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The 7 Best Grand Tourers on the Road Right Now

Grand tourers are the best of almost every world, and especially for the occasional road less traveled., will sabel courtney, will sabel courtney's most recent stories.

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Lexus LC

Grand tourers evoke journeys that span nations and even continents, and while any car can take you from A to B, few can match the elegance of a sleek touring coupe that catches the eyes of all as it flies by.

A true grand tourer needs to be fast, of course, but it also needs to be comfortable; you want to arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed, not worn out from a stiff suspension and race-ready seats. A proper GT also needs to know how to navigate twisty pavement, since the best drives involve the occasional road less traveled; if you just wanted to go straight to your destination, you’d take a plane.

Four doors are two too many; a true GT may have a back seat, but one meant more for occasional use or luggage than regular occupation. And while many grand tourers have convertible variants, those cars worthy of the name must wear hardtops for the right style.

The ranks of these vehicles are not as rich as they once were — storied brands like Porsche, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-Benz have long since abandoned the GT-car market — but those that remain are among some of the best such vehicles to ever roam the roads.

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT

When the Bentley Continental GT debuted in 2002, it relaunched an entire marque with it. Before it, Bentley was mostly known for rebadged Rolls-Royces powered by an engine with roots in the 1950s. The Continental GT’s arrival marked the start of a new era under the Volkswagen Group’s ownership, one in which Bentley would rise to its full potential for the first time in decades.

With a design that borders on timeless — it hasn’t changed much in 21 years, nor has it needed to — remarkable performance, and one of the most elegant and comfortable interiors found in a car, the Continental GT stands as a true 21st-century icon of the automotive realm. It offers a choice of twin-turbocharged engines: a robust, thunderous V8 and a more subdued yet even more powerful W12. Of course, choosing an engine is just the start; after that comes diving into the nigh-infinite list of colors, trims and materials that Bentley offers in order to let buyers make their dream car one of a kind.

Bentley’s journey with the Continental GT is still ongoing: It is in the process of swapping out both its existing power plants for a new plug-in hybrid V8 setup. At 771 horsepower, the new system will be more powerful than either predecessor . In fact, we fully expect the new powertrain to elevate this modern embodiment of the GT ideal to even greater heights.

In production since: 2003 Top powertrain option: 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 (Continental GT Speed) Power: 650 horsepower and 668 lb-ft of torque Zero to 60 mph: 3.5 seconds Top speed: 208 mph Price: $245,425+

BMW 8 Series/M8 Competition

BMW M850i

The BMW 8 Series, in 840i form, starts at below six-figures yet comes with a sumptuous cabin with exquisite front thrones, a comfortable ride, and a body that looks fast standing still — features that define a proper grand tourer.  It may only pack six cylinders, but what a six they are; not only can the turbo inline-six send it from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, but it also enables the 840i to squeeze 29 miles out of every gallon on the highway.

Even the top-shelf M8 Competition is a good value for what it offers. The M8 offers near-supercar performance on the straights and in the curves, complete with a specially-tuned AWD system that lets you push most or all of the power to the rear wheels for tail-happy antics. That’s on top of the same blend of delightful qualities as its less-powerful siblings, and still can be had well-equipped for under $150,000.

In production since: 2018 Top powertrain option: 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 (M8 Competition) Power: 617 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque Zero to 60 mph: 3.2 seconds Top speed: 190 mph Price: $90,800+

Ferrari Roma

car with tour

Ferrari has a long history of gran turismos , as they’re called in Italy, stretching back to the 166 Inter of 1948. These days, the honor of being Maranello’s GT is performed by the Roma — and while it may technically also be Ferrari’s entry-level model, there’s nothing here that would leave you thinking that, because Maranello doesn’t really do entry-level. 

The Roma is a sultry machine, with more than a hint of eager mako to its sleek design — unmistakably exotic, unmistakably Ferrari. Inside, there’s a surprisingly tech-forward cockpit that packs a full array of touchscreens and touch-sensitive haptic controls, but homages to the past remain: The gearbox controls resemble the gated stick shifts of prior F-cars, and the digital tachometer looks like an analog gauge.

Leave the Roma in its gentlest settings and it’s happy to play road-trip hero, peacefully cruising at speeds than in lesser cars might feel too fast. But like all modern Ferraris, it’s also happy to hang with the best sports cars in the world once the road turns wind-y. Take the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission’s shifts into your own hands with the paddles behind the wheel to keep the howling V8 near the redline, click the manettino drive mode switch into Race, and this GT transforms into a vicious back-road-devouring beast.

In production since: 2019 Top powertrain option: 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 Power: 612 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque Zero to 60 mph: 3.4 seconds (0-62 mph time, as per Ferrari) Top speed: Over 199 mph (as per Ferrari) Price: $243,358+

Lexus LC

Most of the time, automotive designs wind up watered down on the path from concept car to production ride. Not so with the Lexus LC. When it landed on the streets, it did so as a carbon copy of the LF-LC concept of 2012 … a seriously good thing, as the LF-LC was one of the best-looking concepts of the decade. The production LC’s runway-worthy looks — fashion or aviation, either seems applicable here — suck in the level of attention usually reserved for Ferraris, McLarens, and Lamborghinis.

This is a car to look your best in, and a car well-suited for long journeys, too. The seats are all-day comfortable, and the dashboard’s asymmetrical design is designed to focus everything towards the driver for ease of use on the go. (A mild 2024 refresh fixed the interior’s Achilles’ heel, replacing the annoying trackpad infotainment system with a touchscreen setup.) And while the rarity of smooth, naturally aspirated V8 engines like the LC 500’s makes it the enthusiast’s choice, serious road trippers might consider the hybrid V6-powered LC 500h; with a 22.2-gallon fuel capacity and an EPA rating of 33 mpg highway, it can go more than 700 miles on a tank.

In production since: 2017 Top powertrain option: 5.0-liter V8 (LC 500) Power: 471 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque Zero to 60 mph: 4.4 seconds Top speed: 168 mph Price: $99,800+

Aston Martin DB12

Aston Martin DB12

Much like the movie character who helped elevate the brand to the prominence it enjoys today, Aston Martin’s models are defined by their numbers. Normally, the automaker’s grand tourers’ alphanumeric names jump by twos between generations; the DB7 begat the DB9, which begat the DB11. But in this case, the 12 in DB12 — the first time in 54 years Aston has followed brand pioneer David Brown’s initials with an even number — subtly indicates that the model is a facelifted version of the DB11 that entered service eight years back.

That said, the upgrades are more than enough to warrant a new moniker. Outside, it’s more aggressive, while the interior benefits from a substantial revamp that brings higher-quality materials and modern electronics, including (at last) a new touchscreen infotainment system. The sole engine available is an Mercedes-AMG-sourced V8, but since it puts out more power than the DB11’s V12, few will complain about the performance — or, in all likelihood, anything at all once they hit the open road.

In production since: 2023 (DB12) / 2016 (DB11) Top powertrain option: 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 Power: 671 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque Zero to 60 mph: 3.6 seconds Top speed: 202 mph Price: $248,086+

Maserati GranTurismo

Maserati GranTurismo

These days, the first question many of us have to ask when considering a new car is: gas or electric? After all, while there’s impressive innovation happening on both sides of the powertrain divide, many a car company forces you to decide which source of energy you prefer. If you like the Hyundai Ioniq 5, you have to take it with battery power; if you dig the Aston Martin Vantage, you’re stuck burning fuel.

Not so in Maserati’s latest gran turismo. On the internal combustion side, the GranTurismo’s Modena and Trofeo trim levels offer the brand’s twin-turbo V6 that rolled out in the MC20 supercar, connected to an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel-drive. Should you prefer electric, there’s the GranTurismo Folgore — Italian for lightning — which delivers shocking acceleration and handling thanks to a trio of electric motors that spit out more power than a McLaren 750S. Either way, however, you score the same stellar design sure to earn admiring stares from every gearhead and a modern and luxurious cabin with room for four adults, almost comfortably, even. 

In production since: 2007 Top powertrain option: 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 (Trofeo) / Front- and dual rear-mounted electric motors (Folgore) Power: 542 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque (Trofeo) / 751 horsepower and 996 lb-ft of torque (Folgore) Zero to 60 mph: 3.5 seconds (Trofeo) / 2.7 seconds (Folgore) Top speed: 200 mph (Trofeo) / 202 mph (Folgore) EV Range: 280 miles Price: $158,000+

Rolls-Royce Spectre

Rolls-Royce Spectre

Few brands are better-suited to going electric than Rolls-Royce. For more than a century, the Spirit of Ecstasy has built cars that prioritize smoothness, comfort, and quiet above all else — qualities that EVs lend themselves to naturally. The brand’s first electric car, the Spectre, doesn’t aim to make waves amongst the Rolls faithful; rather, it simply continues to excel at the mission the brand always has, just free of tailpipe emissions.

The exterior is unmistakably Rolls-Royce, but a fresher, more modern take on the classic look; the grille is slightly raked back, the headlights slimmed down, and the roofline faster and more flowing than its gas-powered Wraith predecessor. Inside, there’s the brand’s typical old-fashioned, ultra-luxury interior, with lesser emphasis on screens and greater emphasis on beautiful craftsmanship — the kind of interior that leaves you feeling better after a long journey than you did when you started.

Granted, it won’t set any range records, thanks in no small part to its 6,559-lb curb weight. Then again, should you decide to take the Spectre on a long journey, it can fast-charge at up to 195 kW, adding more than 180 miles of range in 34 minutes — less time than it takes to order and eat a Nicoise salad. And you won’t have to worry about fue getting on your hands at the pump.

In production since: 2023 Top powertrain option: Front- and rear-mounted electric motors Power: 576 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque Zero to 60 mph: 4.4 seconds Top speed: 155 mph EV Range: 264 miles Price: $422,750+

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Best Road Trip Cars in 2024 and 2025

We compiled a list of vehicles that are great for road trips. These vehicles are fuel-efficient, reliable, and comfortable, which will help you out on all of your highway adventures.

2024 Kia Carnival

Kia Motors America |

The Best Cars, Minivans and SUVs for Road Trips

Summer is prime road trip season, whether that means hitting up a national park or getting together with family at a lakeside cabin. Choosing the right new car for an epic road trip can make your vacation more comfortable, more fuel efficient, and even safer, thanks to the new technologies found in many new vehicles. It can also mean less arguing, thanks to USB ports that keep devices charged, Wi-Fi hotspots that keep everyone entertained, and roomy back seats that keep siblings from touching.


