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Is Samsung's 45-Watt Phone Charger Worth It? We Put It to the Test

This is a case of expectations versus reality.

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

Samsung's Galaxy S22 Plus (pictured) supports 45-watt fast charging. 

Samsung's Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra support faster 45-watt fast charging, one of the key features that distinguishes them from the less expensive Galaxy S22 . Cheaper Samsung devices like the Galaxy S22 and S21 FE only support 25-watt fast charging instead. The catch, however, is that neither of the required power adapters come in the box with your phone and must be purchased separately.

Samsung's 45-watt fast charger sells for $50 through the company's website and on Amazon . The 25-watt charger costs a more palatable $28 through Amazon and $20 at Best Buy . With that in mind, you might be wondering: Is Samsung's more expensive charger really worth it? 

To answer that question, I tested it on the Galaxy S22 Plus in a few different scenarios. I charged the device over 10- and 20-minute increments with each adapter starting from various battery levels, using the same cable and outlet each time. The phone was also connected to the same Wi-Fi network during both tests with no SIM card.

Samsung 45W Charger vs. 25W Charger

As you can tell by looking at the table above, the results are mixed. The 45-watt power adapter charged the phone slightly faster when starting from 0% over the course of 10- and 20-minute increments. But when plugging in at 25%, the 25-watt charger replenished a slightly higher percentage of the battery after 10 and 20 minutes. The results were essentially the same when charging from 50%. 

I'm not alone in experiencing these results. Android Authority also found the charging speeds to be very similar when comparing Samsung's 25-watt and 45-watt chargers. CNET contacted Samsung to ask why performance is similar between the two power adapters and will update this story accordingly. 

Samsung is one of several phone makers looking to shorten the amount of time it takes to charge your phone. The OnePlus 10 Pro , for example, supports either 65-watt or 80-watt fast charging depending on the model available in your region. 

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

We Put the Galaxy S22 Ultra's Camera to the Test

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

Charging speeds can differ depending on a variety of factors, such as your phone's settings and apps running in the background. But based on my tests, which were performed on the same device under the same circumstances, there isn't much of a difference between Samsung's pricier 45-watt charger and its less expensive 25-watt charger. 

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The Best Travel Plug Adapter

A group of some of our picks arranged on a wooden table.

By Geoffrey Morrison

If you want to use electronic devices in a different country, you’ll probably need a travel plug adapter. After spending more than 30 hours researching and testing 14 options, we found the Epicka Universal Travel Adapter to be the best one. It fits four types of outlets, and it has more USB ports than any of its competitors, so it can can charge more devices at higher speeds.

Everything we recommend

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

Epicka Universal Travel Adapter

Best universal travel adapter.

With four plugs that will work in most countries, plus faster-charging USB ports (and more of them) than its competitors, this adapter is the best all-around choice.

Buying Options

You save $4 (17%)

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

Ceptics International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter 5 Piece Set

The best plug adapter.

Individually, these tiny plug adapters are smaller, lighter, and cheaper than any universal travel adapter. To juice up multiple devices, though, you’d need a separate multiport charger too.

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

Ceptics Plug Adapter Set

Heavier, but sturdier.

The plugs in this set of five are bigger and heavier than our top pick for plug adapters, but more solidly built.

In a sea of almost-identical travel adapters, the Epicka Universal Travel Adapter stands out, combining the best of the features we were looking for. It contains the three most common international plugs and a US-style plug, which should cover you in the majority of countries around the world. It has the most USB ports—four of the standard USB-A and one USB-C—of any universal adapter we tested, and it could charge more of our devices faster. A replaceable fuse and an included spare should take the brunt of any accidental, unfortunate, or shockingly bad connections. The Epicka is fairly compact and well built, and it even comes with a nylon case.

However, no universal travel adapter is truly universal, and they’re all a lot bulkier and more expensive than simple plug adapters. If you want the smallest adapter possible, or if you’re going someplace where a universal adapter won’t work (more on that in a minute), then a plug adapter could be what you need.

The Ceptics tiny plug adapters are barely larger than the prongs they convert. Small, simple, and cheap, they’re perfect for someone who wants to carry only the adapter they’ll need and who already has a multiport USB wall charger they like. Like our universal adapter picks, this set contains the three most common international plugs and the US plug. However, it also includes a somewhat rarer plug used in some European countries that has two thick, cylindrical prongs. This means that the Ceptics will likely cover you in even more places—as long as you pack the appropriate plug adapter.

These plug adapters are bigger than our top pick for plug adapters, but this means they offer a larger surface for chargers to brace against, which makes them more stable and less likely to fall off the wall. (We’ll call these “ Ceptics White ” to minimize confusion and set them apart from our “Ceptics Black” top pick.) While you can purchase these as a five-pack, which contains basically the same assortment of plugs as the Ceptics Black set, the company also sells, in this same model line, three-packs for nearly a dozen specific regions. So if you’re headed to a country not covered by the so-called universal travel adapters (for example, Brazil , India , Israel , or South Africa ), or if you want to purchase multiple adapters for your gear, there’s probably an option available here.

A note up here, which we’ll discuss in detail below: All of these are adapters only . They do not convert voltage. The majority of your electronic devices only need adapters—the voltage converter is built into the charger itself. (If the device charges via USB, just about any USB port will suffice, though different ports may provide different charging speeds.) Check out Do you need a voltage converter? if you’re curious about these aspects.

The research

Why you should trust us, who should get this, how we picked, how we tested, our pick: epicka universal travel adapter, flaws but not dealbreakers, our pick: ceptics international worldwide travel plug adapter 5 piece set, runner-up: ceptics adapter plug set for worldwide international travel use, do you need a voltage converter, the competition.

In addition to my work here at Wirecutter, I also write about tech and travel for CNET, Forbes, and Wirecutter’s parent company, The New York Times . Perhaps more relevant to this guide, I usually spend a good chunk of each year (global pandemics aside) as a digital nomad, living months at a time in different countries all over the world. My current country count is 50, spread across six continents, and since I travel with a lot of electronics gear for work, being able to plug in is obviously crucial.

I’ve owned and used many different types of universal-style travel adapters, and several different companies’ worth of plug adapters, plus I’ve talked with countless travelers about what they like … or, more important, what they hate. We also got some advice from Wirecutter's Mark Smirniotis, who used to oversee our power devices section.

Do you travel? Are you going to travel sometime in the (near or far) future? Do you want to be able to charge or use electronic devices in a different country? If so, you’re probably going to need a travel plug adapter. There’s a variety of different outlet types around the world, not to mention different voltages and frequencies, so you can’t expect your phone charger to just plug in and work wherever you’re headed. Sure, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and many other countries use the same small pair of prongs as the US, but places like continental Europe, the UK, Australia, India, Russia, and pretty much everywhere else do not.

A front look at a wall outlet with two standard plugs in addition to a USB-A and USB-C port.

You have two main choices when it comes to travel plug adapters: the universal-style travel adapters (that’s one device with multiple sets of prongs that you extend and retract) and smaller, individual plug adapters that usually come in sets. Both have pros and cons.

Should you get a universal travel adapter or a simple plug adapter?

Universal travel adapters are for the person who wants one handy adapter that will work in just about every country. You can keep it next to your passport and toss it in your luggage when you’re packing. The ones we considered have USB ports, so you don’t need to worry about bringing a separate charger for anything that charges via USB (think  phones  and noise-cancelling headphones ). However, these are bulky, they have parts that can break, and even the best will take longer to charge your phone or tablet than will a good USB wall charger .

The alternative is small and simple plug adapters. These attach to the prongs of your current USB charger (whether it’s a multiport one or the charger that came with your device) to allow them to fit into a foreign outlet. These can work because nearly every modern charger can adjust to the available voltage in pretty much every country, as long as you can adapt the prongs to fit in the outlet. (More on this in Do you need a voltage converter? ) These are great for people who already have a multiport USB charger they like and don’t want to deal with the additional bulk of a universal travel adapter. Also, these are necessary if you’re traveling to a country that has outlets incompatible with any of the four types included in a universal adapter (which, as that sentence reveals, aren’t actually universal).

The choice between universal travel adapters and individual plug adapters ultimately comes down to personal preference. Both types work, and different people will like or dislike each. If you’re not sure which will be best for you, read each section here closely.

Here’s the big caveat: If you’re planning on bringing something with you that has a motor, a heating element, or a single power cord that leads directly from the plug to the device (i.e. there’s no power brick or wall wart ), it almost certainly won’t work with a travel plug adapter. Most people will only need one of the adapter choices we recommend, but very occasionally there’s a piece of gear that needs a voltage converter. For more on that topic, also check out the voltage converters section below.

Where in the world will your travel plug adapter work?

All universal travel adapters have four different sets of prongs, which cover most countries most Americans tend to travel to. First is the big, wide-blade UK-style plug (often designated "Type G”) . This will work in places like the UK, obviously, and also Ireland, Hong Kong, and some other parts of Asia and the Middle East.

A view of the slim outlets found in Italy.

Next is the round Europe-style plug, aka the Europlug (Type C) . However, this is where we run into complications. This plug should work in most of Europe—it was designed, in fact, to fit into a wide range of European outlet types. For instance, parts of Italy, Switzerland, and Denmark each use different plugs from one another. Should this double-round one work in those locations? Yes. Will it? Hard to say. I’ve stayed in places where my Europlug didn’t work, yet it did in the hostel before and the hotel after—all within the same small region of a country. With any luck, if this happens to you, the place you’re staying will have a power strip that will let you plug in, though there’s no guarantee of that.

Third is the angled small-blade style (Type I) found in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and other parts of Oceania, and a few other areas. Some universal adapters have one set of blades for this and the US style—you just manually rotate the blades into the correct position depending on where you are. In our testing, we had no trouble getting them to work.

The last, the small US-style blades (Type A or B) , mean you could use our picks to visit the US and other countries that have the same plugs—if, that is, you’re reading this from outside the US.

What are the places not covered by these four styles? Some parts of Brazil, South Africa, India, and more. I’ve stayed in parts of Italy, for example, that should have Europlugs but only had something called Type L . I’ve stayed in houses in Brazil that had Type N , but the Europlug fit enough to work. In others, it wouldn’t.

To find out which plugs you might need while traveling, refer to the excellent Wikipedia article called Mains electricity by country that shows pictures of (almost) all the possible plugs and outlets, along with a list of the world’s countries and (almost all of) the style or styles they use. This is invaluable information to check before you leave. If multiple plug types are listed for a specific country and you’re staying in an older building, you should probably assume its outlets will require whatever plug isn’t on a universal travel adapter, since these only have the most common, newer varieties of plugs.

Which brings us to perhaps the most important fact: Getting your gear to work in different countries isn’t quite as simple as it should be, and there’s no single solution that’s guaranteed to work for everyone. Our picks should work for you, but you may have some random piece of equipment, or be traveling to some country, for which our “good for most” picks just won’t work. (Case in point: One Wirecutter editor visited Iceland recently. The house she stayed in had outlets unlike anything on Wikipedia’s chart, and the plug adapters she’d used elsewhere in Reykjavik didn’t fit at all. It turns out the mystery sockets belonged to an obscure Italian system from the 1960s that was popular in Iceland for a time. Luckily, the hosts had power strips in the house that her adapters fit into.) We’ll try to mention such potential caveats when we can, but the world is a big place, and when it comes to electricity and wall outlets, there’s a lot of variation. That’s important to keep in mind.

The collection of our outlet adapter picks arrayed on a table.

There are approximately 70 billion universal travel plug adapters on the Web. However, after spending 20 hours staring at them, I found there’s only about a dozen basic designs—and countless “companies” selling them. Among those dozen or so actually different products, I saw a few distinctions that helped narrow the field. Since most options had four USB ports, that seemed like a reasonable minimum to require. Their maximum power output, rated in amps, became a determining factor in our rankings. The higher the maximum output, the faster the port will charge your gear.

Some plugs came with a replaceable fuse, which seemed like a good idea, and a few included a replacement for said fuse, which seemed even better. This way, if either you plug the adapter into a sketchy outlet or a roommate at the hostel uses your adapter to plug in their completely necessary portable arc welder, the fuse will go, not your adapter. Then it’s just a matter of swapping in the included spare fuse and you’re good to go.

These fuses have a maximum power rating, and therefore the adapters have a maximum wattage rating. However, you shouldn’t be connecting anything with a high enough power draw to trip these fuses. Check out Do you need a voltage converter? for more information. The short version is that recharging portable electronic devices is fine, but powering anything that has a motor or heats up is not. Nearly every appliance or device has its power draw written on it somewhere , so worst case, you can compare that to what’s listed on the adapter. And so you don’t have to look it up, volts × amps = watts.

The other option we considered and tested is individual plug adapters. These small adapters attach to the prongs of your current charger so they’ll plug into a foreign outlet. In deciding which of these to test, we judged by size and available plug-type options. As you’ll see with our two picks, one is exceptionally small, and the other offers sturdier plugs that are available in a range of plug types that’s wide enough to cover you no matter where in the world you’re headed.

The universal travel adapters are far more similar to one another than they are different. However, getting in a dozen and playing with them for a while revealed that some felt better put together than others. After spending several minutes with each one, forcefully extending the various plugs, slamming them back in, and just being fairly rough with them, I found it easy to tell which felt like they’d last a few trips, and which wouldn’t. None felt like you’d own them for a lifetime. Since none are expensive, though, this didn’t seem like a major issue.

All had a US-style plug, so I tested each one in several outlets around my house—some new, some old. I didn’t find much difference in how they fit and worked. I connected several chargers and plugs to the output side of each adapter as well. Again, not much difference. Last, I checked how bright the LED on each was, since a too-bright LED keeping me awake has been a pet peeve of mine for years. Many USB chargers have LEDs bright enough to practically read from; I eliminated any universal adapter that had this problem.

For the plug adapters, I tried plugging in several devices, as well as inserting them into outlets around my house. I checked how tight the connections were and how they felt overall. Would they fall apart with simple use or perhaps hold up to being tossed around in bags for a few weeks or months?

In reality, the testing for all the adapter types didn’t reveal much variation in terms of performance. These are all remarkably similar products. How they felt to use and their different features played a far bigger role in establishing our final picks.

Our pick the Epicka sitting on a table by itself.

While all the universal travel adapters we tested included the same three types of plugs (plus the familiar US-style one), they differed in how many USB ports each had and how quickly they could charge—and that’s where the Epicka Universal Travel Adapter excelled. It has five USB ports: four of the standard USB-A size and one of the newer USB-C. (You may not have a USB-C device at the moment, but you likely will in the future.) These will let you charge, say, three phones, two tablets, and—via the adapter’s main plug—a camera battery that has its own wall charger, all at once.

In addition, and just as important, is the maximum power output: 5.6 amps. This was the highest of all the adapters we considered, which means you can charge more of your devices at higher speeds before hitting the max output.

Keep in mind that the maximum output per USB-A port is 2.4 amps, the max on the USB-C port is 3 amps, and if you’re using all five ports you won’t be able to charge every connected device at full speed—it’ll only give you that 5.6 amp output in total . The output is still far lower than what you can get from a decent USB charger combined with our pick for a simple plug adapter (more on that in the plug adapter section , below), but it’s significantly better than most universal travel adapters, which often max out under 3 amps total.

