Taiping Zoo

Timings : Night Safari - 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM Daily 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM on Saturday nights and public holidays Zoo Taiping - 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM - Open on Monday to Sunday and public holidays

Taiping Zoo Entry Fees : Adult: RM 16 Children between 3 to 12 years of age: RM 8 Senior citizens who are 60 years of age or above: RM 8

Time Required: : 1 hour

Night Safari Ticket Price : Adult: RM 20 Children between 3 to 12 years of age: RM 10 Senior citizens who are 60 years of age or above: RM 10 Night Safari Mini Train: Free

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Taiping Zoo & Night Safari, Taiping Overview

Taiping Zoo, also known as the Taman Mergastua Sultan Idris Shah, is a zoological park in Taiping, Perak state of Malaysia. This menagerie enjoys a scenic location at the Taiping Lake Gardens and is positioned right at the foot of the Maxwell or Larut hill. Dwelling over a vast area of 34 acres, this wildlife park is currently home to more than 2000 animals which includes 180 indigenous and exotic species of amphibians, mammals, and reptiles.

The wildlife here comprises Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Hippopotamus, Giraffes, Hornbills, OrangUtans, Malaysian Tiger, Lion, Siamang, Deer, Nilgai, Night Heron, and a lot more. This zoo also features some open-air animal enclosures throughout the night safari where the visitors can catch a glimpse of some nocturnal animals that are displayed using artificial moon-light. 

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Exhibits at taiping zoo.

  • There is a sizable African savannah boasting of giraffes, grant’s zebra, nyala, red lechwe, ostrich, greater flamingo, grey crowned crane, demoiselle crane, yellow-billed stork, and African spoonbill. There’s a massive lake in this savannah which is home to Nile hippopotamus, white rhinoceros, and African lion. 
  • You will also find the Australian exhibit which involves a group of black swan, magpie geese, emu, radjah shelduck, agile wallaby, and southern cassowary. Also, there are certain enclosures dedicated to orangutans, leopard cats, and chimpanzees. There are rare nocturnal animals housed here like a marbled cat, flat-headed cat, Asian golden cat, short-tailed mongoose, Asian small-clawed otter, clouded leopard, small- toothed palm civet, masked palm civet, common palm civet, and large Indian civet. 
  • This park also houses animals like black panther, sun bear, white-handed gibbon, Malayan tapir, Malayan tiger, and Asian elephant.

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Taiping Zoo & Night Safari Reviews

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night safari taiping time


Follow our step by step online ticket reservation process below & book your tickets now to avoid the queue. Maximize your fun time at Zoo Taiping & Night Safari

Please select a Date and Ticket Quantity For your information You have 30 minutes time limit to complete online purchase process. Please complete the process within time limit. Visitor group with more than 20 person or above are eligible to receive 20% discount (not applicable to senior citizens).


Taiping Zoo & Night Safari

The country’s First Zoo, established in 1961, located within Taiping Lake Gardens compound. Taiping Zoo houses local and exotic wildlife species in excellent surroundings. The zoo of North Peninsular Malaysia, it tends to receive a big crowds especially during school holidays.

Taiping Zoo Entrance Fee

Opening hours : 8:30am ~ 6:00pm Admission fee  : RM16 / RM8  (adult/child)  Tram Car         : Free

Night Safari

At the Night Safari, visitors can observe the nocturnal habits of animals on a tram, which takes them through the gardens and zoo areas where they can watch animals that come out in the night to feed and play. The animals are usually fed in the morning between 10am and noon.

Night Safari Entrance Fee Opening hours : 8:00pm ~ 11:00pm (Monday ~ Friday) Opening hours : 8:00pm ~ 12:00am (Saturday & Public Holidays) Admission fee  : RM20 / RM10 (adult/child) Tram Car          : Free Tel: 05-808-6577

See Taiping Zoo in Google Street View below:

Taiping Zoo and Night Safari launch special promotions to celebrate city’s 150th anniversary

In conjunction with Taiping’s 150th anniversary, the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari has unveiled exclusive promotional offers for all visitors in a bid to enhance the jubilant celebrations.

Taiping City Council, in a Facebook post on Jan 22, shared details of the promotion. This unique opportunity is part of a series of events planned throughout the year to mark this milestone anniversary of Taiping.

Additionally, in a tribute to the year the zoo was inaugurated, any visitor born in 1964 — paralleling the zoo’s opening in 1961 and its 64 years of operation — will be granted free entry.

This homage recognises the historical significance of the Taman Mergastua Sultan Idris Shah, which is known today as the Taiping Zoo.

According to the post, the zoo will grant free admission to every 150th visitor each day from Jan 21 to Dec 31 this year.

By NST Regional – January 23, 2024

30 birds from Fukuoka Zoo going to Taiping Zoo


Perak’s Zoo Taiping and Night Safari may see visitor numbers soar after a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed today for a bird exchange with Japan next year.

The agreement aimed at strengthening ties will see 30 birds comprising three species being flown down from Fukuoka City Zoological Garden and a pair of African crowned cranes going over from Zoo Taiping and Night Safari.

Fukuoka City Zoological Garden director, Sato Hiroaki, said the zoo was picked because it is well-managed and clean, aside from the weather here being suitable for the birds.

“We’re sending 10 Silver gulls, 10 Pied imperial pigeons and 10 Rosy-billed pochards,” he said after the MoU was inked between him and Zoo Taiping and Night Safari director, Dr Kevin Lazarus, while witnessed by Taiping Municipal Council (MPT) president, Borhan Abdul Halim.

“The collaboration complements wildlife conservation efforts here and the zoo environment,” Borhan said, adding it is very relevant to promoting environmental protection and awareness.


The Zookeepers of the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari consider their Workplace Second Homes

Behind the scenes

WHILE the stench of animal dung repel us, the zookeepers of the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari consider their workplace second homes.

It is the affection for the animals living in the zoo that keeps them going day in, day out. Not only did the BRATs visit the Taiping Zoo & Night Safari, they even got to visit areas of the zoo closed to the public.

“Look! The monkeys are mating!” exclaims Gopal Krishnan Mohani, who takes cares of monkeys at the zoo. We couldn’t tell the difference but Gopal is able to tell the moods of the animals just looking at their faces and behavious. He has, after all, worked at the zoo for 18 years and is still passionate about his job.

In fact, just looking at the way he feeds and cares for the animals, you can tell how much he loves them. This is despite the amount of work that goes into his job. Gopal’s daily routine begins at 8am when he starts cleaning the cages and feeding the animals. At this point, if he thinks that an animal is sick (by monitoring the animal’s food intake and colour of its faeces, as examples), he will contact the zoo’s vet for professional opinion.

Ramli Mustapha also appears to be as dedicated as Gopal. He is the bird keeper with the zoo, and has been working there for six years. Previously, he worked with the late Ali Khan, known as Raja Ular Malaysia.

The 29-year-old spends the day raking leaves, disposing bird waste, changing water and feeding the birds, which can be very time consuming. His love for birds, as a child, encouraged him to take on the job and treat them like family.

