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Volunteer in Romania and allow yourself to be swept away by its impressive mountains and romantic rolling hills ... read more

Volunteer in Romania and allow yourself to be swept away by its impressive mountains and romantic rolling hills. If you're more of a city person, no need to despair, soak up the electric vibe of Bucharest and admire its historical treasures. Join one of the volunteer programs in this less-traveled region and take your time to connect with the community and find out more about the homeland of Dracula.

Volunteering with children in Romania can make a huge difference in their lives, especially with a background in education . Take part in one of the projects with children and give the future of tomorrow the support they need to thrive.

Caring with passion for dogs and animals

Volunteering at The Dog Rose is a wonderful experience for dogs and humans. You are socialising with dogs and get to do special project if wanted. landing-page#addSelectItemEventToDataLayer" data-landing-page-item-index-param="0" class="text-[#3399CC] ssm:hidden"> Details >

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Homestays, Volunteering & Working Holidays in Romania

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Sustainable project

Inspiration from around the world

  United States





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volunteer tourism romania

Volunteer in Romania

Take a step back in time as a volunteer in Romania, the sunniest place in Europe. Romania is nestled in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains and has a coast along the Black Sea. Romania’s beautiful terrain, castles, medieval towns, and friendly, welcoming locals make volunteering here an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience. As a volunteer in Romania, you’ll enjoy the temperate climate and sightseeing opportunities. Because of heavy forestation, Romania has one of the richest populations of fauna in all of Europe, including wolves, bears and lynxes.

As a volunteer in Romania, you have the chance to help at a child care center located in Valea Screzii, a small village near the Carpathian Mountains. Life has changed little there over the last hundred years, and you can expect to see horses and carts on a daily basis. Try your hand at agriculture by helping on the center’s small farm or be inspired by working with the children as they learn and play.

Volunteer Voices – Bridget Manning

United Planet volunteer, Bridget Manning, discusses what is it like to intern with United Planet in Romania

In Romania, Bridget was a volunteer coordinator. She had a few responsibilities during her internship. One of them was to help volunteers to adjust, when they came to Romania, and to show them around. She also assisted volunteers with their daily activities with children. Bridget mentions that sometimes it is hard to see the immediate impact on volunteering with children but she believes working with children is a very important job.

My quest was awesome. I could not have asked for a better first international experience, the United Planet staff, the in-country staff, and the people at Pro Vita in Romania made my experience so comfortable and welcoming. Romanian culture was so hospitable and open, I was able to learn about my hosts and their daily lives. I also learned quite a bit of Romanian and I was having basic conversations by the end of my week there. The connections I made with the children and staff at Pro Vita left me with such an attachment to the experience that it was hard to leave at the end of the week. I had no idea what I was getting myself into going to Romania, but now because of Pro Vita and United Planet I cannot wait to return. Logan D. – Volunteer

Romania Volunteer Project Information

Female volunteer playing Jenga with young romanian child

Children and Education Volunteer Projects

Volunteers work in a close-knit independent community, which includes a child care center, safe homes for women who have been victims of abuse, and individuals with mental or physical disabilities. Volunteers will live on-site and may tend to the basic needs of the children, teach English, organize games and activities, and more. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their special skills and interests or come with ideas for activities and games to engage in with the children.

Available Dates: Quests start the first and third Monday of each month, year-round Minimum Stay: 2 weeks Requirements:  At least 18 years old

Medical volunteer folds clothes

Global Health Volunteer Projects

Licensed doctors may volunteer at a small clinic at the child care center in Romania. The clinic treats small injuries and dispenses medicines and inoculations. Due to high costs and the distance of local hospitals, doctors are needed to treat patients at this on-site location.

Available Dates: Quests start the first and third Monday of each month, year-round Minimum Stay: 2 weeks Requirements: Licensed doctors only

Your Romania Quest

Romania country coordinators

Romania Country Coordinators: Melanie and Mihail Tanase. Melanie Tanase and her husband Mihail coordinate United Planet Romania volunteers. The two of them and their family manage the child care center where United Planet volunteers live and work. They have been accepting United Planet volunteers for their organization since 2005.

Castle in Romania

All United Planet Romania volunteers take an excursion to Dracula’s castle in the medieval town of Bran and to the historic city of Brasov in the Transylvania region. You’ll learn about Romania’s rich history and see some beautiful architecture in the process.

Volunteer House in Romania

Volunteers in Romania live on-site at their project in a shared volunteer house. You’ll share a kitchen, dining space, and possibly bedroom with other volunteers – a great way to get to know each other better.

Green fields in Romania

Explore the beautiful scenery:  While volunteering in Romania, you’ll be living in the striking foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. In your free time, be sure to explore the beauty that surrounds you. Gather together a group of friends and go for a hike!

Free Time in Romania

Romanian language lesson

If you’re staying in Romania for two weeks or more, you’ll receive one hour of Romanian language lessons per week. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you start to pick up the language!

Sarmale, stuffed cabbage rolls, Romania

Try sarmale:  Sarmale   are a stuffed cabbage roll dish popular in Romania. Try this unique food with mămăligă, a Romanian cornmeal porridge, and saurkraut.

Eastern Orthodox Church service, Romania

While volunteering in Romania, you’ll have the opportunity to attend Eastern Orthodox Church services on Sundays. These services are led by Father Tanase, one of your country coordinators in Romania.

Romania in Photos

volunteer tourism romania

Check out the experiences of previous United Planet volunteers in Romania .

Volunteer Voices – Marian Badea

How to Be a GREAT Volunteer in Romania

Marian, the Volunteer Coordinator from our child care center project in Romania, visited our office and took some time to speak with us today. Marian grew up in the center and now works with volunteers to teach them about Romania and ensure a fulfilling volunteer experience. Here are his best tips on being a great volunteer during your time in Romania. Read more on United Planet’s blog

volunteer tourism romania

Romania Quests start the first and third Monday of each month, year-round.

For Romania Quests, volunteers can choose to stay from 2 weeks to 12 weeks.

The age requirement for a Romania Quest is at least 18 years old.

Weekly language lessons are provided to those staying for 2 or more weeks.

We ask that volunteers enroll at least 60 days prior to their anticipated departure date. This gives us enough time to schedule volunteer placements, coordinate in-country activities, and provide sufficient pre-departure training. If you are interested in enrolling for a program starting in less than 60 days, please contact us directly.

Quest Fees and Details

United Planet Quests are designed to be immersive, authentic, comprehensive and provide you everything you’ll need to succeed. The program elements allow you to engage fully with a new culture, forge strong relationships, and challenge yourself. Most importantly, we partner with the community to ensure your experience will be important, relevant and helpful to the community you serve.

