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What is the Best Length of Time for a Cruise?

If you’re already planning a cruise, you know how much fun can be packed into a cruise vacation. But, what is the best length of time for a cruise? The good news is there is no right answer, and with Carnival Cruise Line, you have many options to choose from. If you only have a long weekend to spare, a 3 day cruise could be your perfect match. If you’re bringing the whole family, a 5 or 7 day cruise might be the best way to make sure everyone has an awesome getaway. And for those lucky folks with even more time to spare, a cruise of 10 days or more will give you an incredible experience of all the best things a cruise has to offer. While Carnival’s sailing itineraries vary from port to port and date to date, here are just some examples of short cruises and longer cruises you may want to consider.

2–5 Day Cruises Short and sweet, but packed with adventure both onboard your Fun Ship and in port, cruises from 2 to 5 days in length make for quick and easy getaways. Examples of short cruises on Carnival include sailings from Long Beach to Baja Mexico and cruises from Miami to The Bahamas or the Caribbean.

6–9 Day Cruises Sailing on a cruise that’s between 6 and 9 days in length means you can take in more exciting ports and also relax onboard (and perhaps even schedule a day to enjoy the spa or pool when the ship is in port). Sample 6–9 cruises on Carnival include Eastern Caribbean and Western Caribbean cruises from Miami, Fort Lauderdale and New Orleans, just to name a few. If you need some help deciding on a mid-length cruise, use the 6–9 Day filter of our Cruise Search feature, or call and speak to a Carnival cruise specialist.

10+ Day Cruises More fun over more days! With long cruises, you can expand your horizons even further and consider cruises to far-flung destinations. For example, how does a European cruise vacation sound? Carnival offers a number of unforgettable European cruises. Other longer cruise options include Transatlantic cruises — when you cross from the U.S. to Europe or vice versa — and Hawaiian cruises. If you have plenty of time to spare, ask us about our Carnival Journeys and our 10+ day cruises. Check out the full range of cruises of all lengths using Carnival’s Cruise Search feature here .

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Emma Cruises

Are Short Cruises Worth it? (Tried and Tested, Pros and Cons)

If you’re considering taking a cruise you may be wondering if a short cruise is worth the price and if it’ll give you the true cruise experience.

I’ve been on over 50 cruises to date with a number of these being under 5 nights long.

I’ve had some brilliant short cruises – as well as some that I wouldn’t recommend.

In this post, we will be looking at what makes a short cruise worth it, or not.

Are Short Cruises Worth it?

There are many reasons why taking a short cruise is a good idea.

They’re cheap, easy, and can give you a taste of cruising. On the other hand, there are a few reasons why a short cruise may not be worth it for some passengers. 

There’s less choice when it comes to shorter cruises and the onboard experience can be very different from a longer cruise. 

I’ve been on short European and Caribbean itineraries and will talk about my experiences with both in this post.

I have enjoyed the majority of the short cruises that I’ve taken and there are definite benefits to short cruises – but there are a few things that you definitely need to be aware of.

Celebrity Silhouette Ship Blue Hull

What Counts as a ‘Short’ Cruise?

A cruise which is 5 nights or less would usually be classed as a short cruise.

3-night cruises are a very popular option – as are five-night cruises. 

2 or 1-night cruises are occasionally available but these are less common.

Only 32% of cruises taken are five days or less. The most popular length of cruise is 7 nights.

average cruise duration 7 nights

Longer cruises are also popular – but the longer the cruise gets the less common they are, for obvious reasons.

I personally think the perfect cruise length is 10-14 days, it’s long enough to really get to know the ship and to settle into life on board, but it isn’t always crazily expensive.

Cheaper Short Cruises

One of the main reasons why people look to book short cruises is because they are cheaper than longer cruises.

While this is true it often isn’t as good a a deal as you would think. Although a ‘3-night’ cruise sounds like a lot once you take into account that the first and last day are just getting on and getting off the ship that really only leaves you with one cruising day.

This is, of course, the same for every cruise but it’s often overlooked when booking shorter cruises.

Price Per Night

The price per night on a shorter cruise is not normally as good value as on long cruises.

For a cruise line, the most difficult part of a cruise is turnaround day, where they have to get guests on board and also other guests off.

It’s much easier for the cruise line and crew to keep the same guests on board for longer.

For this reason, the price of a 14-night cruise is usually a little cheaper than two 7-night cruises. The same can be said for shorter cruises.

Shorter cruises may look like a great bargain but per night they can be more expensive. That said, if you have a limited budget a short cruise is a really good option.

emma cruises in front of p&o ventura

Party Atmosphere Onboard/Theme Cruises

It’s often the case that a short cruise has a party atmosphere and you’ll generally find a younger crowd onboard.

I’ve taken three cruises like this, the first was a three-night cruise with Celebrity and the second and third were three-night 90s theme cruises with Marella .

Marella Themed Cruises

I’d definitely recommend a themed cruise line for people who want to have a relaxed fun weekend. The majority of guests on board haven’t been on cruises before, but many find they love the ship and the weekend.

My last short cruise was 90’s themed, and I took five first-time cruisers with me.

Find out all about that cruise here:

Marella Cruises are all-inclusive and include alcoholic and soft drinks onboard.

To find out more about why I’d recommend a Marella cruise to families and young cruisers, check out this post: 

Top 7 Reasons to Take a Cruise With Marella Cruises

Marella 90s Cruise Electric Sunsets

Non-themed Party Cruises

It isn’t just the themed cruises that tend to turn into party cruises.

If you book a cruise which is 3 nights, particularly if it’s over the weekend there is a chance that you’ll find many birthday parties and people celebrating onboard.

I took a 3-night cruise over a weekend with Celebrity Cruises to Amsterdam from the UK.

It was SO busy with people drinking in the bars on board that it was almost impossible to get a seat or get served at certain times. That said, if you book a weekend cruise this should be expected.

I really didn’t feel as though the cruise provided the true Celebrity experience but I did have a great time. I mostly booked the cruise to try the Celebrity Cruises food – and that did not disappoint!

It’s worth bearing in mind that short cruises, regardless of location or cruise line can feel like party cruises.

Celebrity are usually quite relaxed, but the weekend I spend onboard was anything but!

Our first ever cruise as a 2 night cruise to Guernsey, we already had a 14 night one booked a few months later and it felt like we were on a booze cruise, full of Hen and Stag Do’s. We vowed we’d never do a 2 night one again, weve only done 4 nights+ since then. We’re fairly young and like a good time, but it was far too much for us Emma Turner ( Facebook group member )

I did take a second cruise on Celebrity Silhouette which was VERY different from the first.

To learn how two cruises on the same cruise line, and same ship, can be so different, check out this video:

Is a Short Cruise a Good Way to Try a New Cruise Line?

A short cruise is a good way to try a new cruise line, but it’s important to remember that the experience onboard will likely not reflect a longer cruise.

It is important to remember that a short cruise on a cruise line may not provide you with a true representation of what that cruise line is usually like.

Short cruises are a great way to explore new cruise ships and try out elements like food and entertainment however some things will be different. 

The 90s theme cruises I took were with Marella who included all-inclusive drinks as standard.

If the 90s cruise was the first Marella cruise that I had taken I may have thought that all Marella cruises were party cruises – because of the all-inclusive drinks. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I took another Marella cruise straight after the Covid pandemic. There was lots of paperwork and vaccination requirements which made the organisation stressful, but once onboard we had a wonderful time and I never saw anyone drinking to excess.

Exploring The Ship

One of the best things to use a short cruise for is to explore a new cruise ship.

If you are unsure if you’d like a larger or smaller ship a short cruise can be a great way to find out. The physical ship itself remains the same regardless of the itinerary length!

If you’re trying a cruise line that is totally different from anything that you’ve cruised with before, a short cruise can be a good option.

If you’re used to American cruise lines and are considering a British line or an Italian line a short cruise can be a great way to get a taste of the major differences.

I booked a three-night Christmas Markets cruise with the British Cruiseline Ambassador in 2022. I had never sailed with them before, and was looking forward to finding out what they had to offer.

Although we made it onboard, that cruise was cancelled before we even set sail. It was a total disaster! Find out all about that “cruise that never was” here:

Short Cruises Mean You Can Pack Light

I am always pretty good at packing light, I’ve taken a two-week cruise with nothing but a carry-on cabin bag before, without too much trouble.

That said, it’s always nice not to have to pack too much. For a 3/5 night cruise, it is very easy to cruise with just a small bag, especially since shorter cruises often don’t have formal nights.

The 3 night Marella cruise I took was on board the Marella Explorer, and we actually had 16 drawers in our inside cabin – 16!

We only had 3 days’ worth of clothes so could have realistically spread out our clothes across all 16 drawers if we wanted to.. .

Packing light is not only a lot easier but it can also save you a lot of money. If you are flying to the embarkation port you may not need to pay extra for hold luggage on the plane. 

Less Choice of Cruising Time

Short cruises tend to be for fixed dates and it’s not possible to choose other dates.

For the majority of cruises, the cruise will be repeated over and over so if you need to cruise a week later or a week earlier you can often do this without changing the itinerary.

A good example of this is the MSC cruise ships that cruise the Mediterranean. The ships repeat the same 7-night cruise over and over again for most of the year .

This gives you lots of flexibility to choose your cruise dates.

Emma cruises and Arvia

Mid Week/Weekend Itineraries

Short cruises tend to be less frequent. This can mean that if you want to do a cruise of a certain length you are extremely limited to only a few cruises per year.

Cruises that cruise over the weekend are incredibly sought after compared to mid-week cruises, so the prices of these are usually higher.

Short itineraries often happen between long itineraries – for example, if a cruise ship has been doing Eastern Caribbean cruises but changes to do a Western itinerary – there may be a smaller cruise in between which allows the ship to get into the new schedule.

It isn’t in the cruise line’s interest to have a ship empty for any period, so even if it is just a few days the ship will be filled and an itinerary sold.

