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Iron Maiden Setlist at Cow Palace, Daly City, CA, USA

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  • Song played from tape Intro - Main Title from the movie "Where Eagles Dare" Play Video
  • Where Eagles Dare Play Video
  • Sanctuary Play Video
  • Wrathchild Play Video
  • The Trooper Play Video
  • Revelations Play Video
  • Flight of Icarus Play Video
  • Die With Your Boots On Play Video
  • 22 Acacia Avenue Play Video
  • The Number of the Beast Play Video
  • To Tame a Land Play Video
  • Guitar Solo Play Video
  • Drum Solo Play Video
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name Play Video
  • Iron Maiden Play Video
  • Run to the Hills Play Video
  • Drifter Play Video

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  • Die With Your Boots On
  • Flight of Icarus
  • Revelations
  • The Trooper
  • To Tame a Land
  • Where Eagles Dare
  • 22 Acacia Avenue
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name
  • Run to the Hills
  • The Number of the Beast
  • Guitar Solo

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iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist

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Ultimate Classic Rock

40 Years Ago: Iron Maiden Comes Into Their Own on ‘Piece of Mind’

Iron Maiden ’s lovable mascot Eddie lost his mind (not to mention his grizzled mane) on May 16, 1983. Heavy metal fans across the globe, in turn, lost theirs over Piece of Mind .

For many U.S. fans in particular, Iron Maiden's fourth studio album remains a sentimental favorite, being the first piece of new product they experienced after learning about the group during their tour in support of 1982's watershed The Number of the Beast LP.

For the members of Iron Maiden, Piece of Mind was instead a pretty pivotal, pressure-packed album. It arrived on the heels of a well-received predecessor (though members of the clergy may beg to differ), yet another lineup re-shuffling (a curious obstacle shared by every Maiden album until then), and the everyday uncertainties associated with rock 'n' roll careers.

Yet they set about methodically writing heavy metal history with remarkable consistency, growing from strength to strength throughout the first half of the '80s.

Band leader and bassist Steve Harris once again led the creative charge behind Piece of Mind , single-handedly crafting its rousing, semi-speed-metal opener, "Where Eagles Dare"; its majestic closing epic, "To Tame a Land" (based on Frank Herbert's Dune novels); its relentlessly galloping centerpiece, "The Trooper"; and the comparatively modest "Quest for Fire."

Luckily, Harris was now able to count on more significant help with these songwriting chores, thanks to the steadily increasing contributions of guitarist Adrian Smith and the emergence of vocalist Bruce Dickinson , who had joined too late to add his ideas to The Number of the Beast .

Listen to Iron Maiden's 'Revelations'

Smith and Dickinson penned Piece of Mind 's breakout single, "Flight of Icarus"; a serviceable album cut in "Sun and Steel"; and also collaborated with Harris on the clever, future live favorite, "Die With Your Boots On." Dickinson also showed what he was capable of on the multi-faceted "Revelations."

Founding guitarist Dave Murray pitched in by co-writing the interestingly nuanced, lyrically inspired "Still Life" with Harris. The song was complete with faux-Satanic backward messages for an intro, designed to freak out all those who wanted to freak out over such things.

Finally, Piece of Mind signaled the arrival of new drummer Nicko McBrain. He filled the rather large shoes left by the much-loved Clive Burr with greater technical proficiency, in place of Burr’s celebrated "feel." McBrain did it without sacrificing his personal, virtually unique, jazz-tight drum sound, which several critics actually deemed "not forceful enough" for metal at the time.

No one could have known at the time, but Iron Maiden had, at last, secured the "classic" lineup that would remain unchanged (including the vital support team of strong-armed managers Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor, producer extraordinaire Martin Birch and even-faithful cover illustrator, Derek Riggs, among others) for their decisive, glorious push towards universal recognition over the next five years.

And to think it all began with the simple decision to lobotomize their mascot.

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iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist

REVIEW: Iron Maiden – Piece Of Mind (1983, 1996 bonus disc)

Part 6 of my series of Iron Maiden reviews!

iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist

IRON MAIDEN – Piece Of Mind (1983, 1996 bonus disc)

Exit Clive Burr.  Enter that hilarious crazed drum dynamo Nicko McBrain!  Surely one of the most beloved characters to ever grace an Iron Maiden album, the band decided to kick off Nicko’s first album with a drum flurry.  Like machine guns strafing the sky, Nicko opened “Where Eagles Dare” with a decidedly skillful salvo.

