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Bend food tour 1

Bend Food Tour - Secret Food Tours


Bend, Oregon is a hidden gem for food enthusiasts, making it the perfect destination for a culinary adventure. The burgeoning food scene in this picturesque city has earned it the reputation of a great foodie city. With its unique blend of flavors and a commitment to locally sourced ingredients, Bend is a food lover's paradise.

One of the best ways to experience Bend's culinary delights is by embarking on a "Bend Food Tours" journey. These tours offer a curated gastronomic experience that showcases the city's diverse offerings. From farm-to-table restaurants serving up seasonal delights to food trucks dishing out creative and mouthwatering bites, there's something to satisfy every palate.

Bend's food culture is deeply rooted in its commitment to sustainability and quality. The city boasts an abundance of craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries, which means you can pair your meals with locally crafted beverages. Whether you're savoring artisanal cheeses, indulging in gourmet donuts, or relishing Pacific Northwest seafood, Bend's food scene is a delightful fusion of innovation and tradition.

In addition to the exceptional food and drink, Bend's natural beauty adds an extra layer of charm to your dining experience. Stunning mountain vistas and the Deschutes River provide the backdrop for many dining establishments, making every meal a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

So, if you're a food lover seeking a culinary adventure, Bend, Oregon, and its "Bend Food Tours" are a must-visit. Come explore this foodie city's delectable offerings, and you'll leave with a taste of its vibrant culinary culture that you'll savor long after your visit.

Bend - City View

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bend oregon food tour

Hop Logo 2.JPG

Yellow Brew Bus

Hop on board!

[email protected]


IMG_1385 (2).jpg

Experience Bend's best breweries, distilleries, cideries, and historic dive bars aboard our little yellow bus!


​Yellow Brew Bus - The most responsible and safest way to enjoy the best of Bend!

-Fully licensed and insured, City of Bend VFH (Vehicle For Hire) #LCSC202200999

-We pick up and drop you off at your Airbnb, hotel, or residence.

- Your tour is private... for one low price i nvite up to 14 friends.

- Custom itinerary, you pick the route, you pick the bars, or let us pick our favorites for you.

- Need a custom time or want to add more time to your tour, call or email us.

- Cooler on board for your beverages.

NEW! Book Sunday - Wednesday and take $100 off any tour!

Three Hour Tour (minimum)

Three Hour Tour (minimum)

Hop on board! Let's go check out some breweries!

Four Hour Tour

Four Hour Tour

Sometimes three hours just isn't enough time!

Five Hour Tour

Five Hour Tour

One-Way Service

One-Way Service

Great for events and festivals!

Take $100 off when you book a tour Sunday - Wednesday!


"Jon was great! Super responsive and accommodating.  Will definitely recommend the Yellow Brew Bus to anyone looking for something to do in Bend."

"A group of us went for a bachelorette party this past weekend and had the best time! John was great to work with and would definitely recommend the Yellow Brew Bus if you are spending the weekend in Bend!"

-Madelyn M.


"Seriously the best night ever!!!! We had so much fun with Jon for my future sis-in-laws bachelorette party! The music choices were 10/10, the vibe 10/10, the care and safety for each one of us 10/10!!! He knows so much about all the best local spots and was able to help us get the most out of our night together! If you are on the verge of booking with them, DO IT! You won't regret it!!"


Join the Ale Trail!

Bend's Ale Trail is grouped into seven territories! You get a passport to keep track of your adventure!  Each brewery stamps your passport during your visit!  For each  territory you complete you earn a shot glass from that territory!  Complete all seven and earn the celebrated Bend Ale Trail Flight Rack!

BV Large Logo.JPEG

Bend Vacations

Bend Vacations is a concierge vacation service in Bend with the single goal of making our visitors feel like one of us.  They partner with some of the best businesses in Bend to create custom vacation packages to make your vacation planning simple and easy, and with great local discounts!

Need help planning that bachelor or bachelorette party? 

Bend Benders

*Yellow Brew Bus implements and maintains at all time a ZERO tolerance policy on the use of drugs or alcohol applicable to all drivers employed by or affiliated with the company while providing vehicle for hire services. If you need to file a complaint about a driver for possible policy violation, please contact us at 541-694-1110 or contact Bend non-emergency police department at 541-322-2960.

The Emerald Palate

Seattle food tours & retreats

Oregon , Travel Guides · April 5, 2024

Where to Eat in Bend, Oregon: Hidden Gems Loved by Locals

plate of onion rings and fried chicken, where to eat in Bend Oregon

I’m always on the lookout for where to eat in Bend, Oregon since my family and I go there every year to ski. Finding good food in the middle of central Oregon was like finding a needle in a haystack back in the day.

Luckily, that’s not the case anymore. Over the years, Bend has exploded into baby Portland-esque city, with food carts, casual restaurants, and fancy date-night spots popping up everywhere.

So, to make sense of all the places to get good food in Bend, Oregon, I’m breaking down all my favorite restaurants, ranging from cheap eats to fancier spots. Many of them were recommended to me by locals or discovered after going deep on local forums, so get ready to eat like you live in Bend!

Where to Eat in Bend, Oregon

Save this list to Pinterest for later , as I’ll update it when I discover more places to eat in Bend, Oregon!

The Podski Food Cart Lot

website | neighborhood: Southern Crossing ( get directions ) | cuisine: varies | price range: varies

food cart pod in Bend

If I can only give you one spot where to eat in Bend, Oregon, it’s The Podski. I can never resist a good food cart pod, and Podski is the best one in Bend.

There are nine food trucks in total, along with an outdoor bar pouring local beers and ciders. Don’t miss the vegan truck Toasty’s for their crunch wrap supreme, which tastes exactly like Taco Bell’s sans the meat and cheese. Trust me, you won’t miss it!

person holding a smash burger from where to eat in Bend Oregon

Next, grab the pierogi sampler from Big Ski’s , which lets you try a bunch of their pillowy potato balls of joy. Then stop by The Americana Truck for their classic smash burger before ending the day at Kook’i with some orange dreamsicle rolls.

Tacos Pihuamo

website | neighborhood: Larkspur ( get directions ) | cuisine: Mexican | price range: $

tacos in tin foil from a Bend food truck

Like Portland, Bend has a well-established food truck scene and Tacos Pihuamo is one of the best I’ve discovered. I first checked them out after a Yelp reviewer claimed they made the best carne asada tacos he’d ever had, I think he’s right.

In addition to juicy, flavorful carne asada, they also make a mean birria taco and tender carnitas that rival some of the best street tacos in Seattle .

Alebrije Oaxaca

website | neighborhood: Orchard District ( get directions ) | cuisine: Mexican | price range: $

basket of tacos in tin foil, one of the best things in Bend Oregon in winter

A local told me Alebrije was the go-to among Bend locals for quesa birria tacos. The tortillas have the perfect crust on the outside, and the consommé tastes like it’s been simmering for hours.

To get here, you have to head behind a hostel down an alley, where you’ll find it next to a few other carts and a heated safari tent. It’s off the beaten path and doesn’t get foot traffic, so it’s a true hidden gem!

A Broken Angel 

website | neighborhood: River West ( get directions ) | cuisine: vegan | price range: $

pancakes topped with berries in a takeout container with tinfoil

A Broken Angel is a vegan food cart that makes New American food with house-made ingredients, emphasizing whole foods instead of mock meats. They were featured in Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives for their Okie fried rice, which comes with dill jasmine fried rice, eggs, smoked turtle beans, and sauerkraut. Unfortunately, while it sounds incredible, I have yet to try it because I can’t stop ordering their biscuits and mushroom gravy.

Bo’s Falafel Bar

website | neighborhood: River West ( get directions ) | cuisine: Mediterranean | price range: $

person holding a falafel pita from Bend, OR

There is a lot of great Mediterranean food in Seattle , but Bo’s falafel blows a lot of them out of the park. Their falafel is perfectly seasoned, crunchy, and not overly oily, and they come with a lot of customizable toppings. I always opt for the falafel, hummus, and pickled beets on a pita.

Bangers & Brews

website | neighborhood: River West ( get directions ) | cuisine: Argentinian | price range: $$

sausage in a bun topped with chimichurri

Bangers is a casual Argentinian spot specializing in brats served on fluffy bolillo buns. You can get classic flavors like smoked Italian or Polish sausage, or you can try their obscure proteins like smoked kangaroo, wild boar, or rattlesnake.

I often play it safe and get the Seattle dog with chimichurri because the simplicity highlights the quality of the meat. To jazz up my order, I’ll also get a pretzel with beer cheese. It’s super fluffy and not too salty!

The Lemon Tree

website | neighborhood: Old Bend ( get directions ) | cuisine: American | price range: $$

pork salsa verde eggs Benedict

The Lemon Tree’s concept began in Tuscany in 2017 when cruise chef friends Chef Jaclyn Perez and Betsy McDonald decided to retire from cruises and open a restaurant in their hometown. Everything came to fruition in 2018, and today, they’re known for having an exceptional brunch. They have a variety of staples like hearty egg benny, but the real showstopper for me is the blueberry scone with lemon glaze.

Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails

website | neighborhood: Old Bend ( get directions ) | cuisine: American | price range: $$$

red fish over mashed potatoes with jambalaya in the background

Zydeco is a fancier spot focusing on consistently impressive American dishes with a Louisiana flare. However it’s not so fancy that they’re too proud to put salt on the table.

Don’t miss the jambalaya with cornbread, redfish with Dungeness crab, and trout dip. All of these are well executed and give a taste of the south right in central Oregon!

website | neighborhood: Old Bend ( get directions ) | cuisine: Korean | price range: $$$

Bibimbap from a Korean restaurant in Bend, OR

Yoli is one of the fancier Korean restaurants I’ve been to. While it’s a bit pricey, I like that you can order small plates and try a variety of well-executed, authentic dishes. For example, they have a bibimbap appetizer portion, which I love because it means I can still get it and try a few new dishes.

Besides the bibimbap, don’t miss the spicy salmon appetizer, kalbi ssam, and rice cakes. The rice cakes come out as medallions rather than rods, which means there’s more surface area to pick up the caramelization and sauces. The kalbi is perfectly cooked and the spicy salmon is so texturally interesting. All of these dishes put a modern, chef-y spin on Korean classics that you’re sure to love!

Mimi’s Bagel Deli

website | neighborhood: Boyd Acres ( get directions ) | cuisine: bagels | price range: $

two halves of a bagel taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwich stacked on top of each other

I have a soft spot for any place that specializes in New Jersey-style bagels, so Mimi’s instantly won me over. While the sandwiches are a bit smaller and chewier than your typical Jersey bagel, they make up for it with bountiful toppings and a delicate, slightly-sour dough. I come back every year just to rekindle my Jersey nostalgia and order the Taylor ham, egg, and cheese.

The Sparrow Bakery Northwest

website | neighborhood: Summit West ( get directions ) | cuisine: bakery | price range: $$

Sparrow Bakery ocean roll, one of the must do things in Bend Oregon in winter

The Sparrow is a lively bakery housed in an old industrial building that serves breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and light lunch alongside coffee. I go here often, and while there are some things I haven’t adored, I always find the baked goods to be consistently fresh and high-quality.

Don’t miss the ocean roll, which is basically a cinnamon roll wrapped in croissant dough without the frosting and with more cardamom flavor. I tried it and found it quite intriguing, with way more cardamom flavor than I expected–in a good way!

Manzanita Grill Bend LLC

website | neighborhood: Orchard District ( get directions ) | cuisine: Tex-Mex | price range: $$

plate of tacos from where to eat in Bend Oregon

Located outside the Humm Kombucha Taproom , Manzanita is a popular food truck serving a unique combination of Tex-Mex tacos, BBQ sliders, and massive fried chicken sandwiches. People love their fried chicken, but my vote is for their tacos. They’re well-stuffed and perfectly seasoned, especially the carnitas, al pastor, and carne asada tacos.

Sen Thai Noodles & Hot Pot

website | neighborhood: Old Bend ( get directions ) | cuisine: Thai | price range: $$

bowl of noodles and pork from one of the best restaurants in Bend Oregon

Sen Thai is run by the same people behind Wild Rose , a wildly popular Thai restaurant in Bend. I prefer Sen Thai because they offer more authentic, hard-to-find Thai dishes. For example, you’ll find poh pia sode tod egg rolls, which are addictively crispy and not too oily. They also offer Thai hot pot, which isn’t very common.

The standout for me is always the khao muk gai, a subtly Thai curry-rubbed chicken served with flavorful rice and a gorgeous sweet and sour sauce. If it’s available when you visit, make sure it’s part of your order!

McKay Cottage Restaurant

website | neighborhood: Boyd Acres ( get directions ) | cuisine: American breakfast | price range: $$

crepes topped with strawberries and whipped cream

McKay’s is a beloved local spot that’s consistently been voted the best breakfast in Bend since 2010. The lines are long, but it’s worth the wait. They have a variety of breakfast staples like burritos, biscuits and gravy, and omelets. My absolute favorite, though, is the strawberry crepe with vanilla custard!

Jackson’s Corner

website | neighborhood: Old Bend ( get directions ) & inside The Grove food hall ( get directions ) | cuisine: American | price range: $$

huevos ranchero from a Bend restaurant

Jackson’s Corner is another quintessential breakfast and lunch spot in Bend. It’s located inside a historic home-turned-restaurant, so you can’t help but feel you’re in a locals-only establishment.

The must get here is the biscuits and gravy. It’s earthy and complex, just as this dish should be. If you’re craving something lighter, don’t miss the salmon tartine.

Planker Sandwiches

website | neighborhood: Old Bend ( get directions ) | cuisine: sandwiches | price range: $$

person holding stacked halves of a turkey sandwich

Planker’s is a small sandwich shop in downtown Bend that serves hearty sandwiches on locally-made bread with scratch-made toppings and condiments. They offer a few all-day breakfast sandwiches along with cold, warm, and pressed lunch sandwiches. My go-to is the Turkey Club. It’s classic, simple, and perfectly executed! 

Bonus: Places to drink in Bend

Hey, you need to do something besides eat! So as you explore where to eat in Bend, Oregon, take breaks at these cool drinking establishments around the city.

The Broom Closet

website | neighborhood: Old Bend ( get directions ) | price range: $$

cocktails from a Bend speakeasy

I love me a good speakeasy bar . The Broom Closet is the hidden bar on the 3rd floor of the McMenamins Old St. Francis School building. It’s tricky to find, but when you do, you’ll be rewarded with a cozy, art-lined bar and classic jazz playing in the background. Don’t miss the L’Orange and Smoky Sombrero cocktails!

Pro tip: Yelp says this place is kid-friendly, but it’s 21+. That said, you can take your drink anywhere on the property.

cocktails from a Bend bar

Recommended to me by a local, San Simón is a small spot hidden down an alleyway in downtown Bend. They have creative cocktails and build-your-own charcuterie boards. Kids are allowed before 9 PM, but only if you order food.

Monkless Belgian Ales

website | neighborhood: Southern Crossing ( get directions ) | price range: $$

mussels, frites, and beer tasting flight from Monkless Ales in Bend, OR

Monkless is my favorite brewery in Bend because they exclusively make my favorite kind of beer, Belgian ales. They also have a variety of European-inspired dishes like mussels, frites, poutine, and a really good pretzel. So this is a great, family-friend spot for both beers and great food.