Included in Your Quest Fee

  • Lodging in shared rooms at the volunteer project
  • Three home-cooked meals per day
  • Weekly language lessons (for volunteers staying 2+ weeks)
  • Cultural activities and excursions
  • Online pre-departure training with our Boston staff
  • In-country airport transportation
  • Emergency medical and travel insurance
  • 24/7 in-country support and supervision
  • A United Planet t-shirt

Health and Safety

United Planet provides emergency travel and medical insurance for all volunteers. All Romania staff members participate in extensive health and safety training, and are available at all times by 24-hour phone line. Upon enrollment, you will receive a full emergency contact list. In addition, we register all of our volunteers with US Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) . We recommend booking a doctor’s appointment or visiting a travel health clinic a few months out to update your vaccinations.   Read more about health and safety.

Transportation and Flights

Due to varying airline prices, United Planet does not arrange or cover the cost of flights to and from Romania. However, we arrange all ground transportation to and from the airport in Romania and will ensure that you arrive safely at your volunteer project. Since you will be living onsite, you will not need to commute to your project.

About Our Quest Fee

We want you to succeed. That means having in place the support our volunteers need. We don’t just drop you in country and hope for the best. We provide training before you leave … language exposure … 24/7 in-country support … support for your host family … accommodations, meals and airport transportation … activities and excursions. The whole idea is to make the experience successful and productive for you and the host community, and we have found that these things are crucial. Remember that we are a non-profit, mission-driven organization – we wouldn’t spend money on something that wasn’t important.

*Payment Plan Details: A $300 deposit is due at the time of your enrollment to lock in your spot in our program. After your confirmation in a program, you can choose to pay the Quest Fee all at once or in installments. The total Quest Fee is due 4 weeks before your departure date.

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Volunteer in Romania

Vibrant, historical and draped with breathtaking scenery, Romania is one of Europe's greatest treasures and the perfect place in which to become a conservation volunteer. With charming towns and cities and stunning natural landscapes, it is impossible not to fall under Romania's spell. Visit the incredible Danube River, which meanders through mountainous backdrops and lush, rolling hills which wouldn't look out of place on a film set. Explore the wonders of Transylvania, the birthplace of horror icon Dracula, and soak up the ancient mysticism of the country's numerous gothic castles and UNESCO sites. These include the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina and the Monastery of Horezu – both unforgettable sites well worth a visit.

One of the more unique ways you could visit this beautiful destination is by becoming an animal volunteer. Romania may not be known for its wildlife, but those who choose to explore the natural realms of the country will discover a range of exciting species. Wolves, lynx, wild cats and various deer roam the land, but one of the most enticing animals can be witnessed when you become a wildlife volunteer in Romania. You could work with animals at the Romanian Bear Sanctuary, aiding the care of rescued brown bears at one of the largest bear sanctuaries in Europe and assisting with the day-to-day running of this important location.

By joining a volunteering project in Romania, you could be making a real difference to the lives of the incredible species found here - so get in touch and begin your volunteer experience in Romania today!

Projects Do More

Romanian Bear Sanctuary

Romanian Bear Sanctuary

7 - 28 nights from £1,195.00.

Volunteer at one of Europe's best bear sanctuaries and aid in the conservation of these incredible animals.

On the Blog

Europe Day 2017 – Exploring Europe’s Hidden Gems (And Its Wildlife!)

While a huge draw of this eastern European country is its gothic, medieval architecture, the forests, rivers and skies come alive in a way that is seemingly often overlooked. Many people will mention the dazzling landscapes that roll through Romania, but within, the animals steal the show. Becoming a wildlife volunteer in Romania will expose you to the spectacular wildlife that roams the mountainscapes and forages in the forests. From bears, wolves, lynxes, and bison to smaller creatures such as birds, bats, snakes and salamanders, Romania easily places within the top 10 European countries for wildlife viewing. With over 382 species of birds, including 7 species of eagle, you can have your head in the clouds and still have incredible animal sightings!


Nature and the countryside still play a huge role in life in Romania for many people all over the country. One of the most noticeable things about Romanian culture is the many strong folk traditions which have survived to this day, thanks to the rural nature of the Romanian communities. Romania’s rich folk traditions have been influenced by many sources over the years, but some of the most important elements of the culture include:

  • The traditional folk art which still plays a big part in Romanian life today, including wood carving, ceramics, weaving, and the embroidery of some spectacular costumes!
  • The strong element of spirituality and religion within the country, with over 90% of Romanians being Romanian Orthodox.
  • Romanian cuisine, which has been inspired by numerous traditions and elements, borrowing those from the Ottoman Empire as well as those from their Balkan neighbours. Soups, in particular, are a big part of Romanian cuisine - so grab a bowel and enjoy!

Experience it for yourself as a volunteer in Romania.

Popular Sights

Popular Sights

When you're not volunteering with Romania's wildlife, we recommend that you spend a little time getting acquainted with this fairy-tale destination. Some of the top sights to see include:

  • Bran Castle – this imposing14th-centuryy castle is a former royal residence and allegedly the inspiration for one of literature's most feared characters, Count Dracula…
  • The Palace of Culture – this incredible building is found in the city of Lasi and it will take you a while to explore the 298 massive rooms! Currently, the building is home to 4 different museums, making this the perfect place to learn a little more about Romania.
  • The Turda Salt Mine – don't be deceived by its unassuming title - the Turda salt mine really is something special, and has been credited as Business Insider's 'coolest underground place in the world'. Also known as 'Salina Turda', this underground attraction is unlike anything you'll have seen before.