The Epicka has three sliders on one side, with a button on the other to lock/unlock your chosen plug in place. This arrangement feels more secure than the semi-locking or slide-locking system that some other universals use. However, this is plastic-on-plastic, so don’t expect a tank. As these things go, the Epicka feels sturdy. The US and Australia share a pair of prongs—you twist the prongs manually to set them up for an angled Australia-style outlet.

A look at the four USB-A ports on the underside of our pick.

The four regular USB plugs are all on one side, which is tidier than the “flailing gibbon” look of some other universal adapters.

The above details were what put the Epicka at the top of our list, but the adapter has a few other features that are the cherry on top, so to speak. For instance, it comes with a small nylon case and a USB cable with a split end, so it works with either Micro-USB or Lightning devices. While the adapter has an LED to show you it’s working, the glow isn’t so bright as to be a distraction at night.

A look at the adjustable sliders.

One last note. There are multiple Epicka universal adapters, and even Epicka can’t keep the names straight. We’ve seen this one called, variously, Universal Travel Adapter, International Travel Adapter, Travel Adapter-2, Universal USB Travel Power Adapter (2018), and even Universal Travel Adapter One Worldwide International Wall Charger AC Plug Adaptor with 5.6A Smart Power 3.0A USB Type-C for USA EU UK AUS Cell Phone Tablet Laptop (Grey). Best to follow the link above. Also, you may find another company selling a twin of this. The Epicka has the most reviews and offers free shipping with Prime. The other options we saw have few or no reviews, or charge outrageous shipping costs.

As with all of these adapters, I wouldn’t expect the Epicka to last forever. Given its locking design and case, it’s probably going to last longer than many others, but all of these are almost entirely inexpensive plastic devices. Just something to keep in mind.

While the prongs themselves felt secure, and being able to lock them into place was nice, it’s entirely possible that the size and weight of the adapter, plus whatever you’ve plugged into it, could pull it out of an outlet. That is, unfortunately, a risk with every universal adapter.

Another risk with any universal adapter—as we mentioned above—is that it’s not going to work where you’re headed. Epicka claims it will work in 150 countries, but there are more than 200 countries (the exact number is harder to pin down than you might realize) . And even in each of those 150 countries, there’s no guarantee that the adapter will work in every outlet in every building. Plug adapters are a somewhat safer bet to work specifically where you’re going, but they have their own downsides, which we’ll discuss below.

Also, while the Epicka is a little smaller than some of the others we tested, all universal adapters are much bulkier than plug adapters. As someone who has spent most of the past several years traveling, I feel plug adapters are far easier and less annoying to deal with. This is largely why we have two recommendations for that category.

A group of our adapter picks.

The Ceptics Plug Adapter set combines everything we were looking for in plug adapters: small size, solid build quality, and—well, small size is really the thing here. Each adapter is no larger than it needs to be to fit over the American-style prongs of your charger. The plastic feels solid and not flimsy. Each adapter has the region or countries it should be used in written on the side. The five plugs in the set are the same four as you’ll find on the universal adapters recommended above, plus the thicker, round European-style prongs used in parts of France, parts of Asia, and elsewhere.

Though the set comes with a small case, you probably wouldn’t be traveling with the entire set very often. Instead, you’d pack just the specific adapter or adapters you’d be using on each trip. These are for the person who wants to travel as light and as simply as possible. I myself, and my friends who travel frequently, swear by these small, inexpensive adapters. Also, if you have a USB multiport charger you like or a charger that’s especially fast, you can use that charger with just a tiny, almost weightless plug at the end.

However, plug adapters aren’t for everyone, and that’s why they’re not our main pick. For one thing, if you don’t already own a multiport USB wall charger, you’ll still have to get one if you don’t want to carry a charger for each device. Also, depending on what you’re connecting with these plug adapters, your charger or device could wobble and maybe fall out. The connections inside are solid enough that this shouldn’t happen, but it’s possible. Our universal-adapter picks, as well as the other Ceptics set we discuss below, have a larger “face” for your charger to brace against—more like that of a traditional outlet—so there’s less chance of gravity having its way with your gear.

Being small and inexpensive, plug adapters are not built for high-power, high-wattage items, though hopefully we’ve persuaded you to leave those at home . If you’re charging a battery, you should be fine. If you’re running a motor, probably not. Laptops, yes; mini-fridges, no.

A charger plugged into our adapter pick

Last, these things being so small, you could easily lose them in your bag or leave them behind in an outlet somewhere, if you’re the type of person who loses things. (That’s why I usually keep mine connected to my charger.)

For a hardcore traveler like me, these are my pick. They’re cheap, light, and small, and they work.

A group of our runnerup plugs

Though made by the same company as the Ceptics International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter 5 Piece Set—and bearing a confusingly similar name—the plug adapters in the Ceptics Adapter Plug Set for Worldwide International Travel Use are, as you can see, a completely different design. They’re much larger than the other Ceptics (let’s call the previous set Ceptics Black and this one Ceptics White for simplicity). Nonetheless, they’re each smaller than a universal adapter, and they have one key benefit over our top plug-adapter pick: You can purchase them in multipacks for individual regions, including regions beyond those covered by the Ceptics Black set.

The Ceptics White are small, but not as small as the Ceptics Black. That extra size does offer one benefit, however: These adapters have more of a face on the output side, so there’s more surface for your charger to lean against. This means your charger is less likely to fall out. Again, neither set of plugs we tested had loose connections, but this is always a risk, as chargers vary. One other difference: In place of the two-pronged US plug we saw (type A) in our other picks, this set includes the three-pronged grounded version .

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

The real benefit to the Ceptics Whites, however, is not their physical characteristics. This range is one of your only options if you want to buy a plug adapter for a specific region or country. Headed to India or South Africa ? A universal adapter probably won’t work, but you can get a three-pack of Ceptics that will. You can also buy the offset three-prong and in-line three-prong for Switzerland and Italy, respectively, as well as plugs for Israel and Brazil , both the thin and the thick European plugs, and of course, Australia and UK versions too. They cost less than $10 per set. Any of those links will bring you to a page that lets you choose among plugs for different regions—definitely verify at checkout that you’ve picked the correct ones!

These adapters are ideal for someone headed to a country not covered by a universal adapter, or who has multiple chargers they want to plug in while traveling. They’re not quite as compact as the Ceptics Black adapters, but for most people, this difference in size won’t be an issue. I’ve traveled with these Ceptics plugs for many years, and they show no signs of wear.

Every adapter you see in this guide merely sends the current from the wall directly to whatever you plug into it. These are not voltage converters. Which is to say, if you’re in the UK, whatever you plug into the front of the adapter is going to get the UK’s 220 volts/50 hertz electricity, not the 120 volt/60 hertz that you’d get in the US. Travel plug adapters don’t convert the voltage; they only convert the plug . (Our universal picks do convert the local current to USB voltage, but only for the USB ports.)

However, for the vast majority of people, this is all you need. It’s exceptionally rare that anyone would need a voltage converter anymore. This is because most so-called wall warts, like on your phone charger or your camera’s battery charger, will convert the wall voltage into what it needs automatically.

Take a look at your charger. Somewhere, it should say “100–220V 50/60Hz.” This means it can accept anything between 100 V and 220 V, which covers domestic electricity pretty much everywhere, and either 50 Hz or 60 Hz, which again covers everything. If your charger doesn’t say this, it might not work with a travel adapter. If it only says "120V–60Hz," it will almost certainly not work—or not work correctly—with a travel adapter.

But here’s the other reason we don’t recommend buying a voltage converter: Your device might not work even with one. Anything with a motor (like hair dryers), anything with a heating element (like a clothing iron or a curling iron), or anything with a plug that goes directly to the device (as in no wall wart), probably won’t work in another country regardless of what kind of converter or adapter you bring . The good news is, pretty much every hotel, hostel, and Airbnb will have a hair dryer you can borrow. This is one of those times where we can’t cover everything you might want to bring, but for the vast majority of you, you don’t need a voltage converter. Either it’s not necessary, or the device that needs one won’t work anyway. Worst case, if it’s something cheap and you really need it—a hot pot or an electric kettle, say—consider buying one at your destination.

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

One occasional exception is electric razors. These often fall into the “single cable, no wall wart, has a motor” category. Which is to say, they probably won’t work without a voltage converter. (Again, check the fine print near the plug or on the device itself.) Many hotels have a shaver plug in the bathroom , with a US-style outlet and US-style 110 volt-or-so voltage. However, not every hotel will have these, and they’re very rare in hostels and Airbnbs. If you need one, best to call ahead and see if your hotel has them. Or use disposables on your trip.

It’s worth noting again for clarity, USB is USB, so if you’re just plugging in a USB cable , unless something is horribly wrong, one USB port’s voltage is the same as any other USB port’s voltage. How fast that port will charge your gear will vary (that’s related to amperage), but unless the charger is faulty, a USB port shouldn’t damage your gear.

We considered many more adapters than those listed here. However, the majority of travel adapters available boil down to just a dozen or so designs sold by myriad companies. We’ve listed two representatives of each of the most common designs, but in most cases, many more exist. Chances are, if it looks similar and has similar specs, it’s probably the same inside.

Universal travel adapters

Askali, Unidapt , others: Only 3.4 amps maximum output, which means it’ll take longer to charge all of your devices.

Bluegogo  (currently unavailable): Only two USB and slower-charging than our picks.

Bonaker: Formerly our runner-up pick, this travel adapter had the usual mix of four plug types to cover you in most countries, but its four USB-A ports were slower than our top pick’s, and it had no USB-C port at all. It’s also since disappeared from Amazon.

Bonazza , Urbo , others: Feels flimsy, even compared with others here. Two-piece design is more cumbersome than helpful. Only 3.4 amps maximum output.

Ceptics Travel Power Strip : The Travel Power Strip combines the interchangeable-plug aspect of the Ceptics Plug Adapter Set with a two-outlet power strip and short extension cord. It also has USB-A and USB-C outputs. If you have multiple non-USB items you want to charge at once—a laptop and a camera charger, for instance—this is a good option. But we think most travelers will prefer the more portable brick design of our picks over this power strip.

Conair Travel Smart : It has only one USB port, with a maximum of 1 amp, but with three outlets, it’s one of the few travel adapters that lets you plug in multiple non-USB devices.

Monoprice Compact Cube Universal Travel Adapter : I own one of these, and it’s fine, but if you’re going the universal route, our picks have USB charging for just a few dollars more. If you don’t need USB charging, our plug-adapter picks are probably better choices. Insten is a similar product but with, apparently, surge suppression built in. But as there’s no way to change the fuse, this is likely one-and-done if you plug in something too powerful.

Mu One (currently unavailable): The Mu offered a much higher power output than other travel adapters: 45 watts, enough to quickly charge even a big-battery device such as a MacBook Air. However, after trying and failing to launch a Mu Two in 2020, the company went out of business. The name and remaining assets were bought by a company called Discovery Club, which seems to be selling off the inventory.

Ougrand (green) : Same shape as the Unidapt, but with a USB-C in place of one of the regular USB connections; 3.4 amp max total.

Huanuo  (currently unavailable): A bit bulky, with three regular USB ports and one USB-C; 3.4 amps maximum.

WGGE , Jollyfit : Only 2.4 amps max, less than either of our picks.

Plug adapters

Bestek Grounded Universal Worldwide Plug : Likely made in the same factory as the Ceptics White plugs, the Bestek set looks the same and is roughly the same price. It offers a wide variety of plug types, but lacks the Type C Europlug that’s common in most adapter sets and usable across most of Europe. (The Europlug was invented to fit into a wide range of European outlet types.) If our Ceptics White pick is sold out, these will also work.

Lewis N. Clark Adapter Plug Kit  (currently unavailable): This kit looks fine, but it is more expensive and has one less plug compared with our Ceptics pick.

Insignia Global Travel Adapter Kit  (currently unavailable): The Insignia has a clever interlocking and compact design, akin to that of the old Flight 001 universal adapter (Flight 001, the specialty travel-gear retailer, is now no longer operating in the US), and the individual plugs feel solid. However, it is expensive compared with our picks, and it doesn’t offer anything that you couldn’t do with our picks just by connecting them end to end (if you wanted to).

This article was edited by Ria Misra and Christine Ryan.

Meet your guide

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

Geoffrey Morrison

Geoffrey Morrison is Wirecutter’s former AV editor, current editor-at-large, and a travel writer and photographer. He covers action cameras, gimbals, travel backpacks, and other gear. He has been to all 50 states and 60 countries, and he is the author of Budget Travel for Dummies and the sci-fi novel Undersea .

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Our pick for best portable power strip and surge protector with USB charging.

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The best power strip for travel in North America is the easily packable Tripp Lite Protect It 3-Outlet Surge Protector —our top pick for eight years running.

Various travel gear items laid out on a yellow background.

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We put in another year and tens of thousands more miles of travel to test the best travel gear—and we stand by last year’s choices alongside a few new picks.

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

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You don't have to be a digital nomad to travel like one. Here are a few gadgets and accessories to make travel as painless as possible.

Our picks for the best USB-C cables and adapters.

The Best USB-C Cables and Adapters

While Cable Matters’s USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable is our favorite USB-C option, we also have recommendations for almost every need you could imagine.

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The Best Travel Adapters

If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more . Please also consider subscribing to WIRED

Ceptics World International Travel Plug Adapter

Best Overall Ceptics World International Travel Plug Adapter Read more

Zendure Passport III charger

Upgrade Pick Zendure Passport III Read more

Plug adapter

Budget Pick Epicka Universal Travel Adapter Read more

Plug adapters

Best Travel Adapter Set Ceptics Adapter Plug Set for Worldwide International Travel Read more

Whether you're planning a country-hopping odyssey or a quick business trip, your journey will go more smoothly with the right kit. That includes good travel adapters so you can safely charge all of your gadgets wherever you land. We've tested several, and our favorites below will work in most parts of the world.

Adapters make great gifts for travelers , and be sure to check out our roundup of other travel essentials if you’re a frequent flier. Don't forget to pack USB-C charging cables .

Updated January 2024: We added the OneBeat Travel Plug Adapter, mentioned the OneWorld135 and OneWorld30, added a note on our OneAdaptr recommendations, and updated prices throughout.

Special offer for Gear readers: Get WIRED for just $5 ($25 off) . This includes unlimited access to , full Gear coverage, and subscriber-only newsletters. Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day.

Best Overall

Jet off to more than 200 countries with this compact adapter in your luggage, and you can charge up all your gadgets. The classic slider design pushes out EU, UK, and US plugs, and you can rotate the pins for sockets in Australia or China. I appreciate how securely the plugs lock into place, and you must press a side button to retract them. You have a universal input socket, and Ceptics has included three USB-A ports on the bottom and two USB-C ports on the side. The USB-A ports can deliver a maximum charging rate of 15.5 watts, while the USB-C ports offer up to 18 watts (one PD and one QC 3.0).

The main problem is the lack of any grounding, which is meant to reduce the risk of an electrical shock if there's a fault, such as a loose wire inside a device with a metal case. ( This video explains grounding really well. ) Thankfully, there's overload protection with an 8-amp fuse, and it comes with a spare, but you should not use this adapter with any device that has a third metal ground pin on its plug.

