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Forget everything you think you know about the jewel of the South Pacific – Fiji's bursting with adventure.

You could spend your time sipping cocktails on a sun lounger, but we have a better idea: venture to parts of the islands many visitors never see. The far-flung islands of Fiji lead you on an unforgettable journey from white sand beaches to the tops of volcanic earth and untouched jungle. See mighty rivers, rocky ridgelines and a culture steeped in tradition. Hike to remote villages and discover the  Fijian way of living.  Ride the rapids on a rafting adventure through the heart of the main island. Snorkel away from the crowds and explore national parks where the rainforest and coast collide. This is Fiji, the Intrepid way.

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Fiji at a glance

Capital city.

Fijian Dollar (FJD)

English, Fijian, Hindi

(GMT+13:00) Suva



Type I (Australian/New Zealand & Chinese/Argentine 2/3-pin)

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Eating and drinking.

Being an island in the South Pacific region, seafood plays a big part in the local cuisine. Locally grown produce mainly consists of root vegetables and tropical fruits. Coconut is a key ingredient across many dishes and Indo-Fijian influences are evident in cooking across the archipelago. 

Foods to try in Fiji

Think of this as a Fijian-style ceviche. The dish uses raw fish soaked in lemon or lime juice and is served with a combination of onions, chilies, peppers and tomatoes.

2. Fijian curry

Indian influences are evident in the cuisine with a variety of curries seen all over the islands. They're typically made with coconut milk, tomatoes and a combination of local fruit and vegetables such as plantain. Curries are served with roti or dahl.

This traditional Fijian dish is made from taro leaves that are cooked or stewed in coconut milk. It's often served on the side with freshly cooked fish.

Lovo is a traditional style of cooking similar to  New Zealand ’s hangi. Meats and vegetables are wrapped in banana leaves and buried in a hole to cook for several hours over coals.

If you like seafood, you may be tempted to try the local delicacy of cawaki, or sea urchin. It's popular in coastal towns and villages but you'll also find them in city markets. They can be eaten raw or cooked.

6. Palusami

This dish comprises parcels of corned beef, onion, garlic and coconut cream wrapped and steamed in taro leaves. Other South Pacific nations like Samoa have their own take on this dish.

Learn more about Fijian food

Culture and customs

Fijians are known for their welcoming hospitality and truly live up to this reputation. Interactions are met with a smile and curiosity is the norm, making you feel like an honored guest in the most far-reaching places of the islands.

Fiji’s population is made up of a rich cultural mix of native Fijians at around 57 percent and Indo-Fijians make up 37 percent of the population. This means the archipelago is a blend of Melanesian and Indian influences. Indigenous Fijians maintain both traditional cultural practices and strong Christian values with more than half identifying to the faith.

Approximately 34 percent of the Indian-Fijian community is Hindu and 7 percent practice Islam. One of the most noticeable cultural practices is the act of drinking kava (yanggona) which is consumed as part of ceremonies as well as being a welcoming gesture to guests in communities.

Festivals and events

Hibiscus festival.

A nine-day event held in Suva on the main island of Viti Levu each August. The Hibiscus Festival has been running for more than 50 years and is a community celebration bringing together traditional music, food stalls and the crowning of the ‘Hibiscus Queen’ (as part of the island’s beauty pageant).

Bula Festival

Much like the Hibiscus Festival, this event is held in Nadi on the western side of Viti Levu and goes on for a week. The word ‘bula’ means ‘welcome’ or ‘hello’ and is a common gesture of greeting used in most parts of Fiji. Authentic Fijian cuisine is served up as part of the event and visitors are encouraged to join the festivities.

South Indian Fire Walking Festival

This extraordinary spectacle is held between July and August. The event attracts large numbers from the local Hindu community to Suva Point. The ceremony involves Hindu priests and devotees piercing the tongue and cheeks before walking across hot coals. The event signifies the end of 10 days of abstinence to worship the goddess Maha Devi.

Lautoka Sugar Festival

Lautoka is known as the sugar capital of Fiji, situated on the west coast of Viti Levu, it’s the second biggest city (after Suva). Sugar cane holds large economic value for the country. The festival is held over a week in September and is another community celebration that brings in locals from throughout the islands to take part. 

Learn more about festivals in Fiji

Public holidays that may impact travel include:

  • Queen's Birthday

Please note dates of  Fiji's public holidays  may vary.

Geography and environment

Fiji is an archipelago in the South Pacific scattered with around 300 islands and 540 islets. The country is approximately a five hours’ flight from the east coast of Australia. The interior of the main island is made up of thick jungle terrain, bursting with waterfalls and large winding rivers. The rich volcanic soil creates an ideal environment to grow crops of coconuts, ginger, kava, bananas, cassava and breadfruit. More than half of Fiji’s population live in major towns along the coast, either in Suva, Lautoka and Nadi on the island of Viti Levu.

Best time to visit

Thanks to its tropical climate, Fiji is a year-round destination with warm temperatures (it rarely dips below 20°C) and plenty of sunshine throughout the year. That said, the best time to visit for optimal weather – think blue skies and little rain – is during the dry season which runs from May to October. Traveling in the shoulder months is also a good option as the weather isn't too wet and there aren't as many tourists.

The monsoon season runs from November to April, and while this is considered to be the off-season, it's a great time to explore without big crowds (excluding the festive season which sees a spike in tourists). Just bear in mind that the weather is hot and humid, and torrential (but brief) downpours are common. There’s also the possibility of cyclones.

Learn more about the best time to visit Fiji

Many resorts in Fiji have onsite gift and souvenir shops, but we recommend heading to a local market to peruse the stalls and get to know the locals. They're a great place to find handmade art and crafts, traditional food and general souvenirs.

It's a good idea to check with your local customs officials to ensure that you are permitted to bring certain items into your home country. Australia and New Zealand generally have strict quarantine laws.

Here are some items you may like to buy in Fiji:

1. Coconut shells

From smooth and polished serving bowls to elaborately painted decorations, coconut shells have many purposes!

2. Tapa cloth

Tapa is a traditional Fijian textile painting on barkcloth from the mulberry tree. All materials are organic, including the dyes which are extracted from plants, herbs and charcoal.

Fijian pearls are known around the world for their rare colors and beauty. Why not take a slice of paradise home with you and treat yourself, or buy some jewelry for someone special.

4. Bula shirt

Who doesn't love a brightly colored shirt? Bula shirts are a clothing staple for men in Fiji and the wider South Pacific. They're fun, versatile and will lift your spirits if you're feeling those post-holiday blues.

Fiji travel FAQs

Do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travelers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Do I need a visa to travel to Fiji?

Visas are the responsibility of the individual traveler. Entry requirements can change at any time, so it's important that you check for the latest information. Please visit the relevant consular website of the country or countries you’re visiting for detailed and up-to-date visa information specific to your nationality. Check the Essential Trip Information section of the itinerary for more information.

Is tipping customary in Fiji?

Bargaining or tipping in restaurants, shops and hotels is not traditionally part of Fijian culture but if you receive exceptional service you can consider a tip. 

What is the internet access like in Fiji?

Fiji has several phone networks and good internet service available. Phone cards can be purchased throughout major centers and most hotels provide Wi-Fi. Check with your phone provider to find out if they offer mobile roaming in Fiji.  

Can I use my mobile/cell phone while in Fiji?

Local networks such as Vodafone and Telecom offer phone services in most areas. Global roaming with other networks may not work in Fiji. Check with your network provider.

What are the toilets like in Fiji?

It's likely that you’ll encounter different types of toilets while traveling in Fiji. Western-style flushable toilets are commonly found in high-end resorts, hotels and restaurants, while squat toilets are common in rural areas and homes. Be prepared by carrying your own supply of toilet paper and soap, as these aren't always provided.

Can I drink the water in Fiji?

Drinking tap water in Fiji isn’t recommended. For environmental reasons, try to avoid buying small bottles of water and refill a reusable water bottle or canteen wherever you can. Check with your hotel and guide as to whether drinking water dispensers are available during your trip.

Are credit cards widely accepted in Fiji?

Credit cards are widely accepted at hotels and restaurants in all major cities and towns.  

What is ATM access like in Fiji?

You can find ATMs in Nadi, Suva and other major towns. If you’re heading to the smaller islands or into rural parts of Fiji it’s advised to carry enough cash for small purchases.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before traveling?

