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Travel Landing Page Examples & Templates

If you offer any kind of travel related product or service, you'll want a travel landing page that turns visitors into leads and customers. Here are all the examples and templates you need to get started.

travel blog landing page

Do you offer travel services to clients, customers, and website visitors?

You’ve likely already got a website that people can come to when they’re planning their next vacation. But you need a specific page for those people to land on, depending on the service or destination they’re interested in.

That’s exactly what a travel landing page is for.

In this post, we'll give you six different travel landing page examples to get your creative juices flowing. Then cover how to build your own–templates included.

What is a travel landing page?

Whether you’re hosting a tour or helping people book their dream vacation, a travel landing page is the page a visitor will land on when they’re looking to book your services.

There are different types of travel landing pages you might have on your site. The most common is a search page to find deals for a destination. But you can also have landing pages with enquiry form pages for customers to book their dream trip.

What to include on your travel landing pages

Wondering what to include in your travel landing page?

The exact details can vary depending on what travel-related services you’re selling. But generally speaking, a travel landing page includes:

  • A headline to entice shoppers
  • A brief description of the trip
  • A form to select the dates, destinations, and number of people going
  • A clear call-to-action for people to go ahead and make the booking

Generally speaking, people will be using this page to find something specific and sift through a number of search results. So speed, usability, and good UX are crucial when it comes to travel landing pages.

6 travel landing page examples

Now we know what a travel landing page should include, let’s take a look at six superb examples you can draw inspiration from.

Travel Republic Landing Page

Landing Page

Expedia Travel Landing Page

Get Your Guide Travel Landing Page

British Airways Travel Landing Page

Viator Travel Landing Page

Black Tomato Travel Landing Page

1. Travel Republic 

This landing page example from Travel Republic shows that you don’t always need your customers’ full trip details. 

Instead, it asks for:

  • Your destination
  • When you’d like to go
  • How many people are going

(You can even check “I don’t have dates yet” if you’re just browsing; great for user experience.)

Travel Republic landing page

See full page

This works wonders in making the travel landing page feel less overwhelming. Visitors arriving there don’t have to have their entire itinerary planned out. They can use the page as a starting point to booking their vacation.

Here’s another travel landing page—this time from Expedia, which promotes its car hire service. It asks for the basics (such as the pick-up and drop-off points, the dates, and the driver’s age).

But what’s great is that it includes social proof still above the fold:

Expedia travel landing page

Visitors to the page can see that Expedia is a reputable company because it has millions of properties and thousands of airlines available to book through its website. Each of those gives the visitor trust, and makes them more likely to handover their information and book a rental car.

3. Get Your Guide

As we touched on earlier, you can create your own travel landing pages for other types of trip—including tours, activities, or excursions.

This landing page from Get Your Guide, for example, is their go-to page for customers looking to book a tour in one location. Anyone looking for excursions in Ho Chi Minh City can come here and find one for their dates:

Get Your Guide travel landing page

There’s the option to categorize or filter results based on their interest, too. This allows Get Your Guide to personalize the results for a visitor’s preference.

4. British Airways

The beauty of this British Airways travel landing page example is that it’s not cluttered with information:

British Airways travel landing page

Yes, you can easily search for flights using the form.

But, it doesn’t exclude you if you want more than a flight (the basic package they offer). There’s an option to add a hotel or car with your flight. It’s a great way to upsell travel services to your customers and provide a superb user experience.

Need a travel landing page for your tours or excursions? Take a look at this one from Viator:

Viator travel landing page

It’s slightly more complex than a standard landing page, but it’s full to the brim with information, making it a one-stop shop for anyone looking for that kind of service. 

You've got the option to make the page more personalized, though. The buttons at the top of the page allow you to click the tour category you’re most interested in.

Plus, the additional filters on the left-hand side make it easier for visitors to find the experience they’re looking for.

6. Black Tomato

Most of the landing pages we’ve shared so far are geared towards people who know what they want. They’re either looking for a specific service (like flights and car rental), or are searching for experiences once they’ve decided on the destination.

This one from Black Tomato captures people higher up in the sales funnel.

People who don’t know where they want to travel to can’t really use the site's main vacation planner. But, instead of losing them entirely, Black Tomato created a Trip Finder:

Black Tomato travel landing page examples

This helps to capture people who want to travel, but haven’t yet ironed out the details. Getting in there early whilst the customer is still high in the sales funnel means they can nurture and engage them towards a conversion.

How to create a travel landing page

Ready to create your own travel landing page for your services? Good news:

  • You don’t have to start from scratch
  • You don't have to know how to code 😎

You’ll find a bunch of professionally-designed landing page templates in the ConvertFlow library . Pick the design you prefer, then customize it with your colors, fonts, logos, and travel service details.

(If you prefer, you can still add snippets of custom code wherever you like on the page in order to get any search boxes or tools successfully embedded.)

Travel landing page templates

With all this in mind, let’s now take a look at a few landing page templates we suggest starting with for your travel brand.

Remember, these templates are starting points for your page design. You can add, remove, edit, and customize them to your liking via our drag-and-drop builder 🙌

SaaS Landing Page Template

Newsletter Landing Page Template

Business Services Landing Page Template

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travel blog landing page

In this post

8 Examples That Show How to Design the Best Travel Landing Page

This picture shows marketers how brands can use a travel landing page to generate leads and sales.

The travel industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing economic sectors in the world, which supports over 284 million jobs — more than the automotive manufacturing, mining, and financial industries combined! And by 2020, it is predicted that 1.5 billion international trips will be taken.

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In a business sector as expansive as the travel industry, competition is colossal. So it’s critical for travel brands to have a fantastic digital presence and make incredible, lasting first impressions. The most efficient way to accomplish this: post-click landing pages.

What is a post-click landing page?

A post-click landing page is a standalone web page , disconnected from a website’s main navigation, designed to elicit a specific action from its visitors. This action could be to download, register, sign up, receive a quote, and many other things. To convince visitors to take action, post-click landing pages feature persuasive elements like benefit-oriented headlines, authority badges, social proof, visual cues, and strong CTAs.

How the travel industry uses post-click landing pages

Whether it’s to entice prospects to book a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney, or to prepare them for their upcoming cross-country vacation by purchasing travel insurance, travel post-click landing pages are the best digital marketing asset to get the job done.

There is no universal travel post-click landing page template because the industry is so diverse. The following examples, however, provide guidance on how to create an optimized page to drive action from potential customers.

Please note that for shorter travel post-click landing page examples, we’ve shown the entire page. However, for longer pages, we’ve only displayed above the fold. You may need to click through to each post-click landing page to see some of the points we discuss. Also, keep in mind that some of the companies listed may be A/B testing their page with an alternate version than the one displayed below.

1. To find flight deals

All too often, travelers hold out on buying their plane tickets, only to find themselves scrambling to find some affordable airfare at the last minute. Companies like GoLastMinute are meant to help with this common habit. Let’s see if their travel post-click landing page design is effective in conveying that message:


This picture shows marketers how GoLastMinute uses a travel post-click landing page to capture email addresses and find airfare deals to interested prospects.

The headline is specific and direct, and the compelling, benefit-focused subheadline does an excellent job of supporting the headline. Also, making the email field required is a good way for GoLastMinute to capture as many email addresses as possible from travelers.

There are three explicit visual cues that direct attention to essential elements on the page:

  • The blue airplane points toward the form
  • The white airplane on the CTA button guides prospects to continue to the next page
  • The red arrow points up at the form, reminding visitors to submit their email and request flight deals

Moving onto the CTA button, “Continue” is too boring and could easily be replaced with something less vague like, “Find me the best flight deals now!”

Overall, the style of the page is very mixed. The beach setting behind the form looks similar to Clipart whereas the suitcase and stopwatch below the fold are cartoons — and then the bottom-right box appears to be a professional photo. This type of inconsistency reduces the page’s trust value and may deter people from converting.

2. To promote contests

Since travel costs can stack up pretty quickly, contests are a great option for companies to generate leads and build a relationship with travelers. This travel post-click landing page design from ShermansTravel promotes a cruise as the grand prize:


This picture shows marketers how ShermansTravel uses a travel post-click landing page to promote a contest for a cruise.

The image is beautiful, although it’s a bit strange that the cruise ship isn’t pictured. Is it even a cruise ship, or is it a steamboat since the prize partner is “American Queen Steamboat Company?” An explanation or an image to clarify may increase the trust value here and drive more conversions.

The headline and subheadline are okay, but they could be improved. Rather than stating, “You Could Win a Pacific Northwest Cruise” in such an unenthusiastic way, the company may want to A/B test something more descriptive and compelling like, “Enter to win a 9-day Pacific Northwest cruise!”

Listing the prize perks was a great idea and will likely convince visitors to enter. In the last bullet point, though, “Regional wines and shore excursions included” doesn’t need to have “included” because the section leads with, “Prize includes.” It’s a minor detail, but it may decrease the company’s credibility for the people who do notice.

The 2-field form is straightforward as only asking for email address and zip code won’t intimidate too many people. The CTA button altogether needs to be improved. It’s too small for the width of the form, orange doesn’t contrast with the background as much as it could, and “Submit” is one of the worst word choices to include on a button.

Furthermore, several exit links can distract from the page goal, including the logo banner at the top of the page, the American Queen Steamboat Company logo, and the sweepstakes rules. Privacy policy and terms and conditions are acceptable links because they help add a level of trust to ShermansTravel and this promotion. However, instead of opening the rules in a different page, they could have a pop-up lightbox explaining the rules.

3. To offer information on timeshare vacations

While many people feel that timeshares are overly expensive and not worth all of the extra fees, timeshare promoters must convince prospects otherwise. post-click landing pages can be a great tool to assure prospects that investing is worth the investment:

Sheraton Vacation Club

This picture shows marketers how Sheraton uses a travel post-click landing page to capture email addresses while promoting timeshare vacations around the world.

One element of the form that Sheraton may want to A/B test is the CTA button. “Send Information” is vague and the green button doesn’t jump off the page as much as it could. Testing it with benefit-oriented copy such as, “Send me offers for my next vacation!” and a contrasting color like orange, would make it stand out more and entice visitors to convert.

A second feature of the form that may be worth A/B testing is removing the fine print underneath the CTA button. The same goes for the small print at the bottom of the page. Is all of this necessary or could it be moved to the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions pages?

The slideshow of resort images and vacationers enjoying themselves at resorts provides prospects with a relatable and compelling look into the timeshare experience. The box of copy positioned in the bottom right of the image does a great job of selling the benefits of Sheraton timeshare vacations as well.

Finally, the hyperlinked partner logos near the bottom act as distractions, providing visitors an easy exit route before they convert on the offer.

4. To book vacations

Many travelers don’t like the stress of planning, budgeting, and booking their vacations on their own, so they look to travel agencies for assistance. Let’s take a look at this Liberty Travel post-click landing page designed to provide prospects with vacation cost quotes:

Liberty Travel

This picture shows marketers how Liberty Travel uses a travel post-click landing page to generate leads by offering free quotes on travel insurance.

The image gives prospects the idea that Liberty Travel employees are friendly and helpful, likely persuading them to work with the company. Plus, the click-to-call phone number is a nice feature, making it quick and easy for prospects to contact the travel agency.

The form headline, “Find the best deal,” is vague. Find the best deal on what and compared to who? Also, the form is rather long, which could intimidate prospects and scare them away. The “Subscribe to email” checkbox is already checked and is a sneaky way for Liberty to send promotional material to prospects without them actually opting in for that content. The “Get a quote” CTA is uninspiring, and the red doesn’t “pop” off the page since red is already used multiple times.

Adding a few positive customer testimonials may increase prospects’ desire to work with Liberty Travel and lead to better results. Something along the lines of “Liberty Travel helped me save 25% on my trip to Mexico!” may convince prospects that Liberty is the travel agency they want to book their next vacation with.

5. To generate travel report downloads

Whether it’s for some vacation inspiration or to learn about recent trends, travelers are often interested in reading various travel reports. Here is a post-click landing page from Skift created to generate downloads of one of their latest reports for Mexico:

This picture shows marketers how Skift uses a travel post-click landing page to generate leads by offering a report download on luxury travel in Mexico.

  • The navigation in the header and footer
  • The social share buttons above and below the fold
  • The podcast links in the bottom-right

Why are the podcast links included at all? If this page is supposed to focus on the report of luxury travel in Mexico, then these podcast links only add confusion. By including other clickable elements, Skift is just asking visitors to get distracted and leave the page without downloading the report.

On the upside, the image shows visitors what they’ll receive by inserting their information. Plus, there’s sufficient white space on the page — drawing attention to the most important elements, like the image of the report, its description, and the lead capture form.

The lead capture form that moves with visitors as they scroll is a very nice touch because it keeps the CTA button always visible. This feature makes is super easy and convenient for prospects to convert at any point during their time on the page.

The form itself, though, needs an overhaul. “Download” and “Submit” are incredibly bland and aren’t persuasive at all. Also, the form is a bit lengthy given the content download. Requesting name and email address is standard practice, but are job title, company name, and industry necessary to download the report? Skift may want to consider A/B testing a shorter form to see if that produces more leads.

Finally, listing the three main takeaways in bullet form is smart, but the large chunks of text beneath them make reading this page more of a chore than it needs to be.

6. To search for rental cars

Rental cars are one of the staples of the travel industry. And with many rental car companies to choose from, these companies need to do whatever they can to continue the flow of customers.

Here is a click-through travel post-click landing page created by Airport Rental Cars, intended to convince visitors to search for and rent a car:

Airport Rental Cars

This picture shows marketers how Airport Rental Cars uses a travel post-click landing page to offer deals on rental cars to interested prospects.

The form is short and easy for prospects to complete. Also, the orange CTA button contrasts with the rest of the page, likely grabbing visitors’ attention quickly. Conversely, the button copy and the form headline, are weak. There is nothing unique or persuasive about them, so visitors may not even bother filling out the form. A/B testing some descriptive, benefit-focused copy may result in more searches and leads for the company.

The image of the SUV acts as a visual cue, even though the vehicle is driving away from the visitor. By pointing toward the form, it’s subtly directing visitors’ attention to focus on the form and search for a rental car.

The three iconography sections with blue text explain the offer in more detail. However, adding white space to the whole page would help draw more attention to the most important elements, and may even produce better results.

Listing all of the rental car suppliers is a good idea since they serve as trust indicators, but the company should A/B test another version of the page in which the logos don’t link to other pages. Furthermore, adding a few testimonials from happy customers (with a detailed quote and head shot) would add even more trust and help convince visitors that Airport Rental Cars is the best choice for their need.

7. To drive amusement park ticket sales

This travel post-click landing page from Universal Studios Hollywood is similar to Airport Rental Cars’ example in that it’s a click-through post-click landing page . The theme park encourages people to purchase tickets online and save up to $10. Let’s see how well the page convinces visitors to do that:

Universal Studios Hollywood

This picture shows marketers how Universal Studios Hollywood uses a travel post-click landing page to promote discounted prices on tickets to interested prospects.

Aside from the beautiful image, the copy is persuasive and benefit-oriented, expressing to prospects that they can save money and avoid lines by purchasing tickets online. Plus, multiple cooperative CTA buttons (even the “Online Exclusive” banner) give prospects a few chances to click-through as they explore the page.

But again, a multitude of exit links (the brand logo, header and footer navigations, the “Learn More” CTA button, social links, etc.) may result in fewer click-throughs.

A few elements missing are any form of social proof or customer testimonial. Demonstrating that previous customers have taken advantage of this offer and found it valuable may compel others to purchase online tickets as well.

8. To sell travel insurance

Traveling can be expensive; then you tack on the cost of travel insurance — an added fee many may think unnecessary after spending so much on tickets, they opt not to purchase it. As an insurance provider, it’s your job to convince travelers why it’s worth buying.

Let’s see how AardvarkCompare uses a post-click landing page to deliver the message:


This picture shows marketers how Aardvark Compare uses a travel post-click landing page to generate leads and promote its travel insurance services to prospects.

The headline, “Travel Insurance,” is extremely broad and needs to be rewritten, but at least the subheadline does a nice job of elaborating.

By using a multi-step form , AardvarkCompare only captures genuinely interested leads and lets prospects know how long the process is. Each step provides section titles for previewing what is required next (destination, traveler, and payment information).

The orange CTA buttons stand out prominently on the blue page, but they could be A/B tested with copy that’s stronger than, “Next,” and, “Start Comparing.”

The list of insurance partners helps instill a sense of trust with visitors — making them feel more comfortable purchasing insurance from AardvarkCompare. Furthermore, the “How it works” section helps inform visitors what they can expect when they purchase from this company.

Design your next travel post-click landing page with confidence

The travel industry is continuously expanding and shows no signs of slowing down. No matter your goal, the most effective way to generate leads and establish brand awareness is to create and promote post-click landing pages that are welcoming, trustworthy, and make a lasting impression.

Which page above inspired you most? What can you take from these travel post-click landing page examples to create your own high-converting page? Sign up for an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

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by Stephanie Mialki

Stephanie Mialki is a digital marketing professional with expertise in ecommerce trends, landing pages, journalism, and mass communication.

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  • Website Planet

10 Best (FREE) Website Builders for Travel Bloggers in 2024

Alexander Banerjee

Short on Time? These Are the Best Website Builders for Travel Bloggers in 2024

  • Wix – Largest selection of travel-related blog templates and full creative control.
  • SITE123 – Beginner-friendly editor with great blogging tools to get your site set up quickly.
  • Squarespace – Showcase your adventures with striking templates for visually-focused travel blogs.

