star trek online tos ships

Star Trek Online

star trek online tos ships

Originally posted by Skolas Wolf Kell : kinda hard to get one then huh bummer...
Originally posted by LunarSail : It's 250 to 300 bucks I just bought it last sale so I should know ROFLMOA!!! The post over mine is obsolete and out dated. So many people haunt the forums but don't play the game anymore. All their information is 10 years out of date. I put on 2500 hours this year alone. Not something I should probably brag about, but in this case, I'm gonna. LOL
Originally posted by Orgunis : Originally posted by Skolas Wolf Kell : kinda hard to get one then huh bummer...

star trek online tos ships

Originally posted by LunarSail : It's 250 to 300 bucks I just bought it last sale so I should know ROFLMOA!!!
Originally posted by LunarSail : The post over mine is obsolete and out dated. So many people haunt the forums but don't play the game anymore. All their information is 10 years out of date. I put on 2500 hours this year alone. Not something I should probably brag about, but in this case, I'm gonna. LOL

star trek online tos ships

Originally posted by Bruceusa2086 : it cost me about $350 USD for the 10th anniversary bundle pack and that's after the sales taxes for the state of new jersey where for every $5 spent it's 33 cents sales taxes...
Originally posted by Skolas Wolf Kell : pain i just want one for my Dad once he growns accostumed to playing STO

star trek online tos ships

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star trek online tos ships

[Top 15] Star Trek Online Best Ships (From Early Till Late Game)

star trek online tos ships

With an eye towards value and power, this list will give you all you need to know to hit the late game in Star Trek Online! Thanks to changes made to the game, you can stay with the same ship after the tutorial all the way to the end game so you can fly your favorite ship from day one! This list has been made with a broad audience in mind, from newbie to grizzled veteran, so everyone can learn something new! The top 15 ships in Star Trek Online also include ships that will let you pilot the same starships as Captain Picard, Captain Sisko, and Captain Janeway so let’s make it so.

15. Romulan Legacy Elite Starter Pack - T6 Malem-Class Light Warbird

star trek online tos ships

Relive the Balance of Terror!

How to get the Malem Class: (Only available for Romulan characters) 2,000 Zen ($20.00) in the C-Store

Number 15 on our list is actually one of the Elite Starter Packs, which gives you access to a unique bridge officer, a uniform, and a discounted T6 starship! This option is best for those inclined towards pointy ears and cloak and dagger, as it’s affordable, gives you a great torpedo ship, and a borg bridge officer.

Thanks to the Singularity warp core mechanics, which give you five additional powers to use and an experimental weapon slot, the Malem is very good as a torpedo ship. Thanks to the power of reputation-based torpedoes such as the Neutronic and Biomolecular, you can quickly build an affordable ship that can handle any content. 

Battlecloak allows you to enter and exit combat at will, which is powerful for players who are looking to maximize their ambush bonuses! Despite recent nerfs, covert operative bridge officer traits still stack their bonuses high enough to get this ship on the top 15 list. Torpedoes themselves are easier to get into now as well, making it a good starter ship.

Are you a fan of the Balance of Terror from The Original Series? Then this ship is for you! The Malem comes with the classic skin line for free, so the Malem is an excellent entry point for Romulan characters. Thanks to the changes to the game, the ship will level up with you, unlocking additional weapon and console slots as well as increasing the hull amount. Another bonus is that anyone can use Romulan ships, no matter the faction, so if you like the look or like the sound of zipping around the battlefield, this is the ship for you!

  • Level 65: Hull 40500 (scaling)
  • 4 fore and 3 aft weapon slots plus 1 experimental weapon slot
  • Shield Modifier 0.9
  • Hull Modifier 0.9
  • Turn Rate 18
  • 3 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 4 Science console slots
  • Unique Console: Warhead Module Plasma (part of the Stealth Fighter Set)
  • Commander Tactical, Ensign Tactical, Lieutenant Engineering, Lt. Commander Science, Lt. Commander Universal-Pilot

What makes the T6 Malem great

  • Low-cost entry-level ship that progresses with you! At only $20 for the starter pack, it’s effectively a $10 sale for a normal T6 ship.
  • Romulan ships have Singularity Warp Cores. These warp cores give you five distinct powers which augment the ship’s abilities.
  • Battle Cloak lets you move in and out of combat easily. Are you taking more hits than you can handle? Pull out the old Romulan “run away!” and cloak up! It can also be used to give you powerful ambush bonuses when built for.
  • Pilot specialized seating. It isn’t a fully specialized ship, like others on this list, but for an entry-level ship it does the job well enough. Pilot seating gives you added flexibility, with great bridge officer powers like Attack Pattern Lambda which gives you a chance to confuse enemies!
  • Cross-faction, meaning anyone can use it from any of the factions.
  • An easy way to get a powerful starship trait that works well with any other cannon build.

How To Get the T6 Malem

  • The easiest method by far is to purchase the Romulan Legacy Starter Pack for $20.00.
  • If you don’t want the other goodies and don’t mind spending another $10.00, you can buy the Malem directly from the C-Store for $30.00.

14. Klingon Defense Force Elite Starter Pack - Kor-Class Bird of Prey

star trek online tos ships

Fight on, Dahar Master!

How to get the Kor Class: (Only available for KDF characters) 2,000 Zen ($20.00) in the C-Store

Number 14 on our list is another one of the Elite Starter Packs, which gives you access to a unique borg bridge officer, a uniform, and a discounted T6 starship! Like the Romulan Starter Pack, this is another great option for those who prefer to raise the d’k tahg in victory!

The Kor, unlike its Romulan counterpart, comes with a standard set of equipment, so no fancy powers. But what sets this ship apart is the much more flexible universal seating. Like all Birds of Prey in Star Trek Online, the Kor has full universal bridge officer seats. This means that you can slot in any power that you want, from a torpedo build to cannons to even turning it into a mini-tank.

The Kor comes equipped with the Withering Barrage starship trait, which extends the duration of Cannon: Scatter Volley. This is a key trait for those who use cannons, as it is one of the few ways to actually keep the buff going. It also comes with raider flanking, meaning that if you attack the enemy from behind, you’ll do bonus damage. In addition to all these goodies, it also has an Enhanced Battle Cloak, giving you the same bonuses that the Romulan Malem has.

Its universal console is the Warhead Module-Quantum, which functions very similarly to the Romulan console. It’s part of the Stealth Fighter Set, which is an average set in terms of usefulness and also comes with the Induction Coils, which greatly increase your ship's power settings for 15 seconds.

Pretty handy, right?

If you want to follow in the footsteps of the Dahar Master himself and face an armada of Jem’hadar, then this is the bird of prey you definitely need to check out!

  • Level 65: Hull 37125(scaling)
  • 4 fore and 2 aft weapon slots plus 1 experimental weapon slot
  • Shield Modifier 0.825
  • Hull Modifier 0.8
  • Turn Rate 23
  • 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science console slots
  • Unique Console: Warhead Module Quantum
  • Commander Universal, Lt. Commander Universal, Lt. Commander Universal-Pilot, Lieutenant Universal

What makes the T6 Kor great

  • Cheap entry level ship that levels with you! At only $20 for the starter pack, it’s effectively a $10 sale for a normal T6 ship.
  • The Kor has extreme flexibility for a ship, letting you essentially make any build you want.
  • It has access to a ton of four skins for free upon purchase of this pack, giving you a lot of costume options to customize your ship.

How To Get the T6 Kor

  • The easiest method by far is to purchase the Klingon Defense Force Starter Pack for $20.00.
  • If you don’t want the other goodies and don’t mind spending another $10.00, you can buy the Kor directly from the C-Store for $30.00.

13. Federation Elite Starter Pack - T6 Reliant-Class Advanced Light Cruiser

star trek online tos ships

Beware of any nearby Mutura Nebula!

How to get the Reliant Class: (Only available for Starfleet characters) 2,000 Zen ($20.00) in the C-Store

Number 13 on our list is yet another one of the Elite Starter Packs, which gives you access to a unique borg bridge officer, a uniform, and a discounted T6 starship! Like the first two, this is another great option for those who prefer to boldly go where no one has gone before!

Unlike the Malem and the Kor, the Reliant is a cruiser, which makes it significantly more durable than either of the raiders. Based on the venerable Miranda frame, the Reliant acts as an excellent entry-level ship for new players who want to get into tanking, or old players looking for something classic-looking. A great bonus for this ship is the sheer number of customization options. Nine total, by far the most in the entire game. Players have made versions through customization that look like whole new starship classes themselves.

Its starship trait is Evasion Specialist, which is unfortunately nowhere near as valuable as Withering Barrage, as shields are generally seen as being not worth the effort. When a Borg Sphere is slapping drain shields on you, there’s not a whole lot that this trait can do for you.

That said, it is still very durable, has reasonable flexibility, and can run a typical Aux2Bat build—a method of cooldown reduction that works best on ships with a lot of engineering bridge officer positions. The addition of all the cruiser commands, such as Weapon System Efficiency and Attract Fire, gives it further benefits here.

The console it comes with, Potential Energy Entanglement, is a reasonable choice for those just starting out with tanking. It has a clickable power which reduces enemy damage output by 80% in a cone in front of you while also increasing your flight speed and turn rate for 20 seconds.

Plus, who doesn’t want to reenact The Battle of the Mutara Nebula?

Whether it be giving Khan his second chance at revenge or creating a unique design with all the many quality parts, the Reliant is as reliable as its name suggests for either new or veteran players.

  • Level 65: Hull 51750 (scaling)
  • 4 fore and 4 aft weapon slots
  • Shield Modifier 1.1
  • Hull Modifier 1.1
  • Turn Rate 11
  • 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 3 Science console slots
  • Unique Console: Potential Energy Entanglement
  • Lt. Commander Tactical, Commander Engineering, Ensign Engineering, Lieutenant Science, Lt. Commander Universal-Pilot

What makes the T6 Reliant great

  • The Reliant is an excellent starter tank for the price tag, giving you durability, speed, and decent firepower. 
  • Pilot specialized seating.  Unlike the Kor and Malem, the Reliant struggles to take full advantage of it due to the tanking nature of the ship.
  • It has access to six skins for free upon purchase of this pack, giving you a lot of costume options to customize your ship. With all the ships, it has a total of nine unique skins to customize with!

How To Get the T6 Reliant

  • The easiest method by far is to purchase the Federation Elite Starter Pack for $20.00.
  • If you don’t want the other goodies and don’t mind spending another $10.00, you can buy the Reliant directly from the C-Store for $30.00.

12. Vanguard Support Carrier

star trek online tos ships

Victory comes with lots of fighter support!

How to get the Vanguard Support Carrier: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

Number 12 is finally something that isn’t a Starter Pack! The Vanguard Carrier is part of the Support Carrier bundle, which includes a direct duplicate for each of the factions. The Federation, Klingon and Romulan Support Carriers have the same stats and come with their own versions of the unique support pets. These ships are fantastic for players who want that “fleet command” style of play, where they deploy an armada of ships to attack enemies or repair allies.

Carriers hold a unique position in Star Trek Online where the ship itself is not the center of combat power. Rather, the pets do the lion's share of the damage. The pets that come with the Vanguard are reasonable entry levels for Carrier gameplay, being the Jem’Hadar Support Frigates and the Jem’Hadar Fighter Squadron. The key things here are the squadron level pets, as these do higher damage than their single fighter counterparts. The Support Frigates will use Transfer Shield Strength 1 (or higher, depending on the rarity of the pets) on you, giving you added defensive buffs. What sets the Vanguard apart from the other Support Carriers, however, is the Wingmen.

All Jem’Hadar Vanguard starships in Star Trek Online come with a pair of Jem’Hadar Wingmen. These two ships each have three clickable abilities: the Polaron Strafing Maneuver (damage), the Structural Reinforcement Maneuver (hull healing), and the Divergent Shielding Maneuver (shield healing). This gives you a built-in ship feature that none of the other carriers can compete against, making the Vanguard the best choice.

The starship trait is Relaunch and Repair, which gives you a reduction on captain ability cooldowns and 25% health regeneration to self and pets in space every time you launch a carrier pet. This only applies to launched pets, so clickable console pets don’t count. For a “free” trait, this isn’t terrible, but it isn’t amazing either. 

Equipped with a Command specialization Lt. Commander slot, the Carrier can function as a really incredible torpedo platform when combined with the pets. If using squadrons in both hangars and the Wingmen offensively, you can direct a withering amount of firepower at a target or entire area of space if you have the right traits and powers equipped. Some players have managed to get so much damage squeezed onto these ships that they effectively delete Borg Cubes.

The console it comes with, High-Energy Communications Network, is a buff/debuff console centered around pets. It is okay, but is better replaced by far superior consoles like D.O.M.I.N.O. (from the Bajoran Interceptor) and others.

Victory is life! ...especially when you’ve got an entire fleet at your back!

  • Level 65: Hull 56250 (scaling)
  • 3 fore and 3 aft weapon slots
  • Shield Modifier 1.25
  • Hull Modifier 1.3
  • Turn Rate 5
  • Unique Console: High-Energy Communications Network
  • 2 Hangar Bays
  • Lt. Commander Tactical, Lt. Commander Engineering, Commander Science, Lt. Commander Universal-Command

What makes the T6 Vanguard Support Carrier great

  • Best Support Carrier in the group, with a strong Wingmen feature that increases damage and healing.
  • Ship that is extremely durable and excels at centering fleet formations during Task Force Operations.
  • When pushed to its limits, it can produce huge damage through its pets. 
  • Can function as a Science Carrier, giving you options like Gravity Well or DoT damage builds to augment the pet firepower.

How To Get the T6 Vanguard Support Carrier

  • The easiest method is to purchase it directly for $30.00 in the C-Store.
  • If you like the Carriers and want the rest to complete the faction set, there is the Cross Faction Support Carrier Bundle for 10,000 Zen($100.00). 

11. Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Vessel

star trek online tos ships

For when the Vesta gets the Besta love.

How to get the Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

Number 11 is similar to the Carriers in the sense that all of the factions have identical setups, with the exception of the Romulan version that has a battle cloak. The Recon Explorer remains the best ship for entry-level science builds, thanks to its powerful bridge officer seating and the ever-important Temporal specialization.

Temporal specialization is the best spec for builds that rely on DoTs, as it has complimentary bonuses thanks to the passives and secondary deflector. While the Recon Explorer doesn’t have a fully committed Temporal specialization, it’s enough to make the ship worthy of this list.

Science ships like the Recon Explorer don’t rely on their weapons like most ships do, and instead use bridge officer powers to do massive area damage to targets. A well-equipped science ship is capable of obliterating an entire map of enemies with the push of a button. Most of these techniques involve a power called "Gravity Well" which pulls targets in, then couples that with Temporal specialization powers like Channeled Deconstruction and Entropic Cascade.

Like all science ships, it possesses Subsystem Targeting, which is a nice little bonus alongside Sensor Analysis and a Hangar Bay. The thing that makes the Recon Explorer worthy of the list is the tactical bridge officer slots, giving it the ability to run a science-torpedo build. These types of builds are absolutely devastating, throwing out gravity wells and torpedo spreads.

The starship trait is Heavy Tachyon Mine which will deploy a Heavy Mine that does heavy shield penetrating damage and leaves a temporary trail of shield damaging radiation. As starship traits go, it’s not remotely viable for the late game, but can be fun in the early game. 

The console it comes with, the Radiation Bombardment Matrix, is a buff/debuff console that reduces damage resistance and flight speed. It isn’t useful for science builds, as it doesn’t give the same level of bonuses or utility as other consoles, like the Plasma Storm console.

For anyone who happens to enjoy the Star Trek: Destiny novels, the Recon Explorer line of ships does come with the Vesta costumes, letting you customize the vessel to look like the U.S.S. Aventine. It does cost additional money, however, to unlock the skin as it is not free.

  • Level 65: Hull 42750 (scaling)
  • Shield Modifier 0.95
  • Hull Modifier 1.4
  • Turn Rate 12
  • 4 Tactical, 2 Engineering, 5 Science console slots
  • Unique Console: Radiation Bombardment Launcher
  • Secondary Deflector
  • 1 Hangar Bay
  • Lt. Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Engineering, Commander Science, Lt. Commander Universal-Temporal Operative, Ensign Universal

What makes the T6 Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer great

  • A tough science ship with a high turn rate and tactical focus.This lets you build a science-torpedo ship, which is one of the most powerful in the game.
  • Affordable entry-level ship while still being effective in the late game. Can compete with higher-cost ships.
  • One of the most customizable ships, competing against the likes of the Reliant.

 How To Get the T6 Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer

  • If you like the Recon Explorer and want the rest to complete the faction set, there is the Cross Faction Multi-Mission Explorers Bundle for 12,000 Zen ($120.00) or the T6 Starfleet Multi-Mission Explorers Bundle for 6,000 Zen ($60.00).

10. Narendra Support Cruiser

star trek online tos ships

The Probertise that could have been.

How to get the Narendra Support Cruiser: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

Number 10 is our first full-specialization ship on the list, and our first traditional cruiser! Unlike the Reliant, which is a small and zippy ship, the Support Cruiser fits the lumbering behemoth vibe. The Support Cruiser is also available for the KDF, though it does not come in Dominion or Romulan flavors.

The Support Cruiser is unique in being the only of the Cruiser class ships with full Temporal seating. This means it gets the powers typically reserved for temporal science ships, such as Offensive Coordination (a speed buff), Defensive Coordination (a healing buff), and a Support Configuration (exotic damage buff). 

This means that you can actually turn the Narendra into a respectable science platform. Between the built-in Commander/Temporal-Operative seating and the Lt. Commander Science, you can double up on Gravity Wells, Entropic Cascades, and torpedoes. The weakness of the ship when built this way is that it lacks the necessary Lt. Commander Tactical bridge officer to maximize this power.

Unlike science ships, the Narendra comes with full cruiser commands.

The starship trait is "History Will Remember," which is finally a trait that’s generally always worth slotting until you’re able to afford the lock box or premium ships. This starship trait gives you a scaling buff depending on enemies defeated, which increases your resilience. It grants 30% All Damage, 30% Hull Regen, 30% Maximum Hull, and 30% Threat Generation (when the threatening stance is active) at maximum stacks.

This is a powerful trait that has a lot of utility for any ship on this list.

The console it comes with, Temporal Trajectory Shifter, is a single target console that "steals" time, increasing Firing Speed by 50%, Ability Cooldown by 20%, and Defense Rating by 50 while stealing 33.3% Firing Speed, 1% Ability Cooldown per second, and -50 Defense Rating from the target.

The Narendra is based on Andrew Probert's original concept sketches for the U.S.S. Enterprise D, eventually being turned into the Ambassador class. All fans of this classic design will have to pick this ship up!

  • Level 65: Hull 60750(scaling)
  • Shield Modifier 1.0
  • Hull Modifier 1.35
  • Turn Rate 7
  • Unique Console: Borrowed Time
  • Molecular Deconstruction Beam
  • Lieutenant Tactical, Ensign Tactical, Commander Engineering/Temporal-Operative, Lt. Commander Science, and Lt. Commander Universal

What makes the T6 Narendra Support Cruiser great

  • A unique cruiser that combines tankiness and science powers.
  • The high hull modifier combined with the starship trait makes it one of the tankier starships on this list.
  • Full Temporal specialization adds additional options when in combat when used together with Cruiser Commands.

How To Get the T6 Narendra Support Cruiser

  • If you like the Narendra and want the KDF version as well, the Cross Faction Support Cruiser Bundle for 4,000 Zen/$40.00 is available.

9. Arbiter Battlecruiser

star trek online tos ships

The Defiant: now in nacelle form!

How to get the Arbiter Battlecruiser: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

Number 9 is a classic in Star Trek Online. The Arbiter (and the Avenger before it) have long been the #1 pick for most people when it comes to recommending a ship for newer players. Being one of the very few Federation starships that can equip a cloaking device console and a battlecruiser makes it ideal in a DPS-heavy environment! There is a KDF variant in the Mogh that comes with a cloaking device.

The Arbiter pulls from the older days of Star Trek Online when "battlecruisers" were Klingon only, giving them high-hitting and high-durability ships compared to Starfleet's usually "just durable". Nowadays, it’s obsolete next to the other ships on this list, but it still gets a top 15 spot due to a few factors.

Battlecruisers come with most of the normal Cruiser Commands, with the exception of Attract Fire. As these are not designed as tanks, they do not get the tanking bonus ability of a typical cruiser. Instead, the Arbiter can do what only escorts used to be able to! It can equip dual heavy cannons. Thanks to this, and the five forward weapon slots (another thing that used to be unique), the Arbiter is capable of dishing out high levels of DPS, even to this day.

With the Intelligence specialization, the Arbiter is able to fit the coveted Override Subsystem Safety bridge officer power, giving the ship a tremendous boost to power levels, which in turn increases its firepower.

The starship trait is the Emergency Weapon Cycle, also known as the most common starship trait in the game. It’s used on every energy weapon build and even on most tank builds simply because it’s so good. The trait increases the Firing Cycle Haste by 20% and reduces Weapon Power Cost by 50% for 30 seconds every time you use Emergency Power to Weapons, which a majority of non-science builds have.

For a first-time ship buyer, you can’t go wrong with the Arbiter.

The console it comes with, Ablative Hazard Shielding, passively increases your Shield Resistance and Shield Regeneration. The activable gives your ship Secondary Shields, which act similar to Temp HP. It then gives you another shield when the Ablative Hazard Shielding buff ends. It’s useful against non-Borg or other enemies that don’t have shield-stripping powers.

Among the first of the Cryptic-made designs in the new T6 lineup, this is a classic ship that includes the Avenger skin for free on purchase!

  • Level 65: Hull 56250(scaling)
  • 5 fore and 3 aft weapon slots
  • Hull Modifier 1.25
  • Turn Rate 9
  • 4 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 1 Science console slots
  • Unique Console: Ablative Hazard Shielding
  • Can Equip Dual Heavy Cannons
  • Can Equip Cloaking Device Console
  • Lt. Commander Tactical-Intelligence, Ensign Tactical, Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Science, Lt. Commander Universal

What makes the T6 Arbiter Battlecruiser great

  • It has the perfect weapon setup of 5 forward and 3 aft weapon slots, ideal for maximal energy weapon damage.
  • One of the best starship traits in the game for direct energy weapon builds.
  • It is naturally tanky for a battlecruiser, letting you throw more energy into doing damage instead of survival.
  • It's an excellent newbie ship that’s easy to learn and modify to suit your needs.

How To Get the T6 Arbiter Battlecruiser

  • If you like the Arbiter and want the KDF version as well, the Cross Faction Battlecruiser Bundle for 6,000 Zen/$60.00 is available.

8. Alita Heavy Strike Wing Escort

star trek online tos ships

For when the normal Akira just isn't enough.

How to get the Alita Class Heavy Strike Wing Escort: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

Number 8 is the venerable Alita Class, which has recently been changed into what’s called a "Strike Wing Escort". This means it has a hangar bay in addition to the normal weapons loadout and abilities of the Escort subclass of ships.

It might seem odd to place this ship above the Arbiter, but I’ll explain my reasoning here. The Alita is similar in many ways to its offensive profile, though it comes with the Experimental Weapon Slot and the Hangar Bay, giving it just a bit more flexibility in terms of what it can do. Anyone who has played the game will probably be thinking, "Well, not that much!" 

Aha, but then, we have Superior Area Denial. For those who don’t know, this starship trait is an extremely powerful buff to fighters that gives them Cannon Rapid Fire and Beam: Fire at Will and reduces their damage resistance rating by -30, which is the same as slapping Attack Pattern: Beta 1 on them. This means that if you equip a fighter squadron on the Alita and have this trait, you could be seeing as much as a 15% DPS increase just from that Hangar Bay alone!

This isn’t newbie-friendly, however, as the trait is difficult to get. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to have the traits to make this ship good! Instead, you can easily focus on pure energy weapon damage and get great results, comparable to ships later on in this list.

Strike Wing Escorts are relatively new to Star Trek Online and aren’t nearly as popular as their Flight Deck Cruiser big brothers.

With the Pilot specialization, the Alita is able to equip things like Attack Pattern: Lamba, however because of the seating being shared with engineering, people tend to not use the Pilot skills in favor of the needed engineering bridge officer slots. 

The starship trait is Coordinated Assault, which is the opposite of Superior Area Denial. Your pets' Beam: Overload and Cannon: Rapid Fire abilities deal a lot of single-target damage. It isn’t as good as Superior Area Denial, since Star Trek Online isn’t structured around huge boss battles, but it’s still useful for Carriers or people who use pets.

The console it comes with, Destabilized Tachyon Emitters, is unfortunately terrible and should be replaced by any number of better consoles like the Assimilated Module or similar.

Star Trek: First Contact debuted the original Akira class, which has long been a fan favorite, and now thanks to the Alita, players can enjoy the ship with all the power and grace of the original movie.

  • Level 65: Hull 48000(scaling)
  • 4 fore and 3 aft weapon slots
  • Shield Modifier 1.06
  • Turn Rate 15
  • 5 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science console slots
  • Unique Console: Destabilized Tachyon Burst
  • Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Tactical, Lt. Commander Engineering-Pilot, Lieutenant Science, Lieutenant Universal

  What makes the T6 Alita Heavy Strike Wing Escort great

  • Heavy firepower, with some builds pushing past half a million DPS.
  • It comes with an excellent Carrier trait that is useful for single target damage.
  • Some flexibility with the bridge officer seating lets you switch up builds.
  • This ship has six skins available, giving it many customization options for players.

How To Get the T6 Alita Heavy Strike Wing Escort

  • If you like the skins and want all the versions as well, the Akira Bundle for 6,000 Zen/$60.00 is available.

7. Terran Cygnus Battlecruiser

star trek online tos ships

Big D has been upgraded, Terran style!

How to get the Terran Cygnus-Class Battlecruiser: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

Number 7 is the Terran version of the Galaxy Class, the Cygnus. The Cygnus is a far better version than the Andromeda. The Cygnus fits the general profile of top-end Star Trek Online ships—it has a lot of forward guns; it has full specialization seating; and it has bridge officer flexibility. It isn’t quite enough to get it into the top 5, though, and I’ll explain why.

The Cygnus has the unique position of being the only full-time temporal specialization battlecruiser with five forward weapon slots. The other available option, the Paladin, only has four, making it a worse version of the Cygnus. The Cynus also has huge hull values, making it far easier to tank with.

This unusual arrangement is usually glossed over by players since the Cygnus doesn’t have the full Commander science bridge officer seating that would be needed to turn it into a science damage boat. Instead, most players use the Commander engineering bridge officer seat for all their engineering powers and turn the Lt. Commander Universal into another tactical item or into science.

Still, the added feature benefits of being a full temporal specialization ship are quite handy, sharing the same benefits as the Narendra. It lacks the same capacity to function as a "light" science ship due to the limitations of its seating, but it makes up for that more than enough by having sheer firepower through traditional means.

With the five front weapons, it can output the same damage as the Arbiter while being significantly tankier and having the bonus features of the Temporal specialization and the Lieutenant Tactical Command, which gives you access to Concentrate Firepower II. By using this power, and switching your Lt. Commander Universal to Science for a Gravity Well, you can pump out a huge amount of torpedo damage onto a target group of helpless enemies.

Or you can go the traditional directed energy weapon route and let the beams do the lion's share of damage!

With the full Temporal specialization and split Command specialization, you have a lot of options for what you want to do with this ship. The Temporal and Command abilities can be used for tanking or DPS; the choice is yours!

The starship trait is Controlled Aggression, which really wants to make this ship use science powers as it buffs Control Expertise every time you use a Temporal Operative power or a Universal Console clickable. The buff is pretty good too, as it scales based on the control expertise you already have. However, I wouldn’t necessarily put it on the Cygnus, unless I really wanted to try out a science build using the Galaxy skin for flavor.

It’s better suited for a pure science ship, as we’ll see later in the list.

The console it comes with, Destabilized Dimensional Rip, is a weird one! It gives phaser, radiation, and exotic particle generator buffs, which seems to want to encourage a hybrid directed energy/science power build. The clickable creates a rift in front of you that "banishes" enemies and causes radiation damage while the rift itself expands, swallowing up more enemies. The clickable is pretty handy if you are tanking and things are getting spicy.

The Cygnus comes with all of the Galaxy Class skins, letting you fly around in Jean Luc Picard’s Enterprise D, but for those adventurous of spirit, it also has additional costumes that can be used to customize your ship!

  • Level 65: Hull 68625(scaling)
  • Shield Modifier 1.525
  • Turn Rate 6
  • 3 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 3 Science console slots
  • Unique Console: Destabilized Dimensional Rift
  • Lieutenant Tactical-Command, Lieutenant Tactical, Commander Engineering-Temporal Operative, Lieutenant Science, Lt. Commander Universal

What makes the T6 Cygnus Battlecruiser great

  • Flexible firepower options, ranging from directed energy weapons to torpedos to some science (if building that way).
  • This is a highly durable tanking ship, able to sit there and soak up a ton of damage.
  • Full specialization means it can take advantage of the Temporal Operative features, adding even more flexibility.
  • Universal seating means you can go for more damage or more tanking or more science, depending on your needs.

How To Get the T6 Cygnus Battlecruiser Battlecruiser

  • If you like the Terran line of ships, there is a bundle available, the 12th Anniversary Terran Bundle, for 17,500 Zen ($175.00).

6. Suliban Flight Deck Assault Carrier

star trek online tos ships

Enterprise has a thing or two to say about how annoying these can be!

How to get the Suliban Flight Deck Assault Carrier: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

Number 6 is finally here, and what do we have? The Suliban Assault Carrier! The Sublian FDAC (what a mouthful) is probably the best entry for anyone looking to get into the higher firepower carriers. Outside of gamble box ships, the Suliban is the most effective at the role. Between the 5 forward and 3 aft weapon layouts and the 2 hangar bays, the ship also has a Battle Cloak, giving you basically the best of all worlds in a single package.

The only thing that could make this ship even better, pushing it into the top 3, would be if it had full specialization seating. Alas, we do not obtain perfection with this ship and instead have to settle for "really dang good." Still, it does come with unique pets that do a fair amount of damage.

FDAC type ships are hyper-geared towards energy weapon builds or torpedo builds, and this is because they have a Commander bridge officer seating in their Lt. Commander Tactical slot. This gives them Concentrate Firepower III, massively increasing torpedo damage potential. However, you don’t have to do this and can instead slap dual beam banks on it and beat the Arbiter, Cygnus, and Alita in damage thanks to the presence of two Hangar Bays.

If you remember from our Number 12 spot, the Vanguard Carrier, squadrons make a huge difference in damage, so if you can get those on this ship, you’ll be able to handily destroy anything you come across. An added bonus is having a Battle Cloak, which gives you ambush bonuses when you decloak on targets. Combine it with pets and a big alpha strike, and you’ll tear through anything unfortunate enough to look at you funny.

This class of ship is widely considered among the best outside of specialized science builds, as it can do insanely huge DPS and tank heavy hits at the same time. With the Universal bridge officer seating, you can increase your tankiness or throw it all into offense, really amplifying just what you can do with this. It also comes with two cruiser commands, the Shield Frequency Modulation and the Attract Fire command.

The starship trait is the Majority-Minority, which buffs you based on the number of allies versus enemies that are around you. The trait puts a damper on the otherwise incredible stuff this ship brings you, as it's fairly terrible and should be replaced with better traits like the Arbiter’s.

The console it comes with, the Universal-I.F.F. Manipulator, gives you a 10% critical severity bonus to weapons and a 50% bonus reduction to engineering bridge officer cooldowns. The clickable is an AOE conflation combined with a targeted "force retarget". Basically, it will make your targeted enemy fire on its friends, which then causes it to taunt all its nearby friends for six seconds. As far as tanking stuff goes, this is a hard pass.

The Suliban FDAC only has one skin, but if you’re a fan of Archer’s adventures in Star Trek: Enterprise, this will surely bring back memories of the long road!

  • Level 65: Hull 58500(scaling)
  • Shield Modifier 1.3
  • Hull Modifier 1.0
  • 3 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 2 Science console slots
  • Unique Console: I.F.F. Manipulator
  • Romulan Battle Cloak
  • Lt. Commander Tactical-Command, Lieutenant Tactical, Commander Engineering, Ensign Science, Lt. Commander Universal

What makes the T6 Suliban Flight Deck Assault Carrier great

  • They are among the best ships in the game in terms of Flight Deck Carriers outside of the gamble box ships.
  • You have a battle cloak, five forward weapon slots, and two hangar slots for pets, giving you excellent forward firepower.
  • It lends itself well to torpedo builds or dual beam builds thanks to Concentrate Firepower 3 being available.
  • It has a Lt. Commander universal bridge officer slot, giving you more flexibility. 

How To Get the T6 Suliban Flight Deck Assault Carrier

  • If you like the FDAC line of ships, there is a bundle available, the Cross Faction Flight Deck Assault Carrier Bundle for 6,000 Zen/$60.00.

5. Titan Science Destroyer

star trek online tos ships

It's another Enterprise!!

How to get the Titan Science Destroyer: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

Finally, the top 5! And who better than Another Enterprise to take fifth place?The Titan represents the only non-gamble-box T6 Science Destroyer available to players. Science Destroyers have a special feature that lets them switch between two different attack modes: Tactical Mode and Science Mode.

The Tactical Mode switches the ship from a typical science vessel into a Destroyer class starship, giving it a Commander tactical and experimental weapon, +2 turn rate, 10% speed, and 10 interia. This makes it a very effective destroyer type ship with excellent control powers through the Lt. Commander Science and Lt. Commander Universal.

While in Science Mode, the ship switches to a Commander Science Bridge officer, who grants it Secondary Deflectors and the standard Sensor Analysis and Subsystem Targeting. This disables the experimental weapon, however, so keep that in mind. Science mode is your standard "space magic" end-game science vessel that can throw out high DPS through Gravity Wells combined with other temporal powers granted by the Lt. Commander Universal-Temporal Operative seat.

The ship has a 4 forward and 3 aft weapon layout, which is unusual for a science vessel. Even in Science Mode, it still retains the 4 forward weapons, making it extremely effective as a science-torpedo build. In fact, barring the later Trailblazer, which is a recent addition to the game, the Titan is the best science torpedo boat out there that isn't a gamble box.

It is only because of the Trailblazers' full specialization seating that the Titan doesn’t make it higher on the list of science ships.

The starship trait is It’s Another Enterprise! When you activate a Fleet Support ability, it will summon the faction's flagship onto the battlefield for 90 seconds. On face value, this sounds terrible. However, if you are trying to build an "Armada" type carrier, this trait is hilariously effective, giving you an added 30k DPS on average.

The console it comes with, Opening Salvo, is an excellent clickable console that does different things depending on what mode you use. In Science Mode, the torpedoes will knock subsystems offline for X number of seconds, with X depending on your control expertise. In Tactical Mode, it fires off a continuing spread of photon torpedoes, which don’t do a lot of damage if the targets have shields, but they can work well together with shield draining or control abilities.

Fans of the Star Trek: Titan novels know this is a must-have and anyone who enjoys the Lower Decks will jump for joy like Boimler at the sight of this beauty warping into the battlefield!

  • Level 65: Hull 49500(scaling)
  • Shield Modifier 1.325
  • Turn Rate 13
  • 4 Tactical, 2 Engineering, 4 Science console slots
  • Unique Console: Opening Salvo
  • Experimental Weapon
  • Tactical Mode and Science Mode
  • Lt. Commander Tactical, Ensign Tactical, Lieutenant Engineering, Commander Science (Commander Tactical when in Tactical Mode), Lt. Commander Universal-Temporal Operative

What makes the T6 Titan Science Destroyer great

  • It is unique among the ships on this list for its ability to switch between Destroyer and Science vessel roles. That added flexibility means you can easily adapt the ship to any mission profile.
  • Excellent forward firepower when in Destroyer mode, comparable to the Arbiter with the Experimental Weapon slot (and depending on what Experimental Weapon you use).
  • A console is useful when combined with torpedoes to mass disable enemy ships caught in a Gravity Well.
  • It comes with multiple skins that you can use to customize your ship even further.

How To Get the T6 Titan Science Destroyer

4. Clarke Multi Mission Command Cruiser

star trek online tos ships

Compact, has a hangar, full command ship status, what more could a dad ask for?

How to get the Clarke Multi-Mission Command Cruiser: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

At number four, we have the Clarke Multi-Mission Command Cruiser! Bringing it all the way back to our earlier list, this ship is from the same family of craft as the Reliant. However, it is far superior to its earlier brother in that it is a full-specializing ship, has better overall stats, better bridge officer seating, and a hangar bay.

The Clarke takes everything that the Reliant does and simply makes it way better. It’s the first of the new type of Multi-Mission Command Cruisers and serves a new role as a fleet anchor during task force operations. It comes with a Lt. Commander Universal station in addition to the Commander Engineering-Command specialization, letting you throw out the potent command abilities.

The Command specialization gives you a building buff that, once at 100%, will let you activate one of three powerful group-wide buffs. These are Turn the Tide (a huge damage resistance and regeneration buff), Against All Odds (a huge damage and weapon power cost reduction bonus), and Battle Preparation (instant recharge of all bridge officer powers). This gauge charges every time someone on your team uses an ability.

Despite being such a tiny ship (it’s just a little bigger than the Defiant), it has good punch and team utility. With the Hangar Bay and the balanced cruiser loadout, it can handle all task force operations in the game. The new Multi-Mission Cruisers do not come with all the typical cruiser commands, but they do come with the crucial Weapon System Efficiency command for energy DPS builds, which will reduce your power draw when firing weapons.

The starship trait, Greater Than The Sum, works off of command bridge officer abilities and Emergency Power to Auxiliary to grant yourself and nearby allies scaling +2-20 power levels and restores scaling maximum hull and maximum shields. Not terrible, but better suited for a supporting role, which this ship does well at.

The console it comes with, Genesis Seed, is unusual for a Cruiser. It increases Drain Expertise and Radiation Damage, neither of which is something a cruiser will typically use (barring perhaps the Cygnus and Nerandra). The clickable is alright; it does scaling damage to up to 10 enemies and explodes after 30 seconds. Useless for anyone who isn’t using a Control build.

If you enjoyed the Reliant or any of the Miranda variants and wanted to take it to the next level, this is the ship for you!

  • Turn Rate 9.5
  • Unique Console: Genesis Seed
  • Lieutenant Tactical, Commander Engineering-Command, Ensign Engineering, Lt. Commander Science, Lt. Commander Universal

What makes the T6 Clarke Multi-Mission Command Cruiser great

  • The latest and greatest in new classes of ships, it’s a command specialization cruiser with a hangar bay! This makes it outright better than any of the normal command specialization cruisers in a DPS role.
  • Lt. Commander Universal gives you added flexibility in how you set up your ship, though most will double up on the tactical station to maximize firepower.
  • The ship comes with the same skin selection as the Reliant, letting you customize the vessel to your heart's content with 9 total skins.

How To Get the T6 Clarke Multi-Mission Command Cruiser

  • It also comes in the New Genesis Bundle for 7,500 zen/$75.00.

3. Gagarin Miracle Worker Battlecruiser

star trek online tos ships

The OG "yes, buy this."

How to get the Gagarin Miracle Worker Battlecruiser: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

At Number 3, we have the arguable replacement for the venerable Arbiter as the "go-to newbie ship". The Gagarin It has the coveted 5 forward and 3 aft weapon layout, the even more coveted full specialization Miracle Worker bridge officer seating, and a universal console slot which will let you put any console there.

The Gagarin has been out for some time now, and many players have turned it into a beast of a ship that still retains a high level of DPS and durability. It has also been able to keep up with later releases of dual specialization ships or even some of the gamble box ships.

The Miracle Worker specialization gives the ship access to Innovation Effects: Instinctive Rerouting (Bonus to All Subsystem Power), Containment Layering (Temporary Hull based on Max Hull), Heisenberg Decoupling (Secondary Shields based on Max Shields), Plasma Conduit Purge (Self-Targeted AOE Plasma Damage-over-Time), Ingenious Solutions (Bonus to Recharge Speeds for Bridge Officer and Captain Abilities), Barclay Maneuver (Photonic

As you can see, these are excellent little bonuses, and the best part is that you can activate them at will so long as you input the right combination of bridge officer abilities. The combo works like this: Tactical, Engineering, or Science will pop up in a three-icon sequence. Just use the powers in the sequence provided to activate the innovation that the RNG has given you!

All Miracle Worker ships are amazing for energy weapon builds, as the native Miracle Worker bridge officer powers dramatically boost the damage output of beams and cannons. Powers like Narrow Sensor Bands, Energy Weapons: Exceeded Rated Limits, and Mixed Armaments Synergy can give you monstrous DPS very quickly. Timing it right can result in powerful burst cycles capable of obliterating anything in your path.

As a battlecruiser, it can equip a cloaking device console, which can be interesting if you’re trying to sneak around. It also comes with Weapon System Efficiency (we like this one), Shield Frequency Modulation, and Strategic Maneuvering.

The starship trait, Entwined Tactical Matrices, is one of the better traits out there for ships that have limited tactical bridge officer slots. It applies to Fire at Will 1 and Scattery Volley 1 when you use a Torpedo Spread. However, when you use Fire at Will 1 or Scatter Volley 1, it will apply Torpedo Spread 1 instead. So, by using any one of those powers, you get the effect of two. Handy huh?

The console it comes with, the Refracting Energy Shunt, gives you passive power transfer levels (good) and engineering readiness (also good). Its actual clickable ability, however, is underwhelming at best, providing a narrow arc-scale proton damage attack that will at best chip the paint on the enemy ship.

Based on the Discovery ship of the same name, the Gagarin comes with the original Shepard class skin, letting you relive those final moments of the namesake ship and change history!

  • Hull Modifier 0.95
  • Turn Rate 7.5
  • 3 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 2 Science, 1 Universal console slots
  • Unique Console: Refracting Energy Shunt
  • Innovation Effects
  • Cyclical Quantum Slipstream Drive (faster Sector Space travel)
  • Lt. Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Tactical-Miracle Worker, Commander Engineering-Miracle Worker, Ensign Science, Lt. Commander Universal

What makes the T6 Gagarin Miracle Worker Battlecruiser great

  • A highly affordable ship that can reach top-end DPS with pretty minimal effort. Despite the nerfs to Miracle Worker, it still stands as the best specialization to have.
  • A truly excellent directed energy weapons platform, you would be hard pressed to find anything wrong with this ship.
  • The Universal console slot gives you added options compared to regular starships.
  • Innovation mechanics can be very powerful if you know how to use them.

How To Get the T6 Gagarin Miracle Worker Battlecruiser

  • It also comes in the Discovery Operations Pack for 12,000 zen ($120.00).

2. Terran Trailblazer Science Warship

star trek online tos ships

The new "yes, buy this." Now with more guns!

How to get the Terran Trailblazer Science Warship: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

Here we are! Star Trek Online's top two ships!It was a close call between them, and really, depending on how you play the game, #1 and #2 can be easily switched out for you. For the average player, though, I’m sticking with this decision to put the Trailblazer as our Number 2 winner. This thing is nasty-it comes with 4 forward weapons, 3 aft weapons, a secondary deflector, full command specialization, and a built-in Agony Phaser Lance!

It’s basically the Galaxy-X in science ship form! The only thing it’s missing is a hangar bay, at which point it would be entirely interchangeable with our #1, the Lexington, for any role. As it is, this ship is hilariously overtuned. The ship even comes with split specialization in the form of both Miracle Worker and Command Specialization, though its Miracle Worker only makes it up to Lt. rather than something beefier like Lt. Commander.

Still, it’s hard to look at this thing and not want to run away in terror at the potential of it. Which is the point, given it's a Terran ship!

With the now familiar Lt. Commander Universal, you can turn this thing into a dedicated sci-torp build, a regular torpedo build, a directed energy weapon build, a pure science build, or even a hybrid directed energy weapon-science build! Compared to the rest of the ships on this list, it easily surpasses the vast majority given all these options.

The full command specialization gives us the regular goodies you’d expect to see from ships like the Clarke while also letting you squeeze in Narrow Sensor Bands and Mixed Armaments Synergy thanks to the Lieutenant Miracle Worker. On top of that, if you build with phaser damage in mind, you can turn the Phaser Lance into a nice built-in burst damage option. This thing can do it all!

It can even cloak, thanks to changes to the Cloaking Device Console. So we have a souped up Terran version of Voyager that can blow up the bad guys in a dozen different ways, cloak, and scream across the battlefield at crazy speeds. Yep, sounds Terran alright.

The starship trait, Weaponized Exotic Particles, gives you a bonus to your Exotic Particle Generators when you use any of the firing buffs, such as Fire at Will, Torpedo Spread, or Mine Dispersal. This isn’t actually a bad trait for this particular ship, as it is so incredibly flexible.

The console it comes with, Decentralized Immunity, increases critical severity by 12%, shield capacity by 15%, and its clickable summons an "Immunity Drone." This drone makes you totally immune to all damage for up to ten seconds, though it can be destroyed by enemy fire. This is an amazing tanking console since a majority of the NPCs don’t target pets very well. I highly suggest using this if you tank at all.

The Voyager episode "Living Witness" gave us our first taste of Warship Voyager. The Terrans, however, are the ones to perfect it. If you want a beast of a ship that can rip through anything and everything that Star Trek Online throws at you, this is the pinnacle outside of gamble box ships, and even then, it’s comparable.

  • Level 65: Hull 51750(scaling)
  • Hull Modifier 1.15
  • Unique Console: Decentralized Immunity
  • Inspiration Mechanic
  • Agony Phaser Lance
  • Sensor Analysis
  • Subsystem Targeting
  • Lt. Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Tactical-Miracle Worker, Ensign Engineering, Commander Science-Command, Lt. Commander Universal

What makes the T6 Trailblazer great

  • There is a ridiculous amount of firepower that can be gained through energy weapons, torpedos, science abilities, or a combination of these.
  • A built-in Agony Phaser Lance (a miniature Galaxy-X!) combined with Sensor Analysis and Subsystem Targeting.
  • An Inspiration Mechanic that gives you all the benefits of a cruiser, while being a science ship.
  • Ideal destroyer weapon layout, despite not being a destroyer.
  • Almost cruiser-level hull values with very high shield values.
  • Excellent tactical and science console layout.
  • Amazing console for tanking.

How To Get the T6 Trailblazer

  • It also comes in the 12th Anniversary Terran Bundle for 17,500 zen/$175.00.

1. Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser

star trek online tos ships

For all your flagship needs; now comes with Nebula mission pod and phaser lance! Deathgliders not included.

How to get the Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser: 3,000 Zen ($30.00) in the C-Store

And finally, at long last, we have our big winner: the Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser. This will probably be a bit of a controversial choice over the Trailblazer, but I chose it because there tends to be more players flying around in cruisers compared to science ships, and as a "newbie" ship, it’s pretty much impossible to get this thing wrong. The only thing that sucks about this ship is the 4 forward and 4 aft weapon layout.

If it had 5/3, it would literally be perfect. However, we’ll deal with the near-perfection of the cruiser class instead! Coming in with a built-in Agony Phaser Lance, Hangar Bay, Cruiser Commands, and full Miracle Worker specialization, this ship takes the Gagarin and amps it up to 11. Despite the 4/4 layout, it still does monstrous damage with some extremely high parses that I’ve seen in this exact ship.

Not even the legendary, everyday Terran version!If that doesn’t say "most impressive," I don’t know what does!

In addition, it has a split specialization with Intelligence, giving you access to Override Subsystem Safeties II, which is incredibly powerful when combined with Miracle Worker bridge officer powers. Throw in Narrow Sensor Bands and the rest and you’ve got a burst cycle very few things can survive for long.

Much of what makes the Gagarin so good applies to the Lexington, but with the added bonus of the Hangar Bay and Phaser Lance. While neither is particularly noteworthy, they are additional DPS sources and count in my assessment of the Number 1 spot. To add insult to injury, the vastly larger Lexington is actually 0.5 times faster at turning than the Gagarin, tossing a little bit of straw to break the camel's back in terms of just how good this thing is.

Not to beat a dead horse, but this is just a flat out better Galaxy-X. For those wondering why I didn’t include the Legendary Galaxy-X on this list, this ship is why. It’s better priced, has better stats, and has the far superior Miracle Worker full specialization. It’s just better. Sorry, Gal-X fans.

In typical Terran fashion, they took a concept and just added more guns to it until they ran out of room.

As before, it has a Lt. Commander Universal to just throw down in any direction you need to while also packing a Lt. Commander Tactical. It's not even a split station, it’s a pure full tactical, which is great for a ship like this. Unlike the Trailblazer, you can’t quite omni-everything in it, but it’s still an excellent ship in every respect. The only difference between this ship and the Trailblazer is purely in its role.

This was designed as an energy weapon cruiser, whereas the Trailblazer was built as an energy weapon/torpedo science ship. It can’t squeeze on a good torpedo build, but that’s alright. It more than makes up for it in withering damage output.

The starship trait, Dimensional Modulation, gives you +3–30% bonus weapon damage for 10 seconds whenever you use a Miracle Worker bridge officer power or Directed Energy Modulation that scales with nearby foes. This is insanely good when you are outnumbered! While the conditions cannot be controlled (making it suboptimal in situations where you are not outnumbered), it is still extremely powerful when combined with all of the other ships' abilities.

The console it comes with, Multi-Directional Artillery Barrage, is perhaps the only other possible disappointment. While the 20% bonus to projectile damage and 7.5% bonus to healing capacity are alright, the torpedoes themselves do minuscule damage. Even the 25% bonus damage doesn’t justify slotting it with a two-minute recharge. Unless you are doing a theme build or attempting something whacky with bonus damage values, I would not slot this.

Star Trek Online’s flagship class in the Odyssey line has an outstanding ship that easily eclipses the majority of the ships on this list. The Lexington is the current pinnacle of non-promo cruisers, with a little bit of everything and a whole lotta phasers ready to vaporize. It’s all the more fitting for those who wish to replay some of Star Trek Online’s history, living in the moments of the Enterprise F when it first came to us in the Mission: The Odyssey Class at the helm of a truly mighty vessel.

  • Level 65: Hull 61875(scaling)
  • Shield Modifier 1.15
  • Hull Modifier 1.375
  • Turn Rate 8
  • 4 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 2 Science, 1 Universal console slots
  • Unique Console: Multi-Directional Artillery Barrage
  • Innovation Mechanic
  • Quantum Slipstream Drive (faster Sector Travel)
  • Lt. Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Tactical-Intelligence, Commander Engineering-Miracle Worker, Ensign Science, Lt. Commander Universal

What makes the T6 Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser great

  • Like the Trailblazer, ridiculous amounts of firepower can be gained through energy weapons.
  • Agony Phaser Lance (a miniature Galaxy-X!) and a Hangar Bay were built in.
  • You use the Innovation Mechanic that gives you bonuses based on the powers you use.
  • It has huge natural hull values, making it among the tankiest in the game for its price tag.
  • Excellent tactical layout, with full capacity to take advantage of its Miracle Worker and Intelligence Bridge Officer abilities.

How To Get the T6 Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser

And there we have it! These are the top 15 best ships for players in Star Trek Online! This represents a budget-friendly list, so players don’t have to worry about trying to gamble to get one of those impossibly difficult uber-end-game ships. You can pilot any of the classic vessels from the shows to great effect! One of the wonderful things about Star Trek Online is that you can make any ship work; it just takes a bit of elbow grease.

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star trek online tos ships

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TOS Era Ships (2200-2260)

star trek online tos ships

The class history of the Constitution dates back to the more or less conjectural year 2245 when the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was commissioned, as the second ship of her class as it seems. The main hull of the Constitution class is a flat round saucer, the engineering hull is cylindrical. The overall color is light gray, the hull panels show only a slight contrast, and a shield grid is faintly visible. The warp engines are simple tubes with red glowing Bussard collectors at their forward ends. If there is a warp field grille like on later ships (and on NX-01 too), it is on the inward sides of the nacelles. The original Constitution class has a metallic deflector dish sticking out from the engineering hull. Standard armament consists of phasers and photon torpedoes, but neither weapon array is clearly visible on the hull; both seem to be located in the saucer's lower sensor dome. Although the ships must have something like thrusters, they cannot be identified either.

Registries are below NCC-2000. The cruise speed of teh Constitution is Warp 6, the maximum speed around Warp 8 ( old scale ). We can assume that most if not all other ships of the era are considerably slower.

star trek online tos ships

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Today Star Trek Online launches “Unparalleled,” the 32nd season of the multiplayer online game. The new season features the return of Star Trek: The Next Generation star Denise Crosby.

Unparalleled is live now

Star Trek Online: Unparalleled is available now on PC and will launch on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on June 19. his new season features the return of Denise Crosby, playing Captain Sela of the Enterprise F from a parallel universe. This new season continues the Aetherian and Mirror Borg story content within Star Trek Online , as the player’s Captain must work with allies to defend the Iconians against a mysterious, new Borg threat. Starting today, PC players can go up against a new Borg foe in the new featured episode, “Situation Under Control”, participate in a new TFO, “Borg Battle Royale”, jump into a new event, and experience a gender/species change feature, along with updates to the Infinity Lockbox.

Here is the launch trailer…

And here is the official synopsis for the story:

In Star Trek Online: Unparalleled, the Khitomer Alliance has tasked you and a new Aetherian ally with modifying an Iconian Gateway, when you receive a distress call from another universe. They’re under siege by a multiversal Borg, attacking from within a massive Dyson Sphere. Can you stop these new Borg before they gain control?

star trek online tos ships

From Star Trek Online: Unparalleled

Unparalleled also includes the following new features…

New Episode – Situation Under Control The Aetherians will send you on a mission with one of their own into a new universe, and you must join forces to stem the tide of a new Borg foe!

Brand New Task Force Operation – Borg Battle Royale

  • A new 5 Captain Ground TFO.
  • After the Season event ends, an infinite round version will be available.

Season 32 Event – Delete Alt Control For this new event, players can play selected content to earn the following rewards:

  • Dimensional Hypermass Torpedo Launcher
  • Type 14 Shuttle Support Squadron
  • 500 Lobi Crystals
  • 1 Phoenix Epic Prize Token
  • 30,000 Dilithium Ore

Infinity Lockbox Update T6 Aetherian Revelation will be added to the Infinity Lockbox.

Captain Alteration Token Want to change your character but keep your hard earned rewards? Now you can, with the Captain Alteration Token. This new token will allow you to change your Captain’s species and/or gender, within your chosen faction.

More screenshots…

star trek online tos ships

Star Trek Online  is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, visit .

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Can’t wait to try it out.

I just played through the new episode, and I can tell you right now, the only way the plot of Star Trek Online could go further off the rails at this point is if Kruge came back from the dead, ripped his makeup off to reveal Christopher Lloyd and said “Rails? Where we’re going, we don’t need rails.”

I wish we saw more of Sela live action wise. Nemesis would have been perfect or PIC.

Legacy characters, the Borg, clunky dialogue, ugly starships… yep, that’s modern day Trek alright!

  • Federation Starships
  • Edge of Klingon Space
  • Qo'noS System
  • Klingon Starships
  • Virinat System
  • Romulan Republic Starships
  • TOS Starfleet Starships
  • Dominion Starships
  • DSC Starfleet Starships

Tutorial Starship

  • VisualEditor

The Tutorial Starship is the first starship that the player serves on. Different storylines lead to players from each faction gaining command of their respective ships during the tutorial episodes.

Starfleet (25th century) [ | ]


Starfleet players start out as a cadet at Starfleet Academy . They are subsequently assigned to their first training cruise aboard a Miranda -class Light Cruiser , commanded by Captain Masc Taggart . In “Training Cruise” , the player, as first officer, is given the task to take the ship out of spacedock and onto their destination. En route, the ship receives an automated distress call from the S.S. Break Even and the ship takes a detour to assist. However, the distress call is actually the catalyst for a Borg attack. Eventually, the Borg are repelled, but at the cost of Captain Taggart, who is abducted and later assimilated.

The player subsequently receives a field promotion to acting Lieutenant by Admiral Janeway aboard the U.S.S. Voyager , and is put in temporary command of the ship as the Borg launch an invasion of Vega IX after passing through the Pollux System . The player assists in the temporary defense and eventual evacuation of the colony, saving the assimilated Taggart in the process. With Captain Taggart currently out of commission, Admiral Quinn at Earth Spacedock confirms the player's previous field promotion to Lieutenant and permanently places the starship under her/his command.

  • Captain Masc Taggart ( Denobulan commanding officer)
  • Cadet "Number One" (First officer, player)
  • Cadet Elisa Flores ( Human tactical officer)
  • Cadet T'Vrell ( Vulcan communications & science officer)
  • Cadet Zarva ( Bolian chief engineering officer)
  • Cadet Morek ( Benzite assistant medical officer)
  • Cadet Razkii ( Saurian security officer)
  • Cadet Anne Potter (Human conn officer)
  • Cadet R'raak ( Caitian transporter operator)
  • Cadet Asher Moss (Human science officer)
  • Cadet Rosark (Human security officer)
  • Cadet Anthony Wright (Human acting chief of operations)
  • Cadet Garab Zareth
  • Cadet Scott Nokes
  • Cadet T'Kira

Notes [ | ]

Player starship

U.S.S. Miranda , NCC-1805-B.

  • The Federation tutorial was completely revamped with the release of Season Eight: The Sphere .
  • The original intro sequence depicted the player's ship as a Miranda -class frigate labeled U.S.S. Miranda NCC-1805-B, regardless of the vessel's actual class, name and registry.

Klingon Empire [ | ]


Klingon Empire players start out as the second officer serving aboard a B'rel -class Bird-of-Prey commanded by Captain Jurlek . In “End of Watch” , the ship rendezvous with the I.K.S. Seg'pa , which hands Federation prisoner Franklin Drake over to them. After the U.S.S. Musashi suddenly attacks both ships, the player learns of Cpt. Jurlek's treasonous plan to deliberately let the prisoner be freed. After first officer Doran is killed by Jurlek, the player challenges and kills the latter, thereby rightfully gaining command of the vessel. After the Musashi is destroyed, the prisoner is handed over to the authorities in the First City on Qo'noS .

  • Captain Jurlek ( Klingon commanding officer)
  • Commander Doran (Klingon first officer)
  • Second officer (player)
  • Lieutenant K'Gan (Klingon third officer)
  • Security Chief Kelor
  • This vessel appears in a cutscene in “Manhunt” , even if the player replays the mission using a different starship.

Romulan Republic [ | ]

Romulan Republic

The player starts as a citizen of an independent Romulan farming colony on Virinat . After the colony is attacked by the Elachi and the Tal Shiar in “Virinat, Invaded” , the player escapes and takes command of a T'liss Light Warbird formerly commanded by Malem . In “Flight from Virinat” , the player then assists in the evacuation of colonists from Virinat and is briefly confronted by Hakeev , who flees after losing an eye during a short fight. The player then joins D'Tan and his Romulan Republic forces at the Romulan Flotilla .

  • Commander Malem (former commanding officer)
  • Nevala (former first officer)
  • D'Vex (former chief engineering officer)
  • Commanding officer (player)
  • Tovan Khev (first officer)

TOS Starfleet [ | ]

TOS Starfleet

The Original Series-era player starts as a Lieutenant aboard a Pioneer -class Utility Cruiser , serving Captain Isaac Garrett .

  • Captain Isaac Garrett (Human commanding officer)
  • First officer (player)
  • Ensign Tarsi ( Andorian tactical officer)
  • Ensign Mears (Human mission specialist)
  • Ensign Skavrin ( Tellarite engineering officer)
  • Ensign T'Met (Vulcan science officer)
  • Ensign Okamura
  • Crewman Flores
  • Crewman Skial

Dominion [ | ]


As Dominion players start at level 60, the Jem'Hadar Escort is a starting ship but not strictly a tutorial ship. The player begins as the ships First (Captain), and unlike the other ships it is a Tier 5 ship with Mk XII Very Rare gear, rather than a Tier 1 with Standard Issue Common gear.

  • First (player)
  • Second Eko'Ixtan (Tactical officer)
  • Third Rem'Taral (Science officer)
  • Third Metama'Kagal (Chief engineering officer)
  • Fourth Virak'Agar
  • Fifth Ixso'Rax
  • Fifth Tomak'talan
  • Fifth Vorso'kax

DSC Starfleet [ | ]

DSC Starfleet

Similarly to 25th century characters, a Discovery-era character begin as a senior cadet at Starfleet Academy preparing for their training cruise aboard a light cruiser - a Malachowski -class vessel - commanded by a veteran captain, Anton Schaefer . Their cruise to Vulcan is similarly interrupted by a distress call, from the S.S. Fortuna commanded by Cyrano Jones , and the subsequent battle with Klingon forces results in the death of the captain, leaving the player in command of the ship. They receive a battlefield promotion from another senior captain, Thy'kir Shran of the U.S.S. Sebrova , which is formalized by Admiral Kensington upon the ship's return to Earth.

  • Captain Anton Schaefer ( Human commanding officer)
  • Cadet "XO" (First officer, player)
  • Cadet Sylvia Tilly (Human chief engineering officer)
  • Cadet Evelyn Savea (Human tactical officer)
  • Cadet Tamav (Vulcan engineering officer)
  • Cadet Keero ( Alien chief medical officer)
  • Cadet Ian Kwon (Human communications officer)
  • Cadet Gerry Lifeson (Human chief security officer)
  • Cadet Desmond (Human transporter officer)
  • Cadet Irez (Alien helm officer)
  • 2 Playable starship
  • 3 List of canon starships


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