The 8 Highest Paying Travel Nurse Jobs in 2024

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Higher earning potential is why many RNs chose to transition to travel nursing in the last few years. Other reasons you might consider making this transition yourself may include:  

  • A change of work environment and an opportunity to learn new hospital cultures. 
  • The ability to travel to and explore new places. 
  • Job security, with options nationwide. 
  • Broadened experience and skills. 

No matter your reason, a travel nurse salary can be extremely lucrative. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not  all  assignments and locations pay more than perm positions.   

Factors like the city/state of your assignment, your specialty, and even the shift you’re willing to work have a significant influence on your paycheck as a travel nurse. Here are a few key factors healthcare travelers should consider when seeking out the highest-paying travel nurse jobs.  

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Travel Nurse Specialties  

As with perm nursing jobs,  your specialty  plays a big role in how much you get paid. Your travel nursing goals should always be taken into account, however, if you’re set on increasing your travel nurse salary, consider one of the following higher-paying specialties.   

  • Oncology  Nurse  – Hospitals are consistently seeking travelers with hands-on experience caring for patients (both medical and surgical) with different varieties of cancer.   
  • NICU  III Nurse  – NICU III travel nurses are always in high demand, as hospitals need people who can care for critically ill babies  and  support the needs of parents and family during this emotional time.   
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit  (PICU) Nurse  – Qualifications for and experience working with young patients in the PICU of a children’s hospital will keep you in high demand, filling a need that hospitals consistently have.  
  • Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit  (CVICU) Nurse  – If you have specific experience in cardiac and neuro ICUs, you’ll most definitely have an edge over other critical care nurses when it comes to getting placed on assignment.  
  • Cardiovascular Operating Room  (CVOR) Nurse  – As a part of the cardiovascular surgical team, CVOR nurses tend to make more per hour because surgeries bring in a large portion of hospital revenue.  
  • C ardiac Catheterization Lab  Nurse  – Hospitals struggle to find nurses with experience in procedural areas like the cath lab—making these jobs in higher demand, with more lucrative hourly rates.  
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist  (CRNA)  – CRNAs require more education than many other nurse specialties due to the added risk and accountability associated with anesthetics. Due to this requirement, CRNAs are often in short supply.

Highest Paying Travel Nurse Locations  

California – The most populous and geographically diverse state in the U.S., California is known for its vibrant culture and varied landscapes and climates.  

  • Average Weekly Pay Range: $3,200 – $3,550  
  • Average Monthly Pay Range: $12,800 – $14,200  
  • Average Annual Pay Range: $166,400 – $184,600  

Alaska – The largest state in the U.S. is characterized by its extreme and diverse climate, with cold winters, long summer days, and vast wilderness expanses for outdoor lovers!  

  • Average Weekly Pay Range: $2,600 – $2,875  
  • Average Monthly Pay Range: $10,400 – $11,500  
  • Average Annual Pay Range: $135,200 – $149,500    

Connecticut – This New England landmark is known for its subtropical summers, cold winters, charming coastal towns, and historical significance.   

  • Average Weekly Pay Range: $2,375 – $2,750  
  • Average Monthly Pay Range: $9,500 – $11,000  
  • Average Annual Pay Range: $123,500 – $143,000  

New York – A bustling and iconic state, New York state is known for its cultural richness and diverse neighborhoods.   

  • Average Weekly Pay Range: $2,100 – $2,745  
  • Average Monthly Pay Range: $8,400 – $10,980  
  • Average Annual Pay Range: $109,200 – $142,740  

Massachusetts – Massachusetts is a historic and intellectually vibrant state in the New England region, distinguished by prestigious universities and known for its gorgeous fall foliage as the weather cools for winter.   

  • Average Weekly Pay Range: $2,400 – $2,740  
  • Average Monthly Pay Range: $9,600 – $10,960  
  • Average Annual Pay Range: $124,800 – $142,480  

Hawaii – Hawaii is a tropical paradise boasting a consistently mild climate with warm temperatures year-round.   

  • Average Weekly Pay Range: $2,300 – $2,540  
  • Average Monthly Pay Range: $9,200 – $10,160  
  • Average Annual Pay Range: $119,600 – $132,080  

Washington – This rainy state comes along with vibrant urban areas, stunning natural beauty, and a diverse culture.   

  • Average Weekly Pay Range: $2,290 – $2,500  
  • Average Monthly Pay Range: $9,160 – $10,000  
  • Average Annual Pay Range: $119,080 – $130,000  

New Jersey – Residents of New Jersey will boast about its suburban communities and bustling urban areas with a diverse landscape and climate.   

  • Average Weekly Pay Range: $2,250 – $2,500  
  • Average Monthly Pay Range: $9,000 – $10,000   
  • Average Annual Pay Range: $117,000 – $130,000  

In addition to location, your hours may vary depending on your specific assignment and specialty, significantly influencing your wage*. For example, cities with a higher cost of living typically pay higher wages — but keep in mind that you do have to consider your other needs associated with that cost of living.   

It’s also common to see a trade-off between desirable locations and pay rates. For example, Hawaii is a highly desirable state for many travel nurses, so you may find pay rates there are inversely a bit lower. On the other hand, a less desirable location, like North Dakota in January, may inversely offer a higher pay rate.      

The big takeaway about the location of your travel nurse job is that your flexibility is key, and determining high-paying states for travel nurses is dependent on several factors beyond the base pay package . The more flexible you are regarding location, the more likely you are to go where current demand takes you—and that often means a higher paycheck.   

If you can be uber-flexible on location, it’s wise to maintain multiple state licenses and know your way around the  nurse licensure compact . That way, you can more swiftly apply for and accept high-demand jobs wherever they may be.  

* Estimated pay and benefits packages based on current job data. Bill rates can change frequently and without notice. Exact pay and benefits package may vary based on several factors, including, but not limited to, guaranteed hours, travel distance, demand, experience, eligibility, etc.

Highest Paying Travel Nurse Assignments  

Regardless of location and specialty, unexpected circumstances can also present financial opportunities for travel nurses. When you travel with  Medical Solutions , our expert team is always here to help you quickly acquire the licenses and certifications needed for rapid response, crisis, or  strike assignments. Plus, we offer  licensure and specialty certification reimbursement !    

  • Crisis and Rapid Response Assignments   Hospitals and medical facilities are willing to pay travel nurses top dollar to fill roles when there’s an urgent need. If you have the flexibility to arrive quickly and stay as long as the need keeps you there — and if you’re open to traveling anywhere the need may take you — you can find yourself with assignments that are rewarding in pay  and  experience.     Crisis travel nurse jobs look fantastic on resumes, making these travelers even more appealing to employers, and increasing the likelihood of matching with high-demand roles in the future.   
  • Strike Assignments   Strikes most often occur when a hospital and union cannot come to an agreement on a labor contract that’s up for renewal or when workers face unsafe conditions. Despite the reason for a strike, continuity of care is crucial for patients in affected facilities and travel nurses can make a good sum of money in  strike assignments  because of the urgent need.

Travel Nurse Qualifications  

Any travel nurse with the proper certifications and experience deserves a high-paying travel nursing job if that’s what they want. The basic requirements to become a travel nurse include:  

  • Earning your ADN or BSN degree.
  • Passing the NCLEX.
  • 1-2 years of recent, in-hospital experience as a nurse. 
  • Earning your appropriate licensure and certifications per location and chosen specialty.

Meeting these requirements will put you well on your way to accessing the highest paying travel nursing jobs.

To check out if Medical Solutions currently has any high-paying assignments for travel nurses or allied health professionals, contact your recruiter or call our 24-hour customer care line at 1.866.633.3548 . We’re always hard at work placing talented travel nurses and negotiating to get them the highest travel nurse pay possible.   

Original post created by Sarah Wengert Nov. 5, 2020.

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How Much Do Travel Nurses Make?

Courtney Smith-Kimble, MA

Average Pay for Travel Nurses

Travel nursing pay explained, highest and lowest paying states for travel nurses.

  • Highest Paying Travel Nurse Specialties
  • Ways to Increase Pay

Are you ready to earn your online nursing degree?

highest pay travel nurse

Travel nursing offers a unique work experience with the opportunity to earn above-average hourly wages. These wages may even exceed those of other registered nurses (RNs) with the same education and credentials.

Travel nurses are typically employed by travel nursing agencies and work assignments across the country wherever nurses are needed. Because each assignment is different, the total annual income for travel nurses can vary significantly. Factors include the details of the pay package, where the assignment is located, and nursing specialty.

On this page you will find the most recent information about travel RN salaries, benefits, specialties, and the states with a high demand for travel nurses.

Fast Facts About Travel Nurses

  • Travel nurses generally earn as much or more than staff nurses with the same experience and qualifications.
  • Lodging reimbursement and tax advantages impact travel nursing salaries.
  • The most in-demand travel nursing specialties include labor and delivery, emergency room, and medical-surgical/telemetry.

The average travel nurse salary varies greatly depending on the work assignment. Depending on travel location, these practitioners can earn between $3,000 and $7,000 per week, averaging a 36-hour work week. According to Vivian , a healthcare jobs marketplace, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), travel nurses earn jan average of $2,183 per week, while RNs earn a mean hourly wage of $42.80. However, aspiring travel nurses should note that living on the road leads to additional personal expenses, so the increase in pay accounts for living accommodations.

Max Weekly Pay

Average Total Weekly Pay

Source: Vivian , September 2023

Travel nurse pay differs from full-time nursing positions because agencies offer hourly rates for each assignment, meaning RNs can shop around and find opportunities with ideal pay. In contrast, RNs working full time at hospitals, physicians’ offices, and other facilities usually rely on raises or additional education to increase their earning potential.

Practitioners considering this role also need to explore what take-home pay looks like for travel nurses . Nursing agencies set their own conditions, so pay packages vary. For instance, organizations may offer an hourly base pay with additional stipends to cover housing or meals, while other companies may offer a higher hourly rate to account for additional expenses.

Travel nurse salaries vary by state and region. Locations in need of RNs typically offer more competitive wages. In fact, the popularity of a particular region can influence travel nurses’ earning potential. Less popular locations may pay more, while desirable locations may pay less. Likewise, states with a higher cost of living offer higher wages relative to living costs.

According to 2023 data from Vivian, the top-paying states for travel RNs included New Jersey , California, and Alaska. Practitioners also want to consider the highest-paying specialties to determine earning potential which may vary by state. The following section includes the top specialties in demand.

Highest Paying Travel Nurse Specialities

Typically, nursing specialties that lack licensed practitioners offer more pay than other specialties, which further increases earning potential for travel nurses. Higher acuity facilities also offer higher pay, as they need skilled practitioners who can meet their patients’ needs. Here are five in-demand specialties for travel nurses.

Labor and Delivery

Emergency room, medical-surgical/telemetry, critical care – intensive care unit, operating room registered nurse, 4 ways to increase pay as a travel nurse.

While travel nurse pay may exceed traditional full-time RN salaries, travel nurses can additionally increase their earning potential by considering factors like demand for specialties, understaffed or unpopular shifts, and locations in need of skilled RNs.

Travel nurses should examine the full benefits package to determine if jobs can provide sufficient take-home pay. For instance, regions with a high cost of living may impact how much practitioners actually earn if stipends do not cover all costs.

Frequently Asked Questions: Travel Nursing Salaries

How much does a traveling nurse make per year.

Travel nurse salaries vary significantly, especially since the outbreak of COVID-19. Factors that can influence earning potential include geographic location and specialty. However, travel RNs should anticipate working 46 weeks a year and earning about $2,183 on a weekly basis .

Do travel nurses get paid more?

Travel nurses typically earn more than full-time salaried RNs because they often take job assignments where there is a nursing shortage. Travel nurse agencies also pay practitioners by the hour and offer additional benefits, including housing and meal stipends.

Is travel nursing worth the money?

Travel nurses generally earn more than salaried RNs. However, practitioners should consider their lifestyle as well. For instance, an RN with a family may not feel the additional pay outweighs time at home, while another practitioner may find the pay suitable and enjoy the travel opportunities.

Do travel nurses get time off?

Travel nurses often do not receive time off since they work hourly and take temporary job assignments. While assignments vary, travel nurses should plan to work for 8-26 weeks at a time. Most travel nurses schedule time off between job assignments.

Learn More About Travel Nurses

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How to Make the Most Money as a Travel Nurse

What is a travel nurse.