Crux Fermentation

beer sampler from Crux Fermentation

I’ve never been to Crux when it wasn’t jam-packed, but they have a ton of seating and a big patio, so it’s usually easy to find a seat. The kid- and dog-friendly brewpub is housed in a former transmission repair plant and offers a small bar food menu of mostly pretzels and weekend brunch. They also have rotating food carts in the parking lot. The brewery makes a variety of classic PNW beers like hazy IPAs and crisp lagers, as well as a few barrel-aged beers and hand-crafted cocktails.

Boss Rambler Club

website | neighborhood: River West ( get directions ) | price range: $$

Boss Rambler brewery in Bend, Oregon

Boss Rambler is a hip, millennial-designed brewery known for its IPAs, which is a style I don’t usually enjoy, but I really like theirs. They’re kid-friendly and dog-friendly (on the patio), and they host the Blue Eyes Burgers & Fries food truck along with coffee and breakfast burritos in the mornings.

Bevel Craft Brewing

website | neighborhood: Larkspur ( get directions ) | price range: $$

Bevel is one of the breweries I visit every year, mainly on Monday for their fun trivia night. But this spot is also making good beers and has a food cart pod on its property.

Still Vibrato

website | neighborhood: River West ( get directions ) | price range: $

Still Vibrato coffee shop in Bend, Oregon

Still Vibrato is a gorgeous, minimally designed coffee shop tucked inside an apartment building’s courtyard. They sell beans in bulk, so you can try a variety of beans or sip on a single-origin flat white while enjoying people-watching from the massive windows.

Boba Tea Bend

website | neighborhood: Old Farm District ( get directions ) | price range: $

It’s not every day you’ll see me recommending a boba tea spot, but I have to give credit where it’s due. Boba Tea Bend is making much better boba than the other shops currently dominates the Bend market. The boba tea pearls are served warm, and the Okinawa brown sugar milk tea with no added sugar has the perfect level of sweetness. I would have never stopped at this food cart if it wasn’t for my niece’s obsession with boba, so it’s a happy discovery I’m excited to pass on to you.

Map of Bend restaurants & bars

Above is where to eat in Bend, Oregon if you want my fave of fave restaurants. But if you’re looking for more ideas, check out my full map of places to eat and drink in Bend!

More to explore nearby

Like I said, you have to do more than just visit where to eat in Bend, Oregon! So here are more ideas of how to pass your time.

  • Things to Do in Bend in Winter
  • Best Ski Resorts in Mount Hood
  • All My Favorite Things to Do in Eugene
  • Fun Places to Eat in Portland, OR
  • The Perfect Columbia Gorge Itinerary

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Your guide to eating and drinking in Central Oregon.

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A Taste of the High Desert Food Trail

Blue sign reads High Desert Food Trail

Together with Travel Oregon, Visit Central Oregon, and Oregon Food Trails, the HDFFA created the High Desert Food Trail , a self-guided tour of Central Oregon’s farms, restaurants, cafés, breweries, distilleries, and culinary experiences that support the efforts of our local farmers.

Central Oregon is often a destination for skiing, kayaking, hiking, and all-around outdoor adventures. However, Oregon’s High Desert is also known for its culinary experiences. This includes hyperlocal sourcing and collaborations among farms, eateries, and breweries.

The High Desert Food and Farm Alliance (HDFFA) works to connect community with local farmers to bring fresh, nutrient-dense foods from their farms to our plates.

High Desert Food Trail features 45 businesses that highlight some of Central Oregon’s extraordinary agritourism destinations . Here, we’ve featured just a taste of what the High Desert Food Trail has to offer.

You’ll find more than 20 restaurants and eateries along the High Desert Food Trail . Whether you’re starting out your morning with a quick breakfast on the way to Smith Rock State Park or unwinding after a day on the Deschutes River, you’ll find plenty of locally-sourced options throughout Central Oregon.

Sisters Coffee

Central Oregon’s pioneer coffee roasters, Sister Coffee, started roasting beans in the 80s. Since then, they’ve expanded with two cafés in Central Oregon and one in Portland. Sisters Coffee’s flagship café, located in the heart of downtown Sisters, serves specialty coffee drinks, housemade baked goods, made-to-order breakfast and brunch items, and local beer, wine, and cider.

Cup of coffee reads Sisters Coffee established 1989

For an elevated drip coffee, try a slow pour-over with the roast of the day . In lieu of an iced coffee, try a smooth Nitro cold brew (no cream or sugar required!). Sisters Coffee’s Hood Ave two-story café offers plenty of space to sit and slowly sip your coffee du jour. Or, take your coffee on the go before exploring the quaint town of Sisters.

Visit Sisters Coffee

Jackson’s Corner

Old Bend’s bustling corner café is a favorite breakfast hub for locals and visitors alike. Located in the heart of Bend’s Whiskey Flats neighborhood, Jackson’s Corner is a popular eatery serving brunch and dinner using many locally-sourced ingredients, including in-house baked bread, handmade pasta, and naturally leavened pizza doughs.

Jackson’s Corner sources produce from Central Oregon farms like Rainshadow Organics, Boundless Farmstead, and Casad Family Farms. Many of their meats are sourced from North 44 Farm in Bend and Well Rooted Farms in Redmond.

overhead view of latte from jacksons corner bend oregon

Additionally, you’ll find Oregon-centric ingredients from places like Jacobsen Salt, Tillamook Creamery, and Groundwork Organics . With community in mind, Jackson’s Corner intentionally chooses local and organic farmers committed to responsible and humane farming practices for a nourishing and purposeful menu.

For a lighter take on breakfast, try the breakfast sammy made with Well Rooted Farms pork sausage, Tillamook sharp white cheddar, a folded egg, lemon aioli, and arugula served on a sweet bun. For a meat-free option, order the Sammy vegetarian style.

Visit Jackson’s Corner

Terra Kitchen

The SCP Hotel in Redmond has become a hub for cocktail lounging, rooftop imbibing, and plant-forward dining. Terra Kitchen, located on the main floor of the SCP Hotel, creates seasonal plant-based dishes using Central Oregon produce and grains.

Start the evening with a basket of grilled whole-grain sourdough from Unity Breads, owned and operated by one of Terra’s chefs. The potatoes bravas, a permanent menu fixture, are a must for the table and feature Fields Farms potatoes and SCP garden herbs.

hand reaches for a cocktail on the rooftop of scp hotel redmond oregon

Each season dictates the farm vegetable paella’s add-ins, which are often sourced from Terrebonne’s Sunrgrounded Farms and always served over Bomba rice.

While all dishes are vegetarian, many are also vegan and most dishes can be prepared gluten-free. And, desserts are available in both sweet and savory varieties. After dinner, take the elevator up to The Rooftop for a nightcap and catch a Cascade Mountain Range sunset.

Visit Terra Kitchen in Redmond

Wine, Beer & Spirits

It’s no doubt that craft beer reigns supreme in Central Oregon. But, with the rise of High Desert distilleries, vineyards, and wineries, there’s a craft beverage option for just about every taste. And, you don’t have to imbibe to drink locally. Sip on local kombucha, non-alcoholic craft beer, or a mocktail at one of these High Desert Food Trail stops.

Faith Hope & Charity Vineyards

Contrary to popular belief, there is a handful of hearty grape varietals that not only grow but thrive in Central Oregon. Situated along 312 acres in Terrebonne, Faith Hope & Charity Vineyards grows grapes that can withstand up to -32º temperatures.

Red varietals, like Marquette and Leon Millot ,  were planted in 2010. They had their first harvest, including white varietals like Frontenac Gris and La Crosse , in 2015.

glass of red wine in the foreground with a brick oven pizza in the background

Located just 14 miles from Smith Rock, the vineyard offers wine tasting in its barn-style tasting room and private tours of the 15-acre vineyard. Grab a seat around their duck pond or situate yourself to take in the views of surrounding Central Oregon canyons and sip some of their award-winning wines.

Pair a glass of wine or tasting flight with pizzas made fresh in their outdoor pizza oven and enjoy live music every Thursday through Saturday during the summer. For a unique tasting, ask about their silver-lining-born Blessings sparkling wine

Visit Faith, Hope & Charity Vineyards in Terrebonne

Ale Apothecary

Sour beer lovers, rejoice! Ale Apothecary is brewing some of the best hyper-local sour beers in Oregon. Founded in 2011, Ale Apothecary’s artisanal brews are made in a small brewery in the forest just west of Bend.

Using barley and wheat malts from Grade Estate Malt in Madras, Ale Apothecary uses a natural fermentation process—never force carbonating their beers.

Hand pours a sour ale into a challis at ale apothecary in Bend Oregon

Their tasting room in Bend may seem unassuming, but it’s anything but basic. Owners Paul and Staci Arney are often greeting, serving, and chatting with customers, describing notes of their small-batch barrel-aged sours and telling stories of their wooded home brewery.

Raw Oregon honey is used to condition the bottles, which are later corked and aged to maturation. And, if you think that beer is “not your thing,” consider this—Ale Apothecary’s funky brews tend to meet somewhere between a beer, sparkling wine, and a shrub. Stay for a pint of Farmhouse and leave with a 750mL bottle of Fierce Turtle .

Visit Ale Apothecary in Bend

Oregon Spirit Distillers

From the arrival of High Desert grains to sipping Straight American Bourbon Whiskey in the tasting room—it all takes place at Oregon Spirit Distillers’ midtown Bend distillery.

Using regionally sourced ingredients and pure Cascadian water, Oregon Spirits Distillers makes award-winning bourbons, whiskeys, and botanical spirits. Sip on whiskey and bourbon flights or enjoy a crafted cocktail using their house-made Luster Limoncello or herbaceous spirits while watching the distillation process through the windows of the tasting room.

Wooden board holding a flight of whiskey from Oregon Spirit Distillers

For a farm-to-table experience, take a tour of the distillery with one of their in-house experts. See the process from start to finish, and end with a flight of whiskey in the tasting room or on their expansive outdoor patio. Tours require a reservation and cost $20 per person. On weekends, find live music and food carts in their buzzing indoor/outdoor tasting room.

Visit Oregon Spirit Distillers in Bend

Farm To Table

Without the farmers of Central Oregon, we couldn’t have the High Desert Food Trail . When you visit a Bend or Central Oregon farm, you’re supporting these farmers directly from the source.

Plus, many of these farms offer incredible farm-to-table dining, experiences, and boutique shops where you can purchase High Desert fare.

Rainshadow Organics

The primary purpose of the High Desert Food Trail is to showcase culinary experiences that source from local farmers of Central Oregon.

So, what happens when the farm is the culinary experience? Rainshadow Organics, located between Terrebonne and Sisters, takes you through every step from the farm to the fork.

tables along a deck with plates, flowers, string lights and heat lamps

As a full-diet farm, Rainshadow offers seasonal and year-round CSAs that include veggies and herbs, raw milk, whole grains and flours, eggs, meat, and honey. Additionally, they provide many Central Oregon establishments with organic produce, meat, and grains. During the summer, Rainshadow features a myriad of farm-to-table events on their High Desert farm.

Plate of farm to table meal on the deck of Rainshadow Organics farm in Central Oregon

On Sunday mornings, enjoy a 3-course brunch along their insulated deck . Then, finish your meal with a visit to the adjoining farm store. As the weather gets warmer and the nights stay lighter, join Rainshadow for a long table dinner in the garden. This 4-course dinner can be paired with wines from Rainshadow’s farm store . Or, bring a bottle from home for a $20 corkage fee.

Furthermore, all meals are prepared by Chef Nic Maraziti with 100% Rainshadow Organics ingredients . Meals are produce-forward, with meat from their sister cattle ranch Pitchfork T Ranch.

Visit Rainshadow Organics in the High Desert

SunLife Farm and Ranch

As one of Central Oregon’s newest agritourism destinations, SunLife Farm and Ranch aims to be one of the region’s most diverse agricultural destinations for locals and visitors.

This summer, SunLife will unveil its years-long project of lavender fields , an apiary, outdoor yoga, hiking trails, and farm store. Furthermore, SunLife is also working to make areas that are ADA accessible, creating an opportunity for everyone to experience their farm and ranch.

Woman relaxes in a red hammock between pine trees on SunLife farm in Prineville

In addition to by-appointment farm visits, SunLife offers monthly seasonal events. Think lavender picking and 5k races at their 160-acre farm. With over 20 miles of trail options throughout the property, SunLife offers an escape from the hustle and bustle.

After a scenic hike, relax in one of their shaded hammocks while sipping on a beverage from the farm store. And, be sure to grab a jar of Bootah Bees honey on your way out.

Visit SunLife Farm and Ranch

L&S Farm and Gardens

Linda Stephenson had already written several gardening books, including ‘Cold Climate Gardening’, when she and her husband, Sonny, started L&S Farm and Garden in Prineville in 2017. As a ninth-generation Central Oregonian, gardening and farming go back to Linda’s roots (pun very much intended).

On the petite grounds of L&S Farm and Garden, you’ll find baby doll sheep, free-range chickens, Angus beef, and a single hoop house with seasonal herbs and produce.

Mason jars of strawberry and raspberry lemonade jam sit on a red and white picnic table cloth

Linda offers seasonal tea parties catered to children and their parents, along with a year-round farm store. Here, she sells farm-fresh eggs, baked goods, jams and jellies, and a variety of salsas and pickled vegetables .

The farm’s USDA-inspected kitchen is also permitted to sell their beef and pork by the pound . Give this quaint farm a visit and stock up on housemade canned goods while paying a visit to their livestock.

Visit L&S Farm and Garden

Travel Safely

With many of these locations serving wine, beer, and spirits, it’s important to consider transportation. Shuttle Oregon offers custom and private trips for groups in Central Oregon, allowing you to enjoy the High Desert Food Trail without the worry of ride shares. Notably, their outfitted shuttles include Wi-Fi, charging stations, air conditioning, and beverages for the trip.

Woman steps into a Shuttle outside of a winery in Central Oregon

Learn more about the High Desert Food Trail . Thank you to Visit Central Oregon for supporting Eat Drink Bend and making it possible for us to visit these farms and eateries along the High Desert Food Trail.

Download the High Desert Food Trail Map & Guide ( English )

Download the High Desert Food Trail Map & Guide ( Spanish )

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Nancy Patterson is a food writer, recipe developer, and content creating connoisseur. In addition to Eat Drink Bend, she owns recipe site Fed & Fancy, creating simple yet elevated everyday recipes.

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Eat like a local. Get the latest updates on food and events in Bend, Oregon, including exclusive offers from your favorite local restaurants.

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cocktail in front of a gas lit fire pit

Nightcap Recap: Riverside S’mores & Cocktails at the Riverhouse

bend oregon food tour

New VIP Food Truck, Premium Features at Bend Concerts

kelsey daniels owner of flights wine bar sits in the wine lounge holding a glass of wine

Raise Your Glass: Flights Wine Bar Boosts Bend’s Wine Scene

We our supporters.

Eat Drink Bend is a labor of love. We exist to support our local restaurants and community here in beautiful Bend, Oregon. We are deeply grateful for the support of our generous sponsors, without which none of this work would be possible.

bend oregon food tour

Are you a local Central Oregon business?

