How to make a stunning travel brochure – Templates included

How to make a stunning travel brochure – Templates included

Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A journey to discover new places, cultures, and traditions and a reflective self-discovery trip we get to embark on every time we go somewhere else. Sometimes, stunning travel brochures are the only tools you have to inspire travelers to visit new destinations worth exploring.

During the height of the pandemic, traveling of any kind was halted or severely restricted. That resulted in an interest spike as soon as the borders opened. No surprise there. There’s a hunger for it that the industry strives to satisfy.

But how do you grab the attention of all potential wanderers in the post-pandemic era? Do you follow the same pattern as before, or use optimized tools for your benefit?

How to make a stunning travel brochure banner

Whether you’re running an online travel agency , an independent travel agent, or just promoting your tourist attraction, travel brochures are a great promotional tool. Still, traditional marketing tools made their way into the digital world, and with the right online marketing tool , you can make any type of brochure digital in no time.

We’ll get into the details of how to make a travel brochure and more in a minute. Let’s just make sure we cover our bases first.

A travel brochure is the most commonly used promotional tool for the tourism industry’s marketing strategy. Its role is to promote a destination, service, or product to potential customers in an informative and commercial manner.

If you know how to make a travel brochure, you’ll inspire tourists to pack their bags and book their flight, hotel room, and adventure in no time. Due to that, the information travel brochures provide needs to answer fundamental questions about a destination. How’s the weather? What can you do once you get there? Which are the transit options? What are the prices? Coupled with appealing visuals that give tourists a taste of what the destination promises, the written content provides the educational part of the material. 

Knowing how to make a travel brochure can be the difference between a successful brochure marketing strategy and losses in revenue. Promote your services with a travel brochure, but understand exactly what is a travel brochure and what it isn’t, as there is much confusion among marketing materials. We’ll go over the main ones to make it easier to differentiate between them. To exemplify what a great travel brochure might look like, I’m going to mention the brochures from , a hiking company that meets the needs of people interested in visiting famous mountains around the world. It comes as a branded travel brochure with travel destination services.

Brochure vs. other marketing materials

Travel brochures are probably the most diverse marketing material as you can fold them in different ways and bind them, and they are not limited in sizes like leaflets , pamphlets , or flyers . You can choose the one that fits your needs best based on factors such as budget, target audience, style, and overall marketing strategy.

Brochure vs. leaflet vs. flyer visual created in Flipsnack

Despite being the most popular choice for tourism service providers, even those who know how to make a travel brochure template often confuse it with other promotional materials. To clarify, we’ll go over the main differences in a few bullet points:

  • Travel brochures have a minimum of two pages containing images and written content. They are primarily used for selling and marketing services, containing details about them and activities available in an area. 
  • Pamphlets are much smaller in size, with a panel of written content and images. They are used to inform and educate, covering only one topic, and are similar in aspect to flyers. 
  • Booklets have more pages and are more expensive, but they are usually used for manuals and are always bound. 
  • Leaflets are similar to pamphlets and flyers if only a bit smaller and more sophisticated.

Still, printed marketing materials are outshined by their digital counterparts in the age of technology and the internet. Everything is made available and more appealing at the click of a button or the swipe of a screen, so why should your brochure marketing strategy stay in the past? Let’s see why you should look into digital travel brochures and some ways to reduce printing costs .

Travel brochures – why choose digital?

Travel agencies or visitor’s centers will have different types of printed marketing materials available to browse. That part is unlikely to change. Still, people leave them behind, throw them away, and they become waste before the next season comes around.

Digital travel brochures don’t fall into this trap as they are, well … digital. They stay on your devices. You have them on your phone, always on hand, and, once downloaded, you can consult them anytime. Digital travel brochures are also editable. You won’t have to recover stacks of printed copies, discard them, and replace them before clients still take the content as accurate. You can just change the content as you wish.

Printed vs digital brochures visual

Still, how can you decide which is better for you and your business? Just consider the costs and your needs and organize your marketing strategy accordingly. Printed materials are necessary only to showcase in information centers or travel agencies and for clients that don’t venture online for their traveling plans. Furthermore, given online services proficiency, you don’t need design experience to make a professional-looking travel brochure.

Learning how to make a travel brochure has never been easier. You can simply upload a PDF file in record time and play around with the features available. A quick guide will help you through the basics, and you’ll be halfway there.

How to make a travel brochure?

So far, from this article, you have discovered what is a travel brochure and what the differences between print and digital are. We can move on to the more exciting part of this article and probably the reason you’re here in the first place.

Let’s see how to make a travel brochure! Creating your first can seem a bit daunting, especially if you don’t have much marketing experience. From design to content, people think it is overwhelming. But, hey! That’s what brought you here, so let’s start!

  • Think before you do
  • Develop a buyer persona
  • Organize your ideas
  • Choose the right format
  • Write a compelling copy
  • Make it visually appealing
  • Color outside the lines
  • Include branding elements
  • Reach your audience

But let’s take a closer look at them one by one and get into more details.

1. Think before you do

You know why travel brochures are important to a marketing strategy if you work in the tourism industry. Their main purpose is to market your services, but you don’t simply tell your customers about them. You make them as tangible as possible. Traveling isn’t a product that can be tested. You don’t get a trial version before you book your holiday, so you use travel brochures for that.

Of course, knowing what you’re promoting in your travel brochure is detrimental. Basing your written content on online information won’t guarantee success; what will is having experienced the things you write about. “Write about what you know,” as critics say, relates to the authenticity of the information. Imagination and creativity can take us only so far, but actual experience supersedes them. Explore the location and services for yourself as a simple Google search can tell a client about the best hotel in the area. You need to give them more. An effective travel brochure can make them feel like they are there, and first-hand experience is the best source for inspiring content.

An efficient travel brochure doesn’t only have the best images, design, copy, and color scheme. It must have all of that but focused on the customer’s needs. Otherwise, it’s a pamphlet. Interactive digital brochures do even more with added videos. Overwhelm your reader’s senses so that they imagine themselves experiencing those services. It will make the difference between browsing for services and buying them. Still, before writing your copy, get up close and personal with your targeted audience.

2. Develop a buyer persona

Knowing what you write is as important as knowing for whom you are writing. Developing a buyer persona will make you understand your audience better. You don’t want to promote skydiving to toddlers or a puppet show to adrenaline seekers. Know who will benefit the most from your services and address them. 

A buyer persona represents your ideal customer or target audience. This is a character you design based on what you sell and the characteristics of the person who buys your product. You need to know and understand your buyer persona like the back of your hand. Are they married? Do they have children? What’s their age group? Do you know their interests? What makes them tick? How do they book their holiday? What activities do they prefer? When in doubt, create several buyer personas (three is the recommended minimum) because you won’t only have one type of customer buying your products.

Developing a buyer persona exemplified with Flipsnack

Developing your buyer persona is like creating a character for a book you’re writing. The story is all about the character; if you don’t understand your character thoroughly, the story will lose its flow, meaning, and authenticity. Look at reviews, testimonials, characteristics of potential clients, and your services to develop your buyer persona. Once you know what they want, you’ll be able to better accommodate their needs. When in doubt, look for templates online for designing your buyer persona , and once they become as tangible as possible without being real, you can start making your travel brochure.

3. Organize your ideas

Before you continue your travel brochure, you need a general idea of what your travel brochure will look like. It’s important you tell a story through your content, immerse your audience into an experience, and take them with you on a teaser of their holiday. But how do you do that? Take all the information you intend to write about, and make a plan for your travel brochure. 

Your buyer persona is your target audience, and you need to excite them. Readers are drawn to a good storyline, and as the storyteller, you’ll take them on an adventure. Infuse an emotion through your front page, delve deeper into the main subject with an intro, give them the main attractions, and show them what they’ll experience there. You need to tickle a nerve. Give them the right reasons to be unable to scroll past your offer, and convince them to purchase your services through compelling arguments. 

But don’t forget while your aim is to sell an emotion, you must keep it brief, succinct, and to the point. It’s the simple words that carry the heaviest emotions. This compelling argument should be recurring throughout your travel brochure, reiterating more and more as they move past each page. Tell a story through text, imagery, page layout, and flow. They will have to book their holiday by the end of your travel brochure, and if done correctly, it won’t turn out to be a novel. Size does matter in travel brochures. 

4. Choose the right format

Once you know what your travel brochure will be about and who will read it, you can get into the more technical elements of making a travel brochure. Size, style, and format mostly apply to foldable printed travel brochures designs due to folding techniques. Still, if you design your brochure in a digital format, you should keep this in mind. Using the digital version of your brochure for any printed copies will be easier than designing two, and you’ll find many travel brochure templates for various folding styles . Consider using a really good laptop for graphic design so the result is high quality on paper, too.

Choosing the right brochure format visual

If you intend to print copies of your travel brochure, you should keep it simple, as custom shapes won’t save you money. That is if you don’t mind splurging on your marketing materials. The most common dimensions for brochures are A4, A5, and DL (dimension lengthwise), but for printed brochures, it’s the folding that takes the cake. You can pick and choose from the single fold, concertina fold, cross fold, open-gate fold, couple-gate fold, and roll fold, or make origami if you want to stand out. All that folding, however, can take away from the visuals you use.

Aside from the ability to print it, a digital brochure can come in various sizes. The basic option is an A4, horizontal or vertical, from which you can implement many folding techniques. Still, there is the letter format (916 x 1056 px) for a slightly wider variant, followed by the tabloid (1632 x 1056 px). The smaller sizes resemble the flyer (416 x 865 px) or booklet format (793 x 793 px). Still, you can make it multiple pages without considering paper quality, limited space, ink, and budget, especially if you want an informative copy. 

5. Write a compelling copy

As the most time-consuming part of how to make a travel brochure, you don’t want to rush through the copy. Words are an unlimited resource of magic in our world. They can hurt, heal, save, and push over the edge, making them a powerful tool to wield. Still, they make the intangible tangible, and thoughts can be made a reality through them. For the copy of a travel brochure template, get your grammar game on point. Check everything twice and be mindful of punctuation. Everything must work together, but without a good copy, even the most breathtaking images can’t save a travel brochure. When you think of the copy and the visuals, think of the heart and lungs of the travel brochure. One can not work without the other.

