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20 hottest weekend getaway destinations in asia, posted by luxify, 31 march, 2020, one of the best things about living in cities like hong kong or singapore is the quick weekend trips you can take to any of the surrounding asia cities.

Now that Singapore has gotten an extra day off in August, here’s our complete guide to the 20 hottest weekend holiday destinations in Asia. Enjoy! 

20. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand, is one of Thailand’s oldest and most culturally significant cities. From the city’s night bazaar to the ancient walls and dozens of temples, Chiang Mai is soaked in Thai culture. Chiang Mai’s laid back atmosphere will make for a definitely pleasant holiday experience as you walk through the streets and experience the local life of Thailand.


19. Vigan, Philippines

Exploring Vigan is like travelling through a time machine. As you walk the cobbled streets and admire the Spanish-Filipino architecture, you may hear music and laughter in the distance as friends and lovers spend time with each other. Every nook and cranny of the city seems to have a story to tell you, all you have to do is listen. Preserved and largely untouched, Vigan is a city that resonates with Philippine history. 

18. Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is the beating heart of Nepal. Surrounded by historic sites, villages, and ancient temples; there is never a dull moment as you travel through the city as every part seems to offer something interesting and new. Enjoy some of the local art such as carpets and paper prints. If you’ve filled up on culture, Kathmandu is also a great place to kick off your adventure into the mountains.

17. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sunrise in Angkor Wat, there is probably nothing more ethereal and spiritual; and Siem Reap is home to that wonder. However, that is not to say that there is nothing more than that in Siem Reap. If you want to have a taste of Cambodian culture, head over to the Cambodian Cultural Village in Siem Reap. When you’re tired of that, you can cap off your day with an exploration of the maze of the Angkor Night Market.

16. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is seemingly frozen in time around the 15 th to 19 th centuries. Every inch of the city calls back to bygone times and old stories. As such, Hoi An is probably one of the best places to go if you want to learn about Vietnamese history and culture. Enjoy a special treat on the 14 th of every month as Hoi An trades in electrical lights for traditional coloured lanterns.

15. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the greatest places to shop at a bargain in. A sprawling metropolis, Bangkok is home to a myriad of stores. These stores aren’t just low-end affairs though. With a strong middle-class, Bangkok has attracted a number of luxury brands. This mix of high-end and low-end, all at bargain prices, makes Bangkok a place to visit.


14. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia’s economy, in recent years, has been a power house. This is especially evidenced by the development of its capital city, Kuala Lumpur. With the Petronas towers holding vigil over the city, residents and tourists alike may enjoy the shopping and luxuries that the city has to offer.  Go on a shopping spree in the city’s retail district, Bukit Bintang. Perhaps afterwards you can enjoy a rest in one of Kuala Lumpur’s famed parks. The variety of things to do in Kuala Lumpur is endless.

13. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the heart of one of the most influential cultures in Pop Culture today. A mix between old and new, Tokyo serves a variety of palates. From computer geeks and anime lovers, to high fashion and luxury, Tokyo is known for almost everything. Home to famous brands such as Uniqlo, Tokyo is definitely a place to visit for fashionistas and shopaholics everywhere.

12. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a city addicted to shopping. Shops of all types and sizes can be found throughout the city. In fact, the airport boasts the first Louis Vuitton airport duty free store. Shopping is exceptionally convenient in this metropolis as all merchants are required by law to accept credit card transactions, no matter how low the transaction. With all-nighter shopping malls and luxury department stores, Seoul is a shopper’s paradise.

11. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a city with a beat; fast-paced and affluent, the city never seems to sleep. Shopping and clubbing are a popular past-time in this city with luxury brands seemingly on every corner of the city. If you are looking to shop for some of the most luxurious items on the market, Hong Kong is the place to go. With your wallet considerably lighter after your shopping spree, you can party your night away in Lan Kwai Fong. The sky’s the limit in this city

Fun & Adventure

10. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu is home to the 13,400 foot Mount Kinabalu. This mountain is definitely a must visit for every adventure-seeker looking to satiate his wanderlust. If you’re not one for mountain climbing, jungle trekking adventures are to be had in the nearby jungles. Be sure to pack a lot of water and insect repellent as you escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to explore Kota Kinabalu.

Kota Kinabalu-weekend-holiday

Pristine mountains and turbulent mountain torrents, explore Bhutan with these as your backdrop. Adventure throughout the countryside of Bhutan and perhaps discover why Bhutan is one of the happiest countries in the world. With breath taking vistas and hundreds of mountains, monasteries, and ancient trails, Bhutan will leave you awed.

Whenever one hears “Nepal”, minds drift to the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Nepal is the place to go if you feel you can conquer Mount Everest. Make no mistake though; Mount Everest is not the only thing to climb in Nepal. With the Himalayas in Nepal’s backyard, 8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world are waiting for you to conquer them.

7. Chengdu, China

Chengdu is home to HuangLong, Yellow Dragon Park.  Adventure is to be had here as you can trek through the forest and take in the geological marvels that are to be had. You can trek all the way to Lhasa or take a few days and explore all that the park has to offer. If you prefer to be near water, whitewater rafting and river treks are definitely something to consider. 

6. Okinawa, Japan

Over the years, Okinawa has earned the moniker of; “the Hawaii of the east”. Certainly, its white beaches and huge waves are the cause for that. Okinawa has garnered a reputation as a top destination for surfers around the world. Say what you want, it definitely deserves its reputation. With several beaches to choose from, Okinawa presents thrills and good times for anyone who comes.

Tropical Paradises

5. Bali, Indonesia

Are you seeking a respite from the daily grind of city life? Do you want to experience the life of lying on a beach sipping Pina Coladas? Look no further than Bali. Bali’s gorgeous beaches and lush reefs are a pleasure to look forward to. If you get bored of whiling away your time on a hammock at the beach, get your recommended dosage of thrills with whitewater rafting and surfing.


4. Phuket, Thailand

Who doesn’t like a party? Come to Phuket and party your nights away at the beach. In the day you can explore all the beaches that Phuket has to offer. Water sports, surfing, and simple relaxation at the beach are all favourite pastimes at Phuket. In the evening, head down to Patong beach and explore the various nightclubs and bars along the beach. 

3. Boracay, Philippines

Boracay has definitely earned its reputation of being one of the best beaches in the world. Its famed white sand beaches are one of the jewels of the Philippines. While your day away in paradise as the waves lap on the sand. Enjoy water sports such as jet-skiing, banana boating, and other various diversions. When the sun sets, that’s when the beach truly comes alive. With a number of bars and resorts lining the beach, the nights are a pleasure to experience.

2. Palawan, Philippines

If you were to ask where exactly in Palawan you should go to, I would be at a loss for words. There are just too many places to see in Palawan. From El Nido, Tubbataha Reef, and Malampaya, to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, and Coron; Palawan is the very definition of a tropical paradise.

1. Maldives

When you google “tropical paradise” pictures of the Maldives are what greets your eyes. With breathtaking coral reefs and resorts a-plenty, the Maldives is perhaps the best place to go to if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a weekend. Enjoy a massage as you feel the sun shine on your face. If there was such a thing as “heaven-on-earth”, it is probably the Maldives.


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short trip in asia

Day trips and short breaks in Asia are the best choices for those who do not have much time in a destination while wishing to have some short but fulfill experiences. At Asia Tours, we offer a wide range of day trips and short excursions in which tourists will enjoy private guided experiences and unique custom-made holidays in Asia. With local knowledge and expertise, we provide the best travel deals and advice on holiday breaks in Asia. Get inspired by our Asia Day Trip & Short Break collection and start planning your journey of a lifetime in Asia.

short trip in asia

To Explore One Of The World Natural Wonders In Vietnam

Taking a Vietnam Cruise Package and cruising through dramatic limestone islands of the UNESCO-listed wonder, Halong Bay, is always among top unmissable experiences in Vietnam. Whether joining a fantastic day trip or a long 3-day journey, you will always have the opportunity to stay close to the extraordinary beauty of this immense bay.

Comprehensive Understanding Of Vietnam

There is a lot of things to do and see in Vietnam that a Vietnam Day Trips & Short Breaks Tour will surely get you covered. Whether exploring marvellous natural landscapes, visiting time-honoured historical sites(e.g., Hoa Lo Prison, Cu Chi Tunnels), or uncovering the lifestyle of ethnic minorities (e.g., H'mong, Dao), our intricately designed tours will bring you closer to the timeless charm of Vietnam. 

Best Destinations For First-time Travelers - Cambodia

If this is your first-time travel to Cambodia, it is best to take a Cambodia Day trips & Short breaks tour that gives you a chance to discover all the most well-known destinations of the country. Whether in the charming Siem Reap, the laidback Phnom Penh or the tranquil Sihanoukville, you will surely experience unforgettable moments in the Kingdom of Wonder.

Enables You To See Inaccessible Landscapes In Laos

Despite the investment of the government into the infrastructure in the past few years, Laos still has many remote villages or awe-inspiring landscapes don't have a road to them, so through the amazing outdoor activities such as boating to visit Pak Ou caves, trekking to the Tad Sae waterfalls or visit remote villages, you will easily approach the outstanding inaccessible landscapes & villages.

Exclusive Opportunities For Cultural Immersion In Thailand

Thailand is a perfect place for history and culture buffs with myriad majestic palaces and temples in Bangkok or traditional dances of Chiang Mai’s hill tribe villages. With our Thailand Day trips & Short breaks, you will get an in-depth look at these magnificent sights, not simply as photo stops but part of the country’s heritage.

Unbelievably Beautiful Myanmar Beaches

Though Myanmar beaches are usually overlooked but with its more than 1,200 miles of coastline & 800 islands, Myanmar is truly the best destination for beach lovers with stunning and unbelievably beautiful beaches (e.g., Ngapali Beach, Mergui Archipelago, Ngwe Saung Beach & Chaung Tha) with crystal clear waters, white sands and lush palm trees. 

Iconic Local Destinations In Indonesia

Our lists of Indonesia Day Trips & Short Breaks will take you the most outstanding tourist sites (e.g; Bali, Jakarta, Komodo Islands, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Mount Bromo, etc) so that you could enjoy the most iconic spotlights in this massive archipelago. Diving yourself into the limitless charms of these famous beautiful places and you will find Indonesia more wonderful than you ever thought.

Many Amazing Nature & Wildlife Destinations In Malaysia

Home to a vast array of magnificent wildlife places (e.g., Kota Kinabalu and Maliau Basin in Sabah, Cameron Highlands, Bako National Park in Sarawak and Taman Negara in Forest) and a wide range of diverse ecosystems which is waiting to be uncovered, it is no surprise that many nature lovers choose Malaysia for their perfect Day Trips & Short Breaks.

Philippines - Beach Paradise

Being home to more than 7,200 islands, the Philippines is a paradise for beach lovers. Whether you are looking for a beach holiday relaxing along the pristine coastline or partake some thrilling outdoor adventures (e.g., swimming with whale sharks, diving and snorkelling), our Philippines Day Trips & Short Breaks collection has a perfect itinerary for you.

Discover One Of The Happiest Countries - Bhutan

If you used to ask yourself this question: What is happiness?, you might want to travel to Bhutan with one of Bhutan Day Trips & Short Breaks and find your answer. This is known as one of the happiest countries in the world due to many reasons – peaceful atmosphere, mostly Buddhist, untouched wilderness, lush national parks, rich culture and much more are waiting for you to explore.

Get In-depth Discovery Of China

In our best China Day Trips and Short Breaks, all the itineraries are designed to offer you an in-depth discovery of this beautiful country including plenty of its best destinations such as Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin, Chengdu and Lhasa, to name a few. In between the famous sights, you’ll have a chance to taste the delicious and traditional Chinese cuisine.

Capture The Essence Of Nepal

Our best Nepal Classic Tours are made to provide you with a great opportunity to capture the essence of Nepal by visiting the highlights of this country – from its capital Kathmandu where is famous for being a world heritage destination, the sacred garden in Lumbini, the natural wonders of Pokhara to the Chitwan national park and more. 

Highlights In Japan

For those who are first-time travellers to Japan, they are often surprised that as being known as one of the most advanced industrialized nations in Asia, Japan also boasts a rich culture and fascinating history. Our Japan Day Trips & Short Breaks will take you to highlights (e.g., Tokyo, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Okinawa and Takayama)  of this country to gain an insightful view into the beauty of Japan.

Discover The Highlights Of India

In our India Day Trips and Short Breaks, you will visit a great array of highlights of India – ranging from the vibrant history of Rajasthan, the bustling capital New Delhi to the perfect symmetry & magnificent beauty of the iconic Taj Mahal to take a stroll around Jaipur’s impressive City Palace, hillside Amber Fort and enjoy a romantic sunset Lake Pichola cruise in Udaipur.

Educational Lessons Of History In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is clearly a captivating destination with plenty of interesting historic lessons you can learn on each trip. It is about the Buddhist heritage, Tamil culture or the colonial era, which left a significant mark with ancient temples, churches, forts, and palaces. Your kids will certainly love experiencing it all and the whole tribe will gain an insightful view into the history of this beautiful island.

All Best Asia Day Trips & Short Breaks Tours Recommended For You

Southern Vietnam and Angkor Wat

Southern Vietnam and Angkor Wat

Asiatours expert.

We are here to help you

AsiaTours Expert

This 6-day tour to Southern Vietnam and Siem Reap is especially created for travelers who want to have a firsthand understanding of the distinctive characteristics of the Mekong River region, where the beauty of nature, people, and life are intertwined. In just six action-packed days, discover the...

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short trip in asia

Mystery of Ba Be Lake, Ban Gioc Waterfall and Halong Bay

Fresh getaway from busy modern life

Get along with the authentic local life in the northern Vietnam

Refresh yourself among nature visting Ban Gioc Waterfalls - one of VIetnam's most impressive natural sights

Explore special and unique place with rich nature: Stunning waterfall, amazing Nguom Ngao cave, Ba Be lake, Puong grotto, Sung Sot cave, etc.

Know local culture in the atmosphere of rural Vietnam: trek to ethnic Tay & Nung ethnic villages, stay in stilt homes, visit local markets

Enjoy scrumptious meals made by warm homestay host

Do cruising in Halong Bay - The World Natural Heritage Site

short trip in asia

Siem Reap Cycling Adventure

Visit the temples of Angkor, Beng Mealea, Koh Ker on bicycle

Challenge with a ride up to the top of Phnom Kulen and relax in the waterfall

Cycle through rural villages and admire the peaceful landscapes of Cambodia’s countryside

Do kayaking through Tonle Sap Lake and turn into the exotic mangrove forest seeing rare birds

Enjoy guided tour with quality bikes and supporting van

short trip in asia

Best of Northern Thailand

Enjoy a trek through hill tribes to Doi Chang Mub viewpoint at the border with Myanmar

Marvel at the impressive architecture of Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, White Temple of Wat Rong Khun and Blue Temple of Wat Rong Sua Ten

Feel refreshing air at Mae Fa Luang gardens and Chuifong tea farm

Admire the Mekong River views from Wat Phrathat Pha Ngao

Explore the Black House (Baan Dam) and House of Opium Museum in Chiang Rai

Savor a traditional Khantoke dinner with the dance performance

short trip in asia

Yangon short escape to Kyaikhtiyo

Get back to nature in Winga Baw elephant camp

Join locals in an interesting hill truck ride to Kyaikhtiyo mountain top

Meditate under the wonderful sunset over the sacred Golden Rock temple

short trip in asia

Bali Highlights

Explore the artistic and cultural capital of Ubud through its famous attractions: Peliatan Palace, ARMA Museum, Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud Market, Petulu

Go for trekking in Tegalalang rice terraces and take many photographic opportunities

Enjoy a party of Balinese traditional dance performances and local dinner

Visit some of Bali’s iconic temples: Gunung Kawi, Tirta Empul, Taman Ayun, Tanah Lot, Ulun Danu Temple

Catch the breathtaking views of Mount & Lake Batur from Sari Organik Pulu Mujung

Take an enjoyable walk through UNESCO-listed Jatiluwih rice terraces

Visit the mother temple, Besakih and its miniature, Kehen temple

See the detailed ceiling paintings of Kertagosa courthouse up close

short trip in asia

Highlights of Singapore & Malaysia

Explore Sentosa Island by night and enjoy the Musical Fountain Wings Of Time

Take a tour discovering Singapore's highlights from the old to the new including Mount Faber, Esplanade, Merlion Park, and Mariamman Temple

Stroll along the bustling streets and encounter the heritage ambiance of Chinatown

Join a Kuala Lumpur city tour and visit the most iconic tourist sites around the capital city

Encounter Malaysia in the past through an leisure excursion to the peaceful Malacca Historic Town

Visit Genting Highlands, enjoy pleasant temperature and numerous leisure activities here

Stop at Batu Caves, explore the cavern systems and beautiful Hindu temple in this Malaysia's famous religious attraction

Make the most of your free time for shopping, relaxing or discovering two cities on your own

short trip in asia

Coron Island Exploration

Explore Coron’s island life when strolling around the town centre and markets

Witness the incredible sunset on Mount Tapyas and over the town landscapes

Partake in a fun-filled island hopping tour around Coron Island’s unmissable attractions like Twin Lagoons, Kayangan Lake, Siete Pecados...

Go for a kayak or a stand-up paddle-board tour along the scenic Coron Bay mangrove channel

Discover the ins and outs of the mangrove forest and spot many wildlife creatures

short trip in asia

Biking in peaceful landscape from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island

Cycling off the beaten track to the peaceful countryside of Bac Ninh province, along the dike of Duong River

See the local life of rural villages and experience local traffic

Enjoy day boat in Halong exploring the World Heritage Site of Halong Bay dotted with abundant limestone islands and caves

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Halong Bay doing kayaking on turquoise water

Breath the fresh air on the beautiful island of Cat Ba

Pedaling through the untouched Cat Ba National Park and amazing seaside roads

If you are strong enough, challenge yourself doing a hike to Ngu Lam Peak located at the middle of the forest to get a great view of the Cat Ba National Park

short trip in asia

Bhutan Festival and Cultural Tour

Kick off your cultural expedition with a leisure afternoon walk tour around Thimphu and explore the city by night

Get a wonderful eye-feast of Thimphu festival, attend this grand occasion and obtain hands-on experiences with things-to-see during the festival

Marvel at the majesty of Tashichho Dzong where houses Bhutanese government ministries and the central monastic body

Make a stop in Dochula Pass for a hot drink and enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Eastern Himalaya ranges from this great viewpoint

Hike through paddy fields and Sopsokha Village to reach the sacred Chimi Lhakhang (the Fertility Temple)

Visit Punakha Dzong, an imposing Bhutansese architecture which is considered one of the prettiest dzongs all over the country

Make an excursion exploring some of historic and cultural highlights in the valley of Paro

Learn more about the local village life when visiting a Bhutanese farmhouse and enjoy the traditional hot stone bath here

Conquer the iconic trek to Paro Taktsang (The Tiger's Nest Monastery), the fabled religious attraction included in any Bhutan pilgrimages

short trip in asia

Explore Central Thailand

Visit the magnificent sites of Thai’s capital Bangkok: the Royal Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho

Enjoy relaxing moments sailing along the lively Chao Phya River and stop by the "Temple of Dawn" Wat Arun

Take a look at the world’s most fascinating marketplace – Mae Klong Market

Turn back the time with the authentic Thai way of life in Damnern Saduak floating market

Explore local factories and workshops producing salt, sugar from coconut and wooden carving

short trip in asia

Beijing Highlights with Great Wall Hiking

Marvel at the sumptuous and sophisticated architecture of the Forbidden City

Spend time wandering around Tiananmen Square, one of the biggest squares in the world and learn more about Chinese modern history

Enjoy a pleasant half-day tour to the Summer Palace and contemplate the stunning views of architecture and scenery that the place offers

Visit the beautiful temple of Heaven, an essential worship place of the country during feudal eras

Hike to Jiankou Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall then be well-treated by stunning scenery & well-preserved state of these two ideal sections

Hop on a rickshaw exploring narrow alleys, old streets, and traditional houses in the Beijing Hutongs

short trip in asia

Nepal At A Glance

Take part in a sightseeing and city tour in Kathmandu exploring its ancient temples and monuments like Pashupatinath Temple and Swayambhunath Stupa

Immerse in the breathtaking views of western Himalayan ranges with Mt Fishtail while walking around the Lakeside area

Embark on a boat trip to admire the natural beauty of Lake Fewa and the surrounding landscapes

Discover the most highlights of Pokhara valley, including Davi's Fall, Tibetan Refugee Camp & Seti Gorge

Enjoy a great farewell dinner with folklore shows in Kathmandu

short trip in asia

Exotic Okinawa Beach Holiday

Enjoy a 5-day beach tour in Okinawa with lots of free time for sunbathing, swimming, diving…

Embark on a full day of self exploration in Ishigaki with visiting lively shopping streets, sampling regional cuisine or exploring the pristine beaches

Have a chance to dive with large schools of manta rays in Ishigaki’s seas

Discover the fascinating marine life of Ishigaki at some of the island’s best snorkeling sites

Explore the perfectly preserved Ryukyu Village on Taketomi Island or pristine nature of Iriomote Island

short trip in asia

Majestic East Java

Admire the enchanting sunrise over Mount Bromo and its splendid crater

Go on a jeep tour through Meru Betiri National Park

Get a chance to see turtles laying their eggs on the Sukamade beach

Soak in the tropical beach vibe of Green Bay in Banyuwangi

Trek up to the giant Ijen Crater at sunrise and enjoy its breathtaking views

Explore Baluran National Park - the little Africa van Java with plenty of wildlife spotting chances

short trip in asia

Angkor Golf Tour 4 Days

Take a break playing golf at Phokeethra Golf Country Club and Siem Reap Booyoung Country Club Course

Visit the floating village of Mea Chrey in Tonle Sap Lake by local boat

Explore the ancient Khmer civilization site of Hariharalaya and the Rolous group

View the amazing moments of sunrise over Angkor Wat Temple

Tour around Ta Prohm, Angkor Thom City with Bayon Temple and Terrace of Elephant

short trip in asia

Golden Triangle Tour India

Experience pleasant visits in numerous tourist attractions through the fascinating Old & New Delhi city tour

Visit the famous pilgrimage site of Jama Masjid, one of the largest mosques in India

Admire the stunning architectural style of Taj Mahal, the world-famous heritage site and also the Indian iconic symbol of love

Make an excursion to Agra Fort, a grandiose historic monument of Agra city

Discover the Pink City of Jaipur, Rajasthan's capital city, where hosts multiple numerous highlights

Enjoy the sightseeing tour around the historic Amer Fort, one of the major hill forts in Rajasthan

short trip in asia

Sri Lanka Short Trip with Beach Break

Enjoy the panoramic views of St Clair’s waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya

Visit a tea factory and plantation to see how the famous Ceylon tea is made

Take in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Hakgala Gardens and Lover’s Leap Waterfall

Have a fun time of observing baby turtles at a turtle hatchery farm

Relax on beautiful beaches of Bentota or take part in water sports if you like

Participate in interesting mask making activities by the locals and enjoy a fish massage

short trip in asia

Other Asia Tours by Styles

Best asia tours.

Welcome to Asia, the vibrant and inspiring land of diverse culture, nature, history and tradition waiting to be discovered. Connect to the fascinating countries of Asia - Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, China, Japan, Nepal, Bhutan,...

Asia Classic Highlights

Discover your own classic Asia with our unforgettable tours throughout the highlights of fascinating countries (e.g., Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, China, Japan, Nepal, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka). Regardless of your preferred group...

Asia Family Tours

If you are looking for a destination to travel with your family members, Asia could be a perfect choice. Join our Asia Family Tours with a variety of memorable and first-hand experiences in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, China, Japan,...

Asia Beach Holidays

Leave your stressful days behind and travel to Asia for an amazing beach holiday. Having a worldwide reputation for its breath-taking views, peaceful islands and stunning beaches, Asia provides a list of terrific beach destinations (e.g., Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia,...

Asia Luxury Tours

Asia is a wonderland for any explorer who is looking for the most intriguing experiences unlike anywhere in the world. This land offers experiences of the contrast between old and new, traditional and modern which could cater to every whim. At Asia Tours, we offer a great collection of Asia Luxury...

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A honeymoon trip to the lands of love, romance and peace is something each couple could not miss to get a perfect beginning to the new marriage life. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon vacation on tropical islands with pristine beaches and luxury resorts or desiring to visit cities of exotic...

Asia Active Tours

Being the largest continent on Earth and famous for its cultural diversity along with the hottest travel destinations, Asia is a great place for the active traveller. There are an array of options for the more adventurous minded such as kayaking along tranquil bays or around pristine islands,...

Asia Cruise Packages

Asia is a harmony of countless cultures, tranquil landscapes and incredibly hospital people. A cruise package to Asia is an exciting journey to discover some of the world's hottest travel destinations on one unforgettable vacation. From port to port, you will have a chance to discover picturesque...

Asia Special Interests Tours

Asia is best known for its ancient cultures, timeless beauty of legendary landmarks and alluring natural places that also offers travelers with special interests plent of impressive tour packages. Take an extremely relaxing spa and wellness treatment. Visit ancient and modern masterpieces of art...