  • How to Become
  • Travel Nurse Salary
  • Salary by State
  • Travel Nurse vs Staff Nurse Salary
  • Salary Factors
  • Making the Most Money
  • Highest Paying Assignments

How to Maximize Your Travel Nurse Income |

A  travel nurse is a registered nurse (RN) who works in short-term roles at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities worldwide. Daily  travel nurse duties are often similar to traditional RN roles, but their flexibility allows them to fill gaps in areas with nursing shortages. As a result, the average travel nurse's salary can be quite high!

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, travel nurses were seeing some of the highest pay packages ever because of the overwhelming need for nurses, especially in hot spots like New York, Florida, and California. While pay packages might not be as high as they were a few years ago, there is still significant money to be made for those interested in pursuing travel nursing.

But, there are still a number of factors you need to consider when it comes to your travel nurse salary. Here's what you need to know to navigate pay as a travel nurse.

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How to Become a Travel Nurse 

Travel nurses do need a few requirements before being considered, including being a registered nurse with a license in good standing, and typically 2 years of nursing experience. They don't need any additional certifications or credentials other than the ones they need for their specific specialty. 

While a BSN is not required to become a travel nurse, it will open more opportunities to nurses such as Magnet hospitals and Level 1 trauma centers. Without a BSN, your options might be more limited. 

How Much Money Do Travel Nurses Make? 

Under normal circumstances, many travel nurses have the potential to earn over $3,000 per week. Travel nurses can bring in over  $50 per hour, plus company-paid housing accommodations. Making it entirely possible for travel nurses to make well over $100K per year.

Travel Nurse Salary by State

Source:  Ziprecruiter

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How Does Travel Nurse Pay Differ From Staff Nurse Pay? 

Staff nurses  in a hospital are usually paid a set salary based on education and experience. They typically receive incremental pay increases at various time frames. Staff nurses can also see pay increases with overall cost of living increases.

Travel nurse pay is totally different and can be a bit of a gray area. Typical pay packages are composed of various components, including hourly pay, non-taxed travel nurse housing stipends, non-taxed per diems, travel reimbursements, and more. It’s important to speak to your recruiter about specific pay package breakdowns. 

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What Factors Impact Your Pay as a Travel Nurse?

There are a number of factors that can influence how much you can expect to make as a travel nurse. These include:

Location -  The specific location of the assignment most heavily influences travel nurse pay. Simply put, pay rates often reflect the cost of living in the area and also regional trends.

Which states pay the most for travel nurses?  Historically speaking, the highest-paying states for travel nurses include California, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, and New York.

Southern states  tend to have lower living costs and, in turn, lower travel nurse pay.

Areas that are considered “destination locations”  (like, Hawaii and Florida) may pay lower. Though, with rapid-response assignments, this isn’t always the case.

Specialty -  The travel nurse’s specialty also impacts pay. Non-specialty nurses, such as the medical/surgical and psychiatric specialties, are typically paid a lower rate than specialized nurses. Furthermore, specialized nurses with highly sought-after skills  and credentials have the ability to earn more lucrative pay with seemingly endless opportunities. 

  • Shift -  If you haven’t noticed, night shift assignments are more prevalent in the world of travel nursing. The good news is that many hospitals offer higher rates for their night shift assignments. If you want to make the most money, flexibility is key. A word of caution, if the night shift is not your thing, no amount of money is worth your safety, happiness, or license. If you provide better patient care during the day shift, stick to that. Your patients will thank you. 
  • Practice level/Education - Travel RNs make more money than stationary RNs. But those who also pursue advanced practice nursing credentials stand to earn even more. For example, the average travel nurse practitioner's salary is around $131,543 per year but can go up to $218,000.

highest pay travel nurse

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How To Make The Most Money As A Travel Nurse 

While the factors listed above do influence travel nurse pay, the following types of assignments almost always pay exceptionally well. Oftentimes, these types of assignments are not influenced by location, specialty or shift.

Everything else aside, if you’re looking to make the most money as a travel nurse, seek out these specific assignments: 

1. Rapid Response and “Crisis” Assignments

These assignments boast some of the highest rates in the travel nursing industry due to their urgent requirements. As the name suggests, these assignments require nurses to arrive at work fast -- usually within 2 weeks.

Nurses working in these assignments may have limited options in terms of location. They are also typically shorter than the general 13-week assignment - if you're ready to go, you can get started right away  in areas that need you the most. 

Assignments range from 36 to 48 hours per week but are certainly more lucrative for the nurse working 48, particularly given overtime pay rates. 

Crisis Examples

  • A crisis assignment is not always because of a natural or man-made disaster. However, in some cases they are. For example, one agency was able to send nurses within 48 hours to provide support to hospitals treating patients in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  
  • More often, though, facilities in need of rapid response solutions include those managing unexpected census spikes, unit openings, emergency responses, EMR upgrades, and more.
  • However, some facilities may leverage flexible-length assignment options to manage patient care during short-term staff shortages.
  • Crisis assignments might also occur if a large number of nurses on the unit are on maternity leave at the same time, or can occur if there is an outbreak on the unit (GI illness) and the hospital needs staff immediately.

This type of assignment may be appealing to hospitals because they do not require the 13-week commitment that many other travel companies require. This means that agencies offering these types of assignments have the ability to offer travelers a larger selection of shorter and higher-paying assignments. A great option especially if you’re looking for a position to better fit your lifestyle. 

So, what's the catch? 

As mentioned, rapid response assignments require a quick turnaround. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial for nurses to have their paperwork in order if they want to reap the benefits of top pay. Credentials, tests, licenses, and other documents should be submitted to the agency as quickly as possible. Frequently, there are a limited number of positions available for these types of assignments and some agencies will be first-come, first-serve.

What Travel Nurse Agencies Say About Rapid-Response Assignments

We reached out to travel nursing agencies for more information about their rapid-response assignments. They said that most agencies will occasionally help nurses acquire licenses and certifications, including paying for new state licenses for nurses who complete an assignment with the company there. 

Agencies also offer the option to cover housing costs if the nurse stays in one of their preferred hotels. Alternatively, many travel nursing agencies provide a housing stipend calculated to cover the cost of a nurse acquiring his or her own housing during the assignment. Lastly, they also cover the travel costs nurses incur at the start and end of an assignment. 

Hospital vs Agency Bonuses

Hospital bonuses  are paid separately from the bill rate, are usually offered as completion bonuses. This means they are not paid until after you complete your assignment. These bonuses usually range from  $250-$5000.

Agency bonuses  may be taken out of the bill rate and affect your overall pay. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you enjoy getting a large amount of money as a lump sum. 

How do you know the difference between hospital and agency bonuses? For starters, you can ask your recruiter where the bonus comes from -- hospital or agency? 

  • Retention Bonus

Some agencies will pay nurses bonuses once they end up working with that agency for multiple assignments. This is commonly referred to as a retention bonus and each agency will have its own requirements. These bonuses usually range from $100-$2,000 or more. 

  • Referral Bonus

A referral bonus is a fee the agency pays to travel nurses who refer other nurses to work for their agency. The funds often come out of a separate budget allocated to referral fees and should not affect the travel nurse’s pay package. 

Referral bonuses typically range from  $500-$4,000  per nurse referral. Some of the best agencies in the industry pay nurses lucrative referrals bonuses once their referral completes an assignment.

Strikes occur when a labor contract or bargaining agreement between a hospital and a union is up for renewal. When the two sides aren’t able to come up with an acceptable compromise, the union may strike. 

In such a case, patients still need care. Therefore, hospitals will usually hire travel nurses to fill the temporary need. Due to the urgency, travel nurses who work strikes make much more money than they do when working on typical travel nurse assignments. 

How to Find the Highest-Paying Travel Nurse Assignments

First of all, you can always  ask recruiters directly about their highest-paying assignments.  Let them know that money is a motivator and that you are not interested in assignments that pay less than a certain amount. The best travel nurse recruiters will be honest with you about pay while giving you their best pay packages from the beginning. 

We suggest working with agencies that are known to pay high rates and who specialize in rapid-response and strike nursing. Hospitals pay these agencies higher rates to urgently provide highly specialized staff on a short-term basis. Those high rates are passed along to their travel nurses. 

Top 11 Tips For Travel Nurses (From a Travel Nurse Recruiter!)

1. crisis contracts.

Crisis contracts were extremely popular during the pandemic. Travel nurses were able to garner premium pay and had the opportunity to make significant amounts in a short period of time. While these specific types of crisis contracts are not readily available, healthcare companies around the country still need to fill gaps, especially for short periods of time. 

2. Find Your Own Housing

We suggest taking a housing stipend and securing your own housing. This will give you the freedom to choose your price point. Agencies will often house nurses in pricier accommodations (they have a reputation to uphold.) Additionally, agencies sign corporate leases -- leases that come with a “corporate” price tag. Some agencies are able to offer free housing if you stay in one of their preferred hotels. Most other agencies do not cover this cost outright, though, they’ll help you set it up.

3. Be Flexible

If money is your motivation, flexibility is key. Sometimes the highest paying assignments pay higher because they are not the most ideal. They may be in a less-than-desirable location or on a hard-to-fill time shift, such as nights or variables. Though it’s not always the case, nights, variables and weekends may come with higher pay or shift differentials.

4. Work With Agencies Who are Known for Their High Pay and Transparency

Every agency is different and will structure its pay packages differently as well. Transparency is key. The most trustworthy agencies will publish their compensation packages publicly and will disclose take-home pay. This focus on transparency allows nurses to skip the negotiating or fact-finding step and rapidly decide if the position is right for them. 

Industry jargon and terms like “blended rates” get confusing. Negotiations can increase confusion and lead to mistrust between nurses and recruiters. That’s why working with agencies that do not allow for negotiations may prove to be the best agencies to work for. They likely give the nurse their best rate from the “get-go” and therefore actually have no room left for negotiations. If you’re able to negotiate with a recruiter, why weren’t they offering you their best rate from the beginning? Something to consider.

5. Make Sure Your Profile is Up-to-Date

Top-paying travel nursing assignments come with a timestamp -- they are in high demand and competition is fierce. Truth is, agencies can’t simply submit you for a job just because you want to be considered. They literally have to “sell” your skills to the hospital.

How do they do this?  Through your paperwork, commonly referred to as your “profile” -- resume, references, skills checklists, license, etc. Having organized paperwork that can quickly (and easily) be submitted to a new agency will increase your chances of landing high-paying assignments. The quicker you get your paperwork to your recruiter, the faster they can submit you to a top-paying job.

Side note,  many nurse managers hire travel nurses on a "first come, first serve" basis. Why? Because your agency has already vetted you, the hospital doesn’t need to do more research to determine if you’re qualified. The hospital needs your skills to fill a temporary staffing need. If you treat every high-paying job with extreme urgency your chances of landing the job will increase. We recommend keeping your paperwork up to date and storing it online on the cloud using something like Dropbox or Google Drive. This will make it easy to simply share your paperwork folder with your recruiter.

Another tip, if you don’t have a scanner, download a scanning app -- works like a charm and you don’t have to lug around a bulky machine. Many agencies are getting tech-savvy and developing mobile apps that allow nurses to directly upload documents to their profile with the company, where they can be stored and updated when the app notifies nurses of their expirations, etc.

6. Work With Multiple Agencies

The truth is, no agency will have assignments available in every location in the US. More truth, some hospitals pay each agency at a different rate and local agencies may have better relationships with the hospitals in their area. Bottom line, it’s a good idea to work with multiple agencies, this will increase your opportunities.

Word of advice -- if you work with multiple recruiters, don’t be shady. Be honest with them about each other. Don’t "pit" them against each other. And, by all means, keep in touch with them even if you don’t choose their assignment (this time). Chances are they’ll want to work with you again in the future. Who knows, you might even make a new friend!

7. Maintain Multiple State Licenses

Did you know that many hospitals will not even look at your professional profile if you are not licensed in their state? It’s true. You’ll increase your chances of continuously landing high-paying jobs by maintaining active licenses in multiple states.

For example, rates in northern states usually increase during the winter months -- so, a license in Massachusetts is a must! If you want to work in a certain state, you need to have a license. Period. Even better – have a compact nursing license? This will automatically set you up for success. 

If you don’t have a license in that state, and you want to travel there soon, apply now! Some states have quick licensure turnaround of just 48 hours. Other states, like California, can take up to 6 months to process licensure paperwork.  Some agencies do assist or reimburse for licensing fees.

8. Work Agency Per Diem and Pick Up Extra Shifts

Travel nurses who want to make even more money will often work local agencies’ per diem shifts. They’ll also volunteer to work extra shifts during their assignments.