Be aware of who you’ll be addressing and how you’ll address them. Tailor your voice on your buyer’s personas. Address the copy as you would your friends. This makes the content more approachable for writers of any skill level and bridges the gap between you and your audience. Also, your travel brochure’s text (copy) must be descriptive. It has to paint a clear picture of the place where you’re inviting your readers. With interactive maps, your readers will get familiar with their surroundings and know what to expect.

Let readers visualize their experience. Transport them to your destination. Invite them over to try out new experiences. Enthusiasm is a contagious feeling, and you can transmit passion through words. Include a call to action once you drew them in by the written content like “Plan your adventure now!”, “Sign up for the latest offers!” or simply “Book!” Then the right visual will get them over the finish line in no time.

6. Make it visually appealing

While we’ve established that telling a story is detrimental to the informational part of what is a travel brochure, the imagery is the visual that shows the story and captures the attention. If the images are dull, you could write the next Romeo & Juliette, and no one will read it. As images are the first things people see when they look at examples of a travel brochure , include engaging visuals that showcase experiences and people having fun, giving your audience a taste of the sight-seeing part of traveling. 

We are visual creatures drawn to aesthetics. It’s in our genetic makeup, and by using appealing imagery of landscapes, you can relay a feeling, even if it’s only longing to be in that place. If you want to take your travel brochure to the next level, implement interactive features. Think of your buyer’s persona and target their fantasies. Whether it’s sunbathing while enjoying a cocktail, hiking peaks while the thrill of birds keeps you company, or something exhilarating like a skydiving video embed, provide for that fantasy through a virtual tour but keep it accurate. Don’t sell something you don’t have.

Appealing travel brochure example created in Flipsnack

Once you decide on the story, you want to tell, finding the right images will be easy. There are multiple websites for stock photos that you can use, many for free or for a fee. The quality of the images you use matters, and if you’re willing to go the extra mile, hire a professional photographer. Stock images can go a long way, but original imagery, commissioned to express a particular emotion, has a different impact. It will also help with how they perceive you in the field, increasing your position among competitors through original content. Combine the visuals with the color pallet for a harmonious travel brochure design.

7. Color outside the lines

After choosing your images carefully, make sure you select a color scheme for your brochure. When it comes to designing your own travel brochure template, the sky’s the limit. You can use branding, style, and imagery to create a color scheme. Firstly, the importance of a color scheme is relevant if color is a focus of your travel brochure. 

Knowing how to make a digital brochure doesn’t mean you must know or be proficient at travel brochure design. However, if you intend to use color to highlight some sections of your travel brochure or create a theme, you must remember the overall pallet you use. Again, if color is not an overwhelming part of your design, you can be relatively liberal with what colors you use. Still, if your travel brochure has plenty of turquoise images of ocean beaches with clear blue water, the designer can integrate blues perfectly throughout the travel brochure design.

A well-known fact, blue is one of the calmest colors. It communicates peace and tranquility. So, when advertising beach resorts or hotels, you may want to use lighter shades of blue to send the right message with your travel brochure design. That is the psychological effect colors have on us. Similarly, orange inspires action, and green can be soothing if it’s light or envy-inducing if dark. Red stands for passion but also anger, while purple is luxurious. You can use a color wheel to better understand which colors work best together to ensure an enticing combination. Use your brand colors, and your company will become synonymous with the best holiday of their lives in no time.

8. Include branding elements

You may know some businesses in the tourism industry by their logos, slogans, or images . Think of the font in Holiday Inn’s logo, “Sweet Home Alabama ”, “The city that never sleeps,” or “Finger Likin’ Good,” and tell me your mind doesn’t go places. Implementing branding in a brochure marketing campaign doesn’t only help with sales but will also increase the company’s and its services’ popularity. The message sticks with the consumer; if the overall experience is good, they come again. If not, they know to stay away from it.

That is why brand consistency throughout your marketing materials is essential. If your clients enjoy themselves, it will help them remember your brand and return when the next holiday comes around. Branding means everything from your company’s logo, slogan, brand colors, font pairings , or typography. Incorporate branding elements in your marketing materials to connect your brand to the message. Aside from standing out and being recognized from the millionth other brands, using them will breed loyalty.

Branding elements presented in a Flipsnack travel brochure

Keep your brand in mind throughout your travel brochure and other marketing materials. Maybe you can work with the colors, some cursive lettering titles, or simply a feeling that oozes from your brand. Whatever it is, work it throughout your travel brochure design with a branding kit . If your brand colors are pastels, keep to those hues and tints, but if it’s black and white, think carefully about adding color. What you have to say can also make a difference so keep the general idea of your written content in the back of your mind before you get around to hashing it out. Now all you need to do is send your travel brochure to people.

9. Reach your audience

Once you finish your travel brochure examples, you need to publish them. You save it in whatever editor you’re using and send it to the printer if you want to have physical copies. You can send traditional printed brochures to hotels, and trade events, in PR kits or through the post. 

A digital travel brochure lives online, and you can share it as a PDF link as far and wide as possible. Share a link that opens the page or a full-screen link to open the travel brochure in full-screen mode in your browser. You can easily share it through social media platforms, email, and embedded on websites and downloaded for further consultation in various formats. Like that, you won’t need an internet connection or to carry them in hand wherever you travel.

Some distribution paths incur additional costs, which is why digital travel brochures are gaining more terrain. We’re not saying that if you go digital, you won’t need a marketing budget, but when for 5000 printed brochures, you need around $2000 for design, printing, delivery, and distribution. A monthly fee of $35 is a bargain. Considering all the benefits, features, and design options you get from such a package, you’ll save money faster than ever . On top of that, once you share your published digital travel brochure, you can also update any pricing or information alterations in real-time. Talk about efficiency.

Design your travel brochure with Flipsnack

Congratulations! Now that you have everything you need to make a travel brochure marketing campaign like a professional, you can get to work. Everything from the section above will be applicable when you make a digital travel brochure. But now that you have the know-how let’s talk about the tool.  There are plenty of online tools for designing promotional materials , but with range, applicability, and usability, after 10 years of experience, none can overcome Flipsnack. Making your own digital travel brochure in our Design Studio will be easy. Our flipbook software offers you three paths you can take when creating a travel brochure. Let’s see more about these options, shall we?

One of the simplest ways to create a digital travel brochure in Flipsnack is to upload an already-made brochure. With the fastest PDF converter on the market , it’s no wonder many of our customers choose this option. Once your PDF file has been converted, you take it to the next level through the interactive features available .  Want to include a short video about your spa? Go ahead! Want a soothing sound for a more intense experience while people read sections about the wildlife in the area? You can have that. Include internal and external links for easier access to even more details. Add social media buttons so your customers can keep in touch with ease. Update the content easily when something changes and share it in HTML5 , video, or GIF versions to be accessible on any device.

When inspiration strikes, you can create a travel brochure from scratch . Organize your travel brochure from the first to the last page, and balance the copy and visuals in a seamless manner to tell the story you want to tell. Add styling elements and interactivity features that keep the flow of the brochure going. Creating your own travel brochure gives you free rein over the entire process so let your imagination run wild and design your vision into reality.

When the muse takes a break, you can browse through our travel brochure templates to find something that speaks to you. Once you choose the travel brochure template that fits best with your needs, you only need to fill the template with your original content. Make it your own through simple customizing options. You can personalize it through a simple drag & drop and then start adding interactivities. This will give your travel brochure a new dimension, capturing the attention and inspiring people to take you up on your offer.  Choose the path you want, but once you make your choice, it doesn’t mean you won’t have access to the others. You can add extra pages to uploaded PDFs, original designs, or templates. You can also use one page from a template to add in an original design and any other combination that you can think of. The borders of your imagination are the limits when it comes to our Design Studio . Just continue reading, and we’ll give you a taste of what Flipsnack can do for you through a few travel brochure examples.

Travel Brochures Examples

From here on out, we’re done with the technical aspects of digital travel brochures. Now we’ll show you that we don’t only talk the talk but also walk the walk. 

Blue Sea Tourism Brochure Template

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if the image looks anything like the one in the travel brochure example below, it’s easy to see where that saying comes from. This blue sea travel brochure template will ignite any beach lover’s imagination.

Blue sea travel brochure template created with Flipsnack

As you browse through its pages, one thing that stands out is the turquoise color of water and sky integrated throughout the brochure. The page number is of a similarly shaded background. Make this work for any breathtaking visual by changing the color of other connected elements throughout the template. Once you have done this, introduce your logo, replace the images and text, add interactions to capture your audience’s attention, and personalize it for your business.

Pattern Themed Travel Brochure Template

A dynamic travel brochure template can help you organically highlight the most appealing activities if you have a theme in mind. With the spotlight on them, simplicity is essential as you don’t want other elements to distract the readers.

Pattern Themed Travel Brochure Template

Here we have a pattern themed travel brochure . The travel brochure design makes it look like a diary photo album, intentionally connecting a personal item so that the reader connects to it with ease. Cursive writing titles on polaroid photographs make it feel like a travel journal you make before your trip begins. It’s an inspirational and concise way to bridge the gap between the experience available and the reader who has yet to experience them.

Adventure Trip Brochure Template

This digital travel brochure example can come in foldable templates that work in both the printed and digital worlds. Select the main attraction for the promoted destination and inspire your readers’ curiosity enough to generate leads. 

Adventure Trip Brochure Template

This front-and-back adventure travel brochure template gives an immersive experience through visuals that continue beyond the page. A design created for the tourism industry ensures that travelers get access to all the relevant information while at the same time seeing a sneak peek of the attractions they can visit. Make it foldable in printed version or keep it digital for easy distribution. The choice is yours once you customize it with the most popular attractions, best-reviewed hotels, and highest-scoring restaurants.

Informative Travel Brochure Template

Marketing strategies come in different forms, and teasers work to ignite the spark, tickle curiosity, and demand action. You can use a simple, short, and content-limited travel brochure example if you include your contact information.

Informative Travel Brochure Template

The saying, less is more is the best way to describe a teaser brochure marketing campaign. Through this informative travel brochure template , you only give your readers a taste, the smallest sample of the experiences they could enjoy. Still, if you add a few more between the front and back, you can give them as much information as you want. Activate a form for access inside of it and easily gather contact information from them.

Double Gate Fold Holiday Promotion Brochure Template

You can fold printed travel brochures differently, but you can see this from the template. On the outside, you say what it’s about. Open it to start your story, and open it again to find out more.