On Occasion, There Will be no Drinks Packages or Other Offers

On some cruise lines, there are restrictions where drinks packages can only be purchased for cruises over a certain length.

On others who do offer drinks packages, these are usually more expensive per day than they would be on a longer cruise.

Some drinks packages for P&O Cruises are only available on cruises 5 days or longer in length

Drinks Packages are only available on cruises of 5 nights or longer, and while some of our Short Breaks are 5 nights, most are 4 nights and under. But it’s still great value to pay as you go. P&O Cruises

Many cruise lines are really trying to remove the party reputation of short cruises. As a result, they don’t sell drink packages on short cruises – to discourage drinking to excess.

This does depend a lot on the location of the cruise, cruises in the Caribbean tend to have a more laid-back party atmosphere than those in most of Europe.

emma cruises in olive grove restaurant on P&O's Iona

Other Perks May be Unavailable

You may find on a short cruise that other extras, found on longer cruises are missing.

These may just be small things like no snacks in the bars or lounges and no welcome drinks – but if you’re used to cruising on long itineraries the difference is noticeable.

I don’t know if it’s still the same, but a while ago we found some of the little extras, like nibbles with drinks and quite a few other things were missing. False economy as many people use these cruises to see what it’s like. There were some new people on our dining table and we’d spend a lot of the time saying “it’s not usually like this “. We sailed with P&O. Kimberly Moore.

There may also be other perks which are for cruises only over a certain length.

For example, P&O cruises offer a coach transfer with some of their fares, however, this isn’t added to cruises less than 5 nights long.

It isn’t normally a big deal but just something to be aware of and look out for.

Trying New Cabin Grades

Upgrading your cabin.

On the 3-night Celebrity cruise I took, I actually decided to book a balcony cabin. I am often in an inside cabin or outside if I am feeling lucky.

To be able to cruise in a balcony is a real treat. Due to the fact that the cruise was so cheap, it wasn’t much more expensive to upgrade to a balcony – so I did.

If you are used to inside cabins I would suggest doing the same – but be aware that it can be quite hard to convince yourself to go back to an inside cabin once you’ve had a balcony!

I have managed it since, but there is nothing quite like having a balcony to watch a sail in or sail away.

norwegian fjord cruise view from balcony emma cruises in geiranger

Downgrading Your Cabin

On the other hand, a short cruise does provide you the opportunity to cruise in a cheaper cabin than one that you would normally book.

I’ve shared an inside cabin with my brother and parents on a short cruise. I wouldn’t like to share a cabin with 3 other people for too long – but for 3/5 nights I think it’s a great option.

Many cruise lines will have discounted prices for the third or fourth passengers in a cabin, so if you share the savings equally you can all have a discounted cruise fare.

Shorter Cruises Give You More Chances to Cruise

Without taking short cruises I wouldn’t be able to cruise as much as I do.

Short cruises allow you to really make the most out of your annual leave and you can take advantage of things like public holidays.

When you use public holidays as an opportunity to cruise, it isn’t possible to cruise to exotic faraway destinations in a few days – but it’s a great break from everyday life.

The more forward planning you do the better the chance that you’ll be able to plan your cruises well and require the minimum amount of time off work.

On disembarkation day you can realistically expect to be off the ship by 9 am so in some circumstances you can actually take a half-day or head back to work!

This might not feel that great at the time but if it means you can cruise more in the future by saving your annual leave it can be a great option.

Disembarkation day is usually pretty sad anyway.

A Short Cruise Doesn’t Have to Mean Limited Ports

You may think that by taking a short cruise you will be missing out on ports that you may have otherwise visited.

It’s important to remember that longer cruises may have more sea days than shorter cruises and it is actually possible to pick a cruise that includes more than one port per day.

I took a short cruise with Celestyal Cruises. The cruise was 4 nights long and we visited a whopping 7 ports! 7 ports in 4 nights is almost unheard of within the cruise industry – but this is what Celestyal specialises in.

Celestyal are a Greek cruise line and if you are cruising to Greece I’d strongly recommend them. It’s the best way to be surrounded by Greek people, culture and food.

To learn more about a Celestyal cruise, check out my review here: 

Celestyal Cruises Review and Daily Photo Diary .

Celestyal Cruises

One Night Cruises are Occasionally Possible

Believe it or not, it is possible to take a one-night cruise although whether this really counts as a cruise or not is up to you.

The majority of large American cruise lines don’t do one-night cruises but some small British cruise lines like Fred Olsen or Ambassador.

A one-night Fred Olsen cruise will only set you back around $150 which is a bargain when you consider that the cruise includes your accommodation and meals.

Fred Olsen does have small, old traditional ships so they may not provide the cruising experience that many are used to. These one-night cruises are also only from the UK.

I took a longer cruise with Fred Olsen “In search of the Northern Lights.” Find out all about sailing with a traditional cruise line like Fred Olsen here:

Where do You Find Short Cruises?

When on almost any cruise line or travel agent website you will be able to filter your cruise search for cruises of a short duration.

Flexibility is Key

The key to finding a good short cruise is to either be flexible with dates or be flexible with the location of your cruise.

Sometimes cruises may start in one port and finish in another, which can cause logistical problems.

On the website, you can search by number of nights and also by cruise line. If you did want to cruise at a specific time with a specific line you would have to be flexible about the itinerary.

Similarly, if you wanted to cruise to a specific place on a short cruise you would probably have to be flexible when it comes to the cruise line.

My parents took a short, five-night out-of-season cruise on MSC Seaview. This was sailing from, and returning to Marseilles in France. It cost £226 – including gratuities! They also got a free upgrade to a balcony cabin for that price .

They were in France anyway visiting friends, so it was easy to just add this quick cruise into their schedule.

The great about short cruises is they give you the opportunity to try something new!

Would I Recommend Short Cruises?

A short cruise can be a brilliant way to try out a new cruise ship or cruise line. Short cruises are often very affordable and are able to fit around the rest of your life because they are so short.

That said, any short cruise shouldn’t be taken as a representation of a longer cruise with that cruise line.

Before You Go

Find out how you can get the best cabin for your budget in the article below:

Get The Best Cabin for Your Budget! Hints, Tips and Examples of How to Save Money Without Downgrading Your Cabin Type

Is it best to book with the cruise line or use an agent to get the best cruise deals? Find out here:

Is It Best To Use a Travel Agent or Book Directly With The Cruise Line? (Money-Saving Hints and Tips For Booking, and Much More…)

is a 5 day cruise long enough

Free Insiders Cruise Line Guide

Ever wondered how the mainstream cruise lines compare? Cruise lines won’t tell you this, but I will.

This FREE guide shows you everything you need to know to find your perfect cruise line.

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Cruise Length: Which is Right for Me?

Which cruise length is right for me? There are many cruise lengths to choose from!

When you’re new to the world of cruising, it can be a little overwhelming. There’s a plethora of destinations, departure points, and cruise lines to navigate. And what about cruise length? How many nights onboard strikes the perfect balance between budget and quality? In this blog, we’ll cover the different cruise lengths you’ll often see when booking and explore why different lengths of time might be appropriate for different cruisers.

1- to 2-Night Cruises

While rare to find, these quick jaunts make the perfect weekend getaways or staycations. They’re ideal for getting a snapshot of a destination and for saving money — not only are fares lower to reflect the shorter time, but you’d only typically take one if you could drive to the departure port, since the extra cost of airfare likely wouldn’t be worth such a short trip.

So what kind of 1- or 2-night cruises are available? You’ll commonly find sailings that depart from Miami and sail to destinations in the Bahamas such as Freeport or Nassau. That shorter cruise length is also popular from departure ports in Southern California, such San Diego , just a hop, skip, and a jump from alluring ports in Baja California. And of course, given the proximity of so many popular destinations in Europe , you can easily find sailings there that boast a shorter cruise length.

3- to 5-Night Cruises

When you have a few extra vacation days to use up, a 3- to 5-night cruise is just the thing. This gives you plenty of time to visit amazing ports and have a ton of fun onboard experiences without using up all of your PTO for the year. As far as cruise lengths go, this is the sweet spot when you want more than a weekend cruise but your budget won’t let allow for an entire week away. In addition, 3- to 5-night cruises are perfect for first-time cruisers. You get the full cruising experience and the chance to gauge whether a longer sailing would be appropriate for you.

Plus, there’s a huge benefit to 3- to 5-night cruises : They give you much more variety in terms of destinations and departure points than shorter cruises do. This opens up the whole world of spectacular places to sail to close to home and farther afield.

6- to 8-Night Cruises

This cruise length is one of the most popular for visiting some of the top destinations in the cruising world, such as the Caribbean , Mexico , Alaska , Hawaii , Bermuda , and Europe . That’s because when you have a week or so to travel, you have the time needed to visit an array of exciting ports that might be quite a distance from your departure point, and therefore not possible on a shorter cruise. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be spending lots of time at sea — on many of these cruises, you’ll visit at least three ports. In fact, some 6- to 8-night cruises visit a new port every day! Imagine trying to hit up that many destinations in an overland trip — sounds expensive and exhausting, right?

Another great thing about choosing this cruise length is that it makes traveling with your whole family easy. Over the course of the trip, surely everyone will get a taste of what they want, whether that’s lounging by the pool and dining at new restaurants (mom and dad) or checking out all the fun and fancy features of the ship (kids).

9- to 11-Night Cruises

Not sure a week or so is enough to enjoy all the pleasures of cruising? A cruise of 9 to 11 nights might be perfect for you. With ample time on board, you can cover more ground and see a huge variety of destinations in Europe , Alaska , and Hawaii , as well as embark on Transatlantic cruises. But this cruise length might be best for those traveling without children, since that much time on one vessel might be a bit much for little ones who get bored easily.

12+ Night Cruises

Perfect for retired travelers or lucky souls with a lot of vacation time, cruises of 12 nights or more offer every benefit of cruising in huge supply — plenty of relaxing days onboard, tons of exciting ports of call, and the chance to get to know other cruisers and make lifelong friends. And to enjoy an extended vacation at sea, you don’t necessarily have to choose from the available 12+ night cruises . In some cases, you can book two back-to-back cruises and simply stay on the same ship in the same stateroom! Since some ships sail alternating itineraries every other week, you’d get two different experiences, all in the same vacation.