History, nature, and the chance to learn about a fascinating country. What more could you ask for when volunteering in Romania?

volunteer tourism romania


volunteer tourism romania

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Work Exchange and Volunteer programs in Romania

41 opportunities found

volunteer tourism romania

Animal Shelter Siriu, Romania

Handy person who loves dogs wanted for Romanian animal shelter

  • Sustainable project
  • Higher approval

volunteer tourism romania

Hostel Bucharest, Romania

We are waiting for you to build great memories together! :)

volunteer tourism romania

We need a fun but reliable person to help out with night shift

A day in the life of a worldpacker.

volunteer tourism romania

An epic day in Costa Rica! ✨🥥

volunteer tourism romania

Volunteering at a surf camp in Portugal ✨🏄🏻‍♀️🇵🇹

volunteer tourism romania

Volunteering at a Surf Camp in Portugal 🏄🏻‍♀️

volunteer tourism romania

Volunteering as social media manager in Montenegro👩🏼‍💻

volunteer tourism romania

Help with painting, fixing and repairs

volunteer tourism romania

Will you come and help in a dog and cat shelter?

volunteer tourism romania

Sustainable Community Sardu, Romania

Help us grow a Sustainable Farm and Solarpunk concept

  • High demand

volunteer tourism romania

Farm Bradetu, Romania

Join us in our eco-friendly farm in construction!

volunteer tourism romania

Hostel Brașov, Romania

Come help with reception and cleaning in our hostel in Brasov!

volunteer tourism romania

We need a fun but reliable person to help out with reception!

volunteer tourism romania

Camping Dorna Candrenilor, Romania

Help us while learning about organic farming in mountain village

volunteer tourism romania

Permaculture project Posaga de Jos, Romania

Introduction to Permaculture in Transylvania

volunteer tourism romania

Homestay Iernut, Romania

Help with gardening and reconditioning an old Transylvanian barn in Romania (:

volunteer tourism romania

Farmstay Popesti, Romania

Come help our family and enjoy the farm life in Romania!

volunteer tourism romania

Permaculture Retreat in Transilvania looking for Volunteers

volunteer tourism romania

Farm Margau, Romania

Help us with chores around our homestead in Transylvania

volunteer tourism romania

Guest House Satu Mare, Romania

Experiment rural life and traditions in village in Transylvania

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6-Day Volunteer Trip: Farm Life, Tree Nursery & Wildlife Conservation

volunteer tourism romania

What you need to know

  • A 6-day shared group trip for up to 6 people starting from Brasov on 30 Jun, 4 Aug and 22 Sept. Tour runs if min. 4 people are registered.
  • This trip is for those who want to combine tourist hiking and wildlife watching with hands-on volunteer work for a conservation non-profit in a protected natural area in the Carpathians
  • Price includes everything: all transport costs, 5 nights accommodation, all meals and drinks, specialist guides & training, tourist activities
  • You'll work at a typical Transylvanian farm, a tree nursery and in a wilderness reserve doing various activities, together with environmental and wildlife specialists
  • You'll be hiking in the wilderness with wildlife rangers, learn how to track animals and how wildlife conservation works. High chances of seeing wild animals!
  • You'll sleep in a variety of places (farm, glamping tents and wilderness cabins) all of which have reduced facilities and are eco-friendly
  • Expect moderate - high physical activities. You can choose volunteer activities based on your skills and interests. Most hiking trails are medium-hard, not technical but physically challenging

Additional information

Equipment required: hiking clothing and boots (wind and water proof) and a min. 25L backpack that you will take with you. Due to the complex logistics of this trip, payment and cancelation terms are strict: - 10% deposit when booking - 90% to be paid after your booking is confirmed - 30 day notice required for a full refund

Moments to expect

Day 1 - life at a transylvanian farm.

We meet in Brasov at 10am and drive to a typical Transylvanian farm converted for rural agro-tourism. After a delicious lunch with products from the garden, you'll get an intro tour to farm life, biodiversity in the area and sustainable agriculture practices. Then you'll be trained on how to help out with one or more of the following activities: working in the garden, taking the dogs on a leash-walk, cleaning the horses' stables, feeding the animals or even hay stacking. In the evening your hosts will prepare a delicious 3-course dinner while locals from the village will sing traditional folk music.

Day 1 - Life at a Transylvanian farm

Day 2 - Help out with reforestation activities

After the roosters wake you up on the farm, you'll have breakfast and continue working until lunch. After that we'll drive closer to the mountains at a tree nursery. Our environmental experts will teach you what replanting a forrest means and then show you how you can help by preparing the saplings before being permanently replanted. Small-moderate physical work in the tree nursery. You'll spend the night in glamping style tents and enjoy an open campfire dinner under the sky.

Day 2 - Help out with reforestation activities

Day 3 - Learn about wildlife conservation

Today we go hiking with wildlife rangers who monitor the movements and life of animals in this protected area. They will teach you how to - and you'll help them - identify tracks, collect DNA samples and spot wildlife. Enjoy a picnic lunch with a view. Then you'll check trap cameras and learn why monitoring is so important to conservation efforts. Hike back to your glamping tents for dinner.

Day 3 - Learn about wildlife conservation

Day 4 - Hiking in the wilderness

In the morning we hike up to the ridge of Fagaras Mts (17km, 800m altitude difference). You'll get to understand the importance of all the work you've been doing, see replanted forests and apply your wildlife tracking skills as you make your way up at 1,900m altitude. At the top you'll enjoy a locally-made eco beer with spectacular views. In the evening our wildlife guide will take you to special spots for wildlife watching - and maybe you're lucky! Overnight at a wilderness cabin with basic facilities.

Day 4 - Hiking in the wilderness

Day 5 - Hiking & wildlife watching

We start the day slow to rest after all the work we've done. We go on a hiking trip around a lake to continue our wildlife monitoring activities. After our picnic lunch, we hike to another wilderness, eco-friendly cabin with superior comfort. The late afternoon and evening will be all about seeing animals from our vantage point over the valley. After a delicious dinner with organic, locally-sourced products, you get to enjoy nature at its finest - in complete silence under a starry sky.

Day 5 - Hiking & wildlife watching

Day 6 - Return to civilisation

We enjoy one last breakfast with a view and check the valley one last time to see if there are any animals roaming around. Then we descend, cross the lake on an electric raft and get an off-road transfer back to civilisation. The work you've done, memories you created and photos you took will be a worthwhile souvenir. Return to Brasov on Friday, arrival around 2-3pm.

Day 6 - Return to civilisation

Cancelation & refund policy

This tour has a special cancelation policy set by our guide. For more information please check page 2 from the What you need to know section on the previous page.

Location details

  • Starting point: Brasov
  • Nearest airport: Bucharest Otopeni Airport (OTP) or Brasov
  • Nearest train station: Brasov
  • Landscape: Mountains

Other tours nearby

  • small group

The ridge of Fagaras Mountains

3-day Hiking & Wildlife Trip in the Wild Carpathians

Start from: Rucar village, Arges county

9 reviews

Hiking & Wildlife Tracking Trip in the Carpathians

Start from: Rucar, Arges county or Brasov

Our luxury mountain lodge

3-Day Hiking & Wildlife Trip at an Eco-Luxury Private Cabin in Fagaras Mts

Start from: Rucar, Arges county

4 times a year we prepare a newsletter with local stories, places and our special insights about Romanian culture and local life that will inspire you to visit our country and have an authentic local experience. Would you like to get it?