We've rounded up the best road trip vehicles available this summer, with everything from sports cars to pickups, with plenty of family-friendly SUVs on the list. As new information becomes available, we update our reviews, so the data found in these slides might not match those reviews exactly.

2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. |

2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid

$34,050 | usn overall score: 8.0/10.

The 2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid is a more fuel-efficient version of the popular compact SUV, with up to 43 mpg in the city. A 7-inch touch screen, smartphone connectivity, a Wi-Fi hotspot and four USB ports come standard to keep everyone powered up and entertained.

The interior is one of the nicest in the class, and the standard upholstery is stain-resistant. The seats are comfy in both rows, with room for adults to stretch out even on road trips. The rear seats recline, so whoever is off driving duty can take a nap. Standard adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist help reduce the fatigue that can come with hours of driving.

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2024 Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen of America, Inc. |

2024 Volkswagen Atlas

$36,985 | usn overall score: 8.1/10.

The 2024 Volkswagen Atlas has enough room to bring along everybody and all their gear. It's available with either three rows of seating or two rows in the Cross Sport configuration. The third row is comfy for kids and adults on shorter trips. The Atlas has more cargo space behind the third row than most in its class.

Refreshed for 2024, in either configuration, a 12-inch touch screen with smartphone connectivity and a Wi-Fi hot spot are standard, along with wireless device charging and four USB ports. The Atlas can also tow up to 5,000 pounds when properly configured if you plan to bring a small camper or want to tow some toys for your vacation.

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car with tour

Ford Motor Company |

2024 Ford Mustang

$30,920 | usn overall score: 8.1/10.

Sometimes you want to live the American road trip dream in an impractical sports car. But guess what – the redesigned 2024 Ford Mustang is a rather practical sports car. It's as exciting to drive as you could hope, and it still manages to turn in great fuel economy numbers that won't put a damper on your budget.

The Mustang's interior has been updated with a more modern, tech-forward look. Its standard infotainment system has a large 13.2-inch touch screen and a Wi-Fi hot spot. Standard safety tech includes automatic emergency braking and lane-keep assist. But maybe most importantly, for purposes of the dream, the Mustang is available as a convertible.

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2024 Chevrolet Suburban

General Motors |

2024 Chevrolet Suburban

$59,200 | overall score: 8.2/10.

The 2024 Chevrolet Suburban is the classic family road trip SUV, and it's the winner of our 2024 Best Large SUV for Families award. It's huge, with more cargo space than almost any SUV out there. It can be configured to seat up to nine people, though that means someone has to sit in the middle of the front bench seat. In any case, the third row provides enough legroom for adults.

The interior is sturdy enough for epic journeys, and it comes with an 8-inch touch screen, wireless smartphone connectivity and six USB ports. Depending on how you configure it, the Suburban can tow up to 8,300 pounds, enough for the average camper. It also comes with driver-assistance features like lane-departure warning and lane-keep assist.

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2024 Kia Carnival

2024 Kia Carnival

$33,600 | overall score: 8.2/10.

The 2024 Kia Carnival makes a strong case for the classic family minivan as the ultimate road-trip vehicle, especially with pricing that's among the most affordable on this list. It comes with a good list of standard safety features for long drives, including lane-keep assist and blind-spot monitoring.

The interior is upholstered with easy-to-clean materials, and all three rows have enough room for adults, though the third row has a bit less legroom than the first two. It also has lots of cargo space, even with all three rows in use. If you don't need the last row for passengers, it folds flat into the floor for even more cargo space. An 8-inch touch screen, smartphone compatibility and a whopping seven USB ports come standard.

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2024 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Stellantis |

2024 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

$53,425 | usn overall score: 8.3/10.

The plug-in hybrid 2024 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid achieves up to 30 mpg in combined driving when operating in hybrid mode, which is great for any minivan. Once you reach your destination, plug this family hauler in overnight to be able to drive about 32 miles on electric power.

There's also a ton of tech included, like a 10.1-inch touch screen, wireless smartphone connectivity and Amazon Alexa compatibility. All three rows of seating have lots of head- and legroom, and there's plenty of storage space. Standard safety features include stop-and-go adaptive cruise control and rain-sensing windshield wipers.

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2024 Lincoln Navigator Angular Front

John M. Vincent | U.S. News & World Report

2024 Lincoln Navigator

$82,765 | usn overall score: 8.6/10.

Wherever your road trip takes you, the 2024 Lincoln Navigator will make sure you arrive in comfort and style. It's one of the best luxury large SUVs, with a well-built and high-quality interior. Standard features include a 13.2-inch touch screen, wireless smartphone connectivity, a Wi-Fi hotspot and five USB ports.

Every seat in all three rows is comfortable, and the available L model adds extra space to an already roomy cargo area. Though the Navigator is large, its powerful engine easily gets it up to speed on the highway. Standard safety features like lane-keep assist and stop-and-go adaptive cruise control can help reduce driver fatigue too.

More on the 2024 Lincoln Navigator

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2024 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid

Hyundai Motor America |

2024 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid

$32,575 | usn overall score: 8.6/10.

The 2024 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid is among the best in its class and was a finalist for our Best Hybrid SUV for the Money and Best Hybrid SUV for Families awards this year. The regular hybrid is the best for road tripping, with up to 38 mpg on the highway. But it doesn't sacrifice power for efficiency, with enough get-up-and-go for passing on the highway. All-wheel drive is standard for a sure-footed feel.

Inside, there's tons of room for adults in both rows of seating and a huge cargo area. A 10.25-inch touch screen is standard, along with Apple CarPlay , Android Auto , four USB ports and wireless device charging.

2024 Genesis G90


2024 Genesis G90

$89,200 | usn overall score: 8.7/10.

If your road-trip budget allows for a little luxury. the 2024 Genesis G90 delivers. It has a capable V6 and an optional mild-hybrid powertrain that improves acceleration when passing on the highway. The available air suspension makes long drives a dream, and the extensive list of standard safety features–including adaptive cruise control and a head-up display–eases the tedium of driving.

The Nappa leather interior wraps the road tripper in luxury, and both rows of seating are comfortable for adults. The trunk is large enough for several suitcases, and it opens automatically as you approach. The G90 also has one of the longest powertrain warranties in the business.

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2025 Ram 1500 Tungsten

2025 Ram 1500

$40,275 | usn overall score: 8.7/10.

If your road trip plan involves a camper or boat, you'll want to look into the 2025 Ram 1500 . When properly equipped, it can tow up to 11,580 pounds. As with most pickups, you can configure the 1500 in whatever way works for you, with bed, cab and powertrain options in addition to trim levels and packages to add on.

All of the available body styles have a spacious, high-quality interior. Quite a few safety features are standard, including stop-and-go adaptive cruise control and rear cross-traffic alert. The infotainment system got an upgrade for the 2025 model year, which means even more available features, including three screen sizes, three sound systems, and a long list of available tech features.

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2024 Honda Civic Hatchback

2024 Honda Civic

$23,950 | usn overall score: 8.7/10.

You probably need one car to handle both the daily commute and the road trip vacation, and you need it to be affordable. Enter the 2024 Honda Civic . It's one of the best compact cars in its class, and we named it the 2024 Best Compact Car for the Money . All of its scores are high, especially when it comes to safety. It has the lowest MSRP on our list yet comes standard with desirable amenities like adaptive cruise control and traffic-sign recognition. It's also thrifty, with up to 42 mpg on the highway.

A 7-inch touch screen and smartphone connectivity come standard. The front seats in particular are supportive over the long haul, and the Civic has more overall interior space than most rivals.

More on the 2024 Honda Civic

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2023 Kia Carnival Interior

Road Trip Car Characteristics

Passenger space: People turn cranky when they aren't comfortable after hours on the road. There needs to be space for everyone to stretch out.

Cargo space: At the very minimum, you'll be bringing luggage along and maybe also camping gear or tubes for floating the river. Make sure there's space for your gear.

Fuel economy: Stopping for gas on a road trip can get expensive. Fuel efficiency, particularly from hybrid powertrains, can ease the pain of stopping at the pump.

Infotainment: An AM/FM radio is no longer sufficient for most people. An infotainment system that's easy to use while driving and can connect to smartphones is key.

Safety tech: Driving long distances causes fatigue, and fatigue causes accidents. Modern driver-assistance features can help you stay alert and in your lane.

Reliability: No one wants to be the car in the breakdown lane while on their road trip. A good predicted reliability score shows that a particular model has on average been a solid performer over time.

2024 Genesis G90

Genesis Motor America |

Road Trip Car FAQs

What is the best car for road trips.

The best car for road trips is the one that fits your budget and your needs, so there's no one vehicle that will work for everybody. That said, the 2024 Honda Civic is a strong pick. It provides comfort, features, safety and reliability, and all for one of the lowest price tags on this list.

What is the best SUV for road trips?

The 2024 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid combines a long list of standard features with great fuel economy, and it has one of the most spacious interiors in its class.

What is the best luxury car for road trips?

The 2024 Genesis G90 will take you anywhere in comfort and style. Most of its best features are standard, including leather upholstery.

What is the most comfortable car for long trips?

On a list of very comfortable vehicles, the 2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid is probably the most comfortable, especially for back-seat passengers who can take advantage of the reclining seats. If comfort is your priority, take a look at our list of most comfortable cars for more options.

U.S. News Best Price Program Graphic

U.S. News and World Report |

More Shopping Tools From U.S. News & World Report

Plenty of families take road trips, so you might want to check out the winners of our 2023 Best Cars for Families awards too. Maybe you've been left stranded on an unfamiliar road by your former car and are looking for the most reliable cars available. If you know you need to bring along a lot of gear, see our roundup of compact SUVs with the most cargo space .

When you're ready to buy a new car, use our Best Price Program to pre-negotiate a great price with a local dealership. You can arrange for online buying and even vehicle delivery through the program.