See 3 More Great Options | Comparison Table

  • What We Look For in the Best Website Builders for Travel Bloggers
  • High-quality templates. These builders offer a selection of striking blog templates that will display your travel photos in all their glory and do it on any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Ease-of-use. With these services, you don’t need to know how to code to build a stunning travel blog. All you have to do to customize the look and feel of your template is drag and drop or point and click.
  • Advanced blogging tools. Every builder on this list offers useful blogging features, from post scheduling and an RSS feed to social media sharing and comments.These tools can help you build a sense of community – and keep followers engaged.
  • Features to drive traffic. In addition to powerful built-in SEO tools that help your blog rank higher in search engine results, these builders offer additional social media and marketing features to boost visibility and grow your audience.
  • Mobile-friendly experience. I prioritized builders that offer mobile-friendly blogging, so you can post and manage comments while traveling.
  • 1. Wix: Best Templates and Features for Travel Blogging

Wix Travel Blog template

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  • Multimedia features. Easily add photos, videos, podcasts, and other multimedia content to create a more immersive experience for readers. Dynamic effects, including animations and transitions, add visual interest.
  • Manage your blog on the go. You can use the Wix Owner app (or log into your blog on your mobile) to write and edit posts and add videos, images, videos, or Gifs from wherever your travels take you.
  • Automatic notifications . Send automatic email or text notifications to your subscribers every time you create a new blog post.
  • Blog performance reports . Wix Analytics gives you in-depth insight into your blog’s activity. You can view metrics on how visitors interact with your blog posts (views, shares, likes, comments), learn which are the most popular posts, and see activity for specific timeframes and time of day.
  • 2. SITE123: Best for Getting a Travel Blog Online Fast

SITE123 Wildlife Explorer blog template

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  • Royalty-free image library. SITE123 gives you access to hundreds of free images and videos you can use to add visual interest to your blog posts.
  • Automatic site translation. When you upgrade to a paid plan, SITE123 will automatically translate your blog content into multiple languages, making it easier to connect with international travelers.
  • Exceptional support. Helpful live chat support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Affiliate marketing. As your audience grows, you may want to consider affiliate marketing with SITE123 to make money with your travel blog.

travel blog landing page

  • 3. Squarespace: Best for Image-Focused Travel Blogs

Squarespace Rivoli template

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  • Flexible blog layouts. Enhance your blog’s pages with attractive gallery layouts, including masonry, simple grid, single column, side by side, and alternating side by side. To add visuals effects, simply toggle options like fade in, slide in, or glide in and then set the speed.
  • Make money blogging. Turn your blog into a profit center with paid newsletters, podcasts, travel videos, and exclusive content.
  • Social tools and integrations. Easily create stylish social content to boost your blog’s visibility with the Unfold app to gain more loyal readers. Other features allow you to automatically sync content on your blog and social media platforms.
  • Useful analytics. Visual reports provide insight into your website’s traffic and visitors’ behavior. You’ll also learn which posts draw the most interest and reader interaction.
  • 4. Webador: Easiest Builder for New Travel Bloggers

Webador Explorer travel blog template

  • Stock photos. Choose from over 100,000 free and royalty-free images you can add to your blog, including high-resolution photos. Search by pre-set categories, enter a subject in the search bar, or filter by resolution.
  • Unlimited blog pages. You can organize posts by trip or topic on individual pages and nest these sub-pages in a drop-down menu, making it easy for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. There’s no limit on the number of pages you can add.
  • Code-free embeds. Expand your blog’s appeal by linking to other website content, such as a hotel you recommend, a specific attraction you’ve visited, or another highlight of your journey.
  • Multilingual travel blog. You can make your blog available in more than one language when you upgrade to a paid plan.There’s a small fee for each language you add.
  • 5. IONOS: Simple, Budget-Friendly Builder

IONOS Travel template

  • Automated ad campaigns. When you’re ready to start selling IONOS will help you design Google AdWords marketing campaigns to promote your blog. There’s a small monthly fee.
  • Tools to master SEO. When you sign up for rankingCoach, you will receive text and video tutorials that will guide you through the process of optimizing your blog’s SEO. The IONOS rankingCoach tool will also provide you with personalized tips on how to enhance your site’s search engine ranking.
  • Free favicon and logo. IONOS’s handy AI tools let you design a favicon or a personalized logo for your travel blog. Put them on your blog and social profiles to boost your brand’s awareness.
  • Personal support consultant. If you have a design question or need help with your website, simply contact your dedicated customer service agent for personalized support.
  • 6. Best For Organizing Lots of Blog Posts

WordPress Meraki travel blog theme

  • Shortcode blocks. Shortcode blocks let you paste a simple line of code to embed widgets on your page, which is especially helpful for integrating third-party tools. For example, your email marketing platform can give you a shortcode that creates a sign-up form on your blog.
  • Social sharing features. WordPress will automatically send new posts to your social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr) when you set up social updates. You can also allow your readers to share your content on their own social media accounts to further boost your blog’s visibility.
  • Mobile app. With the Jetpack mobile app for IOS and Android you can create posts, upload images, and add pages to your site from wherever your travels take you.
  • Content ownership and portability. With WordPress, your blog’s content is yours so you can easily export your site to another platform if you decide to switch.
  • Other Notable Website Builders for Travel Bloggers

Shopify's 'enterprise' template

10. Hostinger Website Builder

Hostinger's 'Kodah' blog template

  • Choose the Best Free Website Builder for Your Travel Blog

Which website builder is best for travel blogging?

How do i create a travel blog for free, can i make money with a travel blog, what’s the easiest way to create a travel blog.

travel blog landing page

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Travel Landing Page Templates

Inspire the wanderlust in your visitors and capture details on where, when and how they want to travel. These travel landing page templates make it easy to keep your offers current, and easy for travellers to find what they want. Not all who wander are lost!

travel blog landing page

Wayfaring (Travel)

Designed with wayfaring adventurers in mind, this travel template features a video header background, plenty of space for photos, and room for travel details too. Bon voyage!

item image

Yonder (Video Background)

Let your eyes and cursor wander Yonder, a beautiful landing page template complete with a video background, artfully-aligned images and an inline call-to-action.

item image

Insura (Lightbox)

This lead-generating template is perfect for insurance providers. It includes industry-appropriate icons and a call-to-action that opens the form in a lightbox.

item image

Vinetrek (Lightbox)

Perfect for tours, retreats and getaways. This peaceful, lightbox-enabled theme makes booking reservations a snap while also setting the mood for your ’destination’ offering.

Unbounce Landing Page Template Voyage

This bright click-through theme is perfect for warming up visitors to your new app or exciting travel offer. Ideal for convincing users to visit your sales page.

Unbounce Landing Page Template Vinetrek

Perfect for tours, retreats and getaways. This peaceful theme makes your guests feel welcome and sets the mood for your ’destination’ offering. Kumbaya, my friends…

Unbounce Landing Page Template Polo

Polo is ideal for service-based companies—especially the travel industry. This simple lead capture page uses bold imagery to augment your value proposition.

Unbounce Landing Page Template Wanderlust

Wanderlust (Travel)

Perfect for the travel industry. This click-through page is designed to get visitors excited about your travel offers, and guide them to a booking site.

Make this template yours using the most flexible landing page builder

Already a customer? Create a new page in the builder and choose this template by name to get started.

Best 27 Travel & Tourism Template Built with Bootstrap

travel blog landing page

If I am not wrong, people have started traveling even before civilization. Traveling helps to connect people and build social bonding. In the present time, traveling is the best way to get out of a busy schedule. It becomes a crucial part of life and a good remedy for stress, anxiety, and depression. People now explore the world and want to meet with different people, cultures, and culinary. For that reason, the traveling and tourism industry is one of the biggest and increasing initiatives worldwide and booming every day. But before starting the journey, they want to get a decent idea about that.

In this modern era, one gets an idea online, and travel is not separate from that. For that reason, travel agencies, hotels, resorts want to create an online presence. It helps to enrich customers by ensuring adequate information. People search online for different types of comfortable hotels, so if your hotel website doesn’t exist, then you are a few steps backward. According to this BBC article , 38% of 16-24-year olds booked a holiday using their tablet during a 12-month period, where 34% used a mobile phone. In 2017, 23% of holidaymakers used a tablet to book a holiday, where 20% used their mobile phones ( ABTA, 2017 ).

Recommended: Top 11 Free Responsive Bootstrap 5 Landing Page templates 2021

According to certain statistics, 82% of all travel bookings are happening online via mobile apps or websites, without human interaction; that is why having an effective online presence for traveling and tourism agencies is quite a great asset. A big and well-reputed travel agency has both money and human resources to do it easily but what about the small one. For this purpose, with one of the most famous frameworks, Bootstrap , people have developed many free website templates for traveling and tourism websites. By choosing one, you can easily create a simple, modern, and professional website in a short time.

27 Travel & Tourism Template built with Bootstrap


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Rhea is a unique free Bootstrap 5 landing template for travel websites. People who have great experience in travel can share blogs with a personal website, or a travel agency can use it to build a professional website. It is filled up with the required features like any other most renowned templates. It is highly responsive and well-behaved for any other retina screen device. This template has a gulp-based workflow and different working files like SCSS, pug, HTML, and others. The well-organized code can also be modified if you want. If you are cool with this ready design, don’t waste your time because it is prepared to use anytime.

Key Features

  • Bootstrap 5
  • CSS3 & HTML5
  • SCSS & Pug files
  • Gulp-based workflow
  • On-hover effect
  • Fully responsive
  • Single page template
  • Clean & Minimal design
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Gradient style
  • Fixed top navigation bar
  • Integrated Video Player
  • Booking form
  • Font Awesome


Voyage is a one-page tourism website template of Bootstrap 5 & HTML5. You can perfectly run your travel and tourism-related projects with this fantastic. You can take advantage as it has ready features to use anytime. So you can get solid advantages with these fully responsive templates. Also, this template provides you the search option with the amazing full-screen slideshow. The templates have split header, share-a-trip carousel, fixed top navigation bar, package gallery, blog section, comparison chart, footer navigation, and more features. You can share blogs & videos, beautiful showcase images, and collect customers emails using an integrated subscription form. So, let your potential customers find their dream trips with as little effort as possible. You can also customize if you want to explore your creativity. This template guarantees you a reality with your freshly designed and developed travel website.

  • SCSS &pug files
  • Several Search option
  • Blog section
  • Share-a-trip carousel
  • Package gallery
  • Google font
  • FontAwesome font icon


Beyond is a free travel agency website template built with Bootstrap 4 & HTML5. Having a dynamic and elegant design, it is a fully responsive multi-page template. A split header and a modal YouTube video player on the title make it more attractive and stylish. It has an off-canvas navigation menu with some features like hero header, smart call-to-action buttons, a tour plan slider, on hover effect on images, a blog section, google maps, testimonial carousel, newsletter subscription form, and many more. Besides, it has a working contact form with a background image. You can enrich your services and travel destinations in a way that will spark everyone’s interest and curiosity. With a solid page template, it helps to push your professionalism and move forward to your destination quickly. So don’t think too much; pick up this fully responsive, free template for your travel project and take yourself to a new level.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Clean and simple design
  • Fully responsive & retina friendly
  • Off-canvas sidebar navigation
  • Split header with a modal YouTube video player
  • Tour place slider
  • Testimonial carousel
  • Newsletter subscription form with JavaScript validation
  • Instagram feed
  • 10+ UI block elements
  • Single blog page
  • Working contact form with PHP/Ajax


Outing is an incredible travel agency website template developed by HTML5 & Bootstrap 4 . This one page template is popular for its attractive design, and the typography makes it more standard. Like other popular templates, it provides some effective features like call to action, booking section, ten pre-built color schemes, contact form, Google Maps, and many more. You should choose this free template for your next travel agency project because it provides all the necessary features which must be included in an alluring travel website.

  • YouTube Video Section
  • Engaging Gradients
  • Modern Browser Support
  • Client Section with Slider
  • Working Contact Form
  • Free Google Fonts


Seapalace is a modern, responsive, and easy-to-use free Bootstrap 4 & HTML5 hotel website template. You can use it to create outstanding pages that will drive your projects further. This modern & luxurious template is used for business, hotel, tour & travel, and many other projects. It works seamlessly on all devices and platforms with its mobile-ready, retina-friendly, and cross-browser-compatible web design. It has all the common & important features like a hero header, sticky navigation, call-to-action button, drop-down menu, video section with the booking form, contact form, google maps facility. This template makes an advantage by saving your time and money. It helps to cross your limitation by creating a modern, effective, and luxurious website with Seapalace.

  • Mobile & retina friendly
  • Multi-page template
  • Hero header
  • Checking-availability form
  • Call to action button
  • Video section
  • Image gallery with modal view
  • Google maps


Marian is a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 template mostly used in hostel purpose websites. The design is unique, clean, and easy to use. Besides this, it has a versatile theme with an attention-grabbing design. Like other popular templates, it has all necessary features like hero header, sticky navigation, call to action button, testimonials, preloader, and many more. Though it has a unique design, you can also customize it as you wish because it has a well-organized code in the background. It is fully responsive and running well in all browsers. So you can pick this to get more presence online.

  • CSS3 preloader
  • Image slider
  • Instagram Feeds
  • 10+ UI elements


Villa is a hotel management Bootstrap 4 HTML5 website template. Its sophisticated design and fluid layouts make it unique, having all the common and necessary features. It is all in perfect order. The pictures, the texts, the special effects, the portfolio section easily satisfy everyone’s eye and attract the people who love to explore the world. To refresh your current website with Villa, gain organization and see your business growth above expectation.

  • Burger menu
  • Fully responsive for all browsers
  • Contact form
  • FontAwesome font icons

Harbor Lights


Are you a hotel owner or build a hotel website? Stop wasting your time; just pick Harbor Lights’ free hotel website, which HTML5 and popular framework Bootstrap 4 developed. This template doesn’t disappoint you to build a professional website. You can also modify the design if you want to. It is perfect for any screen size and fully responsive. So make your level upper by creating your desired website with Harbor Lights.

  • SVG preloader
  • Slider on the header
  • Instagram feed with modal view
  • Ionicons font icons
  • Retina friendly and fit for all devices


Montana is another free hotel booking website template developed by Bootstrap 4 & HTML 5. It is one of the quickest and best solutions to craft a website while keeping your level up. The design and layout of this template make it an easy choice for anyone. It is ready to use and fully responsive to any screen-size device. It has all the common features such as hero header, modal form, full-screen classic slider, drop-down menu, sticky navigation, hover effect on images, and many more. So, build your next project with Montana in a short time.

  • Modal YouTube video player
  • Modal booking form
  • Drop-down menu
  • Fully responsive to any device


Hiroto is a unique free Bootstrap template for hotel websites. This perfect web design helps to launch your traveling and tourism business online. With the well-optimized and eye-touching web skin, it can easily attract the user’s mind. It has fabulous options and features like a hero header, drop-down menu, hover effects, Google maps, a pricing table, and many more. It runs well to the most current browsers and fits for any retina screen. In short, it will be the weapon to take your next project above your expectation.

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Pricing table
  • Image carousel
  • Fit for any device

Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 personal travel blog website template

Do you love to travel and share your experience with online blogs? Roundy helps you to do it in a short time. It is a free travel blog website template of Bootstrap 4 & HTML 5. It has multi-page layouts with a clean and simple design. It has beautiful-looking typography and pretty hover animation, which fits any device. It has a single blog page and other latest features like featured posts with curved out featured images, hover animation on article card, footer navigation, etc. It is easy to customize. For making a unique and professional travel blog website, Roundy is a perfect choice.

  • On hover header text
  • On hover animation on article card
  • Footer navigation


Fantasy is a clean and simple free travel blog website template of Bootstrap 4 & HTML5. The eye-soothing web design makes it different from others. It is a responsive site canvas that a blog needs. It has beautiful typography, FontAwesome icons, and other necessary features like Google map, sticky navigation, back to top button, drop-down menu, slider, load on scroll animation, breadcrumbs, etc. Try Fantasy and share your blog online through your website.

  • Working contact form


Sensive is a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 travel blog website template. It perfectly fits into websites like travel, personal, fashion, lifestyle, and other similar blogs. This template is a clean, modern, and simple design and mobile-ready & responsive theme. Moreover, this multi-page site canvas has an Eye-catchy look. The template has all the necessary tools to create an effective blog and other features like call-to-action button, sticky navigation, breadcrumbs, and many more. Well-organized, flexible and dynamic code inside the box makes it more sophisticated. Choose Sensive for your next project and get more online presence.


GoTrip is a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 travel website template. It works best for travel and booking-related agencies. It has fully responsive layouts with a sophisticated design. With this nifty site canvas, you can now establish a top-notch online presence for your business. Besides this, it has all the important features you need. You can also give your signature by customizing it as it has well-optimized code. So, push your tours and travels to new heights with GoTrip now and make an immediate difference.

  • Clean & Modern design
  • Search option with filters
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Free HTML5 Bootstrap hotel resort website template

Luxe is a free HTML5 Bootstrap template that is perfect for hotel and resort websites. It is built with the latest technology such as HTML5, CSS3, Sass, and jQuery.It is a clean and stylish multi-page design. Moreover, it has a smooth Flexslider on the homepage, drop-down menu, fun fact counter, availability check form widget, and many more. Besides this, well-organized codes make it easy to customize. It is fully responsive and runs smoothly to all the major devices. Don’t waste your time thinking; create with Luxe and enjoy hassle-free development.

  • Flex slider
  • Availability check form widget on the header
  • Tabbed content
  • Parallax background
  • Email subscription form UI
  • Contact form UI


Royal is a free multi page template built up with Bootstrap 4 framework. It is specially designed for resorts and hotel websites which is stunning. Due to the use of the powerful and popular Bootstrap Framework, Royal is altogether responsive and retina-ready. Whatever the device is, the user will feel the same experience. It is a super responsive template, including all the modern features. Extra goodies of Royal are handy booking and active contact forms. Besides this, it is easy to modify. So, not go anywhere else; pick up the Royal and provide your enlisted hotels on the internet with this awesome free template.