Piece Of Mind is one of Steve Harris’ favourite albums, and one of mine too.  Each of its nine songs is worthy of the album; no filler.  The subject matter is increasingly more interesting to me as well, as Steve punders history, literature and movies.  “Where Eagles Dare” was based on the classic Clint Eastwood film of the same name, and does not disappoint.  It is over six minutes of soaring vocals and solos, with the band riffing steadily behind it.

This is followed by one of Maiden’s epic slow tunes, and first ever Bruce Dickinson writing credit on a Maiden album, “Revelations”.  Almost seven minutes long, “Revelations” is lyrically complex and melodically incredible.  I recall one of my old highschool buddies, Andy Kandic, sang “Revelations” at a highschool audition because he wanted something that would blow the judges away.  This is one of Bruce’s best vocal performances ever, but not the last of his writing contributions.

The first of Bruce’s many collaborations with Adrian Smith is next.  The hit single “Flight of Icarus” is a shorter number, the type of hard rock song that Maiden occasionally pull out for use as a single.  Its chorus soars like the title character, without that annoying crash at the end!  This is certainly one of Maiden’s most memorable songs.

iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist

As if that wasn’t enough to exhaust you, Bruce and Adrian teamed up with Steve to pen “Die With Your Boots On”.  Right from first listen, this was one of my favourite Maiden tunes.  Loosely based on Nostradamus, the lyrics are great!  “In thirteen the Beast is rising, The Frenchman did surmise, Through earthquakes and starvation, The warlord will arise.”  But the bottom line according to Maiden is “The truth of all predictions is always in your hands!”  If you’re gonna die, die with your boots on.  Great song, great singalong chorus.

Side two is kicked off by one of the greatest Maiden songs of all time:  “The Trooper”.  This is one that has steadfastly remained in setlists, even through the Blaze Bayley years.  It’s a great example of the trademark Maiden gallop.  Lyrically this one is about the Charge of the Light Brigade, and the Crimean War.  This is where I think Maiden deserves some credit from the educational field.  Sure, a five-minute song is not going to sum up the Crimean War, but it got many, many kids into history.  My father was always impressed that I had interest and knowledge in history, partly thanks to Maiden songs.  He always encouraged me to listen to songs like “The Trooper”, and then follow it with some reading.

iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist

“Still Life” is followed by two lesser known cuts.  Slightly less impressive than the rest of the album, “Quest For Fire” and “Sun and Steel” both blow away many songs by the average metal bands out there.  Both are short hard rockers, under four minutes in length, anchored by memorable choruses.  “Quest For Fire” is not surprisingly based on the film of the same name, but isn’t quite as exciting as the previous stories on this album. “Sun and Steel” though is a fencing number, of course written by Bruce with Adrian.  The protangonist killed his first man at 13, and goes on to live a life of battle with the blade.  This would not be Bruce’s last foray into fencing with his lyrics.

Finally, another long Steve Harris epic ends this album:  “To Tame A Land”.  Musically and lyrically very complex, it is based on Dune by Frank Herbert.  It is very, very difficult to sing along to this labyrinth of lyrics:  “He is the Kwisatz Haderach, he was born of Caledon, and will take the Gom Jabbar.”  Without reading the books, you’ll be lost.  After reading the books however, I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  Today this is one of my favourite Maiden classics.  It’s certainly hard to get into instantly, but once those tricky melodies and riffs burrow their way into your head, they are there to stay!

They couldn’t get permission from Herbert to use the name “Dune” as the title of the song.  Reportedly, when asked, his people responded, “Mr. Herbert does not like rock bands, especially heavy metal bands, and especially heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden!”  A shame that was, as “To Tame A Land” was the gateway drug for many to discover the delights of planet Dune.