Double Gate Fold Holiday Promotion Brochure Template

This double-gate fold travel brochure template comes with layers. Each layer takes the audience deeper and deeper as you provide more information about the offers available. While the main image starts on the front page in its folded format, it continues on the inside without creating a bigger image. It simply continues. Once it’s fully open, you can show different locations worth visiting and give your clients a choice. Break apart the text with relevant images, so they understand their options.

Before & After

Those templates are just that – templates you can easily personalize to promote your services. We discussed some of these features throughout the article, but this before-and-after section is where you see them in action. Changing the pictures and text is one thing, but there’s so much more you can do with Flipsnack. The before the template is the version without any customization. In the after template, you’ll be able to see the distinguishable changes and some that are not as visible.

Before and after customizing a template in Flipsnack

Get ready to design

There are many ways to make a travel brochure through Flipsnack. As you can see, the options are boundless. Your imagination is the only limit. Besides creativity and a sense of wonder, you now have the tools necessary to create breathtaking travel brochures that can reach your audience wherever they may go, so don’t hold back. Take your time, try out the features available through Flipsnack, and figure out which makes more sense for your product and how you can use them both for your and your audience’s utmost benefit. 

How to make a stunning travel brochure banner

Bring those incredible holiday destinations to your buyer personas screens, where they don’t have to go out of their way to find out about them, and ensure an authentic connection from the start. Show them what they want to see, create it in Flipsnack, and give it to them. New experiences feed our growth, but some may need an extra push. Give it to them through your first travel brochure, and they’ll thank you for it later.

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How to Make a Travel Brochure

Last Updated: March 9, 2024 References

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 54 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 595,335 times. Learn more...

A creative, expertly written and well-designed travel brochure invites readers to cast themselves into a story that takes place in an exotic locale. In this article, learn how to make an enticing travel brochure that will have your audience fantasizing about-and booking-your travel packages.

Determining the Details of Your Travel Brochure

Step 1 Choose the destination of your potential clients.

  • A professional should already know what destination they are representing, or attempting to advertise for. Use this step to get to know the key features of your location: mountains, lakes, cabins, museums, parks, etc. Write each of these key features down on a piece of paper for use later on.
  • If you are a student, find an exciting place to advertise for. Some great examples are Mexico, Hawaii, Myrtle Beach South Carolina, the beaches of Florida, or Australia, to name just a few. Research the location you choose (using reputable sources such as online search engines, encyclopedias, library books, etc.) and find out key features about the location. Write each of these down on a piece of paper for use later on.
  • The lists for both students and professionals should be extra long at the beginning. It is better to create a long list to start, and then cross off items later on.

Step 2 Explore and locate the amenities of the location.

  • Travel around the website by yourself and write down what and where the particular amenity is.
  • If you are far away from where you are advertising for, look for maps online that might help you locate particular amenities. Sites like Google Maps often point out exactly what and where each of these is.
  • After you have created a detailed list of the amenities, put a star next to the items you think are most important (bathrooms generally are a top priority). Make sure to note whether these amenities provide additional accommodations, such as being handicap accessible. [1] X Research source

Step 3 Find out what the residents are saying, if your destination has residential accommodations.

  • Visit peoples' homes and ask them politely to give their opinion. Remember to bring a pencil and paper to write down exactly what they say. You can also bring a voice recorder if you do not write very fast.
  • If the destination is strictly for vacation (non-residential) try calling people whom have vacationed there in the past. As with the previous step, write down exactly what they have to say about their experience.
  • Students who do not have direct contact with persons whom live, or have vacationed there, should look online. Find internet sites that link you with local hotels, restaurants, etc. in the area of your destination. Look for reviews that have to do with the destination (Mexico, Hawaii, etc.) rather than a particular place of accommodation. Write down what they have to say. [2] X Research source

Step 4 Pick your target audience.

  • Vacation spots with lots of bathrooms, and restaurants available are great for an older demographic audience.
  • Destinations which are primarily vacation spots (non-residential) usually target a younger audience, or newlywed couples going on their honeymoon.
  • Vacation spots which have hotels furnished with WiFi and cable TV are great destinations for families.
  • Destinations which have large rooms are great for business workers, who are looking to conduct work from far away.
  • This is not an all encompassing list, but it will give you an idea about what to look for, and how to pick the right demographic audience. Something you might think is minor (a boardwalk for example) might make all the difference in the world for a particular clientele.

Step 5 Determine the price of your travel package.

  • Take into account the previous four steps, and in particular the target demographic group. Set a standard price to each of the amenities, and add them all up. Set a standard price for all of the key features of the destination and add them all up. Finally, add the price of the amenities and destination hot-spots together.
  • Adjust the vacation cost according to who the audience is. Younger clientele and families will most likely be looking for a cheaper vacation. Older clientele and business types will have more money to spend. Generally speaking, vacations for a family of four should run between $1000 and $2000. Go higher or lower as you see fit. How to Calculate Cost of Travel

Writing the Text of Your Travel Brochure

Step 1 Create a preliminary outline.

  • First, you’ll want to create a story. Just like a good novel pulls in a reader, the client wants to feel as if they are going on an adventure. In paragraph form (full sentences), write a convincing argument for why your vacation spot is the best place to visit.
  • After you have written down your argument, go back and proofread. More importantly, cross out extraneous information, keep what is critical, and add in to places that need a more exciting, or convincing argument.
  • This argument can then be split apart into different sections of your brochure. You might have to tailor the sentences to exist as a stand-alone argument in the different sections, but this will give you a good head start. It is important that the writer knows exactly why each of the individual pieces are critical, and how they come together to convince the clientele.

Step 2 Use specialized fonts and lettering.

  • Your heading/title should appear in bold lettering, underlined, and be large enough to read from far away. If someone is sitting in a doctors office, or at a coffee shop, they should be able to see the title clearly, at the top of the brochure.
  • Each of the subheadings/section headings should also be in bold, and underlined. They should be a slightly smaller font size than the title. They should all also all be the same font. If one subtitle is in Times New Roman, keep them all Times New Roman. This creates a nice flow to your brochure, and does not bog down the viewer in trying to comprehend the brochure.

Step 3 Write a captivating title.

  • Write down some adjectives you know that are not typically used, such as adventurous, pulsating, mind-boggling, fanciful, breathtaking, etc. Put these words first in your title, so that the readers eyes, reading left to right, will catch that key word.
  • Then, make sure to include the location in the title. If you advertising for a Hawaiian vacation, do not leave out the word Hawaii. Put the location right after the adjective.
  • Following the name of the place, you can finish the title with simply "vacation" or a synonym. End the title in an exclamation point, so that it appears that the person selling the vacation is just as excited as the potential clientele.
  • Bold the lettering, and underline the title. A good example is: Adventurous Mount Everest Vacation!

Step 4 Hook your audience with the opening sentence.

  • You want to make the argument for this vacation clear right up front. The reader is not going to look around the rest of the brochure if they are not convinced at the very beginning.
  • This would be a great time to simply list off a few of the accommodations/hot spots. For example: “An all-encompassing Hawaiian vacation that includes beautiful scenery, top-of-the-line hotels, and all the food you can eat!”.

Step 5 Write each of your sections.

  • You will want to include, at the bare minimum, the following sections: restaurants, hotels, scenery(appearance of the vacation spot), and shops. These are four of the most basic things people need to know about before they go on the vacation. In total, you should have around six to eight sections.
  • Make sure that what you are saying is necessary, succinct, and convincing. Consider what image you are using and make sure that the words match up. Feel free to highlight, italicize, or bold certain words or phrases.
  • This would also be a great time to add in those accommodations, such as handicap accessible, free continental breakfast, bike/walking trails, etc.

Step 6 Copy and edit testimonials.

  • To include block quotes in your brochure, start by indenting. Then add a quotation mark, and write in your quote. Finish by adding another quotation mark.
  • You will want to include only the most sensitive, valuable information. Do not include bad experiences, as this might turn off the clientele.
  • If you want to take out a sentence in the middle of a paragraph, simply highlight and delete. Then, in between the remaining sentences, add ... (three periods in a row). This will allow you to shorten the quote, keep what is necessary, and highlight what is most important. [5] X Research source

Step 7 Include a price section.

  • Include some simple terms in your 3-4 sentence price section such as: “Prices as low as $1000 for a family of four!” or, “Prices start at $1500, and include great discounts if you purchase by phone!”
  • Mention the different offers/deals vacationers can get through your particular company. Usually, there are family discounts, senior discounts, children discounts, etc.
  • This section should appear on the inside of the pamphlet, to the far right (at the end). You do not want to start the brochure by introducing price, nor do you want to put the price on the back of the brochure, as the clientele will probably look there first and never look inside.

Step 8 Link the viewer to other sources.

  • This should be done as a series of bulleted points or dashes. Do not write this information in paragraph form, as it will all run together.
  • Check a second and third time that the information is up to date and correct. Look at the bottom of webpages to see when the last time the page was updated. Call the numbers you are listing on the brochure and see who picks up the phone. The information you are presenting needs to be accurate. [7] X Research source

Creating the Visuals for Your Travel Brochure

Step 1 Choose eye-catching photos.

  • Some good examples include: A smiling visitor hugging a dolphin at a sea life attraction, or a woman relaxing with a massage in an open-air spa that overlooks the tropical sunset.
  • Make sure the photos are in color, and have a high-quality resolution. Do not use stock photos which generally look fake, and off-putting. Use real life images, or photos you have taken yourself at the location.
  • People enjoy seeing others having fun, so try to include photos of people enjoying themselves at your destination rather than showing an empty hotel room or deserted beach. This will invite readers to project themselves into the photo. [8] X Research source

Step 2 Consider the color scheme carefully.

  • To convey a relaxed feeling appropriate for a spa, use muted pastel tones. Children's destinations are best marketed with bright, bold colors. Historical site brochures can be given an "antique" feeling with sepia and earth tones.
  • For each panel of the brochure, use the same color. If there are different colors for each panel, it can become distracting and gaudy.

Step 3 Add in borders, asterisks, and designs.