Nancy Patterson of Eat Drink Bend takes a picture of beer on a table outside in Bend, Oregon.

I wanted to share more than where to eat, but what to eat. And not just what, but why? From where is the food resourced? Should it be paired with a beer, or a cocktail—and what kind? But most importantly, share the faces and tell the stories behind the people who make it all happen, showing support for small business in and around Bend.

– Nancy Patterson, Founder

bend oregon food tour

Hello Bend Oregon

Taco Tour of Bend, Oregon!

Hello Bend! Someone wise once said to me, “A well-balanced diet is a taco in each hand.” Well this Texas girl couldn’t agree more! I’m originally from Austin, where tacos are the essence/currency of life. Tacos take the place of bagels, doughnuts, and treats in morning meetings, they’re an easy go-to for any meal, and quite honestly, they are a serious form of comfort food. Moving to Bend, Oregon, I needed to know where to go to get my taco fix—whether on a Tuesday night for dinner, at 10:00 in the morning, or just for a quick snack, I wanted easy access to the best spots. In no particular order, here are the top taco joints my Research & Development taste-tasters found in Central Oregon. Where do they rate on your list?

“People in Bend are mad for their tacos!”

  • Location: With 2 brick and mortar locations in Bend, multiple food trucks stationed at Crux, festivals, farmer’s markets, and private events, El Sancho has a large hold on the taco heart of Bend.
  • The food: I highly recommend anything with the Barbacoa in it! ALSO if there is a Daily Kitchen Special, do yourself a favor and order that!

bend oregon food tour

“Great tacos, especially the carnitas and mahi mahi special”

  • Location: With a Brick & Mortar in the heart of Bend, Oregon and multiple food trucks scattered throughout the popular brewery hangs, Barrio seems to be always there when you’re craving an upscale Mexican feast.
  • The Food: I would travel across the 7 seas to eat their Beef Birria and al Pastor tacos!
  • Menu + Details

bend oregon food tour

“The Carne Asada Tacos are my favorites!”

  • Location: Located on Galveston, the bright “Taco Salsa” sign is at the 14th street roundabout! Making it a convenient place to drop in for a taco!
  • Recommendation: Carne asada tacos are amazing!

bend oregon food tour

Super Burrito

“The BEST sauces and homemade salsas around!”

  • Location:   Just off of Wall Street in downtown Bend, Super Burrito is a great spot for fresh, high quality Mexican food.
  • The food: This is a great little spot even if the parking is iffy! The food is delicious, the pricing is very affordable. I recommend the Al Pastor Burrito–it’s so flavorful and tasty! Their salsas are all homemade and have great flavor/heat and the outside seating is prime!

bend oregon food tour

Vida y Tacos

“Tacos de Gama Libre”

  • Location: Located just off of Century Drive near Safeway, Vida y Tacos is the Taco Shop version of it’s sister restaurant, Life and Time. The slogon “Tacos de Gama Libre” means “Free Range Tacos” and the owners believe in the same philosophy that helped make the original Life & Time so popular–food should be fresh, locally sourced, and always always Free Range.
  • The food:  Anything you order here is good. I’m a sucker for their carne asada tacos and everything always tastes better with one of their slushy margaritas!

bend oregon food tour

“Food Truck with incredible tacos, right on the Galveston corridor”

  • Location: Sol Verde is a food truck parked in the prime location on Galveston in the midst of beer haven. The pairing is perfect–Beer + tacos? What’s not to love!
  • The food: Anything drenched in the green chili sauce is delicious

bend oregon food tour

Parilla Grill

“Creative, unique approach to fusion Mexican food!”

  • Location: As of May, only their westside Galveston location is open. This restaurant has a religious cult following, and Parilla is a staple in the Bend foodie scene.
  • The food: This fusion grill has some of the most creative twists on standard mexican food. I recommend the Hefe’s Fish tacos/burritos.

bend oregon food tour

 Lucy’s Taco Shop

“A no frills Mexican joint with big portions”

  • Location: Lucy’s makes tacos convenient with a drive-thru option open at their 3rd street location.
  • The food: With some of the most authentic Mexican food I’ve had in Bend, Lucy’s always gets an AAA+ rating from my family. The chips & salsa, the crispy tacos, and the fajita were spot on. A great spot for tacos in Bend!

bend oregon food tour

Honorable Mention:

Bend breakfast burrito – food truck.

  • Location: Parked on Greenwood across from Silver Moon Brewing, the breakfast burrito food truck often boasts a line that wraps around the block.
  • The food:  You have to try the chorizo burrito! Partnered with a banana nut muffin, this is the perfect breakfast meal.

Take-out/ Dine-in

Although a few of these places have their own delivery set up, the following businesses will get your tacos to you anywhere in the area:

Uber Eats Bend   |   Bend Takeout   |   Grub Hub

bend oregon food tour

Interested in more Food Adventures from  Hello Bend ? Read more  HERE , SUBSCRIBE to the  Hello Bend Blog , and follow along on  Facebook  and  Instagram  to stay in the know in Central Oregon.

Brenda Menzel, Broker

[email protected] Cascade Sotheby’s Int’ l Realty ~ Hello Bend Real Estate 541-640-2125

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Photo Presets

The Mandagies

Smith Rock State Park Bend Oregon Itinerary - The Mandagies

The Ultimate Bend Oregon Itinerary (How To Spend 4 Days In Bend)

Post Summary: The Best 4 Day Bend Oregon Itinerary

Are you already sick of the rain this winter? One of the most common complaints we hear about living in the PNW is the dark and dreary winter months. But that’s actually not the case everywhere!

If you’re looking to escape the rain and gray skies this season, may we introduce you to Bend, Oregon . This adventurous city is located in the PNW’s high desert region, with an average of around 12 inches per year. Bend also has the highest average number of sunny days in the state (sitting at 158!) which makes it a year-round hub for outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, biking, cave exploring, and more!

In this post, we’re telling you exactly how to plan your weekend in Bend, Oregon and pack each day with outdoor adventure, yummy food, and lots of amazing views. Let’s get started!

The Ultimate Bend Oregon Itinerary (4 Days of Adventure!)

This post is sponsored by Visit Bend . All images, writing, and opinions are our own!

Smith Rock State Park, Bend Oregon

How To Get To Bend, Oregon

Bend is located in Central Oregon, near the foot of the Cascades mountains on the east side. If you are an Oregon local, chances are that you are coming from big cities like Portland or Eugene to spend a weekend in Bend!

The easiest way to travel to Bend, Oregon is by car , but there is also an airport in Bend if you REALLY need to fly in. The airport is actually in the neighboring town of Redmond, (code RDM) but it’s only 30 miles from downtown Bend.

Here are some travel times if you are coming by car (to account for in your Bend Oregon itinerary):

  • Distance From Portland to Bend: 176 miles – 3 hours and 15 minutes.
  • Distance From Eugene to Bend: 128 miles – 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Distance From Seattle to Bend: 330 miles – 6 hours 30 minutes

Note: These drives require driving over mountain passes! If you are planning a trip to Bend in winter, make sure to save Oregon’s TripCheck webpage, and put together your own DIY winter car emergency kit .

Bend, Oregon Lodging - LOGE Camp

Where To Stay In Bend Oregon

There are lots of incredible places to stay in Bend in winter. However, if you are seeking lots of outdoor adventure, we suggest staying at the LOGE Camp in Bend ! LOGE’s motto is “Live Outside, Go Explore” and they help you do exactly that.

Bend’s LOGE Camp provides free bike rentals , has Deschutes National Forest trails literally right outside your door, and Mount Bachelor ski resort is less than a 30-minute drive away.

They are also very remote work-friendly too. We found that the lobby cafe had everything we needed for sending off quick emails or getting a little work done before our adventures. There were tons of collaborative tables to sit at, and if the weather was warmer, we could even sit outside on a clear day.

We noticed that LOGE Camp does a great job of fostering community. There are tons of places to gather with your friends all over the grounds to debrief about your full day of exploring outside. From fire pits, covered awnings, and a patio with a hot tub, there’s so much to choose from!

To book a room at LOGE Camp in Bend, click here !

Bend Oregon Itinerary Day 1

On the first day of your Bend weekend itinerary, it’s a good idea to orient yourself . After you check into your accommodations, we suggest spending a bit of time walking around the heart of the city. There are so many things to do in downtown Bend, but we figured it’s best to start out with a walking tour!

bend oregon food tour

Take a Walk of the Deschutes River Trail

Starting off your Bend Oregon itinerary, you need to check out the Deschutes River Trail in the Old Mill Area. This section runs through the heart of downtown on either side of the river, spanning a 2.7-mile loop . It’s paved and perfect for strollers, scooters, and great for children on bikes.

Take the whole family out for a chilly outing, because there are parks, shops, and restaurants along the way to take a break and warm up. It’s one of the best things to do in downtown Bend that’s outside and in the fresh air! Grab a coffee and treats at some nearby Bend, Oregon bakeries (like Jackson’s Corner or Strictly Organic) and take a stroll!

Looking for the bike trail? The biking-specific section of the Deschutes River Trail is an 11-mile trail beginning at the LOGE Camp and ending at Benham Falls Overlook.

Take a Similar Trip: Walk the Greenbelt Trail in Boise, Idaho

Bend Oregon Beer Trail - Bevel Creek Brewing

Dinner at Bevel Craft Brewing

Bevel Craft Brewing is owned by Nate and Valerie Doss, who are among the best disc golfers in the world! They spent countless hours visiting breweries all over the world on their disc golf tours and collected a wealth of knowledge about the kind of business they wanted to run.

Their hop-centric microbrewery is certainly noteworthy, but we were especially enamored by the space they created. This outdoor oasis consisted of picnic tables, high tables, fire pits, and yes, a mini-disc golf area!

The resident food trucks surrounded the outdoor area and created a vibe that is absolutely perfect for meeting your friends for dinner and beer .

If we lived in the city, we know this would be our go-to Bend brewery!

Bend Oregon Itinerary Day 2

Tumalo Falls Trail in Winter

Hike to Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls is one of the most popular hikes in Bend to do any time of year, but it’s especially beautiful in the winter season! Once the first snow falls, the park closes the access road to reach the main parking lot. Therefore, grab your snowshoes or microspikes and get ready for a winter wonderland trail!

The Tumalo Falls via Tumalo Creek Trail is a 6.5-mile round trip from the Skyliner Sno-Park, Make sure to take a Northwest Forest Pass with you, to put on your car’s dashboard. If you are lucky enough to make it all the way to the parking lot, expect to pay a $5 entrance fee at the kiosk.

bend oregon food tour

The trail is widely used in the Oregon winter season , so you can expect snow to be packed down on the trail. It can get slippery, so make sure to wear shoes with good traction, or put on a pair of microspikes to prevent slipping.

Once at the falls, the views are incredible! Stick the lower falls for a view of the cliffs and surrounding forest, or hike up the short trail to see the falls from the top. It’s one of the most iconic things you can add to your Bend Oregon itinerary!

Read More: 15 Incredible Oregon Waterfalls To Explore (+150 Waterfalls in Oregon Bucket List!)

Bend Oregon Coffee Shops - Spoken Moto

Coffee and Breakfast at Spoken Moto

One of our favorite Bend Oregon coffee shops is hand-down, Spoken Moto !

The ambiance and interior are the perfect blends of industrial and laid-back, perfect for meeting like-minded creatives and makers! Situated in a warehouse building, communal tables and merch are intermixed with vintage motorcycles and bikes. On a nice summer day, you can expect their garage doors to be open, and someone working on or discussing their dope rides!

Another great feature of Spoken Moto is their food truck court right outside! Come during any time of day for some good grub to go along with your coffee. It’s our one-stop-shop to fuel up before another adventurous day exploring Bend.

Are you camping in Bend Oregon? Here are 6 ways to make coffee while camping.

Things To Do In Bend, Oregon - The High Desert Museum

Visit The High Desert Museum

If you’re visiting during the colder months, winter activities in Bend Oregon don’t necessarily have to involve snow! Stay inside, stay warm, and have fun at the High Desert Museum ! Built-in 1982, this 135-acre complex south of Bend has an abundance of ways to learn about the high desert environment in Eastern Oregon and beyond.

From watching playful sea otters to discovering the exploration and settlements of the West, this museum has something for everyone . We personally like to spend time in museums during the first days of our trips. This way, we can learn about the geography of the area, the history of the communities, and educate ourselves on the unique conservation efforts surrounding outdoor activities.

Places To Visit in Bend - The High Desert Museum

The High Desert Museum has summer hours (9 am-5 pm) and winter hours (10 am-4 pm). General admission is between $14-$17 depending on the time of year you visit.

This is one of the coolest things to do in Bend with kids because they have shows with live animals, a live-action historic village, and lots of interesting exhibits!

Best Restaurants in Bend - Wild Rose Thai

Dinner At Wild Rose Thai

According to our readers and followers, one of the most highly recommended restaurants in Bend was dinner at Wild Rose Thai ! You won’t find any Pad Thai here – they specialize in Northern Thai cuisine and encourage you to discover new and unique dishes!

Some of our favorites are the Sweet Sausage Fried Rice, Kabocha Curry, and Sukiyaki. It was a perfect blend of flavors from creamy coconut milk to spicy chili, and lots of yummy noodles. This place is quite popular, especially on the weekend. We highly recommend that you make a reservation to secure your table in advance!

Bend Oregon Itinerary Day 3

Berty Mandagie at Smith Rock State Park in Winter

Hike Around Smith Rock State Park

What’s a Bend Oregon itinerary without a stop at Smith Rock State Park ?

If you like a good mix of hiking, climbing, photography, and simply some good ‘ole exploring, you’ve gotta visit!

Take the short but VERY steep Misery Ridge trail to the top for some epic view. For a more meandering stroll, check out the 2.8-mile Wolf Tree Trail , which leads you through a quieter section of the gorge.

Keep your eyes peeled for river otters or herons in this deep canyon!

bend oregon food tour

Is Smith Rock too crowded for your liking? Take the alternative route to Gray Butte Trail . It’s to the far west of Smith Rock, and on USFS/BLM land. It provides great views of the park’s iconic peaks, without the traditional masses of hikers.

Hiking around Smith Rock State Park is one of the most popular things to do in Bend, Oregon ! To explore with fewer crowds, we recommend coming in the morning, or if you can, visit on weekdays.

Breakfast At The Sparrow Bakery

No trip to Central Oregon is complete without trying The Sparrow Bakery’s famous Ocean Rolls ! Stop by this iconic Bend Oregon bakery for some made-from-scratch pastries, delicious meals, and good company. This is a great place to meet friends for brunch before your next big adventure.

bend oregon food tour

Take an Adventure With Wanderlust Tours

Wanderlust Tours is a company in Bend that takes explorers on half-day journeys in Bend, Sunriver, Sisters, and surrounding areas. From snowshoeing near Mt Bachelor in the winter to canoe paddling along the Cascades Lakes Scenic Byway in the summer, there’s an adventure waiting for practically everyone !

Their naturalist-led tours are incredibly informative, and you return from your trip having deep knowledge and respect of the area. We were lucky to join them for a cave tour during our 4 days in Bend, Oregon! (More on that below.)