Asia Culinary Tours

Asia is a paradise of open-air bazaars, exotic indigenous spices, tropical fruits, and vegetables which tempt the taste buds of cuisine lovers from all over the world. From the vibrant night markets of Thailand, the special blue rice – Nasi Kerabu in Malaysia, the delicious nuances of Khmer...

Asia Local Life Tours

Asia is a continent which has different countries blessed with rich culture, exotic destinations, and beautiful attractions which offers very diverse travel options. If you are planning a trip and wishing for real-life, honest and authentic experiences in Asia, Local Life Tours is a great choice....

Asia Nature & Wildlife Tours

Blessed with plenty of wildlife attractions (e.g., Kalimantan Island, Sumatra Island, Sabah, Sarawak,  Danjugan and Bohol), a wide variety of terrain and the stunning landscape, Asia is a truly home to the most wonderful wildlife which you won’t find in many places on Earth. In our Asia...

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short trip in asia

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Whether you have your heart set on gazing at India's Golden Triangle , eating the best Pad Thai you've ever tasted or ticking off your bucket list at the Great Wall, an Asian vacation offers a multitude of experiences hard to find anywhere else in the world. Ride a camel in the Gobi Desert, climb the mighty Mount Everest, relax on the golden beaches of Bali and explore the incredible Korean capital, Seoul . From cultural immersions to unbeatable hiking adventure opportunities , a tour throughout Asia will not fail to delight even the toughest of critics.

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Best of Cambodia & Northern Thailand Tour

  • In-depth Cultural
  • Christmas & New Year

Best of Cambodia & Northern Thailand

This tour gives and opportunity to travel by many types of vehicles for sight seeing. Accommodations are varied from hotels to resorts including spending night on raft-house or houseboat on river. The tour is well planned and conducted by efficient tour Chief Experience Officers (CEOs). Wish that the information on Optional Tours were more detailed in the brochures of descriptions of the tour.

Southeast Asia Discovery: Seasides and Street Food Tour

Southeast Asia Discovery: Seasides and Street Food

This was my first time ever travelling without family and it was amazing! One of the best months of my life. Our CEO Tong was brilliant and full of knowledge about where we were going and what we would be doing. He made sure to have enough time for anyone and helped in anyway he could to make things run smoothly for everyone on tour including myself. If you go on this tour, make sure you ask for Tong or (Phanet Tep) as your CEO!

Thai Intro 18 Day Tour

Thai Intro 18 Day

Amazing! Adam was the best group leader, very knowledgeable about the country, really fun and social and upbeat. Couldn’t have asked for a better person to introduce me to travel! Definitely inspired me to come back to south east Asia and travel more in the future.

Bali Intro 12 Day Tour

  • Sightseeing

Bali Intro 12 Day

In early January, I did the 12-day intro trip to Bali. Together with a very friendly group of people from around the world, we explored the beautiful Bali. The trip was perfectly organized by Intro Travel, allowing you to fully enjoy without worrying about anything. Thanks to the excellent (and especially enjoyable) guidance from our guide Henri, this trip was a huge success and very memorable.

Wanderlands Bali & Lombok - 13 Days Tour

Wanderlands Bali & Lombok - 13 Days

The Wanderlands tour was perfect! :) Everything was really well organized and we saw and experienced so much in the two weeks. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who wants to go to Bali and wants to have a great time :) My group leader Stacia is also such a great person and I felt really comfortable doing this tour with her. She looked after everyone and was there for everyone. She is very attentive and notices when someone is not feeling well. I wish Stacia only the best and hope that with good luck we will see each other again sometime, somewhere!! ☺️
  • €145 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Bali Bucket List Original 10 Day Tour Tour

Bali Bucket List Original 10 Day Tour

This tour is perfect for anyone wanting to explore Bali in a safe and fun way! Everything is arranged for you, so you can sit back and relax. There is a perfect mix or arranged activities and free time to enjoy extra things you’d like to see! All the hotels were really nice and the areas we stayed in were brilliant. This trip did not disappoint at all… it was perfect <3
  • €55 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Bangkok to Singapore Tour

Bangkok to Singapore

It was our first try of this kind of travelling. But this tour was super experience. We sae more than promised and the tour leader Alif was literally GREAT.

Bali Experience Tour

Bali Experience

Best 10 days of my life.

Sri Lanka One Life Adventures - 12 Days Tour

  • Local Living

Sri Lanka One Life Adventures - 12 Days

This tour was such a fun experience! As a young solo female traveller it was the perfect experience- I felt safe and welcomed throughout the trip and Sumudu our tour guide was great, funny and always there to help in any situation! Can happily say I’ve experienced Sri Lanka to the fullest- it’s full on but SO worth it

Bali One Life Adventures - 12 Days Tour

Bali One Life Adventures - 12 Days

Great guides, lots of amazing nature and a large number of fun.

Thailand Island Hopper Tour

  • Island Hopping

Thailand Island Hopper

Perfect Taro as a guide was great!

Glimpse Of Indochina In 16 Days (Vietnam,Cambodia,Thailand,Laos) Tour

Glimpse Of Indochina In 16 Days (Vietnam,Cambodia,Thailand,Laos)

My first trip to Asia and I would definitely be back hopefully soon. If there was any issue it was handled immediately and suggestions for other things to do and see were provided to me along the way. Additionally, being there during the rainy season was perfect. I mostly had excursions to myself so the one on one time with the locals was the best. From cooking Vietnamese lunch to sipping homemade adult liquids, all the way to having personal conversations with each and every tour guide. They all made me feel special and provided me with the insight to each country visited. Thank you ever so much for the hospitality and life long memories.
  • Book With Flexibility This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees.

Cambodia Adventure Tour

Cambodia Adventure

Guide, hotels, itinary, transport, all excellent. Great Value for money. Love intrepid trips.

Amazing Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam 18 days Tour

Amazing Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam 18 days

Everything met and exceeded expectations. The tour guides were excellent and the tours were well done and interesting and informative.
  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Central Asia Combined Silk Road Tour Tour

Central Asia Combined Silk Road Tour

With a guided tour, you can not control the weather or your travelling companions. I was lucky with both, so that helped! That aside, on my tour through the 5 Stans there were so many things that could have gone wrong. There were the 3 weeks in hotels, the three internal flights and the guides for each leg of the journey. It has to be said that all of this was well managed by Steppe Travels. The communication was great, the hotels were better than expected and all the guides were excellent. There were some long days of travelling, but the itinerary was well thought through and everything worked well. Overall, it was a great trip and Steppe Travel met all my requirements. I recommend them.

What people love about Asia Tours

I've just finished Thai Intro 18 days and it truly was the trip on my lifetime. The organization and all the fun and exciting activities were fantastic. Such a great value for money. Our group leader Dan W. was the best person we could have asked for to show us the beauty and culture of this incredible country. His knowledge (I just loved all the facts he told us!), kindness and passion was what really made the whole trip even more special- such an asset to this company. Not to forget Matt who joined us along the way and was such a positive and fun addition to our already great group. They helped me to face and overcome my fears with such an ease and confidence, and for that, I will be forever grateful to both of them. Could not recommend enough.


  • Far East tours (4487)
  • South East Asia tours (3441)
  • Indochina tours (3072)
  • Middle East tours (813)
  • Central Asia tours (203)
  • India tours (3644)
  • Nepal tours (2866)
  • Vietnam tours (1706)
  • Sri Lanka tours (631)
  • China tours (439)
  • Thailand tours (427)
  • Japan tours (358)
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Where to go for short trip in Asia When Seeking Spontaneous Getaways?

Jul 27, 2019 | Asia , Southeast Asia | 0 comments

short trip in asia

Where to go for a short trip to Asia for a Short Getaway includes a romantic couples getaway.

Where to go for short trip in Asia

Asia is a region full of fantastic destinations that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to visit the bustling metropolis or enjoy an isolated mountain getaway, there are plenty of options in this incredible continent!

How did I go about selecting the ideal places where to go for short trip in Asia? For starters, The only travel destinations in Asia included on this list are places I have visited personally and feel would make an ideal getaway.

Therefore, apologies to those other fantastic places in Asia that have missed the list. Over time, I will include specific destinations I see in the list.

The tourist destinations in Asia selected for this article have a range of purposes for tourists.

It might be a full-fledged city, which is typically ideal for visiting for a short getaway in Asia.

Alternatively, you could seek the ideal short break within a long holiday away from a chaotic city. Or you wish to visit an isolated place in Asia for a long weekend away.

Whatever the reasons, there is never a bad excuse to go and  visit the top destinations in Asia.

Khao Lak Diaries

Look!!! It’s James Bond Island. Found on your short trip in Asia.

Macau is the ultimate short trip recommendation for any traveller looking to experience something new and exciting.

The city has many things to offer, from vibrant streets during daytime hours where you can sightsee some interesting historical sites or go shopping at local markets.

Then the night falls over these colourful places where gamblers take centre stage, enjoying incredible food similar in style to what one would find Parisian restauranteurs cooking up their most delicate dishes right here on our soil!

But if the price doesn’t matter, don’t worry because there are plenty of low-cost options, including hostels that give access to local life without breaking your budget entirely.

The Vegas of Asia is the ultimate short trip recommendation when looking for a fulfilling getaway in a lively destination.

During the day, you could tour  Macau and visit heritage sites, the vibrant city streets and various attractions, including the Ruins of St Paul, Venetian Macau and the Fisherman’s Wharf.

The glitz and colours come out at night as the casinos take centre stage.

Although it’s not only about gambling at the roulette table, many fine restaurants, bars and live entertainment keep you dazzled in the evening.

Accommodation choices are a premium for your short getaway in Macau. It’s a little expensive, but it’s the ideal time to splurge and have a couple of nights in a luxury hotel. Find great rates at!

A side note: If you’re having a more extended vacation in nearby Hong Kong, take a  short trip to Macau by ferry  to enhance your holiday experience.

Best attractions in Macau:

  • Ruins of St Paul
  • Venetian Macau
  • Fisherman’s Wharf

Enjoy a day in Macau and visit the best sights with Get your Guide!

Macau guide

Walk the crowded streets of Macau for a weekend away in Asia.

Ubud in Bali

The familiar Bali destination of Ubud is around 90-minutes from the coast and offers an ideal spot to go for those looking forward to some time away in Southeast Asia.

Its vibrant township has shopping malls, cafes & restaurants, and parlours where you can get your spa treatment or have clothes tailored by local artisans while enjoying delicious food at street stalls nearby!

When culture is on your mind, along with  the surrounding nature of rice terraces, jungles and waterfalls,  Ubud fits the bill perfectly.

The familiar Bali destination is around 90-minutes inland from Kuta, and it’s an ideal place for a quick getaway in Southeast Asia.

Ubud offers a refreshing change of pace  from other areas in Bali with a vibrant township of shopping, massage parlours, cafes and restaurants.

For accommodation choices, budgets vary, from the basic hotel rooms in the town centre to health retreats for the mind and body or spending your Asia getaway in a luxury resort. Find a hotel room in Ubud with!

Best attractions in Ubud:

  • Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
  • Ubud Palace
  • Ubud Art Market

Enjoy a two-day private tour in the heart of Bali with Get Your Guide!

cultural activities in Ubud

Get up close to the monkeys in Ubud.

Nagarkot in Nepal

Before going on your next trip, look at what’s waiting for you in Nepal! 

If sunrises are one thing that will be sure to wow tourists worldwide, then seeing them from this village is truly something special. 

With its laid-back atmosphere and stunning views over the Himalayan Mountains, there isn’t much more than just relaxation awaiting when holidaying here during clear blue skies with no pollution.

Nagarkot in Nepal may not seem ideal for a weekend away in Asia. Although if you’re seeking the best views of the Himalayan Mountains, it’ll be an Asia trip to remember.

If you’re holidaying in the chaotic scenes of Kathmandu City, Nagarkot is only a 90-minute trip from the city centre and the home to one of the best sunrises in the world.

With a peaceful getaway promised in the Nagarkot Village, a laid-back atmosphere  awaits with sightseeing, hiking , yoga and mountain biking the best things to do.

It’s the perfect short trip for two days when you want to wander through a low-key village and wake up early the next morning to view a sensational sunrise over the Himalayan mountains. Find a hotel in Nagarkot with incredible views on!

Best things to do in Nagarkot:

  • Visit Changunarayan Temple
  • Hiking the Nagarkot Nature Trail
  • Sightseeing on the Viewpoint Tower

Hike in the wilderness of Nepal with a day hike in Nagarkot with Get Your Guide!

Chisapani Nagarkot trek

The beautiful scenery and even better lunch near Nagarkot make for Nepal’s ultimate getaway.

Koh Samui in Thailand

Koh Samui is a small Thailand island famous for its beaches and nightlife. If you want to get away from the hustle of city life, this should be your destination! It’s got everything anyone could ask for during their stay, including stunning views across crystal clear waters or sunsets over lush coconut trees swaying under gentle breezes. Koh Samui needs your attention for the ideal short getaways for couples.

Depending on where you’re departing from, Koh Samui  is not the most accessible destination, but it promises to be one of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia.

Think about it for a moment. Samui has an abundance of gorgeous beaches, day trips to smaller islands and vibrant nightlife of clubs and bars.

There are well-priced hotels and resorts on the island to enjoy beautiful coast views and a holiday in paradise. You can find all kinds of hotel rates at! When finding Koh Samui Resorts, the choices are plenty, and you don’t necessarily have to pay top dollar.

Best attractions in Koh Samui:

  • Wat Plai Laem
  • Ang Thong Marine National Park
  • Chaweng Beach

A trip to Koh Samui needs a boat trip to Angthong Marine National Park!

Kayaking Angthong

Kayaking Angthong, in and out of caves.

Dalat in Vietnam

When looking for a break from the hustle and bustles of life,  head to Dalat.  

The city is known as “the garden capital” due to its stunning gardens covering up much land in this scenic region, beautiful waterfalls and greener pastures waiting just beyond them!

You can take day trips out near town where there will be plenty more opportunities or explore on foot with all these natural assets available before your eyes. It won’t matter whether they’re worth seeing because we’ll always come back here again eventually.

Dalat is situated in the Central Highlands of Southern Vietnam; Dalat is known for its greener pastures, stunning waterfalls, and beautiful gardens. It is, after all, the garden capital of Vietnam.

While the chaos still exists in the city centre with bikes moving about in all directions. It’s out of Dalat, where you spend a lot of your day visiting  beautiful attractions on your day trips.

The accommodation prices are a bargain when looking for a cosy hotel to stay in for your short trip to Vietnam. Find a deal in Dalat with! There are many cheap places to stay in Dalat from as low as $10 a night, with a private room, bathroom and breakfast.

Best things to do in Dalat

  • Elephant Waterfalls
  • Crazy House
  • Linh Phuoc Pagoda

See the best of Dalat with a countryside day trip with Get Your Guide!

Da Lat, Vietnam

Elephant Waterfalls in Da Lat, Vietnam.

Busan in South Korea

The bustling city of Busan is one the best places in Asia with its large shopping malls, seafood markets and fun attractions. You can visit nearby temples like Haeundae beach or take Rails to experience more history while travelling through Korea’s natural beauty along Route 1A, which has incredible views that will leave you speechless!

You’ll enjoy getting around Busan by bus or rail to visit the city’s best attractions,  Shinsegae Shetum City, Jagalchi Market and Haedong Yonggungsa Buddhist Temple.

On hot summer days, Haeundae Beach is the place to go for a swim in the calm ocean and relaxation on the beach. It’s also a popular hotspot with vibrant nightlife, street shopping and fantastic restaurants.

You don’t need to look too hard for accommodation. Many budget hotels, hostels and guesthouses are available in Busan at a modest price. You find hotel rates for your weekend getaways with!

Best things to do in Busan:

  • Busan Tower
  • Haedong Yonggungsa
  • Gamcheon Cultural Village

Enjoy a full-day city tour in Busan with Get Your Guide!

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple at Busan, South Korea.

Singapore is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you are looking to explore the museums, take in some culture or have an action-packed time with your friends, there’s no shortage of things accomplished when visiting this vibrant country.

Singapore tops many of the best places to go in Asia for a short getaway.

It is an accessible place to reach due to its excellent transit airport. Singapore is a fantastic place to visit ,  with several things to see and do on the Southeast Asian Island.

You can keep costs down during your short stay by staying near the city centre and  exploring the marvellous tourist destinations available.

When keeping to the city limits, you can explore incredible vibrant places such as Chinatown, Bugis St and Little India.

When the sun begins to come down, the excitement hits the fever pitch with the best attractions to visit in Singapore.

At Marina Bay, you can capture the crowds and the excitement of Marina Sands, Gardens by the Bay and the Merlion.

From the Bay, take a stroll along the Singapore River to the glamour of Clarke Quay to enjoy riverside dining at some fancy restaurants.

Accommodation in Singapore is not cheap, but you can still try to find  great rates at!

Best things to do in Singapore:

  • Visit the Gardens by the Bay
  • Sentosa Island
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens

Enjoy a day of sightseeing in Singapore with a Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour!

Sunset over Singapore

The views of magnificent Singapore.

Hong Kong is a beautiful city that will have you feeling like a true globe trotter after your trip. With plenty of things to do and see, it’s no wonder this Asian metropolis attracts tourists worldwide!

Hong Kong’s biggest drawcard is undoubtedly the mega theme parks in the name of Disneyland  and Ocean Park.

However, places like Tsim Sha Tsui is a famous city attraction known for their shopping, entertainment, market stalls and restaurants.

You can head over to Hong Kong Island, where Victoria Peak is located and the home of the best views over the harbour.

Furthermore, Hong Kong Island has a popular foreshore with plenty of colours; at night,  the Symphony of Lights show dazzles the crowd.

Hong Kong is not cheap in any way imaginable, but it’s a tourist destination with a lot. If you’re seeking a convenient short trip in Asia, Hong Kong will suffice for a quick getaway.

Find Excellent Hotel Rates in Hong Kong at!

Best things to do in Hong Kong:

  • Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island
  • Cheng Chau Island

Explore Hong Kong Island with a Deluxe tour with Get Your Guide!

Hong Kong family trip

The Symphony of Lights show.

Kyoto in Japan

Kyoto is the destination if you’re looking for a quick getaway to Japan. This historical city has so much culture and beauty that your trip will feel long due to its many tourist attractions, even if it’s only two days!

There is so much to see and do in this fantastic destination that you’ll want your quick trip to turn into a long journey.

A hectic trip to Kyoto is a sure thing  because popular attractions are at a premium  in terms of Fushimi Inari Shrine, Arashiyama and Kinkaku-Ji Temple.

Those attractions are only the beginning,  as you can read from my four-day itinerary in the Kyoto article.

You have cultural places like Gion, Heian Shrine, Nijo Castle and other traditional sights of Kyoto City to visit during your stay.

If a short getaway in Asia is what you seek, you better have your skates on because, in Kyoto, you’ll be moving around quite a lot.

Look for reasonable hotel rates in Kyoto at!

Best things to do in Kyoto:

  • The Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama
  • Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Kiyo-Mizuedera

Get the most out of Kyoto with UNESCO full-day tour with Get Your Guide!

The streets of Kyoto City

The streets of Kyoto City.

The Maldives

The Maldives is an incredible destination for a short trip to Asia, especially for couples looking for the ultimate getaway to rekindle their love.

The hundreds of tiny islands that make up the Maldives offer plenty of opportunities for couples to find their little slice of paradise. Whether you want to spend your days lounging on a secluded beach, exploring the underwater world together, or simply enjoying each other’s company in a stunning natural setting, the Maldives has something for everyone.

With its breathtaking scenery and laid-back vibe, it’s no wonder that the Maldives is such a popular destination for honeymoons and romantic getaways. So if you’re looking for a place to enjoy quality time with your special someone, the Maldives should be at the top of your list.

Best things to do in the Maldives:

  • Explore the incredible beaches of the Maldives.
  • Go Island Hopping for exploration of natural beauty.
  • Take in the city life at Mali City.

The Best Places To Visit in the Maldives for Couples

The Maldives is the Ultimate escape in Asia.

In Conclusion to, the Ultimate short Getaway in Asia

Asia is a vast continent with so many incredible destinations to choose from, making it difficult to know where to go for your next short trip. Hopefully, this article has helped narrow down the options and given you some inspiration for your next adventure. Have you visited any of these unique places in Asia? If not, what are you waiting for in a short trip to Asia? Get packing!

Have you visited Asia for a short trip? What are some of your favourite destinations to travel to in Asia?



  • Ladies, This is the Only Southeast Asia Packing List You Need | See Nic Wander - […] you’re traveling long-term or just taking a short trip to Asia, this is the only southeast Asia packing list…

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Best places to visit in asia.

From megacities to remote islands, Asia's top travel spots offer a hearty dose of adventure, ancient history and culture. And with most Asian destinations now fully open after years of pandemic restrictions, there has never been a better time to plan a trip. After considering local prices, accessibility and the variety of attractions in each destination, along with traveler feedback, U.S. News ranked the best places to visit in Asia. Contribute to next year's list by casting your vote below.

Sagarmatha National Park

Railay beach, guilin and lijiang river national park.

short trip in asia

If your dream vacation involves posting up on a postcard-worthy beach, the Maldives is for you. This far-flung destination, which is located about 370 miles from civilization in the Indian Ocean, is made up of more than 1,100 idyllic islands (roughly 200 of which are inhabited). The Maldives feature lush tropical landscapes, unparalleled white sand beaches, crystal-clear ocean waters and coral reefs that prompt extensive exploration. The best way to experience this slice of paradise? Stay in one of many overwater bungalows , of course.

short trip in asia

Tokyo is as fast-paced as cities come – it's the most populated city in the world, after all. Japan's capital features neon-lit skyscrapers and crowded streets that novice visitors may find dizzying, but its one-of-a-kind offerings can't be missed. Spend days touring quirky museums, exploring fascinating architecture or visiting Odaiba for its premier shopping scene. Or, take in some quieter, more peaceful moments at a holy site like the Meiji Shrine or Sensoji Temple. Tokyo's unrivaled gastronomic landscape (think: sushi, ramen, sky-high cocktail bars and more Michelin darlings than you could hope to visit) also makes it a bucket list destination for foodies.

short trip in asia

Phuket, Thailand's elongated beaches and cerulean waters embody a paradise that few other Asian destinations can rival. Besides swimming and relaxing on the beach, visitors can take traditional, wooden longtail boat tours to James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay to see the surreal limestone rock formations that rise from the sea. The towering Big Buddha statue is also a top attraction, while Phuket's buzzing beach clubs and nightlife options hold appeal for those looking to let loose. What's more, like most destinations in Thailand, travelers can find relatively affordable lodging options here.

short trip in asia

This Nepalese national park is famous for housing the behemoth that is Mount Everest, the highest point on earth, and promises a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. However, it is important to know that Sagarmatha is not just Everest. The UNESCO-listed park also offers several other sky-high Himalayan peaks, as well as sweeping valleys, scenic glaciers, deep gorges and incredible wildlife, including snow leopards and red pandas. Just note, seeing the park's top attractions typically requires at least two weeks of trekking, and due to Sagarmatha's high elevation and rocky, steep terrain, a trip here isn't for the faint of heart.

short trip in asia

A British colony until 1997, Hong Kong's strong Western influence sets it apart from China's mainland metropolises. Beyond Hong Kong's sleek, towering skyscrapers (best admired from Victoria Peak), visitors can find natural and cultural gems on the more than 250 outlying islands, such as Lantau Island, or shop the city's bustling street markets. Dim sum is a must, but Hong Kong's robust dining scene also offers everything from street food to Michelin-starred fine dining. And when the sun goes down, watch the Symphony of Lights laser show dazzle the skyline along Victoria Harbor.

short trip in asia

Tucked among lush mountains in northwest Thailand, Chiang Mai offers a sized-down version of Bangkok's buzz paired with a tranquil culture and natural beauty. Your urban itinerary should include tuk-tuk rides, tours of breathtaking temples like Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara and Wat Phra Singh, trips to night markets and a cooking class to try your hand at pad Thai. Then, step outside of the city walls to visit an ethical elephant sanctuary or two and a wander through beautiful Doi Suthep-Pui National Park.

short trip in asia

History lovers and Instagrammers alike will revel in the sites of Kyoto. The city, which used to be Japan's capital until imperial times, is awash with centuries-old shrines and temples, including the gilded Kinkakuji and Fushimi Inari Taisha, a shrine that dates back to A.D. 711. In addition to saving time for religious sites, be sure to visit the famous Philosopher's Path, preferably during cherry blossom season, and the mystical Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. When hunger strikes, treat yourself to kaiseki: a traditional multicourse meal native to Japan. For another essential Japanese experience, stay at one of the many ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) in Kyoto. 

short trip in asia

From the moment you touchdown at Singapore Changi Airport (a tourist destination in itself), Singapore shows off its futuristic embellishment. But this Southeast Asia jewel is also unique for its amalgamation of cultures. This fusion takes form in the city's colorful neighborhoods, eclectic culinary scene and overall modern atmosphere. After shopping on flashy Orchard Road and chowing down in cultural enclaves like Little India or Chinatown, head downtown to take in the towering skyscrapers from Merlion Park, the Singapore Flyer or the sky-high Gardens by the Bay.