Absolutely. All passengers traveling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

For more information on insurance, please go to: Travel Insurance

Is Fiji a safe destination for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

Discretion is advised when visiting Fiji. Although Fiji is one of the more progressive countries in the Pacific region when it comes to the legal status of homosexuality. Laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity were introduced following the implementation of the 2013 constitution. However excessive public displays of affection – both heterosexual and of any sexuality are frowned upon in most South Pacific societies.

For more detailed and up-to-date advice, we recommend visiting  Equaldex  or  ILGA  before you travel.

How do I stay safe and healthy while traveling?

From Australia?

Go to: Smart Traveller

From Canada?

Go to:  Canada Travel Information

From the UK?

Go to:  UK Foreign Travel Advice

From New Zealand?

Go to:  Safe Travel

From the US?

Go to:  US Department of State

The World Health Organisation also provides useful health information.

Does my trip support The Intrepid Foundation?

Yes, all Intrepid trips support the Intrepid Foundation. Trips to this country directly support our global Intrepid Foundation partners, Eden Reforestation Projects and World Bicycle Relief. Intrepid will double the impact by dollar-matching all post-trip donations made to The Intrepid Foundation.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects are helping to mitigate climate change by restoring forests worldwide; they also hire locally and create job opportunities within vulnerable communities. Donations from our trips support restoration across planting sites in 10 countries around the globe. Find out more or make a donation World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief provides people in low-income communities with bicycles to mobilize school kids, health workers, and farmers in far-out areas – giving them access to vital education, healthcare, and income. Donations help provide Buffalo Bicycles – specifically designed to withstand the rugged terrain and harsh environment of rural regions – to those who need them most. Find out more or make a donation

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10 BEST Island Day Trips in Fiji 🏝️ [2023]

10 BEST Island Day Trips in Fiji 🏝️ [2024]

How to experience the breathtaking islands of fiji in a day.

You don’t have to stay at an island resort to experience a new idyllic island for the day. In Fiji , it’s possible to take catamaran ferries, schooners, yachts and even private vessels to one of the idyllic islands for a day of adventure or relaxation – you choose! Most island day trips in Fiji occur in the Mamanuca Islands , departing from Port Denarau or one of the other islands in the Mamanucas. While this list isn’t all-inclusive, we aim to show you variety to get an idea of the amazing Fiji island day trips available. So, take a look at some of our top recommendations in this list of the best island day trips in Fiji!

Note that all of the day trips listed below are around six to eight hours long. While non-motorised watersports equipment is usually free to use on the islands, any motorised watersports activities will require an additional fee.

1. Mamanuca Islands Package – Vuda Water Taxi & Island Hopping Fiji

Immerse in the excitement of a half-day or full-day island-hopping excursion, such as the “ Mamanuca Islands Package ” with Vuda Water Taxi & Island Hopping Fiji . The package includes a tour of the Survivor location on Mana Island , a visit to the famous Monuriki Island as made famous in the Tom Hanks movie Castaway , and a pristine snorkelling experience at Tokoriki Island where you might encounter Nimo the clownfish. Alternatively, another sought-after option is “ The Local Reef Package “, featuring an adventure around Treasure , Serenity and Beachcomber islands. Learn more about these exciting Fiji island day trips and more at .

Location: Vuda Water Taxi provide transfers from the Nadi/Denarau area and departs from Vuda Marina, central west coast of Viti Levu.

2. Tivua Island Day Cruise – Captain Cook Cruises

Sail the Mamanuca Islands in style on a tall ship cruise with Captain Cook Cruises . Their “ Tivua Island Day Cruise ” (available to book on Viator and Klook ) takes beach lovers, scuba divers and sun-seekers to their private island for a day of doing whatever you like! You’ll be greeted onto the island with a traditional kava ceremony , then you have the choice of snorkelling, kayaking, sunbathing or checking out the fish through a glass-bottom boat. Whatever you end up doing, you’ll be certainly well-fed with morning tea, afternoon tea, a barbecue buffet lunch and unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks all included!

Location: Tours depart from Port Denarau, Denarau Island, Nadi, northwestern side of Viti Levu. Transfers from the Nadi/Denarau area are available.

3. Kuata Island Day Trip – South Sea Cruises

Jump on board the South Sea Cruises ‘ fast catamaran excursion to the Yasawa Islands ! You’ll get dropped off at Kuata Island for the day to enjoy exploring the volcanic island on the walking trails or borrowing snorkelling gear to explore the underwater world. Your stay also includes a two-course lunch at the island’s resort, before you’re picked up by the ferry for the return journey through the Mamanuca Islands.

4. Snorkel Day Cruise – Whale’s Tale

A boat with a difference, Whale’s Tale is a schooner with picture-perfect sails to take you through the Mamanuca Islands . On their day cruise to “Snorkel Island”, you’ll indulge in a Champagne breakfast before arriving at the uninhabited island. There, you’ll enjoy a day of snorkelling (gear included) and replenishing with complimentary drinks and a barbecue lunch on the beach.

Location: Tours depart from Port Denarau, Denarau Island, Nadi, northwestern side of Viti Levu. Transfers from the Nadi/Denarau, Coral Coast and Lautoka are available.

5. Honeymoon Island Cruise – Vacala Bay Resort

Not all cruises depart from Viti Levu, with many resorts in Fiji’s outer islands offering their own in-house island day trips. For instance, take a look at the “Honeymoon Island Cruise” with Vacala Bay Resort on Taveuni . The resort has a private sailing catamaran for one of their full-day or half-day sailings around Taveuni’s surrounding islands. The Honeymoon Island Cruise is the half-day option, taking private groups or couples to an off-shore island with excellent snorkelling and exploring via stand-up paddleboard. Onboard, you’ll enjoy lunch, a bottle of wine and sunbathing on the sailing yacht’s expansive nets. Check out more reasons to spend your Fiji vacation on Taveuni in the 25 Best Things to Do on Taveuni . Plus, learn more about Vacala Bay Resort’s sailing holidays on LOOPING in the 10 Best Sailing Tours in Fiji .

Location: Vacala Bay Resort, northwest coast of Taveuni.

6. Serenity Island Shared or Private Day Trip – PJ’s Sailing Adventures

Available as a small-group tour or, for a touch of luxury for your family or holiday group, as a private charter day trip, consider the “ Serenity Island Day Trip ” with PJ’s Sailing Adventures . As you sail on the schooner “Pelorus Jack” to Serenity Island , you’ll be treated to refreshments of morning tea and tropical fruit. You’ll stop by a prime snorkelling location for a dip with the fish before arriving at one of the Mamanucas’ glorious islands. There, you have the rest of the day to swim, sunbathe and indulge in a beachside buffet! The return journey is just as fun, accompanied by cultural demonstrations like weaving and singing. For a private experience, see the “ Serenity Island Private Day Trip “.

Location: Tours depart from Booth 8, Port Denarau, Denarau Island, Nadi, northwestern side of Viti Levu.

7. Robinson Crusoe Island Day Trip – Rosie Holidays

Get the full stunning-island-and-Fijian-cultural experience all in one trip to Robinson Crusoe Island . Also known as Likuri Island , the island is just a few miles north of Natadola Beach with Rosie Holidays  offering a myriad of ways to experience the island. Spend half a day chilling at the on-island resort with kayaks and snorkelling gear available, join a Fiji culture tour , join in on a village and mud crab tour , or arrive after a sunset cruise for a fire dancing show ! Day and night tour combos are also available. Find out more about these island tours on Viator and Klook . 

Location: The boat departs from Natadola, Coral Coast, southwest coast of Viti Levu. Nadi and Coral Coast accommodation pick-ups are included.

8. Fijian Day Cruise – Cruisin Fiji

Island-hop for the day around the idyllic islands of the Mamanucas with Cruisin Fiji . Their 8-hour day trip offers pick-ups from Denarau resorts , before hopping on the boat to explore the Mamanuca Islands. First, you’ll cruise around Sand Island stopping for some swimming/snorkelling, before checking out a deep-sea cove at Monu Island . Also on the itinerary is Monuriki Island where the movie Castaway was filmed and where you’ll feast on a traditional Fijian “ lovo ” lunch .

Location: Tours depart from Port Denarau, Denarau Island, Nadi, northwestern side of Viti Levu. Denarau resort transfers are available.