Wanderlust Tours does a great job of offering a variety of adventures and we already have a shortlist of ones we want to book when we create another Bend Oregon itinerary. On our list next is the Prohibition Tour (where they tour cave locations that were used to illegally distill alcohol in the caves!) and a Cascade Lakes canoe tour in the summertime.

Boyd Cave in Bend, Oregon

Explore Boyd Cave

During our Bend weekend itinerary, we explored Boyd Cave with Wanderlust Tours. Boyd Cave is one of the few public Bend, Oregon caves that anyone can explore free of charge and without a permit!

We highly recommend either booking a trip with Wanderlust or planning your own adventure. Either way, make sure to bring a helmet, 2-3 sources of light, and wear clothes you don’t mind getting dusty! The cave eventually gets too small for humans to pass through, but you can spend a good two hours exploring the cave and reaching the end.

Emily Mandagie exploring caves in Bend, Oregon

Be prepared for a bit of climbing around big rocks, and banging your head on narrow rocks jutting out from the ceiling. (Hence, the helmet suggestion) It’s a great time, and an excellent spot to take photos as well!

Note: Because this is a public cave, there is a much higher chance of spotting trash, cans, and graffiti. If you want to volunteer your time, Wanderlust Tours runs cave cleanups , where you help keep them free of trash and get to explore the cave at the same time! Inquire with the Wanderlust team about how you can get involved with these efforts to keep Bend caves clean and accessible. 🙂

Other Bend Oregon caves to explore: (check to see if your desired cave requires special entry permission!)

  • Redmond Caves
  • Hidden Forest Cave
  • Skeleton Cave

Plan Some Stops Along The Bend Ale Trail

If you love beer, you’re going to LOVE Bend! One of the most fun things to do in Bend is planning some stops along the Bend Ale Trail .

The Bend Ale Trail is an at-your-own pace beer tour, showcasing the best brewers and craft beers in the city. You can download the app to track your progress or pick up a physical passport book at the Bend Visitors Center .

Make sure to download a Bend Oregon breweries map too before you go. (And have a designated driver of course!)

Some suggestions to enjoy the libations in the city:

  • Go to BrewFest in May (The Bend Oregon beer festival)
  • Take a brewery tour – like the Deschutes Brewery Bend Tasting Room
  • Try the tasting room at Crux Fermentation Project

Bend Oregon Itinerary Day 4

bend oregon food tour

Grab Coffee at Lone Pine Roaster

One of the best Bend Oregon coffee roasters (in our humble opinion) is Lone Pine Coffee Roasters. We met someone during our weekend trip and they recommended the downtown Bend location, and we couldn’t get enough of it!

Lone Pine Roaster’s Downtown location is incredibly beautiful, with plants atop practically every counter, shelf, and floor space! It felt like a little green oasis in the middle of town. This is a great spot to visit with friends, with lots of conversation corners and cozy seating.

Steelhead Falls Trail in Bend Oregon

Visit Steelhead Falls

Looking for an Oregon waterfall hike with a little bit fewer crowds than Tumalo Falls? Might we suggest the short and sweet hike to Steelhead Falls ! It’s located along the Deschutes River, on land owned by the Bureau of Land Management. The trail to Steelhead Falls is only a half-mile from the parking lot, making it a great trail for kids or a quick stop to stretch your legs after a long drive.

This is also a great outdoor activity for a number of reasons. If you’re looking for free Bend, Oregon campsites , this is an excellent spot for an overnight stay! Campsites are first-come-first-serve, open all year round, AND pets are allowed! Great views, free stay, and you can bring Rover? We know we’re camping in Bend next time we visit!

Berty Mandagie visiting Tumalo Falls in winter

More Outdoor Activities In Bend Oregon

Looking for more things to do in Bend, Oregon ? If you have a few more days to spare (say, you’re planning 1 week in Bend, Oregon!) here are some unique things to do in the area: (including day trips from Bend!)

  • Explore Newberry National Volcanic Monument
  • Drive the Cascades Lakes Scenic Byway
  • Oregon Badlands
  • Hike Pilot Butte in the city
  • Visit Paulina Lake and Paulina Hot Springs
  • Looking for things to do in Bend in winter? Head up to Mount Bachelor. From backcountry skiing in Bend Oregon to the Snowblast Tubing hill there’s a snow activity for everyone!

Best Restaurants in Bend, Oregon. 900 Wall

Looking for more amazing food in Bend, Oregon?

Here are some delicious places to check out and add to your Bend Oregon itinerary:

Great Restaurants in Downtown Bend :

  • 900 Wall (Downtown Bend)
  • Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails
  • Anthony’s PNW Cuisine (Located in the Old Mill District)
  • Miyagi Ramen

Incredible Coffee Shops In Bend :

  • Spoken Moto
  • Lone Pine Coffee Roasters
  • Thump Coffee
  • Looney Bean Bend
  • Wild Roots Coffee House

Bend Oregon Things To Do - Smith Rock State Park

*Snapshot* 4 Day Bend Oregon Itinerary

Here is a sample Bend Oregon itinerary to get you started dreaming up the perfect weekend getaway!

  • Check into your Hotel
  • Deschutes River Trail
  • Brewery Dinner at Bevel Craft Brewing
  • Tumalo Falls Sunrise Hike
  • Breakfast and Coffee at Spoken Moto
  • High Desert Museum
  • Lunch At Miyagi Ramen
  • Dinner at Wild Rose
  • Hike around Smith Rock State Park
  • Breakfast at Sparrow Bakery
  • Go on an adventure with Wanderlust Tours
  • Visit Crux Brewery For Dinner (or any Bend, Oregon breweries!)
  • Visit Steelhead Falls for Sunrise
  • Grab Coffee and Breakfast at Lone Pine Roasters

What are some of your favorite ways to spend 4 days in Bend? Share them in the comments below to add to our Bend Oregon itinerary!

More central / eastern oregon adventures.

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10 Natural Oregon Hot Springs To Soothe Your Soul

How To Reach Willow Creek Hot Springs in Eastern Oregon

The Perfect Eastern Oregon Road Trip Itinerary

How To Reach Leslie Gulch in the Owyhee Wilderness

bend oregon food tour

48 Hours in Bend, Oregon: The Ultimate Itinerary

Astrid was the Senior Special Projects Editor at TripSavvy.

bend oregon food tour

Outdoor adventure is certainly the main draw for Bend, Oregon, where hiking, running, and mountain biking are incorporated into the daily routines of both locals and visitors alike. This town takes getting outside seriously: if the sun is out, expect to spot locals paddle boarding and tubing down the Deschutes River, hiking the area's 65 miles of urban trails, or throwing on their gear for a vigorous day of rock climbing.

But Bend is also a great place for those who are looking for a laid back escape. Surrounded by wilderness filled with juniper and pine, this mountain town's scenery offers stillness and tranquility to all who visit it. Not even a culture vulture will find themselves without something to do or see—everywhere you go, you'll find art tucked in alleyways, charming local boutiques, and award-winning museums. And if you're a fan of beer, you're in luck: known as one of the top beer destinations in America, Bend is home to more than 30 craft breweries, many of which have racked up medals at nationwide beer festivals.

If you're heading to Bend and only have 48 hours to see the sights, here's what should be on your itinerary.

Day 1: Morning

Courtesy of Sparrow Bakery

10 a.m.: Drop your bags off at your hotel before your adventure begins. Due to its rise in popularity in recent years, Bend has no shortage of hotels to choose from, including the recently opened Element Bend , sustainability-focused boutique The Oxford , and the quirky McMenamins Old St. Francis School , a converted 1930s Catholic school that now serves as a combination hotel, pub and music venue. Take a stroll over to Downtown Bend, where you'll find a number of delightful shops that will give you your first taste of the town's local flavor. Stock up on outdoor gear essentials at OutsideIN , peruse locally made soaps and candles at Oregon Body and Bath , or check out a selection of new and used books at Dudley's Bookshop Cafe .

11 a.m.: Make a beeline over to one of two Sparrow Bakery locations in town, where hungry Bendites line up early to snag a bite of the bakery's signature Ocean Roll. Made fresh each morning, the famous rolls pack cardamom and vanilla into a buttery croissant dough. Pair it with an espresso for the jolt of energy you need for the day ahead.

Day 1: Afternoon

1 p.m .: Bend's High Desert Museum is dedicated to celebrating the history of central Oregon, with exhibitions highlighting Indigenous culture, Western art, and the region's native wildlife. In a town already spoiled by outdoor beauty, there's no better way to top off an afternoon in Bend with an educational visit to the museum's animal exhibits, where you can see a bird show and greet baby otters. Though small, the museum is considered one of the most prestigious in the west; it was recently awarded the 2021 National Medal of Museum and Library Service, America's highest honor for museums and libraries.

3 p.m.: Founded in 1988, Deschutes Brewery is the centerpiece of Bend's infamous craft beer scene, credited with transforming this mountain town into a beer nirvana. If you're curious to get a peek at the brewery that started it all, the Deschutes brewpub is centrally located downtown, or head to their tasting room for a flight. If you're looking to drink where the locals do, head to  Bend Brewing Company  for elevated pub grub and beautiful views. Other can't-miss stops are  Ale Apothecary  for barrel-aged saisons, Monkless for perfect Belgian ales, Silver Moon Brewing for incredible amber ales,  Boneyard Beer for top-notch IPAs, and Crux Fermentation Project for stouts and sours. Make sure to get a Bend Ale Trail passport and get stamped at each brewery you visit—beer lovers who complete a certain amount of visits score prizes.

Day 1: Evening

Courtesy of Sen Thai Noodles & Hot Pot

7 p.m.: There are plenty of choices for places to eat in Bend, but those looking to end their first day in town with a showstopper should book a table at the recently opened Sen Thai Hot Pot and Noodle House . An offshoot of Wild Rose , one of central Oregon's most popular Thai restaurants, Sen reimagines the classic Thai noodle shop, putting a spin on classic Thai street food in a beautiful setting right on Bend's Mirror Pond. Here, you'll find Thai cuisine with noticeable influences from India, China and Japan. The hot pot noodle soup experience here is not to be missed—although you'll need to expressly reserve a table for it—but those looking for a dry option can't go wrong with the Guay Teow Hang, a savory noodle dish topped with ground pork, pork meatballs, beansprouts, crushed peanuts, chili flakes, green onion, and a fried wonton.

Day 2: Morning

8 a.m.: Rise and shine! Grab some java at Lone Pine Coffee Roasters , a locals' favorite since 2009 and a thriving community hangout in downtown Bend. Non-dairy drinkers are in for a treat: Lone Pine makes their own cashew and almond milk blend in-house, so your morning cup of joe will feel nothing short of luxurious. Whatever you do, don't miss out on the homemade pop tarts, a definite game changer and the perfect snack to grab before hitting the road.

10 a.m.: Any trip to central Oregon would be incomplete without a trip to the majestic Smith Rock State Park . A 40 minute drive from Bend, this park is widely known as the birthplace of American mountain climbing and features more than 2,000 climbing routes for all levels of experience. If rock climbing isn’t your specialty, a leisurely  horseback ride  through the canyons and winding along the Crooked River meadow will score you magical views of the high desert and red and volcanic rock. The park is also home to top-tier hiking routes that will take you through geological wonders, meandering rivers, and abundant wildlife. Brace yourself for stunning vistas that will make you feel like you're on top of the world.

Day 2: Afternoon

Courtesy of Bend Blockbuster

1 p.m.: After a long day on the trails, you've undoubtedly worked up an appetite, which makes it the perfect time to dig into a plant-based meal at Root Down Kitchen , Bend's coziest vegan cafe. From roasted cauliflower tacos topped with sumac onions to red lentil fritters drizzled with cilantro pesto, spicy aioli, and avocado, even a carnivore will find something to love. If you couldn't squeeze it into your already packed brewery list from the day before, Boneyard Brewing is just across the street—the perfect opportunity to grab a cold and refreshing afternoon brew.

3 p.m: Those who grew up renting VHS movies at their local video store will be enchanted to know that America's once giant video store chain—Blockbuster—is very much alive and well in Bend. In fact, as of March 2019, the Bend Blockbuster is the world's only remaining brick and mortar Blockbuster store. While visitors who come to visit the store may expect to see a museum catered to '80s and '90s video memorabilia, the store is still a regular everyday business, and locals continue to rent movies its bright yellow aisles of curated selections. Even travelers who aren't movie buffs will get a kick out of a visit to the store, where they can take a step back in time to a pre-Netflix world. Hardcore video nerds can prepare themselves for the visit by watching the 2020 documentary The Last Blockbuster , which details the continued success of the little store that could.

Day 2: Evening

Courtesy of River's Place

7 p.m: If there's one quintessential way to cap off your trip to Bend, it's by enjoying a meal the way the locals do—at a food cart pod. Cart culture is pure Bend, with the original Bend food cart pod, The Lot , dishing out eats since 2013. It's difficult to go anywhere in central Oregon without finding a food cart pod, and Bend has some excellent selections, like The Podski , which also boasts a beer cart, On Tap , River's Place , and The Office . Along with a vast selection of different food to choose from, you'll also get to take in the atmosphere of the Bend community and their passion for great eats—if a Bendite isn't impressed, you won't be lasting long in this town. Kick back, enjoy a diverse selection of grub, and make a toast to a great visit.

8 Best Things to Do in Bend, Oregon

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Amazing Things to Do in Bend, Oregon | 20 Top Activities & Attractions

Are you planning a trip to the delightful Central Oregon city of Bend and wondering what to do? This magnificent place is full of incredible attractions, like the Deschutes River, the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, and more. 

There are so many things to do in Bend, OR, whether you want to go rock climbing at Smith Rock or try Sparrow Bakery’s delectable breakfast sandwiches at the Bend Farmers Market. That said, with so much on offer, it may be intimidating for a first-time visitor, so keep on reading to find out more. 

Things to Do in Bend

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Bend, oregon

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Best Time to Go to Bend, Oregon

Overall, the best time to visit Bend is between August and October, as you catch the beginning of the fall season. This time of year is great to avoid crowds, save a bunch on accommodation, and enjoy lovely weather. 

However, summer is best for enjoying the great outdoors, like the Deschutes National Forest, the Cascade Mountains, and the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. This is usually between June and September. Just be aware that this is the most popular time to come here, so prices for flights and accommodation might be higher. 

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How Much Time is Needed in Bend, Oregon

Things to Do in Bend

At the minimum, you should spend one to two days in Bend if you’re on an Oregon road trip . If you’re looking to get the most out of Bend’s attractions and activities, like exploring the Old Mill District, three to four days is the optimal time to explore this charming city. 

Tours Of Bend, Oregon

How to get to bend, oregon.

A direct flight to Bend sees you landing at Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM), about 17 miles from the city. At the airport, you can pick up a rental car, order an Uber or Lyft, or catch the Redmond Airport Shuttle.

>>>Rent A Car Here<<<

That said, if you’re visiting on a road trip from a nearby city, like Seattle or San Francisco, there are several ways to get here. 

Portland to Bend

From Portland, you’ll take US Route 26 (US-26) east towards Bend. This highway will merge into US Route 97 (US-97) south, 40 miles before Bend. Lastly, you’ll turn right onto NW Franklin Avenue shortly before reaching the city.

Seattle to Bend

If you’re coming from Seattle, you’ll take Interstate 5 (I-5) south towards Bend. This route will merge onto US-26 E around 180 miles and continue on the US-97, similar to the drive from Portland. All in all, this route will take around six hours.

San Francisco to Bend

From San Francisco, you’ll drive along I-5 north toward Bend. After 283 miles of driving, you’ll take Exit 747 for US-97. Ultimately, this drive is an epic idea for a Pacific Northwest road trip , as it involves a distance of almost 500 miles.

Where to Stay in Bend

If you’re wondering where to stay in Bend, then look no further. Here are four terrific options in this stunning city.

Budget | Waypoint Hotel

Starting off, Waypoint Hotel is a stylish yet affordable option in the heart of Bend’s Orchard District. It’s close to popular attractions in Bend, Oregon, such as Drake Park, Newberry National Volcanic Monument, and the High Desert Museum. 

In terms of amenities, you’ll find delightful local cider and beer on tap in the lobby, an expansive outdoor pool, a hot tub, and an on-site food truck. Moreover, the rooms are spacious and are equipped with comfy bedding, flat-screen TVs, and eco-friendly toiletries. >>> View Rates and Availability

Mid-Range | Hotel Peppertree

Prefer to spend a bit more cash on a chic hotel with modern amenities? Then, Hotel Peppertree is the spot for you. With proximity to Mount Bachelor, Pilot Butte Volcano, and Downtown Bend, this is perfect for those looking to explore all the top Bend, Oregon activities. 

Additionally, you’ll have access to a fitness center, a spa, a pool, and a tap room that has over 20 local craft beers on offer. Lastly, for those keen on mountain biking, you’ll love that this hotel also has a bike room to keep your gear secure. >>> View Rates and Availability

Luxury | Oxford Hotel

Found right in the center of Downtown Bend, near Bond Street and next to Drake Park, is the deluxe Oxford Hotel. With its locally-made toiletries, complimentary cruiser bicycles, and state-of-the-art gym, you’ll be able to enjoy your stay knowing that your experience is prioritized here. 

To add to this, the on-site restaurant, Roam, serves world-class food for brunch and dinner, featuring seasonal ingredients, a range of cuisines, and a variety of cocktails and craft beer. >>> View Rates and Availability

Camping | Tumalo State Park Campground

As the closest campsite to Bend, the Tumalo State Park Campground is a brilliant option for outdoor explorers, backpackers, or just budget-conscious travelers. With 54 tent sites, 23 RV spots, and 7 yurts, there is a variety to choose from. 

Situated right along the stunning Deschutes River, it’s a great place to stay to enjoy Mother Nature. Whether you’re enjoying a picnic lunch, trekking on one of the nearby hiking trails, or warming up by a fire pit, this place is for you. >>> View Rates and Availability

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Map Things to Do in Bend, Oregon

What to Do in Bend, Oregon | 20 Terrific Attractions and Activities

This stunning city is surrounded by rushing rivers, small waterfalls, and some fantastic hiking trails. So, no matter how little you know, you’ll find tons of fun things to do in Bend, Oregon. 

1.  Visit Crater Lake National Park

Things to Do in Bend

One of the best things to do near Bend, Oregon, is visit Crater Lake National Park. Now, it is a few hours away from the city, but you can enjoy a scenic drive along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway on your way there. 

Things to Do in Bend

There is so much to see in this Central Oregon highlight, with plenty of fantastic hikes at Crater Lake National Park and some delightful tours on offer.

Top Tip: Here’s a handy guide to check out where to stay near Crater Lake .

2. Hike to Tumalo Falls

  • Elevation Gain: 150 feet
  • Mileage: 0.6 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Trail Guide: Link

Things to Do in Bend

Another picturesque Bend activity is to hike to Tumalo Falls via the out-and-back trail in the Deschutes National Forest. Why? Well, Oregon is known for having some pretty spectacular waterfalls, and this is the closest one to Bend. 

In addition, the hike isn’t too challenging to complete as you walk up the North Fork Trail from the parking lot, so it’s great for all fitness levels. The Tumalo Falls viewpoint is where most stop, but it’s well worth the effort to continue to the top of the falls for a breathtaking view. 

3. Head to Smith Rock State Park 

Things to Do in Bend

Another top thing to do around Bend, Oregon, is to make a visit to this state park, which is perfect for outdoor adventurers, whether that’s rock climbers or hikers. That’s because the hiking trails in Smith Rock State Park are epic and have various difficulties.

Things to Do in Bend

If you’re looking for a casual walk, then the River Trail is for you. Do you want something a bit more challenging? Then, do the Misery Ridge Trail. It might not sound so fun, but it’s all worth it for the incredible vistas at the top. 

Top Tip: If you’re planning on visiting Smith Rock, make sure to bring a lot of water and sunscreen. Whether it’s a hot day or not, there isn’t much shade here. 

4. Feed Alpacas at Crescent Moon Ranch

Things to Do in Bend

If you’re looking for a fab thing to do in Bend that involves animals, then a visit to Crescent Moon Ranch is just what the doctor ordered. This expansive farm is about 30 minutes outside of the city and is an exceptional activity in Bend, Oregon, for families. 

Not only is it open daily from 10 am until 4 pm, but it’s nice and affordable, as you only need to pay $5 to feed the alpacas. What’s more, it has brilliant views of the Three Sisters Wilderness, Smith Rock, and Mount Jefferson.

bend oregon food tour

5. Walk Around Downtown Bend

Things to Do in Bend

Wondering what to do in Bend, Oregon, and not just around it? Well, Downtown Bend is a major attraction in itself, with some charming boutiques, vibrant art galleries, and excellent food trucks.

Situated between Wall Street and Bond Street, Downtown Bend is a hub for creativity, community, and entertainment. So, if you’re wondering where to go, here are a few places that are highly recommended: 

  • Thump Coffee: If you love a good cup of Joe, then this chic coffee shop is ideal for you. Whether you get your order to go for a stroll along the Deschutes River or settle in to read a thrilling book, a non-negotiable is to try their baked goods.
  • Silver Moon Brewing: Prefer somewhere to go for lunch and enjoy some craft beer? This spot has a nice outdoor seating area, several food trucks, and tons of beer varieties on offer.

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6. eat at wild rose thai.

Things to Do in Bend

Another Downtown Bend thing to do is visit Wild Rose Thai (possibly the best restaurant in town) for some flavorful and vibrant food. They are open for lunch and dinner — and reservations are highly advised for supper. 

Their Khao Soi Curry is a fan favorite, but some other top choices are the Mussels Hot Pot and the Curry Basil Noodles. To pair with this spicy and aromatic food, you’ll find their cocktails and wine selection work excellently.

7. Hike to Proxy Falls

  • Elevation Gain: 164 feet
  • Mileage: 1.6 miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Things to Do in Bend

Moving on to another brilliant thing to do near Bend — hiking to the stunning Proxy Falls. Okay, well, it might not seem close to Bend as it’s a few hours away in the Willamette National Forest, but don’t let that deter you. 

It’s well worth it for the adventure of it all — although this opinion might be a bit biased. It quickly becomes a personal favorite for anyone searching for Oregon waterfalls , with its surrounding moss and cascading waters. The hike isn’t too intense and will probably take around 45 minutes to an hour to complete.  

Top Tip: Be cautious walking around the waterfall, and maybe bring a trekking pole , as the rocks around it can be slippery.

8. Visit Some Fantastic Breweries on the Bend Ale Trail

Things to Do in Bend

Onto a trail that doesn’t require as much effort — the Bend Ale Trail, one of the best things to do in Bend, Oregon, for adults. You can pick up a passport at the Bend Visitor Center and get a stamp at each territory of the trail map to get a prize at the end. Additionally, if you complete all seven territories, you’ll receive a bonus prize. 

Just to make it a bit simpler for you, here are some of the best breweries to visit on the trail:

  • Crux Fermentation Project: With over 20 taps, a tasting room, and tacos — this is a lovely spot to enjoy Bend.
  • Deschutes Brewery: This is a classic institution in Bend and a must-visit for beer lovers.
  • Cascade Lakes Brewing: As Central Oregon’s first and only not-for-profit brewery, drinking here comes with a cause, such as animal shelters and higher wages for employees. 

PS: It’s a fun way to experience this city, but don’t stress if you’re not into drinking. The Bend Ale Trail also offers a Designated Driver reward — to encourage safe driving practices. 

Things to Do in Bend

9. Check Out the High Desert Museum

Things to Do in Bend

What about Bend, Oregon, attractions that are indoors? One brilliant option is the High Desert Museum, which has native wildlife exhibits, art galleries, and winding interpretative paths. You’ll find all kinds of animals here, including river otters, porcupines, gray foxes, and owls.

For culture vultures and history buffs, you’ll love the cultural exhibits, the 1904 High Desert Ranch, and the Lazinka Sawmill.

The Autzen Otter Exhibit was my baby’s favorite!

10. Enjoy the Deschutes River Trail

  • Distance: 4.4 miles (loop)
  • Elevation Gain: 157 feet

Another thing to add to your Bend to-do list is to make a visit to the Deschutes River Trail. Extending from Farewell Bend Park to McKay Park and Bend Whitewater Park, this 12-mile trail is a stunning way to experience both Downtown Bend and the Old Mill District. However, if you can’t take on the entire trail, the 4.4-mile Old Mill Reach section is the best.

You can walk the Deschutes River Trail at your own pace, whether you want to grab some baked goods from Jackson’s Corner or do some shopping in the Old Mill District.

11. Have a Picnic Lunch in Drake Park

Things to Do in Bend

Looking for another outdoor attraction in Bend, Oregon? Come to Drake Park, which stretches along the Deschutes River, just outside of Downtown Bend. It’s a picturesque spot year-round, especially for a picnic lunch. 

With all of the delectable culinary offerings in this Central Oregon city, from the great food trucks to the Downtown Bend Farmers Market — a picnic is a must when visiting Bend. Drake Park is ideal with its outdoor seating options and restrooms.

12. Marvel at the Lava River Cave Or Boyd Cave

Things to Do in Bend

If you’re keen on a unique thing to do around Bend, then spelunking in the Lava River Cave is for you. Just 13 miles away from the city in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument is this incredible sight. You can explore it by paying a $5 parking fee and an optional $5 lantern rental price. 

However, experiencing the lava flows on a guided cave tour is a magnificent way to learn more about how these features were created. Plus, you can enjoy the views of the Cascade Range on the scenic drive.

Boyd Cave is an awesome hidden gem in the Oregon high desert, near Bend. It’s a lava tube cave that offers a unique underground adventure. You’ll need a flashlight or headlamp because it’s pitch dark inside, but the cool, mysterious atmosphere makes it totally worth it. The cave is about a mile long, with some tight squeezes and low ceilings, so be prepared to crouch a bit. It’s a fantastic spot for a short, exciting hike and a perfect escape from the heat on a hot day. Don’t forget to bring sturdy shoes and a sense of adventure!

13. Go Mountain Biking

This scenic metropolis is surrounded by many bike trails, so it makes sense that another fun thing to do in Bend is to hop on a bike. For something casual, Shevlin Park is a great place to start. However, if you’re looking for an adrenaline boost, Mount Bachelor becomes a mountain biking paradise.

14. Explore the Old Mill District

Things to Do in Bend

As mentioned several times so far, the Old Mill District is one of the top Bend, Oregon, tourist attractions. It’s got a variety of brilliant shops and restaurants — plus Oregon has zero sales tax. 

So, if you’ve been looking to stock up on some new clothes, you can take a visit to national chains like Lululemon, Anthropologie, and REI . Local boutiques, such as Vanilla Urban Threads or Hello Sunshine, are good choices, too.

15. Enjoy Live Music at Hayden Homes Amphitheater

After stocking up on some spectacular clothing in the Old Mill District, why not catch a live performance at the Hayden Homes Amphitheater? The Amphitheater has welcomed Willie Nelson, the Dave Matthews Band, Paul Simon, and many more.

It’s located right on the banks of the Deschutes River, so watching some live music has never looked better. Moreover, they have amazing beer and food trucks.

16. Float the Deschutes River

If you’re looking for a magical Bend OR thing to do in the summer, then grab a tube and float the Deschutes River. Okay, so a bit of background info might be helpful here. You can rent a floating tube from one of the local gear shops.

A great way of doing the float is by catching the Ride the River Shuttle , which transports you from the start at Riverbend Park to the end at Drake Park for $4 per day.

17. Relax in the Paulina Lake Hot Springs

Another great road trip from Bend is to the delightful Paulina Lake Hot Springs, which is about 50 minutes away. It involves a scenic drive along US-97 before arriving at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Then, you simply need to follow the Paulina-East Lake Road before turning left into the Little Crater Campground. 

After this, it’s just a short walk to the hot springs, where you’ll find several natural pools. The water temperature is similar to that of a bath or a hot tub, depending on when you visit.

18. Kayak in the Cascade Lakes

Things to Do in Bend

For a different way to enjoy the water when visiting Bend, why not do some kayaking in the Cascade Lakes? Roughly an hour along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, you’ll reach these majestic bodies of water that are just west of Mount Bachelor and east of the Cascade Range.

This half-day kayak tour includes all you need for an enjoyable experience, such as paddles, life jackets, and an experienced guide to assist you. 

19. Discover the Big Obsidian Flow

  • Elevation Gain: 196 feet
  • Mileage: 0.62 miles

Another natural highlight near Bend is the Big Obsidian Flow in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, one of the youngest lava flows in Oregon. To get here, you’ll take a short hike through some incredible obsidian. 

What’s terrific about this trail is the various interpretive signs, which detail the area’s history and how native tribes used the glass. That said, remember to practice Leave No Trace principles , and please don’t take any souvenirs. 

20. Catch a Sunset at Sparks Lake

Things to Do in Bend

To end off with one of the top things to see in Bend, Oregon, a sunset at Sparks Lake, is symbolic. It’s surrounded by three majestic peaks: South Sister, Broken Top, and Bachelor Butte, which reflect into the water. 

Found in Deschutes National Forest, Sparks Lake is a popular attraction near Bend, so an exceptional way to experience the sunset is by walking the 2.5-mile loop trail around the lake. This way, you avoid the crowds while enjoying the stunning vistas. 

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FAQs about the Top Things to Do in Bend, Oregon

Things to Do in Bend

Now that you know what stuff to do in Bend, Oregon, here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the city.

Is Bend, Oregon Worth Visiting?

Without a doubt, yes. Bend has so much on offer, from the pristine beauty of its surrounding nature to the excellent food found at one of its many food trucks. Visiting Bend should definitely be on your Bend, Oregon, to-do list!

What Is Bend Famous for?

Bend is renowned for many things, like outdoor opportunities for rock climbers, trail runners, and hikers. Additionally, it’s world-famous for its cultural activities, like the Downtown Bend First Friday Art Walk and events at Hayden Homes Amphitheater.

Is Bend Cheap to Visit?