No matter which cruise length is right for you, lets you see all of your options in one place. We help you cruise the smart way by getting you our exclusive bonus offers and all qualifying cruise line offers , plus all of the cruise line loyalty program benefits .

Book online at or call 800-288-6006 today.

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Should Be Cruising

Pros and Cons of Taking a Short Cruise (2-5 Days)

By: Author Carrie Ann Karstunen

Posted on Published: May 14, 2020  - Last updated: September 30, 2020

Pros and Cons of Taking a Short Cruise (2-5 Days)

Are you considering taking a short cruise? Maybe it’s your first cruise and you just want to see if you’ll enjoy it before committing to a longer trip. Or you’re a seasoned cruiser just looking to enjoy a quick getaway. Find out why you should (or shouldn’t) take a 2-5 day cruise for your next vacation.

Should you take a short cruise? Or is it not worth the hassle to board a ship if you’ll only be on board for a few days? Read the pros and cons of taking a short cruise to help you decide.

Pro: Short cruises can be very budget-friendly

It might be a no-brainer that a shorter cruise can cost less than a long voyage, but the cost per day for short cruises can also be less. Sometimes significantly!

Cruise lines that continuously run the same itinerary for short cruises need to fill their ships every few days, so they often offer rock-bottom pricing and free perks. We’ve taken some short Bahamas cruises where the entire cruise fare was less than the taxes and port fees.

You can do back-to-back short cruises on a budget

If you want to take a longer vacation, look for an inexpensive short cruise that repeats its itinerary. Often, you’ll be able to book two back-to-back four- or five-day cruises for less than the cost of one seven-day cruise.

Too repetitive for you? Use a free tool like Cruisemapper’s Ships’ Schedules to find out if a different itinerary is scheduled before or after your cruise.

You might also like: How to Save Money on Cruises

Pro/Con: Short cruises can have a party atmosphere

A ship full of people laughing, dancing, and drinking lots of cocktails might sound terrible to you. Or maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for!

Regardless of what you want from your cruise, be aware that some short cruises are known for getting pretty rowdy. If you’d rather not have to deal with that, steer clear of the budget cruise lines as well as those that cater to younger adults.

Premium cruise lines like Celebrity and Princess could be a good fit for those looking for a more refined (but still fun) experience. Looking for a party? Try a mainstream cruise line like Carnival or Norwegian.

Tip: If just about everyone on the ship gets a free drink package (like with NCL’s Free at Sea ), expect a party atmosphere. Same goes for Spring Break sailings.

Pro: A short cruise can be a trial run

Never cruised before? Or, maybe you want to try a new cruise line but you’re not so sure if you’ll like their style. A short voyage can be a trial run to see what you think of the experience.

A “taster” cruise is the perfect way to see if you like cruising

Committing to a longer itinerary when you’ve never set foot on a cruise ship before might make you nervous. I can relate! I was actually terrified of the idea of cruising before I took my first one.

A short cruise is a low-stakes way to see if you’ll actually enjoy cruising, without investing too much time or money.

Try out a new cruise line

Do you usually stick with one or two favorite cruise lines, but you want to see if you might like a different one? Cruise lines can have very different “personalities”. A short voyage on a cruise line you’ve never tried before can help you figure out if you want to book a longer itinerary in the future.

Con: Short cruises don’t have as many itinerary options

Two- to five-day cruises tend to visit the most popular cruise ports that are located a shorter distance from the embarkation port. If you have your heart set on a more exotic or unusual port, odds are you’ll have to visit it on a longer cruise.

Cruise ships can’t travel very far in a few days

Forgive me if I sound like Captain Obvious, but you can’t travel very far on a short cruise. Depending on where your cruise embarks, it might be a fairly long distance to the closest cruise ports.

Also, cruise ships don’t move very fast compared to other means of transportation. The average cruise ship’s speed is only about 20-24 knots (23-28 mph/37-44 kmh).

Your itinerary may only include one or two cruise ports because of the travel time needed to get to the port(s) and back. For example, a three-day Caribbean cruise from Florida might only visit one port. But a seven-day cruise might visit five or six.

Tip: Pick an embarkation port that’s closer to your desired ports of call. You’ll usually visit more destinations in the same timeframe. Think San Juan, PR instead of Miami or Port Canaveral.

Pro: A short cruise can fit into a busy schedule

Do you feel like you never have time to fit a week-long vacation into your schedule? A short cruise, especially if it runs over a weekend or holiday, can be just the escape you need without leaving the real world for too long.

Especially if you live within driving distance of a cruise port, you can easily fit in a short cruise by tacking on just one PTO or vacation day to a long weekend.

Con: You might have to fly to the cruise port

If you live within driving distance of a port, even a smaller one, you’ll likely be able to take a short cruise without the stress and hassle of airplane travel before and after your voyage.

But if you have to fly to the port city, it might not seem worth taking a round-trip flight for a cruise that only lasts a few days.

I like to spend a few days in the port before and after a short cruise. It just makes that annoying plane travel seem worth it! If you have to fly and you have some extra time, consider extending your vacation to include a few days on land.

Tip: Even if your cruise is only a few days long, plan to get to the port at least the day before if you’re flying. Flights can be delayed or canceled, and the ship won’t wait for you!

Pro: You can pack light for a short cruise

Does packing for a long vacation stress you out? If you plan carefully, you can easily pack for a short cruise in just a small suitcase or duffel bag.

Plus, when you get back home, you won’t be faced with an enormous amount of post-vacation laundry when you unpack your suitcase!

Tip: Don’t forget to pack a well-stocked carry on bag for embarkation day so you can enjoy your first few hours on the ship. Even on a very short cruise, your room might not be ready right away and luggage can take hours to be delivered.

Pro/Con: Short cruises often include a sea day or two

Sea days: do you love them or despise them? Whatever your opinion, even short cruises often include one or two days when you’re not in port.

When your cruise only sails for a few days, this can result in a higher percentage of time at sea compared to a longer cruise to the same area.

Although the idea of more free time to relax or explore the ship’s amenities appeals to some cruisers, others might not like the idea of a day or two at sea on such a short vacation.

Chose your cruise ship carefully to ensure you’ll get the most enjoyment out of your sea days. Adventurous types might enjoy a ship that features waterslides, a rock climbing wall, or a go-kart racetrack. If you’re looking forward to utter relaxation, pick a ship with private cabana rentals, an adults-only pool, or a top-rated spa.

Pro: Drink packages can be more affordable

If you plan to indulge in some adult beverages, buying an unlimited drink package can give you the peace of mind that you won’t be seeing a huge bar tab at the end of your cruise. But a package isn’t cheap, and you can’t opt out of paying for days you won’t use it.

Unless you’re lucky enough to score a free beverage package, you’ll find yourself shelling out an extra $50-100 US per day (plus gratuity) for each day of your cruise. On a longer cruise, that can add up to some serious cash!

If you’re cruising for just a few days, the added cost of a package might be more affordable for your budget. Plus, you’re more likely to get your money’s worth from your package on a short cruise. On a longer sailing, you might take a day or two off from drinking, but you’re still charged for that day.

You might also like: Are Cruise Drink Packages Worth It?

Con: There’s not much time to make new friends

Something I love about longer cruises is having the time to really get to know some of the other passengers and staff. But, if your cruise only lasts a few days, there’s not much time to make new friends.

Guests on a cruise are often more friendly and open to meeting new people than they would be in other settings. There’s something about the cruise atmosphere that encourages complete strangers to strike up a conversation! I know lots of cruisers who’ve made lifelong friends on longer voyages. But on a short cruise, you might only see your new buddies around the ship once or twice, not nearly enough for a lasting connection.

On a longer sailing, the crew members at your favorite bars and restaurants will usually remember your name and your preferences. Especially on budget-priced mainstream cruise lines with a higher crew-to-passenger ratio, they’re often too busy to get to know passengers who will be leaving in only a few days.

Pro: Pricing for premium stateroom categories is more affordable on a short sailing

On longer voyages, the price difference between different stateroom categories can be substantial. On a short sailing, that difference is often much less.

This could be the perfect opportunity to try a more luxurious stateroom class without breaking the bank! Even if the cost of a balcony cabin is usually out of your price range on longer cruises, you may find them far more affordable on a 2-5 day cruise.

Always wanted to try a full suite, but they’re way too expensive on a longer voyage? Treat yourself to a taste of luxury for much less on a short cruise.

Or, if you want to keep your budget as small as possible, choose an inside stateroom. They’re a good option if you know you’ll be keeping busy experiencing the ships amenities and the ports of call.

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Pro/Con: There may not be a formal night

For cruise lines that do offer formal nights, some won’t have one on shorter itineraries. If you love dressing up and seeing your fellow passengers in their finest, choose a slightly longer cruise.

If you’re firmly anti-formalwear when you’re on vacation, a two- or three-day cruise could be a great choice for you!

Of course, no cruise line is going to force you into a cocktail dress or a suit and tie on formal night. But, you might not be allowed to enter the main dining room without wearing formal (or formal-ish) attire. You can always have dinner at the buffet, order room service, or try an alternative dining venue.

But if some of your family enjoy dressing up and some don’t, choosing a shorter cruise without a formal night can help keep the peace!

Pro/Con: Short cruises are usually on older ships

Most cruise lines reserve their newest, fanciest ships for longer cruises. If you prefer the mega ships with the newest upgrades and activities, it’s rare that they sail short voyages.

But older ships can have their charm as well! They’re often smaller, so they can be easier to navigate. Lots of cruise lines have been remodeling older ships with up-to-date décor and new restaurant and bar themes. Just because a ship is older doesn’t mean it will look shabby.

Many older ships can feel less crowded, too! As cruise lines continue to try to maximize revenue, they pack their newest ships with opportunities to make money, like fee-based restaurants and shops. Older ships often have more pools and hot tubs, and larger spaces to socialize and relax.