  • Use a thin border to contain each of the panels in your brochure. A thick border can become distracting. The border should be a color that is a slightly darker/lighter shade of the tone that you use for the rest of the brochure.
  • If you want to highlight key points of your story, use bullet points or asterisks. Generally, 3-4 is the range you want to stay in. Try to highlight things that are not written about in the sentences.
  • Designs can also help, such as stars, rainbows, arrows, etc. Add these where and when you see fit. Once more, do not overuse these, and bog down the viewer in the visuals. The clientele should want to read more, not necessarily look more.

Step 4 Organize the brochure so the copy and visuals work together.

  • Tell the printing company that you want the brochures printed on high-quality paper. Cheap, flimsy paper can easily be torn, ripped, or water-damaged. Thick, coated paper provides resistance to accidents, and can be carried around mush easier.
  • If you wind up needing to use your home or business printer, just make sure to use thick, heavy paper. The settings of your printer should be set to the highest pixel quality so that your pictures come out clean and crisp.

Step 6 Provide a final copy proof.

Travel Brochure Template

travel to brochure

Community Q&A

Community Answer

  • Instead of using computers, students should try out their own skills at creating a hand made brochure. Colored pencils, magic markers, and rulers can get the job done well. Thanks Helpful 5 Not Helpful 1
  • If you are a student, make sure to follow what your teacher requires. Thanks Helpful 5 Not Helpful 1
  • Do not use pictures unless they are of the actual destination. People do not want to be lied to about what vacation they are going on. This can result in problems/litigation with the travel organization, or potentially a lowered grade if you’re a student. Thanks Helpful 3 Not Helpful 1

travel to brochure

Things You'll Need

  • Heavy paper
  • Printer (preferably large (business) rather than desktop)
  • Colored pencils, magic markers, rulers, ball point pens, etc. (for handmade brochures)

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About This Article

To make a travel brochure, start by identifying the main attractions in the area you're advertising, such as restaurants or movie theaters. Next, decide who your target audience is by evaluating the attractions at the destination, like by aiming for a young demographic if it's a vacation spot. To start writing, choose a catchy title and engage your audience with the first sentence on the opening flap by mentioning the destination's key strong points, such as good accommodation. Then, make sure you have great visuals to break up the text, since pictures are key if you want to grab people's attention. For more tips on how to write your sections or how to choose good visuals, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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travel to brochure

The 4 Elements of a Compelling Travel Brochure

Person looking at a travel brochure by the mountains

Last updated on March 13th, 2023 at 04:05 pm

We all know that feeling of seeing a travel brochure — covered with photos of fantastic places and new experiences — and suddenly being struck with wanderlust. Nothing is more compelling or inspiring than a well-designed travel brochure, full of captivating photos and promises of adventure. And with the right marketing tactics and design, that wanderlust can be consuming enough to spur action. 

If you’re in the travel industry or located in a tourist hot spot, a travel brochure is an effective and affordable way of promoting your business. Available in all sizes and shapes, these marketing tools can be used in your local area, as well as farther from home. If a tourist is visiting your area, they’re looking for things to do. If you’re hoping to bring visitors from afar, you can partner with businesses in nearby regions to showcase your brochure — enticing travelers to come to you. 

Get 20% off your first order at Printivity banner ad

Promotional materials that can be promoted all over? Doesn’t get better than that! However, there are best practices to follow in order for your marketing efforts (and dollars) to be worthwhile. Let’s discuss how to make a travel brochure that’s both eye-catching and inspiring!

What is a Travel Brochure? 

A travel brochure is a marketing tool designed to get people to visit a specific destination, attraction, or activity. It’s a simple and easy way to promote your business while informing travelers and drawing their attention to your services. These brochures can be used by any business in any industry, from five-star resorts to mom-and-pop shops to ziplining adventures. You can also promote special offers, such as discounts for travelers or hotel packages. These brochures can be placed in hotel lobbies, airports, storefronts, restaurants — you name it! The versatility of travel brochures is what makes them such an effective marketing tool. 

Travel brochure books on a camping table

How to Design a Travel Brochure: Template & Layout

When it comes to the layout, you can either choose to follow a layout template or create your own. While the layout and design of your travel pamphlet is up to you, most follow the same informational template. If you look at travel brochure examples, you’ll notice that they tend to have the same general information listed. The last thing you want is for potential customers to give up on your business because they can’t find the information they need. 

To ensure you cover all your bases, make sure you include the following travel flier features:

  • Company Name and Logo

Your company’s name and logo should serve as the foundation for your brochure’s design. Remember, you’re trying to catch the attention of people just passing by or waiting for their flight to board. Therefore, you need your design to be distinctive, eye-catching, and recognizable. Prominently place your company name at the top of the front page (remember that brochures are often in display cases, so you don’t want to put it in the middle or bottom) and place your logo where it can be easily seen. 

  • Cover Image

It could be argued that the cover image of your travel brochure is even more important than your company name and logo. This image is going to set the tone for the entire brochure, and it should be a reflection of what you’re offering. You want potential customers not only to grab your brochure first, but you want them to envision themselves in that image. For example, if you’re a snorkeling company in a tropical location, don’t tell people that — show them. The cover image should compel people simply by looking at the picture. 

  • Inside Pages

The more detailed information about your product or service can be found in the middle pages of the brochure. Inside the traveler catalog, include a list of products or services along with their price points. This is also a great place to include customer testimonials and ratings. The written content inside these pages should be descriptive, engaging, and action-oriented. Additionally, you can offer discount codes and promotions exclusive to readers who find you in brochures. The design inside these pages should be easy to read, flow logically, and be pleasing to the eye (more on this later). 

  • Contact Details

Last (page) but not least. While contact information can be listed anywhere on the brochure, generally it’s recommended that it be placed on the last page. You want people to read the entire brochure and get more excited as they progress. The idea is that by the time they get to the contact information, they’ll be itching to make a reservation or place an order. Make sure to include your location, phone number, email, website, social media, and any other relevant contact details. Some brochures also include driving directions to their locations from common places, like airports or popular hotels in the area. 

Hands holding a travel brochure with waterdalls

How to Make a Travel Brochure Stand Out 

When it comes to making a brochure that stands out from the crowd of tour booklets, visuals are key. You can use bold color schemes, attractive fonts, and striking images to catch the eye. The most important thing to remember when designing your brochure is to keep it simple. Avoid using too many elements that will make the page feel crowded and as a result, difficult to read. When a brochure is well-designed, it encourages readers to take action. 

To ensure that your travel brochure stands out, keep these three tips in mind:

  • Avoid Big Blocks of Text

People don’t want to read an essay on your business, they want the highlights. People should be able to quickly and easily scan your brochure and understand instantly what your business offers. Fonts should be an easy-to-read size, and paragraphs should be kept to no more than 2-3 sentences. Use white space, graphics, and headings to break up large blocks of text that might be overwhelming to readers. Finally, be sure to include a lot of subheadings, bullet points, and other design features so that readers can easily skim the brochure to find what they’re looking for.

  • Highlight Your Advantages

With a vacation brochure, you’re contending with an ocean of competitors for the reader’s attention. For instance, if you run a mom-and-pop seafood restaurant in a coastal destination, you’ll need to find ways to beat out the other seafood restaurants nearby. The best way to do this is clearly list the things you offer that your competition doesn’t. This can include reduced rates, first-rate accommodations, live music and entertainment, longer happy hours, and much more. It’s up to you to do your research, determine what’s not being offered in your area, and then be the first to offer it.  

  • Have a Clear Call to Action

Everything you’ve done with your brochure was designed to get more customers, so the cherry on top should be a clear call to action (CTA). The key here is finding the balance between presenting your CTA naturally without it feeling forced or “salesy.” There are various ways you can do this, whether it be using simple language (“Come see us today!”) or a slightly more aggressive approach (“Limited Time Only”). No matter what direction you go in, the call to action is a crucial part of your brochure design.  

Inspire Wanderlust with Printivity

No matter where you are or what your travel brochure is advertising, you need to partner with a printer you can trust. Printivity goes the extra mile, offering a team of experienced graphic designers who will review your order to make sure your designs come out flawless. 

All you have to do is upload your design to our easy-to-use platform, and we make your designs a reality. Contact us to learn more about brochure printing and start promoting your brand with Printivity today! 


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20 Travel Brochure Examples to Inspire Your Next Design

20 Travel Brochure Examples to Inspire Your Next Design

The warm sun on your cheeks, the cool wind at your back, the hustle and bustle of local street eats. Whatever kind of travel experiences you facilitate, there’s no better way to get potential clients in vacation mode than a well-designed booklet with stunning photos and captivating copy.

Learn why these simple marketing pieces matter so much and then check out some inspiring travel brochure examples below.

Why Travel Brochures Are Good Business

Photo of travel brochure examples in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If print marketing seems outdated in this glued-to-our-smartphone age, you’ll be surprised to find out how important travel brochures really are. Small but mighty, these handheld pamphlets often make a real difference in vacationers’ plans.

According to a study by Bentley University :

  • Print brochures are the second-most popular source of trip-planning information (behind internet sources like personal research or travel ads ).
  • 85% of participants learned about a new attraction by seeing it on a brochure.
  • 73% of participants would consider changing their plans based on a brochure.

Plus, for many people, planning is half the fun of any trip! The right travel brochure builds early excitement and contributes to a positive customer experience long before the experience actually begins. 

And, one final bonus: Because DIY travel brochures have gotten so easy, you can make a digital brochure and a print brochure at the same time. Create your custom booklet, export one file for print and one for web, and you’ll be ready to share it online and stock it in your lobby.

Sound good? Then get inspired to design by browsing the twenty beautiful city guides and creative tourist pamphlets below.

City-Specific Travel Brochure Examples

City guides help visitors—especially those on foot—orient themselves in an exciting new place. These travel brochures often include maps, highlights of key attractions, fun facts, and historical details.

1. Santorini, Greece

This travel brochure plays off well-loved Greek motifs including the classic blue-and-white palette (one of the world’s most iconic color combinations !), mosaic-inspired tile patterns, and a faux Greek font that evokes stone-carved manuscripts.

Santorini travel brochure with blue letters in Greek font

2. Macau, China

This city guide is the perfect distillation of Macau’s indigenous, Chinese, and Portuguese influences. It contains more text than most other travel brochure examples but uses a grid to keep everything easy to read.

Macau travel brochure and walking guide with a detailed map of the city

3. Singapore

Bold colors make this Singapore city guide stand out, evoking some of the vibrant street art of this cultural melting pot. A suggested itinerary helps visitors explore this interesting city-state in just five days.