9. Castaway Island Day Trip – South Sea Cruises

Another day trip with South Sea Cruises , the “ Castaway Island Day Trip ” (available on Viator and Klook ) takes you to the tiny Qalito Island . The island is renowned for its palm-fringed beach, snorkelling among the corals, and watersports activities, such as kayaking, windsurfing and banana boats. Make use of Castaway Island Resort ‘s facilities, such as the swimming pool and beachside restaurant. There’s also a fun and educational kids’ club , should Mum and Dad want to take part in one of the more “extreme” activities or indulge in an island spa treatment. Speaking of trips for families, take a look at the 10 Best Things to Do in Fiji with Kids .

10. Mana Island Day Cruise – South Sea Cruises

Finally, one last island in the Mamanuca Islands that’s well worth checking out is Mana Island . Board the South Sea Cruises ferry, where they’ll drop you off at Mana Island to explore at leisure. The island is home to the Mana Island Resort , lined by a gorgeous white-sand beach. You’ll have free use of the pool, loungers and snorkelling gear to explore the reefs among crystal-clear waters. Mana Island is also one of the  10 Survivor Locations in Fiji should you be a fan! A barbecue lunch is also included in the excursion. Tours are available to book on Viator and Klook . 

More About Island Day Trips in Fiji

That’s it for the best island day trips in Fiji. For more ways to experience the islands of Fiji, take a look at the following guides:

  • 10 Best Island-Hopping Cruises in Fiji
  • The Best Boat Tours in Fiji

5 Best Jet Ski Tours in Fiji

Finally, discover more amazing experiences in the 101 Things to Do in Fiji . Plus, get even more tips from  The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji .

The information in this guide has been compiled from our extensive research, travel and experiences across Fiji and the South Pacific, accumulated over more than a decade of numerous visits to each destination. Additional sources for this guide include the following:

  • Tourism Fiji (General travel advice - Updated [2024])
  • Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (Tourism trade association - Updated [2024])
  • SPTO (Pacific tourism advice - Updated [2024])
  • Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (Tourism statistics - Updated [2024])
  • Land Transport Authority (Road safety advice - Updated [2024])
  • Fiji Immigration (Visa and immigration advice - Updated [2024])
  • Fiji Revenue & Customs Service (Customs and visitor taxes - Updated [2024])
  • Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (Biosecurity advice - Updated [2024])
  • Fiji Meteorological Service (Weather forecast and warnings - Updated [2024])
  • Fiji Bureau of Statistics (Statistics and travel data - Updated [2024])
  • Safe Travel (New Zealand travel advisory for Fiji - Updated [2024])
  • Smart Traveller (Australia travel advisory for Fiji - Updated [2024])
  • Travel.State.Gov (U.S. travel advisory for Fiji - Updated [2024])

Our editorial standards : At Fiji Pocket Guide, we uphold strict editorial standards to ensure accurate and quality content.

About The Author

This article was reviewed and published by Laura, editor in chief and co-founder of Fiji Pocket Guide. Since arriving solo in the South Pacific over 10 years ago with nothing but a backpack and a background in journalism, her mission has been to show the world how easy (and awesome) it is to explore a paradise such as Fiji. She knows the islands inside-out and loves sharing tips on how best to experience Fiji’s must-dos and hidden gems. Laura is also editor of several other South Pacific travel guides.

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Feejee Five Tour

Active Beach In-depth Cultural Christmas & New Year +2

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My second trip to Fiji was the best experience I ever had. GVI is an excellent organization that helps each individual in providing great opportunities. There were a lot of things I did on the trip that I never imagined I could do, like building a pigerry, chopped down a tree with a machete and built some steps. The project leader was also helpful in encouraging me to stick with the harder jobs. I spent a lot of my free time with a a Fijian family who welcomed me in their home and provided me with great meals. I highly recommend this project to anyone to wants to do something
I had an eye-opening experience when I went to Fiji. The Fijian people were welcoming as well the volunteers, interns and leaders. I had a great time and wished to stay a bit longer if not for the cost.
The Fiji experience was amazing. Our tour guide (Emi) made the trip memorable. She was lively and fun to be with. I witnessed great things like the traditional ceremony in the village. It was a trip worth remembering.

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Feejee Experience

"I had an absolutely amazing 10 days trip in Fiji. The tour was perfectly organised, with a lot of activities. Everything was perfect. I had such a great full immersion in the Fijian culture. Highly recommended a tour with them.

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Ultimate Fiji Island Hopping Guide: Best Islands & Itinerary Advice

Fiji is one of the most spectacular archipelagos in the world, home to a beautiful array of islands and atolls in the remotest stretches of the southern Pacific Ocean.  This is what makes Fiji island hopping so special.

It’s a tropical paradise, blessed with warm weather all year round, white sand beaches, untouched jungles and tall mountain peaks.

Every island is different, but you can be sure that every island is worth exploring, the only question is, which islands do you choose if you’re short on time?

We put together this guide to help you to create your own Fiji island hopping itinerary. Here are the best islands in Fiji, and why you need to visit them!

Island Hopping in Fiji

Table of Contents

How to Get Between Islands

Drone view of the Blue Lagoon Beach while island hopping in Fiji

If you’re planning a Fiji island hopping adventure then your journey is going to start in Nadi, on the main island of Viti Levu.

This is where the island’s international airport is found, and from here you can connect to the rest of the islands.

There are several ways to get around the country, and if cash isn’t a problem then the quickest way is to travel by Sea Plane or even helicopter.

Many islands such as the Yasawa Islands and Mamanuca Islands are connected by fast catamarans, and here you can purchase a Fiji island hopping pass such as the Bula Pass to get around quickly and cheaply. 

The larger islands are connected by public ferries, or you can always join a cruise or hire your own boat transport.

On land, you can get around using the local buses, you can hire a car or a motorbike or make use of the many tour companies offering trips to popular spots. 

Putting Together An Itinerary

Where you go and which Fiji islands you add to your itinerary are going to depend a lot on how many days you have for your trip.

With less time, say a week, you will likely limit yourself to one or two islands, spending a few days on each.

With 2 weeks, you can look at visiting some different areas of Fiji and venturing further than Viti Levu and the nearby Mamanuca Islands.

Beyond 2 weeks, Fiji is your oyster and you can explore a good portion of the best islands in Fiji.

For reference, we spent 4 weeks in Fiji and planned our island hopping as follows:

  • Vanua Levu (Savusavu)
  • Viti Levu (Pacific Harbour & Nadi)
  • Mamanuca Islands
  • Yasawa Islands

The Best Islands in Fiji

No two Fiji island hopping itineraries will look the same, and I am sure you’re a bit overwhelmed by the options. To help ease this, we’ve put together some of the best islands in Fiji.

These include both popular and lesser-known islands throughout the country.

Viti Levu 

Viti Levu Island Fiji

When you’re planning your Fiji island hopping itinerary, then you won’t be able to ignore Viti Levu. This is where all travelers land internationally, at Nadi International Airport. 

The town of Nadi has a few sights and a wonderfully multicultural atmosphere, and from here you can easily make the short journey to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a vibrant Botanic Garden, as well as the nearby mud baths and national park. 

If you’re an adventure lover you must base your self out of Pacific Harbour . Here you can go diving with bull sharks & tiger sharks without the cage.

You can also explore underwater wrecks and coral, whitewater rafting, zip-lining through a rain forest canopy, and much more.

Viti Levu is also where you’ll find the Fijian capital Suva, however, few tourists ever make it here, despite there being fascinating museums and unspoiled nature within reach of the small city. 

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Viti Levu:

Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa – We loved this resort, the location was great and the private beach is truly paradise. The onsite restaurants were amazing, you can keep it simple and grab some from the grill or if your looking something more romantic have a formal dinner right on the beach. Don’t forget to grab a brink at the two different attached bars.

Our Top Recommended Tours:

  • Sabeto Mudpool Hot Spring & Garden of Sleeping Giant Tour
  • ATV Quad Bike Adventure Tour

Denarau Island

Denarau Island Fiji

Just along the coast from Nadi, you can find the small island of Denarau. These days, Denarau is actually connected to the mainland by a causeway, but this is still one of Fiji’s best island hopping destinations. 

Denarau is easy to get to of course, and it’s home to a wide array of resorts and hotels offering you that quintessential tropical getaway while you’re visiting Fiji.

From Denarau, you can catch boats to the nearby Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands.  There’s truly an endless amount of day trips from Denarau that are worth taking.

