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Guyana Tours and Adventure Travel Guide 2023

adventure travel in Guyana

Welcome to Guyana, an adventure travelers heaven! A place where you can ride a horse up a mountain, zoom across the savannah on an ATV, shoot a shotgun, swim in a gorgeous creek, learn to throw a lasso and get involved in authentic ranch life…. all in a single day!

Guyana might be unknown to a lot of the world, but that’s all changing fast! With some recent tourism pushes, Guyana is really starting to make its mark on the world as a premium destination for adventure travel . And after spending 10 days adventuring around the rugged south, we can see exactly why.

It had been a long time since such a strong sense of adventure and excitement had ran through my veins. Guyana revitalized my passion for exploring the unknown and getting off the usual tourist track. So sit back, strap in and get ready for one hell of a trip.

best adventure travel tours Guyana

Starting the Guyana Adventure Travel

The adventure started as soon as we touch down at Georgetown International Airport and made our way out to the small propeller plane at Eugene F. Correia International Airport. We boarded an hour long flight with Trans Guyana Airways southwest to Lethem, a small town that borders Brazil , where there’s little more than an airstrip, a few hotels and some empty looking shops.

It’s on our flight from Georgetown that we met Ian, who is the owner and organizer of Bushmasters , an extreme adventure tour company that specializes in survival training and awesome times. Over the next six days Ian would be taking six professional travel bloggers across the wild savannah of southern Guyana.

Note: We regret to inform everyone about the sad and unexpected passing of Ian Craddock in July 2020. Ian died doing what he loved, adventuring in Guyana, and will forever be remembered for providing so much joy and adventure to so many. May he continue to be exploring and pushing the limits in his next adventure. We hope this post can showcase even just a little bit of his amazing spirit. Rest easy legend!

Bushmaster Tours in Guyana

Aside from being an absolute survival master, Ian is a real character. Years of service in the British Special Forces has prepared him for just about any challenge in life. For Ian, there’s no such thing as it can’t be done, and his wild explorations around Guyana are proof of that.

We arrived at Ian’s house after dropping off our gear at the Takutu Hotel in Lethem. It was a short drive from the airport, yet even in that drive we got a sense for just how remote and isolated this part of the world is. Paved roads are replaced with red, dusty streets. There are a handful of hotels to stay at, but other than a jumping off point for jungle and savannah exploration, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to do in Lethem.

Bushmasters tours Guyana

Ian’s house was like an adult adventure playground. Outside in the yard there were four ATVs (quad bikes), along with two 4×4 vehicles. Inside there was an authentic 6ft Amerindian bow and arrow resting against the couch. In one of the rooms a jaguar pelt, from one of the indigenous villages, was mounted on the wall.

Across the room there are piles of camping and survival gear spread out everywhere. As I scanned the room my eyes found the stack of machetes sitting on a small table, each one in a leather sheath with a small branded logo of Bushmaster on the front side. Everything in this room shouted adventure, and I could barely contain my excitement for the trip to start.

Ian gathered us all together in the room to explain the next steps. He ran us through all the gear we needed to pack in our rucksacks. We were given a hammock with built in mosquito net, a hammock rain cover, light blanket, foldable chair, canteen, spoon and eating containers. We also got a 3L camelback , our food provisions, dry bags to keep everything in, and of course, a machete!

Preparing for the Adventure

The next day we woke up early, eager to start our adventure tour in Guyana! After a quick breakfast at the Takutu Hotel we grabbed our rucksacks and headed over to Ian’s to collect the vehicles. The four ATVs were all lined up in a row, tanks full and ready to hit the road.

Bushmaster tours reviews Guyana

Terry, Frankie and Lionel, three local Guyanese who work for Ian, were busy loading up the 4x4s with all our equipment. Water tanks, tools, inflatable kayaks, medical kits, generator and all the other things we were going to need to survive for a few nights. Once the vehicles are ready to go, it was a concise explanation from Ian about the plan and we were off.

This is Ian’s style as a tour organizer. He is energetic, funny, full of crazy stories and knows his stuff. He doesn’t give you an answer if he doesn’t know it. And when he does, he only likes to say it once, and he does it with a precision and conciseness of a skilled expert in the survival field.  He also has an amazing ability to teach you how to do something, without holding your hand throughout the process. It was this type of unguided adventure travel that I’d been missing after so many years on the road.

adventure trip to Guyana

ATV and 4×4 Adventure

We hit the road with pace! The four ATVs led the charge at the front of the convoy, with Ian directing first, followed by two of us and then Lionel at the back. Behind him the two 4x4s were driven by others on the trip, with Frankie and Terry each manning one of the vehicles to ensure everyone was on track.  I was on the first round of ATV driving and had an absolute blast. We bumped around on the trails, trying to avoid large potholes and termite mounds that had hardened like concrete in the sun.

As I rounded a corner I slammed down the accelerator and a sudden burst of speed erupted from the ATV. The  back tires slid out as I continued to crank the handlebars to the right and held the accelerator down.  Just as the ATV started to slide out of control I let go of the accelerator, straightened up, hit the gear up button and burst off down the trail, leaving a trail of red dust in my path.

adventure tours Guyana South America

We approached a river and slowed down to assess the level of water and our ability to cross it. Ian took a calculated look and said we were good to go, so he sent the 4x4s across first and then we hit the water with speed and determination to make it across.

On the first day of adventuring we rode 105km out of town and into the savannah. Day two we rode 101km, with all of us rotating between driving the ATVs and 4x4s. During this time we crossed rivers, hammered down dusty red roads, bumped across the savannah and carved a path through the very sparse terrain of southern Guyana.

On a couple of occasions we passed small shops and used this an opportunity to fuel up on an ice cold beers to wash out the dust. At one shop there was a large bottle of murky white liquid being sold in old Coke bottles. After an inquiry we found out it was a bottle full of cow fat! Our shocked faces were met with equally shocked expressions from the locals at the thought that we’re not using large bottles of cow fat regularly in the kitchen.

4x4 tours in Guyana

Over the next few days we continued along the trails. Six riders, over 350km and only two crashes. Naturally I was one of them. After getting a little too confident on the trails I decided to take the ATV off road and hammer through the uncharted savannah. As I bumped along, trying to avoid 3 foot tall termite mounds, my vision was blurred through the long grass, obscuring the obstacles in my way.

I looked to my right to see the convoy of vehicles running along the trail and then directed my attention back to the savannah just in time to see that I was heading straight towards a fallen tree. I had a split second to brace myself before the ATV hit the tree at 50km an hour and I was bucked from the seat. Momentarily, I held onto the handlebars, thinking I was going to land it, before I was ripped from the vehicle and thrown into the air.

riding atvs in Guyana

I tried to tuck and roll mid flight and managed to land on my shoulder, before spinning onto my back and sliding several feet though the padded long grass. The spectacle ended with my limbs catching up to my body, me on my back and my legs in the air. From the microphone in my ear I heard someone call out, ‘man down!’. I took a moment to compose myself, before standing up and assessing the damage. A banged up elbow, but thankfully I was fine. I jumped back on the ATV, rejoined the track bashfully and decided to stick to the trail in the future.

Camping Under the Stars

After each day of riding we established a camp under the stars along the river. On the first day Ian delivered a safety instruction on machete use, before setting us free onto the barren landscape to find a tree and hang our hammocks. Having this complete independence was one of the best parts of this trip. Ian gave just the right amount of instruction, before letting us fend for ourselves like real life jungle adventurers.

As each of us found a suitable area, we chopped and slashed our way to a clearing and strung up our hammocks for the night. After getting our bedding organized we returned to the communal camp area where Ian already had a fire going. After a quick jump in the river, to clean our clothes and wash off the dust, we spent the night sitting around the fire, cooking up our camp meals and exchanging stories underneath the stars. With no light pollution whatsoever, and only a slither of a moon, the stars were incredibly bright.

camping in Guyana

Where we slept was not your average camp spot. There were no facilities or other established areas. It was just us and the wild. Ian told us that we were among only a dozen other people who had stayed near this spot before, and they were all just from his previous trips. After swapping a few more stories we retreated back to the hammocks to avoid the mosquitos and to try and get some sleep.