  • Bootstrap 4 & HTML 5
  • Fully Responsive
  • Hotel Reservation Form
  • Blog Section
  • Instagram Feed
  • Newsletter Box
  • Sticky Navigation
  • Social Media Icons

Free HTML5 Multi-page, Content-focused, Bootstrap Blog Theme

Stuff is a free Bootstrap template specially used for blogs, magazines, and news portals. This template makes your content perfectly with a strong appeal to the readers. However you can use it for personal, photography, travel, fashion, or any other purposes. The simplicity and cleanness of this template allows adding just any content to it as you wish. This bootstrap template truly helps to attract reader positive attention and grab the visitors. It is fully responsive for any device and effective in having some important features like hover effects, sliders, video support, integrated Instagram feed, and widget-rich footer. Besides this, it has a good contact section with a functional form and Google Maps. This kind of feature makes the foundation strong for posting blogs. So, if you want to share your story or to write in an attractive way to grab the reader’s positive attention, this template will be more effective, without a doubt.

  • Bootstrap template
  • Carousel slider
  • Fully Responsive and retina supported
  • On-hover Effect
  • Functional contact form
  • Social media icon
  • E-mail subscription box
  • Google Maps

Free Bootstrap HTML5 directory listing website template

Listrace is a fully free HTML5 template created using Bootstrap. It is a directory listing a simple but attractive one page website template. It is mostly used for business purposes by bringing together directories on hotels, travel agencies, real estate, and many more. It was developed based on an essential directory element like google maps. It has some great assets like Javascript plugins having some features-animated hero header, sticky navigation, carousel, live statistics, contact form, and many more. The template is fully mobile-ready, compatible with all browsers, and retina-friendly. So, do your project with a Listrace and create an attractive online presence

  • One page template
  • Sticky top navigation bar with scroll spy
  • Search widget
  • Feature Cards with on hover overlay effects
  • Flaticons font icons

Stunning Free Bootstrap Travel Directory Template

Dorne is a free Bootstrap travel directory template. This template is truly an effective product to craft a directory and easily enlist online based on the Bootstrap framework. The most exciting thing is that it comes with all the necessary modern features with an attractive color scheme. Every section is well-organized, and easy to make any modification. So, the people who want to see their site live in minimum time can surely choose this free exciting template to build their next project.

  • Multi-page Template
  • Advanced Search Option
  • Engaging Animation
  • Attractive Color Scheme
  • Reservation Form


Vacation is a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 responsive travel agency website template. Its eye-catchy design makes it more unique. Moreover, it is fully responsive and looks perfect on any device because of its fluid layouts. Anyone can make a professional website in a short time because it is ready to use. Besides this, you can easily modify it if you want. The well-optimized code makes it user-friendly. It has all the common features like other responsive templates. So any travel agency can easily choose to make a professional website in just a few minutes.

  • Sticky top navigation bar
  • Load on scroll animation
  • Modal video player
  • Search box with filter options


Trips is a free travel business website template built with Bootstrap 4 & HTML5. It is made for travel agencies, trips, tour organizers, or travel blog websites. Trips have an elegant look with sophisticated and clean layouts. Moreover, all the major browsers display Trips flawlessly because of its fully responsive feature. It includes all the important and effective features like hero header, modal video section, load-on scroll animation, testimonials, parallax effect, and a few more. It can be modified when required with much comfort. To reach the next level, Trips might be a game-changing step.

  • On hover effect on images
  • Pagination UI
  • Fit for any retina screen


Journey is a single page, free Bootstrap 4 HTML 5 tour agency template, which is a ready solution for travel planning, hotel booking, or travel agency-related website. It is a clean and simple one page free template. Its nice animated navigation bar holds your eye and a full-screen header image sits behind to welcome you. Like all the required features, it provides a check-in and check-out form. With this form, you can choose your room and other facilities. It also provides the Google maps facility. This template is well fitted for all devices with cross-browser support. Don’t make any hassle, just relax your mind and build your travel project with Journey.

  • Booking Form
  • jQuery Datepicker
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Google Maps Interface
  • Check-in, Check-out Form
  • Full-Screen Background Header Image
  • Form For Availability Check with Many Options


Martine is a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 travel agency website template built with Bootstrap 4 HTML5. It is made for travel and tourist agencies and other similar purposes. It is an effective product for any travel agency that gets an online presence easily. It is a clean and simple design having all the necessary features like a Hero header, sticky navigation, drop-down menu, call to action button, search box with filters, and many more. You have the option to modify it if you want. It is also fully fit for all media browsers. Start your project with Martine and get a stunning one.

  • Clean and minimal design
  • Search box with filters
  • Newsletter subscription form

Euro Travel


Euro Travel is a Free Responsive Travel Agency HTML5 Bootstrap Template. Surprisingly, it is designed on the mobile-first concept. It was first developed as a mobile website template and then scaled up for tablet and desktop versions. People all over the world mostly use mobile phones rather than other devices. So, they browse your website with their handheld devices. So the mobile-friendly website demand is on fire. Having all the required features, it will appear in high-quality HD screen devices. Use this free responsive travel agency template and publish your mobile-friendly travel agency website within a minute.

  • Bootstrap HTML5 Template
  • Unique Design
  • Full-Screen Header Background
  • Optimized Code
  • Smooth CSS3 Animation
  • SEO Optimized
  • 100% Fully Customizable
  • Google Fonts
  • Responsive Layout
  • Well commented coding
  • Easy to use

Free Bootstrap Template

Pacific is a clean and modern free Bootstrap template built for travel websites. With this excellent web canvas, anyone can book travel & hotels right away. It presents the contents beautifully with its pretty and sophisticated web skin. It is remarkably responsive, finely flexible, and highly adaptive to all the available retina screens and included with all the necessary features which a travel website needs. You have an opportunity to make your signature to modify it. All the requirements are here as you need, so don’t waste your time, grab the opportunity and make a better online presence.

  • Clean & modern design
  • Hero header with Video option
  • Business cards
  • Filtered search option
  • Flaticon font icons


DirEngine is a free responsive tourism website template of Bootstrap 4 & HTML5. It is a top-grade theme for the tour and travel-related websites. If you want a different and unique site from others, DirEngine will help you establish a solid web presence. Speaking about features, it sports plenty of contemporary amenities like hero header, call to action button, hovers effect, carousel, counters, and many more. It is fully responsive and gets proper responses for all major browsers. You get all the possible benefits quickly as it is ready to use at any time. So, save your time and energy by picking this template to build a professional travel website.

  • Hover effect
  • Price ranger


Voyage is a one page free modern, animation enriched website template. It can be a great resource if you’re into the hotel, tourism, or travel business and planning to build a professional website. The right combination of flat colors and catchy images can easily attract viewers. A full-screen header background image with a call-to-action ghost button welcomes you. A video section is available, and any video from the Internet can be showcased here. Pixel-perfect responsiveness and cross-browser support are assured by using Bootstrap. Besides this, it also performs well on all sizes of screen. You can improve yourself and get a huge online presence by building your travel website with Voyage.

  • Bootstrap & HTML 5 template
  • Nivo Lightbox
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Parallax Effect
  • Contact Form UI
  • Magnific Pop-up
  • Sortable Gallery
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Device Responsive
  • Embedded Video Link
  • Cross Browser Support

Having a strong online presence is a must in this era when people are leaning towards more online-based purchases of products and services. Especially when it comes to travel and tourism, most voyagers prefer online services over physically viable ones. Hence, this blog tries to bundle up the best templates suitable for travel and tourism websites that do not need much modification or building up. Hopefully, you will find the abovementioned blog informative enough for helping you to create and strengthen your online presence.

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travel blog landing page

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travel blog landing page

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How To Create A Travel Landing Page: 19 Best Practices

Wondering what the secret sauce is to getting international tourists to book with you? 

Looking to invest more in your marketing by learning about travel landing pages?

Look no further. 

A travel landing page is an ideal way to quickly and powerfully capture a tourist’s attention. Still, that’s not always the easiest task. 

There are big questions to be answered when creating a travel landing page, like how can you craft a landing page that leaves an indelible impression on visitors? How can you communicate the unique allure of your destination or experiences? 

After designing a number of our own travel websites, we’ve realized that answering those big questions can be a challenge. Instead, we focus on a number of smaller ideas that let us create compelling, converting landing pages.

Without further ado, we present our 19 best practices for creating a travel landing page. By working through the below list, you’re sure to set yourself up for success!

19 Best Practices For Creating A Travel Landing Page

  • The Must-Have Elements

Include essential elements on your travel landing page to make a lasting impression. 

These elements include:

  • A compelling headline that grabs attention
  • A concise and enticing description of your travel offering
  • Captivating images or videos that showcase the destination or experience
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Trust-building badges or certifications
  • A user-friendly form to capture leads
  • A clear call-to-action (CTA) that prompts visitors to take the desired action, such as booking a trip or requesting more information.
  • None (or Almost No) Extra Navigation

Minimize distractions and keep the focus on your travel offering by limiting extra navigation options on your landing page. By removing unnecessary links and navigation menus, you guide visitors toward the intended action without the risk of them getting sidetracked.

  • Have A Clear Objective

Define a clear objective for your travel landing page. Is it to drive bookings, capture leads, or encourage inquiries? Align your design, copy, and CTA with this objective, ensuring a cohesive and persuasive experience for visitors.

  • Match Your Display Ads

Ensure consistency between your ads and landing page. The messaging, visuals, and overall tone should align seamlessly with the ad that directed visitors to the landing page. This creates a cohesive experience and reassures travelers that they are in the right place, increasing their trust and likelihood of taking action.

  • Keep The Design Simple

Simplicity is key when designing a travel landing page. Avoid cluttered layouts and overwhelming content. Use clean and spacious design elements, concise copy, and intuitive navigation to provide a user-friendly and enjoyable experience for travelers.

  • Promote Value To The Visitor

Highlight the unique value and benefits of your travel offering to visitors. Emphasize what sets your destination or experience apart from others and how it fulfills their travel desires, whether it’s breathtaking landscapes, immersive cultural experiences, or exceptional customer service. By showcasing value, you captivate travelers and differentiate yourself from competitors.

  • Focused Call To Action

Craft a focused and persuasive call-to-action (CTA) that stands out on your travel landing page. Use action-oriented language, such as “Book Now” or “Get Your Discount,” and make sure the CTA button is visually prominent and easily clickable. A clear and compelling CTA motivates travelers to take the desired action without confusion or hesitation.

  • Make Other Pages For Other Offers

Avoid cluttering your landing page with multiple offers. Instead, create separate landing pages for different travel offerings. This allows you to tailor the content, design, and messaging to each specific offer, providing a more personalized experience for travelers.

  • Your Website’s Homepage Is Not A Landing Page

Using your homepage as a landing page can be overwhelming for visitors. Instead, create dedicated landing pages that focus on specific travel offers or destinations. This allows you to tailor the content and design to match the visitor’s intent and deliver a more targeted and personalized experience.

  • Responsive Design

Ensure that your landing page is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. With a growing number of travelers using smartphones and tablets to browse and book trips, it’s crucial to provide a seamless and engaging experience across all screen sizes.

  • Use High-Quality Visuals

Incorporate high-quality and captivating visuals that showcase the destination, accommodations, or experiences. Images and videos that evoke emotions and convey the unique aspects of your travel offering can significantly impact the visitor’s perception and desire to explore further.

  • Incorporate Social Proof

Include social proof elements on your landing page, such as reviews, ratings, or testimonials from satisfied travelers. Authentic and positive feedback can build trust, credibility, and confidence in your travel offering, encouraging visitors to convert.

  • A/B Testing

Continuously test and optimize your landing page elements to improve performance. Conduct A/B tests on different variations of headlines, visuals, CTAs, or form placements to identify the most effective combination that drives the desired actions.

  • Implement Trust and Security Signals

Instill confidence in visitors by prominently displaying trust signals such as security badges, encryption information, privacy policy links, and secure payment options. Assuring travelers that their personal and financial information is safe and secure can alleviate concerns and encourage conversions.

  • Leverage Scarcity and Urgency

Create a sense of urgency or scarcity by incorporating limited-time offers, exclusive deals, or countdown timers on your landing page. These tactics can motivate travelers to take immediate action and prevent them from delaying their decision.

  • Streamline Form Fields

Keep your form fields concise and only ask for essential information. Lengthy and intrusive forms can discourage visitors from completing them. Collecting minimal information initially and following up with personalized communication can help improve conversion rates.

  • Use Compelling Headlines and Subheadings

Craft attention-grabbing headlines and subheadings that immediately communicate the unique value and benefits of your travel offering. A compelling headline can captivate visitors and entice them to explore further.

  • Analyze and Track Performance

Regularly monitor and analyze the performance of your landing page using web analytics tools. Track metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rate, time on page, and click-through rate to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven optimizations.

  • Try, Try Again

Your first landing page may not be successful. Regularly monitor and analyze the performance of your landing page using web analytics tools. Track metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rate, time on page, and click-through rate to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven optimizations.

Work With Passport Creative To Create Your Next Travel Landing Page

By implementing these best practices for travel landing pages, you can effectively engage travelers and tourists, communicate the unique value of your travel offerings, and drive conversions. 

Remember to create dedicated landing pages, incorporate essential elements, maintain consistency with ads, focus on simplicity, and promote value to visitors. With a well-designed and optimized travel landing page, you can capture the attention of travelers and inspire them.

If this sounds like a lot to take on, just know that you don’t have to do it alone. For help creating your next travel landing page, get in touch with our partner agency, Passport Creative .

For more tips and tricks to improve your travel marketing, sign up for our weekly email Travel Marketing Sunday .

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Figma Essentials: How to Create a Travel Landing Page

Raouf Belakhdar

Raouf Belakhdar

Figma Essentials: How to Create a Travel Landing Page

Traveling opens up a world of adventure, and a well-designed travel landing page can ignite wanderlust and inspire travelers to embark on their dream journeys. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating a captivating and visually stunning landing page for your travel website using Figma and the "Master UI" Design System.

Join us on this creative journey as we explore the possibilities of Figma and uncover the secrets to crafting an enchanting travel landing page that entices travelers and sparks their wanderlust!

🚀 Discover How To: 🚀

  • Design an alluring and user-friendly travel landing page layout using Figma's versatile design tools.
  • Utilize the power of the "Master UI" design system to create a seamless and immersive user experience that transports visitors to their dream destinations.

Let's embark on this adventure of travel website design and create a landing page that captures the essence of wanderlust!

📥 Resources we need for this tutorial 📥

Before we dive into this Figma Tutorial on Designing a Travel Landing Page with the "Master UI" Design System, make sure you have the essential tools to get started!

Download the Master UI Design System File

To fully leverage the power of "Master UI," you'll need to download the design system file. Simply click on the link below to access and download the file:

📥 Download Master UI Design System File

We hope this tutorial has inspired you to harness the potential of Figma and the "Master UI" to create a travel landing page that immerses travelers in the beauty of your destinations and ignites their desire to explore.

A well-crafted landing page can be a game-changer for your travel website, enticing more travelers to embark on unforgettable adventures.

Thank you for joining us on this creative journey. Now, it's time to put your newfound skills into practice and create a travel landing page that stands out among competitors. Stay tuned to our blog for more valuable tutorials and updates to help you excel in the world of travel website design and wanderlust-inducing experiences!

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Fanatical Sabbatical Website Design

Travel website with the title 'RealAdventures Website Redesign'

RealAdventures Website Redesign

Travel website with the title 'Personal Brand Identity for a Leading Female Travel Blog'

Personal Brand Identity for a Leading Female Travel Blog

This is a travel and lifestyle blog that is run by Kristin Addis - a personal brand.

Travel website with the title 'Hotel webdesign'

Hotel webdesign

Travel website with the title 'Travel Company Website Design'

Travel Company Website Design

Web Page Design for Travel Company

Travel website with the title 'Travelicious Blog'

Travelicious Blog

World-wide travel blog charting purposeful travel and extraordinary experiences all across this beautiful earth.

Travel website with the title 'Travel agency's website design'

Travel agency's website design

Travel website with the title 'Fast Cover Home Page - Above the fold'

Fast Cover Home Page - Above the fold

Updating the above fold of the homepage (desktop + mobile)

Travel website with the title 'Baby Boomer Trips'

Baby Boomer Trips

It should be more modern, but have large icons and buttons for people to easily read and understand. Text should be large and minimal. We want a top bar that either drops down or displays subcategories underneath. Each page should feature bright photos that we will link to our deals.

Travel website with the title 'Glass Always Full'

Glass Always Full

Travel website with the title 'Modern Design for Las Vegas Travel Industry Website '

Modern Design for Las Vegas Travel Industry Website

Travel website with the title 'Girls Travel Website'

Girls Travel Website

Travel website for women to able to get ideas for Girls Trips, coordinate their trip with each other through a Groups area, and book their trip right on the website.

Travel website with the title 'Naturally Nomadic Travel'

Naturally Nomadic Travel

We designed this Squarespace travel website for Naturally Nomadic and helped them select professional stock images, fonts, and colors that would best suit their brand. We also worked with them to create a strategic, lead-generating layout.

Travel website with the title 'Redesign of existing snow travel booking page'

Redesign of existing snow travel booking page

Travel website with the title 'HOME DESIGN for Ski Resort'

HOME DESIGN for Ski Resort

I created a new layout for a old ski resort in Italy, PRATI DI TIVO.