On Derek Riggs’ cover art, Eddie has been lobotomized, chained up in a padded cell.  An open window and a disembodied hand tease him on the back cover.  This would have made a great gatefold sleeve!  I always imagined that Derek was sequentially trying to tell a story.  Previously, we saw that Eddie was pulling the Devil’s strings on  The Number of the Beast .  But if you looked carefully, you would see that the Devil was really pulling Eddie’s.  Now Eddie’s been captured and lobotomized.  Further albums covers show Eddie’s burial, resurrection, cybernetic enhancement, and his offspring.  I like to think that there was a hidden narrative going on with the artwork.

iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist

The bonus CD contains the two B-sides from this album’s sessions, both covers:  Montrose’s “I’ve Got The Fire” and Jethro Tull’s “Cross Eyed Mary”.  “I’ve Got The Fire” was previously covered by the Di’Anno-led version of Maiden, but this version’s even better.  The solos and Bruce’s vocal brings the song to a whole new level, although it does lose some of Di’Anno’s punk-like reckless abandon.  “Cross Eyed Mary” is not my favourite Tull song of all time, but I’m not surprised that Maiden are fans!  This was probably a good choice, and Maiden do a solid job on it.

Not to overstate the obvious, but Piece of Mind is one of Maiden’s all time best.  5/5 stars


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iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist

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An insightful, thorough review as always!

I’ve actually always thought this album a bit over-rated… It’s stupendous until the last three songs and then it peters out. Maybe if the filler Quest for Fire and Sun and Steel had been placed apart it might have worked out better for me. To Tame a Land never did it for me either but I have a copy of Dune waiting to be read so maybe that’ll change!

I’d rate it 4/5 and also chip in that I think Bruce’s vocals on Cross-eyed Mary are a bit over-wrought!… the original is sang pretty low in a mono-tone but he’s all over the place. What was he thinking? Not one of their better covers but, like you say, not one of Tull’s better tracks either.

I reckon i’ll probably get laid into here for daring to criticise Piece of Mind! I thought this was book-ended by better albums but that’s just my taste I suppose!.

What’s funny HMO is that I went into this expecting someone to disagree with me on Killers and a couple other things…you caught me off guard here!

Read Dune, THEN listen to To Tame A Land. If you can let that squirrly riff worm (pun!) its way into your head, and get into the words, you’ll love it. I will say this: Regardless of how you feel about that song, I’d hope you’d agree it’s better than the David Lynch film :)

Ok I’ll admit it’s better than the movie… that’s not the biggest recommendation though is it? Haha

Glad I could get a bit of controversy going! ;) I mean, I still rate this pretty highly (how could I not with the songs involved?) but I have to knock a point off for the albums final stages.

I’m with HMO here. Definitely overrated. This or Powerslave would probably be my least favourite ’80s Maiden.

No, comparing it to the movie is not a huge selling point :)

You know what I am hoping — I hope that somebody will comment on the cover art, and whether anybody else ever thought that Riggs was creating some kind of continuity there.

The production I love on this album,it sounds dry and its in your face like it was recorded in a bunker! I do agree with HMO that Quest For Fire is a little bit of a filler piece. Overall the quality of Maiden keeps on heading up the artistic ladder for the next three releases. Had a buddy back in high school that caught this tour down in Kingswood ( Canada’s Wonderland) and the day of the show all Maiden ticket holders were not gonna be allowed to go thru the main gates cuz there was a wine testing or sumthin to that effect going on and that Maiden fans were to go in thru another route to access the show. Once Maiden heard this they said Bull shit that there fans were not to be treated as second class citizens and they would pull the plug on the show if Maiden fans had to through another route. So all 8,000 people were granted access through the front gates and guess what….no trouble…. My buddy loved the show…..wish I would have seen it myself…..! That’s Maiden… first!

Deke: I can’t believe I’m the only one saying this, but…my biggest beef with “Quest For Fire” is the line, “In a time, when dinosaurs walked the Earth…” ARGH! Steve! Come on man! We never shared the Earth with dinosaurs! :)

That’s another great story too. Maiden treat their fans right and that’s a great example. Paul Di’Anno once said, “I’m do anything for them kids,” and it looks like that remains true of the band!

Again, haven’t read Mike’s review before doing this. Remember, I’ve not heard all of these songs before.

Right out of the gates, and all album long, we’re blasted with the drum prowess of new guy Nicko. Am I allowed a pun and say that between albums Maiden never missed a beat? Where Eagles Dare rules, what a great slice of metal. Definitely one for the hits discs. Revelations has this great intro and then drops into an incredible groove. Sure, it’s a quarter their usual speed, but never fear, there are the fast bits (and a killer guitar solo) interspersed in the softer parts too. Flight Of Icarus is fun, a worthy enough inclusion.

Die With Your Boots On is akin to Eagles – a total fuckin’ rocker. Great message, and an unrelenting song. I liked this one! Then follow that with The Trooper? Holy hell, what a one-two punch. This band is something else. If they’d put these two right after Eagles, this record would have laid waste to entire cities and there’d have been no need for any other songs. A killer single! Ha.

Still Life’s weirdo (backwards?) intro is sort of a bring down from the rushing surge of The Trooper, and worse, there’s a soft bit that’s way too quiet, but the song soon brings the rock back full force. An odd sequencing choice here. Quest For Fire’s intro and main riff almost don’t meet up nicely. It’s a real pull for the ear to go from one to the other, and if they ever played that sucker live, the likelihood of it falling apart seems high, to me. Fortunately, it’s the only time that happens in the track. Overall, it’s OK. Not a grabber. Sun And Steel (the title nicked from Mishima, maybe?) is a full-on rocker with philosophy to boot. And last track To Tame A Land noodles for a bit, then gets down to a chugging heavy riff before eventually taking off into a full-on blast with a couple of minutes to go. Definitely an epic. I’ve never read Dune and have no plan to do so. I have to assume they did right by it.

Piece Of Mind is another winner. It’s tough to say the whole thing is amazing, though. It’s hard to be critical of a group so committed to its vision and flawless in its execution. But when up against some of its songs we’ve come to know so well as hits, some of the others on PoM are lesser songs for this group. For any other group they’re solid gold. But this is MAIDEN and they’ve set the bar so high it’s outta sight. Says the guy sitting on his ass in his living room, playing armchair critic.

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And to think in Garry Bushel’s Maiden book from the mid-80s (offical too, as I recall), he spends a good paragraph telling us how Flight of Icarus was basically a piece of wimpy shit!

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Bah humbug to that!

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Piece of Mind

Piece of Mind

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Release Date 16 May 1983

Producers Martin Birch

Studio EMI, Capitol (North America)

Recorded Compass Point Studios

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Maiden Revelations

All things maiden, review: piece of mind (1983).


After The Number Of The Beast had given Iron Maiden their well-deserved international breakthrough in 1982, they delivered one of their very best albums just a year later: Piece Of Mind .

Piece Of Mind Produced by Martin “Black Night” Birch Released 16 May 1983

A big drum spectacle heralds the coming of Nicko McBrain , as well as the dawn of a new era in Iron Maiden’s career and sound. After two similar-sounding albums recorded in London’s Battery Studios , the band and producer Martin Birch relocated to the sunny Bahamas’ Compass Point Studios for the production of the first Maiden album featuring the classic line-up of bassist Steve Harris , guitarists Dave Murray and Adrian Smith , singer Bruce Dickinson , and new drummer McBrain.

Click here to read about Nicko’s coming to Maiden!


Life on the sunny side, shot by Ross Halfin. The classic era Maiden line-up comes into being with the addition of ultra-reliable drummer Nicko McBrain, and promptly heads to the Bahamas for recording and drinking.

And despite critics often hailing the previous record, The Number Of The Beast , as the definitive Iron Maiden album, this writer regards Piece Of Mind as the album where Maiden truly found their feet and put forth a powerful claim for timeless rock royalty.

Click here for our review of The Number Of The Beast (1982)!

Any vestiges of the band’s more simplistic roots that were present on all the previous records are now swept away, and the album takes flight with Where Eagles Dare , their most ambitious opener yet. Rhythmically and melodically, this is the sound of a band that is high on inspiration. The technical ability of the players is overwhelming, and it’s impossible to imagine this track with Stratton , Di’Anno , or even Burr .

This new sophistication is also reflected in the album artwork, where illustrator Derek Riggs is now moving Eddie out of his previous comfort zone of city streets and … er, Hell. With the Piece Of Mind artwork, the dynamic between Maiden’s lyrical and conceptual ideas and Riggs’ twisted and wonderful imagination is truly heating up:

piece of mind cover art

You can click on this picture for a stunning large version that leaves no doubt about the importance of the Riggs/Maiden synergy back in the 1980s. The perfect marriage of music and imagery.

The 2014 black vinyl reissue recreates the original packaging nicely, while the 2012 vinyl picture disc comes in a gatefold sleeve that opens to reveal live shots of the band on the 1983 World Piece Tour . This show was probably the most visually disappointing of Maiden’s 1980s stage productions, as we’ve argued here at Maiden Revelations earlier , but the pictures make up for it with an incredible display of ludicrous trousers!


Eddie has built himself wings to ascend from Hell. He torches the foolish Icarus on his way out, but the box high up in the sky is about to incarcerate him.

Absolutely top-notch material follows the impressive opener: Dickinson’s proggy Revelations , his and Smith’s swaggering Flight Of Icarus with its stadium-sized chorus, and then the relentless (and thus appropriately titled) Die With Your Boots On , credited to Smith, Dickinson and Harris.

Indeed, a prominent feature of the album is the fact that the band are very integrated as songwriters. With the standard of the material being so high, this seems to indicate a surplus of creative energy.


The classic era Maiden line-up have food for thought, as photographed by Simon Fowler, left to right: Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith, new drummer Nicko McBrain, Dave Murray and Steve Harris.

What used to be known as side B in the days of vinyl, now properly recreated with the vinyl reissues, kicks off with one of the ultimate Maiden classics, Harris’ The Trooper , a timeless galloping metal tune about the 1854 Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War , and it continues in fine style with the obscure Still Life , co-written by Murray and Harris. The recent picture disc version is not one for the ears, but it carries Riggs’ artworks for the 1983 singles Flight Of Icarus and The Trooper, the latter of which is one of the essential Eddie incarnations:


Back on Earth, one of the most iconic and enduring incarnations of Eddie stalks a battlefield while being shadowed by Death.

The only songs on the record never to be performed live are Quest For Fire and Sun And Steel . They both struggle to match the power of the previous six songs, but their quality is still impressive in the mighty strong company they keep on this record. A highlight of both is the Murray/Smith harmony interplay.

Signing off with the powerful epic To Tame A Land , based on Frank Herbert’s classic novel Dune , the merits of Piece Of Mind become undeniable. Heavy riffs and tasteful melodies conjure desert landscapes, and Dickinson proves that there is no tongue-twisting lyric too weird for him to translate into classic metal.

Iron Maiden deliver a monster of an album that combines determination, guts, and technical ability into a greater whole that is often underappreciated in the squeeze between their 1982 breakthrough album and the era-defining record that was still to come.

Click here for our review of Powerslave (1984)!

Maiden’s 1983 record did not enjoy the aid of being newsworthy, as their previous work did. Nor did it benefit from technological sophistication, like some of their later 1980s work would. It had to stand on the power of its contents, and those contents still blow you away four decades later.

Piece Of Mind is one of their very best albums ever. A masterpiece.

Christer’s verdict: 6/6

6/6 Masterpiece 5/6 Great 4/6 Good 3/6 OK 2/6 Disappointing 1/6 Crap

13 thoughts on “ Review: Piece Of Mind (1983) ”

Nice review, but I couldn’t disagree more on that comment regarding Burr. His work on Killers and The Number Of The Beast is outstanding and I think he’s quite a match to McBrain in terms of technical prowess.

That’s a fair comment, Alex. But to specify it a little more: I only made my comment with regards to Where Eagles Dare, which I personally think was unique in Maiden’s catalog to that point, and which in my opinion has a distinctly “McBrain kind of groove”. On the other hand, Burr’s work on Killers and Beast, as well as his live performances at the start of the Beast tour, are nothing short of mind-blowing.

Yeah. I absolutely love the drumming on Gengis Khan too.

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Piece Of Mind is one of my favorite album of all time . 6/6 About the stage sett on that tour 83 , for me fantastick i was on that consert 4th june Drammenshallen , awesome show the light was mutch better on the consert than it was on tv that we all have seen .. I remember the article in KERRANG magazine about Clive leeving Maiden , ooh NO! What now?, and the album was relised and i lissend to the opening of Where eagles dare i got blow’n away! . Nicko Mcbrain was the right man, that’s it …..

The opening 5 tracks to Piece of Mind make it pretty much the strongest first half of an album ever. I’m not as fond of the second half, but that doesn’t make it bad, just not as catchy to me. Just an all-around masterpiece.