From my hammock I could see the stars through the black mosquito net mesh that protected my hammock from an army of mosquitos that awaited my fresh blood. Even through the mesh the stars shone bright enough to light up the ground below.  The faint light of my iPhone illuminated my little cocoon bed for the night, as a soft breeze slowly swung my hanging hammock.

best Guyana tours

Even though I was stripped down to my underwear it was still boiling and I could feel the beads of sweat dripping down my forehead, temporarily resting on my eyebrows and creating a small pool of water, before dropping down into my eyes. I felt like I was never going to get to sleep in this heat, but before I knew it the vibrant colors of a savannah sunrise are awakening me from my hammock.

Saddle Mountain Ranch Guyana

After a few days on the trails we arrived at Saddle Mountain, where the real ranching adventures begun. Situated deep in southern Rupununi, Saddle Mountain Ranch is any aspiring cowboy’s dream. Operating as an active ranch since 1990, Tommy and Joan, have made their own little slice of paradise out in the middle of nowhere in Guyana.

Guyana destinations adventure travel

Named after a nearby mountain that looks like a horses saddle, Saddle Mountain ranch is full of exciting adventures, delicious home cooked meals, stunning landscapes and plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself within authentic Guyanese ranching life.

This simple, yet beautiful, homestead is surrounded by miles and miles of open savannah, with the property itself enclosed between luscious mango trees. There are goats, chickens and all kinds of Guyana wildlife that can be found on the ranch. There’s even the rare spotting of a jaguar. If you make it to Saddle Mountain Ranch, be sure to ask Joan about her story fighting off a jaguar with a machete.  The rooms are simple and open aired, making the afternoon breeze a very much welcome feeling after a sweltering day. Fortunately there aren’t as many bugs here, so you can leave your window open and catch a breeze during the night.

staying at Saddle Mountain Ranch Guyana

Riding a Horse at Saddle Mountain Ranch

As an active ranch, Saddle Mountain Ranch has plenty of horses that get used on a daily basis to assist with the work duties. While leisurely horse riding is not an activity these horses usually encounter, it must be a welcome break from the demands of ranch life that sees them out herding cattle across the savannah.

For our horse riding experience we got up early to make the most of the cooler temperatures of dawn. After the local crew saddled up the horses we received a crash course in handling and riding, but the real learning came from just doing.  It had been at least 20 years since I’d last straddled a horse, and I was pretty sure my horse knew it. I awkwardly tried to synchronize my erratic jolting with the horse’s trotting, but end up bouncing around so much I thought I was about to fall off.

horse riding in Guyana

After half an hour, a numb backside and plenty of gorgeous views, I was finally starting to get the hang of it a little more. I tried less to find the rhythm and instead just let the horse jolt me into a rhythm. Walking was easy, trotting was hard, but cantering was much simpler, as the smooth gait of the horse made it easier to work with.

The only problem with cantering is that it meant the horse was now going a lot faster! I tried to hold on, with one hand on the ropes and the other holding onto the saddle for dear life. It was only towards the end of my third horse riding session that I realized the more I relaxed, the easier it was to ride.

My final cantering moment down the home stretch was the real highlight of my career as a horse rider. My horse, finally understanding my lack of abilities, gracefully gliding down the track; me, one handed holding onto the ropes, furiously swinging my hat in the air like a real cowboy. It felt pretty damn cool!

Ranching Activities

One of the biggest draws to Saddle Mountain Ranch is the opportunity to experience authentic Guyanese ranching life at its best. And while you’re there you’ll be able to learn from the best, because at the ranch you’re amongst cowboy royalty with Tommy and Judah.

Tommy, the former Rodeo King of Guyana, has a long history of being involved in movie productions and any cowboy / Western related content that was filmed in Guyana. With that type of pedigree it’s no surprise that Judah, his son, is currently a two time Rodeo King of Guyana himself. Not only that, but Tommy’s daughter is also a legendary barrel racer.

ranch tours in Guyana

Ranching activities start off by learning how to throw a lasso, with a lesson in technique, as well as some attempts on a target. Don’t worry if you end up in a tangled mess of rope, or trip yourself up, we were doing plenty of that.  If you’re up for it, you can take your latest skill into the corral, and test out your talents on a real life moving target.

As part of an active ranch, the herd occasionally requires some maintenance and looking after. One of these jobs is to brand the calves and to castrate the bulls.  Please note that this is not a staged activity put on to appease tourists. This is just one of many everyday ranch activities that help support the livelihood of the whole ranch. Some people may feel a little uneasy about the idea of branding calves, but every person is free to choose how they want to participate.

Saddle Mountain Ranch Guyana

Whether you show up at the ranch or not, these are activities are performed daily in order to maintain the herd and support the business. For anyone who considers this an act of cruelty, I’d only ask you to compare that to the lives of cattle in other parts of the world. One act of branding on a thick cow hide, ensures this cow can live in the open savannah, free from antibiotics, pesticides and enclosures. This is the real free range.

Swimming in the Creek and Eating Delicious Food

After a long day of ranching there’s nothing better than taking a short walk down to the waterhole to take a refreshing swim. Forget changing your clothes, just walk down in your filthy, sweaty clothes and jump straight into the cold water. We all took a bar of soap down and scrubbed our clothes while wearing them, before splashing about in the water and jumping off the overhanging palm tree.

Guyana adventure travel in South America

After cleansing ourselves from a hard day on the ranch, that home cooked meal from Joan felt so rewarding to tuck into. Casserole, mashed potatoes, rice, beans, veggies and so much more delicious food. If you’re a meat eater you can eat the beef straight off the ranch, where it doesn’t get more sustainable than that.  Everyday we were on the ranch Joan and the kitchen crew whipped up some amazing food. There was a selection of fishes, chicken and beef, always accompanied by huge platters of sides and ice cold jugs of fresh lemonade and fruit juices.

Kayaking on the Takutu River

After five days of hardcore adventure travel in Guyana, we didn’t think this trip could get anyone more jam packed until we finished the trip with a kayak down the Takutu River. On the last day we traveled on the vehicles out to a section of the Takutu River, which works as the border between Guyana and Brazil.

Even though we were running out of time, Ian wanted to give us a taste of the kayaking trips he offers. We only hit the water for a few hours, but usually Ian offers multi-day, even multi-week, trips that venture deep into the pristine rainforest and jungle.

places to visit in Guyana adventure

The ATVs and 4x4s stopped at a spot along the river and we unloaded the inflatable kayaks. After a brief, yet concise, demonstration we set off on preparing our kayak. We lugged them down to the river and docked them along the bank. Across the width of the river we could see Brazil, so Chris and I took this opportunity to swim across to the other side for a laugh.

After launching our kayaks onto the river we paddled along for the next couple of hours, stopping a couple of times along sand banks to take in the scenery and chat with local fisherman from both sides of the river. Even in these few hours we got a sense of how awesome an adventure along the rivers would be.

Picture this, each night, deflating the kayak, walking into the jungle to set up camp for the night, experiencing the real jungle, before doing it all again the next day.  It’s on those sorts of trips that Ian told us we’d be likely to encounter Guyana wildlife like anacondas, jaguars, pumas, ocelots and the other cat species found in the jungle.

kayaking in Guyana

After deflating the kayaks and jumping on the bikes for an hour we arrived back in Lethem. Dusty, dirty but definitely not defeated, we sat around at the Takutu Hotel with a cold beer and reflected on what an incredible six days we just had.

Between six professional travelers and bloggers, we all agreed that this trip was one of the most authentic adventure experiences we’d had in a long time. No fancy hotels or meals, no private transport, no guides holding your hands, just pure exploration like the old days. So, who’s ready for an adventure?

Traveling to Guyana

Located in the northeast corner of South America, Guyana is a little harder to get to than other more popular hotspots on the continent, but once you’re there it’s definitely worth it. Traveling overland to Guyana is difficult, as it borders Venezuela to the left, which isn’t the safest country to travel through at the moment. To the east and south it borders Brazil and Suriname, but the easiest way to enter Guyana is by air.

