1. UNSW 360 VR Campus Tour by The University of New South Wales

    unsw virtual tour

  2. UNSW 360 VR Campus Tour

    unsw virtual tour

  3. UNSW Virtual Tour

    unsw virtual tour

  4. Virtual tour takes UNSW exhibition 360 degrees, around the world

    unsw virtual tour

  5. Virtual tour takes UNSW exhibition 360 degrees, around the world

    unsw virtual tour

  6. UNSW 360 VR Campus Tour

    unsw virtual tour


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  1. UNSW 360 Campus Tour

    UNSW 360 Campus Tour. Let's begin. Experience our beautiful campus and see your future at. UNSW Sydney.

  2. Campus tours

    Experience our beautiful campus. Discover our study areas, cafés, and green spaces in person or online. Whether you're thinking about studying with us (or your child is) or you need to plan a group tour for your high school students, you can explore our campus in a range of tours.

  3. UNSW 360 Campus Tour

    Take the full tour at: UNSW Sydney in 360!And immerse yourself in our beautiful campus.

  4. UNSW 360 Campus Tour

    A sneak peek of the UNSW Sydney 360 Campus Tour. Experience the full 360 tour here: more factual videos like this subscribe. ht...

  5. Campus tours

    Tour UNSW main campus virtually. For an opportunity to see first hand what student life is like and learn more about the study options available here at UNSW College in Sydney, Australia, we offer campus tours to prospective students. Tours normally lasts 45-60 minutes and include: Please note that due to timing and staff availability we may ...

  6. Virtual tour takes UNSW exhibition 360 degrees, around the world

    The virtual tour takes the visitor on an exploration of the design journey, beginning at the Red Centre Gallery at UNSW, before branching out to different locations across Sydney and the world where student projects from across all UNSW Built Environment degrees solve urban challenges, from the room to the region.

  7. Virtual tour takes UNSW exhibition 360 degrees, around the world

    Edition 16 2020. The Luminocity exhibition showcases the UNSW Built Environment design experience from humble beginnings to the global stage. A team at UNSW has developed a virtual 360-degree tour that blends reality to reimagine iconic locations around the world. "It's unlike anything you've seen before and was one of the most exciting ...

  8. UNSW Campus Tour 2023

    Come and explore the spectacular UNSW Sydney in our official campus tour. Our main campus in Kensington is a busy, thriving community, the size of a small to...

  9. UNSW International: Study Abroad

    Join the UNSW 360 online Campus Tour and explore everything our campus has to offer. ... Make the most of your time with UNSW and get involved in our virtual social activities. They are hosted by Student Ambassadors to give you a taste of UNSW. For in-person, you may wish to see some of Australia's natural wonders, take a weekend trip to the ...

  10. Full UNSW Campus tour! + Classrooms and New Buildings!

    A new look at the newly updated campus as well as where to eat and look inside the classrooms and buildings!I wanted to see the full campus before I came her...

  11. Interactive Tours

    Useful links. Take a 360 interactive tour and learn more about active learning spaces. Explore the features of these spaces including the AV technology, the active learning activities you can run in your class and the flexible use of these learning spaces just by changing the furniture configuration.

  12. Virtual Learning Abroad @ Home

    The TOP 10 benefits of Virtual Learning Abroad: International experience - gain valuable global competencies, build your cross-cultural capabilities and expand your horizons by developing career ready skills; Network - make lifelong international connections and collaborate with peers, institutions, businesses and communities from all around the world

  13. Campus Visits

    Virtual Tour Until you can make it to Wilmington in person, we encourage you to check out our variety of virtual opportunities to learn about living, learning and applying to UNCW. Schedule an appointment with your admissions counselor and access a variety of resources about campus, the student experience, and the surrounding area of Wilmington.