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Walking the Spirit, Black Heritage Paris Walking Tours


Relive the times and challenges of the writers, artists, intellectuals, musicians and entertainers who called Paris neighborhoods home


Daily, subject to availbility

Join Walking The Spirit Tours , the original Black Paris Heritage tours since 1994. You’ll love the versatility, blend Black heritage with delightful discovery of the city and regions. Your experience can be as boundless as your curiosity and time!

Join us for ONE, TWO or ALL THREE of our special neighborhood walking tours. Not only will you gain valuable insight into African-American expatriate and Diaspora life but get an up close look at what makes these streets buzz.

Come stand in the same doorway  James Baldwin  crossed, or browse the market the Beboppers shopped. You’ll also get to peek in the café where Richard Wright jotted his notes, study the landscape that inspired Lois Mailou Jones ‘ paintings, stand beneath the marquee where the Harlem Hellfighters  first jazzed up Paris, and stroll Josephine Baker ‘s and Bricktop ‘s neighborhood.

Also available – private Spirit of Black Paris bus tours, combo walking/bus tours. And multi-day tour adventures throughout France, London, Amsterdam and beyond!

Walking Latin Quarter/St Germain – Writers, Artists & Intellectuals

This tour begins at the Josephine Baker Square in Montparnasse then heads to the centre of Paris. Travel the backstreets to retrace where Chester Himes dreamed up prize-winning detective novels, Richard Wright jousted with French intellectuals, and Gordon Heath strummed his folk guitar. Bud Powell’s wife served up home food here, Lois Mailou Jones painted her way across the city and Henry O. Tanner painted his way into the Louvre.

Also: Ira Aldridge, Hale Woodruff, Meta Vaux Warrick, Miles Davis, Claude McKay, Victor Séjour and more.

This area is home to bookshops of all cultures and tastes, the venerable Sorbonne University, art house cinemas, existential cafes and the city’s original art gallery district. Enlightening.

Duration: 3 hrs

Walking Lower Montmartre/Pigalle – The Entertainers

Let us take you back to Harlem in Paris of the Roaring 20s! Between the Moulin Rouge to the north and Bricktop’s cabaret to the south, this entertainment district became the birthplace of Europe-centered jazz after WWI.

Includes: Josephine Baker, Sidney Bechet, Langston Hughes, Bud Powell, Florence Mills, Leroy Haynes Soul Food Restaurant, the birth of French jazz, and the fascination for African art.

Duration: 2 ½ hours

Walking ‘Africa in Paris’ – Chateau Rouge/La Goutte d’Or

Between the KFC, the bountiful fresh fish and exotic produce in the open-air market, the mosques, the hair shops, micro tailor and fabric shops, this Muslim and Catholic neighborhood feels, looks, and lives like no other quartier in the city. Fascinating.

Duration: 3 hours Available walking only.


 When Julia Browne stood in front of the Paris building where Langston Hughes had written his jazz poetry in the 1920s, she couldn’t believe that one of her literary idols had lived and worked in her same north end neighborhood. A mission was born – people had to know about this. That was 1994. Inspired by the writing of her mentor, the late Professor Michel Fabre of the Sorbonne Nouvelle, she carried out further research then launched Walking The Spirit Tours, the pioneering tours of black Paris.

20 years on, they still take great pride in educating and inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds on the rich cultural exchange between African American, Diaspora and French culture.

Catering to the growing fascination from travelers with little time to research but who crave authentic cultural experiences, Julia funnels her amour for the French lifestyle into designing personalized itineraries. As a certified Destination France Specialist and former longtime resident, Julia also expertly organizes full trip planning in France and Europe. The goal is simple: to share the passion by opening the doors for travelers to actively participate in culinary exploration, to explore off the path neighborhoods, to gaze at great and lesser known art, and to venture out, as the expatriates did, and engage with local residents of charming towns.

The Special Group Tours Advantage is our unique and intimate understanding of what you expect traveling in the UK and Europe. We have not only visited but have spent many years living in and loving the cultures you will experience down the ‘B’ Roads and off the beaten track. We have worked with local suppliers and our guide/companion team for over a decade, creating unique special interest itineraries. Special Group Tours offers our “insider” knowledge to you.

The SGT Small Group Touring Concept is traveling with just 4 - 14 guests per departure. It is our aim to introduce you to the 'real' country and its people, not just ticking the boxes of a standardized route and treating you as an individual and not a number. Our concept allows for a leisurely touring pace and flexibility to get off the beaten track to discover hidden gems. Of course you'll see the major sites but so much more too!

At Special Group Tours, it is our priority that you have the most enjoyable holiday possible. You deserve it!

Call us Toll Free on: US 866 725 5250; or London UK 0790 552 4717

Email: Tours@SpecialGroupTours.com

Email us here

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Black Paris Tours Calendar

​ Black Paris Tours now operate YEAR ROUND Monday-Saturday except during the winter months when we offer tours on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays!

French Holidays France ranks number four among countries with the most holidays, with a total of 36 holidays, including 25 statutory holidays and 11 public holidays. A French holiday will include parades and festivities or a city that looks like a ghost town with most Paris residents out of town. Restaurants, major attractions and museums may be open on major holidays (check online), but you can count on stores and shops being closed (as most are on Sundays) and the Paris transportation system running on a slower holiday schedule.

French Holidays The French people celebrate several holidays during the year. ​Legal holidays celebrated are:

New Year's Day-January 1st

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

Labor Day-May 1st

Liberation Day-May 8th (Marks the end of WWI)

Ascension Thursday-celebrated 40 days after Easter (the ascension of Christ into Heaven)

Pentecost Sunday & Pentecost Monday-observed the 7th Sunday & following Monday after Easter

Bastille Day-July 14th (commemorates the storming of Bastille)

Assumption Day-August 15 (elevation of Virgin Mary)

All Saints Day-November 1st (commemorating the saints)

Armistice Day-November 11th (signing of the armistice at the end of WWII)

Christmas-December 25th

Boxing Day-December 26th

Eiffel Tower under blue sky during daytime

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black paris walking tour

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black paris walking tour


Explore Paris’ Black History On Foot with This Eye-Opening Walking Tour

  • By Sophie Dodd
  • May 10, 2022

A man standing in front of a building

Paris is a city best seen on foot. The cobbled hills of Montmartre or the pedestrian-friendly microstreets of the Marais are easy to lose yourself in with a kind of aimless wandering that Charles Baudelaire (and later, Walter Benjamin) termed flânerie . But with so much of Paris’ rich history hiding in plain sight — blink and you’ll miss the 9th arrondissement plaque noting that Josephine Baker, the famous entertainer and civil rights activist, opened her first Parisian cabaret ici — it can be a  bonne idée to set out on a walking tour to get the most out of your moseying. Whether self guided or with a group, there’s a niche tour for just about everything: writers, artists, musicians, the Catacombs. 

One of the longest-running tour operators in the city, Entrée to Black Paris (formerly called Discover Paris), now offers 14 different specialized tours focused on the history of Black Paris. T our participants are introduced to the neighborhoods where famous figures spent their time and created some of their most iconic works, from the café where Chester Himes would write to the nightclubs where Bricktop sang. 

“African Americans who travel are always looking for some sort of connection with Black people wherever they’re going, and to know a little bit about the history of Black people wherever they’re going — if there is one, and if there is then what was it?” says the tour’s co-founder, Monique Wells, who launched Discover Paris with her husband, Tom Reeves, in 1999. “So we decided to create some self-guided walks on this topic for Paris.” 

