1. Online Travel Service

    700 WanRong Lu. 上海市静安区万荣路700号A3楼205室. 15618411182. Travel Agencies. Visa Agencies. ADVERTISEMENT. Established in 1999, eLong is Expedia's affiliate in Asia. They have a selection of over 12,200 hotels in 500 cities across China. You can also book at over 120,000 international hotels in more than 100 countries.

  2. Tongcheng Travel

    Corporate Profile. Tongcheng Travel is an innovator and market leader in China's online travel industry. Tongcheng Travel is the combined business resulting from the merger of Tongcheng and eLong, the leading OTAs in China, in 2018. Tongcheng Travel is a one-stop shop for users' travel needs. With the mission of "make travel easier and more ...

  3. Tongcheng Travel

    Tongcheng Travel is an innovator and market leader in China's online travel industry. Tongcheng Travel is a one-stop shop for users' travel needs, with the mission of "make travel easier and more joyful ".

  4. Top 5 Online Travel Agencies In China (OTAs)

    Tongcheng-Elong is currently the third most popular OTA for Chinese tourists, with a cost of $2.14 per share, having risen a total of 8.14% in the last 12 months according to Financial Times data.. The company's total revenue is $1.04 billion, which shows the prominence of this platform for the tourism market.In terms of percentage representation over the total of all OTAs, it represents 14. ...

  5. eLong, Inc

    eLong, Inc | 1,377 followers on LinkedIn. eLong, Inc. (Nasdaq: LONG) is a leading online travel service provider in China. Headquartered in Beijing, eLong provides business and leisure travelers a ...

  6. 5 of the Top Chinese Online Travel Agencies

    Elong is a well-known online travel agency in China. It offers a great selection of flights, hotels, and car rentals, as well as a variety of packages to suit every traveler's needs. Elong also offers a loyalty program that allows travelers to earn points and discounts when they book their trips.

  7. eLong and Expedia Partner to Launch Hotel Virtual Tours and Expanded

    Expedia Inc. was the first global online travel company to enter China's online travel market when it invested in eLong in 2004. "These innovations show how eLong and Expedia are working together to bring the power of online travel to Chinese consumers," said Barney Harford, president of Expedia Asia Pacific.

  8. Expedia sells stake in Chinese online travel agency

    Expedia Inc. sold its 62% stake in China-based eLong after a decade of investment, the company said on Friday. Expedia sold its shares for $671 million to International, Keystone Lodging ...

  9. E-Travel Agency Tongcheng-Elong Links With Travel SNS Mafengwo

    (Yicai Global) May 20 -- Ctrip-backed Chinese online travel agency run by Tongcheng-Elong Holdings has partnered with tourism social networking service site Mafengwo. The two will unite forces to provide one-stop travel services for users, Suzhou, Jiangsu province-based Tongcheng-Elong said in a statement today, Tencent news reported.

  10. eLong

    Answer 1 of 8: Is safe to use to book in-country flights in China?

  11. Elong Company Profile

    Elong has 5 employees at their 1 location and $15 m in total funding,. See insights on Elong including office locations, competitors, revenue, financials, executives, subsidiaries and more at Craft. ... Elong is a provider of online travel services. It offers hotel booking, train and bus tickets, domestic and international air tickets, overseas ...

  12. The 10 best online travel agencies in 2024

    Best online travel agencies for flights. 1. Skyscanner. Skyscanner is an aggregator site—it uses a metasearch engine to compare prices from all OTAs, airlines, hotels, and car rental companies. Skyscanner often finds the best prices and helps travelers make big savings on flights and accommodation.

  13. Tongcheng Elong rebranded as Tongcheng Travel; Air traffic declines by

    Tongcheng Elong rebranded as Tongcheng Travel Holdings ... Up to 78% of Taiwanese hope to travel overseas at least once next year, according to an opinion poll published by local agency Lion Travel Thursday (Dec 16). The travel agency also found that people wanted to fly out even if the cost of foreign travel was higher than before the COVID-19 ...

  14. eLong and Tongcheng merge, under Ctrip stewardship

    By Kevin May | December 29, 2017. Ctrip is overseeing the merging of two Chinese online travel brands - one of which it bought from Expedia Inc two years ago. eLong and Tongcheng Network will become a new entity (Toncheng-Elong), with Ctrip and Tencent becoming the major strategic shareholders of the business.

