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Cycling Tours & Bike Trips in Italy

  • Tuscany Bicycle
  • Sicily Bicycle
  • Puglia Bicycle
  • Italy Bicycle Luxury

217 Italy bicycle tours with 291 reviews

Cycle Tuscany Tour

Cycle Tuscany

"Fabulous itinerary. Competent leader and support." David, traveled in May 2019

A Fantastic Journey- Tuscany Small Group Cycling Tour Tour

Bicycle Family Food & Culinary Explorer +2

A Fantastic Journey- Tuscany Small Group Cycling Tour

"The riding was wonderful, the countryside was glorious, the food was outstanding." Marty, traveled in October 2018

Women\'s Adventures Tour

Women's Adventures

Pisa - Cinque Terre Tour

Bicycle Family Self-Guided Cycling Explorer +2

Pisa - Cinque Terre

"The individual stages were well chosen (route, length, landscape, hotels) and the navigation worked very well for the most part." Doris, traveled in August 2023

Cycle Dolomites, Lake Garda and Venice Tour

Cycle Dolomites, Lake Garda and Venice

"Ferry across Lake Garda with magnificent views. Staying in and cycling through beautiful towns like Merano and Bolzano." Eve, traveled in May 2023
  • 10% deposit on some dates

Tuscany: Cycle Siena & Chianti Tour

Tuscany: Cycle Siena & Chianti

"Very Enjoyable, testing but did not detract from the overall great experience." K., traveled in September 2019

Gastronomic Cycling in Emilia-Romagna, from Parma to Bologna Self-Guided Tour

Bicycle Family

Gastronomic Cycling in Emilia-Romagna, from Parma to Bologna Self-Guided

Cycling in Sicily Tour

Cycling in Sicily

"Coming down to Ragusa Ibla with the sun poking through the clouds, and the promise that the cold wind and rain might pass." Simon, traveled in January 1970

Emilia Romagna\'s Culinary Delights Tour

Emilia Romagna's Culinary Delights

"Gorgeous countryside, and even the other people on the tour were a lot of fun and everyone got along wonderfully." Susan, traveled in May 2023

Cycling in Italy - Cilento to the Amalfi Coast Tour

Cycling in Italy - Cilento to the Amalfi Coast

"Getting to meet real Italians and experiencing their way of life." Julia, traveled in June 2023

Around Lake Garda Tour

Around Lake Garda

The Dolomites-Small Group Bike Tour Tour

Bicycle Active

The Dolomites-Small Group Bike Tour

A taste of Sicily Tour

A taste of Sicily

Trans Dolomites Challenge Tour

Bicycle Active Off-Road Cycling +1

Trans Dolomites Challenge

The Alps & Dolomites ~ North Italy ~ Guided *ROAD CYCLE* Tour

Bicycle Explorer

The Alps & Dolomites ~ North Italy ~ Guided *ROAD CYCLE*

Italy bike tour reviews.

Trip of a lifetime. Could not have been any better. Would recommend to others.
This tour exceeded my expectations, on so many levels. The riding was wonderful, the countryside was glorious, the food was outstanding....but the attention to detail, from guides Luca and Rikki, was just phenomenal. If you want to tour Tuscany by bike, in a way that make you feel totally connected to the area, book this trip! It will not disappoint!
It’s was a great experience from beginning to end. Not only the cycling routes were beautifully sorted, the tour guide Fabio was amazing, but also the fellow group members from all over the places were super friendly. Highly recommend it.

Bicycle Tours

  • Self-Guided Cycling (80)
  • Road Cycling (15)
  • Mountain Bike (8)

Regions in Italy

  • Northern Italy (102)
  • Italian Alps (48)
  • South Italy (44)
  • Central Italy (35)
  • Trentino Alto-Adige (34)
  • Prosecco (33)
  • Tuscany (25)
  • Puglia (23)
  • Apulia (22)
  • Sicily (18)
  • The Dolomites (16)
  • Emilia Romagna (16)
  • South Tyrol (16)
  • Veneto (12)
  • Sardinia (10)
  • Lombardy (8)

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Italy Bike Tours

I taly is pedaling paradise playground for both the avid and more pleasure-seeking cyclist and is considered one of the world’s most heavenly cycling destinations. Why? Biking in Italy has everything any cyclist craves. Biking in Italy offers: a vast network of quiet roads through gorgeous and varied landscapes that literally zigzags through the history of Western Civilization, a modern culture that is rich in cycling history and considers cyclists heroes, a diverse and well-oiled traveler infrastructure and finally a country that knows how to please the most important cyclist need–their pedaling appetite. Italians share the bicyclist’s credo: Live to eat and eat to live!

Any bike tour in Italy you choose will offer unique landscapes, dialects, and culinary traditions. Cycling in Italy appeals to the essential pedaling desires: mountain landscapes in the Alpine valleys; surprisingly flat roads through Apennine pastures and rice fields along the Po river; an endless series of beaches and rocky shores along the seaside, famous art towns with their historical and architectural heritage; not to mention countless archeological sites and beautiful ancient villages atop hills and mountains.

As the Italy bicycle tour specialists since 1989, Ciclismo Classico has MORE unique Italian bicycling itineraries in MORE Italian regions than anyone! Furthermore, we have many Italy bicycle tours in our repertoire so if you do not see what you are looking for,  just ask! We have either done it before or would love to create a unique Italian Bicycle Tour itinerary just for you.

Our Italian Bicycle Tours, region by region

Northern italy bike tours.

Epic Italy , Venice Con Gusto , Munich to Verona , Piedmont: The Land of Barolo and Truffles,   Majestic Dolomites, Cinque Terre and Tuscany, Verona to Salzburg, Sud Tyrol Roll,   Fruili and Slovenia

Central Italy Bike Tours (Umbria, Le Marche, Lazio)

Bike Across Italy, A Feast in Umbria , Via Francigena; Lucca to Rome , Epic Italy 

Tuscany Bike Tours

Where Ciclismo Classico was born!

Assaggio Toscana , Via Francigena: Lucca to Rome , Tuscany and Elba, Heart of Tuscany , Tuscany Green, Tuscany and L’Eroica , Tuscan Fantasy ,  Epic Italy 

Southern Italy

Epic Italy, Bike Across Southern Italy , La Bella Puglia , Southern Amalfi

The Islands

La Bella Sicilia , Mediterranean Island Hopping , Tuscany and Elba , Savor Sardinia

Essence of Italy

  • The country is covered in mountainous terrain and coastal areas: amazing scenery
  • Healthy, fresh Mediterranean, abundant food – the perfect diet for cyclists
  • Hilltop towns and small villages that echo a fascinating, historical past
  • The perfect roads for all levels of cycling in Italy

Top Italy Bike Tours

italian bicycle tours

Tuscany Gravel

White roads heaven.

italian bicycle tours

Taste of Abruzzo and Molise

Apennine hills of splendor to the adriatic sea.

italian bicycle tours

Bike Across Italy

Pedaling coast to coast through italy’s cultural soul.

italian bicycle tours

La Bella Puglia

​discover the charms of italy’s rustic southern region.

La Bella Puglia city cliff at sunset

La Bella Puglia Mini

Coast of La Bella Sicilia

La Bella Sicilia

Ancient sicily and the dreamy aeolian islands, la bella sicilia mini, ancient sicily and mt etna.

italian bicycle tours

Mediterranean Island Hopping

Experience the best of coastal cycling on corsica and sardinia.

Boats at the Island of Elba

Tuscany and The Island of Elba

​an enchanting island escape.

A view of mountains while the sun rises

Taste of Dolomites Hike and Bike

Cycling and hiking by the valleys and peaks of sud tyrol and dolomites.

italian bicycle tours

Taste of Sardinia

An adventure to discover the wildest and most mysterious island in the mediterranean..

Biking in Assaggio Toscana

Taste of Tuscany

With a dash of umbria.

Palio di Siena Horse Race bike tour

Heart of Tuscany: Special Edition

Tour de france and palio di siena.

Biking in a town in Tuscany

Heart of Tuscany

Dive into a renaissance landscape on this quintessential tuscany bicycle tour.

Biking a near mountain in the Dolomites

Majestic Dolomites

Magic mountains as never seen before.

Biking a path in Sud Tyrol river valley

Sud Tyrol Roll

A dream come true: alpine cycling without climbs.

Biking a winding road in scenic Sud Tyrol

Sud Tyrol Family

Leisurely spin along one of europe’s most lovely bike paths.

italian bicycle tours

Taste of Umbria

An unforgettable cultural exploration of central italy​.

A mountain in apennine splendor

Apennine Splendor: Le Marche, Umbria & Abruzzo

italian bicycle tours

Tuscany Green

Experience the real tuscany in a family-run agriturismo.

italian bicycle tours

Lucca to Rome

Ride the via francigena pilgrimage route on the gravel roads of tuscany and lazio.

italian bicycle tours

Heart of Tuscany Eroica

An immersion into tuscany's strade bianche and the world's most amazing cycling event.

italian bicycle tours

Tuscany and L’Eroica

A southern tuscan spin paired with an unforgettable taste of vintage cycling at its best.

Sunset over Cinque Terre coast

Cinque Terre

​the dreamy charm of the riviera and liguria, friuli and slovenia, ​wheels and wines in a little-seen european corner.

italian bicycle tours

Munich to Verona

​connect cultures of three nations on two-wheels.

Bikers on a Verona to Salzburg tour

Verona to Salzburg

​soar through epic passes in two mountainous regions.

Bikers of multiple ages in Sardinia

Fun in the Sardinian Sun

Cycle. swim. eat. repeat..

italian bicycle tours

Piedmont: Barolo & Truffles

Gourmand’s bicycle tour of italy’s greatest wine region.

italian bicycle tours

Bike Across Sicily

An authentic adventure in search of sicily's hidden gems..

Southern Amalfi Coastal City

Taste of Southern Amalfi (Cilento)

Spin and soar along italy's most beloved coastline.

italian bicycle tours

Bike Across Southern Italy

A magical sea-to-sea exploration of undiscovered lands.

Child standing atop scenic overlook in Sicily

Sicilian Island Fantasy

​a dreamy multi-active family tour in sicily.

italian bicycle tours

Tuscan Fantasy

An active cultural immersion at a welcoming family-run agriturismo.

Canal and colorful buildings in Venice

Venice Con Gusto

​a leisurely, gustatory journey through the po valley.

italian bicycle tours

Ride the Dolomites

A stone's throw from the sky.

Ferrara, Italy city streets at sunset

World’s most-comprehensive pedaling portrait of la bella Italia

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Don’t see what you’re looking for among any of our existing itineraries? We can create a trip just for you!

The Experience

Italian culture.

Italian culture is steeped in the arts, family, architecture, music, and food. Home of the Roman Empire and a major center of the Renaissance, culture on the Italian peninsula has flourished for centuries. Italy is very diverse, but one of its most peculiar characteristics is the fact that every city, even in the most little, is full of things all concentrated together in a very small space. One finds themselves surrounded by historical buildings, churches, statues, ruins, pieces of marble, shops, bars, bakeries, cars, all stuffed in a few square feet. It’s a very intense, sensory experience.

Italian Food & Wine

For Italians, food isn’t just nourishment, it is life. Family gatherings are frequent and often centered around food and the extended networks of families. Wine residues were found on a large ceramic jar that was stored nearly 6,000 years ago in the caverns of a cult site known as Monte Kronio in Sicily.