Tom’s tour (Black History in and Around the Luxembourg Garden) is often more popular, as it is open to the public and bookable more last minute; Monique’s tours are private, and need to be booked at least six weeks in advance. For that reason, she often works with study abroad groups or group travel tours, as they tend to be obligated to plan in advance, she tells Frenchly. ( Tom’s tour is available to book online.)

black paris walking tour

Soon, demand for the tours grew, with more people requesting guided experiences as well; she and Tom adjusted their self-guided routes and now lead 14 different tours, ranging from ‘Black History in and Around the Luxembourg Garden’ to ‘Black Images in European Art,’ which is a tour of the Louvre. “We have 14 set walking tours, and they range from looking at a geographical area in Paris and all kinds of things and people can be involved, or we have tours that are focused on individual people,” Monique says. The tours can revolve around Black luminaries such as Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Josephine Baker or Beauford Delaney, her favorite (and previously largely unknown) artist. 

In 2009, Wells launched a foundation in his honor, Les Amis de Beauford Delaney , to raise funds in order to purchase a tombstone for his previously unmarked grave. She continues to champion and advance his legacy through her writing and the foundation, as well as her Beauford Delaney’s Montparnasse tour , which she says is one of her personal favorites. 

That’s perhaps one of the most wonderful parts of Entrée to Black Paris: Monique and Tom will introduce you to some, or several, characters you’ve never heard of, in addition to those who are more familiar (think Josephine Baker and James Baldwin). No matter how well you think you know Paris, the history gleaned on their tours informs a new and nuanced perspective of the city and how people of African descent have shaped it.  

On a recent rainy day in April, I met Tom for his tour of the Luxembourg Gardens; it was the two of us and a British mom and her two kids. We met in front of Le Petit Journal, a jazz bar across from the park. Tom began by telling us about the early history of jazz in France, showing us photos from a binder in a charmingly old school presentation. 

As we skirted around the park, he told us about some of the most iconic Black writers who made their home in Paris, from Richard Wright to Chester Himes. He gave us the opportunity to sit down as often as possible and kept stops to under 10 minutes, which allowed both the young children and my own ADHD-riddled self to focus and absorb the information in manageable blocks. 

black paris walking tour

The tour ended at France’s monument to formerly enslaved people, a sculpture of three interlocking and open chain links by artist Fabrice Hyber , called ‘ Le cri, l’écrit,’ (The Cry, The Writing).  The sculpture has prompted particularly poignant reactions from tour goers in the past, Wells tells Frenchly, with a number of them growing emotional or exasperated over the fact that this history isn’t taught in America. 

“After I explained the significance of the space and the sculpture, [one] woman was actually very upset. She was saying out loud, ‘I just feel so stupid.’ And one of the young women [on the tour] said, ‘You shouldn’t feel stupid. They don’t teach this. You had to come all the way here to learn about this.’ Another young student started to cry, and she said, ‘I’m just overwhelmed. I just can’t believe that the nation of France has put this here. We have nothing in the United States,’” Wells recounts. “This whole encounter was incredible. I had never seen anything like that before or since.”

For those unable to travel to Paris, Wells also offers a virtual version of the tour , which she launched in partnership with her nonprofit organization, the Wells International Foundation , during the pandemic. “There are so many people that cannot afford to travel, and this is a wonderful way to dip your toe in,” says Wells, who adds that the tour is particularly great for middle and high schoolers. The focus is “to help underserved minorities get a taste and a love for travel.”

Sophie Dodd is a staff writer for Frenchly who covers all things Paris , travel, wine and lifestyle. She also writes for Travel + Leisure and PEOPLE . You can follow her adventures in Brooklyn, Paris and beyond on Instagram . 

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black paris walking tour

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A Black History Tour of Paris

Follow in the footsteps of prominent african american writers, artists, musicians, and activists who sought refuge in paris during the 19th and 20th centuries..

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A Black History Tour of Paris

Leading jazz musicians such as Lionel Hampton and Art Blakey were among the African American artists to grace the stage at Caveau de la Huchette after the Paris club opened in 1947.

Photo by Alamy

The first time I saw the Eiffel Tower in 2014 I was in awe. In the trips I’ve made to Paris since then, however, my travels have taken a new twist, finding ways to appreciate and understand black history in Paris—both the important role the city played in African American history, and how black Americans helped shape the identity of the French capital itself.

African Americans looked to Paris as early as the 19th century. Some were in search of a more peaceful environment as racism swelled in the United States. Others found themselves in Paris and other parts of France during World War I, when about 200,000 African American soldiers were brought over as part of the U.S. army. Following the war, many of these soldiers decided to remain in the country after receiving a generally welcoming reception from the French people. A second wave of African Americans flocked to Paris during the 1920s Harlem Renaissance, when black artists and activists like Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, Josephine Baker, Adelaide Hall, and Duke Ellington went looking for a place to freely create where they felt celebrated, which Paris provided.

“There, you can be whatever you want to be. Totally yourself,” Langston Hughes once wrote of the city, according to African American novelist Paule Marshall’s memoir, Triangular Road (Civitas Books, 2009) . Legendary jazz musician Miles Davis also declared his love for Paris in a 1989 autobiography, stating: “It was the freedom of being in France and being treated like a human being, like someone important. Even the band and the music we played sounded better over there.”

At these historic Paris locations, you can follow in the footsteps of prominent African Americans who once lived as expats in the city. Use them, like I did, as a starting point to discover the French capital in a lesser-known light.

Café de la Régence

The Palais-Royal is in the middle of Paris’s 1st arrondissement near major landmarks like the Louvre, Jardin des Tuileries, and Arc de Triomphe. This central location and proximity to popular attractions makes the nearby Café de la Régence a special spot to have a cup of coffee or a pain au chocolat . Since the café’s opening in 1670, it’s been a place for intellectuals in Paris to meet, converse, and play chess. This, perhaps, is why it was a favorite for Frederick Douglass, the abolitionist, writer, and scholar who was born enslaved in Maryland but escaped after 20 years. While he was visiting Paris during the winter of 1887, Douglass often met with his close friend Theodore Tilton, a white American abolitionist, at this popular café on Rue Saint-Honoré.

In 1927, Josephine Baker became the first African American to star in a major motion picture, which was a silent film made in France.

In 1927, Josephine Baker became the first African American to star in a major motion picture, which was a silent film made in France.

Glasshouse Images/Alamy; AGB Photo Library/Alamy

Place Josephine Baker

Celebrated entertainer and civil rights activist Josephine Baker spoke often about her deep reverence for Paris. The African American performer, who in 1937 renounced her U.S. citizenship to become a French national, once said: “I have two loves, my country and Paris.” The City of Lights is where Baker’s dancing career blossomed; in 1927, she became the first African American to star in a major motion picture (the French silent film Siren of the Tropics ), and that same year, her headlining performance at the still-standing Folies Bergère cabaret hall solidified Baker as a main symbol of the 1920s Jazz Age.

There are several nods to Baker’s legacy throughout Paris, one of which is Place Josephine Baker—a square in the Left Bank’s Montparnasse area dedicated to the naturalized French performer, who spent most of her life in the Paris neighborhood. Today, a metal placard affixed on a pole in a shaded area remains as a steady reminder of the life she lived and all she gave—whether it was acting as a spy for her adopted country or refusing to perform for segregated audiences in the United States.