Cheap flights to Guyana can be found if you book ahead of time, w ith Caribbean Airlines being the m ajor airline that flies into Georgetown. A lot of flights to Guyana from the US go through New York or connect through Florida on your way past other Caribbean countries.

best Guyana tours South America

Guyana Packing List

The key to adventuring in Guyana is to pack light, as you’re often going to be carrying a lot of your gear with you. Lightweight, quick dry clothes are key, as well as things that are going to protect you from the elements and bugs. Here’s a list of our top things to pack for Guyana adventure travel.

Long sleeved microfibre top – I wore this everyday, literally! The long sleeve is key, as it keeps the sun off you during those long days on the ATV and horses. It’s also good to defend yourself against the bugs.

Brim hat – Another thing to protect your head and face from the intense sun! It’s absolutely brutal out there, and without a good hat you’re gonna get burnt.

Buff – When you’re tearing up the track on the ATV you’ll need something to cover your mouth. A scarf or Buff works great. It also keeps the sun off your face.

Hiking boots – For this trip they weren’t super essential, but you will need them if you go deeper into the jungle and do more trekking.

LifeStraw – We take our LifeStraws Go bottles absolutely everywhere, because when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, the one thing you need to survive is safe drinking water!

Sunglasses – Get yourself a good pair of sunglasses, because between the dust and the sun you’re going to need eye protection. We always recommend SunGod glasses, because they’re basically indestructible. And believe us, we’ve put them to the test!

Thanks to all the amazing people at the Guyana Tourism Authority for making this trip happen! Everything about this trip was incredible and I can’t wait to visit again. Thanks also goes to Caribbean Airlines for helping assist with flights, and Inmarsat Global for keeping us connected, even in the middle of nowhere! As always, all opinions are my own and I would never recommend a destination I didn’t truly believe in.

Guyana travel South America


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Worldly Adventurer

21 Unique Tourist Attractions You Can’t Miss in Guyana

By Author Steph Dyson

Posted on Last updated: 6th October 2023

When you hear the name “Guyana”, what do you think? 

  • Perhaps that it’s a place in Africa?
  • Maybe the location of the Jonestown massacre?
  • Or, well, not much?

Whichever it is, this English-speaking country (yes, really!) on the northeastern edge of South America is as surprising as it is under-the-radar. I’ve spent close to six years exploring South America but Guyana blew me away. 

It’s a place brimming with nature. While the Amazon jungle further south might be scientifically more biodiverse, around 80% of Guyana is covered in tropical rainforest, meaning that the opportunities for spotting elusive and, in some cases, giant wildlife are abundant. 

It’s also a country committed to sustainable tourism, meaning that you can visit safe in the knowledge that your trip is doing a little bit of good towards protecting a critical slice of global biodiversity. 

But, with visitor numbers only reaching some 280,000 annually, Guyana is also a country that you can also expect to share with few others. When I visited, I saw just two other groups of tourists in a two-week trip. 

A violet sunset reflects in a lake filled with giant water lilies in Guyana.

There’s a lot about this country that makes it unique, and these 21 things to do and tourist attractions that you can find in Guyana are just the tip of the iceberg….but they’re also a great place to start. 

Guyana tourist attractions: Natural wonders and striking landscapes 

1. admire the might of kaieteur falls.

While Angel Falls in Venezuela might take the title of world’s tallest uninterrupted waterfall, and Iguazú Falls in Argentina might be the continent’s most famous, there’s another equally spectacular waterfall and landmark that few visitors have heard about: Kaieteur Falls. 

Kaieteur Falls in Guyana is one of the world's most spectacular waterfalls

There’s a reason that Kaieteur Falls features on all itineraries to Guyana. Firstly, it’s the world’s largest single drop waterfall by volume, particularly during the rainy season (May through July) when it’s at its fullest. 

Wondering How You Can Plan A Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip to Guyana?

It’s genuinely difficult getting around Guyana without a tour. Roads are in poor condition and many of the sites are only accessible with a private plane or motorboat. I travelled to Guyana with Wilderness Explorers , a local company that has spent 25 years developing sustainable tourism in Guyana and organizing once-in-a-lifetime trips for intrepid travelers. The trip was truly incredible – and saved me so much time trying to get around alone.

They’re now offering Worldly Adventurer readers a 5% discount on all of their hand-crafted Guyana itineraries – just mention Worldly Adventurer when you enquire!

Wilderness Explorers logo

But secondly, there’s no denying the drama of the setting. Tucked into the Guyanese interior and protected by a wall of thick rainforest, Kaiteur Falls is only accessible by a one-hour flight from the capital, Georgetown, or a two-day hike. 

As you arrive by air, flying over the falls for the ultimate in bird’s-eye views as the jungle undulates into the distance below, it’s hard to shake off the feeling that you’re in a real-life Jurassic Park. Although, probably without the dinosaurs…

2. Enjoy sunset from the waters of the Essequibo River at Baganara Lodge

In the language of one of the many Amerindian tribes still living here, Guyana translates as “land of many waters” and it’s a fitting description. 

A vast network of rivers snakes across the territory, with these waterways providing a necessary means of getting from the capital out into the interior and the many remote lodges that feature in any trip to Guyana. 

Sunset over the Essequibo River in Guyana.

A case in point is Baganara Lodge. Surrounded by jungle, it lies on a private 185-hectare island in South America’s third largest river, the Essequibo. This watery location means its top of the class when it comes to spots to watch the sunset in Guyana. 

As the day comes to a close, take a speedboat downriver to visit Parrot Island where thousands of yellow-crowned and orange-winged parrots arrive in a squawking, heaving mass at sunset to roost for the evening. 

Alternatively, kick back at the lodge where, cocktail in hand, you swim in the river’s warm waters as the sun dips behind the jungle canopy.

3. See the world’s largest lily 

Amateur botanists will want to head out to the calmer waters of Guyana’s lakes, where there’s a strong chance they’ll encounter the world’s largest water lily, the Victoria amazonica . 

In Guyana the sun glows along the tree-lined horizon and is reflected in a lake covered in giant waterlilies.

Growing up to six feet in diameter, the leaves of this water lily are able to support the weight of a baby ( there’s many photos to prove it ). 

But while their size is extraordinary, there’s another reason this lily pad is worth tracking down: as a result of pollination, its flowers change from white to red overnight.  

You can see the beginnings of this process at dusk, as the flowers begin to unfurl. One of the best places is near Rewa Eco-Lodge , where rare birds flit above the lily-strewn waters and baby caiman crawl out of the waters onto the lily pads to await their prey. 

4. Catch dawn breaking over the rainforest canopy

Early birds will find themselves at home in Guyana, where dawn is always a splendid affair. There’s no better place to experience the awakening of a new day than at the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway, located just a short hike through the jungle from ATTA Rainforest Lodge in the very centre of Guyana. 

A fascinating tourist attraction, this rope walkway leads to a viewing platform in the rainforest canopy of Guyana.

Built into the treetops of the Iwokrama Reserve some 30 metres above the forest floor, the walkway is a series of viewing platforms connected by suspension bridges that provide the finest views across the jungle.  

As the sun lifts over the rainforest canopy, the hum and buzz of life recommences. Listen out for the sharp squawk of scarlet macaws overhead and the distant deep roar of the howler monkeys as they begin their morning song.

5. Climb a mountain for incredible rainforest views 

Guyana isn’t a country known for its long hikes, but there are still plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs here. 

Walking in the rainforest might rank as a hot and sweaty thing to do in Guyana, but it’s one that promises extraordinary rewards, particularly at the Awarmie Mountain, a trail accessed from the remote Rewa Eco-Lodge. 

Views of the jungle from the Awarmie Mountain, a tourist attraction in Guyana

A short, rocky path climbs up the side of Awarmie, a low mountain clad with jungle. When it finally emerges out of treetops, the trail has reached the open mountaintop, where boulders the size of cars are interspersed with thick grasses and every angle grants views for miles across the rainforest. 