Travel website with the title 'Travel Designs '

Travel Designs

Travel design

Travel website with the title 'Website design for a great travel consultancy company'

Website design for a great travel consultancy company

Prodigar Travel 's website is built on Squarespace platform, it is not based on a template, it is 100% customized to perfectly reflect the brand and the business. I addition to the web design, we also made the Search Engine Optimization, so that the website to be as search-engine-friendly as possible and ready to take the organic search lists by storm :) Visit the live website:

Travel website with the title 'Homepage Design for a Popular RV Rentals Website'

Homepage Design for a Popular RV Rentals Website

Website design for RV Rentals

Travel website with the title 'Yosemite Hotel/Lodge Website Design'

Yosemite Hotel/Lodge Website Design

Evergreen Lodge offers a unique outdoor experience at the entrance to Yosemite National Park in California. They cater to travelers looking to spend a few days out in the park hiking, climbing, camping, and just sightseeing.

Travel website with the title 'Holiday Rental Website'

Holiday Rental Website

The venue has resort style facilities/amenities. Offering tranquillity of themes where guests can switch from open fire place, to Bali-style relaxation area besides pool to more vigorous actives.

Travel website with the title 'Car Sharing'

Car Sharing

Car Sharing application desktop Interface.

Travel website with the title 'Airport Website Design'

Airport Website Design

Very informative website, easy to navigate inside of it where the passenger can find information about an airport.

Travel website with the title 'Web design for Glass Lodge in Iceland'

Web design for Glass Lodge in Iceland

Design for a travel location in Iceland

Travel website with the title 'Travel website design'

Travel website design

Website for travel company

Travel website with the title 'Design for Prolific Immigration Consultants'

Design for Prolific Immigration Consultants

Client wanted a minimal and modern design which the home page reflects clearly. Most important work in this project was doing the research.

Travel website with the title 'Create a landing page for Narooma Tours & Charter Fish Narooma'

Create a landing page for Narooma Tours & Charter Fish Narooma

One of my favorite projects, and one of my dear clients - good and fast feedbacks, and great appreciation for my work.

Travel website with the title 'Classic Travel'

Classic Travel

Web design for luxury booking engine

Travel website with the title 'Bago Travel Bags Website Redesign'

Bago Travel Bags Website Redesign

Redesign Brand Language and HomePage - Bago Travel Bags

Travel website with the title 'Modern TRAVEL Design'

Modern TRAVEL Design

Travel website

Travel website with the title ' homepage design' homepage design

Travel website with the title 'Luxury Travel Agency -'

Luxury Travel Agency -

Website design for luxury travel agency. Being expert Luxury Travel Designers, Lux Trips offers bespoke experience of travelling.

Travel website with the title 'Corporate Stays'

Corporate Stays

An expert team of corporate housing specialists and property partners work tirelessly to manage and maintain our variety of handpicked furnished apartments with acute attention to detail.

Travel website with the title 'Home Page concept for Bhrillion Travels'

Home Page concept for Bhrillion Travels

We tried to show a vintage look into the design.

Travel website with the title 'Web Design for Travel Agency'

Web Design for Travel Agency

Vibrant color to emphasize the mood of holiday. Neat and modern layout for better user experience

Travel website with the title 'simplybooking'


Screen concepts for a software that allows vacation property managers to list their properties on their own site and allow people to book the properties.

Travel website with the title 'Clean & minimal concept for resort style travel website design'

Clean & minimal concept for resort style travel website design

Travel website with the title 'Webdesign for a company active in the segment of educational travel'

Webdesign for a company active in the segment of educational travel

It was a very tough contest with other 5 world class designers and finally my design won the final price.

Travel website with the title 'Web design for a travel booking company'

Web design for a travel booking company

Redesign of a travel website. Aesthetically I went for a rich use of imagery, and focused on creating a sense of depth, it helps make the user feel immersed by the experience.

Travel website with the title 'Website design for travel insurance company'

Website design for travel insurance company

Clean, minimal but elegant website redesign for travel insurance company in germany

Travel website with the title 'Redesign of Homepage'

Redesign of Homepage

Travel website with the title 'Website concept for a Mountain Resort'

Website concept for a Mountain Resort

Travel website with the title 'Traveling Website Design'

Traveling Website Design

Client Review! "After we had received a vast array of designs we then received Smart Envisions, Instantly we knew we had the design, look and feel we were looking for, clean, professional and uncluttered. I would certainly recommend Smart Envision for anyone who is looking for a professional prompt service. We fully intend to use them in the future. Many thanks Smart Envision !!"

Travel website with the title 'Homepage concept for private jet service provider'

Homepage concept for private jet service provider

Travel website with the title 'Meowtaineer adventure kitty website'

Meowtaineer adventure kitty website

Funny and clean website for cat blog.

Travel website with the title 'USIMS App's Homepage'

USIMS App's Homepage

USIMS offers an Internet eSIM service, which allows users to access the Internet at local rates globally, without incurring roaming charges.

Travel website with the title 'Travel agency web design concept'

Travel agency web design concept

Sophisticated, clean user friendly web design concept

Travel website with the title 'We need a new web design to offer and promote our holiday home'

We need a new web design to offer and promote our holiday home

We are looking for a one-pager which displays a description and photo's form one holiday home. Visitors of the website must be informed how the house look like and what specifications it has. Also some new and information about what you can do in the area. The site must be looking so nice that you want directly book a vacation to this home.

Travel website with the title 'Travel Agency Webdesign'

Travel Agency Webdesign

Made a hawaii inspired website for a travel agency that showcase hawaii destination. the main focus was to fill the site with image and must have a summer/hawaii feel. yet keeping everything organize

Travel website with the title 'Social Network for Travelers'

Social Network for Travelers

Profile page for AGENCESTP which is social network for travelers around the whole world. I've tried to keep it really modern, light, clean and easy to use.

Travel website with the title 'World Unite!'

World Unite!

Active in the segment of educational travel

Travel website with the title 'Countryside webpage design concepts'

Countryside webpage design concepts

Deb design concept for Countryside created simply and modern concept is easy to read and navigation.

Travel website with the title 'Luxury Cabin Rentals'

Luxury Cabin Rentals

A little vintage design for people who rents cabins in mountains.

Travel website with the title 'Informational webdesign'

Informational webdesign

Travel website with the title 'GayCities Website Redesign - Part 1'

GayCities Website Redesign - Part 1

Travel website with the title 'Travel Blog Homepage'

Travel Blog Homepage

Travel website with the title 'Alternative, conscious & honest website for inspirational travel company'

Alternative, conscious & honest website for inspirational travel company

We are a company active in the segment of educational travel. As our company name ("World Unite!") indicates, our aim is to achieve that our international travel experiences result in cultural exchange, cultural learning, curiousity and understanding for each other and thus that "the world unites". ------------------------------------------- Let's start a One-to-One project
Reach Out to Us:

Travel website with the title 'Campervan Rental-Redesign'

Campervan Rental-Redesign

Travel website with the title 'CruizeReizen webpage redesign concept'

CruizeReizen webpage redesign concept

Travel website with the title 'GoAdventure'


GoAdventure is a adventure travel booking website.

Travel website with the title 'Website for travel service provider'

Website for travel service provider

Travel website with the title 'Website for apartment hotel in Norway'

Website for apartment hotel in Norway

Website design and development for apartment hotel in Norway

Travel website with the title 'A Yacht Booking website'

A Yacht Booking website

A modern, responsive, fullscreen design with an impactful landing page that intuitively takes you though the booking process, providing a plethora of options along the way.

Travel website with the title 'Looking for a Fresh Travel and Resort Style Web Design'

Looking for a Fresh Travel and Resort Style Web Design

TZORT: Resort Style Travel for Everyone Why settle for just good enough when you can stay at a resort? Our exclusive resorts offer luxury accommodations with amenities that go far beyond the average hotel. Our Design Approach :- -Creative & Custom web page design with 100% customer satisfaction! - out of the box design thinking and provided world class design - website design approach with modern design with unique concept! - Mobile Responsive concept design ---------------------------------------- Are you Looking for a Creative & Custom Website Design & Development Services ? ---------------------------------------- Let's start a One-to-One project Reach Out to Us:

Travel website with the title 'Egoist Nature Resort'

Egoist Nature Resort

We are a nature resort that offers accommodation services in 8 beautiful contemporary bungalows, great meals served in a farm-to-table restaurant barn and wellbeing therapies. Our Design Approach :- -Creative & Custom web page design with 100% customer satisfaction! - out of the box design thinking and provided world class design - website design approach with modern design with unique concept! - Mobile Responsive concept design ---------------------------------------- Are you Looking for a Creative & Custom Website Design & Development Services ? ---------------------------------------- Let's start a One-to-One project Reach Out to Us:

Travel website with the title 'Visa & Travel Assistance website'

Visa & Travel Assistance website

Design for a Visa & Travel assistance website.

Travel website with the title 'Website for Monaco/ Monte Carlo'

Website for Monaco/ Monte Carlo

The Website is about everything in Monaco and the goal was to show all events, locations, ... to possible visitors. I focused on UX here and thought about to make the content as easy accessable as possible.

Travel website with the title 'Bold concepts for luxury holiday villas in Mallorca'

Bold concepts for luxury holiday villas in Mallorca

Travel website with the title 'Tablet View - Homepage'

Tablet View - Homepage

Travel website with the title 'Website for travel health insurance'

Website for travel health insurance

SimplyGlobal is a marketplace for Indians living in the US and other countries. One of the main services is the travel health insurance comparison and purchase. This design contest is for this service only ------------------------------------------- Let's start a One-to-One project
Reach Out to Us:

Travel website with the title 'Classic Travel Website Design'

Classic Travel Website Design

Website design for Classic Travel.

Travel website with the title 'Vacation resort'

Vacation resort

A simple, yet classy design for a cozy vacation house. The design contains: Home page; a description page of the villa; location and places around the villa which you can visit ; booking page with price.

Travel website with the title 'Van rental webdesign'

Van rental webdesign

Travel website with the title 'Landing Page for Earth Nook, Discover & Experience Travel'

Landing Page for Earth Nook, Discover & Experience Travel

Travel website with the title 'Airport Transfers, Luxury Travel Chaffeur Driven'

Airport Transfers, Luxury Travel Chaffeur Driven

Travel website with the title 'Elegant website concept for Souther California's black car service'

Elegant website concept for Souther California's black car service

Travel website with the title 'The Griffin Inn Traditional English Pub Web Design'

The Griffin Inn Traditional English Pub Web Design

Travel website with the title 'Website design for Favignana'

Website design for Favignana

Travel website with the title 'Travel Landing Page'

Travel Landing Page

I won this contest and it's a landing page of the website.

Travel website with the title 'Dunhill Travel Deals Website'

Dunhill Travel Deals Website

Travel website with the title 'Webdesign, AbodeStays '

Webdesign, AbodeStays

Webdesign contest for traveling company

pieman by E-T

Travel websites not a good fit? Try something else:

How to create your travel website design.

If you want an amazing travel website that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world.

Start a contest

Designers from around the world pitch you ideas. You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a winner.

Start a project

Find the perfect designer to match your style and budget. Then collaborate one-on-one to create a custom website.

Travel website with the title 'Creative web design for city buildings blog'

4.6 average from 2,355 web page design customer reviews

What makes a good travel website?

A great website shows the world who you are, makes people remember you, and helps potential customers understand if they found what they were looking for. Websites communicate all of that through color, shape and other design elements. Learn how to make your travel website tell your brand’s story.

Travel website with the title 'Website design - SLS Agency'

Types of websites There are 8 different types of websites. Find out what they are, so you can decide which will meet your needs… Keep reading
How to create a website Creating a website can be complicated. This guide will walk you through the process of getting a website step-by-step… Keep reading
Web design colors Choosing the right website colors can highlight your business’ strengths and help you attract the right customers… Keep reading

Nomadic Matt: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Better

How to Start a Travel Blog

A laptop on a desk inside an office with lots of plants

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, including the links for HostGator and Bluehost. At no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase using these links. If you have any questions about the companies or my status as an affiliate, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Whether as a hobby or profession, starting a travel blog is pretty easy. You can set it up in under 30 minutes. It’s a lot easier than when I started my blog in 2008. Back then, I didn’t know the first thing about making a website. Luckily, on my adventures around the world, I met Matt and Kat, a British couple who also happened to be web designers.

When I came home and decided I wanted to start this travel blog, they agreed to help me set it up and teach me HTML. I hand-coded the website and used a funky tool called Dreamweaver to build it. It was painfully slow and I wasn’t very good at it. (And my original website was really ugly!)

Luckily, you no longer have to build websites that way!

Creating a website has gotten a lot easier and simpler thanks to WordPress, an out-of-the-box platform designed to make sites easier for those not technically savvy (like myself). It powers over 25% of the internet and is the best platform to start a blog on. It’s super flexible and can do whatever you want it to do — from a simple journal to complex blogs and e-commerce websites.

In our blogging course , we’ve had thousands of students start a website on WordPress without any technical skills. They got them up and running — and you can too!

While I’ve talked about how to succeed as a travel blog in the past, today, I want to give a quick tutorial on how to create a travel blog from scratch in seven easy steps.  

Table of Contents

Step 1: Pick your domain name

The first thing you need to do is pick a domain name (i.e., your website name). When doing so, there are no hard and fast rules. There’s no such thing as a “wrong domain name,” but there are a couple of rules I like to live by:

Make a name that can last – If you pick “” and then you leave Asia, the domain name won’t make sense anymore. Make sure you pick a name that isn’t so focused that if you decide to shift gears, you can keep the same domain name.

Don’t date your blog – Don’t pick something related to your age either. “Twenty-Something Travel” becomes really irrelevant when you get older, which actually happened to a blogger I know. Pick a name that can be used no matter your age!

Avoid certain words – Avoid words like “nomad,” “vagabond,” “wanderlust,” and “adventure.” They have been done to death, and they will make you seem like you’re copying people, not being original.

Pick a name that describes what you do as much as possible – I was a nomad, so “Nomadic Matt” was the best pick for me. If you’re into luxury, put words in your domain name that convey that. You want people to see the name and go, “I get what that website is about.”

Keep it short  – Use 3-4 words maximum. You want the name that rolls off the tongue. Even Ramit Sethi from “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” abbreviates his site to “I Will Teach” or “IWT.” The shorter, the better.

Keep it simple – I’m not a fan of using jargon or slang in your domain name, as I think that makes things confusing for people who don’t know it. The last thing you want is someone saying, “What does that mean?” or being confused. If someone has to think hard about the meaning, then you’ve already lost them. So don’t try to be clever!  

Step 2: Sign up for a host

After you’ve picked out your domain name, you’ll need to register it online and buy hosting (the little computer in the sky that’s going to power your website). There are a lot of basic hosting companies out there — and most of them are pretty terrible.

However, the two biggest and best are HostGator and Bluehost . I would go with one of those two.

While they are owned by the same parent company, I lean toward HostGator , as I find its call center customer service quicker and friendlier, and HostGator is prone to fewer outages (no one wants their website to go down!). It’s also really improved its service and now offers free SSL certificates (that’s the thing that tells users your website is secure).

Here’s a walk-through of how to set up your host with HostGator (it won’t take long):

First, head over to the website’s sign-up page and get hosting for only $2.78 per month. That’s over 60% off the normal price!

HostGator screenshot

Next, choose your plan (I suggest the hatchling plan):

HostGator screenshot

Enter your desired domain name at the top of the page. Make sure before you sign up that the domain you want is available, so as to avoid issues with your signup process.

register your domain name with hostgator

The system will then prompt you to take out “domain privacy protection,” which we recommend you do. (Why? This will hide your address and contact details from appearing online when someone queries your domain name, and it will keep spammers from calling you to sell their sketchy web services. It’s really annoying — and once your name and phone number are out there, they’re out there forever. Nip it in the bud by hiding them from the beginning.)

If you already have a domain name but need hosting, simply select the “I already own this domain” from the tab at the top. Then, enter your domain name and continue to the next step.

select your hosting plan with hostgator

Make sure you have selected the right hosting plan from the drop-down list and then select the billing cycle you are prepared to pay. The longer you lock in for, the cheaper initial pricing will be.

We suggest starting with the “Hatchling Plan” (which gives you hosting for one single domain), but if you have plans for more than one website, then opt for the “Baby Plan” instead, to give you room to grow (since you can host unlimited domains with it).

Next, you will then select the username for your account and a security PIN. Fill out your billing information and preferred payment type (credit card or PayPal.)

You can opt-out of all of the additional services on offer by unchecking them.

additional services offered by hsotgator

Review your order details and make sure everything is correct. Then click “Checkout Now!” at the bottom of the page.

Once your order has been received, you’ll be redirected to the HostGator billing portal. You will also be sent two separate emails with the login credentials to your hosting control panel and the billing portal for your HostGator account. Be sure to save the information. Save them on your computer and/or print the emails for safekeeping.

They will look similar to the example below:

hostgator admin portal

For those of you with an existing domain or a domain purchased from a third-party site like GoDaddy, take note of the nameservers listed on your hosting account email. You will need to add those to your domain where you purchased it, to link your domain and hosting together. Please refer to the support documents from where you bought your domain for exact instructions on how to update your nameservers.

That’s it! All that takes about five minutes from start to finish!

Again, you can click here to go to  HostGator  to set it up.  

Step 3: How to Install WordPress

After you’ve registered your domain name and chosen your hosting package, the next thing you’ll want to do is install WordPress. (WordPress is what will actually run the website. The host is simply the computer your site sits on.)

WordPress is an open-source, free web publishing application, content management system (CMS), and blogging tool built by a community of developers and contributors to make it easy for people to blog!

After you’ve paid for your domain, you’ll get an email telling you your login details. Log in to your hosting control panel using the link provided to you by email when you purchased your hosting from Hostgator. The link would look similar to this:

The email will be titled “Your Account Info” if you have trouble locating it in your inbox.

Once logged into your control panel, you need to scroll down the settings page to locate the “Software” section. Then click on the “QuickInstall” link. The software section will be located toward the bottom of the page.

Quick Install WordPress

On the page that loads, select WordPress from the top menu or the WordPress tile on the page..

Install WordPress

Select your domain name from the drop-down. Leave the “install/path/here” field blank.

Enter the name of your blog, an admin username (make sure the admin username is hard to guess), your name, and your email address, and then agree to the terms and conditions below. Then click the “Install” button.

Install WordPress Deatil Settings

Once the install process has finished, you will be given the password you need to log in to your WordPress site in the notification bar at the top (dismiss the popup that appears). Take note of the password, as we will show you how to change that later on. You will also be emailed the details if you miss or forget to save the info.

Complete WordPress Install

Step 4: Setting up your website

After you’ve installed WordPress, go to and use the username and password you created to log in. You’ll see a screen like this after you log in:

WordPress Admin Dashboard

Here’s a little overview of the menu on the left side of the screen:

  • Dashboard  – The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to WordPress, and it’s the main administrative area for your blog.
  • Home  – This will take you back to the main dashboard view.
  • Updates  – This area will tell you if WordPress, your plugins, or your theme need to be updated.
  • Posts  – You can view all your blog posts here, as well as set up new ones and add categories and tags.
  • Media  – Here’s where you can view your media library and add new media content, like photos and videos.
  • Pages  – Pages are the individual landing pages on your website (like your About page, Contact page, Resources page, etc.). You can add new pages here as well as review and edit existing ones.
  • Comments  – Comments on your blog posts go here. You may want to check the spam folder periodically to make sure you’re not missing real comments.
  • WPForms  – WordPress’s contact-form plugin.
  • Marketplace  – Here you can create an online marketplace.
  • Appearance  – This section lets you entirely customize your site’s appearance.
  • Plugins  – Review, install, and update your plugins here.
  • Users  – If there’s more than one person accessing your blog, you can create accounts and give them certain privileges here.
  • Tools  – This section has certain tools to aid you with management tasks.
  • Settings  – You can adjust all your site’s settings here, including things like your blog title and the size of thumbnails being used.
  • Insights  – Insights provides traffic and user stats about those visiting your website. (Google Analytics is a better choice, though.)

Plugins are a great way to add additional functionality to a WordPress-powered site. And with over 50,000 listed in the WordPress Repository and many more premium options available from developers, there are endless possibilities as to what you can do with your site. (I’ll list some examples below.)

To get started, click on “Plugins” and then “Add New” when logged into your WordPress dashboard. Here you can search for plugins that you want and install them via a one-click install that automatically installs them to your WordPress platform.

Add a plugin to WordPress

Alternatively, you have the option to upload a plugin you have purchased or downloaded from a third-party site. To do this, see the “Step 3” arrow in the picture above. All you have to do is click “upload plugin” and you’ll be asked to upload the ZIP file of the plugin that you downloaded from the third-party website.

Once you have uploaded a plugin (or searched for one, as I’ve shown in the image below) you can install it.

install a plugin on WordPress

After clicking the “Install Now” option, the button will change to say “Activate.” This allows you to enable the plugin on your site and makes it ready to be configured and used.

If you can think of a feature you’d like to have on your site, I can almost guarantee there is a plugin for it, but here are the essential ones for your travel blog:

Akismet  – Just like getting junk mail in your mailbox, your website will get spammers looking to leave junk comments on your site. Akismet seeks to reduce the amount of this by automatically filtering it for you.

Yoast SEO – The best SEO plugin out there. This combines the ability to create meta tags and descriptions for your posts, optimize your titles, create a sitemap for search engines to read, customize how your posts appear across social media, and do a whole lot more.

Relevanssi  – While WordPress does a lot of things well, what it fails at is adding search functionality to your site. Relevanssi seeks to fix this and give your readers the most accurate results when searching on your site.

UpdraftPlus – You can never back up your site too much. The WordPress database holds every word you’ve ever written, and if your blog has started to make you a few dollars, you would be nuts not to keep regular backups. UpdraftPlus does it perfectly.

Grow by Mediavine  – A great social sharing plugin for your site. It comes with great a simple set of icons that work well on both desktop and mobile.

Cache Enabler – This plugin creates saved copies of your site, making loading your web pages much faster.

Code Canyon – This interactive map is a cool way to highlight your travels and share them with your readers.  

Step 5: Install your theme

One of the most important things a blog needs besides good content is a good design. People decide in seconds whether or not they trust your website and choose to stay. A visually unappealing website will turn off readers and reduce the number of return visits you get.

So to accomplish a good design, you will need an amazing WordPress theme (i.e., design templates and files).

Luckily, there are lots of out-of-the-box options for you where you can download a predesigned theme, upload it to your website, switch it on, change some settings, and presto! A new look for your website!

You can get:

  • Free themes – Free themes are plentiful and for budding new bloggers looking to make their mark online. They seem like a great option, as they allow you to keep costs low. There are many great free themes online, but most of them are not amazing. If you plan on blogging for a long time, this might become a problem as your website grows. However, if you just need a simple design to blog for your friends and family, then go the free route. You can find some good free themes at .
  • Premium themes – The next step up from a free theme is a premium theme. Premium themes are paid themes that offer a bit more uniqueness, flexibility, and functionality. These cost $25 USD and up, depending on the developer and features.

I suggest getting a premium theme . Yes, it’s another cost — but here is why you should do it:

  • With a premium theme, you almost always get customer support from the developers. If you get in trouble, they are there for you. You don’t get that with a free theme.
  • With a premium theme, there are more controls and instructions so they are easier to change. Free themes don’t have that.
  • Premium themes tend to be a lot prettier.
  • Premium themes are faster and more SEO friendly.

Genesis themes by StudioPress are some of the best and most popular if you’re looking to invest in a top-notch theme.

To install your theme, simply go to the left-hand column, click Appearance –> Themes –> Upload.

Whatever theme you picked will come as a .ZIP file for you to easily upload. From there, you just activate it, and it’s turned on! All themes come with a manual and help file so you can customize your design to your specific needs.

(If you want a custom logo or need to hire any designers, two sites to find freelancers are Upwork and 99designs .)  

Step 6: Create your main pages

After you’ve uploaded your theme, you’re going to want to make a few basic pages on your website in addition to the blog posts. The difference between a page and a post is that a page is a static piece of content that lives separate from the blog. A post is a blog post that gets “buried” as you write more and more. For example, this post is a blog post. When I update again, another blog post will get put on top of it, and it will be pushed down in the archives, making it harder to find.

But a page, like my About page, lives on the top of the website, right near the main URL, and does NOT get buried. It’s a lot easier to find.

To create these pages, go again to your left sidebar and click Pages —> Add New. (For blog posts, use Posts –> Add New.)

I recommend creating four basic pages to start:

About page – This where you tell people about yourself and your history, what your blog is about, and why it will help them. This is one of the most important pages on your website, so make it personable!

Contact page – People need a way to reach you! Be sure to be very clear on what emails you will and won’t respond to, so people don’t send you spam.

Privacy page  – This is a standard user agreement page informing readers what the applicable laws on your site are, that you use cookies, etc. etc. You can find out-of-the-box examples throughout the internet.

Copyright page  – This is a standard page letting people know you own this work and not to steal it. You can find out-of-the-box examples of these, too, throughout the internet.

(If you look in my footer, under the “About Us” section, you can see examples of all four of these pages!)  

Step 7: Join our blogging program! (optional)

Superstar Blogging travel blogging program

You’ll learn everything I know about creating a successful blog from creating engaging content, going viral, networking with bloggers, getting media attention, mastering SEO, creating products, growing a newsletter, and making money.

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requently Asked Questions

Starting a blog can be an intimidating process. I struggled a ton when I first started blogging and had a lot of questions — but no one to ask them to. Since I continue to get questions about blogging emailed to me every week, I thought I’d share some of the answers here (we cover all of this in the course I mentioned above too).

How much does it cost to start a blog? You can start a travel blog for just a few dollars per month. Hosting costs less than $5 USD per month, which is the only expense you absolutely need. In a perfect world, you’d also purchase a premium theme, which can cost around $100-150 USD, but that’s about all you need at the start. Everything else can wait!

Can I blog if I have a full-time job? You definitely don’t need to be a full-time traveler to be successful. I started my blog as a hobby while working as a teacher — and so did tons of other bloggers who are now successful. Starting a blog is like starting a business. It won’t make money overnight, so keeping your day job is a smart move. Lots of part-time bloggers are successful!

Do I need a laptop or fancy camera to start a blog? You definitely need a laptop and, while a camera is helpful, a big fancy camera is not 100% necessary. A simple phone camera or point-and-shoot camera will suffice. I only travel with my iPhone and that works well!

Is it too late to start a blog? Definitely not! Think of blogs like restaurants. Is it too late to start a restaurant? Of course not! Yes, there are already a TON of restaurants out there, but there’s always room for a new, awesome restaurant.

The same goes for blogging. There are TONS of blogs out there, but most of them are average. There is ALWAYS room for new, awesome content!

Can you actually make money blogging? Definitely! This is not a get-rich-quick industry though. Most bloggers don’t make any money for their first year, however, there are thousands of travel bloggers out there making everything from a few bucks per month to full-time incomes. If you put in the work, learn the right skills, and stay consistent, it’s 100% possible to make a living in this industry.

Do I need a lot of technical skills to get started? There are some minor technical skills you need, but otherwise, that’s it. I had zero technical skills when I started, which is why I wanted to include a comprehensive tech unit in my course as the tech stuff is the most tedious. But you don’t need to be a computer whiz to get started. You just need to learn the basics.

How much money can you make as a blogger? There are travel bloggers bringing in over 1 million dollars a year from their website so the sky is the limit! But, realistically, the majority of full-time bloggers make between 80,000-150,000 a year.

That’s it! You’ve set up your basic website. Sure, there are social media buttons to add, blogs to write, images to upload, and things to tweak but all that comes later. Once you do the steps above, you have the framework needed to create and share your story with the world! To recap on how to start a travel blog:

  • Step 1: Pick a Name
  • Step 2: Sign Up for Hosting
  • Step 3: Install WordPress
  • Step 4: Set Up Your Website
  • Step 5: Install Your Theme
  • Step 6: Create Your Main Pages
  • Step 7: Join Our Blogging Course (Optional!)

By following these steps, you can start your travel blog and your stories and tips with the world! (That’s where the real fun begins!) Don’t let the tech scare you. I didn’t know anything when I started. I was totally clueless and had to teach myself how to do this. If I can do this, you can start a blog too! I believe in you! (Email me if you want more encouragement.)

Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight Find a cheap flight by using Skyscanner . It’s my favorite search engine because it searches websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is being left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation You can book your hostel with Hostelworld . If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use as it consistently returns the cheapest rates for guesthouses and hotels.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (best for everyone)
  • Insure My Trip (for those 70 and over)
  • Medjet (for additional evacuation coverage)

Want to Travel for Free? Travel credit cards allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for free flights and accommodation — all without any extra spending. Check out my guide to picking the right card and my current favorites to get started and see the latest best deals.

Need Help Finding Activities for Your Trip? Get Your Guide is a huge online marketplace where you can find cool walking tours, fun excursions, skip-the-line tickets, private guides, and more.

Ready to Book Your Trip? Check out my resource page for the best companies to use when you travel. I list all the ones I use when I travel. They are the best in class and you can’t go wrong using them on your trip.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, including the links for HostGator and Bluehost. At no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase using these links. If you have any questions about the companies or my status as an affiliate, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Got a comment on this article? Join the conversation on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter and share your thoughts!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I recommend only products and companies I use and the income goes to keeping the site community supported and ad free.

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The 50 Best Travel Blogs & What You Can Learn From Them

Travel blogs have become a very popular and lucrative niche over the last several years. Even with the challenges of COVID-19 and a dramatic drop in overall travel, the opportunities for the next several years are incredible. Statistics show that over 80% of travel planning is done online these days, and more than half of travel bloggers operate more than a single site. This highlights not only the demand but also the need to diversify your offerings as a blogger.

Given the current travel restrictions around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now’s the time for travel bloggers to focus on marketing their blogs and growing their audience. There are lots of ways to promote your travel blog, too, from effective content marketing strategies to social media marketing , paid social media ads , and more.

It’s not just about growing traffic to your travel blog, but monetizing it, too. After all, you need a way to fund all those globe-trotting adventures. Renting out your pad while you’re on a travel journey? Install an Airbnb follow button on your travel blog so visitors can save your Airbnb experience, listing, or other pages. Travel bloggers who offer guided tours of their cities or other experiences for travelers can install the TripAdvisor follow button , which enables blog visitors to save your TripAdvisor listing or experience.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the 50 best travel blogs that can inspire your own work. Creating a content and business strategy for a blog can be tough, and it is always helpful to learn from other leaders and influencers in the space. You’ll find a diverse mix of sub-niches in the list, including sites that focus on travel photography, retirement travel, and solo female travel. The travel blogs featured below aren’t ranked or rated in any particular way but are listed alphabetically.

1. Adventurous Kate  


Kate McCulley has traveled to 83 countries so far and her blog, Adventurous Kate, is a great resource for anyone looking to travel and turn their passion into a full-time business. Her target audience is independent women and she covers topics like travel resources, destinations, and travel safety. To help connect with her audience, Kate also publishes a monthly recap where she talks about highlights and key learnings from each period of travel.

What you can learn from Adventurous Kate:

  • Why you need to target your blog for a very specific audience
  • How to balance informative posts and personal posts to keep your content interesting
  • Ideas for taking great pictures while traveling that are interesting and authentic

2. Against the Compass


Against the Compass, from Joan Torres, focuses on off-the-beaten-path destinations that may be overlooked by other sources. Joan is from Spain, and he has a great “start here” page that explains his motivations and goals for his travel blog. He strives to provide unique content that can’t be found anywhere else, including detailed guides for many destinations in the Middle East.

What you can learn from Against the Compass:

  • How focusing on specific countries can help differentiate you from other travelers
  • Why travel insurance is a very popular topic today
  • Setting up a travel blog to support multiple languages

3. Along Dusty Roads


Along Dusty Roads was created by Andrew and Emily, a British couple who have been traveling extensively for the last six years after leaving their local jobs. As with many of the travel blogs in this post, the blog owners have many first-hand stories to share. This website is a reminder of how important it is to develop some of your own unique experiences that will be relevant for the audience you are looking to grow.

What you can learn from Along Dusty Roads:

  • How to incorporate dramatic landscape photos into your landing pages and posts
  • The importance of selecting a particular color palette for your branding
  • A great way to integrate your Instagram feed into your website

4. Anywhere We Roam


Mark and Paul operate the Anywhere We Roam blog and have been sharing a lot of great content over the last several years. This blog features a lot of stunning landscape photos and does a nice job of highlighting excellent nature and wildlife destinations. One particularly helpful resource on their site is a ‘Book’ tab where you can view tips and instructions for how to set up everything you need for a trip, including insurance and activities.

What you can learn from Anywhere We Roam:

  • How a defined mission statement can strengthen your blog
  • The importance of highlighting any travel awards or mentions from authoritative sites
  • Useful ways to diversify your social media presence on multiple platforms

5. Atlas & Boots


Atlas and Boots was founded by novelist Kia Abdullah and photographer Peter Watson. This outdoor travel blog is the perfect resource for real adventures to immersive natural locations. They not only cater to outdoor adventure seekers but also have resources for finding remote work and balancing life and work while traveling.

What you can learn from Atlas & Boots:

  • Why a simple website theme can really make your photos noticeable
  • How to develop guides for hikes and treks that cater to outdoor travelers
  • Excellent ways to incorporate travel books and movies

6. Backpacker Banter


Chris Stevens runs Backpacker Banter as a resource for budget travel tips and guides. He has been traveling since 2009 as a surfer, photographer, and blogger and has a lot of fascinating guides covering destinations like South Africa and Thailand. The ocean is obviously a primary theme of his blog, and you can really see how his branding and photography highlight the best part of life near the water.

What you can learn from Backpacker Banter:

  • How to balance multiple brands and websites as a blogger
  • Ways to offer exclusive discounts to your readers
  • How to develop a travel niche around your desired lifestyle

7. Barbaralicious


The site Barbaralicious has accumulated over 100,000 followers, and Barbara Riedel regularly adds new content to her travel blog. A native of Germany, Barbara has optimized her site for both German and English language audiences, and the blog features self-published books and additional services. This travel website is a nice example of how to combine professional offerings with a travel blog.

What you can learn from Barbaralicious:

  • How to format and release self-published books
  • Ideas for diversifying income sources through services, products, and publications
  • Using your personal story to make your brand authentic

8. Be My Travel Muse


Kristin launched Be My Travel Muse as a blog dedicated to helping others plan their dream trips. She actively promotes her brand on social media channels, including Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. On her travel blog you will find a lot of excellent resources for solo female travel, such as destination guides and shopping tips.

What you can learn from Be My Travel Muse:

  • How to create an immersive travel map on your blog
  • Ideas for how to build a compelling landing page
  • Excellent examples of YouTube video content

9. Bound For Nowhere

Husband and wife team Owen and Mak have been traveling non-stop for over 1,600 days and fully embrace the van life. They have a well-organized travel blog that includes details of their journey, van build, and recommended gear. This site is a useful resource for travelers who seek to live and work in a fully remote environment while visiting destinations around the world.

What you can learn from Bound For Nowhere:

  • How to create simple and cohesive branding for your blog
  • Effective ways to offer products and accept donations
  • Where to find affiliate opportunities in addition to Amazon

10. Bucket L istly


Pete Rojwongsuriya is a full-time travel blogger who has visited over 65 countries and written over 200 articles. His goal for the BucketListly blog is to help other travelers plan their trips in a way that is simplified and less stressful. The main way he achieves this is by sharing personal stories, including his candid experiences and failures that can help others learn from his mistakes.