Arc de Triomphe

Although the Arc de Triomphe is already regarded as a must-see landmark in Paris, there are tidbits of little-known histories related to the site—one of which has to do with the legacy of African American soldier Eugene Ballard. Born in Georgia during the late 19th century, Ballard left the United States for France to flee Jim Crow persecution in 1912. While in Paris, Ballard worked as a boxer and later enlisted in the French Foreign Legion. A few years later, he became the first-ever African American military pilot. In 1954, the French government invited Ballard to reignite the flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier under the Arc de Triomphe due to his former service. After, he was made a Knight of the French Legion of Honor.

Novelists such as James Baldwin, Richard Wright, and Chester Himes were known to visit the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris’s Latin Quarter.

Novelists such as James Baldwin, Richard Wright, and Chester Himes were known to visit the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris’s Latin Quarter.

Photo by Shutterstock

Shakespeare and Company

On a secluded back street in the Latin Quarter, the English-language bookstore Shakespeare and Company has been a safe haven for book lovers in the French capital since it opened in 1919. In its earliest days, African American editors of the literary magazine Paris Review dubbed the shop as their hangout. Since then, many famed African American authors, including Richard Wright and Chester Himes, have hosted talks and discussions in the independent bookstore. James Baldwin, who wrote a number of his famed novels, among them Go Tell It on the Mountain (1953) and Giovanni’s Room (1956), during his time in Paris, was frequent customer at the store, which is still open today.

Café Tournon was a regular spot for African American writers and artists who lived as expats in Paris during the 1920s Harlem Renaissance, including jazz musician Duke Ellington (pictured above).

Café Tournon was a regular spot for African American writers and artists who lived as expats in Paris during the 1920s Harlem Renaissance, including jazz musician Duke Ellington (pictured above).

Alamy; AP/Shutterstock

Café Tournon

Walk into this 6th arrondissement establishment tucked under classic Parisian apartments on the Rue de Tournon and you’ll be surrounded by locals feasting on escargot or sipping glasses of beaujolais. Throughout the ’20s, this Parisian café was a regular haunt for African American writers, artists, and expats who sought out life in the French capital after the end of World War I. Its most famous frequent customers included jazz legend Duke Ellington, painter Beauford Delaney, and later writers James Baldwin, Richard Wright, and Chester Himes, who often gathered at Café Tournon to converse about the joys and pains of their artistic lives. Dizzy Gillespie’s jazz band even made its debut here, too, in the 1950s. Today, the establishment’s mahogany chairs and speckled floor are an ode to 20th-century Parisian flair, as are the block white letters outside the café that announce its name.

Caveau de la Huchette

Near the Latin Quarter in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood, the Caveau de la Huchette —which is often compared to a cavern in appearance (hence its name)—has earned a reputation for being particularly welcoming to African American jazz musicians since its 1947 inception. Lionel Hampton and Art Blakey were some of the leading American jazz musicians who graced the stage at this club. Today, visitors can hear a live performance every evening of the week. (Admission costs $15 on Sunday through Thursday, $17 on Friday and Saturday, and $11 for students under 25 years old with valid identification.)

Take a guided black history tour in Paris

Ricki stevenson’s black paris tours.

For a more structured approach to exploring black history in Paris, consider taking an organized tour through Ricki Stevenson’s Black Paris Tours . Founded by Stevenson in 1998, the tour company offers walking and city bus tours (both group and private) to Parisian sites that were made famous by African American musicians, writers, and activists, including stops at many of the aforementioned locations.

Walking the Spirit Tours

Walking the Spirit Tours also operates similar “Black Paris and Beyond” walking and private bus itineraries. One such tour focuses on the La Goutte d’Or neighborhood in the 18th arrondissement, which is known for its North and West African populations and its open-air market, le Marché Dejean, where various stands sell special herbs and other ingredients for traditional African cuisines.

Entrée to Black Paris

In addition to guided tours, Entrée to Black Paris offers narrated walking tours (downloadable for $28) for those seeking a self-led experience. One audio tour route spotlights Richard Wright’s Parisian haunts; the other navigates Paris’s Montparnasse suburb, which Josephine Baker called home.

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black paris walking tour

Explore The History And Culture Of Black Paris With These Tours

Paris has a deep and interesting Black history, which includes numerous notable contributions and areas of influence from people of African descent . What better way to discover the city’s Black heritage than through a guided tour from the Afrocentric perspective? There are several reputable companies offering Black Paris tours on a variety of topics. Here are a few tour companies providing tours focusing on the Black experience in the City of Light .

Ayah A. • Dec 30, 2021

black paris walking tour

Paris has a deep and interesting Black history, which includes numerous notable contributions and areas of influence from people of African descent .

What better way to discover the city’s Black heritage than through a guided tour from the Afrocentric perspective? There are several reputable companies offering Black Paris tours on a variety of topics. Here are a few tour companies providing tours focusing on the Black experience in the City of Light .

1. Entrée to Black Paris

black paris walking tour

Entrée to Black Paris is a company providing visitors a look at Black Paris and its legacy through its various informative tours. The company offers more than a dozen different tour options, including:

  •   Black Paris After World War II , a walking tour highlighting the lives of various Black writers as well as contemporary Black French associations.
  • The Spirit of Africa , which explores the Château Rouge area and its various African restaurants, shops, and food vendors.
  • On the Grandest of Avenues , a tour taking you to the iconic Champs Elysées and the surrounding area, delving into its little known Black history.
  • Josephine’s Suburban Paradise , a three-hour tour in the Parisian suburb of Le Vésinet, to visit Le Beau Chêne, the mansion that Josephine Baker owned and called home for eighteen years, as well as the church she attended.

2. Walk the Spirit Tours

black paris walking tour

Founded in 1994 by Julia Brown, Walk The Spirit Tours pioneered Black heritage tours in Paris. Today, the company offers various walking and bus tours, which include:

  • The Entertainers in the 1920s Lower Montmartre , which transports you back to Black Montmarte in the 20s to hear the stories of Black artists and entertainers, such as Josephine Baker, Ada “Bricktop” Smith, and Sidney Bechet.
  • Africa in Paris , during which tourists visit the city’s La Goutte d’Or neighborhood with its bustling and vibrant open-air markets, salons, cultural venues, and shops, to explore both the neighborhood’s past and where it is today.
  • Black Images in the Louvre , a tour exploring and discussing depictions of Black people in art throughout time.
  • Colonialism, Slavery & AntiSlavery walk , a tour visiting famous sites and  uncovering the stories behind the institutions of colonialism and slavery in Paris, as well as those who worked to end them.

3. Le Paris Noir

black paris walking tour

Le Paris Noir was created in 2013 by Parisian tour guide Kévi Donat. He was inspired to launch the company after seeing how many visitors seemed to be surprised and intrigued by the city’s Black populations.

Le Paris Noir offers a Right Bank tour, from the Moulin Rouge to Château-Rouge, and a Left Bank tour, from the Place du Panthéon to the Place de la Sorbonne.

  • The Right Bank Tour begins in Pigalle, delving into the arrival of African American artists in France in the 1920s, and continues on to the Goutte d’Or district, with its incredible history and diversity, and continuous evolution over time.
  • The Left Bank Tour visits places where some of the city’s most influential Black figures have gathered and made history, f rom the Place des Grands Hommes to Saint-Germains.

4. Black Paris Tours

black paris walking tour

Black Paris Tours CEO Ricki Stevenson founded her company in 1998. The former news anchor and talk show host holds a master’s degree in history, with an emphasis on African and African American studies.

