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ulan bator tour

1. Genghis Khan Statue One Day Tour +Bonus Terelj National Park And Aryabal Temple

ulan bator tour

2. 1 Day Semi-Gobi All-included tour

ulan bator tour

3. Mountain Biking Day Trip in Baga Khenty Mountains

ulan bator tour

4. 5 Days Terelj national Park Tour From Central Mongolia

ulan bator tour

5. 2 Day Central Mongolian Adventure

ulan bator tour

6. 1 Session with Shaman and know your future tour

ulan bator tour

7. Private Jeep City tour with English Speaking Driver

ulan bator tour

8. 2 Days Terelj National Park with Horse riding

ulan bator tour

9. The Best 3 Day Tour in Mongolia

ulan bator tour

10. Private Full Day Tour in Khustain Nuruu National Park

ulan bator tour

11. 4 Days Tour: Central Mongolia

ulan bator tour

12. Private Jeep Tour to Chinggis Khan Statue & Terelj N.P

ulan bator tour

13. A day trip to Terelj National Park and Statue of Chinggis Khan

ulan bator tour

14. 2024 Ulaanbaatar Airport Transfer & Taxi Shuttle Service - Best!

ulan bator tour

15. Naadam Festival Tour- 1 day

ulan bator tour

16. Genghis Statue & Gorkhi-Terelj National Park Tour

ulan bator tour

17. Day Tour of Hustai National Park

ulan bator tour

18. 1 Day Coach Tour of Genghis Khan Statue Complex and Terelj National Park Including Lunch

ulan bator tour

19. Full Day Private Tour in Terelj National Park with Horse Riding

ulan bator tour

20. 4 Days-The Best of Mongolia Collection tour

ulan bator tour

21. Private 3-Day Tour of National Parks From Ulaanbaatar

ulan bator tour

22. Bogd Khan National Park Hiking Day Trip

ulan bator tour

23. Private: Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and Genghis Khan's Statue Complex Tour

ulan bator tour

24. 2 days of Authentic Mongolian Trip near Ulaanbaatar all-inclusive

ulan bator tour

25. Genghis Khan Statue Tour + Bonus Gorkhi-Terelj National Park One Day tour

ulan bator tour

26. 1 Day Coach Tour of Terelj National Park Including Lunch And Free Camel Ride

ulan bator tour

27. Overnight Semi-Gobi Tour with Nomadic HomeStay

ulan bator tour

28. Cooking Class in a Traditional Ger Home in Ulaanbaatar Suburbs

ulan bator tour

29. Full-Day Tour of Ulaanbaatar With Museum and Black-market

ulan bator tour

30. Trek to Altai Tavan Bogd - 14 days 13 nights

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  • Genghis Khan Statue One Day Tour +Bonus Terelj National Park And Aryabal Temple
  • Private Jeep City tour with English Speaking Driver
  • A Day Trip to Semi-Gobi (bonus visit to Khustai National Park)
  • 1 Day Semi-Gobi All-included tour
  • Private Jeep Tour to Chinggis Khan Statue & Terelj N.P
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  • Four Seasons Travel
  • Amicus Travel Mongolia
  • Travel Buddies
  • Azur Travel Mongolia
  • Mongolian Tour Guide
  • Man of Millennium Tours
  • Rara Avis Travel
  • Mongolia Explorer Tour
  • Sunpath Mongolia
  • Discover Mongolia Travel
  • Horseback Mongolia
  • Nomadic Trails
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Gandantegchinlen Monastery:

The Gandantegchinlen Monastery is a Mongolian Buddhist monastery in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar that has been restored and revitalized since 1990. The Tibetan name translates to the “Great Place of Complete Joy”. It currently has over 150 monks in residence. It features a 26.5-meter-high statue of Avalokiteśvara. It came under state protection in 1994. The monastery was constructed by order of the 5th Jebtsundamba Khutuktu in 1809. The first temple was the Gungaachoilin Datsan. Only one wooden pillar remains from this temple. In 1838, the Gandantegchenlin Temple was built along with the private residence of the Jebtsundamba Khutuktu. The 13th Dalai Lama stayed in the residence in 1904. In 1840, the Vajradhara Temple was built. In 1869, the Zuu Temple was built. In 1913, the tall Avalokiteśvara temple was built. In 1925, the temple for keeping the remains of the 8th Jebtsundamba Khutuktu was built. It is now the monastery library.

Sukhbaatar square:

Sukhbaatar Square is the central square of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar. The official name was changed in 2013 in honor of Chinggis Khaan, considered the founding father of Mongolia. But again changed previously name in 2016. The city’s residents still refer it by the original name. A large colonnade monument to Chinggis Khaan, as well as to Ögedei Khan, and Kublai Khan dominates the square’s north side directly in front of the Saaral Ordon (Government Palace). The center of the square features an equestrian statue of Damdin Sukhbaatar, one of the leaders of Mongolia’s 1921 revolution.

National Museum of Mongolia:

The National Museum of Mongolia is one of the national museums of Mongolia located in Ulaanbaatar. The National Museum of Mongolia is a cultural, scientific, and educational organization, which is responsible for the collection, conservation and interpretation of the objects under its curation.

The first museum in Mongolia, which was called the Mongolian National Museum (now the Mongolian Natural History Museum), was established in 1924.

Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan

The Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan is located in southern Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on the road to Zaisan. It is now a museum. The palace is the only one left from originally four residences of the eighth Jebtsundamba Khutughtu, who was later proclaimed Bogd Khan, or emperor of Mongolia.

Built between 1893 and 1903, the Chinese style complex includes six temples, each one of them contains Buddhist art-work, including sculpture and thangka. It is one of the few Mongolian historical attractions which have neither been destroyed by the Soviets or the Communist Mongolians. On display are many of the Bogd Khan’s possessions, such as his throne and bed, his collection of art and stuffed animals, his ornate ceremonial ger, a pair of ceremonial boots given to the Khan by Russian Tsar Nicholas II, and also a jeweled regalia worn by the Bogd Khan’s pet elephant.