Spend an hour or so relaxing here and you’ll find your patience rewarded; on our visit, pairs of red-and-green and blue-and-yellow macaws passed directly overhead, their resplendent feathers bright against the blue sky above. 

Guyana tourist attractions: Wildlife experiences

6. catch a glimpse of big cats in the wild.

Guyana is home to over 225 species of mammal and, thanks to the unspoilt nature of its interior, it’s a fantastic place to spot some of the continent’s most mesmerizing big-cat residents. 

Dirt highway through the Iwokrama Reserve at dusk

The jaguar is the largest of South America’s cat species and while sightings are rare, they’re not impossible. You’ve got a strong chance of encountering them in areas of primary forest across the country, particularly at dawn and dusk when they’re most active. 

You might also see the rarer puma, a smaller cat that prefers higher rocky terrain. Luck was on our side when I visited Guyana: we spotted a juvenile puma wandering across the road in broad daylight on the road through the Iwokrama Reserve. 

7. Hunt down the Goliath Birdeater, the world’s largest spider species

Arachnophobes look away: there’s one resident of the jungle that you probably don’t want to meet on your vacation. The Goliath bird-eating spider – named as such because it was allegedly once caught eating a hummingbird – is the largest tarantula on earth and about the size of a human fist. 

A frightening tourist attraction, a tour culminates in seeing a goliath birdeater tarantula crouched under the flashlight on the forest floor in Guyana.

Eagle-eyed rangers from Rewa Eco-Lodge managed the incredible feat of tracking their burrows down and you can trek into the jungle with them to encounter one of these enormous spiders. 

Luckily, while its venom poses a problem for small rodents, it’s less harmful for humans. If you can bear to get close enough, admire the harpoon-shaped hairs that cover its legs and which are used to attack predators. 

8. Help out with one-of-its kind black caiman research

Ever wanted to get close to a black caiman? While it’s probably not on everyone’s bucket list, catching a caiman alongside the crack team of researchers at Caiman House in the Rupununi is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

For ecotourists, this researcher shows a volunteer how to help with black caiman research in Guyana.

Officially one of the largest reptiles in the world, they can grow to over 15 feet in length and are a terrifying predator – at least for animals, not humans. While the species is listed as of least concern on the UN Red List, research into its lifespan and habits is limited.  

With the help of tourists, Caiman House have been steadily changing this. Since 2005, researchers have caught and registered over 700 black caiman – and you can get involved. 

A staff member at Caiman House on an expedition to capture a caiman for scientific research in Guyana

Head out at night onto the jet-black waters of the Rupununi with the researchers, who catch a caiman, bring it ashore to take 24 different measurements, before releasing it back into the water.

It’s a thrilling – and completely safe – experience and another way of seeing how your tourism dollars are boosting conservation efforts throughout Guyana. 

9. Paddle out in a dugout canoe or kayak

While speedboat is the transport of choice for the Guyanese people who live along the country’s rivers, there are plenty of slower means of getting around and appreciating Guyana’s spectacular nature.

Overlooking a lake from the front of a dugout canoe in Guyana.

At Baganara Lodge, you can take kayaks out onto a nearby narrow dyke that flows through the dense rainforest. Early morning along this waterway, it’s possible to catch sightings of red howler monkeys or hear the calls of toucans echoing across the forest. 

At Caiman Lodge, wooden canoes built in the traditional dug-out style can be paddled out onto a vast oxbow lake where otters play in the shallows and birds such as green kingfishers, Muscovy duck and the rare agami heron wait in the undergrowth on the lake-shore. 

10. Follow a local cowboy to find giant anteaters

One of the animals I was most keen to see in Guyana was another of the country’s most elusive giant species: the giant anteater.

Ecotourists have the chance to see a rare giant anteater on the grasslands of Guyana.

This shuffling creature, measuring up to seven feet from its long, sensitive nostrils to its brush-like tail, inhabits the plains of the Rupununi region.

What’s more, you’ve a fair chance of spotted roaming through the grasses hunting for ants and termites. 

Probably the best destination in Guyana to find it is in the private reserve grasslands of Karanambu Lodge .

Ride with this cowboy on a chestnut horse in the grasslands of Guyana.

In this part of the savannah, local cowboys demonstrate a knack for locating this giant beast and, on my trip, we came across two: one wandering the grasses beside the side of the road and another one sleeping beneath the shade of a sandpaper tree.

11. Learn about otter conservation at Karanambu Lodge

As you travel along the rivers through the jungle and the Rupununi grasslands in Guyana, it’s always worth keeping an eye on the water itself.

While caiman and capybara are frequent sightings along the river bank (particularly in the two dry seasons, February through March and September and October), one of the river’s most captivating residents is much harder to spot: the giant river otter. 

Two endangered giant river otters follow their keeper at Guyana's Karanambu Lodge - a fantastic tourist destination.

This endangered mammal is a truly unique creature to encounter on a trip to Guyana, where you may well see it fishing or playing near its holt. To learn more about the animal and the threats facing the species – which range from hunting to becoming a pet – there’s no better place to visit than Karanambu Lodge. 

The late Diane McTurk, the former owner of the lodge, received global acclaim for her work rehabilitating orphaned otters; and these are efforts that her nephew and his wife continue to this day. 

An otter with a fish in its mouth at Karanambu Lodge Guyana

Their lodge is an essential place to visit in Guyana because, by doing so, you’re supporting their efforts of education and conservation through the Rupununi region.

Better still, you may well get a chance to see one of these beautiful playful creatures as it’s being reintroduced to the wild.  

12. Go horseback riding through the savannahs of the Rupununi

In the deep south of Guyana, the Rupununi plains offer an alternate universe to the dense forests of the jungle that covers most of the country. Here, there are plenty of adventure activities for those wanting to appreciate the open terrain during their vacation. 

Horseback riding in the Rupununi in Guyana, one the must-do tourist attractions in Guyana, South America

At Waikin Ranch, a working cattle ranch, you can join the cowboys out in the fields by taking a ride on one of their working horses.

A canter out into the grasslands brings you to bush islands, patches of jungle in the middle of the open plains home to birds and mammal species, as well as picture-perfect places from which to watch the setting sun.  

13. Fish for the world’s largest freshwater fish 

There’s a reason anglers are flocking to Guyana and it’s thanks to the arapaima. Considered one of the world’s largest freshwater species fish, the arapaima can weigh up to 200 kilograms (well over twice the weight of an average adult male).  

Four people in a dugout canoe paddle over a lake.

While population sizes diminished rapidly over the past twenty years, the conservation actions of the guides and community at Rewa Ecolodge have brought the species back from the brink. 

The river now brims with arapaima and an unmissable thing to do while staying at the lodge is to head out by boat to fly-fish. Catch a whopper, pose for a photo and then, in the name of sustainability, throw it back into the water – fishing is on a catch and release basis after all. 

14. Spy the Guianan cock-of-the-rock’s mating dance

While mammals might steal the show when it comes to wildlife watching in Guyana, birders will find the country a veritable playground for discovering some of South America’s most beautiful species. 

A bright orange Cock-of-the-rock bird sits on a tree branch in Guyana attracting both tourists and a mate.

Across the country, leks are where the both sexes of the Guianan cock-of-the-rock gather for extravagant mating displays. Tangerine-coloured males show off their plumage to the females as part of a noisy and colourful courtship display, which takes place in March – although you can spot the birds congregating in these places throughout the year. 

One of the easiest mating grounds to find is at Kaieteur Falls, while other destinations in Guyana such as ATTA Rainforest Lodge also have access to leks. 

15. Find harpy eagles nesting 

The final of Guyana’s giant creatures can be found in the forests of Guyana. Named after the namesake creatures of Greek mythology, the harpy eagle is a truly staggering bird that measures over a metre in height.

It’s considered the heaviest and most powerful of all eagle species, particularly given that its claws are longer than those of a grizzly bear. 