short trip in asia

The island nation of Sri Lanka, located off the southern tip of India, boasts rainforests, beaches and ruins without the tourist crowds of other popular Asian destinations. Despite its small footprint, Sri Lanka features 26 national parks, many of which are ideal for a safari excursion to encounter elephants, leopards and sloth bears. Meanwhile, ancient sites like Sigiriya, a 600-foot-high fortress, and the temples of Polonnaruwa hold their own appeal, and the palm-fringed golden beaches that line the shores are never too far away for those seeking a more laid-back vacation.

short trip in asia

Hanoi is perfect for first-time Vietnam visitors, with tranquil lakes offsetting its fast-paced bustle and darting motorbikes. The country's capital offers plenty in the way of history, culture, shopping, dining and natural splendor. Start your day off with a Vietnamese coffee, then head to Hanoi's central Old Quarter for a stroll through the many narrow, colorful streets and a taste of mouthwatering street food. After that, check out one of the city's many temples, including the ancient Temple of Literature, which dates back to the 11th century, or head to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, a must-visit for history buffs.

short trip in asia

Bali's natural beauty is so profound, travelers have been known to refer to the Indonesian destination as "heaven on Earth." Here, lush rainforests, picturesque mountains, sweeping valleys and scenic beaches all sit side by side. You'll also find a handful of serene temples in this Southeast Asia hot spot, including Uluwatu and Tanah Lot temples – both excellent places to catch a sunset. And no first-time trip to Bali would be complete without on a visit to Ubud, Bali's cultural capital and home of the region's famous rice terraces.

short trip in asia

Whether you visit in spring (for cherry blossoms), summer (for climbing), autumn (for foliage) or winter (for nearby ski resorts), Japan's highest peak and imposing attraction is sure to capture your attention. Mount Fuji lies about 60 miles southwest of Tokyo, perfect for a daytrip from the city or a glimpse from a train ride, but this active volcano is also worthy of deeper exploration. Base yourself in the Fuji Five Lakes area to enjoy picture-perfect views at Arakurayama Sengen Park or from one of Lake Kawaguchiko's onsens (hot springs), and don't leave without sampling local hoto noodles.  

short trip in asia

If you only have time to go to one beach in Thailand, make it Railay Beach, one of the world's most beautiful beaches . Located in the country's Krabi province, Railay Beach features glistening white sands and is surrounded by limestone rock formations (covered in leafy green vegetation) that jut out from the sea. If you're feeling adventurous, explore the area's natural wonders with a rock climbing excursion or go for a nighttime kayak trip to see bioluminescent plankton. As if this beach destination couldn't get more alluring, you're only able to reach it by boat. Daytrips from nearby Ao Nang are popular among travelers.

short trip in asia

Siem Reap is the home of Angkor Wat, an ornate Buddhist temple built in the 12th century that is believed to be the largest religious monument in the world. The impressive landmark is just one of many must-sees within Cambodia's UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor. The complex also includes the equally detailed Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm Temple. Because of the immense popularity of Angkor (the site receives millions of visitors per year), you may want to travel during a shoulder month like March or November to avoid bumping elbows with fellow travelers.

short trip in asia

Travel to the capital of Indian state Rajasthan to marvel at the "Pink City's" incredible architecture. Hawa Mahal, a pink sandstone palace that was modeled after Hindu god Krishna's crown, is Jaipur's biggest claim to fame. The property's astounding 953 honeycomb-patterned windows allowed the original ladies of the royal family to view the comings and goings of the Indian city without being seen. Other structures worth seeing are the Jaigarh Fort, Panna Meena ka Kund and Jantar Mantar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that displays larger-than-life astronomical instruments.

short trip in asia

Thailand's capital city is filled to the brim with eye-catching Hindu sites, nonstop nightlife and incredible Thai cuisine. Sacred sites like Wat Arun and Wat Pho are pockets of calm amidst Bangkok's skyscrapers. Shoppers can enjoy the Chatuchak Weekend Market, one of the world's largest street markets, or venture to one of the floating markets located outside the city. While in Bangkok, grab as much grub as possible from the street stalls, and at night, you won't want to miss the lofty views from one of the many rooftop bars.

short trip in asia

This national park is so loved and respected, its image is featured on China's paper currency. Guilin and Lijiang River National Park is located in the Guangxi region in the southeastern part of China. The Lijiang River runs about 50 miles from Guilin to Yangshuo, passing stunning landscapes and towering green karsts (eroded limestone) along the way. The best way to take in the otherworldly scenery is by boat cruise, though you may want to splurge on a luxury option since the trip can take up to five hours. Tourists who prefer to travel on their own time can also hike or bike along the river.

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Luang Prabang

short trip in asia

Kuala Lumpur

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World of Wanderlust

20 Best Places in Asia you Must Visit

So you’re planning a trip to Asia? How exciting! I still get butterflies whenever I think about my adventures throughout the continent. It has more life, vibrance and chaos than any other region in my eyes. From the kind hearts of Thailand to the island way of life in Bali, these are the best places in Asia you must visit.


Whether you’re soul searching or just looking for a place to unwind and ditch reality, Bali is a spiritual oasis. Bali is the kind of place you don’t just visit once. I have been a handful of times thanks to Bali’s proximity to Australia. You can read our full guide to Bali here .

short trip in asia

Kyoto was once the capital of Japan and as such has a great amount of history and culture to discover. You’ll need at least a few days to discover all this city has to offer. From the Bamboo Forrest to the famous Fushimi Inari shrine which features a seemingly endless line of torii gates.

Guide to Tokyo Japan | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

The capital of Japan, Tokyo , has built a name for itself as one of the quirkiest capital cities in the world. From cat cafes to robot dance parties, there really isn’t anything that hasn’t been thought of. What’s more, the crazier the idea, the more popular it becomes!

There is no other city in Asia that blends the East and West quite as seamlessly as Hong Kong. You will only need 48 hours in Hong Kong to get a taste of what the city has to offer. More time is of course recommended, but I have still had a fun time in fleeting visits.

First time visitors could easily pass a week in this vibrant city. Indeed, the first time I visited Hong Kong I stayed for nine days. There are endless Buddhist temples to explore, Mongkok’s famous street markets, Hong Kong’s island impeccable views from the Peak! And you can even add a short day trip to China (Shenzhen) for some retail therapy.

Phuket Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

The mountainous island of Phuket has quickly become one of Asia’s most sought after travel destinations and for good reason. Crystal blue waters, epic day hikes and incredible Thai cuisine make Phuket a dream destination for many. Phuket is full of luxury villas with epic views over the Andaman sea. All of them are within arms reach of the beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife of Phuket.


This once sleepy resort town in Cambodia became a tourist hot spot with thanks to the Tomb Raider film. You may remember the scene where Lara Croft runs through these very temples. Angkor Wat is the most famous of the temples, however there are a handful to explore. You can easily spend a day wandering through all of them.


I still think the Maldives is the most romantic destination I have been in my life. It is everything you would expect and more. With crystal clear waters and some of the best snorkelling I have seen the world over! There are endless hotels to choose from and many of them are floating on private islands.

short trip in asia

In recent years Bhutan has been building a name for itself as one of the world’s bucket list destinations and one look at this epic scenery will leave little to the imagination as to why this is a photographer’s dream destination. This is one of the few remaining countries with no Western influence (i.e. no McDonalds or Starbucks) and is known as the last of the Himalayan Buddhist kingdoms.


One of Asia’s most popular small towns that has somehow managed to retain its culture and charm despite the influx of tourism, Hoi An is hands down one of the prettiest destinations in Asia to visit.

Chiang Mai Travel Guide | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Situated in the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai has become a traveller’s favourite destination for visitors to Thailand. Known for its incredible cultural sights and thriving coffee shop scene, Chiang Mai has become a quick favourite for young travellers backpacking Asia looking for a cultural experience beyond the beautiful beaches of Phuket or Koh Samui.

Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Tourism in Sri Lanka is undergoing a major revival as travellers make their way to the small island country to experience what has been dubbed “India lite”. Here you can enjoy an Asian safari, board a train to the beautiful tea plantations in Kandy or spend your days on a beach learning to surf at one of the many recently emerged surf and yoga schools.

short trip in asia

The capital of South Korea, Seoul has become a hot spot for young travellers looking to experience a thriving city of skyscrapers, subways, K-pop culture and incredible food.

Dubai by World of Wanderlust

Dubai has become on of Asia’s most popular stopover cities for travellers heading across the globe from one side to the other, thanks to its unique location in the centre of travel paths. The city itself is a thriving metropolis but a short drive out of the city you will find tranquility in the sand dunes.

short trip in asia

Renowned for its authenticity, mountainous terrain and friendly locals, Laos has quickly become a must visit destination on traveller’s itineraries throughout Southeast Asia. The location of Laos makes it a great combination to visit with neighbouring Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.


Pangkor Laut, Malaysia

If you’re looking for an Asian honeymoon destination that is a little more budget friendly (over say the Maldives), then look no further than the idyllic Pangkor Laut in Malaysia. Here you can score an overwater bungalow for a fraction of the price you would pay in the Maldives or where the phenomenon began in Bora Bora, Tahiti.

short trip in asia

India is a dream destination for many and if you were to travel all that way, you absolutely could not visit without stepping foot in Jaipur and marvelling at the incredible architecture.


Another must visit on any traveller’s India itinerary would be to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra – an ivory-white mausoleum commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, to house the tomb of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.


Known most famously for the mesmerising Grand Mosque , Abu Dhabi is another of Asia’s most popular stopover cities. Located on the Persian Gulf, the city is also a popular spot for expats, making it a lively city to explore over a few days and nights.

short trip in asia

Boracay, Philippines

If white sandy beaches and endless shades of blue are what you have in mind for your romantic getaway then look no further than Boracay in the Philippines. This area is renowned for its resorts and water activities, making it one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Southeast Asia.

short trip in asia

Ha Long Bay, Hanoi

Known for its limestone islands topped by wild rainforests, Ha Long Bay is a must visit in Asia for those seeking the surreal. The area is populated by many junk boats each day touring around the epic scenery, but if you want something a little more adventurous you can also consider a kayak tour, rock climbing or hiking in the area.

Brooke Saward

Brooke Saward founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world. She now divides her time between adventures abroad and adventures in the kitchen, with a particular weakness for French pastries.

Find me on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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I live in Asia and have not been to most of these places! Thank you for sharing these fantastic places we can visit. I will save it for future!


I only went to seven of the places listed above. I hope to visit more places in the near future.


Hunza valley is worth visiting as well.

A few snapshots from Island life in Koh Samui 🥹🌴 just shared my blog posts from this trip in Thailand and now craving mango sticky rice pudding, the kindness and hospitality of Thai people and those buffet breakfast spreads (the kinda ones that keep you full til dinner). My stay at @fskohsamui was like something out of a story book. Especially that last photo - that night was one to remember 🫶🏼 #kohsamui #thailand #travel #travelblog #thailandtravel

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A 2-Week Itinerary for Exploring Asia

Asia is a vast and diverse continent, with many fascinating countries and regions to explore. If you’re planning a trip to Asia and have two weeks to spend, you’ll have plenty of time to see some amazing sights and experience different cultures. Here’s a sample itinerary for a 2-week trip to Asia:

Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo, Japan. After arriving in Tokyo, spend the day exploring the city and getting acclimated to the time difference. Some top sights to see in Tokyo include the Tokyo Tower, the Meiji Shrine, and the bustling streets of Shibuya.

Cheap flights with cashback

Day 2: Tokyo. Spend the day exploring more of Tokyo, with a visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market, the Asakusa Temple, and the Tokyo Skytree.

Day 3: Tokyo to Kyoto. Take the bullet train to Kyoto, where you’ll spend the next three days exploring this beautiful city. Some top sights to see in Kyoto include the Kinkakuji Temple, the Fushimi Inari Shrine, and the Gion District.

Day 4: Kyoto. Spend the day exploring more of Kyoto, with a visit to the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, the Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and the Golden Pavilion.

Day 5: Kyoto. Spend the final day in Kyoto visiting the Nijo Castle, the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and the Gion District.

Day 6: Kyoto to Osaka. Take the train to Osaka, where you’ll spend the next two days exploring this vibrant city. Some top sights to see in Osaka include the Osaka Castle, the Universal Studios theme park, and the bustling streets of Dotonbori.

Day 7: Osaka. Spend the day exploring more of Osaka, with a visit to the Osaka Aquarium, the Tsutenkaku Tower, and the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living.

Day 8: Osaka to Hong Kong. Fly to Hong Kong, where you’ll spend the next three days exploring this vibrant city. Some top sights to see in Hong Kong include Victoria Peak, the Hong Kong Museum of History, and the Temple Street Night Market.

Day 9: Hong Kong. Spend the day exploring more of Hong Kong, with a visit to the Tian Tan Buddha, the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, and the Avenue of Stars.

Day 10: Hong Kong. Spend the final day in Hong Kong visiting the Hong Kong Disneyland theme park, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and the Victoria Harbour waterfront.

Day 11: Hong Kong to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Fly to Phnom Penh, where you’ll spend the next two days exploring this fascinating city. Some top sights to see in Phnom Penh include the Royal Palace, the National Museum, and the Wat Phnom temple.

Day 12: Phnom Penh. Spend the day exploring more of Phnom Penh, with a visit to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, the Choeung Ek Killing Fields, and the Central Market.

Day 13: Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Take a bus to Siem Reap, where you’ll spend the final day of your trip exploring the ancient temples of Angkor Wat.

This is just one example of a 2-week itinerary for exploring Asia. With so many amazing countries and regions to choose from, you can tailor your trip to suit your interests and budget. Whether you want to visit bustling cities, explore ancient temples, or relax on beautiful beaches, Asia has something for everyone.

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Where to go for three days vacation in Asia

Vacation opportunities vary in length quite a bit throughout the year. Some people have the chance to go to different parts of Asia and explore for weeks (or even a month) at a time. Others only have a small window to get away and enjoy a different part of the world. Three days might not seem like a great amount of time, but it is much easier to find three day vacation opportunities and where to go at all times during the year. The focus shifts from seeing as much as possible, to seeing what matters most. If a travelling party is efficient with their time, they can still see quite a bit in a matter of days. Below is a look at some fantastic opportunities for people to take advantage of with limited time. After looking at certain locations in a bit more depth, general three day vacation tips are provided as well. A bit more preparation is usually required for these experiences, but it is entirely possible to have a great time all around the continent.

Sensoji Tepmle in Tokyo, Japan, included tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor is included in Cambodia tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.

Penang, Malaysia

Floating Village Of Clan Jetties in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

Agra, India

short trip in asia

Does the city of Agra not instantly ring a bell? How about one of the most recognizable pieces of architectures in the world, the Taj Mahal? There is more to the region than just visiting the mausoleum. Many people end up doing is making an entire trip to this part of India to see as much as possible. Most 3 days trip options will actually start in Delhi, allowing people to experience New Delhi and Old Delhi to see what Indian has to offer. It is generally recommended to leave one full day for experiencing the Taj Mahal, and everything surrounding it. There is so much more to a trip to that area than just seeing the main piece of architecture itself. Some people enjoy getting outside and walking around, while others want to stay as relatively comfortable as possible. It is relatively easy to get around, so there are no issues as far as that is concerned. Tours can range quite a bit in price, so do not get stuck spending a lot of money on something that might not be worth it. Make sure to understand exactly what is included with every tour before putting money down. There are definitely plenty of options, so no one should feel locked in. Other tips when visiting the Taj Mahal include getting there as early as possible, and picking the right time of year. It opens at 6 AM, and it starts to fill up shortly after on beautiful days. For those who do not want huge crowds, getting there early will allow for a lot more freedom. The summer gets extremely hot in India, and they can go one of two ways for people looking to plan a three day trip. If the plan is to walk around a lot at the Taj Mahal and surrounding areas, it might be best to stay away from the months of May to October. However, keep in mind that other travellers are thinking the same way, so it will be less crowded for those brave enough to make the trip. All in all, a visit to Taj Mahal as part of a three day trip is certainly enticing for people who want to cross this off their bucket list. It is a pretty easy trip from Australia to make, and the travel on-ground upon arrival is not too bad. A lot of visitors to Delhi are making the trip to the Taj Mahal as well, so the transportation options and roads are reliable.

General three day vacation in Asia tips

Planning for a short trip might seem like it is not that difficult, but the key is having a successful vacation with as little stress building up as possible. Simply booking flights and having a place to stay is easy enough, but time can quickly go to waste if an itinerary is not put together. Keep these tips in mind to make a successful short trip, as those who just get travel usually make the most of it.

With limited time, it is pointless to be a little too ambitious about planning a trip to one of Asia’s top locations. Try to find a location that is interesting, and then maybe a spot or two that is very close by as well. The last thing anybody wants to do is then spend several hours travelling in between locations upon arrival. Generally speaking, try to stay within about one or two hours of travel time if going to a different location while on holidays in Asias. Anything more than that steals away a huge chunk of the day that entire even the most ambitious travellers out. There are some exceptions to this rule, but 72 hours go by quickly.

Plan activities ahead

If a person knows the activities they definitely want to do upon arrival, it makes the most sense to plan ahead. There are bound to be things that intrigue visitors once they arrive, so pursuing those opportunities take a little bit more time. If something is already known, save the hassle and plan as much as possible.

Travel lightly

A three day trip usually means that people do not need to pack nearly as much as they might think. The most significant contributor to packing too much? Cloths. Make sure to check the weather forecast before taking off for a visit in Asia. If it’s going to be extremely warm all three days, there is no reason to bring a jacket. There’s also no need to have a dozen different outfits for three days of travel. Packing lightly allows for a lot more flexibility when moving around upon arrival. What people will find is that a lot of locations, especially in Southeast Asia, are very warm. Before signing up to visit Asia, now the location well.

Make the next trip better

The first three day Asia vacation is bound to have a few hiccups here and there. Don’t be too discouraged if everything is not thoroughly explored that first time. Instead, learn from those mistakes and apply them the next time there is a chance to book a trip, hotel, and more. With a little bit of practice, people can start to perfect shorter vacations so they can go to more places. There are several different ideas just for Asia, as noted above. Short Asia trips are available at times for some great prices. Since a few days is not that much of a commitment, spur of the moment opportunities are much easier to pull off once a person knows what they need to do to maximize their time in a new area.

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Cherry blossoms attract many locals in Osaka Castle


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Best Beach Vacations in Southeast Asia

April 9, 2020

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City Nomads

Weekend Wanderlust: Best Short Trips In Southeast Asia For Your 2020 Long Weekends

short trip in asia

PUBLISHED January 17th, 2020 02:10 pm | UPDATED March 26th, 2020 03:42 pm

New year, new getaways! Nothing soothes our stressed corporate souls like a short retreat every other month – and for 2020, we’ve got quite the windfall of long weekends to max out our holiday time. Whether it’s retail therapy in Malaysia, street food feasting in Indonesia, or beach bumming in Thailand, we’ve got you covered with some of the best Southeast Asian destinations in collaboration with The Travel Insider .

Lombok, Indonesia

short trip in asia

The underrated little sister of Bali, Lombok is perfect for your dose of sun, sand, and sea. Soak up that Vitamin D goodness on Selong Belanak ‘s white sands, or if you’re feeling adventurous, go snorkelling in the teeming waters off Pink Beach and surf the steady winds at Kaliantan Beach . For a change of scenery, trek up the iconic Mount Rinjani ; it’s worth planning a detour for a dip in  Aik Kalak Hot Springs , as well as the stunning  Tiu Kelep Waterfall .

When to go: Keep this beach gem on your radar for your April to October long weekends – Labour Day, Singapore’s Good Friday, Thailand’s Chakri Memorial Day and Songkran Day, and so forth.

Bangkok, Thailand

short trip in asia

There’s never a dull moment in the Land of Smiles’ capital. Plunge into its sprawling maze of markets – Chatuchak Market , Talat Rot Fai , and Talad Neon are must-visits – to snag yourself everything from savoury snacks to vintage threads, antiques to homeware. To recharge, grab an artisanal cuppa at the city’s many coffee joints , or dine in style at modern Thai restaurants like 80/20 and Paii . Barflies certainly won’t go thirsty in Bangkok’s buzzy nightlife scene – think #FindTheLockerRoom  or The Iron Fairies for imaginative tipples.

When to go: Bangkok gets gloriously cool from November to early February. Enjoy a spectacular Chinese New Year and Christmas there, or jet down during the Deepavali break to beat the bulk of the holiday crowds.

Ipoh, Malaysia

short trip in asia

The cradle of Malaysia’s famed white coffee, Ipoh also houses a scrumptious smorgasboard of hawker eats. Hit the streets bright and early for a kaya toast breakfast at Sin Yoon Loong – an 83-year-old pioneer of Ipoh’s iconic cuppa. Head to Jalan Sultan Iskandar for piping-hot curry mee at Restoran Xin Quan Fang , hop further down for a bowl of springy delights at Hakka Mee Restaurant Paris , or tuck into bean sprout chicken at nearby Lou Wong . Not ready for cendol yet? Go on a hunt for street art pieces along the Ipoh Mural Art Trail or explore historic colonial architecture in the  Old Town .

When to go: Ipoh is lovely throughout the year, so avoid the peak summer season in order to savour its sleepy charms.

Hua Hin, Thailand

short trip in asia

Hua Hin brings together the best of sea and city in one laidback package. The waters off dreamy Hua Hin Beach attract plenty of kitesurfers and jet skiers, while further inland, Vana Nava Water Jungle  offers a different brand of water thrills. If you’re up for a two-in-one holiday, check out the town’s many quirky theme parks. The Venezia  is a Venice-themed shopping village complete with gondola rides and a 3D art gallery, while Santorini Amusement Park offers a slice of Grecian paradise. Come evening, chill out to live music at Cicada   Market , a weekend bonanza of cool crafts and street grub.

When to go: Want all that sun and surf to yourself? Seize the off-peak season between March and May to work on your bronze glow over the Labour Day and Hari Raya Puasa weekends.

Sentosa, Singapore

short trip in asia

This tiny island playground packs massive amounts of fun, thanks to a plethora of amusement parks and dining destinations. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix with thrill rides at Universal Studios Singapore  and  Adventure Cove , while sun worshippers can lounge back with booze and bites at Sentosa’s many stylish beach clubs. There’s plenty of indoor adventure to be had as well, from zany museums like Madame Tussauds  and the  Trick Eye Museum, to world-class dining spots such as Spanish restaurant FOC Sentosa and plush steakhouse SKIRT .

When to go: The little red dot is truly a year-round destination. Explore its museums and dining gems during the rainy December and January period, then hit the beaches the rest of the year.

Medan, Indonesia

short trip in asia

The gateway to picturesque Lake Toba – the world’s largest volcanic lake – Medan is the perfect green getaway for weary urbanites. Medan’s outskirts are lush with rugged hills, with hot springs and stunning waterfalls nestled in their folds. That’s not all that Medan is renowned for, however – this North Sumatran capital is also a prime foodie spot. Get your fill of chicken rice,   Mie Tiong Sim, and satay along the famed Selat Panjang food street, or traverse the city in search of the best  martabak  (pancakes) and durian.

When to go: The sunny, off-peak months of May and June make great times to hike or trawl the food streets – Labour Day getaway, anyone?

Penang, Malaysia

short trip in asia

Penang is another of Malaysia’s hawker food havens – think sinfully good char kway teow , oyster omelette, and Teochew chendol from the likes of Joo Hooi Cafe , or prawn mee and crisp crepe-like apom from Padang Brown Food Court and Apong Guan . Its burgeoning bar scene means you won’t be short of great nights out too. Take a break from feasting in Penang’s small but scenic nature escapes, including Penang National Park and Penang Hill .

When to go: The cool, dry months between December and March are ideal for hiking. It’s also when Penang is at its busiest and brightest – head down for lively Chinese New Year or Christmas festivities, or over the Magha Puja weekend for the Thais.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

short trip in asia

Yogyakarta – or Jogja, as it’s fondly known – is arguably Indonesia’s cultural heart. The city thrums with heritage treasures, from the millennium-old Prambanan Temple to the glorious pavilions of Taman Sari Water Palace .  Kraton Palace today remains the seat of the royal sultan, and traditional arts come alive there with public performances of Javanese poetry, classical dance, and wayang golek. If your thirst for adventure isn’t quite quenched, enjoy some spectacular cave tubing at Goa Pindul or go ziplining across  Kalibiru National Park .

When to go: July till October is prime period for Jogja travel, and we’ve got a rich crop of long weekends around this time – from Hari Raya Haji to Singapore’s National Day, Indonesia’s Independence Day, and Thailand’s Chulalongkorn Day.

Koh Samui, Thailand

short trip in asia

Koh Samui is that postcard-perfect beach paradise of which we all dream – palm-fringed sands, crystal waters, and luxe resorts. Laze the day away at pristine spots like Maenam Beach  and  Chaweng Noi, then party all night amidst the hopping bar scene of Chaweng Beach . It’s certainly worth venturing through the island’s lush rainforest as well – you’ll find zipline adventures, splendid waterfalls, spa experiences, and more.

When to go: With the rainy season coming to a close in November, Singaporeans can turn their Deepavali break into tranquil beach time here. Alternatively, jet over for a sunny (if more crowded) Christmas.