  15. Tongcheng-Elong Partners Travelport

    BEIJING, 27 May 2021: Leading Chinese online travel agency (OTA), Tongcheng-Elong and worldwide leader in travel retail, Travelport, today announced an agreement with Tongcheng-Elong to trial Travelport's new modern, lightweight, highly functional microservices API, part of the recently launched Travelport+ next-generation platform.. The initiative would enable Tongcheng-Elong to access IATA ...

  16. Online giants eLong and Tongcheng form exclusive partnership

    China's online travel agents - eLong and Tongcheng - have entered into a strategic partnership that will see the companies exclusively supply certain products to each other. Under the agreement, eLong will become the exclusive supplier of agency hotel and group-buying hotel inventory for Tongcheng in mainland China, and Tongcheng will become the exclusive supplier of scenic attraction ticket ...

  17. Ctrip+eLong, Dominating China Online Travel Market

    Recently, there are some bold actions in China online travel market. Ctrip, the leader company in this field, is trying to merge with eLong, which is the second largest player. Meanwhile, their competitor raises $800 million. It is worth to note that, if Ctrip merges with eLong, it might become monopoly. Ctrip is currently taking 50% of the market share.

  18. Online Travel Agent Tongcheng-Elong Gets Lift from T. Rowe Price

    Online travel agent Tongcheng-Elong Holdings Ltd. (0780.HK) looks like a company on the move, with a name change on the horizon and a major new stakeholder just arriving onboard.

  19. Tencent-backed online travel agency Tongcheng-eLong plans to use Hong

    Ctrip-backed travel agent Tongcheng-eLong to raise up to US$1.5 b in Hong Kong stock sale. The company, which has a 10 per cent market share, debuted at HK$10.78 a share on Monday, at a margin ...

  20. LANGFORD Travel Agency

    LANGFORD Travel Agency offers vacation travel packages for every occasion. Let us plan your All-Inclusive getaway to some of the most welcoming destinations. TLangford Travel LLC, The Langford Travel Agency, The Langfords Travel, Family Travel, 800-404-9359 , 229-514-1223, [email protected] ...

  21. Russian Tour Agency

    Welcome to Russia! Grand Russia is a Russian Tour Agency based out of the cosmopolitan Moscow city. We are a prominent Russia Travel Agency engaged in providing travel experiences to the people wishing to explore Russia for more than ten years. We specialise in providing guided tours, custom made packages, exclusive excursions, visa facility services, unexplored destinations and lot more.

  22. Intourist

    Agent. Log in . About us Destinations Itineraries Special tour toppings Useful information Covid-19 restrictions News Contact us. Beyond your imagination. ... Travel around the most European city in Russia on the Baltic seaside, visit the center of the amber production of our country - the Yantarniy settlement, and have fun in the Curonian ...

  23. Passports can now be renewed online. Here's how to apply

    Tips and tricks for summer travel season 03:33. U.S. travelers can now renew their passport online under a pilot program the U.S. Department of State launched on Thursday.. The State Department's ...

  24. Japan to launch online travel authorization system for visitors

    The Immigration Services Agency will decide on details of the scheme by referring to the U.S. Electronic System for Travel Authorization, or ESTA, which the United States operates partly in an ...

  25. Fact Check: NASA did not abruptly stop deep-sea research

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) did not abruptly end its deep-sea research activities in 1978, contrary to posts shared online suggesting the space agency found something ...

  26. Piping Up at the Gates of Dawn

    Astronomers have found the earliest and most distant galaxy yet. The newly discovered galaxy, known as JADES-GS-z14-0, emanates light that is 13.5 billion years old.Credit...NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI ...

  27. AI can help shipping industry cut down emissions, report says

    The reduction in route deviations could help ships shave off 38.2 million nautical miles per year from their travel, saving an average of $100,000 in fuel costs per vessel, according to Orca AI's ...

  28. Good news for travel procrastinators: Passport agency to open in

    But agencies like Miami's have the authority to deal with emergencies, like a life-and-death situation with a family member when you need a same-day passport.

  29. Ukraine war latest: Russian officials 'thrown out of meeting' for

    Vladimir Putin has arrived in Vietnam for a state visit after he spent the day in North Korea yesterday, where he signed a defence pact with Kim Jong Un. Got a question on the Ukraine war? Submit ...