This solitary tree is the home to a massive harpy eagle nest in Guyana.

Like the Guianan cock-of-the-rock, there are known nesting sites located across Guyana. ATTA Rainforest Lodge and a number of the other lodges across the country have access to harpy eagle nests where – with luck – you may find a female raising its young. 

Their nests are extraordinary, measuring over a metre in diameter and wedged into the treetops up to 40 metres above ground – roughly the height of a ten-storey building. To get a good look, be sure to bring your binoculars!

Guyana tourist attractions: History and modern life

16. spend a day in georgetown, guyana’s scruffy but charming capital .

While the country’s scruffy capital is certainly not the main appeal of Guyana, most visitors spend at least a day or two in Georgetown. Here, Guyana’s colonial past mingles with the dirty and noisy reality of any modern-day city. 

A church spire in Georgetown, Guyana

You’d be hard pushed to call Georgetown pretty, but there is a certain charm to its streets. In the centre of the city, faded wooden mansions look on as horse and carts carrying lumber trot nonchalantly across busy intersections filled with taxis and fearless motorbikes. 

The architecture here is one of the main points of interest. A wander through the city brings you to the most curious buildings, including the restored, Anglican St George’s Cathedral, which, painted white and built from wood, looks a bit like an iced cake. 

17. Stay in a historic lodge frequented by presidents and royalty

While in Georgetown, make sure you spend a night at Cara Lodge, one of the city’s most luxurious accommodations.

Like many of the historic buildings in the capital, it started life as a 19 th -century stately home for one of Guyana’s bourgeois families. 

Tourists in Guyana gather around a rustic table and chat over pieces of chicken.

Since its conversion to a hotel in the late 1990s, Cara Lodge now offers the perfect blend of history and modernity. Delicate verandas and polished hardwood floors have been preserved from the original building, while modern comforts (such as much needed AC) have been added to the hotel’s 34 bedrooms. 

However, part of the hotel’s appeal is its colourful history, which has seen it opening its picture-perfect doors to guests including members of the British royal family, as well as other dignitaries such as former American president, Jimmy Carter. 

18. Tour Guyana’s final remaining sugar cane plantation 

If there’s one thing you need to learn about Guyana before you visit, it’s the fact that this country is powered by rum. Drink it with chilled ginger ale or lime and be sure to complement its taste: it is a point of pride for the locals. 

Barges filled with sugar cane stalks are tied in the canal at one of Guyana's last sugar plantations.

But to learn about where it comes from, hop on a tour of one of just three still-functioning sugar cane plantations in Guyana. Established by Dutch colonisers, the Lenora and Uitvlugt plantation is the only one in the world to use a unique form of transportation for moving the sugar cane between the fields and the factory: punts. 

In fact, tourists get to board one too (transformed for passengers rather than sugar cane) as you float out along the canal system and you learn about a key part of the country’s colonial history. 

19. Take a sundowner on Guyana’s only highway 

Perhaps Guyana’s most unique feature is its lack of roads. Because of its vast network of rivers, boat travel has superseded over-ground transport, and, as a result, Guyana is home to just one highway – which, to this day, remains unpaved. 

Two men chat at a popular tourist attraction - a mobile roadside bar on the only highway in Guyana.

For a truly quirky thing to do in Guyana, stay at ATTA Rainforest Lodge, a charming hotel surrounded by the rainforest of the Iwokarama Reserve. Accessed by vehicle along the red dust of the highway, this lodge offers a singular sunset activity: a sundowner out on the road. 

While enjoying a chilled beer on a highway might not sound like much fun, it’s certainly a bizarre experience as staff from the lodge bring deck chairs and coolers of beer for you to sit out on the dusty road as the dusk falls. 

Avoid getting too relaxed, however: while the road is closed at night to traffic, you should still keep your eyes peeled for toucans in the treetops and big cats padding across the highway. 

20. Stay at one of the country’s indigenous lodges 

While the world debates the merits of tourism and how travellers can have a positive impact on the places they visit , the people of Guyana have been quietly proving how easy sustainable tourism can be.

Everywhere you go, eco-lodges operated by local indigenous people have been setting the standard for eco-conscious and socially responsible tourism. 

A brightly-billed toucan sits in a treetop against a cloud-filled sky in Guyana.

Check out Rewa Eco-Lodge , a 24-bed lodge deep in the jungle and run by the indigenous people of Rewa Village. Started thanks to a grant from Conservation International, this lodge is staffed by local community members.

Their ancestral knowledge about the habitats of animals and their behaviours make this an ideal place to learn about the rainforest and to catch sightings of many of its most evasive creatures. 

ATTA Rainforest lodge in the Iwokrama Reserve, a tourist attraction in Guyana

What’s more, the community has been involved in several initiatives to protect wildlife and the forest, meaning that by visiting, you’re supporting the conservation of over 350 square kilometres of virgin land from logging, mining and other environmentally-damaging industries. 

Guyana tourist attractions: Food and dining

21. tour bourda market and enjoy a guyanese feast at backyard café.

With a population encompassing cultures as varied as Indian, African and indigenous Amerindian, there’s no better to place to dive into this mix than with a tour of Bourda Market in Georgetown.

A man smiles in front of a sign for the Backyard Cafe in Guyana.

Covering four blocks in the centre of town, this market spills out onto the roadsides, with a furore of noise as stall owners heckle passers-by.

Products on sale include everything from everyday vegetables to fruits you’ve never seen before in your life and questionable looking bottles of brown sludge that claims to cure impotence. 

An unforgettable thing to do in Georgetown is to explore the market accompanied by local chef Delven Adams, who introduces you to vendors as you buy ingredients for lunch and sample local dishes such as dhal and fresh coconut water mixed with rum. 

In Guyana a man adds rum to a coconut to create a popular local drink.

Back at his restaurant, the Backyard Café , the day’s shopping is transformed into a spectacular display of local Guyanese dining. Highlights include baked fish rubbed with garlic and herbs and delicious fruit juices – again, infused with rum if you want!

My trip to Guyana was in partnership with the Guyana Tourism Board and Wilderness Explorers . As always, my opinions (and absolute LOVE of Guyana) are all my own.

Wednesday 8th of June 2022

When we visited Guyana in 2013, there were no books or guides, there was literally nothing available to help with planning the trip. I found a forum where a gentleman recommended Wilderness Explorers. We contacted them and they did absolutely fantastic job helping us with planning based on our budget and the things we wanted to do. It was an unforgettable experience! I'm glad you got to visit this beautiful country as well.

Friday 4th of August 2023

@Steph Dyson, can you refer me to those wilderness explorers

Steph Dyson

Thursday 23rd of June 2022

Thanks Anya! I had such a great time with Wilderness Explorers and now know the owners very well. They're an absolutely brilliant company and do a fantastic job of sharing what is one of South America's hidden gems! Steph

Tewah laurita

Thursday 12th of May 2022

wow such an amazing place to visit I will be travelling to Guyana just to visit this places

Have a great time! Steph

Keith Thomas

Monday 14th of February 2022

I left Berbice Guyana 45 years and I visited seldomly. In 2019 I there to spend 3 months, but spent 1 year instead due covid-19. I also went in 2121 to attend my mother's funeral. guyana was and is greatly improved and I am preparing to go back and live. Some of scenes I am aware of because I served in the Guyana Defense Force in the 60s and 70s. I always told my American friends how beautiful Guyana is see you soon.

Wednesday 9th of February 2022

Looking for things to when we arrive for our family reunion in July...This has been most helpful...Thank you!!!

Tuesday 15th of February 2022

You're welcome! Steph

Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

I was born in Guyana I left 42 years ago. I am amazed at the beauty of Guyana I am now about to retire and looking forward to enjoy these place . It is truly an amazing land to visit and widen your horizon . I toured Europe the Middle East and most of the USA .My heart is still in Guyana.

Thursday 25th of November 2021

Wonderful! It's such a lovely country! Steph

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Thank you for your efforts in making our stay in Guyana a pleasant one. We have now returned to the UK and now review our trip. The photographs show our satisfaction of our trip. We would now like to thank you, Harry and Eugene and all at Dagron Tours. The Kaiteur/Orinduik tour was excellent—food was good. The Georgetown City tour was very informative. Pity the Essequibo River tour did not come off. A good excuse for a return visit. We enjoyed our day trip to Berbice 63 beach. Overall we enjoyed it so much that we have started planning our return trip. Again our thanks to you all for making our stay enjoyable.

Best regards,

Dr G.K., Nina & Ryan.

 Thank you so much for organising a simply wonderful trip to Guyana. All the guides were first class, interesting, informative and enthusiastic. The lodges were all good, in exceptional locations, comfortable with excellent food. We especially have to thank you for the private charter flights to the falls and on to Iwokrama. That was a real treat!! We felt that we had good value for money and the cost of the tour was much cheaper than certain Guyana tour operators who quoted like for like. We loved the country with it's amazing wildlife, rainforests and rivers and will sing your praises to anyone willing to listen. If you would like me to post comments on a site such as Tripadvisor, I will do so willingly. It was good to meet you on beautiful Sloth Island. It was a delightful start to our trip. Please pass on our very best regards to Mr. Alliss and the staff. Thank you again and the very best of luck for the future.

Rosie, Moray, Geoff & Ailsa

First of all we want to thank you for the great effort you made to arrange our trip to Guyana and Suriname. We recognize and appreciate the juggling required to adjust and readjust the program. We enjoyed the trip immensely. We wish to express our thanks to you for your thoughtfulness and thoroughness in planning and adjusting our visit--and all in such short notice. We won't hesitate to recommend Dagron to other travellers we know. Please give our best wishes to the staff.

All the best,

Linda and Malcolm

Hi Ann, Althea, Orien and Raplh!

I hope you all are well. I have just returned back to work today. Thank you so much for your kind email and lovely words. I had such a FANTASTIC holiday. Someone today remarked that I looked completely relaxed and they wanted to know where I went so they could go there too! I told them Guyana! What a wonderful trip you planned for me. Thanks again for everything. It's been fun sharing stories with my parents as well about the trip. Once I have slept more, I will send you some photos. I look forward to seeing you in Guyana again soon.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.

Orniyinka, D., UK

Dear Richard and Ann:

We had a delightful and memory-filled trip to the Guianas. The trip to the Falls was the highlight. I have been sharing photos with all of my friends. Mark and I really appreciated all of the work you put in to make the trip as memorable as it was, especially with the problems with the META flight...but that is part of the memories and experiences that make travel so wonderful. Feel free to use us as references if any US citizens need one.

Jim C Orinda, California 94563

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Active Adventure

Undiscovered by many, adventures in Guyana are accessible to everyone from travellers seeking soft adventure to those who prefer an adrenaline rush. From hikes, treks, and mountain biking and paddling excursions suited for all levels of fitness, to jungle survival trips into the heart of the Amazon, caiman tagging, mountain climbing, and 4×4 safaris though Guyana’s rainforest and mountains, Guyana is yours to explore.

Hikes & Treks


Guyana’s mountains, rainforests and golden savannahs make up the ideal landscape for some of the most amazing hikes and treks you will find in South America. If you are an experienced hiker, try the more challenging ones like Makarapan Mountain or the Kaieteur Overland Tour. For those who want similar experiences but with less grit, then Guyana has got you covered with more soft adventure hikes like the Iwokrama Forest Trail, Surama nature hike and Saddle Mountain trail.

VehiclesStoppingToFuelUp_PakaraimaSafari_Region9©GuyanaTourismAuthority (2).JPG

If you love heading out where the asphalt ends and exploring double track trails, then a safari in Guyana is just want you need. Guyana’s many trails are ideal for an off-road adventure via 4×4 vehicles or dirt bikes. Don’t worry if you’re not into self-guided excursions. The country has five major safari events each year, where expert-led caravans explore different rugged regions over several days or weeks. Pit stops in Indigenous villages, riverside camps and eco-lodges are some of the major highlights that give you a glimpse into local life in the remote pockets of Guyana.

River Adventures


With a maze of rivers and creeks crisscrossing the country, there is no lack of river adventure in Guyana.  Many of the waterways are perfect for canoeing, kayaking, island resort hopping and river trips. Most are used as trade and transportation routes as well.  And some have only been explored by Indigenous peoples and a few of Guyana’s most adventurous outfitters.


The South Rupununi region of Guyana is the country’s answer to the Wild West. A historic area, it has been home to some of the world’s largest and oldest cattle ranches. The local vaquero (cowboy) culture and traditions still exist and, fortunately, you can be a part of it. Stay at one of the working ranches and saddle up to the help the vaqueros shepherd the cattle from horseback, clean and feed them, and work in the adjoining farms. It is the best way to temporarily detach yourself from city life and enjoy a different pace of life and the serenity of a working ranch, while improving your horse-riding skills.

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Sports Fishing


The moniker of ‘Land of Many Waters’ is especially relevant for anglers who travel in search of the world’s largest fish. Guyana has over 900 species of fish, including the largest scaled freshwater fish in the world – the arapaima – and scores of others like the payara, pacu, tarpon, bashu, chimara and lukanani. Fishing for most of these, especially protected species like the arapaima, is strictly catch and release in Guyana.

Evergreen Adventure Guyana

Evergreen Adventure Guyana

Your Gateway to Unforgettable Guyana Tours

guyana adventure tourism


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guyana adventure tourism

Kaieteur & Orinduik Falls

guyana adventure tourism

Suriname Shopping Experience (Full day Shopping Experience)

guyana adventure tourism

Suriname Shopping Experience (Half-day Shopping Experience)

guyana adventure tourism

Mahaica River Tour

guyana adventure tourism

Baganara Escape – 1 Night & 2 Days

guyana adventure tourism

Baganara Escapes

guyana adventure tourism

Essequibo River Tour

guyana adventure tourism

Lethem Daytrip

guyana adventure tourism

Bimichi Daytrip

guyana adventure tourism

Georgetown City Tour

guyana adventure tourism

7 Curry Tour with the Singing Chef

guyana adventure tourism

Suriname 5 days/4 nights Package Tour

guyana adventure tourism

Suriname 4 days/3 nights Package Tour

guyana adventure tourism

Suriname 3 days/2 nights Package Tour

Kaieteur falls day tour.


Wilderness Explorers

Wilderness Explorers


Wilderness Explorers was established in 1994 as an in-bound tour operator in Guyana, specialising in nature and adventure travel.  The company offers exciting tours that range from soft adventure through to intrepid expeditions, in some of Guyana’s remotest areas.  We are specialists in birdwatching tours and provide the most comprehensive birding itineraries available for Guyana and the region.

We offer expertise as fixers for documentaries and films and worked with productions for BBC, Discovery Channel, ICON Films, Big Earth and many others.  We are proud of our extensive range of tours and options for cruise ships visiting Guyana and our region and have handled ships in Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Trinidad & Tobago and Grenada.

The company is proud of its commitment to the environment and community tourism and works closely with a number of Amerindian communities including Surama, Rewa, Yupakari and Nappi.

Wilderness Explorers offers packages not only in Guyana but also in Suriname, French Guiana, Venezuela, Dominica, Trinidad & Tobago and other Caribbean destinations.

Wilderness Explorers is an active member of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana for 20 years, a founding member of Active Travel Latin America Specialists (ATLAS), long time member of the Latin American Travel Association (LATA) and first Latin American member of the Australian Travel Association for Latin America (ATALA). The companies attends trade and consumer shows globally and sells tours to tourists from North America, UK, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.

We have been recognized with numerous awards including National Geographic Adventure magazine’s “The World’s 25 Wildest New Trips of 2005”, the tour “Amerindian Guyana” which was featured in National Geographic Traveler magazine’s 2011 “50 Tours of a Lifetime,” and winning the Ernst and Young Caribbean Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 – Tourism.