The Star – 30 March, 2008

Lion in Taiping Zoo

Lion in Taiping Zoo

Taiping zoo - serow

serow in Taiping Zoo

Taiping Zoo & Night Safari

taiping zoo

Tigers in Taiping Zoo

Pretty Parrots - Taiping Zoo

Pretty Parrots

Taiping Lake Gardens

Zoo Taiping and Night Safari

Taiping Zoo and Night Safari

Taiping Heritage

Taiping Zoo Tram Car service

Free Tram Car in Taiping Zoo

Macaques of Malaysia in Taiping Zoo

Macaques of Malaysia in Taiping Zoo

Zoo Taiping

Savana Afrika – Taiping Zoo

night safari taiping time

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Zoo Taiping & Night Safari

Amazing wildlife encounters at zoo taiping & night safari.

Get a glimpse of the many fascinating wildlife at Malaysia’s oldest zoo, Zoo Taiping & Night Safari located in the state of Perak. Stretching over 36 acres, Zoo Taiping is currently home to over 140 species of wildlife. The zoo was first established in 1961, just a few years after the country’s independence, making it the country’s very first zoo.

night safari taiping time

Zoo Taiping & Night Safari is strategically located just around the corner from the famous Taiping Lake Gardens, hence is also encompassed by luscious greenery and serene lakes, which originate from the gardens. Zoo Taiping is open daily from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, while its Night Safari operates from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM daily.

Zoo Taiping & Night Safari promotes an open-air concept, where animals are housed and displayed within naturalistic exhibits, which are purposefully built to represent and simulate each animal’s natural habitat.

night safari taiping time

At present, over 1,500 animals reside in Zoo Taiping, ranging from reptiles and mammals to birds and fishes. Don’t miss out on the five key exhibits, which come highly recommended namely the Malaysian Rainforest Experience, Lowland Forest, Riverine Forest, African Savanna and the Elephants of the Perak River.

night safari taiping time

Here, you will enjoy up-close views of captivating wildlife such as the Malayan tiger, African lions, hippos, rhinos, giraffes, orang utan and many more fascinating creatures.

Each exhibit is designed to house the animals in optimum comfort and security whilst also operating as conservation centres to increase the population of the animals, particularly the endangered ones. Enjoy a calming walk along the 2.5-kilometre trail to fully immerse in the natural beauty of the zoo and its surroundings.

The Night Safari Experience at Zoo Taiping

night safari taiping time

Zoo Taiping welcomes you to experience the zoo on their captivating night safari, which takes any zoo experience to another level. Taiping’s Night Safari was officially launched in 2003, making it the first night safari to ever be introduced in Malaysia.

night safari taiping time

Taiping’s Night Safari is meticulously designed to give visitors a chance to view the animals in their natural habitats come nightfall. The journey of the Night Safari begins with a free tram ride through the entire zoo to view the animals from a distance. After the tram ride, visitors are free to roam around the zoo to revisit their favourite animals. Taiping’s Night Safari highly encourages visitors to bask in the natural sights and sounds of the wildlife for a more realistic and wholesome safari experience.

night safari taiping time

The zoo is also home to many nocturnal animals, which is why when you participate in the night safari, you will likely catch glimpses of them running around actively in their enclosures. Each animal is showcased within their natural exhibits with special lighting, which is similar to the glimmering moonlight so visitors are able to spot the animals with ease.

night safari taiping time

Don’t be surprised if you see a few friendly creatures walking alongside you. There are a few bird species that are not kept in their enclosures and are allowed to roam freely along the zoo’s trail. For example, the grey-crowned crane is often spotted strutting along the trail without causing harm to its visitors. As you journey along Taiping’s Night Safari you will also be able to hear the calls of the animals as they roar, croak and purr under the stars. Be sure to listen carefully for the unique sounds of the zoo’s hyenas too.

Dining at Zoo Taiping & Night Safari

night safari taiping time

Feeling peckish on your zoo adventure? Fret not as there is a dainty cafe hidden within the zoo’s grounds for you to dine at. Located right next to the elephant enclosure, visitors can drop by the cafe for a quick snack or get something to-go with them. There are also other cafes and restaurants located by the entrance of the zoo. For more local delights, try out Mergastua Restaurant, which serves mouthwatering Malaysian dishes. Looking for a faster option? Zoo Taiping also has a fast food joint, Marrybrown, which is located right next to the Mergastua Restaurant for a quick alternative for those in a rush.

Admission Ticket Prices for Zoo Taiping and Night Safari

night safari taiping time

Ticket Prices for Zoo Taiping:

  • Adult: RM 16
  • Children (3 to 12 years): RM 8
  • Senior Citizen (60 years and above): RM 8

Ticket Prices for Night Safari:

  • Adult: RM 20
  • Children (3 to 12 years): RM 10
  • Senior Citizen (60 years and above): RM 10

*Prices are subject to change. Visit Zoo Taiping and Night Safari for price confirmation.

Visitors can also purchase online tickets for the zoo here.

How to get to Zoo Taiping & Night Safari

There are multiple ways to travel to Zoo Taiping & Night Safari, which are quick and convenient for all. For those who wish to travel by bus, hop onto an express bus that stops at Kamunting Bus Terminal. From there, you can grab a taxi or any other e-hailing services directly to the zoo.

Alternatively, visitors coming from other states can take the train and disembark at the Taiping Railway Station. Similar to taking a bus, you will have to hop into a taxi or any e-hailing car to reach the zoo from there.

With ample parking space on the zoo’s grounds, visitors are more than welcome to drive there as well. Simply take the North-South Expressway and exit at Kamunting Toll Plaza. However, if you are travelling from down south, you can exit at the Changkat Jering Toll Plaza. With signboards aplenty, getting to the zoo from there will be a breeze.

Parking Rates per Entry are as follows:

  • Motorcycle: RM 1

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Islamic Tourism Centre of Malaysia | ITC

Zoo Taiping & Night Safari Open

Wildlife Sanctuary


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Taiping Night Safari The Taiping Night Safari is a firtst of its kind in Malaysia. Bathed in lighting similar to moonlight, the beauty and splendour of nature is enhanced. In an effort to maintain the experience of a natural environment, the Taiping Night Safari attempts to display nocturnal animals in natural looking settings. This provides the opportunity for visitors to appreciate and value the treasures of nature while enjoying oneself.