Genting Highlands, Malaysia

short trip in asia

This hilltop resort-town offers endless amusement options – get your legs wobbling with intense thrills at Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park , or explore the zany  4D Trick Art Museum . Get high with glass-bottom gondola rides up the scenic hillside, and make a pit stop at Chin Swee Station to explore the breathtaking  Chin Swee Caves Temple . And of course, no Genting trip is complete without some retail therapy at Genting Premium Outlets , a shopaholic’s hotspot for luxury labels and fantastic deals.

When to go: Genting is another year-round destination, but steer clear of Singapore and Malaysia’s school holidays to beat those lengthy theme park queues.

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Mekong River - Downstream - Low water

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Mekong explorer - siem reap to phnom penh.

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Samui Seascapes

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Explore Shanghai

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Authentic Toraja

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  • Explore the unusual tombs in Londa

Mekong Explorer - Phnom Penh to Siem Reap (Extension)

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The Unforgettable Komodo

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Phnom Penh and Siem Reap

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Every explorer would benefit from a stroll through the forest to immerse themselves in animals, trees' greenery, and birds chirping. During the walk, several caverns let visitors to camp and see the "sculpture of nature," which consists of a massive tunnel beneath the mountain, large apertures to the outer world, and building-sized stalagmites made by water dripping from the cave roof.

Cycling through various villages is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the local way of life and culture, especially when tourists stay and eat at the homes of locals and spend time conversing with them. Furthermore, travelling through a variety of gorgeous mountains and verdant rice farms helps to calm and rejuvenate you.

Throughout the voyage, guests get the opportunity to see historical buildings and pagodas to learn more about their architecture, monks' lifestyles, and history. Golden and stupa are two distinctive traits that may leave you stunned by the majesty of Hanoi and Vientiane , as well as their historic structures. Some street sellers may surprise you, but this is a typical picture of Asian countries because of their fresh fruits and vegetables with distinctive flavours. Do not be reluctant to enjoy our cuisine.

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Through The Mekong Life 4 Days

9.3  Excellent

 Ho Chi Minh City - Ben Tre - Can Tho - Cai Rang Floating Market - Chau Doc

short trip in asia

Hanoi Ninh Binh to Halong Bay 4 Days

9.5  Excellent

 Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Halong Bay

short trip in asia

Da Nang Tour to Hoian City 4 Days

 Danang - Hoian


Journey to Sapa 4 Days

 Hanoi - Sapa


From The Citadel to Ancient Town 4 Days

8.9  Very Good

 Hue - Danang - Hoian


Fansipan Mountain Hiking 4 Days


Ho Chi Minh Explorer 3 Days

 Ho Chi Minh City - Cu Chi Tunnels - Mekong Delta

short trip in asia

Northern Thailand Trekking Village 4 Days

9.2  Excellent

 Chiang Mai - Chiang Dao - Muang Kong - Lahu Village - Pha Pheng Waterfall - Lisu Village - Elephant ride - Karen Hilltribe Village - Chiang Mai

short trip in asia

Northern Steps 4 Days

 Chiang Mai - Doi Khuntan National Park - Lampang - Chiang Mai


Natural Lovers 2 Days

 Hanoi - Mai Chau


Old Capital Explorer 3 Days

 Hanoi - Ninh Binh

short trip in asia

Bangkok - Krabi - Koh Lanta Island 4 Days

 Bangkok - Krabi - Koh Lanta


Phong Nha Caves Exploring 3 Days

 Hanoi - Quang Binh


Vintage Hoian 4 Days

10  Outstanding

short trip in asia

Explore Bangkok & Ayutthaya 4 Days

 Bangkok - Ayutthaya - Bangkok

short trip in asia

Balloons Over Bagan Tour


short trip in asia

Bagan Bike Tour to Pakokku - Full Day

 Bagan - Pakokku

short trip in asia

Bagan Biking Tour to New Bagan

short trip in asia

Balloon Over Inle Lake

 Inle Lake

short trip in asia

Inle Lake Boat Tour - Indein Temple & Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda

 Inle Lake - Indein Lake - Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda

short trip in asia

1 Day Exploring Elephant Camp Kalaw


short trip in asia

Kalaw One Day Trekking

short trip in asia

Bagan Countryside Biking Tour - Full Day

short trip in asia

Bagan Electric Bike Tour - Full Day

short trip in asia

Bagan Sightseeing Biking Tour

Bagan temple biking tour - half day.

short trip in asia

Bagan Horse Riding Tour Full Day

Bagan horse riding tour half day.

short trip in asia

Inle Lake Adventure - Kakku & Pa Oh Villages


Angkor Complex Explorer 3 Days

9.4  Excellent

 Siem Reap

short trip in asia

Inle Lake Balloon and Boat Trip

short trip in asia

Inle Lake Cooking Class & Inthar People’s Life Discovery

short trip in asia

Inle Lake Cycling Tour To Nan Thei Village And Red Mountain

 Inle Lake - Nan Thei Village - Red Mountain

short trip in asia

Sagar Boat Trip

 Inle Lake - Thaya Gone Village - Sae Khaung Pottery Village

short trip in asia

1 Day Mandalay – Kyaukse – Paleik – Mandalay

 Mandalay - Kyaukse - Paleik - Mandalay

short trip in asia

1 Day Mandalay – Shwebo – Kyauk Myaung – Mandalay

 Mandalay - Shwebo - Kyauk Myaung - Mandalay

short trip in asia

1 Day Mandalay Outskirt Riding

 Mandalay - Mingun - Sagaing

short trip in asia

Balloon over Mandalay – Mandalay Sightseeing from Bird’s Eye View


short trip in asia

Mandalay Biking Tour

short trip in asia

Mandalay City Tour - Peaceful Morning In Mandalay

short trip in asia

Mandalay City Tour Full Day

 Mandalay - Mahamuni Pagoda - U-Bein Bridge - Taungthaman Lake

short trip in asia

Bagan Full-Day Sightseeing Tour

short trip in asia

Bagan Half-Day City Tour

short trip in asia

Bagan Half-Day Sightseeing Tour – Boat Trip in Bagan

short trip in asia

Bagan Lacquerware Tour – One Hour

short trip in asia

Bagan Sunset Boat Trip – Private boat

short trip in asia

Half-Day Bagan Cooking Class


Luang Prabang Exploration 4 Days

 Luang Prabang


Vang Vieng Exploration 4 Days

 Vang Vieng


Vientiane Explorations 3 Days


short trip in asia

Mandalay Sightseeing Tour: Explore Ava Sagaing Amarapura

 Mandalay - Ava - Sagaing - Amarapura

short trip in asia

Pyin Oo Lwin Day Trip

 Maymyo - Pyin Oo Lwin - Botanical Gardens

short trip in asia

1 Day Off-Road Mandalay

 Kyar Ni Kan - Min Kan - Boat - By Bin - Shwe Kyin - Waterfall Hill

scenery of Mandalay in sunset

Half-Day Explore Paleik

 Paleik temple - Ancient temples

Mandalay landscape from above

Half-Day Mingun Exploring

 Irrawaddy River - Mingun pagoda

short trip in asia

Mahamuni Pagoda Half Day Trip

 Mahamuni Pagoda - Local crafts

Morning Cycling in Mandalay

Half-Day Morning Cycling in Mandalay

 Mandalay City - Charming farms - Local market

short trip in asia

Mandalay Hill Half-Day Trip

 Mandalay Hill - Shwe Nandaw Kyaung - Kuthodaw Pagoda

short trip in asia

1 Day Bagan - Salay (Sale) - Bagan

 Salay - Irrawaddy River - Chauk market - Yoke Sone Kyaung - Shin Pin Sarkyo Temple - Maha Myat Muni Rakhine Pagoda

short trip in asia

1 Day Bagan Photography

 Shwezigon pagoda - Sularmuni Temple - Pyathatgyi Temple

short trip in asia

Bagan City Tour – Private Full Day Exploration in Bagan

 Bagan - Ananda Temple - Myinkaba Village - Gubyaukgyi - Manuha Temple - Bagan

short trip in asia

Bagan Day Tour to Pakokku – Private Classic Full Day Trip

 Pakokku - Thanakha Market - Myitche - Irrawaddy River Cruise

short trip in asia

Mount Popa Day Trip – Full Day Discover Mt.Popa

 Nyaung Oo Market - Taung Kalat - Myingyan Plain

short trip in asia

1 Day Yangon to Twante Tour

 Shwesandaw Pagoda - Paung Daw Gyoke Pagoda - Oh Bo ceramic quarter - Twente

short trip in asia

Yangon – Thanlyin – Dala 1 Day

 Kyaik Khauk Pagoda - Thanlyin Bridge - Myanmar's National Landmark Garden - Dala Town

short trip in asia

Yangon City Tour – Evidence for a Golden Paradise

 Kyaukhtatgyi Pagoda - Chinatown - Shwedagon Pagoda - Singuttara Hill - Downtown Yangon

short trip in asia

Yangon to Bago Day Trip: Mystery of Buddha Land

 Yangon - Bago

short trip in asia

Yangon Circular Train Tour: Colorful Life Along the Loop

 Yangon - Little India - Chinatown

Shwedagon Pagoda Tour – Private Half Day Walking Tour

 Shwedagon Pagoda - Buddhist monks

short trip in asia

Yangon City Tour Half Day

 Kyaukhtatgyi Pagoda - Sule Pagoda - Independence Monument - Mahabandoola Garden - Royal Lake - Kandawgyi Park

short trip in asia

Yangon Cooking Class Half Day

 Yangon - Local market

short trip in asia

2 Day Bagan – Lei Thar Gone – Bagan

 Bagan - Lei Thar Gone - Bagan

short trip in asia

2 Day Bagan – Monywa – Mandalay

 Bagan - Monywa - Mandalay

short trip in asia

2 Day Bagan – Yandabo – Mandalay

 Bagan - Yandabo - Mandalay

short trip in asia

Highlights of Bagan Tour 3 Days

 Bagan - Nyaung U Market - Ananda Temple - Sulamani Temple - Dhammayangyi Temple - Mount Popa

short trip in asia

Inle Lake Sightseeing Tour

 Inle Lake - Indein Village - Sagar

short trip in asia

Kalaw - Inle Lake Trekking 3 Days

 Kalaw - Hinkhagone - Sekkyagone - Bawningone - Pawke - Pattupauk - Nanyoke - Inle Lake

short trip in asia

Kalaw Trekking 2 Days Tour - Danu, Pa Oh and Palaung Villages

 Kalaw - Danu Village - Palaung Village

Yangon Heritage Walking Tour

 Yangon - Chinatown

short trip in asia

Yangon to Dhala Tour Half Day

 Yangon - Dhala - Buddhist Temples

Yangon to Thanlyin Tour Half Day

 Yangon - Thanlyin - Kyikekhauk Pagoda - Yele Pagoda

Yangon Shore Excursion Tour 2 Days

 Yangon - Bagan - Shwezigon Pagoda - Gu Byauk Gyi Temple - Khay Min Ga Temple - Bagan House Aristie Lacquerware

short trip in asia

Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek

 Kalaw - Lamine - Pawke - Kone Hla - Pattupauk - Nanyoke - Inle Lake

short trip in asia

Hanoi and Halong Bay Tour 3 Days

 Hanoi - Halong Bay

short trip in asia

3 Days Ha Giang Loop Tour From Hanoi

9.7  Excellent

 Hanoi - Ha Giang - Hanoi

short trip in asia

4 Days Ha Giang Loop Tour From Hanoi

9.8  Excellent

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Monkey Rock World

Untamed travel on asia's hidden roads, 20 short trips in malaysia for that perfect weekend getaway you need so badly.

Malaysia is small enough to be perfect for a short trip. From colonial cities to amazing beaches, viridian tea estates, forgotten jungles, waterfalls and luxurious getaways that cost a fraction of similar properties in Europe and the United States, Malaysia has it all. Did we mention the amazing food? If there is one country in Southeast Asia that’s perfect to base yourself and take short trips, that’s Malaysia.

This article lists 20 great places that are ideal for a short trip in Malaysia. Whether you are an expat couple based in Kuala Lumpur or Penang , or a long-term traveler who happen to have too much time on his hands on a layover in Kuala Lumpur, we have some perfect options to fill up two to three days in Malaysia.

Article Contents

Where to go in Malaysia for a short trip?

If you are based in Malaysia, or even if you are visiting as part of a trip through Southeast Asia, there are plenty of great short trips you can do either from capital Kuala Lumpur, Penang, or even Singapore — it’s very easy to cross the Causeway and start your short trip in Malaysia in Johor Bahru.

READ MORE — A Perfect One day Singapore Itinerary

This is a list of 20 great short trips in Malaysia as suggested by ourselves and other travel bloggers. Use this post as inspiration for your next trip to Malaysia. Before you go, you may also want to check out this guide on  how to buy a tourist SIM card in Malaysia , and our 12 suggested itineraries for visiting Malaysia in 3 days .

short trip in malaysia

Perfect City Getaways for a Short trip in Malaysia

By Rose Munday of Where Goes Rose


Ipoh is a real hidden gem of Malaysia, perfect for a weekend getaway. Located halfway between Kuala Lumpur and Penang, it can be reached in a few hours from either location by bus or train. But its convenient location is far from the only reason to visit.

Ipoh is a small but colourful city known for its world-class street art and street food. Things to add to your Ipoh itinerary include street art spotting in Mural Arts Lane and wandering Concubine Lane and Market Lane, both dating back to colonial rule. While these would have once been seedy locations known for brothels, they’re now popular tourist streets with colourful hanging umbrellas, shops, cafes and more street art including interactive pieces you can pose with.

Sampling local food is essential for a getaway to Ipoh. From authentic Chinese restaurants to a bustling Little India, you can learn about Malaysia’s diverse ethnic groups from the food – and by visiting houses of worship like Panglima Kinta Mosque and the Chinese and Indian temples.

Finally, don’t miss the cave temples dotted around Ipoh . Sam Poh Tong, Kek Lok Tong, and Perak Cave Temple are known for their stunning surroundings and religious shrines nestled inside enormous limestone caves. Get a local taxi driver to bring you to all three since public transport is limited. If you still have time, use Ipoh as a jump-off point to visit Gopeng , with its quaint old town, caving, and white water rafting.


– Sarang Paloh is a boutique hotel within walking distance of the best of Ipoh’s Old Town. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Le Maison Guesthouse fans around a private swimming pool and makes for a good boutique hotel choice. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Bedrock Hotel has larger-than-life rooms and an interesting scholar rock theme, courteously curated by the owner, a rabid collector. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Homey Hostel is a beautiful guesthouse filled with good vibes and all backpackers essentials, straight in the center of the Old Town. Unmissable. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA


Cameron Highlands

By Melissa Douglas of High Heels and a Backpack


The higher altitudes and mountainous location means that the Cameron Highlands boasts a much cooler climate than the majority of the Malaysian mainland. This is perfect if you want a little respite during the hot, humid summer months.

You will find plenty to keep you occupied during your time in the Highlands, regardless of your specific interest and travel style. The BOH tea plantation is one of Malaysia’s largest producers and exporters of tea. The tea fields here make for an incredible photo experience. Not to mention, the tours offered by the plantation workers are fascinating.

One of the most unique attractions in the Cameron Highlands is the Mossy Forest – a woodland area where the entirety of the trees, plants, and forest floors are covered with moss. The forest is home to a rare and diverse range of insects, plants, and animals – including the carnivorous “pitcher plant” that eats frogs and small animals.

Dedicate your first day in the Highlands to exploring the tea plantations, the strawberry farms, and the farmer’s markets. On Day two, don your comfiest walking shoes, venture into the depths of the mossy forest, and attempt to conquer one of the region’s hiking trails.

Buses to the Cameron Highlands run regularly from Ipoh, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur. The Highlands extend over a large area and public transport within the region leaves a lot to be desired. Base yourself in Tanah Rata or Brinchang so that you are within walking distance to the area’s main attractions.


– Gerard’s Place is a cozy bed and breakfast tucked inside an apartment unit, with several mini-apartments and rooms facing a beautiful garden. Recommended. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Father’s Guesthouse is the best backpacker lodge in town, run by expert local guide Gerard and his family. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands is a Tudor-inspired boutique hotel with a vista. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Century Pines Resort is an upmarket option with nice balconies and private parking. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA

By Reshma Narasing, The Solo Globetrotter


Penang, located off the northwest coast, is one of the awesome destinations in Malaysia for a short getaway, especially if you are traveling with friends or family. There are a lot of things to do in Penang : start in George Town, the capital of Penang state, a perfect place to base yourself, from where you can spend a weekend exploring around. Beautiful beaches, excellent Penang food , vibrant street art , ancient temples, amazing views of the skyline – these are a few of the things that you can enjoy over a weekend.

READ MORE – What to Do in Penang in 3 Days

Start from exploring the Colonial old town area in George Town, a UNESCO heritage site known for its traditional buildings, and incredible street art, which you can do on your own. Walking is the best way to do this, but if you don’t prefer, you can hire a tricycle. Have lunch at one of the local restaurants in Little India , which is not only famous for Indian food, but there are also a few good cafes and restaurants specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Next, right before sunset take a fantastic ride in the funicular train that climbs to the top of Penang hill for some of the best panoramic views of the town. Watch the illuminated city glow and then make your way back down. Alternatively, you could see it from the Rainbow Skywalk at the top of KOMTAR , Penang’s highest building.

Plan a trip to Penang National Park the next day, where there are many hiking trails that you can enjoy. You will need half a day or more depending on the hiking trails you choose, or beaches like the famous Monkey Beach . You can also have a relaxing beach day at Batu Ferringhi Beach, one of the famous beaches in George Town.

READ MORE – 20 Best Beaches in Penang

Next, visit the Clan jetties, which are stilted villages over the water on George Town’s east coast, and they are an essential part of Penang’s heritage. Chew Jetty is the most famous, while Tan Jetty is excellent for photography.

If you have more time, you can consider exploring the mainland of Penang, Seberang Perai, where you can explore beautiful places like the azure water pools at former mining site Frog Hill , and strike on many hiking trails in Penang Mainland , like Bukit Juru , for example.


– Angsana Teluk Bahang is among the best 5 Star Resorts in Penang , with sea-facing rooms, three swimming pools, and a secluded beach all for yourself. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Ren I Tang is a heritage chic boutique hotel in the midst of vibrant Penang Little India. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Mcalister Terraces is another of the many George Town boutique hotels  and the only one with a specific art theme. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA  – Great Shanghai Guest House is one of the best backpacker hostels in town , removed from the chaos of Love Lane, and full of charm. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA

By Caroline Keyzor of Cktravels


Melaka is a gorgeous riverside town that is rich in British, Dutch, and Portuguese colonial history with a UNESCO world heritage status. The town is very compact so is perfect for a short weekend getaway, and can easily be explored by foot. Melaka has something for everyone and is filled with wonderful colourful heritage buildings, ancient landmarks, and quirky street art.

There are many fun things to do in Melaka , but the main highlight is the Jonker Street Weekend Night Market – one of the best in Malaysia, which runs every Friday to Sunday. You’ll find a wide variety of stalls selling souvenirs and amazing street food. Make sure you try Nyonya Laksa – a rich and creamy coconut-based noodle soup that is a Melaka specialty and a mix of Malay and Chinese influences. Another fun thing to do is to take a scenic river cruise and view the many beautiful historical buildings and interesting sights around Melaka’s old town, including Kampung Morten – one of the few remaining traditional villages in the area.

There are lots of great accommodation options for all budgets around the Jonker Street area, and if you have the cash to splash then there are some luxury hotels with swimming pools set along the banks of Melaka’s River.


– Nancy House is a very clean and perfectly located backpacker hostel. Recommended. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – The Sterling Boutique Hotel has a fascinating heritage feel not to miss. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Nomaps Hotel is tucked at the end of Jonker Street and is a super-clean, perfect spot to satisfy any flashpacker need. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Yote 28 is another exceptional hostel that feels like a higher category hotel. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA


Taman Negara

By Elisa from World in Paris


Taman Negara National Park is a fantastic idea for a weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur. This virgin forest is perfect for nature lovers or for those who are looking for a couple of days of relaxation far from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Taman Negara is the most primitive virgin rainforest in the world, and much older than the Amazon. According to scientists, the forest of Taman Negara could be more than 130 million years old.

This incredible ecosystem is located 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur in the interior of Peninsular Malaysia. The fastest way to reach Taman Negara is by private car, but you can also take buses to the small town of Jerantut and transfer to the park from there. Most accommodation in Taman Negara, however, offers transportation from Kuala Lumpur to Taman Negara, and it’s often just easier to go with them.

People visit Taman Negara for its outdoor activities and hiking trails (don’t forget to bring your adidas kampung ). Once you arrive, get a map with the hiking trails and a list of the suggested activities organized by your hotel so you can plan your days. There are riverboat trips and many short and multi-day trails (most require a guide to be organized at the park’s headquarters).

You don’t have to stray far, for you can enjoy the trees and plants of this incredible forest just strolling around headquarters. Taman Negara’s canopy walkway, one of the park’s most popular attractions, is also near headquarters. Some hotels also propose night walks in the forest for a completely different jungle experience.

For the perfect experience in Taman Negara, I suggest booking your room at Mutian Taman Negara Resort. This is the only accommodation located in the heart of the jungle, and they have an on-site restaurant with enjoyable meals.


– Mutiara Taman Negara Resort is a 5-star hotel sitting right next to park headquarters, and the only hotel located inside of the park itself. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Rainbow Guesthouse is a solid budget option, with funky and homey rooms, and lovely owners, set in its own secluded garden away from the tourist strip. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – XCape Resort is a bit of a cookie-cutter catch-all property, catering from backpacker to flashpacker, and offering8 several categories of rooms and a swimming pool. Perk: fastest Wi-Fi in town. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Agosto Taman Negara Hostel is the best option for those on a budget and looking for a social vibe. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA

By Sean of Living Out Lau


Even though it’s small, the best things to do in Sekinchan are visiting the outskirts of town and the lush rice paddy fields that surround the eastern perimeter of this small town.

In the proper season, the rice plants can grow as tall as an average adult person, making it a photographer’s paradise. When you are done exploring the rice paddies in the day, head over to the famous Pantai Redang beach to watch the sunset. Grab a coconut, sit on the soft sand, and watch the sun dip beyond the horizon line of the Malacca Strait.

After basking in the stunning sunset, you should try one of the many seafood restaurants that make Sekinchan proud: believe me, the seafood here is incredibly fresh, and most important, absolutely affordable. Loong Hua Restaurant and Restoran Wan Lou are both family-owned restaurants that come highly recommended by locals.

Though Sekinchan is located a short 1.5-hour to 2-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and it’s very doable as a day trip, I recommend staying for a weekend. I believe that’s the proper way to relax from the hustle-and-bustle of the big cities in Malaysia. To make your stay in Sekinchan more interesting, don’t forget cool activities such as the Sky Mirror and the fireflies boat tour in the nearby town of Kuala Selangor. The town is 30 minutes away by car, and I promise you that these attractions in Kuala Selangor are totally worth the short ride!


– The One Boutique Hotel is a cozy and trusted option in the center of town. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Sekinchan Seaview Homestay is a perfectly cozy apartment with a bar and a terrace with views of the coast. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA

LEGOLAND in Johor Bahru

By Ariana from World of Travels with Kids


Depending on where you travel from, aim to be at the gates of Legoland Malaysia Hotel at 10am. You will find there is plenty to do with all kinds of Lego awesome as you go from amazing roller coasters to LEGO activities themed in the different LEGO worlds, like Ninjago, Tehnic and Lego City. All up there are 70 rides catering from toddlers through to teens, as well as activities sure to appeal to adults, like Miniland.

For many families, the purpose of visiting Malaysia from Singapore is quite simply to visit Legoland, and if that is the case, we recommend staying at the superb Legoland Resort and visit Legoland for two days, as well as LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park.

For those that want to make the most out of a visit to Johor Bahru, you could stay 3 nights or more, as its much cheaper than Singapore, and there is a lot of good food, cheap accommodation and also shopping malls galore!

And… if you haven’t exhausted yourself enough at Legoland there is also the Angry Birds theme Park, as well as the Thomas Town and Hello Kitty World in Puteri Harbour.

If you have some extra time, there are also some very interesting cultural places to visit in Johor Bahru, like Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque. However, there is only so much you can fit into a weekend, so sometimes you have to prioritise, and this Malaysia weekend getaway is all about family time and making your kid’s dreams come true!


Perfect Spots for a Short Malaysia Beach Holiday

Perhentian islands.

By Campbell and Alya of Stingy Nomads


Both islands are great, but we enjoyed more staying at the more lively Perhentian Kecil. From Kuala Besut you should take a speedboat to Perhentian Kecil. There are fantastic guesthouses and resorts to stay around Petani Beach and Long Beach. If you take a morning boat you will arrive early enough to enjoy the first day.

Spend the first day on the beautiful Longbeach, walk to Coral Bay beach on the jungle path and have lunch in one of the restaurants. Walk back for sunset and drinks on Long Beach.

The diving here is great with warm, clear water, beautiful corals and marine life. Go scuba diving around the Perhentian Islands on the second day. If you are not qualified, do a try dive which is a nice introduction and takes half a day.