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Denarau Island:

  • Radisson Blu Resort Fiji – This is an incredible resort! It is great for couples and families. There’s areas for adults to unwind and there are areas for kids to be kids. We loved the location being so close to Denarau Beach.
  • Fiji: Day Trip to Cloud 9 Floating Platform Including Food and Beverages
  • Authentic Fijian Day Cruise

Malolo Lailai

Malolo Lailai Island in the Mamanucas Islands Fiji

Malolo Lailai is the most developed island that you can visit in the Mamanuca Islands , just a short boat ride from Denarau.

But despite this being the center of tourism here, you’ll still be welcomed by a calm bliss, white sand beaches and swaying palm trees when you step off the catamaran. 

This is where tourism began in the Mamanucas and you can find a great range of resorts and hotels to stay at.

Many of the resorts have been owned by the same local families for decades, and are still run by the original inhabitants of the Mamanucas islands despite their international popularity. 

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Malolo Lailai:

  • Lomani Island Resort – We love the private beach with the infinity pool. Each room has amazing beach views. For those looking to explore just simply grab a kayak or one of the free bicycles. Those who are looking to unwind must grab a drink at the poolside or at the bar.

Need a transfer from Port Denarau to Lomani Island Resort: Port Denarau to Lomani Island Resort – Scheduled Launch Transfer

Beachcomber Island

Beachcomber Island in the Mamanucas Islands Fiji

If you’re looking for a party, then Beachcomber Island is the place to go. This is the budget-friendly island of the Mamanucas, where you can stay in dorm beds and rent out cheap bungalows. 

It’s popular with backpackers and is known for its beers, cocktails and late-night beach parties. Beachcomber is beautiful as well, with white sand beaches and turquoise water. You couldn’t pick a better place for a party!

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Beachcomber Island:

  • Beachcomber Island Resort – We love how this island is a tiny paradise. Enjoy a beach bungalow overlooking the sea, shaded by palm trees with hammocks. What truly makes this place amazing is it surrounded by white sandy beaches with turquoise water. The reef just off the beach is amazing for scuba diving or just snorkeling.

You can visit Beachcomber Island on a day trip from Denarau Island, Fiji : Beachcomber Island Day Cruise

Monuriki Island

Monuriki Island - where the movie Castaway was filmed in Fiji

Monuriki Island is one of the best places to include in your Fiji island hopping plan, although you can’t actually spend the night here.

That’s because the island is completely uninhabited, aside from a diverse range of wildlife that flourishes in the absence of humans. 

Monuriki is found in the Mamanucas archipelago and its white-sand beaches, dramatic cliffs and verdant green jungle made it the island of choice for Tom Hanks, and the movie Cast Away was subsequently filmed here.  

  • Malamala Beach Club

Drone view of Waya Island - North of the Mamanuca Islands

Head north of the Mamanuca Islands and you’ll soon hit the Yasawa Islands , another group of beautiful, tropical islands. The first major island in the chain that you’ll see is Waya. 

This small island is nowhere near as developed as those in the Mamanucas, and you’ll find just a few hotels and rustic resorts run by the local villagers.

It’s a great place to snorkel, hike and enjoy pristine beaches, while also learning about the local culture and history. 

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Waya Island:

  • Octopus Resort – If you are in search of some of the best snorkeling or diving in Fiji you must stay at the Octopus Resort on Waya Island. This is simply paradise, we enjoyed its remoteness away from those more poplar areas of Fiji. The location was perfect, with long, white, sandy beaches and lots of palms. They had a variety of lounging options set up poolside and beachside for reading in the shade or sunbathing.

Nacula Island

Lina Stock of Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel Blog sitting Blue Lagoon Beach in the Yasawa Islands

Keep heading north and you’ll eventually reach Nacula Island, another of the best spots to visit in the Yasawa Islands.

Again, you’ll find just a few rustic resorts and locally run guesthouses, as well as some spectacular scenery.

Nacula Island is best known for being the site of the Blue Lagoon, an incredible natural lagoon that’s found off the beach, offering turquoise water, colorful coral and tranquil swimming and snorkeling opportunities. 

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Nacula Island:

  • Blue Lagoon Beach Resort Nacula Island – We loved that this resort was located right on the Blue Lagoon, there’s no need to take a day trip. Just simply walk out your beachfront bungalow and enjoy this paradise.

Need a transfer from Port Denarau to Blue Lagoon Beach Resort: Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands Hop-On Hop-Off Pass

Yasawa Island

Lina Stock of the Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel Blog walking to a luxury resort on Yasawa Island Fiji.

The furthest north island in the chain, and the chain’s namesake, is Yasawa Island.

This is one of the best places to add to your Fiji island hopping itinerary, and you’ll be astounded by the sheer, rugged beauty of this destination.

The long coastline is fringed by jungle, while there are coral reefs off the coast that make for great snorkeling and diving locations.

Make this the last stop when you island-hop through the Yasawas because not as many tourists tend to make it this far north. 

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Yasawa Island:

  • Yasawa Island Resort & Spa – We loved the quietness of no children at this resort. Since its one of the furthest northern Islands, it only sees a few guests. A fresh seafood dinner on the beach is a must when staying at this resort.

Need a transfer from Port Denarau to Yasawa Island Resort & Spa : Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands Hop-On Hop-Off Pass

Drone view of Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa on Viti Levu Fiji

Northeast of Viti Levu, you can find Fiji’s second-largest island, Vanua Levu. Much less visited than its larger neighbor, Vanua Levu is remarkably untouched in its rugged beauty.

Start in the port town of Savusavu, and head off along the coast and into the jungle, where you’ll find pristine waterfalls and areas of protected forest.

The real highlight though is a visit to Namena Marine Park, one of the most biodiverse areas in the entire Pacific Ocean. 

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Vanua Levu:

  • Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa – We loved this resort if your looking for a romantic getaway in Fiji this is your place. It offers amazing private bungalows with access to the ocean. The adults-only pool is simply amazing at sunset.
We loved this resort so much we did a full review of our stay .

Lina Stock of Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel Blog exploring at waterfall on the island of Taveuni Fiji

Taveuni is Fiji’s third-largest island, and it’s must-see on your journey through the country. This is perhaps the greenest, most verdant island in Fiji, and it’s well regarded for its waterfalls and jungle. 

Tavoro Falls is one waterfall you can’t ignore, while the excellent Lavena Coastal Walk will show you the best of Taveuni , where the island meets the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re looking for untouched nature and an off the beaten track adventure on your Fiji island hopping trip, then Taveuni is the island to travel to. 

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Taveuni:

  • Paradise Resort Taveuni – We stayed at the Paradise resort for four days while we explored the island of Taveuni. Their setup is simply amazing, with lots of places to lay hammocks, an amazing pool, all great days end with some of the best sunsets you’ll see in Fiji.

Qamea Luxury Resort on Qamea Island Fiji - Taveuni

Just a short boat ride away from Taveuni, you can visit the equally beautiful island of Qamea. Although much smaller than its neighbor, Qamea is nevertheless stunning and packed with natural sights. 

Hike through the jungle, snorkel off the coast and take in the wonderful scenery. Try to visit Qamea in November or December, when the island experiences a strange yet compelling natural phenomenon.

This is crab migration season, and hordes of land crabs are seen marching towards the ocean. 

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Qamea:

Qamea Resort & Spa – This was hands down our favorite resort we stayed in while we spent 4 weeks in Fiji. Its location is just simply stunning from its amazing beaches to its luxury bungalows that have their own pool and hot tub. A stay at Qamea is just simply magical.

Diving with the sarks of Beqa Fiji

If you’re a Scuba diver, then don’t miss out on visiting the small island of Beqa.

Located south of Viti Levu, Beqa is a diver’s dream, known for its incredible lagoon dives, where you can come face to face with the ocean’s most intriguing creatures. 

Beqa is also known for its unique local traditions, and you can enjoy rustic homestays or traditional ceremonies involving Kava, the local homebrew alcohol, or Fire Walking. 

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Beqa Island:

Royal Davui Island Resort Fiji – We loved how remote this island was, its a great place for couples and honeymooners, the lagoon is just simply stunning. The coral around this island is really beautiful and it is great for snorkeling and diving. It’s worthwhile getting out further than the islands of Mamanucas to see what Fiji really has in store.

Drone Photo of Kadavu Island Fiji

Also found to the south of Viti Levu is Kadavu, Fiji’s fourth-largest island. Kadavu is also known for its incredible diving because from this rugged, volcanic island you can easily access the Great Astrolabe Reef. 

This is one of the best dive spots in Fiji, and perhaps one of the best in the world, so it’s a must-see while you’re on your Fiji island hopping journey. Kadavu island itself is known for its wildlife too, so save some time for bird watching and hiking. 

