Boston has layers of history on every corner. Your tour route has been carefully selected to give you not only a thrilling insight into the hauntings that infest Boston but a rich and immersive history of this New England capital.

You will see the key sites of historical hauntings in Boston. From the Boston Athenaeum and its volume of criminal confessions bound in the skin of its murderous author, to the Province House, the seat of British rule, for a while, and setting for Nathanial Hawthorne’s short story featuring the futile efforts of Esther Dudley , the governor’s housekeeper futilely waiting for the return of the King’s subjects following the revolutionary war.

Each of our locations will leave you with the sights, sounds, and smells of these historic places burned in your memory because you will have been there at night! Every well-researched story will entertain, educate, and stay with you for a long, long time.

To give you a better idea of what haunted sites our Boston Ghosts tours include, here is a sampling of just a few of the 8 or 12 locations we will visit on our tour.

We also included some of the further afield locations around Boston, including the fascinating story of the lady in Black, who haunts George Island in Boston Harbor. These stories are too far away to include in this Boston Ghosts walking tour but did make it onto our blog so that you can read more fascinating stories of Boston’s ghosts.


The omni parker house.

Haunted by its first owner and other notable ghostly guests, t he Omni Parker House is considered Boston’s most haunted location . One room, in particular, has caused so much trouble, terror, and grief that the hotel was eventually forced to convert it into a storage room, lest they risk another guest suffering from a grisly night’s stay in the cursed room. What could drive a hotel to retire an otherwise perfectly good guest room permanently? Discover the details on our tour.

Boston Common

This seemingly placid area is the country’s oldest park. For a century of its long history, the Boston Common was the site of hundreds of hangings. Not all of the victims of these executions managed to escape the park, even after death. The grim ghosts of the hanging victims are the least of your paranormal concerns in Boston Common . Keep your eyes open and your wits about you whenever you’re at this park… or else.

Old South Meeting House Extended Tour Exclusive

Witness the Boston Tea Party protest’s birthplace and the very American Revolution itself at the Old South Meeting House. This building is of crucially historical importance, but that’s not the only legacy the meeting house is known for. There is a particular specter that sometimes appears. It always acts as a harbinger of impending death. Or perhaps it’s no messenger of death at all, but instead directly responsible for the string of deaths that have befallen the unlucky ones who’ve encountered it. Tread very, very carefully here, and hope you don’t end up seeing this fatal spirit.

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Join us for an unforgettable evening at our Victorian Murder Mystery Dinner , held on select dates Also check out our brand new Oak Grove Cemetery Tour , held on select dates!

Lizzie Borden Tours Logo

Boston Ghost Tour

If you are looking for a fascinating and fun ghost tour of Boston, you've come to the right place! Book a ghost tour with Lizzie Borden Ghost Tours to explore the many historical haunted locations the city has to offer!

Why You Need to Take Our Boston Ghost Tour

You’ll hear accounts from those who have experienced the unexplained firsthand.  This could be a creepy story of other guest’s experiences or even from the tour guide themselves! If you’re looking for an authentic experience of making sense out of the unexplainable, you will love our Boston ghost tour! Whether you’re living in Massachusetts or just looking to learn more about your hometown’s haunted past, we will take you on a ghostly adventure that you’ll never forget! 

Five Stars

We had so much fun on our ghost tour. Lily was great!!

Great tour! Rachael really knew her stuff. Alot of fun!

Phenomenal tour! We loved seeing some of the more haunted sights of Boston and our guide did a wonderful job.

Tour Gallery

Boston Ghosts

Looking to book a hauntingly fun ghost tour in Boston? You’re in the right spot to unlock the ghostly secrets of Boston’s past.

Meeting Location

Boston Ghosts Boos and Brews Haunted Pub Crawl

Try the new Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl for some genuine scares, spirits, and spirits in Boston.

boston ghost and graveyard tour

In Cold Blood: Boston True Crime Experience

Join this True Crime tour to get a glimpse of Boston's dark side as we reveal thrilling accounts of its notorious criminals and the crimes they committed in cold blood.

boston ghost and graveyard tour

Rockstars of the Revolution: Blazing the Boston Freedom Trail

The Boston Freedom Trail is a journey through time, a chance to experience for yourself the sights, sounds, and stories of America's fight for independence.

boston ghost and graveyard tour

Untold Stories of the Wonder Women of Boston

Join this unique tour of Boston and learn about its famous history from a different perspective: the stories of the strong women who became its unsung heroines!

Why is Boston So Haunted?