I completely agree. But I also think the second half struggles because the first half is unbelievable. Personally I think that second-half songs like Still Life and Sun And Steel are better than the fillers on Powerslave . 🙂

This I very much agree with. Side A of Piece of Mind is probably the most consistent the band have ever sounded (perhaps except Side A of Seventh Son, which also has 100% top drawer songs IMO).

I also really like Sun & Steel.

My only criticism of this album is the perhaps slightly sterile production compared to the bombastic sound of Killers and Number of the Beast. In some places this makes the band sound more like highly competent session musicians rather than a hungry, young band, which I guess is also a way of saying their sound was maturing. In some ways, I think of the production as quite American sounding, almost commercial in a way … it’s very clean and crisp and reminds me of some tracks by FM radio bands like Journey, although Maiden are obviously playing metal songs rather than radio-friendly rock.

Interesting points! There was probably two reasons for the shift in sound. The first is obviously a new and considerably different kind of drummer. But perhaps more significantly, there was a change of studio. Both Killers and Beast were recorded at Battery in London , and they sound similar. Moving to Compass Point in Nassau was a technical step down, according to Martin Birch. He’s been open about rather wanting to record in LA or NYC if they were to work outside England, but the Bahamas it was. And the two albums they did there in their entirety, Piece and Powerslave , also sound quite similar. Somewhere In Time sounds very different from these, but in that case only the drums and bass were recorded at Compass Point.

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Again, an extremely enjoyable read throughout! Such a shame that “Sun And Steel” did not take off like “The Trooper”, such a pity that “To Tame A Land” was played for one tour only…

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  • All except "Como Estais Amigos"

Brave New World

  • All except "The Nomad" and "The Thin Line between Love & Hate.

Played non-album songs:

  • Women in Uniform
  • I've Got The Fire
  • Total Eclipse
  • Burning Ambition

Unplayed non-album songs:

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  1. IRON MAIDEN Celebrate 40 Years Of Piece Of Mind With New Merch Line

    iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist

  2. Iron Maiden

    iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist


    iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist

  4. Iron Maiden

    iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist

  5. Iron Maiden

    iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist

  6. Iron Maiden

    iron maiden piece of mind tour setlist


  1. Iron Maiden Average Setlists of tour: World Piece

    Iron Maiden Tour 1980 (128) Killer World Tour (128) Legacy of the Beast (139) Maiden England (100) Metal for Muthas (26) ... Average setlist for tour: World Piece. Note: only considered 137 of 138 setlists (ignored empty and strikingly short setlists) Setlist. share setlist

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    Select a Tour The Future Past Tour - 2024 The Future Past Tour - 2023 Legacy Of The Beast World Tour - 2022 Legacy Of The Beast Tour - 2021 Legacy Of The Beast Tour - 2020 Legacy Of The Beast Tour - 2019 Legacy Of The Beast Tour - 2018 The Book Of Souls World Tour - 2017 The Book Of Souls World Tour ...

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    Get the Iron Maiden Setlist of the concert at Cow Palace, Daly City, CA, USA on July 2, 1983 from the World Piece Tour and other Iron Maiden Setlists for free on! Add Setlist. Search Clear search text. follow. Setlists; Artists ... Piece of Mind 6 The Number of the Beast 4. Iron Maiden 2. Killers 2. Solos 2. Tour stats ...

  4. List of Iron Maiden concert tours

    In support of 1983's Piece of Mind, the band undertook their first complete headlining tour (not supporting any ... Part 1: The Early Days, the setlist of Iron Maiden's 2005 summer tour consisted entirely of songs from their first four albums. In Sweden, the band headlined Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg for the first time, which was ...

  5. Piece of Mind

    Piece of Mind is the fourth studio album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden.It was released on 16 May 1983 in the United Kingdom by EMI Records and in the United States by Capitol Records.It was the first album to feature drummer Nicko McBrain, who had recently left the band Trust and has been Iron Maiden's drummer ever since.. Piece of Mind was mostly a critical and commercial success ...

  6. Iron Maiden's 1983 Concert & Tour History

    Iron Maiden is an English heavy metal band formed in Leyton, East London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. While fluid in the early years of the band, the lineup for most of the band's history has consisted of Harris, lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson, drummer Nicko McBrain, and guitarists Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers.

