides secure wireless internet access for use by faculty, staff, and active students. Complimentary limited wireless access may be available to guests visiting campus via our wireless Guest network. 

Note: Faculty, staff and students from other educational institutions that participate in Eduroam do not require guest wireless access. They can connect to the University network using credentials from their home institutions.

2023 Rental rates

Rates are rates are per room, per night , and are subject to applicable taxes (GST, PST, and MRDT).

Short-term (up to 29 consecutive nights)  

Make a reservation, by phone or email.

To inquire about availability and make a reservation, contact our office with your anticipated arrival and departure date:

Short-term deposit and cancellation

  • Payment of one night room charge and taxes is required to book this accommodation.
  • Full payment will be processed at the front desk at check-in.
  • Reservations can be cancelled without penalty until 48 hours prior to the arrival date.
  • Reservations cancelled within 48 hours forfeit the deposit.
  • Reservations are not held for guests who fail to check-in on the arrival date.

Group bookings

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  1. UVic Residence Tour -- Highlights

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  2. South Tower Dorm Tour // UVic

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  3. UVIC Dorm Tour ~ Cluster Townhouse

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  1. Ram Namavmi Ki Hardik Shubkamnaye Sab hi ko !


  1. Residence Services

    Learn more about student housing rooms and facilities through our UVic Residence Tour or check out our 360 room tours. Navigation; Content; Quick links; HOUSING PORTAL. Opportunities. ... Residence Services University of Victoria Craigdarroch Residence Office Victoria, BC V8P 5C2 [email protected] 1-250-721-8395 More contact information.

  2. Tours & visits

    Tours are led by UVic students who love to share their personal experiences with visitors! Your tour will include a look inside a single-bed residence room in Čeqʷəŋín ʔéʔləŋ (Cheko'nien House) or Tower (depending on the size of the tour group). To protect the privacy and safety of current UVic students, we don't accept requests to ...

  3. Campus tours

    If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the UVic Welcome Centre at [email protected] or 250-721-8949. Seeing truly is believing when it comes to getting a feel for UVic. Whether you're an island local or visiting from overseas, we invite you to visit us.

  4. UVic Residence Tour -- Highlights

    Kyle, your host, takes you through the different room types on the UVic campus in various buildings and gives you a peek at lounges, laundry rooms, and other...

  5. UVic Residence Tour

    Kyle, your host, takes you through the UVic cluster (group) accommodation.

  6. South Tower Dorm Tour // UVic

    Here's my UVic South Tower residence + dorm tour! I hope this short video will be helpful to anyone interested about the dorms in South Tower at the Universi...

  7. Undergraduate students

    The application deadline for the undergraduate lottery is June 1. This date has been extended in order to assess the number of spaces that will be available for undergraduate lottery applicants, after the first-year and Returner Priority application deadlines. In Fall 2023, we are opening the second of our two new residence buildings and will ...

  8. Experience University of Victoria in Virtual Reality.

    Open the accessible version of University of Victoria's virtual experience. Experience University of Victoria. Virtually explore University of Victoria in a fully immersive 360-degree experience.

  9. Student housing at University of Victoria

    Housing Type. Price range *. Single bedroom. CAD$13,660-CAD$13,935. Shared "double" bedroom (2 people) CAD$11,697. Apartments. CAD$8,389-CAD$10,872. *Rates are for a dormitory room and standard meal plan for undergraduate students are based on September to April 2023-2024 rates.

  10. Room types & buildings

    Residence Services University of Victoria Craigdarroch Residence Office Victoria, BC V8P 5C2 [email protected] 1-250-721-8395 More contact information Accessibility Website accessibility info

  11. UVic Campus Tour 2021

    Learn about UVic's buildings, services and programs as you walk around the beautiful campus with Devin, Noel, Kai, Linnea and Joe, your virtual tour guides.I...

  12. A Peek Inside Three Residence Rooms

    A Peek Inside Three Residence Rooms. by Madison · June 22, 2022. +10. Over the last three years I have been fortunate enough to live, learn, and even volunteer and work in UVic's student residences. Prospective students and students getting ready to move in always ask what the dorms look like and what's included (check out the housing site ).

  13. Video: Residence Tour : r/uvic

    33K subscribers in the uvic community. The University of Victoria is a major research university located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. ... Video: Residence Tour. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. More posts you may like. r/uvic • ...

  14. MKE County: Crowley Tours Unique Emergency Housing Facility

    Crowley Tours Unique Emergency Housing Facility. Facility is yet another project advancing housing under the Crowley administration. By Graham Kilmer - Jun 14th, 2024 10:52 am Get a daily rundown ...

  15. Undergraduate students

    360 tours Bathroom types; ... Residence Services University of Victoria Craigdarroch Residence Office Victoria, BC V8P 5C2 [email protected] 1-250-721-8395 More contact information. Accessibility. Website accessibility info; Campus accessibility info; Find more.

  16. Putin's Palace

    Location and buildings Red area: Prohibited Special Use Airspace P116 near Cape Idokopas. Dark-red dot: the Palace. The residence is located at on Cape Idokopas, near the village of Praskoveyevka Cape Idokopas (Russian: Мыс Идокопас) is a promontory on the Black Sea coast of Russia near Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai.The headland is lined with cliffs but is mostly flat on its summit ...

  17. Experience University of Victoria in Virtual Reality. Press Alt plus A

    Experience University of Victoria in Virtual Reality. Press Alt plus A for accessibility version. Open the accessible version of University of Victoria's virtual experience. Experience University of Victoria. Virtually explore University of Victoria in a fully immersive 360-degree experience. Aria doesn't work without JavaScript.

  18. Southern Comfort Tours

    Southern Comfort Tours. Private and small group tours in Krasnodar, Sochi, Crimea and Rostov-on-Don. Cultural and sightseeing tours in Sochi, Krasnodar, Anapa, Gelendzhik Wine Tours to the Black Sea vineyards, visit of the Russian Champagne House Abrau-Durso. Eco-tours and countryside living tours. Winter Tours to Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana ...

  19. UVIC Dorm Tour // Park Residence

    Here's a tour of my dorm while living as a first year at UVic in Park Residence! When I was applying for dorms I picked Park as my top choice and I'm very ha...

  20. Understanding Zelensky's decree on Russian lands 'historically

    Unity Day, observed on Jan. 22 in Ukraine as a state holiday, typically commemorates the 1919 unification of eastern and western Ukraine. The decree titled "On the Territories of the Russian ...

  21. Dormitory rooms

    Dormitory rooms. Dormitories are available from May 8 to August 11, 2023. Our economical single and twin rooms provide you with a single bed and access to a shared semi-private or group bathroom. Housekeeping service is provided every fourth day for short-term stays. Enjoy a common lounge on each floor with comfortable seating, microwave and TV.

  22. What to bring to residence at UVic

    Marissa gives advice on what to bring to your first year in residence.Find more information on the UVic Residence site: https://uvic.ca/residence/future-res...

  23. Krasnodar Krai

    Krasnodar Krai is a region in Southern Russia, bordering Ukraine to the west (across the narrow Strait of Kerch), Rostov Oblast to the north, Stavropol Krai to the east, and Georgia, Karachay-Cherkessia to the south and surrounding Adygea. Krasnodar Krai offers travelers Russia's premiere beach resorts as well as some of Europe's tallest mountains in its Caucasian south.

  24. UVic Cluster Residence Tour

    A townhouse-style Cluster unit. Music: Two Steps From Hell - Heart of CourageIf you're in UVic's Cluster neighbourhood for the 2012/13 school year, find the ...