Founded by Puritans in 1630, Boston was initially named “Trimontaine” after three mountains that were visible at the time; however, it was changed to Boston when the founders decided it was an easier name to say. John Winthrop, who was the first governor, pushed Puritanism and education, which still permeates Boston’s culture today.

During the 1700s, Bostonians showed their rebellious side resisting England’s control over the colonies. In 1765 Patriotic mobs started assaulting English officials after “The Stamp Act” was passed requiring direct tax and revenue stamps. This prompted the Revolution, and England’s retaliation resulted in the notorious Boston Massacre.

boston ghost and graveyard tour

In a time of mob rule and anarchy, with fury to defy British governance, an entire shipment of tea was destroyed, marking the Boston Tea party. Futile attempts to resolve the compensation for the tea the British demanded made way to the Revolutionary War. 

From that point, notable events include The Great Fire of Boston in 1872, when 776 buildings and 33 lives were lost. The 20th century brought the performing arts, high-rise buildings, and the statue of Paul Revere. A historic icon but a sad reminder of Boston’s torrid past.

Why should you tour with us ?


Aide-de-camps once walked the streets of Boston. Barricades, lined with bayonets, divided the city. The cavalry rode on horseback through Boston’s outskirts and projectiles and mortar fire rained like holy Hell on its rebel forces.

Boston has been the home of the Red Sox since 1912 and has the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball history. You’ve probably already gone to the stadiums, and taken a picture close to Pesky’s Pole and the Green Monster, now, you need something more. You need less ESPN and more Stephen King.

There are many significant historic locations along Boston’s iconic Freedom Trail. Multiple landmarks, churches, cemeteries, statehouses, schools, pubs, and even the breathtaking USS Constitution ship docked in Boston Harbor. Learn of the scandals, the controversies, the black deeds, and the ghosts that still linger across Boston’s sacred trail.

Maine lobster rolls, mouthwatering clam chowders, raw sea urchins, smoldering smoked octopus sashimi, Molasses baked beans. Oh, and don’t get us started on Boston cream pie. Delicious! You’ve had them all, and now, you’re getting your “just desserts” in the form of packing on too many pounds. What better way to get in shape than a good-old fashion walking tour?

Boston is home to incredible architecture. Boston is a city of traditional and contemporary styles. A place where an aficionado can have a field day. Yet, for some, it becomes too much. Sure it might be great to know that it is the origin place of Federal Architecture, but maybe that’s not your cup of tea.

Not just Jim from The Office but most people that have walked through Boston call it“The Hub” as in “The Hub of the America.” There’s a reason for it. There’s a reason for that sorcery, for that spellbinding quality. There's also a reason it's at the center of a different kind of world-- the capital of the otherworldly and the dead. Come and discover what makes Boston such a noteworthy, haunted town.

Did you know scientists at Princeton University may have proven the existence of ghosts?

Researchers at Princeton University have been studying paranormal phenomena in a scientific context for almost 30 years, through a department called “PEAR”. It stands for “Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research”. PEAR is a scientific study of consciousness-related physical phenomena.


Have you ever had a terrible tour guide? Someone who wasn't very likable, wasn't very knowledgeable, didn't have a good command of the group, was boring and unengaging?

Not our tour Guides! They are the best. They will make a believer out of you. Not just in ghosts, but in how awesome a properly guided tour can be. Our guides take their role seriously - they are guiding you through 300 years of history, in places that have been evidently haunted, almost weekly, since they were discovered.


Have you ever heard of a “memory palace”? It's a technique used by memory athletes to remember fantastic amounts of information with perfect recall, in a short period of time. What you do is, you associate different imagery and stories with different features of locations you're familiar with (like different rooms in your house).


If you've only got a couple days in town, maybe you're with your significant other, or maybe you're with your friends, or even your whole family, and you're spending your precious paid time off here in Williamsburg, so that every move you make counts… then you simply must come visit us.


Did you know the hormones our bodies release when we're thrilled have an influence on attraction? It's why roller-coasters make such a great first date. This has been studied over and over, but it's worth repeating here. If you're taking someone on a date, and you're looking to have a lot of fun together, or to increase attraction for each other, it's a good idea to find something that gets the blood pumping. The best activities are even a little scary, like a roller coaster. Or a haunted old church.


What is it worth to take a trip with your family that actually brings everyone together, even if it's just for an hour or two? Family vacations can be stressful, and sometimes it can be a real pain to get everyone to get into the spirit doing the same thing, without whining or eyes rolling. And how many memories do we really get to have fun reminiscing over as the years pass?