Black Paris Tours’ full day tour is offered as a walking or bus tour, and allows tourists to get acquainted with the city and its rich Black heritage through interesting stories and little known facts.

The tour company also offers private tours as well as sit-down breakfast orientations for those who have difficulty walking.

5. American Concierge

black paris walking tour

Established in 2014, American Concierge ‘s Black history tours include several walking tours and a driving tour.

  • Pioneers of the Left Bank takes visitors on a tour of what is now the city’s Latin Quarter. The neighborhood is the birthplace of the Pan-African literary and political movement known as “La Négritude.” From there, continue on to the Saint-Germain neighborhood, an area popular among many famous Black American expats after WWII.
  • Swing of the Right Bank takes participants on a tour of Paris’ Piagalle neighborhood, once known as “Harlem sur Seine.” After delving into its early jazz scene, the tour ends in the city’s largest African neighborhood, La Goutte d’Or .
  • Like Entrée to Black Paris, American Concierge also hosts a Black Paris Post World War II tour highlighting the lives of many Black literary icons. The company also offers special tours dedicated to individual writers like Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, and James Baldwin.

6. Colesville Travel

black paris walking tour

Colesville Travel ‘s Black Paris Tour is an 11-day adventure providing a complete immersive cultural experience. Beginning in Paris, the tour explores the lives of the city’s historically influential Black residents and neighborhoods.

From Black art, entrepreneurs, and jazz of the 20s and 30s to Black images at the Louvre, contemporary Black music, and dining at Black-owned restaurants , the tour is designed to give you the knowledge of the city’s vibrant Black past and present.

After leaving Paris, the tour continues in the Bordeaux wine region to explore vineyards , wine cellars, and the life and home of the legendary entertainer Josephine Baker.

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Simply the best way to experience Paris!

Entrée to Black Paris

Other black paris walking tours.

 In addition to our three most popular private black Paris walking tours, you have a choice of ten extraordinary walks that explore Paris in a way never seen before!

  • Beauford Delaney's Montparnasse.  This tour honors painter Beauford Delaney, an African-American man and a universal artist who lived most of his 26 years in Paris in Montparnasse. This walk features his haunts, including two sites that bear commemorative Beauford Delaney plaques on their façades.
  • Montparnasse - The Artists' World. See where many great African-American artists lived and worked. Persons discussed include Archibald Motley, Loïs Mailou Jones, Meta Vaux Warwick Fuller, and Henry O. Tanner. Learn about the French Antilleans who came to Paris to study and whose presence created a stir amongst French and American women alike.
  • The Black Pearl Walk.* Celebrate Josephine Baker’s life with this walk of Montparnasse and the Champs-Elysées. See where Josephine began her illustrious career, where she gave her last performance and where she was honored with a state funeral. To purchase the PDF downloadable version of this walk, please click here .
  • In the Shadow of Montmartre. Walk the area south of Montmartre hill, where the first African-American community developed after World War I.  See where Bricktop opened three jazz clubs, where Gene Bullard trained amateur and professional athletes, and more!
  • Richard Wright's Paris. A walk that encompasses Notre Dame Cathedral, the Latin Quarter and Saint-Germain-des-Prés, with special emphasis on Wright's haunts and activities. To purchase the PDF downloadable version of this walk, please click here .
  • Retracing the Steps of Langston Hughes. See "Black Montmartre," where Hughes worked in one of the most popular nightclubs of the interwar years, and Montmartre itself, where Hughes lived during his sojourn in Paris in 1924.
  • James Baldwin in Paris. Sites on this walk include the famous Café de Flore, where Baldwin rewrote Go Tell It on the Mountain and encountered his dear friend Beauford Delaney; the Brasserie Lipp and the Deux Magots – where he and Richard Wright quarreled; and several addresses where he lived .
  • The Spirit of Africa. Explore Château Rouge, an area with a remarkable mix of colors and cultures that features black African boutiques, restaurants, and a market street with several African food vendors. Then venture into Barbès for a taste of North Africa in Paris.
  • Rendezvous Eighteenth. This walk was created in honor of African-American writer and Lyndhurst Prize winner Jake Lamar. His novel, Rendezvous Eighteenth, is set in the 18th arrondissement, where Lamar also happens to reside. See the many quarters where his protagonist, Ricky Jenks, deals with the trials and tribulations of life and love in Paris.

Our private, guided tours, led by a knowledgeable and experienced local guide, involve about 2 hours of walking.

*   The Black Pearl Walk requires roughly 3½ hours to complete.

For pricing information, click here .

Contact us by e-mail at least 6 weeks prior your departure at:

[email protected]

In your message, please indicate the name of the tour in which you are interested, the number of persons in your party, your date of arrival in Paris, and your date of departure.

We look forward to helping make your trip to Paris memorable!

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Le Paris noir, a black walking tour in Paris

28/09/2020 by Roobens 2 Comments

Some links are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase through these links, I earn a commission, at no extra cost to you.

Before reading the article, be aware that I wrote a 200+ pages book about traveling as a black person. Click here for more info .

When you’re about to visit Paris, especially when it’s the first time, you usually already know what you want to see : the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées, the Sacré Coeur Basilica, Notre Dame de Paris… The basics! Those who already visited Paris go back to wander in various areas : le Marais, Belleville, the Seine… I recently found out that it’s possible to visit Paris from another angle : the history of black people in Paris. It’s called le Paris Noir! You should definitely add this walking tour to your black travelers bucket list !

montmartre paris noir

Table of Contents

What is le Paris noir

Le Paris noir was created by Kevi Donat. Originally, Kevi was doing “classic” walking tours in Paris, he started in 2011. Being black, fellow black tourists from the US were often asking him questions “ Why are there so many black people in Paris? Where do they come from? How is it going for them? ” He didn’t address the subject in his walking tours.

kevi guide paris noir

Facing the influx of questions about black history in Paris, he had the idea to host walking tours focused on black history in Paris. Those black walking tours are common in the US (especially during the black history month), but a lot less in France. Le Paris Noir was born in 2013!

With the black walking tours in Paris, Kevi allows tourists and locals to discover areas they never would have set foot in. We realize the history of black people in Paris is important, and we realize the impact black people had in the French capital. There are two visits, one in the rive droite (right bank) and one in the rive gauche (left bank).

visit rive gauche paris noir

Paris noir : visit to the rive droite

This visit starts in front of the Moulin Rouge. We’re having a stroll in Pigalle, Barbès and Château Rouge in the north of Paris. We learn about the années folles (the crazy years ie. the 1920s) in Pigalle, and Josephine Baker is a good representative of this era! At the time, negrophilia (love of the negro) was huge in Paris, the Parisians want to listen to jazz (even though they fetishize black people…).

Josephine was often performing at the Carrousel from 1926 to 1928. It was really hard to “make it” in the US for black people because of segregation. Therefore many of them were living in Pigalle, the Harlem of Paris. It was an area with a lot of diversity (it’s still the case to this day).

carrousel paris noir

Still, she went back to the US a few times, for instance in 1963 to speak at the March on Washington alongside Martin Luther King. She died in 1975 and now rests in the Monaco cemetery (because she was Grace Kelly’s friend). Some people campaign to repatriate her in the Pantheon. In the meantime, there’s a place Joséphine Baker in Paris.