U.S. News Best Cars Badge

U.S. News & World Report |

Best Cars for Road Trips in 2024 and 2025

  • 2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid: $34,050 | USN Overall Score: 8.0/10
  • 2024 Volkswagen Atlas: $36,985 | USN Overall Score: 8.1/10
  • 2024 Ford Mustang: $30,920 | USN Overall Score: 8.1/10
  • 2024 Chevrolet Suburban: $59,200 | Overall Score: 8.2/10
  • 2024 Kia Carnival: $33,600 | Overall Score: 8.2/10
  • 2024 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: $53,425 | USN Overall Score: 8.3/10
  • 2024 Lincoln Navigator: $82,765 | USN Overall Score: 8.6/10
  • 2024 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid: $32,575 | USN Overall Score: 8.6/10
  • 2024 Genesis G90: $89,200 | USN Overall Score: 8.7/10
  • 2025 Ram 1500: $40,275 | USN Overall Score: 8.7/10
  • 2024 Honda Civic: $23,950 | USN Overall Score: 8.7/10

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car with tour

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Enjoy the comfort of a car with personal driver when exploring the famous landmarks of Moscow around the city center. Get your camera ready for the perfect postcard view of the Kremlin from the Patriarch Bridge, enter the magnificent Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and discover its ‘hidden gem’ often missed by visitors without a guide; admire the picturesque walls of Novodevichy Convent, stroll through the Victory Park and Arbat street, see Moscow laying beneath your feet from the observation deck of Sparrow Hills.

Metro tour - 1 hour 30 min Show information

Tickets included Extend your tour by add the Metro Tour option and visit the most beautiful Moscow metro stations (5-6 stations).

Tour Itinerary

Hotel pick-up.

Our guide will come to your hotel (lobby area) or any other indicated address to begin the tour from there. There also will be a driver waiting at your hotel entrance. The tour is done by car/minivan. We use licensed drivers with cars (up to 3 people) or minivans (4 – 7 people).

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

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  • How would the world tallest and the most ambitious Soviet project look like?
  • Where was the world largest open swimming pool located?

Pedestrian bridge over the Moscow river

  • Which area is the most trendy and fancy now in Moscow (restaurants, bars and nightclubs)?
  • Why did the House on the Embankment have the highest number of suicides?
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New Maidens’ Convent

  • What should you do to make your dreams come true?
  • How did locals save the Convent when Napoleon tried to destroy it?
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Sparrow Hills

  • Why is Moscow also known as the “Third Rome” ?
  • How did the communists use this place during the revolution in 1917?
  • Why doesn’t the metro administration like the “Sparrow Hills” metro station?

Stalin’s skyscrapers

  • What was the top floor used for during the Soviet time?
  • How did the soviet engineers solve the problem of the weak ground?
  • What is the secret function of the fountains located nearby?

Victory Park

  • What does the number “1418” mean?
  • How did the camels serve to the Red Army?
  • Why were Spanish soldiers fighting together with the Russians?

White House

  • What is the “Ukraine” hotel building remarkable for?
  • What is the connection between the Russian parliament and the Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) company?
  • Why was it one of the most popular places for taking pictures in 1993?

Arbat Street

  • What was the best party ever organized by US embassy?
  • Which Russian rock star is believed to be “alive” after his death (just like Elvis Presley)?
  • Which restaurant was the best in Soviet times and how did its owner get it?

Hotel Drop-off

At the end of the tour we will take you back to your hotel or any other place you would prefer.

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car with tour

The 13 Best Grand Touring Cars You can Buy

The term GT comes from the Italian Gran Turismo, which basically describes any car that is designed for both high speeds and long distances. It came to be in the 1950s but really only enjoyed the popularity it was due when major manufacturers like Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler started using the initials to push their high-performance machines.

We have since changed the term to grand touring, and in some cases added other letters to it to define different makes and models of performance vehicles. But what defines the GT, what separates it from other categories of automobiles that are flooding the markets of the world? And what should you be considering if you are looking at taking the plunge into the wonderful world of the GT?

We have put together a list of the Best Grand Touring style cars that are available for the car-buyer in today’s diverse automotive industry. Have a look, read the comparisons, then make a decision on which of these must-have toys is the one just-for-you.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

If we are going to talk about grand touring cars, why not start with the grandest of all, the Rolls Royce Wraith? Let’s face it; when it comes to all things luxury, it’s hard to forget a Rolls-Royce, and the Wraith is certainly a car that fits all of the stereotypes of this exclusive brand. Based on the chassis of the classic Ghost, its two-door pillar-less design sets it apart from the Rolls-Royce’s that most of us have come accustomed to. The manufactures relied heavily on influences from classic 50s-style American cars. In what seems to be a contradiction, the windows retract fully like a convertible, but the roof remains solid like a classic hardtop.

Technically, the Wraith is considered a two-door hardtop coupe, but one of the things I love about this car is the drive-train that will push this beast to very comfortable highway speeds. Under the hood is the highly engineered BMW N74 twin turbo V12. This little gem will produce an awe-inspiring 623 horsepower, enough to get you down any piece of pavement, let alone the highways of the U.S. The price tag may scare you off a little, but what the hell, if you’ve got, flaunt it.

The Toyota Companies luxury division, Lexus, gave us this remarkable car for too short a time. Manufactured between 2011 and 2012, only 500 of the featured model were produced. Even though this car has been described as a two-door sports car, it fits right in with the grand touring category. The first versions of this car were unveiled in 2005 and went on to become what is essentially one of Japan’s most expensive road cars to ever be built. The version that you see here is priced at around $375,000; that, is of course, if you can find one that is for sale.

This Formula-One inspired car is powered by a 553 horsepower 4.8-liter V10 engine that was developed in conjunction with Yamaha and will get you from 0-60 mph in just under 4 seconds. Once you hit the highway in one of these beauties, you are sure to turn the heads of any motoring enthusiast. One well-known car magazine described the LFA as “expensive, over-specified and looks like an evil transformer, the greatest Japanese car? Maybe”.

Ford Mustang GT

Let’s look at some home-grown muscle that well and truly characterizes the true meaning of the term GT. This is the 6 th generation of the extremely popular pony car and is, without doubt, the best yet. Probably the most notable change on the newest Mustang is the widened body. An extra 1.5 inches has been added to the width of the car, while 1.4 inches has been eliminated from the body height. Ford has improved many other aspects of the classic car as well. They increased the passenger space while managing to keep the same wheelbase length. Combine this with a brand new independent suspension system designed specifically for this car, and you have a pretty nice grand tourer.

Now for the biggest surprise. Ford has given you three engine options to think about. First, the V8. Let’s face it; if you are going to have a Mustang, you might as well go for the muscle as well. But for the economy-minded motorist who still wants to own a classic, there is the 3.7-liter V6 model capable of 300 horsepower or the brand new development of the 2.3-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder power plant that will give you a respectable 310 horsepower. Whatever your needs, the Ford Mustang GT will deliver.

Chevrolet Corvette

Okay, so I gave you the rundown on the Ford Mustang first, but not to upset the Chevy fans out there; it’s now your turn. I guess nothing says grand tourer more than the word Corvette. Since 1963, General Motors has been exciting us with generation after generation of these beautiful cars. Like the Mustang, this U.S.-made classic will always be a favorite for the Stateside car enthusiast. This car is the 7 th generation offered by the General and is undoubtedly the best Vette yet. The motivation for your pavement outings is supplied by a neatly packaged 5.5- liter, double overhead crankshaft, flat-crank V8 that will provide 500 highway horsepower resting under your right foot.

Whether you are a highway tourer or an inner-city street cruiser, the Chevrolet Corvette is a car well worth considering as your next toy. Not only will it turn heads regardless of the type of pavement you are on, but it is going to be an inspirational and exciting car to drive. It’s an American classic that will go down in the annals of automotive history as one of the biggest trend-setting vehicles of any generation.

BMW 8 Series

The Bavarian Motor Works Company has always produced stylish and extremely well-engineered motor vehicles, and the 8 Series grand tourer is no exception. The 8 series of cars was first introduced to the world markets way back in 1990 and has gone on to bigger and better things since. Originally only available as a two-door coupe, the latest variants also include a soon-to-be-released convertible. The two options that you also have are the front engine rear-wheel drive format or the road-hugging all-wheel-drive configuration that will keep you stuck to any highway you choose to venture on.

The interior of this very pretty automobile is as you would expect from BMW, luxurious and practical. The German car manufacturer is now offering the choice of the highly regarded in-line-six diesel engine, an unusual fit for a grand tourer, or the 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8. The Series 8 BMW is unashamedly aimed at the driver who is looking for not only performance but a little prestige as well. There are not too many manufacturers out there that have so much faith in one model, but 20 years into production, it’s still a best seller.

Aston Martin DB9

If there was ever the ultimate classic GT car, then the Aston Martin is definitely the one. When writing about such an iconic manufacturer, words like legendary, luxurious, and stylish come to mind, but as I am a fan, all I need to write is “James Bond.” Okay, let’s get all that silliness out of the way. The Aston Martin DB9 is one very serious motor vehicle. Not only does it come from a lineage of incredibly successful and classic cars, but it’s not scared to give you the performance that you would expect from this British masterpiece.

Sadly, for those of us who regard this car as an all-time classic, Aston Martin decided to call it a day for the DB9 after 12 very successful years. If you can manage to lay your hands on one of these cars, you will be able to harness the power of the “Vanquish” designed 5.9-liter V12 engine that will make your ride a 510 horsepower journey. It doesn’t matter where you are on this wonderful planet of ours, if there is a highway to be conquered, then the Aston Martin DB9 is the car to do it in.

Porsche 911

When it comes to grand touring cars, no list could ever be complete without a Porsche somewhere in it. Even though the majority of us won’t think about this, the 911 is one of the most versatile sports cars on the market today. You will find these legendary rear-engine steeds on every possible surface you can imagine. From the racetracks of the world to rally championships and even the occasional sojourn into drag racing, these all-around workhorses are comfortable in any given circumstance.

When it comes to pure driving pleasure, there are not many cars that come close to the experience one has when behind the wheel of a Porsche. We tend to forget that unlike some other cars on this list, Porsche has been around since 1933, so therefore has a wealth of knowledge and experience to fall upon when it comes to designing cars with not only performance in mind but driving gratification as well. Take on any highway with confidence, because you can rest assured, the Porsche 911 will take it all in its stride without working up a sweat.

Maserati Gran Turismo

The name itself embodies everything that GT stands for. Since 2007, the Gran Turismo has graced the roads and highways of the world with the lucky few that own one, enjoying every mile passed. Now, for those of you who are Maserati fans, the Gran Turismo was based on the Quattroprts V platform, which utilizes the double-wishbone front and rear suspension and has a drag co-efficiency of .33. Designed primarily as the ideal driver’s car, Maserati has spared no expense in giving you the ultimate ride.