US Ghost Adventure tours are the real deal. One of the first things you'll notice, that makes us different than the other ghost tours in town, is we don't walk the traditional paths. And we don't use silly costumes or lanterns. Why? Because we only walk the paths of the stories we have fact-checked and verified. We explore real haunted sites across the U.S.


US Ghost Adventure tours are easy to fit into most schedules, because we run late in the evening. We have different start times in the evening to choose from, including with ghost tours starting at 8pm and 9pm, and the Ultimate tour at 10pm. Finally, at 90-125 minutes long, you can almost always find a tour that fits your schedule.


This is our favorite. Not long ago, a pop-science article was published that claimed the Large Hadron Collider at CERN had debunked ghosts. In reality, a scientist named Brian Cox mused that if there were a medium that could preserve a person (something like a 'soul'), he believes he would have seen evidence of it in his particle physics work.


boston ghost and graveyard tour

Old Granary Burial Ground

The Old Granary Burial Ground is the third oldest memorial site in Boston. Here, you can see the headstones of some of the country’s most notable figures. Benjamin Franklin’s parents, Abiah and Josiah Franklin, are currently resting at Old Granary. Several people who have visited the site at night have captured images of supposedly ghostly figures roaming around. Whether it’s neighboring ghosts or Franklin’s parents, it’s an eerie view into history you won’t want to miss.

boston ghost and graveyard tour

Boston Athenaeum

The Boston Athenaeum is perhaps one of the spookiest locations on our ghost tour, even if you’re a skeptic. From books made of human skin and several photos of eerie cemeteries, it’s no wonder that countless people rush to this site annually. However, the ghosts that are said to roam around the Athanaeum aren’t your typical sinister spirits. Some visitors claim to feel enlightened when they encounter specific figures, such as the ghost of Reverend Harris, whose spectral presence appears in the library. The writer Nathaniel Hawthorne even saw the Reverend once reading his own obituary.

boston ghost and graveyard tour

Kings Chapel and Burying Ground

Chapels and cemeteries frequently attract visitors from the other world. After all, it’s where the dead are laid to rest. The King’s Chapel and Burying Ground in Boston is no exception. The site is well-preserved and sports a Victorian-era design. People who visit the cemetery claim to see shadow figures roaming around at night. The two spirits thought to be held responsible for the haunting are Elizabeth Pain and Joseph tapping.

View our Refund Policy on this page if you have any questions!

Please see your booking details for meeting location. There are neighboring parking garages and street parking that are available in the area.

Group size varies based on time of year and demand. We can keep everyone in your party in the same group. We’ve been doing this for years, and manage group size to ensure guests have a great experience. In the event you can’t hear your tour guide, let them know, or move closer to them.

Pets are welcome as long as they do not disrupt or distract from the tour

The arrival time will be listed on your confirmation email and in the available tour times when you click the book button

Please do not call us, the best way to reach us is by email using the contact form on this website

An extended tour takes you to a few additional locations when the regular tour ends. This adds about four new places and 30 minutes to your tour- highly recommended

Book a tour and check the +1 box for each person in your group where it says “Extended Tour” at checkout to add an extended Ghost tour.

Please contact us directly for pricing and availability. We do not do private tours under 30 persons. If you have a group under 30, please order directly from the website’s book now option.

Tours are held rain or shine. We will contact you if the tour is cancelled.

Please only attend the tour for the day and time you are booked, as another day or time may not be available. If you need to reschedule, please contact us by email first. There is a $10 per order (not person) rebooking fee for each schedule change.

As it is unfair to other guests, we do not wait for late or no show parties. Please remember to arrive to the correct location on time! We do not grant refunds to guests who fail to arrive to the appointed place on time and miss their tour.

No, but some of the locations you can visit during the day for free. We simply wouldn’t have the time to focus on as many stories as we do if we were to enter each one, and we wish to focus on the stories, and leave the exploring up to you!

15 minutes before the start of your tour

No, this is a walking tour.

Most of the tour is not stroller or wheelchair accessible.

Yes, you are welcome to take photos of the locations we visit!

No, videos are not allowed

No, there is no smoking allowed on the tour

We do not allow intoxicated guests or drinking on the tour- we will promptly ask those in violation to leave

Lizzie Borden Ghost Tours

America’s most infamously haunted house delivers the most terrifying scares from all across the nation. We’ve compiled an extensive list of notoriously haunted locations and packaged them into spooky, entertaining tours available throughout the nation. Discover the true, unfiltered stories that created these hair-raising scares in only the unique and engaging way our expert guides can bring them to you. From the ghosts of unsolved murders and tragic accidents to disturbed spirits unable to find peace, there’s no limit to what we expose on our authentic ghost tours. Join us as we take you on an unforgettable, chilling journey through your city’s dark past and uncover the sinister secrets that put these places on the otherworldly map.