Pro: Short cruises are great for group travel

If you’ve ever tried to get your extended family or a large group of friends to come on a cruise with you, you know how much of a challenge that can be. Scheduling conflicts, differing budgets, and of course those people who don’t want to be “stuck on a boat” for a week can make planning a group cruise really difficult.

Shorter cruises, especially if they sail over a weekend, can be much easier to fit into everyone’s schedule and budget. Reluctant cruisers often are more willing to try a short sailing.

If your group is large enough, you may even be eligible for a group discount, or even a free cruise for the organizer! Ask your travel agent or the cruise line for details.

Con: You’ll often leave a short cruise right as you’re learning your way around

Finding your way around a cruise ship can be a bit confusing for the first few days, until you get comfortable with the layout. But if your cruise only lasts a few days, it might take you that long to find your way around. Then it’s disembarkation day!

Each ship has its own design quirks, and sometimes it’s tough to figure out how to get from point A to point B, even if you’re on the right deck.

There are plenty of ships’ maps (usually near each elevator bank), and crew members to help you if you can’t figure out how to get somewhere. But it always feels better when you can navigate a ship confidently without getting lost.

Pro/Con: So much to do, so little time

Even short cruises have tons of entertainment options, dining venues, and on board activities. The problem on a short cruise is prioritizing what you really want to do!

Thankfully, cruise lines provide each stateroom with a newsletter every evening so you can map out your must-do activities for the next day. Even with the best planning, you’ll never get to see and do everything that’s offered on board in just a few days. All the more reason to book another cruise!

Don’t forget to check out these resources when you’re planning a short cruise:

  • What to Pack in Your Cruise Carry On Bag
  • What to Pack for a Caribbean Cruise
  • The 19 Best Cruise Accessories You Need to Pack
  • How to Make a Cruise First Aid Kit

What do you think about short cruises? Do you love them or not so much? Let me know in the comments below!

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Pros and Cons Taking a Short Cruise.

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5 Day Cruises

It's adventure time with Carnival!


When you choose Carnival Cruise Line, you’re choosing fun, and lots of it. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn our Australia short cruises from Brisbane and Sydney are often our best cruises.

Well, that’s what the passengers who go on them tell us.

With cruise itineraries that are jam packed, you’ll love the fun, and the adventure, onboard and on our shore excursions.

Or you can relax, take in the picture-postcard destinations, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

Our 5-day cruises allow you to do both, and visit destinations in Australia on your bucket list.

Perfect for foodies, families, or friends, they offer something for everyone.

View cruise deals below and savour a holiday that’s perfect for your budget.


cruises packed with LOTS OF EXPERIENCES

Carnival Cruise Line understands your idea of fun is truly unique.

As such, it’s totally up to you whether you want to leave the cruise ship, drink wine, eat amazing food, or watch one of our fabulous entertainers.

If you have a picture in your mind of what the perfect cruise experience is like, we’re here to make your dreams come true.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much should you pack.

The answer to this question is easy - pack as much, or as little, as you want. It all depends on how much you want to do on your cruise holiday. If you’ve been on a Getaway or weekend cruise before, you’ll need to pack more, and less if you’re a longer-cruise regular. Remember, it’s also a 5-night cruise, so make sure you pack your dancing gear as well as your swimming gear. Oh, and if you want to explore everything our destinations have to offer, don’t forget your walking gear.

What activities are offered?

These great cruises are the perfect way to both recharge your batteries and enjoy everything a cruise ship has to offer. They’re ideal for a quick getaway or as a taste of what a longer cruise can offer. The first thing both long and shorter Carnival Cruise Line holidays offer is more than 45 activities onboard, including:

  • Waterslides onboard Carnival Splendor
  • Cloud 9 Spa
  • Arts and crafts
  • Kids entertainment
  • Playlist Productions
  • and even more!

You can view cruise activities here.

Is 5 days long enough for a cruise?

When you look at the fun-filled cruise itineraries, you’ll realise short break cruises like these ones are the perfect-sized getaway. With a few days both at sea and enjoying everything your destination has to offer, there’s plenty of time to take it all in. You can do whatever you like, including:

  • Laze around the pool
  • Exercise or play sport
  • Watch movies
  • Dance all night
  • Tour hotspots
  • Marvel at natural beauty
  • Snorkel in crystal clear waters
  • Watch sunsets from the beach

If you’re after a longer cruise, you’ll love our a href="/cruise-to/great-barrier-reef-cruises">Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, New Zealand, or South Pacific adventures.

What are the best 5 day destinations?

Carnival has some stunning destinations around Australia if a 4+ day cruise or 5-night cruise is your style. Between the afternoon departure and early morning arrival home, you can choose short cruise vacations from our Sydney and Brisbane departure ports to:

  • Majestic Tasmania
  • Picturesque Airlie Beach
  • The white sands of Moreton Island
  • The Melbourne Cup Carnival

Search below to view cruise information, departure dates, and check out any special offers.

How do 5 day cruises work?

The best short cruises work exactly the same as all our Australian cruises. You’ll enjoy a few days at sea aboard Carnival Splendor or Carnival Luminosa, and a few days at the destination. That means they’re perfect for everyone, including:

Cruise Trail

Is a 4-day cruise long enough for a short cruise getaway?

Learn how a 4-day cruise can be long enough for the ideal short cruise getaway

Speak to any avid cruiser and you may be surprised to learn that they cruise at least four times a year. If your time and budget allow, this is a great way to see new places. But not all cruises are created equal. And to squeeze in more sailings and cruise more than once a year for most of us who have both time and budget constraints, means that a 4-day cruise could be the answer. And just the sort of short vacation break you are looking for.

A short cruise of 4 days can be a perfect trip for a mini family vacation, a friends-getaway, or a short spring break. It’s also an excellent option if you celebrate a special occasion – you always inevitably see someone celebrating something during the 4 days on board.

Quick navigation

Does a 4-day cruise offer value for money?

They are no doubt that a short cruise is very appealing. If you look closer at the cruise fare, you will find the shorter cruises are cheaper than the more standard 7-night cruise, with is excellent if you have a strict budget. However, the cost per night could be slightly higher than longer cruises.

But remember what is included, all cruise lines have all your meals, entertainment, luxury accommodation, and service in the base price. Indeed it could be better value for money than staying at home and going out to the theater, followed by a great restaurant.

And it’s even better value if you live within driving distance of the port. Remember to weigh the cost of parking against taking a taxi or uber to the port, especially if there are more than two of you and you can share the cost.

To help you figure out if a 4-day cruise is long enough for you, here are our top 10 tips to consider when looking for your next short cruise:

1. Choose a good cruise ship

The newest cruise ships have the most facilities. The challenge is to find the latest ships that offer a short cruise. Not an easy task as almost none of the brand-new cruise ships are on a shorter cruise. Most of the older cruise ships, which are in less demand, will be doing the short routes for cruises that last just a few days.

That doesn’t mean to say that short cruises are only on significantly older ships. Royal Caribbeans Voyager of the Seas and Grandeur of the Seas are good ships with plenty to offer.

Almost all 4-day cruises only include only one or two ports of call. Three if you’re fortunate. That means you are practically guaranteed some sea days. So when choosing your cruise ship, find out what facilities are on board.

A great gym or spa treatment may be necessary for you. Or a karaoke bar or basketball court. Or that specialty restaurant that looks great.

Be sure you choose a cruise ship that gives you fun activities to fill your sea day. And you can find these on the smaller vessels too.

These days, cruise guests want more than comedy shows, music quizzes, or karaoke nights. Top on many guests’ wish lists is doing things you have never before experienced. For example, ziplining, skywalks, go-karting, or rock wall climbing.

But not everyone is looking for adrenalin-pumping action. Entertainment on board can include Broadway-style musicals, and first-class acrobatics in an aqua theater, or in ice shows. If you find a ship that offers some or all of these, it means added value for money on board with top-class entertainment.

2. Pick an itinerary with at least one port of call

Choose a route that includes at least one port of call. Avoid “cruises to nowhere” trips. The opportunity to explore at least one destination will make your short cruise so much more exciting, and you will get more out of your vacation time. And who knows, it may just be a bucket list destination you’ve wanted to visit for a while now.

Even on a limited budget, there will be ways in which you can enjoy time on shore. Spend some time researching the destination. You don’t have to choose expensive tours offered by the cruise line, make your own plans to explore using public transportation or a hop-on hop-off bus.

3. Upgrade to a balcony cabin

If your budget allows, a balcony cabin, known as a veranda cabin, is the way to go. Not only will it give you extra square meters of living space, but it is also a great place to relax with a room service breakfast or to watch the sunset. It gives you your private, quiet space, which is sometimes hard to find on a busy cruise ship.

While an inside cabin is the cheapest onboard cruise ships, there are often great offers on balcony cabins when sailings are first released. If you are a planner and like to book your cruise vacation in advance, keep an eye on balcony cabin offers for your short cruise.

Alternatively, if you are on a strict budget, consider booking the lowest price class, which is “guaranteed” inside the cabin. This way, you may have the good fortune to be upgraded to a higher cabin category.

On the other end of the price range, there are good reasons it makes sense to book a cruise ship suite . Especially if you are a large group traveling together.

Also, consider where you are sailing. In the warm weather of the Caribbean, you will love having the open space, natural light, and fresh air balcony cabin offers.

4. Prebook a specialty restaurant

Make your short cruise a bit more special by booking specialty restaurants for one evening. But do your research before the book, as some are better than others.

Some of the best specialty restaurants we can recommend on Royal Caribbean cruise ships are

  • Wonderland – a unique and imaginative dining experience inspired by Alice in Wonderland
  • Giovanni’s Table – a great option for super Italian food that will suit everyone
  • Izumi – if you love sushi, Izumi has excellent sushi options and an entertaining dining experience.