Landscape of Italy

There are Alpine peaks and hills that face the sea. Villages perched on mountains. There are plains where corn and wheat, sunflowers and vegetables are grown, there are rivers and lakes, terraces built along the sides of the hills where fruit plants, olive trees or vines are grown.

Best Time to Visit Italy

April through November

What to Bring on Tour

On the bike:.

  • 2-3 pairs of cycling shorts with chamois lining
  • Chamois cream
  • 2-3 brightly colored bicycle jerseys (one will be provided by us)
  • Cycling gloves
  • Cycling shoes and pedals (if you use them)
  • Waterproof wind breaker or rain jacket
  • Light weight jacket or vest
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Day pack/hip pack
  • Arm and leg warmers
  • Saddle (optional)

Off the Bike:

  • We occasionally have a more formal evening, feel free to bring something for that occasion
  • 1-2 lightweight sweaters
  • 1-2 pairs of shorts or slacks
  • Intimate clothing/sleepwear
  • Comfortable walking shoes for evenings in town

For Alpine Tours:

Pack warmer clothing (layers), waterproof gear, warm gloves and hat

Personal Supplies:

  • Passport and photocopies of your passport
  • Wallet/Airline ticket/e-ticket information
  • Camera and camera charger
  • Electrical adapter and adapter plug
  • Prescriptions or other medications
  • Bathing suit and sunscreen
  • Cash for guide gratuity and meals on own
  • Cash for wine kitty (optional)

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Enlighten the senses

Italy bike tours.

Of all European countries, none draws visitors over and over again like Italy. A peninsula extending into the Mediterranean Sea, Italy consists of 21 diverse regions of villages and picturesque towns set amidst rolling hills, vineyards, mountains, lakes, cliffs and islands.

Each region has its unique charm, but all share the “Italian” view that life should be taken at a slow pace with time to enjoy conversation, food and drink.

Together, Italy’s regions boast the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. Packed with historical treasures, Italy’s cycling tours allow visitors to indulge in the spectacular natural landscape.

“The area was absolutely wonderful... just one adventure after another going through the small villages and beautiful towns.”

Learn more:

  • Italy bike tour reviews
  • Apulia and Basilicata Bicycle Tour: Trip Report by Jim Johnson
  • Bike tours for foodies + secret local recipes (shared!)
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  • Multi-day tours

Innsbruck to Lake Garda Across the Southern Slopes of the Alps

COUNTRY: Austria, Italy

7 night  self guided bike tour in Austria and Italy

Self guided from EUR € 1079

Self-guided: Saturdays and Wednesdays: Apr 27-Oct 5, 2024.

Description: On this tour, you will come across well-known cities such as Innsbruck, Merano, and Trento. The rivers Inn and Adige lead you via Lake Resia and Lake Caldaro to Lake Garda. Impressive mountain ranges form an incredible panorama. From Resia to Lake Garda…

Venice to Trieste and Istria

COUNTRY: Croatia, Italy, Slovenia

7 night  self guided bike tour in Croatia, Italy and Slovenia

Self guided from EUR € 699

Self-guided: Wednesdays and Saturdays: Apr 17-Jul 27, 2024; Aug 28-Sep 28, 2024 (additional dates available for groups of 5 or more)

Description: Your tour will begin at "la Serenissima," Venice, the lagoon city on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Cycling past the beaches of the classical holiday resorts of Jesolo and Caorle on the Italian Adriatic, you will have an opportunity to take a refreshing…

Bicycle Paths of the Dolomites (based in one hotel)


6 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 949

Self-guided: Daily: May 25 - Aug 02, 2024, Aug 25 - Sep 21, 2024 (minimum 2 persons)

Description: Enjoy peak levels of adventure on this dynamic cycling tour to the Dolomites. At the feet of these domineering peaks, you'll cycle without meeting steep inclines, following well-built cycle paths including the 'Toblach/Dobbiaco - Lienz' and 'Drava/Drau…

Bolzano to Verona: Orchards, Mountains & Timeless Culture

6 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 959

Self-guided: Departures: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sundays; Mar 30-Oct 12, 2024.

Description: Nature or culture? This tour is the perfect combination of both! This bike tour from the capital of South Tyrol to the festival city of Verona takes you on a predominantly flat route along the Adige, cycling through sun-kissed, fertile orchards to cities…

Bolzano – Verona – Venice

7 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 850

Self-guided: Saturdays and Sundays: Mar 30 - Oct 12, 2024; Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Apr 30 - Sep 4, 2024 (additional dates available for groups of 6 or more)

Description: Few landscapes in Europe match the unique beauty of the Dolomites, part of the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2009. Your cycling route starts in the heart of these superb mountains and follows the course of the River Adige towards the palm-lined shores…

Custom and Private Bike Tours in Italy

5 night  guided or self guided bike tour in Italy

Guided from EUR € 2995 Self guided from EUR € 2995

Self-guided: Daily arrivals, March - November

Description: Italy: where pasta, history, and breathtaking landscapes come together to create a dream cycling destination! With a custom bike tour, the possibilities are endless. Imagine rolling over the hills of Tuscany, feeling the wind in your hair as you pedal…

Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

6 night  guided bike tour in Italy

Guided from EUR € 3200

Guided: May 19; Jun 2, 16; Sep 15; Oct 6, 13, 2024 (​​​​​​​minimum of 4 participants)

Description: This bike tour brings together a passion for cycling and the culinary arts. Taste the most sumptuous, magical flavors of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, including refined olive oil, gorgeous wines, and tantalizing cheeses. Prepare stunning dishes…

Cycling and Cooking in Tuscany

6 night  guided bike tour in Italy

Guided: May 10, 17; Jun 7; Sep 13, 27; Oct 11, 2024

Description: Embark on an irresistible bike tour through Tuscany, one that combines breathtaking bicycle routes with captivating cookery classes designed to give you an authentic overview of some of Tuscany's most tantalizing dishes. La Cucina Toscana is simplicity…

Cycling Sardinia's Rugged Beauty

6 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 1510

Self-guided: Daily: Mar 15 - Nov 30, 2024

Description: Envision gravel biking through the second-largest Mediterranean island where each trail reveals a new chapter in this living storybook. Navigating Sardinia's rugged beauty along old rail routes and coastal paths allows immersion in the island's unique…

Dolomites to Trieste via Lake Bled at the Foot of the Julian Alps

COUNTRY: Italy, Slovenia, Austria

7 night  self guided bike tour in Italy, Slovenia and Austria

Self guided from EUR € 769

Self-guided: Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays: May 11 - Aug 9, 2024, Aug 21 - Sep 28, 2024 (additional dates available for groups of 5 or more)

Description: Your journey of discovery to the Julian Alps begins in the northeast Dolomites, following the River Drau through the Drau Valley before biking through the gorgeous Gail Valley on Austria's comfortable cycle paths. A little detour takes you to the…

Dolomites to Venice Along the Old Dolomites Railway Track

7 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 749

Self-guided: Wednesdays and Saturdays: May 4 - Aug 7, 2024; Aug 21 - Sep 28, 2024. (additional dates available for groups of 5 or more)

Description: From the northeast of the Dolomites, embark on a wonderful cycling tour through the Höhlenstein Valley, passing by the famous 'Drei Zinnen' (Three Peaks) and onto the Olympic town of Cortina d’Ampezzo. Enjoy the splendid scenery as you follow the old…

Florence to Rome

7 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 1139

Self-guided: Saturdays: Mar 30 -Jun 29; Aug 24 - Oct 12, 2024.

Description: Discover a new side of Italy - quiet, sometimes almost mystical! On this gorgeous bike tour, you will see cities like Assisi, Perugia, Spoleto, or Narni, which have incredible art treasures and carry visitors back into the Middle Ages. The aesthetic…

Florence to Rome: E-Bike through the Heart of Italy

7 night  guided bike tour in Italy

Guided from EUR € 2600

Guided: May 11*, 18; Sep 14, 21, 2024 (minimum 8 participants; *indicates fully booked)

Description: Discover the beauty of three irridescent Italian regions: biking from Tuscany, through Umbria, and into the Latium region. Begin your journey in the Renaissance gem of Florence, 'Birthplace of the Renaissance', then cycle through enchanting, picturesque…

Lake Garda (based in one hotel)

6 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 999

Self-guided: Sundays and Tuesdays: Mar 31 - Oct 13, 2024.

Description: Culture, wine, and Lake Garda are the perfect ingredients for "La Dolce Vita." Welcome to a cycle tour that will spoil your senses with high arts and culture in the cities of Trento, Verona, Brescia, and Mantua. Not only will you cycle by the palaces in…

Learning Italian from the Saddle: Language Classes & the Coast of Apulia

7 night  guided bike tour in Italy

Guided from EUR € 1950

Guided: Apr 27; Jun 22; Sep 7; Oct 26, 2024

Description: Cycling along the coastline of Apulia while also enjoying an Italian language course?! Yes! Enjoy this unique experience - getting in touch with the land, the people, and the wonderful culture on this cycling vacation in the heel of Italy's boot. This…

Piedmont Region by E-Bike: The Italian Garden of Eden

7 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 1099

Self-guided: Saturdays: Mar 23 - Oct 12, 2024.

Description: The Piedmont is a paradise for gourmets! Fantastic wines, delicious truffles, sweet chocolate, and an artful kitchen attract gourmets from all over the world to visit this region. An awesome landscape assures variety for the cycle tours. The first…

Umbria Road Cycling: Loop Tour Through Lush and Scenic Landscape

7 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 800

Self-guided: Daily: Apr 01 - Aug 03, 2024 and Aug 19 - Oct 31, 2024

Description: This tour is for those who would like to discover all aspects of Umbria, thanks to this combination of nature, history, and local traditions. In the beautiful Umbrian landscape, you will find rolling hills covered with woodland, vineyards, and…

Sardinia: A Mine of Memories

7 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 770

Self-guided: Saturdays: Year-round, 2024 (additional departures available for a surcharge)

Description: Sardinia's southwest forms a rugged wedge of land that juts south of the main body of the island into the Mediterranean, its craggy coastline mitigated by some fine beaches. Forests cling to the slopes of its predominantly hilly landscape, which is…

A Taste of Italy: Emilia-Romagna

7 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 1285

Self-guided: Sundays: Mar 1-Oct 31, 2024 (other start days are possible for an additional fee)

Description: On this best-selling bicycle tour, you'll ride through Italy's premier pasta region. Every meal will include extraordinary local dishes made according to tradition, and every day of pedaling will not only take you on behind-the-scenes visits to parmesan…

Tuscan Wine Classic: Pienza to Castellina via Siena

6 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 1490

Self-guided: Daily: Mar 15-Oct 31, 2024

Description: Yes, there are hills, but your efforts on this tour will be rewarded with sunny Mediterranean ambiance and a spirited flair for hospitality. Tuscany nourishes the soul and leads you to rejoice in the earthly pleasures of daily life. The route takes you…

Tuscany Getaway: 4 Nights in Siena, Montalcino & Pienza

4 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 1150

Description: We put together this short bike tour for those who do not feel like taking a vacation entirely on a saddle. Each day there will be a choice for short easier bike rides and more challenging ones. Whether crowned by timeless villages, covered by vineyards…

Tuscany's Legendary Gravel Routes

6 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 1690

Self-guided: Daily departures, Mar 15 - Oct 31, 2024

Description: With its timeless landscapes, ancient towns, and vineyards, Tuscany offers unparalleled views of authentic Italian life. The region's simplicity, art, and cuisine make it an unforgettable destination in the heart of Italy. Gravel biking in Tuscany offers…

Umbria’s Green Valleys From the Pilgrimage Town of Assisi

6 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 577

Self-guided: Daily: Apr 1 - Aug 3, 2024 and Aug 19 - Oct 31, 2024 (minimum 2 persons)

Description: Nothing is better than cycling on quiet, country roads with views of rolling hills decorated with silver-green olive groves and fertile vineyards. Umbria has been praised for its unmistakable beauty since Roman times because of its colorful fields and…

Tuscany and Umbria: Cycling in the Heart of Italy

7 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 877

Description: This evocative bicycle tour brings you through the Etruscan and Roman heartlands of Umbria and Tuscany. Water courses and magnificent scenery mark these regions, shaped by both the forces of nature and by human hand. Beginning in the most atmospheric and…

Venice to Florence: From Rialto across the sea to Ponte Vecchio

7 night  self guided bike tour in Italy

Self guided from EUR € 1259

Self-guided: Saturdays: Mar 30 - Oct 12, 2024.