The company is a partner in Community and Tourism Services (CATS), a joint venture partnership with the indigenous community of Surama, Rock View Lodge and Iwokrama International Centre, which operates the  Iwokrama Canopy Walkway  at Atta Rainforest Lodge.

Whether you are thinking of joining one of our scheduled group departures or planning a private tour, you can visit our website ( ) where you can find a wide variety of Itineraries as well as information on all of our offered destinations. Uncertain or have questions? Then use our Website’s LiveChat feature where one of our Trip Planners are waiting to hear from you or drop us an email at [email protected] .

Guyana Eco Fishing & Adventure Tours

Rupununi District of Guyana’s Wilderness | Captain Larry Jones & Guide Jules Fredericks

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Explore Guyana!

"Remote Expeditions into the Rupununi District of Guyana’s Wilderness!"

Guyana Eco Fishing and Adventure Tours provides remote river and camping expeditions into the Rupununi District of Guyana’s wilderness. Boat into remote areas of Guyana’s Rupununi District! Camp along the river or an interior lagoon! Explore the wilderness, see wildlife, go sport fishing, or just take in the Savannah and rainforest canopy of Guyana!

What We Offer

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guyana adventure tourism

Where We Go

More About Guyana

guyana adventure tourism

More About Us

guyana adventure tourism

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The Weekend or One Week Getaway to Piraiba Lodge, Iwokrama Canopy Walkway and Lethem features the unique landscape of the Southern and Central Regions of Guyana, with its tropical rainforest, wetlands and Savannahs. Highlights-Birding, Wildlife, Nature, Hiking, Canoeing, Swimming, Fishing and More! -

592-227-4713, 673-0039, 626-9033

Mikel Plaza, 53 Pere Street, Kitty

Adventure Guianas

Let your adventure begin with us..

is a registered tour company, based in Guyana, SA., which specializes in Nature and Adventure Travel

The Genesis

The idea to establish a tour company arose out of my many travels to the remote areas of Guyana

Hotel and Courtyard

Situated at 3 Tabatinga Drive, Lethem, the heart of the Rupununi Savannahs, overlooking the Kanuku Mountains...

Piraiba Lodge

Located on the Eastern Bank of the Essequibo River, approximately 20 miles (32 kms)....

guyana adventure tourism

A dventure Guianas (AG) is a registered tour company, based in Guyana , SA., which specializes in Nature and Adventure Travel, in addition to some remarkable Fishing. We are a member of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) and work closely with all stakeholders, inclusive of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Ministry of Tourism, Industry & Commerce (MINTIC), in the development and promotion of tourism in Guyana.

We offer travel itineraries to all parts of Guyana, cross-border tours to Suriname (Dutch Guiana), Guyane (French Guiana), Brazil (State of Roraima & Amazonas) and Venezuela (Mt Roraima & Angel Falls). Our knowledge and experience allows us to customize packages to suit your itinerary, interest and budget. In other words “if there is a way, we will find it”. Our guides are predominantly Indigenous, whom as custodians of this vast Amazon Basin, inspire their respective communities to develop and sustain our tourism product “The Amazon Adventure”.

Certificate of Conformity

guyana adventure tourism

Company Policy

A dventure Guianas is committed to working with all stakeholders, to develop and promote tourism, encourage ecological balance and preserve our cultural diversities in an effort to realize the full potential of tourism in a living planet, affording social and economic benefits to all our people, by offering a professional, thoughtful, inclusive and responsible tourism service to our clientele.

guyana adventure tourism

Genesis of Adventure Guianas

T he idea to establish a tour company arose out of my many travels to the remote areas of Guyana (formerly British Guiana) and my interaction with the indigenous people, their cultures, belief and general way of life. This and my work with the National Parks Commission for over 10 years, which included day to day operational responsibilities for the Kaieteur National Park, Guyana’s first legally protected area and premier tourist destination, fueled my love and appreciation for nature and adventure.

Over the years, this love and appreciation has grown into a passion, a passion to share with the world, one of the truly undiscovered nature paradises, Guyana “Guyana, South America Undiscovered” and the importance of ecological balance. Today, with your help, that passion is about to materialize.

I therefore encourage you to experience, the rich biodiversity, tranquility, beauty, serenity and cultural diversity of Guyana and the Amazon Region.

Navin L. Roopnarain

Meet adventure guianas.

They will be your hosts and guides, as you begin your adventure with us.

guyana adventure tourism

Team Leader

guyana adventure tourism

Ineez Antone

Kitchen Attendant

Laurence Antone

Laurence Antone

guyana adventure tourism

Raymond James

guyana adventure tourism

Brian Edwards

guyana adventure tourism

Mark Andries

guyana adventure tourism

Leonard Williams

Boat Captain / Guide

guyana adventure tourism

Rockland Leo

guyana adventure tourism

Kimberly Andries

Kitchen Atendant

guyana adventure tourism

The Getaway Adventure

The perfect getaway - tours to piraiba lodge and lethem.

The Weekend or One Week Getaway to Piraiba Lodge, Iwokrama Canopy Walkway and Lethem features the unique landscape of the Southern and Central Regions of Guyana, with its tropical rainforest, wetlands and Savannahs. Highlights-Birding, Wildlife, Nature, Hiking, Canoeing, Swimming, Fishing and More!

1. Weekend Getaway to Piraiba Lodge and Iwokrama Canopy Walkway – Read More… 2. Adventure to Piraiba Lodge, Iwokrama Canopy Walkway and Lethem – Read More…

Touring Guyana

Upcoming Tours

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February 22-25, March 29 - April 1, August 1 -4, November 22-24, 2024

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Every Saturday and Sunday

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Why Choose Us?

Diverse destinations, easy booking, affordable rates, awesome adventure & unforgettable memories, customer service, personalized tours, search tours, most popular tours.

guyana adventure tourism

Pakuri - St. Cuthbert's Mission (Indigenous Village)

guyana adventure tourism

Pomeroon - Moruca 3 Days

guyana adventure tourism

Mahdia - 3 Days

guyana adventure tourism

A day in the Country

guyana adventure tourism

Rupununi Tour - 4 Days

guyana adventure tourism

Essequibo Lakes (Lake Capoey & Mainstay)

guyana adventure tourism

Mazaruni River Tour (Bartica)

guyana adventure tourism

Santa Aratak (Indigenous Village)

guyana adventure tourism

Kaieteur & Orinduik Falls

Region 3

Tour Reviews

Jarelle brandford (kaieteur / orinduil falls).

What a fulfilling experience. Thanks to Touring Guyana for delivering!

guyana adventure tourism

Dr. Cosmos Omoniyoc (Kaieteur/Orinduik Falls)

Thank you very much for the experience. We had a blast.

guyana adventure tourism

Madonna Ghanie (Dhandarry Nature Resort)

My daughter said it was her best birthday ever. I’m really glad we didn’t get scared because of the little rain that was falling in the morning because the rest of the day was beautiful.

guyana adventure tourism

Senetra Rampersaud (Marshall Falls)

It was AMAZING!!! I’m honestly ready to go again, even though my body hurts. Thank you so much.

guyana adventure tourism

Davie Rambharrat (Bartica and Linden)

Thanks to you for making our trip a great one.

guyana adventure tourism

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News Room

Tourism Ministry helping 20 indigenous villages build community enterprises

'  data-src=

Twenty indigenous communities are now supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce in building community enterprises across the country. This was revealed by Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Oneidge Walrond, while delivering a speech at the Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development in Grenada on Tuesday.

The conference, held under the theme “The 5Ps for a Legacy of Caribbean Tourism Sustainability: People, Planet, Prosperity, Purpose & Partnership,” provided a platform for regional stakeholders to discuss key issues and strategies for sustainable tourism development in the Caribbean.

Addressing emerging challenges within the sector, Minister Walrond told the audience that one of Guyana’s primary unique value propositions, is the  Indigenous community-led and owned tourism enterprises.

“By empowering our Indigenous people to take the reins of their own tourism ventures, we ensure their economic prosperity and the preservation of their culture,” the minister said.