Qualified divers will enjoy Tokong Laut, a fantastic dive site rich in marine life and the largely intact Sugar wreck, a sunken freighter lying in 20m of water. Follow your dive by some hiking on the trails through the beautiful jungle connecting resorts and villages on the island.

On the third and final day, I would recommend renting snorkeling gear and a kayak and paddle between Long Beach and Coral Bay, stopping to snorkel. There are reef sharks, barracudas and plenty of beautiful corals and fish to see. Take the afternoon speedboat back to Kuala Besut. The best time to visit the Perhentian islands is the dry season, from March to September.


– Mimpi Perhentian is the swankiest 4-star resort on Long Beach. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – The Barat Perhentian is another solid resort-like spot. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Rainforest Camping Perhentian Island is exactly what it is: bare-bone beach essential life. Not for everybody, but overlooking a beautiful bay. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA

Port Dickson

By James from The Travel Scribes


When you’re looking for a weekend break in Malaysia, Port Dickson might not be at the top of your list. But ask the Kuala Lumpur locals and they’ll tell you that just 90 minutes out of the capital is a gem of a town, packed with things to do.

This budget-friendly holiday destination is jammed full of high-end resorts, plus attractions at every turn. Spend your day exploring Tanjuan Tuan (Cape Rachado) Nature Reserve, with over 80 hectares of forest, beaches and even a soaring lighthouse built by the Portuguese back in the 16th century. The reserve also boasts the best beach in the area, the Blue Lagoon, aptly named for its beautiful blue water and of course soft sands to relax on for the rest of the day.

An old army outpost, you should spend your second day meandering around the Army Museum before taking in a few cultural attractions, like a stop at the Wan Loong Temple or the Lukut Museum. And, if you’re got kids in tow, then head to the Ostrich Show Farm to pet those feathered friends or take a slew of fun photographs at one of the many 3D art galleries and ‘upside-down houses’ dotted around the main city centre.

And, if you’re not sure where to stay while there, definitely shell out for one of the overwater villas at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson. This exquisite resort is not just shaped like the national flower, the hibiscus, but boasts two Guinness World Records for most swimming pools (643) and most overwater villas (522) in the world. The resort is great for families too, with a free shuttle service, it’s own water park, archery and even fun e-bikes for hire.

Sepang’s Overwater Bungalows

By Stephanie of History Fan Girl


To enjoy your weekend in Sepang, start by checking into the Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort. This is a great place for couples since the resort is extremely romantic, but it also has great options for activities for kids.

If you only have two days, I would suggest spending one full day enjoying the resort, from the beach to the pool to the spa. You can start with a morning massage, enjoy your afternoon on the beach, relax in the pool before dinner, and enjoy your evening meal while taking in a vibrant sunset.

If you have a full second day, you can either explore Sepang or take the free shuttle to Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the capital. If you want to see Sepang, you can see the beautiful nearby mosque or have the hotel arrange a mangrove river cruise. Alternatively, you can spend more time at the resort, indulging in yoga and watersports at the beach. The resort has a schedule of activities that rotates throughout the year that you can indulge in.


By Sonakshi and Mainak of Places in Pixel


Langkawi is not just an island, it’s actually an archipelago of 99 beautiful and serene islands floating in the Andaman Sea. Located on the western coast of the Malaysian mainland, Langkawi is surrounded by turquoise sea with pristine beaches.

Langkawi can be reached by 2 ways – by air and by land from Penang . The more exciting way is to take a short flight from KL; especially because landing at the Langkawi airport itself is a spectacular experience on its own (make sure to take a window seat!)

While in Langkawi, start off your 1st day by visiting the Sky Bridge. No trip to Langkawi is complete without visiting the famous Sky Bridge and its thrilling cable-car ride. The view from the top is simply breathtaking. And in the evening, take a gastronomic ride at the night markets.

On your second day, you can try out an island hopping tour, shopping at the dutyfree stores of Langkawi, relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches — such as Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah, Pantai Kok, Black sand beach and more — check out the Galeria Perdana, visit the Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise, Hike to Durian Pernangin waterfalls and top it off with a visit to the famous Eagle square.

For those who have a fascination with ecotourism, the Langkawi Mangrove tour is highly recommended . If you combine all these activities, you can make Langkawi a perfect getaway spot for long-weekends (3 days).


– Cloud9 Holiday Cottage has beautiful rooms set around a private swimming pool with a backdrop of quaint paddy fields, a perfect budget option catering to the flashpacker crowd. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – The Datai is one place that, if you can splurge, is worth all your money. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Temak Villa has its own swimming pool and is tucked away from the chaos of Pantai Cenang. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Bed Attitude Cenang is a perfect backpacker hostel right in the action of Cenang, with awesome facilities and an industrial-chic vibe to boot. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA


Pangkor island

By Debjani Lahiri of The Vagabong


Pulau Pangkor is less visited by tourists even though it has a lot to offer. There are many lonely beaches like Coral Bay, a Dutch colonial fort with a rock inscribed with an ancient sign of the Dutch East India Company, and is home to a staggering amount of hornbill birds — you can feed them every day at 6 pm at Sunset View Chalet.

The colorful alleys of the two Chinese villages, Sungai Pinang Kecil and Besar, with street markets and boat-making workshops, will leave you amazed for sure. Pangkor Island also has a famously revered Taoist Temple, Foo Ling Kong, which is visited by many devotees and has a mini replica of the Great Wall of China.

Once, you are done with the cultural sightseeing, you’ll be spoilt for choices of great water sport activities on any one of Pangkor’s different beaches. Snorkeling is also highly recommended, as the waters are azure blue, and you may see marine life. For sure, the beaches often reflect with blue plankton at night.

Pulau Sembilan, translating to “Nine Islands”, is a mini-archipelago to the south of Pangkor island. These uninhabited and protected islands — ask locally before you go, as they often close for restoration and conservation — host some of Malaysia’s best diving and snorkeling. Diving is best between the months of November to March.

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The hilly areas of Pangkor will also give you scope to climb the hill that soars in the midst of the island and get a panoramic view of the island — not forgetting a chance to get on an ATV and quad-ride all around the forested interior until the northern bays.


– Pangkor Laut Resort is situated on its private island and is the highest starred resort on Pangkor. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Nipah Guesthouse is a solid choice with cute A-frame huts set around a swimming pool. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Joe Fisherman Inn has two stories of nice rooms facing a cozy swimming pool. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA

Marang and Pulau Kapas

By Sasha of Mog and Dog Travels

Pulau Kapas_short_trip_malaysia

Malaysians are passionate foodies, so it makes sense to dedicate your first day to a food crawl, starting with an early breakfast from one of the many street-side stalls around Marang. Terengganu is famous for its Thai influenced cuisine and the abundance of rice dishes: try the nasi minyak , where multicoloured rice is cooked with ghee and five different spices and usually served with chicken curry; or nasi kerabu – rice steamed with coconut milk, dyed blue and served with salad, fish or chicken curry and an array of condiments. Make sure you also pick up a bamboo stick of satar , a fish snack made from pounded fish, shallots, ginger, and grated coconut and barbecued in a banana leaf.

In the early afternoon, stop by the often deserted Kelulut beach to soak up some rays and to feast on the popular sotong goreng (squid fritters) that are covered in a mouthwatering light crispy batter and sold by many of the beach stalls. In the evening, head to one of the numerous restaurants serving a variety of Malaysian seafood dishes.

On the second day, take a 10-minute ferry ride from Marang jetty to Pulau Kapas. Spend the day snorkeling, kayaking or diving around the island’s crystal clear waters or simply just lazing on the white sand beach. You can also walk through the jungle via a stairway to the northernmost point of the island. Whilst there are a couple of cafes and restaurants on the island, it is better to pick up some snacks, fruit, and water before you take the ferry.

Tioman Island

By Sharon of Dive Into Malaysia


Located off the coast of the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia, this is particularly a good choice for people coming from Singapore with ferries to Tioman leaving from Mersing which is a couple of hours drive from Singapore. Once at Mersing, it’s easy to take a 1.5–2 hour ferry (depending on exactly where the final destination is on Tioman) to the island.

The island itself is beautiful. It has a gorgeous coastline and a mountainous interior. There are not many roads and it’s all about exploring by sea or on your own two feet. I recommend staying at Berjaya Tioman which is connected by road to a few places which makes exploring much easier. For other suggestions on where to stay in Tioman, read this guide here .

With two days to explore, spend the first day exploring your surroundings. Enjoy your closest beach and take a boat tour to some great diving and snorkeling spots like Coral Island. This is easy to organize on arrival.

On day two, head to a different part of the island and take a hike. Some good options are to head to Juara Beach if staying elsewhere on the island. There is also a turtle sanctuary here. If staying in Juara, head across on the jungle road to Tekek on the opposite side and take a walk to ABC Beach visiting the Marine Park Information Centre on the way.


– Japamala Resort is the five-star property you need to forget about it all. Check prices and book on  AGODA – Tioman Cabana B & B has beach-front accommodation in ABC Beach, close to the action. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Tioman Dive Resort is the comfy place to go for those interested in exploring the island’s depths. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA


Sibu Island, Johor

By Nuraini of Teja On the Horizon


If you get the midday boat, do a short hike in the afternoon to the mangrove shore on the west coast where there’s an extremely photogenic bleached pink old jetty. If you feel up to it, you can also hike around the whole island to appreciate the variety of its shoreline, which is pretty unique for an island so small.

Go scuba diving on the second day if visibility is good, or go snorkelling at nearby Kukus and Lima Besar islands. In the afternoon, continue enjoying the beach or go kayaking.

You have the last chance to try a different dive site or hike to a different part of the island on your final day, before taking the boat back to Mersing.

Stay at Twin Beach Resort to take advantage of Sibu Island’s iconic double beach section. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a couples getaway, go for the romantic Rimba Resort at the northern part of the island.

Short Getaways in Malaysian Borneo

Flying between Kuala Lumpur or Penang and Malaysian Borneo is so cheap and easy that you should consider taking a short trip to this amazing side of Malaysia, where nature and wildlife abound, and an exotic heritage of headhunters and the foreign adventurers who tamed them constantly palpable. Did we mention Borneo’s best beaches ? Here are some of the best short getaways in Sarawak and Sabah.

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Kinabatangan River

By Sylvia of Wapiti Travel


The Kinabatangan River is located in the Malaysian part of Borneo. The river forms an area with tropical lowland rainforest vegetation and unique ecosystems, it’s the lifeline of the namesake Wildlife sanctuary and Malaysia’s prime location to see elephants, orangutans, macaques, crocodiles and snakes. There’s also an abundance of colorful birds.

READ MORE — How to Spend 2 Perfect Weeks in Borneo

Dotted alongside the river are several lodges that offer 2 or 3-day all-inclusive packages. Except the name the packages in no-way resemble what is offered to sunseekers in beach resorts. Adventure plays the main roll and the meals are extra, but still delicious.

A typical day in the Kinabatangan jungle has an early start. Around 5 or 6 o’clock you will eat a small snack before you board a boat for your morning safari. Approximately 2 hours later you will be back, just in time for breakfast.

The rest of the day you’re free to explore the area, relax and enjoy the restful sounds of nature. In the evening you do a second Kinabatangan river cruise around 4 pm and dinner will be waiting when you get back to your lodge.

Each cruise will be different and they will never stop to surprise. If you’re short on time you can opt for a 2-day package but true nature lovers will leave with a heavy heart even after 3 days.


– S’Kan Styles Hotel has boutiquey rooms right along the main promenade and in walking distance to the local wet market. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Harbourside Backpackers is situated on the waterfront and offers simple yet clean and sturdy beds in the center of town. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – The Last Frontier Boutique Resort in Bilit is one fancy way to experience life on the Kinabatangan River. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Bilit Adventure Lodge is another solid, established, and very pretty high-end guesthouse organizing river trips. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA


Kota Kinabalu

By Knycx Journeying


Located on the northeastern side of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu is a popular Malaysian destination among both local and international travelers. Whether you like to swim, surf or hike, Kota Kinabalu’s natural treasures are among some of the best in Southeast Asia.

For a short getaway in Malaysia, you should start enjoying a day on the beach (maybe Tanjung Aru) and then explore Kota Kinabalu city proper in the evening.

Dedicate your second day to exploring the five offshore islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Go to the Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal, in walking distance from Gaya Street, and take a boat to Sapi Island. You can sign up for one or two activities of your choice among sea walking, banana boat riding, scuba diving, parasailing or jet skiing. Don’t forget to experience the thrill of flying across the ocean on the Coral Flyer – the second longest island zipline in the world, perched between Sapi and Gaya islands.


After lunch, take another boat and hop to Manukan Island, the second biggest in the marine park. Soak into the clear water, sunbathe, and go snorkeling for the rest of the afternoon. Once you return to Kota Kinabalu city, you can enjoy a refreshing drink at the KK City Waterfront while looking at one of Borneo’s stunning violet-tinged sunset. At night, and especially if it’s a weekend, venture to Gaya Street for some delicious Malaysian cuisine at the Api Api Street Food Market. That’s where you’ll be able to taste some fiery laksa, char siew, seafood, and Borneo bak kut teh.

READ MORE – Backpacking Borneo Ultimate Guide


– Mercure Hotel is a solid 5-star option in the center of town. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Borneo Backpackers is a long-running, trusted option in the center of town. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Faloe Hostel is a social and very clean hostel that gets raving reviews from travelers. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Lazy Cat Home is a homey and comfy apartment along Gaya Street, close to anything vibrant in Kota Kinabalu. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA


By Marya Sutimi of The Beau Traveler


There are many theories about why the city is called Kuching, with one of them coming from the Malaysian word for cat “kucing”. For that reason, some local Malaysians in Kuching self-proclaimed the city as the “cat town” and you can find various cat statues around the city. In addition to that, there’s also a cat museum situated in their North City Hall.

If you’re planning to go to Kuching, it is highly recommended for you to find accommodation nearby the Kuching Waterfront. Not only is it easy to get around the city from the area, but it’s also a hub for Malaysian culture in Sarawak. You can easily visit some museums in the area, such as the Chinese History Museum, Sarawak Museum, and Sarawak Textile Museum — not forgetting the Old Courthouse of the Brookes, the White Rajahs of Sarawak, whose legacy can now be appreciated across the Sarawak River at Fort Margherita. The Brooke Foundation runs a very interesting collection of historical artifacts, old maps, and memorabilia that explains Kuching, and Sarawak’s, ties with this dynasty of British rulers.

By night, don’t miss the night bazaar around the Waterfront, where you can also enjoy various local dishes. Their signature Sarawak laksa is super delicious, while some people would also recommend other local dishes like kolo mee or kueh chap .

If seeing orangutans in their natural habitat is also on your bucket list of things to do in Borneo, Semenggoh Nature Reserve is only around 30 minutes by car from town.


– The Waterfront Hotel is the most central, swankiest local hotel overlooking the Old Courthouse. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – The Marian Boutique Lodging House is a mix between luxe boutique hotel and heritage mansion. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Hornbill’s Nest Kuching is a perfectly located, clean hostel that comes highly recommended. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Woodpecker Lodge is a solid guesthouse option with great facilities and straight in the center of town. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA


Gunung Mulu

By Oksana and Max from Drink Tea & Travel


Gunung Mulu National Park is tucked away on the island of Borneo, and a great place to visit for a long weekend. It is one of the biggest protected rainforest areas in this part of Malaysia and known for its extensive underground cave network, unique mountain peaks, and daily bat exodus. The entire area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most spectacular natural parks that we’ve seen in all of Asia.

Spend a day or two exploring the park’s impressive cave system which is the longest in the world by surface area. Lang Cave, Deer Cave, Clearwater Cave, Wind Cave, and Lady Cave are among the most famous. Inside you’ll find interesting rock formations and underground rivers.

One of the highlights of our trip was watching the bat exodus at Deer Cave. Every day between 5–7 pm thousands of bats leave the cave in giant numbers in search of food.

There are some great hikes in the area ranging from day hikes to multi-day treks. The Headhunters trail is an overnight hike through the rainforest and out of the Mulu area on an ancient tribal walking trail. It is an extension of the more famous hike to the Pinnacles, some eerie, blade-like rock formations on top of a mountain, a hard slog that takes 2 days to complete.

If you only have a few days in Mulu you’ll have to choose between visiting the cave systems or embarking on the Pinnacles hike. Both are really worthy activities on a short getaway to Malaysian Borneo.


– Mulu Marriot Resort is the best option in the park, with beautiful cottages and a perfect atmosphere. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – Mulu Village is a homestay set outside the park, with a nice veranda and grassy surroundings. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA – AA Homestay is another cheaper option for those who can’t shell out to stay within the park headquarters. Check prices and book on BOOKING.COM | AGODA

The Danum Valley Conservation Area


If you are interested in seeing what one of the world’s oldest rainforests look like, the Danum Valley Conservation Area  is unmissable. Pretty much untouched and for years only reserved to scientists, this forest reserve lays in the center of Sabah, and makes for a perfect short trip. A weekend is enough: you can fly to Lahad Datu from Kota Kinabalu, and then arrange transport to the reserve.

The main activities here are trekking, wildlife spotting, and basically staying in touch with nature. The Danum Valley is a great place to see wild orangutans, leopard cats — you have to be lucky, but it’s possible — and many other smaller mammals like the endemic Borneo mouse deer, thousands of species of frogs and insects, and the commonly found Malay civet — they come to look for food near the park’s field center at night.

At last, the Segama River runs along the edge of the jungle, and it’s a relaxing place to take a dip when the temperature gets too hot. Since coming to the Danum Valley is not very straightforward without a tour, it makes sense to shop around and get a good deal that includes guides and accommodation. Sticky Rice Travel, a Kota Kinabalu-based company, is one of the most trustworthy tour operators here.

short trip in Malaysia

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short trip in asia

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Cameron Highlands

The best cool weather destinations in Southeast Asia

Want to escape the humidity of Singapore? Chill out at these cool climes around Southeast Asia

While Singapore's tropical weather may be welcoming to some, most of us just want to walk down the street without breaking a sweat. Instead of escaping to the nearest mall for that feel-good aircon blast, pack your bags and trade that artificial cold for the real deal – right here in Southeast Asia. 

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Coolest regional destinations

Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung, Indonesia

Venture out of Bali and into Bandung, the capital city of Indonesia's West Java province. The climate here is some of the best in Indonesia, maxing out at 27 degrees Celsius thanks to its sheltered position among volcanic mountains. University students descend upon the city every year for studies, so Bandung is not short of shopping, cultural attractions, and nightlife. Head further out for some nature – you can drive right up to the crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. 

DO Visit the  Lembang Floating Market  to browse the fresh produce and snacks on sale, and dine at the floating restaurants and eating places. Besides going up Mount Tangkuban Perahu, you can also consider visiting the stunning  White Crater  in South Bandung, and the beautiful tea fields in Kebun Teh Sekitar Ciater. 

Baguio, Philippines

Baguio, Philippines

Just a few hours outside Metro Manila, you can find one of the coolest places in the Philippines – and Southeast Asia, for that matter. Situated about 5,000 feet above sea-level, temperatures in Baguio rarely exceed 30 degrees Celsius. The moutainous area and lush forests bring in the cold breeze, and it usually gets even cooler over December to February. 

DO  Explore  Mount Pulag National Park which has incredible biodiversity and the the third highest mountain in the Philippines. If you want a drink to go with your moutaineering, then  Baguio Craft Brewery  is your watering hole. Check out its innovative brews and bar bites.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Venture beyond Bangkok to the capital of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai. Winter is the best season to visit – from December to February, temperatures max out at 30 degrees Celsius, dropping into the 10s at night. Known as the 'rose of the North', Chiang Mai offers an exciting mix of city, nature and heritage. It has affordable markets, two vast nature parks where you can get your fill of moutains, waterfalls and more, and is also one of the few places in Southeast Asia you can see beautiful cherry blossoms. 

DO  Catch blush pink cherry blossoms in the gardens of Khun Chang Kian Highland Agriculture Research Centre between December and February. Culture vultures will love the Wat Chedi Luang  in the city centre, but you can also head further out to  Doi Suthep  to visit the ancient temple and enjoy impressive views of downtown Chiang Mai.  

Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa, Vietnam

This modest town located close to the Chinese border, northwest of Hanai is known is for its cool weather that doesn't top 20 degrees Celsius all year round. Trekking in Sapa is also a must-do and almost every hotel offers some sort of hiking experience, some requiring an overnight stay in a village in the mountains. It is also home to different ethnic trial groups, making it one of the more culturally rich areas in Vietnam. 

DO  Make sure you see the green rice terraces of Muong Hoa Valley and visit Cat Cat Village where the Hmong people live. With so many different ethnic groups in Sapa, it’s best to be a little adventurous and sample different cuisines too. 

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

This popular highland destination on the northwestern tip of Pahang enjoys cool temperatures all year round. That's thanks to its high elevation – the Cameron Highlands sit between 800 to 1,600 metres above sea level, so its mercury never rises above 25 degrees Celsius. Tea plantations dominate the scenery here, but there are plenty of hiking opportunities to explore its unique flora and fauna, as well as pay the Orang Asli community a visit. 

DO  Follow your guide for a spot of tea picking at the  Bharat Tea Plantation . The on-site tea shop is a great place to sample some teas and admire the surrounding vistas. For something more rugged, try out one of its many numbered trails, including the enchanting  Mossy Forest  on Mount Brinchang. 

Wonosobo, Indonesia

Wonosobo, Indonesia

Jakarta might be notorious for being one of the hottest cities in Southeast Asia, but a little trip to Central Java just a few hours away might surprise you. Wonosobo is flanked by two mountains, Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. They keep things pretty chill, and temperatures on Dieng Plateau can even dip below zero degrees.

DO   Hike Mount Sindoro for the edelweiss flowers and best sunrise views at the peak. A visit to the spiritual place  Dieng Plateau  is a must. Explore volcanic craters, tour ancient temples and shrines and witness colour-changing lakes all at once. 

Kundasang, Malaysia

Kundasang, Malaysia

Just a two-hour drive from Kota Kinabalu is the mountain town of Kundasang. Known to many as the New Zealand of Sabah, the slow-paced town can be found in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. The mountainous areas are refreshingly cool during the day, and temperatures dip below freezing during night time. Immerse yourself in local life through independent homestays and dig into unique dishes such as wild boar with salted egg yolk and grilled ostrich at the likes of  89 Station .

DO Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit at Poring Hot Spring , located inside Kinabalu Park. The hot sulphuric minerals are said to have therapeutic and healing properties. At night, arm yourself with a torch and extra layers and head to the buffer zone of Mount Kinabalu Golf Club , which offers a mystical view of the Milky Way.

Ninh Bihn, Vietnam

Ninh Bihn, Vietnam

Stunning limestone cliffs and glittering rivers define the landscape of Ninh Bihn. This Northern province gets hot and humid in the summer months, but temperatures drop to a cool low 20s during the autumn dry season from September to November. This is the best time to visit this "Halong Bay on Land", where you can explore heritage sites like Bich Dong Pagoda , paddle through marshes at  Vân Long Nature Reserve  and honour history at Vietnam's ancient capital  Hoa Lư .

DO  Climb 500 steps at  Hang Múa  for a bird's eye view across the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A paddleboat tour in Trang An or Tam Coc is essential – it will bring you past towering karsts and hidden grottoes. 

Phetchabun, Thailand

Phetchabun, Thailand

Known for its forested mountains, streams and temps that don’t cross 30 degrees Phetchabun in north-central Thailand is known as Little Switzerland because of its peaceful and tranquil vibe. Home to untouched nature and ancient ruins, Phetchabun is the perfect cold weather getaway for those hoping to catch some culture. Dig into some street food, and if you’re planning to hike in Khao Kho, book a stay at Phu Sandao Resort where you’ll be sleeping in pastel-hued pods in the hills. 

DO Climb up Phu Thap Boek Mountain , the highest point in the region. Stop for a visit at Wat Pha Sorn Kaew  the ‘temple on a glass cliff’ which is decorated with colourful tiles, and boasts amazing views.

Sagada, Philippines

Sagada, Philippines

Located in Luzon, Sagada enjoys a subtropical highland climate and cool temperatures that hover below 20 degrees Celsius all year round. This municipality is a haven for nature and adventure lovers – its serene mountains and mysterious caves lend themselves to a range of thrilling activities such as hiking at Marlboro Hills or Mount Kiltepan , spelunking at Lumiang Cave and whitewater rafting in the Chico River .

DO  Check out the eerie hanging coffins at Echo Valley , just a 20-minute trek from the town. There are a number of mountains and waterfalls to visit, but one of the most unique is the  Blue Soil Hills  which has – you guessed it – faint blueish soil that makes for a great photo spot. 

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The Best Places to Go in Asia in 2024

By CNT Editors

The Best Places to Go in Asia in 2024

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

This is part of our global guide to the Best Places to Go in 2024 —find more travel inspiration here .

It’s official, Asia is back—brighter, bolder, and more ambitious than ever. The region took longer than others to shake off pandemic-related travel restrictions and border closures, but has returned in full force, eager to remind international travelers what they’ve been missing.