Description: This bicycle tour through Italy begins and ends at two of Italy's most famous cities: Venice and Florence. A tour of exceptional beauty, you cycle through an almost unknown Italy as you leave Venice and head to Florence. Kiwis, peaches, melons…

Appian Way, Catacombs & Aqueducts Rome E-Bike Tour

Rome · from €85 EUR

Appian Way, Catacombs & Aqueducts Rome E-Bike Tour, Rome

Description: While the center of Rome bristles with Roman ruins and awesome artifacts, just outside the city lie the feats of ancient engineering and monumental roads that made this bastion of civilization possible. This bike tour begins in Rome before traversing the…

Capuchin Catacombs Bike Tour Palermo

Palermo · from €50 EUR

Capuchin Catacombs Bike Tour Palermo, Palermo

Description: Explore the ominous Capuchin Catacombs on this peculiar Palermo day tour, with the added benefit of bike rental! Bike into the bowels of Palermo and discover one of its most mysterious landmarks – if you feel a shiver down your spine, you…

Chianti to San Gimignano Bike Tour Florence

Florence · from €220 EUR

Chianti to San Gimignano Bike Tour Florence, Florence

Description: The “Manhattan of the middle ages”, San Gimignano is one of the most fantastic spots to stop at on a tour of Tuscany. The region may be famous for its vineyards and wine, which you’ll of course get to try in a tasting session at the end of the day, but…

Classic Tuscany Bike Tour

Florence · from €95 EUR

Classic Tuscany Bike Tour, Florence

Description: The perfect balance of cycling, sightseeing, and tasting local delicacies, this Tuscan bike tour is not to be missed! The landscapes of the Chianti Colli Fiorentini region are admired around the world for their dramatic views. The perfect destination for…

Craft Beer Bike Tour Palermo

Palermo · from €60 EUR

Craft Beer Bike Tour Palermo, Palermo

Description: Hop on a bike tour that tantalizes your tastebuds with sublime Sicilian craft beers, with the added benefit of bike rental! As well as visiting some of the standout landmarks of Palermo, this bicycle tour gives you the chance to visit the city’s…

Grottaferrata, Marino & Castel Gandolfo E-Bike Tour with Wine Tasting

Rome · from €95 EUR

Grottaferrata, Marino & Castel Gandolfo E-Bike Tour with Wine Tasting, Rome

Description: This guided bike tour is the perfect way to spend a scenic day outside of Rome's metropolitan center, and to discover how the wealthiest lived in the heyday of the Roman Empire, followed by tastings of some of the region's finest wines. Once the favored…

Highlights of Naples Bike Tour

Naples · from €45 EUR

Highlights of Naples Bike Tour, Naples

Description: Take sightseeing in Naples to the next level on the Highlights of Naples Bike Tour! Discover a scintillating city of romantic piazzas lined with arresting ancient architecture as your guide beguiles you with the history of Piazza San Gaetano, Piazza…

Lake Massaciuccoli Bike Tour Pisa

Pisa · from €69 EUR

Lake Massaciuccoli Bike Tour Pisa, Pisa

Description: Let your guide lead you on a breathtaking bicycle tour of the mesmerizing Lake Massaciuccoli, visiting the Lipu Oasis of Massaciuccoli, and admiring awe-inspiring vistas of Versilia and the Apuan Alps. With the added flexibility of bike rental, this day…

Milan Hidden Treasures Bike Tour

Milan · from €35 EUR

Milan Hidden Treasures Bike Tour, Milan

Description: Uncover the hidden gems in a city famed for its resplendent beauty! This family-friendly guided bike tour explores Milan's best-kept secrets, guaranteed to amaze and give you a real feel for this city's elegant culture and wonderful stories. You'll ride…

Milan Private Bike Tour

Milan · from €32 EUR

Milan Private Bike Tour, Milan

Description: This tailor-made, family-friendly bike tour allows you to request specific sights or rely on your guides for their own riding recommendations. Either way, you’re bound for a luxurious experience as you cycle to some of the most beautiful…

Naples' Hills & Views Bike Tour

Naples' Hills & Views Bike Tour, Naples

Description: If you’re after an exceptional bike tour exploring Naples from all angles, the Naples’ Hills & Views Bike Tour has you covered. Offering awe-inspiring viewpoints of blissful architectural beauty and a bay of breathtaking grandeur, this…

Palermo Antimafia Bike Tour

Palermo · from €42 EUR

Palermo Antimafia Bike Tour, Palermo

Description: As beautiful as Palermo is, it nurses a troubled past. The Sicilian Mafia used Palermo as one of the bases for their reign of terror, coloring how many Palermo residents grew up to view their country. Take the day tour that details their fight for peace…

Palermo Old Town Bike Tour

Palermo · from €40 EUR

Palermo Old Town Bike Tour, Palermo

Description: Take a bike tour through picture-perfect Old Town Palermo and discover enthralling architecture at every turn, with the added benefit of bike rental! Pushing off from Piazza Pretoria, discover the city’s landmark fountain boasting sixteen statues around…

Pisa Del Trammino Bike Tour

Pisa Del Trammino Bike Tour, Pisa

Description: Get set and go on the Pisa Del Trammino Bike Tour, a sensational seaside sightseeing adventure in breathtaking Tuscany, with the added benefit of bike rental! Biking out of the beautiful city center, you’ll discover the enchanting and varied landscapes…

Pisa & Leaning Tower Bike Tour

Pisa · from €132 EUR

Pisa & Leaning Tower Bike Tour, Pisa

Description: For your one-stop-shop of Pisa’s picture-perfect sightseeing spots, look no further than the Pisa & Leaning Tower Bike Tour! This guided bicycle tour, with the added benefit of bike rental, not only takes in the famous icon of Pisa, but also the…

Pisa to Lucca Bike Tour

Pisa to Lucca Bike Tour, Pisa

Description: Pedal from postcard-perfect Pisa to lustrous Lucca on a guided day tour following the picturesque Puccini Cycle Path, named after the famous Lucca-born composer, Giacomo Puccini. Along the way, you’ll feast your eyes on sensational sights…

Private Florence Bike Tour

Florence · from €100 EUR

Private Florence Bike Tour, Florence

Description: A relaxed private bike tour around Florence, this well-paced, laid-back day tour is your perfect introduction to the city and its surroundings, covering such significant sightseeing spots as the Michelangelo Hilltop Square, San Miniato Church, Palazzo…

Private Tuscany Sunset Bike Tour with Wine & Olive Oil Tasting

Florence · from €145 EUR

Private Tuscany Sunset Bike Tour with Wine & Olive Oil Tasting, Florence

Description: Picture the sunset dappled leaves of a Tuscan vineyard, rolling hills and medieval castles bathing in the last warm light of day. This private romantic bike tour is the perfect way to experience the Tuscan countryside as the sun dips below the hills and…

Rome City Center E-Bike Tour

Rome · from €67 EUR

Rome City Center E-Bike Tour, Rome

Description: Take in the major historic and cultural sites of Rome in just a few hours on the Rome City Center E-Bike Tour! This bicycle tour takes in the Eternal City’s most important sites, including the Piazza Del Popolo, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain…

Rome E-Bike Tour with Street Food Tastings

Rome E-Bike Tour with Street Food Tastings, Rome

Description: Eat like a local on the Rome E-Bike Tour with Street Food Tastings as you follow your knowledgeable guide to some of the city's greatest gastronomic offerings. Visit squares where markets have stood for hundreds of years, the best pizza oven in the city…

San Rossore Park Bike Tour Pisa

San Rossore Park Bike Tour Pisa, Pisa

Description: Just a few kilometers from the center of Pisa is one of Tuscany's most breathtaking regional parks. Discover the Italianate oasis of San Rossore by bike on this day tour from Pisa, including opportunities to see native wildlife in its natural habitat and…

Street Food Bike Tour Palermo

Palermo · from €48 EUR

Street Food Bike Tour Palermo, Palermo

Description: Take a big bite out of Palermo on this guided flavor adventure through the city’s markets and sightseeing spots, with the added benefit of bike rental! With 5 street-food stops, you’ll sink your teeth into… … …arancini – deep-friend rice balls with a…

The Best of Chianti Classico E-Bike Tour Florence

Florence · from €245 EUR

The Best of Chianti Classico E-Bike Tour Florence, Florence

Description: The perfect destination for a wine-lover's Italian bike tour, the Chianti countryside boasts vibrant vineyards, picturesque villages, and verdant views over emerald green hills. If you're based in Florence or passing through Chianti, this is your perfect…

Turin Highlights & Hidden Gems Bike Tour

Turin · from €39 EUR

Turin Highlights & Hidden Gems Bike Tour, Turin

Description: Take in terrific Turin on this comprehensive bicycle tour of iconic sights and hidden gems. Your local guide divulges the essence that makes Turin the magnificent city it is today, whilst giving you tips for the best bagna càuda (garlic and anchovy…

Val Graziosa Bike Tour Pisa

Val Graziosa Bike Tour Pisa, Pisa

Description: Embark on an enchanting guided biking adventure, with the added flexibility of bike rental, in the verdant landscapes of Val Graziosa. Visit the charming village of Calci and the unforgettable Certosa di Calci, and enjoying a picturesque pedal along the…

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italian bicycle tours

Cicloposse Bike Tours

- mission: Nice To Bike You -

We are a Bike Tour Operator based in Tuscany , dedicated to delivering unforgettable cycling experiences and active vacations throughout Italy. With our passion for biking and love for travel, we are committed to providing excellent services while being socially responsible and  creating low-impact trip s that respect the environment.

icona ciclista blu Home

Cycling & Cooking

Our signature trips are focused on food & wine. Imagine, after the daily bike ride, to taste best regional food  paired with local great wines, and you cook.