Zoo Taiping & Night Safari

Experience The Night Safari The Taiping Night Safari is a unique tourism product where animals which are active at night are displayed using special lighting similar to moonlight. Visitors will be ablt to experience this environment similar to wildlife habitats where the sounds made by numerous creatures can be heard. To fully appreciate this experience visitors are required to minimize all sounds, even speech so that the sounds of the night creatures can be heard. Reduced noise will also help to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the Night Safari. Torchlights and flash cameras are not allowed to be used in the Night Safari as this will disturb the animals on display.

night safari taiping time

Location Get Directions

  • Taiping Zoo, Perak., Jalan Taman Tasik Taiping, Taman Tasik Taiping, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

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Zoo Taiping Ticket Price, Hours, Address and Reviews

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Zoo Taiping

  • Address: Jalan Pekeliling, Taman Tasik Taiping, Perak, 34000 Taiping, Malaysia Map
  • Timings: 08:30 am - 06:00 pm Details
  • Phone: +60-58086577
  • Ticket Price: 16 MYR
  • Time Required: 02:00 Hrs
  • Tags: Zoo, View Point, Family And Kids

Zoo Taiping is a beautiful Zoo based in the natural setting of the environment. The place is a paradise for explorers and nature lovers as here there are as many as 180 species of animals. Enjoy the Taiping Zoo with your family and friends and get a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually feed the animals. It is one of the major zoological parks in Malaysia. Zoo also has a night safari. As the only zoo in North Malaysia, it tends to receive a large amount of visitors. It houses the largest number of stump-tailed macaques in Malaysia, which is thirteen, compared to six at the National Zoo of Malaysia. Sit back and relax while the train in the zoo takes you for a spin.

Zoo Taiping night safari is equally noteworthy owing to its scope of a spectacle that is certain to blow your mind. This highlight of the zoo, shows the creatures of the night in their avatar, and it is as real as it gets. Owing to the fact that these animals are really well taken care of, it’s a sight to watch them doing what they do in this acquire habitat.

The night safari taiping is actually a delusion of moonlight pertaining to the zoo’s closing hours. All in all, a great way to see the beguiled nocturnals in their element. This is a great way to get an insight into the habits of nocturnal animals that we are otherwise less aware of. Bats and porcupines are two of the most commonly spotted species at the Taiping zoo night safari.

Entrance Ticket Details For Zoo Taiping

Zoo taiping entrance fee -

  • Adult: RM 17
  • Child: RM 8.50
  • Camera free of charge.
  • Taiping Zoo price for Mini train: Free

Taiping zoo night safari ticket price -

  • Adult: RM 20
  • Child: RM 10

Zoo Taiping Hours

  • Zoo taiping open time: 8.30 am - 6 pm
  • Taiping zoo feeding time: 10 am - 12 pm

How to Reach Zoo Taiping

  • Taxis and rentals are available all across the city.

Love this? Explore the entire list of places to visit in Taiping before you plan your trip.

Fancy a good night's sleep after a tiring day? Check out where to stay in Taiping and book an accommodation of your choice.

  • Zoo Taiping Address: Jalan Pekeliling, Taman Tasik Taiping, Perak, 34000 Taiping, Malaysia
  • Zoo Taiping Contact Number: +60-58086577
  • Zoo Taiping Timing: 08:30 am - 06:00 pm
  • Zoo Taiping Price: 16 MYR
  • Best time to visit Zoo Taiping(preferred time): 10:00 am - 05:00 pm
  • Time required to visit Zoo Taiping: 02:00 Hrs
  • Try the best online travel planner to plan your travel itinerary!

74.62% of people who visit Taiping include Zoo Taiping in their plan

  • 2 PM - 3 PM

37.7% of people start their Zoo Taiping visit around 2 PM - 3 PM

People usually take around 2 Hrs to see Zoo Taiping

52.78% of people prefer to travel by car while visiting Zoo Taiping

People normally club together Restoran Mr BBQ and Taiping War Cemetery while planning their visit to Zoo Taiping.

Zoo Taiping Reviews & Ratings

night safari taiping time

Attractions Nearby

  • Taiping Lake Gardens
  • Perak State Museum
  • Taiping War Cemetery
  • Restoran Mr BBQ
  • Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve
  • First Galleria
  • Penang Hill
  • Mossy Forest
  • Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple
  • Cameron Bharat Tea Estate
  • Taiping Itinerary for 2 days
  • Taiping Itinerary for 3 days
  • Taiping Itinerary for 5 days

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Night Safari Singapore: Our Reviews & How We Get There

Night Safari Singapore Reviews

In our Night Safari Singapore reviews, my wife and I share our personal experiences from our visit to the zoo, detailing what we enjoyed and what we didn’t.

Plus, I’ll guide you on how to get to Night Safari Singapore using MRT and bus , making your trip smooth and straightforward.

For me, this zoo is a top night activity in Singapore for its unique glimpse into the nocturnal animal world.

Let me share more about this zoo and the things you should take note before visiting. Let’s get started! 😊

What is Night Safari Singapore

Our night safari singapore reviews and impressions, safari ticket savings strategy, best time to visit night safari, night safari singapore map, catch the night safari tram ride early: a must-do experience, guide to walking trails, reserve early for show timings, dining option, photography tips, my suggested itinerary.

  • By MRT and Mandai Khatib Shuttle

Comparisons with Daytime Zoo Experiences

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Night Safari Singapore is the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park . Housing over 900 animals from approximately 100 species , it offers two main experiences : a tram ride or a walking trail .

On the tram, you can see a variety of animals like Malayan tigers and White African lions, each in their element under the cloak of night.

If you choose to walk, expect close encounters with creatures like sloth bears and Asian otters.

The journey is made even more memorable with captivating animal show, where the nocturnal talents of these creatures are displayed, adding an extra layer of wonder to your visit.

Time We Visit:

We visited the Night Safari Singapore during the earliest time slot at 7:15 PM. I highly recommend doing the same because you get to see the animals in much better light.

Our Tram Ride Journey:

We began our adventure with the tram ride. It’s a great way to get up close with the animals, although taking good photographs from the moving tram can be a bit challenging.

Animal Show Experience:

After the tram ride, I recommend checking out the Creatures of the Night show at 8:30 PM. It’s not only entertaining but also really informative, giving you a fascinating glimpse into the world of nocturnal animals.

Walking Trails Feedback:

Finally, we explored the four walking trails. It’s a chance to see different species of animals, many of them are active at night.

While some animals are easily visible, others are harder to spot. It requires a bit of patience, but taking your time to observe the animals is definitely worth it.

How Much Time We Allocated for the Park Visit:

We spent around 3 hours exploring the park, and it was time well spent.

There’s so much to see and experience, so I recommend setting aside at least this much time to fully enjoy the Night Safari.

Overall Experience:

We thoroughly enjoyed the Night Safari Singapore as a unique zoo experience. It’s a fantastic place to spend an evening, and adding it to our Singapore 5-day itinerary was a choice I’m happy about.

Also, a useful tip: don’t forget to bring a water bottle. You can refill it at the free water dispensers near the washrooms, which is both convenient and eco-friendly.

Thing We Didn’t Like:

There are some mosquitoes at the Night Safari, so I highly recommend bringing mosquito repellent. This small preparation can make your experience much more comfortable.

When you buy tickets at the Night Safari’s on-site counter, the regular prices are SGD $55 for adults and SGD $38 for children aged 3 to 12.

But here’s a tip: book the Night Safari tickets online here to enjoy special pricing. We did this and it was a smooth process.

You’ll receive e-tickets in your email, which you can simply show on your phone for a convenient and easy park entry.