What you can learn from Bucketlistly:

  • How to offer Lightroom presets as a way to increase newsletter signups
  • Why you should focus on the travel locations you are most familiar with
  • New ideas for creating a modern and immersive travel blog theme

11. Cheapest Destinations

Tim Leffel is a travel writer and author who is best known for his book, The World’s Cheapest Destinations , which shares the name with his travel blog. His work has been featured in multiple publications, and he has been interviewed by many other popular travel bloggers. The blog contains some informative posts that explain the cost of living in various countries and how to find great deals when planning your itineraries.

What you can learn from Cheapest Destinations:

  • Ways to promote travel books through your blog
  • How a simple blog design can be used to capture a large audience
  • The importance of linking to your other websites and offerings

12. Expert Vagabond  


Expert Vagabond features photography tips, travel advice, and guides for how to maximize your travel budget. Matt Karsten started the blog over 10 years ago and has been featured on some impressive websites including National Geographic. He is also active on social media and does a great job of focusing his travel blog around his core topics of photography, backpacking, and nomadic life.

What you can learn from Expert Vagabond:

  • What a professional theme and branding looks like
  • How to feature your most popular articles and posts
  • Great ideas for integrating social media feeds into your landing page

13. Follow The Boat


Follow the Boat is the blog of British citizens Jamie and Liz who have been traveling in their boat since 2006. They strive to make their content very personal and realistic without sensationalizing the experience of traveling full-time. You’ll also see that they’ve integrated a web store into their travel blog to offer visitors various products.

What you can learn from Follow The Boat:

  • How to blend photography and travel writing in your posts
  • The importance of being authentic and candid with your audience
  • Ways to promote and sell products through your travel blog

14. Girl Eat World

Melissa Hie, from Singapore, is the blogger who runs Girl Eat World, and she documents her travels through the various foods she eats along the way. She focuses her social media efforts on Instagram and Facebook, where she does a nice job of cross promoting her work. Her travel blog is not her full-time job, and you can follow along with her personal and professional journey through the annual reviews that she shares.

What you can learn from Girl Eat World:

  • How an FAQ can help orient new site visitors
  • Where to place a travel map to share destinations
  • Why a simple website theme can help improve your content

15. Girl Gone Travel


Carol Cain is the CEO of a communications and branding agency, and her blog, Girl Gone Travel, documents her experiences traveling with a large family. This is a great example of a travel blog that allows someone to highlight their passions and their professional work. The website has a simple design and allows Carol to focus on her content and promote her offerings.

What you can learn from Girl Gone Travel:

  • Where to place testimonials on your site for maximum effect
  • How to structure a page that offers collaboration opportunities
  • Why you should integrate Instagram into your landing page

16. Global Help Swap


The travel blog at Global Help Swap includes travel snapshots and information about important environmental events throughout the world. Bloggers Karen and Paul embrace the idea of responsible travel and share tips with their followers to help them create their own memorable journeys. As the name implies, the site also has a listing for global volunteer opportunities for travelers.

What you can learn from Global Help Swap:

  • How to create a service-oriented travel blog that has a defined purpose
  • Formatting ideas for travel guides
  • Which social media platforms are effective for promoting a travel blog

17. Goats on the Road


The 30-something couple Nick and Dariece have been working and living on the road for over 10 years so far. Their blog, Goats on the Road, has been featured in dozens of major websites such as Forbes and Travel Pulse. They started this website in 2012 and since then have expanded their staff to include an active group of content contributors.

What you can learn from Goats on the Road:

  • How to find additional contributors to create value-added content
  • Where to find remote jobs and careers to promote on your travel blog
  • Ways to define and leverage a unique website name

18. Gotta Keep Movin

Emma Higgins created Gotta Keep Movin in 2010 and has been traveling full-time since 2011. One of the unique aspects of her website is the inclusion of annual printed guides that document a year living in a particular destination. This strategy allows Emma to use her skills as a freelance travel writer to develop additional revenue streams through her platform.

What you can learn from Gotta Keep Movin:

  • How to market and sell printed materials on your site
  • Why podcasting is a great medium for the travel blogger
  • Where to find other travelers and writers who can contribute content

19. Hand Luggage Only  

Two college roommates, Yaya and Lloyd, came up with the idea for Hand Luggage Only while studying together at the University of Cambridge in England. Since 2014, their travel blog has been a resource for travel insights, photography guides, and food reviews. They’ve amassed a large following and do a nice job of developing engaging content.

What you can learn from Hand Luggage Only:

  • How to take vivid and interesting travel photos
  • The importance of including relevant category links on your main page
  • How to organize a searchable archive for older content

20. I Am Aileen

Aileen Adilid promotes the idea of solo female travel through her blog, I Am Aileen. Her site features destination guides that span all seven continents, and there are also detailed posts showing visitors how to create a successful blog and become a digital nomad. This a a well-designed and professional looking site that covers a large number of different travel topics.

What you can learn from I Am Aileen:

  • How to combine lifestyle and travel themes into a single blog
  • Designing an online shop for physical and informational products
  • How an online newsletter can help build your following

21. Legal Nomads  


Legal Nomads started as a personal blog and has since grown into a complete travel website that covers topic such as writing and gluten free travel. Jodi Ettenberg maintains the blog and offers readers some amazing stories about resilience and how to balance work and life priorities. Jodi shares details and really strives to give readers a complete picture of the challenges that one can face.

What you can learn from Legal Nomads:

  • Where to find resources when traveling gluten-free
  • Useful ways to integrate an online shop
  • How to pivot your website to meet your personal and professional needs

22. Life Part 2


Life Part 2 is among a growing number of travel blogs that cater to the needs of baby boomers. Jonathan and Sarah are retired and travel full-time to destinations throughout the world. They share tips that help visitors make the most of their retirement and inspire them to try new things and keep growing. In addition to travel topics, there’s also some informative content that discusses lifestyle concepts such as minimalism and budgeting.

What you can learn from Life Part 2:

  • How to define a specific niche for your travel blog
  • Why listing your experiences can be a great motivation for readers
  • Ways to develop your true purpose as a blogger

23. Lost With Purpose


Alex Reynolds launched Lost With Purpose as a female solo travel blog where she explains exactly how to work and travel independently. The site is an inspiration for new travelers and also has a lot of useful tips and resources that anyone can use. She also offers exclusive tours in Pakistan, which allows her to spend time with fellow travelers and offer a truly unique experience for those who attend.

What you can learn from Lost With Purpose:

  • How to launch and market customized travel tours
  • Writing and formatting immersive travel guides
  • Where to place links for Patreon support from readers

24. Maptia  

Maptia is a travel blog that focuses on the art of storytelling. Each article on the website mixes vivid photographs with well-written accounts to really explain what the experience is like to visit different places. Visitors can sign up for a newsletter to stay informed about the latest stories, and there are additional resources available to explore the community.

What you can learn from Maptia:

  • How to develop a narrative style for your blog content
  • Where to find active contributors and develop a true community
  • Great ideas for creating a visual web store and selling photography products

25. Marriott Traveler


Marriott does an excellent job of fostering an active community for their blog, the Marriott Bonvoy Traveler. The site is created as its own entity, and it has the look and functionality of a standard travel blog. The articles are well written and include photography that helps capture the essence of each topic.

What you can learn from Marriott Traveler:

  • An inside look at how a major company publishes their travel blog content
  • How to use diverse categories that cover many aspects of the travel world
  • Great examples of how to embed video content directly into posts

26. Matador Network


Matador has become a massive network of travel enthusiasts that includes millions of readers who regularly visit the blog. With a dedicated international team of contributors, this site is an inspirational example of using a travel blog to promote a true business venture. The team has also created an exclusive travel app, travelstoke, and you can view a selection of their premium shows and mini-documentaries called Matador Originals.

What you can learn from Matador Network:

  • The benefit of having an app that is associated with a blog
  • How to develop an international community of active followers
  • What can happen when you place high editorial standards on content

27. Matthew Woodward


With so many travel blogs out there, it can be a challenge to differentiate your website and make it unique. Matthew Woodward has carved out an interesting niche for himself and travels nearly exclusively by train. He has mapped his largest trips on the website as distinct itineraries that capture multiple stops along a journey between two cities.

What you can learn from Matthew Woodward:

  • The benefit of developing a unique point of view
  • How to promote books on a travel blog
  • Where to find new ideas for YouTube and Instagram content

28. My Life’s a Travel Movie


Alyssa Ramos is a travel blogger and social media influencer who documents her journeys on her blog, My Life’s A Travel Movie. She prefers to travel solo and shares a lot of helpful tips for other aspiring travelers who want to learn how to get started. There’s a ton of content on the website, and she also organizes group trips to interesting destinations.

What you can learn from My Life’s a Travel Movie:

  • How to use Instagram to increase traffic to your blog
  • Where to promote the products in your web store
  • Why giveaways can help you grow your email subscriber list

29. Never Ending Footsteps


Lauren Juliff is a writer who has been traveling extensively over the last 10 years while running the Never Ending Footsteps blog. Along with destination guides, you will also find some excellent articles about working and living in many different countries. She also has an interesting travel anxiety course available to help individuals overcome their fears and reduce anxiety through traveling.

What you can learn from Never Ending Footsteps:

  • How to promote courses on your travel blog
  • The importance of using social media along with your website
  • How to be candid and authentic with your audience

30. NOMADasaurus


The NOMADasaurus website has been around since 2013 and has become the biggest travel blog in Australia. Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem use this platform to share travel tips and show their readers how to promote sustainability. The site is easy to browse, and they do a really nice job of combining interesting writing with impressive photography.

What you can learn from Nomadasaurus:

  • How to offer adventure tours to your audience
  • Why you might want to promote sustainable tourism on your blog
  • Ways to maximize your engagement on Twitter and YouTube

31. Nomadic Boys


Stefan and Sebastian are a couple who have been traveling for the last 10 years and together created a leading gay travel blog called Nomadic Boys. They offer tips and inspiration for members of the LBGTQ community and their international audience. This website is an excellent example of combining lifestyle topics with resources for long-term travel.

What you can learn from Nomadic Boys:

  • How to establish an email newsletter
  • The importance of networking for blog success
  • Tips for curating travel content for the LBGTQ community

32. Nomadic Matt  


Nomadic Matt is a well-known blog in the travel space that has been around for over 11 years. Matt has been to over 100 countries, and his travels have been covered by major publications like the BBC and The New York Times. He has a nice mix of informative and inspirational content that helps visitors learn more about traveling to any place at any time.

What you can learn from Nomadic Matt:

  • How to launch and maintain a webshop on your site
  • The true value of community and how to maximize your networking
  • Ways to successfully sell guidebooks and courses

33. Notes From the Road


Notes From the Road is an experimental travel blog by Erik Gauger. His content focuses on experiences in nature, and you’ll find a lot of stunning wildlife photography within many of the posts. He also includes several of his own illustrations. Erik’s goal for his blog is to capture true experiences that are told in a sincere way as they happen.

What you can learn from Notes From the Road:

  • The value of demonstrating authenticity through your blog
  • How to show a vivid picture of nature during travel
  • Ways to organize your travel writings by destination

34. Oneika The Traveller

@oneikatravel l er

Oneika Raymond is a media personality and journalist who has appeared on the Travel Channel and NBC New York. Her blog, Oneika the Traveller, allows her to share experiences from her travels to over 115 different countries over the years. She aims to inspire people of color and provide some important commentary and opinions along the way.

What you can learn from Oneika The Traveler:

  • How to balance blog content with a social media presence
  • Ways to present professional travel experience
  • Why you should embody the essence of the lifestyle you promote

35. Practical Wanderlust


Practical Wanderlust is a blog by a couple, Lia and Jeremy, who strive to provide their audience with realistic tips and advice for traveling. They’ve created detailed guides for many destinations and also offer gift guides for topics like hiking and eco-friendly travel. You’ll find some great articles on the blog along with some amazing photos from many unique places.

What you can learn from Practical Wanderlust:

  • Using printable checklists to attract newsletter followers
  • Why hosting a podcast can help develop your audience
  • How to promote products through affiliate sites

36. Retire Early and Travel


Keith and Tina Paul created Retire Early and Travel to help people prioritize travel and find ways to retire early and make it happen. They work alongside major travel agencies and businesses to find experiences they can review for their audience. This is an excellent example of using a travel blog not only to engage with an audience but also develop a true business around the concept.

What you can learn from Retire Early and Travel:

  • The importance of developing a core audience
  • How to use your blog to promote travel companies and offerings
  • The benefit of focusing on a specific travel concept for your blog

37. Sidetracked


Sidetracked seeks to capture the emotion of travel within each and every blog post. They run their travel blog as a web magazine with a complete editorial team and regular group of contributors. The field journal gives you quick access to specific entries covering different locations, and visitors can also purchase printed Sidetracked books from the online shop.

What you can learn from Sidetracked:

  • How to run and operate an online travel magazine
  • Great ways to match your highlighted content with each season
  • Where to find great brand partnerships

38. Spin The Globe


Sylvia Longmire has gained international recognition as a traveler who doesn’t let her disability hold her back. Previously diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Sylvia travels in her wheelchair and provides an intimate look into the challenges and potential for wheelchair accessible travel. She has also released several books and provides an impressive number of consulting and trip planning offerings on her blog.

What you can learn from Spin The Globe:

  • The true value of capturing candid and authentic stories
  • Ways you can promote books through a travel blog
  • How to embrace life and focus on your potential

39. Stuck in Customs


Stuck in Customs is the travel blog of photographer Trey Ratcliff, and he really captures his personality on the site. He has amassed an impressive following and shares a ton of informative tutorials and guides for taking better photos and videos. This website is a great example of being fully committed to your niche and developing multiple streams of income.

What you can learn from Stuck in Customs:

  • How to promote yourself and your work in an authentic way
  • Why you should use multiple social media platforms
  • How to develop informative tutorials and guides

40. The Barefoot Nomad  


The Barefoot Nomad is the blog of Micki and Charles Kosman, who have been actively traveling since 2003 and sharing a multitude of tips with their audience. With an active community of followers built over the last 10 years, their blog highlights the importance of consistency and regularly posting fresh content. Highlights of their blog include travel tech reviews and tips for how to manage travel as a family with young children.

What you can learn from The Barefoot Nomad:

  • The importance of writing a detailed About Us page
  • How to develop your content for long-term growth
  • How technology is impacting the travel niche

41. The Blonde Abroad


The Blonde Abroad is run by Kiki, who has compiled a diverse set of travel tips on her website. She promotes the concept of solo travel and the many ways you can define your own unique approach to visiting any destination you choose. You’ll find a nice mix of inspirational posts, guides, and planning resources on her blog.

What you can learn from The Blonde Abroad:

  • The importance of integrating lifestyle tips and guides for deep audience engagement
  • How to incorporate a web store into your travel blog
  • The value of an easily accessible “start here” page to help direct new visitors

42. The Points Guy


As the name implies, The Points Guy is a travel blog dedicated to maximizing the value of travel points and miles. Brian Kelly started this blog in 2010 and has since built a huge audience with over 10 million unique visitors to the site each month. On The Points Guy blog, Brian shares guides for how to accumulate and use travel rewards and also covers airline and travel news and other important topics related to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What you can learn from The Points Guy:

  • How to integrate two big topics, travel and personal finance, into a unique niche website
  • Why including relevant news topics can help keep your content fresh
  • How to set up a category for dedicated reviews for travel services and products

43. The Travel Episodes


The Travel Episodes is the blog of Johannes Klaus, who focuses on the idea of travel as as a medium for storytelling. His travel stories include vivid photography and well-formatted posts to really build a sense for what it feels like to visit these destinations. Each post is written in a long-form journalistic style and often includes stories that span multiple days of a particular trip.

What you can learn from The Travel Episodes:

  • How to create narrative-style travel posts that include relevant images
  • What topics and themes can be developed into deeply engaging content
  • How to maximize the value of guest bloggers and contributed stories

44. Time Travel Turtle


Time Travel Turtle is Michael Turtle’s blog, and his content reflects his background as a television and radio reporter. His goal as a blogger is to share stories from his travels in a way that inspires others and helps them plan their own adventures. One major focus of his site is the importance of Unesco World Heritage Sites and why they make such incredible destinations to visit.

What you can learn from Time Travel Turtle:

  • Where to place your most popular posts as a dedicated feed
  • Why integrating a clear mission, such as visiting World Heritage Sites, can give your website structure
  • The importance of including lesser-known destinations and stories in your posts

45. Travel Break

Travel Break is run by Stephanie Be, who took a gap year after college and has traveled to 42 countries since then. Her website has a very streamlined layout with content that focuses on planning, packing, and travel tips. She has also created an online shop and promotes a dedicated travel companion app.

What you can learn from Travel Break:

  • The importance of being featured on other authoritative websites and blogs
  • How to structure and promote an engaging online store
  • Ideas for how to promote exclusive travel services and professional offerings

46. Travel For Wildlife


Travel for Wildlife is a nature travel blog created by a couple, Cristina Garcia and Hal Brindley. They not only share travel tips but also dedicate time to promoting conservation initiatives and the importance of responsible wildlife tourism. This website is an excellent example of how to combine a passion for travel with larger themes and trends in the industry.

What you can learn from Travel For Wildlife:

  • Ways to organize and share destination guides
  • A simple format for featuring your trending content
  • How winning tourism awards can help build credibility for your blog

47. Uncornered Market  

Bloggers and consultants Dan and Audrey started Uncornered Market to share stories from travelers and organizations that embrace the planet and promote responsible forms of travel. Hailing from the United States, they share stories that paint a more genuine picture of American life than can be seen on television. This approach helps them engage with an international audience and provides a strong base for promoting their consulting services.