Our Self-Guided Trips combine amazing itinerary in cozy lodging  with the freedom of your pace. 4-nights or 2 weeks,  couples, solo and group of friends

guided tour

Our Guided Trips are cycling adventures to join and meet people with the same passion: travel by bike!  All is planned to deliver a lifetime experience


Get inspired from our  destinations and itineraries. Together with people you love. Let’s create the desired cycling vacation and let’s get it started!


divisore bianco Home


Mallorca island, - gravel bike tours collection -.

gravel bike tour

Gravel Cycling Strade Bianche

Tuscany  by White Roads

gravel cycling tuscany

Epic Gravel Tuscany

Shadowing L’Eroica path

grave cycling sardinia

Sardinia gravel bike tour

NEW 2024 - Wildest Corners 

- New tour 2024 -

NEW 2024 – Wildest Corners 

castel del monte bike tour

Basilicata Wine Bike Tour

NEW 2024: Off the beaten track

Orcia valley bike tour Cicloposse

Luxury Getaway: Spa & wine

NEW 2024 Luxury spa & wine

- Rave Reviews: What Our Guests Are Saying -



bagno vignoni water

Tuscany Thermal Springs by Bicycle

A Cycling Vacation and Wellness Retreat Picturesque Bagno Vignoni & San Casciano dei Bagni The joy of cycling with the benefits of thermal waters

visit tuscany

Tuscany: Events and Initiatives for 2024

Ready to Ride? Discover Cultural Treasures Along the Way A Cycling Paradise Recognized Worldwide

lonely planet bici Home

Best in Travel 2024: Tuscany’s Art of Slow Living

Lonely planet 2024 – best in travel released Tuscany slow living experiences Pedaling Through the Tuscan Dolce Vita

gravel road va d'orcia

What are the white roads in Tuscany ?

Strade bianche Through Local Eyes The Future of Gravel Biking in Tuscany Our Gravel Journey in Tuscany

- As Featured in -

travel leisure Home

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Premiere Hotels - From lavish luxury to on-trend boutique, offering experiences as unique as the regions we explore.

Casual Plus Hotels - A step above Casual but not quite Premiere.

Casual Hotels - Known for their character, charm and proximity to outdoor adventures and Backroads activities.

Small Luxury Ships - Unpack once and cover more distance on an intimate ship with spacious staterooms and superb amenities.

Activity Levels

Lungomare Castiglione della Pescaia

Couples, Friends & Solos

Tuscany by the Sea Bike Tour

Premiere Hotels

From $6,099 /person

Wide shot of town square in Vinci Village.

Italy's Piedmont Bike Tour

From $5,499 /person

Guest on bike posing for camera, small brick building in background.

Puglia to Basilicata Bike Tour

Casual Plus & Premiere Hotels

From $4,399 /person

Two guests cycling down road on tree-filled vista.

Sardinia Bike Tour

Premiere & Casual Hotels

From $5,799 /person

Two bikers riding past stone Truli houses in Puglia, Italy

Puglia's Salento to Matera Bike Tour

From $5,399 /person

Backroads guest biking on path

Sicily Bike Tour

Wide shot of brick villages, large brick building on hilltop.

Italy's Assisi to the Adriatic Bike Tour

Casual & Casual Plus Hotels

From $4,299 /person

Wide shot of Ramez Castle, large mountain in background.

Dolomites Bike Tour

Cyclists riding along an Italian road with an old church building

Parma to Verona & Venice Bike Tour

Casual & Premiere Hotels

From $4,499 /person

Rear shot of guest with bike, looking towards vineyard town.

Tuscany Wine Country Bike Tour

From $6,199 /person

Guest cycling down lone, tree-lined road.

Tuscany Bike Tour

From $4,099 /person

Two guests cycling in front of Ostuni hilltop.

Puglia's Salento to Matera Easygoing E-bike Tour

From $5,899 /person

Guest cycling down gravel road, rock fence and olive trees to her right.

From $5,599 /person

Wide shot of the Duomo di Siena.

Tuscany Wine Country Easygoing E-bike Tour

From $6,399 /person

Open field of grass, trees and crops

Families with Teens & Kids

Tuscany Family Bike Tour

From $5,199 /person

Two guests cycling down vineyard road towards villa.

Families with Older Teens & 20s

Wide shot of Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

Austrian Alps & Italy's Dolomites Bike Tour

From $5,699 /person

Mountaintop shot of Piedmont, Italy.

Families with 20s & Beyond

Italy's Piedmont Family Bike Tour

Wide shot of Italian wine country during sunset, villa dead center.

Tuscany Wine Country Easygoing Family E-bike Tour

From $6,499 /person

Discover la bella Italia on our incredible Italy bike tours. See Tuscany, Cinque Terre, the Dolomites, Puglia and more up close—the country lanes, the wine countries, the picturesque villages.

Italy is an ideal destination for active travelers. Cruise the Tuscan countryside, where vineyards and Renaissance hill towns abound. Pedal through Puglia, enjoying whitewashed fishing villages on the Adriatic Coast. Or explore the snow-capped peaks and pristine bike paths of the daunting Dolomites on our Northern Italy bike trips.

We’ve been exploring Italy for decades, and our cycling tours will take you deep into its hidden corners and off-the-beaten-path areas. With the support of two leaders and vans, the comfort of luxurious hotels and the pure pleasure of rolling on our thoughtfully designed routes, there’s no better way to discover Italy.

Discover Your Next Adventure

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aqto italian cycling tours


Ride the challenge. Discover the reward.

Experience the magic of Italy with our immersive cycling tours

For us, the magic of riding in Italy is all about the challenge and reward. You get to test yourself on Italy’s most exhilarating climbs and descents, while immersing yourself in the most authentic of Italian hospitality.

italian bicycle tours

Best of Sicily

30th april to 10th may 2024.

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italian bicycle tours

Puglia Cycling Tour

2nd to 10th september 2024.

italian bicycle tours

Tuscany Cycling Tour

8th to 16th june 2024.

italian bicycle tours

L’Eroica & Tuscany Cycling Tour

29th september – 7th october 2024.

italian bicycle tours

Piemonte Cycling Tour & Le Tour

24th june to 3rd july 2024.

italian bicycle tours

Giro d’Italia Cycling Tour

18th may to 26th may 2024.

italian bicycle tours

Como, Stelvio & Dolomites Cycling Tour

10th july to 18th july 2024, discover the pure heart & soul of italy with our italian cycling holidays.



10th – 19th May 2025

Our Sicily cycling tour is a true adventure; a feast for your senses where every day delivers unexpected vistas, a journey through the distinctive and diverse food and wine cultures of the island, a multitude of unique southern Italian tastes and a level of interaction with the locals that only Sicily’s distinct and warm, open-hearted people offer.

italian bicycle tours


We specialise in Italian cycling holidays because we have a deep appreciation for Italy’s riding, food and wine culture, and know how to package it into an immersive and authentic experience for our guests. We personally design every ride route, hand-pick every hotel, villa, trattoria and osteria, and host each of our bike tours so that we share with you the pure joy of Italy as we see and live it.

italian bicycle tours


Our road cycling holidays in Italy are born out of an affinity with the spirit of Italian riding and lifestyle. We specialise in hosting immersive Italian cycling tours for serious, recreational cyclists as well as crafting active and authentic travel experiences for non-rider partners.

italian bicycle tours


Our reward is when guests enjoy an unforgettable experience of our bike tours of Italy; of riding the quiet back roads and achieving the big climbs, of venturing into the heart of local communities and feeling immersed in life, Italian style. With more than 40% of our guests returning year on year, we share the same fulfilment that our guests do.



italian bicycle tours

An unforgettable Italian cycling tour of Tuscany should be on top of every rider’s bike bucket list. It is more than picture-perfect. Rolling hills, free-flowing descents and mesmerizing landscapes at every turn. And post-ride, a different sort of magic plays out. The food and wine take centre stage, and the whole experience becomes an indulgent delight. What’s not to love about cycling tours that unlock the magic of Tuscany?

Discover the delight of our tailored bike tours of italy, where every detail is curated to deliver an unforgettable and joyous italian experience..

Our philosophy is that with challenge, you find reward. All of our trips are designed for cyclists and are physically challenging, but some more so than others. From an Italy perspective, the Giro d’Italia and Como, Stelvio & Dolomites tours are generally our most challenging, with L’Eroica and our Tour of Tuscany less demanding overall, and Puglia our easiest tour. On all of our trips, our guides encourage and support riders to step up to their own challenge and go slightly beyond their usual level of riding. Each individual trip is rated for difficulty and to help you decide if it’s right for you, please talk to us anytime.

We believe accommodation is a significant factor in your overall enjoyment of a trip so we always ensure high quality accommodation is included, with your own private bathroom guaranteed.

Depending on the locations, we stay in very good quality three-star-chalets or villas, through to small boutique hotels and sometimes, grand five-star hotels. We like to also have access to a kitchen / outdoor cooking facilities where possible so that we can entertain our guests with a blend of home-cooked dinner parties, often co-hosted with our hosts, and using beautiful local produce, alongside dining in a range of superb restaurants.

All of our trips include the option of some off-the-bike activities as we believe a big part of the enjoyment of a trip is to experience and appreciate the local areas we stay in, as well as riding across their amazing terrain. From wine tastings to must see sights and local cultural experiences, to exploring the villages and towns we are in, we like to include options for you to explore should you choose to. On all tours, you will often have free time post-ride and your choice of activity can often also include massages and visiting wellness centres, therapeutic pools and saunas in and around our accommodation.


italian bicycle tours

The Giro’s Pogacar Show

italian bicycle tours

Bella Sicilia – A Visual Feast On & Off the Bike

Tuscany vs dolomites | which cycling tour is for you.

italian bicycle tours

The Giro in 15 Weeks and Counting

italian bicycle tours

8 Experiences to Embrace pre & post our Tuscany Cycling Tour 

italian bicycle tours

10 things to do in the Veneto post our Como, Stelvio & Dolomites cycling tour.

Join our gruppetto for cycling tour releases, italian cycling insights, & magical food & wine destinations., newsletter base.

italian bicycle tours

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Cycling tours, a’qto community.

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Ital Cycling Bike Tours

Ital Cycling BIKE TOURS

Training camps, ital cycling bike tour, bicycle vacations in italy and abroad, we take your passion for cycling one step further, staging unforgettable holidays with unparalleled personal service on some of the world’s most epic roads.

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We organize bicycle vacations

Giro D'Italia 2024 bike week

  • 7 Days / 6 Nights
  • Italia / Italian Lakes

We organize bicycle vacations

Bicycle Tour in Dubai

  • 8 Days / 7 Nights
  • United Arab Emirates

We organize bicycle vacations

Bartali's Tuscany Ride

  • Italia / Toscana

We organize bicycle vacations

The Dolomites!

  • Italia / Dolomites

We organize bicycle vacations

Naples and Amalfi Coast

  • Italia / Campania

We organize bike tours and bicycle vacations

Gran Canaria by bike or E-bike

We organize bike tours and bicycle vacations

Tour De France Grand Depart Week

Choose your cycling experience.

Tours in Italy and Worldwide

Tours in Italy and Worldwide Ital Cycling Bike Tours shows you the world through your favorite sport: cycling! We take you to the most exciting destinations, all places that we have experienced firsthand, to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience on two wheels, shared with your friends.

Training camps

Training camps Technique and teamwork. Our TrainingPeaks Certified and British Cycling qualified coach Ian Jenner will take care of your training program, a professional service and a unique experience that is now available to everyone.

Why ital cycling bike tours.

Richard Brink

Richard Brink

Richard Brink, a bicycle industry veteran is Ital Cycling Bike Tours North American Project Manager. Richard is excited to share his love of cycling in with fellow cyclists from North America.

Giuseppe Barenghi

Giuseppe Barenghi

Giuseppe Barenghi, owner of Ital Cycling Bike Tours. He has been cycling for decades, competing in almost 150 granfondo events and other types of races. It gives him great joy to share his passion for cycling and his love of Italy's special places with you.