For the best experience at the Night Safari Singapore , aim for the earliest admission time at 7:15 PM .

Going early helps you see the animals more clearly, as it’s less dark. This also gives you plenty of time to explore without feeling rushed.

Additionally, more animals are active during this time , increasing your chances of seeing high-energy animals in action.

The park is open from 7.15 PM until midnight, with the last entry at 11:15 PM.

Entry Time Slots: 7:15 PM, 7:45 PM, 8:15 PM, 8:45 PM, 9:15 PM & 9:45 PM

Night Safari Singapore Map

To effortlessly navigate Night Safari, I suggest downloading the zoo map here . This will make it easier for you to explore the park using just your smartphone.

It’s not advisable that you use a hardcopy map because it can be very hard to see and read it at night.

Night Safari Singapore Tram

To make the most of your visit, I suggest having dinner early and lining up at the entry gate by 6:30 PM . This lets you catch the earliest tram ride at Night Safari and cut down on waiting times .

While it’s tough to take good photographs from the moving tram, the upside is that you can fully immerse yourself in observing and enjoying the animals. It’s a unique opportunity to see them up close without distractions.

Night Safari Singapore Walking Trail

The Night Safari Singapore offers 4 walking trails that allow you to see the animals up-close . These are Leopard Trail , Fishing Cat Trail , East Lodge Trail , and Tasmanian Devil Trail .

Each trail comes with a variety of animals. So, you just have to pick the trail that you are interested in.

1. Leopard Trail

Leopard Trail

The Leopard Trail lets you see nocturnal animals in action. You’ll spot popular cats like Sri Lankan leopards, clouded leopards, golden cats, civets, and lions.

But it’s not just about cats; as you walk further, you’ll also encounter porcupines, eagle owls, giant flying squirrels, and fruit bats.

2. Fishing Cat Trail

Fishing Cat Trail

On the Fishing Cat Trail, you’ll find predators like striped hyenas and fishing cats. These animals are highly alert and strategic in hunting their prey. Keep your eyes open to catch their impressive moves.

Besides these, you’ll also see binturongs, pangolins, Asian otters, and more!

3. East Lodge Trail

East Lodge Trail

The East Lodge Trail blends African and Asian wildlife, showcasing animals from both tropical and grassland environments.

Here, you’ll find Malayan Tigers, serval cats, sloth bears, and spotted hyenas.

Also, keep an eye out for unique species like babirusas, anoas, and bongos. If these animals fascinate you, this trail is a must-visit.

4. Tasmanian Devil Trail

Tasmanian Devil Trail

The Tasmanian Devil Trail offers a unique chance to see wallabies, often with babies in their pouches.

This area, focusing on wildlife from Australia, New Guinea, and New Zealand, features charming animals like sugar gliders, barn owls, and possums.

You can also spot the impressive white-lipped python here.

Creatures of the Night Show

To fully enjoy your Night Safari experience, don’t miss the “Creatures of the Night” show at the Night Safari Amphitheatre.

The show runs at 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM, and 9:30 PM. On Fridays to Sundays, there’s an additional show at 10:15 PM.

This show puts a spotlight on some amazingly talented animals. You’ll be entertained by owls, civets, and fennec foxes, each showcasing their adorable antics.

Remember, you can only book seats 2 hours before each presentation. So, it’s crucial to plan ahead and reserve early to ensure you get a spot.

You can enjoy dinner at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant , located right next to the Night Safari entrance .

Designed in a rustic village style , the restaurant serves a variety of dishes, ranging from local specialties to international cuisine .

It’s an ideal spot for a quick snack or a leisurely meal, surrounded by the sounds of nocturnal wildlife.

When visiting Night Safari Singapore, it’s crucial to remember that flash photography is not allowed . This is to protect the animals, as bright flashes can startle and disturb them.

For night photography, here are some tips:

  • Use a High ISO Setting: This helps your camera capture more light, making it easier to photograph in low-light conditions.
  • Experiment with Exposure: Longer exposure can capture more details but requires a steady hand or support.
  • Be Patient: Night photography requires time and patience. Wait for the right moment to capture the animals in their natural behavior.

For a better and more convenient trip to Night Safari, check out my recommended itinerary below. It’s designed to help you fully experience and enjoy every moment of your visit.

  • 6:30 PM – Queue up at the entry gate of Night Safari
  • 7:15 PM – Enter Night Safari and hop on the tram ride
  • 8:30 PM – Watch Creatures of the Night show (25 Minutes Show)
  • 9:00 PM – Stroll along Fishing Cat Trail, Leopard Trail, East Lodge Trail and Tasmanian Devil Trail

How to Get to Night Safari Singapore

Buses and Taxi to Night Safari Singapore

Even if there’s no MRT station that takes you directly to Night Safari Singapore, no need to worry! You can easily reach the place from the MRT station then by bus.

1. By MRT and Mandai Khatib Shuttle

The best way to go to Night Safari is by MRT and Mandai Khatib Shuttle especially for first-time visitors.

Take the MRT to Khatib Station , then head for Exit A to board the Mandai Khatib Shuttle to Night Safari . The journey takes about 15 minutes and costs SGD $2 .

The shuttle operates from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM , with services running every 10 to 20 minutes .

Kindly take note that the Mandai Khatib Shuttle only accept EZ-link or NETS Flash card and it didn’t accept cash.

2. By Bus 138

If you’re staying close to Ang Mo Kio area , you can board the bus 138 go to Night Safari . The bus fare is SGD $1.72 (if pay by EZ-link or NETS Flash card) and SGD $2.50 (if pay by cash) . The one-way trip will take around 39 minutes .

If you’re paying with cash, it’s advised to use the exact fare, as no change will be provided.

To get on the bus 138, go to Ang Mo Kio bus terminal, which is connected to Exit C of Ang Mo Kio Station .

The bus 138 runs every 6 to 17 minutes from 6:00 AM to 11:45 PM.

If you want a comfortable way to get to Night Safari, then you can take a taxi. To save some money, you can take a taxi from the Exit A of Khatib Station and it costs around SGD $13.

Singapore Zoo and River Wonder

  • Singapore Zoo : Vibrant and traditional, it features a variety of animals in a lush, open environment with natural sunlight.
  • River Wonders : Specializes in aquatic and riverine animals, showcasing a mix of land and water creatures.
  • Night Safari: Focuses on nocturnal animals. It’s quieter, with a mysterious atmosphere, and animals are viewed under subtle lighting. The tram ride provides a guided tour through different zones, a feature unique to Night Safari.

In Summary:

Singapore Zoo and River Wonders offer a traditional zoo experience with a diverse range of animals.

Night Safari is perfect for exploring the nocturnal wildlife world, offering a serene and interesting experience.

We’ve come to the end part of our reviews of Night Safari Singapore. I hope that you find this helpful when planning for your itinerary.