Obviously, our guide doesn’t just talk about Joséphine Baker during our visit. We learn about the writers, intellectuals and black artists who got things moving in Paris. I’m thinking about Langston Hughes, an American poet who lived in Pigalle. Or Henry Ossawa Taner who settled in France cause there was no legal segregation there, unlike in the US. Or Eugene Bullard, the first African-American military pilot. We also talk about Lamine Senghor, a Senegalese political activist.

moulin rouge paris noir

Paris started importing the black American culture in 1917, when the American soldiers went to France to help French soldiers during World War I. The most famous regiment, consisted mainly of African Americans, was called the Harlem Hellfighters. Max Brooks released an interesting comic book explaining who they were. Click here to buy it .

After the war, the African Americans went home but they were suffering discrimination, especially from 1919 to 1921. Fleeing segregation, they went back to France and this is when numerous jazz clubs open in Paris, thanks to the negrophilia at the time.

360 music factory paris noir

At the time, the French government naturalized people easily (losing French nationality was also easy), so many foreigners settled in France, especially from 1927 to 1939. Although there was a rise of xenophobia in France, the African American artists were not really discriminated against.

Did you know the boulevard de Clichy was called the boulevard of the dead? Cause you could see numerous men lying on the ground following a settling a scores? Did you know the Americans used to call Pigalle pig alley because of what’s going on there (prostitution…)? Did you know Picasso liked the negro art, and there’s even a photo of him with negro art taken in 1906?

saint bernard church paris noir

The visit ends in Château Rouge then Barbès. Two areas known for its working-class population, where people from North Africa and West Africa mingle. But the area changes, is becoming gentrified. The brasserie Barbès, a popular bar, is a symbol of this gentrification. Anyway, you’ll still find cheap markets, African hairdressers, street peddlers and sapologie stores.

black paris walking tour

The visit is really interesting and dynamic. We learn many things and Kevi, our guide, knows what he’s talking I couldn’t wait to take the other walking tour, in the rive gauche .

Paris noir : visit to the rive gauche

The visit to the rive gauche starts place du Panthéon. We’re having a stroll in the jardin du Luxembourg (the Luxembourg gardens) and in Saint Michel. We learn a lot about Alexandre Dumas, a famous French author who’s a carteron  (3/4 white, 1/4 black) because his grandmother was black. This visit focuses a bit more on the intellectuals, artists and political figures from Africa, the Caribbean Islands and the US who lived in Paris.

pantheon paris noir

Kevi talks about the history of Félix Eboué, born in Guyana and grandson of an ex-slave. He’s the first black French man appointed to a high post in the French colonies, when appointed as governor of Guadeloupe. He’s also the first black person to have his ashes placed at the Pantheon in 1949 (Dumas was transferred there in 2002). Aimé Césaire followed in 2011.

Then comes one of the highlights of our visit. We go to the abolition of slavery memorial in the jardin du Luxembourg. I didn’t even know there was one! In fact, it’s well hidden… In the 1790s, France was fighting against the whole world (the British, the Spanish, slaves too).

abolition of slavery memorial paris noir

In 1794, France negotiates the abolition of slavery in exchange for the slaves to fight for France. Above all, Haiti had to pay for its independence from France. Between 1825 and 1950, Haiti paid the equivalent of 20 billion euros to France…

tribute slaves paris noir

We learn about Victor Schoelcher, a white French man known for his work towards the abolition of slavery in France. He’s very famous in Martinique, but unknown in France. We also learn about Gaston Monnerville, a Guianian man who was president of the Senate for 20 years. Kevi also talks about Chester Himes, Richard Wright an of course James Baldwin. All of them were hanging out in this area.

The African American intellectuals were sometimes meeting up at the café Tournon, still open to this day. We also learn about the literary movement called négritude , initiated by Paulette Nardal, the first black woman to study at la Sorbonne, a famous French university.

café tournon paris noir

Kevi, our guide, is clearly passionate about black history in Paris. He speaks with dynamism and humor. It’s not a walking tour for black people, but a walking tour about black people and the impact they had in Paris. We don’t bring up the subject at school and even less during more “classic” walking tours.

With le Paris noir, we quickly understand that the history of France is linked to Africa, slavery, colonization and the migratory flows. Even as a Parisian, I learned a lot about the city. Give it a try, it’s a different way to visit one of the most beautiful cities in France !

jardin du luxembourg paris noir

How to take a Paris noir walking tour

Head to their website by clicking here . It’s in French. Click on “Réserver”. You have to contact them via email, and they’ll give you the dates of the next walking tours.

When do the Paris Noir walking tours take place

The visits usually take place on the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays.

How long are the Paris Noir walking tours

Each visit lasts two hours.

How much is a Paris Noir walking tour

Each visit costs 20 euros.

In which language are the Paris noir walking tours

Visits are available in English and French. Indeed, many English speakers are interested by le Paris noir, but more and more Frenchies take the Paris noir walking tours!

Thinking about visiting the city of lights? Here are things to do in Paris ! Also check out this list to find out where to stay in Paris .

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black paris walking tour

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Oh wow! Thank you so much for sharing this opportunity! I cannot wait to do both tours as soon as I get back to Paris. (Which I hope is sooner rather than later!)

black paris walking tour

01/10/2020 at 23:00

You’re welcome! Yeah I really enjoyed the tours, it’s so interesting!

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black paris walking tour

black paris walking tour

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Paris Tours – Paris And Black Paris Walking And Bus Tours

Paris Tours at Alexandre Dumas family statues

Our Paris tours overview present you with a variety of  Afrocentric and Traditional tours so you get the very best of Paris, your way!

Traditional Paris Tours and Tours Of Black Paris

Our Paris tours offer an exciting array of little-known Paris and Black Paris history and present to explore with our friendly, local guides.

Choose from Writers, Artists & Intellectuals in the Latin Quarter, 1920s Entertainers in Lower Montmartre plus Africa in Paris, Slavery and Colonialization.

For a more comprehensive view of the Black history throughout the city, our private bus tours combine the walking themes plus sites further afield such as the Alexandre Dumas family of statues.

Near painter Henry O. Tanner’s home in the Arts District

University group off the beaten track in Little Africa

Traditional Paris and Black Paris Walking Tours

Our traditional Paris walking tours and Black Paris walking tours are the key to immersing yourself in the aspect of Paris that fascinates you.

Indulge in your love of food and wine, improve your photography, explore its world-famous museums with an expert guide, or engage a private shopper.

Everything is possible!

Black Paris Bus Tours

In half or three-quarters of a day, our private Black Paris bus tours reveals the rich Black cultural exchange between Black America and Black Paris .

Culinary evening at Cafe Tournon, sampling Happy Hour-aperitif snacks and wines.

After your hotel pick up, your friendly, knowledgeable guides tells the little-known events and achievements that played out around Paris’ famous sites :

  • along the Champs-Elysées,
  • past the literary cafes of the Latin Quarter,
  • the jazz community living and
  • making history in the shadow of the Moulin Rouge, and

Of course, Paris is best seen up-close so our 3.5 hour bus tour includes a half-hour stroll through the Arts District.

You will have several opportunities to disembark for photos.

Listen to the challenges faced by African-American intellectuals , artists, military and musicians in early 20th century Paris and the stunning outcomes.

Bus tour passes La Coupole frequented by Josephine Baker

Bud Powell in the streets of Paris

Richard Wright plaque in Latin Quarter

We also offer Paris vacation packages such as the Josephine Baker in Paris and Chateau , the Jazz in Paris vacation package for Jazz Lovers , or the Days Trips from Paris package.

Ask us for details.