Bend isn’t the cheapest place to visit in Central Oregon, but seeing as so much fun stuff is on offer year-round here, it’s definitely worth coming — even if that’s just for a day trip. If you’re looking to save the most, plan a trip between January and February. It’s the coldest time to come, but it’s certainly better for the purse strings.   

Some Of My Favorite Places To Eat

  • McKay Cottage Restaurant
  • Currents at the Riverhouse
  • Jackson’s Corner
  • The Sparrow Bakery

bend oregon food tour

What To Pack For Bend, Oregon If You Are Hiking

Things to Do in Bend

  • Sunscreen:  It might be extremely sunny!   >Buy Sunscreen
  • Chapstick:  This one has SPF so your lips won’t get burned!  >Check Out This Chapstick
  • Hiking Boots/Shoes:  If you want to hike any of the trails then you need some good quality hiking shoes.  >Check Out My Hiking Shoes
  • Hiking socks:  Having the correct socks helps you prevent getting blisters. Smart Wool is probably my favorite brand out there.  >Buy Hiking Socks
  • Water Reservoir:  Water reservoirs help prevent me from getting dehydrated while hiking. The great thing about this reservoir is that it doesn’t have a plastic taste.  >Here Is My Water Reservoir
  • Water:  Stay nice and hydrated.
  • Sunglasses:  It can get sunny all year round, so make sure to pack some sunglasses.  >Check Out These Sunglasses
  • Snacks:  The best snacks are jerky, nuts, and energy bars.  >>>I Love These Bars
  • Camera:  The Sony A6000 was one of the first cameras I started traveling with. The Sony A6000 is an excellent camera for people that want to start improving at travel photography.    >Buy Sony Camera Here
  • First Aid Kit:  This is one of the first things I bought when I first started going on adventures. It is super portable.  >Buy This Awesome First Aid Kit Here
  • Day Pack:  To carry all your gear, water, and food, you need a good backpack. Osprey is known to have some of the best backpacks in the market.  >Buy This Great Quality Backpack
  • Headlamp:  A headlamp is an absolute must in case you get stranded in the dark! It is a lot more portable and easier to use than a flashlight.  >Buy A Headlamp Now
  • Leggings or Hiking Pants:  I always wear leggings while hiking because it is what I feel most comfortable with!  >Click For My Favorite Hiking Leggings
  • Breathable sweat-wicking shirts : Cotton shirts soak up your sweat when hiking, so make sure to wear something breathable.  >Check out this awesome breathable shirt here.
  • Mid Base Layer:  If you are hiking in the winter, this might be a great idea.  >Check Out My Sweater Here
  • Sports Bra:  For women.  >Check This One Here
  • Jacket:  I always have a jacket in my backpack, even if it is hot. I do it just in case of an emergency.   >Buy My Favorite Jacket
  • Rain Jacket:  The worst feeling in the world is being wet and cold while hiking. You can get hypothermia, so always carry a poncho or a rain jacket when you hike in Oregon. If you look closely at my pictures, it is raining in most pictures. >Check Out My Rain Jacket Here
  • Tripod:  This is an optional item, but it is excellent for getting the ideal silky waterfall pictures.  >Check out this tripod
  • Knife:  I always carry a knife in my backpack just in case.  >Check Out My Knife Here

bend oregon food tour

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Bend, Oregon Things to Do | Wrapped Up

Things to Do in Bend

As you can see, there are so many lovely things to do in Bend, Oregon, from enjoying an Ocean Roll at the Sparrow Bakery to moving around bike trails and hiking routes in its surrounding natural beauty.

No matter what you enjoy doing, visiting Bend is a must-do in the Beaver State. However, if you’re keen on exploring more of the Pacific Northwest, check out this guide on the best things to do on the Oregon Coast .

bend oregon food tour

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If chair rentals are sold out and you need a seat, please locate a guest services member in the ADA area left of the stage and they'll do their best to assist you.

Guest services team members wear bright blue shirts that state “Crew” on the front and have our crow logo on the back.

Rental Chair specs: 27.6" wide x 27.6" deep x 30.5" tall.

A limited number of rental chairs will be available online for $10 at most shows. Go to your Ticketmaster or Live Nation account, select “Upgrades Available” and then choose “Lawn Chair Rental."

If you don’t have an account you can go to , search the concert you're attending and choose “ Chair Rental” under the “Upgrades Available” link.

Non-clear bags with medical supplies and/or non-clear diaper bags must be inspected and tagged by our Guest Services team before going through security and entering the venue.  Do not remove tag for the duration of the event.

Prescription medication is allowed in the venue if it is in its original container and if the name on the pharmacy-generated label matches the patron's ID.

Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the venue. Our food carts offer a vast array of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, low sugar, Paleo, and health-focused options.

Currently the Matt Rife show on June 22 is the only show with an age restriction of 18+ only. Venue staff will be checking IDs upon entry. Small children are not permitted at the Matt Rife show, either. Check individual event pages for updates.

Absolutely! We have a cash-to-card exchange at our Guest Services tent right inside the main gate. It is a 1-to-1 exchange, no extra fees.

Allowed in the venue are individual, single compartment clear plastic, vinyl or PVC tote pages no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” in size, or a nonclear single compartment bag/clutch less than 6” x 9” in size.

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To the emergency personnel working on the Darlene 3 Fire in our neighboring city—we want to thank you! We appreciate the swift and deliberate action you take to protect our communities. Thank you for your dedication to protecting this landscape from both human and non-human impacts. Here are six easy things anybody can do to prevent fires: 🌲 Check for fire restrictions in the area. 🚫 Drown your campfire or skip it altogether. 🔗 Check your chains; they should never drag. 🚭 Smoke and dispose of cigarettes responsibly. 🎇 Leave the fireworks at home. 🚗 Only park on designated surfaces. 👉 For wildfire and evacuation information visit

Building those core memories 👆 Whether you are new to adventuring with kids or a seasoned group of trekkers, a weekend in Bend will be something you keep close to your heart for a long time 💚 📍: Dillon Falls 📸: @whitwhitehouse

What better way to enjoy summer than by the water? Whether it’s paddling on a serene mountain lake or conquering whitewater rapids, the perfect summer adventure is waiting for you in Bend! 🏔️🛶 Learn more about recreating responsibly in Bend’s lakes and waterways at the 🔗 link in our bio.

Here are six easy things anybody can do to prevent fires: Know Before You Go 🌲🔥 Before heading out, always check for fire restrictions or closures. Visit your nearest ranger station or to stay informed. Drown Your Campfire 🚫🔥 Never leave a campfire without making sure it’s completely out. Pour water until it’s cold to the touch and keep your fire small. Or, consider skipping the fire to enjoy the dark skies. Check Your Chains 🔗⚠️ When towing a trailer, ensure no chains or metal parts are dragging. Sparks from loose chains can ignite a wildfire. Smoke Responsibly 🚭🔥 Respect fire restrictions and always dispose of cigarette butts properly. Fully extinguish them before throwing them away. Leave the Fireworks at Home 🎇🚫 Fireworks and exploding targets are prohibited on federal public lands. Don’t Be the Spark 🚗🔥 Avoid driving or parking on dry grass. Hot exhaust pipes can easily start a fire.

🖤❤️💛💚 This Juneteenth, let’s come together to celebrate freedom and progress! — The History Behind Juneteenth — Although the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in 1863, many remained enslaved. It wasn’t until June 19, 1865, that Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger announced in Galveston, Texas, that the Civil War had ended and slavery was over. Now, 158 years later, we honor this milestone, celebrate progress, and advocate for continued change against ongoing systematic oppression. — Get Involved Locally with @thefathersgroup — The Father’s Group champions collaboration and celebrates diverse cross-cultural experiences. As a Black-led non-profit, they focus on education, economic empowerment, community cohesion, and uplifting Black students and families. Join them in making a difference! #Juneteenth #VisitBend #TheFathersGroup #Freedom #Progress

Friends, fresh air, and forest trails — that’s what Bend is all about 🏃🌲

Patio season + happy hour at @900wall = the perfect combo! 😍 Come for the sun, stay for the happy hour specials. There’s no better way to enjoy Bend’s beautiful weather! ☀️🍸

🇺🇸 Happy Flag Day! Have you ever wondered about the story behind the iconic flag on the smokestacks in the Old Mill District? Discover the history and symbolism behind this local landmark at the 🔗 link in our bio.

Experience the magic of the mountains in Bend ✨ From sparkling lakes to towering pines, any stop along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway offers an incredible adventure.

Who says kids get to have all the fun? Relive your favorite arcade moments at Vector Volcano! 🌋👾

That top of the world feeling from Paulina Peak 🌄

Adventure is calling, and we’re answering with paddles in hand! 🚣‍♂️ Take family bonding to the next level with a rafting trip! With so many awesome guide companies to choose from, your next river adventure is just a paddle away!

Tail-wagging fun and stunning views are waiting for you at Tumalo State Park! Spend the day hiking with your four-legged friend—remember that they must stay on leash and to pick up after them. 🐾🌲

Taking the scenic route, one log at a time 🪵

Taco ’bout a perfect pit stop! 🌮 After a day on the trails, refuel at @elsanchobend

Picture this: you’re enjoying a delightful picnic with The Original Alpaca Picnic Experience, surrounded by a fluffy pack of alpacas. 🦙 As you enjoy your refreshments, these charming creatures roam around you. It’s an experience that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face that you won’t be able to wipe off. 😁

Looking for a delightful European-inspired breakfast experience in Bend? You’ll love Café des Chutes! ☕️🥐 Indulge in a variety of pastries, sandwiches, and coffee while soaking in live music and poetry on select evenings. Sit back, relax for a minute, and enjoy their cozy outdoor dining space.

From our friends at @fairwellfest: 

“We’re so excited to welcome @spaceykacey to this year’s FairWell Festival Lineup! Due to family commitments, Brandi Carlile will no longer be able to perform. We will miss her dearly! 3-Day and 1-Day Tickets are available now. ☀️”

GQ says Old Boy Vintage is a must-visit, and we couldn’t agree more! From retro tees to classic jackets, Old Boy Vintage has it all. Discover unique pieces that tell a story and elevate your fashion game. 🧢👖 Whether you’re a vintage aficionado or just looking to mix up your style, at Old Boy Vintage, you are bound to discover pieces that will make your wardrobe truly unique. Don’t forget to ask about their $10 sale on the 10th of every month! 🗓️✨

📍 It’s the rush of the cold river spray on your face, the exhilaration of gliding on the water’s edge, and the untamed spirit Bend has to offer. #ThisIsBend 🎥: @jack.rosell

🍔🍺 Burgers, beer, and Bend! Celebrate #InternationalBurgerDay by exploring the best burger spots in town. Read more in our Bend’s Best Burgers blog post at the 🔗 link in our bio.

It’s a long weekend—Are you planning to hit the slopes for the last time this season or are you going to trek your favorite spring trails? 🎿: @mtbachelor Closing Weekend 🥾: Alder Springs Trail

Ready for an epic closing weekend at @mtbachelor? ☀️🎿🏔️ Here’s the scoop on the schedule of events for this weekend, May 24-26: ⛷️ Ski and ride on Pine Marten, Skyliner, and Summit from 8:30am-1:30pm 🏔️ Zipline over the ski slopes (available Friday through Sunday only, conditions permitting) 💦 Watch the Annual North American Pond Skimming Championships Sunday at 11am 🎵 Groove to a DJ and live music from @billyandtheboxkid 🪪 Midweek passholders are invited to join for the season finale

Springtime magic in the Oregon Badlands 🌼✨ 🥾 Remember to tread lightly, stick to the trail, and bing plenty of water! 🚫 Leave it is you find it—do not pick the wildflowers

🎉 Big news, Bend! 🎉 We’re excited to announce the 2024-25 Bend Cultural Tourism Fund grant awardees! Since 2015, we’ve supported 115 amazing projects with over $2.3 million to make Bend even more vibrant and fun during the shoulder seasons and winter months. Here are some of the incredible events and projects you can look forward to: ✨ High Desert Museum – Frank S. Matsura: Portraits from the Borderlands exhibit 🌈 OUT Central Oregon – Central Oregon Winter PrideFest 🎉 The Father’s Group – Juneteenth 2025 🎬 BendFilm – The BendFilm Festival 🎭 The Greenhouse Cabaret – 2025 Season 🎨 Lay it Out Events – Art in Action Avenue at Fall Festival 🎵 In the Pocket Artists – Parallel 44 Presents Concerts 🎸 1988 Entertainment Volcanic Arts – Volcanic Arts Concerts 🧘‍♂️ Bend Yoga Festival – Bend Yoga Festival 2025 🎭 SUS – Bendi Gras 🏛️ Central Oregon Center for the Arts – Facility Modeling 🎵 4 Peaks Presents – 4 Peaks Music Festival 🌮 Central Oregon Latin Festival – Central Oregon Taco Fest Get ready for a fantastic year of art, culture, and family fun in Bend! 🙌✨

Don’t miss out on this upcoming event!

Riverhouse Lodge | 5oth Anniversary Block Party

June 29 at 11:00 am – June 29 at 9:00 pm

Riverhouse Lodge | 5oth Anniversary Block Party

June 30 at 11:00 am – June 30 at 5:00 pm

July 19 at 12:00 pm – July 21 at 11:00 pm

FairWell Festival

August 10 at 6:00 pm – August 10 at 10:00 pm

Tyler Childers – Mule Pull ’24 Tour

August 11 at 8:30 pm – August 12 at 12:30 am

Wanderlust Tours | Perseids Meteor Shower Canoe Tour



Bend, Oregon, is not just a destination; it’s an experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, our event calendar is your gateway to a world of unforgettable moments. Every day brings something new, from thrilling outdoor adventures that embrace Bend’s natural beauty to the bustling cultural scene that pulses through the city.

Our event calendar is meticulously curated to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action. Check back often for the latest updates and insider tips to make the most of your Bend experience. Whether it’s a family outing, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, there’s always something happening in Bend that’s just right for you.

If you’re planning a Bend vacation, use the search function to figure out what’s shakin’ when you’ll be here. We promise we’re planning something extraordinary.

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Bend Bands & Brewers Bash

2 days. 10 bands, each collaborating with 10 breweries to make a beer "that tastes like the music sounds." The inaugural Bend Bands & Brewers Bash is a two-day live […]

BendFilm Presents: No Mans Land Film Festival

BendFilm presents No Man's Land Film Festival at the Tower Theatre! Join us for our "IndieWomen" appreciation screening where we celebrate un-defining feminine in adventure and sport through film. Free […]

Live at the Vineyard: High Street Party Band

One of our favorite bands for the summer! Come enjoy this non-stop dance party featuring all the dance hits from Kool & the Gang... Whitney Houston...Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, Earth […]

FANfest Journey Tribute Band “Stone in Love”

FANfest by Blacksmith Public House is hosting 8 live tribute bands all summer long. Net sale proceeds will benefit the Family Access Network (FAN). Get your tickets today!