Upgrade Pick

Zendure's all-in-one travel adapter is what I toss in my bag first for every trip. It has a boxy design with sliding toggles to switch between US, European, and British plugs. (It covers more than 200 countries.) There’s an auto-resetting fuse to protect your gadgets from power surges, and the Passport III has a 10-amp limit. The latest version also sports a funky, translucent design with a metallic finish (purple is best). Sadly, there's no grounding, so you shouldn't use this adapter with any device that has a third metal grounding pin on its plug.

There are four USB-C ports alongside a single USB-A port and an AC socket, so you can charge six devices simultaneously. Using gallium nitride technology, Zendure was able to increase the power output of the USB-C port to 65 watts, capable of fully charging a 13-inch MacBook Pro in under two hours. That means you can leave your laptop's charging brick behind (if it charges via USB-C). There’s support for the Power Delivery (PD) and Programmable Power Supply (PPS) standards (Samsung uses PPS in its flagship range), so it can fast-charge almost any phone or tablet. It’s expensive, but this travel adapter will satisfy even the most gadget-laden of travelers.

★ A Good Alternative : The OneWorld 65 ($69) sports a very similar design, the same 65-watt charging rate, and support for more than 200 countries. But it has three USB-C and two USB-A ports. It comes in white and has a 10-amp fuse with a replacement included. WIRED readers can also get a discount with the code OneWorld65_15%Off .

Budget Pick

With the capability to work in more than 150 countries, this affordable adapter from Epicka will do the job for most people. It has sliders you push to reveal the three most common international plugs—EU, UK, and US—and you can rotate the pins for sockets in Australia or China. This plug can recharge your power-hungry devices, like laptops and camera batteries, but there are four USB-A ports on the bottom and a 15-watt USB-C port on the side for phones, tablets, smartwatches, and Kindles. It’s not as well constructed as our other universal adapter picks, but it's much cheaper.

Once again, there’s no grounding here, so don’t plug devices with a third metal ground pin into this adapter, but there is an 8-amp fuse for safety, and it comes with a spare. It is also certified by RoHS, CE, and FCC.

Best Travel Adapter Set

Universal adapters don't always work properly everywhere, and most do not have any grounding. The cheaper and more reliable alternative is to buy individual adapters. This international set from Ceptics is our favorite. It includes five types to cover most of the globe, and they are properly grounded. If you’re visiting only a single destination, just pack the relevant type. None of these adapters have any kind of USB ports, so you will need to bring the respective charging adapter for your gadgets.

This set is especially good for Europe, because it includes Type C, E/F, and G adapters (more on this below), so you’re covered for any socket. Ceptics offers an even cheaper and smaller five-piece set, but we don’t recommend it. The adapters are flimsy, there’s no grounding, and the European plug's design doesn’t work well with the recessed sockets you will sometimes encounter.The drawback of plug adapters is that they’re easy to lose, but at least Ceptics includes a small bag for storage.

Watch the Total Solar Eclipse Online Here

Reece Rogers

KitchenAid’s New Espresso Machine Won’t Wake Up Your Roommates

Extra Outlets

What I love about this sturdy, compact plug adapter is the lack of sliding pins or moving parts to worry about and that it stays put in the outlet. Offered in several versions (Type C, Type E/F, Type G), it enables you to charge up to six gadgets. I’ve been testing the Type G model in Scotland, and it plugs into a single outlet to give you three US outlets, a USB-C port, and two USB-A ports. The USB-C can put out up to 15 watts, and the USB-A ports are limited to 12 watts, not especially speedy but fine for overnight charging. The adapter is grounded and has various safety features.

On the downside, it can be tough to make use of all the outlets simultaneously as larger plugs, like the MacBook power adapter, tend to block one of the other US outlets. It does not offer surge protection, and the Type G adapter maxes out at 3,250 watts (250 volts, 13 amps), while the EU versions top out at 2,500 watts.

Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit

For Charging Everything

This kit includes multiple plug attachments that slide and lock into place to keep you powered across most of the world. It is much larger than the average adapter, but provides two grounded US AC outlets. There is also a built-in USB-C cable, two USB-A ports, and two USB-C ports. The USB-A ports and built-in USB-C cable offer a combined maximum charging rate of 15 watts. The PD USB-C ports go up to 20 watts each. The top charging rate for all of them simultaneously is 55 watts.

There is built-in surge protection, but this is not a voltage converter, so don’t go plugging in hair dryers or other electronics that are not dual voltage. While the two AC outlets are handy, they are close together, so the shape and size of some plugs can make it tricky to use both. But with the ability to charge up to seven devices, this kit is handy. We also like the original Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit ($36) , though it lacks the two USB-C ports.

OneAdaptr OneWorld 100

Fast Charging

With a familiar sliding pin design, this adapter also covers more than 200 countries. Taller and heavier than our top pick, this is OneAdaptr’s most powerful release to date, and it employs gallium nitride technology to deliver up to 100 watts. Aside from the universal AC outlet, you will find two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports on the bottom. Both USB-C ports offer 100-watt charging, and both USB-A ports are 18 watts, but 100 watts is the maximum in total, so when you plug in multiple devices, it divides between them.

Almost every charging standard you can think of is supported, including PD 3.0, QC 4+, FCP, SCP, AFC, PPS, and more, so there’s a good chance you can charge your phone at the fastest rate possible. There is no grounding, so don’t plug in any gadget with a third metal pin. But there is a 10-amp fuse with a spare included, and this adapter conforms to IEC 60884, CE, and FCC standards. If you want more power or feel you can make do with less, we also tested and liked the OneWorld135 ($109) and the OneWorld30 ($39) .

Note : We have tested OneAdaptr’s range extensively and found they work well, but the company has had issues fulfilling orders, and we are concerned about the volume of negative reviews online. The company assured us that it has recently taken steps to improve fulfilment and customer service, and we will continue to monitor the situation.

OneWorld PD travel adapters

Safest Option

The OneWorld PD has sliding toggles on the side that cover the US/Canada, the UK, and Australia/China, and you can pop out a much smaller stand-alone European adapter. It promises to work in more than 150 countries. There are three USB-A ports on the bottom as well as a USB-C port that supports Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0 to deliver up to 18 watts. That's enough to fast-charge most phones and tablets, not so much a laptop. You can plug in your laptop's AC charger to speedily juice it back up, but that means carrying the heavy charging brick around.

What sets the AC plugs apart is that each one is earthed. Most universal travel adapters offer two-pin US plugs and make the third pin on the UK plug plastic, but the OneWorld PD provides fully grounded connections for every plug type to protect you from the risk of shock due to faulty wiring. It can handle up to 10 amps. Over-current protection automatically shuts down the power if there’s abnormal usage, and it resets via a button on the top. The rare British Standard 8546 compliance guarantees that the OneWorld PD has been fully tested and is one of the safest travel adapters you can buy. The downside? It's frequently out of stock.

Note : We have tested OneAdaptr's range extensively and found they work well, but the company has had issues fulfilling orders and we are concerned about the volume of negative reviews online. The company assured us that it has recently taken steps to improve fulfilment and customer service and we will continue to monitor the situation.

RapidX Modula 5 Wireless Charging System

For Wireless Charging

A few of the best wireless chargers can be good choices for travel. This modular system from RapidX is compact and capable of wirelessly charging two phones at up to 10 watts each, which makes it a good option for couples or families. The beauty is that you can add or remove pods, and a single charging cable can power up to five. They snap together magnetically and pull apart for easy packing. You can also get additional phone pods ($15) , and there’s a version with a phone pod and an Apple Watch pod ($45) .

You get a 30-watt US power adapter and a 5-foot USB-C cable in the box, so you will still want a travel adapter to pair with this system. If you plan to add pods, you will want a more powerful adapter. (RapidX recommends 65 watts or above for three or more devices.)

Mophie 3in1 travel charger kit

For Apple Devices

This handy trio of chargers keeps your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods ticking and folds neatly into a felt carrying case for travel. The magnetic pad in the center can charge your iPhone at the fastest 15-watt rate, the Apple Watch dock pops up for Nightstand mode (sadly no fast charging here), and there is a grooved spot for your AirPods. It is compact and lightweight, and charges all three devices from a single cable and outlet. A 30-watt US wall adapter and a short USB-C to USB-C cable are included, but you must pair this with a travel adapter. We recommend this Mophie charger for travelers in our guide to the  best Apple 3-in-1 wireless chargers .

Type C outlets

International Plug Types and Universal Adapters

There are 15 plug types in use across the world. Type A and Type B are used in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan; Type C is common across Europe, South America, and Asia; Type E and Type F are found across Europe in places like Germany, Russia, and France; Type G is used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and a handful of other places; and Type I is used in Australia, New Zealand, China, and Argentina. Universal adapters tend to cover all of these types.

Some countries are not usually covered by universal adapters, such as India ( Type D ), Israel ( Type H ), and South Africa ( Type M or N ). You'll need to buy specific plug adapters for those places. To avoid any surprises when you land, double-check what type you need before you travel.

If you're visiting just one destination, a basic plug adapter that caters to one plug type is all you need. For trips to multiple destinations or for frequent flyers, a universal travel adapter can prove more versatile. The universal adapters we recommend here have the bonus of including multiple USB ports for charging several mobile devices from a single outlet.

phones plugged into power strip

A Word on Voltage Converters

Voltage converters are big, heavy, and expensive, and they don’t always work, so it’s probably best not to buy one. The reason you might think you need one is that the AC sockets on all of our recommended travel adapters do not convert the voltage coming from the socket. This means plugging into a UK socket will deliver 220 volts at 50 hertz, which is very different from the 120 volts at 60 hertz you can expect in the US. Don't worry! Your gear won't get fried. You just need to make sure anything you plug into one of these universal travel adapters has something like this printed on it:

Input: 100–220V 50/60Hz .

That should include most modern gadgets. If your device or charger can’t handle a variable voltage, it’s probably best to leave it at home. Most places provide hair dryers , irons, and kettles, so there’s no need to take them with you. It's often cheaper to buy a set with the correct plug at your destination and save the luggage space and hassle.

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

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Travel Fashion Girl

Voltage Converter vs. Travel Adapter: How do They Work?

Electronics , LUGGAGE , Packing , Packing Tips


Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. We earn from qualifying purchases made to the featured retailers. Thank you, we appreciate your support!

Traveling abroad? You’ll need a travel adapter to use your electronics. However, attempting to understand the difference between travel adaptors, converters, and voltage conversion is extremely confusing. We’re here to help! Read this easy guide on voltage converters vs travel adapters for a simplified explanation!

Voltage Converter vs. Travel Adapter

Table of contents.

There are two very important things you need to know about traveling with electronics. First, the plug you use at home may not work in a wall socket when traveling because different countries have different plug shapes.

Second, you can’t use some of your electronics while traveling unless they’re dual voltage because countries such as the USA and Canada have 120V electricity while destinations in Europe have 220V electricity.

One reader sums up the difference perfectly: “In simple terms, the adapter makes your device fit in the holes. The converter changes the electric power going into it.” Just remember that they’re two different devices (there’s no such thing as a travel adapter converter!) This is when you need to know the difference between adapter and converter. Here, we explain the popular adapter vs converter question.

Here’s a quick guide on Travel Adaptors, Converters and Voltage:

What is voltage?

What is dual voltage, how do travel adapters work, how do converters work.

  • Traveling with a hair dryer or straightener
  • Traveling with a laptop or tablet


Best Travel Adapter with USB Ports: International Adapter for Multiple Countries

Voltage refers to electricity; different countries have different types of electricity, meaning you need to consider voltage conversion. This means that your electronics are the same voltage as the country in which you bought them so if you take them to another country, they may not work.

If you plug a 120V device into a wall socket that’s meant for 220V (or vice versa) you will blow out a fuse in your device and possibly also the building.

Your hair tools such as blow dryers, wands, curling irons and straighteners use up a large amount of electricity so it’s particularly important that they are used with the correct voltage.

In order to travel with your electronics (and hair tools) you need two things: for the item to be dual voltage and you’ll also need to use a travel adapter so your plug can fit into the sockets in another country. Or, you need a voltage converter , which we’ll talk about later.

Visit this website for a full list of voltage by country.


Best Dual Voltage Hair Straightener: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

Some electronics are designed so they can be used in different countries. This means they’ll be labeled as ‘dual-voltage’. Dual voltage electronics have two options: 110-120V and 220-240V. They are ideal for travel because they are safe to use at home and abroad, too.

Some electronics, such as newer Macbooks and iPhones have dual voltage that automatically adjust in their destination. However, you may need to adjust the voltage manually by moving an external switch in certain items such as hair tools.

If your device isn’t dual voltage, you’re better off leaving it at home. However, most modern devices such as phones and laptops already have a dual voltage capability built in.


Best Travel Adapter with Multiple Power Ports:  Travel Power Adapter Kits by Ceptics

A travel adapter (sometimes called a travel plug converter) enables you to plug your electronics into walls with different sockets than the one used by your country. Not all countries use the same type of plug so I recommend you buy an international adapter.

The US uses a plug with two flat vertical prongs whereas the UK uses a plug with one top vertical prong and two bottom horizontal prongs. You need a travel adapter so your plug fits into the socket of a different country.

You can buy individual travel adapters for each country you plan to visit, or you can just buy one international travel adapter that will work for most parts of the world.

It’s important to note that people tend to confuse the terms “travel adapter” and “travel converter” but these are not the same thing.

Visit this power outlet guide for travelers to see a full list of plugs and outlets by country.


Travel Adapter for USB Only:  USB Wall Plug Travel Adapter 

A travel power adapter or European converter adapter fits the plug into the wall socket, while travel converters change the electrical current from 120V to 220V or vice versa. The only time you’ll need an international converter is if you’re traveling with a device that is not dual voltage.


Best Travel Converter with Adapter Functionality:  World Travel Adapter and Converter Combo

So what is a voltage converter exactly? If it’s not the same thing as a travel adapter then what is it?

If your electronics are not dual voltage, an international power converter (also called a transformer, voltage adapter, or international voltage converter) could be used. However, voltage converters tend to be large, heavy devices so they are less practical for travel. If your device isn’t dual voltage it requires a converter so it’s best to leave it at home, particularly if it’s a hair tool.

Because blow dryers and flat irons require a large amount of power, look for products with dual voltage options. Keep in mind that this does not guarantee your hair styling tool will work as well abroad as it does at home, even with the dual voltage setting.

As one reader says, “I wouldn’t recommend using a hair dryer with a travel power converter. It’s very likely you will still blow a fuse, or worse, knock out power for half the hotel! You could also fry your device by doing this.”

Another adds, “Personally, I don’t recommend a travel electric converter. I’ve seen too many devices ruined when the power voltage converter fails. Either bring items that are dual voltage or leave them at home.”

While there are some travel-friendly converters like this one, they’re usually only good for products up to 50 watts (hair tools are higher than this).


Best Dual Voltage Travel Dryer:  BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

Can I use my hair dryer or straightener abroad?