The Lizzie Borden House is home to the infamous murders that captivated the nation and made Lizzie Borden a macabre household name. Guests can explore the house via a variety of tours and, for those brave enough, stay in this notoriously haunted home. We aim to provide you with a memorable experience as well as deliver the best ghost tours, haunted pub crawls, and a variety of other experiences in over 100 cities.

Cash for evidence (a pile of coins shown)

Fake News in Fall River

The murders of Fall River's Andrew and Abby Borden were front-page news in the autumn of 1892. How could a young woman such as Lizzie have allegedly committed such heinous acts? The crime enveloped the town that year, drawing in speculation and myst ... Read More

Posted 11.15.2021

Life & Trial of Rev. Ephraim K. Avery

Methodists and Millgirls – Fall River’s First Unsolved Murder

The main stretch of Fall River. Source: Wikimedia Commons Fall River and Lizzie Borden go together hand-in-hand. Even if you’re not a Fall River native, just hearing the town’s name is enough to send chills down your spine. But the Lizzi ... Read More

Haunted Oak Grove Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery

All cemeteries have some haunting, and there's no exception for the Oak Grove Cemetery in Fall River, Massachusetts.  This cemetery, however, has good reason to be haunted.  And haunted, it most certainly is. History of Oak Grove Cemete ... Read More

Posted 09.29.2021

The maplecroft mansion is pictured, it’s a large white home with sharp peaks and lots of windows

Lizzie Borden’s Maplecroft Mansion

Lizzie Borden's Maplecroft Mansion was home to the alleged axe murderer for nearly 35 years after being acquitted for murdering her parents. It's believed that her spirit hangs on in her beloved home, as well as the home she lived across town whe ... Read More

Posted 09.21.2021

boston ghost and graveyard tour


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boston convention center



1204 reviews

Old Town Trolley Tours of Boston 4.3

Ghosts & Gravestones Tour

boston ghost tour ticket

Walk amongst the dead in burying grounds nearly four hundred years old, hear stories of those whose mortal remains lie beneath your feet, and listen to tales of many of the sordid practices that went along with them.

Old Town Trolley Tours invites you to explore Boston’s darker side aboard the city’s only “frightseeing” ghost tour, Ghosts and Gravestones. Prepare yourself for an evening of fun, scares, and ghost stories guided by a 17th century gravedigger. You’ll visit the streets where the Boston Strangler once prowled and hear local tales of murder and mayhem, ghosts and ghouls.

  • Reservations are required
  • Explore Some of Boston’s Most Haunted Sites…
  • Walk Amongst the Dead in Burying Grounds Nearly 400-Years-Old
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Exclusive Night-Time Access into Two of Boston’s Oldest Burying Grounds
  • See Boston’s Most Haunted Hotel: The Omni Parker House

Hear all about Boston’s darker side!

In a city nearly four hundred years old – troubled with war, murderers, strife and the occasional bout of stray molasses, it is hardly any wonder that Boston remains one of the most haunted cities in America and stories of the glory days of Colonial Boston only scratch the surface of Boston’s darker side.

Explore some of Boston’s most haunted sites…

See Boston’s most haunted hotel: The Omni Parker House. As you pass by, you’ll hear stories of the hotel’s more bizarre and permanent tenants. Hear the gruesome saga of the Boston Strangler, and see where his final victim breathed her last.

King’s Chapel Burying Ground

The oldest burying ground within the confines of downtown Boston; this is the final resting place of many of Boston’s first inhabitants. Here you may peer inside a decrepit charnel house which contains the jumbled bones of hundreds of forgotten souls and learn of Ephraim Littlefield and his shocking black-market body trading scandal of the Victorian era. Or perhaps you will hear the tale of King’s Chapel’s Strangers Tomb and the ghost who haunts it.

Please note: Each tour will visit 2 of the following 3 burying grounds: Copp’s Hill Burying Ground , The Granary Burying Ground and King’s Chapel Burying Ground .

Tour runs most dark and stormy nights so dress appropriately. Part of the tour is walking. Wear comfortable shoes.

Ghosts & Gravestones Tour

Nightly*. Starting at 6pm. *Call (855) 396-7433 for availability.