Singapore travel brochure with a detailed map of places to visit

4. Tel Aviv, Israel

This walking map of Tel Aviv uses a cool motif drawn from Bialik Square to give each page of the pamphlet a cohesive identity and professionally designed look.

Man holding a brochure of a walking guide to Tel Aviv

5. Istanbul, Turkey

Take a page from this Istanbul travel brochure by adding a QR code to your own design. QR codes make it easy for viewers to move from print marketing to the web , where they can continue finding even more helpful information.

Istanbul travel brochure with stunning photos of the city

6. Tokyo, Japan

Featuring a flat-design map with five attractions and six local recommendations, this Tokyo travel brochure has the highlights covered.

Tokyo travel brochure with map illustrations of popular sites to visit

7. Budapest, Hungary

With its monochrome poppy orange and a lightly textured screen-printed look, this Budapest city guide rocks a retro 1960s feel while still feeling super contemporary.

Budapest walking tour guide with orange markers indicating popular visiting sites

8. Krakow, Poland

If you have a ton of information to share, this Krakow guide is one of the best travel brochure examples to follow. It features a whole lot of text but utilizes background boxes, dividing lines, and color-coding to maintain a strong visual hierarchy. 

Goodtime Monty Krakow city guide with cartoon illustration of a man playing a trumpet

9. Paris, France

This city guide advertises custom walking tours in Paris, using an action-packed photo and a bold-type font . Be sure to include critical info like website, phone number, location, or whatever else will ensure your appointment books get full!

Brochure with a woman walking through the streets of Paris with illustrations of postcards on her back

10. Barcelona, Spain 

Quirky, uneven letterforms and oversized asterisks serve as a whimsical introduction to Barcelona. The sky blue background and white clouds work especially well with the two photos, both of which feature a prominent sky.

Barcelona travel brochure with uneven letterforms on a light blue background

Travel Brochure Examples for Cultural Sites and Tourist Attractions

The following travel brochures hone in on a specific attraction, region, or cultural site, incorporating beautiful visual representations as well as useful information for tourists. They’re perfect to keep stocked in hotel lobbies, visitor centers, and travel agencies.

11. Villages of Crete, Greece

This guide is given to guests of a family-owned hotel on the island of Crete. The black-and-white photos , desaturated peach paper, and vintage grotesque font lend themselves to a nostalgic, down-home look.

Chronakis Home travel guide book on peach-colored background

12. Waters of Palawan, Philippines

Unsurprisingly, gorgeous travel photos of beaches, water, and sunsets take center stage in this travel brochure example. The natural element of water is reflected in the dark blue color palette and the curving wave motif.

Palawan travel brochure with images of the beach, mountains, and sunsets

13. Wines of Bordeaux, France

This museum booklet captures the elegance of French wine through an understated beige and slate gray color palette and a modern serif font.

Bordeaux travel brochure booklet with elegant images of wine-related themes

14. Aruba, South America

Aruba’s stunning white beaches are a must-see experience. Use a Create template like this one to insert enticing and can’t-miss attractions for your destination.

Even try using minimal text to let those pro-photos speak for themselves. You can upload your own images or use some of Shutterstock’s unmatched royalty-free photos geared to your location.

To find this template in Create , simply type “Travel” into the search bar and it’ll pop right up!

Tri-fold brochure with images of a beach with mountains in the distance

15. Trails of Taiwan

Part outdoor trail map and part historical guide, this travel brochure highlights the natural beauty of the island, as well as the history of local indigenous peoples.

Hiking guide to Tamsui-Kavalan trails Taiwan with illustrations of indigenous people

16. Railways of India

Okay, so this travel brochure is for a railway that only exists in our collective cultural imagination (thanks, Wes Anderson!). But, there are well over 20,000 trains in India , and any one of them could benefit from a creative brochure like this one.

Darjeeling Limited travel brochure with a map of the area and colorful illustrations

17. Churches of Kaunas, Lithuania

Drawing upon classic Orthodox iconography and church decor, this guide to Kaunas, Lithuania, perfectly mirrors the religious sites it highlights.

Hand-drawn illustrations and sketched tiling add a folksy and authentic feel.

Pilgrim's guide to Kaunas with detailed insights to popular sites

18. Mountains of Bolivia

This travel brochure highlights Bolivia’s natural beauty and encourages visitors to travel in an ecofriendly way . The earthy greens and browns contribute to the rustic feel, with a helpful legend indicating various outdoor activities at each location.

Ecotourism travel brochure with photos of popular sites

19. Wildlife of South Africa

This campground and safari travel guide strikes a rustic and authentic tone with its font and desert-friendly color choices. You can always use personal photos or Shutterstock’s images to capture the essence of your destination. As you build your design, keeping colors, fonts, graphics, and images complementary will make for a cohesive theme.

For more tips on capturing African landscapes, check out this must-read tutorial for design inspo. And to find this template in Create , simply type “Animal” into the search bar and start crafting!

Brochure template with photo of an antelope in the desert under location information

20. Beaches of Thailand

Creative text effects make this Thailand travel brochure especially remarkable, including text and photo layering, text masks, and even a subtle color gradient at the bottom.

To mirror this look in Create , explore the Effects tab for a multitude of options. For color gradients, specifically, click the Change color circle on the lefthand toolbar, select Gradient, and Apply !

Thailand travel brochure with a picture of a person parasailing over the ocean

If you were able to browse these twenty travel brochure examples and not be flooded with an overwhelming desire to get away, you must be one in a million.

Why not take a page from the brochures above and tell your own travel story? Start with one of Create’s travel templates or begin your own vision with a blank canvas ! We can’t wait to see all of your fun adventure-time-fueled creations.

License this cover image via briddy .

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Visit Cottonwood, Arizona, located in the heart of Arizona and wine country, Cottonwood has something for everyone. Explore the outdoors on bike, foot, or horseback, and discover the many dining and sipping options in Old Town.

Williams Arizona Travel Guide 2023 | Free Travel Guides

Experience Williams

A small town nestled in the pine country of Arizona, Williams offers countless things to see and do. Take a train ride to the Grand Canyon, explore Route 66, venture outdoors, visit a wildlife park, shop for the perfect souvenir, and so much more.

Prescott Arizona Visitors Guide 2023 | Free Travel Guides

Experience Prescott

Prescott’s perfect weather provides an average temperature of 70 degrees, with four beautiful and distinct seasons, and breathtaking landscapes complete with granite mountains, lakes, streams, and rolling meadows filled with wildlife.

Rehoboth Beach  & Dewey Beach Delaware Official 2024 Visitors Guide | Free Travel Guides

Rehoboth Beach & Dewey Beach, Delaware

The Delaware Resort Area of Rehoboth Beach & Dewey Beach is known for its award‐winning boardwalk, beautiful homes, awesome hotels, specialty stores, amusements, events & festivals, tax‐free shopping and some of the finest restaurants anywhere.

Chicago Southland Illinois 2024 Visitors Guide | Free Travel Guides

Chicago Southland

Just 30 minutes beyond the city limits of Chicago rests the 60 south/southwest suburbs known as Chicago Southland. Offering hundreds of festivals, 40,000 acres of luscious forestry, 600 holes of golf, iconic historic downtown shopping districts and some of the best restaurants, breweries & distilleries in the Chicagoland area.

Manhattan Kansas 2023 Visitor's Guide | Free Travel Guides

Visit Manhattan Kansas

The Gateway to the Flint Hills, Manhattan, Kansas, offers a small-town feel with college town excitement and midwestern charm. Experience Big 12 sports, elite golf, scenic outdoor activities, unique dining, shopping, and impressive theatrical productions surrounded in the beauty of the Flint Hills!

Cadiz-Trigg County Kentucky Official Visitors Guide | Free Travel Guides

Cadiz-Trigg County Kentucky

Cadiz Kentucky is nestled in the Lakes region of West Kentucky where the people are happy to see you and you will be happy to see the great natural beauty of Lake Barkley and Land Between the Lakes.

Visit Maryland Official Travel Guide 2024 | Free Travel Guides

Visit Maryland

You're Welcome to an Unforgettable Maryland Vacation​ Having lasting memories from your vacation makes all the planning so worth it. Maryland is home to a variety of sights and adventures. You’ll find amazing waterscapes, from mountain streams to rivers, the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic.

Official Visitors Guide of Garrett County & Deep Creek Lake Maryland 2024-25 | Free Travel Guides

Deep Creek Lake Area, Garrett County, Maryland

Visit Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County, Maryland! Go boating, skiing or snow tubing, take a horse drawn carriage ride, or just relax as you take in the stunning views! It’s the ideal four-season vacation getaway located in Western Maryland.

Carroll County Official Visitors Guide 2024 | Free Travel Guides

Carroll County, Maryland

Located in the rolling hills of Maryland. Quaint villages to explore, festivals to celebrate, scenic biking and hiking to enjoy. Antique shops, country inns, wineries, microbreweries, fine restaurants and an Award-winning Barn Quilt Trail. Get on the road!

Official Saint Paul Minnesota Insider's Guide | Free Travel Guides

Visit Saint Paul

Saint Paul is Minnesota’s capital city full of history and mystery, culture and cuisine and world-renowned attractions and events. Multiple hotel accommodations fit all budgets and the downtown is walkable between the most popular areas including Rice Park, Lowertown and West 7th.

Glacier Country Montana's Official 2024-25 Travel Guide | Free Travel Guides

Montana's Glacier Country

Western Montana’s Glacier Country is a region steeped in natural treasures, cultural richness and unforgettable experiences. Come for the Montana you had in mind—hiking, fishing and horseback riding—and gear up for the unexpected.

The Official 2023 Missoula Montana Area Visitor Guide | Free Travel Guides

Destination Missoula

There’s this place where life is lived on mountain time and a river really does run through it. In Missoula, Montana, unparalleled natural beauty is matched only by the vibrant culture of this friendly mountain town.

Visit Southeast Montana Official Regional Travel Guide | Free Travel Guides

Visit Southeast Montana

Find the Real Montana Out Here There’s nowhere better than Southeast Montana, where time slows down and invites you to linger, to soak up every moment and marvel at the wide-open plains and deep canyons surrounding you.