If it’s dual voltage, yes! Because blow dryers and flat irons (straighteners) require a large amount of power, look for products with dual voltage options. Keep in mind that this not guarantee your hair styling tool will work as well abroad as it does at home, even with the dual voltage setting. Flat irons may be okay but hair dryers tend to experience more issues.

One reader says, “You definitely need a dual voltage for a hair dryer. You can use 240 volt hair tongs on 110 setting. It just takes longer but you can’t do it the other way round. A hair dryer will simply blow up and fuse the place too. My ex did that and it fused the entire chalet!”

If you don’t have a dual voltage hair dryer or straightener, consider leaving it at home. Many women prefer to just purchase hair styling tools in their destination to avoid problems. Always check with your accommodation first to see if they have one so you can avoid needing a universal adapter and converter.

Tip: A well groomed mane adds the perfect touch to your carefully planned travel outfit !

Read these posts for travel hair tool recommendations:

  • Travel Blow Dryers
  • Dual Voltage Flat Irons
  • Travel Size Curling Irons
  • Travel Friendly Hot Dryer Brush


Best Travel Adapter for Mac Laptops:  Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Can I use my laptop or tablet abroad?

Check the voltage on your product. If it says 110-120V then you’ll need an outlet converter to use it (and vice versa) but a travel converter can be a large heavy object to pack. Ideally, if your item reads 100-240V, you’re good to go!

Most laptops have this type of voltage so you are usually able to use them worldwide. To be sure, check the power supply or search online to read your specific devices spec details. If not, keep in mind your converter vs adapter needs.

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

International Travel Adapter with Two USB Posts

Choose a travel adapter like this one , which allows you to charge your laptop, tablet, and phone all at once!

Product Comparison Chart

Remember, an adaptor like the one shown above doesn’t convert voltage, it just allows you to plug in your electronics to the local outlet. Always check the voltage of your camera and phone chargers as well.

Do you have any questions about traveling with a travel adaptor vs travel converter? Comment below!

For more travel trips, please read:

  • Best Travel Accessories 
  • Travel Cord Organizer Options
  • Portable Power Charger 
  • Best Noise Cancelling Headphones 



Hope you enjoyed this post on travel adapters vs travel converters. Please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Thanks for reading!



Great info! And I love that you gave some recommendations-I didn’t know there was a dual voltage straightener! Thanks for all you do!

Andrea Carter

So glad I read this last year before I went to Ireland and Scotland I definitely didn’t realized I needed both I thought the adapter was all I needed! It made for a last minute shopping trip because I was out of time to order. That’s how down to the wire it was!

Patti McConnell

I used to live in Germany, so was aware of the necessity of converters/adaptors, but that was a long time ago, so the refresher and suggested items are really helpful. Thank you so much!

Andrea da Silva

Super helpful. I bought my hairdryer brush that came with the adapter reading this blog. It’s the best guide for travelers! Thank you 😊

Laura Gore

We purchased power adapters for Egypt, and we have a power converter. To use the converter, do we plug it into a power adapter?

Cheryl Weber

My husband has a sleep apnea machine and he cannot be without it. I am afraid of it being destroyed because we dont know what we are doing. I bought a converter for Israel, but have no idea if that is going to work


Hi, I’m travelling to Aruba out of Canada and staying at a friend’s condo. He says the plugs in his condo are the same as in Canada. However I’m concerned about plugging my hearing aid charger. Do you recommend I take anything extra, just in case?


Hi Mary, I’m afraid I can’t really help you with this as I’m not sure and I don’t want to give you the wrong answer. To get the best advice, I would highly recommend that you join our TFG facebook group and post your question there: Its a fabulous community of helpful female travelers that love to share their feedback and knowledge.

Have an amazing time!


If I have a 220v device from the UK and I want to use it in North America, how do I go about charging it?


So if you needed to use both, can you plug the adapter into the wall and then the converter into the adapter and then plug your devices into the converter?

Hi Linda, thank you for reaching out. That is correct, but you can also get a Travel Adapter and Converter Combo to save you having to pack two items such as the TryAce Travel Adapter and Converter set featured on the post. You may also find this video helpful for explaining adapters and voltage: Hope this helps you with your question. Happy travels! ?


Hello, I have Samsung Galaxy Note 4.. Is this need converter and adapter? I’m confuse! Please Help.

Hi Karen, thank you for reaching out. You would only need a converter if your phone is not dual voltage. Dual voltage electronics have two options: 110-120V and 220-240V. They are ideal for travel because they are safe to use at home and abroad, too. However, most modern devices such as phones and laptops already have a dual voltage capability built in. Just to be sure, search online to read about your specific devices spec details or check your charger and see if it says 100-240 volts, and if it does then you do not need a converter to charger your phone, just your adapter. You may also find this video helpful for explaining adapters and voltage: If your phone has a usb charger then it will be fine to charge abroad if your adapter also has a USB port. I would also highly recommend that you join our TFG facebook group and post your question there about charging your phone abroad: Its a fabulous community of helpful female travelers that have the best advice and recommendations to share. Hope this helps. Happy travels! ?


So I will be traveling to Switzerland and Italy. I don’t use hair tools and most likely will just need my phone charged.

I assume I will just need an adapter. Do you have a recommendation for an adapter that has both Italy and Switzerland prongs?

Hi Stephanie, for a travel adapter this one is really popular for TFG readers and can be used across Europe:

You might find this guide helpful to learn which plug shape to use for the different countries:

Have an awesome time on your travels!


I bought the BaByliss dual voltage travel hair dryer and the Compass Rose adapter and I just want to make sure that they can be used together. It seems all the adapters say you can’t use them with a hair dryer. We are going to Switzerland, Scotland and Ireland. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Kimberly, thank you for your question. If you have a dual voltage hairdryer which has two option: 110-120V and 220-240V, then you do `NOT need a converter to change the voltage, you just need to use your adapter. Dual voltage hair dryers are ideal for travel because they are safe to use at home and abroad and the BaByliss dual voltage hair dryer is one of the most popular travel hair dryers amongst our readers. Just to make you aware, however that with some electronics such as hair tools you need to adjust the voltage manually by moving a switch. You may also find this video helpful for explaining adapters and voltage: Hope this helps answer your question. Thank you for your support with the CR travel adapter! ? Have an amazing trip! ?


I purchased a teakettle from amazon made in China it has a eu plug and 220-240 v and 1500 watts. What can I use for converter and adapter in one plug help

This teakettle is to be used in US not EU

Hi Barbara, thank you for reaching out. I am afraid that we do not have any recommendations to share for a converter to work in the US. I would highly recommend that you join our TFG facebook group and post your question there: Its a fabulous community of helpful female travelers that have the best advice and recommendations to share and I am sure one of our amazing members would be able to help you. Sorry I could not have been of more help ?


Can you use a combination adapter/converter to charge your dual voltage electronic items without damaging them? Have several electronic devices to charge on my trip, some dual voltage, some not.

Hi Frederique, thank you for reaching out. I am not entirely sure and I wouldn’t want to give you the wrong advice. You would need to be careful with your converter as they can be potentially damaging to your electronics. I would highly recommend that you join our TFG facebook group and post any questions you have there: Its a fabulous community of helpful female travelers that have the best advice and recommendations to share. Sorry I could not have been of more help.

MIchele Baier

Does the older Iphone 6 or 6s have dual voltage. Traveling to France and need to know

Hi Michele, your iPhone should be dual voltage so would only need a travel adapter to work in France. But just check that it is marked with a 100-240 volt notation, it should tell you on the tiny fine print on the plug end, it should read “110-240V 50-60Hz” which means it will work on most common electrical systems around the world without a converter. Newer iPhones have dual voltage that automatically adjust in their destination. Hope this helps. Have an awesome trip to France! ?


On a wall adapter (not voltage converter) that has USB ports, can *any* USB charged device plug into those without a converter? Or just Apple/Cell phones?

Hi Rachel, it would depend if the device you are charging is dual voltage or not. If it is not dual voltage then you would need a converter to change the electrical current from 120V to 220V. Apple phones are dual voltage which is why you do not need to use a converter along with the travel adapter. Electronics which are dual voltage should be labeled as ‘dual-voltage’ and have two options: 110-120V and 220-240V and some dual voltage products will have a switch. If they don’t, then it might be already be something that happens automatically such as with a Macbook. Hope this helps. Happy travels!


Hi! I bought a small hot plate from China for use at our temple here in the USA. The plug is a type I plug and it’s 220v. So do I need both an adapter for the plug and a converter for the voltage?

The TryAce one does not seem like it has a spot to insert a type I plug— or am I mistaken?

Hi Stephanie, if you have a dual voltage hot plate which has two option: 110-120V and 220-240V, then you do `NOT need a converter to change the voltage, you just need to use an adapter. The USA has 120V electricity while other destinations, such as Europe, have 220V electricity. So if you plug a 120V device into a wall socket that’s meant for 220V (or vice versa) you will blow out a fuse in your device and possibly also the building.

If your electronics are not dual voltage, has two options: 110-120V and 220-240V, an international power converter (also called a transformer, voltage adapter, or international voltage converter) could be used. BUT BE AWARE when using a converter, as some products use a lot of electric it can cause the product to not work as efficiently or also blow a fuse.

For I have had a look and it does appear that the TryAce does fit electrical outlet type I:

copied directly from it’s Amazon page: “2000W Voltage Converter contains 3 international plug (UK/AU/US/EU Plug)which fits electrical outlet of type A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N over 190 countries(up to 2000W), like most of Europe,Argentina,Ireland,Israel,Italy,UK,France,European,Australia, China, HongKong, etc”

Hope this helps!


What is the donut shaped adapter that I see in your pictures?

Hi Cassie, I think you are referring to the Mogics Bagel Universal Travel Power Strip which you can find here: If this is not the one you meant then please let me know. Hope this helps!


So in this technological age, there is not a combined device that serves as both an adapter and converter?

Hi Holly, thank you for your question. Have a look at the TryAce 1875W World Travel Adapter and Converter Combo: Hope this helps! 🙂

Evelyn Bailey

Where will this be stated?

Hi Evelyn, thank you for your comment. I was just checking so I can give you the correct response to your question, where will what be stated? 🙂

Mark Melnick

How do I find out if my electronics are dual voltage?

Hi Mark, it depends on the electronics. Electronics which are dual voltage should be labeled as ‘dual-voltage’. Dual voltage electronics have two options: 110-120V and 220-240V. They are ideal for travel because they are safe to use at home and abroad, too. Some electronics, such as newer Macbooks and iPhones have dual voltage that automatically adjust in their destination. Hope this answers your question! 🙂

Jo Ellen

Mark, it’s usually imprinted on the device & sometimes it’s very hard to read unless you have great lighting. Look where the UL label is imprinted/located.

patricia jett

Question: I have an Adapter & Router. The info is AC Input: 100-240V 6AMax USB Output:5V Max 2400mA(smart) not voltage converter of AC to AC. Is this just an adapter and I need a converter for my phone?

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samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

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The best travel adapters for 2022

Simon Hill

Whether you’re a digital nomad who works on your laptop from a sandy foreign beach or a high-powered, all-business road warrior, you will need a travel adapter for your journeys abroad. Travel adapters let an electronic device from one country plug into an outlet from a far-off land.

Xcentz Universal Power Adapter

Fuse chicken universal, epicka universal travel adapter one, zendure passport go travel adapter, saunorch international travel adapter, bestek universal worldwide travel adapter set, mu portable international charger, evo global travel adapter.

In the U.S., outlets use a plug with at least two flat vertical prongs, whereas in the U.K. outlets call for a plug with a top vertical prong and two bottom horizontal ones. Note that an adapter may not convert electricity, but this is something you will likely need. That’s because different countries and regions use different voltage ranges — North American devices function with a lower electrical voltage (110/120V) than devices from most other locations on the planet (220/240V) — but all-in-one adapters can convert them to a single standard. Travel adapters can save you a serious headache — and a lot of money — on your journey. We’ve gathered some of the best multi-device travel adapters to keep you juiced up while on the move.

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Xcentz Universal Power Adapter ports.

Of all the travel adapters on our list, this offers versatility and handy features in a compact package. If you’re traveling through many countries, this one adapter could meet all your needs. It covers 200 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Japan. To switch between plug types, you press and slide one of the three buttons, each of which locks firmly in place, or you can pull out the compact European plug section. Plug your gadget into the other side and you’re all set. The Xcentz Universal Power Adapter includes three USB-A ports that support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0, and a USB-C port that supports Power Delivery up to 18W, so you can charge multiple devices at once. The clever feature is the adapter’s self-resetting fuse. Usually, when the fuse in your travel adapter blows, you have to replace it. This one will trip and block the overload, letting you can push the button on the side to reset it. The universal charger is rated at 10A and supports up to 2,300W of combined power, while the pop-out EU plug is 16A and goes up to 3,680W in total.

Fuse Chicken Universal plug.

This clever device is the perfect travel adapter for keeping your smartphones and tablets charged up. There’s a slide-on plug section and it comes with plug attachments for the U.S., Europe, the U.K., and Australia. It has USB-C and USB-A ports and it can put out up to 18W. The USB-C port supports Power Delivery and the USB-A port supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 standard. But that’s not all, because the Fuse Chicken Universal also packs a 6,700mAh battery inside for topping up on the go — and it works as a Qi wireless charger.

The Epicka Universal Travel Adapter One is a serviceable choice for an all-in-one world travel adapter, covering more than 150 countries with U.S., EU, AU, and U.K. plugs. It features smart fast charging with four USB ports, one USB Type C, and one AC socket with the ability to high-speed charge six devices simultaneously. Its power maxes out at 880W at 110Vac and 1840W at 230Vac. It’s compatible with various generations of USB devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and more. The device’s 8A overload dual fuse, safety shutters, and plug lock system ensure safety. The unit does not convert electrical output current and voltage.

The Passport GO features four sliding tabs to reveal the different prongs and a USB-C port alongside the three USB-A ports. Thanks to GAN technology,  that USB-C port can output up to 30W. If you’re traveling through multiple countries, this could meet all your needs. It covers 200 countries and regions, including the U.S., U.K., Europe, Australia, Canada, and Japan. It’s easy to use, as you press and slide one of the four buttons to select that plug type and it locks securely in place. Though the USB-C Power Delivery port can put out 30W, that limit is shared with the three USB-A ports. There’s an AC output for larger devices and you could charge five devices at once. Zendure’s travel adapter has a self-resetting fuse, so it will trip to block an overload from damaging your devices and then reset, ready for use again.

Saunorch’s International Travel Adapter is compact and lightweight so it fits easily in your luggage and easily slots into most outlets. It has sliding mechanisms for U.S., Australian, U.K., and EU plugs to cover 150 countries. You can plug one device into the top, with four USB ports on the side for charging additional devices like smartphones and tablets. Each USB port can output a maximum of 2.4A, but the total output is 3.4A, so if you plug in four devices simultaneously, the charging rate is slower for each. It has a 6.3-amp fuse built in, but you do get a spare in case it blows, and you can open the fuse cap with a coin if you need to change it. It’s available in black or blue. The black version has three USB ports and a USB-C port. The USB-C port can output 15W/3A, so it can fast-charge smartphones and tablets.