Even though the power source is a relatively small 4.2 liters, this V8 will still throw out an impressive 399 horsepower, nothing to be sneezed at, and is coupled to their ZF 6-speed automatic and semi-automatic transmissions. The interesting thing about the engine in this car is that Maserati developed it with rival manufacturer Ferrari; the Maserati trident and the prancing stallion, certainly a formidable combination, and a potential conqueror of any of the world’s highways.

Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe

AMG, the performance off-shoot of Mercedes, is no slouch when it comes to turning a luxury sedan into something that is in a class all of its own. The S63 Coupe is a prime example of their treatment. What literally started out as an S-class platform vehicle, the end results that AMG achieved are absolutely amazing. AMG utilizes all of the next generation technologies available to them, things such as ultra-modern interior designs and features, a sound system that is next to none, and a suspension update that will make your ride as smooth as silk. This, combined with their use of an engine construction that is not only efficient but oriented toward the performance end of the spectrum.

The use of a 5.5-liter direct fuel injected twin-turbocharged engine hooked up to Mercedes’s 7 speed MCT transmission ensures not only a comfortable ride but, if need be, an exhilarating one. The M157 engine also has 25% better fuel economy than its predecessor, the M156, meaning your highway tours will cost you less in gas, and U.S. tax. It also features what is becomes extremely popular among the name brands, the stop-start mode, and has been lightened to weigh in at only 204 kilograms. If it’s a classy cruise you want, you will be hard pressed to bypass the Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe.

Bentley Continental GT

It’s funny; I’ve written quite a lot of articles revolving around the automotive industry, but I am sure I have never used the words Bentley and grand tourer in the same sentence before. Not that I am saying that this combination is a bad thing; I think that this is probably one of the best GT cars on the road today. As I researched more on the Bentley name, I realized that they have been manufacturing GT-style cars for quite some time. The Continental GT has been around since its inception in 2003 and was the first Bentley to be released by the new ownership of Volkswagen AG.

Bentley is renowned for its trademark luxury appointments, which go hand-in-hand with its prestigious reputation, so why not enter the field of the grand tourer? The Continental has also seen the introduction of mass-production, a first for Bentley in its history. The powerful W12, 6-liter engine will provide you with around 550 horsepower, enough for any respectable chauffeur to get you to the next meeting in style and opulence. Grand touring has never been held in such high esteem.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T

The Italians certainly know how to make a vehicle that is not only stylishly beautiful but a performance oriented car as well. The GTC4 Lusso T is a prime example of this combination and is remarkably well-designed. Based on the shooting-brake body design, this machine is a three-door, all-wheel drive dream. Its four seats will provide the driver and his special friends a comfortable and exhilarating cruise down any super-highway in the world. First seen at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016, this car replaced the Ferrari FF, which ceased production the same year.

The thrust is provided by Ferrari’s F140 65 degree V12 engine that produces a well-respected 682 horsepower at a very comfortable 5,750 rpm. Ferrari has claimed that this engine will motivate the GTC4 to a top speed of 208 mph and will accelerate you from 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. Not only does this car have all-wheel drive, but it also has an improved version of their four-wheel-steering system, making this stallion a very sticky thoroughbred indeed.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

The Italian auto manufacturing giant has also given us the Ferrari 812 Superfast model. This two-door two-seater Berlinetta-styled GT will present you with a very respectable 789 horsepower, generated from the F140 GA 6.5-liter V12 engine. What makes this combination of car and drive chain unique is the intentional disregard of technology, relying solely on natural aspiration instead of a force-fed system. These two versions of the GT class of car from Ferrari offers the enthusiast a difference of configurations that will suit most.

Cadillac ELR

Even though the ELR is not really classed as a GT, it is well worth looking at. It is a four-passenger compact coupe but with one interesting difference from the rest of the cars that we have looked at so far. The Cadillac ELR is a hybrid, based on the same power-chain as the Chevrolet Volt. The Voltec EREV drive-chain is coupled with the ELR’s lithium-ion battery pack, giving the vehicle a 106 mph top speed.

Even though it is relatively slow compared to some of the other cars we have looked at, it is extremely well-appointed with all of the luxuries you would come to expect from Cadillac. Unfortunately, production of the ELR ceased in February of 2016, leaving total unit sale figures of just short of 3,000. If you can find one of the rare gems, buy it, because I am sure that the value will only increase as the years go by.

GT Honorable Mentions

There are plenty of other cars that come under the guise of the GT, and here are a few that are worth mentioning. BMW has the M6 , the two-door version of the M5 that features the same mechanics and driver comfort. The V10 version was probably the most sought after and is still a great tourer.

Who could forget the remarkable cars that the Jaguar Company gave us throughout the years? The classic XJS and E-Type , two of the finest GT class cars that the English manufacturer offered the world. The first of the V12 engines to be mass-produced in a street legal car. And the classic body design of the E-Type that is still admired and sought after by collectors everywhere. And who can forget the decades that Mercedes gave us the SL series? This two-seater GT was popular for many years, long before AMG came onto the scene.

There is also a myriad of other manufacturers that offer GT-style cars to the marketplace. Cars like the Volkswagen EOS 3.6 V6 , or the Volvo C30 and C70 . The Audi A5 and Infinity G37 , the Dodge Challenger R/T and the Cadillac CTS Coupe . The list goes on and on, so never fear; there IS a GT-style car out there that will be exactly what you are looking for.


Is Route 66 on your bucket list?

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You’ve come to the right place

No highway gets more recognition and praise than america’s mother road, & few know it better than gilligans., we’re the experts in delivering world-class, self-drive tours of this journey into america’s heart and soul..

Gilligans Blue Car

With Gilligans, you get the full Route 66 immersion, following the original route crossing eight states and covering over 2,448 miles from the beginning in downtown Chicago right to Los Angeles and the finish point at Santa Monica pier, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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  • Start in Chicago & finish on the Santa Monica pier at the ‘End of Route 66’ sign
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Gilligan’s doesn’t provide a ‘tour’ in the true sense of the word. We provide you with a personal experience across America’s greatest highway – an immersion into the tapestry of heartland USA and an opportunity to encounter the people who live and breathe Route 66.

A true Route 66 experience starts and finishes with Gilligans.

We look forward to welcoming you to the USA!

Tour of Route 66

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Enjoy spirited drives in a selection of supercars as you explore America’s best backroads. Our professional drivers guide each tour on curated routes in a lead vehicle as the entire group of supercars follows behind. Available as 15, 30, 60, or 120 mile-long trips. Supercar Tours provide the opportunity to enjoy the essence of the supercar lifestyle, discover breathtaking scenic views and share a bucket-list experience with your passenger.


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Surrounded by the beauty of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The scenic byways wind through the valleys and mountain gaps of the Blue Ridge Mountains.




Cruise across wide-open swaths of majestic Southwestern terrain. The desert surroundings and mountaintop views will make you feel like you’ve ventured a million miles outside your urban comfort zone.


Select your favorite car to drive for the full length of the tour, or switch driver and passenger halfway at our scenic photography stop. Enjoy a full hour and a half of adrenaline in your selected supercar.

Michigan – great lakes, this one-of-a-kind scenic drive takes you along the crystal clear waters of the lake michigan shoreline through the beautiful rolling landscape of northern michigan., new york – catskill mountains, wind your way through the heart of the catskill mountains. this unique catskills experience offers mountain scenery, waterways, rolling farmland, and more..

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FloRacing 24/7

Amsoil off-road at crandon, wild thing kart series at stafford, summer shootout round 4 at charlotte, kubota high limit racing at lake ozark, deron rust memorial at georgetown, weekly racing at thunder road, mwdrs night of fire & thunder, firecracker 30 at stafford, nascar weekly racing at autodrome granby, usac east coast sprints at utica-rome, ira sprints at outagamie, usac top gun weekend at macon, kubota high limit racing at lucas oil, imca weekly racing at marshalltown, cars tour at southern national: how to watch and what to expect, how to watch the 2023 cars tour season opener at southern national motorsports park..


The 2023 CARS Tour season begins Saturday, March 11 at Southern National Motorsports Park. The Puryear Tank Lines 225 will feature a 125-lap race for Late Model Stock Cars and 100-lap race for Pro Late Models. 

Saturday's race will be the first of 16 races for the CARS Tour Late Model Stock Cars and first of 13 races for the CARS Tour Pro Late Models in 2023. 

The Puryear Tank Lines 225 will be the seventh CARS Tour Late Model Stock Car race held at Southern National Motorsports Park. It will be the first race for the Pro Late Model division at the 4/10-mile oval located in Kenly, North Carolina. 

2023 CARS Tour at Southern National Motorsports Park

What is the cars tour.

The Championship Auto Racing Series (CARS) is a Late Model touring series that competes at race tracks in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina.

The CARS Tour is currently owned by prominent motorsports figures Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Kevin Harvick, Jeff Burton and Justin Marks . Jack McNelly, the previous owner and founder, currently oversees operations and events. 

Throughout its history, the series has been known by a variety of names including the USARacing Hooters Pro Cup, CARS Pro Cup Series, Rev-Oil Pro Cup Series and CARS X1-R Pro Cup Series. In 2014, the series transitioned to a two-division series with Late Model Stock Cars and Super Late Models. The Super Late Model division was discontinued in 2021 and replaced with Pro Late Models for the 2022 season. 

Where To Watch The CARS Tour Live

The full CARS Tour schedule will be streamed live on FloRacing in 2023. This includes 10 combination events, six standalone CARS Late Model Stock Car events and three CARS Pro Late Model only events. 

FloRacing is accessible online, as well as through the FloSports app on streaming platforms such as Roku and Apple TV. The FloSports mobile app can also be downloaded on your phone and other handheld devices. 

Join FloRacing today to access the very best in motorsports coverage, including live events, exclusive on-demand content and one-of-a-kind documentaries. If you’re not a FloRacing subscriber, click here to sign up today.


VIDEO: "Butterbean" Brenden Queen and his mullet were the stars of CARS Tour Media Day. 

What To Expect At Southern National

With 17 degrees of banking in the turns, race fans should expect to see exciting racing on the Southern National Motorsports Park high-banks. An increased purse for the Late Model Stock Car portion of the event, which features a $12,000 winner's check, will create even more intensity for the competition. 

