1. The Major Glaciers In Switzerland

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  2. Glacier 3000 & Montreux Day Trip From Geneva

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  3. Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland

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  4. Aletsch Glacier

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  5. Aletsch glacier, Switzerland. The largest glacier in the Alps [6016 x

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  6. Best of Switzerland: Hiking Along the Wonderful Aletsch Glacier

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  1. 12 Best Glaciers to Visit in Switzerland

    4. Aletsch Arena, Riederalp. This is one of the most recognizable glaciers in Switzerland and very easy to visit. You simply ride up a couple cable cars to get this fantastic view. If you feel like hiking, there is an easy, short panorama trail along the ridge here.

  2. Glaciers

    Trift Bridge - a spectacular footbridge. Advertisement. Venture out onto eternal ice and explore our country's many glaciers. Most of them are in the Valais and Graubünden Alps and the Bernese Oberland. The biggest is the Aletsch Glacier, which not only has UNESCO World Heritage status, but is also easy to access.

  3. Aletsch

    The Aletsch region is part of a Unesco World Heritage Site. And not just because the "Large Aletsch Glacier", which carries an incredible 11 billion tons of ice, is the largest glacier of the Alps. The ice extends from the northern slopes of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau down towards the Valais. The water flows through the untamed Massa Gorge into ...

  4. Most Popular Glaciers In Switzerland (Visit Them Soon)

    Global warming is taking its toll on the glaciers in Switzerland, so plan a visit as soon as you can. The Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network confirmed that 2022 has been the worst year so far in terms of ice melt records, and the country's glaciers are slowly disappearing thanks to increasing temperatures and our ever-increasing carbon emissions. ...

  5. Glacier Express

    Railservice Glacier Express. Bahnhofstrasse 25. 7000 Chur. Switzerland. [email protected]. Show Route. The journey in what has been dubbed the world's slowest express train takes travellers across the Alps within roughly eight hours, passing through 91 tunnels and over 291 bridges.

  6. Grindelwald Glacial Gorge

    Grindelwald Glacial Gorge. Grindelwald Glacial Gorge is an adventurous experience whatever the weather. For a thrilling experience, try balancing and climbing on the 170m² Spiderweb net hanging over the roaring Lütschine River. The gorge in the Unterer Grindelwaldgletscher (Lower Grindelwald Glacier) is an impressive masterpiece of nature.

  7. The Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps: the best ways to visit it

    It's in the mountains between the Bernese Oberland in northern Switzerland and the Valais in southern Switzerland. This area is so special that it's a UNESCO World Heritage site, called "Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch". The glacier is about 20 km (12,4 miles) long and 1 km (3300 ft) wide on average.

  8. Glacier 3000 Mountain Excursion

    The various look-out points at Glacier 3000 offer panoramic views of two dozen snow-capped peaks above 4000 meters of altitude: Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, the Matterhorn, Grand Combin, and even Mont Blanc in the far distance. Just outside the cable car station is the Peak Walk by Tissot, the world's first suspension footbridge spanning two summits.

  9. Guided glacier tours at the UNESCO World Heritage site

    3983 Mörel-Filet. Switzerland. Phone +41 (0)27 928 58 58. [email protected]. Facebook. Show Route. Advertisement. Discover the Great Aletsch Glacier with a mountain guide - an unforgettable experience.

  10. Glacier 3000 near Gstaad: how to visit and what to do

    Glacier 3000 is a mountain area east of Montreux, easy to reach by bus and cable car from Gstaad. You'll have panoramic views of Switzerland's highest peaks, including the Matterhorn in the distance. If you're up for a suspension bridge, the Peak Walk is a must. Enjoy a snow fun park in winter, a toboggan run in summer, and many more ...

  11. Rhone Glacier Ice Grotto

    A visit to the ice grotto by the Hotel Belvédère and the emerging glacial lake is still worthwhile today. In the 19th century and up to the start of the 20th century, the glacier at the source of the Rhone stretched as far as the valley floor by Gletsch and could at times be seen by guests at the Grand Hotel Glacier du Rhône.