If you’re planning to stay in one country during your travels, a set of dedicated prongs could be a simple, reliable option. The Bestek Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter Set doesn’t require users to convert or modify anything — each plug works with a specific location. The order comes with eight separate power adapters, which cover a wide range of countries, including the United Kingdom, Europe, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Israel. The set is pretty straightforward to use — just hook up the corresponding prongs to the matching plug. Then, plug in your device and go on your way.

The biggest draw to the Mu International Charger is its versatility. This device can support nearly any smartphone or tablet. Whether it’s Android , iOS, Samsung, or another brand, Mu charges them all through a flat tangle-free USB cable. This charger comes with three interchangeable plug heads, and it’s usable in over 200 countries, including throughout North America and the European Union. We appreciate its portability and wide range of capabilities. This charger’s size and compatibility can’t be beaten while you’re traveling, so consider adding one to your bag.

Evo Global Travel Adapter is tiny.

The Evo Global Travel Adapter weighs 50 grams and supports the electrical requirements of more than 150 countries — including the U.S., Europe, and Australia. The adapter’s design capitalizes on a modular system — when you press one button, U.S. or E.U. prongs slide out. If you twist the device, you’ll find the Australian prongs, and if you slide one side prong out, you’ll find the U.K. prongs. This adapter is particularly helpful for travelers with tablets and smartphones because, with a maximum simultaneous output of 12W, the device doesn’t have enough power to support more demanding tech. Even when used explicitly for phones and tablets, the Evo adapter is quite far down on the list of fastest chargers and it’s often finicky when switching to different configurations. We will say the biggest advantage of this product is its affordability and super lightweight.

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Apple makes some of the best smartwatches on the market, with several of its Apple Watch models among the most popular. They hold their own amongst the best fitness trackers and show off Apple’s sporty and luxurious style along the way. If you’re in the market for some of the best smartwatch deals but know Apple is the brand you want to go with, you may be looking for ways to land yourself a discount. You can do that right here, as we’ve rounded up all of the best Apple Watch deals currently taking place. Read onward for more details on how to save, and on which Apple Watch may be the right one for you. Best Apple Watch SE deals

The first-generation Apple Watch SE, which was released in 2020, and the second-generation Apple Watch SE, which was rolled out in 2022, are the most affordable ways of getting an Apple Watch. They don't give up too much in order to keep costs low compared to their more expensive peers though. The Apple Watch SE 2, in particular, still provides comprehensive fitness tracking features, a comfortable fit, and excellent software as it can be updated to Apple's latest watchOS 10.

The iPhone 14 lineup has been available for some time now, but getting hold of a new device is still exciting. The iPhone 14’s 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display is stunning to behold, with up to 512GB of storage and powered by the speedy A15 Bionic chip. To keep your device safe, it’s important to have a good case. There are many options available, but some cases are better than others. Here are some of our top picks for iPhone 14 cases that you can buy in 2024.

Apple's iPhone 15 Plus is here, and it packs a big punch. With the iPhone 15 Plus, you have a large, crystal-clear 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display with the Dynamic Island, the A16 Bionic chip for fast performance with iOS 17, and a powerful dual-camera setup with 48MP main and 12MP ultrawide lenses. And of course, you can charge it up with USB-C, as Apple has finally ditched Lightning with the iPhone 15 lineup.

However, the iPhone 15 Plus still starts at a hefty $899 for the base model, which is a hefty chunk of change. You'll definitely want to protect your investment, and one of the easiest ways to do so is with a good case (and a screen protector helps out too!). Here are some of the best iPhone 15 Plus cases you can buy right now.

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The 6 Best Travel Adapters and Converters of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Whether you prefer a set of specific adapters or something universal, these are the best options on the market.

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

In This Article

Jump to a Section

  • Our top picks
  • Other Options We Liked

Our Testing Process

  • Tips for Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / Alexander Huang

Travelers these days have all types of gear and gadgets that require power: cellphones, headphones, cameras, laptops, and even their toothbrushes. And, when venturing abroad, you’ll often find that not every hotel, airport lounge, or even public mode of transportation accommodates the U.S. plug, which means you likely need an adapter and/or converter for international trips. 

Our favorite adapters and converters are compact, work in multiple countries, have several ports including both USB and AC sockets, and, of course, power your essentials without frying them. As avid travelers, we tested an array of products on actual trips across the world and ranked them based on ease of use, effectiveness, and value to bring you the best picks for every scenario. Below, find our favorite easy-to-use adapters and converters for your next international journey.

Best Overall

Epicka universal travel adapter.

  • Ease of Use 5 /5
  • Effectiveness 4 /5

It’s able to charge six devices at once. 

This is not a converter, so you shouldn’t use it with high-power appliances like curling irons and hair dryers. 

Ready to use in more than 150 countries, this adapter from Epicka can charge six devices at the same time, as it comes with four USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, and 1 AC socket. It works with all USB-enabled devices including iPhones and Androids, and can charge laptops, cameras, tablets, and power banks, too. It eliminates the need to purchase individual adapters for each trip, which makes it a great money-saving travel product . The adapter also has a built-in, double 8A fuse and safety shutters that keep children from trying to plug other items into the socket. The adapter comes in four different colors, and has a 1-year limited warranty. 

We love that it’s small and easy to pack, plus it’s simple to switch over to different prongs from country to country. The multiple USB ports are great for charging everything at once, and the adapter is super lightweight, so it isn’t adding much weight to your suitcase or carry-on either. We did find that the adapter was hard to fit in tight spots or use with older outlet styles in the UK and Hong Kong, but this didn’t happen often. 

The Details: 2.8 x 1.97 x 2.05 inches | 5.1 ounces | No converter | 6 ports | 1 AC, 4 USB-A, 1 USB-C | 240 volts

Travel + Leisure / Alexander Huang

Best for Apple Users

Apple travel adapter kit.

  • Effectiveness 5 /5

It’s exclusively for Apple products so you can trust it with those devices.

It only works with Apple's block-type power adapters.

This kit made by Apple, for Apple products, includes seven AC plugs that work for iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Mac laptops in North America, Japan, China, the UK, Europe, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, and Brazil. Each one lists the regions the plug is compatible with, making it easy to grab what you need quickly. However, you will need Apple's power adapter brick to serve as a base; these tips work with Apple’s USB-C power adapters, MagSafe and MagSafe 2 power adapters, and 10-watt and 12-watt USB power adapters that come with devices (or can be purchased separately in a range of wattages including 12 watts , 35 watts, and 67 watts ).

We love this set because it’s an Apple-certified product, so we know our devices are safe. The adapters are also built to last, as one of our testers used the adapters for 10 years before having to replace some of them. The only thing we wish they added onto this set is a carrying case to hold all the pieces for traveling. 

The Details: 5.3 x 5.3 x 1.9 inches | 11.2 ounces | No converter | 1 port | 100-240 volts (10W, 12W, 30W, and 35W)

Most Compact

Ceptics travel adapter plug for south africa & botswana.

It comes with USB and AC outlet charging abilities in a compact plug. 

USB ports are on the bottom, instead of the top of the adapter. 

If you’re traveling through South Africa, Botswana, or Namibia, this compact adapter will allow you to charge up to three devices at once. The AC outlet allows you to plug your U.S. device into a Type M socket for South Africa, allowing you to charge up for safari adventures and more.  It works with cell phones, laptops, smart watches, tablets, and more, and we especially like that it has the ability for two- and three-prong AC input, as well as USB ports for added versatility. The style of adapter is a block shape, so you can tuck it into your backpack, purse, or carry-on without compromising on much space, and you can also buy similar adapters for Europe , India, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Brazil, and more. 

The Details: 1 x 1 x 1 inches | 2.5 ounces | No Converter | 3 ports | 2 USB-A , 1 AC | 250 volts

Best for Families

Bestek travel adapter and voltage converter.

  • Value 4.5 /5

You can power seven devices at one time. 

It’s bulkier than a lot of other adapters. 

With three AC outlets and four USB ports, you can charge up to seven devices at once on this charger, making it easy for the whole family to charge their phones, laptops, tables, and camera batteries. Three plug adapters are also included and work in more than 150 countries, meaning you can travel far and wide and, most likely, have the right adapter for what you need. We also love that this one is a converter, too, converting 220 volts to 110 volts for U.S. electronics but it’s still not recommended to use this device to power your hair dryer, curling iron, or straightener.

The adapter comes with overcurrent, overload, overheat, and short-circuit protections. We tested the adapter by charging a phone, battery pack, Apple watch, and Kindle all at once and found that all devices were nicely charged overnight with no issues. 

The Details: 7.4 x 6.8 x 1.8 inches | 1.15 pounds | Converter | 3 AC, 4 USB-A | 110-220 volts

Best Multipack

Ceptics european travel plug adapter.

  • Ease of Use 3 /5

It’s easy to use.

You'll need to use a separate plug for each item you're charging.

For a super affordable multipack for one destination, this one from Ceptics is a great choice, as it comes with three identical Type C adapters that will work across Europe, the Middle East, and South America. It accepts North American two- and three-prong plugs, and has a simple straightforward design. It’s worth noting though that this set won’t work in England, Ireland, or Scotland, but there are other three packs available that will work in those countries, plus India, China, Hong Kong, Australia, and more. 

The Details: 3 x 2 x 1 inches | 3.2 ounces | No Converter | 3 AC outlets | 100-240 volts

Best for Europe

Jarvania european travel plug adapter.

It works in both the EU and the UK. 

It’s a bit bulky as the UK adapter is separate. 

American travelers to Europe will most likely need an adapter that can handle numerous countries, and this one from Jarvania is great because it can be used with EU and UK outlets. It’s compatible with Type C (which also fits into Type E, F, H, J, K, L, and N outlets) to work in Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, and France and more. It also comes with a separate Type G plug adapter that will also work in the UK, so you’re getting an extra adapter, too. The main adapter has three ports (one AC, two USB), so you can charge up to three devices at once — a perk for the modern traveler carrying a phone, laptop, camera, and more. 

The Details: 2.7 x 2.1 x 2.2 inches | 3.8 ounces | No Converter | 3 ports | 1 AC, 2 USB-A | 110-250 volts

Other Travel Adapters We Liked

Two adapters we tested couldn’t quite earn a spot on our list but had standout features that may meet the needs of some travelers. 

Tessan Type G Adapter : This adapter with two AC outlets plus two USB ports works in countries such as Scotland, Ireland, the UK, Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore, and various African countries. However, we found the AC outlets are too close together on the adapter to always be useful. 

Tessan Type E F Adapter : With five total ports (USB and AC) that work in numerous countries, this is a great adapter, but we think the two pack is a bit much, as one adapter already has five ports, meaning lots of travelers wouldn’t need a second adapter. This adapter is also wider than other adapters so it can take up more unnecessary space. 

The T+L team tested 12 different adapters and converters in various countries across the world. We noted what countries we were in while using the adapters or converters, and how easy it was to use each one. We also ranked them based on effectiveness, meaning how well they charged our devices, and value in terms of price versus performance. 

Tips for Buying Adapters and Converters

Research your destination.

Before leaving on your trip, be sure to check out what types of outlets are used in the countries you’re visiting, and buy adapters and converters accordingly. The last thing you’ll want is to accidentally fry your device while abroad. Some hotels provide USB ports inside hotel rooms, but it’s best to make sure they’re available before arriving empty-handed.

Consider a kit

If you’re visiting numerous countries and are in a rush, it’s sometimes easier to simply buy a kit with several adapters for multiple different destinations, which can save you money instead of buying numerous adapters. Lots of kits are small enough to tuck away in your bag or carry-on, so just be sure that you take along the ones you need.

Read the fine print

Always be sure to read the instructions that come with your adapter or converter, and be sure to pay attention to the power details. You may think a converter is safe for your styling tools or appliances when it's actually not, and you could fry your device, or blow a fuse, if the adapter doesn’t convert voltage.

An adapter is used when you need to plug a specific type of prong into a different socket. It allows you to plug your U.S.-style prong into an outlet in another country that uses a different type of plug. A converter is different in that it changes the voltage of an outlet to match the voltage of the item being plugged in. Some countries use 110/120 volts, while others use 220/240 volts. If you don’t use a converter, you could ruin your device, or even risk a fire.

If your destination has a different prong type than your outlets at home, then you’ll need an adapter. But if the voltage is different in the place you’re traveling than it is at home, you’ll need a converter to convert that voltage. Some products have dual voltage, which means the device can handle voltages from all over the world.

Most of Europe uses Type C plugs, which also fit into Type E, F, H, J, K, L, and N sockets that may replace Type C in places such as Denmark, Switzerland, and Italy. (England and the rest of the U.K. uses Type G.) Always double check exactly which one you’ll need before your departure.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this article, the T+L team tested and reviewed numerous adapters and converters to find the best of the best for countries across the world. Freelance writer and world traveler Amanda Ogle further researched travel adapters to add additional insights to this list. 

Love a great deal? Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter and we'll send you our favorite travel products each week.

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

What to know about electricity and plugging things in if you're traveling overseas

You’ve renewed your passport, bought your plane tickets, and researched your destination; now it’s time to prepare for the little details of traveling overseas. One is making sure you have the right equipment needed to use any electrical devices you’re bringing on your trip. That means making sure you have the right travel adapter and, if necessary, the right voltage converter.

All electrical sockets are not created equal; if you are going to use a device overseas, you need to know what type of voltage is used in the country you’re traveling to and what type of adapter is needed to plug your devices into the outlet. Otherwise, you may end up with an overheated curling iron (just imagine what this would do to your hair!) or a fried cell phone charger.

Never fear, has put together all the details you need: 

Travel adapter vs. converter: What’s the difference?

Let’s start with the basics: What exactly is the difference between an adapter and a converter?

An electric converter changes the voltage of your electronic device. An outlet adapter changes the shape of your plug, not the electrical voltage, allowing you to plug appliances into wall outlets in countries with different-shaped plugs than your own. Consult this handy chart  to see which outlet designs are used in different countries.

Which devices do I need to bring?

The first thing to consider is which devices you really need to pack on your trip. While your cell phone is a no-brainer, can you get by without a tablet or laptop? Most hotels offer hair dryers and irons so you don’t have to bring your own, and you can easily use manual razors and toothbrushes instead of their electric counterparts.

If you plan on staying in one country for a while, you might want to buy a hair dryer or electric razor there. Battery-operated appliances are another option if you’re willing to bring plenty of replacements.

Voltage converters

Most American-made electrical appliances work at 110 volts. While Japan, most of North America, and parts of South America and the Caribbean use voltage between 100 and 125, the vast majority of the world uses 220 to 240 volts. For a complete list of voltage requirements by country, visit .

Before you run out and buy a voltage converter, there’s a very important piece of information you need to know. The vast majority of modern travel gadgets are dual-voltage, meaning they automatically convert to run on other voltage systems. Most smartphones, tablets and other gadgets are dual-voltage, and if you use a converter on something that is already dual-voltage, you can damage your device.

How do you know if your device is dual-voltage? Check the label and/or owner’s manual: If it says something similar to “INPUT AC 120 VAC 60 Hz 200 W,” then your gadget is single-voltage and can only be used on 120 V. If you want to use it elsewhere, you’ll need a converter.