Multi-Platinum-selling, award-winning hitmaker Sam Hunt debuted to critical acclaim and was one of the top country artists of 2020 landing at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. His […]

The Lost Virginity Tour Play

Come support the performing arts community of Bend and see a play! Happy Trails Senior Resort Living in Surprise, AZ is where the ladies of the Happy Trails Baking Club […]

Overland Expo Pacific Northwest

Overland Expo® is the world’s premier event series for do-it-yourself adventure travel enthusiasts, with hundreds of session-hours of classes for 4-wheel-drive enthusiasts and adventure motorcyclists, inspirational programs, speakers & trainers […]

Corvettes on the High Desert 2024 Car Show

Rev up your engines! Iconic Corvettes to Grace River’s Edge Golf Course in Support of Brightside Animal Center for National Corvette Day weekend! Get ready to witness a spectacular display […]

Riverhouse invites you to celebrate 50 years of adventures, memories, and community with our Grand Opening Celebration June 29-30, 2024! The weekend celebration will offer entertainment for guests of all […]

Ninja Night

Our experienced staff will supervise and lead fun, team-building games, Ninja Warrior challenges, and thrilling timed races through our amazing obstacle course. This is a great opportunity for your Ninjas […]

Live at the Vineyard: John Hoover & The Mighty Quinns

If you love John Denver....this is your night! Playing guitars, mandolin, percussion and bass, the Quinns present a fully energized performance evocative of Denver’s live concerts (and the entire band […]


Hailed as a “must-see live performer” by Rolling Stone, and a “force to be reckoned with” by CMT, Charley Crockett crafts his singular sound by synthesizing country, blues, soul, Cajun, […]

Artisan Market – Hollinshead Barn

Kick off the summer season and shop from over 30 vendors from near and far. Featuring artisan made apparel, jewelry, home goods, art and so much more! Free entry. Open […]

Paint & Sip with Charis Art Studio

McKaylie of Charis Art Studio is coming to Faith Hope and Charity Vineyards for a fun afternoon of laughter, painting, and guiding you through creating this gorgeous canvas that you, […]

Kitten Adoption Party!

Paws what you’re doing and join us for a purr-fect afternoon at the Kitten Adoption Paw-ty! Our cozy café will be brimming with adoptable cats and kittens, all ready to […]

Bend Elks vs. NW Star Nighthawks FIREWORKS NIGHT!

Come cheer on your Bend Elks as they take on the NW Star Nighthawks. After the game there will be a firework show provided by Columbia Distribution. Gates Open 5:05pm […]


Two of rock's iconic bands - Foreigner and Styx - come together live for the last time ever on this summer's Renegades and Juke Box Heroes Tour along with special […]

David Kreitzer in the Kreitzer Gallery

Tradition Lives:  New Contemporary Realist David Kreitzer healing and meditative oils. "In the tradition of Turner and Cezanne, painter David Kreitzer's love of nature propels him to create exquisitely detailed, […]

Let’s Paint at the DIY Cave – 4th of July Fun!

Let's Paint is hosting a July 1st class at DIY Cave where you can create your own 4th of July decorations, including wooden fireworks and festive headbands to add some […]

Adult Slightly Nerdy Paint Nights at Modern Games

Unleash your inner artist and join us for aslightly nerdy evening of Painting Inside The Box (The Box Factory, that it). Our adult paint nights are the perfect way to […]

Todd Rundgren

The title of Todd Rundgren’s 1973 solo album aptly sums up the contributions of this multi-faceted artist to state-of-the-art music. As a songwriter, video pioneer, producer, recording artist, computer software […]

Free Junior Golf Clinic

Central Oregon Junior Golf Association (COJGA) will be offering a free golf clinic for junior golfers on July 2 from 2:00 - 4:00 pm at Meadow Lakes Golf Course in […]

Queer In Nature: Sit Spot Community Meditation Series

Are you looking for an alternative to traditionally loud queer spaces such as bars or clubs? Are you looking for a space to recharge, rest, and reconnect with fellow queer […]

Music on the Patio at Juniper Preserve

Join us for “Music on the Patio,” a summer series of live music performances happening every Wednesday evening from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on the patio by Grill on […]

Happy Birthday Deschutes Historical Museum

The Deschutes County Historical Society invites everyone to join in wishing the museum a happy birthday at its annual Free Day July 4, from 10 am to 4 pm. Dedicated […]

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Shared Experiences

Neil Young cancels PNW tour dates after Crazy Horse members fall ill

FILE - In this May 25, 2019 file photo, Neil Young performs at the BottleRock Napa Valley...

BEND Ore. (KPTV) - Neil Young is ending his The Love Earth Tour early after members of his Crazy Horse band fell ill.

After making an unexpected comeback in 2023, the 78-year-old singer embarked on his first tour in five years, a 13-date engagement in the summer of 2023. Then, to promote their brand-new record F***in’ Up, Neil Young and Crazy Horse announced their Love Earth Tour in February 2024.

Neil Young performs at the 30th Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert at the Shoreline...

The tour began in San Diego in April of this year, but they haven’t performed since May 22, when they stopped at Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan. The singer has now announced that the rest of the tour will be delayed and rescheduled.

“’We will try to play some of the dates we miss as time passes when we are ready to rock again!’ a statement on Young’s website said. “‘We know many of you made travel plans and apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding and patience.”

The next stop on the original schedule was to be in Toronto on Monday, July 8 followed by shows in Ottawa, London, Ontario, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.

FILE - Neil Young poses for a portrait in Santa Monica, Calif. on Sept. 9, 2019.

The tour was then scheduled to come back to the States on July 25 in Bend, Oregon, along with shows in George, Washington, Boise, Salt Lake City, Denver, Louisville, Dana Point, California, and Los Angeles.

Copyright 2024 KPTV-KPDX. All rights reserved.

Semi-truck crash damages Hood River Bridge; Bridge closed until further notice

Semi-truck crash damages Hood River Bridge; Bridge closed until further notice

‘No simple accident’: Family shares story of woman killed on Willamette River

‘No simple accident’: Family blames boat driver for woman’s death on Willamette River

Wasco County

This Oregon county is the best place in America for off-grid living

Section of I-5 to close for overpass project

Section of I-5 to close in Portland this weekend for overpass project

Police Lights

Shootout with law enforcement leads to chase along Hwy 101, 1 arrested

Latest news.

FILE - Campfire, Photo Date: May 5, 2020

Burn ban to take effect in Washington County July 1

If you plan on heading through the Portland area this weekend, you may want to re-think your...

Here's how to detour around the Portland I-5 closure

I-5 closure bridge in Portland

Here’s how to detour around the Portland I-5 closure

US Supreme Court clears way for camping bans with ruling in Grants Pass ordinance case

US Supreme Court clears way for camping bans with ruling in Grants Pass ordinance case

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a case Friday out of Grants Pass regarding a series of...

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North Bend’s July Jubilee is Back and Better Than Ever in 2024!

North Bend’s July Jubilee is Back and Better Than Ever in 2024!

Thu, Jun 27, 2024

| Categories:

  • Oregon'S adventure coast news & info ,
  • Special events & holidays ,

The Much Anticipated Return of this Vibrant Celebration Features an Exciting Lineup of Family Friendly Events and Performances July 12-14, 2024!

bend oregon food tour

The City of North Bend is celebrating its 121st birthday by bringing back the Annual July Jubilee July 12-14, 2024. The beloved community festival, organized by the city’s Special Events Committee, has been on hiatus since 2019 and we are so ready for its historic comeback!

This year’s July Jubilee celebrates the unique spirit of North Bend and is poised to be one of the highlights of the summer on Oregon’s Adventure Coast: Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston . “The July Jubilee is not just a celebration of North Bend’s rich history and its wonderful residents, but also aims to attract visitors from near and far,” says festival organizers. “By offering a wide range of activities over three days, we hope to engage our local community and encourage residents to invite friends and family to join in the festivities.”

bend oregon food tour

From interactive activities and performances to community gatherings, this lively 3-day festival promises to be an extraordinary celebration of community spirit, cultural diversity, and family fun. Festivities will include a Disc Golf Tournament at Ferry Road Park, family activities at Pony Village Mall and North Bend Library, a Cornhole Tournament at North Bend Lanes/Back Alley Pub, a walking tour, a softball game, activities at North Bend Visitor Center, a Sip N Stroll, and more!

We’ve rounded up some highlights below, but we encourage you to visit or for complete details.

North Bend’s July Jubilee 2024 Events

Sip N Stroll - July 12, 2024. Join North Bend Main Street for their monthly Sip N Stroll on July 12th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 p.m. starting at the new North Bend Visitor Information Center at 745 California Ave. This event officially kicks off the 2024 July Jubilee celebration with birthday cake and honored citizen awards at 4:30 PM at Grants Circle, followed by live music from Sly & Co at the Back Alley starting at 7:30 PM. A $10 donation includes a glass and map for the Sip N Stroll portion of the evening. Learn more by visiting .

bend oregon food tour

Summer OPRY at Liberty Theatre, home of Little Theatre on the Bay - July 12-21, 2024. North Bend’s Lil Ole Opry returns this summer for an exclusive two-weekend run! Celebrating 42 years of captivating audiences, this year’s show promises to be a spectacular revue of fabulous singing, dancing, and live bands performing electrifying Rock ‘n’ Roll from the ’50s and timeless classic country hits. Enjoy four thrilling performances each weekend, with two matinees and two evening shows at the historic Liberty Theatre, home of Little Theatre on the Bay. Don’t miss out on the magic! For tickets, please visit

bend oregon food tour

July Jubilee Jaunt - July 13, 2024. Join Juul Insurance for the July Jubilee Jaunt, a 5K run/walk through beautiful historical downtown North Bend on July 13th. Registration for the event starts at 8:00 a.m. at the North Bend Boardwalk, with the run/walk kicking off at 9:00 a.m. Click here for route map . For more details, contact Winnie at (541) 756-4121 or [email protected] .

bend oregon food tour

Disc Golf Doubles Tournament - July 13, 2024 . Grab your discs and head to Ferry Road Park, 496 Park Avenue in North Bend, for this year’s July Jubilee Disc Golf Doubles Tournament and it’s free. Registration is the day of the tournament only and on a first-come basis. Plus the first 50 registrants will also receive a DGA disc. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. Round 1 begins at 9:15 a.m. with Round 2 tee off at 1 p.m. For more information, contact Alexa Jones at [email protected] .

bend oregon food tour

75th Birthday Celebration of the French Merci Train - July 13, 2024. Join the City of North Bend and the Society of Forty Men and Eight Horses in celebrating the 75th birthday of the French Merci Train Boxcar on July 13th at 1:00 PM at Simpson Park, 1380 Sherman Avenue. This event commemorates the arrival of the Merci Train Boxcar from France in 1949, a gift of gratitude to the citizens of Oregon for their aid post-World War II. The celebration will feature a discussion of the enduring friendship between France and the United States, with light refreshments served. For more information, contact Stephanie Wilson at 541-756-4613 or [email protected] .

bend oregon food tour

For more information, please visit or contact the North Bend Visitor Information Center .

Between the Annual Margarita-Mill Festival at The Mill Casino (July 12-13, 2024), the Annual Oregon Coast Music Festival (July 13-27, 2024), and the ongoing celebratory events connected to City of Coos Bay’s 150th Birthday , the weekend of July 12-14, 2024, is shaping up to be one of the most jubilant weekends in recent memory on Oregon’s Adventure Coast! Be sure to book your accommodations on Oregon’s Adventure Coast in advance, and come celebrate with us this summer.


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Coos Bay North Bend Charleston

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After a Fire, El Sancho Plans to Rebuild

Accidental blaze burns down east side eatery.

By Nicole Vulcan

After a Fire, &#10;El Sancho Plans to Rebuild

A  fire in the early morning hours of June 20 left the beloved east side location for El Sancho destroyed. The cause of the fire was ruled accidental. According to Bend Fire & Rescue, the fire started after ashes from an outdoor cooking operation were improperly disposed.

And while the space on Dekalb Avenue is uninhabitable now, the owners of El Sancho said they plan to start over.

"We plan to rebuild our Eastside restaurant space! It will be new and different but it will still have all the Sancho vibes. We'll keep you updated along the journey," owners Joel Cordes and Jon Barvels wrote on social media.

After a Fire, &#10;El Sancho Plans to Rebuild

For now, Cordes and Barvels encourage people to visit their other locations, including El Sancho's west side location on Galveston Avenue, and its carts at Crux Fermentation Project and Hayden Homes Amphitheater.

According to the 2019 Source Weekly story naming El Sancho our Restaurant of the Year , Cordes launched the first El Sancho as a cart in downtown Bend in 2010, near The Blacksmith. When he took some time off to make bagels at Rockin' Dave's, he met Barvels. When Cordes opened El Sancho at the home-improvement resale spot, Pakit Liquidators, he and Barvels became partners. When Pakit closed not long after, the pair moved the cart to Crux, and in 2015, opened their brick-and-mortar location on Dekalb in 2015 as a way to gain a prep space for the cart. The pair sourced recycled materials to build out the space and create the signature El Sancho eclectic vibe. Cordes and Barvels hired Carmen Garcia, a cook who'd worked in the Dekalb space — a former Mexican restaurant — since 1992, who brought her specials and Veracruz-style foods to the menu. El Sancho has long cooked its signature meats on rocket stoves, 25-gallon wood-fired kettles that allow for cooking big batches over high heat.

After a Fire, &#10;El Sancho Plans to Rebuild

"We've considered ourselves a sort of cockroach of the restaurant industry," the owners wrote this week. "Resilient, hard to get rid of, and very adaptable. We'll pop up in alleys, use any kitchen available in odd hours, and always find a way to keep moving forward. In typical cockroach fashion we are doing just that as we navigate how to keep team Sancho moving forward."

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Neil Young

Neil Young And Crazy Horse Canceled ‘Love Earth Tour’ Dates Due To Health Concerns

Megan Armstrong

On April 24, Neil Young And Crazy Horse kicked off their Love Earth Tour in San Diego, California . One month later, Chicago, Austin, and Dallas concerts were postponed “due to illness,” as announced on Young’s official website at the time.

Unfortunately, déjà vu struck on Wednesday night, June 26.

“The Love Earth Tour has been a great experience for us so far,” a statement on Young’s website reads. “GREAT AUDIENCES AND MUSIC. WE HAVE HAD A BLAST! When a couple of us got sick after Detroit’s Pine Knob, we had to stop. We are still not fully recovered, so sadly our great tour will have a big unplanned break.”

The statement continues, “We will try to play some of the dates we miss as time passes when we are ready to rock again! We know many of you made travel plans, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Health is #1. We want to stay and do more shows and more albums for you….and for us. With love and thanks to all of you from Crazy Horse….. Neil, Micah, Ralph, and Billy. Love Earth.”

Neil Young And Crazy Horse’s aforementioned Pine Knob show in Clarkston, Michigan occurred on May 22.

According to Ticketmaster , Neil Young And Crazy Horse’s canceled Love Earth Tour dates are Bend, Oregon (July 25), George, Washington (July 26), and West Valley City, Utah (July 29). Their Ohana Festival 2024 (September 27-28) appearance and Hollywood Bowl (September 29) show does not have a “canceled” delineation as of this writing.

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bend oregon food tour

An Acclaimed California Chef Heads Home to Bend to Open a ‘Modern Cowboy’ Restaurant

C hef and restaurateur Brian Malarkey, known for working in a slate of popular Southern California restaurants, headed back to his hometown of Bend, Oregon for his latest restaurant, Hawkeye & Huckleberry Lounge. Open since June 16, the restaurant plays on the archetype of the “modern cowboy,” serving steak, pizza, burgers, and more against the backdrop of wood-fired ovens and charred cedar-clad walls.