In total, a field of more than 50 Late Models are expected to compete with the CARS Tour at Southern National. The latest entry list features the names of 33 Late Model Stock Car drivers and 23 Pro Late Model drivers. 

The entry lists feature an interesting mixture of veterans and rising stars in the motorsports world. Deac McCaskill (2015 & 2016) and Brandon Pierce (2019) are the only drivers on the entry lists who have won CARS Tour races at Southern National. 

CARS Tour Entry List For Southern National



CARS Tour 2023 Schedule

  • Pavement Late Models
  • Southern National Motorsports Park

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David's Day Tours

A car and driver service for your private car tour from London

Reasonable prices

  • You choose which locations to visit and how long to spend there

Whole day, half day and multi-day trips available

Fixed price with unlimited mileage - the price you see is the price you pay

From one to seven passengers

Friendly, personalised, flexible service

Fully licenced by London's Public Carriage Office and full private hire insurance

You might, for example, wish to combine a visit to Stonehenge with a visit to the ancient stone circles of Avebury and to the City of Salisbury with its fine medieval cathedral. You may want to explore some of the charming villages and the beautiful countryside to be found in the Cotswolds. Along the way, you're free to stop anywhere that catches your interest - it's your holiday after all!

Perhaps you already know where you'd like to visit, but if you need help in planning your day, please get in touch with David's Day Tours and we can help you to make the most of your day.

We'll collect you from your London hotel in the morning at a time to suit you, and then return you to your hotel or other location of choice in the evening. If you'd like a very early morning start, that's no problem. Half day and multi-day tours are also available.

If you have any other requirements you'd like to discuss, we are pleased to be of assistance.

Remember, it's YOUR day for YOU to decide when and where to go.

My husband I went to the UK on our first overseas trip in May and June. We planned to visit our ancestory places after doing an intensive coach tour. We booked David's Day Tours before we left Australia. David made it easy for us to do that and pay a deposit on line. As our ancestors villages were out of the way places, we asked David if he would take us on a single day trip for Cliff's ancestors, to Hellions Bumpstead. David had not been there himself, but made it seem easily accessible and allowed us plenty of time to attend the church, where Cliff's grandparents were married. David gave us time  to take photos and meet the Vicar and the warden, and wait while we were able to search church records after the service.  Nothing was rushed. David is a really friendly, patient and knowledgable person. He  then suggested places of interest for us to see. Once he discovered our interests of aircraft and vintage cars, he used the rest of the day to take us to Duxford Air Museum, and we had the added bonus of a war military display on at the time. We were able to see and go through a Concord, amazing. 

Our next trip was a two day trip with David to North Huish and Lupridge farm, Bigbury and Bigbury-on-Sea, none of which David had been to himself. Again David found the places with ease, and the lovely B&B where we stayed way out in the country of Kingsbridge. After visiting and many stops for photos, visiting churches and walks through cemetries, David took us back to our hotel in London. He took us to some amazing places on the way back including the Beuileui National Car Museum, the largest in the UK. A highlight of the tour. These were lovely surprises that David suggested, that we had no idea of, and which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

We would unreservedly recommend to anyone wanting a special tour, or something extra ordinary, with a really nice guy, go with David's Day Tours.  Kindest Regards,

Ruth and Cliff. Australia, July 2014

I am writing to say thank you for your driving, tour assistance and company during the 3 days that you drove us around the area. We travel often and made many travel related arrangements over the years. Few have, from our perspective, worked out as well as yours! A.B, California, November 2012

  John & Cynthia Huth, Paul & Linda Yates, U.S.A. July 2011  

Alida, Boston, MA, May 2011

Koy, Thailand, April 2011

One Day Los Angeles Self-Driving Tour

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What should you do in LA if you only have 1 day to spend? This one-day driving tour will give you a glimpse of the top LA sights from Hollywood to Venice Beach. It assumes you have your own car or a rental car for the day. If it's summer, start in Hollywood to end up in Venice for sunset on the beach. If it's winter and the sun is setting at 4 pm, do the tour in reverse and start at the beach, ending in Hollywood after dark.

If you don't have a car available, you can also book a Hop On-Hop Off City Sightseeing Tour to visit most of the same locations without the driving.

If you don't get out of the car, the drive alone takes about 1 and a half to two and a half hours, depending on traffic, but you can get out and take a look at many different stops and still do this route in a day.

So let's get started exploring Hollywood!

Walking Around Hollywood & Highland

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We wouldn't necessarily recommend staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, but it's worth taking a look inside at this historic Hollywood landmark, and it makes a good starting reference.

Start your morning with breakfast at Mel's Drive-In , one block east on Highland just south of Hollywood Blvd , or grab a bagel at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf across from the hotel, then cross the street to compare your hand and footprints to your favorite stars in the forecourt at TCL (Grauman's) Chinese Theatre . Not much in the Hollywood & Highland shopping center next door will be open before 10 or 11 a.m., but walk across the front of the complex past the Dolby Theatre where the Oscars are held to the staircase leading up to the Babylon Courtyard . Don't forget to look down at the Hollywood Walk of Fame as you're walking to see if your favorite entertainers' stars are on this block.

You can take the escalator up to the Babylon Courtyard, but then you won't get a chance to admire how the architects managed to frame a view of the Hollywood Sign as you ascend the center of the staircase. The Courtyard itself looks like a Hollywood set with giant elephant sculptures perched high above the three-level ring of shops. Make your way up to the viewing bridges at the back of the courtyard via stairways or escalators on either side for your photo opportunity with the Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Hills as a backdrop. You can also see the Hollywood Methodist Church with its red ribbon painted on the tower. In the 1943 movie War of the Worlds,​ terrified citizens took refuge in this church from attacking aliens.

Driving Through Hollywood

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Head back to your car and drive east on Hollywood Blvd, past some of Hollywood's other landmarks. The El Capitan Theatre and Disney Entertainment Center opposite Hollywood & Highland was restored by the Disney Company to its previous glory. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! show is taped in the Entertainment Center, while Disney films are screened at next door El Capitan with pre-show visits by costumed movie characters. The Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Disney Studio Store shares the building.

On the next block, next to the dinosaur-topped Ripley's Believe It or Not , just down Highland, you can see the pink and green art deco façade of the original Max Factor factory, which now houses the Hollywood Museum . Continuing east, on your right you will pass the American Cinematheque at the historic Egyptian Theatre and the Art Deco Hollywood icon that was originally Kress Department store. It spent a long time as Frederick’s of Hollywood before being converted to a short-lived restaurant and nightclub. Hollywood's oldest restaurant, Musso & Frank Grill will be on your left.

At Hollywood and Vine, you can look for metered street parking to stop and take a photo of the circular tower of the Capitol Records building, the Hollywood and Vine signs and sky trackers and another view of the Hollywood Sign or you can look left at them as you turn right down Vine Street. Either way, when you're ready, head south (away from the hills) on Vine Street, then turn right on Sunset Boulevard. The half-golf-ball Cinerama Dome is on your left. Amoeba Music, at Ivar, is THE place to shop for hard-to-find music including a vast collection of recordings on vinyl and tape.

Following are two different routes to take you west to the ocean, depending on what you would like to see.

  • Route A takes you west by Museum Row on the Miracle Mile and the La Brea Tar Pits , if you're interested in pre-historic saber tooth cats and mammoths.
  • Route B is west via the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood .

Route A via the La Brea Tar Pits and the Museum Mile

TripSavvy / Christian Hundley 

Continue down Sunset to La Brea. Turn left on La Brea until you get to Wilshire (about 2 miles). Turn right on Wilshire. You're entering the Museum Row on the Miracle Mile, which includes the Craft and Folk Art Museum, the striking Petersen Automotive Museum - whose shiny steal ribbons over red surface look like a car rounding the corner from across the street - and the many buildings of the LA County Museum of Art .

As you pass Curson, look for metered parking on the right in front of Hancock Park near the Page Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits. If there is no parking available on Wilshire, turn right on Fairfax and right on 6th Street to park on the other side of the park or park in one of the pay lots. There are entrance gates from 6th Street and from Wilshire, but the biggest tar pits are near the Wilshire entrance.

Take a quick stroll through the park to see these active tar pits where more pre-historic fossils have been discovered than anyplace else on earth. Active excavations are underway and there are daily tours of the current excavation pit at 1 p.m. Fossils from these pits have found their way into museums all over the world, but the largest collection is here at the Page Museum.​

Optional Detour:  If you're ready for lunch head up Fairfax to 3rd Street to the LA Farmer's Market to grab a bite at one of the many food vendors in this permanent market building. If you finish lunch quickly, you might have time to stroll next door for some shopping or celebrity spotting at The Grove .

Continue west on Wilshire to Rodeo Drive .

Route B via West Hollywood

Instead of turning left at La Brea, continue on Sunset through West Hollywood on the famed Sunset Strip. You'll pass the Comedy Store and Laugh Factory where many famous comics got their start. You'll also pass some of LA's most revered live rock n' roll venues, the Viper Room , the Whiskey A-Go-Go , and the Roxy. West Hollywood usually has an interesting collection of quirky billboards soaring above the sidewalk cafes, bars and shops that line the streets.

Entering Beverly Hills , Sunset becomes a windy road with green hedges and trees blocking your view of most of the mansions tucked behind them. You'll pass the famed Beverly Hills Hotel on the right. You can turn left off of Sunset for a detour down famed Rodeo Drive which is at a 6-way intersection crossing Sunset at the same place as Cañon Drive.

Continue down Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive on the 1 Day LA Tour

From Sunset, turn left and proceed through several blocks of well-groomed mansions before you arrive at the short stretch of high-end designer boutiques recognized around the world. Rodeo Drive dead ends into the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Wilshire Blvd. You can either go around the block and go back up to Sunset or turn right on Wilshire and head west toward the Beach.

If you're already on Wilshire, continue West to Rodeo Drive, which only goes to the right. Metered parking is available on Rodeo and surrounding streets, and some parking structures have an hour or 2 of free parking if you want to get out and walk around. 

The designer shops only occupy three blocks, then Rodeo becomes a wide boulevard passing through a Beverly Hills neighborhood of multi-million-dollar mansions all the way back up to Sunset Blvd. Turn Left on Sunset heading west.