What an unbelievable training camp experience with those I now consider family. The knowledge of the cycling areas and culture combined with feedback and coaching on the road were unmatched. Giuseppe, Ian, Frederica, Cristian, Pavel, and Andrea put together an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Cycling culture of this area, beautiful views, and great roads is truly unreal. You will be challenged beyond your comfort and you will become a better rider because of it. I can’t wait to get back and enjoy another holiday with this team

We spent 5 days recently in Italy with Ital Cycling Bike Tours and our experience was amazing. On our first day, Giuseppe met us in Belagio and immediately from the start we realized that we were going to have a wonderful holiday, We are not major cyclists, but nothing was too much for Giuseppe. He adapted very well to our needs and is an extremely caring, kind and honest person. We toured all the nearby villages and learned all about the history of the area. He was extremely punctual. Although going to the Dolomites was a last minute request on our part it’s an experience that we will never forget. Our 4 days in Garda was equally outstanding. Nothing was too much for Giuseppe and really he made our Italian try a wonderful experience. Thank you from your Canadian friends Pat & Dennis

What can I say about Ital Cycling Bike Tours and the Garda area besides, when can I move in?! This isn't a cycling tour company, its a cycling tour family, the entire crew is a close knit group of friends and family with an intimate knowledge of the Garda, Valpolicella, and Verona areas. Giueseppe, Federica, Ian, Cristian, Pavel, Andrea, and all the other support staff that I have forgotten (Sorry!) are exceptional. The cycling in the area is wonderful, the roads are in phenomenal condition and the terrain offers everything from rolling vineyards, to lake shore views, to 2 hour uphill battles with Monte Baldo. You will not be disappointed by putting your cycling holiday in the hands of this great crew

italian bicycle tours

If you want to discover the beautiful itineraries along Lake Garda hassle-free, contact this tour operator specialized in bike tours

italian bicycle tours

Discovering Lake Garda and Italy on two wheels by training with famous cycling champions. This is the mission of Ital Cycling, a tour operator dedicated to cycling and tourism: to find and taste the treasures and flavors of the Peninsula

italian bicycle tours

Training camps and academies also have this task, that of teaching us how to best exploit our potential. A school? Yes, why not. We will not become champions, but we will pedal better!

italian bicycle tours

There are things that are perpetually stationed in the Olympus of desires for an amateur cyclist… you can take advantage of the cycling academies of the tour operator Ital Cycling with the cycling stars, former pro, as guides and coach: Alessandro Ballan, Claudio Chiappucci, Ivan Quaranta and Valerio Agnoli

italian bicycle tours

Ital Cycling Promotion is a new tour operator dedicated to cycling to travel with in a wide variety of destinations, from Valdobbiadene, to the Amalfi Coast, to Procida, to Sicily

italian bicycle tours

The greatest cycling holidays are those that combine the most luxurious hotels, fantastic food and of course great cycling, plus experiencing a little of La Dolce Vita along the way

italian bicycle tours

To cyclists who do not want to leave anything to chance, Ital Cycling Promotion, the new cycling tour operator, promotes a full calendar of itineraries to discover the most fascinating places in Italy

italian bicycle tours

ItalCycling bike tours has announced a ride through history, taking in the same roads Gino Bartali used to help Jews in WWII.  The trip also includes a visit to the Bartali Museum and other points of interest.  Oh – and it’s in Tuscany!

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italian bicycle tours

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Cycling & Bike Tours Italy

Home > Italy Tours > Cycling & Bike Tours Italy

bicycle on a road in the sunset

Ever thought about exploring Italy but in a super fun and active way? Well, Italy4Real’s Bike Tours Italy are pretty much your dream come true. Picture this: you’re on your bike, winding through those iconic Italian scenes—think endless vineyards, ruins that tell tales as old as time, and cozy little towns where life is sweet and the pizza is even sweeter.

These tours are about keeping things laid-back but thrilling at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you’re in it to cover some serious ground or just want to meander and soak up the stunning views at your own pace—we’ve got the perfect ride for you.

Flying solo, looking for a unique date idea, or planning an epic trip with your friends? We’ve got all the best routes picked out, the yummiest places to refuel, and all the little tips and tricks that’ll make your trip unforgettable.

So, what do you say? Ready to pedal through Italy and discover its beauty in the most vibrant way possible? Come join us on a Italy4Real Cycling Tour of Italy – where every pedal push is packed with adventure and laughter.

Italy Cycling & Bike Tours

italian bicycle tours

8-Day Pedal Through Puglia: A Casual Matera to Lecce Bike Tour

Gallipoli’s harbor with castle and boats

8-Day Southern Italy E-Bike Journey from Alberobello’s Trulli to Lecce’s Baroque Architecture

italian bicycle tours

7-Day Tuscan Villa Cycling Retreat: Authentic Exploration and Serenity

biker in countryside with tree and sun

Tuscany E-Bike Adventure: Montalcino & Brunello Wine 🚴‍♂️🍇

italian bicycle tours

An Evening Electric Bike Ride Through Tuscany

italian bicycle tours

Cycling Through The Trulli Villages Of Puglia


Senior Bicyclist

“Italy4Real gives attention to the smallest details.”

At least 95% of the amazingness was because of our tour company, Italy4Real. They give you the benefits of a tour company, without the giant bus and 80 other people (ours was a group of 8). And here’s the great news for you – Italy4Real can plan your trip, too!

Bicyclist on road in the sunset

“If you choose Italy4Real, your trip will be nothing less than amazing.”

They have great people in Italy in case something does go wrong. You’re never alone. Italy4Real have really great guides and tours, all super people. They also have the unique ability to arrange special events if you want.

italian bicycle tours

“You all have been great to work with!”

We had a fantastic trip and everything came off without a hitch thanks to you. You were so helpful in adjusting arrangements mid-trip, making suggestions, keeping us informed, etc. and you have all been great to work with!

Thank you again for helping make this a truly memorable trip!

- Pat & Pasquale

italian bicycle tours

Get in Touch

If you can't find what you want here, or just have some specific questions about your vacation in Italy, our team of travel specialists are ready to help.

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italian bicycle tours

Italy Cycling & Bike Tour Highlights

Ready to kick your Italian adventure up a gear? Italy4Real’s Bike Tours Italy mean hitting the open road (or trail) and seeing Italy in the coolest way possible – on two wheels! Picture this: you’re cycling through rolling vineyards, breezing by ancient ruins, and stopping in adorable villages where you’re greeted with a smile and maybe a slice of the best pizza you’ve ever had.

Our bike tours are super flexible, perfect whether you’re all about racking up those miles or just cruising and soaking up the scenery. Think of it as your backstage pass to Italy’s most stunning landscapes, from the sun-drenched fields of Tuscany to the crystal-clear waters of Sicily.

No matter if you’re flying solo, making it a date, or rolling deep with your buddies, we’ve got everything planned out. We’re talking top-notch routes, awesome eats, and all the insider tips you need to get the most out of your trip.

So, what do you say? Ready to pedal your way through Italy and see what amazing stories unfold along the way? Join us at Italy4Real’s Bike Tours Italy – where every pedal brings a new adventure.

Biking in Tuscany

Imagine cruising on a bike through Tuscany’s rolling hills, where every pedal push brings you face-to-face with vineyards that stretch out like green seas, ancient olive trees, and old-timey villages that seem to have dodged the bullet of time. Riding a bike here is way more than just getting a good workout; it’s about diving headfirst into a feast for the senses.

You’ve got the gentle breeze kissing your face, the sun making everything glow, the smell of flowers and earth mixing in the air, and views that’ll make you want to stop and take it all in every few minutes. Maybe you’ll hit pause on your ride for a bit to taste some local wine straight from the vineyard or shoot the breeze with the locals who love to spill the beans about their history and traditions.

Tuscany on two wheels? It’s like rolling through a living, breathing museum of what makes Italy so magical, crafting memories that stick around way after you’ve headed back. Whether you’re all about hitting those miles hard or just in it for the chill vibes, Tuscany’s landscapes are the perfect backdrop for an epic adventure.

white bike on a trail in the forest

Biking in the Umbria Region of Italy

Imagine cruising on your bike through Umbria, the secret heart of Italy, where every hill and valley feels like it’s straight out of a storybook. This place is like the chill, less flashy cousin of Tuscany, packed with all the medieval vibes, lush forests, and olive trees you could wish for.

Our Italy cycling tours are like hopping in a time machine, where each turn of the pedal peels back layers of history and gets you closer to the real-deal Italy. The air’s got this earthy, fresh scent, and all you hear is the soundtrack of nature doing its thing. It’s super easy to find yourself hitting the brakes not because you’re tired, but because you’ve just gotta snap a pic or wander into a little village where time seems to stand still.

Whether you’re here for a leisurely ride or looking for a bit of a challenge, Umbria’s hills have got you covered, making sure you feel that good kind of burn that totally justifies diving into the local food scene afterwards. We’re talking pasta with truffles, wine that’ll make you want to write a poem, and olive oil so good you’ll want to drink it. Biking in Umbria? It’s more than just a ride; it’s a full-on plunge into the heart and taste of Italy, minus the tourist crowds.

Bike parked on a beach at sunset

Biking in Puglia Region of Italy

Imagine biking along the stunning edges of Puglia, where the cool blues of the Adriatic and Ionian seas hug Italy’s heel. Biking here is like stumbling upon Italy’s secret treasure, with a backdrop of ancient olive trees, iconic trulli houses popping up like whimsical mushrooms, and vineyards soaking up the sun.

Puglia is all about the chill vibes, with its gorgeous natural scenes, rich history, and mouth-watering eats. As you pedal through cute coastal spots and the calm countryside, it feels like the world’s slowed down just for you. Maybe you’ll stop for a bite of homemade orecchiette pasta or just to soak up a view that looks straight out of a postcard.

Thanks to the mostly flat roads, anyone can jump on a bike here and feel at ease, drifting into Italy’s quieter corners. Every ride in Puglia is more than just a trip through pretty places; it’s a deep dive into a region full of warmth and stories, leaving you with memories that stick around way longer than your bike tracks.

biker on a trail with a mountain view behind her

Biking in the Emilia-Romagna Region of Italy

Gear up for a ride through Emilia-Romagna, the ultimate spot in Italy where good eats meet great tracks. It’s like every kilometer cycled is a step closer to the next mouthwatering treat—think world-class cheese, balsamic vinegar that’s a straight-up game changer, and prosciutto that’ll ruin you for all other hams.

This place isn’t just about working up an appetite; it’s about rewarding every mile with something yummy. Picture zipping through cities like Bologna, where the old-school vibes are as legit as the pasta, or Ravenna, with mosaics so cool they’ll make you stop in your tracks. And don’t even get me started on the small towns, where every corner turned is a new foodie find.

Emilia-Romagna’s also a magnet for bike buffs, thanks to epic events like the Giro d’Italia. Whether you’re all about easy rides with sea breezes or climbing hills that make your legs scream, this region’s got you covered. Plus, there are vineyards along the way, perfect for a pit stop to sip some of Italy’s finest vinos. Biking here? It’s a feast for your legs and your taste buds, making every push of the pedal totally worth it.

row of red bikes lined up

Customize Your Bike Trip in Italy

At Italy4Real, we’re all about creating the perfect biking adventure that’s tailored just for you. Whether you’re a cycling newbie or a seasoned pro, we’ll customize your trip to match your fitness level, ensuring you enjoy every moment without feeling overtaxed.

Dreaming of cruising through the rolling hills of Tuscany , tackling the rugged terrain of the Dolomites, or perhaps taking a leisurely ride along the Amalfi coast ? We’ve got you covered with our custom Italy cycling tours. And it doesn’t stop there; we also let you pick your ride.