With Norwegian Cruise line , Cagneys Steak House is popular. If you have paid to have the premium package meals this is definitely one to include as an option. As is Murano, this is probably one of the best value-for-money specialty dining options which is a great experience.

If you do not have a specialty dining restaurant as part of a pre-purchased package, you will be paying on average USD$40 per person extra to dine in the restaurant, plus around 18% in gratuities. So make sure you know the exact price before confirming your reservation and that you budget accordingly.

A tip for your sea day is to try the main dining room for lunch. This will be included in the price of your fare and is an excellent alternative to the buffet restaurant. Very often the lunch served here is plentiful and fantastic.

5. Plan your shore excursion

With just a few ports on a shorter cruise, places on the cruise ship’s own excursions will be limited. If you like the look of one of the shore excursions then book it as soon as possible so you don’t miss out.

Alternatively, plan your own day and explore the port city or surrounding area. There are always a lot of local transportation options at ports, alternatively, you can book with a trusted external supplier such as Viator.

6. Cruise in the best weather possible

While they are no guarantees for good weather, your short cruise will be much more fun when the weather is good. So choose to cruise when your region has the best chance of sun. This may seem like a trivial fact, but it’s easy to forget. Just because cruise ships sail year-round doesn’t mean they always cruise in good weather season.

7. Extend your vacation with pre-cruise hotel nights

3 or 4-night cruises are easier on your pocket than five-night cruises or being onboard a whole week, and an ideal way to actually also test that you like being on board a cruise ship. If you are starting or ending in a destination that has long been on your bucket list, why not extend your stay with a hotel night, or two?

8. Entertainment is key

It is almost impossible to be bored on a cruise ship. However, the quality of entertainment can vary greatly from one cruise line to another. Before you book your cruise, find out what is offered for evening entertainment. What kind of shows does the theater have? Is there ice or aqua shows during your sailing? See if there are some favorite music venues or nightclubs you can visit.

9. Find a new experience

Isn’t it great to get away and be able to have a brand-new experience? Much depends on the cruise port you visit, but think swimming with dolphins, zip-lining in a rainforest, paddling a canoe, or snorkeling in coral reefs.

A short 4-day cruise with great destinations offers an opportunity to join in an activity you wouldn’t have the possibility of doing closer to home.

10. The best 4-day cruise options right now

Here are our favorite itineraries for a 4-day cruise in the USA or in Europe in 2023. Book as a stand along mini cruise vacation, or part of a longer family holiday!

Catalina & Ensenada Cruise

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship: Navigator of the Seas Departure Port: Los Angeles, California Departure Dates: At least once per month throughout the year Ports of Call: Catalina Island; Ensenada Mexico

Bahamas & Perfect Day (Coco Cay)

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship: Freedom of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas or Independence of the Seas (depending upon departure point) Departure Port: Miami or Orlando Departure Dates: Weekly, Jan to April and November to December Ports of Call: CocoCay; Nassau

Bruges & Amsterdam

Cruise Line: Celebrity Cruises Cruise Ship: Celebrity Silhouette Departure Port: Southampton, U.K. Departure Dates: Throughout May & August Ports of Call: Bruges, Amsterdam

Pacific Coastal

Cruise Line: Celebrity Cruises Cruise Ship: Celebrity Solstice Departure Port: Los Angeles Departure Dates: April 2023 Ports of Call: Monterey, Seattle , Vancouver

Mediterranean from Genoa

Cruise Line: MSC Cruises Cruise Ship: MSC World Europa Departure Port: Genoa , Italy Departure Dates: April Ports of Call: Marseilles in France; Barcelona in Spain

Mediterranean from Rome

Cruise Line: MSC Cruises Cruise Ship: MSC Seaside Departure Port: Rome (Civitavecchia) Departure Dates: April Ports of Call: Rome, Naples , & Genoa in Italy; Corsica in France

is a 5 day cruise long enough

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Resort day pass for cruisers: Why I still love the idea despite a disastrous first experience

Gene Sloan

Editor's Note

It was only after I had settled into my cabana at the Margaritaville Beach Resort Nassau, a signature margarita in hand, that I realized I had made a terrible mistake.

It had started out as a lovely day. Sunny and warm. But glancing up through the cabana's slatted wood roof, I spotted something I hadn't considered a possibility when planning the day: storm clouds approaching.

Menacingly dark storm clouds.

The sort of storm clouds that can ruin a beach day in an instant.

For more cruise news, guides and tips, sign up for TPG's cruise newsletter .

It was at that moment, just minutes after arriving, that I knew: I wouldn't be wasting away again in Margaritaville for the day as I had thought. My grand plans for a fun-filled resort day in the midst of a seven-night cruise were about to be washed out.

And, to steal another line from the Jimmy Buffett song, it was my own damn fault.

When I booked the cabana weeks earlier through ResortPass , at a cost of $324, including fees, I had noted with approval the fine print that said I could cancel for a full refund up until the night before arrival. That's an unusually generous cancellation policy.

is a 5 day cruise long enough

If I had just checked the weather forecast the night before, I could have canceled the booking and made other plans. But I didn't, so I didn't see that a monster storm was on the way.

Now all my $324 payment was going to get me and a traveling companion was a good soaking.

Within minutes, the tempest began. My companion and I, as well as everyone else on the beach and around the pool fronting the Margaritaville Beach Resort Nassau, scrambled for shelter inside the resort's main building.

I can't blame ResortPass, an 8-year-old company that an increasing number of cruisers are using to arrange day visits to beach resorts during cruises.

is a 5 day cruise long enough

As I'll explain below, ResortPass gets high marks in my book for its offerings. For a cruiser, it's a useful, if still relatively unknown, tool to arrange a fun day at a beach, pool or water park during a sailing.

The blame for what turned out to be a disastrous day was all on me.

That said, my epic fail, which came as part of an assignment to test ResortPass' value to cruisers (it actually was The Points Guy footing the $324 bill, not me), did point out an important caveat to consider when using ResortPass or another day pass service when cruising: The weather could easily ruin your plans.

You'll want to keep an eye on the weather as the day (and cancellation deadline) for your outing approaches.

It wasn't the only caveat I saw to such bookings (more on that below).

is a 5 day cruise long enough

The good news is that after being thoroughly drenched (and spending more than an hour hiding from the storm in a hallway), I was able to salvage part of the day at the resort's small water park. The rains eventually let up. The sun returned. And that gave me a chance to get a good sense of the value that ResortPass offered.

Here's everything I experienced from start to finish during my test of using ResortPass to book a day visit to a resort during a cruise. I conducted the test anonymously — ResortPass wasn't alerted — during a Royal Caribbean cruise from New York to the Bahamas.

The booking process

Booking a resort day pass with ResortPass was a breeze. I simply went to the site's cleanly designed main page, typed in the destination where I wanted one (Nassau in the Bahamas) and marked a date on a calendar. With a single click, I was shown an easily sortable array of resorts and hotels in the area with day passes available.

is a 5 day cruise long enough

From there, with just a few more clicks, I locked in a day pass at one of them.

Picking from the list of available properties was the hardest part of the exercise. In all, there were five within a reasonable distance of the Nassau cruise port — an impressive number:

  • Margaritaville Beach Resort Nassau
  • British Colonial Hotel Nassau
  • Baha Bay Waterpark at Baha Mar Resort
  • Graycliff Hotel
  • Courtyard by Marriott Nassau Downtown/Junkanoo Beach

What stuck out to me right away was the variety of options at some of the locations. For two of them (the Baha Bay Waterpark and the Courtyard), only a day pass was available. But for the rest, there were additional choices — in some cases, a surprising number of choices. These included spa passes and specific spa treatments, cabana rentals, day room rentals and — at one of the properties — even winemaking and cigar-rolling classes.

is a 5 day cruise long enough

The wide variety of options was a pleasant surprise and sent me down a rabbit hole of clicking on the individual pages for each of the options on the site to learn more.

It was one of these additional options — a beachside cabana in addition to a day pass at the Margaritaville Beach Resort — that finally ensnared me (more on this in a moment), and I quickly booked it.

It was a simple process to enter my credit card on the checkout page to complete the booking.

In general, the day pass costs were quite reasonable. For me, and surely for many other cruisers, this is probably the biggest argument for using the ResortPass site instead of booking a beach or pool excursion through a cruise line.

The day passes for Nassau hotels on offer at the site ranged from $70 per adult for the British Colonial Hotel Nassau to $146 per adult for the Baha Mar Resort — the latter notably higher than the others as it included access to the resort's massive water park.

In all cases, there were lower rates for children, typically half the cost of the adult price.

In most cases, the pricing was significantly less than the cost for a beach excursion in the Nassau area offered through Royal Caribbean, which operated the ship that took me to Nassau. Royal Caribbean's Pearl Island Beach Escape, which included just four hours at a private beach in the Nassau area, cost $139 per adult ($89 for children ages 4 to 12). Another Royal Caribbean-sold beach break at the Nassau area's Blue Lagoon Island cost $104 for adults ($74 for children ages 4 to 12).

Even the priciest ResortPass option, the pass to the Baha Mar Resort's water park, was notably less than a similar pass to the Nassau area's Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark offered by Royal Caribbean ($219 for adults; $114 for children ages 4 to 12).

Why I picked what I did

As noted above, the hardest part of using ResortPass to book a day pass was choosing among the available properties. With all the options available, it took some time.

I was able to rule out one of the choices quickly: the Courtyard by Marriott Nassau Downtown. I had stayed there once before boarding a ship in Nassau, and I wasn't impressed. It's a dowdy property with a sorry-looking pool area.

Looking over the others, I also soon ruled out the Graycliff Hotel, which wasn't along a beach. I was looking for a beach experience.

The Baha Bay Waterpark at Baha Mar Resort, with a wave pool, 1,400-foot lazy river and 24 waterslides, looked amazing. But it also was pricey, and I made an assumption that it would be packed with kids — something a quick look at online reviews confirmed. I was looking for more of an adult experience.

is a 5 day cruise long enough

That left the Margaritaville Beach Resort and the British Colonial Hotel. The two properties are side-by-side in the same beach area. Both are so close to where ships dock in Nassau that you can walk to them. You see them as you sail in.