Things to Do in Singapore at Night

17 Best Things to Do in Singapore at Night to Wow You

5 Days in Singapore Itinerary, A Brand New Travel Guide

Singapore Itinerary: The Best 5 Day Trip for You to Copy It

SEA Aquarium Singapore Reviews

Our SEA Aquarium Singapore Reviews & How to Go Guide

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Moscow Nightlife • A Complete Guide

Moscow is the capital of Russia and is one of the most populated cities in the country. Apart from traditional architecture, the city has been modernized to keep up with time. The nightlife of Moscow is exceptionally vibrant. You can find several casinos, nightclubs, and bars in the city. If you were planning a trip to Moscow and were confused about what during the night, don’t worry! Here are some of the best night-time experiences that you must try in Moscow!

When can you experience the nightlife in Moscow?

Although the bars and nightclubs are open daily, it is most vibrant on Saturdays and Fridays. Moscow residents like to work hard, and only on these days, they let their guard down. You can party for 12 hours straight on these days. There is almost no crowd on the other days of the week. Usually, the nightlife of Moscow begins at 11 am. You can catch your dinner early to prepare for all the partying. Most of the parties in clubs go on till 3 am. But the fun doesn’t end there. You can look for after-party clubs after that. 

Best bars in Moscow

Moscow bars are extremely lively. From beautiful women to authentic drinks – the bars in Moscow have a lot to offer. In recent times, several establishments have popped up. If you are a tourist, it can be difficult for you to pick out the right one. To clear your confusion, you can refer to the below-mentioned list of bars for your night-out in this city: 

This joint is not extremely glamorous and yet, is one of the most popular bars in Moscow. Kamchatka is a beer bar that has a vintage Soviet feel to it. The décor of this bar makes it look like a cafeteria and adds a dash of old-world charm to it. It is one of the most affordable bars in Moscow. Most locals tend to hang out here. The menu is simple yet hearty. If you want to avoid noisy places and enjoy a drink in peace, this is where you need to be in Moscow.

  • I Like Wine

The bar is appropriately named, as you can get an extensive collection of wine at this joint. Wines are collected from all parts of the world and delivered to the customers at this bar. You can even get a couple of cocktails on the menu. But mostly wine lovers visit this pub. This wine bar also has a good food menu. The prices are extremely pocket-friendly, and you can eat on a budget at this place.

  • Solyanka Bar

It is one of the indie bars in Moscow. The party atmosphere of this bar is infectious. Located in an old mansion, it serves fusion cuisine during the daytime. But at night, it becomes the hippest joint in town. The drinks are expensive but worth it. The DJs play the latest hits to keep up the spirits of the partygoers. The place lives up to its indie bar reputation as the décor is extremely rustic. The brick walls, exposed bulbs, and second-hand furniture make it a go-to spot for all the hipsters in Moscow.

You can always find students in Strelka as it is one of the popular bars in the city. The view from this bar is breathtaking as it overlooks the Moscow River. The 70s inspire the décor. It is aesthetic and yet comfortable. Moreover, the cocktail menu at this bar is fantastic. The concoctions are prepared by using local ingredients. Perhaps this is the reason why bar hoppers prefer this bar over others. If you are lucky, you will be able to witness one of the weekly concerts and events held here. 

If you want to experience something vintage, this is the place you should visit. Terma Bar is one of the oldest bars in the city. You can find over 150 alcoholic beverages at this bar. The bartenders are incredibly skilled and put up a show with fire while they prepare your drinks. There is an adventurous food menu at the club which serves Uzbek cuisine. Moreover, the bar is open 24/7, so you can drop by at any time.

Do you hate bars where the music is so loud that you cannot talk to anyone else? If you do, you can visit ‘Noor.’ This electro bar is located on Tverskaya street. It is incredibly cozy, and the music’s volume levels are kept in check to promote conversations. On weekends, you will be able to attend live music events of national and international artists. The décor of this club is chic and is an ideal place to grab a couple of drinks with family and friends.

  • City Space Bar and Lounge

The City Space Bar and Club provides a stunning view of Moscow. This bar is located on the 34 th floor of a hotel. It is highly exclusive, and only those who can afford to spend big bucks visit this bar. The drinks and food are not cheap at City Space Bar and Lounge. However, it is worth it!

  • Mendeleev Bar

This bar might be hard to locate as it is built behind a Chinese Shop. But you should put into finding the bar as if it is worth the experience. As soon as you enter this place, you will be able to see a dark cellar. You can find a long list of alcoholic beverages at this place. Moreover, if you are lucky, you will be able to witness the occasional jazz concerts hosted in this secret bar.

  • Chinese Pilot Jao Dao (Kitaysky Lyotchk Dzhao-Da)

If you want to avoid the glitz and glamour, Kitaysky Lyotchk Dzhao-Da is the perfect place for you. The décor of this bar is extremely rustic. The youth of Moscow mostly visits it because it is incredibly affordable. You can always find new artists and musicians hang out here. On almost all days of the week, you will be able to witness live music performances at Kitaysky Lyotchk Dzhao-Da. From Punk Rock to Afro beats – different kinds of artists like to perform at this joint. Moreover, you can find some of the most affordable yet best Russian wines and beers. If you feel hungry, you can try out their Russian cuisine consisting of traditional Russian soups, blinis, and salads.

Located in the former Krasny Okytyabr Factory building, Gypsy is a brightly lit, colorful bar in Moscow. There is an indoor as well as an outdoor sitting arrangement. You can sit on the terrace on the deck chairs and enjoy the beautiful view of the Moscow River. There are over 300 disco balls used to light up this place. The drinks are affordable, and you will have a good time at this place.

Go on a night tour in Moscow

Moscow is a city that is rich in terms of culture and heritage. If you are not a party person, you can ditch the usual options and book yourself a seat in one of the Moscow tour events. Several companies offer different night-time tour packages for tourists in Moscow. But why should you depend on a guide when you can roam around on your own? A food tour will help you to discover the unconventional spots in the city as well. It can be difficult for a tourist to find out about Khitrovka and Kitay Gorod on his/her own.  Try to look for tours which take you to ‘Annushka’ – the infamous former restaurant on rails in this city.

Best nightclubs in Moscow

After you have had a drink or two, you can head over to the latest dance club. There are several options for dance clubs in Moscow. People usually party till the wee hours of w night on weekends. Here are some of the best ones:

It is a highly spacious dance club that allows you to dance freely. It is built using several levels. The audio system of this club is top-notch, which is perhaps why top Russian Bands perform at this joint. The drinks are excellent as the bartender has access to some of the best alcohol in the country. Moreover, you can get good finger food to complement your drinks as well.

  • Vermeil Club

As soon as you reach the club, you will be greeted by the bright lights at the entrance. Vermeil Club is located right across the river and is near Kremlin. The club has a very friendly atmosphere, and the service is top-notch. If you like to try different kinds of alcohol, this is the right place for you. You will get tons of options when it comes to beers, cocktails, and wines.

Moreover, the food is cooked perfectly and presented elegantly at Vermel Club. Since it is a dance club, you will find some of the best DJs in Moscow play at this joint. It is the perfect place to party in this city.

A lot of international as well as Russian artists play at ’16 Tons’. Located in Presnenskiy Val, it is one of the best places to dance all night long. There is a fully functional brewery at this place, and hence, you need to try out their assorted beer collection. Named after a Merle Travis song, this place is ideal for all the music lovers who like to party.

  • Looking Rooms

Want to dance till the wee hours of the night in Moscow? Look no further! Looking Room is the place for you. All the regular party goers in Moscow visit this place. This club is open till midnight on every other working day. But on Fridays and Saturdays, it remains open for its customers till 6 am. The place is extremely spacious and can host around 800 people at the same time. You can find the DJs at this joint play the best House music in Moscow during one of the epic parties of ‘Looking Room.’

  • Night Flight

If you are looking for something exclusive, this is the place you should be. It is not easy to get entry to this fancy nightclub in Moscow. You need to be extremely wealthy to gain access to this club. Why? Because it was built for VIPs. Located on Tverskaya Street, it is a place if you want to experience something extravagant in Moscow.

  • London Night Club

Located in Prospekt Vernadskogo, the London Night club is visited by both tourists as well as locals. The staff does not discriminate between the tourists and the Russians. As long as you are ready to spend, you will get good service. The cocktails at this joint are one of the best in the city. The bar is filled with good-looking men and women. Hence, your chances of meeting someone new are quite high at London Night Club. 

This place is always bustling with energy. The Soho Rooms have been in the business for years. It was closed down in 2017 for renovations. But it is back with a bang. The club is sprawled across three floors. There is a pool as well as a bar at this club. The parties hosted by Soho Rooms go on till at least 4 am. If you like commercial music and lively places, you should pay a visit to this club.

The only word that will come to your mind when you see this club is ‘posh.’ Club Oblaka is one of Moscow’s extravagant, high-end nightclubs. Mostly the club plays Russian Pop. Unlike any other club, the party doesn’t only occur on Fridays and Saturdays. Only the rich can afford to visit this club, and they like to party on all the days of the week. The VIP service available at this club is top-notch, and you should visit this club if you can spend a lot.

LGBTQIA bar and clubs in Moscow

Although none of the bars can discriminate against the LGBTQIA community, there are a few unique hangout spots for the community. You can meet new people as well as enjoy yourself with your old buddies at:

The Boyz club is a popular LGBTQIA nightclub in Moscow. Mostly the youth of the city visit this highly energetic joint. The place is extremely spacious. It has around three bars, one lounge bar, and two dance floors. If you do not enjoy dancing, you can start using karaoke equipment instead. The parties at this place are to die for. Boyz Club stays open till 10 am on weekends. The parties that are hosted at this place are wild. You can find several music events as well as drag shows at Boyz Club regularly. 

It is probably the most famous and oldest LGBTQIA bar in Moscow. Propaganda opened its doors for its customers back in the year 1997. It functions as a café in the morning where you can get the best cuisines in town. But at night, the whole look of this place changes. The LGBTQIA night events are hosted mostly on Saturdays. It is a place where everyone feels accepted. The staff is extremely friendly and quick with orders. 

If you want to witness cabaret shows, this place should be on your itinerary.  The energy of this club is infectious. Despite the decors being changed almost every year, the bar has held onto its authenticity. The warm and comfortable atmosphere can make anyone feel at home. The travesty shows are held on every Friday and Saturday. These shows begin at 1.30 am and go on all night long. 

  • Central Station

Central Station is another decent LGBTQIA club in the city. There are about two dance floors with very different kinds of vibes. You can call your entire gang to their karaoke club and have a gala time. During the summer, you can hang around on the terrace. Drag shows are a regular event at Central Station. The prices are reasonable, and the staff is extremely efficient at this place. 

Located in Pokrovsky Boulevard, Mono Bar is a famous hangout spot for people from the LGBTQIA community. The club was started in 2014 and, since then, has gained a lot of regular customers. Mostly you will be able to hear European as well as Russian music at this club. There is a balcony which is the smoking area. If you want to meet more people, it is ideal for visiting this place after midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. 

After-party clubs in Moscow

The Russians like to party hard, and hence, the party goes on till dawn. After the party ends around 1-3 am in certain clubs, you can head over to a couple of after-party venues to have fun. Here are some of the best ones in Moscow:

People who party at high-end clubs tend to visit Miks for the after-party. There is plenty of alcohol for you to get wasted. The DJs at this joint mostly like to play Tech and House. Do not worry about the price, as the cover charge is minimal at Miks. The place is dimly lit and is the perfect place to end the night.

Gazgolder offers a more Berlin like after-party atmosphere to its guests. The cover charge is a bit more than the other clubs, but it is worth it. The décor of this place is trendy and creative. The place is huge, and you can sit in the outdoor area during the summer months. On some days, the after-party might continue till the next afternoon. All in all, if you want to party like an animal, this is the place you should visit. 

Voda is an ultra-hip joint where you can head over for the after-party. It is a small yet vibrant place where you can get good cocktails. The décor of this club is incredibly quirky. You have to ring the doorbell to get inside the club. The walls are made up of exposed concrete. The main venue downstairs is properly lit. Lime-stone staircase, wooden beams, and bar stools give the place a vintage vibe. The DJs mostly play Electronic music at this pub. One of the most exciting features of this club is that there are no menus. It would be best to inform the bartender what you want to drink, and he will serve it to you. Do not worry, as all the mixologists can converse in English. 

This after-party venue makes you feel like you have been transported to Berlin. The interiors of this place have an industrial feel to them. During the day, this acts as a bike repair shop. But at night, you can party at Entuziast till late at night. Mostly the hipsters tend to party at this place. The bar is made up of metal, and you can see racing flags all over the place. You can get a wide array of choices when it comes to beers and cider. Craft beer is extremely popular at this joint.  During the summers, you can sit outside on the beach chairs arranged on the deck. The snacks are light and ideal for eating with a pint of beer. 

There are so many different things to do in Moscow during the night. Whether you want to grab a couple of drinks or dance into the night with your friends – you will find a spot for yourself in this city. It is advisable to try out almost all the places mentioned above when you are visiting Moscow. The Russian party life is different from any other culture. They believe in working hard and partying even harder. They mostly like to party when they are done with their work for the week. If you want to experience that culture, you must prepare yourself to party till the sun comes up. It will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Keep exploring!

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Soho Rooms Moscow VIP Table

night safari taiping time

Imperia Lounge Moscow VIP Table

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Krysha Mira Moscow VIP Table

night safari taiping time

Gipsy Moscow VIP Table

night safari taiping time

Secret Room Moscow VIP Table

night safari taiping time

Siberia Moscow VIP Table



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White nights festival - russia's biggest celebration.


World festivals mark global events that are a must-see for any dedicated traveler. Although lesser known than major global favorites like Carnival or Burning Man , the White Nights Festival in Russia is a collision of culture, arts and music that provides one of the richest experience around.

Every May through July, the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia, come alive with colorful celebrations and performances by some of the world's most talented artists. The White Nights Festival is an international arts festival that takes place during the season of the midnight sun, when the Northern Light shines at both dawn and dusk, allowing the millions of festival-goers that visit each year the opportunity to celebrate all day and all night long.

Photo Credit: Greenstone Girl

A Cultural Celebration of Music and Arts

The festival celebrates the arts of opera, ballet, and classical music and is kicked off with the "Stars of the White Nights" at the world famous Mariinsky Theatre. The program presents the company's most exceptional productions, with performances by leading Russian and international artists, and combines famous historical productions along with new premieres and contemporary pieces. This year's program kicks off on May 27th and has featured nationally renowned productions like Swan Lake in the past. During the festival there are daily evening performances of either ballet or opera at the theatre and classical or opera musical performances at the Mariinsky Concert Hall. The series of performances always features some of the biggest names in the arts world, including famed Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, Russian operatic soprano Anna Netrebko , and Los Angeles Opera conductor James Conlon. Ballet performances have included revivals of Russian choreographer George Balanchine's classics, as well as contemporary dance versions of The Nutcracker and Cinderella. The performances are all widely attended and visitors' best bet would be to purchase tickets online in advance.

Carnivals - Fun for the Whole Family

Carnivals also occur during the White Nights Festival and allow both children and adults to delight in traditional games and fine food. The largest carnival is held in the suburb of Peterhof, where historical figures and events are reinterpreted by costumed actors. Carnivals at the Catherine Palace and in the Pavlovsk suburb of St. Petersburg are also known for their highly artistic reproductions of the historic events that took place at those palaces. For music lovers, St. Petersburg's Palace Square becomes home to some of the international music world's biggest stars during the festival. The large square has been used for official military parades and massive demonstrations, and has also been the site of recent concerts by legendary musicians like Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones.

Fireworks and Finales

The culminating event of the festival is the Scarlet Sails celebration, which is a massive event to celebrate the end of the school year that is known for its spectacular fireworks display and a water show that features boats full of pirates battling on the Neva River. Musical acts and motorboat and rowing races are also highlights of the celebration. The tradition began in St. Petersburg after the end of WWII, when several schools in Leningrad united to celebrate the ending of a school year in connection with symbolism of the popular children's book "Scarlet Sails" by Alexander Grin. At the first celebration a boat with scarlet sails sailed along the English Embankment and the Admiralty Embankment towards the Winter Palace.

Coachella: 15+ Years of Groundbreaking Music and Art

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The 7 Best Things to do at Night in Moscow

By Chris Boyle


Moscow nightlife can be both fun and very confusing.

Restaurants often turn into clubs, and of course there’s the infamous ‘face control’ door policy which only admits the most beautiful, the most cash-laden and the most cultured – and very much depends on the whim of the ‘face master’ on the door at each club.Head to the right venue though, and you’ll find them full of beautiful people up for a crazy party.

Asking your hotel to phone ahead can help, as well as taking a few glamorous faces – and the ability to spend. Face control is simple; those who look cultured, wealthy and beautiful get in, those that don’t, won’t.


Cuisine: European, Japanese

RAI. It’s not just the name of a club – it’s the benchmark of glamour, the pinnacle of hedonism and the definition of an entire clubbing era.

The 8 Best Restaurants in Moscow

Confidante: beautiful branded hotels, azerbaijan, dubai and beyond: fairmont expands luxury portfolio.

A growing organism, RAI is always developing to remain at the forefront of club culture. Since hitting the Moscow scene four years ago, the club has refined its cutting edge vibe and today you’ll find a trendsetting venue that competes with the world’s most distinguished nightspots.

RAI sits at the heart of the Russian capital and pulsates with the beat of this legendary city. Loud and lavish, the parties here attract some of the most beautiful people on the planet.

Always evolving and moving with the times, RAI last year launched Evolution, a brand new program of quality music, stunning shows and an atmosphere you won’t find elsewhere. Trendy, tasty and utterly irresistible, RAI is the club of choice for those in the know.

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From Mexico to Manhattan: Clase Azul’s Latest Tequila Captures NYC

From Mexico to Manhattan: Clase Azul’s Latest Tequila Captures NYC

A Taste of Europe with AmaWaterways

A Taste of Europe with AmaWaterways

Elite Traveler Celebrates Stag's Leap Wine Cellars in Beverly Hills

Elite Traveler Celebrates Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars in Beverly Hills

Opening hours: Thu, Fri, Sat 11pm – 7am

Type of music: House, vocal house, deep house, progressive house, mash-up

Metro: Kropotkinskaya

Guarded parking

Bolotnaya Embankment, 9 (near the Red October chocolate factory)

+7 985 364 0101




The top floor of the luxurious Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy is home to one of Moscow’s trendiest bars. Chic, stylish and ultra-modern, City Space Bar is a great place to start and finish your evening.

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer a breathtaking 360 view of the Moscow skyline, while the expert bartenders mix up a selection of fabulously extravagant cocktails; classic drinks have been given a modern twist by these ‘cocktail designers’. Winner of several awards, including the coveted World’s Top Ten Bars (by the Bartender’s Guide 2008), City Space Bar is a hotspot for the city’s fashionable elite.

+7 495 221 5357

[email protected]

34th floor Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy, Kosmodamianskaya Nab, 52, 6, Moscow 115054



Rivalling Imperia Lounge for the toughest door policy in Moscow, Soho Rooms attracts Russia’s social elite.

Models and celebrities are in abundance, as well as the capital’s movers and shakers. The club consists of four different rooms: the Dining Room, Disco Room, Bar Room and the Summer Terrace. The Disco Room is where the action happens and where you’ll find top DJ’s David Guetta and Alex Gaudino luring the likes of Naomi Campbell, Gerard Butler and Roman Abramovich onto the dance floor. Located on the banks of the River Moscow, Soho Rooms is one of Moscow’s premier clubs and is highly recommended.

Manager: Dmitry Braude, Managing Director

+7 495 988 7474

[email protected]

Savvinskiy Embankment, Pereulok 12, Str 8, Moscow




One of the world’s finest opera and ballet halls is returning to active service this year.

The Bolshoi Theatre, the second largest opera house in Europe, is one of the most instantly recognizable monuments in the Russian capital. The opera house has been in existence since 1776, and despite several fires and a bomb attack, the theatre’s Classical Greek design is still very impressive. The Theatre has a varied ballet and opera program, many of which are traditional Russian performances, such as Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. Currently, the main stage of the Bolshoi Theatre is closed while it undergoes a $730m renovation that will see the theatre reemerge as one of the world’s top opera halls. During the early part of 2011, shows will still be available at the Bolshoi Theatre’s New Stage.

+ 7 495 692 0818

[email protected]

1 Teatralnaya Square


Considered by many Russians to be the best place to start your evening before heading for the slightly wilder clubs, Kalina is a stylish bar with a fabulous view.

Located on the 21st floor of a Moscow high-rise and just a few minutes walk from Old Arbat street, the bar offers a breathtaking view of Moscow and an elegant and sophisticated interior. The bar has an excellent drinks menu that includes a vast array of cocktails, expertly prepared for you by the resident mixologists.

+7 495 229 5519

[email protected]

8, Novinskiy Boulevard, Lotte Plaza Shopping Center, 21st floor




When the company that produces Imperia Vodka announced that it would be opening a club in Moscow in 2010, it caused a stir amongst Muscovites.

Since vodka is the national drink in Russia, any announcement from one of the country’s main distributors was likely to create a buzz, and with Imperia Lounge, the hype was justified. Floor-to-ceiling screens project lasers and graphics onto the walls and the clientele is almost entirely made up of Russian models and celebrities. The club has one of the toughest door policies in town and exercises the legendary Moscow face-control, so you’ll really have to impress to get past that velvet rope. Once inside you’ll see why Imperia Lounge is the place to see and be seen. The multi-level industrial space features wall-mounted LCD displays and go-go dancers suspended on circular pedestals above sunken lounge spaces, together with a cool VIP deck. The music is supplied by some of the hottest DJs around, making it one of the coolest dance floors in Moscow. It gets hot and sweaty so be prepared for a crush!

Olga Milenina, VIP Manager

+7 495 967 0990

[email protected]

5 Mantulinskaya Ul, Building 7, Moscow 121151


Housed in a cavernous 17th century converted warehouse, GQ Bar is the brainchild of restaurateur Arkady Novikov.

The entrepreneur owns a string of restaurants and bars across Russia, all of which have a reputation for the high-class clientele they attract and the quality of food and drink on offer. GQ Bar continues this theme with the clientele seemingly pulled from the magazine images that adorn the walls of the restaurant. The bar has a timeless décor of dark oak and white walls, and the large windows provide plenty of light. A great place to start your evening, GQ Bar is located in the Baltschug area, close to many of Moscow’s finest hotels and tends to attract a more mature, business-minded crowd.

+7 495 956 7775

Ulitsa Baltschug Dom 5, Moscow


Latest in Luxury

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South Korea summons Russia's ambassador over Moscow's new pact with North as inter-Korean tensions keep rising

Updated on: June 21, 2024 / 3:56 AM EDT / CBS/AP

Seoul, South Korea — South Korea summoned the Russian ambassador to protest Moscow's new defense pact with North Korea on Friday as tensions at the Koreas' heavily fortified border continued to rise with vague threats from Pyongyang and brief, seemingly accidental incursions by North Korean troops.

Earlier Friday, the powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued a vague threat of retaliation after South Korean activists flew balloons carrying anti-Pyongyang propaganda leaflets across the border, and South Korea's military said it had fired warning shots the previous day to repel North Korean soldiers who briefly crossed the rivals' land border for the third time this month .

That came two days after Moscow and Pyongyang reached a pact vowing mutual defense assistance if either is attacked, and a day after Seoul responded by saying it would consider providing arms to Ukraine to fight Russia's invasion .

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin shaking hands

South Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Hong Kyun summoned Russian Ambassador Georgy Zinoviev to protest the deal between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un and called for Moscow to immediately halt its alleged military cooperation with Pyongyang.

Kim, the South Korean diplomat, stressed that any cooperation that directly or indirectly helps the North build up its military capabilities would violate U.N. Security Council resolutions and pose a threat to the South's security and warned of consequences for Seoul's relations with Moscow.

Zinoviev replied that he would convey Seoul's concerns to his superiors in Moscow, the South Korean ministry said. Reuters reports that Zinoviev said he told Kim threats and blackmail against Moscow over its growing ties to Pyongyang are unacceptable.    

Leafletting campaigns by South Korean civilian activists in recent weeks have prompted a resumption of Cold War-style psychological warfare along the inter-Korean border.


The South Korean civilian activists, led by North Korean defector Park Sang-hak, said it sent 20 balloons carrying 300,000 propaganda leaflets, 5,000 USB sticks with South Korean pop songs and TV dramas and 3,000 U.S. dollar bills from the South Korean border town of Paju on Thursday night.

Pyongyang resents such material and fears it could demoralize front-line troops and residents and eventually weaken Kim Jong Un's grip on power, analysts say.

In a statement carried by North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency, Kim Yo Jong, one of her brother's top foreign policy officials, called the activists "defector scum" and issued what appeared to be a threat of retaliation.

"When you do something you were clearly warned not to do, it's only natural that you will find yourself dealing with something you didn't have to," she said, without specifying what the North would do.

After previous leafletting by South Korean activists, North Korea launched more than 1,000 balloons that dropped tons of trash in South Korea, smashing roof tiles and windows and causing other property damage. Kim Yo Jong previously hinted that balloons could become the North's standard response to leafletting, saying that the North would respond by "scattering dozens of times more rubbish than is being scattered on us."

In response, South Korea resumed anti-North Korea propaganda broadcasts with military loudspeakers installed at the border for the first time in years, to which Kim Yo Jong, in another state media statement, warned that Seoul was "creating a prelude to a very dangerous situation."

Tensions between the Koreas are at their highest in years as Kim Jong Un accelerates his nuclear weapons and missile development and attempts to strengthen his regional footing by aligning with Putin in a standoff against the U.S.-led West.

South Korea, a growing arms exporter with a well-equipped military backed by the United States, says it's considering upping support for Ukraine in response. Seoul has already provided humanitarian aid and other support while joining U.S.-led economic sanctions against Moscow. But it hasn't directly provided munitions, citing a long-standing policy of not supplying weapons to countries actively engaged in conflict.

Putin told reporters in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Thursday that supplying weapons to Ukraine would be "a very big mistake" and said South Korea "shouldn't worry" about the new agreement with North Korea if the South isn't planning aggression against Pyongyang.

South Korea's Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yul on Friday held separate phone calls with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa to discuss the new pact. The diplomats agreed that the agreement poses a serious threat to peace and stability in the region and vowed to strengthen trilateral coordination to deal with the challenges posed by the alignment between Moscow and Pyongyang, Cho's ministry said in a statement.

North Korea is extremely sensitive to criticism of Kim's authoritarian rule and efforts to reach its people with foreign news and other media.

In 2015, when South Korea restarted loudspeaker broadcasts for the first time in 11 years, North Korea fired artillery rounds across the border, prompting South Korea to return fire, according to South Korean officials. No casualties were reported.

South Korea's military said there are signs that North Korea was installing its own speakers at the border, although they weren't working yet.

In the latest border incident, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said several North Korean soldiers engaged in unspecified construction work briefly crossed the military demarcation line that divides the two countries at around 11 a.m. Thursday.

The South Korean military broadcast a warning and fired warning shots, after which the North Korean soldiers retreated. The joint chiefs didn't immediately release more details, including why it was releasing the information a day late.

South Korea's military says believes recent border intrusions weren't intentional, since the North Korean soldiers haven't returned fire and retreated after the warning shots.

The South's military has observed the North deploying large numbers of soldiers in frontline areas to build suspected anti-tank barriers, reinforce roads and plant mines in an apparent attempt to fortify their side of the border. Seoul believes the efforts are likely aimed at preventing North Korean civilians and soldiers from escaping to the South.

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