Fancy a classic traditional bike to connect with the road in an old-school way? Or maybe you’re keen on a sleek electric bike to give you that extra boost up the hills? Whatever your preference, we’ll tailor your Italian biking experience to suit your desires, making sure it’s an adventure that feels just right for you. With Italy4Real, it’s not just a tour; it’s your dream cycling journey brought to life.

Let Us Design Your Dream Trip



we like to do things well and make you feel among friends

cycling tours in italy

Experience extraordinary multiday and daily bike tours in Italy with a staff of local bi-lingual professionals with over twenty years of experience. Pedalitaly offers many types of cycling experiences in the most beautiful Italian regions . Discover hidden routes known only to locals and enjoy this country's uniqueness.

Multiday Bike Tours in Italy with a professional cycling guide


Daily Bike Tours in Italy with a professional cycling guide


Our favorite multiday tours.

Cycling along the Amalfi coast

Amalfi Coast Bike Tour

Cycling in Barolo

Barolo Bike Tour


Coast to Coast Bike Tour

Our favorite daily tours.

Daily Bike Tours in Lucca with a professional cycling guide

Daily Bike Tours in Lucca

Daily Bike Tours in Florence with a professional cycling guide

Daily Bike Tours in Florence

Daily Bike Tours in Siena with a professional cycling guide

Daily Bike Tours in Siena

Looking to rent a bike in italy.

Rent a premium bike with Ciclismoplus , your key to unlocking remarkable cycling experiences through Italy's captivating landscapes. Positioned prominently in Lucca and Florence , and with expansion plans underway, Ciclismoplus's focus is on delivering top-tier bike rental services throughout Italy.

Extraordinary Destinations

Pedalitaly offers a great variety of cycling holidays in Italy which offers some of the most scenic landscapes in the world. That is why it’s known as “Il Bel Paese”. Italy never loses its capacity to enchant: there is so much exquisite art, architecture and great food that it is difficult to know where to begin.

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italian bicycle tours

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The Road to Dolomites

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Sicily, Island of the Sun

Piedmont truffle and wine bike tour.

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italian bicycle tours

Find your next bike holidays

italian bicycle tours


italian bicycle tours

Tuscany, the Home of Cycling

italian bicycle tours

Lastest News

Sicily tour

Sicily, the island of the Sun… even in September

Cefalu sicily tour

Sicily, the island of the Sun

Get enchanted by la bella italia, there’s no better way to discover italy and its regions than by bike..

A fantastic cycling adventure, starting from Lake Como , across the Stelvio Pass to the peaks of the Dolomites, a World Heritage Site . Perhaps the most beautiful scenery in the world to ride a race road bike and challenge yourself over the legendary Alpine passes. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and contact us to book now!  Our groups are small and limited to just 8 cyclists, to offer you the highest quality and an unforgettable week.

Experience the magic of Sicily, its long summer, enchanting beaches and cities with a thousand-year history. Roads with almost no traffic, which running along the crag above the sea, among immense plantations of orange and olive trees, or climb up to challenge the highest volcano in Europe.

Tuscany is the home of cycling . Riding over rolling hills, through medieval villages among vineyards and olive groves, through countryside that offers breathtaking views at every turn, on roads with almost no cars. And then… the strade bianche . This is every cyclist’s dream. His paradise. It is the perfect playground for your unforgettable bike week.

Ride through the vineyards and castles of the Langhe and Monferrato, taste the best of Italian cuisine and its great wines, and in the evening relax in luxurious resorts. The routes can be chosen according to one’s ability and athletic abilities. Whichever you choose, our bike tours will be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

italian bicycle tours

The team makes us different

We were born on our bikes. We’ve lived most of our lives with a number on our backs. The great Tours, the Monument Classics, the legendary climbs or the rings of the Six Days have taught us everything there was to learn.

Now, we’re happy to be able to pass this know-how on to H&B guests. Climb the Ghisallo or the back of the Stelvio, take a relaxed ride next to a Champion with whom you can share their memories and emotions of the past, or learn the best technique to tackle any terrain. You can’t find this anywhere else.

italian bicycle tours

Customer reviews

Thank you, Marco, an ex Olympic cyclist, led me for a 50 mile tour around Lake Como. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. And he kept it challenging as well. It was amazing.

italian bicycle tours

Thank you Marco. It’s sad to leave. It’s been wonderful. Hope to see you soon.

italian bicycle tours

Thanks for your time for your tour. Riding with you was an honor.

I wish to meet you again and climb legendary mountains of the Giro.

italian bicycle tours

Thanks for the tour on Lake Como and its views.

italian bicycle tours

I’m so excited! Both bikes look amazing. / Hi Sara! This morning was incredible! We absolutely loved it. / Another amazing day with Marco today!!! Please tell him I am very thankful.

italian bicycle tours

We have been riding since were children and we are all former professional bike racers.

italian bicycle tours

Gianni Bugno

italian bicycle tours

Mario Scirea

italian bicycle tours

Alberto Volpi

italian bicycle tours

Marco Cattaneo

Riding on our routes will be an amazing emotion for you. but we are aware that road cycling is not without risks., official partners.

italian bicycle tours

H&B has started a collaboration with two major cycling Italian companies.

italian bicycle tours

To celebrate this partnership, we have come up with a gift for you: a discount code for your purchases.

Your Cycling Italia Bicycle Tours in Ita

Prosecco Wine Country Visited by Your Cycling Italia Bicycle Tours in the Veneto of Italy.

Bicycle Tours Italy

Giro d'Italia's Professional Bicycle Race and Your Cycling Italia for 2016 in the Veneto of Italy.

Bike Italy Your Cycle Italia

How many Climbs have You done that you see all the turns on the Ascend?! Let Your Cycling Italia Bicycle Tours in the Veneto of Italy Show You!


 Your Cycling Italia does everything to help prepare and execute a truly relaxing vacation in Italy…it just so happens your bicycle is a part of that! Come explore the back roads with us, in our little corner of Italy! We show you everything Italian on a bicycle!…this is your ride!



Your cycling Italia's holiday vacation include Veneto bike tours in Italy, including the Dolomite Mountains, is a true Italian biking and cultural experience.It is considered the Italian cycling center of Italy! Three multilevel, guided rides are offered daily from our base hotel and after your ride, race, or participation in local Grandfondo event, we provide transportation in the afternoon to visit bicycle factories, tour local wineries and take museum tours or shop in historic walled cities.  


After your biking and afternoon excursion, relax with a glass of sparkling prosecco wine with your fellow cyclists and watch the parasailers land in a nearby field. Have dinner and enjoy a delicious Italian meal, the hotel restaurant specializes in home made pasta, assorted grilled meats and pizza. Then retire to your comfortable, air-conditioned, spacious accommodations with a great view of the mountains.

This is just a prelude of our cycling program in which we invite you to come and explore with us. We look forward to hearing from you, to help fulfill, Your Cycling in Italia.

Cosa aspetti? Register now! What are you waiting for?! Register online or contact us !

RECENT BLOG POSTS Stay in the loop with all our latest news and events.

 Join Your Cycling Italia in Mallorca Spain April 2024!

Join Your Cycling Italia in Mallorca Spain April 2024!

italian bicycle tours

Spend a day with us on July 5th 2023 in Italy or Zoom call, for George Pohl's celebration of life.

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italian bicycle tours

Italy Bicycle Tours

Bicycling vacations in italy.

With five decades of experience organizing cycling tours in Italy, we've learned that the best way to discover its magic is by bike. Italy's rich culture and history, food and drink, art cities and rural landscapes and most importantly its people come to life before you when you slow down to experience it all from a bicycle.

On our Italy bike tours you'll discover everything that makes this country so extraordinary as you travel through marvelous landscapes: Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, North Italy and the Dolomites, Puglia, Sicily and more - you'll have the best of Italy at your fingertips. End every day with a delicious meal of local food and you'll understand why Italy is such a popular bicycling destination.

Please browse through our line up of tours below: You pick the itinerary, guided or self-guided preference, and the dates - we'll do the rest!

Additional useful information:

• How do our bike tours work? Check out our FAQs page !

• What's the difference between a Guided and Self-Guided Tour?

• What about our Casual vs Classic self-guided tour styles?

• Lastly, we offer various tools for navigation - this page details what it's like to navigate on our self-guided tours.

Explore Tours in Italy

italian bicycle tours

Bicycle Across Italy Cycling Venice to Pisa! - Classic Self-Guided 

Our original and now classic bike trip across Italy, now with a second night in Florence! Starting on the Venice lagoon, stopping in renowned art cities (Ravenna, Florence, Lucca) and picturesque towns (Faenza and Vinci), crossing the Veneto, Romagna and Tuscany regions of Italy. You'll cycle on routes that we've been perfecting for over five decades! The perfect Italian cycling tour, since 1972!

italian bicycle tours

Bicycle Romagna, Heartland of Italy's Homemade Pasta - Classic Self-Guided 

The Romagna portion of Emilia-Romagna is the heart of Italy's homemade pasta and one of the most bike-friendly regions in Italy. Start in fabulous Ravenna, cycle through scenic countryside and picturesque, off the beaten path towns, ending in glorious Bologna, Italy's culinary capital! New for 2024 - revamped itinerary with two nights in Faenza!

italian bicycle tours

Bike Across Tuscany - Lucca to Florence Crossing the Heart of Tuscany - Guided 

Traverse Tuscany on this guided bike tour from north to south, hitting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Renaissance and medieval towns like Lucca, Vinci, San Gimignano and Siena, and a grand ending in majestic Florence. Stay in local three-star hotels in small quiet towns, taste classic delicacies and the famous Chianti wine. Sep. 16, 2024 departure now confirmed with seats still available! Also available for private group departures!

italian bicycle tours

Classic Tuscany - Cycling Florence to Pisa - Classic Self-Guided 

Cycle through Tuscany, enjoying the perfect blend of culture, cuisine, history, and postcard scenery that makes this a one of a kind destination. You will visit the famous art cities - Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca and Pisa - and experience the earthy wines, rich art history, stunning architecture, and the welcoming people of this fabled region. Low Season discounts available!

Design your own cycling tour

Create Your Own Self Guided Tour

Create your own Self Guided Tour! We have tons of rides and destinations to suggest you. We can help you building the tour of your dreams!

Group guided bike tours

Cycling Emilia-Romagna's Culinary Wonders - Guided

A guided cycling tour in Italy’s premier pasta region and renowned culinary capital! On our itinerary from Parma to Bologna, you will taste extraordinary traditional dishes and visit the artisans behind the scenes while learning about the rich history of the local (now world-known) specialties. Available for private group departures!


Cycling Italy's Art Cities from Venice to Florence - Classic Self-Guided 

Our most popular bicycle tour in Italy for beginning cyclists is also a great introduction to Italy's spectacular cities. Start in the Veneto region, across Emilia-Romagna and into Tuscany, you'll experience Italian culture and history, food and wine, landscapes and scenery - there's no better way to do it than from a bike saddle! Low Season discounts available!

italian bicycle tours

Cycling the Majestic Dolomites! Cortina to Bolzano - Classic Self-Guided

The postcard valleys of the Dolomites are a paradise for any outdoor activity, and the gentle bike paths that criss-cross the region are perfect for bicycle travel. On this flexible self-guided itinerary, you can choose to cycle on the rolling valley floors, or challenge yourself on epic mountain climbs. Low Season discounts available!

italian bicycle tours

Cycling the West coast of Sardinia - Self-Guided

On this tour, you will cycle along Sardinia's breathtaking West coast. Starting from the fascinating Alghero, then across the wilderness of Costa Verde, completing your adventure at the unspoiled beach of Chia and the lively village of Pula. This advanced cyclist tour caters to those seeking an invigorating challenge amidst stunning coastal landscapes and cultural treasures.