  7. Flashback: August 23, 1983

    For headliners Iron Maiden, this was the 'World Piece' tour, supporting fourth album Piece of Mind. Posters for this gig at Glens Falls Civic Center on August 23, 1983, labeled the show as "The British Metal Onslaught," which made more sense in weeks preceding the show, when the bill had been Brits Iron Maiden and Saxon, with Fastway opening.


    Action, three (3) Piece of Mind Art Prints Triptych set by Hydro 74, one (1) 1983 Piece of Mind replica concert ticket, one (1) Die With Your Boots On Art Print, signed and numbered by Dan Mumford (only available to the first 500 orders), four (4) Iron Maiden Collectors Cards in a display case featuring the works of Dan Mumford, Jason Edmiston, J.G. Jones, and Martin Simmonds ($300.00).

  9. My personal ideal setlist for the Piece Of Mind tour:

    Iron Maiden 12. The Trooper 13. Hallowed Be Thy Name ... When you say Piece of Mind your do you mean they re-tour it, cause if that's the case, maiden always make a point of getting their new stuff in there. ... Additional comment actions. The set list itself isn't terrible - maybe a bit short. But the order is terrible. Reply More posts you ...

  10. 40 Years Ago: Iron Maiden Comes Into Their Own on 'Piece of Mind'

    Iron Maiden's lovable mascot Eddie lost his mind (not to mention his grizzled mane) on May 16, 1983.Heavy metal fans across the globe, in turn, lost theirs over Piece of Mind.. For many U.S ...

  11. REVIEW: Iron Maiden

    IRON MAIDEN - Piece Of Mind (1983, 1996 bonus disc) Exit Clive Burr. Enter that hilarious crazed drum dynamo Nicko McBrain! Surely one of the most beloved characters to ever grace an Iron Maiden album, the band decided to kick off Nicko's first album with a drum flurry. Like machine guns strafing the sky, Nicko opened "Where Eagles Dare ...

  12. Iron Maiden

    After the success of Piece of Mind and its supporting tour, the band released their fifth studio album, Powerslave, ... During the 2000-2002 tour, Iron Maiden played 91 shows for over two million people in 33 countries. ... The setlist for the tour consisted of songs from the 1980s. ...

  13. Piece of Mind

    Piece of Mind by Iron Maiden. Side 1; 1: Where Eagles Dare: Harris: 6:08: 2: Revelations: Dickinson: 6:51: 3: Flight of Icarus

  14. Somewhere on Tour

    Somewhere on Tour. Somewhere on Tour was a concert tour by heavy metal band Iron Maiden, from 10 September 1986 to 21 May 1987, supporting their album Somewhere in Time. The band performed across the globe, in countries including Poland, Italy, the United States and England. The tour lasted 253 days, during which the band performed 151 shows.

  15. Review: Piece Of Mind (1983)

    After The Number Of The Beast had given Iron Maiden their well-deserved international breakthrough in 1982, they delivered one of their very best albums just a year later: Piece Of Mind.. Piece Of Mind Produced by Martin "Black Night" Birch Released 16 May 1983. A big drum spectacle heralds the coming of Nicko McBrain, as well as the dawn of a new era in Iron Maiden's career and sound.

  16. Best available live performance each tour including Bootlegs pt. 11

    For a recap, here's my basic overview of the best Maiden live shows so far: (1) Iron Maiden - Live at the Rainbow (full audio) As for official recordings, between Live +1 and Live at Reading Festival 1980 (BBC Archives), you pretty much get the entire shorter version of the setlist from the Iron Maiden tour with Dennis Stratton on guitar. The ...

  17. Iron Maiden Tours

    See the complete list of setlists from every Iron Maiden tour. Songs Played. These are the songs that have been played, or not played in Iron Maiden's tour history, adapted from the Iron Maiden FAQ. Like most other bands, Iron Maiden have a pretty constant mainstay of songs they play at concerts. ... Piece of Mind. All except "Quest For Fire ...

  18. Senjutsu World Tour Setlist : r/ironmaiden

    Powerslave and Seventh Son also ignored as the latter got its own tour with Maiden England and Powerslave got a decent amount of spotlighting during the Legacy of the Beast tour. As appropriate as it would be, I don't think Sun and Steel will appear. Piece of Mind was heavily featured in Legacy of the Beast setlist too.