Our top recommendation for where to stay on Kadavu Island:

Matava Fiji Untouched – If your into scuba diving this resort is for you. This eco-resort is located on a remote unspoiled tropical island surrounded by rainforest and amazing coral lagoons. Enjoy the private sun decks while gazing over the turquoise lagoon.

Remote Beach on a Fiji Island hopping Tour

For a real adventure, head to the remote Lau Islands, where you can find the small, untouched island of Lakeba. This island is far to the east of Viti Levu and sees few tourists.

Explore the pristine scenery and connect with the locals as you stay in rustic homestays and learn Polynesian history and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. 


Rotuma Island in Fiji

The truly adventurous traveler needs to head to Rotuma, an island that’s found far, far to the north of Viti Levu. 

Rotuma is way out in the Pacific Ocean, closer to Tuvalu than to the rest of Fiji. You’ll need time and patience to get here, but you’ll be treading where few other tourists have if you make it to this beautiful, yet isolated island. 

The locals on Rotuma see themselves as ethnically and culturally distinct from Fijians, making this an intriguing place to explore. 

Recommended Fiji Island Hopping Tours

Lina Stock of the Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel Blog Island hopping in Fiji

Fiji Island Hopping Adventure 9D/8N – This amazing Fiji island hopping tour includes many of the most poplar islands we talked about in this Fiji island hopping guide. Enjoy a night at the Blue lagoon, visit the Sawa-i-Lau Caves, explore remote islands in the Yasawas and so much more on this Fiji island hopping adventure.

Sea Breeze Island Hopping 9D/8N – Discover some of the best islands Fiji has to offer on this Fiji island hopping tour. Escape to the tropical islands of the Yasawas and Mamanucas, covered in this Fiji island hopping travel guide where you’ll enjoy some of the best beaches in Fiji. Don’t forget your snorkeling gear the underwater world is just simply amazing .

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Fiji Culture Day Tour

Tue, thu & sun.

Experience traditional Fijian culture in a magical island setting! Start your tour with a calm river cruise followed by a spirited welcome by our Robinson Crusoe team. On Likuri Island you can take part in a day full of fun and engaging cultural activities or enjoy the day at a more relaxing pace with a massage or swim in the lagoon.

Runs Tue, Thu & Sun

Time 10am - 4pm

Suits Families

Tour Highlights

  • 30 minute river cruise to Likuri Island
  • Fijian Lovo (earth oven) uncovering
  • Fire Walking demonstration
  • Buffet lunch & Fijian culture dance show 
  • Basket Weaving
  • Fijian Cooking class
  • Snorkeling & Sea Kayaks
  • Bush Medicine Walk and Ancient Pottery site visit
  • RSA restrictions apply, no BYO
  • Drinks included: House wines, local beer and soft drinks from 11:30am to 3:30pm

Tour Itinerary

Itinerary items and timing are subject to change without prior notice.

date_range Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

schedule 10am – 4pm (6 hours)

Hotel Webflow Template - Logo


Our day cruises are designed to give you a taste of the real Fiji; it’s great food, spectacular scenery, friendly people and the opportunity to be as active or laid back as you want. From our Tivua Island Day Cruise and Fiji Sunset Dinner Cruise to our Private Yacht Sailing Adventure Cruises, there’s something for every traveller. So if you’re staying at a resort and want to explore the real Fiji by yacht, read on to find your perfect day in paradise.


Step aboard our magnificent tall ships – Ra Marama & Spirit of the Pacific – or the luxurious sailing catamaran Fiji One to set sail for beautiful Tivua Island, a tiny jewel in the Mamanuca island group. Tivua Island is our exclusive atoll surrounded by a circle of white sandy beach and 500 acres of coral gardens. Here visitors will enjoy an unforgettable day in paradise, with a big range of activities to choose from and something for absolutely everyone. For those seeking water based activities, there’s snorkelling, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and glass bottom boat tours. For those wanting a taste of Fijian culture, there’s the opportunity to take a medicine nature walk, learn to husk and weave coconut fibres and partake in a traditional Kava ceremony.

Restaurant About - Hotel Webflow Template

For those wanting to explore the area’s natural beauty, we offer seasonal bird and turtle viewing, the chance to snorkel and dive amongst some marvellous sea life and huge gardens of flowering tropical Hibiscus to explore. You may even see our baby black tipped reef sharks.There’s something for kids of all ages too, with a Captain’s Kids Club and a bunch of great sporting activities including beach volleyball, sandcastle building and a treasure hunt for the adventurous ones. And for those who just want to relax and unwind, we offer free use of the shade bures, catered food and drink as well as beach massages by appointment from the Senikai Day Spa on the island.Included in the cost are morning and afternoon tea, a tropical buffet lunch, beer, wine and soft drinks on the island (beer, wine and soft drinks are available to purchase on the local special), use of canoes and stand up paddleboards, snorkelling and glass bottom boat tours, music and entertainment and return Nadi and Denarau hotel transfers. We also offer return transfers from Coral Coast & Lautoka resorts for a small additional fee.Tours depart twice daily on most days from Port Denarau Marina, so if you’re staying at a Fiji resort in Denarau, Nadi or on the Coral Coast, you owe it to yourself to sample the beauty of Fiji by ship on our Tivua Island Day Tour.

Activities & Inclusions

Tivua Island Day Sail

Food & Beverage Packages - Captain Cook Cruises

Food & Beverage

Enjoy Morning and afternoon tea while you sail to and from Tivua Private Island

Beer, wine and soft drinks on the island

Tropical buffet lunch prepared with fresh local produce

Marine Biologists - Captain Cook

Activities & Marine Science

Use of kayaks and stand up paddle boards

Snorkelling & glass bottomed boat tours with our Marine Biologist

Enjoy Coral Planting with our Marine Biologist as part of our reef sustainability activities.

Coral Planting - buy a coral build a reef (additional charge see below)

Citizen Science Projects

Captain's Kid's Club for 3-9yrs

Private Island - Captain Cook

Relax On Your Private Island

A vast expanse of aqua blue crystal clear water in every direction. We call the world’s biggest swimming pool!

500 Acres of Coral to explore

Relax on the exclusive Tivua Private Island

Music and live entertainment

Kava ceremony

Return Nadi & Denaurau hotel transfers

Optional Extras

Leave the tourist trail behind and experience the ‘real Fiji’ on a Captain Cook Cruises adventure and discovery small ship cruise.

Cruise Tours - Hotel Webflow Template

Private Cabana

Have your own waterfront thatched beach bure on Tivua Private Island. Laze on a lounge and enjoy the shade while indulging in the magnificent views before you.

Cruise Tours - Hotel Webflow Template

Private Cabana Bliss

Enjoy your own waterfront thatched beach bure on Tivua Private Island. Laze on a lounge and enjoy the shade while indulging in magnificent views and a bottle of Moet Champagne.

Cruise Tours - Hotel Webflow Template

Five Star PADI Scuba Diving

Day Scuba diving adventures aboard Captain Cook Cruises Fiji Day Cruise are operated by Viti Water Sports and cater for certified, occasional and first time divers. A great wreck dive is available for advanced divers.

Cruise Tours - Hotel Webflow Template

Day & Dinner Cruise Combo

Combine the Tivua Island Day Sail with the Sunset Dinner Cruise and Save 25% off the one of lesser value. Cruises can be booked open dated and on different days.

Cruise Tours - Hotel Webflow Template

Romance Package

You will receive a bottle of sparkling wine, His and Her sulu’s (sarongs) and a table for 2 in your own private shade waterfront thatched beach bure.

Cruise Tours - Hotel Webflow Template

Tivua Island Wedding package

Many people dream of making their vows somewhere as beautiful as Fiji, but with Captain Cook Fiji your dreams can become reality. Say ‘I do’ under the palm trees on a sandy white beach, and celebrate with your family and friends on one of our romantic ships. Let us take care of everything – our packages cover the ceremony,  meals and activities, and you can even include our photography package to create special memories of your big day.

Cruise Tours - Hotel Webflow Template

Tivua Island Proposal package

Surprise your love today with a romantic deserted beach marriage proposal.Picture the two of you on the beach, strolling along hand in hand to the gentle sounds of a sandy atoll. As you explore the island you come across a “message in a bottle” lying at the waters edge…… While your love reads the message “will you marry me” you offer the ring and present it whilst down on bended knee….. Then celebrate over lunch with a bottle of sparkling wine in a private romantic bure.