Discover Emilia-Romagna, the Gastronomic Heart of Italy - Casual Self-Guided 5day

A short version of our recently updated cycling tour through Italy's renowned foodie region! Wonderful riding through scenic countryside and farms, picturesque towns and famous cities, as well as many UNESCO world heritage sites, splendid food and drink, art and history, topping it off with the legendary friendliness of its locals. 8-day itinerary also available Low Season discounts available!


Discover Emilia-Romagna, the Gastronomic Heart of Italy - Casual Self-Guided 8day 

A new spin on our classic cycling and culinary adventure through Italy's renowned foodie region! Cycle through pretty countryside and farms, explore picturesque towns and discover renowned Italian art cities. 5-day itinerary also available Low Season discounts available!

Self-guided bike tours

Discover Italy's Art Cities Cycling from Venice to Florence! - Casual Self-Guided 

Our most popular bicycle route in Italy for beginning cyclists takes new form! A great introduction to Italy - its history and people, culture and art, food and fantastic cycling routes. Low Season discounts available!

Discover Romagna, the land of la dolce vita

Discover Romagna, the Land of La Dolce Vita - Casual Self-Guided 

A new take on our classic tour of Romagna, the heart of Italy's homemade pasta (and la dolce vita!), as well as one of the most bicycle-friendly regions in Italy. Start in marvelous Ravenna, cycling through postcard villages like Dozza, to the historic art city of Bologna. Low Season discounts available!

italian bicycle tours

Eastern Sicily: Cycling Baroque Cities and Magna Grecia - Self-Guided 

This self-guided tour explores southeastern Sicily and the famous baroque towns of the Val di Noto. Starting in lovely Siracusa, you'll cycle along the coast and inland, through charming small towns and picture perfect scenery. A fantastic cycling tour in the Spring and Fall!

italian bicycle tours

Italy's Alpine Valleys - Sud Tyrol, Lake Garda and Verona - Classic Self-Guided

This low-difficulty itinerary also offers challenging rides easily reachable from the main route, to epic mountain climbs and passes. Great tour for couples, friends or families of mixed cycling abilities (and even for kids!) blending the culturally unique Austro-Italian north with everything expected from an Italian bike tour – great food, cycling and scenery! Low Season discounts available!

italian bicycle tours

Pedaling Lake Garda and the Veneto - Guided

This itinerary has everything you expect from an Italian bike tour! Start far from the tourist trail in charming Valleggio, riding to Mantua - a little known Renaissance jewel - on to beautiful Lake Garda. Cycle through vineyards, scenic countryside, and rolling hills, stopping in Verona, Soave, Vicenza, Padova and majestic Venice - unique cities that blend art, history, and beauty. Available for private group departures!

italian bicycle tours

Postcard Southern Tuscany - Cycling Cortona to Siena - Classic Self-Guided 

Come cycle through this beautiful corner of Tuscany, stopping in Cortona, Montepulciano, Pienza, Montalcino; crossing the postcard Val d'Orcia region; and ending in the one-of-a kind city of Siena. The perfect Italian cycling itinerary! Low Season discounts available!

italian bicycle tours

Puglia and Basilicata - Best of Southern Italy - Self-Guided 

The regions of Puglia and Basilicata occupy the "heel" of Italy's boot, surrounded by the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Here, ancient Greek and Italian culture mingle in hillside vineyards, olive groves, and whitewashed villages nestled against the blue of the Mediterranean.

italian bicycle tours

Taste of Italy, Emilia-Romagna Culinary Cycling - Classic Self-Guided 5day

A 5-day version of our cycling and culinary adventure through Italy's renowned foodie destination! Known to Italians as the gastronomic heart of the country, Emilia-Romagna is still being discovered by foreign travelers and has become a traveler favorite! 8-day itinerary also available Low Season discounts available!

italian bicycle tours

Taste of Italy, Emilia-Romagna Culinary Cycling - Classic Self-Guided 8day

A cycling and culinary adventure through Italy's renowned foodie destination! Known by Italians as the gastronomic heart of the country, Emilia-Romagna is still being discovered by foreign travelers. This 8-day version includes two-night stays in charming Parma and in a wonderful farm estate (with its own parmesan cheese factory!). Our most popular bike tour! 5-day itinerary also available Low Season discounts available!

italian bicycle tours

Tuscany Gravel - The White Roads of L'Eroica - Self-Guided 

Strade Bianche means 'white roads' in Italian, named after the limestone gravel turning into white dust on the famous racecourse of L'Eroica. These iconic Tuscan roads boast steep climbs, fierce attacks, and breathtaking vistas, making it a must-visit for gravel cycling enthusiasts, as well as for bicycle travelers who prefer quiet, unpaved backroads

Umbria tour featured image

Umbria, Cycling The Green Heart of Italy - Classic Self-Guided 10day

Start in Perugia the ancient and modern capital of Umbria, explore Assisi - the home of Saint Francis - and pedal through vineyards and olive groves, past chestnut and oak forests, and over rolling hills to monasteries, castles, and hilltop villages virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages. Top it off with two wonderful two-nights stays for an epic Italian cycling tour! 8-day itinerary also available Low Season discounts available!

italian bicycle tours

Umbria, Cycling The Green Heart of Italy - Classic Self-Guided 8day

Start in Perugia the ancient and modern capital of Umbria, then explore Assisi home of Saint Francis, and pedal through vineyards, past chestnut and oak forests, and over rolling hills to monasteries, castles, and hilltop villages virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages. 10-day itinerary also available Low Season discounts available!

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italian bicycle tours


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Cycling in Italy? Book your cycling holiday at Italian Bike Tours.

Easy Cycling in Italy is possible!

Italian Bike tours

Italian Bike Tours is proudly part of European Bike Tours . We have  local offices in the countries where we operate ( The Netherlands ,  Belgium , France ,   Spain and the UK ) with dedicated local experts who are specialists in organising self-guided cycling tours. 

European Bike Tours

Italy offers an incredible variety of  cycling tours : you can cycle along beautiful coastlines, mountainous terrain and along valleys and vineyards, national parks and converted railway trails. Weather is never a problem : you can cycle in Italy most time of year, choosing Southern destinations in Winter and cooler Northern destinations in Summer. Our culture and history can be experienced in the smallest town or village, our cuisine needs no introduction : be it some fresh pasta in a village trattoria, a generous ice-cream in a piazza as you share lunchtime with a chatty old man and his broken English, or just a sandwich overflowing with fresh cheese and local salumi, there is always a fresh and local way to recharge after a full day of cycling through Italian landscapes .

Not sure how your legs will deal with the steepest sections ?  E-bikes are always available!

italian bicycle tours

Where do you want to explore?

italian bicycle tours

Discover our best selling trips

italian bicycle tours

Expert team

We are local experts who offer self-guided cycling holidays in Italy covering all levels of ability and all ages. We will take care of everything: accommodation, bike rental, itineraries and luggage transport.

trip notes and maps

Trip notes & Maps

All of our trips are carefully designed by our team to provide you with the best cycling routes . We offer easy-to-use, up-to-date route notes and maps. Enjoy cycling on comfortable and peaceful routes!


Cycling is amongst the lowest-impact way to travel. As you explore off-the-beaten-track, you help support local communities and minimise the damage that mass-tourism can make.

travel app

We know that taking a self-guided trip for the first time can generate insecurity, but with our app you can follow from your mobile and in an intuitive way the daily routes of your cycling trip. Our mobile app will also show you points of interest along your route.

Cycling in Italy

  • Sicily - 5 days
  • Tuscany - 4 days
  • Apulia - 7 days
  • Campania - 5 days
  • Tuscany - 8 days
  • Piedmont - 5 days
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italian bicycle tours

Regions in Italy

  • Amalfi Coast
  • Cinque Terre

Italy Bike Tours

Anyone who’s been to Italy and tasted the pasta (or olive oil, or wine, or truffles) will insist that words fail to capture the nuances of flavor. “It’s just different,” they say. If the most treasured souvenir from an Italy vacation is reaching culinary enlightenment, tasting your way through this country reveals that it grows ever bigger with delightful discoveries instead of smaller.

On a bicycle tour, you’re even closer to the land that generously gives forth Piedmontese hazelnuts, Nebbiolo grapes, Sicilian lemons, and Arborio rice. From the snow-capped peaks of the Austrian-influenced Dolomites and the terraced vines of the Cinque Terre to the olive groves of Tuscany and the inviting coast of Puglia, Italy is teeming with unique landscapes, dialects, and culinary traditions. But one thing is universal across these regions: an inherent sense of hospitality rooted in living well and a kind of culinary reverence that every Italian—and every visitor—can appreciate.

Let’s talk bike travel: tell us how we can help! Contact Us

italian bicycle tours

Amalfi Coast + Cilento Bike Tour

2024 tour dates.

  • Jun 23 – 28
  • Sep 15 – 20
  • Sep 22 – 27
  • Sep 29 – Oct 4
  • Oct 6 – 11

Any scheduled tour can be made private. Your group, your dates. Go Private

italian bicycle tours

Cinque Terre Bike + Adventure Tour

  • Jul 7 – 12
  • Aug 25 – 30

italian bicycle tours

Classic Tuscany 4-Day Bike Tour

  • Jun 24 – 27
  • Jul 1 – 4
  • Aug 5 – 8
  • Aug 12 – 15
  • Sep 2 – 5
  • Sep 9 – 12
  • Sep 16 – 19
  • Sep 23 – 26
  • Sep 30 – Oct 3
  • Oct 7 – 10
  • Oct 14 – 17
  • Oct 21 – 24

2025 Tour Dates

  • Apr 22 – 25
  • May 6 – 9
  • May 13 – 16
  • May 20 – 23
  • May 27 – 30
  • Jun 3 – 6
  • Jun 10 – 13
  • Jun 17 – 20
  • Jul 8 – 11
  • Jul 15 – 18

italian bicycle tours

Classic Tuscany Bike Tour

  • Jun 25 – 30
  • Jun 30 – Jul 5
  • Aug 4 – 9
  • Aug 18 – 23
  • Sep 1 – 6
  • Sep 8 – 13
  • Oct 7 – 12
  • Apr 20 – 25
  • May 4 – 9
  • May 11 – 16
  • May 18 – 23
  • May 25 – 30
  • Jun 8 – 13
  • Jun 15 – 20
  • Jun 29 – Jul 4
  • Jul 6 – 11
  • Jul 20 – 25
  • Aug 3 – 8
  • Aug 17 – 22
  • Aug 31 – Sep 5
  • Sep 7 – 12
  • Sep 14 – 19
  • Sep 21 – 26
  • Sep 28 – Oct 3

italian bicycle tours

Dolomites + Lake Garda Chef on Wheels Bike Tour

  • Jun 22 – 27

italian bicycle tours

Dolomites Bike + Adventure Tour

  • Jul 14 – 19
  • Jul 21 – 26
  • Jul 28 – Aug 2
  • Jul 13 – 18
  • Jul 27 – Aug 1

italian bicycle tours

Dolomites Journey Bike Tour

  • Jun 30 – Jul 6
  • Aug 25 – 31

italian bicycle tours

Italian Coast-to-Coast Journey Bike Tour

  • Sep 22 – 28
  • Oct 6 – 12

italian bicycle tours

Piedmont Bike Tour

  • Oct 13 – 18
  • Jun 7 – 12
  • Aug 10 – 15
  • Aug 24 – 29
  • Oct 5 – 10
  • Oct 12 – 17
  • Oct 19 – 24

italian bicycle tours

Piedmont Truffle Bike Tour

  • Oct 14 – 19

italian bicycle tours

Puglia Bike Tour

  • Sep 9 – 14
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From Florence to the Beaches of Nice: How to Watch the 2024 Tour de France

This year’s edition starts in Italy and features one of the toughest opening stages ever, a 206-kilometer ride from Florence to Rimini taking riders through the heart of the Apennine mountains.