The continent’s titanic expanse of territories has always offered a diverse tapestry of to-dos—but across the region, new experiences, events, and accommodation options await. Sri Lanka is emerging phoenix-like from economic crisis and responding with a new food festival, wellness-oriented retreats, and a hiking trail that snakes through 186 miles of hill country and centuries of history. Mongolia is relaxing visa restrictions to give more people the opportunity to experience its vast, rugged landscapes, and Kochi is setting the bar high when it comes to city-wide sustainability initiatives. In the UAE , a lesser-known emirate is vying for attention, while a Japanese port city is flexing its design muscles.

Expanded green spaces, intriguing boutique resorts, luxury sleeper trains, and the ancient Silk Road: our list of the 11 best places to visit in Asia in 2024, entirely informed by contributing writers and editors spread across the region, is packed with reasons to head east.

Don’t forget to also visit our global list of best destinations to visit in 2024 , vetted by Condé Nast Traveler editors based in the US, UK, Spain, Middle East, India, and China. — Selina Denman & Julian Manning

Bangkok Chinatown, Thailand

Go for: a culinary renaissance in one of the world’s biggest Chinatowns

Always one of the buzziest districts in Bangkok Chinatown makes the list this year for its everexciting food scene. In...

Always one of the buzziest districts in Bangkok, Chinatown makes the list this year for its ever-exciting food scene. In the year ahead, expect a new wave of restaurants to sprout in this neon-glowing nexus.

With its mom-and-pop noodle joints, incense-infused shrines, and tuk-tuks clattering through centuries-old alleyways, Chinatown has always been one of Bangkok 's buzziest districts. In the mid-2010s, chefs, mixologists, and gallerists started setting up shop in the crumbling townhouses on the district's outskirts and now, a new wave of restaurateurs is headed for Chinatown's neon-glowing nexus, Yaowarat Road. Among them is Australian chef and Thai food guru David Thompson, who, at his Chop Chop Cook Shop , riffs on recipes—buttered prawns, braised peas—from the Chinese-Western restaurants that were all the rage across Bangkok in the 1930s. Upstairs, Goldsmith Bar transforms ingredients commonly found in the neighborhood—shiitake syrup, osmanthus oolong—into heady drinks, and will soon be joined by a Chinese restaurant on the top floor and rooftop terrace.

Lucky Duck , another newcomer, has taken up residence in a historic building nearby and serves up drinks inspired by old-timey Chinese films. Perennially packed Thai restaurant Charmgang is set to open a more laid-back sibling, Charmkrung, where wines and light bites will dominate the menu; and judging from the many buildings currently concealed by tarpaulin and bamboo scaffolding, more bars and restaurants will follow suit. But how much change is too much? 2024 presents a chance to experience the charm of this storied district while still in flux. — Chris Schalkx

Da Nang, Vietnam

Go for: nature reserves, central Vietnamese cuisine, the firework festival

DANANG VIETNAM  Apr 08 2019 A commuter in pink top and red motorbike on the Dragon Bridge in Hai Chau district. The...

The “City of Bridges,” Da Nang, is a 21st century oceanfront destination linked to ancient trading hubs and imperial centers. Take advantage of new flights into Da Nang to explore the entire coast.

The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is just one popular event in this central Vietnam city—other attractions...

The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is just one popular event in this central Vietnam city—other attractions, like distinctly local dishes, are on offer year-round.

A modern beach city located amid dozens of UNESCO -recognized sites in the country’s heartland—including the ancient port city of Hoi An and the former imperial capital city of Hue—Da Nang is one of Asia’s big post-COVID success stories, with 2023 international arrivals exceeding pre-pandemic figures, thanks in part to new flight routes that make the City of Bridges easier to get to than ever. In 2023, Vietnam Airlines reopened its popular Tokyo route, Taiwan ’s China Airlines started direct flights from Taipei, and several Southeast Asian budget airlines launched flights to the city, with plenty more in the works. Every June, more than 150 daily flights deliver tourists eager to witness the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival.

Son Tra Peninsula—located just 20 minutes from the city center—is another tourist draw, home to a 17-story, 220-foot statue of Lady Buddha, as well as endangered red-shanked douc langurs that live in the peninsula’s nature reserve. Central Vietnamese food specialties like Mì Quảng, the official noodle soup of the region, and Bánh Xèo turmeric crepes, should be another feature of any travel itinerary.

Hotel and resort developers are taking note of Da Nang’s newfound popularity. On Son Tra Peninsula, the Bill Bensley-designed InterContinental Sun Peninsula Resort recently completed an extensive 10th-anniversary renovation that includes a new club lounge, villas, and spa concept. IHG Hotel Group’s voco Ma Belle Danang opened in the city in 2023, and 2024 will herald the arrival of Da Nang’s first Mandarin Oriental property and an outpost of the wellness-driven Southeast Asian Fusion Hotel group. — Dan Q. Dao

Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Go for: lesser-known walking trails, new vantage points, an international folk festival

The Mustang Trail Race is just one of many events on the horizon for Kathmandu Valley designed to encourage visitors to...

The Mustang Trail Race is just one of many events on the horizon for Kathmandu Valley designed to encourage visitors to embrace and immerse themselves in the Himalayan landscape.

Kathmandu Valley’s standing as Nepal ’s cultural hub will be revived in early 2024 with the return of the International Folk Festival-Nepal in March—its first in-person iteration since 2020—and the biennial Film Southasia , South Asia’s premier documentary festival, later in the year.

Atop Kathmandu Valley’s picturesque ridges lie the emergent destinations of Dhulikhel and Chandragiri, replete with hidden trails that are an unexpected alternative to Nepal’s more well-trodden and strenuous trekking routes. In Dhulikhel, Thai hospitality outfit Dusit Hotels and Resorts recently launched a charming luxury resort , while nearby, the Namo Buddha Eco Resort offers an opportunity to explore Nepal’s sustainable agricultural practices.

Bolstered by a commitment to improve the country’s tourism infrastructure with the launch of Nepal’s Tourism Decade in 2023, 2024 will see the Kathmandu Valley continue to serve as a gateway to the rest of Nepal’s tourism hotspots, with improved road and air connectivity between Kathmandu and the valleys of Pokhara and Mustang. As the 2024 additions to Pokhara’s hospitality landscape, such as Le Glamour Luxury Resort , set up in lofty vantage points across the valley, easier access to the once-remote Mustang Valley is similarly leading to the introduction of luxury accommodation options such as the stunning 29-suite Bill Bensley-designed Shinta Mani Mustang, and events such as the Mustang Trail Race, designed to encourage visitors to fully immerse themselves in this singular Himalayan landscape. — Amulya Gyawali

Kobe, Japan

Go for: high design with a sense of place

In Kobe Japan designforward spaces like the new Officine Universelle Buly skincare shop  are creatively building on its...

In Kobe, Japan, design-forward spaces, like the new Officine Universelle Buly skincare shop (left), are creatively building on its seafaring heritage.

Sandwiched between steep mountains and sparkling seas in southwestern Japan , the port city of Kobe is seriously strengthening its design credentials. Taking centre stage is Vague Kobe , a new creative space by Teruhiro Yanagihara Studio (TYS). Spanning the upper levels of an elegant former 1930s bank, it houses a gallery, bookstore, café, wine bar, flower shop, and design studio. In a perfectly measured showcase of contemporary Japanese design—and a reflection of Kobe’s seafaring heritage—renovated interiors combine crafted walls of traditional Japanese plasterwork and clean minimalist lines with large windows, stone floors, and ornate tilework.

Further proof of Kobe’s design ascendency was the arrival of French artisanal perfume and skincare brand Officine Universelle Buly in mid-2023, its shop and café interiors flamboyantly layered in signature style—from Kobe beef-inspired expanses of red-veined marble to chocolate-like lacquerware and “dripping” lamps. Recent plans by Trunk , arguably Tokyo’s hippest hotel group, to make Kobe the setting for its first hotel outside the capital is further evidence of the city’s prominence. And Kobe Port Tower —a panoramic observation deck on the shores of Osaka Bay—will reopen in early 2024 with a string of new facilities, including a new museum showcasing light-themed artworks and a fancy 360-degree revolving café bar. — Danielle Demetriou

Kochi, India

Go for: sustainable initiatives, stunning waterways, local festivals

Kochi's draws are modern and oldschool in equal measure. For one thing Kochi's 10 islands will become fully solarpowered...

Kochi's draws are modern and old-school in equal measure. For one thing, Kochi's 10 islands will become fully solar-powered by 2024. But local festivals like the ancient temple gathering of Thrissur Pooram and the Kochi-Muziris Biannale maintain the texture and history that make the place special.

Kochi’s waterways have lured visitors for centuries, its verdant backwaters, lagoons and rivers as attractive to travelers today as they were to Arab, Chinese, and European merchants in the 1300s. As one of the first in the world, its water metro system—a socially inclusive transport option connecting 10 islands along a 50-mile network—was already revolutionary when it launched in 2021, but will set the bar even higher by late 2024, when it becomes fully solar powered.

The move is part of a wider effort to transform Kerala ’s financial and industrial capital into a solar powerhouse. The city’s international airport (CIAL) is the first in the world to operate solely on solar energy and was recently upgraded with the introduction of a dedicated business jet terminal that’s the largest in India. This will be complemented by a refreshed airport hotel in mid-2024, as the current property is brought under the Taj banner and upgraded accordingly. Improvements are also underway at Kochi’s 150-year-old Ernakulam Market, which is set to unveil its years-in-the-making redesign in early 2024.

On a wider scale, Kerala Tourism 2.0, the state’s $43 million 2023-2024 sustainable tourism initiative, will focus on improving infrastructure and travel corridors between Kochi and less-visited destinations such as Munnar and Kozhikode—as well as local festivals, from the ancient temple gathering of Thrissur Pooram to the Kochi-Muziris Biennale . Meanwhile, responsible tourism operator The Blue Yonder —which created a twilight dining experience inspired by Kochi’s historic Chinese fishing nets in 2023 in Ezhikkara—offers opportunities to experience conservation-focused mangrove trails and climate-resilient Pokkali rice farms, alongside it revamped 2023-2024 Nila River voyages: two-week odysseys along the state’s cultural lifeline, from the Palakkad gap to Ponnani. — Taarika John

Go for: improved access, unique cultural festivals, and unscripted adventure

Thrillseeking adventure travelers will always find something to love about Mongolia and it will never be easier for them...

Thrill-seeking adventure travelers will always find something to love about Mongolia, and it will never be easier for them to do so than in 2024 with the first direct US flights, a new crop of nationalities who can visit visa-free, and more.

Mongolia has long been the destination for thrill-seeking adventure travelers—as participants in the wonderfully chaotic Mongol Rally will attest—but the country is expanding beyond that niche as its tourism board sets its sights on attracting a million tourists per year. In 2023, the country launched visa-free travel for a further 34 nationalities—bringing the total up to 61—in a campaign that is set to run until 2025.

The launch of new luxury lodges, cultural tours, and the announcement of the country’s first ever direct US flight, coming in 2024 to the $650-million Chinggis Khaan International Airport, further signal Mongolia’s tourism ambitions.

Following the success of the rugged-but-chic Three Camel Lodge , Mongolia’s luxury accommodation options are expanding with places such as Yeruu Lodge , which opened in 2023. Offbeat cultural experiences are one of the most compelling reasons to visit the country’s vast, rugged expanses and local operator Breanna Wilson offers some of the best. After a successful season of horse trekking and the Naadam Festival—a colorful display of strength, horsemanship, and marksmanship—in 2023, Wilson is expanding her 2024 tours to include a digital nomad week, a women-only retreat in Orkhon Valley, and a three-day archery training session with Namnaa Academy , an organization that began reviving the ancient art of mounted archery in 2020. — Ali Wunderman

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Go for: exhilarating adventure sports, luxurious accommodation options

Adventure tourism developments are in the works in Ras Al Khaimah's rocky mountains  with Jebel Jais acting as the home...

Adventure tourism developments are in the works in Ras Al Khaimah's rocky mountains (and along its undersung coastline), with Jebel Jais acting as the home base for a burgeoning hiking and ziplining scene.

With its rocky mountains and low-key coastline, Ras Al Khaimah has long served as a weekend escape for UAE residents. But with several adventure tourism developments in the works and an influx of luxury properties lining up to open in the UAE’s fourth-largest emirate, there’s plenty happening now to put Ras Al Khaimah on the global tourism map. On an island just off the coast, the 174-room Anantara Mina Al Arab Resort , home to the country’s first overwater villas, will welcome its first guests in January—to be joined by a 155-room Nikki Beach Resort in 2026.

But most of the action is happening on the slopes of Jebel Jais , the UAE’s highest mountain. Among the peaks that are already home to the world’s longest zipline, adrenaline-lovers will soon be able to launch themselves into the blue beneath the canopy of a paraglider with the new Jais Wings experience. And if all that activity leaves you longing for a comfortable place to rest, the 70 luxurious rooms at nature-focused Saij Mountain Lodge will be perfect for bedding down once it opens in 2024. To top it all off, Qatar Airways resumed operating daily flights direct from its Doha hub to Ras Al Khaimah International Airport in November, making this lesser-known emirate more accessible than ever. — Nicola Chilton

The Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

Go for: bragging rights, pristine nature, a new take on sustainability

Saudi Arabia's Red Sea has both untouched desert and vibrant coral reefs—both of which will be part of an ambitious...

Saudi Arabia's Red Sea has both untouched desert and vibrant coral reefs—both of which will be part of an ambitious sustainable tourism development in the destination in 2024.

Creating a completely new tourism destination in an area of pristine natural beauty—including coral reefs that are home to critically endangered species, unspoiled desert, and dormant volcanoes—is a fine tightrope to walk. Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea aims to navigate these challenges with ambitious efforts that will make it a center of regenerative tourism, powered by 100% renewable energy. Only 22 of the more than 90 islands in the area will be developed, and nine have been designated as protected conservation areas. While many of the sustainability efforts will be behind the scenes, some are visible—and visitable.

New mangrove parks will be populated with trees currently being grown in a mangrove nursery (the project aims to plant 50 million by 2030). The first phase of the destination, which includes 16 luxury hotels, is powered by 760,000 solar panels, and the world’s first zero-carbon 5G network has already been installed. Three resorts— Six Senses Southern Dunes , Nujuma, and The St. Regis —are set to open in the coming months, each with its own strict program of sustainability measures, ranging from light-touch modular structures to intelligent landscaping, smart waste management, and local sourcing. Transport within the destination will be by e-vehicles, and hydrogen-powered seaplanes will eventually transport visitors between the islands. Whether a luxury tourist destination can ever truly be sustainable remains to be seen, but the efforts being made in the Red Sea are certainly testing the hypothesis. — Nicola Chilton

Go for: forest trails, new luxury stays, and Taylor Swift hype

Singapore's glamour has always been legendary but things will be taken up a notch next year as Belmond returns with its...

Singapore's glamour has always been legendary, but things will be taken up a notch next year as Belmond returns with its long-awaited Eastern & Oriental Express—a new journey will take passengers from Singapore to Malaysia and back again come February.

Even by Singapore ’s hyperkinetic standards, 2024 is shaping up to be an unusually livewire year. March will usher in Taylor Swift hype at the National Stadium in Kallang, as the pop star lights up the waterfront venue in her sole South East Asian stop on the record-shattering The Eras Tour. Hotel bookings have reportedly surged in anticipation, right on the heels of a string of high-profile openings in 2023, including the much-anticipated Mondrian Singapore Duxton near Chinatown. Relaunches and openings will continue into 2024, with the Grand Hyatt on the plush Orchard Road-Scotts Road juncture unveiling a completely new look, and Raffles inaugurating its villa-style spa and resort on Sentosa Island .

Singapore is also adding exciting accoutrements to its impressive green quilt. At Gardens by the Bay , the country’s landscaping masterpiece, the longest sculpture in the world—a 300-foot parade depicting 60 endangered animals cast in bronze—is on display until May. Cycling paths are coming to 10 additional neighborhoods (Jurong Lake District and Punggol among them), and some will be linked to the city’s more than 300km-long green network of park connectors. A 755-foot-long forest trail and a lagoon pool will be among the highlights of the soon-to-reopen Big Sister’s Island marine park.

Not to forget Singapore’s legendary glamour, which holds sway over everything, as Belmond returns with its long-awaited Eastern & Oriental Express , kicking off a new journey from Singapore to Malaysia and back in February. In September, the country has its annual date with Formula 1 at the iconic Marina Bay Street Circuit, which, as F1’s original night race, is set against a dazzling backdrop of skyscrapers and city lights. — Lakshmi Sankaran

The Silk Road, Uzbekistan

Go for: the ancient charm of the Silk Road charging into the future with new high-speed rail routes

Samarkand is one of four cities in Uzbekistan benefitting from a renewed interest in the Silk Road with Afrosiyob a new...

Samarkand is one of four cities in Uzbekistan benefitting from a renewed interest in the Silk Road, with Afrosiyob, a new high-speed rail network linking its minarets and turquoise-blue tiling with the country's capital of Tashkent—and more. Routes to Khiva, 2024's tourism capital of the Islamic world, will come online next year.

For centuries, traders journeyed along the ancient Silk Road, weaving westwards from China to Iran and Turkey, sharing their stories and cultures alongside textiles, tea, and perfume. Today, four cities in Uzbekistan —Samarkand, Tashkent, Bukhara, and Khiva—are benefitting from renewed interest in this historic route. Explorers may once have had to contend with long, arduous journeys on camel-back, but new Afrosiyob high-speed trains have become a lifeline linking Tashkent, the country’s capital, to Samarkand and Bukhara. In 2024, this 373-mile rail network will extend to Khiva, making it even easier to explore Uzbek Silk Road cities.

While Samarkand’s minarets and turquoise-blue tiling are hallmarks of regal Timurid architecture—evident in the towering monoliths of Registan Square— Bukhara is the site of beguiling mosque complexes and age-old rug-making traditions. In Tashkent, the host of 2024’s FIFA Futsal World Cup , heritage is combined with a more cosmopolitan verve, and Swissôtel is slated to open its first property here in 2024.

Khiva, the latest rail stop, has also been declared 2024’s tourism capital of the Islamic world, perfectly positioning it to showcase the mud-and-straw walls and impeccably preserved fortifications of Itchan Kala , a UNESCO-certified inner city with over 50 historic monuments. — Lakshmi Sankaran

South and central Sri Lanka

Go for: wellness retreats, a new food festival, and a nearly 200-mile nature trail

Kayaam House is one of several openings that signals the luxury and wellness boom marking Sri Lanka's tourism industry...

Kayaam House is one of several openings that signals the luxury and wellness boom marking Sri Lanka's tourism industry right now.

Rising from economic uncertainty, Sri Lanka ’s tourism industry is in the midst of a luxury and wellness boom—from its tea-filled highlands to its palm-fringed shores. In the south of the country, new luxury resorts continue to entice. Among them, Kayaam House and Ahu Bay by homegrown luxury travel specialist Resplendent Ceylon; a Hilton resort next to the Indian Ocean-bordering Yala National Park, one of the best places to spot Sri Lanka’s elusive leopards; and the art deco-inspired The Charleston , which opens in December in the UNESCO-listed Galle Fort. The already established Kalukanda House —a villa in surf town Weligama by British-Sri Lankan interior designer Dee Gibson—is making its mark with retreats centered on female empowerment, with yoga, breath work, reiki, and Ayurveda included.

A comprehensive renovation of the nine-room Meraki , which employs local women and offers yoga, holistic treatments, island-sourced vegetarian fare, and artisanal crafts in the Polhena Beach district of Matara, is set to be unveiled in early 2024; and luxury fitness getaway Makahiya is gearing up to launch its own brand of bespoke retreats.

In January, the Galle Literary Festival will return after a five-year hiatus, with appearances by literary figures such as Shehan Karunatilaka and Alexander McCall Smith, while Gourmet Galle , the country’s new food festival, will spotlight 12 chefs in 12 venues, ranging from beaches to paddy fields, over a 12-week period from January to March.

Inland, development of the Pekoe Trail , a new nearly 200-mile network of hiking routes that snakes its way through Sri Lanka’s highlands, continues. Traversing historic tea plantations, colonial estates, local villages, holy shrines, and forests brimming with biodiversity, it’s a novel way to experience Sri Lanka’s lush hill country, particularly when paired with stays at boutique properties such as W15 Hanthana , the luxurious Goatfell , or the Kelburne Estate , scheduled to open in December 2024. — Zinara Rathnayake


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Then you’re in the right place!

Planning a solo trip to Asia can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience, as there are so many great destinations to choose from.

To help narrow down your search, I reached out to some of my favorite travel bloggers to get their top picks for where to enjoy solo female travel in Asia. I’ve also my personal favorite solo travel destination in Asia in spot #1.

Whether you’re looking to visit historic temples, relax on beautiful beaches, summit impressive mountains, or immerse yourself in local culture in a safe place, you can find it in the guide below.

From India to Southeast Asia to Indonesia and beyond, discover some of the best places to travel alone in Asia.

⏳Short on time? Here are some quick tips for traveling solo in Asia: ☔ Safety: Whether you’re traveling alone in Asia or elsewhere, it’s smart to pack travel safety essentials . One top pick is the She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm , which is TSA-approved and can help scare away potential attackers. Other recommendations include Clever Travel Companion Pickpocket-Proof Garments and Speakeasy Travel Supply Hidden Pocket Scarves . 🏨  Accommodation: This map  can help you pinpoint top-rated and budget-friendly accommodation in the Asian cities you’re visiting solo. It’s currently set to the Kuta in Bali, but you can easily change it to your intended destination in Asia. 💸 Save Money: Klook Pass , which helps you save big while getting access to numerous activities with one pass 🎉 Experiences: Klook (very popular in Asia), GetYourGuide , and Viator 🥘 Culinary Experiences: EatWith (cooking classes, food tours & dining in local homes) 🏥  Travel Insurance:  SafetyWing 📞  Staying Connected:  Airalo eSIM

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Once you’ve  grabbed your seat , read on to dive into the solo travel guide .

Without further adieu, let’s go over some of the top places to visit when traveling to Asia alone .

Keep in mind, this list is in no way exhaustive. Feel free to share your own recommendations for solo travel in Asia as where as your tips for how to travel solo successfully in the comments below!

1. Thimphu, Bhutan

beautiful views in Thimphu make it one of the best places for solo travel in Asia

If you’re looking for safe places to travel alone in Asia , Bhutan should be at the top of your list. In general, the country experiences very little crime, and even petty theft and pickpocketing are uncommon — though, of course, you should always keep general solo travel safety tips in mind.

Along with stunning Himalayan scenery, your trip to Bhutan will likely include lots of temple visits, cultural experiences, and some of the world’s best hiking .

Most visitors to Bhutan begin their journey in Thimphu, the country’s capital. There are many interesting things to do in Thimphu , from visiting one of the world’s largest Buddhas at Buddha Point to seeing the national animal (the takin) at Motithang Takin Preserve to taking a spiritual walk at the National Memorial Chorten.

Of course, as Bhutan is a very remote destination, you’ll also want to add other stops to your itinerary. A few of my favorite experiences during my solo trip to Bhutan included:

  • hiking to Bhutan’s breathtaking Tiger’s Nest in Paro
  • hiking around Jakar , the “Switzerland of Bhutan”
  • seeing rare black-necked cranes in the Phobjikha Valley
  • visiting the Lobesa District of Punakha , a village that worships penises as well as an interesting Buddhist Master known as the Divine Madman

While Bhutan should be at the top of any list sharing unforgettable and safe Asian countries to travel alone, the one downside is the price; you’ll need to pay a daily Bhutan visa fee , which can be expensive when traveling solo.

That being said, if you can swing the cost, you’ll be rewarded with an experience unlike any other in one of the best places for solo travel in Asia.

-Jessie Festa of Jessie on a Journey

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2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Temple is a must-see when visiting Asia solo

Is solo travel fun ? It certainly can be, especially if you visit this popular destination. Situated at the foot of Doi Suthep Mountain in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a beloved destination for travelers and Thai food connoisseurs alike.

The city is surrounded by an ancient wall and a moat that encloses a lively old town full of cute cafes and fun bars — including a live jazz venue.

For solo travelers, this is an ideal city to visit because of the number of fun adventures that are available — such as visiting an elephant sanctuary like Elephant Nature Park and hiking to one of the seven hill tribe villages of Northern Thailand (and possibly doing a homestay!).

Another fun trip is to take a songthaew (red truck taxi) and head up the mountain to visit the sacred Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple that overlooks the entire city. If you enjoy hiking, you can also reach the temple via the Monk’s Trail.

With Chiang Mai being such a big hub for travelers and backpackers, the city is loaded with hostels that not only serve as an inexpensive place to sleep but also a fun spot to socialize.

Chiang Mai is also the jumping-off point for people heading to party in Pai and others that are planning to ride scooters around the scenic Mai Hong Song Loop. You might even consider joining one of these groups.

This all being said, the top reason for solo travelers to visit Chiang Mai is the food. Northern Thai cuisine is unlike anything you will try in the rest of Thailand and this region is the culinary center of the country.

The best food in the city can be tried at small shophouse restaurants around the old town and at the amazing street food markets that are set up each night near the north and south gates. Delicious!

Chiang Mai is truly an incredible destination for solo travel in Southeast Asia.