White Mountains, New Hampshire Travel Guide 2023-2024 | Free Travel Guides

Visit New Hampshire's White Mountains

One of New England’s most popular scenic destinations. Escape to the White Mountains and experience towering peaks, stunning scenery unrivaled anywhere in the Northeast.

Official New Jersey 2023 Travel Guide | Free Travel Guides

State of New Jersey

You've likely heard of the Jersey Shore—130 miles of captivating coastline, white-sand beaches, world-famous boardwalks, majestic lighthouses and surf-and-sun fun. But New Jersey promises much more, year-round! Come venture beyond to culture-rich cities, quaint towns and vast parks.

Cooperstown & Otsego County New York Inspiration Guide | Free Travel Guides

Cooperstown & Otsego County, NY

Immerse yourself in the charm, hospitality, and history of Cooperstown and Otsego County. With natural beauty found in lakes and rolling hills, outdoor thrills, art, and museums that will provoke all senses, this bucket list destination will be your family’s favorite for years to come!

Westchester New York Travel Guide | Free Travel Guides

Westchester County, NY

Just 30 minutes from Manhattan lies Westchester County, the heart of the magnificent Hudson Valley. Our beautiful home offers a unique mix of charming country villages, picturesque waterfront towns and sophisticated urban centers.

Delaware County New York 2023 Travel Guide | Free Travel Guides

Delaware County Travel Guide

The Great Western Catskills is a dream destination for those looking to immerse in nature while enjoying farm fresh food, exciting outdoor adventures, charming stays and a thriving arts scene. Plan your trip to make memories that last a lifetime.

Schenectady County Travel Guide | Free Travel Guides

Schenectady County, NY

From our fabulous dining options and best-in-class breweries to our world-class entertainment venues and family-friendly fun spots, we’ve got it all in Schenectady County!

Chautauqua County New York 2023 Travel Guide | Free Travel Guides

Chautauqua County, NY

Explore Western New York’s magnificent lakes, unique outdoor experiences, top-notch wineries, one-of-a-kind cultural centers, and engaging museums. With four distinct seasons, there are endless reasons to visit the Chautauqua-Lake Erie region all year long.

Orange County New York 2022 Travel Guide | Free Travel Guides

Orange County, New York

Just 60 minutes from Manhattan, Orange County is one of the most attractive areas in the New York metropolitan area and Hudson Valley. Charmingly sophisticated, experiences here range from international destinations, hiking & biking to agritourism & roadside farm stands.

Old Forge Adirondack New York Travel Guide | Free Travel Guides

Experience Old Forge, NY

Old Forge is the accessible, affordable Adirondacks, providing families the best experiences of the Adirondack Park. We specialize in renewing the human spirit. Rustic yet comfortable, quiet yet thrilling.

Cayuga County NY Official Visitors Guide | Free Travel Guides

Tour Cayuga in the Finger Lakes of NY

Cayuga County and the Finger Lakes Region are not only beautiful but also diverse, offering a wide variety of activities, events, attractions, and unique lodging. Once you visit, you will be sure to have an endless list of stories, memories.

Adirondack Coast New York Travel Guide 2023 | Free Travel Guides

Adirondack Coast, New York

The #adkcoast stretches across the western shores of Lake Champlain shouldered by New York’s Adirondack Mountains and the Green Mountains of Vermont. The Adirondack Coast offers world class outdoor recreation, a rich history to explore and a landscape dotted with agricultural opportunities at every turn.

Enchanted Mountains Activities Guide 2023 (Cattaraugus County, NY) | Free Travel Guides

Enchanted Mountains of Western NY

If you love exploring the great outdoors, geological wonders, having a tree-top adventure, or learning about a different culture, plan a trip to the Enchanted Mountains of Western New York!

Madison County, New York, Inspiration Guide | Free Travel Guides

Madison County, New York

Madison County is located in Central New York, directly off of I-90 at exits 33 and 34. Look no further for a place that embraces all four seasons through its events, culinary delights, and cultural attractions.

New York by Rail, train across New York State | Free Travel Guides

New York By Rail

Whether you want to head to New York City, the Adirondacks, or all the way up to Niagara Falls, New York By Rail is the ultimate guide to planning your Amtrak trip in the Empire State, and parts of Vermont and Canada, too!

Streetsboro, Ohio | Free Travel Guides

Discover Streetsboro, Ohio

It’s time to pack those bags and head on over to Streetsboro, Northeast Ohio’s Best Vacation Value. Regardless of the time of year you visit, Streetsboro is always your destination for a fun, affordable, safe and memorable vacation.

Warren County Ohio 2024 Visitors Guide | Free Travel Guides

Warren County, Ohio

Home to an incredible collection of world-class attractions like Kings Island amusement park, the Cincinnati Open tennis tournament and the iconic Ohio Renaissance Festival, Warren County has all the makings of an affordable, accessible and truly unforgettable midwestern getaway!

Oregon Mt. Hood Territory Travel Planner 2022- 2023 | Free Travel Guides

Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory

From the top of 11,245-foot majestic Mt. Hood to the fertile Willamette Valley, Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory offers forested wilderness areas and breathtaking vistas that set the stage for almost any type of adventure.

Luzerne County Pennsylvania Visitors Guide 2022-23 | Free Travel Guides

Visit Luzerne County, Northeastern PA

Experience the spectacular beauty that Northeastern Pennsylvania has to offer. Thirteen challenging golf courses, whitewater rafting on the scenic Lehigh River, live harness racing, AAA Baseball, Knoebels Amusement Park are just a short drive away.

Columbia & Montour Counties PA Travel Guide 2024 | Free Travel Guides

Columbia-Montour Counties

Visit East Central Pennsylvania! Enjoy breathtaking scenery and hometown hospitality. Visit our Nature Preserves, Wetlands and State Parks where you can picnic, fish, kayak, canoe, hike, bike, bird watch or just relax. Explore our 25 covered bridges and enjoy craft fairs and festivals galore.

Smoky Mountains Tennessee 2023-24 Vacation Guide | Free Travel Guides

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Travelers seeking a peaceful escape from crowded amusement parks and tourist traps will find a respite in Townsend, Tennessee—the Peaceful Side of the Smoky Mountains.

Cache Valley - Logan Utah Travel Guide | Free Travel Guides

Explore Logan & Cache Valley, UT

Discover your own adventure in Logan, Utah, the most scenic way from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone and Jackson. Stay and play in this high mountain valley known for outdoor adventures, hands-on heritage experiences, and performing and fine arts.

Greater Zion Utah Golf Guide | Free Travel Guides

Greater Zion Golf - St. George, UT

Welcome to Greater Zion, where golf and adventure are endless. Nestled between the towering walls of Zion National Park, the snow-capped peaks of the Pine Valley Mountains and the petrified sand dunes of Snow Canyon State Park, you’ll find 14 courses within a 20-mile radius.

Greater Zion Utah Official Visitors Guide 2023 | Free Travel Guides

Greater Zion, Utah

Put simply, Greater Zion is a destination a cut above the rest. Here, the Mojave Desert, Colorado Plateau, and the Great Basin converge to make for some of the most stunning scenery in the world.

Wytheville Virginia Visitors Guide | Free Travel Guides

Wytheville, Virginia

You can search the world over and not find another town named Wytheville… and that’s just the beginning of the uniqueness you’ll discover in this charming town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia.

Olympic Peninsula Washington Travel Planner 2022 | Free Travel Guides

Olympic Peninsula

On Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, located 90 miles west of Seattle, you’ll find a nature lover’s dream-come-true. Hiking, biking, water sports. From snow-capped peaks to pristine ocean beaches... get ready to explore one of the most captivating places on the planet!

Visit Tri-Cities Washington Travel Guide | Free Travel Guides

Visit Tri-Cities Washington

In the golden hills of Southeast Washington, at the confluence of three rivers, intriguing historical dynamics brought to life a collection of communities infused with a driving cultural pursuit of discovery. Visit the Tri-Cities and notice an uncommon pulse of positive energy that seems to originate in our people.

Cody Yellowstone  Wyoming Vacation Guide | Free Travel Guides

Cody Yellowstone Country

Just one hour from Yellowstone National Park, Cody, Wyoming is renowned for beautiful scenery, wildlife, rodeo, top-notch fly-fishing, the world-famous Buffalo Bill Center of the West and more. Access to Cody and Yellowstone is made easy by Yellowstone Regional Airport.

Carbon County Wyoming Visitors Guide 2024 | Free Travel Guides

Carbon County, Wyoming

Carbon County, Wyoming. Request a brochure TODAY! Learn about Carbon County, WY river access, fishing spots, area hiking, campsites, snowmobile trails, wildlife areas and cross country skiing trails.

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15+ Travel Brochure Examples to Inspire Your Design

See some of our travel brochure ideas, templates, and examples, all in one place. Then design your own informational and unique brochure for free using Venngage!

Most Popular New Travel Brochure Templates

travel to brochure

Product Sales Brochure

travel to brochure

Modern University Tri Fold Brochure

travel to brochure

World Travel Tri Fold Brochure

travel to brochure

Simple Tri Fold Brochure 

New travel brochure ideas, templates & examples.

travel to brochure

Green Photo Centric Trifold Travel Brochure Idea

Photo Centric Blue Outdoor Travel Brochure Idea

Photo Centric Outdoor Travel Brochure Idea

Marrakech Travel Trifold Brochure Template 1

Colorful Moroccan Minimalist Travel Trifold Brochure Idea

Greece Travel Trifold Brochure Template 1

Creative Blue Greece Travel Trifold Brochure Idea

EPIC Green Tri-Fold Travel Brochure Idea

EPIC Green Tri-Fold Travel Brochure Idea

As designers and creators, we all have all been there a few times. Sometimes all you need is a little brochure design inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. 

Want to create a travel brochure for your amazing cottage or hotel? What about designing a business brochure that shows off your company in a very professional way. Or even just a simple tri-fold brochure for your school project? We have all of those brochure examples in the Gallery. 