Sunset is a winding green route to the beach. Wilshire is an urban landscape of retail and commercial buildings with a green stretch through the L.A. Country Club.

If you want to take the Wilshire route, turn right at the Sunset 6-way intersection down Cañon Drive, then veer right at the next block on Beverly Drive, just to give you a different view back down to Wilshire, where you’ll turn right and pass Rodeo Drive again on your way to  the beach .

If you're in any kind of a hurry, the Wilshire route is usually slower, but they'll both be pretty leisurely.

To Santa Monica via Sunset Boulevard

If you take Sunset, you'll drive by UCLA on the left. You can detour through campus if you're interested. It's a beautiful campus. Beyond UCLA, after you pass Will Rogers State Historic Park veer left on Chautauqua as Sunset veers right. (If you miss Chautauqua, Sunset goes all the way to the beach, but it will add several additional curvy miles to the route.) Chautauqua will take you down to the ocean, where you will turn left on Pacific Coast Highway (known locally as PCH). PCH is a limited-access highway as it comes into Santa Monica . Take a slight left from PCH onto California Incline, which is basically a left-exiting off-ramp from PCH to Ocean Blvd, where you will turn right for a few blocks before turning left on Broadway and right into the parking structure adjacent to the Santa Monica Place Mall. Alternately, if you miss California Incline, you can   stay in the right lane and follow the signs to take the middle exit on Moomat Ahiko Way (as PCH turns left and Appian Way goes straight), then turn left on Ocean and right on Broadway to the parking structure. If you miss the curve and end up on Appian Way, take the next left up to Ocean.

Be sure to stay right and NOT follow the Pacific Coast Highway or you'll end up on the freeway. If that does happen, take the first exit, Lincoln, turn left on Lincoln back to Colorado Ave, then take a left back to the beach. The parking structure will be on your right after 4th street.

Parking structures 7 and 8 adjacent to the mall have free ​90-minute parking, $1 for the next hour and $1.50 per 30 minutes after that. The lower floors are 3 hours only.  A few other downtown lots have the same rates. There is also parking at the Civic Center, or there are multiple pay lots at the beach and short-term metered street parking.

To Santa Monica via Wilshire

Take Wilshire through Beverly Hills and Century City, into Santa Monica to 4th Street; turn left on 4th. Turn Right on Broadway and left into the Santa Monica Place parking structure.

Alternately, if you're running late and it's not rush hour, you can take Wilshire to the 405 Freeway South, exit to the 10 Freeway west, exit 4th Street at the end of the freeway. Follow the sign for 4th Street, then turn left off of 4th onto Broadway and into the parking structure.

Exploring Santa Monica

Parking is free in the Santa Monica Place parking structure for the first 90 minutes, as are other city parking structures in the vicinity. If you are in need of a restroom, there are public restrooms at the shopping center.

From Santa Monica Place or the parking structure, exit on foot toward Broadway and the Third Street Promenade.

If you want to visit the Pier, turn left and walk down Broadway to Ocean. The Pier is one more block to the left at Colorado. The Santa Monica Pier has a Carousel, a solar-powered Ferris Wheel, a small roller coaster and a couple other rides at Pacific Park , as well as the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, a Trapeze School, a fast food court and restaurants and some gift shops - and of course, a great view of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Beach . There are summer concerts held on Thursdays at the foot of the pier adjacent to the on-pier parking lot.

Third Street Promenade is lined with shops and restaurants and usually has an array of street performers, especially during summer and on weekends and evenings the rest of the year. For some budget designer snacks, head upstairs at the food court at 1315 Third Street Promenade and try a Wolfgang Puck Pizza. It's only budget compared to dining at Wolfgang Puck's other Santa Monica establishment, Chinois on Main.

You can download this Walking Map of the Third Street Promenade .

Venice Beach

Retrieve your car from the parking structure at Santa Monica Place and make your way around the block to where Main Street starts on the other side of the Mall. Main Street will take you through an area of shops, galleries and restaurants as you cross over into Venice Beach . Proceed to the traffic circle at Windward and look for a reasonable place to park. There are a variety of parking lots in the neighborhood with prices ranging from $3 to $15 depending on the day and season. In the off-season, you may find street parking. If you're stopping for less than an hour, you may score a spot right there on Windward right by the beach. Don't forget to note your space and pay at the pay station mid-block.

From Windward, walk to the right, down the boardwalk between the vendor stalls and the street performers past the outdoor gym at “Muscle Beach.” Walk about 7 short blocks to watch the sunset over a casual dinner at the Sidewalk Café. If you're all walked out already, there's a parking lot off the alley behind the Sidewalk Café just off of Clubhouse Ct. For those on an even tighter budget, grab a slice of pizza or a sausage sandwich at one of the Venice Beach snack bars and find a spot on a bench or a nice stretch of sand to enjoy the view. Bring a sweater or jacket. The beach is cool in the evening, even in summer.

After dinner, you're close to the airport if you've got a red-eye flight to catch, or you can deadhead back to Hollywood and grab a drink at one of the Roosevelt's 6 bars or restaurants.

If you're still standing, head out to one of LA's Top Dance Clubs or Comedy Clubs .

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The Dream Car Tour

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  • BOOK IT - $1,195


The Dream Car Tour is 3+ hours of pure, unadulterated awesome: A unique and exciting driving adventure that puts you behind the wheel of six different exotic sports cars for an adrenaline-filled drive through some of the most fun roads in the country.

You'll experience the thrill and excitement of the world's greatest cars -- a hand-picked selection of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Bentleys and more -- as you pilot each magnificent vehicle along the highways, byways and mountain roads they were designed to live on.

At the end of the day, you'll leave exhilarated (and maybe a bit giddy) with a certificate of completion, photos to remember your experience and, of course, the world's biggest smile. And the whole shebang is available for just $1,195 .


First, the basics.

You've got to walk before you can run. You'll start your day with a thorough overview of each vehicle. Our professional instructors will take you through the rules of the road and the safety (and performance) features of each car. You'll want to know how to shift, adjust the mirrors, and, of course, which side the seatbelt buckle is on.

Line 'em up.

Next, it's off to our staging area. You'll get settled in your first vehicle of the day - and the anticipation will start to boil over. We'll run some radio checks (we have two-way radios in each car so you'll never be out of touch) and make sure everyone is buckled in for launch.


And they're off!

Now comes the fun part. You'll pilot each vehicle for 15 heart-stopping miles. With the wind in your hair and the glorious sound of engine in your ears, you'll quickly understand why these are the greatest machines ever built.

Switch 'em up.

After each leg, the group will pull over at a designated checkpoint and you'll rotate cars with your fellow drivers. Of course that's just an excuse to let you catch your breath (and maybe mug for the camera a bit).


Wash, rinse, repeat.

Think that was fun? Well you're only 1/6 of the way there. You'll drive each car in sequence, getting a chance to compare and contrast the performance and handling characteristics. And you'll learn the answer to that ever-elusive question - are you a Ferrari guy? A Lamborghini girl? Or maybe you're James Bond in training.

Smiles ahead.

Whether you're younger, older, male, female, married, single, or none of the above, The Dream Car Tour is an experience you'll want to have under your belt. We've had 1000s participate and everyone leaves with a grin.


But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...


"The route of the tour is a strategically planned mix of highways, mountain roads and side roads - a course that Gotham has refined down to a science."

"I have been reliving the experience in my head ever since that exhilarating evening. The perfect gift for any car enthusiast of any age, the Dream Car Tour is a must-do event."

-- Aventura Magazine

"The day's experience was exhilarating and amazing and now falls into my 'Top 5' list of automotive experiences."


"My husband and I had the driving experience of a lifetime! I just want to thank you all so much for everything that was done to make this day so special. It was so much fun and unique to have this opportunity to drive all of those incredible cars."

-- Sherri C.

"My goodness. That was one of the best $$ I have ever spent in my life. The first 30 minutes with the Aston Martin was worth it alone. My goodness. The soul of Enzo was with me as I flew through New Jersey in the F430 and I could not believe the screaming roar of the Lambo Gallardo Spyder as we zipped by ... What a day ... what an experience!"

-- Stephen R.

"THANK YOU AND WOW! That experience was everything I had hoped it could be. I would do this again in a heartbeat and HIGHLY recommend to anyone who likes cars to do this. The staff were great, the cars well-prepped and the route easily documented. It was all very professional. I wish I could have spent all day in any one of these cars."

-- William S.

Watch the Official Video

Frequently asked questions, give me the basics. what is the dream car tour.

The Dream Car Tour is an exotic car driving experience. We gather six awesome exotics cars and a group of drivers and take everyone on a 3+ hour, 100+ mile real-world driving adventure. Every ~15 miles the group pulls over and everyone switches cars, so you'll have a chance to sample a variety of amazing cars. Think of it as a tasting menu of supercars.

When and where is the Dream Car Tour held?

You can participate in a Dream Car Tour on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of select weeks at various locations around the nation.

Is a staff member in the car with me while I drive?

Not usually. For most of our vehicles, we put you behind the wheel and your passenger rides along with you. For a few select vehicles with extremely limited visibility (such as the Lamborghini Murcielago), a GDC staff member will ride with you to assist with any tight turns and provide a second set of eyes.

Can I bring a friend to ride along with me? Can I bring my whole family?

Absolutely! In fact, passengers can ride along with you free of charge, so bring whoever you'd like. But please do limit yourself to one guest. Most of the cars are two-seaters, so there simply isn't any place for others to ride. And please, make sure all passengers can comfortably fit in the passenger's seat and be buckled in - we do not permit car seats on the Tour.

Can my friend follow along in his/her own car?

We don't suggest this. We drive on public roads so obviously we can't prevent anyone from trying to tag along, however because of the nature of the event (lots of turns and road changes) and because we have radios and your friend does not, it's very difficult for people to follow along. And unfortunately we cannot wait for friends who get stuck at red lights or miss an exit.

Do I have to follow the group? Can I drive my own route?

The Dream Car Tour is a guided Tour - we drive together as a group and we bring two support vehicles along for the ride: a lead car (to set the pace) and a tail car (to make sure nobody falls behind). You can drive in any order you want provided you don't pass the lead car and don't fall behind the tail car. Often, there will be up to a mile between the lead and tail cars, so there's plenty of freedom on the road. We do require that you remain with the group, and we do not permit drivers to go explore by themselves.

How many cars will I get to drive?