Length of tour: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This tour may not be suitable for children under 13 years of age. Due to the loud noises on our tour, children under the age of 6 are not allowed onboard.

Availability in late October is extremely limited.

Please call for availability prior to making your e-ticket purchase. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED! CALL (855) 396-7433.

boston ghost and graveyard tour

*Reservations required. Reservation based tickets are non-refundable. You may reschedule up to 24 hours in advance of tour time.

Ghosts & Gravestones

Photo of Ghosts & Gravestones - Boston, MA, US.

Review Highlights

ghosts-and-gravestones-boston photo RC7jesaVQSDOKXuqLXfbTQ

“ The trolley is decked out nice and spooky and the guides are in full character costume and makeup. ” in 65 reviews

Kathy D.

“ It was interesting to hear about the Boston Strangler and all sorts of little details of Boston along the way. ” in 12 reviews

Caitlin E.

“ Going on the Ghost & Gravestone Tour in Boston is really like going to a theatrical performance, yes, they are that good! ” in 10 reviews

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Location & Hours

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200 Atlantic Ave

Boston, MA 02110

Richmond St & Cross St

Ask the Community

Ask a question

Do you actually get to tour the graveyards?

I went to 2 graveyards on this trip. One of the graveyard was cool, went to 2-3 different ends of the graveyard but the other one we just stood in one location while the guide talked.

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Overall rating

319 reviews

Photo of Rocky S.

I am visiting with my mom from Washington State. I saw this tour and decided it would be something fun to do. The tour guide was amazing and all the stories and gravesites were very interesting. I definitely recommend this tour for anybody visiting Boston.

Business owner information

Photo of Guest R.

Business Manager

Jul 9, 2024

These are all things we love to hear. Thank you so much for your comments! Our guides and storytellers take pride in what they do. Come visit us again in one of our other destinations.

Photo of Brandi K.

I was able to snag the last 2 tickets of the night for Saturday October 28th and I'm so glad I did! Our tour guide was an absolute delight! The night was quite warm for late October so it was a super comfortable tour. It really doesn't matter where you end up on the bus as the tour happens in the graveyards, but if you want to check out the streets, make sure your partner/friend/whomever lets you have the window side. (I say this because a lady threw a full tantrum about wanting a different bus with different windows, but it legit makes no difference). The seats are comfortable. We hopped on our bus, sat down, and began the tour a few minutes early. You drive through downtown Boston and stop at 2 burial grounds. Both of which are very old and have torrid histories. We had just visited one earlier that day, but we got a different perspective after dark as well as stories about it's history and those buried within. There is very minimal walking involved, and could probably easily accommodate those with certain mobility concerns. The tour lasts about 90 minutes, and they are very good about staying on track. I was thoroughly impressed with our guide, the tour, and the ticket purchasing experience. I have spent lots of time in Boston and I highly recommend doing this!

boston ghost and graveyard tour

See all photos from Brandi K. for Ghosts & Gravestones

Nov 9, 2023

Wow, that is a great review! Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experience. We love reading about our guests' experiences and sharing them with our CAST. We hope you'll come back and visit us again.

Photo of Josh. P.

Mary Dashwood was fantastic. A beautiful storyteller. I would recommend this tour to everyone. She really captures the essence of Boston.

Jul 21, 2024

We love reading about our guests' experiences, and our CAST also enjoys knowing that they made your trip memorable. Thank you for taking the time to write this. We hope to see you again next time you visit one of our destinations.

Photo of Nicole G.

Our main guide was Patty and she was good. Very engaged and knowledgeable. However, the real star was Evelyn, who led us through a graveyard visit. She was incredible! Very fun, and you see a lot of sights without all the walking.

Paul Revere Headstone

Paul Revere Headstone

boston ghost and graveyard tour

Apr 3, 2024

Thank you so much for your detailed comments! Our CAST is very proud of the work they do, and it sounds like it pays off. We're glad to know we're hitting the mark. We hope to see you again next time.

Photo of Jess N.

I was a bit wary when I saw the guides dressed up in ghoulish costumes, but the second our guide Bernard started the tour I was sold. He was an extremely good storyteller, hilarious with the crowd, quick, and an overall delight. He told some great stories and kept everyone invested the whole time. Also apparently the only tour company that has nighttime graveyard access which was half the fun. 10/10 would do this again!

Garnett burial ground

Garnett burial ground

Apr 26, 2024

Wow, thank you for that wonderful review! We're glad to know we made it worthwhile. Our guides work hard to make their presentations interesting, and we love sharing these comments with them. We hope to see you again!