What you can learn from Uncornered Market:

  • How to combine a travel blog with a commercial site featuring professional services
  • Why creating case studies for your blog can help you gain credibility with a professional audience
  • Where to place alert banners to provide visitors with urgent and important news and content

48. View From the Wing  

Gary Leff is a CFO and travel expert, and his blog, View From the Wing, is an inspiring example of a site that has a clearly defined, specific purpose. His main focus is sharing travel deals and advice for how to manage air travel, hotel, and credit card rewards. Having been featured in a number of television, radio, and print publications, Gary continues to expand his reach and share the latest trends in the industry.

What you can learn from View from the Wing:

  • How to promote an email newsletter to your audience
  • The best way to organize trip reports by region and year
  • Where to place your best deals when promoting third-party offers

49. Wandering Earl


Derek has been traveling full-time since 1999 and has spent the last 20 years traveling to over 100 countries. His blog, Wandering Earl, contains blog posts and travel resources that chronicle his experiences. By building his website around his lifestyle, he has been able to create an authentic identity and share content that truly resonates with his audience.

What you can learn from Wandering Earl:

  • The value of making a resources section a highlight of your landing page
  • How to get the maximum value out of a simple website theme
  • Where to plan travel tours as an offering for dedicated travelers

50. We’re The Russos


The We’re the Russos travel blog was created by full-time RVers Joe and Kait Russo in 2015. They’ve developed an effective and simple brand for their website that includes a nice professional logo and basic theme. They also do a great job of embedding their relevant YouTube content directly into posts and mixing different topics to keep the feed from becoming repetitive.

What you can learn from We’re The Russos:

  • How to develop and promote travel books for your website
  • Why YouTube can be an excellent extension of a travel blog
  • Tips for starting your own blog and earning money while traveling

Studying these amazing travel blogs and what they do right can inspire you to create your own travel blog that makes a mark in this popular niche. Once you start growing your audience, there are many ways to monetize your travel blog and finance your travel adventures. If you rent out your apartment or home to travelers while you’re jetsetting around the globe, promote your listings on sites like TripAdvisor and Airbnb with our easy to install Airbnb and TripAdvisor follow buttons, making it easy for your blog visitors to save your listings or experiences for the next time they’re planning a trip to your neck of the woods. Not only can you install them in just minutes, but they’re totally free to use!

About ShareThis

ShareThis has unlocked the power of global digital behavior by synthesizing social share, interest, and intent data since 2007. Powered by consumer behavior on over three million global domains, ShareThis observes real-time actions from real people on real digital destinations.

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Blog Marketing 21 Landing Page Design Examples & Templates For Inspiration

21 Landing Page Design Examples & Templates For Inspiration

Written by: Aditya Sheth Aug 05, 2020

Landing Page Examples

Let’s be honest, redesigning your landing pages is hard. But creating landing pages from scratch is even harder.

Which kind of landing pages are best suited for your industry? What kind of landing page should you create for a specific use case? How do you achieve the delicate balance between great landing page design and copy?

Trust me, I’ve been there and I’ve had the same questions. What’s helped me most in situations like these is looking outward for inspiration.

In this guide, I’m going to share some of the best landing page examples spanning multiple industries and use cases. I’ve also sprinkled in some of Venngage’s landing page wireframe templates so you can start creating your own landing pages right away!

21 Landing page examples for your inspiration

Looking for inspiration to spice up your landing page redesign? You’ve come to the right place. Here are 21 landing page examples & templates to across various industries to help you get started:

  • Software Landing Page Examples
  • Product Landing Page Examples
  • Ecommerce Landing Page Examples
  • App Landing Page Examples
  • Coming Soon Landing Page Examples
  • Consulting and Agency Landing Page Examples
  • Ebook Landing Page Examples

1. Software landing page examples

Stripe software landing page.

When it comes to software landing pages, I’ve been left stunned by Stripe’s recent landing page redesign.

Stripe is one of the biggest financial services startups on this planet that prides itself on knowing three things very well: finance, technology, and design.

And their penchant for good design and user experience is reflected on this software landing page:

Stripe Landing Page Design

To be completely objective, their landing page design has plenty of fancy bells and whistles.

I’m talking about the gradient animation which could affect page speed and battery, poor text readability, unclear and small call-to-action (CTA), etc.

Your software landing pages should stay away from any bells and whistles. My advice? Keep it simple.

Monday sign up landing page

On the topic of keeping it simple, minimalist landing page design has so far been one of the most popular graphic design trends in 2020.

Who better to showcase as an example than Monday? Their sign up landing page is clean, minimalist, and easy on the eyes:

Landing Page Examples

Bonus points for the hard-to-miss red CTAs and the auto-scrolling use cases in the hero section that showcase all the ways teams and departments can use Monday.

Venngage software landing page template

If you’re like me and you loved how Monday approached their landing page design, I’ve got a similar software landing page template for you. 

The software landing page below is organized, minimalist, and easy to read. Perfect if you’re a startup that offers a simple and easy-to-use software.

Go ahead and edit this software landing page template right now:

travel blog landing page

2. Product landing page examples

Transferwise interactive landing page.

Another financial services company on this list? What can I say, Transferwise’s take on the traditional product landing page was too good to ignore. 

Transferwise has quickly become one of the easiest ways to send and receive money abroad and their interactive product landing page example is what made me a customer too:

Landing Page Examples

You can’t really go wrong with a live currency calculator that works both ways and showcases both the conversion breakdown as well as the fees in a no-nonsense way.

The kicker? Their product landing page has multiple CTAs aimed at either educating you, establishing trust and credibility, and most importantly: enticing you to sign up.

If you’re already convinced, all you need to do is click “get started.” Want to learn more? Click the “see what we’re all about” button and an explainer video will pop up.

At the end of the day, their goal is to convert unknown visitors into registers. So the big, bold, and green CTA always takes center stage.

Like I said earlier, I recommend keeping your product landing pages simple.

Your resources could be better spent elsewhere (like figuring out your online marketing strategy) . Especially if you’re a small to medium business or just starting out.

Astra product landing page 

I’ve come across a lot of product landing page examples in my time as a marketer, but I recently happened to stumble upon Astra’s landing page. I instantly knew this was the best product landing page I’ve seen in a while.

But why? For starters, their headline is intriguing yet targets a pain-point all website owners face. Their following subheading paints a “what-if” scenario that further agitates this pain.

Astra concludes with a CTA that positions them as a solution aimed at helping any website owner secure their website in three mins which are both hyper-specific and time-bound.

Not only that, but they’ve also done a great job listing down the biggest companies using Astra to assure potential customers that they’re in good company:

Landing Page Examples

Venngage product landing page template

Here’s an actual product landing page template our designers came up with that you can tinker with and customize to your liking. 

This landing page template comes with all the standard elements like the hero section, how it works, multiple CTAs, and social proof in the form of customer testimonials.

If you’re selling any form of software or physical product, this versatile product landing page template is your best bet:

travel blog landing page

Pro Tip: Worried your landing page designs won’t look on brand? With our My Brand Kit feature you can apply your company branding to all your designs (including our landing pages) instantly.  Import your brand colors , logos and fonts and apply them to any design with one-click. It’s that simple. Learn more about Brand Kit here.

3. Ecommerce landing page examples

Casper ecommerce landing page .

Another example of landing page design done right comes from mattress wizards Casper.

The headline makes an audacious claim that hooks the visitor right in, the unique selling proposition is enticing and the use of popular media houses as social proof adds credibility to their offering.

All in all a simple structure, elegant design and persuasive messaging makes Casper’s landing page design one of the best in the ecommerce space:

Landing Page Examples

Pro Tip: If you want to increase landing page conversions, use social proof to your advantage. Featured in TIME Magazine? Received raving testimonials from influencers? Scored a 5/5 rating from customers? Show them off on your landing page.

Dollar shave club viral landing page 

A company known for its genius marketing backed by a no-nonsense attitude, it’s hard to debate the monumental success of Dollar Shave Club’s product launch.

While pretty bare-bones in terms of design when compared to most ecommerce landing page examples, this landing page coupled with their viral video helped Dollar Shave Club land approximately 12,000 new customers in just 48 hours.

Talk about going viral.

While the viral video’s humor and authenticity did the heavy legwork, this ecommerce landing page does everything right–from nailing down the selling proposition to the brilliant use of social proof:

Landing Page Examples

Almost a decade and an acquisition later, the parent company Unilever has opted to go the traditional ecommerce landing page route with Dollar Shave Club:

Landing Page Examples

Venngage ecommerce landing page template

Inspired by the ecommerce landing page examples above, we also created a landing page template you can play around with right now. 

This ecommerce landing page template I shared earlier has a stylish hero section with a contrasting CTA, simple selling proposition in three points, and social proof in the form of media mentions and customer reviews:

travel blog landing page

4. App landing page examples

Hopper app landing page.

Hopper is a popular travel app with an in-app user experience that is the best I’ve ever had.

But let’s stick to the topic of landing pages here. Hopper’s app landing page is simple, easy-to-read, and filled with playful icons, dreamy illustrations, and minimal use of text.

What’s most unique about this mobile app landing page is no matter if you use your desktop or smartphone browser, they’ll always redirect you with a link to download their mobile app.

And when I experienced their mobile app for the first time, I understood their reasoning:

Landing Page Examples

AnyList mobile app landing page

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice a lot of mobile app landing pages tend to be minimalist in nature both in terms of content as well as copy. 

The biggest reason for this is simple: your visitors are probably searching for your mobile app on their mobile devices. With limited screen real estate, you have to make every word count.

The grocery list app AnyList doesn’t overcomplicate things and instead follows the traditional app landing page design very well.

Minimal copy (often a few lines at most), a high-res image of the app in-action followed up by download links to their apps–it really can’t get more straightforward than this.

AnyList is proof that when it comes to app landing pages, sometimes boring can be better:

Landing Page Examples


Venngage app landing page template

To help you bring your app idea to life, we’ve created our own mobile app landing page templates in-house based on the app landing page designs we’ve seen across the interwebs. 

For starters, this mobile app landing page template comes equipped with fancy yet visually-arresting illustrations as well as multiple but strategically scattered CTAs:

travel blog landing page

Prefer something much more basic? Our designers have even created an above the fold version of an app landing page that includes a headline, description, app image as well as download links:

travel blog landing page

5. Coming soon landing page examples

Playdate coming soon landing page.

Coming soon landing pages are perfect for announcing a new product or service you’re working on. They also come in handy for validating new business ideas. 

Panic Inc. used a coming soon landing page for their new product. Their goal? Create a buzz around the launch of their new handheld gaming console: Playdate.

Now, this isn’t the traditional landing page structure you’ve seen repeated so far in this post. The focus for this coming soon landing page is the content . 

It reminds me of a long sales letter. The key difference in Playdate’s case is that it feels more like a conversation and less like a sales letter.

And with sleek landing page design, beautiful product images, and a simple CTA to be notified when they launch, it’s hard to debate what all the hype is about:

Landing Page Examples

Brainfood pre-launch app landing page 

Here’s some more coming soon landing page design inspiration for you. It comes from the bright minds behind Brainfood.

Above the fold , Brainfood focuses on only three elements:

  • Headline: Crisp and easy to understand selling proposition. Minus the buzzwords.
  • Hero image: Showcasing the app in action with an explainer video .
  • CTA: Tucked away on the top right Inviting users to sign up. 

If you’re a fan of keeping things simple like me, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this coming soon landing page design:

Landing Page Examples

Venngage coming soon landing page template

As I said above, if your goal is to validate a new business idea or create buzz for your new product or service, coming soon landing pages are your best bet.  

The best part? Since they’re typically just above the fold, creating them is fairly easy and straightforward.

If you’re trying to get your startup off the ground, it would be wise to validate your startup idea first. Otherwise, you might end up creating something nobody wants.

Here’s a startup coming soon landing page template you can use to validate if your delivery startup idea is a yay or a nay: 

travel blog landing page

Announcing a new product or service? Use a coming soon landing page to build ample buzz before you launch. Even if it’s a travel blog you’ve been excited to launch: 

travel blog landing page

6. Consulting and agency landing page examples

Rob sobers blog landing page.

Among the sheer number of personal blog landing pages out there, the one I will most likely steal for myself comes from marketing consultant Rob Sobers. Sorry, Rob. 

Upon visiting his website, you’re greeted with a simple homepage. Any flashy bells or whistles are absent and this “less is more” approach shines in both his website content and design.

Copy that’s different yet striking, a simple CTA to join his email newsletter and a low-key navigation bar are what I like most about this landing page example:

Landing Page Examples

Pro Tip: If you’re a consultant like Rob, blogging and writing email newsletters definitely help. I’d also recommend experimenting with a few client testimonials and case studies that showcase any past client wins. You can also offer case studies as a free download to website visitors in exchange for their email. More on lead generation later. 

Shortlist agency landing page

While I have a natural bias towards marketing-oriented landing pages, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that Shortlist’s landing page redesign looks better than most sales landing page examples out there.

From a design perspective, muted color palettes, creative use of color gradients and colorful illustrations that pop are what I like about this agency landing page:

Landing Page Examples

From a marketing angle, I’m also a fan of their creative sales copy, the bold red CTA and social proof in the form of brands they’ve worked with.

The bottom line? Optimize each individual element of your landing page design and you’ll come away with a sales landing page that will convince most visitors to hit that big red “let’s talk!” button.

Venngage agency landing page template

If you’re looking to generate leads for your agency or consulting business, you need an agency landing page that not only converts but also achieves a balance between design and copy.

You’re in luck because here’s a learn more sales landing page template that checks all the boxes:

travel blog landing page

This sales landing page template is different because it asks prospects for their contact details upfront, provides a compelling reason to do so and also includes a phone number so prospects can directly get in touch with you if they have questions.

7. Ebook landing page examples

Unbounce ebook landing page.

If there’s one company on this planet that understands good landing page design, it’s our friends at Unbounce .

Among the plethora of landing pages I’ve seen from Unbounce, this ebook landing page design is crisp, clean and communicates everything you need to know about their ebook and why you should download it:

Landing Page Examples

With this email capture landing page, Unbounce has a simple goal: to generate highly-qualified leads by offering first-time visitors a free ebook as opposed to trying to convert them into a customer the first time (which rarely works).

Marketing for developers ebook landing page

In this landing page example, I love how Justin provides two versions of his digital product: an ebook and an online course to appeal to both readers and viewers in his target audience.

The simple design, long-form sales copy and real customer reviews make this landing page easy to read, persuasive and authentic.

Not only that, in his explainer video Justin briefly explains everything about the program succinctly by first showcasing the pain point and then positioning his program as a solution.

And while this isn’t strictly an ebook landing page example, it does follow the standard ebook landing page design I’m all too familiar with:

Landing Page Examples

The real kicker: Justin is so confident in his program that he offers a free chapter from his ebook so first-time visitors can experience part of his program before making a purchasing decision.

This also helps Justin convert skeptical buyers into potential leads he can offer genuine value to first before he asks for a sale. Talk about a win-win.

Venngage email capture landing page template

As pointed out earlier, you can generate leads in more ways than one. And the process is fairly similar irrespective of whether you’re an agency, consultant or software business.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused, I’d recommend starting small. Create an ebook and offer it as a lead magnet on your email capture landing page to start generating leads. 

Here’s a simple ebook landing page template to get you started:

travel blog landing page

Once you’ve gotten a feel for how ebooks help with lead generation, start tinkering around with other forms of lead magnets like white papers , infographics and checklists . 

Identify the type of offering that resonates most with your target audience before you start optimizing your landing page. For example, a Fortune 500 executive might be more interested in a white paper instead of a checklist.

Pro Tip: ebooks, white papers and checklists make great lead magnets because they’re easy to create. If you can spend some time and resources, I’d also recommend experimenting with creating an email newsletter or an in-depth industry report to generate higher quality leads. Feeling adventurous? Try hosting a webinar.

What makes a landing page effective?

An effective landing page is like a well-oiled conversion machine. It captures attention, delivers a clear message and compels visitors to take action.

Designing a landing page? Make sure to consider these when building your wireframe:

Prioritize clarity and focus:

  • One goal:  Focus on one main goal, like getting people to sign up for a free trial, grab an ebook or buy something.
  • Clear value statement:   Place a concise value statement “above the fold” to immediately grab attention and let visitors know exactly what they can gain by staying on the page.

Create compelling content:

  • Visual Appeal:  Use high-quality images or videos to connect with your audience and make a big difference by getting them involved.
  • Matching headlines & CTAs:  Keep the ad/email CTA and landing page headline consistent to avoid confusion and reassure visitors they’re on the correct page.

Design for easy conversion:

  • Strong Call to Action (CTA):  Make sure your CTA button is prominent, easy to understand (e.g., “Download Now” or “Sign Up Today”) and persuasive.
  • Simple Forms:  If you’re including landing page forms, only ask for essential information to avoid discouraging visitors from completing them.
  • Mobile-friendly Design:  Ensure the landing page looks good and functions flawlessly on all devices such as mobile and tablets.
  • Fast loading time: Nobody likes waiting around for a slow website to load. Speed up your landing page load time to keep visitors interested and stop them from bouncing away.

Build trust and persuasion:

  • Social Proof:  Share stories from happy customers to help visitors trust your brand more. It shows that others have had a good experience with your product or service.
  • Single Offer & CTA:  When you stick to one offer, it’s easier for visitors to make up their minds. Having a clear button or link to click also makes it obvious what they should do next to sign up or buy.

Optimizing for conversions:

  • Minimalistic design: Think of your webpage like a map guiding visitors to the main button or link you want them to click. Using space, color and arrows helps direct their attention right where you want it for taking action.
  • Test and optimize:  Continuously A/B test different elements on your landing page to see what resonates best with your target audience.