Opening a restaurant in Bend was never in the plans for Malarkey, who operates restaurants including San Diego’s Animae and Herb & Wood . “Everyone kept asking, ‘Oh are you ever gonna open something in Bend?” Malarkey says. “And I was like, ‘No, you guys go to bed at like, 7 o’clock at night.’” But in the years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, he started to note an influx of people, and restaurants, moving out of Portland and into Bend. Talking to local owners, Malarkey found out that the restaurants in town were booked up every night, and still couldn’t fit everyone in. Seeing an opportunity to work on something in a new market, he took a trip to Bend to start looking at buildings.

At first, Malarkey was looking at historical buildings in downtown Bend, but nothing fit the bill for what he envisioned until his real estate agent sent him a listing for a restaurant off the tree-lined Century Drive. Upon arrival, he found a multi-use space that offered virtual golf, an indoor mini-golf course, and “dismal” service, but it had good bones. Feeling the itch to work on something new, Malarkey bought the building with his brother James and the former owners, keeping them on as a minority partner.

Malarkey turned to local Bend design firm Tricorn Black to transform the interior into something that reflected its surroundings in central Oregon. Led by Heylen Thienes, the team added canvas tents to the interior and a strobe light over the bar that mimics the moon to give the restaurant the feeling of glamping. Malarkey also decided to preserve the stage from the former restaurant, re-outfitting it in branches and verdure to integrate it into the new environment. He plans to project recordings of live concerts on a screen positioned on the stage nightly, and invite in live performers a few times a month.

The chef sourced and refurbished vintage guitars to hang on the wall of the restaurant along with a selection of cowboy hats — guests are invited to grab a guitar and a hat while dining on-site. “I’m like, this is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says. “And it’s hilarious, and your cowboy hat is on backward.”

Malarkey worked with longtime collaborator chef Tony Torres to build a menu that reflects the terroir of Bend. He’s sourcing some of the beef from his own family farm just a few miles away, and working with producers throughout Central Oregon to fill the gaps. Committing to using the entire cow changed the entire ethos of the menu, with Malarkey having to devise a way to use the less desirable cuts in addition to classic steaks like rib-eyes and New York Strips. But he made it work with dishes like steak fried steak made with a round pounded thin and then fried, and a $10 happy hour burger that uses some of the overwhelming amounts of ground beef he now has access to. Using his own cattle also significantly lowered the price points of dishes on the menu, making it more accessible to the local community. Malarkey projects that once the entire operation is up and running, 60 percent of the beef used in the restaurant will come from his own farm.

In addition to beef, Hawkeye & Huckleberry Lounge also serves dishes like an Oregon bay shrimp cocktail that’s been transformed into a shrimp toast with horseradish sauce, Columbia River salmon, and a whole roasted pig that’s available for order two days in advance. Pizzas with wild mushrooms and truffle and barbecue chicken and celery are also available, plus desserts that include a cast iron upside-down pineapple cake, an Oregon berries pie, and a s’mores kit that can be roasted over the live fire outside.

For drinks, the menu offers a wide variety of wine and beer sourced from Oregon and beyond, as well as cocktails and mocktails: the I’m Your Huckleberry is made with gin, huckleberry, lemon, basil, and egg whites, while Tumalo Honey features bourbon, pink peppercorn, sage honey, and lemon.

The opening didn’t come without some anxiety, says Malarkey, that he would be seen as a big-city kid coming back to open a restaurant. “It really felt like more pressure than I’d ever felt before,” he says. Realizing that his and his mom’s friends back home had high expectations, he knew he had to deliver. But the concern didn’t manifest into reality — Malarkey says that the response so far has been incredible; he’s even had to cap reservations for the next two weeks. “The community is electric,” Malarkey says. He’s seen all types of guests come in over the last week, like cowboys from Redmond, climbers from Terrebonne, and marijuana farmers from Sisters.

“It’s just such a variety of people there, and my staff has embraced it,” Malarkey says. “They’re all wearing cowboy hats. They’re having the time of their life.”

Looking forward, Malarkey hopes for a long life for Hawkeye & Huckleberry Lounge. “I don’t want a five-year restaurant,” he says. “I don’t want a 10-year restaurant. I want a restaurant that is there in 30 years like this place is an institution.”

Hawkeye & Huckleberry.

Click here for current wildfire information in Central Oregon including up-to-date conditions and restrictions.

Complete Guide to Food Trucks in Bend and the Surrounding Area

Over recent years, Bend, Oregon has become a foodie paradise. Aside from the nationally renowned chefs and the blossoming restaurant scene that offers tons of dining options , foodies now flock to Bend for a more indie dining experience. The food truck trend has proven to be much more than a trend, as more and more pods of deliciousness pop up around town. These pods typically include a variety of food trucks situated around a central location that more often than not acts as a tap house. Many of them offer indoor and outdoor seating, a variety of beer, wine and cider along with firepits, stages for musical performances and more. With so many spots each offering different food trucks to try, it might be tough to figure out where to start. Read on for a list of some highly recommended spots to try out, and start your own foodie adventure.

The Office at Silver Moon, Bend

Located conveniently near Bend’s downtown, The Office at Silver Moon offers five dining options including Caribbean, Southern fried chicken and an outdoors-inspired truck that serves hearty meals that “fuel your next adventure.” Stop inside Silver Moon for a selection of locally made brews to compliment any meal. As a downtown pod, The Office is a popular spot for lunch and drinks before exploring the many shops and attractions downtown has to offer.

The Podski, Bend

With eight food trucks to choose from, as well as a central taphouse serving a rotating list of six local beers (and $4 Rainiers), guests can spend days at The Podski and not even scratch the surface. Located across the street from the Box Factory and less than a mile south of downtown, The Podski offers Thai classics, Japanese sushi, Americana burgers and fries, a vegan truck, a cheesecake truck, a taco truck and more. This pod has mostly outdoor seating, a few tables inside and features a family-friendly atmosphere during the day. This pod has some of the most popular trucks in Bend; the pierogies from Big Ski are some of the best you’ll ever have , while Toasty offers completely vegan and absolutely delicious entrees like burrito bowls and more.

On Tap, Bend

On Tap , located just off of 27th Street and Cushing Drive. As the name might imply, On Tap is all about the tap options; they offer 35 beer, cider and wine options. On Tap has a stage to accommodate live music, as well as six food trucks serving up Himalayan food, barbecue, Sicilian pizza, Philly cheesesteaks, classic Hawaiian fare, and more.

River’s Place, Bend

River’s Place is located on Bend’s eastside of town near the Forum Shopping Center. River’s Place includes an indoor taphouse, indoor and outdoor TVs, a large selection of beer and wine, and five food trucks to try out while guests relax near the outdoor fire pits. This pod has the space to accommodate live musical performances, which are scheduled for Thursdays and Sundays. The food trucks offer everything from Thai and Mexican to casual sandwiches and snacks. 

Midtown Yacht Club, Bend

Located near Revere Avenue and Highway 20, the Midtown Yacht Club brings the food truck/taphouse scene to Bend’s central district. This pod offers six food trucks with options such as Israeli street food, a waffle truck, a hot dog truck, a tater-tots truck, a vegan truck and a Mexican truck featuring Spanish influences. With a rotating list of around 20 beers and ciders, this pod is a great stop for drinks and casual snacking. Some popular trucks include another Barrio location, as well as Alley Dogz, which serves up some unique hot dog creations.

The Patio at 9th Street Village, Bend

The Patio at 9th Street Village was built around the popular Bevel Brewing. Located near 9th Street and Wilson, The Patio food trucks offer bites such as fermented foods from Nosh, fresh, authentic tacos, Southern cuisine, Hawaiian poke, and even a drive/walk through coffee shop in the parking lot. For drinks, stop inside Bevel Brewing to see what new hoppy creation they have come up with. These are family-friendly carts during the day with more of a brewery scene as the sun goes down. Check out Taqueria Nava, a popular spot for authentic Mexican tacos.

Ponch’s Place at VRCCO, Bend

The newest addition to the Bend food cart scene, Ponch’s Place located at the Veterinary Referral Center of Central Oregon, is the perfect place for grabbing some grub, for people and pets! Named for a beloved dog, Ponch, this lot features a rotating tap list, four food trucks, and ample space for pets and owners. Try a gourmet hot-dog, delicious pizza, or authentic Mexican, and be sure to check out their community events such as live music and trivia nights.

The Lot Food Trucks and Taproom, Bend

A tried and true classic, The Lot Food Trucks and Taproom has the honors of declaring themselves Bend’s first food truck pod. As the original innovators who created a central taproom with room for food trucks to park, The Lot has had plenty of time to up their game since they opened in 2013. This is a very fun and communal spot that hosts nights like Bingo Mondays, Trivia Tuesdays, Open-Mic Wednesdays and Live Music Thursdays. As the colder weather sets in, The Lot is prepped with standing heaters and even heated benches. For lunch and dinner options, there is a fried chicken truck, a french fry and salad-focused truck, a classic cheeseburger stand and an option for sushi.

Options Outside Bend

Aside from getting some grub in Bend, there are some great local options in nearby towns.

Wild Ride Brewing, Redmond

Grab a craft beer from the Wild Ride Brewing taproom in downtown Redmond and then head outside to enjoy a foursome of delicious food truck options. Enjoy English-style fish and chips, shrimp baskets and wings from the Wild Catch truck or fish tacos and burgers from Food Fellas. Also on site is Shred Town, with tacos, burritos and yakisoba bowls and Red Road Pizza Co., serving pizza. The food is best enjoyed around one of Wild Ride’s cozy fire features outside.

The Barn, Sisters

Located about a block off the main drag in Sisters, The Barn recently opened their doors in 2021. Built to resemble a barn, the space provides the community a rustic yet refined opinion to come together year-round, eat, drink and be merry.  It offers 4 different food trucks – wood-fired pizza, Mexican food + juice bar, Southern barbecue, and wraps as well as house made pastries, beverages, brunch and live music.

The Bite, Tumalo

Located just north of Bend in Tumalo , The Bite brings the classic Bend food truck scene to a smaller community. Fit with lawn games, live music and fire pits, The Bite is a family-friendly location for everyone. A variety of beers are available on tap, as well as five food trucks that serve Thai, sushi, burgers, pizza and tacos; something for everyone!

General Duffy’s Waterhole, Redmond

General Duffy’s Waterhole in downtown Redmond offers six food trucks alongside a taphouse, event space and indoor/outdoor music venue. Try out delicious wraps and bowls from Wrap Stars or get your veggie on at Sally’s Woks. With live music events all summer long and great indoor and outdoor seating, General Duffy’s is a local favorite.

Corral Taproom, Prineville

In Prineville, the Corral Taproom was the first food truck pod in town, established in 2021 on the west end of the city. The food trucks here include those offering Latin soul food or Asian wok dishes. Gather inside the taproom for drinks or spend the afternoon outside, by firepit in the cooler months or in the sunshine when the weather’s nice.

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Top Food Dishes in Central Oregon and Where to Order Them

Central Oregon is known for many things, and exceptional eateries are one of them. The benefit to being here is that you can practically find good food anywhere, but it can be hard to know where to start. As a region full of foodies, we know these tried and true restaurants have the best burgers, sushi, Mexican food, Thai food, barbeque and more in Central Oregon.

Bend Area Breweries: Where to Go and What to Get

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    If you need to file a complaint about a driver for possible policy violation, please contact us at 541-694-1110 or contact Bend non-emergency police department at 541-322-2960. Explore the best of Bend aboard our little yellow brew bus! Our brewery tour takes you to over thirty breweries, four cideries, nine distilleries, and eight wineries.

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    Stoller Wine Bar brings its well-known, renowned wines from Oregon's Willamette Valley to its tasting room in the Box Factory, located on the fringe of downtown Bend. Enjoy glasses, flights and bottles from their family of wines: Stoller Family Estate, Chehalem, History, Chemistry and Canned Oregon. Like any proper winery, they offer ...

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    McKay's is a beloved local spot that's consistently been voted the best breakfast in Bend since 2010. The lines are long, but it's worth the wait. They have a variety of breakfast staples like burritos, biscuits and gravy, and omelets. My absolute favorite, though, is the strawberry crepe with vanilla custard!

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    See the process from start to finish, and end with a flight of whiskey in the tasting room or on their expansive outdoor patio. Tours require a reservation and cost $20 per person. On weekends, find live music and food carts in their buzzing indoor/outdoor tasting room. Visit Oregon Spirit Distillers in Bend.

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    Wanderlust Tours Discover What's Around This Bend 61535 S. Hwy. 97 Suite 13 Bend, OR 97702 (541) 389-8359 [email protected]. Wanderlust Tours is registered with the Oregon State Marine Board and operates under special use permits from the Deschutes National Forest, Willamette National Forest, and the National Park Service.

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    Location: With a Brick & Mortar in the heart of Bend, Oregon and multiple food trucks scattered throughout the popular brewery hangs, Barrio seems to be always there when you're craving an upscale Mexican feast. The Food: I would travel across the 7 seas to eat their Beef Birria and al Pastor tacos! Menu + Details.

  16. Wanderlust Tours

    Wanderlust Tours Discover What's Around This Bend 61535 S. Hwy. 97 Suite 13 Bend, OR 97702 (541) 389-8359 [email protected]. Wanderlust Tours is registered with the Oregon State Marine Board and operates under special use permits from the Deschutes National Forest, Willamette National Forest, and the National Park Service.

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    We guide, You drive! Experience the incredible Central Oregon outdoors in adventurous style as you drive your own 2024 …. Free cancellation. Recommended by 100% of travelers. from. $149. per adult. 3. Electric Bike Tour of Bend & Deschutes River.

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    Here are some travel times if you are coming by car (to account for in your Bend Oregon itinerary): Distance From Portland to Bend: 176 miles - 3 hours and 15 minutes. Distance From Eugene to Bend: 128 miles - 2 hours and 30 minutes. Distance From Seattle to Bend: 330 miles - 6 hours 30 minutes. Note: These drives require driving over ...

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    Day 1: Evening. Courtesy of Sen Thai Noodles & Hot Pot. 7 p.m.: There are plenty of choices for places to eat in Bend, but those looking to end their first day in town with a showstopper should book a table at the recently opened Sen Thai Hot Pot and Noodle House. An offshoot of Wild Rose, one of central Oregon's most popular Thai restaurants ...

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    8. Visit Some Fantastic Breweries on the Bend Ale Trail. Onto a trail that doesn't require as much effort — the Bend Ale Trail, one of the best things to do in Bend, Oregon, for adults. You can pick up a passport at the Bend Visitor Center and get a stamp at each territory of the trail map to get a prize at the end.

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    Midtown Yacht Club, Bend. Located near Revere Avenue and Highway 20, the Midtown Yacht Club brings the food truck/taphouse scene to Bend's central district. This pod offers six food trucks with options such as Israeli street food, a waffle truck, a hot dog truck, a tater-tots truck, a vegan truck and a Mexican truck featuring Spanish influences.