Photo of Nina L.

So the tour guide Letty, who led us through the graveyard, legitimately changed my life. She was so funny that I laughed so hard that tears came out of my eyes. I actually don't know if I've ever laughed that hard in my life before. My favorite part was how she started off with both a german and russian accent but ended American (diversity is awesome). And tour guide Jack was also great. Loved the acting. Waiting for Letty to headline a billboard in times square for stand up comedy.

Jul 1, 2024

Photo of Art T.

This was a really fun activity to do while in town! I'm guessing it's very much geared towards tourists, but that's fine. It was still well worth it! It's not cheap, but considering you're paying multiple people for several hours of their time, it's not bad at all. We were on a bus to get from place to place, and we got out and walked to and through two different graveyards as well as the famous Boston Common. They had wonderful ghost stories to share at each location, along with viewing some famous gravestones! We unknowingly already visited the second graveyard earlier that day, so if you want to avoid any "spoilers," keep that in mind! Still, they were able to tell us stories about each place that we would never have known on our own. The real key to the success of our tour definitely came down to the acting of the tour guides. And here is where this tour really shines. Our guide, Hamish H... um... something... I forget and I don't have his card handy... anyway... Hamish was amazing! He included just enough camp to make it not too over-the-top with the moody scariness... but it was serious enough that you got a feel for some real actual creeps that undoubtedly Bostonians who experienced these phenomena felt. It's not a circus show of smoke and mirrors, and it's not all horror and haunts either. It's a great balance between the two. I think this tour would be okay for most kids in fact (though I don't know if they have an age limit, sorry...). I'm glad we did the tour! It was a great experience, and our guides were exceptional. I would recommend this to anyone to do, and I would definitely do it again if the opportunity arises!

Nov 16, 2023

Photo of Tori S.

This was a entertaining touristy thing to do in Boston. Something different to do than a basic bus tour of the city. The stories were factually correct and told in a way that kept your attention. The staff is really committed to keeping character and went all in on their performance. This wasn't "scary", but based on the content I wouldn't have small children attend. There is walking involved. You spend about 50% of the time on the bus and the other half walking around.

boston ghost and graveyard tour

I was in Boston with coworkers and we stayed an extra day and joined this tour. Im glad we did The guide was friendly and we stopped at a few cool historical places. I would do this tour again while I'm in town with friends

boston ghost and graveyard tour

Decided to take a ghost tour one of the evenings that we were in town. Arthur was our tour guide and he was amazing. From the scary music being played on the trolley to telling our group all the ghost stories was an awesome experience. I highly recommend. We did have to walk a hill to get to the first Cementary and walked around the park at night. A lot of history and the gas lit lamp added even more to the whole ambiance. What I loved more is being able to walk around and take pictures. We walked two cementaries and I saw more orbs in the first one being the oldest in town. Tour with Arthur you won't be disappointed he even is nice enough to take pictures with Me and my Husband.

boston ghost and graveyard tour

See all photos from Teresa P. for Ghosts & Gravestones

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Ghosts and Gravestones Trolley Tour

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Explore the spooky side of Boston on the Trolley of the Doomed. On this 90-minute tour, you’ll hear tales of the Boston Strangler, of murders and executions that took place on the Boston Common, and of paranormal activity at the Omni Parker House. Most of the tour is aboard the trolley, but you’ll also walk through two of the oldest burial grounds in the city and visit the site of a notorious grave-robbing scandal. The tour is available year-round, but Halloween is the best time to go (book tickets early), especially in costume.

Been there, done that? Think again, my friend.

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Israel’s Netanyahu makes surprise Gaza visit as far-right politician tours flash-point Jerusalem site

Israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu made a surprise visit to troops in southern gaza, days before his speech to the us congress.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a memorial ceremony for Israeli soldiers who fell in battle during the 2014 Gaza War, in the Hall of Remembrance at Mount Herzl Military Cemetery in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a surprise visit to troops in southern Gaza on Thursday, saying it was essential that Israel keep control of a strip of territory along the territory’s border with Egypt, just days before he was set to give a speech to the US Congress.

In his comments at Gaza's southernmost city of Rafah, Netanyahu sounded a tone of triumph in the campaign against Hamas — and underscored the differences that still remain in monthslong attempts to reach a cease-fire.

A US-backed outline for a deal calls for an eventual full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in return for a full release of hostages by Hamas, something a continued Israeli grip on the Rafah border crossing and nearby border strip would appear to contradict.