– Gabriel from Chef Travel Guide

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3. Vientiane, Laos

Buddha Park in Vientiane is a must-visit attraction on a solo trip to Asia

The capital of Laos, Vientiane, is one of the best solo travel destinations in Asia boasting exciting architecture, culture, history, safety, and affordable living. 

The city is captivating with its cultural and colonial buildings, museums, and pagodas.

There are plenty of things to do in Vientiane, too, whether you are a city explorer, history lover, or outdoorsy person. 

The first stop on anyone’s Vientiane itinerary should be Pha That Luang — a 148-foot-high stupa covered in gold that is the most sacred monument in the country, with two adjacent temples.

Patuxai Victory Monument, also known as the Victory Monument, is a replica of the French Arc de Triomphe, representing the colonial history of Lao. Its ceilings and walls are adorned with gorgeous paintings of goddesses, gods, and other critical cultural elements. And those who enjoy panoramic views can even walk to the top for some sweeping views of the city. 

History lovers can visit the Lao National Museum to learn more about the city’s history from prehistoric to present.

And not far from the city lies quite an interesting and impressive Buddha Park with fascinating giant Hindu and Buddhist mythological statues. 

Like elsewhere in Southeast Asia, night markets are a fun way to spend evenings in Vientiane by wandering the stalls of various vendors and trying local street food. 

Finally, another reason Vientiane is great for solo travelers is that it’s relatively small for a capital city, with the main tourist action happening in the central part consisting of three primary roads parallel to the Mekong River. All the accommodation options are located within these areas too. 

-Baia from Red Fedora Diary

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4. Bajawa, Indonesia 

visiting the Inerie Volcano in Indonesia during a solo trip to Asia

Bajawa is a cute off-the-beaten-path town in the middle of Flores Island in Indonesia. It’s a great destination if you are an experienced solo traveler who’s up for adventure and is not afraid to stray away from the tourist trail.

What makes Bajawa extraordinary is that it’s one of only six matriarchal societies in the world!

In Bajawa, women rule and are head of the clan. This means that when a couple gets married the man moves in with the woman and his life will be devoted to her and her family. If he makes a mistake, like cheating, he will be kicked out instantly, and all the possessions they have together will go to the woman and her family. 

There are some truly amazing things to do in and around Bajawa. If you’re visiting Bajawa in the low season, chances are you will have these places all to yourself. It’s the perfect place to experience that feeling of total freedom — one of the many benefits of traveling alone — if that’s what you’re after on your solo trip to Asia. 

Bajawa is all about traditional culture and natural beauty. Places to visit in and around Bajawa are the traditional villages of Bena and Luba if you want to experience local Ngada culture, Ogi Waterfall if you are a fan of waterfalls, and the Inerie Volcano that dominates Bajawa’s skyline.

For a good view of the Inerie Volcano itself, go to Wolobobo Hill — where you can enjoy a coffee after catching the sunrise from a viewing platform. If you’re an avid hiker, summiting Mount Inerie will take about six to seven hours round-trip.

Tired after hiking the volcano? Make your way to the Malanage Hot Springs and soak in the pleasant waters at the confluence of a hot and cold river in the middle of the forest. 

The best way to get around Bajawa is by motorbike. If you don’t dare to drive yourself, it’s also possible to hire an ojek (motorcycle taxi) or arrange a day trip with a car and a driver.

A great place to stay in Bajawa is Cinnamon House and for the best food in town head to Lucas Restaurant .

-Annelies from Travelers&Dreamers

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5. Kolkata, India

Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, one of the best places for solo travel in Asia

Kolkata — India’s “City of Joy” — is a beautiful destination and one of the best places for solo travel in Asia.

Home to historic neighborhoods, bustling bazaars, remarkable architecture, and plenty of flea markets, it is a city full of culture everywhere you go. It is also one of the safest places in India to visit on your own .

Start your trip with an early morning visit to the Victoria Memorial Hall and spend some time wandering in the expansive gardens surrounding it. Victoria Memorial Hall is actually inside of Maidan, a giant greenspace with picnic spots, hiking trails, sports fields, racetracks, historic landmarks, and more.

The greenspace is also home to the massive St. Paul’s Cathedral, known for its stunning Gothic architecture. Nearby, you can grab lunch along buzzing Park Street.

Once you’re done exploring, hail yourself an iconic yellow taxi and head to North Kolkata for vibrant markets and colorful houses. Neighborhoods such as College Street, Shobhabazar, Shyambazar, and Kumortuli are where you will find colonial-era buildings and decades-old shops. You can take a stroll at your convenience or book a guided walking heritage tour.

The city of Kolkata is also popular for its culinary offerings. From tangy puchkas to stuffed kathi rolls , make sure to go on a food tour to taste the city’s numerous street food offerings.

If you are in the mood for a sit-down meal, you can also book an authentic Bengali thali dinner with a local, which includes a variety of different dishes served in small bowls on a platter. Yum!

-Charu from TravelwithCG

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6. Ko Phi Phi, Thailand 

view of Koh Phi Phi, one of the best places for solo travel in Asia

Thailand is full of fun cities and beautiful islands, but one of the best places to go for solo travelers is Ko Phi Phi. The Phi Phi Islands are located off of Phuket and Krabi in the Andaman Sea and are an easy ferry ride over.

The main island, Phi Phi Don, is known for its long-tail boats and beaches that are perfect for a solo beach vacation . Because of the island’s size, there aren’t roads or cars here. Instead, you have walking streets throughout the town with lots of open-air bars and restaurants.

If you’re looking for safe places to travel alone in Asia, you’ll be happy to know this small island fits the bill. Plus, it’s really easy to meet people since everyone is usually congregating on the beach or wandering the shopping streets.  

Another bonus:

There’s always something going on and you’ll quickly find that Ko Phi Phi has a ton of other travelers doing the same thing you are — traveling alone. 

Staying at a hostel is the easiest way to meet people and most of them have organized boat tours (or booze cruises) where you are likely to meet other solo travelers. I actually met my husband at one of the hostel bars on the beach when I was traveling solo. Talk about a travel love story !

If hostels aren’t your thing, you can still hang out at the hostel bars or head to the beach for the nightly neon parties where lots of people gather to watch the fire shows and performers on the sand. And during the day, there are pool parties at different hotels.

In short, the destination features a social atmosphere with lots of opportunities to meet other people and take in the beauty of the island and the surrounding beaches. And, in my opinion, it’s one of the best places to travel solo in Asia .

-Ashley from Jetset Jansen

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7. Siem Reap, Cambodia

visiting Angkor Wat on a solo trip to Asia

The jumping-off point for the legendary Angkor Archaeological Park , Siem Reap is a bucket list destination for travelers of all types. Safe, budget-friendly, and with no shortage of opportunities to get social, it’s one of the best places for solo travel in Asia.

Before hitting the temples, sign up for an Introduction to Buddhism tour with social enterprise Ayana Journeys, where you’ll learn all about Cambodia’s main religion by speaking one-on-one to monks and receiving a traditional blessing.

If you’re keen to link up with other travelers, there are plenty of day trips to the temples that don’t charge a single supplement. If you prefer to go solo, you can easily hire a tuk-tuk and guide for the day. 

Whether you opt for sunrise at Angkor Wat or sunset at Phnom Bakheng — or both — don’t miss visiting the rose-tinted Banteay Srey , which is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

Spectacular as it is, there is so much more to Cambodia’s second-largest city beyond Angkor. Siem Reap also offers a huge range of interesting cultural experiences, vibrant local markets, and one of Southeast Asia’s best restaurant scenes.

In between tuk-tuking around the temples and lounging by the pool at your villa, participate in an Apsara dance masterclass, take a cooking workshop, or watch the silk weavers at work at Artisans Angkor.

Go shopping on trendy Hap Guan Street and hop between the many excellent cafes and restaurants, including social enterprise cafe Sister Srey , which contributes to demining efforts in Cambodia and employs young women from the local community.

Another must-do is a treatment at Bodia Spa, where traditional Khmer botanicals and herbs are used for all-natural treatments.

The solo travel adventure doesn’t stop there:

Beyond Siem Reap, there are dozens of hidden gems in Cambodia to discover — including the temples at Banteay Chhmar , three hours north-west of the city, where an innovative community tourism project runs guided tours and family homestays.

-Emily from Wander-Lush

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8. Mount Fuji, Japan

view of Lake Kawaguchiko, Fuji Five Lakes during a solo trip to Japan

As an easily recognized icon of Japan, Mount Fuji is the country’s most sacred mountain. Visible from as far as 300 kilometers (186 miles) away on clear days, lucky visitors will take in a view of her usual cloudy backdrop swirling with mystery and intrigue.

Additionally, this beautiful volcano is surrounded by numerous tourist towns and cities. In fact, it’s only a two-hour bus ride from Tokyo, making it an easily accessible solo travel destination.

Visitors will be spoiled for choice when selecting which areas to enjoy the best views of Mount Fuji, as there are so many!

Perhaps one of the most scenic (and popular) experiences is seeing the mountain’s reflection on the expansive Lake Kawaguchiko. Walk the surrounding paths under the cherry blossoms during spring, or frame a shot of Fuji amongst the fiery hues of autumn leaves.

Discover ancient pilgrimage paths at the beloved Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine, one of the starting points where worshippers once began their long climb to Fuji’s summit.

Later on, catch a bus to Oshino Hakkai’s 8 Sacred Ponds, which feature pure and clear water that’s been filtered through underground volcanic rock for over 80 years.

Nearby Gotemba is a foodie’s paradise as well as a haven for shopaholics with the Gotemba Premium Outlets, Japan’s largest shopping mall. Prefer to skip the shops? Enjoy a relaxing soak in the outlet center’s  onsen  (hot spring bath) instead.

Finally, there is never a dull moment spending time in the Hakone-Izu National Park. Take a combination of train, cable car, ropeway, boat, and bus around this scenic area. Even if Mount Fuji is hiding behind the clouds, the Picasso Museum, Open Air Museum, and beautiful gardens will make up for it.

Mount Fuji is truly one of the best places in Asia for female solo travel !

-Alyse from The Invisible Tourist

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9. Siargao Island, Philippines

Guyam Island is one of the best places for solo travel in Asia

Nestled on the easternmost edge of the Philippines is one of the best places to travel solo in Asia , Siargao Island.

This small surfing oasis has been compared to what Bali was back in the 80s and many solo travelers flock here to surf one of the most famous surf breaks in the world, enjoy unspoiled island views, and relish in the island lifestyle. 

Exploring Siargao goes a little like this: wake up, surf, eat, party, sleep, repeat — while mixing in island hopping tours and visiting beautiful locations around the destination.

Base yourself in General Luna as it’s one of the most popular places to stay on the island and is close to all the hotspots.

While in Siargao, you can’t pass up the opportunity to learn how to surf at one of the most famous surf breaks in the world. Consider lessons at Cloud 9, Jacking Horse, and my personal favorite, Pacifico Beach!

The coolest thing about the nightlife in Siargao is that each bar takes turns hosting parties each night of the week. So if you want to know where the party of the night is, ask around and they’ll give you the location of the pre-party and then where the actual party is that starts around 11pm.

If you’re in town on a Friday, head to the “Jungle” for one of the most unforgettable parties of your life.

Among all of that, you’ll want to explore some of the best things to do on the island. Book any of the popular tours like the island hopping tour to Guyam, Naked, and Daku Islands as well as day trips to Sugba Lagoon, Corregidor Island, and Sohoton Cove.

Other adventurous things to do include:

  • cliff jumping at the Magpupungko Rock Pools
  • swimming the crystal waters of Alegria Beach
  • caving at the Tayangban Cave Pools
  • driving to the “Top of the Road” to look out over thousands of coconut palms
  • watch the sunset from Cloud 9 Pier

Siargao Island is an amazing place to visit for solo travelers who want to make lifelong friends, meet adventurous locals, and photograph cherished memories.

-Aaren from What Do You Sea

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10. Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud Palace in Indonesia is a must-visit on a solo trip to Asia

The town of Ubud is known as the cultural heart of Bali in Indonesia, and is a fantastic place for solo travelers. Bali solo travel in general is an incredible experience, and Ubud in particular is famous for its ancient landmarks, traditional arts, and green rice terraces.

Solo travelers will have lots of great things to do in Ubud and the surrounding area, which includes nearby places — such as the stunning (and very Instagrammable) Tegalalang Rice Terrace . Because of this, you’ll want to create a 3 day Ubud itinerary at minimum.

Around Ubud, you can find traditional markets, temples, palaces, spas, cafes, wood carving shops, and of course, the famous Ubud Monkey Forest , where you can see semi-wild monkeys in their natural environment (just don’t bring any food or jewelry).

There are also easy hikes around Ubud like the Campuhan Ridge Walk, and a bunch of nice waterfalls can be visited on short day trips with a car or motorbike. Two top Ubud waterfalls to see are Tibumana and Kanto Lampo — both of which are easy to reach within a short drive from town.

If you’re looking for a challenge, Mount Agung trekking is an option, and companies will typically pick you up from Ubud.

Bali is a very safe island in general, and the same is true of Ubud. Another huge benefit of traveling here is that it’s very affordable; meals can be as cheap as $3 USD, and private hotel rooms can be as low as $10 USD.

Obviously, this all depends on your solo travel budget , and there are plenty of high-end luxury hotels and fancy restaurants in Ubud too if you can afford it.

In short, whether you enjoy exploring on a budget or experiencing the finer things in life, those looking to travel Asia solo will be very comfortable in Ubud!

-David & Intan from  The World Travel Guy

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11. Seoul, South Korea

seeing a Changing of Guard Ceremony in Seoul during a solo trip to Asia

A great destination for solo travelers is Seoul, the capital of South Korea and a mega city with a diverse range of historic and modern experiences. 

Central Seoul is densely packed with things to do and is easy to get around via subway trains with good English signage. 

There are many centrally-located and budget-friendly accommodation options located close to subway stations too, which makes it easy for solo travelers to get around via public transportation. A few of my personal favorite areas include Myeongdong, Itaewon, and Gangnum.

Must-do experiences for solo travelers include visiting the historic palaces of the Joseon Dynasty, wearing a traditional hanbok (the Korean national dress), and taking a food tour to savor local culture. 

If you have become a fan of K-pop then check out the clubs in the lively Gangnam district.

Love Korean TV shows like Squid Game ? There are local tours that take you to see filming locations.

And if you’re looking to do a day trip, I recommend visiting the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to the north of Seoul when it is open. Or, for a more rural experience, head to the beautiful Nami Island to explore nature and culture.

-Anne from the  South Korea Travel Planning blog

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12. Pattaya, Thailand

visiting a Pattaya beach during a solo trip to Asia

The lively city of Pattaya is one of the best places to travel alone in Asia , and a popular option within Thailand for those traveling solo.

Getting to Pattaya is easy thanks to an array of private and public options to get from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok — which is less than two hours from Pattaya by car.

Pattaya is known for its legendary nightlife. To get a taste of it, head to Walking Street — a mile-long street lined with nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

Another highlight is watching Tiffany’s Show Pattaya, a dazzling dance and music performance by some of the country’s most talented Thai-national transgender & transvestites. The glamour and the energy on display here are unmatched.

Along with entertainment, Pattaya offers solo travelers many opportunities to explore culture, architecture, and natural beauty.

Located by the ocean, Sanctuary of Truth is a unique temple dedicated to human values. The structure consists entirely of wood, a testament to architectural vision and skill.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a perennial favorite of nature lovers. Spread over a massive 495 acres (200 hectares), Nong Nooch features many smaller themed landscaped parks within its bounds, from orchid gardens to French-style plots. Plus, the garden hosts cultural events regularly.

The Pattaya Floating Market is a perfect way to get up close to local culture. Float on a boat as you look for bargain deals on traditional Thai wares, wooden gift items, and hand-woven clothing.

As for accommodation, the city showcases hostels to suit every budget as well as hotels at reasonable rates. This only helps to cement Pattaya’s place as one of the best places to travel solo in Southeast Asia .

-Vidyut from

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13. Puducherry, India

Paradise Beach in Puducherry is one of the best places for solo travel in Asia

Also known as Puducherry, the town of Pondicherry was a French colonial settlement until 1959 and in 1962 became a Union Territory of India.

Often touted as a gem of Southern India , Pondicherry is one of the country’s top travel destinations for tourists and backpackers — including those traveling solo to Asia.

Love adventure travel ? Here you can enjoy active experiences like mangrove kayaking and scuba diving. In fact, Pondicherry has 22 unique dive sites. One of the fascinating things about diving in Pondicherry is that there are many artificial reefs, which have helped to restore local beaches.

The town also has a surf school where travelers can learn how to ride a wave. There are plenty of beaches where the waves are smaller and calmer if you’re a beginner, too.

Now don’t worry if you’d prefer a relaxed solo trip, as Pondicherry is home to many beaches. This includes Paradise Beach and Eden Beach — the latter of which is the first local beach to get the coveted Blue Flag tag given to environmentally-conscious and clean beaches.

Both of these beaches are also perfect for witnessing breathtaking sunsets or walking along the beach, as is the coastal walk between the Kargil War Memorial and Old Port and Pier.

White Town, the district where the French formerly lived, is a great place to walk around and enjoy colonial-era villas, leafy streets, and delicious restaurants and cafes — like the highly-rated Coromandel Café , which has a breezy and elegant atmosphere.

For solo travelers who enjoy trying local cuisine, there are many food joints that serve idlis (rice cakes) and dosas (like pancakes).

Since Pondicherry is a popular spot for solo travelers, you’ll find many comfortable, safe, and centrally-located hotels and hostels catering to this group.

-Raksha from Solo Passport

Pondicherry Travel Resources

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14. Tokyo, Japan

visiting Sensoji Temple Tokyo during a solo trip to Asia

Japan may just be the best Asian country for solo travel. And with delicious food, a plethora of things to do, and a reputation for being one of the safest cities in the world, Tokyo specifically is one of the best destinations in Asia for solo travel. 

Tokyo is Japan’s capital and largest city and is an amalgam of ancient and modern culture. The city’s architecture is a delightful mix of traditional buildings and contemporary skyscrapers, and the city retains its history while also embracing modern innovation.

Tokyo is the perfect city for solo travelers for many reasons.

First of all, Tokyo is one of the safest places in Asia to travel alone, making it perfect for solo explorers, especially females.

Japanese society also tends to be introverted — meaning it’s super common to see locals dining, visiting bars, and exploring alone.

Solo travelers visiting Japan do not have to worry about judgemental looks when eating alone. In fact, many restaurants are tailored for solo diners.

Additionally, Tokyo is full of affordable business hotels with small rooms that are perfect for solo travelers, especially those who prefer privacy over shared hostel dorms.

When visiting Tokyo, you won’t have to worry about running out of things to do. The city is home to countless shrines and temples, and you shouldn’t visit the city without seeing at least one or two. Sensō-ji is one of the most famous temples, and Meiji Jingu Shrine is a tranquil place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Make sure to see the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing at Shibuya Crossing. Pro tip: check out the Starbucks overlooking the crossing or the Mag Park Rooftop for a bird’s-eye view.

For panoramic views of the city, head to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The observation deck is free and open for tourists to visit.

Hungry? Tokyo has some of the most delicious food in the world. Whether you’re at a street food stall or a Michelin-starred restaurant, it would be difficult to find a bad meal in the city.

My recommendation:

For amazing ramen, head to Tokyo Ramen Street in Tokyo Station. There, you’ll find eight different ramen shops, each serving up different varieties of the dish.

-Sydney from A World In Reach

Tokyo Travel Resources

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15. Jaipur, India

visiting Hawa Mahal in Jaipur during a solo trip to India

Admire Jaipur’s culture, liveliness, and stunning pink architecture as you meander through the colorful capital of the Indian province of Rajasthan.

Known as The Pink City, Jaipur got its color to welcome the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria in 1876, as pink symbolizes hospitality.

That welcome can still be felt today as you taste the local street food, encounter friendly locals, and sightsee wondrous city architecture.

Part of the Golden Triangle circuit, Jaipur is one of India’s most popular destinations. And if you’re looking for the best places for solo travel in Asia, it should definitely be on your list, as its developed tourism industry makes sightseeing and transportation easy to navigate — even for first-time visitors.

As for any busy city, aside from common sense dangers and being alert to your personal belongings to avoid pickpockets , Jaipur is very safe for solo travelers.

Jaipur’s top sightseeing hotspots incorporate history and architecture. Just outside the city center, the scenic Amer Fort is the number one tourist attraction showcasing the palace’s history as the former capital of Rajasthan.

While there, don’t miss the Panna Meena Ka Kund Stepwell, a picturesque stair formation reminiscent of the Impossible Staircase illusion.

Another must-visit, Jal Mahal (Water Palace) is structured in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. At nightfall, the light reflections that mirror the palace against the stillness of the lake turn the scene into a site of extreme beauty.

If you’re looking for other impressive fortresses, find panoramic city views at Nahargarh Fort and large cannons at Jaigarh Fort.

No trip to Jaipur would be complete without visiting the Hawa Mahal , situated in the heart of the city center. Inspired to appear like the god Krishna’s crown, this five-story pink sandstone palace features 953 intricately designed windows.

End your tour at the Bapu, Nehru, or Johri Bazaars to taste local Indian cuisines and shop for textiles, leather, and jewelry. As a parting memento, bargain for specialty Jaipur souvenirs of gemstones, lac bangles, and many other handicrafts. 

-Catherine from Nomadicated

Jaipur Travel Resources

Click here for a list of top-rated Jaipur tours .

Click here for a list of top-rated Jaipur hotels .

16. Beijing, China

visiting Lama Temple in Beijing while traveling alone in Asia

The Chinese capital Beijing is one of the most beautiful cities in China and the perfect destination for solo travel in Asia.

With its mix of old traditional neighborhoods, called hutongs , and modern districts with skyscrapers, trendy shops, bars, and restaurants, the city offers the ideal mix of history and modernity.

Beijing is a fantastic place for solo travelers because you’ll be able to easily talk to locals — even if you only know a few words of Mandarin Chinese. It is a very safe place to travel alone in Asia and the risk of getting robbed or attacked is lower than in other places in the world.

You will also find great accommodation for every budget here.

The major sights of Beijing are Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City , the Temple of Heaven, and the new Summer Palace. From Coal Hill in Jingshan Park — located behind the north exit of the Forbidden City — you will have a fantastic view over this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Furthermore, you should visit the Tibetan Lama Temple, also known as Yonghe Gong, where you can immerse yourself in Tibetan Buddhism. From there, you can walk to the nearby Temple of Confucius on Guozijian Street, which is worth a walk.

I also highly recommend taking a stroll through one of Beijing’s hutongs. Three of the most famous are Nanlougu Hutong, Mao’er Hutong, and Liulichang Street. You can combine a walk with a visit to Shichahai and its three lakes, the Drum and the Bell Tower, and the Beihai Park. Art lovers will get their money’s worth in the 798 Art District in the northeast of the city.

In Beijing, you will find a huge selection of dishes from a wide variety of Chinese cuisines.

Originally a street food from Sichuan, you should definitely try out malatang, a kind of spicy individually-made hot pot. You put your favorite ingredients in a bowl and pass it to the counter, where a chef prepares a delicious soup or meal for you.

Meat eaters will enjoy a real Beijing roast duck, the city’s most famous dish.

By the way, if you want to learn how to cook Chinese dishes yourself you should attend a cooking class .

No stay in Beijing would be complete without a visit to the Great Wall of China. Well-known restored sections are Badaling and Mutianyu. If you want to explore an unrestored wild part of the Wall you should take a hike on the Gubeikou, the Jiankou Big West, or the Longquanyu section of the Great Wall with a local hiking agency.

-Vanessa from The Travelling Colognian

Beijing Travel Resources

Click here for a list of top-rated Beijing tours .

Click here for a list of top-rated Beijing hotels .

17. Taipei, Taiwan

viewing the Taipei skyline from Elephant Mountain while traveling Asia alone

Solo travel in Taiwan is an unforgettable experience, and the country’s capital city of Taipei is the perfect introduction to traveling alone in Asia. It’s extremely safe, English is widely spoken, and you get to experience Asian culture without feeling too overwhelmed.

Taipei has an extensive transportation system, which makes it extremely easy for solo travelers to navigate. The main tourist attractions in Taipei are spread out, so you’ll be relying on public transportation. 

There are plenty of things to do in Taipei, so you should plan to spend at least five days in the city. The top sights you should visit include the National Palace Museum, Longshan Temple, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Elephant Mountain, and Taipei 101 . 

If you have the time, you should also take a day trip to visit Jiufen, a seaside mountain area east of Taipei. It gets extremely busy in the afternoon so try to get there as early as possible. 

No trip to Taipei would be complete without visiting the night markets. Taipei is known for its incredible food, and night markets are the best way to try all the delicious options. 

Raohe Night Market is the most popular in Taipei. It opens at 5pm, and you should arrive close to that time to avoid the long lines. The two items you can’t leave without trying are the pepper buns and ice cream burrito. 

-Erica from  Travels with Erica

Taipei Travel Resources

Click here for a list of top-rated Taipei tours .

Click here for a list of top-rated Taipei hotels .

18. Sarawak, Malaysia

Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building in Borneo, one of the best places to travel alone in Asia

There are many great places to enjoy a solo trip to Malaysia , though the capital city of Sarawak in Borneo, Kuching offers a truly unique experience.