Graphic Background

  • coordonatori

volunteer tourism romania

Proiectul Coaliția pentru Voluntariat este derulat de Fundația Serviciilor Sociale Bethany, în parteneriat cu Fundația de Sprijin Comunitar, Pro Vobis – Centrul Național de Resurse pentru Voluntariat, Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca și Norges Frivilligsentraler și beneficiază de o finanțare în valoare de 248.990 Euro, prin programul Active Citizens Fund România, finanțat de Islanda, Liechtenstein și Norvegia prin Granturile SEE 2014-2021. Conținutul acestui website nu reprezintă în mod necesar poziția oficială a Granturilor SEE și Norvegiene 2014-2021; pentru mai multe informații accesați Informații despre Active Citizens Fund Romnia sunt disponibile la

Lucrăm împreună pentru o Europă verde, competitivă și incluzivă!

proiect derulat de:

Sursa ta de informații despre voluntariat în România.

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Global Volunteers

Here’s Why You Should Volunteer in Romania

Romania Global Volunteer

Since 1999, over 1, 850 individuals have served in Romania with Global Volunteers – providing more than 150, 000 service hours. And each year, people continue to graciously spend their yearly vacation time sharing love and offering care to the infants and toddlers at the “Elena Beldiman” Children’s Hospital ward in Barlad, Romania. Why? What inspires them to keep giving and giving? Continue on to read about what motivates volunteers, from the volunteers themselves…

Evan Boido, 13-time Romania Global Volunteer

13-time Romania Global Volunteer

“Talk about being hooked, 13 programs in Romania. What keeps me going back? The children.

Let me tell you something, I get way more than I give. I’ve fed children, sometimes more than one at a time; I’ve read to children; I’ve helped them learn to roll over, sit up, crawl and walk; I’ve sang songs, danced and made a fool out of myself; and, most importantly, I’ve held them and looked them in the eyes, and I hope I have made them feel loved. Part of the program is to develop personal and team goals. One of my goals in Romania is always to say, “Te iubesc” (I love you) to each child every day.

I come home tired and missing the children. I eagerly await Facebook posts and pictures from other volunteers. I delight in their progress, and yes, at times I’ve mourned when we’ve lost a particularly vulnerable child to his or her particular illness. I think about trying another program next year to a new location. And what do I do? I sign up for Romania again each and every year. I know I will reconnect with children I’ve met before, fall in love with new children, make friends with other volunteers, and I will go back.” Contact us for Evan’s contact information.

Venessa Humphrey, First-time Romania Global Volunteer

“In 2013, my friend volunteered in Romania with Global Volunteers for the second time. It was the first time I had heard of this, and she kindly included me in her email updates during her trip. I remember receiving one of her email updates while I was at work. This particular email moved me to the point of tears. I was crying at my desk, and I thought that if it’s affecting me this much, then I need to help.

I plan on returning. My main motivation is, without question, the children. I never anticipated that I would have formed such a strong connection with them and I miss them more than I thought would be possible. The staff do an amazing job, but they need the support that volunteers provide.

First-time Romania Global Volunteer

Volunteering in Romania was one of the richest and most rewarding experiences of my life. I will say, however, that it can be exhausting; physically, mentally and emotionally. It will test you at times. Be prepared for the fact that there are things that you cannot change; situations that you can only approach with love and support. Do the best that you can. Forgive yourself when you feel like you may be falling short (I assure you, you won’t be). Listen to Mihaela and Dan (local staff). Always help out Coca (local staff) as best you can. And give the kids big, squishy hugs for me!”  Contact us for Venessa’s contact information.

Jane Louise, 4-time Romania Global Volunteer

“Firstly, the children have a way of burrowing into your heart that any Romania volunteer can attest to! They are so easy to fall in love with. We also have the privilege of watching these amazing children grow and develop. I know I’m not the only volunteer who thinks of the children as ‘my’ kids. We take ownership of their achievements like any proud parent.

4-time Romania Global Volunteer

Secondly, I have a huge admiration and respect for Mihaela, Dan, and Coca (the local staff – not to mention many other hospital staff), and a desire to see them encouraged and supported for the amazing work they do.

Thirdly, I enjoy learning about Romania and visiting different places on the weekends and after my trips.  It truly is a beautiful country, very different to Australia (hometown).

Finally, there is the personal aspect. While the experiences have always been tiring, the demand of putting the children first has a profound and surprising effect on my own well-being. I hope that I leave a more gracious, empathetic person. I am certainly more grateful for the life of privilege I have been blessed with (and didn’t realise I had). It is also an honour to watch my team-mates have this same experience. The love that my co-volunteers show to the children is also very uplifting, and the bonding that has occurred between us has meant that life-long friendships have developed. I now have good friends in various parts of the world, how exciting is that!! We know that we will always be welcome in each others’ homes and communities – a truly global experience.

If others are considering this opportunity, I would advise them in just one word – GO!”  Contact us for Jane’s contact information.

Just “GO”!

Ready to be part of a Romania volunteer team and help care for and support these children? Chat online with a Volunteer Coordinator to get started. Or, visit our Volunteer in Romania page  to learn more. We’re ready to answer your questions!

Chat online about Romania Global Volunteer Opportunities

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Romania - Volunteer

Are you a non-EU citizen wishing to be a volunteer in Romania? You can find information below on the conditions to fulfil and procedures to follow, as well as the rights you can enjoy during your stay.

You can apply to be a volunteer in Romania if you take part in a voluntary service on the basis of an agreement with the entity/organisation responsible for the voluntary service.

No information available at the moment.

  • Extension of the stay right

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Proiect cofinantat din Fondul Social European prin Programul Operational Capital Uman 2014 – 2020

Summer jobs and Volunteering

Studyinromania mobile app.

volunteer tourism romania

Working in Romania

How to find a job

volunteer tourism romania

Romania has a huge market for summer jobs. You can work in a vibrant seaside resort, in a scenic mountain resort, or in a historical city in the tourism industry. The best way to find a summer job is by searching for opportunities on the web, check advertisements at your university, check the many student organisations, ask your friends or go directly and speak in the place you would like to work. 

Romania has many NGOs who are active in fields such as human rights, environment, social protection, politics, education, etc. and they are in constant need of volunteers for their projects. Ask around or search the web for opportunities!

volunteer tourism romania

volunteer tourism romania

The Association of Ecotourism in Romania (AER) is a partnership for nature conservation and tourism development in Romania. It brings together   tourism associations, non-governmental organizations for local development and nature conservation, guesthouses and tourism agencies. The innovative concept promoted by AER is to rally the public and private sectors in a partnership for nature conservation and sustainable tourism development.


volunteer tourism romania

Discover Eco-România – Zenith Maps Collection

The maps in this collection are made taking into account the needs of those who enjoy nature practicing activities with reduced impact, such as: hiking, cycling, ski touring, etc. The maps have a high quality standard: they are resistant to precipitation and wind, the routes are recorded with GPS, and the graphics and pattern are of the highest quality. AER is partnering with Zenith Maps to create the Discover Eco-Romania ecotourism maps collection for promoting ecotourism destinations in Romania.

volunteer tourism romania


Discover the tourist and specialty publications offered by AER.

volunteer tourism romania

years of ecotourism

Implemented projects, ecotourism destinations.

  • Project Search Tool
  • My Wishlist
  • Where can I go?
  • What can I do?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Read our FAQs

NGO Support Volunteer Project in Romania - Miercurea Ciuc

NGO Support Volunteer Project in Romania - Miercurea Ciuc

Interested in being an NGO Support volunteer in Romania? International Volunteer HQ’s NGO Support project empowers volunteers to assist a local NGO which focuses on education in the community. Volunteers will gain real life experience of working with an NGO, use their existing skills, learn new ones and support an initiative aiming to build stronger local communities and helping people in need.


  • Programs start every first and third Monday of the month
  • Affordable fees from $504 for 1 week
  • Includes accommodation, meals, airport pick up, orientation and 24/7 support

Widen the reach of a local NGO focused on providing education in the community

Discover Romania’s historic castles and towns

Stay with other volunteers in charming Miercurea Ciuc

'Who is going' users image

Who is going?

Group video calls.

Once you have secured your place, join regular video calls to meet your Program Manager and other volunteers before your trip.

  • Key Information
  • Your Impact
  • Requirements
  • Arrival & Orientation
  • Volunteer Schedule
  • Accommodation & Meals
  • Entry & Visa Requirements
  • Back to top

Key information

This program is ideal for:.

Who is this program suited to?

What to expect and how you'll make an impact

There is a great deal of behind-the-scenes work involved in accomplishing the goals of local NGOs in Romania. On the NGO Support project you will be part of a vibrant and innovative team working towards the goal of building stronger local communities and helping people in need.

As an NGO Support volunteer you will work with an NGO with a focus on education in the community. Duties are assigned based on the priority of the tasks at the time of your program and in accordance with your skills, interests, experience and volunteer duration. You’ll likely be helping to widen the NGO’s reach through:

  • Social media management and content creation
  • Photography
  • Basic office administration
  • Systems development
  • Fundraising
  • Record keeping
  • Attending presentations
  • Helping arrange, run and market events

Volunteers are able to use their existing skills and experience, learn new skills, and gain a greater understanding about the operational life of a grassroots NGO.

Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #10: Reduced Inequalities

Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #10: Reduced Inequalities

Covid-19 has deepened existing inequalities, hitting disadvantaged and minority communities the hardest. To reduce inequalities, we must provide better services and support to refugees, migrants, indigenous peoples and people with disabilities.

Why do NGO Support volunteering in Miercurea Ciuc with IVHQ?

When you volunteer with an NGO in Romania you’ll be adding value to the local community, while also developing personally and professionally by:

  • Supporting the efforts of a local NGO in the community
  • Using your existing skills and knowledge to help
  • Learning about the NGO environment
  • Gaining NGO experience
  • Immersing yourself in Romanian culture
  • Exploring Romania’s historic cities

Volunteer requirements

  • Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to participate in this program and may be asked to provide additional documentation to the local team
  • Volunteers aged 16 or 17 on their program start date are required to provide IVHQ with parental consent in order to participate on the program, and may be asked to provide additional document to the local team.
  • All volunteers aged 13+ are required to provide a criminal background check to IVHQ prior to departure. Those aged 13-17, if unable to obtain a criminal background check, can provide two character reference letters instead
  • All volunteers are required to have adequate volunteer travel insurance
  • All volunteers must speak fluent English.
  • Fluency in Romanian or Hungarian is not a prerequisite for the IVHQ Romania volunteer program. However we recommend that volunteers take advantage of the very affordable language lessons offered exclusively to IVHQ volunteers by our partner staff in Romania. Volunteers find that taking these lessons help immensely with day-to-day volunteer work and communicating with local people. Volunteers interested in taking Romanian or Hungarian lessons can arrange these directly with the local staff once in Romania.

Are you eligible to volunteer?

Submit a free application so we can confirm your eligibility and check availability for your preferred dates.

Not sure which program to join?

Get personalized recommendations >

Romania photo gallery

Afterschool Support volunteer project in Romania with IVHQ

What recent volunteers said about their IVHQ experience

As someone who has had a lifelong struggle with anxiety and a lack of confidence, I felt the time had come (late in life at age 61) to challenge myself to get truly out of my comfort zone. It was so heartwarming to have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the work of the local team, learn about a different culture and the different challenges facing the local community, as well as push myself to achieve things I didn’t realise I was capable of. Even though I only worked with the project for two weeks, I have come away with some amazing friendships, a clearer sense of what really matters in life, greater confidence and a real sense of pride in all that we achieved together. My heart is happy!

The local team was exceptional in every way. My only regret is that I wish I had stayed longer!

If you want an unforgettable experience and to grow as a person, just do it.

I had done 11 volunteer programs around the world (9 with IVHQ) and Romania was one of the last places I was interested in. But I'm glad I went. It's a beautiful country and IVHQ offers a wide variety of programs suitable to almost anyone's interests or talents.

I spent 7 weeks as an NGO Support volunteer with IVHQ Romania. Volunteering abroad can come with a lot of questions. It is natural to be both excited, and nervous, about what you will be experiencing. I would, without a doubt, highly recommend volunteering with IVHQ Romania. In deciding which location and program was best for me, the IVHQ staff helped guide me towards useful information and questions to ask myself. Once I signed-up with IVHQ, the materials provided helped me understand what I needed to do to be prepared for my time abroad. Most importantly, the local IVHQ Romania team does an amazing job of supporting its volunteers. Shortly after signing-up they provided information regarding the accommodation, tourist opportunities, and introductory language materials. Before I left, I received more detailed information regarding my placement and the local area and customs. During this preparation period I still had questions, and they were great about answering each of them in a timely manner. By the time I was leaving for Romania, I felt very knowledgeable about what I would be doing and experiencing and was ready to go!

Working as an NGO Support volunteer, I viewed first hand the time and commitment that the local team puts into the volunteer experience. Whether it was organizing transportation for volunteers, adapting to changes at a placement, or making sure volunteers had everything they needed at the accommodation, the local team made sure all needs were met. They check in with volunteers about their placement, may assist at the placement as needed, and will sometimes join the volunteers in after work activities. The group also provides opportunities to mix with locals, through a tour with local volunteers as well as extracurricular activities attended by (and sometimes planned by) locals. In all these ways, you come to feel you are part of the team's community - and the local community as well. All the preparation in the world can't prepare you for how wonderful a feeling that is!

Don't let COVID-19 stop you. It's been an incredible and safe experience. IVHQ offers so many projects in so many countries that it's difficult not to find one that suits the requirements of this challenging time. And also, with challenging times, comes more need for help. So if you ever want to make a real impact in a time of need, this is your time. My favourite experiences include helping the organization with a marketing plan for a donations campaign, travelling to Brasov and generally hanging out with my fellow volunteers and locals!

To read all reviews, visit our reviews page.

Academic course credit through International Volunteer HQ and Intern Abroad HQ.

Academic course credit

Gain course credit from your college or university and meet your academic requirements when completing a volunteer abroad program with International Volunteer HQ!

Volunteer Abroad in Romania with IVHQ

IVHQ’s Romanian projects are based in and around Miercurea Ciuc - a town in the Harghita county of Romania. It lies in the Székely Land, an Hungarian-speaking region in eastern Transylvania. It has an interesting history, pretty European architecture spanning centuries, an annual music festival, a Catholic pilgrimage, and winter temperatures that reach -30°C or −22 °F, which makes it the perfect place for cold season sports like ice hockey and speed skating.

Arrival and orientation

The program orientation begins on the first and third Monday of each month, and volunteers need to arrive in Miercurea Ciuc the day before orientation. After you have registered for the program, please book your flight to arrive at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP).

Your airport pick-up is included in your Program Fee, however, if you arrive outside of Sunday between 9:00AM - 10:00PM, your pick-up will incur an extra cost of US$150.

We recommend that volunteers under the age of 18 travel internationally with a notarized letter from their parents to support their documentation.

When you arrive, you will be greeted at the airport by a member of the local team and transported to the volunteer accommodation. Your accommodation is covered by your Program Fee and includes the night prior to your start date. If you are traveling in Romania prior to your volunteer program, we can arrange for you to be picked up from a pre-arranged location in Miercurea Ciuc the day before your program orientation. There are two options for orientation in Romania, a One-Day Orientation and an Orientation Week.

One-Day Orientation: This is a standard full-day induction on your selected start date that covers everything you need to know for your volunteer program in Romania. You’ll be provided with an introduction to Romania, meet the program staff and get an overview of procedures. You’ll learn about the history of Romania and Hungary, religion, festivals, customs and traditions, dress/clothing, safety issues, food, transportation and travel opportunities and go through details about your volunteer project and accommodation​.​ The afternoon includes an introduction to the Hungarian language and a city tour of Miercurea Ciuc​ which is​ provided by local volunteers.​ ​The orientation will also give you a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socializing.

Introduction Week: This takes place during the first week of your program. This introduction week has an extra cost of $540 (approximately $540 ) and is very popular among IVHQ volunteers. It includes everything on the One-Day Orientation as well as Hungarian lessons, trips to a castle, a Franciscan monastery, local villages, salt mines, a giant statue of Jesus Christ, museums, mountains and mineral springs. You’ll have the weekend free to do as you please before your specific placement orientation the following Monday. We recommend all volunteers take advantage of this week as it’s a great way to help settle the culture shock you can face when arriving in Romania.

The Introduction Week begins on your selected start date and your volunteer work will start the following week. If you wish to participate in the One-week Introduction, you’ll need to tell your IVHQ Program Manager in advance. You need to book a place and pay for this week before your volunteer program starts.

Volunteer schedule example

Start times and daily workload depends on the project that you are volunteering on, with some beginning in the morning and some in the afternoon. A typical schedule is as follows:

Volunteers have the weekends free and there is no shortage of things to do in Harghita or further afield in Romania. Volunteers can fill their free time with local markets, adventure activities or simply exploring parts of Harghita. Romania is a popular tourist destination, offering beautiful nature and scenery, with great trekking, climbing, biking, rafting and kayaking opportunities. Volunteers who wish to take a long weekend to travel can enjoy beautiful limestone mountains and explore Old World Europe.

Volunteers staying for longer durations, or who wish to travel before or after their program, can visit areas further afield in Romania and neighboring countries such as Hungary and Bulgaria. Volunteers can make travel arrangements once in Miercurea Ciuc, with the advice and guidance of our local staff.

Accommodation and WiFi

Volunteers are accommodated predominantly in one of two neighboring volunteer apartments or in a volunteer house. The smaller apartment accommodates up to 8 ​volunteers of the same gender in 1 room whereas the larger apartment, with 3 bedrooms, accommodates up to 19 ​volunteers. During the summer you can expect to be sharing with 7-17 people if you are in the female apartment (distributed between 3 connecting rooms) and in the male apartment between 4-8 people. In all other months the number is usually between 3-6 people. The volunteer house is made up of 4 rooms and you can expect to share a room with one other person of the same gender.

Th​e ​accommodation is based centrally and is within 10 - 15 minutes walking distance to the ​local team’s office, and steps away from numerous cafes and restaurants. Bedding is provided and towels are available on request. A washing machine is available for volunteers to keep their clothing and bedding fresh. If you have any specific requests in regards to your accommodation, please let your IVHQ Program Manager know, and our local team will do their best to arrange that for you.

WiFi is available at the volunteer apartments and volunteer house, as well as at many cafes and restaurants in the area. To keep connected, you can also purchase a local SIM card with data for an unlocked mobile phone.

Volunteers are provided with one cooked meal per day. This meal is provided either at a local restaurant or ​at your placement. Breakfast, dinner and weekend meals are self-​prepared using supplies in the volunteer accommodation. Food is purchased on a regular basis by the accommodation manager, and volunteers can place specific food requests with him if they wish.

If you choose to eat away from the accommodation, you can typically expect the main meal of the day to be lunch with two courses. The first course is always a traditional soup which is followed by the second course of potato or rice dishes, chicken, pork, goulash or stews and pasta dishes. Bread is commonly served with all meals and as it’s often made with potatoes it can be quite heavy. Vegetarians can expect to be offered either cheese or mushroom dishes as a general norm at restaurants.

Romania IVHQ volunteer house exterior

  • United States Dollars - $
  • Australian Dollars - AU$
  • Brazilian Reals - R$
  • British Pound Sterling - £
  • Canadian Dollars - CA$
  • Chinese Yuan - CN¥
  • Hong Kong Dollars - HK$
  • Japanese Yen - JP¥
  • Mexican Pesos - MX$
  • New Zealand Dollars - NZ$
  • Singapore Dollars - SG$
  • Swiss Francs - CHF
  • UAE Dirhams - AED

Important things to note

  • All programs attract a Registration Fee of US$329 (approximately $329 ) in addition to the Program Fee . This covers all pre-departure support services.
  • A 5% international banking fee is added at point of payment.
  • Recommended spending money: Volunteers in Romania generally find US$60 to be sufficient for weekly expenses including, transportation, water and miscellaneous spending.

What's included

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Airport pick-up
  • Accommodation
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • In-country program orientation
  • Pre-departure support from your Program Manager
  • Personalized preparation tools, guides and check lists
  • Access to IVHQ’s preferred insurance and flights partners
  • Discounts on language lessons
  • Certificate of International Volunteer Service

Learn more about what's included in your IVHQ Registration Fee and Program Fee .

What's not included

  • Transport to and from your placement each day
  • Return to the airport when your program finishes
  • Visa (if required), travel insurance (mandatory), vaccinations, criminal background check.
  • Personal spending money for snacks, laundry, public transportation, drinks and leisure activities during your free time.

Free-time experiences & tours in Miercurea Ciuc

Take your volunteer experience to the next level with IVHQ's affordable activity and tour add-ons in Miercurea Ciuc! Explore your options below and learn how to book them once you've been accepted onto the IVHQ Miercurea Ciuc program.

Hungarian and Romanian Language Lessons (One Hour Class)

Eager to enhance your Hungarian or Romanian language skills while volunteering in Romania? Now is the perfect, cost-effective opportunity to boost your proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing these languages with confidence!

Hungarian and Romanian Language Lessons (One Hour Class)

Hungarian and Romanian Language Lessons (One Hour Class)

  • Hourly classes
  • Tailored to your current level of Hungarian or Romanian
  • Flexible schedule
  • Exclusively available to IVHQ volunteers

How to book?

  • Apply and register for an IVHQ volunteer program
  • Your dedicated IVHQ Program Manager will confirm availability and book your place on your chosen tour(s) and help you organize your trip.

Hungarian and Romanian Language Lessons (Three Hour Class)

Hungarian and Romanian Language Lessons (Three Hour Class)

Hungarian and Romanian Language Lessons (Three Hour Class)

  • Intensive 3 hour class

Hungarian and Romanian language lessons

We recommend that volunteers take advantage of the very affordable Hungarian and Romanian lessons offered exclusively to IVHQ volunteers by local language teachers. These language courses are organized during your program orientation and are tailored to each volunteer’s current level of Hungarian or Romanian. We believe that taking these lessons can help you immensely with your day to day volunteer work and communicating with local people.

  • Three hour intensive private class = US$30 (recommended for short term volunteers)
  • One hour private class = US$15

These language lessons can be booked directly through IVHQ once you have registered for the Romania program.

Check what's required to visit Romania

Safety and support with IVHQ

Safety and support

IVHQ follows best practice and industry-leading health and safety procedures, which are regularly reviewed and optimized as part of the B Corporation recertification .

  • All volunteers encouraged to complete our interactive pre-departure training.
  • All local teams trained on best practice volunteer management & First Aid.
  • All IVHQ programs are required to adhere to IVHQ's Risk Management Policy.
  • All volunteers have access to 24/7 in-country support from our local team.

Essential country information

Weather and climate

Romania has a temperate-continental climate with distinct seasons, cold winters and hot summers. Daytime temperatures in winter range from 0°C to 5°C and in the summers months 25°C to 30°C. The IVHQ Romania program is based in Transylvania where the average temperatures are a little more extreme than the average.

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Volunteering with my sister on the IVHQ Costa Rica Program

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Other projects you may be interested in

Volunteer on the Animal care project in Romania with IVHQ

How to get started

Be the first to know.

Get exclusive offers, program opening updates, travel inspo, volunteer stories, scholarships and competitions… Straight to your inbox!

Call us on:  01273 007 230

Request Info

What is voluntourism?

A combination of volunteering and tourism, voluntourism is a popular form of international travel. You use your time and energy to help others while exploring a different country and culture. At Projects Abroad, we take volunteer tourism a step further.

With us, you won’t just help and explore as a volunteer, you’ll discover what you’re capable of. We provide the gold standard of safety and support , helping you fulfill your potential and create positive change in the world. We believe in long-term, sustainable solutions and working directly with local communities. To help us achieve this, we have the support of passionate volunteers and dedicated, in-country staff . 

Each of our projects offers a hassle-free experience . You can volunteer abroad or do an international internship . We also offer cultural exchange programmes.

Choose a Project

1- 3 of 137 Projects

Children line up with their backpacks outside their classroom in Nepal

Volunteer with Children in Nepal

  • Price: £1,300 for 2 weeks
  • Extra Weeks: £205
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
  • Age: 16 or over

Local medical staff with a group of Projects Abroad Medicine interns doing work experience placements in Tanzania.

Medicine Internship in Tanzania

  • Price: £1,725 for 2 weeks
  • Extra Weeks: £255

Projects Abroad Conservation volunteers build an eco-wall using recycled plastic in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

Giant Tortoise & Sea Lion Conservation in the Galapagos Islands

  • Price: £1,745 for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: £305
  • Minimum Duration: 1 week

Staff Name

Can't find what you're looking for?

We’d be happy to talk about creating a custom project for you. Most of our staff have been volunteers themselves, so they’re well placed to answer your questions, big or small.

How does volunteer tourism benefit the community?

There are a number of ways that voluntourism can benefit local people:

  • When you contribute to a well-run and sustainable project, you’re helping to implement long-term development. Use your skills, time, and energy to make a difference that will last long after you’ve returned home. By helping a local teacher improve their English and classroom skills through a Teaching Project, you’ll indirectly impact the children they teach. When you help a struggling entrepreneur get their business off the ground at a Microfinance Project, you’re helping support an entire family for years to come.
  • By participating in voluntourism, you’re contributing to the local economy. In their free time, most volunteers go sightseeing, like game drives and island tours. Many developing countries rely heavily on the income from tourism. In this way, voluntourism companies and volunteers support local businesses.
  • Voluntourism companies employ local staff. Projects Abroad employs dedicated, in-country staff wherever we work. We’re not just committed to helping you discover what you’re capable of. We do the same for our staff.

Volunteering tourism is increasingly popular and it’s important to carefully research the organisation you’re considering travelling with. Experience, sustainability, and financial responsibility are essential to running programmes that benefit local people.