If you see something like “INPUT AC 120/240 V 50—60 Hz 1300 W,” then your device is dual-voltage, and you can safely use it for voltages anywhere between 120 V and 240 V. If this is the case, you’ll only need a plug adapter (see below for more details).

Small electronics, razors and non-heating appliances will need a 50-watt converter. Heating appliances such as dryers, irons, coffee makers and other high-powered electrical devices need converters up to 2000 watts. You can also purchase combination converters for both types (many of which also come with adapter plugs). Check the label on your electrical appliance to find its wattage.

Note that many devices are now available in dual-voltage travel versions, such as this travel iron or this travel hair dryer.

Power converters are generally bulkier and heavier than adapters (which makes sense as they are actually changing electricity). Remember that you will always need to use an adapter with a converter, but you won’t always need to use a converter with an adapter.

Since travel power converters take up so much space on their own, you’ll want to buy one that comes with a built-in plug adapter.

Travel adapter plugs

Even if two countries operate on the same voltage, their outlets might not take the same shape of plug — and that’s where an adapter comes in. An adapter will allow you only to plug your appliance into another type of outlet. Most are small and lightweight, making them easy to pack. If you’re packing lots of devices (like a camera, smartphone and tablet), you should invest in multiple adapters so that you can charge all of your electronics at once.

If you travel a lot, invest in a universal travel adapter, which lets you slide out different plug formations so that you can use the adapter in outlets in any country. If you shop around, you can usually find one for less than $10 online. Note that these won’t always work for appliances that need to be grounded, which will require a more expensive grounding adapter. If you prefer to travel as light as possible, get an international adapter set, which allows you to take only the adapters you need.

Where to buy travel adapters and converters

Be sure to buy your converter and adapter before you leave. In a foreign country, it can be hard to find one that is designed to convert your American plug/voltage into a foreign electricity/plug, rather than the other way around. Also, the converters and adapters found at airport shops are usually highly marked up, whereas you can get both for much cheaper online if you buy before you go.

Adapters and converters are available at most travel/luggage stores, pharmacies, electronics stores such as Best Buy, and even your neighborhood Target or Walmart. You can also buy them online from retailers like Amazon.

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25W PD Power Adapter, White

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  • • Make sure your mobile devices get the powerful and safe charging support they need with the all-new 25W Power Adapter. Its compact design makes it more travel-friendly,¹ all while delivering Super Fast Charging² with a USB Type-C cable.³ Now you're free to charge ahead wherever your day takes you.

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What is resolution?

Resolution refers to the number of pixels a screen can show. The higher the number of pixels a screen can show , the sharper the image quality is. Baseline full HD features 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (1080p) and there are sharper standards, QHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) and 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels)

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

Larger Screens, higher resolution

Pixel density is another factor when it comes to picture quality. Larger screens require higher resolution to maintain the same pixel density as smaller screens with lower resolution. Monitors with higher resolution deliver crisper details and provide more screen space.

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

Are you Looking for a wider screen?

Most monitors feature a 16:9 aspect ratio and are suiable for content viewing and productivity work. However, new standards including 21:9 or even 32:9 a offering a wider display experience for better multitasking and improved visuals

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

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Lightning-fast and efficient

Lightning-fast and efficient

The new power adapter accommodates your active lifestyle by giving you up to 25W of Super Fast Charging² for devices compatible with USB Type-C cables.³ So when you do run low on power, it won't be for long. 

Small size. Big power. 

Don't let its size fool you. The compact 25W Power Adapter packs huge power into a slimmer and more travel-friendly design,¹ all thanks to GaN Tech.⁴

Small size. Big power.

Power with a purpose

Designed with the planet in mind, the new 25W Power Adapter reduces its power from 20mW to just 5mW when not in use to save you power. Plus, it includes recycled content, reflecting our commitment to being environmentally conscious in everything we do.⁵

Charge with confidence

The new 25W Power Adapter helps protect your devices from overcurrent, short circuits, high temperatures, leakage and more.³

Charge with confidence

One adapter. Multiple charging possibilities.

Meet your new go-to power adapter for all your charging needs.⁶ Whether it's powering up your workstation, fueling your Galaxy devices or giving life to any Type-C-cable-compatible gadget, this adapter has got you covered.³

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My favorite USB-C accessory of all time just scored a magnetic upgrade (and it's on sale)


Magnetic breakaway USB-C connector

ZDNET's key takeaways

  • This 140W USB-C connector has a MagSafe-like mechanism that makes it more secure and powerful to use than traditional adapters.
  • Coming in a pack of 2 for $27, the accessory is a must-have for travelers, tech enthusiasts, and folks who often switch between different cables and ports.
  • Just be mindful of where you store the connector, as its smaller size makes it susceptible to being easily lost.

This is possibly one of the best USB-C accessories that I've ever bought and used. While it seems so simple and straightforward, it's saved my USB-C ports from damage countless times, and it's helped prevent laptops from being yanked to the floor by careless individuals (usually me) tripping over the charging cable. 

Also: Is this 6-in-1 keychain charging cable a gimmick or pure genius? I tested it and found out

It's a magnetic breakaway USB-C connector reminiscent of Apple's MagSafe connector that you can fit into all your devices, even MacBooks that don't have it. I use them on everything from power banks to laptops.

And the best thing of all is that it doesn't slow down data transfer or charging.

I know, because I've been busy testing a bunch of them to find you the best and cheapest model.

A magnetic breakaway USB-C connector consists of two parts. One part is the USB-C port that plugs into the device you want to protect -- be that a laptop, smartphone, charger, power bank, or any USB-C port you want to safeguard from damage -- and the other part goes on the end of the cable you're going to use.

Also: The best GaN chargers of 2024: Expert tested

A super-strong neodymium magnet keeps the two parts together when in use until there's a pull on the connector, and then the two parts come apart. The magnets are very strong and pull the two parts together with a very decisive snap.

It's a simple yet brilliant idea! 

Magnetic breakaway USB-C connector tech specs

  • Power : Up to 140W
  • Data transfer : Up to 40Gb/s
  • Video output:  Up to 8K@60Hz
  • Connection type : 24-pin
  • LED indicator : Yes
  • Dustproof : Yes 

Also:  I tested the world's smallest power station, and it's a solar-charging beast

I've used similar breakaway USB-C connectors before, back when Apple removed the MagSafe charging port from the MacBook Pro. But things have come a long way since then: These connectors have been given a revamp, improving the design and the magnet, and bringing them up to date with support for features such as 140W charging.

The magnet on the breakaway connector is strong.

These breakaway connectors come in three different types --  straight , 90° elbow , and right-angle .

Personally, I like the elbow design. It feels like the most versatile and secure. I find that the straight and right-angled connectors do their breakaway thing much easier, resulting in more accidental breakaways.

The magnetic breakaway USB-C connector is perfect for smartphones too.

Still, I'd much prefer to deal with an accidental breakaway than a laptop that's been dragged to the ground.

The connectors feature a handy LED light, so you can tell if a device is charging. I find this to be a really nice touch.

ZDNET's buying advice

And now the good news is that these are cheaper than ever. I remember paying well over $20 for a single connector, but now you can get a 2-pack for around $26 .

They're a simple, yet effective way to prevent ports from being damaged and laptops from being pulled to the floor. A few dollars spent on a couple of these could save you thousands! 

Featured reviews

This anker usb-c power bank solved my biggest problem with portable chargers, and it's under $20 right now, this $20 magsafe charger is better and cheaper than apple's own accessory, this magsafe power bank is one of my travel must-haves, and it's 15% off.

Android Police

Samsung galaxy s pen vs apple pencil 2: the best styli from either camp.

Write, draw, and annotate until your heart's content

Samsung Galaxy S Pen

The S Pen is a great stylus that works well with Samsung devices. It offers fantastic performance, good battery life, and reliable operation. To sweeten the deal, the S Pen has many of Samsung's offerings, making it a tremendous value.

  • It comes with the device
  • Fantastic performer
  • Magnetic pairing and charging
  • Doesn't work with every device

Apple Pencil 2

The Pencil 2 is a great, but expensive stylus from Apple. It offers fantastic performance, good battery life, and some solid features. It's a shame it only works with more recent iPads. Even with its price, it's a solid buy if you are firmly entrenched in the Apple camp.

  • Great overall performance
  • Charges and pairs magnetically
  • Only works with iPads

While your fingers can easily navigate your device’s touchscreen, they don’t give you nearly the precision you get from a stylus. This precision enables you to write, draw, color, and edit documents that would otherwise be too difficult to do with a finger alone. While various stylus types are on the market, the industry standard boils down to the Samsung Galaxy S Pen and the Apple Pencil 2.

When you think about the Galaxy S Pen, you may immediately think of the one included in smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra , but the Apple Pencil only works with the Apple iPad , so we will be focusing on the S Pen that you would find in some of the best Samsung tablets . It makes sense to keep this comparison as close as possible to truly determine which stylus is the best option.

Price, availability, and specs

The standard Galaxy S Pen comes with various Samsung tablets, so it typically doesn’t cost extra. This is not to be confused with the Pro and Creative versions, which cost an extra $100. This makes finding an S Pen as easy as selecting a tablet with one included. If you do happen to break or lose your S Pen, Samsung will sell you a replacement for $60. Samsung's tablets can be found at Samsung and most major retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy.

The Apple Pencil 2 does not ship with the iPad and will cost you an extra $129. Apple does have the first-generation Apple Pencil available for $99 and a USB-C version available for $79, but they are a bit more limited than the second-generation pencil. You can find the Apple Pencil 2 at Apple and retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

Design and performance

Similar style.

If you’ve seen one stylus, then you have seen them all. The S Pen and the Apple Pencil 2 are long, thin, and made of plastic except for the rubber tip that touches the display. Aside from their classic appearances, the S Pen has a button used for various actions, while the Pencil 2 forgoes buttons for quick access.

Both devices feel great in hand, with the Galaxy S Pen measuring 145 x 8.2mm and weighing just 8.79g. The Apple Pencil 2 is slightly bigger at 166 x 8.9mm and weighs a bit more at 20.7g.

Both the S Pen and the Pencil 2 are magnetic, allowing for easy attachment to the sides or back of their respective tablets. They also feature low latency, as well as tilt and pressure sensitivity.

Add it all up and you have two outstanding performers. The S Pen is smooth and very accurate. Its tip is a bit softer than Apple’s, resulting in a more effortless writing experience. The Apple Pencil 2 is also a great performing stylus but comes with a firmer tip, which feels a bit harsher when using it on the display.

Pairing either device is quite easy as they both magnetically pair when attached to their tablets, so it's simple to connect them via Bluetooth.

The S Pen is also IP68-rated, meaning it can survive a dip into water. However, the Pencil 2 isn't IP-rated at all, so it's best to keep it away from water.

Air Command rules

What good would either stylus be without proper software support? Luckily, both Samsung and Apple do a great job of integrating their stylus with their respective operating systems.

Samsung does a great job tailoring its One UI software to harness the S Pen's features. Whether you are taking notes for class, sketching your latest idea, or just navigating the menus, the S Pen can do it all.

Samsung incorporates a feature called Air Command, available at the click of a button. Clicking the button on the S Pen while hovering over the display allows you to access features such as Screen Write, Smart Select, and Live Messages.

The Apple Pencil 2 is also excellent for note-taking, marking documents, and sketching ideas. The Apple Pencil shows you exactly where the tip touches the screen, thanks to Apple Pencil hover. In addition to providing greater accuracy when drawing or writing, this feature can interact with apps and widgets, expanding their content for better interactions.

The Apple Pencil 2 may not have a button, but a quick double tap on the screen allows you to switch between tools effortlessly.


Newer hardware only.

The Samsung Galaxy S Pen and Apple Pencil 2 are fantastic tools, but they can’t be used with just any tablet. The S Pen can only be utilized with a handful of compatible Samsung tablets. These tablets include the Galaxy Tab S9 series (including the FE series), the Tab S8, S7, and S6 series, as well as the Tab Active Pro and the Tab Active 3.

Like the S Pen, the Apple Pencil 2 can be used with Apple’s more recent tablets. The Pencil 2 is compatible with the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation - 6th generation), the iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation - 4th generation), the 4th or 5th generation iPad Air, and the 6th generation iPad Mini. If you have an older generation iPad, you may not be completely out of luck as it may be compatible with the original Apple Pencil.

Battery life

Nothing to worry about.

Neither Samsung nor Apple list the actual battery specifications, so it’s hard to determine just how long they will last. Depending on how you use your stylus, battery life can last a couple of hours, or it may not be an issue at all.

Both the S Pen and the Pencil 2 are charged wirelessly when connected to the appropriate spot on the tablet — the back for Galaxy tablets and the top for the iPad. So, your stylus charges whenever it’s not in use, ensuring it's always ready at a moment's notice.

The S Pen uses its battery for air actions. If you are a heavy user of these features, you can expect the battery to last up to a couple of hours. Luckily for S Pen users, if the battery does die, it’ll still function for writing and drawing. Apple Pencil 2 users aren’t as lucky, as the Pencil 2 requires a charge to operate, but the likelihood that you'll run out of juice is pretty low unless you rely on your Pencil 2 for hours of use at a time.

Which is right for you?

We live in a golden age of tablets if you are a digital note-taker, artist, or business user. The Samsung Galaxy S Pen and the Apple Pencil 2 are great accessories that can vastly expand your ability to create or get work done. Choosing a winner is difficult and will likely come down to what you already have in your pocket.

If you carry around an Android device, getting a Samsung tablet equipped with an S Pen is a logical choice. Even if the platform isn’t important to you, selecting one of the best Android tablets with a Galaxy Tab S Pen just makes a lot of sense. It doesn’t cost anything extra and equals the significantly more expensive Apple Pencil 2 in every way.

An easy selection for Android users

Samsung has embraced the stylus for a long time and it shows. The Galaxy S Pen is a great performer that is well integrated into the Samsung One UI software. It's just icing on the cake that it comes with many of the top Samsung devices.

The Apple Pencil 2 is also a great device, but the retail price of $129 puts this stylus behind the S Pen. If you are in the Apple camp or already own a compatible iPad, the Apple Pencil 2 is the best stylus you can get. It shares most of the S Pen's features, has solid performance, and good battery life.

Great for Apple users, but at a cost

The Apple Pencil 2 is also a great performer and works incredibly well on the iPad. It's a bit more expensive, but Apple has done a nice job of creating a cohesive experience with iPadOS and the Apple Pencil 2.

Search results for

Affiliate links on Android Authority may earn us a commission. Learn more.

The best Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra chargers

Published on March 1, 2024

samsung travel adapter vs power adapter

With no charger in the box and a changed set of charging specifications, picking the best plug to power your Samsung Galaxy S22 series is probably the last thing you want to do after picking up your phone. But it needn’t be a headache. Whether you’re reusing an old plug or buying a new one, there are plenty of chargers on the market to suit your needs.

Here at Android Authority , we’ve tested many chargers and assembled the perfect collection to fast charge your new smartphone. Here’s everything you need to know to pick the best Galaxy S22 charger.

The best Samsung Galaxy S22 chargers

Samsung 45w superfast charging 2.0 travel adapter.