In the end, it was the availability of a cabana at the Margaritaville resort that tipped the balance. At $273 for two before fees, it was just $73 more than two day passes to the resort (the latter priced at $100 a piece). That seemed like a great deal for what was clearly a major upgrade.

Compared to the beach and pool cabanas that cruise lines sell to passengers during sailings, it was a steal.

Royal Caribbean, by contrast, was charging $1,199 to $1,399 for cabanas at the Hideaway Beach area of its private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay , for a visit scheduled the very next day. The Royal Caribbean cabanas were more elegant than what I would get at the Margaritaville resort, for sure. They also came with more amenities and access for up to eight people. But, still, that's an incredible price differential. If I was going to get a cabana experience on this trip, the value option was obvious.

The Margaritaville Beach Resort Nassau it would be.

The experience

Getting poured on aside, my day pass experience at the Margaritaville resort went smoothly.

Going into it, I was worried about how the handoff would work between ResortPass and the Margaritaville resort. Would they have my cabana booking on file when I arrived? Would it be a hassle to check in? But such worries were unfounded. It was easy-peasy.

Upon arrival, I told the first employee I saw, a porter at the front door, that I had booked a day pass for the resort, and he pointed me to a check-in window a few steps away. From that point, it was just a handful of minutes until I was lounging in my cabana. The attendant at the check-in window had my name on file, and he quickly ushered me and my companion into the resort's pool and beach area. A pool attendant gave us the choice of a cabana around the pool or along the beach. We picked the beach.

is a 5 day cruise long enough

A few minutes later, another attendant stopped by to take our food and drink orders.

As promised on the ResortPass site when we made the booking, the attendant said she would bring us two bottles of water, two sodas and snacks at no charge as part of the cabana rental. Anything above that would be extra.

This being Margaritaville, we promptly ordered two margaritas, which were priced at $14 apiece.

is a 5 day cruise long enough

It was soon after the drinks and snacks arrived that we saw the storm clouds in the distance. We then noticed the beach area starting to clear out — not a good sign. What did everyone else know that we didn't?

Just to confirm that things were about to get bad, we also got an unexpectedly quick return visit from the attendant, who said she needed to close out our tab early "because of the coming storm." She might not get another chance to see us, she said, implying that our day at the beach was about to come to an end less than an hour after it began.

It was around then that I remembered the ResortPass cancellation policy. What a dope I had been to not check the weather. That said, I didn't have long to dwell on it. I was soon getting soaked.

For the next hour or so, my companion and I took refuge inside the Margaritaville resort — first in a not-in-use restaurant and then, when a cleaner kicked us out of the restaurant so she could clean, a cluster of chairs in a hallway.

We ate one of the free snacks we had brought with us from our cabana, a bag of Doritos, and watched the rain pour down in sheets. It was truly epic.

is a 5 day cruise long enough

All the while, we watched the clock. Our time at the resort was quickly running out.

One major caveat to using ResortPass to book a day pass at a resort during a cruise is that the hours that the day passes are valid don't always align with the hours ships are in port.

In our case, our ship — Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas — docked in Nassau in the afternoon, with the gangway to get off the vessel opening at 1:30 p.m. All aboard time was 7:30 p.m.

The cabana rental sold by ResortPass was for the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Factor in the 20 minutes or so it would take us to walk from the ship to the resort, and that meant that even in the best of circumstances, we would have had about four hours at the cabana.

We knew this going in, of course. But we hadn't factored in the storm. In the end, we only spent about 45 minutes in the cabana. While the storm eventually passed, the cabana was too soaked afterward to enjoy.

is a 5 day cruise long enough

I did spend some time after the rain floating in the resort's lazy river and taking a nice walk on the beach, but it was less time than I had expected.

The resort itself was essentially as it looked in the pictures on the site. It wasn't a high-end resort. Its beach area was modest in size and didn't feel particularly private or luxurious. The margaritas? I've had better. But the water was warm, and the sand inviting.

If I'd had kids with me, they would have loved the resort's waterslides and lazy river, which were open to day pass holders.

is a 5 day cruise long enough

Our cabana was fine for what it was — a sheet-covered day bed with four posts at its corners, a slatted wood roof and fabric curtains that could be closed around it for privacy. But its location in a high-traffic area just steps from the beach attendant hut, with other beachgoers in lounge chairs all around and a giant beach buggy partially blocking the view of the ocean, wasn't all that inviting.

While it hadn't cost much more to book the cabana instead of booking two day passes (which would have gotten us access to lounge chairs by the beach or pool), I didn't think the cabana was worth the upgrade cost — even for a day with perfect weather.

Bottom line

ResortPass is a solid option for cruisers looking to book a day at a beach, pool or water park during a voyage. As I saw during my test, its site is easy to navigate and lists a wide range of resorts and hotels with day passes available — at least in top cruise destinations such as Nassau in the Bahamas. Its pricing is reasonable, and it has a generous cancellation policy.

The latter could come in handy if, unlike me, you remember to check the weather before your resort day to be sure it's still going to be a good day to do it. It'll also save the day if your ship has to change its itinerary at the last minute, as sometimes happens. In that case, you will be able to cancel your resort day pass without penalty.

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Is 5 nights enough???

By beachgrl001 , March 20, 2011 in Royal Caribbean International

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50+ Club


I am new to cruising. My friend who is not said that 5 nights would be enough. I normally like to take a longish vacation(9 or 10 days) I was originally looking at the 7night FOS Western Caribbean for November(since my sons school is off much of November) But now I am looking at 5 night western LOS I really would like to go to Belize, but dont know if 5 nights will be long enough for us...will it seem like we have just started our vacation when it ends?

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500+ Club

On that ship 5 days goes by fast. You'll be repacking by the 4 th evening. I would do the 7 days at the least.

1,000+ Club

I never do less than 7 nights in the Caribbean. But i also live on the west coast so if i have to fly so far i want to make it worthwhile. Larry


It's "enough" but 7 nights is certainly more relaxing!


Personally, I think you will fee cheated to have only 5 nights. It's a great way to start cruising, but you are already hooked it's not enough. Go longer if you can, or take another cruise. If you have your kids with you, then why not a back-to-back? One airfare, and your friend can get off at the end of the first cruise.

We intentionally took a 4 day for our first cruise to make sure we liked it. For a first cruise, there is nothing wrong with taking a 5 day. You wouldn't know it reading these boards, but there are actually people who don't like cruising.:-)


We too started with a 5 night cruise. I just booked my new BIL on Celebrity Millinium 5 day to see how he liked cruising. I think its a good length to start with.

Ocean Boy

Not for me. I'm not packing up for anything less than 7 nights. By the time you move in and adjust to shipboard life it will be time to start packing up. That isn't to say that it won't be ok for you. It just isn't for me.



It's better than a 3 or 4 night. :)


A 5 night is fine - I have one next month and a 4 night :)

So guess I am doing 9 nights, but on two different ships with a week in between and embarking/disembarking in three different countries :)

If you are going on a shorter cruise, just pack light - as if you were in hotel for a long weekend. I do not worry about formal night on a short cruise for example.

But if I can have 4 nights, full board for around $250 in a balcony (D1) then I will take it any day of the week!

A cruise is still a cruise and is just as relaxing. You let someone else do the driving.

Very good point!



I think if you are used to longer vacations, it will seem very short. 7 days is often not enough for me!

To me, longer the better! However, when I did a 5-night, I was very satisfied and it didn't feel much shorter than a 7-night. I was surprised.
I would likely consider a 3,4,or 5 night cruise if I could drive to the departure port within 4 hours. Since I do not live anywhere near a cruise port I really would not want to do less than a 7 night cruise.
We did the same thing for our first cruise . . . Since then we've always done longer cruises, but I think short is good for a FIRST cruise.

250+ Club

I too was surprised that my 5-day (just returned from the 5-day Radiance 3/14 voyage) did NOT make me feel cheated. However, I tacked on a weekend spring training trip at the beginning of the 1 week I had off from work, so maybe that's why. I also agree that a 5-day sure beats a 3 or 4 day!

Ok :) I am def going to go with the 7 night with airfare prices going up we may end up having to drive. 7 nights would make it worth the long drive Also another question, if the ship is leaving at 4pm what time do you have to be at the cruise port. Just looking for a ballpark estimate :)

You probably want to be on by 1 PM. But you probably can start boarding around 11 AM. All are different, but that's a ballpark estimate.

Arizona Cruz Chic

Arizona Cruz Chic

Our last 8 or 9 cruises have been 11 nights or longer, so to us 5 nights would be a tease!!

BUT...with that being said, its better than staying home! :D

Like Silent Bob said...better than 3 or 4 nights! :)


Go for at least seven days.

And that was my point exactly. FIRST cruise. It think some posters are missing that point. Since then we've done 5,7,9,12. We're doing a 5 day in July just as a quick getaway for our 30th anniversary and a 7 day in Nov. We're looking at an 11 day for next spring and possibly a btb for next fall. Never done a btb, but we'd like to try one.

70,000+ Club

I never thought that I would, but I have flown to Florida for a THREE night cruise............because I love my girlfriends! If we can only swing three nights, we do it.

But I love long far my record is 53 nights. :)

But I have done 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and soon 11 & 14.

All are wonderful; I take what I can get!

So, I say GO FOR IT. Belize is a wonderful port of call.


Living near Galveston we take 4 and 5 nights when we can, but 7 is better and TransAtlantic is our dream.



We did a 5 day one time, and it went by way to fast for us. Enjoy the 7-10 day cruise much more. But it depends on what you are comfortable paying and the time off you have.

Have a great cruise!

You should be able to start boarding around 11 or 12. Get there as early as you can, go to the windjammer get some lunch, walk around the ship and explore. Find your dining room table, find the theatre, find your room and since you got on soon hopefully you will get your bags sooner than everyone else.