How do you use our landing page templates?

There are plenty of ways you use our landing page templates.  Here are three of them:

  • Mockup for your own landing page:  Communicating how your landing pages should look like with designers or engineers can be tricky unless you create a landing page mockup to visualize and communicate your ideas. 
  • Raise funding for your startup:  Your startup may not have a homepage yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t raise money. A self-made landing page mockup included in your investor deck  can bring your idea to life and convince investors to back you.
  • Win new clients for your agency:  Want to close more deals and make more sales? Focus on show, don’t tell.   Customize a landing page template to show clients what their new landing page could look like if they work with you. Attach it with your proposal or business pitch deck .

For example, this ecommerce landing page is optimized  for driving sales and can be used as a mockup for your final landing page:

travel blog landing page

This is, however, just one use case. You can also create landing pages to:

  • Convert website visitors into trial signups for your software.
  • Convince visitors to download your mobile app.
  • Sell your digital and physical products online.
  • Validate a new business idea before you decide to go all in. 
  • Generate fresh leads for your agency or consulting business.

Your turn to create your best landing pages yet

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of this guide. Now you have a solid understanding of the best landing page examples that tend to work for various industries and specific use cases. 

As I’ve said, the key to creating landing pages that convert is to mainly get the content and design right. Only then will the conversions follow.

How to make your website REALER • Plain > Pretentious • Faces > Illustrations • Social proof at every opportunity — Marketing Examples (@GoodMarketingHQ) July 16, 2020

Free hotels and flights travel landing pages

You can download free hotel and flight travel landing pages and use them in your work. If you don’t have a domain or hosting, you can use our landing pages on our domains—simply send your traffic there with your affiliate link and earn on every ticket sold and every hotel booked.

Free hotels and flights travel landing pages

Below, you will find both landings without domains as well as sources to build your project. However, before you start working with the site, you should consider your monetization strategy. Check out the free guide “How to Monetize Your Travel Content With Airline Affiliate Programs”. This guide is suitable for both those who have never worked with flights and those who already sell flight tickets. As a result, you will learn how to earn and how much you can earn on flight tickets, which affiliate programs are best suited for this purpose, and how you can boost your profits.

Method one: add your affiliate ID to our domains

Our landing pages in English are as follows:

So if we add your marker to the URL, we’ll get, for example,, where XXXXX represents your ID. Remember that your marker is the cherished five- or six-digit number that can be easily found in your personal account in the upper right-hand corner. Learn more about your affiliate ID (marker) in our knowledgebase .

Flight landing page

Note: All travel landing pages are responsive and retina-ready!

Method two: download free travel landing pages

You can use our source code to build your website. Download the archive and use it on your hosting with your domain.

This method is also welcomed. Perhaps you want to place your landing page on your domain, change the elements, or even add some new ones. All source codes for the design, layout, and archives for placing landing pages on your site are available here .

When publishing landing pages on your platform, you can change your default marker only in one place. As a result, it is automatically changed in all widgets used. Find index.html “default_marker: ‘11501’” and replace “11501” with your marker.

Choose your method, enjoy using it and your conversion rate could grow by leaps and bounds! Also, take a look at our manual here . We wish you luck.

Tips for optimizing the landing page for your affiliate advertising campaign

Your affiliate website requires leads to grow and expand. Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media can be particularly helpful in attracting leads. Whether you have already tried employing these means or not, you might still be missing out on quite an efficient lead magnet: a landing page.

A properly optimized landing page can help cover a vast and interested audience. Driving new traffic, in turn, helps to ultimately boost conversion and, therefore, your sales rates.

To help you out with achieving the proper landing page for your affiliate website, we have prepared three efficient landing optimization tips.

  • Use a strong call to action (CTA). Try to influence your leads emotionally. Make your CTA button visually attractive and reinforce it with strong CTA text that evokes emotion and ultimately motivates leads towards certain actions.
  • Use long-tail keywords. In addition to your standard keywords, use long-tail keywords consisting of well-researched, specific, audience-oriented phrases. Once you’ve done your research, intersperse your copy with those phrases—put them in headers, paragraphs, and so on.
  • Use branded links. Use shortened branded links when sharing your landing URLs on social media and whatnot. These links involve your brand name and make users associate URLs with your particular company.

5 free travel landing pages

Here are some awesome travel landing page examples for you to use in your lead-magnet landing page design. You do not need to use our source code—you can use any free or paid template and then embed your Travelpayouts affiliate tools, such as search forms or maps.

Travelix is a stylish and informative mobile-ready travel landing page you can get for absolutely free. You can use it to offer a multitude of travel options and services—car rentals, hotel bookings, trips and activity planning, and airline and cruise tickets.


You will find Dorne especially useful and optimal for your business if you are planning to make a landing page for your travel agency. Based on the bootstrap framework, this template puts accessibility and convenience above all else.



People love capturing the beautiful sights they come across during their travels. This minimalistic, eye-pleasing template is themed on travel photography. It is sure to catch the attention of many keen travelers.

Photography landing page

Travel Zone

This awesome free template features everything you could think of—transitions, whole-page scrolling, nice-looking interactive elements, and motion elements.

Travel Zone

Palmas is an aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching template to use both for commercial and personal blogging travel landing pages. It is elegant and clean and offers intuitive, accessible navigation.


Five free flight-related travel landing pages

It is a common convenience nowadays to purchase airline tickets online. It is fast, accessible, and remote—everything a modern user could wish for. Successful airline landing pages strive to provide convenient capabilities for purchasing tickets online in various ways combined with efficient design to attract leads. Check out these great free templates for flight-related travel landing pages you can use.

A universal travel landing template, Travelista is ready for your flight-related business. It has a pleasant visual design and, upon scrolling down a bit, a convenient option menu to list all your flight offers, pricing, and whatnot.


Travelasia is an elegant template for your flight solution. It offers no excessive elements on the initial screen—the first thing users see—and an extensive functionality set when scrolled down a little.


Euro Travel

Based on the bootstrap framework, Euro Travel is a minimalistic landing page with a clean UI on the surface with has much to offer in terms of functionality.

Euro Travel

A responsive template based on bootstrap, Tournest has everything you need to set up your flight-booking solution—a booking form, email subscription form, extensive footer, and more.

TourNest landing page

To finish our list of awesome free flight-related landing pages, here’s Traveler, a responsive landing page ready to meet all of your airline booking needs.


5 free hotels-related travel landing pages

A good, well-thought-out landing page for your hotel business will help you increase traffic and acquire leads. Make sure your hotel-related landing page has strong CTAs and an attractive booking button—these aspects are crucial for motivating leads to book hotels through your landing page without taking much time to think about other options. Try and grab ahold of potential customers from the get-go!

Platina is a vivid hotel-related landing page template to help you attract users both emotionally and professionally. Alongside a soft, eye-candy color scheme, it offers an unfussy functional design that steadily leads users towards the set of options situated a bit lower.


Luxe is a hotel-booking landing page that, upon initial inspection, provokes a sense of integrity from the establishment using it. It looks very professional, has all the required functionality for convenient booking, and aesthetically pleases with its toned-down colors.


Hotel speaks for itself—it is very hotel-oriented. It greets users with an unfussy top and has a dedicated options window when slightly scrolled down.


Memento looks modern and even novel as opposed to the vast majority of landing pages for hotel booking. This feature is its main advantage in attracting leads and driving more traffic to your business.


Holiday is a template that employee a nice black-and-yellow color scheme and puts crucial booking options almost at the top of the window.


What is the best landing page template?

If you choose a free landing-page temple, the author may request a hyperlink on your website. Therefore, always read the license before using a free template. If you want a completely free template without links and copyrights, choose Aviasales for flights and Hotellook for hotels.

Andrey Novoselov

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Travel Agency Websites: 22 Inspiring Examples (2024)

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Every travel agency, new or experienced, faces the problem of generating leads and attracting customers constantly. The solution? A good travel agency website to drive online traffic to and show potential customers the services you offer.

But what if I don’t have the design skills or coding knowledge to create one?

Good news! You can create a mind-blowing travel website without having to spend a fortune on a web designer by using a website builder. Many travel agency website builders are available in the market. Wix and Squarespace are our standout picks.

This article covers the top travel agency websites built with the best website builders you can use for inspiration to create your own site.

1. Global Nomad

Made with Squarespace

1. Global Nomad - Travel Website example

Global Nomad is one of the best travel agency websites that offer services like booking flights, hotels, and car rentals. I love the simple landing page travel agency website design because of its clean layout and simple messaging.

The first thing you see when you visit the website is a high-quality nice sea trip image. This image choice is smart and reflective of the unique trip experience the travel company provides.

Global Nomad uses a bold, white, and stylish font to display what it does. I love how it uses small circular contact icons that direct visitors to the respective platforms.

2. Avenue H

2. Avenue H - Travel Website example

Avenue H is a London-based travel site specializing in international trips and surprise vacations. You can’t miss the looping video of the ocean when you enter its landing page. I love how it centers its tagline and description and uses a single CTA button.

Clicking on the CTA button, “Explore Here,” will take you to its home page. Here, you will see many vivid and stunning images and videos of different travel destinations.

3. Pack Up + Go

3. Pack Up + Go - Travel Website example

Pack Up + Go is an international travel and vacation planning agency known for its surprise vacations. This web design is simple and organized. I love how it uses an attractive tagline that captures the attention of visitors looking to arrange trips.

The use of pastel aquamarine blue, white, and grande resin look colors create a heavenly website. Addressing their ideal client’s pain points clearly in the website copy and offering solutions is worth applying to your own website.

4. Champlain Tours

Made with Wix

4. Champlain Tours - Travel Website example

Champlain Tours’ website makes for an interesting web design study. You can’t miss the background video that starts playing and shows you different exciting travel locations once you visit the site.

I love how this travel agency puts its contact phone number at the top-right side to make it visible to every eye. The entire website uses blue tones and a white background to create that sea-like imagery and professional look.

There is a large customer review section that acts as social proof that helps establish credibility and trust in the brand.

5. Earth + Ocean Travel Company

5. Earth + Ocean Travel Company - Travel Website example

The Earth + Ocean Travel Company is a great website example for businesses in the travel and tourism industry. Using a high-quality picture of a perfect trip getaway is the norm for travel agencies.

I love how the website displays large images of beautiful tour locations from different countries to create a professional online presence. The minimalist web design style and short content encourage user engagement.

6. Custom Travel

Made with Weebly

6. Custom Travel - Travel Website example

Custom Travel is a travel business built on the travel agency website builder, Weebly. You can’t help but love how it uses a stunning background of a perfect beach trip location. Add the simple slogan in bold white fonts that makes your ideal audience long for such an experience.

The website’s use of blue, white, and ash colors points to a professional website. Customer Travel features a glowing testimonial section to build credibility and trust.

Visitors enjoy easy access to their contact details by clicking on the “Contact” menu or scrolling down to that section.

7. United Travel Visa

Made With Webflow

7. United Travel & Visa - Travel Website example

The United Travel Visa company has one of the best travel websites. I love how it uses local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and mobile readiness to attract potential clients to its travel and visa services.

You can’t help but notice how it uses user-friendly design elements and cool slideshows that make you want to book your next trip. This website displays glowing testimonials from happy clients.

8. Big Adventure Travel Company

8. Big Adventure Travel Company - Travel Website example

The Big Adventure Travel Company is a great example of a well-designed website for individuals and businesses in the travel industry.

I love how the website uses slideshows to display high-quality images that hint at the services it offers. Its bold white fonts and cool typography set it apart from other travel agency websites.

The Big Adventure Travel Company has a dedicated travel blog section that provides readers with every kind of travel information they require.

9. Milk + Honey Travels

9. Milk + Honey Travels - Travel Website example

Milk + Honey Travels is a travel agent website that helps any interested party plan their next travel destination. You can’t help but love the beautiful photography and crisp typography splashed around the website.

Navigating the content of the website is easy with its search function. I love the milky white and other warm colors that reflect luxury travel branding.

This website displays social proof by associating itself with top travel brands it partners with for hotel booking and other travel needs.

10. Poe Travel

10. Poe Travel - Travel Website example

Poe Travel has one of the best travel agency website designs you can emulate to create your own website. Visitors find the rich white and pink collage picture worth their attention. The different items in the background point to exciting tour experiences.

I love how the website is full of pictures of fabulous tours it has organized for clients. In case you are still in doubt, Poe Travel uses social proof to show you its stellar awards and accomplishments.

11. Classic Travel Connection

11. Classic Travel Connection - Travel Website example

Classic Travel Connection is a full-service adventure travel brand that provides clients with the best tour experiences. The inclusion of a live chat feature helps visitors navigate through their services. There’s a free travel guide for new travelers and those that want to travel better.

I love how Classic Travel Connection uses slideshows to display the different wonderful tour locations. The use of expressive client testimonials helps potential clients picture the same experience when using this travel agency.

12. Roam Travel Company

12. Roam Travel - Travel Website example

Roam Travel Company is a boutique travel agency that focuses on providing personalized and exceptional services to clients. This travel agency website is full of high-quality travel and tour images that make visitors want to book a trip instantly.

I love how the website displays its preferred contact and social media options as small icons on the top left part of your screen. There is a search function you can use to find any information you need.

13. Huffman Travel

13. Huffman Travel - Travel Website example

Huffman Travel has a beautiful homepage filled with many user-friendly designs. I love how the website starts with a plain clay creek color that draws your attention to the white text and clickable buttons.

The website changes from plain background color to an exciting rush of colors and high-quality travel images as you scroll to other sections.

There’s an interesting Travel Inspiration section that uses slideshows to show you a rich gallery of travel ideas. If you are still not convinced Huffman Travel is right for you, the footer contains images of top publications that recommend its exceptional services.

14. Explorateur Travel

14. Explorateur Travel - Travel Website example

Explorateur Travel is the best travel agency website for people looking to embark on a unique adventure. This travel website starts with a video loop that shows you a glimpse of the fun trips and adventures it offers.

I love how Explorateur Travel designed its happy travelers’ section. The idea of using different travel images as background for each traveler’s review is brilliant. Every image matches where the specific traveler writing the review visited.

Visitors can navigate through different happy travelers' reviews with the interactive twin arrow buttons.

15. Allure Travel

15. Allure Travel by CTM - Travel Website example

Allure Travel specializes in designing custom vacation and travel experiences that suit its clients’ preferences. This travel agency website is different from other examples cited. You will notice it has more text but in a simple and engaging style.

Watch out for the interactive picture box t hat changes when you click on the dotted links. High-quality pictures that show people enjoying their vacations that appeal to the eye are everywhere on the site.

I love how Allure Travel uses a detailed contact section to start working with interested people and collect leads they can nurture into customers.

16. Inward Travel

16. Inward Travel - Travel Website example

Inward Travel offers cold water vacation experiences and sweat-dripping exercises. The first thing that catches your attention on the site is the background video showing different cold water experiences.  

I love how the website uses high-quality pictures to show the services it offers. The use of white, silver chalice, and pine tree background colors give the website a professional look.

The founder story section tells the interesting story of Noå and shows his expertise in organizing cold water vacation experiences.

17. All Inclusive Vacations

17. All Inclusive Vacations - Travel Website example

All Inclusive Vacations is a great hotel booking and travel site you can use for inspiration to create yours. The choice of white and orange colors not just for the background but for every graphic design element including text and CTA is brilliant.

Visitors can easily navigate to find the top resorts and destinations covered by this travel agency. I love that each recommended travel destination comes with a good-quality image. 

The travel agency website has an interactive widget that allows you to select your travel destination, check-in and check-out dates, and the number of travelers.

18. Bouteco

18. Bouteco - Travel Website example

Bouteco is a travel website agency that helps luxury travel lovers find hotels and locations dedicated to conversing and reducing their carbon footprint.

I love its use of high-quality eco-friendly travel destination images and clean layouts to communicate its brand values expertly.

This eco-traveler website takes complete control of how visitors perceive it. Glowing recommendations from top publications like Forbes serve as social proof that fosters trust and credibility.

19. Get Your Guide

19. Get Your Guide - Travel Website example

Get Your Guide’s website uses a clean and stunning cover background image that grabs your attention on arrival. You don’t need search engines like Google and Bing to find your travel location. There’s an inbuilt search function that generates top travel attractions.

This website uses high-quality images taken at eye level that make you feel like you are present in that location.

Visitors can easily navigate through its four unforgettable travel experiences. These experiences become menus as you scroll down the website. I like how every travel location has clear details like name, picture, cost, time, and ratings.

20. VIP Traveler

Made with Unbounce

20. VIP Traveler - Travel Website example

VIP Traveler is a leading online travel agency you can draw inspiration from to create your own website.

The first cool design element on the site that captures your attention is its background video showing you different travel locations. If you want to hear the sound while the video is playing, click on the black circle with the sound icon.

There’s a moving arrow element that when you click takes you to the next section. I love how VIP Traveler uses social proof by showing logos of top publications. 

21. Inspirato

21. Inspirato - Travel Website example

Inspirato is a luxury travel agency website for personal, business, and group trips. You can’t miss out on the high-quality background picture of the sea. The website is full of great travel pictures that show luxury, fun, and exciting experiences.

I love Inspirato uses black CTA buttons to contrast the light colors for the website background. There are links to great resources at the footer like its travel blog section, magazine, store, and video gallery.

22. Embark Beyond

22. Embark Beyond - Travel Website example

Embark Beyond’s website wears a simple design and plenty of white space background to draw attention to its pictures and text. I find the background video that displays different travel locations and people having fun is worth copying.

This website uses large high-quality travel images and bold black text to keep visitors hooked and willing to scroll down for more information. You can’t miss the contact section just before the footer that comes with a map.

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