Samsung 45W Travel Adapter box contents

Samsung recommends its Super Fast Charging 2.0 45W travel adapter to charge the Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra quickly, and it’s hard to argue with the official line here. With 45W of power and USB Power Delivery PPS onboard, this product will charge all recent Galaxy flagship smartphones at full speed without issue.

Samsung’s charger isn’t a super cheap option, but it’s become increasingly competitive with third-party options in recent months. It costs $50, but it’s now regularly discounted below $40, often closer to $30, which is a deal you’ll struggle to beat.

Samsung 45W Super Fast Wall Charger

Samsung 25W SuperFast Charging Travel Adapter

Samsung 25W TA 800 charger

Are you rocking the standard Samsung Galaxy S22? You don’t need a 45W charger for that one. A 25W charger will do, and Sammy has its own Samsung 25W SuperFast Charging Travel Adapter. It costs less than the 45W version at $35, and can charge the base Galaxy S22 at full speed.

That said, we like recommending the 45W charger because it allows you to future-proof yourself. Maybe you’ll want to upgrade to one of the newer devices later, or you want to be able to fast-charge other devices you may own. This may even include tablets and other more power-hungry devices.

That said, the Samsung 25W SuperFast Charging Travel Adapter covers the basics and will charge the Galaxy S22 as quickly as possible. All while staying within Samsung’s protective arms.

Samsung 25W SuperFast Charging Travel Adapter

Anker 713 Nano II 45W

Anker Nano II press image

Anker is a great accessory manufacturer, and its Anker 713 Nano II adapter perfectly meets the required USB PD PPS standard for the Galaxy S22 series. Better still, it comes in various power options to perfectly suit your latest purchase. We recommend the 45W version, as it can power all Samsung Galaxy S22 devices at full speed.

It’s super tiny, and the price usually sits under $30, which is an excellent deal for a charger with this much power. The company also provides an 18-month warranty.

If you have the base Galaxy S22 and don’t want to future-proof yourself, you can also go for the Anker 711 Nano II ( $23.99 at Amazon ), which is the same charger, but with 30W charging speeds. Alternatively, you can also upgrade to the Anker 715 Nano II charger ( $49 at Amazon ), which can juice up devices at 65W. The latter will be a great option if you want to use the charger with tablets or laptops.

Anker 713

Spigen ArcStation Pro 45W charger

Spigen ArcStation Pro 45W GaN charger

If you want to save a bit on a good 45W charger with PPS support, the Spigen ArcStation Pro 45W charger is a great option. It has a neat design and comes with a cable. And while the MSRP is $30, it is very commonly discounted to lower prices.

Spigen ArcStation Pro 45W charger

The best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra multi-port chargers

Anker prime 100w gan wall charger.

Anker Prime 100W GaN Wall Charger

The Anker Prime 100W GaN Wall Charger is more than you’ll need to charge any Galaxy S22 on its own, but it’s always good to be able to charge multiple gadgets at once. It has two USB-C ports boasting PPS capabilities and a single USB-A port. It’s much smaller than previous three-port chargers from Anker, thanks to GaN technology.

It also has room to supply up to 100W over USB-C. That said, the USB-A port maxes out at 22.5W. Additionally, the watts will be shared across ports if you charge more than one device at a time.

The accessory is also relatively small and portable for a three-port charger. It costs $85, but you can often find it at a discount. But if you think it’s a little too much, Anker also makes the Prtime 67W GaN Wall Charger ( $59.99 at Amazon ), which is the same, but with less wattage.

Anker Prime 100W GaN Wall Charger

UGREEN Nexode Pro 65W 3-Port GaN Fast Charger

Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W 3 Port GaN Fast Charger

The Ugreen Nexode Pro 65W 3-Port GaN Fast Charger is a one-stop shop for smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. It’s also nicely sized and very efficient, thanks to GaN technology.

The max 65W output is divided across all ports, but you can still reach the Galaxy S22 Plus or Ultra’s max 45W speeds if you’re charging two or three devices simultaneously. Just make sure to use the first port for the Samsung phone, which gets prioritized. It’s also relatively affordable for such a versatile brick, at $56.

If you need more than 65W, you can upgrade to the UGREEN Nexode Pro 100W ( $74.99 at Amazon ).

UGREEN Nexode Pro 65W 3-Port GaN Fast Charger

UGREEN Nexode 200W USB-C GaN Desktop Charger

UGREEN 200W USB C Desktop Charger

Desktop chargers are on a whole other level, but if you don’t mind the larger size and extended cable, these can be amazing chargers for your Galaxy S22 series handset. This one goes above and beyond with its maximum 200W combined charging speeds.

It has four USB-C ports and a couple of USB-A ports. The good news about having so many options and power is that, even if you’re using all the ports, you can still charge your Samsung Galaxy S22 device at maximum speeds. It also supports PPS technology, and happens to look pretty good. All this doesn’t come cheap, though. It retails for $200.

UGREEN 200W Nexode Desktop Charger

The best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung smartthings station.

Samsung SmartThings Station In Hand

If you want to charge your Galaxy S22 series device at full 15W, your best bet is to go with a Samsung wireless charger, and this is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S22 chargers for multiple reasons.

For starters, it can handle the 15W top speeds the Galaxy S22 series is limited to. You just need to make sure you’re using a 25W charger with it. It also has an active cooling fan to keep your device fresh while charging. This also ensures your Galaxy S22 is charging at higher speeds for longer, as charging slows down if the device heats up too much.

That’s only half the fun, though. The Samsung SmartThings Station also works as a Matter-capable SmartThings hub. You can connect your smart home appliances and control them with it. Additionally, it has a button that can be programmed to perform different actions for short-, long-, and double-presses.

It’s a neat accessory if you’re into smart home tech. If you aren’t, though, you can opt for the more affordable Samsung Wireless Charger Fast Charge Pad ( $39 at Amazon ) and be happy with just fast wireless charging.

Samsung SmartThings Station

Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Duo

Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Duo

If you’re big into Samsung’s ecosystem, then the Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Duo should be on your radar. It offers 15W charging, plenty for the Galaxy S22 series. What you’re buying is a single pad designed to charge your smartphone and another device simultaneously, like a smartwatch.

In addition, Samsung’s dual-charging pad includes a wired plug and charging status LEDs. Not to mention, it also has an integrated fan for cooling. Again, Samsung’s first-party products are a little expensive at $90, but you can usually find the Pad Duo for less.

Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Duo

Samsung Super Fast 25W Portable Wireless Charger

samsung super fast power bank in hand

This one is special, and we tend to recommend it often for Samsung users, but it works if you own other Qi-compatible phones, too. The Samsung Super Fast 25W Portable Wireless Charger is both a portable battery pack and a wireless charger.

It holds a 10,000mAh battery and features a wireless charging pad. The only bad news is that it can only charge wirelessly at up to 7.5W, which is half the capacity the Galaxy S22 series can handle. You can take it anywhere, though! This means it matters less how long it takes to juice your phone app, as you can just continue using it wherever you go.

If you’re in a rush, though, you can plug in and reach 25W wired speeds. That is enough to charge the standard Galaxy S22 at full speed. It’s a bit pricey at $80, but it can be a convenient tool.

Samsung Super Fast 25W Portable Wireless Charger

What you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S22 charging

samsung galaxy s22 ultra charging

When it comes to the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung now has two tiers of fast charging . The standard Galaxy S22 maxes out at 25W wired at 15W wireless. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra support up to 45W wired and the same 15W wireless capabilities.

To max out the phones’ charging potential, Samsung states you’ll want to use its first-party power adapters. However, Samsung’s charging technology is based on the USB Implementers Forum’s USB Power Delivery specification . It’s the USB PD PPS protocol, to be exact, an increasingly popular technology across devices and third-party charging products. So long as you pick a charger with this protocol that can provide enough power, you will be covered.

When it comes to wireless power, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series all use the popular third-party Qi specification, and all support up to 15W charging speeds. This makes them compatible with a wide range of first- and third-party wireless charging products .

With all that in mind, here are the products that qualify as the best Samsung Galaxy S22 chargers money can buy.

The standard Samsung Galaxy S22 can charge wired at 25W. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra can reach 45W charging speeds.

Yes. All three Galaxy S22 series devices support Qi wireless charging.

The Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra can all charge wirelessly at 15W. You will need a wireless charger that supports such speeds, though.

You certainly can! The 25W and 45W limitations on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series don’t limit you from buying a charger with more wattage. A faster charger will be limited to the 25W and 45W caps Samsung has, though. This means that if you get a 100W charger and try to juice up your base Galaxy S22, the device will still charge at 25W.

Those are our picks for the best Samsung Galaxy S22 chargers! Now, you can enjoy recharging your Galaxy S22 at the fastest speeds available. Do you need more help keeping your Galaxy S22 charged? We also have a list of the best general wall chargers .

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Samsung Galaxy M15 5G pre-booking offers are live: All details here

Samsung Galaxy M15 5G pre-booking offers are live: All details here

Samsung Galaxy M15 5G pre-booking offers

Samsung galaxy m15 5g features, specs.


The premium tablet market is dominated by two contenders. First, there's the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro, and then there's the 14.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. Whatever your on-the-go computing needs, you can't go wrong with either high-end tablet. But if you're going to invest upwards of $2,000 or more on a new and souped up tablet, make sure you're getting a model that'll best meet your needs over the next few years.

Our in-house team of consumer technology experts has compared these two popular tablets to provide you with the information needed to make the best possible choice -- not just between which tablet model to purchase, but which hardware configuration is best. If these premium tablets offer too much computing power and are outside of your budget, don't worry -- you have plenty of other options, including plenty of deals , and the tablets featured in our best tablets for 2024 roundup .

iPadOS or Android: Which OS is better?

The biggest difference between the incredibly popular 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro and 14.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra tablet is their operating systems. This plays a huge role when it comes to compatibility with the other equipment you already use, like your smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, desktop computer -- even your wireless earbuds.

The iPad runs Apple's iPadOS 17 operating system. Apple offers a vast ecosystem of compatible equipment, apps and services. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra runs Android 13. Samsung offers its own robust array of compatible gadgets, apps and services that are part of the Galaxy product line. Those rely heavily on Google and Samsung's SmartThings platform. So, when choosing a tablet, it's smart to survey the gadgets you already have.

12.9" Apple iPad Pro: At a glance


Display Size : 12.9-inch touchscreen |  Display Resolution:  2,732 x 2,048 pixels |  Display Type : Liquid Retina XDR |  Processor:  Apple M2 |  Storage : 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB |  Average Battery Life : Up to 10 hours |  Operating System : iPadOS 17 (or later) |  Dimensions : 11.04 x 8.46 x 0.25 inches |  Weight : 1.5 pounds |  Port : USB Type-C |  Stylus Included :  Apple Pencil 2nd Generation  (Optional) |  Keyboard/Cover Included :  Apple Magic Keyboard  or cover (optional)

Like all iPads, this one runs Apple's iPadOS 17 and comes with a robust set of apps. The iPad Pro is designed to work seamlessly with Apple iCloud and will automatically sync data, files and photos with your own Mac computers and iPhone. (Syncing with a Windows computer or Android mobile device is possible, but an additional app is typically required).

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is currently Apple's top-of-the-line tablet, powered with Apple's M2 processor, which offers an 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU and 16-core neural engine. In other words, it's fast, powerful and versatile. The tablet itself includes four speakers, a 12MP ultra-wide front camera and a 12MP wide and 10MP ultra-wide rear-facing camera setup. There's a USB Type-C port on the bottom of the unit. What it lacks is a microSD memory card slot, so whatever amount of storage you choose at the time of purchase is all you get.

Perhaps the most notable thing about the iPad Pro is a beautiful Liquid Retina XDR display that offers a 120Hz refresh rate, a maximum brightness of 1,600 nits, a wide color gamut and a stunning 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The result: vivid, detailed and fluid graphics.

iPad Pro is highly customizable thanks to iPadOS 17 and the vast selection of apps available. But to expand how you interact with the tablet, the optional Apple Pencil (2nd generation) and Apple Magic Keyboard are available. Like all of the iPads, this one relies heavily on internet connectivity. Not only do specific apps access the internet to gather and share information, but to use the Siri voice assistant, an internet connection is required. You'll also need internet connectivity to stream audio and video, or use any of Apple's services, like iCloud, Apple TV+, Apple News, Apple Arcade, Apple Music or Apple Fitness+.

Right out of the box, the iPad Pro can serve as a handy communication, productivity, gaming and health/fitness tool. The tablet offers excellent multitasking capabilities along with a nice collection of security and privacy features. Whether you need powerful processing for advanced video or photo editing or gaming, or you plan to use your tablet for word processing, email, web surfing, as an e-reader or to stream TV shows and movies, iPad Pro's up to 10 hour battery life will serve you well in virtually every aspect of your life. In fact, with the right collection of apps and accessories, many users are able to replace their laptop with an iPad Pro.

For more help deciding which iPad model is best for you, check out our comprehensive iPad buyer's guide .

iPad Pro: Configuration options and prices

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a starting price of $1,099. It's available in your choice of a space gray or silver casing. All configurations of the iPad Pro come with the tablet, a USB Type-C charging cable and a 20W USB Type-C power adapter. Here are the hardware configurations currently offered:

Wi-Fi 6E only configurations

  • 128GB, Wi-Fi only: $1,099
  • 256GB, Wi-Fi only: $1,199
  • 512GB, Wi-Fi only: $1,399
  • 1TB, Wi-Fi only: $1,799
  • 2TB, Wi-Fi only: $2,199

Wi-Fi 6E + 5G cellular configurations

  • 128GB, Wi-Fi  + cellular: $1,299 (plus monthly cellular service plan)
  • 256GB, Wi-Fi + cellular: $1,399 (plus monthly cellular service plan)
  • 512GB, Wi-Fi + cellular: $1,599 (plus monthly cellular service plan)
  • 1TB, Wi-Fi + cellular: $1,999 (plus monthly cellular service plan)
  • 2TB, Wi-Fi + cellular: $2,399 (plus monthly cellular service plan)

Recommended optional accessories

  • Apple Pencil (2nd generation) stylus: $120
  • Apple Magic Keyboard: $329 (or Apple Smart Keyboard : $189)
  • Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) wireless earbuds: $199

14.6" Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra: At a glance

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

Display Size : 14.6-inch touchscreen |  Display Resolution:  2,960 x 1,848 pixels |  Display Type : Dynamic AMOLED 2x |  Processor:  Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 |  Storage : 256GB, 512GB or 1TB |  Average Battery Life : Up to 16 hours |  Operating System : Android 13 |  Dimensions : 12.85 x 8.21 x 0.21 inches |  Weight : 1.61 pounds |  Port : USB Type-C |  Stylus Included : Yes, Samsung S Pen |  Keyboard/Cover Included : Optional 

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is Samsung's premium tablet and also a flagship Android tablet. The Tab S9 Ultra is equipped with the fast and powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. It also takes full advantage of a gorgeous and high-resolution 14.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x touchscreen display with a lightning quick 120Hz refresh rate. And it's also one of the very few tablets rated IP68 for water and dust resistance. This feature alone makes this tablet stand out from the competition.