Have a great cruise! Hope you enjoy it as much as all of us on these boards do. Remember, do not sewat the small stuff it is a vacation. And if you like history try the Mayan ruins in Belize.

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Where the Heck Is That New ‘Salem's Lot’ Movie?


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The fangs are out, and the stakes are up. Nighttime has fallen, and the new Salem’s Lot movie has officially risen from its coffin . Based on Stephen King ’s 1975 sophomore novel, what was once an abandoned vampire movie tucked in the shelves of Warner Bros. Studios is about to see the light of day. Sticking much to the original storyline, Salem’s Lot follows writer Ben Mears ( Lewis Pullman ) who returns to his silent town of Jersulem’s Lot for a little refresh from his writer’s block. But when a bloodthirsty vampire lurks within the dark underbelly of the seemingly peaceful town, all hell breaks loose when the local community bands together to take down this sinister creature.

Directed by Gary Dauberman , best known for his work on The Nun and Swamp Thing , here’s everything we know so far about the long-forgotten revival of Salem’s Lot .

Salem's Lot (2024)

Author Ben Mears returns to his childhood home of Jerusalem's Lot in search of inspiration for his next book only to discover his hometown is being preyed upon by a bloodthirsty vampire.

1 When Is 'Salem's Lot’ Coming Out?

Salem’s Lot is slated to be released on Max sometime later in 2024. No specific date has been confirmed.

Before this, the film was supposed to be scheduled for a September 2022 release. However, the film later got pushed to a spring 2023 release , claiming to be attributed to COVID-related postproduction delays. Not long after, the movie was never actually released within the intended theatrical window.

Salem’s Lot isn’t the only victim of Warner Bros’ dubious shelving antics. Recent examples also include the cancellation of the live-action adaptation Coyote vs. Acme . Based on Ian Frazier ’s 1990 New Yorker article, the film was put on hold by Warner Bros. Discovery in November 2023 to take advantage of a $30 million tax write-down. Another shelved project was Batgirl , a completed feature film intended for release on Max. Directed by Bad Boys for Life filmmakers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah , this installment of the DCEU boasted a star-studded cast including Leslie Grace as Batgirl, J. K. Simmons as James Gordon, and Brendan Fraser as Firefly. Batgirl was later shelved due to cost-cutting measures and as an attempt to re-shift their focus back to theatrical release instead of making films for streaming services.

2 Is There a Trailer for 'Salem's Lot’?

With the news of the Salem’s Lot revival still hot in the press, there’s still no trailer available at the moment. However, based on King’s reception, who actually watched the Salem’s Lot movie before it got shelved, believes that the film’s quite good, and is puzzled why the studio didn’t release it initially .

3 Who Stars in 'Salem's Lot’?

The current cast lineup includes Lewis Pullman ( Top Gun: Maverick ) as Ben Mears , Alfre Woodard ( 12 Years a Slave ) as Dr. Cody, Makenzie Leigh ( Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk ) as Susan Norton, Bill Camp ( The Queen's Gambit ) as Matthew Burke, Spencer Treat Clark ( Gladiator ) as Mike Ryerson, John Benjamin Hickey ( Barry ) as Father Callahan, and Pilou Asbæk ( Game of Thrones ) as Straker.

4 What Is 'Salem's Lot’ About?

Ben Mears (Pullman), a writer in need of fresh inspiration, returns to his quaint childhood hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot, only to find it gripped by a sinister vampire. Determined to confront this ancient evil, Ben bands together with a motley crew of locals to take on the malevolent force threatening their beloved community.

Regarded as one of King’s most seminal works in the horror genre, this isn’t the first time Salem’s Lot has been adapted for the screen . In 1979, the novel was adapted for a two-part vampire miniseries for CBS, starring David Soul as Ben Mears and James Mason as Richard Straker. 25 years later, “Salem’s Lot” was picked up again for yet another two-part television miniseries, airing on TNT. The 2004 adaptation of the novel featured Rob Lowe playing the fearless writer, and Donald Sutherland starring as the vicious vampire.

For a more in-depth look at the upcoming film, check out the official novel synopsis for Salem’s Lot :

"'Salem's Lot is a small New England town with white clapboard houses, tree-lined streets, and solid church steeples. That summer in 'salem's Lot was a summer of homecoming and return; spring burned out and the land lying dry, crackling underfoot. Late that summer, Ben Mears returned to 'salem's Lot hoping to cast out his own devils and found instead a new, unspeakable horror. A stranger had also come to the Lot, a stranger with a secret as old as evil, a secret that would wreak irreparable harm on those he touched and in turn on those they loved. All would be changed forever--Susan, whose love for Ben could not protect her; Father Callahan, the bad priest who put his eroded faith to one last test; and Mark, a young boy who sees his fantasy world become reality and ironically proves the best equipped to handle the relentless nightmare of 'Salem's Lot. This is a rare novel, almost hypnotic in its unyielding suspense, which builds to a climax of classic terror. You will not forget the town of 'salem's Lot nor any of the people who used to live there."

5 Who Is Making 'Salem's Lot’?

The upcoming Max debut of New Line’s adaptation of “Salem’s Lot” in 2024 features a powerhouse production team. Led by Dauberman, who writes, directs, and executive produces, the film is backed by the teams behind blockbuster horror franchises like The Conjuring and IT . James Wan and Michael Clear from Atomic Monster, Roy Lee from Vertigo, and Mark Wolper are executive producers. Additional executive producers include Michael Bederman , Andrew Childs from Vertigo, and Judson Scott from Atomic Monster.

Originally a high school English teacher at Hampden Academy, King first sold his short story professionally in 1967 to Startling Mystery Stories. Spending his evenings and weekends writing frivolously, King worked mostly on short stories and later on produced novels. It was only in 1973 when King’s debut novel, “Carrie” was accepted for publication, allowing King to pursue his writing career on a full-time basis. Just like “Salem’s Lot”, “Carrie” was adapted for the screen , with its 1976 film starring Sissy Spacek going to be a commercial hit, garnering $33.8 million against a $1.8 million budget.

Similar to King, Dauberman made a name for himself in the horror film genre thanks to his involvement in The Conjuring Universe and the Anabelle franchise as a writer. Dauberman later on went to make his directorial debut with the 2019 Annabelle Comes Home . Before his involvement in Salem’s Lot , Dauberman has also worked on another one of King’s novel-to-film adaptations, the clown thriller It .

Salem's Lot

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Remembering D-Day: Key facts and figures about the invasion that changed the course of World War II

FILE - American soldiers and supplies arrive on the shore of the French coast of German-occupied Normandy during the Allied D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944 in World War II. Nearly 160,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944. Of those, 73,000 were from the United States, 83,000 from Britain and Canada. Forces from several other countries were also involved, including French troops fighting with Gen. Charles de Gaulle. The Allies faced around 50,000 German forces. (AP Photo, File)

FILE - American soldiers and supplies arrive on the shore of the French coast of German-occupied Normandy during the Allied D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944 in World War II. Nearly 160,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944. Of those, 73,000 were from the United States, 83,000 from Britain and Canada. Forces from several other countries were also involved, including French troops fighting with Gen. Charles de Gaulle. The Allies faced around 50,000 German forces. (AP Photo, File)

FILE - American paratroopers, heavily armed, sit inside a military plane as they soar over the English Channel en route to the Normandy French coast for the Allied D-Day invasion of the German stronghold during World War II, June 6, 1944. Nearly 160,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944. Of those, 73,000 were from the United States, 83,000 from Britain and Canada. Forces from several other countries were also involved, including French troops fighting with Gen. Charles de Gaulle. The Allies faced around 50,000 German forces. (AP Photo, File)

  • Copy Link copied

OMAHA BEACH, France (AP) — The June 6, 1944, D-Day invasion of Nazi-occupied France was unprecedented in scale and audacity, using the largest-ever armada of ships, troops, planes and vehicles to punch a hole in Adolf Hitler’s defenses in western Europe and change the course of World War II.

With veterans and world dignitaries gathering in Normandy to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the landings, here’s a look at some details about how the operation unfolded.


FILE - American paratroopers, heavily armed, sit inside a military plane as they soar over the English Channel en route to the Normandy French coast for the Allied D-Day invasion of the German stronghold during World War II, June 6, 1944. Nearly 160,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944. Of those, 73,000 were from the United States, 83,000 from Britain and Canada. Forces from several other countries were also involved, including French troops fighting with Gen. Charles de Gaulle. The Allies faced around 50,000 German forces. (AP Photo, File)

FILE - American paratroopers, heavily armed, sit inside a military plane as they soar over the English Channel en route to the Normandy French coast for the Allied D-Day invasion of the German stronghold during World War II, June 6, 1944. (AP Photo, File)

Nearly 160,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944. Of those, 73,000 were from the United States and 83,000 from Britain and Canada. Forces from several other countries were also involved, including French troops fighting with Gen. Charles de Gaulle.

The Allies faced around 50,000 German forces.

More than 2 million Allied soldiers, sailors, pilots, medics and other people from a dozen countries were involved in the overall Operation Overlord, the battle to wrest western France from Nazi control that started on D-Day.


The sea landings started at 6:30 a.m., just after dawn, targeting five code-named beaches: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword. The operation also included actions inland, including overnight parachute landings on strategic German sites and U.S. Army Rangers scaling cliffs to take out German gun positions.

Around 11,000 Allied aircraft, 7,000 ships and boats, and thousands of other vehicles were involved.

FILE - In this June 8, 1944, file photo, under heavy German machine gun fire, American infantrymen wade ashore off the ramp of a Coast Guard landing craft during the invasion of the French coast of Normandy in World War II. June 6, 2019, marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the assault that began the liberation of France and Europe from German occupation, leading to the end World War II. (U.S. Coast Guard via AP, File)


A total of 4,414 Allied troops were killed on D-Day itself, including 2,501 Americans. More than 5,000 were wounded.

In the ensuing Battle of Normandy, 73,000 Allied forces were killed and 153,000 wounded. The battle — and especially Allied bombings of French villages and cities — killed around 20,000 French civilians.

