How To Change Travel Frog To English: A Simple Guide

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how to change travel frog to english

Travel Frog is a popular mobile game that has taken the world by storm with its cute and relaxing gameplay. However, one major hurdle for non-Japanese players is that the game is only available in Japanese. This can be frustrating for those who want to enjoy the game but don't understand the language. Thankfully, there is a way to change Travel Frog to English, and in this guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to do so. So, if you're a fan of Travel Frog and want to join in on the fun without struggling with the language barrier, keep reading!

What You'll Learn

Introduction to travel frog and its popularity among gamers, steps to change travel frog game language to english, tips and tricks to navigate the english version of travel frog, enjoying the travel frog game in english and exploring its features.


Travel Frog, also known as Tabi Kaeru or Journey Frog, is a popular mobile game developed by Hit-Point Co., Ltd. The game was first released in Japan in 2017 and soon gained a massive following worldwide. What makes Travel Frog unique and appealing to gamers is its simplicity and relaxing gameplay.

In Travel Frog, players are responsible for taking care of a cute little frog who loves to travel. The objective of the game is to provide everything the frog needs for its trips, such as food and supplies, and then wait for it to return with souvenirs. The game progresses in real-time, which means that players have to wait for several hours or even days to see the results of their efforts. This slow-paced gameplay has captivated many gamers who enjoy the casual and stress-free nature of Travel Frog.

The graphics in Travel Frog are beautifully illustrated, with a charming and nostalgic art style. The serene background music and subtle sound effects further enhance the relaxing atmosphere of the game. These features, combined with the adorable animations of the frog, make Travel Frog a visually pleasing experience.

One of the reasons why Travel Frog has become so popular among gamers is its element of surprise. Players have no control over where the frog goes or what souvenirs it brings back. Each trip is a surprise, and every souvenir is unique, adding an element of excitement and anticipation to the game. This randomness keeps players engaged and encourages them to keep coming back to see what their frog has brought from its adventures.

While Travel Frog was initially only available in Japanese, it has gained a large international following, leading to its translation into various languages, including English. The English version of the game allows non-Japanese speakers to enjoy the game without the need for extensive language skills.

To change Travel Frog to English, follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install the Travel Frog app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app on your mobile device.
  • On the home screen, tap on the frog image to access the main menu.
  • From the main menu, tap on the settings button, usually represented by a gear or cog icon.
  • In the settings menu, look for an option to change the language. It is usually denoted by a flag icon or the word "language."
  • Tap on the language option and select English from the list of available languages.
  • Once you have selected English, exit the settings menu.

Congratulations! You have successfully changed Travel Frog to English. Now you can enjoy the game and take care of your little frog in your preferred language.

In conclusion, Travel Frog has garnered a significant fanbase due to its relaxing and casual gameplay, beautiful graphics, and element of surprise. Its popularity extends beyond Japan, with the availability of an English version making it accessible to a wider audience. If you're looking for a game that allows you to unwind and enjoy the serenity of virtual travel, Travel Frog is definitely worth a try.

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Travel Frog is a popular mobile game that has gained widespread popularity across the globe. However, the game is originally in Japanese, which can be a bit of a challenge for players who do not understand the language. Thankfully, there is a way to change the language of the Travel Frog game to English. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to change the Travel Frog game language to English.

Step 1: Download a language translation app

To begin with, you need to download a language translation app that can translate Japanese text into English. There are several language translation apps available for both Android and iOS devices. Some popular options include Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and iTranslate. Choose the app that best suits your preferences and download it from the app store.

Step 2: Open the Travel Frog game

Once you have downloaded the language translation app, open the Travel Frog game on your mobile device. You will notice that all the text within the game is in Japanese.

Step 3: Take a screenshot of the text

To translate the Japanese text into English, you need to take a screenshot of the text within the game. Most mobile devices have a built-in screenshot feature that allows you to capture the screen. On iPhone devices, simply press the home button and the power button simultaneously to take a screenshot. On Android devices, the process may vary depending on the brand and model. Refer to your device's manual or do a quick internet search to find the specific instructions for taking a screenshot on your device.

Step 4: Open the language translation app

Once you have taken a screenshot of the Japanese text within the Travel Frog game, open the language translation app that you downloaded in Step 1. In most language translation apps, there is an option to import or upload an image for translation. Find this option within the app's interface and tap on it to select the screenshot you took in Step 3.

Step 5: Translate the text

After selecting the screenshot, the language translation app will analyze the text and translate it from Japanese to English. This process may take a few seconds, depending on the length of the text and the speed of your mobile device. Once the translation is complete, the app will display the English translation of the Japanese text.

Step 6: Use the translated text in the game

Now that you have the English translation of the Japanese text, you can use it to navigate through the Travel Frog game. Simply refer to the translated text whenever you come across a menu option, button, or any other text within the game. This way, you can understand the gameplay and enjoy the game to its fullest.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that translating the text using a language translation app may not always be 100% accurate. There may be instances where the translation may not make complete sense or may be slightly off. In such cases, it is advisable to use common sense and context to understand the intended meaning.