Cruise Tours - Hotel Webflow Template

Renewal of Vows

Why not renew your vows with our Captain and receive all the inclusions of our Romance Package? As well as, flowers for the ceremony performed at Tivua Island

Cruise Tours - Hotel Webflow Template

Celebratory Cake

If you’re celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or wedding anniversary, a delicious cake can be organised. Larger cakes for groups of more than 6 people are available on request.

Cruise Tours - Hotel Webflow Template

Spa Treatment

Immerse yourself in adventure.

We know Fiji.  Join us on a multi night stay on the MS Caledonian Sky or one of our gorgeous sailing vessels for private island day excursion or a dinner cruise. Snorkel, dive, hike, paddle, visit a village or just laze around and read a book. Be as active or relaxed as you like, the choice is yours.

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji Diving

Questions? We have answers

Tivua Island Day Cruise FAQS

Where is Tivua Island?

Just 90 minutes cruising time from Port Denarau Marina, Tivua Island is a tiny gem in the Pacific and is Captain Cook Cruises’ very own private piece of the Mamanuca island group. This is an archipelago of 20 volcanic islands totalling around 135 square kilometres in the western part of Fiji. Tivua Island is ringed by a white sandy beach and surrounded by 500 acres of spectacular coral gardens, making it a snorkelling and diving paradise for visitors. The island also offers a variety of other activities including stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and glass bottom boat tours, scenic walks and seasonal bird and turtle viewing.

What is included in the optional extras?

Optional extras available for an additional cost on our Tivua Island Day Cruise include scuba diving for all levels provided by professional PADI instructors, with the chance to learn to dive stunning coral reefs and, for advanced experienced divers, even explore a shipwreck. Optional massage services are offered by the Senakai Day Spa on the island and we also have two waterfront bures with ensuite available for day hire during your visit. Other options include our Tivua Island Proposal Package, complete with lunch in a private bure, our Wedding Package including ceremony, meals, activities and photography and our Day and Dinner Cruise Combo offering both day and dinner cruise with a 25% discount on one

How many passengers are onboard day cruises and are they suitable for kids?

Tivua Island day cruises have a maximum capacity of 100 passengers to a vessel and the island has a capacity of 200 guests. All ages are welcome on our day cruise and dinner cruise. Children must have adult supervision at all times and they must be capable of swimming by themselves unassisted. Children under 5 years of age are also welcome on our day cruises, but parents will need to provide their flotation devices. We offer a Captain’s Kids Club on the Tivua Island Day Cruise for children between 5 and 12 years old.

What is included in a day cruise?

Our Tivua Island Day Cruise offers our guests a huge variety of activities included in the cost. These include marine biologist guided snorkelling tours off the beach and pontoon and glass bottom boat tours, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, beach volleyball, seasonal bird and turtle viewing and a range of Fijian cultural experiences including a traditional Kava ceremony. Both our day cruise and dinner cruise also include a buffet meal made with fresh local ingredients. Optional extras for an additional cost on our day cruise include beach massages by the Senakai Day Spa on the island and scuba diving for all experience levels under the guidance of professional PADI instructors.

What are the key differences between a day cruise and a dinner cruise?

Our Tivua Island Day Cruise and Fiji Sunset Dinner Cruise are literally as different as day and night. While our day cruise is all about water based activities and family fun in the sun, our dinner cruise is a time to unwind and enjoy a fresh, tropical buffet dinner and a glass of sparkling against the backdrop of a stunning Fijian sunset. While both cruises include traditional Fijian hospitality and a sumptuous meal made with fresh local ingredients, the Tivua Island Day Cruise is more kid-friendly, with a Captain’s Kids Club and lots of activities to keep them active and occupied. Perhaps to enjoy the best of both worlds, the answer is to go on both cruises.


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Namale Resort & Spa

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Island Excursions

Fiji island tours.

At Namale Resort & Spa , we’re more than just a relaxing oasis with pretty views. Our resort is located on the incredible island of Vanua Levu and the town of Savusavu, known as “Fiji’s best-kept secret,” featuring excitement around every corner.

We invite you to experience all our amazing island has to offer, from thrilling adventures to educational activities . On our Fiji tours, you can tour farms, float down rivers, and even dip below the surface and explore the incredible underwater world. Embark on a Fiji excursion that takes you to a deserted sandbar oasis or to the depths of the Namena Marine Reserve. Whatever excursion you choose, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure that will remain with you forever.

When you stay at our luxury boutique resort , once-in-a-lifetime experiences are at your fingertips. You can interact with nature and wildlife, admire extraordinary sunsets, indulge in culinary experiences, and embrace Fijian culture . Spend the day on our Fiji island tours, and then retreat to your tropical oasis, where you can lounge by the pool, relax at our award-winning spa, attend cultural performances, and so much more.

Where will your Fiji island tours take you? Find out today when you book your island excursions with us!




Did you know Fiji is home to some of the world’s rarest saltwater pearls? These incredible pearls are cultivated and harvested right near Namale in Savusavu Bay. The rarity and unique hues of Fiji pearls are due to their special host, the Fijian Pearl Oyster, and the mineral makeup of Fiji’s waters. Take an educational and fun tour of local operator J. Hunter Pearls and snorkel above the underwater farm, featuring the oysters suspended on a rope beneath the surface. Then learn about the cultivation process and view the showroom full of champagne, gold, copper, brown, and pistachio-colored pearls for sale. This is one Fiji island day trip that belongs at the top of your list.

$75 FJD per person. Paid directly to the operators.



When it comes to our amazing island excursions, this is one you won’t want to miss. This sun-filled outing takes you on a group outing to a deserted sandbar in the middle of the sea for a unique luxury castaway experience! Start off this half-day tour on a 15-minute boat ride from town, taking in stellar views of Savusavu Bay and the surrounding coast along the way. When you arrive at the gorgeous sandbar oasis, you’ll disembark into the crystal clear turquoise waters and enjoy incredible snorkeling, swimming, and lounging under beach umbrellas on the sand. Sip champagne or a cold Fiji Gold, enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch, and spend your beach time as you please. You can even learn to husk coconuts by hand with our fun activities staff! This Fiji island tour is the perfect way to add a white-sand beach experience to your Vanua Levu itinerary.

$99 FJD | $50 USD | $65 AUD per person



Looking for an adventure that’s second to none? Embark on our Salt River Drift excursion! Vanua Levu is home to a natural phenomenon: the Salt River and Salt Lake. Fed by the surrounding ocean, the saltwater river changes direction with the tides and ends in a large, virtually untouched salt lake. This unique adventure takes you on a relaxing, fun float through lush mangroves and rolling green hills. When the tide flows toward the lake, don a lifejacket, hop in the buoyant salt water, and gently float along as our guides serve you ice-cold beverages from the boat. You’ll love gliding through the refreshing water as you soak in the surrounding lush jungle scenery. This one-of-a-kind excursion is a guest favorite and a must-do adventure!



If fishing is one of your favorite past times, then don’t miss out on the opportunity to cast a line in Fiji. Namale works with trusted local operators to offer exciting game fishing in Vanua Levu’s surrounding waters. Take advantage of this half-day charter for the chance to reel in large tropical game (or even sharks!) with the professional equipment and guidance of experienced operators. Game fishing tours are easy to arrange through our activities staff, who will handle all the details and transportation for you, so you can focus on the thrill of the catch. Our kitchen staff will even prepare your prize catch to your liking as soon as you return to Namale for perhaps the best-tasting meal of your trip. Ready to get hooked on this incredible Fiji tour? Book with us today!



Scuba dive at one of the world’s most renowned coral reefs with Dive Namale, the resort’s 5 Star PADI certified facility and skilled dive team with over 30 years of experience. Surrounding the tiny island of Namenalala, the approximately 70 square kilometer Namena Marine Reserve is known for its remarkable marine biodiversity and an incredible variety of fish and coral. What’s more, the island’s beaches are a significant nesting site for endangered sea turtles. Get up close and personal with the island’s wildlife on this full-day island excursion.

Scuba Diving Fiji in namale resort


It’s time for some underwater exploration! Namale caters to both novice and experienced certified divers so that any adventurous soul can experience Fiji’s brilliant underwater seascape. Check “learning to scuba dive in Fiji” off your bucket list with Dive Namale’s scuba training programs featuring Intro to Scuba, Open Water Qualifying and Training Dives, and PADI e-Learning and Full Certification. The popular Intro to Scuba course features 1-on-1 training to learn scuba equipment and core skills in a pool training session, followed by a supervised dive at some of the best shallow dive sights in Fiji. See Scuba Training Programs pricing and details here .