To book one of our Paris Tours or request a customized travel itinerary quote, fill out our Reservation Form

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What People Are Saying:

I have learned so much these two weeks from you and your marvelous network! The enthusiasm and deep knowledge of your impressive team was shared with our travelers making their experience rich and rewarding. Our travelers come to learn and all agreed that this trip was exceptional.

National Museum of African American History and Culture

This tour far exceeded our expectations. As a serious history devotee my appetite for local D.C. black history was more than satisfied in an amazing full-day experience with our guide. One tour highlight was the Frederick Douglass mansion in Anacostia. Our guide, along with being an expert in his field, is a warm, energetic individual who loves his work. This was one of the best tours we have ever taken and is highly recommended.

You’re the best!!! This is to reiterate our grateful thanks to you for such a wonderful trip/vacation in Paris. This was our first time in Paris and it was glorious . All of your well planned activities and meals were beyond our expectations. Plus, this was our first time traveling with members of our group.

I am submitting this on behalf of my client and myself, our experience working with Julia was amazing and very impressive. Her specialty tours are golden for Paris as in the words of my client "who would have thought"? She is very professional and provided a wonderful overview of the tours which actually have me excited and eager to book all clients who travel to Paris. Her services are definitely a great asset to Paris!!

black paris walking tour

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Black Culture Tour in Paris: Pioneers of the Left Bank

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Despite its rich history and significant impact, black culture is not well known in France. This unique and original tour shows you  a different side to Paris .

  • Location :   Paris, 6th district
  • Duration :   2 hours
  • Access by Public Transport :   Maubert-Mutualité metro station (line 10) or Luxembourg (RER B)
  • Language :   English

Black Culture Tour in Paris: Pioneers of the Left Bank

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This guided walk is inspired by, and a tribute to, some of the men and women who transformed Paris. Through their stories, we gain an understanding of different cultural and political developments that had an impact on the city.

The tour takes in the Latin Quarter and St Germain. Your guide will recount the life stories, illustrated by numerous anecdotes, of key  intellectual, artistic and political figures from Africa, the Caribbean and the USA .

From the Middle Ages right through to the street demonstrations of the 60s, the Left Bank has always been at the cutting edge of artistic innovation and political debate. You will learn about the négritude movement, the history of jazz, and the explosion of black culture (in music, literature and the cinema) while  strolling through this iconic area of Paris . Your guide Kévi Donat has a passion for  history and urban culture  and is particularly interested in the origins of migration to Paris. This guided walk is the result of his considerable research but, more importantly, of his love for this rich and diverse cosmopolitan city. Kévi also offers a  guided walk in Paris from Pigalle to Barbès .

This guided tour is conducted in English.

Great experience.

I've been visiting Paris for years and this was a wonderful way to learn more of the city's history and present. Kevi did an outstanding job.

I want to make sure that Explore Paris and its customer's know what a jewel Kevi Donat is. I have been on walking tours of cities all over the world but never found a guide with more command of and enthusiasm for his subject. It was probably my 30th visit to Paris, (including a 1 year living experience) and I learned so much more about the Left Bank. Congrats to Kevi...I hope he keeps up his enthusiasm and continues to wow tourists with his knowledge of the city.

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Big Bus Paris Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

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Create your own Parisian adventure with the Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tour. Double-decker, open-top buses take you to 10 stops near top attractions, including the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, Musée du Louvre and the Grand Palais. All buses are equipped with a prerecorded audio tour in 11 different languages. Reviewers love the convenience of the bus, but some express disappointment that buses are often overcrowded.

Buses run from around 10 a.m. to about 7:30 p.m. daily and typically frequent stops every seven to 15 minutes. If you choose to ride the whole route, you'll be on the bus for two hours and 15 minutes. Ticket discounts may be available if you book online in advance. Big Bus also offers two-day passes, a night tour and combo tours that include a river cruise.

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If you're a sucker for a good story, a secret passageway or a long-forgotten historical tale, the Paris Charms and Secrets tour will be right up your alley. On this roughly 12-mile tour, a guide will lead you through the city on an electric bike, stopping at some of Paris' most famous attractions and storied monuments. Hear the legends of Élysée Palace, the controversies of the Eiffel Tower and the curious past of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Reviewers love the knowledgeable guides and the unique stories.

Older children and teens are welcome to ride their own bikes if they meet the height and weight requirements; a child seat must be reserved ahead of time for younger kids (for 12 euros).

Paris By Mouth – North Marais Food Tour

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Retro Tour Paris – Retro Classic

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Hop into the vintage sidecar of an experienced motorcycle driver and cruise through the city with views of the Champs-Élysées, the Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars and more on the Retro Classic tour of Paris. Local guides will share unique stories and provide an experience worlds apart from a typical city tour. Reviewers rave about the thrill of riding in the sidecar and the local insight.

If you love your first sidecar experience, you can also opt for the company's 90-minute tours, as well as a ride through Paris after sunset (with a Champagne tasting, naturally).

Blue Fox Travel – Versailles Bike Tour

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The Versailles estate encompasses 2,000 acres, and there's no better way to see it than on a bike with Blue Fox Travel. Spend roughly nine hours with an expert guide and a small group (up to 14 people) touring the royal grounds, including the Grand and Petit Trianon chateaus, Marie Antoinette's private domain and the grand palace with a skip-the-line pass included in your ticket. Guides tell stories of French royal history, including the conquests of the Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, the controversies surrounding Louis XV, the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette. Reviewers love biking the grounds at a leisurely pace and rave about the expertise of the guides, as well as the picnic lunch with finds from one of the local farmers markets.

Tours include train tickets to and from Paris. Blue Fox Travel also guides visitors on cycling tours of Paris at night and the city's top attractions.

black paris walking tour

Secret Food Tours Paris – Montmartre

Price: Adults from 109 euros (about $119); kids from 99 euros (about $108) Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours

Peruse and stroll through the Parisian dining scene like a local with Secret Food Tours. On this up to four-hour tour of one of Paris' most picturesque and lively arrondissements, dessert is first (c'est la vie!) . You'll gather chocolates and macarons from local specialty shops, followed by baguettes, cheeses, meats and crêpes – all while learning more about food and Parisian traditions from your local guide. When your bag is full, the guide will lead you to a prime picnic spot to enjoy your bounty with a few wine pairings. Reviewers love the historical tidbits and local insights, as well as the animated and entertaining tour guides.

An upgraded drinks package is available for an additional charge. Tours run daily at several different times, depending on the day. Secret Food Tours also hosts walks through other Paris neighborhoods, such as Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Le Marais.

Intrepid Urban Adventures – Paris Marais Bites and Sights Tour

Price: From $97 Duration: 2 hours

Wander through Paris' gorgeous Marais with a local guide and a lineup of French treats. Intrepid Urban Adventures' Bites and Sights Tour takes you through the well-preserved (and very fashionable) area of the Marais. Throughout the approximately two-hour tour, you'll hear local insights and historical tales as you admire Marais' treasured architecture. Stories are accompanied by stops in neighborhood shops for pastry and macaron samples, plus a French cheese platter and two glasses of wine. Reviewers appreciate the expertise and entertainment provided by the guides, as well as the intimate and conversational environment.

Children 5 and younger can tag along for free, as long as they sample items from their parents' plate. Paris Urban Adventures also offers tours of bohemian Paris and several private excursions.

Paris by Martin & Friends – Walking Tour

Price: 70 euros (about $76) Duration: 2.5 hours

For a truly bespoke experience with a passionate local, take a tour with Martin Muda and his friends, all residents of Paris. On the 2.5-hour walking tour, Muda or one of his tour guides will lead you to treasured spots throughout the city, with stories that give life to Paris' history and legends. Reviewers give high praise for the tour guides and their attention to detail, as well as the customization of each tour.