110th tour de france 2023 stage 11

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How to Watch the Tour de France in the U.S.

How to watch the tour de france in canada, what happened last year, riders to watch, tour de france history.

The Tour de France was first raced in 1903 when journalist (and former bike racer) Henri Desgrange organized the event to promote L’Auto-Vélo, a French sporting newspaper that he edited–and is known today as L’Equipe. The newspaper was actually printed on yellow paper, which fuels one of the narratives surrounding the origins of the maillot jaune . That year’s Tour covered 2,428 km (1,509 mi) spread over just six stages–the average stage length was about 405 km (251 mi)–and only 21 of the original 60 starters finished the inaugural event.

Despite the low number of finishers, the event was an overwhelming success, and the Tour has since become one of the largest sporting events in the world, an event for which teams with multi-million dollar budgets spend years trying to win. For the riders, just a single stage win or day in the yellow jersey is a career-defining achievement. Riders who win the overall title–even just once–go down in history.

This year’s race covers 3,492 km (2,165 mi) spread over 21 stages, with eight days for the sprinters, two individual time trials, seven mountain stages, and about four stages for the punchy opportunists who head up the road in search of “do-or-die” breakaway stage victories–we love those guys.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2024 Tour de France:


The route of the 2024 Tour de France is unlike any we’ve ever seen, mainly because it’s bookended by two of the biggest “firsts” in the event’s 110-year history: it’s the first to begin in Italy and the first to end outside of Paris (in Nice).

The Tour begins in Florence on Saturday, June 29th, the first of three-and-a-half stages in Italy. And we’re expecting fireworks right away: Stages 1 and 2 are two of the toughest opening stages we’ve ever seen, even harder than the opening stages of last year’s Tour, which took place in the hilly Basque region of northern Spain.

After a day for the sprinters on Stage 3, Stage 4 begins in Pinerolo and brings the race back into France via the 2,642m Col du Galibier. The second-highest climb in this year’s race, the first rider to the summit will win a cash prize given each year in honor of Degrange. By the end of one of the earliest mountain stages in Tour history, the GC battle will be in full swing.

The sprinters will then get two more chances as the race heads north. But the GC battle will resume on Friday, July 5th, with Stage 7, the first of two individual time trials in this year’s Tour. The first week ends with Sunday’s Stage 9, an exciting stage featuring 14 sections of white gravel roads through France’s Champagne region. This will be the first gravel stage in the history of the men’s Tour de France–the women completed a gravel stage of their own through the region in 2022.

After the Tour’s first Rest Day, the race resumes on Tuesday, July 9th, and begins a southwesterly trip–through the Massif Central, which hosts a rugged finish to Stage 11–toward the Pyrenees. Along the way, the sprinters will have a few more opportunities to win a stage before the high mountains return over the weekend.

And they return in a big way, with back-to-back hors categorie (“beyond category”) summit finishes in the mountains that form the border between France and Spain. Saturday’s Stage 12 takes the riders over the Tourmalet–which Desgrange first thought was too hard for the Tour de France–and ends with a finish at the Pla d'Adet ski resort, while Sunday’s Stage 13 ends on the Plateau de Beille–after almost 198km of racing.

As if the mountains aren’t enough cause for excitement, it’s also a holiday weekend: Sunday is Bastille Day–July 14th–so expect the roads on both days to be packed with “festive” fans. By the end of the day, the list of riders capable of winning the 2024 Tour de France will be much shorter than it was a week prior.

The Tour’s third and final week takes the race back east, where an Alpine finale looms. In all, the riders will spend four days in the mountains during the third week, first in the high Alps–with summit finishes at the end of Stage 17 ( at Superdévoluy) and Stage 19 (at Isola 2000). And don’t snooze on Thursday’s Stage 18, a saw-toothed stage from Gap to Barcelonnette that’s filled with short, jagged climbs and could be the perfect place for an ambush–or a Hail Mary–before the final weekend.

But this year’s final weekend is not what we’ve come to expect from Tours of the past. With the Summer Olympics beginning in Paris just five days after the end of the race, this year’s Tour skips its traditional finish on the Champs Elysees and instead finishes in Nice–after the hardest final weekend we’ve seen in decades.

The weekend opens on Saturday, July 20th, with Stage 20, a short but intense stage through the maritime Alps featuring four categorized ascents, including a summit finish on the Category 1 Col de la Couillole.

And just in case that doesn’t settle things, Sunday’s Stage 21 certainly will, as–for the first time in 35 years–the Tour de France ends with an individual time trial. And it’s a hard one: a 33.7 km race against the clock that takes the riders over the Col d'Èze, a tough Category 2 ascent that always features in the final stage of March’s Paris-Nice, an 8-day stage race that Tour contenders often use to build form during the first part of their seasons.

This might bode well for American fans–for two reasons. First, the last time the Tour de France ended with an individual time trial, American Greg Lemond defeated France’s Laurent Fignon–who entered the day wearing the yellow jersey–to win the Tour by eight seconds.

And this year’s winner of Paris-Nice–which finished with a stage over the Col d'Èze–was American Matteo Jorgenson (Visma-Lease a Bike), a 24-year-old from Idaho who took the yellow jersey on that final stage. Jorgenson will be lining up at this year’s Tour; could history repeat itself? We can’t wait to find out.

When it comes to watching the Tour de France, you’ve got lots of options. NBC’s Peacock ($5.99/month or $59.99/year) streams all events organized by A.S.O., which means you can watch the Tour de France now and then the Tour de France Femmes in August. (And if you’re looking for ad-free coverage, you’ll need a subscription to Peacock Premium Plus, which runs $11.99 per month or $119.99 for the year.)

The Peacock app is available on Roku, Apple devices, Android and AndroidTV devices, Google platforms, Chromecast, Xbox consoles, PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, and LG Smart TVs. You can also watch online via the Peacock website.

If you have a good cable package and prefer conventional viewing on your television, you’re in luck: NBC will offer the race to cable subscribers via the USA Network and CNBC. Live coverage often starts around 7 a.m. EDT, so 9-to-5ers will likely need to record each stage and watch later. (Check the full schedule for details.)

If you’re in Canada, FloBikes ($29.99/month CDN) is the best way to watch the Tour de France. All 21 stages are available live and on-demand on, the FloSports iOS app, and the FloSports app for Amazon FireTV, Roku, and Apple TV.

Denmark’s Jonas Vingegaard (Jumbo-Visma) won the 2023 Tour de France, defeating Slovenia’s Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates) to defend his title from 2022. The two champions engaged in a tense battle during the first two weeks of the race and entered the second Rest Day separated by just ten seconds on the Tour’s General Classification.

110th tour de france 2023 stage 14

But Vingegaard exploded at the start of the third week, crushing Pogačar in an individual time trial on Stage 16 and then dropping him in the Alps on Stage 17. In just two stages, the Dane’s lead went from ten seconds to more than seven minutes. Pogačar saved face by winning Stage 20, but for the second year in a row, the winner of back-to-back Tours in 2020 and 2021 was forced to settle for second place–and the white jersey as the Tour’s Best Young Rider. Pogačar’s teammate, Great Britain’s Adam Yates–won Stage 1 and wore the Tour’s first yellow jersey–finished third overall.

Belgium’s Jasper Philipsen (Alpecin-Deceuninck) was without question the Tour’s best sprinter. The Belgian won four stages and ran away with the green jersey as the winner of the Tour’s Points Classification. Italy’s Giulio Ciccone (Lidl-Trek) won the polka dot jersey as the Tour’s King of the Mountains.

Jonas Vingegaard-Hansen (Visma-Lease a Bike)

109th tour de france 2022 stage 11

At this point in time, we’re waiting to hear if Vingegaard will even be starting this year’s Tour de France. The defending champion was one of several Tour favorites taken down in a massive crash at the Tour of the Basque Country in early April. The Dane spent twelve days in the hospital after breaking several bones and suffering a punctured lung in the fall and only resumed training a few weeks ago. Visma-Lease a Bike recently said he has a 50-50 chance of starting the race, but only will do so if the team feels he’s 100% ready to challenge for a third consecutive victory.

Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates)

tadej pogacar

The uncertainty surrounding Vingegaard’s participation makes Pogačar the top favorite. The Slovenian won back-to-back Tours in 2020 and 2021 and scored back-to-back second-place finishes behind the Dane in 2022 and 2023. He’s been training since winning six stages and the General Classification at the recent Giro d’Italia and looks on track to become the first rider since Italy’s Marco Pantani (in 1998) to win the Giro-Tour double.

Primož Roglič (BORA-hansgrohe) and Remco Evenepoel (Soudal–Quick-Step)

Vingegaard wasn’t the only Tour contender who went down in that terrible crash at the Tour of the Basque Country: Slovenia’s Primož Roglič–who was leading the race at the time–and Belgium’s Remco Evenepoel were victims as well, and both riders immediately abandoned the race. Roglič injured his knee–but suffered no major injuries–but Evenepoel needed surgery after breaking his clavicle and scapula.

Unlike Vingegaard, both riders were able to get back to training relatively quickly, and they both competed at the recent Critérium du Dauphiné . Roglič won two stages and the General Classification despite almost cracking at the end of the final stage. Evenepoel won the Dauphiné’s only individual time trial, but showed he still has some room to improve after fading in the mountains. He finished the race in seventh place overall.

Carlos Rodríguez (INEOS Grenadiers)

Rodríguez, who won a stage and finished fifth in last year’s Tour de France, won the final stage and finished fourth overall at the Dauphiné, the latest in a series of high-stage race finishes for the 23-year-old. He’ll likely be joining Colombia’s Egan Bernal (who won the Tour in 2019) and Great Britain’s Geraint Thomas (Who won the Tour in 2018) on the starting line in Florence to form one of the deepest eight-rider line-ups in this year’s race.

Matteo Jorgenson (Visma-Lease a Bike)

If Vingegaard proves unable to start the Tour, don’t be surprised if Visma-Lease a Bike turns to Matteo Jorgenson to lead the team in his place. After winning Paris-Nice and Dwars door Vlaanderen in March, the American spent much of April and all of May at training camps, building form for the summer.

Well, it must’ve worked, as the 24-year-old nearly snatched the Dauphiné from Roglič after riding away with Rodríguez at the end of the final day. In the end, he lost the race by only eight seconds–another interesting coincidence given Lemond’s margin of victory at the Tour in 1989.

The American has never captained a team at the Tour de France, but he raced the French grand tour in 2022 and 2023–so he at least knows what the Tour’s pressure-cooker atmosphere feels like. And he should benefit from the presence of his teammate Sepp Kuss , the American who shockingly won last year’s Vuelta a España and played a pivotal role in each of the six grand Tours won by the team prior to his own victory at the Vuelta last September.

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