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155 Places to visit in Sweden

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155 Places to visit in Sweden

In the last couple of years, I have traveled wide and far throughout Sweden, and to make things easier for future visitors, I have made this list of 155 places to visit in Sweden.

The list is divided into the three historical lands of Sweden, Norrland, Svealand, and Götaland. After each attraction, the region where it’s located is displayed next to the title.

Google Maps is usually very good to use while traveling around Sweden, as long as you have offline maps or internet access. Just enter the names of these places into Google Maps, and you will find them easily.

Places to visit in northern Sweden (Norrland)

Below, you will find attractions from different parts of Norrland where the following regions are included: Gästrikland, Hälsingland, Härjedalen, Jämtland, Medelpad, Ångermanland, Västerbotten, Norrbotten, and Lappland.

Själandsklinten (Ångermanland)

Själandsklinten is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sweden if you ask me. Sitting there at the top with endless views of the Swedish High Coast is like being in a real-life movie.

It’s located in Nordingrå, and the hike starts from “Gårdsbutiken i Höga Kusten”. It is a short but steep walk to reach the top from there.


Slåttdalsskrevan (Ångermanland)

Slåttdalsskrevan is a 200-meter-long and 7-meter-wide crevasse through Slåttdalsberget in Skuleskogen National Park.

It’s a mesmerizing place that really makes you feel small when gazing up at the cliff walls that are 30 meters tall.

Access to Slåttdalsskrevan is temporarily closed, but you can still take a picture and reach the end of the crevasse from both directions.

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Rock carvings by Nämforsen (Ångermanland)

Nämforsen has one of Northern Europe’s largest rock carving areas with over 2,500 figures. It’s a lovely natural area to visit. Every year, the Urkult music festival is also held on the site, which then turns the site into a real folk festival.

nämforsen hällristningar

Högakustenbron (Ångermanland)

The High Coast Bridge is a well-known landmark in Sweden that many have passed through the years since its inauguration. The bridge has a length of 1,800 meters and was inspired by the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Högbondens fyr (Ångermanland)

Högbonden’s lighthouse is an old lighthouse that has been turned into a unique accommodation on the High Coast where you can spend the night in the old lighthouse keeper’s residence. It is the second-highest lighthouse in Sweden and the view from here is incredible.

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Härnösands bilmuseum (Ångermanland)

The city of Härnösand is home to the largest car museum in Sweden with an impressive collection of vehicles from 1899 to 1990. There are over 220 cars on display in different rooms.

If you are interested in cars and other motor vehicles, you shouldn’t miss making a stop at Härnösands bilmuseum!

Härnösands bilmuseum

Market of Jokkmokk (Lappland)

Jokkmokk’s market is famous all over Sweden and is organized annually from the first Thursday to Saturday in February. In Jokkmokk you can also visit the main museum for Sami culture & history.

Marknaden i Jokkmokk

Tjuonavagge/Lapponian gate (Lappland)

Tjuonavagge, also known as the Lapponian gate, is a well-known attraction in Lapland that has been depicted countless times. It offers a beautiful sight all year round.


Rapadalen (Lappland)

Rapadalen is a beautiful valley in Sarek National Park. A magnificent wilderness experience awaits you here, including Skierfeklippan, where you get an incredible view of the valley.

Rapa Valley

Vaisaluokta kåtakyrka (Lappland)

Vaisaluokta church is built in the traditional Northern Sami style. It’s a charming little Sami church, which is located in the Sirge’s Sami village.

Vaisaluokta kåtakyrka

Kebnekaise (Lappland)

Sweden’s highest mountain is not only standing tall but it’s also one of the most spectacular places in Sweden. Of course, there are higher mountains to climb around the world, but there is something special about Kebnekaise!


Karesuando church (Lappland)

The church in Karesuando is a beautiful wooden church from 1905 which is also the northernmost church in Sweden.

Karesuando Kyrka

Treriksröset (Lappland)

As the name suggests. Three kingdoms meet here, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Treriksröset is a popular attraction in Sweden that is quite fun to visit since you actually can travel between three countries in less than 1 minute.


Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi (Lappland)

The Ice Hotel is one of the most famous places in Sweden and rightly so. It is a unique hotel since it’s built from ice every year. But make sure to book your stay in advance since it’s very popular, especially among international guests.


Kiruna kyrka (Lappland)

The church of Kiruna is one of the largest wooden buildings in Sweden. It was inaugurated in 1912 and its unique architecture has taken inspiration from the Norwegian stave churches.

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Abiskojåkka canyon (Lappland)

A beautiful canyon in Abisko National Park where the mountain river Abiskojåkka rushes past all year round. From Naturum there is a path that takes visitors to the canyon. The trail is relatively easy to hike and has a distance of 1.2 kilometers one-way.

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Gammelstad church town in Luleå (Norrbotten)

The city of Luleå was founded here at first, and that is why this place is named “Gammelstaden” which can be translated as the old town. Gammelstaden church town is listed as a world heritage site by Unesco, and it’s one of the most visited attractions in the region of Norrbotten.

You can join a guided tour while visiting for more information. There are also various events throughout the year, especially in conjunction with holidays in Sweden.

Gammelstad vintertid

Treehotel (Norrbotten)

Treehotel is yet another unique hotel in Norrland. Visitors can come here and stay in a luxurious tree cabin by the treetops while at the same time having the luxuries of a standard hotel room.

Mirrorcube at Treehotel

Storforsen (Norrbotten)

Storforsen is one of Europe’s largest rapids with an enormous amount of gushing water all year round. A powerful nature experience in the municipality of Älvsbyn where you get to see the forces of Mother Nature up close.


Rödbergsfortet (Norrbotten)

For a long time, Rödbergsfortet was one of the most secret places in Sweden. This old fortress is part of the Boden fortress, which was built to withstand and protect this part of Sweden from invasions. Nowadays, visitors are welcome to visit and learn more about its function and what life was like for soldiers stationed here.

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Kukkolaforsen (Norrbotten)

Kukkolaforsen is located on the border between Sweden and Finland in Tornedalen. During summer, it is popular to catch whitefish with a landing net from the river.



The Jämtland Triangle is a classic hiking trail in Sweden that has been designated as a signature trail by the Swedish Tourist Association. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced, this is a pleasant hiking experience in Jämtland.

In total, the hiking trail is 47 kilometers, and Sylarna and Syltoppen are some of the places you will pass along the way. The first part goes from Storulvån to Sylarna. From there you walk onwards to Blåhammaren.


Fettjeåfallet (Jämtland)

Fettjeåfallet is an impressive waterfall with a height of 60 meters. It is located by Klövsjö and can be reached via a shorter hiking trail that is about 2 kilometers long.

Alex Waltner Fettjeåfallet

Borgvattnet’s vicarage (Jämtland)

The old vicarage in Borgvattnet is said to be one of the most haunted houses in Sweden. It’s possible to stay overnight and you can even get access to paranormal measuring tools.

This old clergy house has been noticed internationally as well, by the likes of the New York Times among others, which has listed the vicarage of Borgvattnet as one of the most haunted places in the world.

Borgvattnet Prästgården

Hällingsåfallet (Jämtland)

Hällingsåfallet thunders down an 800-meter-long canyon from a height of 42 meters. There is constant fog around the waterfall, which brings an everlasting humidity that allows rare lichens and mosses to thrive here.


Tännforsen (Jämtland)

Tännforsen is one of Sweden’s largest waterfalls with a width of 60 meters and a drop height of 37 meters. It is a popular attraction in Jämtland, located 20 minutes west of Åre.

Tännforsen jämtland

Ristafallet (Jämtland)

Ristafallet is another impressive waterfall located near Åre. This waterfall is also known from the film Ronja Rövardotter, where Ristafallet portrayed Glupafallet.


Thailändska paviljongen (Jämtland)

The Thai pavilion is a unique place to visit in Sweden. The monument was built in honor and memory of the Thai King Chulalongkorn, also known as King Rama V.

He visited this place in Utanede and therefore the Thai pavilion has been built right here in Ragunda municipality. The monument is the only one of its kind outside of Thailand.

Thailändska paviljongen

Myskoxcentrum (Härjedalen)

Muskoxcentrum is a non-profit organization in Härjedalen that protects the wild muskox tribe in Sweden. Here you can get close to this prehistoric animal in its natural environment at a reasonable distance.

The muskox center does a fantastic job of preserving the muskox by spreading knowledge and raising calves which are then released into the wild.


Sångbäcksfallet (Härjedalen)

Sångbäckfallet is easily reached after a short walk down stairs that lead one further down to the waterfall from the parking lot by the road. The waterfall is located just outside Vemdalen and is a bit of a hidden gem in Härjedalen.

Sångbäcksfallet härjedalen

Flatruet (Härjedalen)

The Flatruet road goes over the mountain Flatruet in Härjedalen and is the highest public road in Sweden. The height of the road reaches a maximum of 975 meters above sea level. Along the way, you get wide views of the mountains and a great chance to see reindeer.


Café Cineast (Härjedalen)

Café Cineast is a unique museum in Sveg where you can take part in a journey through time in the world of film. It is not only a café but also a film museum with old cinema posters and objects. Music from famous films can be heard from the speakers.

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Sonfjällets nationalpark (Härjedalen)

Sonfjällets National Park is a popular destination in Härjedalen with lovely hiking trails that offer a sense of being in the wilderness as well as a wide biological diversity.

The national park is also an important stronghold for the Swedish bear tribe. The highest peak on Sonfjället reaches 1278 meters above sea level.

Sonfjällets nationalpark

Bonnstan (Västerbotten)

Bonnstan is a historical attraction in Skellefteå. An old church town from the 17th century with a total of 116 church cottages that have been preserved since the great fire in the 19th century.


Idunn Wines (Västerbotten)

In Norsjö you can visit Idunn Wines, which is a unique winery that makes wine from blueberries and lingonberries. Join a guided wine-tasting tour where you get to taste and learn more about these special wines.

Idunn Wine

Lövånger kyrkstad (Västerbotten)

Lövånger church town is one of Sweden’s oldest church towns that has been preserved. A cultural treasure in Västerbotten that really comes to life during the summer and during church holidays. Visitors can rent a church cottage for overnight stays all year round.

lövångers kyrkstad

Hälsingegårdar (Hälsingland)

7 old farms in Hälsingland (Hälsingegårdar) have received UNESCO World Heritage status. Around the landscape, however, there are thousands of preserved farms. These seven farms are Bommars, Erik-Anders, Fågelsjö Gammelgård, Gästgivars, Jon-Lars, Kristofers and Pallars.

Something that pretty much all “Hälsingegårdar” have in common is that they are incredibly beautiful with splendid decorations.


Avholmsberget (Hälsingland)

Avholmsberget is located above the lake called Norra Dellen. Here you get one of Hälsingland’s finest views. During the summer months, there is also a restaurant at the top.


Enåsens gruva (Hälsingland)

Enåsen’s mine is an old gold mine in Ljusdal municipality that closed in 1991. Nowadays, the place has become a tourist attraction who come here for its natural beauty.

However, it is not recommended to bathe or come into contact with the water as it contains metals that can potentially harmful. But it is a very beautiful place to see with your own eyes!

enåsens gruva hälsingland

Orbaden Spa & Resort (Hälsingland)

On Hälsingland’s Riviera, located in Vallsta, there is this lovely spa hotel named Orbaden Spa & Resort, which has been named one of the best spa resorts in Sweden. From the infinity pool, you get a wonderful view and nearby there is also a beach where you can go swimming.

orbaden spa hotell

Oscarsborg (Hälsingland)

Oscarsborg is a 23-meter-high observation tower in Söderhamn that resembles a fortress. The tower is a popular attraction in Söderhamn from where you get a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape.


Trolska skogen (Hälsingland)

Trolska Skogen is located by the fishing village of Mellanfjärden. A living fairytale world awaits here where you can meet elves, trolls, witches, and other beings along the walk in the forest.

Trolska Skogen offers a theater experience to increase the children’s interest in culture and nature. A fun place to visit in Hälsingland when traveling with children.

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Wij Gardens (Gästrikland)

Wij Gardens is a beautiful display garden in Ockelbo. There is also the option of staying overnight, and Wij Trädgårdskök serves well-prepared food made with organic ingredients from the garden. If you like flowers, cultivation, and plants, this is a lovely excursion to make in the region of Gästrikland.

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Gävlebocken (Gästrikland)

The goat of Gävle (Gävlebocken) is a classic attraction in Sweden that is built up every year before Christmas. A tradition that goes back to 1966. In central Gävle, you can see the world’s largest straw goat in December, as long as it has not been burnt down.


Forsbacka bruk (Gästrikland)

The Forsbacka factory is located just outside Sandviken and is one of Sweden’s largest industrial monuments. Take a guided tour of the old ironworks and learn more about the iron handling that has been carried out here since the 16th century.

Forsbacka bruk Gästrikland

S:t Olavsleden (Medelpad)

St. Olavsleden is the northernmost pilgrimage route in the world. The entire trail is 58 Swedish miles and runs from Selånger in Medelpad to Trondheim in Norway, which in the past was known as Nidaros.

sankt olov pilgrimsled

Merlo castle (Medelpad)

Villa Merlo, also known as Merlo Castle is a grand building that was built in the 19th century by Fredrik Bûnsow, who was a very wealthy man.

Merlo Castle is located just outside Timrå. Visitors are welcome to stroll around the park where you can see the castle from the outside.

merlo slott

Vildmarksvägen (Wilderness Road)

The Wilderness Road is a well-known attraction in Sweden that crosses the plateau of Stekenjokk between Jämtland and Lapland. The road is open to traffic between June 6 and October 15. The entire route is 500 km long.

Along the Wilderness Road, you pass sights such as Trappstegsforsen, bunkers from the Second World War, Hällingsåfallet, Brakkåfallet, Korallgrottan, Gaustafallet, Dimforsen and Fatmomakke church town.


Seeing the Northern Lights with your own eyes is a magical experience. You’ll never forget the first time you see the Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

It is one of nature’s wonders and undoubtedly one of our best sights in Sweden. Abisko is one of the best places in Sweden to see the Northern Lights, but generally, it is visible throughout the northern parts of the country during the winter months.

norrsken tips

Attractions in Svealand

Below you can see places to visit in Sweden that are located in the Svealand region, which consists of the following regions: Dalarna, Närke, Södermanland, Uppland, Värmland, and Västmanland.

If you’re interested in the Viking era, Birka is one of the best places to visit in Sweden. It was an important site of trade during that period, and the area is quite well-preserved.

During the summer months, you can, among other things, hop on a Viking boat and go to Viking markets as well as watch shows where scenes from old Viking battles are recreated.


Dalhalla (Dalarna)

Dalhalla is a theater located inside an old limestone quarry. Every year, various concerts and shows are performed here in this unique setting.

Dalhalla konserthus

Tomteland (Dalarna)

Tomteland is an amusement park in Dalarna located on Gesundaberget outside Mora. Here, one can visit several different fairytale worlds that have been built for visitors. A fun and exciting experience for the whole family where you can also meet Santa.

Tomteland i Dalarna

World’s biggest Dala horse (Dalarna)

In Avesta, you can see the world’s largest Dala horse. An iconic attraction in Sweden that many bypassers have stopped by to take a picture over the years. The Dala horse is 13 meters high and weighs 67 tonnes. Right now it stands where highways 70 and 68 meet in Avesta.

avesta dalahäst

Njupeskär (Dalarna)

Njupeskär is Sweden’s highest waterfall and one of the best natural attractions to visit in Sweden. The entire waterfall is 125 meters long, of which the cliff itself is approximately 93 meters straight down. A breathtaking sight!


Nipfjället (Dalarna)

Nipfjället is an easily accessible mountain in Idre where it is possible to drive almost all the way up to the top by car. From the summer parking, it is only a short walk up to the top where you get fantastic views.

On the way up to the summer parking lot, one will also pass Trollvägen, where you can experience a unique phenomenon that can only be recreated in a limited number of places around the world.


Öster Silvbergs gruva (Dalarna)

Öster Silvberg’s mine is located just outside Säter. It is one of Sweden’s oldest mines where silver was previously mined. The mine is filled with water and no longer active. What attracts visitors today is instead the turquoise color of the water.

During the summer, many people come here to swim. However, it is not recommended to swim here due to health reasons, but it is still a beautiful place to visit.

Öster Silvbergs gruva

Falu gruva (Dalarna)

Falu copper mine has been listed as a World Heritage Site since 2001. Visitors are welcome to take a guided tour down into the mine, 67 meters underground. Copper has been mined here for over 1,000 years.

Falun och Kopparbergslagen

Avesta Visentpark (Dalarna)

The Wisent Park in Avesta is one of Europe’s most important breeding facilities. Visitors have the opportunity to meet this prehistoric animal at a reasonable distance and at the same time support the important work of reintroducing European bison.

So far, Avesta Wisent Park has contributed by reintroducing six bison into the wild in Romania, and more bison are on their way to be reintroduced back into their natural habitat.

Avesta Visentpark

Anundshög (Västmanland)

Anundshög is located just outside Västerås and here, you can visit Sweden’s largest burial mound. Storhögen is nine meters high and in the same ancient monument area, there are also stone ships and rune stones to take a closer look at.


Kokpunkten Actionbad (Västmanland)

Kokpunkten is an action water park in Västerås with water slides, stream channels, and pools. A fun and fast-paced bathing experience awaits here for the whole family.

Kokpunkten actionbad pressbild

Kolarbyn (Västmanland)

Kolarbyn markets itself as Sweden’s most primitive hostel. A living experience characterized by silence and wilderness where you spend the night in the middle of the forest in a “kolarkoja”, without electricity or tap water.


Sala Silver mine (Västmanland)

Silver was mined in and around Sala as early as the 15th century. Today, there is none left in operation, but you can still visit the Sala Silver Mine and go underground. If you want to stay longer, you can also spend the night down in the mine in a hotel room.

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Trästaden Nora (Västmanland)

Nora is a charming wooden town in Bergslagen with wooden buildings preserved from the 18th and 19th centuries. Here you can, among other things, go for a ride on an old steam train that runs on the oldest railway in Sweden.

Nora stad i Västmanland

Miniature Kingdom (Västmanland)

Miniature Kingdom is a unique place to visit in Sweden, located in Kungsör where a miniature world has been built with inspiration from various environments in Sweden.

In the miniature world, trains, trucks, and buses roll through different parts of Norrland, Stockholm, Västerås, Eskilstuna, and Örebro. A fun destination for the whole family.

Miniature Kingdom

Strömsholm Castle (Västmanland)

This magnificent baroque castle with an 18th-century interior in Gustavian style is located just outside Västerås. It is one of the royal castles and it is open daily for visitors who join a guided tour from June to September.

Strömsholms slott västerås

Ingbo källor (Uppland)

Ingbo Källor is located in Heby municipality. This place is famous for its springs with a magical blue-green color. The springs produce 4.3 million pieces of water every day and according to legend, whoever drinks from the water will get good health.

You can taste some spring water for free by the old mill. Try to come here on a sunny day if you want to experience the magical color of the water. The intensity of the colors can vary depending on how much the sun shines and from which angle.

Ingbo källor

Skokloster Castle (Uppland)

Skokloster Castle is often mentioned as Europe’s foremost Baroque castle. A grand castle located on the Sko peninsula by Lake Mälaren. During summertime, Skokloster Castle is open daily for visitors. In May and September, the castle is open on weekends.


Gamla Uppsala (Uppland)

During the Viking Age, Old Uppsala was a holy place. The museum has several original objects from the Viking Age. Visitors can also see the old King’s Mounds from the 6th century. At the Odinsborg restaurant, you can taste authentic mead as well.

gamla uppsala

Sigtuna (Uppland)

Sweden’s oldest city is of course also an excursion destination in Sweden that is worth a detour. Sigtuna is located only 45 minutes from Stockholm, and it’s one of the oldest cities in Sweden.

Sigtuna gågata

Viking Village Storholmen (Uppland)

During the summer and at special events throughout the year, Viking Village Storholmen opens up to visitors. Storholmen is an archaeological open-air museum with seven houses built using traditional building techniques from the Viking Age.

From the middle of July to the beginning of August, Viking Summer is organized where visitors can learn blacksmithing, wool crafts, and runic writing as well as view a reconstructed Viking boat.

Address : Varjagvägen 1, 761 73 Norrtälje.

Husfru och vikingar

Drottningholm Castle (Uppland)

Drottningholm Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is also the permanent residence of the King and Queen. Both the park and the castle are open to visitors most of the year.

It is a royal castle from the 17th century with a magnificent castle park, which has contributed to giving the castle its nickname “Versailles of Sweden”, which then refers to the French palace in Versailles.

Drottningholms slott

Wik’s Castle (Uppland)

Wiks Castle is an old defensive castle that was originally built in the 15th century. The castle is beautifully located by Lake Mälaren, about 2 miles southwest of Uppsala.

Nowadays, Wik’s castle is a popular place for conferences and you can also stay overnight. There is also a lovely nature trail next to the castle.

wiks slott

Örebro Castle (Närke)

Örebro Castle is a Renaissance castle that was originally built as a defensive castle in the 14th century. A well-preserved castle in central Örebro that looks more or less the same today as it did in the 19th century.

Örebro slott

Lost City – Gustavsvik (Närke)

Lost City is one of Sweden’s largest water parks. An exciting swimming adventure awaits here for the whole family with six large and fast-paced water slides.

The pool is part of Gustavsvik in Örebro, which also has camping, adventure golf, and outdoor swimming. Tickets for Lost City are bought at the reception on-site and cannot be pre-booked.

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Konst på Hög (Närke)

On Kvarntorpshögen in Kumla municipality, one can visit the sculpture park known as “Konst på Hög” with about 30 sculptures. During the summer months, theater performances and concerts are also organized.

Absit Omen

Wadköping friluftsmuseum (Närke)

Wadköping is an open-air museum in central Örebro where you can see historic buildings with wooden houses and old farms. There are also small shops, museums, and cafés that are open all year round.

Wadköping friluftsmuseum

Stora Sundby Castle (Södermanland)

Stora Sundby Castle is a fairy-tale knight’s castle located near Eskilstuna. Unfortunately, the castle is not open to the public, but tours with a minimum of 20 people can be booked in advance.

Otherwise, you are free to stroll around the castle park, where you can buy a picnic basket from the castle café or visit the farm shop with locally produced goods.

Stora Sundby

Old town in Stockholm (Gamla stan)

Old Town is one of the most visited areas in Stockholm, and while tranquil today, this place was once where Stockholm’s blood bath occurred. Those events have led to many believing that the Old Town of Stockholm is haunted.

It’s a lovely place to go for a stroll and without the crowds, it’s surely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sweden, thus why I recommend getting up early in the morning to stroll through its various alleys and streets.

sweden tourism places

Stockholms Archipelago

Stockholm’s archipelago is an idyllic place that has gained international fame. Some of the most popular islands include Fjäderholmarna, Vaxholm, Utö, Sandhamn, Grinda, and Möja.

Stockholms skärgård

Vasamuseet (Stockholm)

The Vasa Museum is one of the most popular places to visit in Sweden and attracts visitors from all over the world. Here you can admire the ancient Vasa ship.

vasaskeppet svenska sevärdheter

Gripsholms slott (Södermanland)

Gripsholm Castle is beautifully situated by Lake Mälaren in Mariefred. It’s a royal castle and one of the most visited attractions in the region of Södermanland.

The castle is particularly known for its large portrait collection, which contains famous portraits from the time of Gustav Vasa and onwards to modern times.

Gripsholm slott

Tilas stoll (Värmland)

Tilas Stoll is an old horizontal mining tunnel on Högbergsfältet, located a short drive from Filipstad.

It’s quite a unique attraction in Värmland where you first crouch forward through the entrance before reaching the platform where you get this view, which looks like it was taken from a scene from The Lord of the Rings.

tilas stoll

Diner 45 in Sunne (Värmland)

Diner 45 is an American-inspired diner where hamburgers, milkshakes, and fries are served. With its retro American decor from the 50s and 60s, it’s like stepping into an old American movie.

The hamburgers are also good and the prices are reasonable. If you drive past Sunne along the E:45, this is a fun stop that I can highly recommend.

Diner 45 Alex

Rottneros park (Värmland)

Rottneros Park is a sculpture park in Sunne with blooming gardens and a stunning old manor building. This place acted as a role model for “Ekeby” in Gösta Berling’s saga.

Rottneros Park

Tossebergsklätten (Värmland)

Tossebergsklätten features one of Värmland’s most beautiful views from a height of 343 meters above sea level. The top can be reached via a narrow serpentine road which also happens to be the steepest paved road in Sweden.


Båstnäs car cemetery (Värmland)

Båstnäs car cemetery is an odd attraction in Sweden that started in 1956 as a scrap yard. Nowadays, this is the largest car cemetery in Sweden with over 1,000 old cars, a majority of which are from the 40s and 50s.

En gammal bil i Båstnäs bilkyrkogård

Torsby ski tunnel (Värmland)

In Torsby, it is possible to go cross-country skiing all year round. This is the first ski tunnel in all of Sweden. The indoor course is 1.3 kilometers long and is suitable for both beginners and more experienced cross-country skiers.

Torsby skidtunnel

Årjängstrollet (Värmland)

The troll of Årjäng is an odd attraction in the Swedish region of Värmland that is particularly popular with children. The troll is 8 meters high and it’s probably one of the largest troll monuments in the world. The tail of the Årjäng troll acts as a slide.


Attractions in Götaland

Below you can see places to visit in Sweden located in the following regions that belong to Götaland: Skåne, Blekinge, Halland, Småland, Öland, Gotland, Östergötland, Västergötland, Dalsland and Bohuslän.

Borgholm Castle ruin (Öland)

The castle ruin of Borgholm is one of the most popular attractions to visit on the island of Öland. The castle has stood here since the 13th century. During summertime, concerts are held inside the ruins and it is also possible to join a guided tour or to stroll around on your own.

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Solliden (Öland)

Solliden is the summer residence of the Swedish royal family. This castle-like villa is located near Borgholm’s castle ruins and from May to October, the castle park is open daily for visitors with admission.

sollidens slott på öland

Byrums raukar (Öland)

Byrum’s raukar is a large area with “raukar” on Öland with around 120 rauks. It’s a wonderful place located in the north-western part of the island.

Byrums Raukar

Böda Sand (Öland)

Böda Sand is one of the most famous sandy beaches and camping areas in Sweden. Every year, thousands of visitors make the “pilgrimage” to this beach and camping to enjoy the sun and go for a swim.

Böda Sand

Gettlinge gravfält (Öland)

Gettlinge graveyard is an ancient site in southern Öland with a 30-meter-long shipwreck and over two hundred graves, from the Late Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

Gettlinge gravfält

Karlevistenen (Öland)

The Karlevi stone is a well-preserved rune stone on the island of Öland. It has stood in the same place for over 1000 years and tells the story of a Danish chieftain named Sibbe the Wise.


Alvastra klosterruin (Östergötland)

Alvastra monastery is an old Cistercian monastery founded in the 12th century by French monks. During the 14th century, the monastery was connected to Saint Birgitta and her order.

What remains today are well-preserved ruins where you feel the wings of history when you stroll around the site.

Alvastra Klosterruin

Särtshöga winery (Östergötland)

Särtshöga vineyard is beautifully situated on the plains of Östergötland with a view of Omberg. Sparkling wine is produced here according to the méthode traditionelle, which means that the wine from Särtshöga is as close as you can get to Swedish champagne.

Visitors are welcome for overnight stays, dinner, and wine tasting. A cozy weekend destination for those who appreciate sparkling wine.

Särtshöga Vingård,

Vreta kloster (Östergötland)

Vreta Kloster was founded as a Benedictine nunnery in the 12th century. A few decades later, the monastery was converted to the Cistercian Order with the king’s sister Ingegerd as its first abbess.

Vreta monastery was active as a monastery until the 16th century. Today all that remains is a ruin and the beautiful monastery church, which is still open to visitors.

Vreta Klosters kyrka

Vadstena (Östergötland)

Remains dating back to the Iron Age have been found here. In Vadstena you can visit the church and Vadstena castle, which has played an important role throughout Swedish history.

Vadstena slott

Rökstenen (Östergötland)

Rökstenen is a unique attraction in Sweden that you should not miss if you are interested in Vikings and rune stones. This runestone has the world’s longest runic inscription.


Trollegater nature reserve (Östergötland)

Trollegater is a large prehistoric cave in Östergötland where locals used to believe that trolls lived. The fissures in the original rock came about after earthquakes, which then became deeper in step with the uplift of the land.

The nature reserve is located 8 km west of Rimforsa in Kinda municipality. It is possible to book guided tours through the municipality, but you can also visit this place on your own.


Brändaholm (Blekinge)

Brändaholm is a charming area just outside central Karlskrona that has also become a well-known attraction in Sweden and has been printed on many postcards over the years.

It is located on Dragsö and during the summer it is possible to join a guided tour. The cottages of Brändaholm all have a uniform style in terms of color, size, and appearance.


Mörrumsån (Blekinge)

Mörrumsån is a beautiful stream in Småland and Blekinge that is particularly famous for its wild population of salmon. Already from the year 1231, there are written sources mentioning salmon fishing in Mörrumsån.

Every year anglers from all over the world come here to fish wild salmon. The Mörrum salmon fishing facility has around 250,000 visitors a year. The stream is surrounded by scenic hiking trails and walking paths.


Hjortsberga gravfält (Blekinge)

Hjortsberga gravfält is a well-preserved burial site in Blekinge, which is located just outside Ronneby. This burial field dates from the younger Iron Age and up to the Viking Age.

In total, there are around 110 ancient remains, including stone ships, stone burials, and burial mounds.


Sölvesborgsbron (Blekinge)

The Sölvesborg Bridge is one of Sweden’s longest bridges for pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge is 760 meters long and connects central Sölvesborg with Listerlandet via Kaninholmen.

Sölvesborg stad i Blekinge

Drottningskärs Kastell (Blekinge)

Drottningskär’s castle is a fortification that was built in the 17th century. The castle is completely intact as it has never been shelled during its 300-year history.

Drottningskärs kastell

Eriksberg Vilt & Natur (Blekinge)

Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark is a unique attraction in Sweden that offers accommodation with a safari in a similar way as it’s done in Africa.

This is Europe’s largest game enclosure and visitors can see red deer, fallow deer, mouflon sheep, wild boar, and bison live wild in the open, protected from hunting & predators.


Ales Stenar (Skåne)

Ales Stenar is Scania’s version of Stonehenge. An old stone ship consisting of 59 different stones, the heaviest of which weighs as much as 5 tons. Excavations have shown that the site has been inhabited for thousands of years.

ales stenar

Kaffestugan Alunbruket (Skåne)

Kaffestugan Alunbruket is an idyllic place in the area of Österlen. This is Scania’s oldest coffee house and one of my favorite places to visit in Sweden.

Even today, home-baked goods and coffee are served using the same recipe that Grandma Hilda used when she started the food service in 1930. Nowadays, it is the third generation of the family that continues to run this charming café.


Kärnan (Skåne)

Kärnan is a medieval tower in Helsingborg that is open for visitors. With clear weather, you can see all the way to Helsingör on the other side of the strait.


Lunds Domkyrka (Skåne)

This church opened its doors as early as 1145 and is thus one of Sweden’s oldest churches. The Romanesque architecture has been preserved and the church was built during the times when Lund become the seat of the Nordic archbishop.

lunds domkyrka

Castles in Scania

Scania (Skåne) has plenty of beautiful old castles. So many that they can fill a whole list of their own. Some of the most famous are:

  • Bäckaskog castle
  • Malmöhus
  • Kronovall’s castle
  • Trollenäs
  • Glimmingehus
  • Svaneholm castle
  • Sofiero castle

Trolleholms slott

Knäbäckshusens strand (Skåne)

Knäbäckshusen beach is one of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches. It is located in Österlen near Rörum and Stenshuvud National Park.

This beach resembles a tropical beach and could easily have been located in Thailand. The main difference is the climate and sea temperature.

Knäbäckshusens strand

Eslöv toy museum (Skåne)

Regardless of whether you are an adult or a child, it is worth visiting the toy museum in Eslöv. It is one of Sweden’s largest toy museums with thousands of toys from different eras.

Eslöv’s toy museum offers a nostalgia trip for all adults and an exciting experience for children. A fun family activity where you get the chance to show your children or grandchildren what you played with yourself as a child.

eslövs leksaksmuseum (2)

Tykarpsgrottan (Skåne)

Tykarpsgrottan is a unique attraction in Scania where a Christmas market is organized every year inside the cave, twelve meters underground. At other times of the year, the cave can be visited and you can join a guided tour.


Dalby church (Skåne)

Dalby church was built in the 11th century and is the oldest stone church in the Nordics. This is also one of Sweden’s oldest preserved buildings.

The central nave and the side nave have been preserved since the first church building which stood here for just over 1,000 years. Dalby church is open to visitors all year round.

dalby kyrka skåne

Kalmar Castle (Småland)

Kalmar Castle is one of the most stunning Castles in Sweden and it has played an important role in Swedish defense history. The castle’s current appearance was created during the time of Gustav Vasa, but a defense tower was built already in the 12th century.

Kalmar Castle is open to the public with various exhibitions throughout the year. The staff is also wearing traditional clothing.

Kalmar slott-3

Teleborg Castle (Småland)

Teleborg Castle is located in Växjö. The castle was built at the end of the 19th century and has a fairytale-like architecture.

Nowadays, it is possible to stay overnight at Teleborg, which also features a restaurant where you can enjoy lunch of the day or à la carte.


Astrid Lindgrens värld (Småland)

Astrid Lindgren’s World is an amusement park in Vimmerby where everything is based on Astrid Lindgren’s fairy tales. Visitors can meet Pippi Longstocking, Emil in Lönneberga, The Brothers Lionheart, Karlsson on the roof, and Ronja Rövardotter.

A fun experience for the whole family that offers a nostalgic day for adults and a fun day for children. During the visit, you can also watch different shows and walk into different houses.

Astrid Lindgrens Värld

Åsens by (Småland)

Åsens by is a cultural reserve in Aneby municipality where visitors can travel back in time and see what life was like in Småland 100 years ago. It’s a perfect place to visit if you want to unwind and take a break from our modern and busy world.

Åsens by

Eksjö (Småland)

Eksjö is one of Europe’s best-preserved wooden towns with over 50 wooden houses that have been culturally marked. In the picturesque city center, there are many buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries.


Glasriket (Småland)

Glasriket is the name of an area in Småland where the glass industry has been extensive since the 18th century. Nowadays, there are 13 glassworks and studio cabins that are open to visitors.

The unique art glass from Småland’s Glasriket is famous both in Sweden and internationally. At Kosta Glascenter you can also try your hand at glassblowing.

Målerås glasbruk

Granhult church (Småland)

Granhult’s church is Sweden’s oldest preserved timber building. The church was built in the 13th century, and today it’s a cultural treasure with a beautiful and charming interior.

Granhults Kyrka

Brahehus (Småland)

Brahehus is a classic attraction in Sweden that many vacationers have passed over the years. This old castle is located along the E4, about 3 kilometers north of Gränna.

From here you get a fantastic view of Lake Vättern and the surrounding landscape from a height of 270 meters above the sea.


High Chaparral (Småland)

High Chaparral is a Swedish theme park with an Indian and cowboy theme. A fun place to visit in Småland where the whole family gets the chance to pan for gold and experience a Wild West environment with associated buildings and shows.

High Chaparral

A World of Dinosaurs (Småland)

A World of Dinosaurs is located just outside Kalmar, and it is the largest dinosaur museum in Europe with over 200 skeletons and a reputable collection of fossils from different eras.

A World of Dinosaurs

Gamleby Trollskogen (Småland)

Over the years, Trollskogen in Gamleby has become a popular attraction in Sweden. The giant Garpe welcomes visitors to Garpedansberget where visitors can follow along a walking path that goes up to the top of the mountain.

In total, there are 87 sculptures representing various fairy-tale characters and beings. A fun activity is to try to find all the sculptures and see how many you manage to find.

Trollskogen i Gamleby

Tanum Rock Carvings (Bohuslän)

In Bohuslän, there are around 1500 rock carvings, dating back to 1800-500 years BC. They are listed as a World Heritage site by Unesco and for those who like history, this is an interesting place to visit in Sweden that you should not miss.

Hällristningar i Tanum

Kungsklyftan (Bohuslän)

Kungsklyftan is known, among other things, from the movie Ronja Rövardotter. A mighty gorge that runs through Vetteberget. Walking under the wedged rock is a memorable experience that is both nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time.


Liseberg (Göteborg)

Liseberg is one of Sweden’s most visited attractions with around 3 million visitors every year. A theme park that has been open for visitors since 1923 with rides for all ages.

Throughout the year, various themes are also organized at the amusement park in connection with Christmas and Halloween. The Christmas market at Liseberg is usually viewed as one of the best Christmas markets in Sweden.


Smögen (Bohuslän)

Smögen is one of the most popular places to visit in Sweden and every year thousands of tourists come here during the summer months. A beautifully situated island with traditional red houses and lots of restaurants, cafes, and pubs.

The neighboring island of Hållö is also worth a visit with its old lighthouse and the beautiful swimming bay Marmorbassängen.


Pärlane strand (Bohuslän)

Pärlane beach is located in Bohus-Malmön on the West Coast. In my opinion, this is one of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches thanks to its fine-grained sand and unique appearance with a twin beach surrounded by crystal clear water.

Pärlane strand

Bohus fästning

Bohus fortress is a historical attraction in Bohuslän where many sieges have taken place over the years. The fortress was originally built in the 14th century to strengthen Norway’s border with Sweden.

During the Nordic Seven Years’ War, Bohus fortress was heavily besieged on six different occasions. Nowadays, it is a quiet place where visitors have the opportunity to explore the ruins that remain of the old fortress.

Bohus Fästning

Ramsvikslandet (Bohuslän)

Ramsvikslandet is usually called the kingdom of the rocks and here you can enjoy a walk in a barren landscape with smooth granite outcrops.


Borrås Skåra (Halland)

Borrå’s skåra is a 10-meter-deep rock crevasse located just north of Varberg. During the Iron Age, the site was probably used as an ancient fortress.

The rock crevasse has a width of 1-2 meters and at the end, there is a large boulder wedged in place between the cliff walls. According to the legend, one should put a coin in a small hole in the mountain wall to pass safely.

sweden tourism places

Tjolöholm Castle (Halland)

Tjolöholm Castle is located on a peninsula in the fjord of Kungsbacka. The castle was built in English Tudor style and was completed in 1904. As a visitor, you can choose to explore on your own or join a guided castle tour.

You can also stay overnight or go for a stroll in the beautiful castle garden. Afternoon tea is another popular activity at Tjolöholm Castle.

Tjolöholms slott

Varbergs kallbadhus (Halland)

The cold bath house in Varberg is a well-known attraction in Halland that was built in oriental style in 1903. Here you can enjoy a plunge in the sea all year round with a hot sauna session afterwards.

Varbergs kallbadhus

Grimeton radiostation (Halland)

Grimeton radio station is a World Heritage site located just outside Varberg. Among other things, there is an electromechanical long-distance transmitter from the 1920s that is still fully functional today.

It was from here that Sweden communicated with the United States. This facility played a significant role in telegraph traffic across the Atlantic. As a visitor, you can learn more about the technology and the function of the facility.

Grimeton Radiostation

Lagaoset (Halland)

Lagaoset is a lovely place in Laholm municipality where the river Lagan flows into the sea. The landscape is characterized by its beautiful beach with fine-grained sand that is surrounded by sand dunes.


Habo church (Västergötland)

Habo church is a relatively unknown attraction in Sweden despite being one of the most beautiful churches in Europe if you ask me.

There are countless impressive wood carvings and paintings on the inside. Habo church was consecrated in 1680.

habo kyrka

Läckö Castle (Västergötland)

Läckö Castle is beautifully located out on Kållandsö by Lake Vänern. It is open to the public and various exhibitions and performances are organized every year. In the museum, you can also see old objects from the 17th century.

sweden tourism places

Göta Kanal (Västergötland)

The Göta Canal is a well-known attraction in Sweden that is also of historical importance as the canal has contributed enormously to Sweden’s development since it was built.

Göta Canal is 190.5 kilometers long and has a total of 58 locks that make it possible to travel all the way from Kattegat in the west to the Baltic Sea in the east by boat. It’s possible to experience Göta Canal by bike or boat.

Göta kanal båt

Varnhems klosterkyrka (Västergötland)

Varnhem’s monastery church is a beautiful old church with unique architecture in Romanesque-Gothic style. The monastery church was consecrated in the 12th century.

In this place, the oldest traces of Christianity in Sweden have been found and as a visitor, you can really feel the wings of history when you stroll around.

sweden tourism places

Hornborgasjön (Västergötland)

Lake Hornborgasjön has become a popular place to visit in Sweden where you can see the annual dance of thousands of cranes. At most, over 20,000 cranes gather.

The highest number of cranes can typically be seen by the lake in the last week of March, or in the beginning of April depending on the weather.

hornborgasjön tranor

Martorpsfallet (Västergötland)

Martorpsfallet is a waterfall at Kinnekulle that cascades along beautiful limestone formations. The waterfall has its largest flow during spring.

Martorpsfallet kinnekulle

Visby (Gotland)

The city wall in Visby is a World Heritage Site and a popular tourist attraction. Visby is also one of Scandinavia’s best-preserved towns from the Middle Ages.

Visby city

Sankta Maria domkyrka (Gotland)

The cathedral in Visby was consecrated in the 13th century and was originally intended to serve as a guest church for merchants from Germany. After the Reformation in the 16th century, the church was elevated to a cathedral.

Sankta Maria domkyrka visby gotland

Rauks of Gotland

Gotland is widely known for its rauks. In the picture, you see a famous rauk area on the island of Fårö, which is particularly known for its iconic rauk called “Kaffepannan”.

Another well-known rauk area is Langhammar’s rauk area and Hoburgsgubben. Folhammar raukfält is another rauk area worth a visit.

sweden tourism places

Gute Vingård (Gotland)

Join a guided tour of the Gute vineyard, which has around 17,000 vines with the grape varieties Rondo, Solaris, and Phönix. You can also stay overnight.

Gute vingård i Sverige

Blå lagunen (Gotland)

The Blue Lagoon is an old limestone quarry in northern Gotland that is known for its crystal clear water that shimmers in turquoise and blue. It’s a popular place to go for a swim during the summer months.

Blå Lagunen Gotland

Lummelundagrottan (Gotland)

The Lummelunda cave is a popular attraction on Gotland, which is located just north of Visby. It is one of Sweden’s longest caves, and it’s still largely unexplored.

As a visitor, you can join various tours in the cave. The tours are adapted based on age and how far into the cave you want to go.


Tingstäde kyrka (Gotland)

Tingstäde is one of Gotland’s oldest and largest medieval churches. The church was built in the 12th century and has had the same appearance since the 14th century. The height of the tower is a whopping 55 meters.

Tingstäde kyrka

Kneippbyn (Gotland)

Kneippbyn is a well-visited tourist facility on the island of Gotland with a water park, hotel, camping, and carousels. Here you can also visit the real-life “Villa Villekulla”, which was used in the filming of Pippi Longstocking.


Akvedukten i Håverud (Dalsland)

The aqueduct in Håverud is a spectacular construction that attracts around 250,000 visitors a year from all over the world. Take a trip along Dalsland’s canal and see Håverud’s aqueduct up close.

sweden tourism places

Dals Rostock örtagård (Dalsland)

The herb garden Dals Rostock is a picturesque herb garden with around 350 plants. From May to September it is open to visitors with free entry.

The herb garden was established in memory of Johannes Henriksson, who was a prominent connoisseur in Sweden when it comes to medicinal plants.

sweden tourism places

Tresticklans nationalpark (Dalsland)

Tresticklan is a national park in Dalsland that is characterized by pristine forests and beautiful lakes. It is also the largest forested area that is roadless and undeveloped in southern Sweden.

Tresticklans nationalpark i Dalsland

Do you have more suggestions on places to visit in Sweden? Feel free to share your own favorites and leave a comment.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Sweden

By Carl Austin · Last updated on March 7, 2024

Sweden is famous around the world for lots of things: Saab and Volvo automobiles, the music group ABBA, pickled herring and the DIY megastore IKEA. It is equally as famous for its stunning scenery, picturesque fishing villages, being the land of reindeer and endless summer sun.

Sweden is filled with colorful wooden buildings, traditional huts, stone fortresses and cathedrals, and some pretty innovative contemporary architecture. Whether it’s hiking trails or art museums you’re looking for, Sweden has it. An overview of the best places to visit in Sweden:

10. Kosterhavet National Park

Kosterhavet National Park

Sweden has lots of coastline, no doubt about that, but the best place to observe marine line under protected circumstances is Kosterhavet National Park. Kosterhavet, which borders Norway, is the country’s first marine national park. With 6,000 species of marine life, the park is home to several species that can’t be found anywhere else in Sweden.

The park is centered around the shores and sea of the Koster Islands. Kosterhavet’s coral reefs make it popular with snorkelers and divers, while landlubbers can enjoy quaint fishing villages waiting to be turned into picture postcards.

9. Marstrand


Marstrand, a city since 1200, is known for two things: sailing and an old fortress. This seaside community, located on an island in western Sweden, hosts the annual Match Cup Sweden, an important sailing competition. It also is home to the 17th century Carlsten Fortress, a majestic stone structure that guards the city.

Visitors describe Marstrand, which makes a good day trip from Gothenburg, as a “Kodak moment” so be prepared to take lots of pictures of the ornate, pastel-colored historic buildings that line cobblestone streets. Other “don’t miss” attractions include the Strandverket Art Museum, the restored Pater Noster Lighthouse, and scenic hiking trails.


Something old, something new is perhaps the best way to describe Malmo , a medieval historic city with a landscape that’s studded with modern, contemporary buildings. Sweden’s third largest city has a marvelous Old Town (Gamla Stoden) with three main squares: Stortoget, Lilla Torg and Gustav Adolfs Torg. Old Town is also where you’ll find the castle Malmohus Slott.

This multicultural city, with 150 ethnicities, is linked via Oresund Bridge to Denmark. A must-see “new” attraction is the Turning Torso, an architectural masterpiece that twists more than 190 meters (600 feet) into the sky, making it Sweden’s most talked about building.


Ystad, a coastal town in southern Sweden, is sure to draw sleuths and murder mystery fans. Noted author Henning Mankell set his Kurt Wallender detective novels in Ystad and the surrounding area. Notable buildings you’ll find used in his books include Greyfriars Abbey, one of Sweden’s best preserved medieval monasteries, and the Church of the Virgin Mary, a large medieval church; both are outstanding examples of Gothic Hansa architecture.

A walking tour over cobblestone streets also will take you past picturesque pastel-colored half-timbered buildings. A walk on the town’s pretty sandy beaches is called for, too. East of Ystad is the megalithic monument of Ales Stenar, consisting of 59 large boulders forming a stone ship.

6. Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm archipelago

If you’re into island hopping, then touring the Stockholm archipelago could be just your cup of akavit. Obviously, you won’t have time to visit every island since there are 30,000 of them – big rocks jutting up from the sea count here. Ferries serve major points in the archipelago, beginning with a 10-minute boat ride from Stockholm.

Visit a World War I fortress at Starofortet or Vaxholm, the “capital” of the archipelago with its ornate buildings and a history of herring fishing. Indulge yourself at a spa in Nacka, the closest to Stockholm and accessible by motor vehicle.


Uppsala, located 70 km (44 miles) north of Stockholm , is the religious center of Sweden, and has been since the 12th century. Prior to Christianity, Uppsala was known for idols of Norse gods. The Uppsala Cathedral, seat of the archbishop of Sweden, is the largest cathedral in Scandinavia. Education is important here, too, with Uppsala University, which was founded in 1477, making it one of the oldest colleges in Scandinavia.

The Fyris River runs through the city, with the medieval section located west of the river. Both the cathedral and Uppsala Castle dominate the skyline here. Eighteenth century botanist Carl Linnaeus lived in Uppsala, so check out the botanical garden next to the castle.

4. Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland

If it’s wilderness adventure you’re seeking, there’s no better place to visit in Sweden than Swedish Lapland. Located in the far north above the Arctic Circle where summer shines around the clock. Lapland is for canoers, hikers and viewers of wildlife. Swedish Lapland is inhabited by the hardy, indigenous Sami. Who live in massive forests and barren tundra.

A good way to experience the region is to drive the 359-km (223-mile) long Wilderness Way from the canoeing center at Stromsund to the terminus at Vilhelmina, a church town, via Fatmomakke, where you’ll see traditional wooden huts. Winter visitors can buy reindeer hides at Jokkmokk, the center of Sami life.

3. Gothenburg


Gothenburg, located on Sweden’s west coast, is a green city dotted with numerous parks of all sizes. Many of the parks date back to the 19th century, including Kungsparken, a park that circles the canal that rings around the city center. If you’re more interested in amusement parks, head to Liseberg, which has more rides than any amusement park in Scandinavia.

The largest port city in Scandinavia, Gothenburg also boasts the region’s largest film festival as well as numerous music festivals throughout the year. Hungry? Try a haga bulle, a large cinnamon roll at Haga, a district known for its picturesque wooden houses.


As Sweden’s largest island, surrounded totally by the Baltic Sea, you’d think fishing would be the island’s main industry. Not so. Agriculture, tourism and information technology are among the top industries. The island is one of Sweden’s most popular tourist destinations; sun seekers like it because it has more sunlight during the year than any other place in Sweden.

Visby, the only city on the island, is a beautiful walled Hanseatic town which has preserved most of its townscape and historic buildings. There are also around 100 medieval churches and countless prehistoric sites on the island.

1. Stockholm


Stockholm, a pretty city set on 14 islands, has a lot going for it as Sweden’s capital and the largest city in Scandinavia. Founded in the 13th century, Stockholm is where the annual Nobel Prizes are given out. Lush green parks, world-class attractions and a blend of historic and modern architecture make Stockholm an appealing tourist destination.

Among Stockholm’s must-see attractions is the city’s well-preserved medieval center with its beautiful old churches, Royal palace, picturesque bridges, canals and cobblestone streets lined with cafes and shops. The lush green island of Djurgården is home to some of Stockholm’s most popular tourist attractions such as the Gröna Lund theme park, the Stockholm Zoo and the Skansen Open-Air Museum. A must-do is to view the city from atop the world’s largest round building, the Ericcson Globe.

See also: Where to Stay in Stockholm

The Vasa Museum, dedicated to a 17th century warship that sank on its maiden voyage, is Scandinavia’s most visited museum. Stockholm is easier on your budget than other Nordic cities, offering free admission to 15 museums, including the Swedish History, Medieval Museum, Royal Armoury and Skokloster Castle. You also won’t want to miss the Royal Palace, Modern Art Museum and City Hall.

Map of Places to Visit in Sweden

Sweden Map

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February 16, 2020 at 4:27 am

Sweden is a beautiful country, i have been to Gotenborg, Karlstad, Jonkoping, Malmo, Helsinborg, and Stockholms. I wish i be there once again. I have not yet explored it fully. The finest people i have ever seen, the flocks of horses, elk and deers, are all worth seeing a dozen times.

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The Perfect 5 to 7 Days in Sweden Itinerary

Last Updated on January 29, 2024

by Olivia Ellis

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. That means if you click a link and make a purchase, we may make a small commission. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see our privacy policy.

sweden tourism places

From lush boreal forests to cobblestone streets, this 5 to 7 days in Sweden itinerary will take you off the beaten path and give you a look into what makes this country what it is as well as such a happy place to visit.

Being the largest Nordic and Scandinavian country as well as one of the largest countries in Europe, it can become a daunting task to plan a trip across Sweden. Tourists typically tend to flock directly to the capital city of Stockholm , but in reality, the country has so much more to offer.

With this itinerary, you’ll have a remarkable trip full of delicious food, nature, sleek and classic Swedish cities, and everything in between.

Table of Contents

How Many Days in Sweden?

While 2 days are probably enough if you’re just hoping to visit a major city such as Stockholm or Gothenburg, you’re just dipping your toes into the country.

For those searching to get a good feel of Sweden and experience nature as well as city life, 5 days in Sweden should suffice at a minimum.

If you’re hoping to take a bit of a slower pace and be in less of a rush, I suggest spending 7 days exploring Sweden.

Any time beyond that will only enrich your experience, as it’s such a vast country and to see most of the regions, it’ll take more time if you want to spend multiple days in various areas.

For example, Swedish Lapland is more popular in the winter months when visitors can view the Northern Lights and due to the distance from Stockholm or other major cities, you’ll want to plan for at least 4 days in Lapland beyond 1-2 days in Stockholm.

In the warmer months, southern Sweden is quite popular and worth visiting and most things are quite close, so it’s more feasible to do a shorter trip. 

Scenic Swedish countryside

Getting To & Around Sweden

This itinerary starts in Stockholm, so the easiest airport to fly into is Stockholm’s Arlanda International Airport, located in Arlanda, a town about an hour away from the Stockholm archipelago.

Another option when looking to plan a Sweden itinerary is to fly into Copenhagen’s Kastrup airport which is conveniently located just a short train ride from the city of Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city. 

As for getting around while spending time in Sweden, the best ways are either by hire car or by Swedish train transportation. Both modes of transport are great and efficient, but the one you’ll ultimately decide to go with depends on your needs during your trip.

As this trip goes to quite a few destinations within Sweden, the cost will likely come out around the same whether you decide to hire a car or strictly travel by train.

If you decide on a Sweden road trip with a hire car, you’ll have more independence and freedom to decide when you’ll travel and exactly where you’ll go but in comparison to train transport, if you’re not super keen on driving throughout a trip, train transport will give you more relaxed journeys.

The time of year will also make a big difference regarding your method of transport. Swedish winters can be quite brutal, snowy, and icy, so if you’re visiting in the winter and are hoping to make it to Lapland, train transport is the best option if you’re not an incredibly experienced driver with the appropriate hire car. 

Whether you decide to travel by car or train, it’s good to keep in mind that the longer you wait to book a car or a train ticket, the higher prices will be — especially if you’re hoping to travel to Sweden during the summer high season. 

For those who think a road trip in Sweden is their best bet, then we suggest browsing Rentalcars.com to compare prices across several companies. Alternatively, you can book train tickets in advance here.

Arlanda Airport

5 to 7-Day Sweden Itinerary

As a country with such varying landscapes and history, Sweden is truly a joy to visit. One moment you’re surrounded by dense nature; whether it be solemn seas or deep forests, and another moment you’ll find yourself in the high-tech, stylish Scandinavian big brother that it is. 

Day 1 – Stockholm

Day 1 begins in the vibrant capital city of Stockholm. Spending one or two days in the capital city is a great way to acquaint yourself with Sweden in general and you won’t be at a loss for ways to spend your time while in Stockholm.

Stockholm is quite a large city and you could easily spend a number of days wandering around the center and the deeper corners of the city. However, if you’re short on time, one or two days is enough to experience most of the important parts and to explore the capital of Sweden

Make sure to wander around the medieval, cobblestoned, and colourful Gamla Stan (Old Town) neighborhood, check out one of the city’s many fantastic museums (the Vasa Museum is the most loved and appreciated museum in all of Scandinavia), and wander around the Royal Palace of Sweden while also witnessing the changing of the guard.

To maximise what you see during your time in Stockholm, consider taking a walking tour , bike tour or short archipelago cruise. You should also consider a Stockholm Go City Pass if you plan to visit many paid attractions.

Old Town of Stockholm

Where to Stay in Stockholm

Scandic No 53 – This 3-star hotel located close to the top attractions in Stockholm makes for a great base in the Swedish capital. Perfect for mid-range travelers, they have a number of comfortable rooms available and there’s even an on-site bar.

Downtown Camper by Scandic – Luxury visitors to Stockholm will love this plush, 4-star hotel in the centre of the Swedish capital. Perfectly located to see all the city has to offer, they have a number of elegant rooms to choose from and countless other amenities to ensure you have a wonderful stay.

Gamla Stan Apartments – For those who like to have their own flat while traveling, these apartments are an excellent choice. Centrally located for exploring all that Stockholm has to offer, they have a range of flats on offer and they’re all fully furnished with everything you may need.

Castanea Old Town Hostel – This hostel is an excellent choice for those visiting Stockholm solo or on a budget. They have a range of dorms and some private rooms available, great common areas and a location perfect for exploring the Swedish capital.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Stockholm hotels!

Day 2 – Sigtuna

One of the great things about Sweden is the proximity of special small towns to major cities. On day 2 of this itinerary, you’ll head about an hour away from Stockholm to Sweden’s oldest town, Sigtuna.

Sigtuna dates back to 970 CE and as Sweden’s first city, it just shows how far back and rich the history of the country is. Sigtuna is quite a small and quaint city and that makes it the perfect day trip and is one of the best places to visit in the country.

Begin your day on the idyllic Stora Gatan (Sweden’s oldest pedestrian street) meandering through shops, enjoying a Fika with coffee and a Swedish treat and taking in the traditional architecture and homes.

It’s also worth checking out the Runestones of Sigtuna, the oldest known texts in Swedish dating back to the 4th century CE. There’s a large amount of them in the city, so head to the city hall (worth a visit in itself) to obtain a map to direct you to their locations.

Afterwards, head back to Stockholm for your last night in the city.

If you prefer to do this day trip on an organised tour, this full-day tour goes to Sigtuna and Uppsala , focusing on Viking history. Alternatively, this half-day tour focuses primarily on Sigtuna.

Alternatively, if Sigtuna doesn’t suit, consider heading out to visit the grand Drottningholm Palace.

Sigtuna. Sweden

Day 3 – Orebro 

After spending two nights in Stockholm, day 3 will bring you about 2 hours away from Stockholm to the 13th-century town of Orebro located in the central part of Sweden.

While much of this trip to Sweden route, visiting Orebro is a great opportunity to experience a town in central Sweden.

Like most other cities and towns in Sweden, Orebro has a stunning city center, and many will even say that it’s one of the nicest in the country.

During your visit make sure to visit the Orebro Castle, located on a picturesque islet in the city, wander around the city center, and head to the Svamp Water Tower to get incredible Panoramic views of the city.

I suggest staying in Orebro on the third night of this itinerary as it’s a really lovely city to have a break from large-city Swedish life and enjoy a slower pace. 

Orebro Castle

Where to Stay in Orebro

Livin Station Hotel – This small, 3-star hotel in Orebro is a great accommodation choice for those visiting Sweden on a mid-range budget . They have a range of modern and comfortable rooms on offer and a great location in order to explore all this lovely town has to offer.

Clarion Collection Hotel Borgen – If you’re looking for luxury in Orebro, then this hotel is an excellent choice. They have a range of plush rooms available, a fantastic location for exploring the city and a great restaurant on site (along with many other amenities).

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Orebro hotels!

Day 4 – Gothenburg

On the southwest coast of Sweden, you’ll find Gothenburg , Sweden’s second-largest city after Stockholm.

After enjoying a day in the city of Orebro, you’ll head about three hours away to Gothenburg on day 4. If you’re driving, consider making a detour to visit the charming town of Kalmar on the Baltic Sea and explore the historic center.

While Stockholm is easily the tourist center of Sweden, Gothenburg offers the best of Sweden without tourist crowds as well as tourist prices.

The city itself is full of Dutch-style canals (Gothenburg was mainly built by the Dutch), pure Scandinavian style, classic green boulevards, and a tremendously impressive food scene.

When in Gothenburg, I recommend checking out the 17th-century Domkyrkan (Gothenburg’s Cathedral), the hip and characteristic Haga neighborhood for lunch, and Slottsskogen, the city’s main park.

Gothenburg is full of a mix of sustainable and classically elegant architecture, and even just wandering around the city is a marvel in itself. If you’re looking to try a wide array of foods, head to the Saluhallen Food Hall to enjoy a tasty bite while marvelling at the architecture of the 1800s building. 

Gothenburg Cathedral

Where to Stay in Gothenburg

Hotel Royal – This hotel in the centre of Gothenburg is a great option for mid-range travelers. They have a number of great rooms on offer, a fantastic, central location and they also offer a wonderful breakfast each morning.

Hotel Pigalle – If you’re looking for a luxury escape in Gothenburg then you are sure to love this elegant hotel. There are a range of wonderful rooms to choose from, an excellent location for exploring the city and amenities like room service and more available for guests.

Slottskogens Hostel – Those visiting Gothenburg on a budget (or simply looking for a lively social atmosphere) will love this centrally-located hostel. They offer both dorms and private rooms and also have good common areas and self-catering facilities.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Gothenburg hotels!

Day 5 – Southern Gothenburg Archipelago

The city of Gothenburg is in a unique location with 20 islands spanning Sweden’s western coast making up the Gothenburg Archipelago. The Gothenburg Archipelago consists of two parts; the northern archipelago, and the southern archipelago.

While both parts are worth the visit, the southern archipelago is better connected to the city and easier to access on a day trip.

Gothenburg’s Archipelago islands are one of the prime spots for Swedish local’s summer getaways and visiting one or two of the archipelago islands is the perfect way to experience what local life is like for Swedes spent by the sea, on the beach and under the sun.

The southern archipelago can easily be reached by Gothenburg’s public transport system in around 30 minutes and due to all of the archipelago islands being car-free, cars aren’t allowed on ferries so keep this in mind if you’re hiring a car during your trip.

Styrso Island is the main hub of the southern islands and is a great spot to head to during your day trip, you’ll find numerous places to swim as well as airy and pleasant cafes/restaurants throughout the island.

If you’re spending 5 days, today will conclude your Sweden travel itinerary. The best options are to continue onward by train if you’d like to see other destinations or make your way to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport or Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport for your return flight.

From Gothenburg, there are numerous direct train services to each city, and directly to Copenhagen Airport.

Southern Gothenburg Archipelago

Day 6 – Malmo

For those continuing to enjoy Sweden in 7 days, days 6 and 7 of this itinerary will bring you to the city of Malmo. The city of Malmo dates back to the 13th century and is the third largest city in Sweden located about a 3-hour drive or train ride away from Gothenburg.

Malmo is located in a unique location, on the southern tip of Sweden and just 30 minutes away from Copenhagen, Denmark across the Oresund Strait. The city of Malmo is a unique mix of urban industrial architecture, classic medieval architecture, and sustainable futuristic architecture all creating the center of the city.

Make a point to spend time at the 15th-century Malmo castle (the oldest surviving Renaissance castle in Sweden), stroll down the Sodergatan and maybe even visit the most unique museum you’ll come across, the Disgusting Food Museum . 

Malmo Old Town

Where to Stay in Malmo

Mayfair Hotel Tunneln – This small hotel is located within a stone’s throw from Malmo’s train station and is the perfect base for exploring the city. They have many comfortable rooms to choose from and other amenities including an on-site bar and restaurant for guests to enjoy.

The More Hotel Mazetti – If you’d like to have your own flat in Malmo, then this aparthotel is an excellent option. Centrally located, this combines the convenience of having your own apartment with all of the amenities of a hotel. There are a number of fully-furnished and stylish flats to choose from.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Malmo hotels!

Day 7 – Lund

While Malmo is an engaging city to visit in its own right, the city itself is quite small, so this leaves you with the perfect day trip opportunity to the university city of Lund.

Lund is a charming, cobblestoned medieval town known for having one of the best universities in the world and is just a short 15-minute train ride from Malmo Central Station. The city center is quite small but large enough to make a day/half-day trip out of by stepping back in time through the city’s quaint and studious old town.

Lund has an incredibly relaxed atmosphere and this itself makes one of Sweden’s oldest cities a great getaway from city life in Malmo. The spectacular Romanesque Cathedral of Lund is one of the most sought-after attractions in all the Nordics , and religious or not, the cathedral is a truly peaceful splendor to walk through.

If you’re looking for a unique experience on your Lund day trip and last day in Sweden, I highly suggest heading to Kulturen, an outdoor open-air museum/experience with replicas from medieval times through the 20th century. 

If you’re trying to sort out the most convenient option for a return flight from Sweden, Malmo is located on train lines with direct connections to Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport in just under half an hour. If it’s not feasible to return from Copenhagen, you’ll also find convenient routes to Stockholm Airport as well as Gothenburg Airport. 

Lund, Sweden

Have More Time?

Perhaps you find yourself with more time beyond the 7 days of this Sweden travel itinerary. In that case, you’re in luck. Sweden is such a large country with plenty more interesting places and things to do, with varying unique options depending on the time of year.

If you’re a winter adventurer and are visiting Sweden in the winter, one of the best ways to enjoy Swedish winter is to head to the northern region of Swedish Lapland.

Witness the dancing, colorful aurora borealis in the arctic after a day of snowy activities and enjoy local Sami culture amongst locals and friendly animals. You can fly into the northern town of Kiruna and also opt to visit the incredible Abisko National Park.

If you’re visiting Sweden in the summer and would like to extend your trip with a unique location, the island of Gotland is a UNESCO Heritage Site located off the east coast of the Swedish mainland and the home of Pippi Longstocking.

Spend time in the city of Visby while wandering through its enchanting streets and corners of this fairytale Swedish island, a magical place without a hoard of tourists. 

You could also opt to spend a few more days in Stockholm and experience the sites and places close to the city.


There are plenty of reasons that Sweden is such a joyful destination that visitors long for and experience when they visit. The country itself is massive, offering a variety of adventures and experiences, the people are generous and kind, it’s one of the most forward-sustainable countries today and the towns bring you back to your childhood fairytale dreams.

After spending one week in Sweden, you’ll likely find yourself looking to come back soon to explore even deeper corners of this especially peaceful haven of a country.

Are you planning a trip to Sweden? Have any questions about this itinerary? Let us know in the comments!

sweden tourism places

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Greatly helpful article for us who are planning a week long self-driving trip to Sweden in Sep. we will pretty much follow your itineraries, and try to see as many places as possible. We’ve been in Stockholm for a couple times but have not seen anywhere else in Sweden, so we’re excited about the trip!

I’m so happy you’ve found this helpful! Hope you have a great time in Sweden 🙂

Love your passion for travel and detailed itineraries.

Thanks so much for this itinerary. We love all of it and will avoid Gothenburg as we will see it as part of our biking trip on the west coast a week later. Is the island of Oland worth visiting as well as Gotland.

Appreciate your input. Have you also done an itinerary for Denmark?

I’m happy that you found this helpful! You can find our Denmark itinerary here 🙂

Yes am planning a trip to Sweden sometime in December and will likely spend my Christmas over there. That will be my first time in Sweden so I would really want to have a swell time while am there.

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30 Best Places to Visit in Sweden

  • Pinterest 8.1K

Interested to visit the most sophisticated Nordic country in Europe? Check out these top 15 places to visit in Sweden that may interest your wanderlust!

Looking for the best places to visit in Sweden? Discover the hidden treasures of Sweden with our comprehensive guide to the top 30 must-visit places, from picturesque Smögen to historic Gripsholm Castle.

Sweden should definitely be on your list when it comes to finding an incredible place to explore. This Scandinavian gem offers a plethora of breathtaking destinations that cater to all kinds of travelers. From the bustling capital of Stockholm to the serene beauty of its archipelago, Sweden has something for everyone. 

Whether you prefer exploring vibrant cities like Stockholm or immersing yourself in quaint Swedish towns like Visby or Kiruna’s Arctic wonders, this Scandinavian gem offers an unforgettable experience for every kind of traveler. Don’t miss out on discovering Sweden’s rich history and stunning landscapes – it’s truly a place that will leave you in awe! 

Follow me on Instagram , where you’ll see more personal tips about living in Finland from a local resident chef and content creator 🍃🍃🍃

📚 Do you want to learn the Finnish language for FREE ? Check out Spark Your Finnish course! 🇫🇮 How about diving into Finland’s culture? Here’s another FREE culture class to learn how to connect with Finns ❗️ Be insured before your trip to Finland and  get a SafetyWing FREE insurance quote 📚 Read our post about  why you should always have insurance ✈️ Find out how to  find cheap flights to Finland using Skyscanner  or  find deals now

Table of Contents

Interested to visit the most sophisticated Nordic country in Europe? Check out these top 15 places to visit in Sweden that may interest your wanderlust!

Stockholm is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Sweden. The capital city is a vibrant hub of culture, history, and stunning architecture. 

As you stroll through its streets, you can’t help but feel the palpable energy that emanates from every corner. One must-visit landmark in Stockholm is the picturesque Gamla Stan, the charming old town dating back to the 13th century. 

Walking through its narrow cobblestone streets feels like stepping into a time machine. You’ll find an array of quaint shops selling traditional Swedish crafts and cozy cafés where you can take a break and indulge in some delicious Swedish pastries. 

For history buffs, visiting Stockholm’s Royal Palace is a must. This grand structure is not only the official residence of the Swedish royal family but also houses several museums that showcase Sweden’s rich history and cultural heritage. 

Take advantage of the Changing of the Guard ceremony, an iconic event that occurs daily during summer . If you want to immerse yourself in nature within Stockholm, head to Djurgården Island. 

This green oasis offers plenty of walking paths, scenic views, and even an open-air museum called Skansen, where you can learn about traditional Swedish life from centuries past. Art enthusiasts will be delighted by Stockholm’s world-class museums like Moderna Museet and Fotografiska. 

These institutions feature contemporary art exhibitions showcasing local talent and international artists. Whether you’re into paintings or photography, these museums offer diverse artistic experiences. 

When it comes to culinary delights, Stockholm doesn’t disappoint either. The city boasts numerous top-notch restaurants offering traditional Swedish cuisine and international flavors. 

Make sure to try some classic dishes like meatballs with lingonberry sauce or Gravlax (cured salmon), accompanied by a glass of aquavit for an authentic taste of Sweden. Every trip to Sweden would be complete with exploring Stockholm. 

The city offers a perfect blend of culture, history, and natural beauty, from its historic old town to its modern art museums. So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to the heart of Sweden’s capital city. 


Gothenburg, the second-largest city in Sweden, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan destination that offers a unique blend of historical charm and modern attractions. Make sure to visit this captivating city if you’re exploring the best places to visit in Sweden. 

One of Gothenburg’s highlights is its picturesque coastline, which stretches along the western part of Sweden. The city boasts several stunning beaches where you can soak up the sun and enjoy the refreshing waters of the North Sea. 

Liseberg, an amusement park in the heart of Gothenburg , is also worth visiting. With thrilling rides, beautiful gardens, and live entertainment, it’s an attraction that appeals to both young and old. 

If you’re interested in history and culture, Gothenburg won’t disappoint. Explore the Haga district with its charming wooden houses and cobbled streets. 

This area is known for its cozy cafes where you can indulge in a fika (Swedish coffee break) while enjoying homemade pastries or traditional Swedish meatballs. For art enthusiasts, Gothenburg has several museums showcasing contemporary and classic works. 

The Gothenburg Museum of Art houses an impressive collection, including pieces by famous artists such as Rembrandt and Picasso. Another must-visit spot is Liseberg Gardens, which transforms into a magical winter wonderland during Christmas time. 

From November through January , this amusement park becomes one of Sweden’s largest Christmas markets, with countless stalls selling festive treats and crafts. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, take a short ferry ride from Gothenburg to Göta Archipelago or Vrångö Island. 

These serene natural havens offer breathtaking views and peaceful surroundings perfect for hiking or relaxing by the sea. Gothenburg is undoubtedly one of Sweden’s most captivating cities that offers something for everyone. 

Whether exploring historical neighborhoods like Haga or indulging in thrilling rides at Liseberg, there’s no shortage of things to see and do. So, if you find yourself in Sweden, add Gothenburg to your list of must-visit places. 


Malmö, located in the southernmost part of Sweden, is a vibrant and diverse city that offers a unique blend of history and modernity. As the third-largest city in Sweden, Malmö has plenty to offer for travelers looking to explore this dynamic Scandinavian destination. One of the top attractions in Malmö is its stunning architecture. 

The Turning Torso, a twisted skyscraper that stands as one of Sweden’s most iconic landmarks, dominates the city skyline. Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, this marvel offers breathtaking views over the Öresund Strait and Copenhagen . 

For history buffs, Malmöhus Castle is a must-visit. Built-in the 16th century, it is one of Scandinavia’s oldest surviving Renaissance castles . 

It houses several museums today, including the Malmö Art Museum and the City Museum. The castle’s picturesque gardens are perfect for leisurely strolls on sunny days. 

Lilla Torg, meaning “Little Square,” is another gem in Malmö’s old town area. This charming cobblestone square has colorful 17th-century buildings that house trendy cafes, restaurants, and bars. 

It’s an ideal spot to relax with coffee or enjoy a delicious meal in the vibrant atmosphere. If you’re traveling with family or looking for fun activities, take advantage of Folkets Park (People’s Park). 

This expansive park features playgrounds, mini-golf courses, and even an amusement park with thrilling rides for all ages. It’s a great place to spend a sunny day enjoying outdoor activities and picnicking. 

No visit to Malmö would be complete without exploring its beautiful coastline. Ribersborg Beach offers sandy shores where you can relax under the sun or take refreshing dips in the Baltic Sea during summer . 

The surrounding area also boasts picturesque nature reserves such as Kungsparken and Pildammsparken, perfect for peaceful walks and enjoying the scenic beauty of Malmö. Malmö is one of Sweden’s most captivating cities, blending historical charm with modern attractions. 

This city has something for everyone, from its architectural wonders like the Turning Torso to its rich cultural heritage displayed in Malmöhus Castle. Whether you’re seeking art and history or simply want to relax on the beach, Malmö is a place you won’t want to miss during your visit to Sweden. 

Abisko National Park

Abiskojåkka, Abisko National Park

Regarding natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, Abisko National Park in Sweden is an absolute gem. Located in the country’s far north, this national park is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With stunning mountain peaks, pristine lakes , and vast untouched wilderness, Abisko offers an immersive experience that will leave you in awe. 

One of the main attractions of Abisko National Park is its mesmerizing display of the Northern Lights . This phenomenon occurs during winter when the skies come alive with vibrant colors dancing across the horizon. 

If you’re lucky enough to witness this magical spectacle, it will surely be an experience you’ll never forget. Apart from the Northern Lights, Abisko also boasts incredible hiking trails catering to all expertise levels. 

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, trails are available for everyone. The Kungsleden (King’s Trail) is a popular trek that takes you on a 440-kilometer journey through some of Sweden’s most stunning landscapes. 

For those seeking more adventure, Abisko offers opportunities for skiing and snowboarding during winter months. Its powdery snow and well-maintained slopes have become a favorite destination for winter sports enthusiasts worldwide. 

You can also explore frozen lakes on ice skates or go ice fishing for an authentic Swedish experience. Abisko Village is a charming little settlement located at the national park’s entrance. 

It provides essential amenities like accommodations and dining options for visitors. Make sure to visit the STF Abisko Mountain Station, where you can learn about local flora and fauna, or even join guided tours led by knowledgeable experts. 

If you have extra time to spare during your visit to Abisko National Park, consider exploring nearby attractions. Just a short train ride away is Kiruna – Sweden’s northernmost town famous for its Icehotel and mining history. 

You can also venture west to explore the stunning coastline of West Sweden or head south towards Malmö, one of the country’s largest cities. Abisko National Park is undeniably one of Sweden’s best destinations for nature lovers . 

From its captivating Northern Lights to its diverse hiking trails and thrilling winter activities, this park offers an unforgettable experience showcasing northern Sweden’s true beauty. So, if you plan a trip to Scandinavia , explore Abisko and all it offers. 


Visby, located on the island of Gotland, is a charming and historic town that should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Sweden. As you stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets, you can’t help but feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The well-preserved medieval city walls surrounding Visby are a testament to its rich history and have earned it a spot as a UNESCO World Heritage site . 

One of the highlights of Visby is its captivating architecture. The town has beautiful medieval buildings, including churches and merchant houses. 

One particular gem is the St. Mary’s Cathedral, which dominates the skyline with its towering spires and intricate stone carvings. Inside, you’ll find stunning vaulted ceilings and an impressive collection of medieval art. 

If you’re interested in Swedish history, visit the Gotlands Museum. Here, you can learn about the island’s Viking past and explore artifacts from various periods. 

The museum also offers guided tours that provide deeper insights into the island’s fascinating heritage. Visby is not just a place for history buffs; it also boasts beautiful natural surroundings. 

Just outside the city walls, you’ll find Almedalen Park – an ideal place for a leisurely picnic or peaceful walk amidst greenery. If you’re up for beach time, head to Tofta Strand – one of Gotland’s most popular sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters that beckon visitors during warm summer. 

In addition to its historical and natural attractions, Visby offers plenty of charming cafes and restaurants where you can indulge in traditional Swedish cuisine or sample international flavors. Lilla Torg Square is particularly vibrant – surrounded by colorful buildings housing trendy boutiques and cozy eateries offering everything from fresh seafood to delicious pastries. 

To reach Visby from mainland Sweden, several ferry routes are available from Stockholm or Nynäshamn during the summer months. Alternatively, you can fly directly to Visby Airport, which offers domestic and international connections. 

Visby is a must-visit destination for those seeking a blend of rich history, stunning architecture, natural beauty, and a relaxed Scandinavian atmosphere. Whether you’re exploring the old town’s cobblestone streets or enjoying the serene coastline nearby, Visby offers an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Sweden. 

Things to do in Uppsala

Uppsala, oh Uppsala! This charming city in Sweden is a hidden gem just waiting to be explored. Nestled about 70 kilometers north of Stockholm, Uppsala is a place that seamlessly blends history, culture, and academia. 

It’s home to one of the oldest universities in Scandinavia and boasts an array of fascinating attractions that will leave you spellbound. When visiting Uppsala, make sure to visit the renowned Uppsala University. 

Founded in 1477, this prestigious institution has an impressive campus with beautiful buildings and lush green spaces. Take a leisurely stroll through the university grounds and soak up the academic atmosphere permeating every corner. 

One of the city’s most iconic landmarks is the magnificent Uppsala Cathedral. Standing tall with its Gothic architecture, it’s hard not to be awed by this grand structure. 

Step inside and marvel at its intricate details and rich history. Take advantage of the opportunity to climb to its tower for breathtaking panoramic city views. 

Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala) should be on your must-visit list if you’re a history enthusiast. This ancient site was once an important religious center during Viking times. 

You can explore burial mounds dating back over 1,500 years and learn about Sweden’s fascinating past. A visit to Lake Mälaren is highly recommended for nature lovers seeking tranquility. 

Just outside of Uppsala lies this expansive lake where you can unwind amidst picturesque surroundings. Take a boat trip or find a cozy spot on its shores to enjoy a picnic while taking in the scenic beauty. 

And let’s not forget about one more must-see attraction – the Gustavianum Museum! Housed in what used to be Sweden’s royal palace, this museum offers an intriguing journey through time with its wide array of exhibits ranging from ancient artifacts to scientific curiosities. 

Uppsala is a captivating place to explore during your Sweden vacation . With its mix of history, academia, and natural beauty, it offers a unique experience. 

Whether you’re wandering through the university grounds, exploring the city’s ancient past at Gamla Uppsala, soaking in the stunning views from the cathedral tower, or simply enjoying the serenity of Lake Mälaren – Uppsala has something for everyone. So add this hidden gem to your itinerary and discover why it’s one of Sweden’s best destinations! 


Nestled in the Baltic Sea lies the enchanting island of Gotland, a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and charming medieval towns . As you step foot on this picturesque island, you’ll be transported back in time as you wander through its cobbled streets and marvel at its well-preserved medieval architecture. 

Gotland’s main hub is the capital city of Visby, renowned for its well-preserved city walls dating back to the 13th century. Take a leisurely stroll along these ancient fortifications and soak in the panoramic views of the Baltic Sea. 

Once inside the city walls, explore Visby’s narrow alleys lined with colorful houses and charming cafes. Stop by Lilla Torg, a bustling square where locals gather to enjoy coffee or indulge in delicious local delicacies. 

Nature makes Gotland an absolute haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The island boasts many beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming or simply basking in the sun. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, embark on a kayaking excursion along Gotland’s stunning coastline and discover hidden coves and sea caves that dot its shores. Exploring Gotland’s rich Viking heritage is an absolute must for history buffs. 

Visit Fornsalen Museum, where artifacts from this fascinating era are displayed alongside informative exhibits that shed light on Viking traditions and ways of life. Take advantage of Stora Torget (The Great Square), where you can find historical landmarks such as Botanist Carl Linnaeus’ statue and admire the impressive Gothic-style architecture. 

A visit to Gotland would only be complete with venturing beyond Visby and discovering other hidden gems scattered across this captivating island. The village of Ljugarn offers idyllic sandy beaches perfect for relaxation or leisurely walks along the shore. 

Don’t forget to explore Högklint Nature Reserve with its breathtaking cliffs providing stunning views of the Baltic Sea. As the summer months approach, Gotland truly comes alive with various events and festivals that attract visitors from around the globe. 

The Gotland Medieval Week is a highlight, where the island transforms into a medieval wonderland complete with jousting tournaments, reenactments, and lively markets. Gotland is undoubtedly a place you will want to take advantage of on your journey through Sweden. 

Its rich history, charming villages, and stunning natural landscapes make it an irresistible attraction for travelers seeking an authentic Swedish experience. Whether exploring the cobbled streets of Visby or basking in the sun on one of its pristine beaches, Gotland promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul. 


Located in the far north of Sweden, Kiruna is a small town that offers a unique experience for visitors. Nestled among beautiful landscapes, this charming village has much to offer. If you find yourself in this part of Sweden, take advantage of the opportunity to explore Kiruna and its surroundings. 

One of Kiruna’s most remarkable attractions is the famous Ice Hotel . This incredible structure is built entirely from ice and snow each winter, offering guests an extraordinary overnight experience. 

The Icehotel features intricately carved ice sculptures and cozy ice rooms where you can sleep surrounded by frozen beauty. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind accommodation that will leave you awestruck. 

Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by Kiruna’s proximity to some breathtaking natural wonders. Just a short drive away lies Abisko National Park, renowned for its stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife. 

Hiking through the park’s trails provides awe-inspiring views of mountains, lakes, and dense forests. Remember your camera; these photo opportunities will be noticed! 

Another must-visit location near Kiruna is Jokkmokk, a small town with a rich Sami cultural heritage. Here, you can immerse yourself in traditional Sami handicrafts and learn about their way of life at the Ájtte Museum. 

The museum showcases artifacts related to reindeer herding and Sami history, providing valuable insight into this unique indigenous culture. For those seeking adventure, Kiruna offers thrilling activities like dog sledding and snowmobiling through its snowy landscapes. 

These exhilarating experiences allow you to embrace the true spirit of Swedish winter while exploring the stunning nature reserves surrounding the town. A visit to Kiruna would only be complete with experiencing one of Sweden’s most extraordinary natural phenomena: the midnight sun . 

Due to its location above the Arctic Circle during summer months, Kiruna enjoys never-ending daylight for several weeks each year. Imagine strolling through quaint streets at midnight, basking in the sun’s soft glow. 

It’s a surreal experience that will stay with you forever. Kiruna is an ideal place for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. 

Jokkmokk, a small town in the northern part of Sweden, is a hidden gem worth visiting during your vacation to Sweden. Situated within the Arctic Circle, Jokkmokk offers a unique experience that showcases the rich Swedish history and culture. 

This charming town attracts visitors with its breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating traditions. One of the highlights of Jokkmokk is its annual winter market, which has been held for over 400 years. 

This market celebrates Sami culture, the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia. Visitors can immerse themselves in traditional Sami activities like reindeer racing and ice fishing during this time. 

The market also features local crafts, delicious food, and vibrant performances that showcase the Sami way of life. Aside from the winter market, Jokkmokk boasts stunning natural landscapes that will leave you in awe. 

Abisko National Park is just a short distance from Jokkmokk and offers breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and expansive forests. It’s truly a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking or simply taking in the serene beauty of nature. 

For history enthusiasts, Jokkmokk has several museums that provide insights into Swedish Lapland’s cultural heritage. The Ájtte Museum showcases exhibits on Sami history and traditions, allowing visitors to learn about their way of life throughout history. 

Another interesting museum is the Johan Tirén Museum-Gallery, which displays contemporary art inspired by nature and landscapes. Journeying further into Swedish Lapland from Jokkmokk takes you to incredible places like Kiruna and Gällivare, where you can witness even more stunning scenery and experience authentic Sami culture. 

These towns offer unique opportunities for activities such as dog sledding or visiting reindeer herding camps where you can learn about traditional Sami livelihoods. Jokkmokk is a captivating place to explore during your holiday in Sweden. 

Its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural landscapes, and vibrant traditions offer a unique experience that is bound to leave a lasting impression. Whether you visit during the winter market or explore during the summer, Jokkmokk is one of Sweden’s best destinations for those seeking an authentic and immersive Swedish experience. 



Örebro, a captivating town nestled in the heart of Sweden, is a destination that will leave travelers awestruck. Steeped in rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking geography, Örebro offers a unique and enchanting experience for all who venture here.

The town’s majestic castle, a stunning testament to its medieval past, stands proudly as a symbol of its heritage. As you wander the cobbled streets, you’ll be immersed in a tapestry of centuries-old charm, with quaint shops, cozy cafes, and picturesque squares at every turn.

The tranquil waters of Lake Hjälmaren provide a serene backdrop, offering opportunities for boating, fishing, and mesmerizing sunset strolls. The locals’ warm hospitality and genuine friendliness invite you to immerse yourself in their community.

Whether you explore Örebro’s art galleries and museums, indulge in the delectable cuisine, or simply soak in the atmosphere of this idyllic town, you’ll be left with memories to treasure forever.

Örebro is, without a doubt, a hidden gem and one of Sweden’s most remarkable destinations.

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View of historic Kalmar Castle (Kalmar Slott) in the city of Kalmar. Sweden

Kalmar, a charming city on Sweden’s southeast coast, is truly a hidden gem worth exploring. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and picturesque waterfront, this city offers an unforgettable experience to visitors worldwide. 

One of the main attractions in Kalmar is its beautiful castle, Kalmar Slott. This well-preserved Renaissance castle dates back to the 12th century and is surrounded by a moat that adds to its medieval charm. 

Inside the castle, you can explore various exhibitions showcasing artifacts from different periods and learn about the fascinating history of Kalmar and its significance in Swedish history. As you stroll through Kalmar’s cobbled streets, you’ll come across quaint buildings that evoke nostalgia. 

The city center, known as Stortorget, is a vibrant square where locals and tourists gather to enjoy outdoor cafes or browse through boutique shops. Don’t miss out on visiting Gamla Stan (Old Town), which transports you back in time with its well-preserved medieval architecture and narrow alleyways. 

For nature enthusiasts, Kalmar offers easy access to some breathtaking natural landscapes. Just a short drive away lies Öland Island, connected to the mainland by Europe’s longest bridge. 

This idyllic island is home to beautiful sandy beaches, charming fishing villages, and vast untouched nature. Explore Öland’s iconic windmills or take a leisurely bike ride along its scenic coastal paths for an unforgettable experience. 

Its historical sites, natural beauty, and proximity to other fantastic destinations like Öland and Lake Siljan promise a memorable experience for travelers seeking a perfect blend of culture and nature. Whether you’re strolling through the streets of Gamla Stan or exploring the grandeur of Kalmar Slott, this lovely city will leave you captivated by its unique charm. 

Drottningskärs kastell Karlskrona

Karlskrona is a hidden gem nestled on the southeastern coast of Sweden. It may not be as well-known as Stockholm or Gothenburg, but exploring captivating cities off the beaten path is worth visiting. This charming maritime town offers a unique blend of history, stunning architecture, and natural beauty that will leave you in awe. 

One of the highlights of Karlskrona is its impressive naval history. The city was founded in 1680 as the main base for the Swedish navy, and its naval heritage is still very much alive. 

A must-visit attraction is the Naval Museum, where you can delve into the fascinating world of ships and submarines. You’ll learn about Sweden’s maritime past and even have a chance to explore some vessels firsthand. 

If you’re a nature lover, Karlskrona won’t disappoint either. The city boasts several picturesque islands that are begging to be explored. 

Take a leisurely stroll along Stumholmen Island, which offers stunning archipelago views and hosts various events throughout the year. Or hop on a boat and venture out to Aspö Island, known for its beautiful sandy beaches and tranquil atmosphere. 

For those interested in gardens and greenery, visit Karlskrona’s Botanical Garden. This oasis of plants and flowers is an excellent place to unwind and connect with nature. 

With over 1,500 species worldwide, it’s truly a botanical paradise. Another noteworthy aspect of Karlskrona is its proximity to other exciting destinations in southern Sweden. 

Just a short drive away is Kalmar, famous for its well-preserved Renaissance castle – Kalmar Castle – which dates back to medieval times. If you have time during your visit to Karlskrona, consider taking a day trip there for another dose of history. 

Karlskrona is a perfect place to experience the best of Sweden. From its rich naval history to its stunning natural landscapes, this charming city offers something for everyone. 

Whether you’re interested in exploring the country’s maritime heritage, wandering through beautiful gardens, or embarking on day trips to nearby destinations, Karlskrona won’t disappoint. So why not venture off the beaten path and discover the hidden treasures that this Nordic gem has to offer? 

Falun Copper Mine Sweden

Nestled in the heart of Dalarna County, Falun is a charming Swedish city with a special place in the country’s history and culture. Known for its picturesque landscapes, rich mining heritage, and vibrant festivals, Falun is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an authentic Swedish experience. One of the highlights of Falun is its famous copper mine, which played a crucial role in Sweden’s economy during the 17th century. 

Today, visitors can explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site and delve into the depths of history by taking guided tours deep underground. Marvel at the intricate network of tunnels and learn about the grueling work that took place here centuries ago. 

As you wander through Falun’s streets, you’ll notice well-preserved wooden houses adorned with vibrant red paint—a signature feature of Swedish architecture. These quaint buildings add to the city’s enchanting atmosphere and provide a glimpse into its past. 

Make sure to visit Stora Kopparberget (Great Copper Mountain) to witness some stunning panoramic views of the city. If you’re a nature lover, Falun won’t disappoint. 

The city is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing. Head to nearby Lake Runn to enjoy a peaceful boat ride or indulge in fishing amidst breathtaking scenery. 

For those seeking more adventure, Lugnet Nature Reserve offers exhilarating hiking trails with mesmerizing views. When it comes to cultural experiences, Falun has plenty to offer. 

Pay a visit to Dalarnas Museum—a local history and art treasure trove to get acquainted with Dalarna County’s traditions and customs. Don’t miss out on experiencing one of Sweden’s most renowned festivals—the Falu Kalabalik—where locals celebrate their cultural heritage through music and dance. 

To truly immerse yourself in nature while in Falun, take a wintertime trip to Bjursås Ski Center. This popular ski resort offers excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities for all skill levels. 

Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a beginner hitting the slopes for the first time, Bjursås Ski Center promises unforgettable moments in the snow. Falun is an excellent place to explore if you want to experience the true essence of Swedish history, culture, and nature. 

This city has something for everyone, from its fascinating copper mine and charming wooden houses to its stunning natural landscapes and vibrant festivals. So, when planning your trip to Sweden, make sure to include Falun on your itinerary for an authentic and unforgettable experience. 

Vasa Museum (Vasamuseet)

Vasa Museum

If you’re planning a trip to Sweden, you must attend the Vasa Museum or Vasamuseet. Located in Stockholm, this unique museum houses the only almost fully intact 17th-century ship that has ever been salvaged. 

And let me tell you, it’s a sight to behold! As soon as you step inside the museum, you’ll be transported back in time to the year 1628 when this magnificent warship set sail. 

The Vasa Museum is truly a treasure trove of history and maritime wonder. The ship itself is an impressive sight with its towering masts and intricate carvings. 

It’s hard to believe that such a grand vessel sank on its maiden voyage due to design flaws. But thanks to an incredible salvage operation in the 20th century, we now marvel at its splendor. 

As you explore the museum, you’ll learn about the Vasa’s ill-fated journey and how it was rediscovered centuries later. The exhibits are incredibly well-curated and offer a fascinating glimpse into life during the 17th century. 

You’ll see everything from cannons and weapons to the crew members’ personal belongings. One of the highlights of visiting the Vasa Museum is getting up close and personal with this magnificent ship. 

You can walk around several levels of the vessel and even admire its ornate decorations up close. Imagine standing on the very same deck where sailors once stood centuries ago! 

To enhance your experience further, join one of their guided tours or audio guides available in multiple languages. These will provide valuable insights into each aspect of this historical masterpiece. 

In addition to exploring the ship itself, remember to visit other sections of the museum that showcase artifacts found during its excavation. You’ll find displays featuring everything from intricate models of ships similar to Vasa to interactive exhibits explaining naval warfare during that era. 

Whether you’re a history buff, a maritime enthusiast, or someone looking to uncover Sweden’s rich heritage, the Vasa Museum is an absolute must-visit. It offers a unique and immersive experience that will leave you in awe of this magnificent ship’s sheer craftsmanship and resilience. 

So, when planning your Sweden vacation, add the Vasa Museum to your itinerary. It’s truly an unmissable destination that perfectly captures the essence of Sweden’s maritime history. 

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace, Sweden

Drottningholm Palace is a true gem hidden in the outskirts of Stockholm, the largest city in Sweden. With its vast gardens and rich history, this stunning palace is an ideal place to visit in Sweden if you want to immerse yourself in royal grandeur. As you approach the palace, you can’t help but marvel at its picturesque setting on the shores of Lake Mälaren. 

The palace has been a summer residence of the Swedish royal family since the late 17th century. Once inside Drottningholm Palace, prepare to be transported back in time as you explore its lavish interiors. 

The rooms are adorned with exquisite furniture, intricate tapestries, and beautiful chandeliers that showcase the opulence of past eras. Take advantage of visiting the Chinese Pavilion, a charming addition to the palace grounds built as a birthday gift for Queen Lovisa Ulrika in 1753. 

The expansive gardens surrounding Drottningholm Palace are truly mesmerizing. They are designed in French baroque style and offer a serene escape from bustling city life. 

Take a leisurely stroll along neatly trimmed hedges or find a quiet spot near the ornate fountains to relax and soak up the tranquil atmosphere. If you visit during spring or summer, you’ll be greeted by vibrant blooms and blossoming flowers that add splashes of color throughout the landscape. 

While Drottningholm Palace is undoubtedly majestic, it’s worth venturing beyond its walls to discover more hidden treasures nearby. One such gem is the charming town of Visby on Gotland Island, which boasts well-preserved medieval walls and cobblestone streets that transport you back to Viking times. 

Another remarkable place worth exploring is Abisko National Park in far north Sweden; this untouched wilderness offers breathtaking landscapes, including towering mountains and crystal-clear lakes. If sandy beaches are your thing, head south towards Skåne, where you’ll find some of Sweden’s most beautiful stretches of coastline. 

The archipelago towns that line its shores, such as Ystad and Helsingborg, offer a perfect blend of history, culture, and relaxation. On the other hand, if you’re seeking adventure amidst nature, Abisko National Park is a haven for hiking enthusiasts with its well-marked trails and awe-inspiring vistas. 

Drottningholm Palace is an absolute must-visit when exploring Sweden. Its grandeur, both inside and out, will leave you in awe of the country’s regal past. 

Combined with the surrounding natural beauty and nearby towns steeped in history, such as Visby or those along Skåne’s coast, this destination promises an unforgettable experience. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in Swedish heritage and create lasting memories. 

Swedish Lapland

Things to do in Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is an absolute gem when it comes to exploring the picturesque landscapes of Sweden. This vast region, located in the far north, is one of Sweden’s best places to visit. 

It encompasses stunning natural beauty, charming towns that line its shores, and unique cultural experiences that will leave you in awe. One of the must-visit destinations in Swedish Lapland is Kiruna. 

This lively town is known for its breathtaking scenery and being home to the famous Icehotel. Yes, you heard it right! 

The Ice Hotel offers an extraordinary experience where you can spend a night in a room made entirely of ice and snow. It’s an adventure like no other! 

Abisko National Park should be on your list if you’re a nature enthusiast. This national park is located just northwest of Kiruna and boasts incredible hiking trails through scenic valleys and majestic mountains. 

One highlight is the dramatic Torneträsk Lake, which offers stunning views at any time of year. For those seeking peace and tranquility amidst nature’s beauty, head to Lilla Lule River Valley. 

This picturesque valley spans from Kiruna down to Luleå on the coastlines of Bothnia Bay. The river flows through lush forests and charming villages that offer a perfect escape from city life. 

Another excellent place to experience Swedish Lapland’s natural wonders is Jokkmokk. Famous for its annual winter market dating back over 400 years, this small town is a gateway to explore Sarek National Park and its rugged mountain landscapes. 

Whether you’re into hiking or simply want to immerse yourself in untouched wilderness, Jokkmokk won’t disappoint. Last but not least on our journey through Swedish Lapland is Haparanda-Tornio – a unique twin town straddling both Sweden and Finland along the coastline of Bothnia Bay. 

Here, you can witness two cultures blending seamlessly, enjoy sandy beaches (yes, in the far north!), and explore the fascinating history of this border region. Swedish Lapland truly offers a diverse range of experiences. 

This region is worth visiting, from the pristine wilderness to charming towns and cultural marvels. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the breathtaking landscapes and unique wonders Swedish Lapland offers. 

Lake Vättern

Lake Vättern, located in southern Sweden, is a stunning natural wonder that should be at the top of your list when planning your Swedish vacation. Stretching over 120 kilometers in length and with depths reaching up to 128 meters, it is no wonder that Lake Vättern is considered one of Sweden’s largest lakes. This picturesque lake offers many activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. 

For those seeking adventure in nature, Lake Vättern is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and nature reserves. The shoreline is adorned with beautiful sandy beaches, perfect for sunbathing or taking a refreshing dip during the summer months. 

If you’re a water sports fan, try kayaking or sailing in the calm waters of the lake. Fishing enthusiasts will also find themselves in paradise here, as Lake Vättern is known for its rich variety of fish species. 

One notable highlight near Lake Vättern is Malmö, a vibrant city just a short distance away. After exploring the lake’s wonders, you can venture into this captivating city to experience its unique blend of modern architecture and rich history. 

Visit Malmö’s iconic Turning Torso skyscraper and stroll along its charming canal-lined streets. If you’re interested in immersing yourself in local culture while visiting Lake Vättern, consider visiting the charming cities and towns along its shores. 

One town worth exploring is Vadstena, known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and historic sites like Vadstena Castle. Another town worth visiting is Jönköping, which offers a delightful mix of picturesque lakeside promenades and vibrant shopping districts. 

For those traveling with family or looking for excitement during their stay at Lake Vättern, look no further than Gränna. This charming little town on the lake’s eastern shore boasts stunning views and the famous Polkagris candy factory. 

Take a tour, watch the skilled artisans handcraft colorful candy canes, and treat yourself to some delicious sweets. To make the most of your visit to Lake Vättern, consider exploring nearby attractions. 

The enchanting island of Öland, located just off the coast in the Baltic Sea, is easily accessible from Lake Vättern and offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Additionally, you can venture further north to experience the magical landscapes of Dalarna or head towards Sweden’s Arctic region, Swedish Lapland. 

Lake Vättern is undoubtedly a must-visit place in Sweden. Its stunning natural beauty, proximity to captivating cities and towns like Malmö and Vadstena, and an array of outdoor activities offer something for every traveler. 

Whether you are seeking tranquility in nature reserves or looking for thrilling adventures on sandy beaches or historic towns along its shores, Lake Vättern will leave an indelible mark on your Swedish vacation memories. So pack your bags and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through one of Sweden’s most captivating destinations! 

Laponia Sweden

Laponia is a hidden gem in Sweden that deserves to be on every traveler’s bucket list . Tucked away in the northern part of the country, Laponia offers a unique and unforgettable experience. With its pristine wilderness, breathtaking landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, this region is a must-visit for adventurers and nature lovers alike. 

Laponia has four national parks : Sarek, Padjelanta, Muddus, and Stora Sjöfallet. These parks are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site and showcase the area’s outstanding natural beauty. 

Whether you’re an avid hiker or simply enjoy being surrounded by untouched nature, Laponia has it. The vast mountain ranges, deep valleys, roaring rivers, and lush forests will leave you awe-inspired at every turn. 

One of the highlights of Laponia is its connection to Sami culture. The Sami people are indigenous to this region and have a rich tradition that dates back thousands of years. 

Immerse yourself in their way of life by visiting traditional Sami villages and learning about their reindeer herding practices. You’ll be able to interact with locals, hear fascinating stories passed down through generations, and even try some authentic Sami cuisine. 

A visit to Laponia wouldn’t be complete without witnessing one of Sweden’s most magical phenomena – the midnight sun. During summer, the sun never fully sets in this part of Sweden. 

Instead, it hangs low on the horizon, creating an otherworldly glow that bathes the landscape in an ethereal light throughout the night. Imagine hiking under this surreal illumination or enjoying a peaceful boat ride on one of Laponia’s stunning lakes – an experience you won’t find anywhere else. 

For history enthusiasts, a trip to Laponia presents an opportunity to explore ancient rock carvings dating back thousands of years. These mysterious and intricate carvings provide a glimpse into the lives of past civilizations, offering a fascinating insight into Sweden’s ancient heritage. 

Laponia is also home to the famous Luleå archipelago, consisting of over 1,300 islands in the Baltic Sea. This picturesque cluster of islands offers a perfect place to relax and unwind. 

Stroll along the sandy beaches, indulge in delicious seafood, or simply bask in the tranquility only island life offers. Laponia is undoubtedly one of Sweden’s top destinations for those seeking an adventure off the beaten path. 

With its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unique experiences like witnessing the midnight sun or exploring Sami traditions, Laponia has something for everyone. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply crave a break from city life, make sure to put Laponia on your travel radar – it’s a place that will leave you with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for Sweden’s natural wonders. 


Smögen is an absolute gem on the west coast of Sweden. It’s a picturesque fishing village transporting you to a world of quaint charm and stunning natural beauty. 

With its colorful wooden houses, bustling harbor, and breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea, Smögen is the epitome of Swedish coastal living. One of the highlights of Smögen is its bustling boardwalk, lined with charming shops, cafes, and seafood restaurants. 

You can take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere and indulging in local delicacies like freshly caught shrimp or smoked salmon. Remember to grab an ice cream cone as you explore this delightful spot! 

For nature enthusiasts, Smögen offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures. You can take a boat tour around the archipelago, exploring hidden coves and idyllic islands. 

The crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming or snorkeling if you’re feeling adventurous. If you prefer to stay on land, hiking trails lead to beautiful viewpoints where you can admire the stunning coastal landscapes. 

If you’re visiting during summer, catch one of Smögen’s legendary sunsets. As dusk falls over the village, everything is bathed in a warm golden light, creating an enchanting ambiance. 

Find a spot on one of the seaside cliffs or enjoy a sunset picnic by the water – it’s truly a magical experience. Smögen is undoubtedly worth a visit if you’re planning a holiday to Sweden. 

It may not be as well-known as some of Sweden’s bigger cities and towns like Stockholm or Gothenburg, but its unique charm should be noticed. Whether you want to relax by the sea, immerse yourself in nature, or simply soak up some authentic Swedish culture, Smögen is ideal for all those experiences and more! 

High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago

The Kvarken Archipelago

The High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago is an absolute gem regarding natural beauty in Sweden. Located along the coast of the High Coast in northern Sweden and Kvarken, which stretches into Finland , this area has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. And boy, does it deserve the title! 

Prepare to be awestruck by its breathtaking scenery and unique geological features. One of the main attractions here is the High Coast, a stunning stretch of coastline characterized by towering cliffs and beautiful forested areas. 

Hiking enthusiasts will be in paradise as they traverse the well-marked trails that wind through this incredible landscape. Keep your camera ready because you’ll want to capture every awe-inspiring view. 

If you’re into wildlife, you won’t be disappointed either! The archipelago is home to various species of birds, including sea eagles and peregrine falcons. 

Birdwatching enthusiasts will have a field day here, trying to spot these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. And if you’re lucky enough to visit during wintertime, watch for the elusive northern lights dancing across the sky – a truly magical experience! 

To complete your trip, take advantage of exploring some charming islands that make up this archipelago. Öland and Gotland are two popular destinations worth visiting. 

Öland is known for its stunning beaches and historical sites such as Borgholm Castle, while Gotland boasts picturesque medieval towns like Visby with its well-preserved city walls and cobblestone streets. Whether you’re an adventurer seeking mesmerizing landscapes or a nature lover eager to witness captivating wildlife, the High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago should be on your travel bucket list when visiting Sweden. 

It’s a place of outstanding natural beauty and a testament to Sweden’s commitment to preserving its remarkable heritage for future generations to enjoy. So pack your bags, grab a camera, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through this remarkable part of Sweden! 

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View of the Cathedral in Vasteras, Sweden

Located in central Sweden, Vasteras is a vibrant city that offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and modernity. As one of the largest cities in Sweden, it boasts numerous attractions that cater to diverse interests. 

If you’re an art enthusiast, visit the Vasteras Art Museum. This charming museum houses an impressive collection of contemporary and traditional artworks from both local and international artists. 

Wander through the various galleries and immerse yourself in the world of art. Another must-visit attraction in Vasteras is the captivating Uppsala Cathedral. 

Just a short drive from the city center, this stunning cathedral is one of the oldest and largest in Northern Europe . Its Gothic architecture and intricate details will leave you in awe as you explore its grand halls and chapels. 

Remember to climb the tower for spectacular panoramic views of Vasteras and its surrounding landscapes. For those seeking adventure, head over to Anundshög – an ancient burial mound just outside Vasteras. 

This historical site dates back to prehistoric times and offers a glimpse into Sweden’s rich past. Take a walk among these ancient structures and let your imagination run wild as you learn about their fascinating history. 

Vasteras is one of southern Sweden’s best destinations for history buffs and art lovers alike! The city’s picturesque streets are lined with charming cafes, boutique shops, and beautifully preserved old buildings that add to its unique character. 

Whether you’re strolling along Lake Malaren or exploring its bustling city center, Vasteras will surely leave an indelible mark on your travel memories. Plan your trip wisely as each season brings charm – from vibrant spring blossoms to cozy winter festivities – but no matter when you visit, this Swedish gem promises an unforgettable experience! 

Gripsholm Castle

Gripsholm Castle

When exploring the enchanting country of Sweden, Gripsholm Castle should definitely be on your list of places to visit. Located in the small town of Mariefred, this magnificent castle stands proudly beside Lake Mälaren. 

Stepping inside its walls feels like stepping back in time, as it is rich in history and beautifully preserved. Gripsholm Castle was built in the 16th century and was a royal residence for many Swedish monarchs. 

As you wander through its various rooms and hallways, you can marvel at the impressive architecture and intricate details that have been well-preserved over the centuries. The castle also houses a fascinating museum showcasing a vast art collection, including masterpieces from renowned Swedish artists. 

One of the highlights of visiting Gripsholm Castle is its stunning location by Lake Mälaren. The castle’s picturesque setting makes it an excellent place to relax and enjoy nature. 

During the summer, you can take a leisurely boat ride on the lake or even swim if you’re feeling adventurous. Additionally, Mariefred is a charming town worth exploring with its cobblestone streets and traditional Swedish houses. 

Gripsholm Castle is a captivating destination in Sweden that offers historical richness and natural beauty. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply seeking to immerse yourself in Sweden’s rich heritage, this enchanting castle should be noticed during your visit to this remarkable country. 

The Town House in Umea, Sweden

Umeå, located in northern Sweden, is a vibrant city that offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural attractions. Known as the “City of Birches,” Umeå is surrounded by picturesque forests and scenic landscapes. 

One of the highlights of visiting Umeå is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and environmentally conscious travelers. When exploring Umeå, a must-visit attraction is the impressive Umeå University. 

As one of Sweden’s top universities, it attracts students from all over and abroad. The campus is stunning, with modern architecture blending harmoniously with the surrounding greenery. 

Take a leisurely stroll through the university grounds, admire the innovative buildings, and soak in the academic atmosphere. For those interested in history and culture, Umeå has several museums worth exploring. 

The Västerbotten Museum showcases exhibitions on local history and culture, offering insights into the traditions and heritage of this region. Another notable museum is Bildmuseet, an art museum known for its contemporary exhibitions featuring national and international artists. 

Take your time to appreciate thought-provoking artworks that reflect various aspects of Swedish society. Umeå also boasts beautiful green spaces besides its cultural offerings, such as its Botanical Garden. 

This tranquil oasis allows visitors to immerse themselves in nature while discovering various plant species from different regions worldwide. Stroll through lush gardens filled with colorful flowers or find a quiet spot to relax amidst serene surroundings. 

Whether wandering through charming streets downtown or taking a ferry ride along nearby islands such as Holmön or Norrbyskär, Umeå offers something for everyone. This lively city effortlessly blends nature with urban life while remaining true to its roots as one of Sweden’s culturally significant destinations.” 

Siljan Lake

Siljan Lake is an absolute gem when it comes to picturesque destinations in Sweden. Nestled in the heart of Dalarna County, this stunning lake is surrounded by charming towns and lush greenery that truly make it a sight to behold. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply seeking tranquility, Siljan Lake offers a perfect retreat. 

Surrounding the lake are several idyllic towns that are worth exploring. One such town is Mora, known for its rich history and cultural heritage. 

Mora is home to the famous Dalarna horse, a symbol of Sweden’s traditional craftsmanship. Stroll through the charming streets lined with wooden houses painted in vibrant colors, visit the Zorn Museum dedicated to renowned artist Anders Zorn, or take a boat ride along the lake’s calm waters. 

Another highlight of Siljan Lake is Tällberg village, perched on a hill overlooking the shimmering waters below. This quaint village exudes a magical atmosphere with its traditional Swedish architecture and breathtaking views. 

Explore its narrow cobblestone streets adorned with beautifully preserved wooden houses, many of which have been converted into cozy hotels and guesthouses. Immerse yourself in Swedish culture by indulging in local delicacies at one of Tällberg’s charming restaurants or cafes. 

To truly experience Siljan Lake’s natural beauty, venture onto its serene waters. Rent a kayak or hop on board one of the traditional wooden boats that offer guided tours around the lake. 

As you glide through the crystal-clear water surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills, take in the tranquil ambiance and let your worries melt away. Siljan Lake truly encapsulates the essence of Sweden’s enchanting countryside—a place where time seems to stand still amidst breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. 

It’s no wonder this hidden gem has become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. So, if you’re planning your next Sweden vacation, take advantage of Siljan Lake. 

Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, this destination has something for everyone. Add it to your itinerary and prepare to be captivated by the beauty and serenity of Siljan Lake and its surrounding towns. 

Göta Canal

Jetties with sailboats and yachts along Gota Alv River in the harbour of Gothenburg, Sweden

If you’re looking to explore the picturesque beauty of Sweden, one place you won’t want to miss is the Göta Canal. Stretching from Stockholm to Gothenburg, this stunning waterway is ideal for immersing yourself in Sweden’s rich history while enjoying breathtaking scenery. 

The Göta Canal, often called the “blue ribbon” of Sweden, cuts through the country’s heartland and connects several lakes and rivers. It was constructed in the early 19th century as a major transportation route, but today, it is a leisurely tourist attraction . 

Whether you take a relaxing boat cruise or rent a kayak for a more adventurous journey, exploring this historic canal is an unforgettable experience. As you sail along the Göta Canal, you’ll pass through charming cities and towns that have preserved their old-world charm. 

One such town is Söderköping, located on the eastern coast of Sweden. With its cobblestone streets and colorful wooden houses, Söderköping is like stepping back in time. 

Take a stroll along Storgatan Street with its quaint shops and cafes, or visit the famous ice cream parlor that has been delighting visitors since 1927. Another highlight along the Göta Canal is Vadstena, known for its well-preserved medieval castle and abbey. 

This small town offers glimpses into Sweden’s fascinating past with its narrow streets lined with traditional Swedish houses. Explore Vadstena Castle, which dates back to the 16th century and provides panoramic views of Lake Vättern. 

Don’t miss out on visiting Vadstena Abbey either – it’s one of Scandinavia’s best-preserved medieval monastic complexes. The Göta Canal truly showcases the scenic beauty and captivating cities that Sweden has to offer. 

From historical landmarks like Söderköping and Vadstena to breathtaking landscapes along Lake Vättern, this waterway guarantees an unforgettable journey through the heart of Sweden. So, grab your camera and set sail on the iconic Göta Canal – a must-visit destination for any traveler exploring the wonders of this stunning country. 


Things to do in Luleå

Luleå, located in the northernmost part of Sweden, is a hidden gem that offers a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers seeking adventure and tranquility. This vibrant city boasts a rich history and many attractions that captivate visitors. One of the highlights of Luleå is its stunning natural beauty, which makes it an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. 

During the summer months, Luleå comes alive with various activities and events. One must-visit spot is Gammelstad Church Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

This open-air church village dates back to the 14th century and showcases well-preserved wooden houses surrounding the impressive Nederluleå Church. It’s fascinating to wander through the narrow streets and imagine life in medieval times. 

For those interested in exploring Luleå’s wildlife, a visit to Storforsen Nature Reserve is highly recommended. Here, you can witness Europe’s largest unregulated waterfall as it cascades down mighty rapids. 

The area surrounding Storforsen is also home to diverse flora and fauna, making it an excellent spot for hiking and birdwatching. In addition to its natural wonders, Luleå offers cultural attractions that are worth exploring. 

Visit Kulturens Hus, Luleå’s cultural center, which annually hosts various art exhibitions, performances, concerts, and theater shows. The Norrbotten Museum provides insight into the region’s history with exhibits on Sami culture (the indigenous people of northern Sweden) and displays showcasing local traditions. 

Another must-see attraction near Luleå is the famous Treehotel in Harads village—just an hour’s drive from the city center. This one-of-a-kind accommodation offers unique treehouses suspended high among towering pine trees. 

A stay at Treehotel provides an extraordinary experience and stunning views of Northern Sweden’s wilderness. Luleå is also an excellent base for exploring the mesmerizing phenomenon of the midnight sun. 

During the summer, the sun remains visible 24 hours a day, creating an otherworldly experience that is hard to put into words. You can take a boat tour to nearby islands or simply relax on one of Luleå’s many beaches, where you can enjoy the sunshine anytime. 

To immerse yourself in Luleå’s cultural scene, don’t miss out on attending Musikens Hus, a music venue that hosts various concerts and performances throughout the year. Additionally, Luleå offers a culinary delight with its numerous restaurants serving traditional Swedish dishes as well as international cuisine. 

Luleå is a destination that should not be overlooked during your Sweden vacation. Its natural beauty, cultural attractions, and unique experiences, like witnessing the midnight sun, make it a truly memorable place. 

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures or want to explore historical sites and indulge in local cuisine, Luleå has something for everyone. So hop on a ferry or take a flight and embark on an unforgettable journey to this remarkable city in northern Sweden. 



Helsingborg, located in southern Sweden, is a captivating city that offers a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Sitting on the east coast of the Oresund Strait, Helsingborg is a vibrant port city with a rich heritage. 

One of its most prominent attractions is the medieval fortress, Kärnan. This tower dates back to the 14th century and offers breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings. 

The tower also houses a museum that delves into Helsingborg’s history. Strolling through Helsingborg’s well-preserved city center is like stepping back in time. 

The cobbled streets are lined with charming buildings that showcase architectural styles from different eras. One particularly noteworthy structure is Dunkers Kulturhus, an art gallery and cultural center hosting exhibitions and concerts annually. 

It’s common to stumble upon vibrant street performances or bustling markets while wandering around. For those seeking natural beauty, Helsingborg has plenty to offer as well. 

Just outside the city lies Sofiero Palace and Gardens, an enchanting park known for its stunning flower displays during the summer months. This former royal residence boasts beautifully manicured lawns, peaceful walking trails, and breathtaking views of the Oresund Strait. 

Visitors can picnic in one of the picturesque lakeside spots or enjoy a leisurely stroll through this botanical paradise. In addition to its own attractions, Helsingborg serves as an excellent base for exploring other nearby destinations in Sweden. 

It’s conveniently situated close to both Malmö and Gothenburg – two top cities worth visiting in their own right – making it an ideal starting point for exploring west Sweden. Furthermore, it’s possible to take day trips to beautiful places such as Lake Siljan in central Sweden or even venture up north to Abisko National Park for unforgettable hiking experiences. 

Helsingborg combines a rich history, beautiful architecture, and stunning natural surroundings to offer visitors a truly memorable experience. Whether you’re interested in immersing yourself in the city’s past, enjoying its vibrant cultural scene, or exploring the nearby attractions, Helsingborg is a must-visit destination in Sweden. 


Halmstad, a charming city on Sweden’s west coast, is a perfect place to experience the beauty of nature and explore its rich history. One of the highlights of Halmstad is its picturesque botanical garden, which boasts a stunning collection of flowers and plants from around the world. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply looking for a peaceful escape, this garden offers a serene setting to relax and unwind. 

For those interested in history, Halmstad is home to several fascinating attractions. The Halmstad Castle, dating back to the 17th century, is a testament to the city’s rich past. 

Take a guided tour through its historic rooms and learn about the archbishop of Sweden who once resided here. Another must-visit spot is the captivating Halland Art Museum, where you can admire an impressive collection of contemporary Swedish art. 

In addition to its cultural offerings, Halmstad is blessed with beautiful beaches that attract visitors from near and far. Tylosand Beach is particularly popular during summer months when locals and tourists flock to enjoy sun-soaked days on its golden sands. 

Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline or partake in water activities like swimming or beach volleyball. With its natural beauty, historical landmarks, and recreational opportunities, Halmstad is worth visiting for anyone planning their Sweden vacation. 

Whether you choose to explore its scenic surroundings by hiking through nearby nature reserves or immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Malmö or Kalmar – two other charming Swedish towns easily accessible from Halmstad – there’s no shortage of things to see and do in this captivating city by the sea.

The Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm Archipelago is a gem you shouldn’t miss when exploring Sweden. It stretches across the Baltic Sea and consists of over 30,000 islands and islets. 

Can you believe that? It’s like a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. 

Picture this: crystal clear waters, lush greenery, and picturesque landscapes as far as the eye can see. The Stockholm Archipelago offers a perfect place to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

It’s no wonder why this region attracts both locals and tourists year-round. One of the must-visit spots in the archipelago is Vaxholm, known as the “Gateway to the Archipelago.” This charming town boasts quaint red wooden houses that date back to the 17th century. 

Take a leisurely stroll along its narrow streets, visit local cafes serving delicious Swedish pastries, and explore Vaxholm Fortress – a historical gem offering stunning views of the surrounding islands. Another highlight of the Stockholm Archipelago is Sandhamn Island. 

This idyllic summer retreat was once a favorite spot for Swedish royalty as their summer residence. Today, it welcomes visitors with its sandy beaches, charming harbor lined with yachts, and vibrant atmosphere during summer months. 

Explore its hiking trails or rent a kayak to explore hidden coves around this stunning island. But certainly not least is Grinda Island – an oasis away from urban life where tranquility reigns supreme. 

This peaceful island offers unspoiled nature at its best – dense forests, rocky cliffs, and scenic bays perfect for swimming or sunbathing on warm summer days. If you want to immerse yourself in Sweden’s natural beauty and rich history, don’t miss out on exploring The Stockholm Archipelago. 

With its countless islands, each offering unique experiences and breathtaking views, it’s no wonder why it tops many travelers’ lists of must-visit places in Sweden. So pack your bags, set sail to this remarkable destination, and let the archipelago take your breath away. 

What are my favorite travel must-haves?

As a frequent traveler, I’ve learned a lot throughout my years of travel, and there are five items that I always carry with me regardless of where I go and how long the trip is. Here are my five travel must-haves!

  • Warm packable jacket  – I always carry a light jacket, even when heading to warm countries. There hasn’t been a time I never used it, especially in airports and planes.
  • Transparent toiletry bag  – I often bring a carry-on if I’m only traveling within Europe for a few days. Life is so much easier to go through security checks with a transparent toiletry bag.
  • Kindle Paperwhite  – I love a good read and always take my Kindle everywhere. It keeps me entertained during long flights and waiting times.
  • Powerbank  – I don’t know how I could travel without one! Having a power bank saved me a ton since I carry a lot of electronic devices with me.
  • Travel Adapter  – I never leave my luggage without a travel adapter! I carry one with me all the time. It is just one of that travel-must haves that doesn’t hurt to have in your bag at all times.

So, are you planning to visit Sweden soon?

Sweden is truly a remarkable country with many amazing places to visit. From the picturesque beauty of Smögen and the stunning archipelagos like the High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago and Stockholm Archipelago to the historical charm of cities like Vasteras and Helsingborg, there is something for everyone in this Scandinavian gem. 

If you’re a history buff, explore Gripsholm Castle, a magnificent 17th-century fortress steeped in Swedish history. And for those seeking natural wonders, Siljan Lake offers breathtaking vistas that will leave you in awe. 

The adventurous souls should not skip Göta Canal, where you can embark on a scenic boat trip through beautiful landscapes. To taste modern Swedish culture and liveliness, visit Umeå and Luleå – two vibrant cities offering a range of activities from contemporary art exhibitions to bustling nightlife scenes. 

And if you crave relaxation by the sea, Halmstad provides sandy beaches and quaint coastal charm. I cannot conclude without mentioning the capital city Stockholm – an absolute must-visit destination. 

Stroll through Gamla Stan (the Old Town) with its cobblestone streets and colorful buildings dating back centuries. Explore its historic sites, such as the Royal Palace, or immerse yourself in Swedish cuisine at one of the charming cafes or restaurants. 

Sweden has everything – from captivating natural landscapes to fascinating historical sites and vibrant cities. It’s no wonder it ranks high among Europe’s 10 best places to visit. 

So pack your bags and get ready to experience this enchanting country firsthand – Sweden awaits your arrival! Remember: this is just an outline; please let me know if you would like me to include any specific changes or additions! 

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Interested to visit the most sophisticated Nordic country in Europe? Check out these top 15 places to visit in Sweden that may interest your wanderlust!

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16 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Stockholm

Written by Bryan Dearsley and Andrew Birbeck Updated Dec 24, 2023 We may earn a commission from affiliate links ( )

Known as the "Venice of the North" for its many waterways and lakes, Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, lies on a number of islands and peninsulas at the outflow of Lake Mälar into the Baltic.

This vibrant, modern city offers an astounding number of historic attractions, from architectural splendors like the Royal Palace to entire neighborhoods like Gamla Stan , Stockholm's Old Town district. If you want even more history, you can visit world-class museums like the Skansen Open-Air Museum or the Stockholm Medieval Museum, and if you're here for Vikings, the Vasa Museum should be at the top of your list of things to do.

Stockholm is also home to excellent art galleries and other world-class museums, but if you want to spend more time outdoors, it offers both expansive parks and seemingly endless waterways and islands to explore. The UNESCO-listed Drottningholm Palace is just a ferry ride away, and the central location makes day trips from Stockholm easy.

To learn more about the many tourist attractions and places to visit in this attractive European city, be sure to read through our list of the best things to do in Stockholm.

1. Explore Old Town Stockholm: Gamla Stan

2. relive sweden's seafaring past at the vasa museum, 3. get your bearings aboard a stockholm boat tour, 4. be a star at abba the museum, 5. take a stroll and see the sights of djurgården, 6. skansen open-air museum, 7. tour the royal palace (sveriges kungahus), 8. fotografiska: stockholm's photography museum, 9. see historic stockholm city hall (stadshuset), 10. the national museum of fine arts: nationalmuseum, 11. moderna museet, 12. roam the royal national city park, 13. get lost in time at stockholm medieval museum (medeltidsmuseet), 14. visit storkyrkan: the great church, 15. shop 'til you drop in östermalm, 16. take in the perfect "skyview", tips and tours: how to make the most of your visit to stockholm, where to stay in stockholm for sightseeing, map of attractions & things to do in stockholm, more delightful swedish destinations and day trips.

Colorful buildings in Old Town Stockholm

Dating from the 1200s and crammed with must-see sights, attractions, cafés, authentic restaurants, and boutique shops, the area of Gamla Stan (Old Town ) is a living, breathing museum in its own right. It's often a first stop for tourists in Stockholm and is among the most popular places to visit in Sweden .

Plenty of souvenirs and gifts are available in the Old Town, and you will find yourself transported back to medieval times as you meander through a bewildering labyrinth of tiny, winding streets, many of which lead to (or from) Stortorget, the main public square.

If you want to be sure you see all the main points of interest while learning about each site's historic significance, take a guided walking tour of Stockholm Old Town . It lasts two-and-a-half hours and includes visits to highlights like the Royal Opera House, several churches, and more.

If visiting in winter, be sure to take in the marvelous Christmas Market , Julmarknad , an experience akin to finding yourself in a real-life fairy tale and among the best Christmas markets in Europe .

Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan, or Stockholms domkyrka), the Nobel Prize Museum (Nobelmuseet), and the Royal Palace are all located here and should be high up on any Stockholm sightseeing itinerary.

Vasa Museum

The incredible Vasa battleship, the main attraction at Stockholm's brilliant Vasa Museum ( Vasamuseet ) , was intended to be the pride of the Swedish Imperial fleet. Yet, in a forerunner of the Titanic disaster centuries later, this majestic 64-gun vessel sank on its maiden voyage in 1628.

An amazing salvage operation took place in 1961, and now you can marvel at this glorious time capsule, 95 percent of which is entirely original. The three masts on the roof of the museum are not just a tourist draw; they were reconstructed to the exact height and specifications of the original masts.

This is the most visited museum in Sweden , and rightfully so. More than one million people a year come here to enjoy the different exhibitions and watch the movie on the ship's history. A variety of other historic vessels are also located on-site, including an icebreaker, a lightship, and a torpedo boat.

Entry is free if you are under 18 years of age, and the museum offers a free phone-based audio guide just for kids. The museum is open daily (except holidays), and also offers a quality on-site restaurant.

Address: Galärvarvsvägen 14, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm sightseeing by boat

The sea flows through the arteries of Stockholm, and during the summer months, the city is quite literally awash with boats of all shapes and sizes. Many city-dwellers own summer houses on the islands of the skärgården (archipelago) and spend, if not the entire summer there, then most weekends. It all makes for a Friday evening commute like no other.

Bearing all this in mind, experiencing Stockholm from the water is surely a must-do for any visitor. It's also a great way to get your bearings early on in your visit. Take a sightseeing cruise under the bridges of Stockholm or hop on one of the Stromma boat excursions like the Archipelago Tour.

There are also hop-on, hop-off options with a valid ticket lasting 24 hours. Best of all, cruises are available year-round and can be just as much fun in winter.

ABBA The Museum

Few pop bands from the 1970s can still garner the kind of enthusiasm among fans that Sweden's ABBA does. To celebrate the continuing interest in Scandinavia's biggest music export, ABBA The Museum opened in 2013 and has attracted young and old alike with its unique interactive exhibits.

Using state-of-the-art technology, visitors can see computerized versions of themselves not only wearing the band's most iconic outfits, but can even dance and sing along with Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid.

Other highlights include a visit to a reconstruction of their recording studio , where you can try your hand at remixing some of their best-loved tunes, as well as the unique experience of seeing Benny's original piano seemingly playing itself, but in reality, being controlled by the star from his home.

You can also enjoy a thrilling virtual helicopter ride and the Waterloo exhibit, which faithfully recreates the band's winning performance at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, England.

English language audio and guided tours are available. The adjoining music-themed hotel, Pop House Hotel , is a fun place to stay, with a convenient location. It offers clean, bright, and affordable rooms, with a restaurant and gift shop located on-site.

Address: Djurgårdsvägen 68, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden


A tranquil oasis in the heart of the city, the island of Djurgården draws crowds of tourists and locals alike. It's particularly busy during the summer months of long lazy days and short nights.

The park forms part of the Royal National City Park , which is the perfect place for a stroll and picnic, as well as being home to several of Stockholm's top museums and other attractions.

Scattered about are pleasant cafés, restaurants, snack bars, and hotels. You can rent bicycles to explore the forest trails or, if you're feeling adventurous, take to the waterways in a canoe. The popular Vasa Museum and ABBA the Museum are located here, as is the open-air museum Skansen and Gröna Lund amusement park.

A fun way to arrive is by ferry from Gamla Stan or Slussen , both of which are on the T-Bana. Alternatively, jump on a tram from Norrmalmstorg , take the bus, or stroll from the city center, a journey of only 15 minutes. Drop by the Djurgården visitor center for more information.

Windmill at Skansen Open-Air Museum

The oldest open-air museum in the world , Skansen opened in 1891 on the island of Djurgården. This is a wonderful attraction for families, particularly those with young children, although tourists of any age will enjoy the visit.

More than 150 different buildings and houses were collected from all around the country and reassembled here. On display are distinct town districts, including manor houses, a bakery, the beautiful Seglora timber church, and a pottery, all brought to life by costumed living history interpreters.

Not only will you be treated to an authentic taste of Sweden as it once was, but you'll also have fun at the wonderful Skansen Aquarium and the Children's Zoo . A wide variety of creatures can be seen at the zoo, including moose, bears, lynxes, wolves, and seals.

You can visit the aquarium for an extra fee and see more than 200 animals of all types from around the world, including not only fish but also furry friends like lemurs and many species of monkeys. For traditional Swedish Smörgåsbord pay a visit to the Solliden Restaurant.

Address: Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, 11521 Stockholm, Sweden

The Royal Palace (Sveriges Kungahus)

A visit here could be a day out in itself. Located by the water's edge on the periphery of Gamla Stan, Stockholm's Royal Palace (Sveriges Kungahus) is the official residence of the King of Sweden.

Interestingly, the Queen's residence lies elsewhere. It's on the beautiful island and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Drottningholm (Queen's Island), about a 45-minute ferry ride from Stockholm and an easy day trip .

A rich taste of the once-mighty Swedish Empire, this palace is one of the largest in Europe boasting in excess of 600 rooms and several museums. Dating from the 18th century and built in Baroque style, the palace houses many gems. Here, you can see Queen Kristina's silver throne and visit the Museum of Antiquities , the Royal Armoury , the Tre Kronor (Three Crowns) Museum , and the Treasury .

You won't want to miss the daily changing of the guard. Known as the Royal Guards Ceremony , it starts at 12:15pm each day (1:15pm on Sundays) and takes place in the palace's outer courtyard.

Location: Slottsbacken 1, 111 30 Stockholm, Sweden


Fotografiska is Stockholm's museum of contemporary photography and hosts an eclectic mix of exhibitions throughout the year. The complex encompasses a café, restaurant, store, and gallery, and from the top floor, you can enjoy one of the most enviable views over the city.

The museum is now acknowledged as one of the world's premier photography venues, and there are always a variety of themed exhibits on display, each featuring several photographers.

The museum's restaurant is just as popular as its exhibits — serving organic, sustainably-produced cuisine, the restaurant on the top floor is acclaimed as one of the city's coolest eateries. Its weekend brunch is particularly popular with locals.

The gallery also hosts cutting-edge live and club music throughout the year.

Address: Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 11645 Stockholm, Sweden

The City Hall (Stadshuset)

Nestled at the water's edge and topped by three golden crowns, the City Hall (Stockholms stadshus, or Stadshuset) is one of Stockholm's most iconic buildings and stars in countless images and postcards of the city. Dating from 1923, the hall opened on that most Swedish of dates: Midsummer's Eve.

Housed within are assembly rooms, offices, works of art, and the machinery of civil democracy. The prestigious annual Nobel Banquets are held here. Recipients dine first in Blå hallen (The Blue Hall) and then move on to the formal ball in Gyllene salen (The Golden Hall), which has no less than 18 million mosaics adorning its walls.

A particular treat is the chance to view the city from the famous tower.

Address: Hantverkargatan 1, 111 52 Stockholm, Sweden

National Museum of Fine Arts (Nationalmuseum)

Stockholm's impressive National Museum of Fine Arts , the Nationalmuseum, is a great place to get your art fix. Sweden's national gallery, it was established in 1792 as the Royal Museum and was renamed the Nationalmuseum after moving to its present location in 1866. It was fully renovated and modernized in 2018.

The architecture alone is worth seeing, particularly the interior with its massive central staircase and large galleries. Notable among its collections are over 500,000 drawings and sketches, numerous works by the Dutch Masters, including some by Rembrandt, as well as a sizable collection of sculptures. It also boasts the world's largest collection of portrait miniatures.

Guided tours are available, and a wide range of educational programs and workshops are provided. There's also a restaurant and gift shop on-site.

Address: Södra Blasieholmshamnen, Stockholm, Sweden

Moderna Museet

At Moderna Museet , you can dip your toes into one of Europe's foremost collections of art from the 20th century to today, featuring works by artists such as Picasso, Dali, Derkert, and Matisse. The museum exhibits everything from modern classics to contemporary art, including film, photography, drawings, prints, and whimsical outdoor sculptures.

Located on picturesque Skeppsholmen island, the building of Moderna Museet was designed by Rafael Moneo, a Spanish architect.

The museum offers a world-class program of temporary exhibitions, a children's workshop, a shop, a library, and a pleasant restaurant with beautiful views of Djurgården and Strandvägen . Guided tours are available.

The museum's second gallery lies in Malmö .

Address: Exercisplan 4, 111 49 Stockholm

Haga Park, Royal National City Park

The right-to-roam (allemansrätten) is an indelible part of the Swedish psyche. The Royal National City Park (Kungliga nationalstadsparken) is a six-mile-long, 27 square-kilometer green space surrounding and snaking into Stockholm and encompassing three royal parks: Djurgården, Haga, and Ulriksdal .

This, the world's first national urban park , is where tourists and locals flock to unwind. The forest harbors moose, foxes, deer, and many winged beauties, including rare birds. Fun things to do include enjoying the museums, castles, theaters, sports facilities, and historic homes.

Nature lovers will be in heaven exploring wilderness areas with centuries-old oak trees, streams, lakes, marshes, enticing swimming spots, and craggy hilltops. It truly is hard to believe you're in the middle of a thriving capital city.

Address: 115 21 Stockholm

Museum of Medieval Stockholm (Medeltidsmuseet)

Ever wondered what life was like in medieval Europe? Pay a visit to the Museum of Medieval Stockholm (Medeltidsmuseet), and you'll find out. Situated just a short distance from the Royal Palace, this fascinating attraction was built on an actual excavation site that unearthed and preserved a number of interesting finds from the medieval period.

The museum features a number of unique period structures, including part of the original city walls from the 1500s, old brick merchant's homes and workshops, as well as part of Stockholm's original port and its buildings. Interesting exhibits detail the city's history from around the 1200s through to the mid-16th century.

English language guided tours are available, and the museum also hosts walking tours with prior arrangements. If you want to bring home a bit of medieval Stockholm, be sure to visit their gift shop.

Address: Strömparterren 3, 111 30 Stockholm, Sweden

Storkyrkan (The Great Church)

Located in the heart of Stockholm's Gamla Stan district, Storkyrkan is the city's oldest church . Also known as 'The Great Church," or Stockholms domkyrka, it was built in the 13th century and is a remarkably well-preserved example of medieval architecture.

Highlights of this simple yet impressive hall church include its brick pillar-supported vaulted ceiling, as well as the many Baroque flourishes that were added later in the 1700s. More recently, the church has been the scene of important national events, such as royal weddings and coronations.

Numerous artifacts and furnishings survive from medieval times and can be seen as part of a visit or tour.

Address: Trångsund 1, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden


If it's Stockholm designer chic you're after, then look no further. Östermalm is the most exclusive district in the city. Here, international luxury labels rub shoulders with high-class Scandinavian design.

On Biblioteksgatan, there's an abundance of flagship shops and designer boutiques, while the neighborhood around Stureplan offers plenty of posh shops — some with sky-high price tags.

Lovers of art and interior design will enjoy Svenskt Tenn and Malmstenbutiken , which are located at the beginning of Strandvägen near Nybroviken.

Many of Sweden's top antique dealers lie around the Kommendörsgatan neighborhood, and be sure to drop by Östermalmshallen for the absolute best in Swedish fresh food and produce.

SkyView: The Globe

Situated on Stockholm's southern fringe, SkyView takes you to the top of the world's largest spherical building , the Ericsson Globe, which is one of Stockholm's modern landmarks. From 130 meters above sea level, you'll be treated to an unforgettable view over the entire city.

Tours aboard the gondolas take about 30 minutes and depart every 10 minutes, but be prepared for long lines at peak times of the day. After the trip, sightseers can visit the restaurant and souvenir shop.

Address: Globentorget 2, 121 77 Stockholm, Sweden

Sightseeing Tours :

  • A convenient and flexible way to see the city's attractions is the City Sightseeing Stockholm Hop-On Hop-Off Tour . Accompanied by an audio commentary, this double-decker bus tour visits 14 different attractions, and you can hop on and off at any of the stops.
  • If you're an active traveler who wants to explore the archipelago up close, the one-day Small-Group Stockholm Archipelago Kayak Tour is for you. This eight-hour kayak tour includes all equipment and instruction, so even those without experience can give it a try. The excursion also includes coffee, tea, snacks, and a lunch cooked over a campfire.

Stockholm by Night :

  • For an edgier look at the city, consider The Original Stockholm Ghost Walk and Historical Tour , a two-hour tour of the city by lantern light, where you'll hear spooky stories about spirits, vampires, myths, and mysteries as you stroll Gamla Stan's medieval streets.
  • If Sweden's Viking and medieval history excite you, the Viking History Half-Day Tour is a must-do. Along the way, you'll see runic stones at Täby; discover ancient inscriptions at Granby; and stroll the medieval streets of Sweden's oldest town, Sigtuna.

Getting Around:

  • The excellent underground railway system, the Tunnelbana (T-bana), takes you almost anywhere in the city. A highly efficient and regular bus network fills in any gaps between destinations. Alternatively, take the time to walk instead, as Stockholm is a terrific city to absorb on foot. The city also has an efficient network of bicycle lanes.

Save Money :

  • Although Stockholm, like most of Scandinavia, can be expensive, good value can be found if you know where to look. One way to save a few kronor is to eat a main meal during the day and opt for something lighter in the evening. The Dagens rätt or Dagens lunch (daily special) is a great way to experience authentic Swedish fare at a fraction of the cost you'd pay in the evenings.

Sweet Treats :

  • Swedes love coffee and cake, and they've even come up with a verb for it: Fika. To "fika" is to drink coffee, eat something small (and usually sweet), and chat. Be sure to indulge, as the cakes and pastries are delicious.

Luxury Hotels:

  • Presiding over the waterfront, opposite the Royal Palace and Old Town, the aptly-named Grand Hotel has hosted celebrities and Nobel Prize winners in its elegant suites and Michelin-starred restaurants.
  • Those who prefer contemporary Scandinavian style will enjoy the Nobis Hotel on Norrmalmstorg, a public square in the heart of the city.
  • Within walking distance of Gamla Stan and only two minutes from the train station, the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel is a reliable chain option in a fantastic location.

Mid-Range Hotels:

  • A five-minute walk from Gamla Stan, in the trendy Södermalm area, the Hilton Stockholm Slussen offers beautiful views of the city.
  • The modern Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel , which shimmers in the heart of the city, is less than three kilometers from the Royal Palace and Old Town.
  • Travelers seeking a more historic ambience should consider the Sven Vintappare Hotel in the heart of Gamla Stan, which is steeped in 17th-century charm.

Budget Hotels:

  • Perhaps the most unique budget hotel options close to the historic sites are on the water — literally. The Rygerfjord Hotel and Hostel , Red Boat Hotel and Hostel , and Loginn Hotel are boat hotels with cozy cabin rooms within walking distance of the Old Town.
  • For those who prefer a hotel on dry land, Best Western Hotel Fridhemsplan offers a variety of room configurations, including family rooms, a five-minute train ride from the city center.


Sweden is known for its vibrant cities and quaint towns. From Stockholm, you can venture into the picturesque countryside for fun day trips , including a visit to the university city of Uppsala . A mere 35-minute flight from the capital, the gorgeous island of Gotland is a popular place to visit on vacation. On the western side of the country, Gothenburg has a milder climate than Stockholm and more of a European feel, while to the south of Gothenburg, both Helsingborg and Malmo lie only a short hop from neighboring Denmark , across the Oresund strait.

Stockholm Map - Tourist Attractions

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City Hall building in Stockholm, Sweden.


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Exterior detail of Vasamuseet.

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Lunds domkyrka

Lunds domkyrka

Lund’s twin-towered Romanesque cathedral is magnificent. Try to pop in at noon or 3pm (1pm and 3pm on Sunday) when the marvellous astronomical clock…

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Carlstens Fästning

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The lake Isbladskarret in Djurgarden island of Stockholm City in Sweden, as seen from the bird watching point, in the Royal National City Park.

The vast Ekoparken, or Royal National City Park, is the world’s first national urban park. Established in 1995, it incorporates 26 sq km, stretching all…

Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred, Sweden.

Gripsholm Slott

Around Stockholm

About 70km from Stockholm, Gripsholm Slott – with its round towers, spires, drawbridge and creaky wooden halls – was built in the 1370s and had passed…

Sami woman rider on a horse in the nature, Sweden.; Shutterstock ID 112839769; Your name (First / Last): Josh/Vogel; GL account no.: 56530; Netsuite department name: Online-Design; Full Product or Project name including edition: 65050/​Online Design​/JoshVogel/IYLs

Ájtte Museum

This illuminating museum is Sweden’s most thorough introduction to Sami culture. Follow the ‘spokes’ radiating from the central chamber, each dealing with…



About 5km north of Helsingborg, Sofiero is an impressive former royal summer residence and park with wonderful rhododendrons (best seen in full bloom in…

Drottningholm Palace and garden.

Drottningholm Slott

Home to the royal family for part of the year, Drottningholm's Renaissance-inspired main palace was designed by architectural great Nicodemus Tessin the…

Borgholm castle.

Borgholms Slott

Southeastern Sweden

Northern Europe’s largest ruined castle, Borgholms Slott looms just south of town. This epic limestone structure was burnt and abandoned early in the 18th…

Vadstena castle in Sweden.

Vadstena Slott

Overlooking the lake, and considered one of the finest early Renaissance buildings in the Nordic region, construction commenced on Vadstena Slott, the…

Lackö Slott in Sweden

Läckö Slott

Southwestern Sweden

An extraordinary example of 17th-century Swedish baroque architecture, Läckö Slott lies 23km north of Lidköping. There's been a castle here since 1298;…

Bohus Fästning

Bohus Fästning

Survivor of no fewer than 14 sieges, Bohus Fästning is a hulking ruin on an island in the Nordre älv, near Kungälv. Founded in 1308 by the Norwegian king…

Vaxholm Fortress Museum

Vaxholm Fortress Museum

While the current structure dates from 1833, the origins of Vaxholm Fortress lie in 1544, when King Gustav Vasa ordered its construction to protect the…


Jamtli, 1km north of the centre, consists of two parts: the open-air museum, comprising painstakingly reconstructed wooden buildings, complete with…

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View of Gamla Stan in Stockholm.

sweden tourism places

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Sweden Tourist Places

Here's the list of the best places to visit in sweden:.

Flam Valley

Gothenburg is a paradisiacal destination, sitting right by the western coast of Sweden, near the Atlantic Ocean. Despite being small in terms of area, Gothenburg is the second-largest Swedish city known for its vibrant charisma, friendly locals, urban embellishments, and world-class restaurants. Founded and established as a commercial fishing harbor, Gothenburg has come a long way in industrial developments. Yet, you can find the fishing harbors being filled with huge crowds for most days. This city has doting natural beauties, thanks to the clear view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream. One of the best places to visit in Sweden is the Haga neighborhood. Adorned with cobbled paths, you can find small to medium shops and eateries lined up on both sides. For some adventure, you can visit the Skansen Kronan fort at the top of Risaberget Hill and take in the panoramic beauty of the city. If you are looking for a day trip around Gothenburg, no other place will be as thrilling as the Bohuslän archipelago consisting of more than 8000 small islands. Gothenburg is known for “Fika," a unique custom of drinking coffee with companions along with enjoying Hagabullen- the city’s most famous pastry. You can even spend the post afternoon time in the Slottsskogen Park filled with natural beauties. As Gothenburg is one of the main fishing harbors, you cannot leave the city without trying their seafood collections. Starting from the shellfish platters at Fiskekrogen to the la carte menu of Nature, this city is a hub for foodies. Coming to the weather, Gothenburg enjoys the four distinct seasons pretty well. Summers usually have warm and comforting weather with a temperature around 21°C. The warm air from the Gulf Stream and the sea prevents the winter temperature from dropping below -3°C.

Ghjli7aqmdm4a3irszfx4onn2rqx 1619181631 shutterstock 1473668375

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and has 14 islands and 50 bridges. It is closer to the Baltic Sea. You will find cobblestone streets, ochre buildings, cathedrals that are from 13th century, Royal Palaces, museums, boat and ferry rides for sightseeing and many things to do in this city. This is a cosmopolitan city and has picturesque parks, landmarks, scenic spots on the islands, and many historic sites. There are many waterways and lush green sites in and around this city. This is a city where you can see classical as well as modern architecture. There are many places of attraction, buildings, streets, and landmarks that can be visited.

Fashion and beauty in Stockholm is top notch. This is also a great place to shop for clothes, accessories, souvenirs, and gifts. Gamla Stan is the town to be visited as it has been depicted in many of the story books. There are also forests and umpteen spaces of archipelago that can be visited. The climate of the city is usually mild throughout the year. Summers have a dramatic sunlight and July and August are monsoon months. Arlanda is the international airport in Stockholm. Within the city you can take the bus and rail to commute. 

3g4084igp5y5fafpoy0nx0635me7 shutterstock 2206443221

Another amazing Swedish city off the west coast is that of Halmstad. Halmstad is a beach city, especially known for the golf course, which attracts many tourists during the summers. Even though the city comes under the rule of the Swedish royal family at present, this wasn’t the case back until the 17th century. This is because till the end of the 17th century, the Danish royal family used to rule this area, and that's why Halmstad's past is quite intriguing. Apart from this, you will love the openness of the white sandy beaches and the long stretch of clear, blue ocean water. Halmstad is divided into old and modern parts by the long stretch of the quaint and calm Nissan River. Near to this river, you will find the famous fishing spot of Salmon Island towards the northern direction. One of the most romantic sites in Halmstad is that of the Galgberget Castle with a long viewing tower and special shady trees. You can go on a fishing trip in the Nissan River, which is famous for salmon mainly. If you want to discover the local culture of Halmstad, take a tour of the shops and fulfill your stomach at the local eateries in Storgatan. For a peaceful afternoon, you can visit the Stadsbibliotek for reading books from different genres while enjoying the wonderful waterfront view. Since it is a beach city, the weather remains warm even during the winters. But, in the inland areas, snowfall is common. This is why May and June are the busiest summer months in Halmstad.

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Out of all the places, Uppsala has become a doting academic town in the country. Located to the north of Stockholm at a distance of about 35 minutes on the train, the city boasts many historic semblances and reserves, discovering which is nothing but both exciting and thrilling. Uppsala's elegance and pride lie in the joyous and youthful charm of the city, all thanks to the 15th century Uppsala University and the growing industrial sectors. One can consider this city to be the beacon of new and innovative minds, which is why visiting the city is a must. Uppsala will take you down the memory lane of the Viking and Iron Age era, especially with the royal burial ground in the Uppsala Cathedral and the Uppsala Palace. A visit to the Carolina Rediviva will allow you access to one of the world's oldest and richest Gothic books- the Silver Bible. At the University, you can even enjoy the richness of Swedish art and culture. If you love books, several manuscripts are there in the Uppsala University library to read to gain more knowledge about Sweden. The dusk time can be spent having a stroll around some of the most beautiful parks like the Linnaeus Garden and the Tropical Greenhouse. You can even go on a shopping spree in Svartbäcksgatan- one of the best markets in Uppsala. Uppsala experiences a warm but soothing ambiance in the summers. However, during the winter, the city gets covered with snow sheets with chilling winds blowing over the land.

1619517664 shutterstock 1456864439

Malmö is located in the southern Swedish province and offers a wonderful and magnificent blend of the past and the present. Being the third-largest city, Malmö attracts a lot of tourists from all around the world. You will get the urban vibes as soon as you step foot in this city. And yet, the heaviness and elegance of the history linger throughout the air. A vibrant culture, an enigmatic history, a joyous lifestyle, and a fast developing industrial sector are what make the city one of the best Sweden places to visit. Strolling through the cobblestone paths of the Gamla Staden, you can revel in the historic charm of the island. Storage is one of the most visited areas in the Old Town as it's the oldest square in Malmö. There is a 14th-century Gothic cathedral with some wonderful Gothic paintings. Just southwest to the area, you can relish the delicacies of Malmö restaurants and fine diners. You can even visit the Malmöhus Castle and embark on its tour. Taking part in Europe's largest exhibition at the Malmö Konsthall is another exciting thing you can do in this city. The mainland of Malmö experiences soothing and cool summers. On the other hand, as you will move towards the seaside area, you will experience a windy ambiance with cool air blowing over the land.

1619518064 shutterstock 275624159

Umeå is the largest city in the northern region of Sweden, located close to the northeastern coast at a mere distance of about 15Km. In 1622, the city was founded by none other than the then royal figure- King Gustav II Adolf of the Swedish empire. Geographically, Umeå falls within the Scandinavian region, so the northern border is full of natural wonders. As you will move towards the south, human settlements will increase in both number and quality. However, Umeå still has a close connection to nature, thanks to the 2300 birch trees present on both sides of the pavements, Umeå is the cultural capital of Sweden, and hence a lot of popular tourist attractions are there. One of the most notable and famous museums is Väven in Umeå, where the main house is made from Birchwood. Bildmuseet is another cultural landmark where popular exhibitions are being organized. If you want to embark on some adventurous journeys during your stay in Umeå, you can look forward to the Tavelsjoleden trail. Starting from caves to large lakes and lofty mountains are the main attractions of this trail route. Lake Nydala is another highlight around which you can take a stroll and enjoy bird watching. Umeå enjoys semi-arctic weather with short summers and long and profound winters. Due to the nearby Gulf Stream, the winters are mild and soothing.

1619517213 shutterstock 565839361

Kalmar is one of the popular summer places to visit in Sweden. During this season, the city comes to life, and the ambiance is so vibrant and jolly that you would want nothing but to settle there for the season. It's located on the southeast coast of Sweden and is the third-largest populous city in Småland. This coastal city is the hub of lively festivals, bustling streets, and crowded markets. Several tourist attractions are there, including the historical places which delineate the Danish culture. Despite having such an urban charisma, Kalmar is also a place of nature reserves you must explore during your visit. The first place you should start with is the Kalmar castle. The Danish empire constructed it to protect the city from pirates. Now, it's more a museum and a remembrance of the past. For an exciting day trip, you can visit the nearest island of Öland. It's full of historical treasures which you will find interesting. Shopping is one of the main activities in this busy summer town. The two main areas are the Giraffe with around thirty shops and the Hansa City consisting of twenty-five shops. If you visit the city in August, you will surely be blown away by the extraordinary City Festival. Kalmar experiences nice and warm weather during the summer season. This is why it receives over a hundred thousand tourists during the summer months.

1619517433 shutterstock 638150719

One of the oldest cities of Sweden is Linkoping, located in Southern Sweden. It is the capital of the famous Östergötland County, and hence, the city receives several tourists all round the year. Linkoping has a rough past, with the tale of the Battle of Stångebro being the most brutal turn of events. Despite having a rich historical background, Linkoping is a developing urban area in Sweden.  It's more of a cozy town despite having a small area. Hence, your time in this city is going to be memorable. There is a military airfield right outside the city, which is why you wouldn't find any tall building or skyscraper in the industrial section. Linkoping is popular for a cruise journey where you will be taken to the locks of Berg present on the Göta canal. The famous cathedral present in this town is a constant reminder of the medieval period Linkoping had once encountered. The high stone walls and the Middle Age design of the palaces will leave you astonished with their sheer beauty. You can visit the Linkoping Symphony Orchestra for entertainment, where music, dance, and art are wonderfully given priority. Summers in this city are tolerable as the temperature doesn't exceed more than 21 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, winters are meant for enjoying snow-covered soil and fresh snowfall.

1619518496 shutterstock 787460767

Lund is a historic, picturesque town of Sweden, located in the Scania region towards the southern part of the country. The city has a unique blend of the past and the present times, making it more popular amongst the tourists. Its history dates back to the Danish empire, and Lund was under control for a long time. This is why most historical structures in the city have clear resemblances with Danish art and culture. Being one of the major tourist attractions in Sweden, Lund is the second oldest University in the country. This University is quite famous all across the northern European region, and hence visiting the campus is a must. There is a cathedral in the town that delineates the Viking and Nordic cultures of Sweden. Take a stroll around the Stadsparken park while reveling in the endless beauty of the surrounding greenery and open environment. You can even go on a cycle ride throughout the city and explore the hidden gems. You can buy some exotic craft and food items from Lund’s oldest grocery store- Hokeriet. Lund experiences a long but warm and mild summer season. However, winters are pretty cold despite the occasional warm day times the city experiences.

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Örebro is located right at the heart of the country, surrounded by lands on all sides. From Stockholm, the town lies at a distance of roughly 300Km while from Oslo, the distance is about 200Km. It's the sixth-largest city in Sweden, and hence, a huge population resides here. However, the town's population is quite diverse in terms of nationality which is the main beauty of Örebro. Apart from this, the town plays an active role in maintaining the international trade routes with other countries belonging to the European Union and the rest of the world. In Örebro, you will find the main castle standing tall to date. It was built around the 13th century as one of the royal residences. At present, however, the castle has been turned into a museum and is opened for the public. For a quaint day, a visit to the famous Lake Hjälmaren will be an ideal choice. Going on a hiking trail will be a wonderful adventurous activity during your stay here, especially the Harge Uddar trail. Kids can enjoy playing with others in some of the wonderful parks in Orebro, while adults usually take a stroll around the parks and spend some relaxing time. For some city adventure, you can visit the water park in Gustavsvik and enjoy yourself with the thrilling rides. During the summer season, the maximum temperature goes up to 22°, making the entire season warm and soothing. On the other hand, winters are chilly and usually see snowfall making Örebro one of the best places to visit in Sweden.


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Other Attractions

Lake Malar

Lake Mälaren, known as Mälaren in Swedish, is a stunning freshwater lake situated in central Sweden, encompassing over 1,140 square miles of scenic beauty. Dotted with picturesque islands and surrounded by lush forests and charming towns, it serves as a popular destination for boating, fishing, and leisurely strolls along its tranquil shores. Lake Mälaren holds significant historical and cultural importance in Swedish folklore and history.

Habo Church

Habo Church

Habo Church, located in Sweden, is a striking medieval stone church known for its distinctive red exterior and intricate wooden carvings. Dating back to the 12th century, it showcases remarkable Gothic architecture and serves as a significant cultural and historical landmark, attracting visitors from around the world.



Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park

Lund Cathedral

Lund Cathedral

Lake Siljan

Lake Siljan

Hoga Kusten

Hoga Kusten

Stockholm’S Archipelago

Stockholm’S Archipelago

Visby, Gotland

Visby, Gotland

Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge

Sola i Karlstad

Sola i Karlstad

Sola-i-Karlstad is a solar energy project in Karlstad, Sweden, utilizing cutting-edge technology to harness renewable energy from the sun. This initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable energy practices, contributing to the city's commitment to a cleaner, greener future.

Lake Vanern

Lake Vanern

Lake Vänern, situated in Sweden, is the largest lake in the country and one of the largest in Europe. With its serene beauty and diverse ecosystem, it offers a haven for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including forests, islands, and sandy beaches, Lake Vänern provides ample opportunities for boating, fishing, and wildlife observation.

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace, located on the island of Lovön in Stockholm County, Sweden, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Sweden's best-preserved royal palaces.

The Church of Sofia

The Church of Sofia

The Church of Sofia in Jönköping, Sweden, stands as a majestic landmark in the cityscape, drawing visitors with its stunning architecture and serene atmosphere. Constructed in the late 19th century, the church's Neo-Gothic design features intricate details and towering spires that captivate the eye. Its interior exudes a sense of tranquility, adorned with beautiful stained glass windows and ornate decorations. As a place of worship and community gathering, the Church of Sofia holds a significant place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike. It serves as a symbol of faith, history, and cultural heritage in Jönköping's vibrant landscape.

Charterhouse Mariefred

Charterhouse Mariefred

Charterhouse Mariefred in Sweden is a historic monastery-turned-museum, offering a captivating glimpse into medieval life. Nestled by Lake Mälaren, it features well-preserved architecture, lush gardens, and engaging exhibits. Visitors can explore centuries-old artifacts and learn about the monastery's fascinating transformation over the years, providing a unique cultural experience.

Christina Church Jonkoping, Sweden

Christina Church Jonkoping, Sweden

Christina Church in Jönköping, Sweden, is a prominent landmark and historical site. Built in the 17th century, the church boasts impressive architecture and serves as a symbol of the city's rich cultural heritage. With its serene surroundings and notable history, Christina Church is not only a place of worship but also a must-visit destination for those interested in exploring Sweden's past and architectural marvels.

Karlstad Cathedral

Karlstad Cathedral

Karlstad Cathedral, located in the heart of Karlstad, Sweden, is a beautiful and historic church that holds a special place in the community.

Walking into Karlstad Cathedral feels like stepping into a peaceful sanctuary. It's a big, impressive building with tall columns and high ceilings. Inside, it's quiet and calming, making it a great place for reflection and prayer.

But the cathedral isn't just for religious services. It's also a place where the community comes together for events like concerts, art shows, and educational programs. The cathedral's beautiful interior and good acoustics make it a popular spot for music lovers.

One of the coolest things about Karlstad Cathedral is its colorful stained glass windows. They're like giant pieces of art, telling stories from the Bible in vibrant colors. When the sun shines through them, it creates a magical atmosphere inside the cathedral.



Mariebergsskogen, located in Karlstad, Sweden, is a picturesque park offering a serene escape into nature. With lush greenery, tranquil ponds, and scenic walking trails, it's an ideal spot for relaxation and recreation. The park also features cultural attractions like historic buildings, museums, and art exhibitions, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Gamla Stan



Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen in Stockholm is a picturesque canal renowned for its serene beauty and historical significance. Encircled by lush greenery, it offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life. Visitors can enjoy leisurely boat rides, admire charming waterfront views, and explore nearby attractions like Djurgården island's museums and parks.

Liseberg Amusement Park

Liseberg Amusement Park

Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum

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Visit Liseberg, Nordics' largest amusement park

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Sweden in Summer: Weather, What to Pack & Things to Do!

Sweden Reviews

sweden tourism places

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Where and when to see the northern lights in 2024

Now is the perfect time to plan a northern lights trip

northern lights appear as dancing ribbons of green in the sky above a snowy mountain top.

  • North America
  • Viewing from home

When to see the northern lights

Northern lights forecasts.

Nothing quite beats seeing the northern lights, or aurora borealis, in all their glory. But where and when can you see them? 

Lucky for us the next few years are going to be the best for seeing the northern lights due to heightened solar activity as we approach "solar maximum" in the current solar cycle.

So if you are planning a trip to see the northern lights now is the time to do it. Not sure where to go? Here we have rounded up some of the best places to see auroras around the world. 

Related: Aurora colors: What causes them and why do they vary?  

The northern lights are created when energized particles from the sun slam into Earth's upper atmosphere at speeds of up to 45 million mph (72 million kph), but our planet's magnetic field protects us from energetic assault.

As Earth's magnetic field redirects the particles toward the poles the dramatic process transforms into a cinematic atmospheric phenomenon that dazzles and fascinates scientists and skywatchers alike. The southern lights, or aurora australis, are produced in the same way. 

We asked Tom Kerss, astronomy, author and northern lights expert what three pieces of advice he would give to someone wanting to see the northern lights. 

Tom Kerss is an astronomer and the author of numerous best-selling books about the night sky for both adults and children, including Northern Lights , Diamonds Everywhere and the Starry Stories Series .  

What are your top tips for seeing the northern lights?

1. Unless you're lucky enough to have the lights come to you, seeing auroras is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Fortunately, we can forecast where and when they are likely to become visible, so you can increase your odds. Being in Norway between late September and mid-March, during the darkest, moonless nights, and being mobile will greatly improve your chances. 

2. It's important to persevere! The arctic nights can be extremely cold, but you'll need to push yourself and stay up late to make the most of the auroral zone. On good nights, the Lights are visible as soon as it gets dark, but you should try to stay up until after midnight.

3. Taking your own photographs of the Northern Lights is so alluring, and very rewarding. Today's cameras — including smartphones — capture super, colourful and clear shots. But try not to get too carried away. Make sure you absorb the luminosity, colour and subtle movement of the Lights with your own eyes. You'll make pictures in your mind that you can't share, but you can feel!

What is your favorite aurora fact?

My favorite fact about auroras is that they appear not only on Earth, but on many other worlds. Every planet in the Solar System (except Mercury) exhibits auroras, as do several moons and even a comet! Moreover, we've measured auroras on other stars, and possibly even exoplanets, and they can teach us about the environments and interiors of these remote worlds.  

Where to see the northern lights in Europe

If you live in Europe, the easiest thing to do is head to the far northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland. Many local people speak English in those regions and there are lots of tours available.

Wherever you plan on going, bear in mind that cloudy skies may make it difficult to catch auroras on any one particular night. If possible, leave yourself extra time to accommodate inclement weather.

Here is a list of some possible European northern lights trips and tour providers:

northern lights in Norway appearing as vivid green bands of light across the sky. With mountains and water below.

Hurtigruten Coastal Express

Bergen — Kirkenes — Bergen 

Price: From £2942pp, includes breakfast, lunch and dinner + exclusive excursion to the Tromsø planetarium.

Duration: 12 days 

Northern Lights Promise :  If there is no recorded sighting of the northern lights while sailing, Hurtigruten will give guests a free 6- or 7-day Classic Voyage to redeem the following season. Terms and Conditions apply.

If you're interested in booking the Astronomy Voyage head over to Hurtigruten's official site .

If you're looking for the ultimate skywatching and cultural experience in Norway, we recommend taking the Hurtigruten Coastal Express along the stunning Norwegian Coast. 

There are a number of voyages available as well as specialized " Astronomy Voyages " that include additional astronomy lectures from an onboard astronomer and a visit to Tromsø's impressive planetarium and science center. 

You can read more about what it's like to experience the Hurtigruten Astronomy Voyage in our article . 

The Northern Lights Company

The Northern Lights Company based in stunning Vesterålen, Norway, offers various 4, 5 or 7-night northern lights trips between September and April. 

All tours include transport, accommodation, aurora chasing by night as well as daytime activities so guests not only get to see beautiful Norway but also experience it. 

From eagle safaris and visits to the local Sami Reindeer farm to aurora research at the Andøy Space Centre and photography trips. There is something for everyone with the Northern Lights Company.

Visit Tromsø

Visit Tromsø sells aurora-watching trips around the city of Tromsø in Norway. The largest urban area in Northern Norway and the world's third largest city above the Arctic Circle, Tromsø lies just within the Northern Lights Oval, the region above Earth's geomagnetic North Pole where aurora displays are most likely to occur.

Visit Tromsø sells 'aurora chases,' dynamic night hunts for aurora displays in the aurora season between September and April, and slower-paced 'experiences' such as dog-sled and boat trips and overnight stays at aurora hotspots. Tromsø can be accessed by plane from Norway's capital Oslo; adventure seekers are sometimes rewarded by an aurora display during their incoming flight.

northern lights appear as thin ribbons of green light in a partly cloudy sky. Below are the lights outside cabins at Abisko Turiststation.

Lights over Lapland

Lights over Lapland sells a range of aurora-watching packages that take skywatchers to Sweden's northernmost region, Lapland. Lapland straddles the border between Sweden and Finland, with both sides offering excellent aurora viewing opportunities in winter months and the midnight sun experience in summer. 

Lights over Lapland operates on the Swedish side of the border with most of its tours aiming for Abisko National Park (not far from the Esrange Space Center which runs rocket tests for ESA and is gearing up to perform the first satellite launches from continental Europe).

"Abisko has developed a reputation for being the No. 1 aurora-watching destination on the planet, due to the fact that it is located in a very special microclimate with less precipitation than any other location on Earth that is located within the aurora zone," photographer Chad Blakley, who is a co-founder of Lights over Lapland, told Space.com via email. 

If you want to see what it's like to chase auroras in Swedish Lapland check out our article on what it's like to put Abisko's "cloud-busting weapon" to the test . 

northern lights appear as a large green band swirling over the top of the central mountainous peak reflected in the water below.

Guide to Iceland

Guide to Iceland sells a range of aurora-watching packages on the North Atlantic island, including bus tours, boat tours and hunting trips. Situated just below the Arctic Circle, Iceland provides a decent chance of catching the Northern Lights during winter months. If that doesn't work out, you can instead relax in the island's powerful natural hot springs and outdoor pools.

Viatour northern lights night tour from Reykjavik

Viatour operates evening aurora-watching trips from Iceland's capital Reykjavik. The bus tour takes tourists across the island to its most popular aurora spots. The operator says that those who don't get to see the northern lights during their trip can join again at no additional cost. 

Arctic Adventures

Arctic Adventures offers a large number of tours from day trips to multi-day excursions to experience the very best of Iceland. There is a range of northern lights tours available whether it be traveling by bus, boat, or multi-day hiking tours. Experience the majestic northern lights with Arctic Adventures and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Where to see the northern lights in North America

Yellow tent illuminated under the aurora borealis display in Alaska's Arctic.

If you're interested in trying to photograph the northern lights check out our guides on how to photograph auroras , as well as the best equipment for aurora photography .

There are plenty of options for good aurora viewing in North America. While far-eastern Canada tends to be cloudy, the shore of the Hudson Bay, the northern Canadian towns of Yellowknife or Whitehorse, or the west coast of Alaska are usually good bets. (The city of Fairbanks itself can be a great choice for seeing northern lights without needing to go too far in the wilderness.)

Alaska Tours

Alaska Tours offers a range of packages from one-day trips to week-long tours that take visitors past the Arctic Circle to the heart of Alaska's wilderness, where the chance of catching the glowing auroras is among the best in the world. 

Aurora Borealis Yukon  

Aurora Borealis Yokon runs one-day to five-day aurora-watching trips in the Yukon territory in northwestern Canada. A direct neighbor of Alaska, Yukon offers pretty much the same aurora-observing conditions during the winter months.

Churchill Arctic Adventures

In the east, Churchill Arctic Adventures offers trips to Churchill, Manitoba, on the western shores of Hudson Bay. The company operates dedicated 'aurora domes,' heated cabins and other outposts in the boreal forest that allow visitors to observe the magnificent lights in perfect comfort. If the aurora doesn't show up, then perhaps some of the polar bears residing in this region may. 

Can I see the northern lights from my home?

If you capture an amazing photo of the northern lights and would like to share it with Space.com and our news partners for a story or gallery, send images to [email protected].  

The "standard" aurora borealis, observable in the Arctic regions, is generated by the solar wind , which constantly flows toward Earth. It manifests itself into a large "ring" above Earth's geomagnetic North Pole and is known as the aurora oval. 

During times of heightened solar activity, the aurora oval can expand more southern latitudes. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center maintains a detailed 30-minute aurora forecast where you can see the predicted extent of the auroral oval and the probability of auroras. The aurora borealis is visible most nights, weather permitting, within a band several hundred miles wide that's centered at about 66 degrees north — about the same latitude as the Arctic Circle.

But geomagnetic storms, caused by coronal mass ejections (CME), can ramp up the northern lights considerably and make them visible over much wider areas. In early November 2023, for example, a powerful geomagnetic storm sparked auroras as far south as Greece and Turkey .

Related: Aurora myths, legends and misconceptions

As the solar cycle intensifies, such occurrences might become more common (or rather, slightly less rare). We recommend keeping an eye on Spaceweather.com for alerts of possible incoming geomagnetic storms as well as NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center . 

Yet even the most powerful geomagnetic storm will fail to deliver the experience unless other factors cooperate — a cloud-free sky, not too much moonlight, nighttime hours and absence of light pollution. (City-dwellers have to get out into the countryside for an aurora experience no matter how strong the geomagnetic storm supercharging the sky might be.)

But you can have an aurora experience without even leaving your house if you so choose. Our northern lights webcams article offers aurora views from some iconic locations from across Europe and North America, all in one place. 

If you're planning an aurora-viewing trip, the best time is throughout the winter months. Anytime between late September to late March is a good time for northern lights hunting as the long nights provide ample aurora viewing opportunities.

The good news is that the sun's approximately 11-year solar cycle of solar activity is ramping up as we approach solar maximum. This means that the next few years will be the perfect time to plan a northern lights adventure.

The northern lights can appear for long periods or short bursts lasting only a few minutes (if that!) so the best way to see them is to wrap up warm, and wait. I have been on several northern lights hunts and sometimes they can appear when you least expect, so unless you're already outside and ready, you'll miss them completely. For me, the wait is all part of the experience, especially when you're out aurora hunting with other like-minded individuals. It provides the perfect opportunity to share aurora stories, do a spot of stargazing and simply enjoy the shared experience of the night sky . 

graphic showing what you need to see the northern lights the five items listed are clear skies, warm clothes, patience, suitable location, and a little bit of luck. On the right of the text are some graphics of warm clothes, a starry sky, four leaf clover and a north compass sign.

You can get an idea of how active the northern lights are likely to be in your area by keeping tabs on a short-term aurora forecast, such as the one provided by the Geophysical Institute . One predicting the next half hour is available on NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Website . Also, a citizen science website called Aurorasaurus gives on-the-ground instant information from aurora enthusiasts wanting to alert the community to new sky shows.

Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest missions, night sky and more! And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at: [email protected].

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Daisy Dobrijevic joined Space.com in February 2022 having previously worked for our sister publication All About Space magazine as a staff writer. Before joining us, Daisy completed an editorial internship with the BBC Sky at Night Magazine and worked at the National Space Centre in Leicester, U.K., where she enjoyed communicating space science to the public. In 2021, Daisy completed a PhD in plant physiology and also holds a Master's in Environmental Science, she is currently based in Nottingham, U.K. Daisy is passionate about all things space, with a penchant for solar activity and space weather. She has a strong interest in astrotourism and loves nothing more than a good northern lights chase! 

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  • dcr66 To be honest I have never paid explicitly for some tours to see Northern Lights. They are more visible than you think and you just need to know when. I do know people that pay $$ to go see these things in Norway. Then I showed them the pics I took from a plane window. If you are flying from North America to Europe the great circle route usually takes you up to Greenland and Iceland. If the flight is night time, then get a window seat on the left side of the plane. Don't sleep and keep your eyes peeled when you are up there. Very likely you will see the green curtains easily up near the horizon. My daughter despite never seen them before saw it flying to Europe. Same can be done if your route takes you over Anchorage Alaska, the right side of the plane. I used to see it all the time on the fueling stopover to Anchorage AK back in the 80s and 90s. Less likely these days except on certain China based airlines. The polar route from North America to Asia that goes over the North Pole. You should be able to see the green curtains on either side when you are in the artic circle. The Prairies in Canada but avoid the summer because you will be in astronomic twilight essentially. I lived in Winnipeg for some years in the 1980s and I see them all the time. All kinds including the white sheet that cover the whole sky and bright enough to read. Reply
  • michael'Buzz'collins Yes, luckily some only have to travel a short distance out to your back door! As Recently the Aurora Borealis, thankfully (no clouds 🙏)was able to be viewed in NW Donegal, Eire As I recently saw the repeat of Alexander Armstrongs Iceland visit on RTE ( as I missed it on ch5) So wasn't expecting to see this wonderful cosmic display!! Here are a few pictures that people took from their backyard from Burtonport to Buncrana, Inc Churchill, As I see another Churchill featured below in Manitoba as if seeing the Northern Lights isn't enough, it's program on Ch4/BBC has featured it as it has the most concentration of polar bears too (, because of the ice melting!) https://www.facebook.com/162517790452520/posts/pfbid031eTNJrFWY791rydpEhMDQDUyvGh3pnKZfgwKsK7VRTYwjGdSXZoTHaFdSfUvQNUVl/?sfnsn=mo https://www.facebook.com/1580520814/posts/pfbid033woQiJnL5XpYNoweeEznauNbSjQNJDxSSMxvzE7RxrrxoAwS7kbrTYPnDvZHKgBRl/?sfnsn=mo Simply outta this world,so to say😇 Reply
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sweden tourism places

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Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Find your local broadcast partners, and get live streams of UEFA EURO 2024 matches where you are.

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    Spend your holiday in southern Sweden and enjoy the picturesque landscapes, majestic coastlines, windswept islands and yellow canola fields. City. Kalmar - a historical city by the sea and a gateway to Öland. City. Visby - a Swedish fairytale town on the island of Gotland.

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    Sweden is scattered with ancient natural wonders waiting to become long-lasting memories of yours. Here are 12 natural wonders in Sweden to visit in your lifetime. Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing your lawn. Climb that damn mountain. Jack Kerouac.

  21. Places to Visit in Sweden

    One of the most exciting Sweden places to visit is Stockholm's archipelago. Consisting of about 30,000 islands in the Baltic Sea, the archipelago has a lot to offer to the tourists. These islands cover an entire area of 80 kilometers in the sea, making it one of the world's largest archipelagos.

  22. Tourism in Sweden

    One well-known tourist route is via train from southern to northern Sweden, viewing historical, natural and cultural attractions. This route is particularly popular among German tourists. According to the CIA World Factbook, Sweden was the 21st most-visited country in the world, with 7,627,000 arrivals in 2006.

  23. Where and when to see the northern lights in 2024

    The Northern Lights Company based in stunning Vesterålen, Norway, offers various 4, 5 or 7-night northern lights trips between September and April. All tours include transport, accommodation ...

  24. Overseas Delivery Tourist Experience

    Volvo Concierge. For questions regarding Volvo Overseas Delivery or custom ordering, speak with one of our Overseas Delivery or product specialists. We are available via chat, by phone at 800.631.1667 or by email at [email protected].

  25. Iran swaps EU diplomat, another man for Sweden freeing Iranian

    The arrest of Hamid Nouri by Sweden in 2019 as he traveled there as a tourist likely sparked the detentions of the two Swedes, part of a long-running strategy by Iran since its 1979 Islamic Revolution to use those with ties abroad as chip in negotiations with the West.

  26. Explore Sweden with our map

    Explore Sweden with our map and discover its diverse regions, attractions and experiences. Filter on what to do, where to go and where to stay according to your preferences and interests. Whether you want to travel with your pets, enjoy a crayfish party, taste a semla bun, visit Laponia or eat out in Malmö, our map will help you plan your perfect trip.

  27. Where to watch UEFA EURO 2024: TV broadcast partners, live streams

    The full drama of UEFA EURO 2024 is available to watch throughout the world thanks to UEFA's official broadcast partners. Fans can find their local UEFA EURO 2024 broadcaster (s) below. Check the ...