There are six vehicles on the Dream Car Tour. You'll get a chance to drive all six of them throughout the 3+ hour experience.

How long does the Tour last?

The Tour generally lasts between 3 - 4 hours. Morning Tours are usually back by 1pm and afternoon Tours by 7pm barring any unforeseen delays, which, despite our best efforts, do happen occasionally (i.e. weather, mechanical issues, lost drivers, etc.)

How many other drivers will there be on the Tour?

Tours can accomodate a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 drivers (actually, a bit more, but we'll explain that in the next question.) But wait - if there are 6 cars and 8 drivers, how does that work? Good question! Every participant will always have a chance to drive all six cars. We sometimes incorporate "rest" legs into the event -- which means at any time six folks will be driving and up to two folks will be taking a break and riding as passengers. We've found that three hours of intense driving all in one shot can be pretty exhausting, so by adding in rest legs, you get a chance to catch your breath for a few minutes.

How does the "Dual Driver" option work?

We offer an innovative way to share the Dream Car Tour experience with a friend called our "Dual Driver" option. Each of you pays a slightly lower per-person cost, and you'll always be together in all vehicles. Each time you switch vehicles, the two of you can change who does the driving and who sits shotgun. This lets you split the driving 3/3 (or 4/2, 5/1, etc.) so you both get to experience these amazing cars firsthand.

How fast do I get to drive?

Because the Dream Car Tour takes place on public highways and local roads, we drive as you would every day on the street - safely with the flow of traffic. On larger highways, that flow can be a nice brisk pace, while on twisty back roads, we'll take a pace that makes sure you enjoy the back-and-forth turns without slipping off an embankment.

Our goal is to give you the true "exotic car owner" experience - we want you to know what it's like to drive these cars as if they were your own. And don't worry - everyone who comes on the Tour asks this question and always has a great time. We're not out to tease you with great cars that only go 40mph.

Safety is our number one priority on the Dream Car Tour and we emphasize it constantly. Any participants found to be driving in a reckless or unsafe manner at any point during the Tour will lose driving privileges.

What if I get lost or make a wrong turn?

Every vehicle on the Dream Car Tour is equipped with a two-way radio system that's capable of transmitting a signal miles away, so you will always be in contact with the support vehicles and the other drivers on the Tour. Instructions are given over the radio by the lead car before each turn and each exit, so you should have no problems staying with the group. But every once in a while you might make a wrong turn (it happens), and if so we'll make sure to guide you back to the group over the radio.

What happens if I get pulled over? Am I responsible for tickets?

Our goal is to give you the "exotic car owner" experience - unfortunately part of that experience is the reality that exotic cars draw a lot of attention, both wanted and unwanted. In the rare case that you are pulled over during the Tour, you will be responsible for any tickets received.

I don't care about any of the cars other than the . Can you guarantee I get to drive it?

The purpose of the Dream Car Tour is to give you an adrenaline-filled "sampler menu" of exotic cars - you get to drive six different vehicles from the world's best and most exciting manufacturers. Because of the nature of these high-performance vehicles, maintenance issues do arise and occasionally we must make vehicle substitutions. We therefore cannot guarantee any specific car will be a part of a given Tour.

What do you do if it rains?

Dream Car Tours run rain or shine. We've been running events for over 3 years and our experience has shown us that even in the rain, the Tours are a tremendous amount of fun - in fact, some of the best testimonials we've received have been from participants that drove in the rain.

Do I have to know how to drive stick?

No. All of the vehicles on the Dream Car Tour are either fully automatic or semi-automatic (F1-style 'paddle shifters').

How do I drive a 'paddle shift' transmission? Is it hard? Will you teach me?

F1-style paddle shift transmissions are the latest innovation in high performance vehicles. Adopted from the transmission of the world's fastest professional race cars, it blends the performance and efficiency of a manual transmission with the ease and speed of an automatic.

It takes about 10 minutes for a normal driver to get accustomed to driving a paddle-shift vehicle. We provide full instruction before we depart, and in no time you'll be driving and shifting like a pro!

What is the age requirement to drive? Are there other requirements?

All drivers must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid driver's license and personal auto insurance. If you do not have personal auto insurance, several options are available to you - contact the Gotham Dream Cars office for details.

Does my own insurance cover me in the Dream Car Tour? I only drive a Toyota Camry!

Believe it or not, the answer is yes. In all 50 states, if you carry full-coverage insurance (that means Liability, Comp, and Collision) your insurance will automatically carry over and cover you when you rent a car from us - regardless of what you drive or what you rent. And it's for the same reason that if you're driving down the highway in your Camry and you happen to knock a Ferrari off the road, your insurance will cover the damage.

What does the Dream Car Tour cost again?

$1195 (+ tax) gets you behind the wheel of six of the most amazing cars you'll ever drive for three+ hours of fun. It's by far the best "bang for the buck" we offer here at Gotham Dream Cars.

Anything else I should know?

On the day of the event, we hold a $5,000 fully-refundable security deposit on a credit card. It's extremely rare that we ever need to access this deposit, but it does happen. Just drive safely and make sure to bring back the cars in the same condition they start and you'll be golden. The deposit is released when you return to home base from the Tour.

Sounds great! What's next?

That's what we like to hear. Head on over to our Reservation page and sign yourself up. See ya soon...!

Ready to Roll?

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Trans-Siberian: Moscow to Vladivostok

Culture, history, cuisine, people and nature - this is all-in-one adventure

Discover Moscow, Russia's capital. visit Kremlin and take a ride over Moscow River

Cook national Tatar meals in Kazan & have a glass of champagne at Europe - Asia border near Yekaterinburg, Ural mountains

Visit the largest in Russia open air tank museum

Cross full breadth of Siberia & take a ride at Lake Baikal,

Reach Vladivostok, the Pacific Ocean

Taste Siberian honey and vodka, meet locals, visit Russian Banya

Best places to stay, to eat, to go out and have fun - safe and secure with the tour operator, that specializes in Russia

Discovery Russia 24/7 English-speaking support line

Fully customizable on request

Day 1, Arrive Moscow

Day 2, Kremlin & The City

Day 3, Discover Moscow

Day 4, The adventure begins!

Day 5, Discover Kazan

Day 6, Day on board

Day 7, Yekaterinburg: Europe/Asia border

Day 8, Across Siberia

Day 9, On board to Irkutsk

Day 10, Arrive Irkutsk & Taltsy tour

Day 11, Lake Baikal Tour

Day 12, On board to Vladivostok

Day 13, On board, the Far East

Day 14, Almost there

Day 15, Discover Vladivostok

Day 16, Departure

Choose your package


  • 3-, 4- or 5-star hotel of your choice, hand-picked by our staff for their excellent amenities and central location
  • 3 nights Moscow // 1 night Kazan with early check in // 2 nights Ekaterinburg // 2 nights Lake Baikal/Listvyanka // 1 night Vladivostok with early check-in
  • 6 nights on board
  • Full breakfast at the hotels (except Day 1)
  • 3 lunches: Buryat lunch at Lake Baikal // Tea & honey degustation at the Taltsy Museum // Tatar cooking master-class with lunch in Kazan
  • Farewell dinner


Train 1st class compartment (2-berth) as per itinerary

from Moscow to Kazan by train fare first class

from Kazan to Yekaterinburg by train fare first class

from Yekaterinburg to Irkutsk / Lake Baikal by train fare first class

from Irkutsk / Lake Baikal to Vladivostok by train fare first class

Train 2nd class train compartment as per itinerary

from Moscow to Kazan by train fare economy

from Kazan to Yekaterinburg by train fare economy

from Yekaterinburg to Irkutsk / Lake Baikal by train fare economy

from Irkutsk / Lake Baikal to Vladivostok by train fare economy

  • Superior trains on the route with a/c, heaters and dining carriage for your comfort. 1st class: one place in 2-seats compartment. 2nd class: one place in 4-seats compartment. If you'd like more privacy, we can buy out an entire compartment for you.
  • Meet & greet at the airports/train stations
  • Private return airport/train station transfers
  • Metro pass in Moscow
  • Private transportation on tours as per program in a comfortable a/c car/minivan/bus (except on walking tours)

Sightseeing & Activities

  • Moscow full day (8 hours) guided tour: the Moscow Kremlin, the Kremlin Armory, the Red Square, Moscow metro tour, Arbat area
  • Cable car ride over Moscow River
  • Moscow full day (8 hours) guided tour: the State Tretyakov Gallery, panoramic city tour, the Novodevichy Convent with the guided tour inside, Sparrow Hills, the VDNKh and the guided tour to the Museum of Cosmonautics, cable car ride over Moscow River
  • Full-day (8 hours) guided tour of Kazan: highlights include the Kazan Kremlin, Kul Sharif Mosque, Syumbike tower, Old Tatar village
  • Full-day (8 hours) guided tour of Yekaterinburg: highlights include Ganina Yama Monastery, Church of All Saints, Europe-Asia Border, the Pyzhma military museum
  • Irkutsk half-day (4 hours) guided tour: St. Epiphany Cathedral, Kirov Square, Taltsy Museum guided tour with national folk performance
  • Lake Baikal (Listvyanka) full day (8 hours) guided tour: Shaman rock, Baikal Museum of Limnology, Chersky Stone observation point, local souvenir market
  • Full-day (6 hours) guided tour of Vladivostok: Highlights include harbour, Submarine S-56, Golden Bridge, viewpoint Eagle’s Nest, Vokzalnaya Square, the monument of the Trans-Siberian Railway, Vladivostok fortress museum

Entrance tickets & visas

  • Entrance tickets to all included sightseeing attractions (except optional)
  • Russian Visa supporting documents, including an official visa invitation letter, and step-by-step guide on how to apply for your visa

We value your comfort

  • Dedicated local English-speaking guide in all places as per program
  • 24/7 support before and during your trip with us
  • Best places to stay, to eat, to go out and have fun - safe and secure with the tour operator that specializes in Russia. Tips already included
  • Group tours are fully escorted by a bilingual tour director
  • Maximum group size 20 people

Rosina Gould, UK: Wonderful trip!

Peter Megens, USA: Discoveryrussia's Trans Siberian first class!