After you find the perfect brochure idea, you can use one of our professionally designed brochure templates to finish the job. And with our collection of brochure templates, even a new designer can create something incredible. So what are you waiting for?

travel to brochure

Business Brochure Ideas

travel to brochure

Trifold Brochure Ideas 

travel to brochure

Modern Brochure Ideas

 top inspirational categories.

travel to brochure

Infographic Ideas

travel to brochure

Poster Ideas

travel to brochure

Brochure Ideas

travel to brochure

Flyer Ideas

travel to brochure

Business Infographics

travel to brochure

Education Infographics

travel to brochure

Marketing Infographics

travel to brochure

Tech Infographics

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Whether you’re selling services or goods, a professional brochure can showcase what your business has to offer. Concise, impactful, and filled with information, this highly effective marketing tool is proven to deliver sales -- when it’s executed correctly. Until recently, you’d need to invest a lot of money in the creation of brochures. But thanks to the brochure templates available with the Adobe Express app, you can enjoy making brochures anywhere, anytime on your mobile or desktop device.

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How to make a brochure.

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Make breathtaking brochures online with Adobe Express.

Brochures are an excellent marketing tool to share helpful information in an eye-catching way. Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, brochures can tell your story and showcase your products and services. With Adobe Express, you’ll be making brochures online for free in minutes.

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Designing brochures is easy with Adobe Express.

Explore professionally designed templates to get you inspired, or create your brochure from scratch. Establish a theme for your designs using photos, icons, logos, personalized fonts, and other customizable elements to make your brochure stand out. With Adobe Express, it's free and easy to make, save, and share your designs within minutes.

Make a standout brochure online in minutes.

With the Adobe Express brochure maker app, you can create a stunning brochure design in minutes without having any creative experience. Not only is it fast and easy, but the brochure maker is free for everyone. Choose from thousands of brochure templates, thousands of unique Adobe Fonts, a wide variety of royalty-free Adobe Stock photos, and stunning design elements to bring your brochure vision to life.

Tips for customizing a brochure template.

For a successful brochure design, consider your brand’s purpose, company goals, mission statement, and target audience. This information will lay the groundwork to make your brochure easy to bring to life. Be sure to include concise yet thought-provoking messaging and relevant images. Make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you and include calls to action on prominent locations of the brochure design. Brand your brochure by featuring your logo and color palette. If you’re also in need of a logo, use Adobe Express to make a logo and build your brand in minutes, then apply it to all your brochure designs.

Use the brochure maker to promote your brand or business.

With expressive brand imagery and powerful calls to action, a unique brochure is an excellent way to strengthen the bond with your current customers and build new connections with your target audience. Once you’ve finished your custom brochure, instantly download it right to your device and share it with your audiences across all your channels – including social media, your website, or in the mail. Get started today and enjoy free access to Adobe Express forever.

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travel to brochure

travel to brochure

15 travel brochure examples to inspire your next design 

May 21, 2024

travel brochure examples

We might be living in the digital age, but travel brochures are still an important marketing tactic for travel agencies and other travel-based businesses. A well-crafted brochure – filled with beautiful imagery, enticing descriptions, and useful details – can help to influence consumer decisions, feeding their wanderlust and inspiring them to book their next vacation, STAT.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization , international tourism is well on track to return to pre-pandemic levels this year. So there’s no time like the present to get creative with your travel brochures and watch those bookings soar!

Here are 15 fantastic travel brochure examples to inspire your next design, including key insights to help you create an eye-catching and effective travel brochure that both captivates and converts.

1. This beach travel brochure from Liberty Travel

Travel brochure from liberty travel

This travel brochure example features a large eye-catching photo that spreads across two pages and is designed to immediately transport readers to their dream vacation destination. It’s the perfect image choice as it’s simple, brightly colored, and shows off the natural beauty of the destination. 

The bold title stands out, and the subheading concisely sums up the main features of the destination – using the rule of three for impact. The text on the right-hand side of the travel brochure is divided into bite-size sections for readability, with clear subheadings which help the reader to skim the text and quickly jump to the parts that appeal to them the most.

2. This magazine-style travel brochure from Kuoni

magazine-style travel brochure from Kuoni

This travel brochure from Kuoni is formatted just like a magazine, featuring columns of text, stunning photography, and well-organized information to enhance the user experience. The magazine-style layout is a strategic move as it makes the content feel less like a direct sales pitch and more like an engaging and informative read.

Another clever tactic from this travel agency is the nod to other relevant pages. These clever signposts help readers navigate seamlessly through the brochure to other relevant content – and the more they know, the more likely they are to book! 

3. This double-page splash from Avanti Travel

double-page splash from Avanti Travel

This double-page splash features one huge high-res image that perfectly sums up the destination and local culture, giving potential customers an immediate idea of what to expect from the location. The eye-catching text box stands out against the image, with a bold title followed by a well-written introduction to the capital city. 

4. This information-filled travel brochure example from Titan Travel

information-filled travel brochure example from Titan Travel

This brochure from Titan Travel aims to provide the reader with as much information as possible to help them make an informed decision about their next vacation. And while too much text can sometimes be overwhelming, this example balances things out with colorful images which give the brain some breathing space.

This comprehensive guide includes everything from itinerary and costs to accommodation information – quite literally everything someone needs to know before booking a vacation. Not only is this useful for the customer, it also means your travel agency is less likely to be bombarded with questions! 

5. This minimalist travel brochure example from AAT Kings

minimalist travel brochure example from AAT Kings

Information-filled pages are needed in travel brochures, but it’s just as important to balance them out with some pared-back pages too. This minimalist page design has a beautiful image as the main feature, with five clear maps showing the different route options. The maps in this example are color-coded and feature numbered destinations along the route, making them easy to read and follow.

Allocating a full page at the start of your travel brochure to summarize route or tour options is a smart move. It provides readers with a quick overview of what’s on offer, and lets them jump to the itinerary that appeals to them the most.

6. This visually appealing brochure by Liberty Travel

visually appealing brochure by Liberty Travel

In this design, the double page is nicely divided into sections, with three strong images taking up the majority of the space. The images are all connected but different, and work effectively to transport the reader to the destination, helping them to visualize exactly what their holiday would look like. 

The color-blocked section on the left-hand side helps to divide the text on the page, making it easier to read, and the font color contrasts beautifully with the blue background. On the rest of the page, the text is divided into clear and useful sections, highlighting key attractions and things to do. Plus, there are bullet points and columns to help the reader skim the copy. 

7. This eye-catching travel brochure cover from Titan Travel

eye-catching travel brochure cover from Titan Travel

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but quite frankly that’s exactly what customers are going to do. That’s why your front cover needs to be as eye-catching as possible, enticing travelers to pick up your brochure and open it up. Colorful images are a good choice for your travel brochure’s front cover, helping it stand out when stacked alongside dozens of others!

This well-designed brochure from Titan Travel uses a brightly colored image to attract attention. The front cover as a whole hones in perfectly on its target audience – the image shows that the holidays are rich with culture, and the text perfectly encapsulates three things that solo travelers are looking for when they book a solo holiday.

8. This well-balanced travel brochure design from Costsaver

well-balanced travel brochure design from Costsaver

This travel brochure design strikes the perfect balance between simple and detailed, with the left-hand page featuring a simple summary and much more white space, and the right-hand page containing the more detailed information. It’s important to have this balance in mind when designing a brochure, thinking about text:image:white space ratio. 

The key information is presented in a clear and simple way in a brightly colored text box, so that the reader can quickly see how many countries they’re visiting, how many days the tour is for, how many nights in hotels are included, and how many meals are included. Once they’ve read the summary, they’ll know whether this is the right trip for them, and can then decide whether to read the rest of the text.

9. This modern travel brochure example from Contiki

modern travel brochure example from Contiki

When you’re designing a travel brochure – or any other brand assets for that matter – your audience should be center stage in every decision you make. From color schemes and imagery to font choices and tone of voice, every aspect of your design should appeal to those that matter.

This modern travel brochure is a great example from Contiki. Bold, contemporary typography, user-generated content, and colorful doodles lend a fun and youthful tone to this travel brochure – perfect for the target audience of 18- to 35-year-olds. Using photos from previous tours gives the brochure authenticity, which is amplified with a positive testimonial too.

10. This picture-perfect travel brochure from Saga

picture-perfect travel brochure from Saga

A picture speaks a thousand words, which is why imagery should be center stage in every travel brochure. Well-chosen, high-quality photos provide a glimpse of what travelers can expect, so it’s important to select images that represent the travel destination or tour accurately and resonate with your target audience.

Saga nails it with its approach, pairing stunning visuals with text in a visually appealing, symmetrical layout. All the information is clearly presented, with an easy-to-read day-by-day itinerary that gives readers a crystal-clear overview of what’s included in the tour. The use of bold and blue text draws attention to key details, so that readers immediately notice the most important information, even if they’re just flicking through.

11. This clearly-labeled travel brochure from Visit Idaho

clearly-labeled travel brochure from Visit Idaho

When you’re offering up a number of different tours, itineraries, and destinations, it’s a smart move to use labels to help customers identify the best option for them. In this travel brochure example from Visit Idaho, the icon key is clear and easy to follow, and it helps readers to quickly gauge exactly which activities are on offer in each destination

The images on this page showcase a variety of outdoor activities, and each image is usefully captioned to inform the audience about the specific activity or resort featured. 

12. This calendar of events page from the official Niagara Falls USA travel brochure

calendar of events page from the official Niagara Falls USA

This colorful calendar of events page is a fun way of displaying upcoming events that might be of interest to prospective visitors. Readers can quickly identify events that take their fancy, and this encourages visitors to book a trip at that specific time of year.

See the QR code in the bottom-right encouraging readers to discover more? QR codes are a fantastic addition to travel brochures as they encourage visitors to stay on the user journey, providing them with additional information without overwhelming the brochure with text. By scanning a QR code, potential clients can access detailed itineraries, booking options, and relevant content (like a long-form blog post), making them all the more likely to book a trip. 

13. This color-coordinated ad page from the official Maryland travel brochure

color-coordinated ad page from the official Maryland

If you need to include ads in your travel brochure, then this is a great example of how to do it right. Maryland’s Office of Tourism has tastefully selected ads with a similar color scheme to sit on one page of their travel brochure. The same color scheme is carried across into the editorial page, creating a seamless flow that doesn’t jar the reader. 

14. This simple travel brochure design from Authentik Canada

simple travel brochure design from Authentik Canada

Sometimes, simplicity is best. This travel brochure from Authentik Canada opts for a clean, uncluttered design, with a plain white background that lets the imagery do the talking. Each photo is clearly but subtly captioned, providing essential context without detracting from the pared-back visual appeal. 