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island tours fiji

Reach New Heights: Unleash the Thrill with Tandem Sky Dive!”

island tours fiji

Adventure Unleashed: Thrills at Kula Wild Adventure Park!

island tours fiji

Beqa Adventure Shark Encounter: Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit!

island tours fiji

Unleash Your Adventure: Zipline & Orchid Fall Jungle Safari Tour!

island tours fiji

Dive into Unforgettable Adventures with Whitetip Marine!

island tours fiji

Immerse in Fiji’s Living Heritage: Unforgettable Culture Village Day Tour!

island tours fiji

Unveil Sigatoka Valley’s Hidden Gems: Half Day Tour of Natural Wonders!

island tours fiji

Unleash Fiji’s Beauty: Sigatoka River Cruise & Salad Bowl Valley Tour – Book Now!

island tours fiji

Barefoot Kuata Day Cruise

Your Ticket to Paradise!

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Fiji Tour Packages 2024

Tour fiji - best fiji tours & activities, up to 40% off fiji island tour package.

Nadi Full Day Tour Upto 40% Off

Nadi Full Day Tour Upto 40% Off

Cultural Day Tour at AU$125

Cultural Day Tour at AU$125

Natadola Bay Horse Riding at AU$150

Natadola Bay Horse Riding at AU$150

Cultural Night Tour Up to 15% Off

Cultural Night Tour Up to 15% Off

Fijian Spearfishing Homestay at AU$150

Fijian Spearfishing Homestay at AU$150

Suva City Tour From AU$180

Suva City Tour From AU$180

Coral Coast Tour From AU$120

Coral Coast Tour From AU$120


10 Best Fiji Tours & Trips 2024

Nadi Full Day Tour

Nadi Full Day Tour Up to 40% Off in Fiji

Fiji Cultural Village Day Tour Up to 10% Off

Fiji Cultural Village Day Tour Up to 10% Off

Biausevu Waterfall Tour Fiji

Biausevu Waterfall Tour Fiji

First Landing To Cloud 9 Via Port Denarau Fiji

First Landing to Cloud 9 via Port Denarau Fiji

Natadola Bay Horse Riding & Beach Massage in Fiji

Natadola Bay Horse Riding & Beach Massage in Fiji

Mud Pool Tour

Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool Tour Fiji

Fijian Spearfishing & Home Stay

Fijian Spearfishing & Home Stay

Natadola Beach Tour at Fiji

Natadola Beach Tour at Fiji

Coral Coast Full Day Tour Fiji

Coral Coast Full Day Tour Fiji

Best time to visit in fiji 2024.

island tours fiji

How To Choose The Best Fiji Island For Your Travel Style

F or many people, the mere mention of Fiji conjures up images of sparkling white sands, impossibly blue waters, and plenty of sun and fun at luxury resorts. It has been so for over a century. 

Since the islands first began development as a major tourist destination, Fiji's infrastructure and hospitality sector has been geared towards enticing visitors from all over the globe with the promise of a friendly welcome in a tropical paradise. Promoting the islands this way has proven hugely successful; in 2023, the islands received almost 930,000 visitors (almost one for each of Fiji's population) and tourism makes up around 40% of the nation's GDP. 

Yet despite its long-standing reputation as an exotic South Seas getaway, there is far more to Fiji than palm trees, sun loungers, and delicious cocktails. The archipelago is made up of 333 individual islands ranging from bustling tourist hubs to idyllically uninhabited, and many of them offer something different for just about every type of traveler. 

Needless to say, sunseekers will be well catered for pretty much anywhere they choose, but what are the best Fijian islands if you're the active outdoors type, a culture vulture, a foodie, or want to get well off the beaten track? The good news is that a vacation to Fiji has it all, so let's look at some of the best islands to choose from before booking that long flight to the South Pacific.

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The Main Island Has Something For Everyone

If you're looking for a good overall blend of scenery, beaches, and the delights of the city, Viti Levu could be the place for you. As Fiji's most populous island and home to the nation's capital, Suva, there is no shortage of things to do and see.

Fiji's international airport is located in Nadi in western Viti Levu and most visitors enter and leave the country here. Far from just a transport hub, it has interesting things to see, such as the vibrantly-colored Hindu Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple and the array of orchids in the evocatively named Garden of the Sleeping Giant. Just a few miles away is Denaru Island, the "beating heart of Fiji tourism," with its plush world-class resorts, golf course, superyachts in the marina, and top-end dining.

If you are traveling as a family, many resorts and beaches are well-suited for people with children. And there is far more to explore than just sand and sea: Kulu Wild Adventure Park is a great day out with its waterslides, ziplines, and wildlife sanctuary, while more intrepid families can experience the thrill of boat rides and tubing on the Navua River.

Suva is a pleasure to wander around with its blend of grand colonial architecture and post-independence Fijian culture. It's a haven for foodies, too, with a range of international cuisines and tasty quick eats from markets and street stalls. Suva is also one of the top places for nightlife with many bars and clubs.

Fijian Islands Where You Can Relax And Play

The Mamanuca Islands , only a short 20-minute ferry ride from Viti Levu, are a superb option for families and couples alike. It is well-established as a popular vacation spot with all the creature comforts you'd expect from a top-tier destination. There is also plenty to keep the kids happy while parents can relax at Plantation Island Resort or Treasure Island Resort — the latter is famed for its turtle breeding program, always a hit with children. 

Meanwhile, exclusive resorts like Six Senses Fiji are the perfect choice for a romantic getaway. With luxurious villas and spa treatments, it's worth the splurge for an unforgettable vacation. Other types of travelers gravitate to this chain, too. Beachcomber Island has a reputation as Fiji's Party Island, a classic backpacker resort that attracts a young and relaxed crowd; and Cloudbreak is a world-renowned spot that draws surfers from all over.

If the Mamanucas are a little too busy for you, perhaps consider the more isolated and peaceful Yasawa island group instead. Getting there requires a bit more effort, but it is still easy enough to reach from Viti Levu — taking the ferry is a cheap and leisurely option. The beautiful islands still have the amenities, with accommodations ranging from swanky five-star resorts to more modest digs for budget travelers. The Yasawas are great for island hopping and are home to the famous Blue Lagoon and the spectacular Sawa-i-Lau Caves.

Adventures On Land And Sea

Although Vita Levu is the most heavily touristed island, there is still an opportunity to escape from the pampered existence of the resorts to the deep wilderness of the island's rugged interior. Vita Levu is graced with three of Fiji's national parks: the spectacular rolling landscapes of Sigatoka Dunes; the dense tropical foliage of Colo-i-Suva Forest Park; and the sweeping vistas and plunging waterfalls of Koryanitu National Heritage Park. In between there are lush rainforests and lofty peaks, making it a great destination for hiking trips and giving you the chance to see how Fijians live away from the resorts. You can head out on your own or hire a guide for the full experience.

For more outdoor adventures, consider wondrous Taveuni, Fiji's Garden Island, for lush forests, crystal waterfalls, and scuba diving at the Great White Wall, a towering coral reef on Somosomo Strait. Diving and snorkeling are some of the must-do highlights of a trip to Fiji thanks to its clear waters, magnificent reefs, and stupendous array of marine life. Indeed, you're almost spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a spot. Natadola Bay on Viti Levu is a great family-friendly option with easy access to its reef from the beach, and you can swim with manta rays on Kadavu Island and in Manta Ray Passage in the Yasawa Islands. If you want an adrenaline rush, check out the guided shark dives in Beqa Lagoon for an unforgettable experience.

Places To Explore The Local Culture

Wherever you go in the world, resorts aren't always the best way to get to know a country's culture. Luckily, there are many ways that you can get a taste of traditional day-to-day life in Fiji. Organized village tours are a good way to support families in rural communities while also getting an authentic experience. A typical tour will pick you up from your accommodation and may include traditional dance, food, and the chance to hang out with the villagers. If you would prefer longer to immerse yourself, village homestays are a terrific and very cost-effective way of really getting to know your hosts. One painful-looking Fijian tradition you should add to your agenda is a firewalking ceremony; to see this feat of bravery and endurance in its most authentic setting, head to Beqa Island.