9. Communicate With Your Recruiter

Recruiters are the connection between you and the highest-paying travel nursing assignments. It’s important to communicate with them about your compensation needs. Looking for a high-paying assignment? Ask. Need a sign-on or completion bonus? Ask. Can’t live happily with an income below a certain amount? Tell them. Remember, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

10. Ask for Sign-On, Completion, and Retention Bonuses

Some travel companies may offer bonuses. Bonuses are paid either on day #1 of your assignment, upon completion of the assignment, or when you work multiple assignments with your agency. Inquire about bonuses. 

11. Refer Your Friends to Agencies

In the travel nursing industry, referrals are golden. Nurses are much more likely to trust their friend’s opinion of an agency they’ve actually worked for than they are an advertisement or recruiter. This is why agencies pay nurses referral bonuses to refer their friends. Referral fees differ but some agencies pay as high as $4,000 per nurse referral! 

how to make the most money as a travel nurse

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Travel nurse faqs, what does a travel nurse do.

  • A travel nurse is employed by a temporary staffing agency to work a contract with a healthcare facility for a short amount of time, usually around 13 weeks. 

What is the highest paid travel nurse? 

  •  Any specialty area travel nurse, such as OR, ICU, MICU/SICU will have a higher earning potential. Additionally, APRNs such as a CRNA, will earn the highest wages. 

Is travel nursing worth the money?

  • Travel nursing can be highly profitable, but you’ll want to consider all of the factors involved with the job, such as short-term contracts, inconsistent benefits and pay, new environments, and sometimes, high stress. 

What do you need to be a travel nurse? 

  • In addition to being a Registered Nurse, typically, you need at least one year of experience on the floor to become a travel nurse. 

Is it hard to become a travel nurse? 

  • Travel nursing can be competitive, but if you want to become a travel nurse, there are endless opportunities. You can increase your appeal by earning certifications in specialty areas. 

How much money do travel nurses make? 

  • The take-home pay for travel nurses can vary widely based on the area’s need, the nurse’s specialty and any certifications, and other factors, but most travel nurses make well over six figures. 

Why do hospitals hire travel nurses? 

  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities may hire travel nurses when they are lacking their own staff, when the patient census becomes too high for their current staffing, or when a medical crisis, like COVID-19, or an emergency occurs. 

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Travel nurse salaries are stabilizing in 2023 at about $3K per week

A nurse takes care of a quintuplet laying in an incubator in Krakow, Poland, as seen in February 2023. (Photo by Beata Zawrzel—NurPhoto/Getty Images)

During the pandemic, hospitals, private practices, clinics, and other health care providers were hard-pressed for the resources they needed—and not just personal protective equipment (PPE) or masks. The demand for nurses and other health care professionals skyrocketed during the pandemic, which led to a greater need for travel nurses. And that unprecedented demand also helped drive extremely high salaries for travel nurses .

By December 2020, travel nursing salaries had reached nearly $3,500 per week, but the peak really came about a year later when that rate jumped to nearly $4,000 per week, according to data from health care recruitment platform Vivian Health . Between January 2020 and December 2021, average travel nurse pay had increased by more than 99%. As of December 2022, travel nursing salaries started to plateau at around $3,100 per week. 

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These rates reflect salaries for registered nurses (RNs), not nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners typically must earn a master’s degree in nursing or have continuing education and be certified to practice. “Nurse practitioners generally earn higher wages due to their advanced schooling,” confirms Katelyn Harris, director of client development at Vivian Health. For reference, the median annual salary for nurse practitioners in 2021 was nearly $121,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While weekly travel nursing rates may fall slightly during the first couple of months of 2023, these new salary trends will be the “new floor” of travel pay, says Tim Needham, senior vice president of product at Vivian Health.

“Despite wages stabilizing, we expect that temporary nursing contracts will continue to account for a significant portion of the health care labor workforce,” Harris adds. “While health systems eye labor as one of their costliest line items, clinicians will continue to seek out the higher wages, greater flexibility, and reduced bureaucracy associated with temporary contracts.”

The 4 highest-paying travel nursing specialties—and 2023 trends

During the past two years, the highest-paying travel nursing jobs have been with intensive care units (ICU), the emergency department (ED), medical surgery, and home health. 

highest pay travel nurse

Pay for these specialties dipped during summer 2021 when COVID-19 vaccines first became available, but then surged again in late 2021 and early 2022 during the spread of the Omicron variant. However, maintaining hospital staff will become increasingly difficult due to their financial solvency and budgeting, Harris explains. Last year, more than half of hospitals were projected to have negative margins through 2022, according to a survey by the American Hospital Association .

“With the COVID Emergency Order coming to a close in May, this means that hospitals will not have the additional federal funds to support the steep labor costs that they incurred from short term contractors during 2020 and 2021,” Harris explains. “Despite wages stabilizing, we expect that temporary nursing contracts will continue to account for a significant portion of the health care labor workforce.”

Is travel nursing still worth it?

The average annual base salary for registered nurses in 2021 was $77,600, according to the BLS. Assuming a rate of $3,100 per week for 52 weeks in a year, theoretically travel RNs could make more than $161,000. However, because travel nurses participate in contract work, their salary does not come from a stable source. Travel nurses can be out of work for weeks or months at a time, depending on demand and contract availability.

“Pursuing a career in travel nursing is not as lucrative as it was in the height of the pandemic,” Harris tells Fortune. “While travel nurses do have higher gross wages than permanent staff nurses, their weekly pay includes stipends for housing, meals, and other contract-related expenses incurred on assignment.”

Travel RNs also have to pay for housing in their home location (where they’re based), as well as where they’re completing their short-term contract, she explains, which is why it’s critical to evaluate the cost of living for a prospective contract location.

“Travel nurses may receive higher wages than their full-time counterparts because health systems are paying a premium to fill critical staffing needs,” Harris says. “However, travel nursing is generally only more lucrative than full-time staff roles when local cost of living is low relative to pay.”

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Top 10 Highest Paying Travel Nursing Specialties | 2023

The highest-paying travel nursing specialties depend on a variety of factors including location, demand, and urgency of needs.

Click here for available high-paying travel nurse opportunities!

For example, OR nurses are one of the highest-paid specialties; however, an OR travel nurse in Hawaii most likely will make drastically less than an OR travel nurse in New York. Fields that are more specialized can have the potential to earn a higher salary because there are fewer nurses in those fields.

Most travel nurse experts will explain that oftentimes the specialty, while important, is not as important as the location. While the following specialties are in demand and highly paid, the location and length of the contract typically do more to determine the pay rate .

Keep in mind, that travel pay will also reflect the local cost of living. Therefore, it is important to take this into consideration when looking at take-home pay.

Becker’s Hospital Review completed a survey of more than 18,000 travel nurse positions back in 2019 that identified the following travel nurse specialties as the top paying. Here’s what their average national salaries look like today!

Top 10 Highest Paying Travel Nursing Specialties

1. operating room (or) nurse: $3,041/week.

Operating room nurses can either function as circulating or scrub nurses during procedures. Typically, travel nurses assume the role of a circulating nurse; however, it depends on the setting.

OR nurses are highly skilled and the more experience with different body systems, the more desirable you will be.

2. Labor and delivery (L&D) nurse: $2,857/week

Labor and delivery nursing is consistently one of the highest-paid travel nursing specialties because of the overwhelming number of births in many hospitals.

In addition, labor and delivery nurses can often work in postpartum and newborn nurseries, which increases the demand for them, and subsequently, the pay rates.

3. Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse: $2,836/week

NICU nurses work strictly with critically ill neonates and newborns. Because of the patient population and the skills required to provide medical care for them, there are positions available constantly. With fewer nurses to fill the roles, hospitals often offer premium pay to NICU nurses.

4. Post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) nurse: $2,830/week

PACU nurses care for patients after surgical procedures. These nurses must be well versed in the care of a variety of post-operative care.

5. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurse: $2,807/week

Travel nurses who have a specialty in the ICU have the responsibility to look after patients who have experienced accidents, trauma, surgery, and organ failure. ICU nurses often have advanced training and certifications, which means increased pay packages.

Furthermore, ICU nurses can essentially work or float to most units in the hospital. This also increases demand.

Licensed and ready to travel? Find assignments in your specialty.

6. Emergency room (ER) nurse: $2,752/week

Since COVID-19, ER nurses have been in short supply. As a result, travel ER nurses can make excellent money in most locations throughout the country. Because of the fast-paced nature as well as the overall intensity of the ER, there is expected to be an ongoing shortage of ER nurses in the future.

7. Step-down unit nurse: $2,736/week

Step-down nurses specifically care for patients immediately after they leave the ICU. The patient-to-nurse ratio is lower than on a medical-surgical floor but slightly higher than in an ICU. Many of these patients are still sick but they no longer require the acute care they were receiving in the ICU. Oftentimes, these nurses have similar skills and nursing certifications to an ICU nurse, which means lots of demand and an appropriately high pay rate.

8. Pediatrics nurse: $2,731/week

Pediatric nurses can often work in a variety of settings and healthcare facilities, which makes them valuable and the result is high pay packages.

9. Telemetry nurse: $2,698/week

Similar to medical surgical nurses, telemetry nurses primarily focus on patients requiring advanced cardiac monitoring. Telemetry nurses often care for more critically ill patients than medical-surgical nurses. They monitor changes in condition, record and interpret vital data to assist with patient assessment, and are responsible for educating patients on home health care.

10. Medical-surgical nurse: $2,534/week

One of the most common travel nursing specialties, medical-surgical nurses are found throughout the hospital working with a variety of patients. Medical-surgical nurses provide patient care for a variety of medical conditions and often have heavier patient assignments than in an ICU setting.

*Salaries from Indeed

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2024 Travel Nurse Salary + Job Outlook

highest pay travel nurse

Travel nurses work in specific locations for limited and usually predetermined timeframes of anywhere from 13 to 16 weeks. Though they may work in any type of facility – hospitals, doctors’ offices, and long-term care facilities – they get to choose where they work, which helps prevent boredom. Travel nurses also earn handsome salaries that rival the average salaries of BSN-educated registered nurses (RNs). Here, you will learn more about the average travel nurse salary and what you can expect if you choose this exciting career path.

How Much Does a Travel Nurse Make?

Salary for different types of travel nurses, what other benefits will you receive as a travel nurse, how to boost your travel nurse salary, 10 best states to work for travel nurses + salary, travel nurse salary by state – highest to lowest, travel nurse salary by city, what are the 10 best travel nursing agencies to work for in the united states, what does the future look like for travel nursing jobs.

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  • Licensed Practical Nurse Salary
  • Nurse Anesthetist Salary
  • Nurse Practitioner Salary
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary
  • RN to BSN Salary
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Full Time Nurse

Full Time Nurse

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Guide to the Highest Paid Travel Nurse Jobs

Full Time Nurse

This post may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Read our full disclaimer here . Our opinions are our own.

Additionally, we are proud to not use any AI within our content. Our content is 100%   for nurses, by nurses .

What are the Highest Paid Travel Nurse Jobs and Specialties ? Today we’re exploring what travel nurse specialties pay the most money, and why!

When it comes to travel nursing , it has become a very popular way of life over the past 2 years. New nurses, old nurses, and everyone in the middle have packed their bags and begun filling in spots where needed. Why? Because it’s incredibly lucrative and travel nurses get paid a lot of money .

But, which type of travel nurses make the most money? What are the highest paid specialties for travel RN’s? That’s what we’re here to explore. While some specialties have seen drastic highs and lows over the past few years, there is a somewhat consistent trend in pay.

What is a Travel Nurse?

How much do travel nurses make, travel nurse demand rankings, 1. cath lab travel nurse – $6,200/wk, 2. operating room travel nurse – $5,500/wk, 3. icu travel nurse – $5,600/wk, 4. med-surg travel nurse – $4,700/wk, 5. vaccination support travel nurse – $2500/wk.

A travel nurse or agency nurse is a nurse that works for a staffing agency to provide help for hospitals understaffed. If you’re interested in being a travel nurse we have a full guide on How to Start Travel Nursing !

Travel nurses can make upwards of over $14,000 per week ( especially over the past few years ). However, more typical pay for traveling RN’s can range anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 weekly.

Highest Paid Travel Nurse Specialties

Before we get into the highest paid jobs and specialties, I want to go over exactly how we’re formulating this list. Travel RN jobs can range and vary drastically from location to location. Additionally, they function similar to the stock market and will fluctuate based on supply and demand.

In order to explore the different salaries of specialties, we have to understand exactly what specialties are in demand. Table sourced from .

While there are many different variables, typically travel nurse salaries stay consistent as far as what specialties make more and less. So, we’ll be basing our list on not only current assignments, but trends of past assignments. With that being said, let’s get into it!

Disclaimer – The salaries and weekly pays posted are opinions/estimations generated around the time of posting. The accuracy of weekly pays may vary depending on travel nurse fluctuations. The trends presented should remain similar.

Cath lab nurses have always had a demanding rate when it comes to travel pay. They are an extremely specialized group of nurses and therefore demand a higher premium. Similar to operating room nurses , cath lab RN’s go through a very long orientation that again is very specialized.

Operating room nurses ( similar to cath lab RN’s ) have typically had a fairly demanding rate. The operating room is not something that nurses typically learn a ton about in nursing school, so they are also quite specialized. OR nurse travel pay has varied a lot the past few years, however usually close to the top.

ICU travel nurses are pretty much always in demand. Why? Because, ICU nursing has extremely high turn-over and there are a lot of positions often available. ICU assignments have been incredibly lucrative over the past few years with some even reaching $16,000 per week. While they have somewhat stabilized, they are still one of the top earners.

Again, similar to ICU positions, medical-surgical travel positions were incredibly lucrative the past few years. However, they are also coming to be more stable. But, still as a top earning specialty.

Finally, we have the vaccination support travel nurses. While this specific area of nursing was not in extreme demand a few years ago, things have changed. Vaccine nurses are some of the best paid agency nurses due to the increase in need. You can still find decently priced vaccine nurse assignments.

' src=

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Travel Nurses Get the Best Salaries in These U.S. States

Young Black African American female woman travel nurse talking on phone

However close you are to graduating from nursing school, it’s always a good time to consider which specialty to get into afterward. One career path to consider is travel nursing across the US. Pay is a major factor in considering which state to work in, so stick around to find out which are the highest paying states for travel nurses.

Travel nursing has become increasingly in demand for nurses in several specialties. It’s a great option for those looking for higher-paying short-term work at various medical facilities. 

The average salary varies state by state for travel nurses based on demand and specialty. The top three highest-paying states include: Idaho ($151,203), Nevada ($149,196), and Illinois ($148,382) .

Jump to Region

  • Non-Continental (AK, HI)
  • West Coast (WA, OR, CA)
  • West (ID, NV, MT, WY, UT, CO)
  • Southwest (AZ, NM, TX, OK)
  • Midwest (ND, SD, NE, KS, MN, IA, MO, WI, IL, MI, IN, OH)
  • Southeast (AR, LA, KY, TN, MS, AL)
  • Northeast (VT, NY, PA, WV)
  • East Coast (ME, NH, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL)

What is Travel Nursing?

If you love being on the move and don’t mind putting in long hours, then travel nursing might be the perfect job for you. You get to work in different locations across the country – keeping your skills sharp and your options open. 

Travel nurses work in different hospitals and departments, depending on where they need to fill staffing gaps. And it’s also a way to make more money than you would as a permanent employee in any one location.

Here’s how it works: you work for a few weeks or months at a medical facility, typically under a contract. Then, once your obligations are fulfilled (or your contract is up), you move on to the next place where you’re needed.

You might even not have to worry about finding an apartment – some employers take care of housing for you .

All sorts of positions are up for travel nurses — you just have to decide which ones you want. And there are so to choose from thanks to the recent rising travel nurse demand.

National Travel Nursing Demand by State chart for travel nurses

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the medical world, and as a result, it’s created one of the biggest worldwide shortages of nurses.

Hospitals and other medical facilities have struggled, and continue to struggle, to find enough staff to keep their facilities running smoothly. Because of COVID-19, travel nursing, amongst other types of temporary employment, is becoming more popular than ever before.

Travel nursing agencies have stepped in to provide temporary staffing solutions for these hospitals and other medical facilities. These agencies recruit nurses from all over the country and abroad and place them in positions at various facilities, providing them with an opportunity to earn serious money.

But you don’t need an agency if you’re considering travel nursing – travel nurses can also be independent contractors.

Average Travel Nursing Salary by State

Travel nurse salaries vary widely depending on where you work, how many hours you work per week (and whether those hours are on-call), and whether you’re working in an urban or rural area. 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the average travel nursing salary by state. We found that the national average in the US for travel nursing is $133,540/year .

Take a look at our findings below by state using Indeed’s and ZipRecruiter’s salary database:

1. Travel Nurse Salary Alaska

Employers in Alaska pay a little more than Hawaii’s, which is just slightly below the national average.

The average base salary in Alaska is: $133,316/year.

2. Travel Nurse Salary Hawaii

Although employers in Hawaii pay less than the national average, you’ll benefit from a beautiful island location.

The average base salary in Hawaii is: $126,659/year.

3. Travel Nurse Salary Washington

Although Washington state employers pay the least out of the west coast states – it’s still a great location for work, and pays more than the national average.

The average base salary in Washington is: $141,096/year.

4. Travel Nurse Salary Oregon

As the middle state of the west coast, Oregon employers pay slightly more than Washington’s, but less than California’s.

The average base salary in Oregon is: $144,423/year.

5. Travel Nurse Salary California

With its high cost of living, it’s unsurprising that California travel nurse employers pay out the most out of the west coast states. Travel nurses are in the highest demand in California, and it’s the fourth-highest paying state in the US.

The average base salary in California is: $147,633/year.

6. Travel Nurse Salary Idaho

As the number one highest paying state for travel nurses, Idaho is the way to go if salary is your top priority.

The average base salary in Idaho is: $151,203/year.

7. Travel Nurse Salary Nevada

Lying south of the highest-paying state, Nevada is the second highest-paying state in the US for travel nurses.

The average base salary in Nevada is: $149,196/year.

8. Travel Nurse Salary Montana

Montana is a beautiful state with lots of wide-open space. The cost of living is low, and the job market is strong.

The average base salary in Montana is: $119,765/year.

9. Travel Nurse Salary Wyoming

Out of all the western states, Wyoming employers pay the least for travel nurses, and is the fifth lowest-paying state in the US.

The average base salary in Wyoming is: $101,317/year.

10. Travel Nurse Salary Utah

Utah is a great option if you want to stay on the west and make well into six figures while doing it.

The average base salary in Utah is: $126,093/year.

11. Travel Nurse Salary Colorado

Despite its high cost of living (especially in the Denver area), Colorado employers pay below the national average for travel nurses.

The average base salary in Colorado is: $118,832/year

12. Travel Nurse Salary Arizona

Arizona employers pay out the most out of southwestern states, and it’s the fifth highest paying state in the US.

The average base salary in Arizona is: $145,900/year.

13. Travel Nurse Salary New Mexico

Travel nurse employers in New Mexico pay the least out of all southwestern states, but just slightly below the national average.

The average base salary in New Mexico is: $125,036/year.

14. Travel Nurse Salary Texas

As the second highest-demand state in the US for travel nurses, there are plenty of opportunities for travel nurses in Texas. And average pay is just a hair below the national average.

The average base salary in Texas is: $132,088/year.

15. Travel Nurse Salary Oklahoma

Travel nurses in Oklahoma make close to the national average pay, but with inexpensive housing options.

The average base salary in Oklahoma is: $130,724/year.

16. Travel Nurse Salary North Dakota

The cost of living is relatively low in North Dakota, and the job market is strong, so you’ll get paid well as a travel nurse.

The average base salary in North Dakota is: $131,667/year.

17. Travel Nurse Salary South Dakota

South Dakota employers offer the second lowest salary for travel nurses in the US, but still close to six figures.

The average base salary in South Dakota is: $93,853/year.

18. Travel Nurse Salary Nebraska

Nebraska has one of the lowest rates of RN per capita in the US, and is also one of the most affordable states for housing and living expenses overall.

The average base salary in Nebraska is: $123,047/year.

19. Travel Nurse Salary Kansas

Kansas is another state with low RN rates per capita, but is also among the more affordable places to live and work as a travel nurse. 

The average base salary in Kansas is: $121,537/year.

20. Travel Nurse Salary Minnesota

The cost of living is fairly low compared to other parts of the US, but higher in the Minneapolis metro.

The average base salary in Minnesota is: $126,778/year.

21. Travel Nurse Salary Iowa

If you want a better salary and lower cost of living in the midwest, consider Iowa.

The average base salary in Iowa is: $130,292/year.

22. Travel Nurse Salary Missouri

Missouri employers pay the absolute least out of all fifty states for travel nurses, but offers a lower cost of living.

The average base salary in Missouri is: $89,983/year.

23. Travel Nurse Salary Wisconsin

Wisconsin offers some great opportunities for travel nurses looking for employment, and the cost of living is quite reasonable.

The average base salary in Wisconsin is: $144,556/year.

24. Travel Nurse Salary Illinois

Illinois is the third top state in the US for travel nurse pay, making it the highest paying state in the midwest.

The average base salary in Illinois is: $148,382/year,

25. Travel Nurse Salary Michigan

Michigan is a popular choice for travel nurses to work in, and is a great place to live – whether it’s long or short-term.

The average base salary in Michigan is: $136,707/year.

travel nurse waiting outside

26. Travel Nurse Salary Indiana

Indiana employers pay over the national average, and this state is a great option for cost of living.

The average base salary in Indiana is: $136,082/year.

27. Travel Nurse Salary Ohio

Travel nurses can make some great pay here with opportunities in the Cleveland area.

The average base salary in Ohio is: $132,568/year.

28. Travel Nurse Salary Arkansas

Nursing salaries in Arkansas aren’t as impressive as those of other states, and there’s a good chance you’ll work in a rural area, like the Ozarks.

The average base salary in Arkansas is: $125,489/year.

29. Travel Nurse Salary Louisiana

Louisiana employers pay out the least out of the southeast states, and is the third lowest paying state in the US.

The average base salary in Louisiana is: $94,049/year.

30. Travel Nurse Salary Kentucky

Out of all southeast states, Kentucky employers pay the most – and at slightly above the national average.

The average base salary in Kentucky is: $135,604/year.

31. Travel Nurse Salary Tennessee

If you work near Memphis or Nashville, there are many opportunities available for making good money as a travel nurse.

The average base salary in Tennessee is: $126,282/year.

32. Travel Nurse Salary Mississippi

Travel nurses can still make six figures in Mississippi and benefit from low cost of living.

The average base salary in Mississippi is: $115,569/year

33. Travel Nurse Salary Alabama

Along with Mississippi, they are still plenty of travel nursing opportunities with six figure pay.

The average base salary in Alabama is: $118,602/year

34. Travel Nurse Salary Vermont

Vermont is a popular state for travelers because it offers an escape from dense city life, and offers decent pay for travel nurses.

The average base salary in Vermont is: $123,081/year

35. Travel Nurse Salary New York

Unsurprisingly with its high cost of living and population – New York state pays out the most in the northeast region, and is the fourth highest-demand state for travel nurses.

The average base salary in New York is: $145,327/year.

36. Travel Nurse Salary Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a lot to offer for travel nurses, including decent pay.

The average base salary in Pennsylvania is: $125,242/year.

37. Travel Nurse Salary West Virginia

The cost of living in West Virginia is lower than other states, so you can get more out of your travel nursing pay.

The average base salary in West Virginia is: $123,979/year.

38. Travel Nurse Salary Maine

Maine is a beautiful state with lots of natural beauty and plenty of fun things to do outside of the travel nurse workday.

The average base salary in Maine is: $127,051/year.

39. Travel Nurse Salary New Hampshire

New Hampshire is an attractive destination for travel nurses who want to make good money on the northeast coast.

The average base salary in New Hampshire is: $112,004/year.

40. Travel Nurse Salary Massachusetts

Although the average pay is on the lower end, Massachusetts overs lots of culture, especially in the Boston area.

The average base salary in Massachusetts is: $108,733/year.

41. Travel Nurse Salary Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the fourth lowest-paying state in the US for travel nurses, but still makes it in the six-figure range.

The average base salary in Rhode Island is: $100,607/year.

42. Travel Nurse Salary Connecticut

Travel nurses have great opportunities in areas like Hartford or Stamford with decent pay.

The average base salary in Connecticut is: $104,433/year.

43. Travel Nurse Salary New Jersey

New Jersey employers pay well above the national average, and is a great option for east coast travel nursing.

The average base salary in New Jersey is: $143,232/year.

44. Travel Nurse Salary Delaware

Even though it’s small, Delaware has big opportunity for travel nurse positions and pay.

The average base salary in Delaware is: $140,952/year.

45. Travel Nurse Salary Maryland

Although housing can be tough to lock down on, Maryland is a great travel nurse option with above national average pay.

The average base salary in Maryland is: $142,848/year.

46. Travel Nurse Salary Virginia

Virginia offers beautiful scenery and great culture for those wanting to practice as a travel nurse.

The average base salary in Virginia is: $126,990/year.

47. Travel Nurse Salary North Carolina

North Carolina is the fifth highest-demand state for travel nurses, offering just above the national average salary.

The average base salary in North Carolina is: $134,667/year.

48. Travel Nurse Salary South Carolina

Although South Carolina employers offer less than North Carolina’s, it’s still a great option for southeast coast travel nursing.

The average base salary in South Carolina is: $125,152/year.

49. Travel Nurse Salary Georgia

Georgia employers offer close to the national average pay for travel nurses with lower cost of living. 

The average base salary in Georgia is: $131,958/year.

50. Travel Nurse Salary Florida

Last, but not least – Florida is the third highest-demand state for travel nurses, and offers decent pay.

The average base salary in Florida is: $129,859/year.

Highest Paying Travel RN Jobs to Look for

For registered nurses (RNs), these are the top paying jobs to consider if you’re getting into travel nursing. Salaries are based on a national average and vary from state to state.

Operating Room RN

An operating room registered nurse (OR RN) is responsible for ensuring the safety of patients during surgical procedures. 

This can include everything from monitoring the patient’s vital signs, to administering anesthesia, and keeping track of instruments and equipment used throughout the procedure.

The average base pay for an OR RN is: $168,184

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) RN

An Intensive Care Unit registered nurse (ICU RN) provides advanced medical care and life support to critically ill patients. 

They work with physicians to ensure that their patients receive the best possible care and treatment, including helping them determine when it’s time to transfer out of the ICU into regular inpatient care.

The average base pay for an ICU RN is: $156,837

Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) RN

A Post-Anesthesia Care Unit registered nurse (PACU RN) provides support after a patient has been put under general anesthesia during surgery or other medical procedure. 

This includes monitoring their vital signs, ensuring they’re breathing normally, and administering pain medication if needed.

The average base pay for a PACU RN is: $154,402

Emergency Room RN

An Emergency Room registered nurse (ER RN) provides emergency medical care to patients who need it immediately after being brought into an ER facility by ambulance or other means. 

They check vitals, give any necessary medications, perform tests on them (such as x-rays), and more — the list goes on. ER nurses also help coordinate patient transfers between facilities when necessary.

The average base pay for a PACU RN is: $151,634

Check out our other breakdown of nurse base pay per position . 

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highest pay travel nurse

CareerStaff Unlimited

Home Travel Nursing Travel Nurse Benefits & Salary

Travel Nurse Benefits & Salary

Female holding hat on head and looking up at trees

Unparalleled Benefits for Your Travel Nursing Adventure

Your Journey. Your Reward.

Ready for your next travel nursing adventure? Discover a competitive travel nurse salary, unparalleled service, and exceptional benefits to ensure that your travel experience is not just fulfilling, but also rewarding.

As a traveler, enjoy a comprehensive package, top-notch health and wellness benefits, and a support that recognizes and values your expertise.

Competitive Travel Nurse Salaries

Your Expertise. Your Pay.

Discover the CareerStaff difference! We recognize the dedication and skillset that travel nurses bring to the forefront of healthcare. That’s why we’re proud to offer a commitment to guaranteed pay, enticing travel stipends, and competitive compensation packages designed to meet your unique needs.

Earn What You Deserve

As a travel nurse, receive highly competitive compensation packages reflective of your skills, experience, and dedication to providing exceptional patient care, with many above the national average. Get the salary that you deserve for the invaluable contributions you make to healthcare facilities across the country.

Housing and Travel Stipends

Maximize your travel nurse salary with tax-free stipends for housing and travel. We understand the importance of financial flexibility. Therefore our stipends are designed to ensure you enjoy your travel nursing adventure without worrying about your travel expenses.

Travel Bonuses and Incentives

As a travel nurse with CareerStaff, you’ll have the opportunity to earn additional bonuses and exclusive incentives. These include seasonal bonuses of up to $1200* average and our referral bonus program, where you can earn up to $750* for each traveler you refer.

Guaranteed Weekly Pay & Direct Deposit

As a travel nurse, you can receive your salary and weekly earnings via direct deposit. This gives you the financial freedom to fully embrace all the exciting opportunities that come with your travel job. If you don’t have a bank account, no worries! You can also choose to access your earnings through a pay card.

Comprehensive Travel Nurse Benefits

Your Wellness. Your Care.

From onboarding and credentialing support to health and wellness, we’ve got you covered! At CareerStaff, your well-being is as important as the exceptional care you provide. Therefore, we offer a suite of benefits designed to cater to your every need, ensuring you can focus on what you do best—making a difference in the lives of patients nationwide—while we take care of you.

Health, Wellness, and Life Coverage

Your well-being is our priority. As a travel nurse, enjoy comprehensive health benefits including health, vision, dental and life insurance coverage, ensuring you have access to the care you need while on assignment.

401k Retirement Plans

Invest and plan for your future with confidence. Our travel nurses have the opportunity to enroll in 401(k) retirement plans, helping you build a secure financial foundation for the years ahead.

Flexible Scheduling for Your Lifestyle

As a travel nurse, you have the flexibility to create a schedule that aligns with your preferences. Whether you thrive in the hustle of daytime activities, prefer the tranquility of night shifts, or crave the excitement of weekend adventures, we’ve got the perfect assignment for you.

Personalized Support for Your Journey

Feel supported around the clock with our dedicated team available 24/7. If you have a question about your assignment, need assistance with scheduling, or need clinical support during your travels, our team is here to ensure you have the resources and guidance you need.

Salary and Benefits FAQs

Nurse in hospital hallway setting

In 2023, the  average travel nurse base salary  is $2,139 per week or $116,923 a year, and rates vary depending on location, facility, or state. However, some CareerStaff travel nurses earn over $3,000 per week, depending on incentives, stipends, and bonus opportunities! Take flight with us and connect with a travel nurse recruiter to see how much you can earn!

Yes! In addition to competitive travel nurse salary, weekly pay, and travel stipends, the full suite of comprehensive travel nurse benefits typically includes: Medical Plans Dental Plans Vision Plans 401(k) Plan Life Insurance Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)/Health Savings Accounts (HSA) Pre-Tax Spending Accounts, and more. Additionally, there are also many other perks our travelers enjoy, from hundreds of assignments nationwide to referral bonus opportunities.

In 2023, the roles of critical care (ICU), emergency room, operating room, and cath lab fetched some of the highest nurse salaries. However, the amount paid typically depends on various factors such as the work setting, nurse specialty , demand, location, and more. By partnering with CareerStaff, we’ll work with you to maximize your earnings and reach a compensation package that you deserve!

Travel nursing is an exciting career path that offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities. From exploring new and unique destinations across the United States to experiencing freedom, flexibility, and professional growth, the possibilities are endless. With high demand, benefits, and top pay, travel nursing is more than just a job, it is a chance to make new connections, discover new passions, and create lifelong memories. Discover the unparalleled  benefits of becoming a travel nurse  with CareerStaff!

Happy male traveler wearing a hat and sunglasses smiling at the camera

Your Setting. Your Next Travel Nursing Job.

When you travel with CareerStaff, you’ll have the benefit of hundreds of available assignments every day, in a wide variety of travel nurse settings and specialties , including: 

  • Hospitals, health centers, and surgical centers
  • Post-acute care, critical care, and ICU wards 
  • Senior living, skilled nursing (SNF), and long-term care facilities (LTC)
  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Correctional facilities

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Questions about travel nursing? Whether you’re navigating the onboarding process, curious about travel nurse benefits, or seeking guidance on how to best prepare for your assignments, our Clinician Life Blog has you covered!

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Nursing Onboarding Process: What to Expect & How to Prepare

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highest pay travel nurse

What to Know About The 5 Highest Paying Travel Nurse Specialties

  • June 16, 2022

Travel Nurse Specialties

The allure of travel nursing isn’t too hard to find—you work when you want, where you want, and get paid for doing what you love. You also get to obtain new personal and professional experiences and explore places that may have otherwise remained unknown to you. However, there’s more to know about travel nursing if you want to be prepared.

Like any profession, travel nurses want their skillset and specialty to be in high demand. In the travel nursing industry, that’s how you gain job security, a higher salary, and more options when it comes to choosing your travel nurse assignment. The highest-paid travel nurse specialties depend on various factors, including location, demand, and urgency of needs.

Before signing a travel nurse contract , let’s look at the highest-paid travel nurse specialties and the important aspects to consider.

Things To Consider About Best Paying Travel Nurse Specialties

1. icu travel nurse.

ICU nurses are the most in-demand and highest-paid travel nurse specialty for obvious reasons. They are highly trained in caring for the most critical patients—patients who are intubated, ventilated, on life-sustaining medication drips, or whose life hangs on by a thread. To work in the ICU, you must be meticulously organized, respond quickly to emergencies, and handle unpredictable situations. 

ICU nurses often have advanced training and certifications, which means increased pay packages. Furthermore, ICU nurses can essentially work or float to most units in the hospital, and this also increases demand.

2. ER and OR Travel Nurses

ER and OR travel nurse specialties have a lot of overlap but still remain two distinct professions. The main differences revolve around the number of patients you will see on a given day and how predictable your workflow will be during your travel nurse assignment . In the ER, you have to prioritize far more because you are exposed to more people with a wide range of illnesses and injuries. On the other hand, the OR will see a set number of people per day, and you will have the predictability of knowing which conditions you’ll see.

ER nurses have been in short supply since the start of Covid, so this travel nurse specialty can make excellent money in most locations throughout the country. An ongoing shortage of ER nurses is expected in the future because of the fast-paced nature and overall intensity of the ER.

Operating room nurses can either function as circulating or scrub nurses during procedures. Typically, travel nurses assume the circulating nurse role; however, it depends on the setting. OR nurses are highly skilled; the more experience with different body systems, the more desirable you will be.

3. Med-Surg Travel Nurse

Medical-surgical nurses provide patient care for various medical conditions and often have heavier patient assignments than in an ICU setting. A Med-Surg nurse is responsible for coordinating a patient’s care from the minute they walk through the door to the moment they leave. The knowledge and experience of travel nurses in these specialties are vital and irreplaceable. High-level critical-thinking skills, vast clinical understanding, and calmness under pressure are imperative for Med-Surg nurses.

4. L&D Travel Nurse

L&D Nurses are consistently among the highest-paid travel nursing specialties because of the overwhelming number of births in many hospitals. Labor and Delivery travel nurses are an integral part of the delivery process, ensuring that mothers, newborns, and their extended families receive quality, essential care during every step of the birthing process. These nurses usually care for relatively healthy patients but must be ready to handle any emergencies that arise, such as an unscheduled cesarean section.

5. Telemetry Travel Nurse

Similar to medical-surgical nurses, telemetry nurses primarily focus on patients requiring advanced cardiac monitoring. Telemetry travel nurses often care for more critically ill patients than medical-surgical nurses. They monitor changes in condition, record and interpret vital data to assist with patient assessment, and are responsible for educating patients on home health care.

Common conditions requiring Telemetry RN interventions include cardiac surgery, renal failure, COPD, sleep disorders, neurological problems, epilepsy, and cancer. 

Bonus: Pediatric Travel Nurse

Pediatric Travel RNs provide nursing care to children, adolescents, and teens. Because they work with such a sensitive population, their duties often go beyond the simple tasks such as monitoring vitals and administering medications.

Working with children can be both rewarding and challenging. Pediatric Travel RNs must have the patience and compassion to care for children who are often scared and uncomfortable. They must also be able to work quickly and efficiently under pressure, and be able to handle complex medical tasks. This type of nursing can be both exciting and challenging, and it allows you to experience new places and meet new people

The world of travel nursing opens a whole new world of possibilities for passionate and daring RNs—whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned nurse. If you’re ready to grow your nursing career, Nurse First can help! Visit our job board to see all available travel nurse jobs at our top travel nurse locations and get started today!

highest pay travel nurse

From a Staff Nurse to Travel Nurse: Everything You Need to Know to Expand Your Career

Travel nursing has been an in-demand career for years now, but the pandemic pushed demand for travel nurses to an all-time high.  If you’re considering making the move to travel nursing, you’re bound to have certain questions. How does travel

highest pay travel nurse

3 Tips To Help Travel Nurses Stay Safe During The Pandemic

Nurses have been on the front lines of the pandemic since the start. Whether in traditional nursing roles, in emergency rooms, administering vaccines, or traveling, nurses have been first responders to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the pandemic is nearing an

highest pay travel nurse

5 Tips On How To Make Your First Assignment As A Travel Nurse Easier

Getting ready for your first assignment as a travel nurse? Congratulations! It’s an exciting time in your career and travel nursing will open up so many doors for you. If you’re already packed, have your housing situation settled, and have

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The 10 Highest-Paying Travel Nurse Assignments in 2023

In this article, we’ll cover where you can find lucrative travel nursing jobs and which positions usually pay the most. Since this is just a starting point, you’ll want to work with an agency to find the best fit for you. Let’s dive in! Specialties Travel Article

  • Travel Nursing

Updated: Jul 7, 2023   Published Mar 14, 2023


With the healthcare staffing shortage never seeming to end, you've probably heard about travel nursing. There are probably even a few travel nurses floating around your unit. After hearing about the dreamy lifestyle and huge paychecks, maybe you're thinking about trying it for yourself! While it's true nursing isn't all about the money, travel nurses usually make plenty of it. If you're interested in taking a job somewhere away from home, you've probably wondered where to find the highest-paying travel nurse assignments.

Below we'll review what travel nursing is, why it can be so lucrative as well as give you the highest paying locations and assignments.

What is Travel Nursing?

Although travel nursing is all the rage right now due to staffing shortages across the country, this isn't a new trend. Nurses have been packing their bags to care for those in need since the late 1970s when New Orleans hospitals were overwhelmed by Mardi Gras partiers who sustained injuries during their celebrations.

As times change, traveling nursing opportunities change with them. Today, you can find travel assignments for almost any specialty—and in almost any place you can imagine!

Thanks to improved technology and an abundance of agencies, you can become a travel nurse with ease. And finding the highest-paying travel nurse assignments isn't difficult, either. With plenty of competition and hospitals everywhere needing more nurses, you'll find lucrative opportunities regardless of your interests or specialty.

Why Do Travel Nurses Make So Much Money?

Staff nurses may feel slighted by the fact that travel nurses tend to make a much higher hourly rate even though they're doing the same work. So why do travel nurses make so much money?

Many factors go into the paycheck nurses who uproot their lives to care for others receive. The highest-paying travel nurse assignments are usually with employers paying a premium to address critical staffing shortages. A nurse traveling to a hospital with poor staffing will almost certainly make more than a co-worker on the same unit. Employers also need to offer high wages to convince nurses to leave home and work for them.

It's true travel nurses see a bigger number in their paychecks and enjoy tax-free reimbursements for expenses like rent and moving. But many staff nurses are surprised to learn their compensation often lines up closely. Nurses employed full-time by a hospital get healthcare coverage, PTO, and don't have to worry about the costs of moving every few months. Travel nurses still go home with the most cash since staff nurses often have much of their compensation tied up in these other benefits.

So if you're looking for a job that offers the biggest payday, travel nursing is hard to beat.

Highest Paying Travel Nurse Assignments By Location

There are travel nursing assignments available across the U.S. and even internationally. But they aren't created equally. Some locations offer higher pay than others. The weather, nearby activities, and the cost of living all play a role. They are all important factors for travel nurses who are looking for their next assignment to consider. Let's look at the locations where you can find some of the highest-paying travel nurse assignments!

1- California

They say everything is more expensive in California. That means travel nurses, too! Hospitals in California pay a premium for travel nurses due to the high costs of living, taxes, and rent. Nurses are also in high demand in California since there is a large number of hospitals and health systems in the state.

Travel nurses looking for a sunny assignment with plenty to do will enjoy their time in California. Be prepared to spend more than usual on food and activities, but the experience is well worth it! You'll also have plenty of opportunities to work in some of the world's best healthcare facilities.

Average Pay: $2,598 per week

2- North Dakota

A big jump away from the sunny shores and mountains of California, you'll find North Dakota, the state with the second highest paying travel nurse assignments. Although there is much less to do and the climate isn't as attractive, North Dakota has plenty of job opportunities for nurses because of a huge nursing shortage in the state. Despite the high pay, North Dakota's cost of living is very low. So if you want to enjoy nature and save some money fast, this could be a great opportunity!

Average Pay: $2,397 per week

3- Rhode Island

Despite being the smallest state in the U.S., travel nurses are in high demand in Rhode Island. The salaries are also some of the highest in the country. With close proximity to major cities like Boston and New York, this is an attractive option for those who enjoy a weekend road trip. Meanwhile, Rhode Island travel nurses will love the cozy New England atmosphere, seaside views, and small-town charm of the state.

Average Pay: $2,352 per week

4- New York / New Jersey

The New York/New Jersey area is another popular area for travel nurses. With a ton of people living in this small area, there are also numerous hospitals to care for them. Continued nursing shortages mean there are always openings for travelers. If you're a fan of metropolitan living, hiking in the mountains, or exploring some of the biggest cities on the east coast, this could be a great location for an assignment.

Average Pay: $2,330 per week

You'll have to travel outside the continental U.S. for this one! Alaska is one of the most unique locations for travel nurses to explore without living abroad. Due to its remote nature and harsh winters, pay rates for travel nurses in Alaska are high. With stunning alpine scenery, endless outdoor activities, and a totally unique living experience, Alaska has a lot to offer for adventurous travel nurses.

Highest Paying Travel Nurse Assignments By Position

For nurses with lots of experience or a background in specialty care, travel opportunities become even more lucrative. The highest-paying travel nurse jobs are often related to a specialty or require certain skills that not all nurses have. So if you fall into one of these categories and are thinking about picking up a travel assignment, get your bank account ready to meet some new friends (we like to call them dollars)!

1- NICU Nurse

The combination of critical care and working with babies makes NICU nursing a unique specialty. For NICU travel nurses, this means a big paycheck comes with the responsibilities. NICU nurses need to have previous experience in the NICU for almost all travel positions. Most agencies look for at least a year of experience. NICU nurses will use a variety of skills while caring for critically ill babies as well as infants with chronic conditions or very low birth weights. This specialized care and the required experience make NICU travel nursing a high-paying opportunity.

Average Pay: $3,320 per week ($83 per hour)

2- ER Nurse

ER nurses must be ready to deal with the most critical of patients. Working in the ER is also fast-paced, and skills like triage and critical thinking are essential. Since you'll be the first nurse caring for a patient when they arrive, you'll see a wide range of illnesses and injuries. This is a great way for nurses to stay sharp and build their skill set. You should be good at working in high-pressure situations if this opportunity interests you. Since most travel agencies and hospitals require ER nurses to have previous experience, this position pays more than most.

Average Pay: $2,856 per week ($71 per hour)

3- Intensive Care Nurse (ICU/CVICU)

It should come as no surprise to see ICU nursing near the top of this list. After all, most critical care nurses make more than their co-workers, even in non-travel positions. Aside from the amount of training and experience you need to thrive in the ICU environment, intensive care is often more stressful than other acute care units. And thanks to burnout from handling the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses have left the ICU in record numbers. Training new staff takes time, but hospitals need nurses in the meantime. This means jobs in the ICU are one of the highest paying travel nurse assignments—and hospitals always need to fill these roles.

Average Pay: $2,508 per week ($63 per hour)

4- OB / Labor and Delivery (L&D) Nurse

A specialty unlike any other, L&D nurses care for mothers and babies during the birthing process. This requires a unique skill set that doesn't translate to many other areas of nursing. Gaining experience in this specialty takes time, which makes skilled L&D nurses hard to find. Since people won't stop having babies anytime soon, this specialty is always in demand. While L&D nurses generally care for healthier patients, they still must be ready to handle emergencies if they arise. The combination of essential specialty experience and constant demand makes L&D one of the highest-paying travel nurse assignments.

Average Pay: $2,440 per week ($61 per hour)

5- Telemetry Nurse

The skill and training required to be a telemetry nurse make this one of the highest-paid travel nurse assignments. You'll need to be able to manage care for patients with cardiovascular disease and work with the latest medical technology. Since there are often high nurse-to-patient ratios in this role, be ready to balance your time and work under pressure. If this sounds like you, a telemetry travel nursing job could be a great fit.

Average Pay: $2,278 per week ($57 per hour)

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foxypaws, BSN, MSN, RN

You seem to have forgotten Operating Room nursing. We are usually either top or close to it for compensation. 


1 Article; 5,774 Posts

For a couple years after the pandemic hit, I was regularly received email solicitations for an astounding $8,000 plus a week for CVOR. They dropped recently but are still around $5,000 a week. Interesting to consider the huge drop in elective surgery and OR nurses going on to other things, anything but CVOR! 

ArrowRN, BSN, RN

4 Articles; 1,149 Posts

Anyone told landlords we no longer make the average $4500/week? not to mention the barrage of new nurses jumping into traveling and not realizing what they getting into. 


javadown2, BSN

ArrowRN said: Anyone told landlords we no longer make the average $4500/week? not to mention the barrage of new nurses jumping into traveling and not realizing what they getting into. 

I don't think rentals/Airbnb are setting rental numbers just because if travel nurses LOL. I'm still over 4800 a week in CA until July of 2023. Inflation is high everywhere! 

javadown2 said: I don't think rentals/Airbnb are setting rental numbers just because if travel nurses LOL. I'm still over 4800 a week in CA until July of 2023. Inflation is high everywhere! 

Still there? Who paying contract that high still? What specialty? Bruh I am struggling to find someone to pay over 3000/week LOL....looking forward to 2024. 

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highest pay travel nurse

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Nursing: Highest Paying Cities And Jobs

highest pay travel nurse

Table of Contents

Travel nursing is an exciting career path that allows healthcare professionals to work in different geographic locations and clinical settings while providing quality care to patients. One of the biggest advantages of this profession is the ability to earn a higher salary compared to traditional nursing jobs. In this ultimate guide to travel nursing, we will explore the highest-paying cities and jobs in the industry. Whether you're a seasoned travel nurse or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the information you need to maximize your earnings and advance your career.


Highest Paying Cities for Travel Nurses

When it comes to national travel nurse jobs, some cities and states tend to offer much higher pay than others. This is usually due to many factors, such as the cost of living, demands for specific nursing specialties, and the availability of medical facilities.

The Top 5 Highest Paying Travel Nursing Cities

1. San Francisco, California:

San Francisco is a city known for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, vibrant cultural scene, and tech industry, and it also happens to be one of the highest-paying travel nursing cities. Due to the high cost of living, the travel nurse salary in San Francisco typically covers housing stipends and other benefits to help nurses manage their expenses. The average base salary for travel nursing jobs here is well above the national average pay.

2. San Diego, California:

Another Californian city on our list, San Diego is famous for its beautiful coastlines, pristine beaches, and world-class medical facilities. Travel nurse jobs in San Diego offer competitive salaries, especially for those with experience in specialized areas like critical care, neonatal nursing, and oncology. The travel nursing jobs in San Diego are often found in prestigious institutions, providing an excellent opportunity to expand your professional network.

3. North Carolina:

The Tar Heel State offers some of the best national travel nurse jobs with competitive salaries. Along with attractive pay packages, North Carolina provides travel nurses with plenty of opportunities to explore its beautiful landscapes, from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Coast. Cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham offer high-paying positions in both urban and rural medical facilities.

4. South Dakota:

South Dakota, known for its vast expanses of natural beauty and outdoor recreational activities, is another high-paying state for travel nurse jobs. Medical facilities in cities like Rapid City and Sioux Falls offer competitive salaries and incentives to attract qualified travel nurses. As a travel nurse in South Dakota, you can enjoy exploring Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park, and numerous historical sites while earning a substantial income.

5. South Carolina:

Attractive pay packages are just one aspect that draws travel nurses to the scenic state of South Carolina. With beautiful beaches and historic cities like Charleston, South Carolina offers an excellent work-life balance for travel nurses. South Carolina's highest-paying travel nursing cities include Columbia, Greenville, and Myrtle Beach. Nurses working in specialized fields like cardiac, dialysis, and labor and delivery can expect even higher salaries.

Understanding the Fine Print: How Much Do Travel Nurses Really Make?

The fully detailed pay packages for travel nurses.

Travel nurse salary packages can be complex and vary depending on factors such as location, specialization, and experience. A standard pay package may include an hourly wage, housing stipend, per diem allowances, and travel reimbursements. In certain locations, such as North Dakota, Western States, or the East Coast, these packages may also include bonuses, such as sign-on, completion, or extension bonuses.

Understanding the various components of a travel nurse salary package is essential to making an informed decision about the opportunities available and how well they align with your financial goals. It's crucial to review NCLEX questions and negotiate pay packages, including stipends and allowances, during the interview process.