The text boxes are nicely spread out and contain minimal text – enough to convey helpful information, but without overwhelming the reader. This thoughtful approach results in a brochure that is not only easy on the eyes, but also provides an enjoyable, straightforward, and relaxing user experience.  

15. This tri-fold brochure design by Adobe

travel to brochure

A tri-fold brochure is a great idea for informational displays where visitors need quick, accessible information about local attractions or tours. That might be in a hotel, an airport, or a tourist information center. It’s also a good idea to display these in travel agencies where space is limited, as they give potential clients a quick snapshot of travel destinations.

This trifold travel brochure template from Adobe is a good starting point, and demonstrates the power of striking imagery in capturing attention. It also shows how color blocking can be effectively used to divide information, and that less can often be more when it comes to volume of text.

Adobe has thousands of travel brochure templates to choose from – ideal if you’re not a professional graphic designer! Top tip: if you sign up for a free trial, you can download up to 10 free travel brochure templates (or other stock imagery to use in your travel brochures).

Five lessons you can take from these travel brochure examples

  • Use eye-catching, high-quality images to take readers on a visual journey and transport them to the destination
  • Organize information in bite-sized sections, with clear subheadings and bullet points to enhance readability
  • Balance detailed text with visual elements and white space to avoid overwhelming the reader 
  • Keep your target audience in mind throughout the design process
  • Use signposts like page references and QR codes to keep customers on the user journey 

Final thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing these travel brochure examples and have come away feeling inspired and ready to get started on your next brochure design.

A fundamental part of the travel brochure design process is review and approval. After all, you need to get the right eyes on your designs to make sure everything is accurate, on-brand, and error-free before you go to print or publish it online. 

Design approval software like Filestage helps to make your feedback and approval process quicker, easier, and more collaborative. To see for yourself how Filestage can help, start a free trial →

Katie Garrett

Katie Garrett

Design and creative.

travel to brochure

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8 workflow automation examples to scale up your creative process 

Accuracy, efficiency, productivity, visibility, and control. These are the words you want to hear about your creative workflows. Especially if you’re producing a high volume of content in a regulated industry.

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How to set up an efficient and collaborative design process

It’s no news that collaboration increases creativity and productivity. Just remember the last time you were bending over backwards, desperately looking for an innovative solution to your problem. 

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How to open PSD file to add comments and annotations

In this article, I’ll guide you through how to open PSD files for free. And, assuming you want to do more than look at pretty pictures, how to add feedback as part of your design approval process.

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The 5-step design brief that delivers 5-star results

In the world of graphic design, success often hinges on the quality of the design brief itself. Whether you’re working with an in-house design team or external designers, a well-crafted design brief is the foundation of a successful project, aiding the design process.

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How to make a catalog in 7 simple steps

Catalogs are the crème de la crème of marketing collateral. But if you want catalog marketing to work for your business, each element needs to be carefully thought-out and well-executed.

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  1. Travel Tri Fold Brochure Design Template in PSD, Word, Publisher

    travel to brochure

  2. 15+ Travel Brochure Examples to Inspire Your Design

    travel to brochure

  3. 15+ Travel Brochure Examples to Inspire Your Design

    travel to brochure

  4. 15+ Travel Brochure Examples to Inspire Your Design

    travel to brochure

  5. How to Make an Awesome Travel Brochure

    travel to brochure

  6. Travel Brochures Examples

    travel to brochure


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  1. 17 Travel Brochure Examples For Traveler & Tourism

    Travel agencies recognize this and invest in high-quality brochure designs, often leveraging free travel brochure templates to kick-start the creative process. Such brochures can easily be customized with one's own photos, brand assets, and unique design elements to resonate with the target audience.

  2. Free, printable, customizable travel brochure templates

    571 templates. Create a blank Travel Brochure. Green Simple Creative Travel Trifold Brochure. Brochure by Marissa Abao's Images. Blue World City Tour Trifold Brochure. Brochure by Formatika Studio. Green Olive Simple Modern Aesthetic Trifold Brochure. Brochure by

  3. Travel Brochure Design Made Easy: Free Templates

    A travel brochure is a helpful tool that travel agencies and tour companies use to showcase exciting destinations, experiences, and travel packages. It's a concise travel guide that ignites wanderlust. It includes key details like the destination's highlights, trip dates, itinerary, accommodation, pricing and contact information. ...

  4. Free Online Travel Brochure Maker

    Travel brochures are an excellent marketing tool for inspiring people to take a trip or guide them once they've arrived at a destination. Whatever your vision is for making a travel brochure, Adobe Express is here to help bring it to life. Adobe Express helps you create stunning graphics, which you can resize to share on any social platform ...

  5. How to Make a Captivating Travel Brochure

    When creating a travel brochure or a digital travel guide, it is important to include the following elements to make it the most efficient: 🏖️Destination information: provide details about the location, including its history, culture, attractions, and activities. 🖼️Stunning imagery: include high-quality photos that showcase the beauty ...

  6. How to make a stunning travel brochure

    The travel brochure design makes it look like a diary photo album, intentionally connecting a personal item so that the reader connects to it with ease. Cursive writing titles on polaroid photographs make it feel like a travel journal you make before your trip begins. It's an inspirational and concise way to bridge the gap between the ...

  7. Online Brochure Maker

    Professional-looking brochure templates for every need. Canva's brochure maker takes the hassle out of creating beautiful brochures. From travel brochures to real estate brochures, Canva's extensive template library has you covered. Simply add your details, customize according to your needs and there you have it: A custom brochure, made by you.

  8. 11 Travel Brochure Examples & Templates to Know

    11 Travel Brochure Examples & Templates. Visme offers a wide selection of professionally designed travel brochure templates you can easily customize to suit your needs, audience or services. Let's explore 10 top travel brochure examples and templates. We'll also dive deeper into some of the templates we shared earlier.

  9. Free Travel Brochure Templates

    Blank Template. This row should only exist if a blank template is needed at the beginning of the templates. default-create-link-text. { {placeholder-format}} Choose from dozens of online travel brochure template ideas from Adobe Express to help you easily create your own free travel brochure. All creative skill levels are welcome.

  10. How to Make a Captivating Travel Brochure Step by Step (With Free

    A travel brochure is a tangible, visual representation of what a destination has to offer. It's a blend of compelling images, engaging narratives, and practical information, all designed to ...

  11. How to Make a Travel Brochure (with Pictures)

    1. Choose the destination of your potential clients. If you are a professional working for a travel company, your destination of choice will be the one you work for. If you are a student, and are creating a pretend travel brochure, you will want to pick out a desirable, exotic, and interesting location. A professional should already know what ...

  12. How to Make a Travel Brochure That Stands Out

    A travel brochure is a marketing tool designed to get people to visit a specific destination, attraction, or activity. It's a simple and easy way to promote your business while informing travelers and drawing their attention to your services. These brochures can be used by any business in any industry, from five-star resorts to mom-and-pop ...

  13. Travel Brochure Maker

    Captivate your travel-savvy audience with pre-designed travel brochure examples from Fotor. Featuring sleek, modern design elements and options, our travel brochure templates are 100% customizable. Simply pick one from our template center, edit it as you need, and watch as your travel brochure design comes to life.

  14. 20 Travel Brochure Examples to Follow

    Travel Brochure Examples for Cultural Sites and Tourist Attractions. The following travel brochures hone in on a specific attraction, region, or cultural site, incorporating beautiful visual representations as well as useful information for tourists. They're perfect to keep stocked in hotel lobbies, visitor centers, and travel agencies. 11.

  15. 17 Stunning Brochure Examples & Templates to Help You Create ...

    2. Travel Brochure Template. Capture the exhilaration of exploring new places with this tourist brochure example. It includes striking photos of different destinations, captivating blurbs and descriptions. Make full use of this travel brochure by inserting captivating stories about each destination. It's also useful for outlining details such ...

  16. Free Travel Guides

    Travel Guides, Choose your Free print and digital vacation planning guides, visitor guides, and travel brochures from 100's of destinations. Guides include the latest attractions, things to do, where to eat, places to stay and more. Discover new things to do and experience. Also, these guides often include itineraries, maps, discounts and ...

  17. 15+ Travel Brochure Examples to Inspire Your Design

    15+ Travel Brochure Examples to Inspire Your Design. See some of our travel brochure ideas, templates, and examples, all in one place. Then design your own informational and unique brochure for free using Venngage! CREATE A FREE BROCHURE.

  18. Design Brochures Online for Free

    Make a standout brochure online in minutes. With the Adobe Express brochure maker app, you can create a stunning brochure design in minutes without having any creative experience. Not only is it fast and easy, but the brochure maker is free for everyone. Choose from thousands of brochure templates, thousands of unique Adobe Fonts, a wide ...

  19. 15 travel brochure examples to inspire your next design

    This travel brochure design strikes the perfect balance between simple and detailed, with the left-hand page featuring a simple summary and much more white space, and the right-hand page containing the more detailed information. It's important to have this balance in mind when designing a brochure, thinking about text:image:white space ratio. ...

  20. Free, printable, customizable travel brochure templates

    Skip to start of list. 563 templates. Create a blank Travel Brochure. Peach Green and Brown Dynamic Organic City Life Travel Brochure. Brochure by Canva Creative Studio. green minimalist travel adventure promotioan Brochure. Brochure by Lythcreative. White and Blue Modern Travel with Frame Square Trifold Brochure.

  21. Free Travel Guides

    Choose your Free print and digital vacation planning guides, visitor guides, and travel brochures from 100's of destinations. Guides include the latest attractions, things to do, where to eat, places to stay and more. Discover new things to do and experience. Also, these guides often include itineraries, maps, discounts and coupons.

  22. Travel to the U.S. trends up

    Travel to the United States is expected to rise sharply in 2024, increasing 15% over last year's numbers, according to the International Trade Administration. The 78 million tourists the ITA estimates will visit the U.S. from abroad in 2024 — 10 million more than in 2023 — are part of a worldwide rebound in international tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic.

  23. Free, printable professional brochure templates

    Brochure templates. Our printable brochure templates can be customized to fit any brand or business. Add photos, icons, and illustrations or switch up the colors to give any design a personal touch. Print from $9.50. Easy to create and customize. Eco-conscious, high-quality prints. Fast and free standard shipping.