For a glimpse into Fiji's colonial past beyond the architecture of Suva, head out to Ovalau, the main island of the Lamaviti Group. Here you will find traces of the first Europeans who settled on the archipelago. Levuka, a quaint historic port town, was the nation's capital for a short period during the 19th century and became Fiji's first UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's a quiet place now but it is home to several interesting historic sites such as the Gothic Sacred Heart Church and a ruined Masonic Lodge, and the storefronts of Beach Street have an incongruous Wild West look to them.

Really Get Away From It All

When you arrive in Fiji you will quickly become aware of the concept of "Fiji Time," the laidback notion that things will get done in due course without heaping time pressure on the individuals involved. If you are used to the breakneck pace of life in a big city like, say, London or New York, it can be a little frustrating at first. But if you can let go of your preconceived ideas about how quickly things should happen, Fiji Time adds to the relaxed charm of the country. It's not such an issue in major resorts, but to experience it at its best, head to some of the little-visited islands.

Adventurous travelers seeking unspoiled nature and a break from the rat race of day-to-day life will find their paradise on Kadavu, Fiji's far-flung southernmost island. Asphalt roads are a rumor here, the mail arrives monthly, and phone signals are limited at best on an island largely covered by rainforest and where locals still make a simple living through fishing and farming. Eco-tourists will be rewarded with environmentally friendly resorts to use as a base for a wide range of activities including kayaking, hiking, deep-sea fishing, and scuba diving on the Great Astrolabe Reef, the fourth-largest barrier reef in the world. Kadavu is truly a place to get away from it all and enjoy Fiji Time at its most laid-back.

Read the original article on Islands .

Fiji islands travel vacation

Travel | Lush foliage, dazzling beaches, deep traditions…

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Travel | Lush foliage, dazzling beaches, deep traditions put Fiji’s hundreds of islands on the map


NADI, Fiji Islands — “That’s Tom Hanks’ island, in ‘Cast Away’ the movie,” said the passenger sitting nearby, on the rear deck.

We’d seen him standing in line, a college kid in a red shirt, packing and repacking a knapsack while we waited to board the early morning ferry out of Viti Levu, the largest of Fiji’s 330 islands. Leaning over the railing, he pointed at the horizon and a faint gray-green shape.

“Its real name is Modriki, and it’s small, just 100 acres,” he said. “But the beach is awesome. Tourists can’t wait to go.”

No surprise there. For most South Pacific travelers, nothing rivals Fiji’s sandy beaches, palm-shaded gardens, starry nights and Melanesian hospitality. We’d island-hopped over the years, tried a dozen different beach resorts, and liked most of them. Until 2019, when we joined a hiking group for a long look at the island’s mountains.

Finally last fall, with COVID-19 in decline and Fiji open for tourists, we hopped a plane and headed back, this time for another look at what makes the country tick. Finding hotels wasn’t easy; Fiji is to Australians what Hawaii is to Americans. But we crossed our fingers, found five with rooms and struck gold at three places begging for a repeat visit.

The Fiji Orchid, a stately manor house near Viti Levu’s northwest shore and the former home of Hollywood actor Raymond Burr, star of the detective series “Perry Mason,” felt nothing like a hotel and everything like a home away from home. With an inviting living room and framed memorabilia, it beckoned at the end of a very long day.

Hotel Manager Deepika Dimlesh arranged an authentic Fijian dinner, and co-owner Gordon Leewie told tales of Fiji life in the early days. Though Nadi (NAN-dee) International Airport was 20 minutes away, our bure (BOO-ray, room, house), one of six in the lush tropical garden, was as quiet as a cemetery.

“We’ve had guests who stayed for weeks,” said Dimlesh at dinner. “One was even writing a book. But most are international travelers, businessmen flying through. We tell them, if you have a layover don’t try to sleep in the lounge. We’ll pick you up, you can use the pool, eat dinner or go to bed, and we’ll drive you back.”

Curious about Lautoka, Viti Levu’s second-largest town on the northwest shore, we hired tour guide and driver Kesho Goundar, who (like many Fijians) speaks Fijian, English and Hindi. Stopping at the town’s huge covered market, he bought a couple of kava “sticks,” the gifts we would need — for the chief — if we visited a village.

Fiji's farming families grow vegetables year around to sell at Nadi's Outdoor Market. (Steve Haggerty/TNS)

Then it was on to the Sabeto Mountains and the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. A popular park, it was founded by Burr, a worldwide orchid collector. Hundreds of orchids, planted along the trail to the summit, a huge head-like rock, are the highlight of a visit. And the adjacent forest — a tower of vines, shadowy branches and strange flowers — was a set waiting for a movie.

The next day we headed upcountry to Navala Village, the country’s last thatched village, driving past barnyards, gardens, sugar cane fields, villages, the occasional manufacturing plant and Methodist, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Catholic-oriented primary schools.

At first glance Navala looked empty, until guide Mark Navaroka came out to collect our $25 entrance fee and a kava stick for the chief.

“This is how we used to build houses,” he said, leading us inside the chief’s official structure, where a couple of village leaders sat cross-legged, talking.

Navala Village, Fiji's last traditionally thatched village, is an hour from the Fiji Orchid Hotel and welcomes visitors. (Steve Haggerty/TNS)

“They built it in 1954 when five dying Catholic villages joined together,” he continued, leading the way to the school and church.

Turning onto the Nausori Highland Road – not another car in sight – we lurched uphill over a rocky, pot-holed track for more than an hour, each hill steeper than the one before, until we rounded the top, a photographer’s delight. Finally, around the corner, we passed two hunters on horseback with rifles and dogs.

Moving to Viti Levu’s southwest corner, we checked into the Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa, a 35-acre landscaped property on Natadola Bay. And instead of salesmen in suits, the hotel was as busy as a country club on a holiday weekend. Dads and kids played volleyball; moms worked out at a fitness center. We spotted kids racing hermit crabs, and others learning Fijian words and Polynesian dances. Menus at the hotel’s several restaurants listed continental and some Fijian dishes, and our favorite, the lively Toba Bar & Grill, took our order in five minutes and served the food in 10.

Daring travelers join a Fijian warrior at the International Hotel & Resort's evening Torch Lighting Ceremony, Fiji Islands. (Steve Haggerty/TNS)

Coaxed into trying the Jet Ski “experience,” we flew over the waves, riding tandem behind two watersports guides. But the skis were trumped by the hotel’s Coral Planting project, headed by marine scientists Lawaci Koroyawa and Luke Romatanababa. Joining them in the water, we learned how to plant healthy corals onto damaged reefs.

Most memorable was the river cruise with Singatoka River Safari. Wide and long, the river winds through an endless valley, weaving past rocky hills, farms and meadows. Children splashed in it and men scrubbed their horses, waving as we passed. Pastoral and peaceful, it was a nod to an older century.

The 35-mile-long trip ended at a village, with a tour, lunch at the community center and a kava ceremony — shared cups – with the chief and town fathers. Kava is calming, some say. Just more weak tea, say others.

For a last-minute weekend on Lomani Island, take the one-hour ferry trip from Port Denerau. (Steve Haggerty/TNS)

How many villages are there, we wondered. “Hundreds, but that’s not all,” said the hotel’s desk clerk. Each indigenous Fijian family belongs to a village that owns the land it’s on. It’s like a clan, she explained. And only indigenous Fijians can own land. So add all the villages own their land and it’s nearly 90% of the country. “The government makes Fiji’s laws, but the villages rule themselves. That’s why they’re important.”

As our last week approached, we took the ferry to Lomani Island Resort — yes, an adults-only beach resort — on Malolo Lailai island, a single hour’s ferry ride to the mainland and Nadi International Airport. You can stay overnight and still make it to the airport on time.

But it wasn’t the beach that earned the gold star. It was the charming cottages, each with a private yard and plunge pool. The smiling waiters and creative, chef-designed meals, served at candle-lit tables. The “double-X” swimming pool and the water sports center.

Families on vacation make new friends in the pool near the Toba Bar & Grill, Intercontinental Hotel & Resort, Fiji. (Steve Haggerty/TNS)

“It’s peaceful here,” said Shelley White, the general manager, when we met at the cocktail hour. “And quiet. But with Nadi next door, we stay busy with weddings and anniversaries, and lately, even business retreats. We can order everything we need and get it delivered the next day,” she said.

“Still, we love to have visitors like you, people who know this place and like it,” she added, with a puckish smile. “Let me know the next time you travel. I might decide to come along.”

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