Battery life per charge is up to 16 hours, which is considerably longer than what the iPad Pro offers. The tablet's quad speaker sound system supports Dolby Atmos surround sound. On the front of the tablet, there's a 12MP wide and 12MP ultra-wide camera, while on the back, you'll discover an 13MP wide and 8MP ultra-wide camera. Another useful feature that all Apple iPads lack is a microSD memory card slot. If you need to expand the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra's storage, you can simply insert a card with up to a 1TB capacity.

While the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is packed with some advanced and impressive hardware, it's the latest version of Android 13 that makes this tablets shine. The operating system now supports the circle and search feature. Using the S Pen, you can circle just about anything written or displayed on the tablet's screen and then learn about it via a Google search without leaving whatever app you're using. 

And this is the first tablet to incorporate Samsung's Galaxy AI, which makes this model smarter in all kinds of interesting ways. With the new Transcript Assist feature, note taking is easier than ever. You can record meetings, classes or conversations and have the tablet create detailed transcriptions and a text-based summary almost instantly. The photo editing tools integrated into the tablet have also been enhanced with Android 13. And that's only the beginning of what the latest version of this OS can do.

Like all Android tablets, the Galaxy Tab S9 is Google-centric. It comes with all of the popular Google apps and services preinstalled. Plus, you can access optional apps from either the Google Play Store or the Galaxy App Store.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra: Configuration options and prices

The top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra has a starting price of $1,400, but all configurations of this tablet frequently go on sale. Plus, Samsung's website offers a generous trade-in program that gets you up to $800 in instant credit toward your purchase when you trade in an eligible device. And the savings doesn't stop there. Through the Samsung Offer Program , students, educators, government employees, military personnel, veterans, military families and first responders are all eligible for an additional discount when buying the tablet from Samsung's website.

All configurations of the tablet are available in your choice of a graphite or beige casing color. Unlike the Apple iPad Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is only available with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There's no cellular connectivity option. On the plus side, the Samsung S Pen stylus is included with the tablet. Also included is a USB Type-C cable (but no power adapter), a two month trial subscription to Adobe Lightroom and a six month trial subscription to Microsoft 365.

Wi-Fi 6E configurations

  • 256GB SSD storage, 12GB RAM: $1,070
  • 512GB SSD storage, 12GB RAM: $1,170
  • 1TB SSD storage, 16GB RAM: $1,400

Recommended accessories

  • Samsung Book Cover Keyboard : $332 
  • Samsung Book Cover Keyboard Slim : $200
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro wireless earbuds: $207
  • Samsung 45W power adapter with cable : $50

Which is better, the iPad Pro or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra?

Between the Apple iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, which tablet is best comes down to the other equipment you're already using. If you're heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, stick with an Apple iPad Pro. But if you already use an Android smartphone and smartwatch, or a Windows computer, and you consider yourself to be a power user, go with the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. Both tablets offer large and vibrant touchscreens, nicely handle multitasking, give you easy access to the internet and provide the computing power to handle the most advanced tasks.

When it comes to keeping up with the latest  technologies , our team of  consumer tech experts  has you covered with comprehensive product roundups, in-depth product reviews and details about where and how to find the best deals. We cover everything from  laptops  and  action cameras , to the best  TVs ,  smart grills ,  tablets ,  smartwatches  and noise canceling  earbuds  and  headphones .

Jason R. Rich ( ) is an internationally recognized consumer technology expert with more than 30 years' writing experience. He's also an accomplished author and photographer. One of his most recently published books, The Remote Worker's Handbook: How to Effectively Work From Anywhere ($24.99, Entrepreneur Books) is now available from Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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The first Siberian city was founded in 1586. Tyumen has been unofficially titled the oil and gas capital of Russia. The city’s population is 707 000 people, which continues to increase. According to RBC Holding, Tyumen is one of ten the most quick-growing towns in Russia. Don’t let the mention of oil-hungry businesspeople leave you thinking this is a dull, money-focused city, though. The city has a buzzing street life in summer and a couple of worthwhile sights that, taken together, will keep you entertained for a day or so.

Tyumen is also the stepping stone to the gorgeous old town of Tobolsk, a few hours’ bus or train ride away. Tyumen is a cultural, business, educational and administrative center of the Tyumen region. Most of the city’s population comprises young people under 35.

Here are always places to go in the evening and to see during weekends. Cozy cafes, luxurious restaurants, the best theatres and philharmonic concert hall, and museums reminding about the rich history of the city — all that is Tyumen. These are the best places to see in Tyumen, Russia.

1. Tyumen’s Holy Trinity Monastery

Tyumen’s Holy Trinity Monastery

Tyumen’s Holy Trinity Monastery is located in the historical center of Tyumen. It is just a few minutes walk from the Tura Embankment. The monastery was founded on the picturesque bank of the Tura River in 1616. Almost a century later, in 1708, the old wooden monastery was rebuilt with stone. Shortly after, the monastery was named Holy Trinity. The building process was conducted under the leadership of metropolitan Philophey Leschinsky. Later, he took monastic vows and lived in seclusion for the rest of his life. After he died in 1727, he was buried at the monastery’s entrance.

During the Soviet period, the monastery was used as a dormitory for a military platoon and the headquarters of the city’s water control system. The monastery was returned to the Tyumen diocese in 1995, but the first service was not held there until 2003. In 2005 the relic of prelate Philophey was uncovered and is now kept in the Peter and Paul Cathedral monastery. In 2007 a square was dedicated to Philophey near the monastery. Today Holy Trinity Monastery is open for everyone to see and tour while it continues to hold regular liturgical services.

2. Znamensky Cathedral

Znamensky Cathedral

The history of Znamensky Cathedral found its roots in the first half of the 17th century, when a small wooden chapel was first erected at the site of the current Cathedral. The old wooden chapel was replaced with the construction of a stone church which began on September 1st, 1768. The church’s previous name was given in honor of Mary, the Mother of God, and her icon within the church. The building was dedicated only 33 years later, in 1801. The church’s first stone building was painted white and consisted of the main chapel, a bell tower, a refectory, and a porch.

After the Revolution of 1917, the Cathedral was used as a transit prison. Still, between 1933 and 1941, the church was returned to the diocese. With the beginning of World War II, however, it was again taken over and used to house dislocated army forces. Finally, the Cathedral was returned to the eparchy. On June 19th, 1994, the clergy held a liturgical service for the first time. Today Znamensky Cathedral is a functioning church and one of the most beautiful symbols of Tyumen.

3. Tyumen Bolshoi Drama Theater

Tyumen Bolshoi Drama Theater

In 2008, The Tyumen Bolshoi Drama Theater got a new building built in record time for one year and eight months. With a 158-year history, the theater is the most prominent Drama Theater in Russia. The history of the Tyumen theater began even before the first building. It is known that in 1858 the St. Petersburg guest expressed his admiration for Amateur performances.

This fact was recorded, and the city’s theatrical history was reckoned from it. History tells us that in 1890, the first Guild merchant, an honorary citizen of the municipality Tekut’ev Andrei Ivanovich, founded a permanent theatre, which entered the town history called Tekut’evsky. Andrei Ivanovich, in love with the spectacle of dramatic scenes, supported theatre for 26 years.

In 1916, before his death, he bequeathed the theatre to the city. The City Council accepted the gift, and newspaper announcements began to inform about the performances not in the Tekut’ev’s theater but in the city theatre named Tekut’ev. After the October revolution, the theatre received the name of V. I. Lenin.

Under the leadership of the Petrograd director Valmar, it was staged such performances as “Idiot”, “the Power of Darkness”, “the Living corpse”, and “the Day”. In subsequent years the core of the repertoire included Russian and foreign classics, the best works of modern drama.

4. Saint George Ascension church

Saint George Ascension church

Through the parishioners’ efforts, this church was erected on the Tura River’s left bank. The church began as a stone two-storied building with a bell tower and two thrones: one is on the first floor in honor of Saint George and the other in honor of the Ascension of God is on the second.

After the October Revolution in 1929, the church was closed, and a workshop of tanners and chemists used its building. In 1934-35 the church became a dormitory for driving school students and combined operators. Later the building was under the governance of Tuymen’s fur coat fabric company.

Only in 1996 was the building returned to the diocese of Tobolsk and Tyumen. Two years later, services were resumed there. Step by step, in 2005, the bell tower was restored. In 2006, the church participated in the government program entitled “Cultural memorials restoration.” Now it is a functioning church that adorns the historical center of Tyumen.

5. Church of the Saviour

Church of the Saviour

The Church of the Saviour, also known as the Church of the Image of “The Saviour Not Made by Hands” or shorter Spasskaya Church, is a church in Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, located at Lenin Street, 43, at a crossroad between the Chelyuskintsev Street. Built-in a late 18th-century Siberian Baroque and early 20th-century neorussian style, the building is one of Siberia’s oldest and most expressive churches, under monument protection.

It is believed that the early wooden church was raised in 1586 and reconstructed after several fires into a stable stone building in the late 17th century. The Church of the Saviour saw another two rebuildings in the late 19th century. However, after the 1917 October Revolution, the church was subject to confiscations of its property in 1922, and in 1930 was closed and became a momentary prison.

After the failed attempt to destroy the church two years later, it has been used as an archive and a library. The building storage material for the Tyumen Local Historical Museum is expected to be returned to the local eparchy in 2019.

6. Tura Embankment

Tura Embankment

The only thing in the Russian four-level structure of this kind and one of the favorite holiday destinations among residents and visitors alike. Here, close to each other is full of the city’s attractions: Lover’s Bridge, historical area, the museum “City Council” Architecture and Construction University, and Holy Trinity Monastery. Embankment and bridge of lovers – the city card is depicted on the magnets, postcards, and other souvenirs tourists bring from Tyumen.

Construction of the promenade continues today, and it planned its expansion on both sides of the river Tura. Throughout the embankment, scattered monuments of famous people, life, and activity were somehow linked to Tyumen. Summer, early Fall, and spring – are the best time for walking and spending time on the waterfront.

It is always noisy: many people are playing songs with a guitar, working fountains, flash mobs, and holding various events, to the bridge of lovers traditionally come to the newlyweds. In the summer promenade Tours – the most popular holiday destination for residents.

7. The Lovers’ Bridge

The Lovers’ Bridge

The Lovers’ Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over the Tura River in the Central District of Tyumen. The bridge was built in 1987 – five years after the collapse of an old wooden bridge in the exact location. The last name of the bridge was Peshehodniy (Pedestrian). Still, in 2003 local DJs Maria Kondratovich and Timur Shkval arranged an unusual contest called “The most unusual kiss”.

After this event, the city mayor Stepan Kirichuk offered to rename the bridge the Lovers’ Bridge. Then, on July 26th, newly married couples, the director of the Red Army Radio Station V. Bogodelov, and the city’s mayor performed an official ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the bridge.

8. Kolokolnikovs Estate Museum

Kolokolnikovs Estate Museum

The Kolokolnikovs Estate Museum is the only remaining classical merchant’s estate in Tyumen. The building’s facade combines classical and baroque architecture elements and traditional Siberian carving. The doors open to a luxurious, brightly lit hall with lofted ceilings and walls decorated with vivid paintings of the Kolokolnikovs family.

One painting depicts an old trade shop, representing the collective image of the city’s shops. Stepping through the doors of the Kolokolnikovs Estate transports one back to the unique atmosphere of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The permanent exhibit of the Kolokolnikovs Estate Museum is called “The History of the House”. It is dedicated to the history of the merchant families, such as the Ikonnikovs and the Kolokolnikovs. The exhibit will also explain the historical events in this house, one of which was the monumental meeting between the future Emperor Alexander II and the great Russian poet V. Zhukovsky in 1837. In 1919 the estate was used as the headquarters of Marshal V. Blyukher.

9. Gorodskaya Duma Museum

Gorodskaya Duma Museum

The building of the Tyumen regional Museum of Local Lore Gorodskaya Duma was built in the second half of the XIX century. It is a magnificent example of Russian provincial architecture. The high ladder and a stepped attic give the museum its slenderness, combined with a Corinthian portico and massive columns — the traditional buildings of public institutions and architectural elements.

The Window into the nature constant exhibition introduces the variety of Flora and Fauna of the Tyumen region and its ancient inhabitants. An integral part of the museum is a small paleontological Museum. The skeleton’s collection of mammoth, fossil bison, woolly rhinoceros, and cave bears is presented at the museum. In addition, visitors can get acquainted with the Botanical, Zoological, and entomological collections.

10. House Masharova Museum

House Masharova Museum

The House Masharova Museum is an old house built in the neoclassical style and previously belonged to N. Masharov, a famous manufacturer and one of the founders of the iron industry in Tyumen. The museum is a monument to late 19th and early 20th-century Siberian architecture and is renowned for its luxurious décor.

Traditional musical events and temporary exhibitions are regularly organized in the House Masharova Museum. They take place in the chamber-like atmosphere of the welcoming hall of the merchant’s house.

The permanent exhibition called the Family Book tells the tale of the family’s life at the end of the 19th century. During a tour of the house built, you will see many authentic items of a past era and discover the etiquette of a traditional family from Tyumen.

11. Alexandrovsky Garden

Alexandrovsky Garden

The original name of the Alexandrovsky Garden is the Country Garden. The garden appeared on a vacant plot of land in 1851 when thousands of linden, birch, spruce, and pine trees were planted in the area of about 100 acres (40 000 m²) with the money of the merchant Ivan Ikonnikov.

The garden was named after the crown prince Alexander, the future Tsar Alexander II, who visited Tyumen on May 31st, 1837, during his journey through Siberia. After the October Revolution of 1917, the garden was abandoned until 1948, when a small portion of it was restored through the employees’ efforts of a ship-building plant.

The landscape of the garden was adorned with a pond, a small bridge built traversing the ravine, a shooting range, and a restaurant with a terrace. In the 1960s, it was abandoned again, and by the 1970s, it fell into disrepair. Later a development effort began on the garden’s premises with the construction of houses, a kindergarten, and garages. A road to the Profsoyuzny Bridge was also built through the park.

However, the renewal of the garden did not begin until 2007. Although ten times smaller than the original garden, the grounds were restored, and the Alexandrovsky Garden became its official name. The fountain was rebuilt as well as sculptures of citizens styled after the 19th century. Some statues include the Hussar, Ladies on a Walk, A Girl at Rest, and the Boy.

12. Rasputin Museum

Rasputin Museum

Grigory Rasputin was a friend of the last Russian emperor Nikolay II and his family. Rasputin is one of the most mysterious and exciting personalities of the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. In the 1900s, among Saint Petersburg’s high society, he had the reputation of the Tsar’s family friend, a religious elder, a seer, and a healer.

The exposition includes a cosmetic mirror, broken down in the middle that symbolizes the broken life of its owner, an icon of St. Simeon Verhotursky the Righteous, who is highly honored in Siberia, and the plate of the famous Kuznetsovky porcelain factory with the monogram of the empress, which Rasputin gave to his god-daughter Iraida Kolesnikova during her christening, an old Viennese chair from the Rasputin’s house. There is an authentic platband from the famous home of Rasputin, and the only thing remained of the building.

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