Travel Nurse Salary: Negotiating for the Highest Pay

Negotiating your travel nurse salary and benefits can be a complicated process, but it's vital to ensure you're fairly compensated for your skills and experience. Here are some tips for negotiating the highest pay possible:

1. Know your worth: Research the average travel nurse's salary for your specialty and experience level in the location you're considering. Websites like Glassdoor and Payscale can provide salary data for different nursing specialties and geographical areas.

2. Be prepared to discuss your experience and qualifications: Highlight your certifications, relevant experience, and any additional skills that set you apart from other candidates. Make sure to mention any particularly challenging assignments you've handled in the past.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for more: If you receive an offer that is below your expectations or less competitive than similar job postings, it is acceptable to ask for a higher salary or additional benefits like a housing stipend, travel reimbursement, or bonuses.

4. Weigh the entire package: Remember, your travel nurse salary is just one component of your overall compensation package. Be sure to consider factors like housing, medical benefits, and opportunities for professional growth when comparing different travel nursing jobs.

How to Find the Best Paying Travel Nurse Jobs

Finding the best-paying travel nurse jobs involves a combination of research, networking, and persistence. Here's how to maximize your chances:

1. Utilize reputable job boards: Websites like or are great resources for finding travel nursing jobs with competitive salaries. Keep an eye out for listings in the highest-paying travel nursing cities and states.

2. Partner with a travel nursing agency: A good travel nursing agency, like Health Carousel Travel Nursing, can help you find the best-paying travel nurse jobs tailored to your preferences and qualifications. They can also help with negotiating salary and benefits on your behalf.

3. Network with other travel nurses: Join online forums, and social media groups, or attend conferences and meetups for travel nurses. Networking with other professionals in the field can provide valuable information about high-paying travel nurse jobs and potential employers.

4. Be open to relocating: Some of the highest-paying travel nurse jobs might be in locations that weren't initially on your radar, such as North Dakota, South Dakota, or cities along the East and West Coast. Be open to exploring new locations to benefit from these lucrative opportunities.

As the demand for nursing professionals continues to grow, national travel nurse jobs in cities like Raleigh, San Diego, San Francisco, and Sioux Falls present fantastic prospects for those seeking well-paid opportunities. Understanding the pay structure and remaining proactive in your job search will help ensure that you find high-paying travel nursing jobs in the most rewarding locations.

Top Travel Nursing Jobs and Specializations

Travel nursing is an exciting and rewarding profession with numerous job opportunities for skilled healthcare professionals. With diverse specializations and locations, travel nurses can grow their careers while exploring new places. In this article, we'll focus on some popular travel nursing jobs and their respective specializations, such as Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and Anesthesia Care Unit (ACU) travel nursing jobs .

Licensed Practical Nurse Travel Nursing Jobs

As travel nurses, LPNs can find opportunities across the country, working in various medical facilities such as hospitals, outpatient centers, and long-term care facilities. Some popular regions for national travel nurse jobs include California, North and South Dakota, and the East Coast. LPNs are in high demand as they provide essential care to patients, like administering medications, dressing wounds, and assisting with daily tasks.

Travel nurse jobs for LPNs often offer competitive salaries. According to recent data, the travel nurse's salary is typically higher than the national average pay, allowing professionals to save money while exploring different parts of the country. With paid travel expenses, housing options, and flexibility in assignment duration, LPNs can enjoy a more comfortable and adventurous lifestyle.

To qualify for LPN travel nursing jobs , candidates must pass the NCLEX-PN exam, which prepares them for practical nursing roles. Completing NCLEX questions and gaining experience in various medical settings can equip LPNs to handle different patient populations and healthcare environments. This versatility makes LPNs even more appealing to employers offering travel nursing jobs.

Anesthesia Care Unit Travel Nursing Jobs

Another promising specialization within the travel nursing field is working in Anesthesia Care Units (ACUs). Ensuring patient safety and comfort during surgical procedures, ACU travel nurses provide vital support to anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists. They monitor patients before, during, and after surgeries, administer medications, and maintain proper documentation.

Travel nursing jobs in ACUs are available in various medical facilities throughout the country. Nurses can choose assignments based on their preferences, selecting from locations along the West Coast, such as Los Angeles, or in the northern and western states like North Dakota, South Dakota, and numerous others.

ACU travel nurses are rewarded with competitive salaries, which often exceed the national average pay. As with other travel nurse jobs, benefits like paying travel expenses, furnished housing options, and flexible assignment lengths make these positions highly attractive, enabling nurses to pursue their passions and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

To qualify for ACU travel nursing jobs, candidates must complete their RN degree, pass the NCLEX-RN exam, and gain experience working within anesthesia care settings. This experience serves as a solid foundation to excel in ACU travel nursing roles, as well as to potentially further specialize in areas such as the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) or the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

In conclusion, travel nursing jobs present healthcare professionals with excellent opportunities to grow and diversify their careers. As healthcare environments change and new challenges arise, travel nurses equipped with specialized skills like LPNs or those in the Anesthesia Care Unit (ACU) will continue to be in high demand, allowing them to enjoy nationwide opportunities, competitive salaries, and fulfilling work experience.

Whether you are looking for an east, west, north or south location, you can choose your dream travel assignment and still make top dollar for your efforts. Connect with your recruiter to get the ball rolling!

highest pay travel nurse

Jennifer McDonald , FNP-BC is a nurse practitioner with 17 years of healthcare experience. She has worked in medical research for six years, teaches nurse practitioner students, and spent many years in acute and family care. Her love of medicine is rivaled only by her love of coffee and running with her endlessly energetic puppy.


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Top destinations for travel contracts: ohio's midwest charm, an exploration of travel nurse salaries in california, the ultimate guide to travel nurse salaries in connecticut, view top jobs in.

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highest pay travel nurse

The biggest nursing pay gaps exist between these two types

Shutterstock // gorodenkoff, a tale of two nurses: how average travel nurse compensation compares to all us nurse salaries.

Heightened demand made nursing a high-paying profession over the last decade, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.

Registered nurses today earn more than $45 per hour on average—about $14 more than the average wage across all occupations in the United States. Traveling nurses with the same skills and credentials can earn another $16 more per hour, on average, compared to staff nurses. A typical contract for a traveling nurse is about 13 weeks but can be shorter or longer.

In some states, the pay difference between travel and staff nurses is even more dramatic.

Vivian Health leveraged its proprietary data, along with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics , to analyze and chart the differences in pay at the national and state levels between staff and travel registered nurses. We pulled data from both sources on May 2023, the last time the BLS updated its data. BLS data on registered nurses is conflated with staff nursing positions in this analysis, though the numbers would technically include travel nurses, as well. However, travel nurses comprise a small portion of the overall RN workforce, and their wages won't affect the overall averages too much.

The pandemic exacerbated existing nursing shortages, driving high demand for RNs who could temporarily fill gaps through travel contracts. While COVID-19-related demand has eased, travel nurses remain a vital solution for ongoing nursing shortages.

Vivian Health

The biggest nursing pay gap can be found in the upper midwest.

The Midwest enjoys higher ratios of nurses per capita than other areas in the U.S., which should translate to less demand for travel nurses overall.

That said, nurses who take travel contracts in the Midwest, on average, earn the highest per-hour wage difference compared to their on-staff counterparts. Travel nurse pay stands out here, as a lower cost of living in this region often translates to lower compensation for residents. Offering high wages for traveling nurses in parts of the Midwest that are in need can help attract more RNs to these states , which are not ranked among the most popular for state-to-state migration.

Conversely, the smallest differences in pay exist in the states where nurses are paid the most: Hawaii and along the West Coast. These locations also have relatively high costs of living, particularly in urban areas, as well as strong nursing unions that help nurses demand better pay and benefits.

States on the West Coast are home to top nursing/medical schools and major medical employers, including Kaiser Permanente (California), University of Washington medical centers, University of California hospitals, and other large health care facilities. Nurses in California additionally benefit from legally mandated minimum staffing levels, which help prevent overworking and burnout.

Regardless of where they operate, travel nurses typically have the potential to earn much more than their staff counterparts. There are some downsides to these contracts, including a lack of stability, the challenge of learning a new workplace every few months, and less opportunity to build lasting relationships with co-workers and patients. But they also offer a chance to see new places, learn skills associated with various roles, meet many people, and build wealth.

Staffing up with temporary contracts, like those of travel nurses, created huge cost burdens for hospitals from 2020 through 2022. Many hospitals are in precarious financial situations to begin with and may need to rework their staffing strategies to be more sustainable. Still, amid nursing shortages and an aging, increasingly care-dependent population, travel nurses will likely continue to be a critical element of the American health care industry.

Story editing by Nicole Caldwell. Copy editing by Tim Bruns.

This story originally appeared on Vivian Health and was produced and distributed in partnership with Stacker Studio.

The biggest nursing pay gaps exist between these two types

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General election latest: 'You don't deliver energy security with a logo': Rishi Sunak dismisses latest Labour plan

Rishi Sunak attacks Labour's plan to deliver clean power by 2030. We're due to hear from Sir Keir Starmer in Scotland this morning.

Friday 31 May 2024 09:41, UK

  • General Election 2024

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Election news

  • Starmer vows to kick off clean energy plans 'within months'
  • 'You don't deliver energy security with a logo': PM dismisses Labour's plan
  • Tories pledge to crack down on antisocial behaviour
  • Minister admits latest Tory defection to Labour is 'disappointing'
  • Politics at Jack and Sam's podcast : The Day... Trump altered British politics
  • Be in the audience for our general election leaders event
  • Live reporting by Ben Bloch

Expert analysis

  • Jon Craig: Latest Tory defector not an obvious fit for Labour
  • Gurpreet Narwan: Reform unfussed by impact of 'immigration tax'
  • Darren McCaffrey: Partygate clearly still an issue for Tories
  • Beth Rigby: Massive distraction gives Starmer questions to answer

Election essentials

  • Trackers: Who's leading polls? | Is PM keeping promises?
  • Campaign Heritage: Memorable moments from elections gone by
  • Follow Sky's politics podcasts: Electoral Dysfunction | Politics At Jack And Sam's
  • Read more: What happens next? | Who is standing down? | Key seats to watch | How to register to vote | What counts as voter ID? | Check if your constituency's changing | Your essential guide to election lingo | Sky's election night plans

The SNP is criticising Labour's green energy plans as "disastrous" for Scotland, saying they'll cost thousands of jobs ( more here ).

But Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar categorically rejected the assertion, telling Sky News: "It's utter nonsense. And again, I think demonstrates the grievance driven politics of the SNP.

"What we are talking about here is GB Energy, a publicly owned energy generation company headquartered in Scotland, backed up by the UK Treasury, winning billions of pounds of investment here in Scotland, investment in onshore wind, offshore wind, carbon capture storage, our ports our supply chains, tidal, hydrogen and so much more.

"And that means over 50,000 more jobs here in Scotland."

He said the plan is "good for Aberdeen in the north east, good for Scotland, good for the UK".

"Whilst all the SNP can do is carp from the sidelines, I think it shows you their lack of ambition for Scotland and us trying to maximise and realise Scotland's potential."

A short while ago, we spoke with Anas Sarwar, the leader of Scottish Labour, and he asked for his view on if Diane Abbott should be able to stand for the party at this election.

It comes after she claimed she had been barred, Sir Keir Starmer contradicted it, and yet there is still no clarity.

Mr Sarwar told Sky News that this is a "matter for the NEC [National Executive Committee]", but said he Ms Abbott is "a trailblazer, someone with a proud history in our party".

"Of course she made a mistake. She apologised for that. She went through an investigation process and now had the Liberal whip restored. But ultimately this is a decision for the NEC."

Pushed on if he personally would like to see her stand, he refused to comment, saying he would not like anyone telling him who should be a candidate in Scotland.

Asked if there is a cull of left-wing candidates going on, Mr Sarwar replied: "I don't accept that because I look at the diverse candidates we have here in Scotland from every wing of our Labour Party fighting for change across the country." 

He went on: "Our party is unified on the purpose of getting rid of this rotten Tory government who have done so much damage to Scotland and the UK over the last 14 years, and we are unified in delivering the change our country needs."

Sky News' deputy political editor Sam Coates and Politico's Jack Blanchard are already in your podcast feeds with their daily guide to the election day ahead.

This is day nine of the campaign. Jack and Sam discuss Donald Trump's show-stealing convictions in the US, continued accusations of a purge of Labour's left, and how the parties will be preparing for next week's first TV debate.

👉  Tap here to follow Politics at Jack at Sam's wherever you get your podcasts   👈

Email Jack and Sam: [email protected]

By Tom Parmenter , national correspondent

Prioritising older voters while forcing teenagers into national service has been described as "outright wrong" in Sky News' Target Towns.

The early stages of the campaign have seen the Conservatives offering a pensions "triple lock plus" while also promising to force 18-year-olds to dedicate time to the military or community service.

Labour has vowed to maintain the pensions triple lock for the duration of the next Parliament, if elected.

Inside a boxing fitness class laid on for elderly residents of a care home in Grimsby, Sky News heard concerns about an emerging generational divide.

Sydney Ballard, 18, has just started a student work placement at the care home. She said she wanted to see fewer dividing lines in politics.

Read more here:

 On 12 June, Sky News will be hosting an election leaders event in Grimsby - a key marginal seat and one of our Target Towns this election year.

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and the Conservative leader Rishi Sunak have been invited to attend, and we are looking for a live audience to join us on the night.

If you would like to be part of this studio audience, and be given the opportunity to ask a question to one of the party leaders, please complete the short questionnaire in this link .

We spoke a short while ago to Kate Forbes, MSP and deputy first minister of Scotland, and we asked why the SNP thinks Labour's plan to create GB Energy - a publicly owned energy company, headquartered in Scotland - is disastrous.

She told Sky News: "I don't think anybody's actually established what GB Energy means, for starters."

She went on: "With about £20bn worth of revenue set to flow from the northeast over to the Treasury in the coming six years, I don't think Scotland should be somehow grateful that GB Energy should be based in Scotland".

The SNP, she said, is "really concerned though about Labour's completely disjointed approach to energy" because experts say thousands of jobs could be impacted.

More broadly, Ms Forbes said: "Labour talks a lot about change. I would like to hope it's more than a strap line, yet we haven't seen much substance."

She insisted the SNP believes in a "just transition", but said the oil and gas industry is "critical" for Scotland, and worries that Labour's plans will see immediate job losses.

"What we want to see is a revolution, as it were, that does create jobs, that puts money in people's pockets and ultimately reduces our energy."

On Labour's plans, she added: "GB Energy seems to be [...] unsubstantiated right now in terms of the detail, and it's set against the 100,000 jobs that might be lost if Labour are victorious and continue with these policies."

A short while ago, broadcasters discussed with the PM the news that Donald Trump has become the  first former US president to be convicted  of a crime.

He was asked if he would be happy to work with a Trump White House if he wins the election in July.

But Rishi Sunak declined to comment, saying: "You wouldn't expect me to comment on another country's domestic politics or judicial processes.

"I'm focused squarely on the election here at home, talking to people across the country about the choice at our election.

"That's my focus."

Follow the latest reaction to Mr Trump's conviction in our dedicated live blog here:

The Conservative Party is going on the attack against Labour's shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves over pensions today.

They say that in 2018, Ms Reeves, along with a Starmerite think tank, supported restricting tax relief on pension contributions by people in higher tax bands, accusing her of planning a "tax raid".

Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride claimed to Sky News that Mr Reeves could use the nearly decade-old proposal to fill in the gap from "a £38.5bn unfunded spending commitment".

He said she is going to "raid workplace pensions".

Sky's Anna Jones pointed out that this proposal was made in 2018 - before the last general election, well before Ms Reeves was appointed shadow chancellor, and is not Labour policy.

But Mr Stride said Ms Reeves' mentor, Gordon Brown, also implemented a policy that reduced the value of pensions, and "kept it very quiet as to what he was going to do" in the preceding election.

"So if you're thinking there's going to be a Labour government coming up, the message should be start saving now because you're going to pay for it."

Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride has claimed to Sky News that "millions of pensioners under a Labour government are going to get dragged into income tax".

The cabinet minister was highlighting the Tory plan to unfreeze tax thresholds for pensioners so that those relying on the state pension don't have to pay income tax - something Labour has not committed to.

He was challenged by Sky's Anna Jones, who pointed out that it was the Tory party that froze tax thresholds in the first place, so they are proposing to undo their own policy.

Mr Stride said the Tories are delivering "real taxes", adding: "All taxes move around in different ways over many years."

"You start from where you are, and you have to decide where you're going to go to and where we're going to is lower taxes," he added, pointing to the recent national insurance tax cuts.

The prime minister was asked this morning for his reaction to the news that the former chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, has endorsed Labour's plan for Great British Energy.

Speaking to broadcasters, Rishi Sunak said: "Well, as far as I can tell, all this new policy is is a logo, and you don't deliver any energy security for our country with a logo."

His view, he said, is to "prioritise this country's energy security" by "continuing to support Britain's North Sea energy industry", which is "not something that the Labour Party supports".

"And on top of that, I'll make sure that we get to net zero in a more proportionate way that does not load up ordinary families with thousands of pounds worth of costs."

He also claimed that experts have described Labour's energy plans as "incoherent, incredible and completely unachievable".

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highest pay travel nurse


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    highest pay travel nurse

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  1. Travel Nurse Salary 2024

    Location can make a huge difference in salary as a travel nurse. ZipRecruiter reports that the states that offer the highest pay for travel nurses include: New York: $128,277 annually or $61.67/hr. Arizona: $109,776 annually or $52.78/hr. Wyoming: $109,765 annually or $52.77/hr.

  2. 44 Highest-Paying Travel Nursing Jobs

    The ten states that offer the highest-paying travel nurse jobs are California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Oregon, Alaska, Washington, New York, Nevada, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The average annual salaries for travel RNs in these states range from $101,820 to $144,672. State.

  3. The 8 Highest Paying Travel Nurse Jobs in 2024

    Highest Paying Travel Nurse Locations. California - The most populous and geographically diverse state in the U.S., California is known for its vibrant culture and varied landscapes and climates. Average Weekly Pay Range: $3,200 - $3,550. Average Monthly Pay Range: $12,800 - $14,200. Average Annual Pay Range: $166,400 - $184,600.

  4. 9 Highest-Paying Travel Nursing Jobs To Consider Pursing

    The following are some of the highest-paying travel nurse jobs. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below: 1. Pediatrics registered nurse. National average salary: $65,988 per year Primary duties: A pediatrics registered nurse or pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) works with infants, toddlers and children.

  5. 25 Highest Paying States For Travel Nurses In 2024

    California, the Golden State, is the highest-paying state for travel nurses, with an hourly pay of $86.54. The typical weekly income of travel nurses surpasses what many make at $3,462. On average, for each month they work, California travel nurses earn $15,000. And annually, travel nurses in Cali pull in $180,000 each year.

  6. 18 Highest-Paying Travel Nursing Jobs

    Learn more about being a travel nurse in the US, and explore the highest-paying travel nursing jobs. What is a travel nurse? Travel nurses often fill short-term job vacancies. Nurse-to-patient ratios have a direct impact on patient safety, and health care companies typically use staffing agencies such as Axis Medical Staffing, Aya, and Triage ...

  7. How Much Do Travel Nurses Make?

    Depending on travel location, these practitioners can earn between $3,000 and $7,000 per week, averaging a 36-hour work week. According to Vivian, a healthcare jobs marketplace, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), travel nurses earn jan average of $2,183 per week, while RNs earn a mean hourly wage of $42.80.

  8. How to Make the Most Money as a Travel Nurse

    Under normal circumstances, many travel nurses have the potential to earn over $3,000 per week. Travel nurses can bring in over $50 per hour, plus company-paid housing accommodations. Making it entirely possible for travel nurses to make well over $100K per year.

  9. Travel nurse salaries are stabilizing in 2023 at about $3K per week

    The average annual base salary for registered nurses in 2021 was $77,600, according to the BLS. Assuming a rate of $3,100 per week for 52 weeks in a year, theoretically travel RNs could make more ...

  10. Highest-Paying Travel Nurse Assignments

    If you're looking for a new travel nurse assignment—or just curious how much current travel nurse jobs are paying out—here are some of the highest-paid travel nursing jobs currently available across the country. Cities Paying > $3,000 per week. Philadelphia, PA: $3.7K in OR; Reading, PA: $3.6K in OR; Atlanta, GA: $3.4K in OR

  11. Top 10 Highest Paying Travel Nursing Specialties

    2. Labor and delivery (L&D) nurse: $2,857/week. Labor and delivery nursing is consistently one of the highest-paid travel nursing specialties because of the overwhelming number of births in many hospitals. In addition, labor and delivery nurses can often work in postpartum and newborn nurseries, which increases the demand for them, and ...

  12. Travel Nurse Salary

    For instance, a travel nurse practitioner is the highest paid with an average annual salary of $174,730 per year, while an LPN travel nurse may earn less than half that with an average salary of $77,950 per year. Type: Hourly Wage: Monthly Salary: Annual Salary: Critical Care Travel Nurse : $59.71 : $10,350 : $124,190 : ER Travel Nurse :

  13. 2023 Index: The Best States for Travel Nurses to Work

    The index revealed that overall, the Dakotas are the best states to work as a travel nurse, scoring high marks across the board for salary, cost of living and travel nurse job opportunities statewide. Taking the top spot, South Dakota scored a full 100, followed closely by North Dakota, with a score of 96.62.

  14. States With the Highest Salary for a Travel Registered Nurse

    Here is a list of the top 10 states with the highest average salaries for travel registered nurses: Connecticut: $102,919 per year. Nevada: $106,110 per year. Massachusetts: $111,864 per year. Rhode Island: $97,009. New Jersey: $120,721 per year. New York: $134,663per year. Alaska: $107,319 per year.

  15. Guide to the Highest Paid Travel Nurse Jobs

    1. Cath Lab Travel Nurse - $6,200/wk. Cath lab nurses have always had a demanding rate when it comes to travel pay. They are an extremely specialized group of nurses and therefore demand a higher premium. Similar to operating room nurses, cath lab RN's go through a very long orientation that again is very specialized. 2.

  16. 5 States with the Highest (& Lowest) Nursing Salary

    Health Carousel Travel Nursing has identified the states with the 5 highest paid nursing jobs and the 5 lowest-paying registered nursing salaries. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 5 highest nursing salary by state includes: California $ 124,000. Hawaii $ 106,530. Oregon $ 98,630. District of Columbia $ 98,540. Alaska $ 97,230.

  17. Travel Nursing Jobs

    The average salary for a Registered Nurse is $2,106 per week. Last updated on May 29, 2024. Based on 112,350 active jobs on in the last 7 days. Explore all travel Registered Nurse salary insights.

  18. Top Earning States for Travel Nurses in the U.S.A. Guide

    The average base salary in Montana is: $119,765/year. 9. Travel Nurse Salary Wyoming. Out of all the western states, Wyoming employers pay the least for travel nurses, and is the fifth lowest-paying state in the US. The average base salary in Wyoming is: $101,317/year. 10. Travel Nurse Salary Utah.

  19. Travel Nurse Benefits

    What is the highest paid travel nurse? In 2023, the roles of critical care (ICU), emergency room, operating room, and cath lab fetched some of the highest nurse salaries. However, the amount paid typically depends on various factors such as the work setting, nurse specialty, demand, location, and more.

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    Operating Room (OR) Travel Nurse Salary. Operating Room (OR) nurses work with patients who are being prepared for surgery, assist the physician during surgery, and care for the patient post-surgery. They are part of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. OR nurses can earn $1,557 to $3,392 per week with AMN Healthcare.

  21. 5 Highest-Paid Travel Nurse Specialties

    4. L&D Travel Nurse. L&D Nurses are consistently among the highest-paid travel nursing specialties because of the overwhelming number of births in many hospitals. Labor and Delivery travel nurses are an integral part of the delivery process, ensuring that mothers, newborns, and their extended families receive quality, essential care during ...

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    The combination of essential specialty experience and constant demand makes L&D one of the highest-paying travel nurse assignments. Average Pay: $2,440 per week ($61 per hour) 5- Telemetry Nurse The skill and training required to be a telemetry nurse make this one of the highest-paid travel nurse assignments.

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    The Top 5 Highest Paying Travel Nursing Cities. 1. San Francisco, California: San Francisco is a city known for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, vibrant cultural scene, and tech industry, and it also happens to be one of the highest-paying travel nursing cities. Due to the high cost of living, the travel nurse salary in San Francisco typically ...

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    Earn what you deserve as a traveling registered nurse with Fastaff Travel Nursing's highest paying travel nursing jobs in the industry. Find travel nursing jobs from California to New York in all RN specialties. The pioneer travel nurse staffing agency in Rapid Response travel nurse staffing.

  25. The biggest nursing pay gaps exist between these two types

    Shutterstock // Gorodenkoff A tale of two nurses: How average travel nurse compensation compares to all US nurse salaries. Heightened demand made nursing a high-paying profession over the last ...

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