While the origin of the city’s name is uncertain, many locals refer to Kuching as the “Cat City” as the word Kuching is similar to the Malay word for cat. 

Kuching is the home of many Indigenous people in Sarawak, including the Ibans, Dayaks, and Orang Ulu. There are many opportunities to better understand these cultures, for instance, through museums (like Kampung Budaya Sarawak and the Sarawak Museum ) and immersive tours and experiences (like staying at an Iban Longhouse).

Kuching is really the perfect place for solo travelers to connect with local people and learn more about the city’s history and culture. The city center is also relatively easy to explore, so many main spots to visit in the city are only within walking distance from one and the other. 

Stroll around the Kuching Waterfront with the view of Astana and Fort Margherita, along with the majestic Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building that you can enjoy for free.

You can also find many cat statues throughout the city where you can take a selfie or two. Stop by the Cat Museum to enjoy the cat city to the fullest. 

Love wildlife? Kuching is the main gateway if you’re planning to see orangutans in their natural habitat in Borneo. Semenggoh Nature Reserve is only an hour away from Kuching city center, and you can also enjoy trekking and seeing the wildlife at Bako National Park. 

-Marya from The Beau Traveler

Sarawak Travel Resources

Click here for a list of top-rated Sarawak tours .

Click here for a list of top-rated Sarawak hotels .

19. Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh in India is one of the best places to travel solo in Asia

Known as the “Yoga Capital of the World”, Rishikesh is a place widely visited by tourists from all over the globe.

The city got popular when the famous English rock band The Beatles visited the city in the 60s to learn transcendental meditation. Yoga guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji inspired them.

Today, Rishikesh offers yoga, meditation, adventure sports, religious temples, magnificent mountains, cultural diversity, and tranquil ashrams.

Every year, thousands of solo travelers visit the sacred city. Even as a solo female traveler, traveling alone in Rishikesh is relatively safe and secure.

You need to keep a few things in mind, like not consuming alcohol and non-vegetarian food near holy places and ghats (which are steps leading down to the water). These things are banned in Rishikesh to maintain the divinity of the city.

Being an important tourist destination in India, tourism contributes to a significant part of the city’s income. The people here are generous, helpful, and kind.

Things solo travelers can do in Rishikesh include yoga and meditation, which are offered at the many local centers like Parmarth Niketan and Sivananda Ashram.

The city is also heaven for adventure lovers, featuring river rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, mountain biking, camping, and trekking. You can book a package with any tour operator located in the Tapovan and Jonk areas.

If you’re in Rishikesh, don’t forget to attend the evening Ganga Aarti — a worshipping of the holy Ganges River — at Parmarth Niketan Ashram and Triveni Ghat.

Rishikesh is also well known for its 5000-year-old tradition of Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. There are various therapy centers in the city, like Braham Yoga & Natural Healing and Hemadri Ayurveda Center. The therapy includes an oil massage, scrubbing, and polishing of the body.

Pro tip: Rishikesh is also a great solo trip from Delhi , as you can reach it in about six hours via a direct bus.

-Abhishek from  Misfit Wanderers

Rishikesh Travel Resources

Click here for a list of top-rated Rishikesh tours .

Click here for a list of top-rated Rishikesh hotels .

20. Osaka, Japan 

walking a vibrant street in Shinsaikei, Osaka while traveling alone in Asia

Japan is possibly the best country to travel alone in Asia, with Osaka being one of the best cities for solo travel.

Osaka is the second-largest city in Japan and is the hub connecting the Kansai Region with the outside world. Kansai has its own unique culture, cuisine, and tradition that makes it different from Tokyo and the rest of the country.  

Highlights in Osaka include the Osaka Castle, Universal Studio Japan, Dotombori, Umeda shopping area, and Shitenno-Ji Buddhist temple.

Osaka is a great place for solo travelers because, first of all, it’s easy to get around. The entire city is connected by metro and Japan Railways (JR), and a solo traveler can easily visit a number of attractions using public transportation. 

In fact, a JR Kansai Pass offers free or discounted entry and cut-the-line privileges to over 100 attractions: museums, cultural experiences, observation decks, and more.

Additionally, Osaka is surrounded by numerous important historic cities, including Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe. It is impossible for a solo traveler to run out of travel ideas.

Osaka is also known for its friendly locals, exciting nightlife, and safety. In fact, solo travelers will have no problem walking and enjoying the city at night. Plus, there is always an opportunity to get to know a new friend along the way!

Finally, you can’t miss the food in Osaka , a facet of local culture that makes it abundantly clear why the city is one of the best places to travel in Asia solo.

For a delicious yet educational experience, book a local food tour — which also allows you to taste a variety of local dishes like okonomiyaki (a type of savory pancake), takoyaki (octopus balls), fugu fish, and more!  

-Kenny from Knycx Journeying

Osaka Travel Resources

Click here for a list of top-rated Osaka tours .

Click here for a list of top-rated Osaka hotels .

21. Hội An, Vietnam

walking under bright lanterns in Hoi Ann, Vietnam while traveling solo in Asia

Looking for the best solo travel destinations in Asia ? Hội An should definitely be on your radar!

Hội An, formerly known as Fai-Fo, is a coastal city south of Da Nang home to roughly 120,000 people. The Ancient Town became a National Cultural Heritage Site in 1985 and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 due to being a well-preserved trading port with both Indigenous and foreign influences. 

Many backpackers rave about buying handmade clothing here. In fact, one of the travelers I met in Thailand got a beautiful dress made and the shop even mailed it home to her in Belgium!

As a female traveler, I felt entirely safe in Hội An. I spent a few nights partying and never once felt uncomfortable or under threat, even on my walks back to the hostel with another female traveler.

Personally, I loved spending my time wandering solo through the narrow colorful streets of the Old Town. And the beach is only a 15-minute bike ride away.

Some of the other top things to do in Hội An as a solo traveler include exploring the markets (and picking up some incredible bargains), taking a traditional Vietnamese cooking class, hiring a bicycle to explore the countryside, and tasting the street food. 

Another recommendation: join a free tour run by university students where you visit a local carpentry village!

Other things you can do include booking a basket boat tour, taking a trip to My Son Sanctuary , visiting the Museum of Folk Culture, and checking out historical houses like Tan Ky and Duc An. 

Any of these activities are great for solo travelers, and if you feel more comfortable being on a tour, there are lots of options for that, too.

-Lana from Wallflower in Wanderland

Hội An Travel Resources

Click here for a list of top-rated Hội An tours .

Click here for a list of top-rated Hội An hotels .

22. Singapore


Singapore is one of the coolest city-states in the world and is an excellent destination for solo female travelers in Asia.

Founded as a British trading colony in 1819, it’s since become a cosmopolitan melting pot of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Arab cultures.

Today, Singapore is known as being a safe country to travel alone in Asia — as well as for its cleanliness, and efficiency.

It’s also incredibly easy to get around, even if you don’t speak the language. Almost everyone speaks English as it’s the language of the downtown businesses.

The variety of ethnicities living within this small city-state makes it feel like a tour of Asia within a week-long trip. You can easily go over to Little India for an afternoon before heading to a Malaysian hawker stall for dinner — all within an hour from the downtown core!

Solo travelers will love how easy it is to get around Singapore. Public transportation is cheap, clean, and efficient. You can also walk everywhere within the city center — though note it’ll be a sweaty walk as Singapore gets hot and humid.

There are plenty of things to do as a solo traveler in Singapore. Some of the best tourist activities include the Gardens by the Bay and walking amongst the Cloud Forest . Every night you can enjoy a free light show at the Marina Bay Sands.

You can also take the train to Sentosa for a beautiful beach day, complete with an amusement park for fun in the sun.

Shopping is plentiful in Singapore, but unless you’re a US size 0 and have lots of money to spend, you should avoid the popular malls downtown. Instead, head to the different communities outside of the downtown core for markets where you can find cheaper goods.

Trying local food is also a must-do in Singapore; not just for sustenance, but also for enjoyment.

You’ll love getting to try a Michelin-star meal at a hawker stall for under $5 USD. Try the variety of different dishes at a hawker market. And don’t forget to try the famous Singaporean chili crab!

One of the coolest experiences is the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo . You can see the nocturnal animals in full glory on this activity. It’s also cool because you’re sheltered from the intense Singaporean heat.

In Singapore, prepare to wear light, airy clothes or you’ll be a pile of sweat within five minutes. Most people use the malls to navigate the city, as the air conditioning prevents them from melting on longer walks.

-Nina from  Ottawa Things To Do

Singapore Travel Resources

Click here for a list of top-rated Singapore tours .

Click here for a list of top-rated Singapore hotels .

23. Bagan, Myanmar

hot air balloons over Bagan, one of the best places for solo travel in Asia

One of the most unexpected and best Asian destinations for solo travelers is Bagan, Myanmar. While it may not be the first country to come to mind when you’re planning to backpack Asia alone , it’s one that will surprise you when you’re there!

Ancient Bagan is known for its incredible landscapes and is home to over 2000 pagodas and temples.

Situated on the banks of the Irrawaddy River, Bagan can be reached from the city of Mandalay via river, plane, or road.

Bagan is a good way for solo travelers to experience coming off the well-traveled Southeast Asia backpacking route while also staying on a well-known path that guarantees you to meet other travelers.

There are plenty of backpacker hostels — the most famous being Ostello Bello — which all put on group trips during the day and fun activities in the evening!

Most of Bagan can be accessed with an e-bike or scooter, but if you want to meet other travelers, staying in New Bagan is perfect for lively hostels, restaurants, and shops. Most accommodations will organize sunrise viewings from the Shwesandaw Pagoda (which is rumored to house a hair of Buddha!), hot air balloon rides, and e-scooter hires for an easy way to get around.

One of the best solo travel activities in Bagan is a sunrise hot air balloon ride, which floats you over the mystical land of temples and dusty sky. This can easily be done alone or with new friends and is a memory that will last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for something where your feet stay firmly on the ground, you can take a traditional cooking class in Bagan. It’s the perfect way to meet other like-minded travelers as you’ll cook Burmese curries and traditional snacks in small groups.

If you book with the Pennywort cooking group , you’ll shop for your own ingredients in the morning, then walk to a local’s house in the afternoon to cook. It’s a day well spent eating good food and learning more about Myanmar’s history and culture from a local!

-Jennie from Jennie Wanders

Bagan Travel Resources

Click here for a list of top-rated Bagan tours .

Click here for a list of top-rated Bagan hotels .

24. Gangtok, India

Seeing prayer flags in Northeast India during a solo trip to Asia

Located in Northeast India, Gangtok is the capital of the state of Sikkim, which is blessed by the mighty Mount Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world.

Gangtok is considered one of the cleanest cities in India. The name Gangtok refers to its hilltop location, which has an elevation of about 1,650 meters (5,413 feet) above sea level. 

Gangtok is a perfect city for solo travelers who love culture and nature. It offers a majestic view of the Himalayas and is home to diverse ethnicities such as the Bhutias, Gorkhas, Lepchas, and Kiratis — all of whom are known for their warm hospitality. 

There are also many things to do in Gangtok for solo travelers. First and foremost, you can take a walk down Mahatma Gandhi Marg (MG Marg), a pedestrian street in downtown Gangtok known for its markets, cleanliness, cafes, and upscale vibe.

To enjoy a panoramic view of the city, the Gangtok Ropeway cable car is a must. Additionally, the Lingdum Monastery pairs Tibetan Buddhism with a view of the misty hills.

Another monastery worth a visit is Rumtek Monastery, which sits at an altitude of about 1,500 meters (4,900 feet) and is the largest monastery in Sikkim.

To learn more about Tibetan Culture, you can also visit the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology near the Gangtok Ropeway.

Conclude your solo trip to Gangtok by going to the Tashi Viewpoint and Ganesh Tok Viewpoint. Both are known for their stunning scenery of the city backed by Mount Kanchenjunga.

-Joydeep from The Gypsy Chiring

Sikkim Travel Resources

Click here for a list of top-rated Sikkim tours .

Click here for a list of top-rated Sikkim hotels .

25. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is one of the best places for solo female travel in Asia

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is a bustling metropolis that always has something going on. Full of landmarks and constantly packed with tourists, this modern city is the perfect place for solo travelers to explore on their own or find new friends for exciting adventures. Being such an international city as well as a major flight hub, there is no shortage of interesting people to meet in Kuala Lumpur and the best place to do that is at a bar. Luckily, Kuala Lumpur has plenty.

The first place you should head if you are looking for nightlife is Changkat Bukit Bintang, the Times Square of KL.

Alternatively, Bangsar is the area where most expats hang out. Or head to Bridge Bar for an iconic experience: dining on the bridge between the buildings of the G Tower Hotel, 28 floors high! 

When you get hungry, head to Jalan Alor, the main food street in Kuala Lumpur where you will find hundreds of different vendors offering tasty cuisine.

Now, if you prefer to simply enjoy time to yourself while solo traveling, wander your way through the Old Market Square or Little India — both of which are full of shops and restaurants — and go hunting for street art around Jalan Alor at your own pace.

Regardless of whether you prefer to get out there and socialize or enjoy a quiet solo retreat, you cannot leave Kuala Lumpur without visiting some of the biggest attractions, including the world-famous Petronas Twin Towers (once the tallest building in the world). Catch the light show behind the towers each night for an impressive colorful light display.

And don’t miss exploring the underground world of the Batu Caves , a great place to experience real Hindu culture. The caves themselves are impressive, too, and you’ll be greeted by monkeys when entering.

-Yulia from Miss Tourist

Kuala Lumpur Travel Resources

Click here for a list of top-rated Kuala Lumpur tours .

Click here for a list of top-rated Kuala Lumpur hotels .

What best places for solo travel in Asia would you add to this list?

Enjoyed this solo travel Asia guide? Pin it for later!

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This article is a fantastic resource for solo travelers looking to explore Asia. It provides a diverse range of destinations, from the serene beauty of Thimphu, Bhutan, to the vibrant streets of Kolkata, India. The recommendations offer a mix of cultural experiences, natural wonders, and delicious cuisine. It’s great to see the emphasis on safety and the inclusion of helpful travel resources. Whether you’re seeking adventure or tranquility, this guide has something for every solo traveler. Happy exploring!

Why none of your articles or posts ever include South Korea, Hong Kong nor Taiwan? Especially South Korea which has tons of attractions and things to do solo or in groups.

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From Baku to Batumi, Indian traveller hits the unexplored trail


  • Many Indians, looking for a short trip or a quick ski holiday for their upcoming summer break, are choosing to go to these places instead of enduring a long wait for a Schengen visa for Europe

NEW DELHI : Baku. Khinaliq. Batumi. Tbilisi. Gudauri. Heard of them? No? Well, the first two cities are in Azerbaijan, and the next three in Georgia, both part of the erstwhile Soviet Union, and now independent countries with exotic fare for the international tourist.

And Indians are taking note. Travel portal Thomas Cook, for instance, has seen demand for Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan sectors increase 300-500% versus pre-pandemic levels for its business, said Rajeev Kale, president and country head for holidays, MICE, visa at Thomas Cook (India) Limited. Other agencies, too, report similar eye-popping numbers.

Many Indians, looking for a short trip or a quick ski holiday for their upcoming summer break, are choosing to go to these places instead of enduring a long wait for a Schengen visa for Europe, say travel planners. Short, direct flights from India, inexpensive hotel tariffs (even the luxury hotels are cheaper than in India) and the fact that such places are less explored, are turning out to be big magnets. Of course, traditional Europe tours have not lost their charm either.

For Georgia, India is a top 10 country by international visitors, accounting for about 100,000 travellers annually. This figure has grown 74% from before the pandemic in 2019, per the country's official tourism statistics. Similarly, India is the fourth most important market for Azerbaijan, accounting for 33,600 travellers a quarter or about 130,000 annually, up 258% from 2019 when comparing January-March 2024 to the same period that year, according to the official data of the tourism body.

Shivaz Rai, non-executive director at visa processing agency DUDigital Global, said the demand is quite high for visas. While he did not share exact figures, he said Uzbekistan saw 200% growth in Indian visitors in 2023 compared to the previous year. Azerbaijan saw 1.9 times increase in Indian tourists during the same period. And Georgia is expecting to see around 50% growth in 2024. 

“Last year, we inked a deal with the Georgian embassy in India. We've observed a 15% surge in growth for this quarter—January to March—which has seen a significant acceleration as the season kicks off, with heightened interest from large groups, when compared to that of previous quarter," he said.

Radhika Khanijo, founder and travel designer at Delhi-based Welgrow Travel, said it was only in 2023 that her company began to sell these destinations; there was no demand for them before the pandemic.

“The draw for most of our HNI travellers is that they have already been to Singapore, Bali, Bangkok, etc., and these locations are ideal for short celebrations over 3-4 nights because of the direct air connectivity," she said. “Some of them work out to be lower in cost than travelling to a high-end hotel in India. Most of these locations also have luxury hotels chains like the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton and because of online visas or quick visas, these trips can be planned quite quickly."

Take this group of HNIs from Delhi, which is getting ready for a short four-night stag trip to Baku this month. Fourteen rooms have been booked in the plush Ritz Carlton hotel for a cheaper-than-India $175 a night or approximately ₹ 15,000. The itinerary is for a small birthday celebration. 

Another small group in Delhi, which returned from Baku last month, had no particular agenda. “We wanted to just have a quick friends trip to take a break from work," said Nipun Singh, 30, an entrepreneur who runs a clothing startup. "The cost was similar to if we had taken a trip within India and stayed at a nice hotel here. This way we got to see a new country."

Meanwhile, online travel agency Yatra has witnessed an increase in queries to these markets in the range of 20-25% and a year-on-year increase in bookings of 10-15%. On the platform, travellers typically spend ₹ 1-1.2 lakh for a package to Croatia, about ₹ 60,000 to Kazakhstan, and approximately ₹ 40,000 to Chiang Mai (in Thailand). Croatia's appeal lies in its coastline and medieval towns, made more attractive by an easier visa process compared to Schengen countries, a company spokesperson told Mint.

For MakeMyTrip, another online travel agency, the growth is similar. Some of these destinations have grown more than fourfold over their pre-covid booking numbers.

However, Saujanya Shrivastava, chief operating officer of flights, holidays and GCC at the online travel agency, said while these destinations are part of the natural progression of travel location choices, they are not alternatives to the traditional European travel, which continues to remain as popular. This becomes clear when they look at the cohorts of travellers booking through them. “It is the same category of travellers—couples, families, and larger groups between 20 and 40 years—that are frequenting (both) the traditional European locations and emerging destinations," he said.

Another nuance from MakeMyTrip is that a quarter of all Indian travellers on its platform are now taking more than three trips annually, according to Shrivastava. This means many of them are now taking more than one international trip every year, leading to the rise in popularity of these destinations as accessible alternatives to traditional Schengen destinations such as France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, among others.

Within the larger travel context, the interest in Indian tourists from these countries makes sense. The travel industry is taking note of the booming Indian outbound market. A report by business advisory Nangia Andersen titled “Outbound Tourism in India" predicts a surge in Indian travellers at 11.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2023 and 2032, with the market reaching a value of $44.8 billion by 2032. In 2022, the market size was $15.163 billion.

The report also highlights the increasing travel appetite of Indians. Before the pandemic, in 2019, around 27 million Indians travelled abroad. While travel was impacted in the intervening years, the report reflected a strong recovery in 2023, with 18 million Indians vacationing overseas according to data from the ministry of home affairs. These figures paint a promising picture for the future of Indian outbound tourism.

  • #travel and tourism industry


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    Dubai. Dubai has become on of Asia's most popular stopover cities for travellers heading across the globe from one side to the other, thanks to its unique location in the centre of travel paths. The city itself is a thriving metropolis but a short drive out of the city you will find tranquility in the sand dunes.

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    Adventures high up in the air, or deep underground, in magnificent mountains, or in the cool blue ocean. Get up close to Asia's beautiful creatures or spend hours at massive waterparks. Behold, we bring you our wanderlust-inducing guide to unique short-haul adventure trips for families in Asia. Go make memories to last a lifetime!

  10. Asia Short Break Trips

    Asia Short Break Trips Explore the best short breaks to Asia. Choose from 24 unique tour itineraries with 2 past traveller reviews from 5 leading tour operators & cruise lines. June is the most popular month to join a short break to Asia with 3,125 departures starting between April 2024 and January 2026.

  11. Ideas For Short Haul Weekends Trips In Asia

    Bali is a fantastic option for a short getaway with the family. Visit the south coastal village of Canggu. Laze in the sun at the pool or on Berawa beach at Finns Beach Club. With a dedicated family area, pools, bars, restaurants, daily DJ's, and sunset views - there's plenty of fun to be had!

  12. A 2-Week Itinerary for Exploring Asia

    Here's a sample itinerary for a 2-week trip to Asia: Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo, Japan. After arriving in Tokyo, spend the day exploring the city and getting acclimated to the time difference. Some top sights to see in Tokyo include the Tokyo Tower, the Meiji Shrine, and the bustling streets of Shibuya. Day 2: Tokyo.

  13. Where to go for three days vacation in Asia

    Keep these tips in mind to make a successful short trip, as those who just get travel usually make the most of it. Stay close. With limited time, it is pointless to be a little too ambitious about planning a trip to one of Asia's top locations. Try to find a location that is interesting, and then maybe a spot or two that is very close by as well.

  14. Weekend Wanderlust: Best Short Trips In Southeast Asia For Your 2020

    Hua Hin, Thailand. Hua Hin brings together the best of sea and city in one laidback package. The waters off dreamy Hua Hin Beach attract plenty of kitesurfers and jet skiers, while further inland, Vana Nava Water Jungle offers a different brand of water thrills. If you're up for a two-in-one holiday, check out the town's many quirky theme ...

  15. Discover Asia: 5-Day Tours, Itineraries & Cruises

    Build your ideal Asia trip. Call 1.406.541.2677. Start Planning My Trip. Experience the captivating landscapes of Asia on Adventure Life's 5-day tours & cruises this 2024. Explore the Mekong River in Southern Laos, visit traditional villages, and witness the coffee production process on the Bolaven Plateau. Alternatively, kayak through Angthong ...

  16. Top Short Trips in Vietnam and Indochina

    The short trip packages bring the highlights of Asia closer to every traveller. If you want to explore wonderful Asia in a short amount of time, you are in the right place. Let's check out the best prices and itineraries for your Asia Private Travels.

  17. 13 Southeast Asia Getaways From Malaysia: Cheap Nearby ...

    If Bangkok isn't your cup of tea and you'd much prefer somewhere more chill, we've got the perfect gem of a destination for you.Located just 5-hours north of Bangkok by car (perfect if you love road trips), Khao Kho is known as the mysterious town above the clouds. This enchanting town has lots to offer from picturesque mountains to beautiful waterfalls, cute cafes, and vast sunflower fields.

  18. 20 Short Trips in Malaysia for a Perfect Weekend Getaway

    Gunung Mulu. By Oksana and Max from Drink Tea & Travel. The incredible bat exodus, a natural highlight you may see on a short trip in Malaysia from Miri in Sarawak. Gunung Mulu National Park is tucked away on the island of Borneo, and a great place to visit for a long weekend.

  19. 10 Cool Weather Destinations in Southeast Asia

    Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. This popular highland destination on the northwestern tip of Pahang enjoys cool temperatures all year round. That's thanks to its high elevation - the Cameron ...

  20. The Best Places to Go in Asia in 2024

    This is part of our global guide to the Best Places to Go in 2024—find more travel inspiration here.. It's official, Asia is back—brighter, bolder, and more ambitious than ever. The region ...

  21. 24 Best Places For Solo Travel In Asia

    20. Osaka, Japan. Shinsaikei, Osaka: Photo by Kenny from Knycx Journeying. Japan is possibly the best country to travel alone in Asia, with Osaka being one of the best cities for solo travel. Osaka is the second-largest city in Japan and is the hub connecting the Kansai Region with the outside world.

  22. Short trips from Hong Kong that you need to do!

    10 destinations for short trips from Hong Kong. 1. Macau. Consisting a southern stone façade, the Ruins of St. Paul's is definitely a spectacular historic landmark that is not to be missed in Macau (Photography: Elina Sitnikova via Unsplash) Just a short one-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong, Macau is one of the easiest (and cheapest) places to ...

  23. Best Short Trips And Weekend Getaways From Hong Kong

    Reach Palawan with a short 2-hour flight to Manila from Hong Kong and a further 1-hour domestic flight to either Coron or El Nido in Palawan from Manila. Visit between October to May for Palawan's dry season. Enjoy the picturesque tropical islands of Palawan set in crystal clear waters. For families who love to dive, Palawan is a diving mecca ...

  24. What is Grab? Southeast Asia's post-Uber "everything app"

    How did Grab become the Uber of Southeast Asia? A short history of the app . Grab was born in 2012 at Harvard Business School, the brainchild of Anthony Tan (CEO) and Tan Hooi Ling (COO), both ...

  25. From Baku to Batumi, Indian traveller hits the unexplored trail

    Many Indians, looking for a short trip or a quick ski holiday for their upcoming summer break, are choosing to go to these places instead of enduring a long wait for a Schengen visa for Europe NEW ...