Yvonne Hill, Australia: Trans Siberian Adventure


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Fun In The Sun, Kudos To The Corners, and 50 Years of Road America Runs for Froh: The June Sprints and the Hoosier Super Tour

Reece White

  • June 23, 2024 23:35
  • 24 Road America News
  • Reece White
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Fun In The Sun, Kudos To The Corners, and 50 Years of Road America Runs for Froh: The June Sprints and the Hoosier Super Tour

Today’s headline – sunshine at the WeatherTech Chicago Region SCCA June Sprints, the final Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour of the season prior to this fall’s Runoffs presented by Sunoco back at Road America.

Although it was the 69th consecutive year of the event, it was a very nice record entry – the largest in the June Sprints history. Here’s what we learned:

The Real MVPs

Mother Nature was the ultimate junk pitcher this week, tossing curve ball after curve ball in the Kettle Moraine. Heavy rain, just enough time to dry the track, light rain out of nowhere, misting, thunder, lightning, and finally mid-80s and sunny on Sunday afternoon.

With all of that in mind, the heroes of the event were the more than 50 volunteers who gave up a weekend of watching the live stream to stand trackside and put the event on, waving flags to keep the drivers as safe as possible while they raced. Even with the advent of technology like the new Flagtronics system, the event doesn’t happen without them and they faced it all.

At least four of those flagging and communications workers were here for the first time. While we can’t promise them we’ll never see a weekend with weather like that again, we can tell them that it gets better and everyone – from staff to drivers to fans – appreciate the work they do.

Golden Anniversary

Mike Froh embarked on a significant milestone this weekend at the Chicago Region June Sprints, as the local racer made his 50th June Sprints start.

"When I turned 21 in 1971, I borrowed a friend's race car and went to two driver schools," Froh recounted. "After that, I bought an Elva Courier in Wichita, Kansas, brought it up to Wisconsin, and raced it at Road America."

His debut at the June Sprints in 1972 remains a cherished memory, marked by the thrill of competing at a circuit steeped in history and tradition with his family and friends in attendance.

"Just being part of something that I had grown up with was one of the biggest thrills of my life,” Froh said. “I also use car number 72 because it symbolizes the year of my first June Sprints at Road America."

But lest you think Froh, now 74 years old, has done it on his own, many of his crew members have been with him for nearly as long – crew like Dale Gueldenzopf (47 years), Joe Walvoord (32 years), Chris Donlon (29 years), Bob Hoopman (19 years) and Jim Dagley (11 years).

Froh finished fifth in F Production driving his Mazda Miata.

Not Even a Minor Setback

By nature, a record crowd brought out a number of drivers who may not have been at the June Sprints for a couple of years.

Count Tim Minor among them. The 2019 Formula Continental National Champion hadn’t been to the June Sprints – or any event at Road America – since 2008. It was meant to be a preview of the Runoffs later this fall, but the rain and conditions gave him a little more than he had bargained for.

Still, Minor walked away with the victory on Sunday. And he liked it so much he’s staying in Wisconsin for the week to participate in the Formula Race Promotions pro race with his car here next week.

June Sprints Champions

Sunday featured 28 race winners in the 25-minute timed races on the 4-mile Road America. Provisional race winners, with class, name and car are below (* denotes a weekend sweep):

*American Sedan: Evan Pecore, Ford Mustang GT B-Spec: Joe McClughan, Mazda2 *E Production: Tyler Ladd, BMW Z3 *F Production: Mason Workman, Mazda Miata *H Production: Jesse Prather, Mazda2 Formula 600: Calvin Stewart, Novakar Blade F600 *Formula Atlantic: Dudley Fleck, Swift 016/Mazda *Formula Continental: Timothy Minor, Citation Formula Enterprises 2: Caleb Shrader, Formula Enterprises/Mazda *Formula F: Sebastian Mateo Naranjo, Mygale SJ2014 Formula Vee: Zachary Whitston, Protoform P2 *Formula X: Ken De Nault, Formula Mazda GT-1: Adam Romito, Dodge Challenger GT-2: Jonathan Start, Dodge Viper *GT-3: Peter Cunningham, Honda Civic Type R TCR GT-Lite: Chris Bovis, Honda CRX GT-X: Brian French, Ligier LMP3 Prototype 1: Jim Devenport, Elan DP02/Mazda Prototype 2: Greg Gyann, Stohr WF-1 *Super Touring Lite: Danny Steyn, Mazda MX-5 *Super Touring Under: Joe Moser, Honda CRX Si Spec Miata: Brett Kowalski, Mazda Miata Spec MX-5: Matthew Novak, Mazda MX-5 Spec Racer Ford Gen3: Brian Schofield, Spec Racer Ford *Touring 1: Mark Boden, Mercedes-AMG GT4 *Touring 2: Charlie Peter, BMW M2 *Touring 3: Sean Lovett, BMW E46 *Touring 4: Marc Cefalo, Mazda MX-5

Photo Credit: Rick Corwine

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A Proposal for Significant Changes to the 2025 Runoffs, Super Tour, and Majors Aims for Increased Competition on all Levels

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2024 Solo Nationals Registration Kicks off Soon – Yeehaw!

Hall of Fame Fun, Rain Dancing and A First Win: The Hoosier Super Tour Visits the June Sprints

Hall of Fame Fun, Rain Dancing and A First Win: The Hoosier Super Tour Visits the June Sprints

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Brunswick National Tour a Maine Success for SCCA Solo

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Hoosier Super Tour Saturday at The Glen has Curb Enthusiasm, a Prowling Coyote, and Livery Lookalikes

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Espn anchor randy scott involved in scary early morning car crash: ‘really lucky’.

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ESPN anchor Randy Scott’s morning commute took a scary turn when bad weather in the Northeast created dangerous road conditions that sent the SportsCenter anchor’s car into a highway median. 

Scott posted photos and discussed the ordeal on X early Sunday morning, showing his car with severe damage to it. 

“Can’t thank @CT_STATE_POLICE enough for helping me this morning,” Scott wrote in the social media post . “Rained so hard, so quickly, I hydroplaned on I-84 and drilled the concrete median. “Airbags and seatbelt saved the day. Really lucky to walk away without a scratch.”

Can’t thank @CT_STATE_POLICE enough for helping me this morning. Rained so hard, so quickly, I hydroplaned on I-84 and drilled the concrete median. Airbags and seatbelt saved the day. Really lucky to walk away without a scratch. 🙏 — Randy Scott (@RandyScottESPN) June 23, 2024

ESPN anchor Randy Scott

The accident occurred around 3:46 a.m. near exit 58 on I-84, according to WFSB in Connecticut.  

The Toyota Highlander had to be towed from the scene, the station also reported.  

And if there was any confusion about whether Scott would need a new car, he cleared that up in a separate post. 

ESPN anchor Randy Scott got in a scary car accident on his way to the studio.

“Oh I absolutely need help with a new car,” Scott added. “This one has served me well, it’s earned a break.”

The SportsCenter anchor still made it to the ESPN studios in time to host SportsCenter alongside Gary Striewski, which started at 7 p.m. 

In posts on social media, ESPN colleagues of Scott expressed their relief that he hadn’t been injured in the accident. 

ESPN anchor Randy Scott got in a scary car accident on his way to the studio.

“Omg. So glad you’re ok,” Laura Rutledge said i n a reply. 

“Glad you’re ok buddy,” Dan Orlovsky wrote. 

“Omg Randy, thank goodness you’re ok,” Stephania Bell said.   

“Wow, man. Glad you are ok!” Doug Glanville added . 

Scott has been at ESPN since 2012 and had previously worked for NESN, WINK-TV in Fort Meyers, Fla., WNEG-TV in Toccoa, Ga. and KSWO-TV in Lawton, Okla.

He graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism in 2004.

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ESPN anchor Randy Scott


KPMG Women's PGA Championship

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2 women, unborn baby killed in head-on car crash, troopers say

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. ( WVLT /Gray News) - Two women and an unborn baby died following a crash in Knoxville, according to authorities.

Emergency crews responded to a head-on crash on Friday around 6 p.m., at an intersection.

According to court documents, 20-year-old Jonathon Jones was driving east when he crossed into the westbound lane and hit a Ford Expedition, WVLT reported.

Several witnesses told troopers Jones had been driving recklessly and was passing other cars on a double yellow line before the crash.

Jonathon Jones

Officials with Rural Metro said, “Several were trapped and had to be cut from the wreckage.”

According to court documents, five people were injured and taken to the hospital.

Officials said Casandra Jones, the only passenger in Jonathon’s car, was pronounced dead on the scene, in addition to her unborn baby.

Police said the driver and two passengers in the other vehicle all suffered injuries. One of the passengers, Virginia Brooks, died at the hospital Saturday morning.

While speaking to Jones, a trooper said he had bloodshot, watery eyes. He also told the trooper that he smoked marijuana every day.

Jones was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, improper passing and three counts of vehicular homicide by intoxication.

Copyright 2024 WVLT via Gray Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

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FBI offering reward for information as they investigate South Fork fire

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Lubbock restaurant employee stabs coworker, prompting SWAT callout

Police said a man in Texas shot and killed three people he claimed were burglars.

2 women, 1 man dead after suspected home invasion, police say

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TAG arrests 3 Lubbock Top Most Wanted gang members

Denim Rogers competing for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

‘It’s a big honor’: Area athlete competing in U.S. Olympic Trials

Latest news.

A suspect has evaded police after shooting eight adults, two teens, police said.

Man turns himself in, charged with obstruction after Ohio shooting, police say

Deputy Bradley J. Reckling, 30, was a nine-year veteran of the Oakland County Sheriff's...

Deputy whose wife is expecting fatally shot pursuing stolen car, authorities say

A trip of a lifetime ended in the deaths of a Maryland couple who had traveled to Mecca on a...

Maryland couple among hundreds of Hajj pilgrims dead from extreme heat

Noah Lyles wins a heat in the men's 100-meter semi-final during the U.S. Track and Field...

Noah Lyles speeds through finals to earn spot at Olympics in 100 meters

Lubbock police say one person is dead after an officer-involved shooting that happened Sunday...

1 dead after officer-involved shooting Sunday evening Conditions of Use Amazon Privacy Policy © 1996- 2024, Inc. or its affiliates

International sites

June 21, 2024

Written by Amazon Staff

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  26. ESPN anchor Randy Scott involved in scary early morning car crash

    ESPN anchor Randy Scott's morning commute took a scary turn when bad weather in the Northeast created dangerous road conditions that sent the SportsCenter anchor's car into a highway median.

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