Tours are available at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily. Children younger than 3 can join the tour for free. Inquiries can be made through the website. The company also offers walking picnic tours at night and electric bike tours.

Fat Tire Tours – Versailles Bike Tour

Price: Adults from 109 euros (about $119); kids from 95 euros (about $103) Duration: 8.5 hours

To see Versailles in all of its glory, take a ride with Fat Tire Tours. On this daylong tour (approximately 8.5 hours), a guide will take you through the Versailles open market to grab a picnic lunch before visiting the Petit Trianon, the Grand Trianon and the estate gardens. The tour also includes skip-the-line access to the palace and an audio guide. Riders love the bicycles and tour guides, and appreciate the sweeping views of the iconic palace and grounds.

Tours are offered Tuesday through Sunday and all depart before 9 a.m. Kids younger than 4 are free to join the tour. Fat Tire Tours also offers a variety of biking excursions around Paris – including an "Emily in Paris"-inspired tour – and the surrounding region, as well as guided walks and Segway rides.

Best Paris Tours

SANDEMANs NEW Europe – Montmartre Free Walking Tour

Price: Free; tips appreciated Duration: 2.5 hours

Stroll through one of Paris' most famous and charming neighborhoods with the help of SANDEMANs NEW Europe. This 2.5-hour tour will take you by the area's most photographed sights, including the Moulin Rouge and up the steps to Sacré-Coeur. You'll recognize streets featured in paintings and in cinema as guides share tales of Montmartre's famous artists, musicians and other notables, including Van Gogh and Picasso. Tourgoers appreciate the guides' expertise and recommend the tour for art history lovers.

Tours depart daily at 4 p.m. (Spanish language) and 5 p.m. (English language). Tickets are free, though tips are appreciated. If you're looking to explore more of the city, the company offers an array of other tours covering Latin Quarter, the Seine River and more.

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If you're looking to escape the city, let Boutique Bike Tours take you on a ride and stroll through the gardens of Versailles. On this approximately nine- to 10-hour tour, guides lead the way through the sprawling estate before stopping for a picnic lunch with provisions purchased from the market in town. After lunch, you'll skip the line at the famous palace to explore the rooms and hallways of Versailles. Reviewers enjoy the leisurely pace, a day full of activities and informative guidance.

Tours generally depart Tuesday and Friday through Sunday; expect to leave at 8 or 9 a.m. and return around 6 p.m. The company also hosts an evening bike and boat tour of Paris.

2CVParisTour – Legendary Paris Tour

Price: From 160 euros (about $175) Duration: 2 hours

If you're looking for a memorable and personalized drive through Paris, allow 2CVParisTour to take you for a whirl in a Citroën 2CV, a classic French car. Take in sights like the Arc de Triomphe, Luxembourg Gardens, Palais de l'Élysée ,  Église   Saint-Sulpice and more as you cruise through the Paris streets for two hours. Reviewers praise the classic car experience and entertaining guides.

Champagne can be added to the tour for an extra charge. Tours depart at multiple times daily, starting at 11 a.m. and ending after 10 p.m. If you can't get enough of the vintage car experience, you can also sign up for a tour of Montmartre, one that features a picnic and others.

City Wonders – Paris Catacombs Underground Tour

Price: Adults from $119 Duration: 2 hours

City Wonders will take you on a two-hour tour of what's below Paris: a network of tunnels, crypts and tombs that are home to nearly 6 million skeletons. On this Paris Catacombs tour, you'll skip the line with a small group to explore the Port Mahon gallery, the Sacellum Crypt and Gilbert's Tomb. Throughout the tour, you'll hear historical anecdotes from insightful guides. Along with the entertaining guides, reviewers also appreciate the skip-the-line access and recommend this experience in lieu of a self-guided tour.

Ticket prices may increase during busier times of the year. Tours depart Tuesday through Sunday at several times each day. City Wonders also hosts traditional aboveground tours of the Louvre, Versailles and the Eiffel Tower.

Best Paris Tours

Paris City Vision – Half Day Guided Tour of Giverny Monet's Gardens from Paris

Price: From 89 euros (about $97) Duration: About 5 hours

On this roughly five-hour tour, a guide will take you through the life of celebrated painter Claude Monet as you explore his home and garden in Giverny. His garden is what inspired some of his most prized works, including "Irises" and "Water Lilies." Reviewers value the views and insight provided by tour guides, though others warn that the company can be disorganized.

Tours generally run daily at 8:15 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. The company hosts a number of other tours throughout Paris and greater France , including tours to Normandy .

Street Art Tour Paris – Murals XXL

Price: From 26 euros (about $28) Duration: About 2 hours

There's no museum pass needed to see some of the city's largest artwork with Street Art Tour's Murals XXL. An expert guide leads groups through the city to view contemporary works created by the world's most famous and talented muralists, such as Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada and Obey. Reviewers love the insider information and find the tour reveals details (and murals) often overlooked. Plus, the route is accessible for those with limited mobility.

Tours last just over two hours and run Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2 p.m. Discounts are available to groups of five or more. Street Art Tour Paris also offers tours in Montmartre and Belleville, among other options.

Babylon Tours – Louvre Museum + Orsay Museum Guided Combo Tour

Price: Adults from 199 euros (about $217); kids from 159 euros (about $173) Duration: 5.5 hours

View Greek sculpture and famous paintings by greats like Renoir, Monet, da Vinci and Van Gogh during this 5.5-hour tour. As you explore the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay, guides will regale you with stories of art history. Plus, you'll bypass the long lines at the attractions. Travelers praise the guide's knowledge and appreciate the small groups (no more than eight people can go at once).

Tours run at 10 a.m. from Wednesday to Saturday. Fees include access to the museums. Babylon Tours also operates outings to the Musée de l'Orangerie, the Rodin Museum and individual outings to the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay.

XL Tours – Segway Tour

Price: From 75 euros (about $82) Duration: 2 hours

During this two-hour tour, you'll glide by some of Paris' must-see sights like the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero Gardens and the Musée d'Orsay. You'll also ride in style on Bel & Bel Segways, which are designed to resemble the iconic Vespa scooters. Travelers say the Segways are a great way to see the city and the guides provide clear instructions.

Tours are available daily at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 6 or 7 p.m. You may be required to book at least two riders for your tour if you book directly through the company's website. Participants must be at least 12 years old. XL Tour also runs electric bike tours through the city.

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black paris walking tour

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black paris walking tour


  1. Le Paris noir, a black walking tour in Paris

    black paris walking tour

  2. Explore The History And Culture Of Black Paris With These Tours

    black paris walking tour

  3. The Best Black History Tours & Monuments in Europe

    black paris walking tour

  4. An Introductory Guide to Black Paris

    black paris walking tour

  5. The Black Paris Tour with Ricki Stevenson: My Review.

    black paris walking tour

  6. Walking The Spirit Tours & Vacations of Black Paris by Julia Browne

    black paris walking tour


  1. Black Paris

  2. Paris 🇫🇷 France February 2024, Walking in Paris [ Walking Tour ]


  4. Paris Las Vegas

  5. Paris, France walk

  6. Paris walking tour 2024


  1. Walking Tour of Paris

    Immerse yourself in "The City of Lights" with a guided tour around the French Capital,. discovering the Louvre, the Siene and Notre Dame. What's more, it's free.