Zaisan hill

The Zaisan Memorial is a memorial in the southern area of the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar that honors Soviet soldiers killed in World War II. Located on a hill in the southern part of the city, the memorial features a circular memorial painting that depicts scenes of friendship between the people of the USSR and Mongolia. The mural depicts scenes such as Soviet support for Mongolia’s independence declaration in 1921, the defeat of the Japanese Kwantung Army by the Soviets at Khalkhiin Gol on the Mongolian border in 1939, victory over Nazi Germany and peacetime achievements such as Soviet space flights including the flight of Soyuz 39 which carried the first Mongolian into space, Jugderdemidiin Gurragchaa.

ulan bator tour

PRICE 2024 ex Ulaanbaatar:

1person:         USD 270 p er person

2people:         USD 170p er person

3people:         USD 150p er person

4/7people:      USD 130p er person

8+people:        USD 100p er person


Operates daily as shared transfer on fixed times. Starts at 09:00 and finishes around 17:00.

Lunch in Ulaanbaatar. City transfers. Local English speaking guide. Entrance fees to museum and park.

Drinks. Arrival and departure transfers and hotel nights in Ulaanbaatar.

Transfer schedule:

Daily year around.

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Living the mongolian way

Great place to stay and experience mongolian way of living, no tv, wifi, phone. Just nature and great company of the staff and livestocks of mongolia. The toilet is a hole in the ground covered by a shed. It is clean, but can be smelly to those used to city life. Not hot water supply, inform the staff that you like to hot water half an hour earlier so that they can boil it over camel dung 🙂

5 star rating

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For 25 years Nomadic Journeys has been a leading tour operator in Mongolia, focusing on low impact sustainable tourism. We work with numerous community groups and conservation initiatives around Mongolia. Our philosophy is to offer a low impact travel experience, visiting different places on horse back, yak cart, and camel cart over long difficult journeys on a vehicle. Read more

ulan bator tour

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ulan bator tour

Tailor-Made Tours Mongolia

Gandan Monastery Main Monastery exterior - Sandra Henri

Ulaanbaatar City Tour

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  • Date: Always available
  • Duration: 1-day
  • Group size: 4 PAX
  • Tour price: 35 to 45 USD
  • Activity level: Easy
  • Accommodation: None
  • Transportation: 4x4 vehicle

This full-day Ulaanbaatar city tour is filled with the best destinations of the capital. Its purpose is to give you a deeper understanding of Mongolia’s past, present, and future.

Start your day early with a visit to one of the most important monasteries of Mongolia – Gandantegchiglen. It is also referred to as Gandan Khiid locally. The highlights to mention of this destination would be the different architectural styles of the temples. The 26-meter/87-foot tall statue of the all-seeing deity is also a sight to behold.

From the monastery, we will head to the National History Museum of Mongolia. It has countless artifacts from times as early as the stone age to modern times treasures of Mongolia. Near the museum, there is the main square of Ulaanbaatar, Sukhbaatar square. We will explore this popular central area.

During the seasonal time of tourism, you will spend your evening at a Mongolian traditional folk concert . With many performances by talented artists such as throat singers, dancers, contortionists, and more.

Create your Ulaanbaatar City Tour with Nomadic Trails!


Version 1 From May 1st To September 30th Version 2 From October 1st To April 31st

Visit the Gandan Monastery, the center of Buddhism in Mongolia

Explore the National History Museum of Mongolia

The main square of Ulaanbaatar – Sukhbaatar and must-see destinations surrounding it

Enjoy the evening with a traditional folk concert

ulaanbaatar mongolia center



Day 1 – After meeting you early in the morning at your hotel, we will drive to the Gandan Monastery. After visiting the Janraisig, the all-seeing deity in the main monastery, we continue our tour to the treasure box filled with countless historical treasures, the National Museum of Mongolia.

After lunch, we explore the main square of Ulaanbaatar, Sukhbaatar square. We then drive to Zaisan Hill to gaze at the capital from up high and visit the memorial located there.

In the evening we will enjoy a traditional folk concert and finish our tour with dinner in a good restaurant. /L,D/


After lunch, we explore the main square of Ulaanbaatar, Sukhbaatar square. We have dinner and conclude our city tour. /L,D/


National academic drama Theatre of Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar

what's included

  • All meals mentioned accordingly /"B"-breakfast, "L"-lunch, "D"-dinner/
  • All transportation mentioned
  • Local domestic flight if mentioned
  • All accommodation listed
  • Professional Tour Leader/Guide - English speaking
  • Airport transfers
  • Staff meals, accommodation and other expenses where applicable
  • Entrance fees to museums, concerts, monasteries, national parks included in the itinerary. /Road charges for tourists, staff, and vehicles are also included/

Ulaanbaatar winter Snowing scenery

  • Single rooming supplement
  • International flights and cost for visas
  • Inoculations and personal insurances
  • Video recording or photography fees at sights
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Personal expenses

Tour reviews and testimonials

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Very professional guiding in what you ever could want. Horse driving, driving trough landscapes, hiking, … it is organised on the most comfortable way as possible.

A Trip with Tulga is more than amazing. He knows every corner of his country and loves to share every aspect of it. He has a large contact list and is very welcome in every community. And wherever you put your tent, you will be astonished of the beauty of the scenery.

With Nomadic Trails it is easy going travelling because they take care of everything you ever could need on your trip.

So planning a trip to Mongolia? Don’t forget to contact Nomadic Trails. They will propose an itinirary on your level and expectations so it will be a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget.