By following these steps, you can change the language of the Travel Frog game to English and fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. Don't let the language barrier stop you from enjoying this delightful and relaxing mobile game. Happy playing!

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Travel Frog, also known as Tabi Kaeru in Japanese, has gained immense popularity among mobile game enthusiasts. The game allows you to take care of a cute little frog who loves to travel. However, for non-Japanese speakers, navigating the game can be a bit challenging. If you're looking to switch the language to English in Travel Frog, here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Download the English Version:

The first step is to ensure that you have the correct version of the game installed on your device. Travel Frog has an official English version available for download, so make sure you're using that edition. You can find the English version on the app store of your respective mobile device.

Open the Game:

Once you have the English version installed, open the game on your device. You'll be greeted with a screen showcasing a pixelated landscape with your cute little frog waiting for you.

Navigate to the Settings:

Next, locate the settings option within the game. On the main screen, you'll typically find an icon that resembles a gear or three horizontal lines. Tap on that icon to access the settings menu.

Language Option:

Within the settings menu, look for the language option. In the English version of Travel Frog, it's usually denoted by an icon of a globe or flags representing different countries. Tap on this language option to access the language selection screen.

Switch to English:

On the language selection screen, you'll see a list of available languages. Look for the English language option and tap on it to switch the game's language to English. Once selected, the game will automatically change to English, making it much easier for non-Japanese speakers to navigate and understand.

Confirm the Selection:

After selecting English as your preferred language, the game may ask you to confirm your choice. Confirm the selection to apply the changes and switch Travel Frog to English.

Enjoy the English Version:

Congratulations! You have successfully changed the language of Travel Frog to English. Now you can enjoy playing the game with a better understanding of its features, objectives, and activities.

Remember, while the main game text and UI will now be in English, some elements of Travel Frog, such as item names or in-game dialogue, may still appear in Japanese. However, the English version provides a much smoother and user-friendly experience overall.

And there you have it – a simple guide to switch the language to English in Travel Frog. With these tips and tricks, you'll be able to fully enjoy the adorable and immersive game and take care of your little frog companion on its exciting travel adventures. Have fun exploring and nurturing your virtual frog!

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Are you a fan of the popular mobile game Travel Frog (旅かえる) but can't understand Japanese? Don't worry, it's still possible to enjoy the game in English! In this article, we will guide you on how to change Travel Frog to English and explore its features.

To begin with, Travel Frog is a charming and relaxing game where you take care of a little frog who enjoys traveling. Your main objective is to provide your frog with food, a comfortable home environment, and help it collect souvenirs from its trips. Let's get started and make the game accessible for English-speaking players!

Download and Install the Game

First things first, you will need to download and install Travel Frog on your mobile device. The game is available for both iOS and Android users, so head over to your respective app stores (App Store or Google Play Store) and search for "Travel Frog." Once you find the game, click on the "Install" button to download and install it.

Launch the Game and Reach Settings

After successfully installing Travel Frog, launch the game and wait for it to load. You will be greeted by the cute little frog and its tranquil surroundings. To change the language to English, you will need to access the game's Settings menu. Look for the gear or cog icon, usually located in the top right or bottom right corner of the main screen. Tap on it to proceed.

Navigate to the Language Settings

Inside the Settings menu, you will find various options and settings related to the game. Look for the Language option, which is usually represented by a flag icon. Tap on it to access the Language Settings.

Select English as the Language

In the Language Settings, you will see a list of available languages. Your game is currently set to Japanese by default, so scroll through the list until you find "English." Tap on the English option to select it as your preferred language.

Confirm the Language Change

After selecting English as the language, a confirmation prompt will appear asking you to confirm the change. Click on the "OK" or "Confirm" button to finalize the Language change.

Enjoy the Travel Frog Game in English

Congratulations! You have successfully changed Travel Frog to English. Now, you can enjoy all the game's features and interactions in a language you understand. Take care of your little frog, feed it, decorate its home, and send it on exciting adventures to collect souvenirs.

Remember that some elements of the game, such as the names of certain food and souvenirs, may still appear in Japanese. However, the overall gameplay and main interactions will be in English, making it easier for you to navigate and enjoy the game.

In conclusion, by following these simple steps, you can change Travel Frog to English and fully enjoy the game even if you don't understand Japanese. Have fun taking care of your adorable little frog and creating precious memories together!

Note: The steps mentioned in this article are accurate as of the time of writing. However, developers may update the game interface or settings in future updates, so some details may vary.

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Frequently asked questions.

Unfortunately, Travel Frog is only available in Japanese and Chinese. There is no official English version of the game.

While you can use a translation app to understand some of the text, it may not provide a seamless experience as the game was not designed to be played in English.

No, Travel Frog does not have an option to change the language settings. The game is only available in Japanese and Chinese.

Yes, there are other games that offer a similar relaxing gameplay experience, such as Neko Atsume and Tsuki Adventure, which are available in English.