  12. Glacier tour on the Great Aletsch Glacier

    The mountain guides in the Aletsch Arena are absolute mountain pros and know the region and the Great Aletsch Glacier like the back of their hands. During your glacier tour, they will ensure your safety and keep you plied with facts and stories about the biggest glacier in the Alps. A number of one- and two-day glacier tours take place every ...

  13. Aletsch Glacier: Everything You Need to Know

    Glistening high in south-central Switzerland in the Bernese Alps, the Aletsch Glacier is a spectacular river of ice. As the largest glacier in all of the Alps, it covers an area of 171 square kilometers (66 mi), 24 kilometers (15 mi) long, and 1.6 kilometers (1 mi) wide. Its highest elevation is 4160 meters and its lowest is 1650 meters.

  14. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

    The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise restaurant is located at an altitude of 3883 m. The elite among Switzerland's Alpine peaks all gather round the Klein Matterhorn, the restaurant's lofty setting. A culinary experience for all the senses is guaranteed. The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise has so much to offer. Amazing records, phenomenal views and ...

  15. Morteratsch Glacier: All The Info In One Place

    Bernina Express. You can reach the Morteratsch glacier either by car or by train. If you choose to come by train, take the Bernina Express train to the Morteratsch train stop, and the hike from there.It is only 10 minutes by train from Pontresina, 25 minutes from St Moritz and around 1 hour 10 from Poschiavo.. If you come by car, you can park at the large car park before the Gletscher-Hotel ...

  16. Riding The Glacier Express: Routes, Ticket Prices & More

    The Glacier Express is one of the most famous train journeys in Switzerland and all over the world. It is world-renowned for the views of some of the most stunning landscapes in the Swiss Alps. The Glacier Express is the slowest express train in Europe and the world, taking around 8 hours to go just 180 miles (290 km).

  17. Here's How and When to Explore the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland

    There are still ways to admire the Aletsch Glacier, even if you don't have the time or stamina for a trek. You could take the gondola to the Eggishorn (instead of exiting at the mid-station) and walk to an overlook. For a more exciting view, go with Bergsteigerzentrum Aletsch on the 85 CHF ($91) via ferrata tour.

  18. Grindelwald Glacier Gorge: The Ultimate Guide

    One inspiring way to experience nature during your Switzerland vacation is to experience the Grindelwald Glacier Gorge. This fun attraction makes a welcome detour to cool off a bit during a day of hiking in the Grindelwald area and provides activities that the whole family will enjoy, as the path through the gorge is easily accessible, and even small children can walk it.

  19. Glacier 3000 is a favorite destination in summer and winter

    Glacier 3000 is a favorite destination in summer and winter. A breathtaking panorama onto the Swiss Alps, exciting activities in a fascinating glacier world, as well as a spectacular glacier ski area awaits guests. Opening forecast below for Thursday 09.05.2024 . It will be updated at 8.30 am after inspection of the mountain by our teams.

  20. Why The Rhone Glacier Is The Best One To Visit In Switzerland

    The Rhone Glacier in Switzerland is one of the most stunning and easy-to-reach glaciers in the Swiss Alps. The famous glacier has been easy to access ever since the modern-day Furka pass first opened some 150 years ago. It is a glacier with a memorable Victorian/James Bond hotel and an ice tunnel, and it is a glacier telling the unfortunate story of a global glacial retreat.

  21. Immerse Yourself in the Swiss Alps on an Express Train That Takes ...

    Swiss Travel System Picture a train the colors of the Swiss flag winding its way through snow-capped mountains and crystal-blue lakes. The Glacier Express starts in one of two world-class resort ...

  22. Glacier Express

    Travel Planning + Services + Offers. Find a suitable offer + FAQ. Information about the offer & booking process + Contact. Railservice Glacier Express Bahnhofstrasse 25 CH -7000 Chur E-Mail info @ Telefon +41 (0)81 288 65 65. Contact & Opening hours . About the Glacier Express; Jobs