Netanyahu’s visit to Rafah was announced hours after Israel’s far-right national security minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, visited Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site. Ben-Gvir’s move also could disrupt the talks over a cease-fire in the nine-month-old Israel-Hamas war.


Ben-Gvir, an ultranationalist settler leader, said he went up to the flash-point site to pray for the return of Israeli hostages “but without a reckless deal, without surrendering.” Israeli negotiators landed in Cairo on Wednesday to keep working on the talks.

Tensions over the compound have fueled past rounds of violence. The Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned Ben-Gvir’s visit as a “provocative intrusion” that endangered the fragile status quo regarding the Jerusalem compound, which is revered by Jews as the Temple Mount and by Muslims as Haram al-Sharif, a holy site and important national symbol.

The two leaders’ visits came hours after Israel’s Parliament overwhelmingly passed a resolution rejecting the establishment of a Palestinian state. The vote, in an overnight session that lasted into Thursday morning, was largely symbolic and meant to send a message ahead of Netanyahu’s trip to the United States.

Netanyahu’s office announced his visit to Rafah once the prime minister had exited the war-torn Palestinian territory. Israeli forces invaded Rafah in early May, forcing most of the 2 million Palestinians sheltering there to flee. Rafah, once a crucial entry point for humanitarian aid, is now a dusty ghost town full of bullet-riddled apartment buildings with blasted-out walls and shattered windows. Very few civilians remain, even as the ground operation continues.

Netanyahu toured the Rafah crossing with Egypt and from a viewpoint saw the Philadelphi corridor, a narrow strip running the length of the Gaza side of the border with Egypt. The Israeli military seized control of both early in the Rafah assault, and it says that since then troops have uncovered Hamas smuggling tunnels into Egypt.

Netanyahu said his talks with troops and commanders had made him “stronger in the understanding that our control of the Philadelphi corridor and of the Rafah crossing are essential going forward," his office said in a statement.

Israeli leaders have signaled that the Rafah operation is close to finished — a step that is expected to lead to a new, lower-intensity phase of the war and could possibly improve conditions for a cease-fire. Israel has previously said Rafah was Hamas’s last major stronghold in Gaza.

But differences still remain in the talks over the three-phase deal, which starts with a halt in fighting and a partial hostage release. The outline says the deal is to lead to an end to the war and complete Israeli withdrawal — a top Hamas demand for a full hostage release. But it also says the two sides must negotiate the terms for that during the initial cease-fire phase. Hamas wants stronger guarantees, while Israel has suggested it will demand Hamas be removed from power in those negotiations.

In his comments in Rafah, Netanyahu also said Israel demands “a maximum number of hostages” to be released in the first phase. That’s likely to fuel Hamas’s suspicions he aims to get out as many hostages as possible and then resume fighting.

Overnight Israeli strikes Thursday in central Gaza killed at least 11 people, according to the Hamas-run Civil Defense organization and hospitals. At least two children and two women were killed in airstrikes on a house and a car.

In recent weeks, Israel has stepped up strikes in central Gaza, where many Palestinians have fled to escape fighting in other parts of the beleaguered territory. Israel’s military said it targeted a senior commander from the militant Palestinian group Islamic Jihad’s naval forces in Gaza City, and another Islamic Jihad commander responsible for launches in the city of Shijaiyah.

Ben-Gvir said Thursday while standing in front of the iconic golden Dome of the Rock in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound that he “is praying and working hard” to ensure that Netanyahu will not give in to international pressure and will continue with the military campaign in Gaza. Ben-Gvir has frequently visited the site during times of conflict, drawing condemnation. He last visited the site in May to protest countries unilaterally recognizing Palestinian statehood.

As security minister, Ben-Gvir oversees the country’s police force. As a key coalition partner, Ben-Gvir also has the power to rob Netanyahu of his parliamentary majority and try to force early elections.

Ben-Gvir has used his influence to push forward pet projects and encourage Netanyahu to press ahead with the war in Gaza in the face of widespread calls to reach a cease-fire deal that would bring home hostages.

He has been convicted eight times for offenses that include racism and supporting a terrorist organization. As a teen, his views were so extreme that the army banned him from compulsory military service.

On Friday, the UN’s International Court of Justice is expected to issue an advisory opinion on the legality of Israel’s 57-year occupation of the Palestinian territories, an ongoing legal case not connected to the current Israel-Hamas war.