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How to play Travel Frog

Not as easy as you’d think

' src=

If you need some help understanding how to play Tabi Kaeru (旅かえる), the addictive new mobile game, I’ve got you covered.

Before I hop into how to play this game, I’ll lay it out there: I can’t read Japanese. It’s a shame, really. If anything, I can understand some Japanese — holler at my young self-avoiding needing to read subtitles while watching anime. Back to the task at hand. Here are neat tips and tricks I learned from playing the game:

How you start off

travel frog change language

When you first launch the game, I’m guessing you’ll be greeted with the terms of service of the game. You’ll then be asked to enter a name for your frog. This bit for me was easy enough to understand. I clicked through the buttons and went along.

travel frog change language

Your frog will be preparing for his first journey when you are initially introduced. The game will walk you through three varying types of items you’ll need to pack for your frog for him to wander off: food, charms, and equipment. The clovers you find in front of your frog’s house are currencies in the game for you to buy more items.

travel frog change language

Later on, I learned that three-leaf clovers are used to purchase items from the shop. Four-leaf clovers are collected and kept as charms to equip your frog when he’s on a journey. I had to learn that the tough way: running out of charms to give my frog.

travel frog change language

The game then prompts you with this:

travel frog change language

“Your frog will head out on journeys by himself, but if you prepare him as you did here in the tutorial he may bring pictures and souvenirs home for you.”

Not as simple as Neko Atsume

From here, it’s a waiting game. The clover garden will replenish over time. And you’ll occasionally meet some of your frog’s friends who visit.

travel frog change language

If you’re the kind of person who has a staggering amount of separation anxiety, don’t play this game. Your frog will come and go without warning. If you want to be the overbearing mother, you can alter that in the settings by bumping up the frog icon (labeled “SE”) you see below. This will let the game prompt you when your frog is back from his travels.

This game will inevitably fool you into its simplicity by the cute graphics and seemingly simple mechanics but the longer you play, the more complex it becomes. There are detailed translations of the game but there’s something about just discovering the context little by little that makes it a bit more charming for me.

travel frog change language

When you progress in the game, you discover the undeniable satisfaction of receiving postcards. Your frog sometimes (there is no guarantee!) leaves postcards from wherever he’s wandered off to. Even if it is a game contextualized in time, it teaches you the valuable lesson of letting things go and letting things be. It’s a great game to pass the time and it is unquestionably comforting to find rare photos of your frog accompanied by a friend.

More friends, more fun

And, remember your frog’s friends? They’re the animals that visit and show up outside your door. Each of them have four food preference tiers, ranging from “Pleased” (least favorite) to “Can’t eat anymore” (most favorite). The fuller they are, the more three-leaf clovers they’ll collect for you.

Maimai is the snail.

travel frog change language

He loves chestnuts, tea leaves but most things will fill him. He’s a bit tough to please at first but once your frog travels more, you get to meet other friends too.

Bunbun is the bee.

Bunbun is loves peppers, cabbages, chestnuts, milk, gohei mochi, garlic, rice, baked buns, tea leaves, and hardtack. If you notice, Maimai is probably the most tough to please but once you encounter Bunbun, you’re more likely to meet other friends too. These are the two friends I’ve encountered so far but, I’ll keep this article updates once I find something new.

What’s not to like?

travel frog change language

I mean, at least for me, it’s a game that requires minimal effort. If you want to dig balls-deep into the nitty-gritty bits of game, you’ll inevitably have to wait regardless. If you run out of charms (which sadly happened to me a lot), you can pack your frog’s bag without it. The food is the bare minimum thing you can have set-up for your frog for his journey.

travel frog change language

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Following Biden’s ban

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America’s Entity List has claimed another victim. A month ago, the American government has added Kaspersky Labs to the list, effectively banning the antivirus company from operating in the country. Now, the company is giving up the fight by shutting down its American business.

Last month, the Biden administration accused Kaspersky Labs of having ties with the Russian government. Much like the country’s still-ongoing disputes with Chinese companies like TikTok, Kaspersky’s ties will allegedly expose American consumers to the dangers of Russian-led espionage.

Now, whereas TikTok continues to fight the decision, Kaspersky has decided to give in without much of a fuss. Via BleepingComputer , the company will lay off all of its US-based employees, starting July 20.

It’s way ahead of the deadline, too. The government’s decree states that Kaspersky can still sell its products until September 29. It shouldn’t matter that much now because of the company’s decision to close up shop earlier than expected.

Technically, Kaspersky Labs can still sell its products to American consumers, especially before the fated date. However, the government warns that anyone who still wants to use the antivirus program, whether for personal or enterprise use, does so at their own risk.

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iOS 18 can recover all your lost photos

Automatically detect and restore corrupted images

travel frog change language

Losing photos is an unfortunate risk of relying on smartphones for storage. If you’ve ever found yourself with a bunch of lost or corrupted photos, iOS 18 is hoping to make things right. Spotted by 9to5Mac , the Photos app is getting a new feature for photo recovery.

As announced recently, one of the biggest features of iOS 18 is a redesigned Photos. Starting with iOS 18, the app can automatically sort images into collections. One of those collections is a new Recovered folder.

With the update, your iPhone can detect any potentially recoverable images in its storage. It will then collate these images into the Recovered folder, which is viewable through the Photos’ Utilities.  Once there, users can decide whether to permanently delete the image or restore them to the library.

Now, it’s still a bit unclear how extensive the recovery is. While it’s certain that the new feature will recover corrupted images, will it also recover those that were accidentally deleted from the Recently Deleted folder? (For reference, the Recently Deleted folder keeps manually deleted photos for 30 days before permanently deleting them from the device.)

Regardless of its extent, the feature is useful for ensuring that deleted photos actually stay deleted or recovering those accidentally lost to corruption. iOS 18 will launch its full version later this year.

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Smart LiveStream app offers free Paris 2024 Olympics coverage

‘Lakas at puso sa Paris 2024’

' src=

Rallying behind the Philippine Olympic athletes for the upcoming Paris 2024 Games? Smart LiveStream is offering a comprehensive coverage of this year’s Olympiad, which shall include all events involving Filipino Olympians.

Smart and even non-Smart subscribers may watch key sporting events in real-time to support the Philippine national team. Aside from those, they may also witness the quadrennial meet’s opening and closing ceremonies, and much-anticipated events like basketball, volleyball, and more.

Through Smart’s coverage, fans may watch the following Filipino athletes fight for flag and country:

  • EJ Obiena (men’s pole vault)
  • John Cabeng Tolentino (men’s 110-meter hurdles)
  • Lauren Hoffman (momen’s 400-meter hurdles)

Artistic Gymnastics

  • Carlos Yulo
  • Aleah Finnegan
  • Levi Jung-Ruivivar
  • Emma Malabuyo
  • Nesthy Petecio (women’s featherweight)
  • Aira Villegas (women’s flyweight)
  • Hergie Bacyadan (women’s middleweight)
  • Eumir Marcial (men’s featherweight)
  • Carlo Paalam (men’s middleweight)


  • John Ceniza (men’s -61 kilograms)
  • Elreen Ando (women’s -59 kilograms)
  • Vanessa Sarno (women’s -71 kilograms)
  • Joanie Delgaco (women’s single sculls)
  • Samantha Catantan (women’s foil)
  • Bianca Pagdanganan (women’s)
  • Dottie Ardina (women’s)
  • Jarod Hatch (men’s 100-meter butterfly)
  • Kayla Sanchez (women’s 100-meter freestyle)
  • Kiyomi Watanabe (women’s 63 kilograms)

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Smart LiveStream app

To get started, users simply have to download the Smart LiveStream app on the App Store and Google Play. Afterwards, they will just need to register any mobile number and start watching.

The platform promises 24/7 free streaming of the Games from July 26 to August 11, 2024. For those who cannot watch the events live, on-demand video will also be available to relive moments.

Smart LiveStream will have a 24/7 coverage of the Games. Selected events will also be shown on the Smart Sports and Puso Pilipinas social media pages. Meanwhile, Manny V. Pangilinan’s TV network, TV5, has also been named the official broadcast partner of the Olympics.

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Garena confirms Free Fire-Naruto Shippuden collaboration

~ Journey Frog ~

About the game.

旅かえる ( Tabikaeru — “Journey Frog”) is a new mobile game by Hit-Point , the software studio behind Neko Atsume (ねこあつめ). The name is a pun, “Tabi” (旅) meaning “Journey” and “Kaeru” (かえる) meaning both “Frog” (蛙) and “to return” (帰る).

It's a game about a Frog that goes on many journeys, sends you pictures of its many adventures, and returns with gifts (collectibles), mainly specialties from the regions it visits.

In this game you need to prepare the Frog's Bag (かばん) for the journey, and collect all the souvenirs (いっぴん) it brings back (you can also collect the pictures it sends from these journeys if you wish.)

How to Play

You start in the garden.


Begin by pressing the Start button (スタート).

Terms of use

You first need to agree to the terms of the game, so press the Agree button (同意する) on the lower left. The top button is to read the Terms of Use (利用規約), and the bottom right is the Disagree button (同意しない), and you will be brought to the start screen if you press it.

The frog

As soon as the game loads, you'll see our hero sitting in the garden by the door, and you will be asked to give it a name. You must use no more than 5 characters. Since Japanese names are writen in kanji ( 漢字 ) or kana ( 仮名 ), 5 characters can go a long way... Just be creative!

Name screen

Press OK after you've decided on a name.

You will then be presented with a mini-tutorial that will teach you how to harvest clover (you will find a four-leaf clover that you can use as a lucky charm), go to the store to buy a grape scone (the only food you can afford), and prepare the bag for the frog's first journey (putting the scone as food and the four-leaf clover as charm in the top two spots.)


After you put everything in the bag, you press the “Finish” button (かんりょう), and the frog will leave the house on its first adventure. There's no need to know Japanese to complete the mini-tutorial, just be aware that Yes is written “はい” (and is usually placed on the left side of the window), and No is “いいえ”


After you finish the tutorial, you will be awarded with 500 clovers and 1 lucky four-leaf clover that you can use in the next journey. It'll be wise to use the generous ammount of clover to buy a couple expensive things, like a tent or a hand-towel. And maybe a bagel as food, because your frog won't go far if you only give it scones...


To get these prizes, just go to the Mailbox (ゆうびん) and press on the Acceptance button (受け取り) on each item.

After this, you need to wait for your frog to return. It's adviced to close the app and re-open it, since your frog won't return unless you do this. After a while, the frog will be back to its home, ready to start a new journey. Prepare its bag again, or leave items on the desk for it to pick up.


Important: If you receive a picture from your frog, and want to keep it, don't forget to press the Save button (保存する), otherwise, you won't be able to recover that image!

Lets see all the elements of the game, to get a deeper grasp of it.


The Garden is the area where you begin. Here you can see the clover (よつば) that serves as currency, the mailbox and the many visitors you may encounter from time to time (Hello snail!) You harvest the clover to buy food for the frog, and it re-spawns after some time. Occasionally you can find a four-leaf clover you can use as a lucky charm.

The elements you have here are:


The Back Room is the place where the frog stores all the Souvenirs, Specialties and Pictures from its journeys. You can get to the Back Room by pressing the Back Room button (うらべや), or pressing the Back Room area inside the house:

Back Room door

In it you have the Encyclopedia (ずかん) and the Album (アルバム), that you get by pressing the appropriate button.


To go back, press the Back button (もどる).

About Specialties and Visitors


After each journey, your frog will return with one or more specialties from the region it has visited. These will be recorded in the Specialties (めいぶつ) section of the Encyclopedia, and the actual items will be in the Specialties tab of the Belongings section (もちもの), with a little number indicating how many of those you have.


Also, from time to time you will receive the visit of some of the frog's friends (a snail, a turtle and a bee). These friends will bring a flyer to earn a lottery ticket that will be left in the mailbox. If you check this flyer, you will be asked to watch an ad in exchage for the lottery ticket. Press Yes (はい) if you want to watch the ad, or No (いいえ) if you don't want to watch it.


If you press on the visitor, the Specialties menu will open, and you can choose an item to feed the visitor. In return, they will give you regular clovers or a four-leaf clover, that will be sent by mail. You can only give one item to the visitor.


The shop is the place where you can buy things for the frog's journey. You can get to the Shop by pressing the Shop button (おみせ). It has three different kind of items: Food (おべんとう), Tools (どうぐ), and Charms (おまもり), though there's no visual separation of each category.


All of the food is vegetarian, and you can buy as many items as desired. Touch an item to see a brief description. The only charm is a Bell, and the rest are tools the frog can use to travel certain places. These items can be bought only one time: it will display a “Sold Out” sign (売り切れ) over the price of items no longer available. Tools can be used as many times as needed. Charms dissapear after a few uses (except, probably, for the bell.)

The items available are:


At the top right part of the Shop window, you have the Lottery icon:


In the Lottery, you play to win different prizes, depending on the color of the ball you get. To play the Lottery, you need 5 tickets that you get from watching the ads from the flyers the visitors leave in the mailbox.


If you have 5 tickets, press the Turn button (まわす), and you'll get a ball. The ball can be yellow, red, green, blue or, most often, white. To see the different prizes you can get, press the yellow Prize List button (景品一覧 ).

Prize List

A Yellow Ball will give you a ticket (きっぷ). Each ticket will take you on a trip to a distant location, with each color corresponding to a cardinal direction (East, West, South and North.)

A Red Ball will give you a bag of “Konpeito” candy (金平糖), in four different flavors: strawberry, lemon, grape or melon. You can put this candy in your frog's bag for its journeys.

A Green Ball will give you a bag of Egg Biscuits (たまごぼうろ), in five different flavors: carrot, pumpkin, soybean, milk and burdock. This can also be given to the frog.

A Blue Ball will give you a charm (お守り) in one of five colors: yellow, white, red, blue or pink. Each one offers protection for your travel in one cardinal direction (Yellow for East, White for West, Red for South and Blue for North), while the pink protects in an unknown place.

A White Ball means you've lost, and will only reward you with 1 ticket (ふくびき券) for the lottery.

To go back, press the Shop button (おみせ).

The last part we're going to examine is the interior of the house.

To go to the interior of the house, you press the Home button (おうち).


This is the frog's home. It'll be there before a journey, and upon its return. You can see it there doing various activities, like reading, eating or sleeping. When it's home, the candles are lit, and the hat is hung on the rack. When it's gone, the candles are off, and the room is empty.



When you press on the Preparation button (while the frog is at home), you get the Bag screen (かばん)

You have three main sections: Food (おべんとう), Charms (おまもり) and Tools (どうぐ) below. Press on each section to get the Belongings screen, and fill the slots as you wish. After you put the necessary items in the bag, press the “Finish” button (かんりょう), and the frog will be ready for its journey!


If you swipe left (or if you press the Preparation button while the frog isn't at home) you'll find an additional section called Desk (つくえ). It works very similar to the Bag, but here you leave items for future journeys, so you don't have to be always looking to prepare the frog's bag before every journey. The frog can get things from the desk, and leave without further notice.

The main difference between the Bag and Desk windows is the button at the bottom. While the button in the Bag window prepares the bag for the journey, the button in the desk window is used to Clean (かたづける) the desk, and will put away all the things you have there!

Tip: If the frog leaves without any food (because you haven't prepared its bag and haven't left any food on the desk) and won't come back, you just need to put some food on the desk, and it'll return.

The last thing you need to know is that, when the frog is there, you can press on it to bring up an information window. There you can see the frog's name, and change its title (it gets different titles as it goes into more journeys.)

Frog data

Press OK to change or Cancel (キャンセル) to leave things as it were.

So, here ends my tutorial. I hope you have fun learning about your frog's adventures, and the friends it makes along its journeys. Thanks for stopping by!


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Why Chinese youth are obsessing over a traveling frog in the mobile game Tabi Kaeru

travel frog change language

The No. 1 most downloaded free game from Apple’s App Store in China is a Japanese-produced simulation, in Japanese only, that makes users experience the anxiety and joy of child-rearing.

Through caring for a virtual green frog.

The mobile game Tabi Kaeru , otherwise known as Travel Frog, was developed by Hit-Point and released last fall ( iTunes , Google Play ), and it’s causing addicted players to obsessively check their phones, fretfully waiting for the green frog — which players are dubbing “son” on social media — to return home.

Even the People’s Daily has noticed. In its official account’s daily morning pep talk to its Weibo followers on Thursday, it stated , “Enrich yourself, don’t be a lonely ‘frog-raising youngster.’”

Similar to its predecessor, Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, a 2014 mobile game that allows players to use food and toys to attract stray cats and interact with them, there are a very limited number of things a player can actually do in Travel Frog.

At the game’s outset, the player is assigned a frog — one that likes to go off on adventures across Japan, visiting tourist attractions and the like (as QooApp notes , “Tabikaeru in Japanese can have multiple meanings. The first half, Tabi, means travel and the second half, Kaeru, not only means return, but also frog”). The player needs to help him prep for each trip, buying food and traveling essentials such as sleeping tents, candles, and bags.

While away, the player-named frog will occasionally send postcards and souvenirs, just to make sure you know what he’s up to. But most of the time, you don’t hear from him. All you can do is wait. Patiently.

“My frog hasn’t been home yet and I stayed awake all night waiting for him,” one player wrote  (in Chinese) on Weibo. “I just received a postcard from him and it makes me happy to see he’s using the tent I bought him. I hope he can come home soon. His old mother is missing him.”

travel frog change language

When the frog returns, he is an aloof introvert who only engages in solo activities, such as eating soup, reading books, and writing in his diary.

As soon as you have prepared his travel pack again, he immediately sets off on another journey.

frog writing 3

Although the game is designed to require a minimum investment of time, attention, and energy, it has a number of young Chinese players emotionally hooked. When the frog is away for too long, they start to worry about whether they prepared enough food, or if the frog is sleeping well. When they see other players post pictures of their frogs happily traveling with companions (mice, squirrels, butterflies, etc.), they are concerned about their “son’s” ability to make friends. And when the frog lingers at home longer than usual, they are afraid that it has lost interest in exploring the outside world.

travel frog change language

The main currency in this game is the clover, which one can collect in a small garden outside the house and spend it to buy a variety of goods. All for the frog’s sake, of course. Some players have become so invested in the game that they’ve purchased cheating plugins — with real money — that allows them to have an unlimited amount of clovers, all in order to ensure their son lives a life without want.

frog game 2

A WeChat blogger made a simple calculation  that suggests it could cost up to $25.5 million to cover all the living and traveling expenses of such a frog in real life. The blogger didn’t calculate how much higher the amount would be for a human being.

“At first I was confident that I could be an open-minded parent who respects my kids and allows them enough freedom,” another blogger wrote  (in Chinese) in a review of the game. “But very soon I realized that being a ‘perfect’ parent is not easy at all.”


Jiayun (Jenny) Feng is the Society and Culture Editor at The China Project. Born and raised in Shanghai, she is a bilingual journalist committed to reporting on China-related issues with a global perspective. Read more

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travel frog change language

A mobile game about a traveling frog becomes surprise hit in China

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Travel Frog, or Tabi Kaeru, a Japanese mobile game about rearing a pet frog and supplying him with equipment to travel, has in recent weeks risen to become the most downloaded free game from Apple’s App Store in China. So popular is the game in China, presently the world’s largest gaming market , that there are now low-quality copycat games appearing in the App Store , as well as unauthorized assistant software that helps users cheat in the game.

China’s obsession over Travel Frog has come as a surprise to many, not least to its Japanese developers at Hit-Point, who released the similar-natured game Neko Atsume, or Kitty Collector, back in 2014. In an interview with Sina, the developers behind Travel Frog expressed that they had also been taken aback by the news of how much of a hit the game is with Chinese youths. While Travel Frog is currently only available in Japanese in App Store (an unsanctioned Chinese version of the game, however, is available in Android systems), the language barrier appears to have no effect in deterring Chinese players. According to a statement released by Hit-Point, Travel Frog has hit 10 million downloads in Apple’s App Store and Chinese users alone are responsible for 95% of the downloads. Japanese users, on the other hand, contributed only 2%.

travel frog change language

There have been many theories about why the mobile game is so beloved in China. The cuteness of the character, the titular frog, and the interface of the game may play a significant factor. The game developers themselves have stated that when they designed the game, they had initially envisioned young females between the age of 10 and 30 as the target demographic. The fact that the game calls for less time commitment or skills from its players—most of the time when you’re playing Travel Frog, your frog is traveling and all you can do is patiently wait for him to come back home or wait to hear from him via postcards—has also set it apart from other mobile games, which are more demanding of the users’ focus and energy.

But perhaps it’s the traveling aspect of the game that has appealed the most to Chinese players. By playing Travel Frog, users are able to travel vicariously through the postcards and mementos given to them by their frogs. A Weibo user has remarked that the best part of the game is that she is able to savor a taste of freedom and wanderlust that she desires, but is unable to satisfy in real life.

The popularity of Travel Frog has, unfortunately, led to a slew of copycat games that are looking to bank on the game’s fame. Last week, a Chinese version of Travel Fog that required users to pay 30 RMB ($4.74) before downloading appeared on China’s App Store. The copycat game, developed by Song Yang, and not Hit-Point, garnered nearly 8,000 reviews, most of them from angry customers claiming they had been scammed. While the game was later removed from the store , Chinese knockoffs of Travel Frog are still prevalent. In Apple’s App Store, there currently is an app called Frog Traveling!, as well as another game that bears a similar name to the Chinese translation of “Travel Frog.” Both games unsubtly ape the design of the real Travel Frog.

In addition to the influx of copycat games, there have also been reports of illegal assistant software that is being used to help users gain more in-game currency. The longevity of software like this, however, may be short-lived, as many users are claiming that the software led to data loss and malfunctions of their phones.

According to the Hit-Point developers, they are currently working on producing an international version for Travel Frog in response to the game’s largely international user base.

Pang-Chieh Ho

Pang-Chieh Ho is currently an editor at Digg and a columnist for SupChina. She previously worked at China Film Insider as a newsletter editor and her work has appeared on Screen Comment and VCinema. More by Pang-Chieh Ho

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We Cannot Change the Wind, But We Can Adjust the Sails

We are intensively working on all the changes that you have helped us realise travel frog needed and hope to be able to present you with a revamped website by the end of July <watch this space>.


We are also moving away from a city specific landing page & giving  travel frog   the opportunity to discover the world . We think he is big enough to do some hopping around on his own.

He soon will be in the following 10 cities (in no particular order) in addition to Rome and London:

  • Barcelona 
  • Moscow 
  • Istanbul 
  • Marrakesh 
  • Beijing 
  • Bangkok 
  • Sydney 
  • Buenos Aires

Based on our view on who our contributors are, we decided to offer them more destinations for which they can share an itinerary. 

For which of these cities do you have a perfect itinerary ? We cannot wait to see it!!

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    Tap the circled button to continue to the game. You'll then be prompted to enter a name for your frog. This part is easy enough to understand. Enter your preferred name and continue, tapping through the menus as the game demonstrates. Next, your frog will be preparing for his first journey when you enter the house.

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    Steps to change Travel Frog game language to English. Travel Frog is a popular mobile game that has gained widespread popularity across the globe. However, the game is originally in Japanese, which can be a bit of a challenge for players who do not understand the language. Thankfully, there is a way to change the language of the Travel Frog ...

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    How to Play. Welcome to Travel Frog, the captivating virtual pet game that combines the charm of raising a frog with the excitement of exploring the world! 🌍🐸. In this delightful game, you'll embark on a heartwarming journey as you nurture your very own frog and help it prepare for thrilling adventures around the globe. 🐣🌎. To get ...

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    This guide is going to go over the items you can purchase in the shop as well as those you get from the Lottery. As discussed in my tutorial translation guide, you can equip your frog with three types of items at a time. They provide your frog with nourishment, entertainment, and shelter on his travels. He needs food more than amulets and tools ...

  6. Travel Frog Animal Friend & Food Translation Guide

    Three animals stop by your yard: a snail named Maimai, a bee named Bunbun, and a tortoise named Pukapuka. Each one has its own food preferences, but they all offer the same benefit: Three-leaf Clovers! Your frog's friends will grant you clovers when they leave, with the amount being based on the food you give them while visiting.