Changing individuals and communities is one of our core values. We’re implementing real change through our projects. We plan, monitor, and evaluate all our projects in close consultation with local communities, conducting rigorous impact assessments as standard practice. You can read more about our values and who we are here , as well as our impact .

Voluntourism Opportunities: More than just volunteering and sightseeing

With volunteering tourism, you’re well placed to make a tangible impact on the people you work and live with. You’ll also learn about the culture and traditions first-hand.

When they’re abroad, most of our volunteers live with local host families . Your host family will welcome you into their home and help you become part of the community. You’ll share their daily lives and learn their customs, which most tourists never experience.

When you choose to join a voluntourism programme, you’re also joining a global network of volunteers. Our volunteers come from all over the world. You’ll find that most of them share your passion for giving back and your desire to broaden your horizons.

Our accreditations


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    Volunteer in Romania and allow yourself to be swept away by its impressive mountains and romantic rolling hills. If you're more of a city person, no need to despair, soak up the electric vibe of Bucharest and admire its historical treasures.

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  5. Volunteer in Romania

    Volunteer in Romania. Vibrant, historical and draped with breathtaking scenery, Romania is one of Europe's greatest treasures and the perfect place in which to become a conservation volunteer. With charming towns and cities and stunning natural landscapes, it is impossible not to fall under Romania's spell.

  6. Volunteer in Romania with IVHQ

    Volunteer in Romania. Go off the beaten track on International Volunteer HQ's unique Romania volunteer abroad program. Choose from a wide range of trusted Romania volunteer projects, including Teaching, Summer Camp, Animal Care, Community Gardening, Special Needs Support and NGO Support.

  7. Volunteer Work and Work Exchanges in Romania

    Romania. Work Exchange and Volunteer programs in Romania. 41 opportunities found. Sustainable Community Sardu, Romania. Help us grow a Sustainable Farm and Solarpunk concept. 25h/week Kitchen Hand Farming Gardening. From 1 to 5 weeks Tent 1 meal. 5.0. Sustainable project. New. Hostel Bucharest, Romania.

  8. Romania Volunteer Trip: Farm Life & Wilderness Conservation

    Location details. A 6 day trip combining hiking and wildlife watching with volunteer work for a conservation non profit in Romania.

  9. IVHQ Free-Time Experiences & Tours In Romania

    Home. IVHQ Free-Time Experiences & Tours. Romania. IVHQ Free-Time Experiences & Tours In Romania. Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone and take your volunteer program in Romania to the next level? You won't want to miss out on these experiences - available exclusively to IVHQ volunteers as add-ons.

  10. Volunteer tourism in Romania as/for global citizenship

    This paper examines short-term, volunteer tourism in Romania as a form of education for global citizenship. Drawing upon data collected through participant observation and qualitative interviews with numerous stakeholders, we argue that global citizenship education in this programme not only aligns with neoliberal governmentality, as others ...

  11. 7 Reasons Volunteer Travel In Romania Is Best For You

    If you're looking for a safe and affordable volunteer travel destination that's relatively undiscovered by tourists, but bursting with spectacular natural beauty and medieval charm, Romania has a range of meaningful volunteer work opportunities for you to support.

  12. Volunteer tourism in Romania as/for global citizenship

    Volunteer tourism in Romania as/for global citizenship. By Cori Jakubiak , Iulia Iordache-Bryant. Book Tourism, Cosmopolitanism and Global Citizenship. Click here to navigate to parent product. Edition 1st Edition. First Published 2018. Imprint Routledge. Pages 11. eBook ISBN 9781351055864. ABSTRACT.

  13. Volunteer tourism in Romania as/for global citizenship

    Volunteer tourism in Romania as/for global citizenship | Request PDF. Article. Volunteer tourism in Romania as/for global citizenship. April 2017. Tourism Recreation Research 42...


    voluntari. Proiectul Coaliția pentru Voluntariat este derulat de Fundația Serviciilor Sociale Bethany, în parteneriat cu Fundația de Sprijin Comunitar, Pro Vobis - Centrul Național de Resurse pentru Voluntariat, Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca și Norges Frivilligsentraler și beneficiază de o finanțare în valoare de 248.990 Euro ...

  15. Here's Why You Should Volunteer in Romania

    Since 1999, over 1, 850 individuals have served in Romania with Global Volunteers - providing more than 150, 000 service hours. And each year, people continue to graciously spend their yearly vacation time sharing love and offering care to the infants and toddlers at the "Elena Beldiman" Children's Hospital ward in Barlad, Romania. Why?

  16. Romania

    Romania - Volunteer. Are you a non-EU citizen wishing to be a volunteer in Romania? You can find information below on the conditions to fulfil and procedures to follow, as well as the rights you can enjoy during your stay. Conditions. Procedures. Rights. Mobility. Links. Are you a non-EU citizen wishing to be a volunteer in Romania?

  17. Summer jobs and Volunteering

    ROMANIA. Working in Romania. Part Time. Internship. Volunteer. How to find a job. Romania has a huge market for summer jobs. You can work in a vibrant seaside resort, in a scenic mountain resort, or in a historical city in the tourism industry.

  18. About AER

    The Association of Ecotourism in Romania (AER) is a partnership for nature conservation and tourism development in Romania. It brings together tourism associations, non-governmental organizations for local development and nature conservation, guesthouses and tourism agencies.

  19. Volunteer tourism in Romania as/for global citizenship

    Volunteer tourism in Romania as/for global citizenship. Cori Jakubiak, Iulia Iordache-Bryant. Published in Tourism, Cosmopolitanism and… 3 April 2017. Education, Sociology. Tourism Recreation Research. ABSTRACT This paper examines short-term, volunteer tourism in Romania as a form of education for global citizenship.

  20. PDF Raising Awareness of Volunteer Tourism: Experiencing the Volunteer

    Volunteer tourism is conceptualized as a form of alternative experience. The study explores the intention of students and young researchers in volunteer tourism activities, seen as alternative experience where the scientific knowledge and leisure activity are associated.

  21. NGO Support Volunteer Program in Romania

    Highlights: Programs start every first and third Monday of the month. Affordable fees from $504 for 1 week. Includes accommodation, meals, airport pick up, orientation and 24/7 support. Widen the reach of a local NGO focused on providing education in the community. Discover Romania's historic castles and towns.

  22. Voluntourism Opportunities

    Voluntourism. A combination of volunteering and tourism, voluntourism is a popular form of international travel. You use your time and energy to help others while exploring a different country and culture. At Projects Abroad, we take volunteer tourism a step further.