Israel also said it killed a senior commander affiliated with Hamas and other militant groups in Lebanon. In a statement, Sunni al-Jamaa al-Islamiya, or the Islamic Group, identified him as Mohammad Hamed Jabbara and said he was killed in a strike in the western Bekaa area in Lebanon not far from the Syrian border. The Israeli military described Jabbara as a Hamas operative in Lebanon who helped coordinate Islamic Group attacks targeting northern Israel.

The war in Gaza, which was sparked by Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel, has killed more than 38,600 people, according to the territory’s Health Ministry, which does not distinguish between combatants and civilians in its count. The war has created a humanitarian catastrophe in the coastal Palestinian territory, displaced most of its 2.3 million population, and triggered widespread hunger.

Hamas’s October attack killed 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and militants took about 250 hostage. About 120 remain in captivity, with about a third of them believed to be dead, according to Israeli authorities.


  1. Boston Ghosts and Gravestones: Is this the BEST Ghost Tour in Boston?

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  2. Boston Ghosts and Gravestones: Is this the BEST Ghost Tour in Boston?

    boston ghost and graveyard tour

  3. Boston Ghosts and Gravestones: Is this the BEST Ghost Tour in Boston?

    boston ghost and graveyard tour

  4. Boston Ghosts and Gravestones: Is this the BEST Ghost Tour in Boston?

    boston ghost and graveyard tour

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    boston ghost and graveyard tour

  6. Boston Ghosts and Gravestones: Is this the BEST Ghost Tour in Boston?

    boston ghost and graveyard tour


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    1. Visit two of Boston's Ancient Burial Grounds - Historic & Haunted. 2. Hear about the The Omni Parker House - Boston's Most Haunted Hotel. 3. Drive past Boston Common - Strange & Spooky Sightings Have been Reported. 4. Join Our Gravediggers - the Leaders of Your Frightful Adventure. 5.

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    Ghosts & Gravestones Tour. Nightly*. Starting at 6pm. *Call (855) 396-7433 for availability. Length of tour: 1 hour and 30 minutes. This tour may not be suitable for children under 13 years of age. Due to the loud noises on our tour, children under the age of 6 are not allowed onboard. Availability in late October is extremely limited.

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    Starting Locations. The Death and Dying Ghost Tour starts at 24 Beacon Street, in front of the Massachusetts State House gate. If you need directions or get lost, you have a map in your Ticket Confirmation email. You can also call our office at 855-999-9026, and we'll get you to the right place!

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    The 90 minutes journey will take you on a spine tingling trip through Boston's historic burial grounds! Tickets. Quantity. Retail. Our Price. You Save. Adult. $47.20. $44.84.

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    Boston Day and Night Tour Package. *Applies to standard trolley pass. Pass is non-transferable. Other restrictions may apply. Pass discounts have no cash value and are not refundable and non-transferable. Historic Harbor Cruise and Boston Summer Nights Tour & Charles River Cruise operate seasonally. Sports Museum: Must be redeemed within 48 ...

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    Boston Ghosts and Gravestones Trolley Tour. 674. Trolley Tours. 2 hours. Hop aboard the "Trolley of the Doomed" and unveil the haunted side of Boston on this alternative evening tour of the city…. Free cancellation. from. $47. per adult.


    Boston Ghosts And Graveyard Tours in Boston, Massachusetts. Hollywood Tours in Boston, Massachusetts. Teen Activities in Boston, Massachusetts. Top 10 Haunted Tours in Boston. Top 10 On Off Trolleys in Boston. Browse Nearby. Restaurants. Coffee. Hotels. Museums. Breakfast. Arts & Entertainment.

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    On this 90-minute tour, you'll hear tales of the Boston Strangler, of murders and executions tha. ... Photograph: Courtesy Ghosts & Gravestones Boston Ghosts & Gravestones Boston. Book online.

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    The Ghosts of Boston Tour (40 Tremont St.) offers a Boston ghost tour for families looking to learn the history of Boston with a spooky twist. The tour begins outside of the King's Chapel Burying Ground and features a tour of the cemetery, Boston Commons, and other key historic landmarks in Boston. Tour guides provide stories of the histories ...

  23. Israel's Netanyahu makes surprise Gaza visit as ...

    Netanyahu's visit to Rafah was announced hours after Israel's far-right national security minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, visited Jerusalem's most sensitive holy site.

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    Meet our ghoulish grave diggers that may appear on your upcoming Boston ghost tour. Click for possible tour changes on the day of your tour here . GET TICKETS TIX. Manage. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ... Likes coffins, broken dolls and long walks in the graveyard. Seeking tourists and trolley travelers to tantalize with twisted tales of trauma ...