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    SEE ALSO: Travel Frog: The new addictive mobile game. Related Topics: Tabi Kaeru Travel Frog ... One of the most significant inclusions was Cantonese, a language spoken by over 100 million people. It was one of the most highly requested languages to be added to the platform. Pakistan's most spoken language, the Shahmukhi variety of Punjabi ...

  9. Get start

    🎁 Collect more adorable frog companions. 📋 View and complete tasks to earn rewards. 🎒 Prepare your frog's backpack for the upcoming journey. The function menu in the bottom right corner is equally exciting: 🧳 Open the backpack to see your frog's precious collections. 📜 Review your frog's travel log and relive the moments

  10. How to play Tabikaeru (Travel Frog) from the creators of ...

    Tabikaeru, like Neko Atsume, is mostly a game about waiting on animals. You play house-sitter and friend to a little frog that likes to go on trips around Japan. You'll pack his backpack with a ...

  11. 旅かえる / Tabikaeru / Journey Frog

    Shop. The shop is the place where you can buy things for the frog's journey. You can get to the Shop by pressing the Shop button (おみせ). It has three different kind of items: Food (おべんとう), Tools (どうぐ), and Charms (おまもり), though there's no visual separation of each category. All of the food is vegetarian, and you can buy as many items as desired.

  12. Travel Frog

    Travel Frog harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and large language models to create a dynamic, story-driven gameplay experience. The frog's adventures, encounters, and correspondence are generated by advanced AI algorithms, ensuring each player's journey is unique and unpredictable. ... Travel Frog features a robust, multitoken ...

  13. Travel Frog

    Travel Frog (旅かえる, Tabikaeru) is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Hit-Point Co., Ltd that operates in Nagoya, Kyoto, released on 24 November 2017 for iOS and Android devices.. Similar to the mobile game Neko Atsume developed by the same company, Travel Frog is a low-pressure, non-competitive game with carefully designed graphics. The only thing players have control over in the ...

  14. How to Play Travel Frog: Tutorial & Menu Translation Guide

    How to break the language barrier with Neko Atsume successor Travel Frog. If you've just come to Travel Frog from Neko Atsume, you're going to find yourself more than a little confused. The game is currently only in Japanese, and it's much slower than the cat-collecting hit. Despite these two facets, Journey Frog is an easy game to get ...

  15. Key features and innovations

    At the heart of Travel Frog's gameplay is a sophisticated AI system that generates dynamic, personalized adventures for each frog. By leveraging large language models (LLMs) and natural language processing, the game creates unique storylines, characters, and encounters tailored to individual players' preferences and actions.

  16. Why Chinese youth are obsessing over a traveling frog in the mobile

    The mobile game Tabi Kaeru, otherwise known as Travel Frog, was developed by Hit-Point and released last fall (iTunes, Google Play), and it's causing addicted players to obsessively check their phones, fretfully waiting for the green frog — which players are dubbing "son" on social media — to return home.. Even the People's Daily has noticed.

  17. Executive Summary

    Travel Frog is an innovative, AI-powered blockchain game that combines the adorable charm of virtual pet simulators with the immersive storytelling of adventure games. ... Travel Frog harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and large language models to create a dynamic, story-driven gameplay experience. The frog's adventures, encounters ...

  18. A mobile game about a traveling frog becomes surprise hit in China

    Travel Frog, or Tabi Kaeru, a Japanese mobile game about rearing a pet frog and supplying him with equipment to travel, has in recent weeks risen to become the most downloaded free game from Apple's App Store in China. So popular is the game in China, presently the world's largest gaming market, that there are now low-quality copycat games ...

  19. Petition to translate "Tabikaeru: the traveling frog ...

    This is a petition to the Hit-Point developers, their japanese mobile game "Tabikaeru: travel frog" (旅かえる), currently available for the plataforms android and iOs is hitting a language barrier and making sad a lot of fans who wants to play the game, I myself am a fan of their other apps like Neko Atsume that can be played in english and many other languages.

  20. Introduction

    Travel Frog: Addressing the Challenges. Travel Frog aims to address these limitations and bridge the gap between the beloved virtual pet genre and the innovative world of blockchain gaming. By combining engaging gameplay, accessible design, emotional resonance, and advanced technology, Travel Frog seeks to create a new paradigm in the industry.

  21. We Cannot Change the Wind, But We Can Adjust the Sails

    We are intensively working on all the changes that you have helped us realise travelfrog needed and hope to be able to present you with a revamped website by the end of July <watch this space>. We are also moving away from a city specific landing page & giving travel frog the opportunity to discover the world .

  22. Travel Frog

    Competitive landscape and Travel Frog's unique positioning. Growth potential and revenue projections. 8. Go-To-Market Strategy. Multi-phase launch plan and roadmap. Marketing and user acquisition strategies. Community building and partnerships. 9. Team. 10. Investors. Early supporters and backers.