She outlined Guyana’s approach to overcoming challenges within the sector, which includes utilizing a Community-Led and Owned Tourism Framework and Toolkit and Continuous collaboration and partnership with key stakeholders, including the tourism private sector.

“This empowers the indigenous peoples and creates differentiated products that allow significant economic growth of those communities, and simultaneously strengthening the greatest stewards of the rainforests and lands,” she reiterated.

Minister Walrond emphasized the importance of tourism as a driver of economic growth, cultural preservation, and ecological conservation. She noted that Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) 2030 plays a pivotal role in guiding the country’s sustainable tourism efforts by promoting a new low-carbon economy and establishing incentives which value the world’s ecosystem services.

She also discussed Guyana’s efforts to meet market demands by investing in infrastructure and hospitality and promoting unique tourism offerings. She highlighted the country’s plans to add over 2000 new rooms under international brands and develop the Hospitality and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI) to enhance service excellence.

“Over the last four years, there has been a conscious effort to create a diversified and resilient product portfolio. This was made possible through extensive partnerships with our communities, the tourism private sector, and technical assistance support,” the minister added.

Noting that sustainability is a core value and way of life for many Guyanese, Minister Walrond reaffirmed Guyana’s commitment to promoting responsible and sustainable tourism and achieving global accreditation for sustainable tourism practices. She expressed optimism for the future of Caribbean tourism and the role of sustainable practices in shaping its legacy.

guyana adventure tourism

Guyana, Ghanaian companies to construct ship repair, maintenance facility

‘Be patient’- Citizens urged as another 1,000 get house lots on ECD corridor

Gov’t to reassess sale of Marriott Hotel after highest bidder dies – Jagdeo

‘No abandoning G/Town’ – Jagdeo says Gov’t spent over $20B in the city

Jagdeo condemns ‘vile, predictable’ calls after President’s New York visit

New Paruima airstrip to revolutionise transportation services

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  4. 21 Dazzling Tourist Attractions That Will Make You Fall In Love With Guyana

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  5. Oil and sustainable tourism: What's next for Guyana?

    guyana adventure tourism

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    Welcome to Wanderlust GY, view our amazing tours, or book a tailored tour. Where Will You Go Next in Guyana. Contact us for more!. Skip to content. [email protected] +1 592 231-8618 ... Make Your Guyana Adventure Unforgettable With Wanderlust Adventures GY.

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    The best tours in Guyana according to Viator travelers are: 8-Day Rupununi Savanna and Kaieteur Water Falls Adventure from Georgetown; Georgetown 7 Curry Tour; Dinner in the Secret Garden of Guyana with The Singing Chef; Bicycle Guided Tour in Guyana; Guyana Airport and Hotel Shuttle

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    Welcome to the Online Edition of our 2024 EXPLORE GUYANA MAGAZINE - The Official Tourist Magazine of Guyana. EXPLORE GUYANA, the premier magazine of its kind in Guyana serves as our primary marketing tool and comprehensive guide for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers visiting eco-friendly Guyana.. Crafted by the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) and fully supported ...

  9. 21 Unique Tourist Attractions You Can't Miss in Guyana

    3. See the world's largest lily. Amateur botanists will want to head out to the calmer waters of Guyana's lakes, where there's a strong chance they'll encounter the world's largest water lily, the Victoria amazonica . The flowers of the giant waterlily transform as the evening draws close.

  10. THE 10 BEST Guyana Tours & Excursions for 2024 (with Prices)

    One Cent Magenta Stamp Tour with Lunch. 2. Historical Tours. 5-6 hours. A journey into the colonial history of Guyana and the story of the 1 cent Magenta, the world's rarest and most expensive…. Free cancellation. from. $125. per adult.

  11. Guyana Adventure & Nature Experience

    From the melting pot of the Caribbean to the untouched rainforests and lush savannahs, we bring you the best of Guyana, voted the number one eco- tourism destination. It combines the Trek to Kaieteur Falls, with all the major Tourist destinations in Guyana. Download and print -:- Guyana Adventure & Nature Experience Itinerary.

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    Welcome to the Ultimate Jungle Adventure. Welcome to The Wildtales Inc., your gateway to the heart of the unspoiled Amazon rainforest. We are the premier provider of unforgettable jungle survival courses, expeditions, and wildlife tours in Guyana, South America. With us, you can learn to thrive in the wilderness, explore dense jungles, discover ...

  13. Guyana Tours

    Guyana is a small South American nation, located just below the Caribbean Sea. It is the only English-speaking country in South America. 90% of the country's population of 773,000 lives along the coast, leaving the country's lush interior untouched. Guyana is 80 percent virgin rainforest. It's also known as the "Land of the Giants" for its iconic oversize animal species, including ...

  14. 15 FUN Things To Do In Guyana

    BOOK A TOUR OF GUYANA. Basically, to discover all of the best places to visit in Guyana, it's recommended to book a multi-day excursion with a tour company. I personally traveled with Wilderness Explorers, one of the most reputable adventure tour companies in the country.

  15. Essequibo River Tour

    07:00AM : Departure from Georgetown. Depart Georgetown and travel across the Demerara Harbor Bridge to Roden Rust where you will board a boat to begin your adventure on the Essequibo River. Arrive at : The Essequibo River. The Essequibo River is full of history and culture. It is named after Juan Esquivel, who traveled to America in 1498.

  16. Adventure tours in Guyana

    Guyana and Suriname Classic Tour. From $3,995. 13 Day (s) 12 Night (s) 0. (0 Reviews) Adventure. Culture & Landmark. Please login to add your wishlists.


    Guyana is a kind of place that's becoming increasingly rare in the world today; come and you'll find untouched nature with amazing wildlife and birding experiences, rich culture and heritage, warm hospitality and a relaxing, Caribbean vibe. 90% of the population live along the coast, leaving the country's lush interior untouched, and ripe for exploration.


    With a maze of rivers and creeks crisscrossing the country, there is no lack of river adventure in Guyana. Many of the waterways are perfect for canoeing, kayaking, island resort hopping and river trips. ... Guyana Tourism Authority National Exhibition Site, Sophia Georgetown, Guyana T: (592) 219-0094-6 E: [email protected]. FOLLOW US.

  19. Tours

    Guyana 9 Hours. $235. Bimichi Day Tour $235.00 Per Person 9 hours Group Size Minimum of 2 people Reserve now Overview 07:00am pick up from Georgetown and transfer to Bimichi...

  20. Wilderness Explorers

    141 Fourth Street Campbellville, Georgetown Tel: (592) 227-7698 Fax: (592) 226-2085 Duty Manager: (592) 624-2225 Email: [email protected] Website. Wilderness Explorers was established in 1994 as an in-bound tour operator in Guyana, specialising in nature and adventure travel. The company offers exciting tours that range from soft ...

  21. Guyana Eco Fishing & Adventure Tours

    Guyana Eco Fishing and Adventure Tours provides remote river and camping expeditions into the Rupununi District of Guyana's wilderness. Boat into remote areas of Guyana's Rupununi District! Camp along the river or an interior lagoon! Explore the wilderness, see wildlife, go sport fishing, or just take in the Savannah and rainforest canopy ...

  22. Adventure Guianas

    A dventure Guianas (AG) is a registered tour company, based in Guyana, SA., which specializes in Nature and Adventure Travel, in addition to some remarkable Fishing.We are a member of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) and work closely with all stakeholders, inclusive of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Ministry of Tourism, Industry & Commerce (MINTIC), in the ...

  23. Home

    Touring Guyana is a Tour Agency / Tour Operator that does tours to various places in Guyana, covering all 10 Administrative Regions. We specialize in Personalize tours to suit our customers' needs, whether its relaxation or adventure, we can plan your trip or next vacation. touringguyana. Let's tour Guyana! Choose from our many tour opt

  24. Tourism Ministry helping 20 indigenous villages build community

    She also discussed Guyana's efforts to meet market demands by investing in infrastructure and hospitality and promoting unique tourism offerings. She highlighted the country's plans to add over 2000 new rooms under international brands and develop the Hospitality and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI) to enhance service excellence.