  2. Guided Walking Tours in Paris

    Visit Iconic Paris Sights & Explore Versailles, Sainte-Chapelle, Montmartre and More. Millions Of Guests Served And Over 15 Years Of Operation Supporting Local Businesses.

  3. Discover Black Paris Tours

    Ricki Stevenson's Black Paris Tours® offers a richly unique cultural experience, providing travelers with information, insight and little known facts about the wealth of Black history in Paris! Discover 11 top suggestions to elevate your itinerary with a perfect blend of hidden gems and well-established dining, entertainment, and shopping ...

  4. Walking The Spirit Tours & Vacations of Black Paris by Julia Browne

    Experience the rich Black heritage in France and Europe with Walking The Spirit, founded by Julia Browne, a Paris and Black Heritage travel expert. Choose from walking, bus, or private tours, or customize your own itinerary with our travel consulting and planning services.

  5. Tours of Black Paris

    Discover the rich Black heritage in Paris with Julia Browne, a passionate guide who created the genre in 1994. Choose from various tour options, including writers, artists, entertainers, colonialism, slavery and more.

  6. Black Paris Walks and Gourmet Activities

    Explore black history, culture, and contemporary life in Paris with Entrée to Black Paris. Choose from walking tours, gourmet activities, or virtual trips to discover the diversity and richness of black Paris.

  7. Discover Black Paris Tours

    Our walking tour guests meet us at 10am at one of our favorite sidewalk cafes, just steps from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees for an orientation on the earliest Black Paris history and a primer on the cultural do's and don'ts our travelers must be aware of.

  8. Ricki Stevenson's Black Paris Tours

    A walking-public/city bus tour that takes you to the Paris haunts, hangouts and places made famous by African-Americans. Founded in 1997 by former newscaster and travel reporter, Ricki Stevenson, Black Paris Tours provides little-known facts about the early presence of Africans and African Americans in the City of Light and introduces travelers to great jazz clubs, Diaspora museums of interest ...

  9. Entrée to Black Paris

    Meet the founders and guides of Entrée to Black Paris, a travel business that offers walking tours featuring African diaspora culture and history in Paris. Learn about their backgrounds, expertise, and passions for Paris and its art.

  10. Walking the Spirit, Black Heritage Paris Walking Tours

    Explore the history and culture of African-American expatriates and Diaspora in Paris neighborhoods with Walking the Spirit Tours. Choose from one, two or all three of the special neighborhood walking tours and discover the places where James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Josephine Baker and more lived and worked.

  11. Entrée to Black Paris

    Explore the black history, culture, and contemporary life of Paris with Entrée to Black Paris. Choose from various private, guided, or self-guided tours and activities, such as the Luxembourg Garden, Père Lachaise, and the Louvre.

  12. Discover Black Paris Tours

    Ricki Stevenson, founder of Black Paris Tours®, has served as its CEO since its inception in 1998. Stevenson, a native of Oakland, California, is a former TV news reporter and talk show host, who holds a master's degree in History, with an emphasis on African and African American studies.

  13. Entrée to Black Paris • Paris je t'aime

    NC - 75 Paris. Book now. Entrée to Black Paris offers guided walking tours on the history of African Americans and the larger African diaspora in Paris as well as gourmet walks and activities. Most of our tours are two hours in length. Our most popular tours: Virtual black Paris experience for private groups.

  14. Walking The Spirit Tours of Black Paris Day Tours

    Since 1994, Walking The Spirit Tours has been connecting travelers and locals to the little-known but rich Paris' Black heritage. Indepth, exciting walks in the Latin Quarter and 1920s Black Montmartre pass the homes, haunts and neighborhoods of expatriate African-American writers, artists, musicians. Private bus tours reveal Black ...

  15. Discover Black Paris Tours

    Black Paris Tours now operate YEAR ROUND Monday-Saturday except during the winter months when we offer tours on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays! French Holidays France ranks number four among countries with the most holidays, with a total of 36 holidays, including 25 statutory holidays and 11 public holidays.

  16. Explore Paris' Black History On Foot with This Eye-Opening Walking Tour

    Learn about the contributions of Black people to Paris' culture, art and society on guided or self-guided tours. Discover the neighborhoods, monuments and stories of famous figures like Josephine Baker, James Baldwin and Beauford Delaney.

  17. Entrée to Black Paris

    Scheduled Walking Tours. Below is a calendar of walks that are open to the public for registration at this time. Click on the title of the walk to view more information and to register. Join our guide for one of our inspiring, scheduled black Paris walking tours.

  18. Entrée to Black Paris

    Black Paris Pilgrimage. 600€/group for a party of one to 15 persons. 630€/group for a party of 16 to 20 persons. 660€/group for a party of 21 to 25 persons. 695€/group for a party of 26 to 30 persons. Exceptionally, the two-hour walking tour entitled The Spirit of Africa can only accommodate up to 15 people. It is priced at 600€/group.

  19. About Julia Browne

    About. Walking The Spirit Tours is a heritage education and travel company that helps people connect to Black heritage in Paris, France and beyond as well as local culture through experiential travel, speaking engagements, and media. Since 1994, our signature Paris tours and customized itineraries have introduced countless travelers, students ...

  20. Black History in Paris: Places to Visit and Best Guided Tours

    Learn about the impact of African Americans on Paris culture and history, from the 19th century to the present. Explore landmarks, cafés, and bookstores where prominent figures like Josephine Baker, James Baldwin, and Duke Ellington lived and worked.

  21. Explore The History And Culture Of Black Paris With These Tours

    Rodrigo Kugnharski. Entrée to Black Paris is a company providing visitors a look at Black Paris and its legacy through its various informative tours. The company offers more than a dozen different tour options, including: Black Paris After World War II, a walking tour highlighting the lives of various Black writers as well as contemporary Black French associations.

  22. Other Entrée to Black Paris Walking Tours

    In addition to our three most popular private black Paris walking tours, you have a choice of ten extraordinary walks that explore Paris in a way never seen before! Beauford Delaney's Montparnasse. This tour honors painter Beauford Delaney, an African-American man and a universal artist who lived most of his 26 years in Paris in Montparnasse ...

  23. Le Paris noir, a black walking tour in Paris

    Le Paris Noir was born in 2013! With the black walking tours in Paris, Kevi allows tourists and locals to discover areas they never would have set foot in. We realize the history of black people in Paris is important, and we realize the impact black people had in the French capital. There are two visits, one in the rive droite (right bank) and ...

  24. Paris Tours

    Our traditional Paris walking tours and Black Paris walking tours are the key to immersing yourself in the aspect of Paris that fascinates you. Indulge in your love of food and wine, improve your photography, explore its world-famous museums with an expert guide, or engage a private shopper. Everything is possible!

  25. Black Paris Tour: Pioneers of the Left Bank

    Despite its rich history and significant impact, black culture is not well known in France. This unique and original tour shows you a different side to Paris. Location : Paris, 6th district. Duration : 2 hours. Access by Public Transport : Maubert-Mutualité metro station (line 10) or Luxembourg (RER B) Language : English.

  26. Why So Many African American Artists Moved to Paris in the 1920s

    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW'S Season 29 tour is underway! ... like many Black artists of the time, moved to Paris in the 1920s to enjoy a freer atmosphere in which to practice her art. Hanks estimated the ...

  27. 18 Best Paris Tours of 2024: Food, Versailles & More

    Create your own Parisian adventure with the Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tour. Double-decker, open-top buses take you to 10 stops near top attractions, including the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower ...