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  1. GovHK: Registration of Outbound Travel Information ("ROTI")

    For details, please contact the GovHK enquiry hotline at (852) 183 5500. The ROTI accepts registration of itinerary information within three months prior to commencement of the itinerary, which covers a maximum duration of six months. The itinerary information you provide will be kept for three months after the "Date of Departure".

  2. Security Bureau

    The Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) System aims to help people better understand the risk or threat to personal safety in travelling to 88 countries/territories that are the more popular travel destinations for Hong Kong residents (HKRs). When there are signs of threat in a place that may affect the personal safety of HKRs, the Security Bureau will assess and consider the need to issue an OTA ...

  3. Latest updates on COVID-19, Passenger Guide

    The testing fee is HK$388. Service hours: 0700hrs - 2359hrs. Medical centre location: 6T104, L6, Terminal 1 (accessed by elevator near L7 departures level Aisle A) Telephone: +852 2261 2626. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is committed to safeguarding the airport and the well-being of our passengers and staff.

  4. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

    Complete COVID-19 vaccination before travel according to the latest recommendations to effectively protect against COVID-19 disease ... If feeling unwell when outside Hong Kong, especially if experiencing respiratory symptoms, wear a well-fitted surgical mask and seek medical advice at once. Health advice for persons tested positive for COVID-19.

  5. Information for Outbound Travellers

    Outbound Travel Alerts of Security Bureau. Immigration Department (Travel Assistance), or call the Department on (852) 2824 6111; Hong Kong residents in distress and need assistance while outside Hong Kong, whether in Mainland or elsewhere, can contact the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit by calling the 24-hour Assistance Hotline (852 ...

  6. Registration of Outbound Travel Information

    Registration of Outbound Travel Information (ROTI) is an online service under the MyGovHK platform for you to register your contact and information of your trips outside Hong Kong on a voluntary basis. The information you provided in the ROTI allows the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit of the Hong Kong Immigration Department to contact ...

  7. Government lifts Outbound Travel Alert issued due to COVID-19 on

    The Government announced today (April 29) that the Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) issued for COVID-19 on overseas countries/territories will be lifted on May 1. The Government issued the Red OTA on all overseas countries/territories on March 17, 2020, in view of the global epidemic situation at the time, and strongly urged members of the public to ...

  8. Hong Kong relaxes its COVID travel restrictions for outbound ...

    September 9, 2022, 8:01 AM PDT. Hong Kong will relax some of its COVID travel restrictions for some passengers and local air crews. Vernon Yuen—NurPhoto/Getty Images. Hong Kong will end ...

  9. Hong Kong prepares for surge in travel after COVID curbs ease

    Hong Kong is readying for a surge in travel after the global financial hub ended mandatory COVID-19 hotel quarantine for international arrivals on Monday, with travel companies reporting 10-fold ...

  10. Advice for Outbound Travellers

    For information about news of disease outbreaks, vaccinations, health advice, etc, go to the website Hong Kong Travellers' Health Service launched by the Department of Health, or contact the Port Health Travel Health Centre on (852) 2961-8840 or (852) 2150-7235 for details.

  11. PDF REPORT on HONG KONG OUTBOUND 2023 by ITE Hong Kong

    • The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC) estimated that during Christmas period, Hong Kong travel agencies will have around 1400 outbound tour groups, which recovered to around 70% pre-pandemic level, from media report dated Dec 21. • Among Hong Kong's outbound tour groups during Christmas of 2023, popular destinations

  12. Security Bureau

    Telephone 2810 2327 Fax 2868 5074 Email 9ceffef9f2eddceffeb2fbf3eab2f4f7 Address 10th Floor, East Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong

  13. Security Bureau

    Details of Outbound Travel Alert Information of south-eastern provinces of Türkiye. Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit - Online Assistance Request Form. On 1 October 2023, a suicide bomb attack occurred outside the building of the Interior Ministry in the capital city, Ankara, resulting in casualties.

  14. Hong Kong: outbound trip number 2021

    Number of outbound departures in Hong Kong 2010-2021. Published by Agne Blazyte , Apr 18, 2024. In 2021, the second year of COVID-19 pandemic, outbound trips from Hong Kong totaled approximately ...

  15. PDF Hong Kong Outbound Market Report

    12. Hong Kong (China) 26.9 3 7.5 3586.7 1 Source: UNWTO Barometer October 2020 III. 2018 & 2019 Hong Kong Outbound Statistic (some destinations) Destination Jan - Dec 2018 Visitors Arrival from Hong Kong Jan -Dec 2019 Visitors Arrival from Hong Kong Japan 2 207 804 (+7.1%) 2 290 792 (+3.8%) Taiwan 1 506 536 (-2.2%) 1 598 223 (+6.1%)

  16. PDF Hong Kong Outbound Market Report 2023

    3. Joint Survey on Hong Kong Outbound 2023 Covering mainly ITE public visitors in recent years, the joint survey by the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong & TKS Exhibition Services Ltd., was held in end April and collected 2157 replies. Briefly, it found strong pent-up travel demand which also sustainable, and respondents mainly premium FIT. 3.1.

  17. Hong Kong's High-Spending Outbound Travel Market Stays Firm

    According to TKS, the size of Hong Kong outbound market was around 7.4 million people in 2018, but its spending was high at $26.5 billion. "A quality market, Hong Kong's per capita outbound spending in 2018 averaged $3,580, way above that of Australia at around $1,500, UK at $1,150, and Germany at $1,140," said the company in a statement.

  18. An evaluation of the effectiveness of travel advisories with a specific

    This study first examined users' perspectives of Hong Kong's Outbound Travel Alert system using a mix of focus groups and in-depth interviews. The study found that outbound tourists had a low level of awareness and knowledge of travel advisories and many respondents preferred alternative information sources such as the Internet, social ...

  19. PDF REPORT on HONG KONG OUTBOUND 2023 by ITE Hong Kong

    (2) Hong Kong outbound to some Asian destinations like Japan in the first 8 months this year already back to nearly 90% pre-pandemic level. Table: Hong Kong Outbound to some destinations in 2023^ HK outbound to (Jan - Aug) 2023 (Jan - Aug) 2019 Back to 2019 Japan 1,332,500 1,504,959 88.5% Macao 4,824,031 4,995,346 96.6%

  20. Hong Kong Outbound Tour Operators' Association ( OTOA )

    Hong Kong Outbound Operators' Association (OTOA) was established in 1988. Our members mainly include travel agencies and other entities related to tourism. Since its establishment, OTOA has served the members with sincerity and dedication. Through various kinds of tour inspections, seminars and exchange activities, it provides members with a ...

  21. Outbound travel boom mirrors China's consumption vibrancy

    The booming outbound travel rush is a testament to China's bolstering consumption, which makes a strong contribution to domestic demand and overall economic growth. According to the National ...

  22. Outbound Travel Alert

    Registration for Outbound Travel Information (ROTI) Before departing Hong Kong, residents may register via ROTI their travel itineraries and contact details to receive updates on OTA and related information. The Immigration Department may contact and assist the registrants in an emergency.

  23. 10 Off-Beat Things to Do in Hong Kong

    Off-the-Beaten-Path Things To Do in Hong Kong 1. The Hong Kong Walls. The Hong Kong Walls are part of a non-profit beautification project, where various artists paint murals around the city. There ...


    Around 267,000 travelers from Hong Kong visited Singapore in the first 10 months of 2023, which around two-third of same period in 2019. c. Held between Oct 19 and Nov 5, a public survey collected 4874 replies found 72% respondents to travel abroad in coming six months. Thus, reflecting Hong Kong outbound sustainable. (2) Hong Kong a Quality Market

  25. How can Hongkongers use public holidays strategically for longer breaks

    Hong Kong Hong Kong economy. ... "The many potential long holidays will stimulate the desire to travel, meaning 2025 will be positive for outbound travel businesses," Huen said.

  26. Eight more Chinese cities join Hong Kong solo travel scheme

    Eight more Chinese cities have joined a scheme allowing their residents to travel to Hong Kong on their own, rather than as part of a tour group, as part of efforts to boost Hong Kong's economy.

  27. Eight More Chinese Cities Join Hong Kong Solo Travel Scheme

    REUTERS/Tyrone Siu/File Photo. HONG KONG (Reuters) - Eight more Chinese cities have joined a scheme allowing their residents to travel to Hong Kong on their own, rather than as part of a tour ...

  28. 8 more Chinese cities join Hong Kong solo travel scheme

    Tourists take photos in front of Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong on April 29, 2024. China's Individual Visit Scheme allows residents from some areas to travel to Hong Kong on their own, rather than ...

  29. 5 Reasons China's Recent Stock Market Rally Is Fundamentally Different

    Fliggy, Alibaba's online travel platform, reported that "outbound travel bookings during the holiday in 2024 doubled year-on-year". 5 International travel costs more than domestic travel and ...