I visited Mongolia 3 times now and planning to go next year again, offcourse with Tulga and his crew.

and caliber of care that Tulga, Naraa, and the Nomadic Trails family who supported our journeys was truly wonderful. We were quite dynamic and also very unique in our wants and needs, but this was met with great patience and support. The food was wonderful (thank you Pujee and Saruul)! And the crew and drivers worked tirelessly and often so jovially to support us and keep us safe. I think what touched me most deeply is the connection they each have to their homeland and people- we often stopped along the way to make offerings which was so important to our group… and it was a part of their lives in a beautiful, integral way that taught us so much. They also took care to pick up trash along the way and at Ovoos and shared great care and love to the land and animals. And, the true and respectful relationships Tulga has cultivated with those who hosted and held us along the way, especially in the Taiga, was very touching. They have taken great care and time in cultivating these connections and upholding sacredness and honoring, being sure that the people are supported too, and it is felt. And the sacred places they led us within their culture and nature were truly so special. I would love/be grateful for the honor to travel with them again and I couldn’t imagine being in Mongolia without them! Thank you, Nomadic Trails, so much for accommodating us, guiding us, welcoming us, and caring for us so thoroughly and so lovingly. It was such an honor to be with you all. It is a precious gift I will carry in my heart forever.

and he was able to provide a varied, personal, unique experience. I wanted to create my own personal itinerary and Tulga had the knowledge, contacts, experience and sense of adventure to make that happen. I’ll be returning in 2020 to travel with Nomadic Trails again. Can’t wait!

We developed such tight bonds with the staff who caravanned with us that all of us talk about going back over and over again. The food was extraordinary, which was something we definitely did not expect, given how far away from civilization we were meant to be for most of the trip, and I can still taste the wonton soup and smell the campfire from our night spent on a ridge overlooking the mountains a few hundred miles north of Murun. I recommend this group to everyone I know going to Mongolia, and when I go back, I will be definitely reaching out to Tulga and his crew to handle everything.

We had a wonderful guide Tulga fluent in English and looking after every detail as well as arranging unforgettable visits with Mongolian families to horse riding to taiga. We took a road trip without roads from Ulaanbaatar to the taiga visiting the nomadic people who lives with a reindeers. Amazing sceneries that any photos cannot fully describe! It was amazing! We really got a first hand appreciation of the nomadic way of life and a chance to see incredible Mongolian scenery as well as herds of reindeers, horses, yaks, sheep and goats. And not only about the drive to the countryside, the culture, the food and the gers, but also about the people we met. During our journey into deep countryside into a wilderness, our guides the Nomadic trails team settled beautiful lunch tables on open air, sometimes near to beautiful river, sometimes in a highlands, or woods. And food was amazing! We felt safe, happy and nourished! They was patient and helpful throughout our trip. I’m so happy and grateful to Nomadic trails for having one of the best journeys in my life!

So we had the perfect balance of being safe, whilst having a extremely exciting adventure in rugged, remote Mongolia.

I highly recommend Nomadic Trails. I was slightly hesitant to go to horse trekking in Mongolia because it is quite remote and could end up being a lousy holiday if you had a badly run tour and poor quality horses. I was recommended Nomadic Trails by a friend who had been on five trips with this company.

The Mongolian culture and people was such a pleasure. I have had several of my own horses over the years, and I have to say none have been as awesome as my Mongolia horse, he had so much personality and was a gun, so much fun to ride! Riding through Mongolia was an experience I will never forget. The country is spectacular and vast, photos and video could never do it justice, you have to see for yourself.

I am hoping to go back on another tour with Nomadic Trials again for sure. Five stars is well deserved for this crew. Definitely choose Nomadic Trails.

Our wilderness camp was within walking distance of the festival grounds in an open valley near a small stream offering serenity with sweeping views of the valley. The Ger I stayed in was very nice and private.

Great cooking staff and food and the opportunity to meet tribal elders and be hosted and entertained by local and regional nomadic eagle hunters. Options for horseback riding and other private eagle hunter encounters.

If you are looking for a more intimate eagle festival experience, I highly recommend traveling with Nomadic Trails.

on our way to and from the reindeer people and Tulga ensured that our time with the Tsaatan was respectful and he clearly had an excellent relationship with them built over a number of years. We were always consulted over decisions about activities and where to stay.

The chef who accompanied us throughout the trip was really good (meals included freshly baked bread, pancakes, pizza…). And we were lucky with the weather too.

so the logistics of traveling was already potentially more complex. Every day, Tulga and his team showed up with a smile, and was very knowledgeable and thoughtful in accommodating to our needs while showing us the most breath-taking scenery and local cultures. We’re forever grateful for the Nomadic Trails team and our life-changing journey.

It was a very memorable trip ful of actions, and funny happenings. Our guide, Tulga was very professional and never the less very patient. Tsetsgee, our cook made an excellent job as well, she was able to cook perfect dishes even in the middle of nowhere. See you soon guys! … because every great journey needs to be continued!

We spent 10 days camping with the horses in western Mongolia with a couple of days in Bayan-Ulgii and Ulanbataar. I have so many amazing memories of this trip.

Tulga, our guide, and our support crew were outstanding and we always felt very safe and well looked after. Our cook was very good. I became especially fond of Tulga and Bolat (our horseman) Tulga is friendly and funny, and Bolat was shy, but oh so cheeky once I got to know him!

We had two novice riders, with myself and another being experienced riders. Our horses were supplied by the first family we met in the Bayan-Ulgii countryside. They were exceptionally well cared for and very well behaved. These mongol horses are incredible and temperaments outstanding. They were very well picked in nature for our traveling members.

I nicknamed my horse Constable Care (Aussie joke) and he definitely lived up to his name. He was very careful and did a great job looking after me. He was so tolerant of me plaiting him up like a show pony, and not a bite or kick in him. The support crew played a joke and did his mane up in the traditional manner the next day we rode out!

My favourite memory of Constable Care was on our last day with the horses. Our novice riders walked behind with Bolat, while Tulga, myself and our other experienced rider galloped back to our first family. After riding to our slowest members, it was great to stretch our legs. Constable Care was amazingly fast.

What a way for a character building adventure! We went after peak tourist season, so the weather was a little more unpredictable, but still quite tolerable. So many fond memories, from 17 sleeping in a family Ger, tasting mares milk in the street of Bayan-ulgii, admiring Bronze Age rock art, watching a late season small town nadaam festival, our horseman singing for us, ice cream and beer on a dry day, museums, haggling for art in chiggis khan square and shopping in UB. All in the increiable landscape of Mongolia and the Altai mountains.

My wind horse was definitely reinvigorated and Mongolia is calling to me. When the time is right I will be contacting Tulga and Nomadic Trails again.

is very proud of his country and he showed us very nice sceneries, he took us to families living in gers where we shared songs and snacks! Other times whe were welcomed by a family and asked to share their meal and even their ger where we could spend the night. When crossing the country, we would always stop in the evening at the most wounderful places to spend the night. It’s unbelievable how Tulga is able to find his way without Satnav!!!! So we could admire the marvellous landscapes, enjoy the absolute stillness, dream into the amazing sky covered with millions of stars. And in the morning we were welcomed by Pudge, a very good cook, whose meals are realy delicious and colorful. Nice table, nice chairs in an open air eating tent: *****. The careful drivers who took us through the country are very friendly and helpful. There was always one of them helping for the setup of my tent. I’m not fluent in Mongolian(!), but no words are needed with this friendly people! They always stay good tempered even when the roads are soaked and hard to cross. The complete team keeps joking and laughing. Thanks to the people of Nomadic Trails and their perfect organization I have had a wounderful experience and I still have enjoyable memories…. I’ll go back!

but a real intense experience of this amazing place! I want to thanks all of the Nomadic Trails Staff for the amazing experience! Thanks thanks thanks! Nomadic Trails is the best to travel in Mongolia!

hopping on our horses to go to the Tsaatan reindeer tribe, then finally staying at one of the best camps in Murun. Everything was so well-organized. Noteworthy is Tulga’s relationship with the tribe, which is an important consideration when we were planning this trip as we want to be as respectful as possible to the tribe for them not to feel uneasy during our stay. Our group was delighted to have raw and authentic Mongolian experience without having to sacrifice comfort – we had delicious food, great accommodation and comfortable transportation all throughout our trip – thanks to the incredible team of Nomadic Trails!

The meals they prepared for us were far better than anything I ever make myself at home. We were kept warm, fed and safe.

The Mongolian outback is rugged to say the least and some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen and our drivers navigated through it all seamlessly. Of course there were setbacks like getting stuck in the mud a few times and needing to reroute due to landscape issues, but it was all part of the adventure.

Our tour leader, Khulan, was absolutely amazing and remains a friend of mine to this day. I cannot say enough good things about this company. They did such a good job of showing us their country and exposing us to their culture. It was an experience I will never forget.

The experience staying with the reindeer tribe was incredible and something not to miss in northern Mongolia. Overall the whole tour was well organized and I would have another tour in the future.

made sure to help us in a way that was aligned with our intentions for the trip. i felt very cared for and supported by the whole team. their flexibility and strong guidance were in perfect balance. and it was really fun! we danced and laughed enough memories to carry me through life. Nomadic Trails feels like family to me now. their connection to the local people and lands were inspiring and completely heartfelt. the food that was prepared in the wilds was exceptionally amazing. the places we went to were extraordinarily beautiful. i would not go on a spiritual journey to Northern Mongolia with anyone else!

We left from Hong Kong, which was presented some difficulties as there was a typhoon which meant that we could have been delayed, as well as the fact that there was an issue with our code share flight which prevented us from checking in online. Temuulen was great as she called the airline for us to see what the issue was, and was messaging us to check whether we made our flight on time. When we arrived we were fetched without any hassle and were pleasantly surprised that the car we were in was a Land Cruiser, which proved to be very comfortable. On the first evening Temuulen told us that the route we had wanted to go on was washed away by unexpected rain, but said we could still go if we really wanted to. We really appreciated that as my friend had singled out one of the attractions on that route as the reason for the trip. Our driver, Bataar was excellent. The journey was comfortable and both Bataar and Temuulen ensured that every request we made was catered for. We even asked for a last minute change of itinerary on the last day we was accommodated even though it was an extra 3 hour drive. All in all we were really pleased with Nomadic Trails, the trip was a once in a life time experience and made better by Bataar and Temuulen.

thanks to Nomadic Trails. Tulga and everyone on his team were so accommodating to any of our requests and even helped us navigate our way through the local market and barter for souvenirs. Truly delicious food as well at every stop. Phenomenal all around. Thank y’all for everything! Unbelievable experience in Mongolia!

expectations and we went back for another trip the next year. The culture, food, horses and especially the country were wonderful. We highly recommend Nomadic Trails if you want to see real Mongolia.



Ulaanbaatar winter Snowing scenery

All entrance fees are included in the tour cost. However, if you would like to photograph Gandan Monastery and the Mongolian Folk concert, make sure to bring extra cash of around 25 USD as photography and video fees are not included.

Packing tips for the Ulaanbaatar city tour:

At Gandan Monastery, it is polite not to wear too revealing clothes. It is also slightly chilly inside the monasteries. So bringing a hoodie to wear inside would be best advised. There are no dress codes for our other destinations.

You will be provided by your Nomadic Trails guide with mineral water, lunch, and dinner.

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ulan bator tour

Ulaanbaatar travel guide

Ulaanbaatar tourism | ulaanbaatar guide, you're going to love ulaanbaatar.

Few cities in the world have experienced as much change over the past 20 years as Mongolia's capital, Ulan Bator. Home to around half of the nation's population and growing all the time, Ulan Bator has shrugged off the Communist era, developing a thriving youth culture (with a huge K-Pop music fanbase), and some fabulous dining experiences.

ulan bator tour

It's also started to exploit the rich history of Mongolia, with monasteries, traditional theaters, and archaeological museums, creating a unique blend of the old, new, and the completely unpredictable. Whether you're headed for a yurt stay on the steppes or passing through to Beijing, Ulan Bator has plenty to offer.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Ulaanbaatar

1. history and spritual endurance.

Life hasn't always been easy for Mongolian Buddhists, but they are well and truly back in the saddle these days, and the country's rich religious heritage is a major attraction - from dazzling temples like Gandam to the dancing masks collection at Choijin Lama.

2. Excellent Museums

The capital's museums offer a great spread of attractions. The Natural History Museum is exceptional, as is the National Museum of Mongolian History, but smaller attractions like the Museum of Mongolian Costumes also delight.

3. A Dynamic Youth Culture

30 years ago, nobody would have anticipated Ulan Bator's craze for Korean pop, and the capital's youth culture continually changes. Don't miss hip venues like iLoft, or schedule a trip for July when the Playtime Festival hits nearby Gachuurt.

4. Offbeat Sporting Attractions

Forget about NFL or basketball.Ulan Bator is the place to sample something a little bit different:Mongolian wrestling.The Wrestling Palace hosts bouts of "Bökh" wrestling all the time, and the atmosphere is incredible.

5. It's a Place to Launch Adventures

By basing yourself in Ulan Bator, you can head into the steppes for horseback riding or yurt stays, see the wild horses of the Hustai National Park, ride camels, or visit huge temples like Amarbayasgalant Monastery.

What to do in Ulaanbaatar

1. visit gandan khiid.

Ulan Bator's largest Buddhist monastery managed to keep going during the communist era (while thousands of smaller monasteries disappeared). The 85-foot-tall Migjid Janraisig statue is the highlight, but the whole complex is fascinating.

2. Tour the Winter Palace

This splendid palace was the last home of Mongolia's royal ruler, the Bogd Khan. Aside from its beautiful architecture, it boasts a marvelous collection of artifacts from the final years of Khan's life, as well as Mongolia's 1911 declaration of independence.

3. Discover Mongolia's Past at the National Museum of Mongolian History

This museum is Ulan Bator's finest, laying out the country's glorious past - from prehistoric Uyghur cultures to the empire of Genghis Khan. Look out for the Ganlin Horn, a Buddhist instrument made (reportedly) from a human femur bone.

4. Head to the Hustai National Park

Not far from downtown Ulan Bator, the Hustai is one of Asia's finest wildlife preserves and is famous for reintroducing takhi horses to the Mongolian steppes. Tours show off the elegant horses as well as some intriguing Ungut monuments from the 8th century.

5. See the Monuments at Sükhbaatar Square

Dedicated to Mongolia's 1921 revolution, Sükhbaatar is the city's focal point. It's known for its impressive statues, both of the revolutionary leader Sükhbaatar himself, and the great Genghis Khan, while the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery is on one flank of the square as well.

Where to Eat in Ulaanbaatar

If you want to tuck into Mongolian minced lamb dumplings and thick meat stews, Khara Khorum at the Kempinski is a local favorite, while Luna Blanca provides an unexpected and satisfying vegetarian spin on the nation's cuisine. However, Ulan Bator's dining scene is really diversifying, with excellent northern Indian joints like Namaste, and European cafes like Turning Point, where good food and jazz come together. Meals can be very cheap indeed, costing from MNT6,000 to 10,000 per head.

When to visit Ulaanbaatar

Ulan Bator is a very cold winter destination, so summer is really the optimal time to go. July and August bring the lively Naadam Festival, with its sports and music events, but late May and June, or September and October are appealing times as well, with the steppes at their lushest and generally mild temperatures.

How to Get to Ulaanbaatar

Most visitors arrive at Chinggis Khaan International Airport. Airlines like Air China and Korean Air fly into Ulan Bator from Hong Kong, Seoul, and Beijing, making transfers from the rest of the world fairly easy. Expect taxis from the airport to cost around MNT10,000-15,000.

Ulan Bator is on the Trans-Mongolian Express route, a branch line of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The journey time from Ulan-Ude on the Russian border to Ulan Bator is 15 hours, and the train costs around MNT300,000. The same route also runs from Beijing to Ulan Bator, taking over 24 hours.

Car: Driving from Beijing to Ulan Bator is a long haul (around 700 miles) but it can be done. Take the G6 to Ulanqab, then head through Inner Mongolia via the G55, which becomes the G208.

Bus: There are no direct buses from Beijing to Ulan Bator, although Bjerl Line offers services to Erlien for MNT65,000. From there, you can take trains to the capital.

Airports near Ulaanbaatar

Airlines serving ulaanbaatar, where to stay in ulaanbaatar.

Popular Western-style hotels in Ulan Bator include the Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel and the Kempinski, but smaller boutique hotels are more fun. Standouts include the Urgoo Hotel, right next to the National Museum, and the Lotus Guesthouse, which offers strong concierge services, plenty of parking, and is partly run by an orphans' charity. Some of the most popular districts to base yourself in include Baga Toirog, a green neighborhood with poplar-lined streets and a diverse dining scene, and Zaisan, a prosperous part of town with excellent eateries and famous for its impressive war memorial to Mongolia's World War Two dead.

Where to stay in popular areas of Ulaanbaatar

Most booked hotels in ulaanbaatar, how to get around ulaanbaatar, public transportation.

Buses run throughout the city but tend to be fairly crowded. There's a flat fare of MNT500 for all journeys, as long as you have a U-money card, which can be purchased at street kiosks.

Official taxis generally charge around MNT1,200 per mile, but be aware that plenty of unaccredited taxis also ply the streets. Companies like Help Cab & Tours provide assistance for foreign visitors booking cabs but charge a premium. Still, their help can sometimes be very handy.

Hire companies in town include Sixt and Drive, and prices start at around MNT100,000 for sedans. If you intend to venture out of the city, a 4x4 vehicle is essential, and expect to pay MNT200,000 for a sturdy model.

The Cost of Living in Ulaanbaatar

Aside from the riches on offer at Naran Tuul Market, Ulan Bator doesn't lack for malls and shopping opportunities. Don't miss the vast State Department Store, which is perfect for snapping up souvenirs. Chingeltei district is another place to look, where Mary & Martha Mongolia offer gorgeous embroidered products and Cashmere House deals in fine cashmere creations.

Supermarkets and Food Stores

NOMIN and Orgil are the major supermarkets in the Mongolian capital, but grocery stores can be found all over, while Mercury Market is a great place to pick up imported delicacies. Prices of some things can be high, as fruit and vegetables tend to be imported, but generally the city is fairly cheap. A gallon of milk should cost around MNT8,000, while 12 eggs will be about MNT3,800.

Claire's Footsteps

All Destinations , Asia , Mongolia

Amazing things to do in ulaanbaatar.

ulan bator tour

I’m writing this on the Trans-Mongolian train after just over one week in Mongolia. This was pretty much all spent in Ulaanbaatar (with a two day trip in a nearby national park), the capital. “What do you do with one week in Ulaanbaatar?!” I hear you ask.

One week in Ulaanbaatar (also known as Ulan Bator) is a long time to spend in the city, but I had to organize a Russian transit visa (btw: perfectly fine and pretty easy to obtain in Ulaanbaatar ), which took up some time.

If you’re travelling in Mongolia, you don’t need to dedicate that long to the capital – but there are some things worth seeing here. 2-3 days is enough for the city centre, and there are a few great day trips from Ulaanbaatar as well.

How to get to Ulaanbaatar

ulan bator tour

If you go to Mongolia, you’ll pass through Ulaanbaatar. It’s not the cheapest place to reach; let’s discuss some options.

  • From elsewhere in Mongolia, you can take local (very long) buses or (very few) trains. However, you’re most likely to start your Mongolia trip in Ulaanbaatar.
  • From China, you can either take the train from Beijing (which is very expensive) or travel to the Erlian/ Erenhot (same place, two names) border, cross by jeep, and take a train from Zamiin-Uud (the border town) to Ulaanbaatar. This is how I entered Mongolia and reached the capital, and you can read my full report here (coming soon!).
  • From Russia, you can take the Trans-Mongolian train which starts in Moscow and stops at various cities in the world’s biggest country before taking a southwards turn towards its neighbour, Mongolia.
  • Ulaanbaatar has an international airport, with flights from China and Russia. But we do overland travel here, and I’d highly recommend entering the country by rail; it’s a great way to see its spectacular scenery.

Ulaanbaatar Itinerary

ulan bator tour

Day One: The Mongolian National Museum, Sukhanbaataar Square, Choijin Lama Monastery, the Winter Palace, the National Park, the new city and Fat Cat Jazz Club by night.

Day Two: Day trip to Terelj National Park. Zaisan Hill, Chinggis Khan statue, Ariyaval Monastery, Drive around park, overnight in yurt.

Day Three: Transfer back to Ulaanbaatar in the morning, visit Gadengein Monastery in the afternoon, traditional show/ opera in the evening

Day Four: Trip to Hustai National Park to see the horses and other wildlife. This is a 4WD tour, with your guide driving the vehicle.

Day Five (optional): Costume Museum, Dinosaur Museum, souvenir shopping, another performance or stand-up comedy night.

Now we’ll dive a bit deeper into some of these amazing things to do in Ulan Bator.

Best things to do in Ulaanbaatar

Mongolian national museum.

When I get to a new city, I always check out the national museum first. Mongolia’s was pretty impressive – spread out over four floors, it gives a really great insight to the country’s past.

You’ll learn all about ancient Mongolia, the Mongol Empire, its Soviet days and its independence and journey from Communism to Capitalism.

There’s lots of information, plenty of visual exhibits, and even some emotive music at the end that moved me to tears (not that it takes much to do that).

It costs 10,000 tögrög (about $3.75 USD) to enter.

Sukhanbaataar Square

ulan bator tour

This is the centre of Ulaanbaatar and one of the most popular spots in the country. It has a statue of Ghengis Khan (it’s not the famously huge statue, we’ll get to that in a mo), as well as parliament buildings and a great view over the cityscape.

Choijin Lama Monastery

ulan bator tour

Just South of Sukhanbaataar Square, this monastery has some beautiful regal buildings and a room at the back that’s crowded with… stuff. Heads of Buddha statues, little figurines of temples, and drawings are all crammed into a small room that looks like an eclectic’s attic. It’s definitely worth visiting, I was really quite taken by it.

Winter Palace

Mongolia’s only King and Queen used to hang out here, in a winter palace which was inspired by European architecture (although with some additional Buddhist features after people complained that it didn’t look East Asian enough), and a Summer Temple. You can enter and browse the exhibits – it’s cool to check out, although is a little way from the centre.

National Park

ulan bator tour

The National Park, as it’s known by Mongolians, is actually a funfair, full with theme park rides like a rollercoaster (which looks terrifying and I didn’t see it being used while I was there), a rocking pirate ship, spinning cups and lots of other rides and attractions. It costs around 5,000 tögrög for a ride.

Ulaanbaatar is a surprisingly modern city, with skyscrapers, flash buildings and quirky bars and restaurants. Walking around the modern CBD is one of the best things to do in Ulaanbaatar to appreciate this. Check out the restaurant made of shipping containers and the various coffee vans, as well as the street art in the centre. It’s a real contrast to the nomadic lifestyle of the rest of the country.

Gadengein Monastery

ulan bator tour

The Gadengein Monastery houses a large Buddha statue and various ornaments and pictures. It is a working monastery, and lots of people use it as a place of worship. Even if you’ve seen lots of temples in South East Asia, it’s still worth checking out as it’s different to many other spots further south, being somewhat influenced by Shamism.

Zaisan Hill

ulan bator tour

A little way out of the city centre, but reachable by taxi (and sometimes included on a day trip of Terelj National Park) is Zaisan Hill. The hill accommodates a memorial which was built in Soviet times and commemorates those lost in World War Two. There’s some Soviet artwork (pictured above) and a stunning view from the top.

Other Museums

As well as the national museums, there are some other great spots to visit in Ulaanbaatar. These include the Costume Museum, the Dinosaur Museum and the Military Museum.

ulan bator tour

And who woulda thought, Ulaanbaatar is actually a vegan haven. There are a few vegan restaurants in Ulaanbaatar, serving up plant-based takes on Mongolian classics. Generally made with fake meat, but always delicious, I ate Mongolian dumplings, Udon noodles, soups and ‘meat’ and potato dishes, made entirely from plants!

Day Trips from Ulaanbaatar

Terelj national park.

ulan bator tour

Located about two hours from the city, Terelj National Park has some of the area’s most beautiful scenery. In contrast to the stark Gobi in the south, Terelj has rolling hills and forest, which remind me more of how I’d think Siberia to look (I’m on my way there now, so I’ll let ya know!) (edit: yep, some Siberian scenes* are like what is pictured above).

You can visit spots like Turtle Rock or the Ariyaval Monastery (which has an amazing view but is a very arduous climb!) or just drive around and WOW at it all. If you’re keen to spend a night in a yurt, that’s also possible in Terelj.

ulan bator tour

I stayed in a yurt in Terelj and made a YouTube video about it – check it out! 🙂

Chinggis Khan Statue

ulan bator tour

The Chinggis Khan Statue is the biggest statue of a man on horseback in the world and a national treasure. The base of the statue has a bar and restaurant, toilets and souvenir shops inside, and you can go up to the horses head – and enjoy the rather daunting sight of one of the most murderous men in history looming behind you.

Hustai National Park

This National Park is one of the most popular day trips from Ulaanbaatar, and while it’s not quite as epic as Terelj, it does have the chance to see lots of local wildlife, including Tahki horses. These are thought to be the original horse breed and originate from Mongolia.

They actually ended up in zoos all around the world and faced extinction, until people decided to bring them back to Mongolia and breed them. I’m not quite sure of the ethics of the breeding – whether it’s natural or forced – so can’t comment on that right now, but they are wild horses and left to their own devices, which is great. However, you’ve got quite a high chance of spotting them in ze wild at Hustai.

Things to do in Ulaanbaatar at night

Fat cat jazz club.

ulan bator tour

The Fat Cat Jazz Club is a new kinda establishment in the city, but it’s popular with locals, tourists and foreign residents.

It serves up beer, wine, and cocktails as well as local and Western food, and there’s live music every night.

Stand Up Comedy

On certain days, there’s English stand up comedy in Ulan Bator. There’s also Mongolian stand-up, if you happen to be able to speak Mongolian.

The Mongolian Opera is a show worth seeing – in saying that, I didn’t while I was there, but I’ve heard good things.

National Performance (colours of Mongolia)

There are lots of national performances in the theatre and other locations around the city. I caught a free show at Galleria Mall near Sukhanbataar Square, but the Colours of Mongolia show (which is a lot longer and features dancers, contortionists and musicians) is also worth checking out. It costs around 35,000 to see.

Bars on Seoul Street

Seoul Street is the main ‘strip’ of Ulaanbaatar, if you can call it that. If you want a drink in the evening, and also to meet younger locals and foreigners, Seoul Street is the place to go.

Where to Stay in Ulaanbaatar  

Hostel: Danista Nomads Hostel is simply wonderful. It’s where I stayed throughout my entire time in Ulaanbaatar, and I really loved it. There are dorms and private rooms; most guests stayed in privates but I was in a dorm. The dorm was wonderfully spacious, with a mezzanine level and table. It had good WiFi, free breakfast which is served in a little yurt, and the loveliest and most helpful staff I’ve ever come across. If you’re looking for a hostel or cheap guesthouse in Ulaanbaatar, stay here. Click here for more information and to book.

Mid-Range Hotel: Urgoo Hotel  has well-facilitated and rooms with en-suites with rain showers, friendly staff and is in a great location. I didn’t stay here, but was contemplating it before I realised I was skint and needed to stay in a hostel. Click here for more information and to book.

Luxury Hotel: The Blue Sky Hotel and Tower – if you want to stay in somewhere iconic in Ulaanbaatar, the Blue Sky Hotel and Tower is perfect. It’s in the city’s most notable building, the ‘sail’ looking skyscraper right in the city centre, and the facilities are top-class. Enjoy a fitness centre, swimming pool, bar and restaurant on site, as well as gorgeous luxury rooms and 5* service. Click here for more information and to book.

ulan bator tour

Mongolia Travel Tips

  • The currency of Mongolia is the Mongolian tögrög. 1 USD = 2500 tögrög. You can sometimes pay in USD for tours and accommodation, but you’ll need local currency for everything else.
  • WiFi in Ulaanbaatar is ok, not as fast as some countries but decent; elsewhere in Mongolia it’s questionable. Many travel agents do cheap deals for tourists wanting a local SIM.
  • Mongolians are friendly people; many younger people can speak English (some to an excellent level) and if they can, are generally quite helpful.
  • People will warn you about pickpockets and bag snatchers in Ulaanbaatar. Be alert, but I didn’t experience any worrisome situations while I was there.

Where Next?

I spent a lot of time in Ulaanbaatar, and only very little in the rest of Mongolia. This was due to hanging around waiting for visas, and certainly not due to the lack of exciting things to do in this country.

I highly recommend you do not do the same as me, and check some of these fab things to do in Mongolia out.

Most of Mongolia is best visited by a tour. I haven’t taken any myself, so can’t speak from personal experience, but G Adventures are highly rated and offer sustainable tours in Mongolia.

ulan bator tour

If your next destination is not in Mongolia and you’re travelling overland, you’ll be entering Russia or China. Both visas are – ahem – interesting to obtain. If you don’t have any visas pre-organised it is possible (I did it) to get a Russian transit visa in Ulaanbaatar and transit to Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Finland or South Korea overland OR transit to Moscow and fly.

You can also, of course, fly from Ulaanbaatar airport – although flights are quite pricey and while you’re in Mongolia, I’d really recommend trying to see some of its neighbouring countries. It’s a wonderful part of the world.

You can check out my China posts here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of things to do in Ulan Bator! If you want to stay updated with my latest videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram . 

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4 thoughts on “ Amazing Things to do in Ulaanbaatar ”

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Hi! Great article and I’m totally using this list on my upcoming trip to Mongolia. One question though, what is The CBD? What does that stand for or where is it?

' src=

Great to hear Pam! CBD is Central Business District, it’s the urban city centre of Ulaanbaatar 🙂

' src=

Thanks Claire. I will be visiting Ulaanbaatar in April 2020 for 2 weeks. Will check-out some of your recommendations. Do all the historical places have their in-house tourist guides for hire or is it better to hire an English-speaking guide for the whole day? Any recommendations? Thank you. Sah

Hi Sah, I think it’s probably better to hire an English speaking guide, however I didn’t myself so can’t really advise! Your accommodation should be able to help!

Comments are closed.

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Ulan Bator, Mongolia

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Ulan Bator, meaning "Red Hero," is the capital of Mongolia. With a population of around 1.2 million, it is also the largest city in the country. Since it has only recently begun industrializing, Ulan Bator is a mixture of Mongolian traditionalism, Soviet housing, and purely Eastern aesthetics.

Reasons to travel to Ulan Bator

While the city may seem stark at first, there are numerous treasures waiting for the traveler. As traditionalists, Mongolians love their capital, they understand that it is not an Asian beauty, but in their hearts, they are aware of the city's history, culture, and many struggles.

Foreigners who take the time to get to know the faces that are hidden behind the gray walls will discover hospitable and warm-hearted people. While exploring the city from different angles you will probably get to witness the abject poverty of many of the ex-nomads who in recent years have come to the city to find jobs.

See the Bogd Kahn Museum and experience the beautiful green palace in person while learning about Mongolia's past, many of the collections feature a rare insight into Mongolian history. Two major monasteries - the Choijin Lama Monastery and Gandan Monastery - are top priorities for travelers staying in Ulan Bator.

Both monasteries come complete with museums, artifacts, and the chance to explore the spirituality that prevails in modern Mongolia. The temples themselves represent a purely Asian motif and are a perfect representation of Mongolia's rich cultural heritage.

The Zaisan Memorial celebrates the joining of Russians and Mongols during both major world wars, and its location provides a rich view over the vast cityscape. The International Intellectual Museum can be an enjoyable outing for families looking to explore Mongolian puzzles, games, and toys.

Peace Avenue is the main street that stretches from east to west through the center, it is the main street where you can shop or pop in one of the many restaurants to try the amazing Mongolian cuisine. The street also passes by the southern edge of the central Chinggis Square.

To enhance your Ulan Bator trip , you can also attend one of Ulan Bator's numerous festivals that take place throughout the year. One of the biggest events is Naadam, a sporting event, taking place in July.

Best Things to Do in Ulan Bator

  • Touch the country's history in the National Museum of Mongolia
  • Stop by and take a couple of photos near the Genghis Khan Statue
  • Taste the color of Asia, trying some national delicacies

Top Attractions in Ulan Bator

Gandan Monastery, Ulan Bator

Translated as the "Great Place of Complete Joy", the Gandan Monastery is a Tibetan monastery with numerous monks.

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia

Trek up to the glacial waters, relax in the hot springs and get a good nights sleep in a yurt deep in the heart of Mongolia.

All Attractions in Ulan Bator

More about ulan bator.

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Blood Red Throne

  • May 11, 2024 Setlist

Blood Red Throne Setlist at Kami Club, Ulan Bator, Mongolia

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Blood Red Throne setlists

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Blood Red Throne Gig Timeline

  • May 09 2024 PingPang Space Tianjin, China Add time Add time
  • May 10 2024 Mei Live Beijing, China Add time Add time
  • May 11 2024 Kami Club This Setlist Ulan Bator, Mongolia Add time Add time
  • May 12 2024 Club Victim Seoul, South Korea Add time Add time

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Tour Update

Marquee memories: cold war kids.

  • Cold War Kids
  • May 11, 2024
  • May 10, 2024
  • May 9, 2024
  • May 8, 2024
  • May 7, 2024
  • May 6, 2024
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    Wild Nature Travel is a local tour operator in Ulan Bator, Dalanzadgad with tours that focus on Wildlife, Nature, Jeep Safari and more! Read about the company's reviews, custom tours and more at We, and third parties, use cookies for technical and analytical purposes, for marketing purposes and for integration with social media.

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  23. Blood Red Throne Setlist at Kami Club, Ulan Bator

    Nobody was there. Use this setlist for your event review and get all updates automatically! Get the Blood Red Throne Setlist of the concert at Kami Club, Ulan Bator, Mongolia on May 11, 2024 from the Nonagon Across Asia Tour 2024 Tour and other Blood Red Throne Setlists for free on!