The exact German casualties aren’t known, but historians estimate between 4,000 and 9,000 men were killed, wounded or missing during the D-Day invasion alone. About 22,000 German soldiers are among the many buried around Normandy.

FILE - American soldiers and supplies arrive on the shore of the French coast of German-occupied Normandy during the Allied D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944 in World War II. (AP Photo, File)

Inevitably, the number of survivors attending major anniversary commemorations in France continues to dwindle. The youngest survivors are now in their late 90s. It’s unclear how many D-Day veterans are still alive. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says it doesn’t track their numbers.

is a 5 day cruise long enough


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    is a 5 day cruise long enough

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    is a 5 day cruise long enough

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    is a 5 day cruise long enough


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  1. 7 Big Differences Between Short (3-4 day) and Long (7+ day) Cruises

    Shorter Cruises Can Be Better for Binging. Ask people how long they want to stay in Las Vegas, and you'll find many people say 3-4 days. That's enough time to go out and have a blast without making yourself sick of the place. It's the same with cruising. If you like to have a high-energy vacation, it's tough to go "full blast" for ...

  2. 5 day vs 7 day- Give Me Pros & Cons Please

    I think 7 days is the perfect amount of time for a cruise, I just feel more relaxed. 4/5 days are great too and certainly better than nothing, just don't feel quite long enough. 7 days in my experience is more families. 4/5 day crowds are more the single or party crowd. Again, just what I have experienced.

  3. What's a good amount of days for a first time cruiser? 3, 5 ...

    A 5 day provides a good balance by being not to long, but just long enough. I speak as a person who's sold cruises for 8 years & worked on board for 2 years and several cruises as a guest. Little secret, even the crew aren't fans of 3 & 4 day cruises, they feel it's too rushed as well.

  4. What is the Best Length of Time for a Cruise?

    2-5 Day Cruises. Short and sweet, but packed with adventure both onboard your Fun Ship and in port, cruises from 2 to 5 days in length make for quick and easy getaways. Examples of short cruises on Carnival include sailings from Long Beach to Baja Mexico and cruises from Miami to The Bahamas or the Caribbean. 6-9 Day Cruises.

  5. Are Short Cruises Worth it? (Tried and Tested, Pros and Cons)

    I personally think the perfect cruise length is 10-14 days, it's long enough to really get to know the ship and to settle into life on board, but it isn't always crazily expensive. ... Some drinks packages for P&O Cruises are only available on cruises 5 days or longer in length. Drinks Packages are only available on cruises of 5 nights or ...

  6. What's a good amount of days for a first cruise?

    It is enough to see and do in 5-nights without feeling like you missed out on anything! ... this is where Vision of the Seas will depart from when making roundtrip 5-night cruises to Bermuda in 2023 and 2024. ... You are likely to embrace the sea days and rest up after spending long days exploring. Unlike a 7-night cruise, you may not want to ...

  7. Thoughts on 5 night cruises? : r/Cruise

    I just did a 5 night cruise on the Wonder of the Seas. It was too short. I feel like I was just settling in on the third or fourth day. And on a ship like that, with SO much to do, there was no way to do even close to everything. That being said, it was a fantastic cruise and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  8. 5 Day Cruise Or 7 Day Cruise

    February 27, 2003. Hudson Valley, NY-USA. #3. Posted February 11, 2005. Any cruise is good with me. A 5 day isn't too bad I love the 7 days or longer. Went on a 14 day cruise and loved the extra sea days and time to just relax and see the ship. My first was a 3 day and that was a great long weekend is the way to long at them.

  9. Everything You Need to Know About Long Cruises

    Some cruisers think anything longer than a seven-night itinerary is long, while the most seasoned sailors will think a voyage less than a 60-night world cruise is a short sailing. We tend to consider anything longer than a 10-night cruise to be "long," although many European travelers consider a 14-night sailing fairly standard.

  10. What's a good amount of days for a first cruise?

    If you have limited vacation time, you will most likely opt for a 3-night cruise, as you would only have to take two days off. More often than not, 4-night cruises require you to take an entire week of work off! At that point, many would prefer to take a longer cruise. While both 3- and 4-night cruises are often more port intensive than not, 4 ...

  11. How long is too long?

    Posted March 10, 2018. I think the optimum length of cruise is 2 weeks due to the way the itineraries generally work, nice amount of sea days and port days, that said, a B2B cruise of a two week and a one week cruise is also very good as long as you don't have the same itineraries. Rare. Posted March 10, 2018.

  12. Cruise Length

    No matter which cruise length is right for you, lets you see all of your options in one place. We help you cruise the smart way by getting you our exclusive bonus offers and all qualifying cruise line offers, plus all of the cruise line loyalty program benefits. Book online at or call 800-288-6006 today.

  13. Is a 7 day cruise too long? Or will it be your best cruise vacation

    Ask guests who are cruise veterans if shorter cruises are better, or, for example, is a 4-day cruise long enough, and many will say no. On the other hand, others think that a long cruise of 10 days is too long, especially if the itinerary has many sea days. A 7-day cruise is often a perfect length of time to be on board a cruise ship.

  14. Pros and Cons of Taking a Short Cruise (2-5 Days)

    Con: Short cruises don't have as many itinerary options. Two- to five-day cruises tend to visit the most popular cruise ports that are located a shorter distance from the embarkation port. If you have your heart set on a more exotic or unusual port, odds are you'll have to visit it on a longer cruise.

  15. Weekly Discussion: What's your ideal length for a cruise?

    2. Cuiser001. • 8 yr. ago. 10 to 14 nights is ideal. Anything shorter than 7 nights is going to have a different atmosphere and not as relaxing. By the time the cruise gets going it's time to pack up! Once took 21 nights (10 and 11 night back to back) and it was wonderful and did not seem too long at all. 2. abdada.

  16. Cruise Cost Calculator: See How Much Your Trip Will Cost

    Total Cruise Cost for ALL Passengers (including taxes & port fees): $0 $10,000. $0. Estimated Gratuities (calculated based on $13 per person, per day): Excursions (estimated $50-$100 per person for each excursion): $0 $1,000. $0. Alcoholic Drinks (estimated $7-10 per drink or $65 per day for a drink package): $0 $1,000.

  17. 5-Day Cruises

    Our 5-day cruises allow you to do both, and visit destinations in Australia on your bucket list. Perfect for foodies, families, or friends, they offer something for everyone. ... Is 5 days long enough for a cruise? When you look at the fun-filled cruise itineraries, you'll realise short break cruises like these ones are the perfect-sized ...

  18. Long Cruise Deals

    Heck, many times, 8, 10, or 14 nights aren't long enough either. Now is the time to plan a cruise of fifteen nights or longer. There are even some cruises, such as World Cruises, that are well over 100 nights. Long cruise deals can be found on many sailings from 15 to 100+ nights and everything in between.

  19. Are 3-4 Day Cruises worth it?

    Posted July 13, 2009. 3-4 day cruises are very different from 7 day cruises. They are worth it, IMHO, but don't expect the same typ eof experience. The 3 and 4 days are more about just having a blast rather than about relaxing for a week.

  20. Is a 4-day cruise long enough for a short cruise getaway?

    To help you figure out if a 4-day cruise is long enough for you, here are our top 10 tips to consider when looking for your next short cruise: 1. Choose a good cruise ship. The newest cruise ships have the most facilities. The challenge is to find the latest ships that offer a short cruise.

  21. Is a short cruise right for you?

    You're cruising on a budget. Short cruises can be an excellent budget getaway option. On any given week, cruise lines need twice as many people to fill a ship sailing a three-night itinerary followed by a four-night cruise than it does for a ship sailing one seven-night cruise. That is why you will often see discount offers for short cruises.

  22. 4-Day Baja Mexico Cruise from Los Angeles

    Cruise Itinerary. Day 1: Long Beach (Los Angeles) Departs at 4:00 PM. Day 2: Catalina Island. 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM. SHORE EXCURSIONS. Day 3: Ensenada. 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. SHORE EXCURSIONS. Day 4: Fun Day at Sea. THINGS TO DO. Day 5: Long Beach (Los Angeles) Arrives at 7:00 AM. Get to Know Carnival Radiance.

  23. Resort day passes for cruisers: Why I still love the idea despite a

    One major caveat to using ResortPass to book a day pass at a resort during a cruise is that the hours that the day passes are valid don't always align with the hours ships are in port. In our case, our ship — Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas — docked in Nassau in the afternoon, with the gangway to get off the vessel opening at 1:30 p ...

  24. Choosing between 5 or 7 day cruise? : r/dcl

    Just got off a 4 day cruise on The Wish and would recommend longer. I have been on two 7-day cruises with DCL. One to the Caribbean and the other to the Mediterranean. 7 days give you enough time to find everything and get comfortable. Also more time to rest. 4 day in our case was rushed to do everything and wasn't as relaxed and I hoped.

  25. Cruise News Update: Passenger Limits, Brand to Shut, Delay

    Long Beach. Los Angeles. Mexico. New Jersey. New Orleans. ... where a new local ordinance caps at 1,000 per day the number of cruise ship guests allowed to disembark from their ships during port ...

  26. Is 5 nights enough???

    I too was surprised that my 5-day (just returned from the 5-day Radiance 3/14 voyage) did NOT make me feel cheated. However, I tacked on a weekend spring training trip at the beginning of the 1 week I had off from work, so maybe that's why. I also agree that a 5-day sure beats a 3 or 4 day!

  27. Where the Heck Is That New 'Salem's Lot' Movie?

    The upcoming Max debut of New Line's adaptation of "Salem's Lot" in 2024 features a powerhouse production team. Led by Dauberman, who writes, directs, and executive produces, the film is ...

  28. D-Day by the numbers: Key facts and figures that changed the course of

    The June 6, 1944, D-Day invasion of Nazi-occupied France was unprecedented in scale and audacity, using the largest-ever armada of ships, troops, planes and vehicles to punch a hole in Adolf Hitler's defenses in western Europe and change the course of World War II.